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11/3/04 Updates - Three Updates in less than a month is cause for a celebration! I've decided to flesh out the Season 3 Captures Gallery (it was the best season, after all). So there are 19 new caps on Season 3 Page One, 18 on Page Two, 34 to Page Three, 18 to Page Four, and 7 to Page Six.

10/29/04 Updates - Two updates in a month! I added 7 pics to Picture Page 19.

10/9/04 Updates - Hello again. Thought I'd catch up on some of the episode captures that I'm missing. So, I added 7 pics from Episode 422: The Graduate", 10 from Episode 504: The Long Goodbye", 10 from Episode 505: Four Scary Stories", 15 from Episode 510: Apetite for Destruction". And one behind the scenes picture of the DC finale to Picture Page 19.

12/31/03 Updates - One more update before the new year(!): Believe it or not, but I have added Part Four of the (3 year gone) forgotten fic The First Thanksgiving (Should I keep going?). Added 15 captures from Season One of the Dawson's Creek DVD Set, a capture from "Revealed with Katie Holmes" that looks like a personal picture of Katie and Josh to Picture Page 18, and a scan of Katie's Winter Gap Ad. And speaking of Katie, the current news is that she and boyfriend Chris Klein have gotten engaged. You can read a story about it here. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

7/5/03 Updates - Added 5 New Pictures to Picture Page 17 and 14 to Picture Page 18.

5/18/03 Updates - In celebration of True Love winning in the end: Added 5 New Pictures to Picture Page 17. Added 53 Episode Caps from the Series Finale to the Episode #623 Page. Added seven articles on Joey picking Pacey and the Series Finale to the *New Page* called In the Media. Also added a *New Page* called Dedicated to Dougie that has 30 Deputy Doug pics.

5/12/03 Updates - Added 4 new Episode Caps from Episode #622, 14 from Episode #421, and 10 from Episode #523. Do I have them all yet? :)

5/11/03 Updates - Added 3 new pics to Picture Page 17. Also even more old Episode Caps added: 10 from Episode #409, 22 from Episode #410, 18 from Episode #412, 10 from Episode #413, 23 from Episode #414, 12 from Episode #415, 22 from Episode #416, 10 from Episode #417, and 15 from Episode #420.

5/03/03 Updates - Episode Caps Galore: Added 8 from Episode #616, 28 from Episode #617, 18 from Episode #618, and 3 from Episode #621. Also updated the Spoilers Page.

4/08/03 updates - Added 3 new pics up on Picture Page 16 and 1 on Picture Page 17.

3/20/03 updates - There are 3 new pics up on Picture Page 16. Added episode descriptions for episode 616 to the Spoilers Page.

2/18/03 updates - There are 4 new pics up on Picture Page 15 and 9 new pics up on Picture Page 16. Added 46 captures from Episode 615 - "Castaways".

2/8/03 updates - There is one new pic from "Clean and Sober" and 6 new pics from "Castaways" up on Picture Page 15.

2/6/03 updates - There are a lot of new spoilers up on the Spoilers Page. I added 20 caps from Episode 614 - "Clean and Sober" (from I'm also catching up with old episodes and added 7 caps from Episode #503 - "Capeside Revisited", 17 caps from Episode #511 - "Something Wild", and 7 from Episode #601 - "The Kids are Alright". Added link to article on DC's final season from the Wilmington Star with Variety Article on Cancelation" as well.

2/2/03 updates - I added the TV Guide ad for next week (thanks to I Hate the Head) and a new picture from a future episode to Picture Page 15.

1/31/03 updates - I added a picture from season 6 to Picture Page 15. And I also added 3 little spoiler snippets to the Spoilers Page. If you want to sign a petition to keep Dawson's Creek from ending after this season, Go Here to add you name.

7/03/02 updates - Added 5 pics from Season Five to Picture Page 14. I fixed the Links Page and the links within my own page that weren't working as well.

7/12 updates - Wow, didn't think you'd be hearing from ME did ya? Well, I'm going try and get back in the habit of updating more frequently (don't hold me to that, though). Added a blurb about Season 5 to the Spoilers Page. Added 2 pics to Picture Page 12. Added 15 pics to Picture Page 13. Added 10 pics to Picture Page 14.

2/08 updates - Gasp! There's an actual update today! I added 21 new pics to picture pages 11 and 12. Check 'em out.

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