"Oscar's New Gal"


Logline: In Callahan's absence a new secretary steps in. But just who is she?

  Steve walked into Oscar’s office to find Callahan on the phone. “Just a minute” she spoke. “Col. Austin, go on in. Mr. Goldman and Dr. Wells are expecting you.”

“Thanks Callahan.” Steve stepped into Oscar’s office. “What’s with Callahan?” He asked. “That’s not like her to be on the phone, unless its business related.

“It’s her mother. I guess he sister had her baby last night, and from what Callahan told me this morning there was more than one stork.

“Oh I see. What did you two want to see me about?” Steve asked as he sat in the chair next to Rudy.

“We’re receiving some disturbing reports from our agents in Russia. According to what… Yes Callahan, what is it.” Oscar spoke into the intercom.

“I hate to bother you sir but I need to ask a favor.”

Oscar looked from Steve, to Rudy, then back to the intercom “of course. Come on in.”

Seconds later Callahan joined the group in Oscar’s office. “Mr. Goldman. I really hate to ask but I need some time off.”

“Time off.” Oscar spoke as if the words were foreign to him.

“Yes sir. That was my mother on the phone. My sister had twins last night…”

“Congratulations.” Steve interrupted “Boys or girls?”

Callahan laughed “one of each.”

“That’s great. I’ll be sure and tell Jaime I’m sure she’ll want to send something special.”

“You don’t need to do that.” Callahan argued.

“I know, but you know Jaime.”

“I suppose. Anyway Mr. Goldman, my family was wondering if I could come help out with the babies for a couple of weeks.”

“I suppose, I’ll call the secretary pool and have them send someone as a temporary replacement.

“As long as it’s temporary” Callahan continued laughing. “I plan to leave later on this evening.”

“That would be fine.” Oscar gave her a wave “if you need to leave now feel free to do so.”

“Thank you sir I just might do that.” Callahan stepped out into Oscar’s reception area and made notes for the new gal who would take her place.

Rudy watched the scene play out then turned to Steve. “Speaking of babies, how’s Jaime feeling?”

“Pretty good” Steve replied.

“How’s Rob feel about being a big brother?” Rudy continued.

“He’s in love with the idea. I think he’s more excited than the two of us.” Steve laughed.

“Well that’s good.” Rudy smiled.

“Anyway Oscar” Steve began. “You were saying you were receiving some disturbing…”

“Yes from our agents in Russia They, the Russians that is, are most anxious in a new project we have been involved in.”

“Yea what’s that?” Steve asked.

“That’s the problem we don’t know. The reports we are getting say they are interested in a highly top secret project and they will pay any amount to get their hands on it.”

“It would help if we knew what they wanted.” Steve sighed.

“That’s your assignment pal. I want you to find out what they want.” Oscar told him.

“I’ll do my best Oscar, but no promises on this one.” Steve stood to leave.

“Deal’ Oscar agreed.

“Well the most I can do is snoop around.” Steve opened the door “I’ll get back to you Oscar.”

“Just keep me informed and be on your guard. Who knows, they may be after the secret of bionics.

“I’ll be careful Oscar, don’t worry.” Steve left Oscar’s office and headed out onto the street. He saw Callahan struggling to catch a cab.

“Can I help?” Steve asked.

“I’d really appreciate that.” Callahan replied.

“No problem, where are you off to?” Steve asked.

“My place and then Dulles my flight leaves in two hours.” She told him. “I just have to throw some things in a suitcase, and then I’m ready.

“I’ll just give you a ride first your apartment, then the airport.

“Oh Col. Austin, you don’t have to do that.” Callahan gushed.

“I want to. It’s part of my present to the babies.” Steve held the car door for her. “ Besides Jaime would beat me with a hammer if I didn’t offer you a ride.”

On his way to Callahan’s he picked up the car phone to Call Jaime and tell her what he was doing.

The phone rang several times before Steve’s son Robbie answered. “Hello?”

“Rob? Is Jaime there?” Steve asked

“Yea but she’s busy dad.” Rob stated.

“Just tell her I’m driving Callahan to the airport. I might be a little late.”

“I’ll give her the message dad…wait here she is. ‘Mom’ its dad” Rob handed her the phone.

“Steve? What is it?” Jaime asked.

