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Welcome to my BTVS page!

My name is Jeanny (known at the Buffy Cross & Stake as J.A.I.T.). You've come (whether you wanted to or not) to my Buffy the Vampire Slayer fiction archive. I've been writing BTVS fan fiction since April 2001, it all is. I don't really specialize in particular characters or types of stories, so whatever you're interested in you'll probably find something here. Unless you're looking for smut - sorry! (But you might find some in my Links page.)

I hope you'll stick around, look around, read my stories and please send feedback! Parts of this site are still under construction and some of the fic is in progress, so please bear with me and be patient.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The cliques that used to be on my home page have been moved to their own page! Find them and any future button links that are for sites other than fan fiction sites HERE!

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: I apologize for the lack of recent updates. My wrist is healing up, but thereís a ligament tear that still makes it hard to do much typing. Iím trying, folks, thatís all I can say. Please have patience. (As of February 2003, surgery is probable in the next few months. Iíll keep you posted as best I can.)

Site Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel: the Series and all the characters that appear on the show are the exclusive property of Joss Whedon, David Greenwalt, The WB, UPN, Mutant Enemy, Inc. and any one else with a legal binding claim to the shows and/or characters. No copyright infringement is intended. The fan fiction is all written by me unless otherwise indicated, but can be borrowed or linked if permission is granted. The images found on these pages were borrowed from, and Comics Continuum, as well as other sites referenced on my Links Page.

Thank you in advance for reading my stories!

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Guess what? You're Amanda! You're the local girl,
awash in confusion and excitement. One moment
your life is beating up boys and swing choir,
and now you're the newest attendee of Slayer U.
Doesn't look like you've got much to learn
about staking vamps, so focus on making new SIT
friends and having fun. But please don't forget
about Dawn! You guys could be friends too, and
we like you better than Kit.

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