Inu Yasha

Girl Who Overcame Time and the Boy Who Was Just Overcome

50 years ago Inu Yasha is attempting to steal the Shikon no Tama a jewel with great powers. With it he could become full demon and that wouldn't be good at all. Before he can make it out, Kikyo the Jewels guardian shoots Inu Yasha with a mystical arrow. Pinning him to a tree and imprisoning him for life. Kikyo is wounded though, a wound give to her by Inu Yasha while he was attempting to steal the Shikon jewel. The wound is to bad and death is near. Her final request is to burn her body with the Shikon no Tama to ensure it's safety. They grant her final wish and everything was thought to be fine...But was it really?

Back to the present. Kagome is normal girl living in Tokyo. It's her 15th birthday and she finds her brother at a well. He tells her that she saw their cat Buyo go in there. She finds him and gives Buyo to her brother when sudden a great amount of arms pulls her into the well. It appears to be some sort of Centipede Demon whose body begins to regenerate while holding Kagome. The Centipede demon can feel its power overflowing. The Centipede tells Kagome to give it to her, and that she knows she has it. Kagome has no idea what she is talking about and tells her to let go. She shoves her hand in the Demon's face and suddenly a purple flash appears from her hand. Pushing the monster back and making her let go and fall down the well. The Centipede Demon mentions something about her wanting the Shikon no Tama. This puzzles Kagome as she lands at the bottom of the well. When she lands she calls for her brother, but no answer. She climbs up the well only to find herself back in time in a location. She sees Inu Yasha's body pinned to the tree. She starts to play with his ears when a group of men surround her holding bows and arrows. They shoot arrows at her all nearly hitting her, they tie her up and take her back to the village.

They have absolutely no idea who she is. Her capturing in the forest brings the whole town in to look at her. Then the Priestess of the village arrives by the name of Kaeda. When she sees her she tells her that she resembles Kikyo. Later at night the village is attacked by the Centipede demon looking for the Shikon no Tama jewel. She is after Kagome. Kagome runs into the Forest, and the Centipede demon follows. When she calls for help it awakens Inu Yasha. While running into the Forest the Centipede crashes to the ground, causing Kagome to fall right in front of the tree Inu Yasha is pinned on. Even Inu Yasha thinks Kagome is Kikyo. He starts to ask her questions, but she doesn't answer them and tells him that her name is Kagome. Then the Centipede Demon attacks! It grabs ahold of Kagome, and once again a strange light comes out of Kagome's hand and blasts the Centipede back. Then the inside of Kagome's body begins to glow, the Centipede attacks again and cuts open the side of Kagome causing the Shikon jewel to come out. The Centipede swallows the Jewel and becomes different and much more powerful. Kagome goes to Inu Yasha in the tree and the Centipede demon begins to wrap around them like an Anaconda. Then Inu Yasha asks her to take out the arrow. Kaede tells her not to, but Inu Yasha convinces her to. When she take out the arrow it becomes destroyed, and Inu Yasha's body begins to do something weird. Inu Yasha begins to chuckle evilly and breaks the grip of the Centipede. He then uses his nails to rip through the Centipede completely cutting it in half and killing it. Kaede tells Kagome to quickly find the Glassball of the Shikon jewel or the monster will revive itself. She finds it, but it seems Inu Yasha wants it to. Inu Yasha wasn't a hero he just wanted the Shikon Jewel.


Centipede Demon in Japanese version (Boobs were not showing in ASA)

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