“I’m giving Callahan a ride to the airport. Her sister had the baby, she’s going to help out for a couple of weeks that is if Oscar can spare her long enough.”

He better, did her sister have a boy or girl?”

“Both.” Steve laughed and hung up the phone leaving Jaime to wonder what was going on.


Steve stopped by Callahan’s apartment first so she could pack what she was going to need for the trip. He was so busy thinking about his own baby coming, (He hadn’t been this happy since he found out his first wife Maggie was going to have Robbie). He didn’t notice the car parked across the street from him. Nor did he and Callahan notice when the car began to follow them down the street. In fact it followed them all the way to Dulles. “Do you want me to come in with you?” Steve asked as they entered the parking lot.

“No. Col Austin, You’ve done enough as is. Thank you so much for the lift.”

“I can carry your bag to check it in.” Steve offered.

“No really the ride was plenty. I always buy a cart I have a bag I want to take on board anyway.”

“Well ok then.” Steve dropped her off at the door leading to her airline “I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”

“Bye and thanks again.” Callahan grabbed her luggage and headed through the door.

The car that had been following Steve also stopped at the curb and the man sitting in the passenger seat turned to the driver. “I’ll find out where she’s going then grab a cab and meet you back at the embassy.”

“Better take this Boris.” He handed him a bag. “Just to make it look like you’re traveling.”

“Excellent idea Ivan this way I’ll blend right in. Maybe I’ll make friends with our friend Callahan.”

“Just don’t arouse suspicion we have gone to a lot of trouble to get our hands on this project. I don’t want her calling her boss saying that a Russian was asking her a lot of questions.”

“You know how tactful I can be, especially with the ladies.” Boris smiled.

“See that you are.” Ivan warned. “Now you better get going before you lose her.”

Boris got out of the car and headed into the terminal. ‘There she is.’ He smiled to himself as he spied Callahan trying to wrestle with the carts.

“May I help you?” He tried hard to disguise his Russian accent.”

“I can’t seem to get these two apart, and I’ve already paid for them.” Callahan sounded winded.

“Here allow me.” Boris gave them a tug and they came apart, then he pulled one to the end and the machine and released it.”

“Thank you.” Callahan replied.

“I’m surprised your husband didn’t assist you.” Boris spoke softly still trying to cover up his accent.

“I’m not married.” Callahan replied softly

“A pretty gal like you not married. I can’t believe it.” Boris smiled

Callahan picked up her luggage and placed it on the cart. “I’m going to Ohio for a couple of weeks. My sister just had twins.” Callahan unwittingly offered.

“Twins how wonderful” Boris responded. ‘This is way too easy’ he thought to himself. “Come I’ll buy you a drink and we can talk. Waiting in airports can be very boring.”

“I won’t argue with you on that point.” Callahan walked along as Boris pushed her cart.


“Did you get Callahan dropped off?” Jaime asked when Steve returned home.

Steve nodded then told her what his next assignment was.

“You mean Oscar has now idea what they want?” Jaime asked.

Steve shook his head. “Nor does he know how they will try to obtain it.”

“Let me know if I can help in any way.” Jaime looked around to make sure Robbie wasn’t around.

Steve headed for the phone and dialed Oscar. “Just wanted to let you know I’m calling it a night. I’ll get a fresh start in the morning.”

“That’s fine Steve. That reminds me. I need to call the secretary pool and have them send a replacement for Callahan.”

“I’ll leave you to it then.” Steve hung up and joined his family.


After seeing Callahan safely on the plane Boris phoned his comrades at the Soviet Embassy. “Callahan is going away for two weeks.” He reported to his boss.”

“Very good they will need a replacement. I think I know the right person.” Ivan laughed.

At the OSI Oscar called the Secretary pool and was told not to worry that they would have someone there for him in the morning.

“Thank you.” Oscar replied.

‘No problem sir.” The head of personnel responded.

“That will be just fine.” Oscar hung up feeling his job was finished.

Down in the personnel office Joe Lipski was busy shuffling through his index trying to find a suitable replacement for Oscar Goldman.

He called the number of one Amanda King to tell her she would serve as temporary replacement for Callahan, personal secretary to Oscar Goldman. “You need to be here at 9:00 am sharp.”

“I will be.” She promised.

Unbeknownst to them they weren’t the only ones on the line.

