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Episode 1.07



The name of Scott Colomby's character (Lee) is also the first name of Colomby's mother.

This interesting factoid from Russell Bates, who wrote "Lights of Mystery Mountain": "I did train J. Michael Reeves in how to write for Isis and the other (Filmation) series. I had several sessions in which I showed how to do it. He came up with a story called 'The Wendigo,' wherein a kid has made friends with and even brings the fabled creature to school (for more information on the mythology, try here).

"I told him it wouldn't fly, because Isis [herself] was the only fantasy element allowed. He argued that this was the story he wanted
to do.

" 'Okay, then,' I said. 'As insurance, do what I would do: [do the version you want and also] write it a second time where it's a mistaken Bigfoot sighting and [the "creature"] is actually an old hermit hiding in the mountains.' He grumbled, but he did it. When he went into pitch [the story to the series producer], Arthur Nadel shot down the Wendigo story at mid-point. Michael [then did] exactly as I told him, and pitched the "hermit" version. He had a contract in his hands before he left the office."

Flight: "
Oh, Zephyr Winds Which Blow on High, Lift Me Now So I Can Fly."

Control of Inanimate Object: "Rope Now Climb and Heed this Charm, Entwine that Man and Keep from Harm."

Flight/Lift Inanimate Object: "Mighty Wind Now Lift Me High, and Bring the Rope Into the Sky."

Scott Colomby (Lee)
comes from a family of performing artists (his father is an agent and celebrity manager, his mother a theatrical actress). After graduating with a Theatre major, he studies with the renowned Lee Strasberg (among others) and got his TV break on PBS for the play "Montserrat". In addition to Isis, Scott appeared on such other shows as Quincy, One Day at a Time, St. Elsewhere, The A-Team, Midnight Caller, Silk Stalkings and in a recurring role on Days of Our Lives. He's also appeared in several movie, perhaps most notably as Brian Schwartz in all three Porky's films and as Tony in Caddyshack. In addition to his acting work, Colomby co-founded the Big Elvin and the Professor's Blues Theatre.

Neil J. Schwartz (Mickey) seems to have dropped from the public eye. Although acting steadily through the 1970s, in such shows as Happy Days (with a sporadic recurring role), All in the Family, Barney Miller, What's Happening! and both the TV movie and TV series versions of Steambath, he seems to have disappeared after 1983.

Bill Engesser ("Bigfoot") seems to have only gotten "monster" acting parts, probably because of his imposing height. Also known as Hugh Cannon, his only known screen roles besides Isis are in the nudie horror flick "House on Bare Mountain" (as the werewolf) and the Burt Reynolds vehicle "Gator", as well as an episode of Filmation's Ghost Busters (produced the same year of his Isis appearance) as Frankenstein's monster.