Title: Sleepover
Author: North
Rating: I guess NC-17 for explicit scene of making love ;)
Pairing: Bianca/Frankie
Summary: A vignette when Bianca first asked Frankie to sleepover.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the AMC characters, stories et al. No infringement or profit intended, etc.
Authors Note: First fic like this, I've only ever written a Xena one and that was *long* and a few years ago. This will be short and hopefully sweet. It does leave off where today's (Thursday's soap ep left off so if you hadn't seen it and don't want anything given away than please continue no further until after you've had a chance to view the ep,;) Hope you enjoy!

by North aka Holly

"My mom is worried that I'll fall in love with one of my female that what you're worried about?" Bianca gave Frankie a searching look from where she sat at the end of the bed.

An expression ghosted so quickly over Frankie's face that Bianca couldn't catch it's meaning. Frankie hugged her knees to herself more tightly, than tried to seem more relaxed, leaning against the headboard of the bed. She gave Bianca one of her practiced shrugs of complete indifference. With her typical attitude she said, " No Bianca. I'm not worried that you'll fall madly in love with me." She then quickly turned her eyes away from that penetrating gaze, hiding the pained look in her own eyes.

"Well, good then. So what's the problem? If you don't want me to sleepover you can just say so Frankie."

Frankie almost vaulted off the bed, "Look Bianca it's no big ok? Stay, go, whatever." She stood facing away from her, her arms crossed tightly to herself.

Bianca's eyebrow's raised than came down. She stood as well, but she didn't step closer to Frankie. "It seems to be something to you Frankie because you're acting weird. Like I freak you out or something."

"Agh! Bianca I am not freaked out by you ok?"

"Than what does have you freaked out Frankie?" She took a step closer to the where Frankie hadn't turned around.

Frankie whirled around "Nothing! Okay?" She stalked past Bianca than paced over to the other side of the bed.

Bianca stared at her across the short expanse, "Something's the matter Frankie. Why can't you tell me what it is? I told you that I care for you-"

Frankie held up a hand, "Just stop saying that alright? You don't know me-"

This time it was Bianca who cut her off, softening her voice, "I think I know enough. I've started to care for you. What is it that scares you so much?"

Dark eyes flashed with anger, Frankie's jaw tightened, "I am NOT scared!"

"Than what is it?" Bianca didn't dare move for fear of losing the chance at the answers she's wanted since their eyes first met in the emergency room. Questions that became even more urgent with today. The look of introspection on Frankie's face when talking about coming out. The flash of, could it have been?, longing mixed with fear when Bianca first said she cared for her.

Frankie tried to deflect her, "Why are you riding me? Bored or something?"

"No, I'm not bored." Something in Bianca's voice, her gaze, made Frankie drop her own eyes away from it

She couldn't let this happen.

She couldn't....

A touch on her arm startled her out of her all consuming thought. Bianca had come around to the side of the bed where she stood and for a moment, Frankie was lost in the drowning pools of those soulful eyes so, so dark.

"What is is Frankie? Please tell me." The plea was softer than a whisper. As soft as the hand that stayed on Frankie's arm.

"Nothing." but this time the answer was breathy.

"You're lying." Not judgemental, just gentle, just kind.

Frankie knew she should run. She couldn't deal. Not with this. The hand on her arm alone made her want to be held. The sincerity in Bianca's voice made her throat tighten. She would not cry. She refused to. And that look in those eyes made Frankie want to...

No, she wouldn't do this.

"Everybody lies Bianca." The words were meant to come out hard, but they didn't. Nor did she step away from the other woman as she intended to.

"Not me." Bianca's voice was sure.

"Not everyone's like you Bianca."

Bianca raised her other hand to cup the side of Frankie's face, "But you're like me." It was almost a question, one that was becoming more of a statement, a certainty.

Eyes closed and hot tears slipped past Frankie's closed lids, "You couldn't love me."

Parts of Bianca's heart broke at those words, the pain emanating from the woman before her. Another part of her heart filled to overflowing with the what it meant for her. For them both.

Her thumb wiped some of the tears off the smooth cheek. "Frankie, I already do."

The tears came harder. Frankie couldn't help it, she had to see. And opening her eyes she did. Bianca, confident, and *real*.

"You-" Frankie couldn't get her question out as a sob threatened to choke her. Instead she took a deep breath trying vainly to regain her composure.

Bianca smiled and it was like being basked in sunlight, the warmth from it a tangible thing. "Yes Frankie, I'm in love with you."

