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Vincent Ventresca as Dr. Ed Tate in PREY
Comments by PREY fans
(most of them found at SciFi's BB for The Invisible Man, Vincent's new show)

I've seen Vincent Ventresca in "Boston Common" and "Romy and Michelle's (?) Class Reunion." (but it) was as Ed in Prey that VV caught my eye. Since Prey was aired for only 13 eps, Ed's character didn't have the chance to develop as much as it could have and no doubt would have in a second season. But what VV did manage to convey in Prey was a sense of loyalty, TRUST, and friendship for which most of us would yearn. I remember some opinions posted about "Ed" being a doormat, since Sloan cared for then loved Tom, and Ed "seemed" to play second fiddle. Far from it, IMO. I would love to have a friend like Ed. (For those of you who may be curious, it's worth checking out VV in Prey. Then try to tell me that you wouldn't want a friend like that, one you could trust totally) :-) 

 So..VV's acting ability has caused me to take note. But if it weren't for Prey, I would have forgotten good ol' VV. I read that he was afraid that his participation in Prey might turn off a part of the audience: they would just not tune in because they were confused by Prey if they had missed an ep of it (as it was like a serial). Obviously, I NEVER MISSED AN EP OF PREY WHEN IT WAS ON. 

So just posting to let VV (Ed to me) know that Prey hasn't hurt him. I'm going to watch him in Invisible Man and anything else in appears in because of Prey. (No doubt he'll check out the mb when he has a chance. He previously did a chat with Larry Drake of Prey when Prey first aired on ABC in Jan 98. So he's familiar with this format.)

I started watching Prey because I remembered Vincent from Boston Common. He started out as a jerk in that but there was a vulnerable side to the jerk that was endearing -LOL! 

Then I was totally hooked on Prey!!! What a story! And the character of Ed Tate was so important to the story line. He was not only a dedicated scientist, but a wonderful friend. I'll never forget the scene where he talks to Tom about just what his intentions are toward Sloan! 

Ed was without a doubt one of the most loyal friends, always taking that leap of faith! Prey is one of the best series I have ever seen and thank you Ed for that!!
If it wasn't for Prey, I wouldn't know who VV is. I never watched Boston Common or Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. I really liked VV as Dr. Ed Tate. The interaction between him and Sloan and Tom was great! Ep. 5 Revelations by the pillar...the talk Tom and him had was very intriguing. I believe their characters would have really developed given time. By episode 13 Ed and Tom were becoming more comfortable around each other. More respect and trust. 
I never even noticed VV until I saw Prey. Prey touched me in a way no other show has. Though the two main characters where the main draw there was something in Ed that was also a draw. His loyalty, strength, deep yet unspoken feelings (very visable on his face and in his actions). Such a good actor to be able to portray so many things without even a word. Prey was unforgettable not only because of the lead characters but because of the richness added to the show by the other actors (Vincent). 
Believe me, VV was so good in Prey that it left me wanting to see more of him - anywhere! What I loved the most were his facial expressions anytime Sloan tried to get him to do something he really didn't want to .... but did anyway, like that leap of faith, because he was totally committed to her. 

[...]I also "prey" that VV isn't invisible too much! We all need to see those wonderful expressions again. 

Hello IM and PREY friends! Several of us are cheering for VV because of his endearing role as Ed on Prey. His versatile acting skills must have certainly aided him in landing the lead role on IM but I wonder if he, or WB, or SciFi has considered how his portrayal of Ed Tate has boosted his career. While Tom and Sloan were always the obvious center stage attraction, Vincent was able to project Ed as a complete counterbalance - viewers could never assign Ed to the wings of the stage - he was crucial to show’s progression. 

Vincent portrayed Ed as a pensive, mildly reclusive, but ferociously loyal friend whose beguiling grin or unusual burst of anger could take viewers by surprise. In Romy and Michelle's HSU he created a sincerely charming and debonair Mr. Nice Guy during the dream sequence. But he switched gears for the drunk scene in which he maintained a humorous perspective while revealing the sad nature of his beer bellied character. 

I have a feeling that Vincent’s career will take off with IM, that video stores will see a run on R&M’sHSU, and that he will hit the top of the GLOBAL100 charts very quickly. I wish him the very best of luck.