“Very good” Ivan smiled. “We will be ready….”


The next morning Amanda King was getting ready to go to work. She was looking forward to working for Mr. Goldman. She had seen Callahan several times at lunch and she had told her what a nice person her boss was.

As she stepped out onto the porch a car was parked by the curb. “Ms. King?” Boris smiled.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”

“I am here to take you to work.” He opened the door to the limosine at the curb “courtesy of Oscar Goldman.”

“Well in that case.” Amanda King slid into the back seat “I never expected this.” She smiled.

“I didn’t think so. Mr. Goldman just wants you to feel very comfortable on your first day. Would you care for a drink?”

“Not before lunch.” Amanda replied enjoying the ride.

“Would you care for some juice?” Boris was getting nervous.

“That would be nice.” Amanda gazed out the window while Boris ‘prepared’ her juice.


“Well I suppose we better get going Rob. I’ll drop you off at school, then head for the OSI.” He turned to Jaime. “Can I bring you back anything?”

Jaime thought for a moment. “Yes a meatball sub. All of the sudden I have to have one.”

Steve and Rob glanced at one another and shook their heads “what ever you say.” Steve bowed as he opened the door and he and Robbie stepped out. “I’ll bring it to you for lunch.”

“That will be fine.” Jaime smiled as her husband and step-son headed down the steps.

“How did you do on that math test yesterday?” Steve asked as he and Rob got into the car.

“I think I got an A I won’t know till this after noon when we get them back.” Rob watched as his dad pulled from the drive on to the street.

“I’m glad. Your grades are starting to come back up.” Steve looked over at him. ‘You are excited about the baby aren’t you?”

Robbie nodded. “I sure am I can hardly wait.”

“Well that’s good. I’ll be in Oscar’s office most of the day I think except when I take your mom her sandwich.”

Rob smiled. “Do all women get cravings like that?”

Steve smiled. “Yes they do. With you mother it was watermelon. She had to have it and it was the middle of December.” Steve laughed as he pulled up in front of Rob’s school.

Rob stepped out of the car. “See you later dad.” He grabbed his book bag out of the back

“Right I’ll see you tonight.” Steve thought for a moment. “I don’t want you walking home. I’ll send Russ to pick you up.”

“Ok dad. Is something going on?” Rob looked back at his dad.

“There might be.” Steve told him. “I’ll send Russ.”

“I’ll look for him.” Rob promised.

Steve watched as Rob walked into the school building. “There” Steve breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that once Rob was inside the building security wouldn’t allow anyone in without proper ID. ‘He’s safe’ Steve thought then headed for work.

At the OSI ‘Amanda’ was sitting behind Callahan’s desk when Steve walked in. “Good morning. Is Oscar in?”

‘Amanda’ stared at him for a moment. “Do you have an appointment?” It was easy for Fayina to hide her Russian accent. She had studied in the states for years.

“Just tell him Steve is here.” Steve smiled.

“Very well’ Fayina responded as she reached for the intercom.

“Yes Amanda?” Oscar spoke setting down the file he was reading.

“There is a Steve …” She looked up at Steve “last name?”

Steve smiled and shook his head “Austin.” He told her.

There is a Steve Austin here to see you.”

Smiling Oscar said “Send him in.”

Steve stepped into Oscar’s office and they both started laughing.

“Anyway Steve” Oscar began. “On a more serious note, have you discovered anything yet?”

Steve shook his head. “Nothing yet Oscar that’s why I stopped by I wanted to go through your files, see what they might be interested in.”

Oscar walked over to his safe and opened it. “Help yourself.” He offered.

Steve stepped next to Oscar and walked in. “I thought I would start at the most recent and work my way back.”

“Sounds logical Steve” Oscar surmised. “Take what you need; you can work at the table over there. I’ll be in and out most of the day. I have several meetings I have to be in.”

Steve nodded and grabbed the first ten files then sat at the table and began to look through them.

“Oscar stepped out into his reception area. “Amanda, Col Austin will be in my office a better part of the day. I have several meetings I have to attend. I don’t want anyone to bother him unless it’s his wife and son or Dr. Wells.”

“Yes sir.” Fayina smiled. “Is there anything I can do?”

Oscar shook his head. “Not unless he needs something.”