Frankie's hand found Bianca's where it caressed her face. A softening took place. It started in her eyes, than her face, than her whole body as her stance grew less rigid and she leaned into Bianca's hand.

"Bianca..." Her eyes said everything. Asked.

Bianca answered. She leaned down, until their lips touched. Than their mouths moved together, melted into each other with a warmth that left them both shaky. At the first brush of Bianca's tongue against her own, Frankie had to pull away.

"I can't do this standing up."

Understanding, her own legs wobbly, Bianca laughed. "Me too." And with those words she pulled them both onto the bed. Surprising her, Frankie manoeuvred them so that she was lying half on top of Bianca. She gazed into the eyes of the woman underneath her for a long moment. Not searching. A look of soft amazement graced her face.

"Better?" Bianca cocked an eyebrow facetiously.

Frankie grinned at her playfulness, not stopping her own reaction to the other woman anymore. "Bianca?"

"Yes?" Bianca's own smile grew.

"Shut up and kiss me."

And she did just that. With each stoke of their tongues the heat between them grew. It was Frankie who impatiently pulled Bianca's sweater off though leaving the sleeveless shirt on for now, liking the feel of the bare arms around her. Holding her. Someone finally holding her, and meaning it. With each kiss, every caress, the feel of Bianca's body moving underneath her own. And the sounds starting to come from the back of Bianca's throat. All these things made other needs become more and more urgent. For both of them.

Bianca gasped at the first touch of Frankie's hand underneath her shirt. The hand slid lightly along her ribs. Almost tickling. The hand moved further up and began tracing the underside of Bianca's breasts through her bra. Bianca's own movements became more urgent. Their legs entangling. Thighs between things, sighs escaped them both at the languorous teasing contact between them. Frankie pulled her face away at the same time that she slid her hand underneath the bra and rubbed one of Bianca's nipples. She not only heard the gasp of pleasure from Bianca but also got to see the look of desire heighten in that beautiful face.

Then a look sparkled in those eyes that Frankie didn't recognize at all. At least not until two hands found her breasts with incredible deftness and it was her turn to gasp. And Bianca actually giggled.

"Vixen!" Frankie managed to get out between ragged breaths smiling down at the mischievous face of her ..girlfriend? Lover? She'd figure that out when she could think again because the sudden grinding movement of those hips into her own was making any concrete thought impossible.

Bianca laughed, "You're one to talk."

Hmm, so that's how Bianca wanted to play it did she? Frankie ducked her head down mid-laugh and nipped through Bianca's shirt at the nipple her hand wasn't gently pinching with her fingers.

That won her a sound that was louder than a gasp as Bianca's entire body arched unexpectedly into her own. When they looked at each other again all playfulness was gone, only the intense, private look two people share in such intimate moments.

"Shirt" Frankie said, "off now." Than remembering herself for a second she added, "Okay?"

Bianca's mouth went dry, "Better than okay." She started to pull her own shirt up when Frankie's hands stopped her. The look in Frankie's eyes made Bianca's heart leap into her throat.

"I want to." Was all Frankie said.

Her hands took over and gently peeled the shirt form Bianca's body. She paused to look down before unclasping the bra, unveiling Bianca's upper body completely.

The expression on Frankie's face, the mix of awe, need and dare Bianca read love? made Bianca's heart race even faster. She tugged at Frankie's shirt. Frankie shook herself from her trance and simply raised her arms. Bianca confirmed with her eyes what her hands had felt. Frankie wasn't wearing a bra. And her beauty more breathtaking than ever.

Mouths found each other again, careful despite their mutual desires. Hands touching, exploring each other. A growing ache intensified between them even as each touch soothed, every caress also ignited them. They both felt parts of their lower body tighten in need. Frankie moaned low into Bianca's mouth as one of Bianca's hands moved under her pants, a single finger stroking her through her panties.

"I can feel how wet you are through the cloth," Bianca whispered to her.

"Yes," was all Frankie could answer. Hands now impatient tore off Bianca's jeans even while Bianca helped take off Frankie's. Than, only in underwear, they lay almost completely nude against each other. Both moaned at the softness of each other's bodies. A low growl came form Frankie's throat. She had to kiss Bianca's neck, feel all the softness of Bianca's body with her mouth, her teeth her tongue. Bianca avidly returned every wanton caress. And when Bianca's hand once again came to rub between Frankie's legs, Frankie closed her mouth around one of those tightened nipples making them both buck against each other. She took her time sucking, grazing it between her teeth for long long moments before exploring the other one. Despite the vocal cries and moans from them both neither of them rushed, Bianca's stroking stayed long, slow. Though it was becoming a sweet torture too much to bear for either of them. When Frankie's hand moved to the waist band of Bianca's underwear, the shaking grew worse and Frankie hesitated causing Bianca to pull back and look at her concerned.

