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Vincent Ventresca as Dr. Ed Tate in PREY

Thank you, Vincent, for Exposed, the 'crossover episode' with PREY!!!
(Find a video clip of Adam Storke's cameo appearance here!)
The PREY fans won't give up, though!;-) We want you back as Ed Tate.:-)

The Leisure Hive, an excellent Canadian web site, has two great articles (in the Articles section)
about the past, present and future of PREY, and the fans' activities over the past three years, as well as a
brand-new interview (in the Interviews section) with PREY's creator, William Schmidt,
with lots of extremely interesting background information!

PREY was produced by Warner Bros. and premiered on ABC in 1998. In 1999 the series was picked up by the Sci Fi Channel.
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What PREY fans think about Vincent / Ed
Want to see more of Vincent as Ed in PREY? Then join the Campaign that fights for PREY's renewal. Go to the Prey For Us Campaign web site to find out what you can do.

"The series was created by William Schmidt and stars Debra Messing as Sloan Parker, Vincent Ventresca as Dr. Ed Tate and Adam Storke as Tom Daniels. 

The concept that powers PREY, is a speciation event that has given rise to a new species of hominid or human. This new species of human looks just like we do which makes them impossible to detect. The real difference is in the way that the new species brain is hardwired. Their brain functions at a higher level than our own and has given them the ability to sense emotions, have an extra sensory ability and an increase in physical strength. 

What makes this show good science fiction is that it has a solid base of truth to it. Evolution is a fact. Charles Darwin identified in his book DESCENT OF MAN, certain characteristics that make all humans special; walking upright, manual dexterity, technology and intelligence. Darwin felt that if an ape had just a small amount of each of these qualities then that ape would have an advantage over other apes. 

Evolution is powered by mutation and natural selection. There are all kinds of genetic mutations in humans and most of them are harmless, like curling ones tongue or wiggling ones ears. 

However, if a mutation occurs at a time when that mutation becomes an advantage to survival, then obviously those people with that genetic difference or that physical advantage have a better chance of living over others without the advantage. 

In PREY, Natural Selection has worked slowly over time to create this new species that is clearly focused on destroying the unevolved species of humans, YOU. 

The scripting in PREY is tight and well developed. Each show folds into the next and progresses the story. Each new show does not start as if the previous weeks work never existed or not remembered as it was. The writers and the producers have given the series a memory and that memory has made the shows work like chapters in an unfolding nightmare. 

The female star of the series is Debra Messing. She plays Dr. Sloan Parker, who pieces together the puzzle left by her mentor and makes discoveries of her own that uncovers the new species. [...] 

Vincent Ventresca plays Dr. Ed Tate, [...] Parkerís co-worker who helps Parker fill in the blanks in the genetic code that leads to the deeper understanding of what they are up against. Ventresca plays the part well but as of yet has not had enough screen time to develop his character." 

Excerpt from an Introduction written by Steven Felty for Eon magazine

Click on the picture to load the sound file.
Many thanks to Ute for the wonderful sound files.
More PREY possible? Vincent answered a question asked by a PREY fan (Dec. 2000)--click here to hear him talk about PREY and the chances of a sequel.
Vincent said "Absolutely!"
...when asked by a PREY fan if he would be ready to reprise his role as Dr. Ed Tate in a PREY sequel. Read what else he had to say about PREY and his new show, The Invisible Man, in a chat at
NEW: video clip -- Vincent talks about the premise of PREY (in 1998)


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