“Very well then” she watched Oscar walk out the door then turned to the door that led to Oscar’s office. ‘Wonder what he’s doing’? She thought.

Inside Steve was skimming through the files. He decided to form three piles. One for high risk projects, one for possible, and one he was sure no one would be interested in. But he wouldn’t dismiss any of them till he had a chance to look each one over carefully.

Before heading for his meetings Oscar stopped by Rudy’s office. “Steve is in my office, he’s going over all of our projects to see what the Soviets might be interested in.”

“That sounds like a good place to start.” Rudy agreed.

“That’s what I thought. Are you coming to the meeting?” Oscar wondered.

“Yea I just have a couple of things to do. What about Steve, is he coming.” Rudy wondered.

“He was supposed to, but I want him on this case. I told him I’d brief him later.” Oscar and Rudy started down the hall.

“How is the project going anyway.” Oscar asked as he pressed the button to call the elevator. I know Hanson is very interested in it as well.”

“I don’t see why we have to bring the NSB in on this.” Rudy grumbled. “This project is mine and Steve’s.”

“I know that but if you have really come up with a new energy source…”

“A possible energy source” Rudy corrected.

“What ever it is, it’s wonderful. I’ve seen it work.” Oscar reminded. “It has the potential to solve the energy crisis.”

“If it works, there are still a lot of bugs that have to be ironed out.” By now they were in the parking lot and headed for Oscar’s car.

“Don’t say that to Hanson.” Oscar warned.

“He’ll have to know the truth sometime.” Rudy explained.

“Let’s wait till we get the funding?” Oscar smiled.

“Ok I won’t say it’s still in the moth ball stage.” Rudy laughed.


In Oscar’s office Steve was going over the files on all of the projects they had worked on for the past year. He had been very busy and finally glanced at his watch. ‘It’s almost noon.’ He thought ‘I better get that sandwich to Jaime. He pressed the intercom to call ‘Amanda’

“Yes sir.” She spoke.

“Yes. Could you call the deli around the corner and order a meat ball sub? Tell them I’ll be right over to pick it up.”

“I can get it and bring it to you.” Fayina offered.

“That’s alright it’s for my wife. I’ll pick it up and take it to here then come back here. I just want them to have it ready.”

“Yes sir. No problem. I’ll call right away.” Fayina placed the call and by the time Steve got to the Deli it was ready. He paid for it then rushed it to Jaime.

“Can you stay and eat with me.” She asked knowing the answer. When Steve was on a case he put everything into it.”

“I can’t I have my own I’m going to eat it in Oscar’s office. I’m still going through the files see what we can come up with.”

“Ok then, I’ll just wait for Rob to come home. You’ll probably be late?” Jaime asked.

“I’m not sure. I know I won’t be home for dinner. Why don’t you and Rob order something that way you won’t have to cook. Oh, by the way. Russ will pick up Rob.”

“Is it that serious?” Jaime wondered.

“I don’t want to take any chances. If the soviets are that desperate to get their hands on a project what ever it might be. They could use you or Rob. So just stay inside and be careful.”

“I will I’ll be looking out for Rob.” Jaime started her sandwich as Steve walked out the door.

Steve was back at the table when Oscar and Rudy stepped in. “How was the meeting?” He asked barely looking up from his work.

“We got the funding.” Rudy began as he stepped over to the bar to fix a much needed drink. “Although Hanson wasn’t as generous as we would have liked” Rudy added.

“That figures.” Steve sighed.

“Any luck on your end.” Rudy asked looking at the mounds of papers on the table, floor and anywhere else Steve could set them.”

“No, nothing…” Steve was interrupted when the buzzer on the intercom rang.

Oscar reached for it. “Yes Amanda.”

“Mr. Goldman there is a young boy here who says he’s Col. Austin’s son.”

“I’ll be right out.” Steve turned to Oscar “I’ll be right back.” He stepped out into Oscar’s reception area. “Rob, what can I do for you?”

“Hi dad I hope you don’t mind I had Russ bring me here. Some of the guys are going to McDonalds I was wondering if I could go too.”

Steve smiled. “I don’t know Rob. We have a little problem here…”

“I’ll watch him Steve.” Russ offered. “I don’t mind, that is if Oscar doesn’t need me.”

“I think we can manage if you really don’t mind.” Steve handed Rob a couple of dollars to get a hamburger. “Not too late though. We need Russ back in an hour.”