"You alright?" slightly out of breath. That burning ache didn't matter to Bianca though, what mattered was Frankie. "We can stop if this is too much, too fast."

Frankie shook her head in amazement. If Bianca felt anything like she did right now than stopping didn't seem like a desirable let alone possible option. And Frankie knew she did feel the same way. Just as she knew Bianca meant it. She would stop for her.

"It's just, I've never...only kissing and stuff." Frankie didn't like being unsure of herself.

Charmed beyond words, not guessing that she hadn't ever been with a woman this deeply before, Bianca leaned up and kissed Frankie sweetly. "Whatever you want to do Frankie. Love is easy, so easy. Let me show you how easy."

Frankie could only nod. Bianca manoeuvred them so that now Frankie was lying on her back. This time it was Bianca who feasted on Frankie's breasts, luxuriating in the feel of Frankie's strong hands in her hair. She slowly made her way down, licking Frankie's stomach mercilessly until Frankie was writhing and moaning in abandon moaning 'please Bianca please!" Bianca carefully stripped the sodden underwear from Frankie. Than she stood and removed her own, feeling the heat of Frankie's gaze watching her intently. She moved back on the bed, back onto Frankie and both moaned at the fully naked silken contact of their bodies together. She kissed Frankie and was going to ask if she wanted to stop but the look in Frankie's eyes stopped her. That look instead made her resume her place between Frankie's legs. And with the first intimate stroke of her tongue on Frankie's wetness, they were both lost.

Frankie would grab the headboard, touch her own breasts, caress Bianca's back, or go to her hair but she could not be still. Each stroke was electrifying pleasure, electrifying softness. And when Bianca slid a finger inside her carefully, slowly, it was all Frankie could do to hold on to that edge before the next instant, than the next and she was filled with a light that spilled over convulsing her, exploding her in a million different pieces. She knew she cried out, she didn't know what. When she came back into herself, when she could raise her heavy lids and look, it was to be found in Bianca's arms. She moved to be more into Bianca's embrace, sliding a leg in-between Bianca's. The sudden catch of Bianca's breath and the hot wetness on Frankie's thigh leg brought a similar though different need roaring inside Frankie.

"I need to taste you Bianca." The request came out hoarse.

Bianca's moan was all the answer Frankie needed. She moved her body lower, her hand dragging across Bianca's stomach, running through damp curls. She used her hands to part the way and found Bianca in one long stroke, caressing her with her tongue. They both moaned. Frankie found the taste, the silky wet feel of her intoxicating. Making her whole body buzz. She used her tongue instead of fingers to enter Bianca, pushing her muscle as deeply as she could into the hot wetness before languorously moving it up to swirl against the part that demanded the most attention. When on instinct and a half formed idea, she took the small swollen part carefully between her teeth and sucked on it, Bianca came sudden and long crying out Frankie's name. Frankie held on, her arms around Bianca's hips, finding another form of satisfaction from the pulsating feeling of the other woman against her mouth. As the body beneath her relaxed inch by inch she moved up and held Bianca as Bianca had held her. Like something precious, treasured, cared for, loved. When Bianca roused and looked upon Frankie a smile even brighter than before graced her face. Frankie couldn't help but smile back.

"I though you never..?"

"Hey," that pirate smile came back to Frankie and lit her eyes, "give a girl some credit for having a little bit of ingenuity."

They both laughed.

"We still on for that sleepover?" Frankie asked.

"Most definitely." Bianca answered snuggling even further into Frankie.

"Will you-" Bianca looked up at the hesitation, saw the raw emotions in Frankie's eyes.

"What?" she urged.

"Hold me?" Frankie swallowed, so terribly unused to asking for what she really needed, wanted.

"All night." Came the answer. A promise.

She looked at Bianca with tears still unshed, but these weren't from fear. "Bianca."

She kissed her.

"I love you Bianca." Tears slipped down her cheeks. Bianca's hands soft and warm caught them.

Bianca's own eyes shone, "I love you too."

FIN! ;)

If you want to let me know what you think . Thanks for reading!

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