"The Return of the Bionic Woman" Part 2

(Original air date 09/21/75)


Steve brings Jaime back to their hometown of Ojai in hopes to
spark old memories of their romance


Writer: Kenneth Johnson

Director: Richard Moder

The couple arrives in Ojai where Steve offers Jaime a guided tour of his small spread. While walking the grounds Jaime broaches the subject of his love for Michael and asks a rather embarrassed Steve his opinion of him. He grins and bears the delicate questions thrown at him, and humors her as best he can while casually leading her to places that once held special meaning to the couple. Steve is hurt to see that Jaime has no recollection whatsoever.


Jaime saddles a horse and goes for a ride in the field while inside the house, Steve confides in his father (Ford Rainey) his pain and fears of losing Jaime once more. He confesses to having doubt about his ability to withstand the tremendous chagrin he has whenever he sees Jaime in the arms of another man. Jim praises his son’s selfishness and fortitude. All were concerned about Jaime’s wellbeing, and not once had they considered how this would affect Steve.

Steve cast his eye out the window only to realize that Jaime is nowhere to be seen. Outside he notices that the gate is opened and assumes Jaime is riding downtown. He takes off at a bionic sprint to town where he runs into a family friend Mrs. Raymond (Virginia Gregg) who informs him of Jaime’s whereabouts.


He finds her on a tennis court after she had disputed a friendly game with a young man (Larry Delaney)). Confused and scared she asks to be taken to Michael. Dr. Marchetti suggests taking her to the Army Medical Center in Ojai where she will be put under observation.


While Steve is on the phone with his father Jaime experiences painful flashbacks and awakes in a panic. She now recalls Ojai as her hometown and understands why Steve brought her here. She begs him to help her move forward instead of backwards to escape the painful memories.


After Rudy gives the green light for Jaime to return to active duty, Oscar briefs his two agents on their delicate mission. They are to neutralize Carlton Harris, (Dennis Patrick) a powerful oil magnate who is suspected of selling arms to foreign militants in exchange for oil rigs. The US government cannot officially intervene given their foreign location, hence the reason for assigning two undercover agents.

As they parachute down outside Harris’s complex, Jaime experiences flashbacks of her accident. Steve’s presence begins to trigger a flood of memories that she desperately tries to bury deep inside for the sake of the mission. Despite Steve’s warning, she volunteers to approach Harris and seduce him in order to gain access inside the facility where she will turn off the security system.


Outside Steve awaits the right moment to simultaneously deactivate the alarm unaware that inside, Jaime has failed. A haunting memory of Steve running frantically under the pouring rain has her concerned for his safety. She runs to his aid convinced he is in danger, hurling Harris against a wall as he dare stands in her way.


She meets with Steve halfway and after defeating the enemy, both flee the building.

Back at the hospital, Steve explains why the mission failed. His presence is a constant threat to Jaime’s health and therefore he takes the painful decision to let her go.


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