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Episode 1.04



While Jocko holds Andrea captive, you can see that he is reading a DC comic.

Oh Zephyr Winds Which Blow on High, Lift Me Now So I Can Fly."

Lightning: "Strike Lightning, and Let Thy Aim Be True."

Multiplication/Surround: "Trees of the Forest, I Need Thy Aid, Surround These Men: So They Behave"

This episode of Isis is one of Leigh McCloskey's (Bill Cody) very first acting credits. Since then, he has appeared in a multitude of TV shows and movies. He was a series regular on such shows as Rich Man, Poor Man, Dallas, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless. His numerous movie credits include a trio of teen sex comedies in the '80s (Dirty Laundry, Hamburger, Fraternity Vacation) and some of the high points of his frequent guest-starring roles on TV include Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Babylon 5, JAG and Beverly Hills 90210. For sci-fi fans, look for Leigh in the "Cruise Ship to the Stars" episode of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

James Canning (B.J.) is perhaps best known for originating the role of Doody in the he stage production "Grease". He continued to appear sporadically on TV and in films throughout the 1990s, including such efforts as M*A*S*H, Hardcastle and McCormick, CHiPs, Dallas, "The Fog", "Elvis" and "Common Ground."

Philip Bruns (Mr. Evans) has been in demand as a character both before and after his turn on Isis. Some of his TV work includes regular roles on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman and its sequel, Forever Fernwood. He has also guested on numerous shows, including Wild, Wild West, Maude, Kojak, Six Million Dollar Man, Sanford and Son, Barney Miller, Hill Street Blues, Profiler and Seinfeld, where he originated the role of Morty Seinfeld. Some of his films include "The Out-of-Towners", "Harry and Tonto", "Nickelodeon", "Corvette Summer", "Love Bites", "Ed", "Coyote Moon" and "Amazon Women on the Moon", where he featured in a sketch about a ventriloquist dummy that, although edited out of the theatrical print, was restored on the TV version and has been included in the 2003 Special Edition DVD as an extra.

Wayne Storm (Jocko) continued to act into the 1980s, but his build apparently got him pigeonholed as a guard/heavy as most of his subsequent roles appear to be guard, policemen or heavies. He has appeared in the movies "Pink Cadillac", "Pennies from Heaven" and "Time After Time" among others. His TV roles include guest shots on The A-Team, Magnum P.I., The Phoenix, The Incredible Hulk, The Greatest American Hero, Adam-12 and CHiPs.