“No problem thanks dad. I already told mom what I’m doing” Robbie took the money and he and Russ started down the hallway.

“Ok sport I’ll see you when I get home.”

“I hope you don’t mind. I’m using Russ as a body guard for Robbie.” Steve replied when he re entered Oscar’s office. “He’ll be back in an hour Rob wanted to go get a hamburger with his friends.”

“No problem.” Oscar and Rudy were now looking through the files as well. “Steve I think I got it. It’s the Energy source they are after. Remember how desperate Franklin was to get his hands on it?”

Steve smacked himself in the forehead. “How could I have been so blind?”

“Don’t worry pal we all missed it.” Oscar soothed.

Out in the reception area Fayina was placing a call to the Russian embassy.

“Fayina?” the voice on the other end said. “It is way to Risky to call.”

“I know but I have some information. Austin has a son. I thought we could use him…”

“Very good idea, tell me where I can find him.” Boris smiled…


Fayina saw the door to Oscar’s office begin to open. She quickly gave Boris the information he needed then quickly hung up just before Steve stepped through the door.

“Well now that we know.” Steve said in the doorway. “That will simplify things I’m going home to Jaime. Call me if anything comes up and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Ok Steve you go get some much deserved rest.” Oscar started cleaning up the files that littered the table and floor.

“So Amanda how was your first day?” Steve asked as he was leaving.

“Very good Col. Austin” Fayina smiled.

“Good. I’ll more than likely see you tomorrow.” Steve turned to leave.

“I won’t have any trouble letting you in this time.” She smiled.

“That’s good.” Steve smiled. “I think this will work out pretty well.”

“Well thank you.” Fayina faked a smile at him.

“Well I need to get going. Like I said I’ll see you tomorrow.

“Perhaps sooner” Fayina gave a vicious smile as she picked up the phone. “Yes I’ll put you right through officer.” Steve heard her say.

Curiosity getting the better of him he stepped back into Oscar’s office to see what was going on.

Oscar waved at him frantically as he stood in the doorway between the reception area and Oscar’s office.

“What is it Oscar?” Steve asked after Oscar hung up.

“I don’t know how to tell you this. There’s been a shooting. Russ was shot and possibly killed. Robbie is missing.”

“When did this happen?” Steve shouted as he and Oscar sped out of his office.

According to the police, about five minutes ago Rob’s friends are on their way to the hospital right now.”

“They weren’t shot were they?” A look of horror came over Steve’s face.

“No they are just in shock. The police think they will be fine. They are on their way to question them. They have the other patrons of McDonalds in the police station.”

“Let’s go to the police station first.” Steve pushed the button to call the elevator. “Who’s looking out for Russ?”

“Rudy is on his way.” They stepped onto the elevator. “I’m sorry Steve. If we would have known this earlier we would have guarded Robbie better.”

“I’m not blaming anyone.” The elevator came to a stop and both men got off. “Let’s just get to the police station and find out what the witnesses have to say.”

They arrived within minutes. Per Oscar’s request the police had them each in separate rooms so Oscar could question them individually.

“Start with the Martins.” The commissioner suggested. “They seem to be the most reliable.”

Steve and Oscar stepped into the hot muggy room. “Mrs. Martin?” He asked.

“Yes. You’re Mr. Goldman?”

“That’s right. I just want you to tell me in your own words what happened?” Oscar began.

It was awful!” Mrs. Martin began to sob.

“Just tell us what happened?” Oscar pressed.

“I took my nephews to McDonalds after school for a hamburger. They said they were hungry. I’m sorry I’m rambling. It is just so hard to get out of my head what happened.” She continued to sob.

“I know it’s hard. But do the best you can.” Oscar urged.

She began again. “As I said I stopped in with my nephews. We were enjoying our snack when out of the blue these three men walked in….”

“Can you describe them?” Oscar pressed.

“The first man he seemed to be the leader. I guess he had a medium build. Dark hair, dark eyes he spoke with some sort of accent.”

“Accent” Oscar raised his eyebrows “what sort of accent?”

“I’m not sure.” The woman sighed.

“Could it have been Russian?” Oscar asked.

“Yes I believe it could have been Russian, now that you mention it. Anyway he walked up to this group of kids and asked the one boy if his name was Robert Austin.”

