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Words from the Webfly:

Well, well, well, what have we here? little Ancora went away for a few months and comes back with HTML skills and a renewed sense of devouted to Mr. Cole.
So, enough with the third person. I know what you're thinking and don't give me that look! At least I updated it, thank your lucky stars for that, friend! I was, of course, wintering at the San Pedro Consuela Henerandez Island Resort Hotel, and sharing a very dry martini with my friend Francesca, you know, Francesca the Bullfighter, when suddenly, when who should burst into the lounge, but Miss Liza Minnelli herself! Liza dashes over to me and says "Ancora Kite, Are YOU Ancora Kite?" and I said "For you Liza, I would be anybody." so she says, "Cut the cute talk and just update the website, or I will have to get all Sally Bowles on yo' ass!" and then she stalks out! Well, language aside, you don't cross the Liza, so I hopped the next plane home and got to work! Here you go, Liz and company! Life truly is a cabaret!
Love and Olives,
Miss Ancora Kite



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