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Isis was published by National Periodical Publications (DC Comics) as a bi-monthly from October/November 1976 to December/January 1977-78. Isis made a guest appearance in Shazam! #25 prior to getting her own book. There was also a later Golden Book published that had text stories accompanied by a few illustrations and a cover by Jack Sparling.

Like the other books in the DC-TV range, the book was based on the TV series, though in issue five, the series takes off in a new direction...Andrea leaves the school. Issue seven delves into the heroine's origin.

There could be any of a number of reasons as to why the book was cancelled. Maybe it was cancelled with the TV series. More likely, the book was probably a victim of the "DC Implosion," that period in 1978 when DC cancelled no less than twenty books, including forthcoming series which hadn't even gotten their first issues to press!

It is said that the new owners (Warner Communications) wanted DC to cut out their less-profitable books and eliminate ones which hadn't had a chance to prove themselves. With the TV series now cancelled, there was probably less interest in the title. The fact that the book was only published every other month probably didn't help maintain interest.

It is possible that unpublished artwork and/or stories may exist in DC's archives. Some of what existed for other DC books cancelled in 1978 was published in "Cancelled Comic Cavalcade," a two-issue Xeroxed series printed for the purpose of protecting copyright on the material. It turns out that some (but not all) of the materials were later re-used in other books. Although Isis doesn't appear in those two books, her series was cancelled at the beginning of the "implosion," so it is possible that work might have actually gotten started on a ninth issue.