“He addressed him by name.” Steve asked speaking for the first time.

The woman nodded. “He seemed to know who the boy was.”

“I see.” Oscar replied “Go on.”

Mrs. Martin continued. “The boy gave a slight nod then turned back to the group of kids he was with.”

“Then what?” Oscar kept pressing.

“The man grabbed the boy and he the boy that is yelled to another man sitting a couple of tables away, I believe he called him Russ…”

“And then?” Steve spoke again.

“That’s when everything exploded I guess you could say. One of the other men reached in his coat and pulled out a ’38 revolver…”

“You’re sure it was a ’38?” Oscar quizzed.

“Yes my husband is a collector. So were my father and brother. I may not be real specific on accents, but I know guns.”

“So they drew their guns…then what.” Oscar wanted to get on with it he had two other people to interview and he wanted to check on Russ.

Again Mrs. Martin began to sob. “The man with the ’38 shot the man named Russ before he ever got to the boy.” Mrs. Martin exploded in a sea of tears.

“Thank you for speaking to us.” Steve smiled lightly as he and Oscar exited the room.

They entered the next room a man by the name of Bud Rodgers was waiting to speak to them.

“Mr. Rogers?” Oscar asked.

“That would be correct. I suppose you want to know about that shooting at the McDonalds.” “We would just tell us in your own words what happened.” Oscar went on.

“No problem. I was sitting there on my dinner break. I work for the City and we was lying asphalt on the street a couple of blocks….You’re not interested in that. As I was saying I was sittin’ there when all the sudden these three men walked in I tell you I knowed they was up to no good.”

“Why do you say that?” Oscar asked.

“I just know these things. Any how they walks up to this group of kids….” Bud Rodgers took out his hanky and gave his nose a honk. “Sorry bout that. I caught a cold from my three year old. You two got kids.”

“Yes.” Steve proclaimed. “The boy who was taken is my son.”

“Oh I see. Well as I said they walks up to the group of boys four or five I believe. They asks the one kid if his name Robert Austin. He nods and yells for this other guy believe he called him Russ.

“Can you describe the men?” Oscar interrupted.

“I sure can. I guess the first guy the one that asked the kid his name He was bout your size.” He looked at Steve. “Dark hair, dark eyes dressed in a business suit. Spoke with a Russian accent.”

“You’re sure it was Russian?” Oscar pressed.

“Sure I’m sure. I works with three commies. I knows a Russian accent when I hears one.”

“Ok Then what happened.” Oscar pushed the man to continue.

“Well this here second guy. Much shorter than the first he pulls out this here ’38 and Shoots the guy the kid calls Russ.”

“Well thank you for your time.” Oscar shook his hand. “We appreciate your help.”

“No trouble. I sure hope you get the little fella back.”

“So do we.” Steve sighed.

Steve and Oscar left and went into the next room to interview the last of the patrons who were in McDonalds when the shooting spree started.

“Miss Kaplin?” Oscar asked.

“Yes I’m Miss Kaplin.” She spoke with a soft voice.

“We don’t need you go into detail we just need you describe the men who came into McDonalds.

There were three. I guess if any of them were the boss it would be the first one. He was somewhere between 5’ 6” and 5’ 8” dark hair and eyes. He had on a blue business suit.

“The other man the one with the gun was shorter. More like 5’4” to 5’6” He had on kaki pants and a blue jacket. That’s where he had the gun.”

“A ’45?” Oscar asked.

“Oh no. it was a ’38.” The woman replied.

“You’re sure of that?” Oscar asked.

“Yes I am.” She stated.

“I understand he spoke with a German accent?” Oscar tried to hurry the process as best he could

“No not German. Who ever told you that was wrong. It was a Russian accent.”

“You’re sure of that?” Steve asked.

“I’m here on vacation I live in NY and work at the UN I know accents.”

“Thank you for your time.” Oscar and Steve left the interview room and spoke to the desk sergeant “We’re through Thanks for holding them in separate rooms. We got the information we needed.”

“No problem.” He turned to Steve. “I hope you get your son back.”

“So do I.” Steve and Oscar headed out of the police station and got into Oscar’s car. “Let’s go see how Russ is doing.” Steve suggested.


At the Soviet Embassy a car approached the main gate. “Open the gate we have the Austin kid with us.” Boris laughed….