I am directing this to all IM fans, especially the estrogen enhanced contingent of Vincent aficionados (addicts, zealots, fanatics) to find out how many of you want to see Mr. Biceps, himself, in reruns of his former series, PREY. I mean, good grief, the show has some mighty fine takes of your favorite want-him-to-be shirtless male, not to mention countless heart palpitating, fingernail gnawing, tear streaking, drool inducing scenes with the former college athlete. 

So, by St. Vincent's toes how many VV fans have started pounding on the SF channel's doors to run Prey again? Your Homo Persistent cousins, (Prey fans) also suffer from the same raging hormonal curse that manifests at the site of specific nekkid biceps, abs and pecs. Heck, this species was partly responsible for Vince’s shot at the gland surgery.

Listen, flesh eaters, there are 13 hours of the pre-gland man on tape out there, collecting dust in some dark old vault (ok, maybe it’s an office closet) with the SciFi Channel's name on them. (Rented from the WB) Have you had enough of the 1 minute walk-ons in Boston Commons? Tired of going to Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion to see the prom king barf in the bushes over and over again? Want some meat that you can sink your teeth into? (Ahhhh, the power of imagination.) 

For those of you VV shirtless brigadiers who haven’t had the good fortune of watching the lanky Dr. Tate trying to help save mankind, let me explain that Vince played the part of a brilliant scientist researching and fighting a viscously dominant new species of man. That said, I offer you a few teasers. For those who have had the pleasure (or perhaps rapture would suit better?) well, just savor the memories, but you might want to put a bit in your mouth first. The scenes listed below are from various episodes of PREY. If they don’t grab your gonads, you don’t belong in the brigade. Eat your heart out.


………....shirtless (very shirtless) and sleepy in bed, a lock of brown hair spilling over his forehead; shirtless - boxers only-jumping out of bed to answer the pounding on his apartment door; clothes-less, ok so he’s wearing a hospital gown, racked with coughs, gasping to catch his breath; cuffed and waking up in a strange place and not knowing why: desperately escaping from a kidnapper who plunged a needle and syringe filled with a powerful sedative into his neck; gently explaining to a sick child that he needs to draw blood and he won’t hurt her; working to save millions of people from a new form of plague as he becomes weaker and weaker from the same illness; angrily refusing to be forced into betraying his "own kind"; soothingly convincing a young woman not to jump from a roof; struggling with a myriad of emotions as he takes the first step in forming a friendship with a reformed killer; speaking on the phone as he twirls a basketball with one hand: all alone in a lab at night, hunched over a microscope, signature surfer necklace encircling the base of his neck ,chest partially revealed by an open shirt front; 

Close your mouth and swallow. Now resume.

….lovingly embracing a woman who has become very important to him; fleeing for his life after discovering a mysterious mummy in Mexico; chomping on his friend’s pizza crust because he is still hungry; shocked when he finds a female friend dead….. in bed, and filled with anger and grief because he couldn’t save her; hungrily downing Chinese food with chopsticks much to the amusement of his dinner partner; being rushed into the E.R. on a gurney after passing out on a snow covered road during a brutally stormy night in the wilderness; comically trying to unfold his long limbs from a comfortable sleeping position in the back of his old battered VW van; getting the ding dong knocked out of him by a raging sick woman because he won’t strike her back; grinning, conversing, and flipping hamburgers on a BBQ grill while a girl openly flirts with him; injected by a paralyzing agent in a surprise raid and left lying ……….all alone…….on the floor. 

And …...yessss……....yeeesssss, ……….oooh, yeeeeeeeessss ………………….there are more. 

Now, put your tongue back in your mouth, remove the dribble bib, and for the love of St. Darien, join the prowl to get the original episodes of PREY back on the air, to be able to order professional video copies of the series, and to put Vince in a two hour sequel that will get Ed off that damn floor and back into the lab. 

If you get the SciFi Channel write to:

Bonnie Hammer
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

If you get IM on a different channel write to:

Peter Roth
Warner Brother Television
300 Television Plaza
Burbank, CA 91505

How about tossing an old key into the envelope to “Let Ed back into the lab.” (Ask at the PREY BB for paper keys).

Happy Shirtless Male Hunting. 

After seeing a different Ed (ie different actor) in William Schmidt's original pilot, Hungry for Survival, I knew how really *important* Vincent was for the Prey we actually got.

Another comment to add? Email me.:-)
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