Jeanny's Drabbles and Short Short Fics!

What’s a drabble? So glad you asked! A drabble is a really, really short fic - 100 words or less. What kind of story can you tell in less than a hundred words? My, you’re full of questions, aren’t you. Read a few and find out. By the way, none of the stories on this page are rated higher than PG-13, and that rating is probably more cautionary than deserved. Still, make sure you‘re old enough...

Cutting The Cord My very first drabble ever! After The Wish, Cordy asks for advice. This drabble, like several of the others, found its inspiration at the Challenge in a Can site. Rated PG

In Range Tara has one final showdown with her next of kin. Rated PG-13

Consequences of Magic: Sunnydale Pet Shop A Season 6 piece that defies easy explanation... Rated PG-13

Punch Joyce has a moment of reflection during Season 5. Rated PG

Broken Willow offers some comfort. Rated G

I Hope You Comprehend During Superstar, Jonathan says a prayer of sorts. Rated PG

Big Bad and Blue A little fluffy drabble starring Spike and Dawn...say it with me: “Awww!” Rated G

NEW!! Green A Challenge in a Can drabble. A moment with Willow between Seasons 6 & 7, probably shortly before Lessons. Rated G

In addition to drabbles, I’m putting on this page fics that are really short - in most cases less than 500 words, in all cases less than a thousand. The majority of these are fics I was "challenged" to do and that had word limitations. Left to my own devices almost nothing comes out short. Yet some of these are among my favorites...

Somebody's Coming Drusilla puts the shadow in foreshadowing during Season 2. My first experiment with all-dialogue fic. Rated PG-13

Last Call Early in Season 6, Willow calls Angel to tell him Buffy's alive. And then there's her bad news. Another all-dialogue fic, cause I enjoyed it so much the first time. Rated PG-13

Trying My Hand At Therapy Xander tries to help Angel deal. Rated PG

Sweet Talk Willow uses a tried and true method to get Xander to spill a secret. This one takes place after Fear, Itself in Season 4. Rated PG

Conversational Slayage Something overheard in a graveyard. Rated G

The Bait Bites Back Warren kidnaps Dawn, but it doesn't go the way he planned. Rated PG

End of Discussion A sequel to "The Bait Bites Back." Dawn settles something once and for all. Rated PG-13

Going, Going, Gone After taking Giles to the airport after Tabula Rasa, Xander drives Anya home - and wonders. Rated PG

When Trolls Go Good Another Close Encounter of the Troll Kind. Pure Silly Fun! Rated PG

She's Earned Her StripesAnother silly challenge fic. Xander's got a big problem, but his friends are there for him, especially Willow. Rated G

Bitter End A brief, sad speculative Season 6 vignette. Character death warning. Rated PG

Stasis A little mood piece set inside Buffy's mind during Spiral Rated G

Zeppositions A series of five short interior monologues that take place during The Zeppo.

Fortunate Son (Giles) Rated G
A Hard Goodbye (Willow) Rated G
Nothing But An Afterthought (Faith) Rated PG-13
Stand Up Guy (Buffy) Rated G
You Can’t Be Serious (Cordelia) Rated G

You Are Here Spike’s thoughts immediately following the end of “As You Were.” Rated PG

Pray Tell Buffy makes a confession. Rated PG

With Larry’s Luck Larry tries to help Anya - or should I say Anyanka... Rated PG

Points For Creativity A cute scene that could have been in almost any episode. Dawn does something creative. Rated G

I’m Thinking This is sort of a poem, sort of a fic, of Xander’s thoughts in an alternate Hell’s Bells - oh no, that’s not at all confusing!Rated G

No Bad Feelings Silly, spoilery possible end of Season 6 scene. Okay, not that possible. I’m sure that Fox wouldn’t go for it, for obvious reasons. Rated PG

When I Was Cruel Spike has some thoughts during Seeing Red. If you’re heavily into Spuffy, this might not be for you, but it doesn’t really involve ‘The Scene’ Rated PG-13

Small Talk Three totally unrelated all-dialogue scenes, based on suggestions from the lovely and mega-talented Rosemary, who rocks. Rated PG

Laughter In the Rain Poor Angel wants help, but this isn‘t what he had in mind. It‘s just a cute little thing. Rated G

The Hollow A little Xander POV in an unhappy ‘what if?’ scenario. What if Willow had dragged Xander down with her instead of being saved? Rated R

Feathers Fred struggles to adjust. Rated G

Undying Tara tries to describe heaven. Rated PG

His First Time Wes has a defining moment. Rated PG

Falling Apart Giles has an odd encounter in London. Rated PG

Breaking the Girl Angel and angst, and in the second person no less. Lucky you! Rated PG-13

Worlds Apart Buffy has a different kind of showdown with the Master. It’s a weird one, be warned. Rated PG-13

Mourning Period During Season 7, Buffy watches something die. Rated PG

Jasmine A bittersweet little post-Season 3 mood piece. Rated PG

NEW!! With You There’s A Heaven An alternative scene in Amends. Oz gives in to the Barry. Rated PG-13

NEW!! Truth Comes Out A (silly) alternate take on Willow's perception of her double in Dopplegangland. Rated PG

NEW!! Credits A little mental rant by Angel after Home. Rated PG

NEW!! I Started A Joke Cordelia’s thoughts on her current situation (mild spoilers for Season 5) Rated G

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