Steve and Oscar arrived at the hospital just as Rudy was coming out of surgery with Russ.

“How is he Rudy?” Oscar asked.

“He’s going to be just fine I’m certain of it. Do you have any clue where Robbie is?”

“We’re reasonably sure the Russians have him.” Oscar whispered.

“Steve! Steve!” Jaime called running down the hall toward them. “What happened, where’s Robbie?”

“We don’t know.” Steve held her close. “We just don’t know.”

Oscar turned to Rudy. “Keep me informed on Russ’ condition. I’m headed back to the OSI. I’m sure who ever has Rob will contact us there. Are you coming Steve?”

Steve gave Jaime a slight kiss. “Yea I’m coming.” Then he turned back to Jaime. “You stay here.”

“I will be careful Steve.” Jaime cautioned.

“Don’t worry. The ones who need to be careful are the ones who have Robbie.” Steve and Oscar again left and headed back for the OSI They sat for hours in Oscar’s office hoping the Soviets would contact them.

At midnight the phone rang a weary Oscar grabbed it. “This is Oscar Goldman.” He thundered.

“Mr. Goldman I’m sure Austin is right there.” Boris sneered. “Just tell him we have his kid and if he wants to see him alive, he’ll hand over the plans to that new energy source he and Wells came up with.”

Oscar grabbed his private line. “Trace this call.” He whispered.

“I want to talk to him.” Steve shouted listening on the other line knowing he needed to stall so they could get a trace on the call.

It took several minutes but they finally got a sleepy Rob to the phone. “Just tell your father you’re alright.” Boris ordered.

“Go fly up a tree.” Robbie snapped. “I’m not saying nothing.”

“I told you to tell your father that you’re alright.” Boris ordered once again.

“Why should I. You just want to get off the hook with him I’m not talking to nobody.” Robbie continued to argue.

Steve could here the arguing. “At least Rob is ok.” He whispered to Oscar.

Oscar nodded. Then Boris got on the phone. “I’m sorry he won’t come to the phone….”

“I hear him in the back ground.” Steve smiled to himself as Boris slammed the phone down. His plan had worked. The tech team came in with the address.

“I’ll be right back Oscar. I’m going to get Robbie.” Steve headed for the door.

“I’ll get another agent to handle it.” Oscar suggested.

“I can handle it. All I want is to get Robbie out of there, and then we’ll deal with the project.

“Ok just be careful.” Oscar cautioned.

“You worry too much.” Steve opened the door and headed out of Oscar’s office. ‘What else will they do to get their hands on this project?’ Steve wondered.

He went to the address on the paper the tech people had handed him. He carefully scanned each room looking for Robbie. He found him alone in an upstairs bed room. Steve jumped up to the window and let himself in. Robbie was lying but not sleeping on the bed.

He heard the window open and looked to see who had just come in. “Dad.” He whispered.

“Come on Rob, I’ll get you out of here” Steve Whispered back.

“But how will we get out?” Robbie asked. “I know there are guards just outside the door.” Robbie continued to whisper.

“The same way I just got in. Come on climb on my back.” Steve carried Rob over to the window and he jumped to the ground. They landed safely and Steve continued to run up the street with Robbie clinging to his back.

When he felt they were safely away from the building they were holding Robbie in Steve set him down. “Are you ok?” He asked.

Rob nodded. “Yea I’m fine. But what’s going on?”

“They want a project I’ve been working on.” Steve stopped at a payphone and called Oscar. “Oscar it’s me. I have Robbie I’m taking him home then I’ll meet you back in your office.”

“Sounds good we can lay out our next plan of action.” Oscar added.

“By the way, how is Russ?”

“Rudy says he’s much better.” Oscar assured. “I’ll see you in about an hour.”

“Right see you then.” Steve hung up and escorted Robbie home where Jaime was waiting. After explaining everything that was going on Steve headed back to Oscar’s office.”

“Is Rob ok?” Oscar asked.

“A bit shaken, but he’ll be fine. Now we know what they want, how do we protect it?” Steve wanted to know. “That energy source isn’t ready for…”

“I know, Rudy told me. Of course we didn’t say anything about that to Hanson when we met with him.” Oscar noted. “I think we should move the entire project to the NSB.” Oscar continued.

