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Episode Guide
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Created by Frank Lupo
Regular cast:
Fred Dryer as Rick Hunter
Stepfanie Kramer as Dee Dee McCall
Darlanne Fleugal as Joanna Molenski
Lauren Lane as Chris Novak
Arthur Rosenberg as Captain Lester Cain
John Amos as Captain Dolan
Bruce Davison as Captain Wyler
Charles Hallahan as Captain Charlie Devane


Just a quick note:  most of the plot summaries have come from Epi-log no.28, March 1993
The guide to Hunter written by Doug Snauffer contains synopses that range from barely adequate to highly misleading.  In time I'll replace them with my own, until then they'll have to do
Guide Legend
Blonde Alert - Hunter picks himself up a girlfriend (almost invariably blonde)
Falling in Love Again - McCall falls for another guy (but never the right one)
Building the Body Count - particularly in the first couple of seasons Hunter and McCall managed to kill at least one person per episode.  This is the tally.