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GL viewers first saw Beth Raines in the Spring of 1983. She had been admitted to Cedar's Hospital after a bad fall at home. Her roommate was another Springfield newcomer--the rich and spoiled Mindy Lewis. Beth soon met two of Mindy's new friends--Rick Bauer and Phillip Spaulding.

The foursome (nicknamed the Four Musketeers) became fast friends and spent all of their time together. It wasn't long until a love triangle--or quadrangle--developed. Phillip was instantly smittenw with shy Beth, but he was already involved with Mindy. He convinced Rick to take Beth to their senior prom--but Phillip and Beth were crowned King & Queen.

Beth and Phillip ended up together, but Beth's unstable homelife threatened it all. When things got out of hand, and she was raped by her stepfather, Beth and Phillip ran away to New York City together. They had an exciting adventure, but eventually returned home to start a life together.

Mindy was pregnant--with Phillip's child. Heartbroken as Phillip married Miss Lewis, Beth started a new life on her own. Living in the Reardon boarding house, she became friends with Lujack--leader of a gang called the Galahads. Just as they fell in love, Phillip returned to Beth. Mindy had miscarried, and they decided to get a divorce. But Beth had moved on with Lujack and was happy again.

Beth and Lujack remained together, despite numerous obstacles. But they were finally parted when Lujack died in an explosion on one of their adventures. Beth eventually reunited with Phillip, but their happiness was once again short-lived, as she was kidnapped and presumed dead in 1986.

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