“No Oscar that’s too risky. First of all the Russians might try to steal it from us when we move it, secondly Hanson could have his own people test it. That could prove disastrous.”

“I suppose you’re right. Maybe we should move it to Rudy’s complex in California or Colorado…”

“No like I said moving it is to risky. I wonder if they have someone on the inside. I just thought. How did they know about Robbie?”

“Don’t forget. Phil. Maggie’s second husband was a Soviet Operative…” Per Steve’s request he refused to refer to the man as Rob’s step father.

“Oh yea” Steve thought for a moment. “But how did they know where he would be?” Steve pointed out.

“That’s a good question. If we do have a spy here we need to find out who it is.” Oscar muttered.

“We’ll set a trap for them and use the project as bait.” Steve suggested.

“That could be risky, what if they get away with it?” Oscar asked

“I didn’t say we leave the real file out. We use a fake. Rudy and I will pretend to be going over the file. We’ll make it very obvious that’s what we are doing, and then we will carelessly leave it lying around.”

“Don’t you think that will be too obvious?” Oscar wondered.

“Let’s hope they won’t notice that. We’ll be watching the whole time too.” Steve added. “I just wonder who it could be.” He pondered.

Oscar and Steve left the OSI building around one. They thought it best to get good nights sleep seeing they were to possibly have a very busy day.

Later that morning around 9:00, after telling Rudy their plan they all arrived in Oscar’s office. “You’re sure this will fool them Rudy?” Steve asked as they read over the fake document.

“If they get out of here with it, it should hold them off for a little while. At least they don’t have Rob now.”

Steve nodded. “He’s staying home from school today Jaime can take care of him. How is Russ?”

“When I left he was complaining about how lousy his breakfast was.” Rudy smiled. “I think he’s going to be fine. He’ll probably be out tomorrow morning.”

“Well that’s good.” Steve surmised. “We just may need him.”

“What if it doesn’t fool them?” Even though he was concerned about Russ Oscar changed the subject.

“I have a back up plan.” Steve looked at the two of them.

“And what would that be?” Oscar demanded.

“I’ll let you know when and if the time comes.” Steve smiled.

“I don’t think I like the sounds of that.” Oscar looked from Steve to Rudy who also had no idea as to what Steve was up to.

They sat for a few more moments in silence when the buzzer on Oscar’s intercom brought them all back to reality.

“Yes Amanda?” Oscar hit the button on the intercom.

“You have a phone call from Joe Lipski in personnel.” Fayina told him.

Oscar looked at the two in front of him. “Wonder what he wants?” He asked.

“Maybe you better find out.” Steve pointed to the phone.

Oscar picked it up. “This is Oscar Goldman. What can I do for you?”

“Mr. Goldman. I don’t know how to tell you this, the secretary I found to replace Callahan, Amanda King I believe he name was.”

“Was?” Oscar reached over and put the call in the box so Steve and Rudy could both here. “Did you say her name ‘was’ Amanda King?”

“Yes sir. I’m just calling to apologize for her not showing up to work. Her body was found floating in the Potomac early this morning. I just received the call.”

“Would you repeat that?” Oscar asked.

Joe repeated the information to the stunned group of men listening to every word.

“Thank you for your information.” Oscar muttered.

“I’ll send someone right away.” Joe persisted.

“No. That won’t be necessary” Oscar told him. He hung up and turned to Steve and Rudy. “So that’s it. The Soviets are slyer than I thought. Obviously ‘Amanda’ is not who she says she is.” Oscar whispered. He was now nervous. The Soviets had invaded his haven, his work space. What else were they capable of?

Outside in Oscar’s reception area, Fayina also hung up.

“Well at least we know now how they found out about Robbie.” Steve stood. “We know who the informant is, that’s what this was to find out. I guess now it’s time for plan B.” Steve stated.

“What’s plan B?” Oscar asked.

“I don’t think I better tell you.” Steve looked from Oscar to Rudy then back to Oscar.

“The less you know the better.” He paused just before leaving “Just play along huh?” he whispered.

Oscar watched him leave then turned to Rudy. “I wonder what he’s up to.” Oscar muttered.

“I don’t think we want to know.” Rudy stated. “But I think we better ‘play along’ as he said. He has the file. I would assume he’s headed for the Soviet Embassy to give them a piece of his mind…”