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- Dawson's Creek Series Finale Articles (Joey Chooses Pacey):

- AP article titled "Joey Chooses Pacey in 'Dawson' Finale"Excerpt: "Joey finally chooses between Pacey and Dawson, saying she's known all along. Even though she and Dawson tell each other, 'You and me always,' in the final scene she's watching 'The Creek' with Pacey and he gets the kiss."

- TV Gal Doesn't Want to Wait(
Excerpt: "TV Gals's Favorite Dawson's Creek Moments: #1. Pacey tells Joey 'I remember everything' in 'The Anti-Prom'. Joey attends the prom with Dawson and Pacey goes with Andie, but the star-crossed duo share a romantic dance during which Pacey utters that touching and memorable phrase."

- Awesome 'Dawson' Goes Out on Top (WB Press Release) excerpt: "The final scene, which was the payoff 7.3 million loyal viewers who tuned-in have been waiting for, saw Joey (Katie Holmes) surprisingly choose Pacey (Joshua Jackson) over her soulmate Dawson (James Van Der Beek)."

- 'Dawson's Creek' Goes Out on High Note (
excerpt: "In the end, the show's love triangle is resolved when Joey (Katie Holmes) chooses to be with Pacey (Joshua Jackson) even though she acknowledges Dawson is her soulmate."

- CNN article titled "'Dawson's Creek' bids adieu" excerpt: "'I can't walk into Starbucks without hearing someone's opinion on the finale', Williamson said by phone. 'Most people are like, What's it going to be? I want Dawson! I want Pacey!'"

- Boston Globe article titled "Dawson, pals talk off into the sunset" excerpt: "'Dawson's Creek' will always be remembered for helping to liberate teen-angst TV from eternal dumbing down."

- Miscellaneous Older Articles on Pacey and Joey

- TV's Most Memorable Moments (, Compiled by Leslie Ginsparg):
When a show evokes emotion — makes us laugh, cry or gasp in shock — that's good television. Those classic TV moments remind us why we spend hours on end staring bug-eyed at a box. Here's Gist's list of the top 10 classic TV moments from the 1999-2000 season, in no particular order:
Joey and Pacey Sail Off Into the Sunset (Dawson's Creek: "True Love") Pacey (Joshua Jackson) and Joey's (Katie Holmes) romance this past season was one classic moment after another. The two had always disliked each other, and they fought their feelings harder than Buffy fights vampires. Once they lost the battle, the real fun began. But the course of "True Love" never runs smooth. To spare Dawson's (James Van Der Beek) feelings, Joey and Pacey tried to squelch their own. But when they danced together at the prom, it was clear how much they needed to be together. Then, in the finale, with Pacey about to give up on the relationship and leave town, Joey said the all-important "L" word, and in the greatest classic moment of all, the two sailed off into the sunset. Sure it was cheesy and melodramatic, but who isn't a sucker for a sweet love story?

- From TV Guide (not sure about this, does snyone know for sure?):
Thumbs Up! Dawson's Creek-Feels Like Old Times
Recently, we took CREEK to task for ignoring the ingredients that made it appointment television. The show used to be about relationships among a quartet of close knit characters, but this seasons it has focused on relationships emerging from their independent lives. Well, the writers may be taking notes of fans' desire to see the main players in stories together. The reemergence of the Joey/Pacey relationship, in particular, is long overdue. In it's first incarnation, this plot (Dawson's "soul mate" finds love with his best friend) arguably packed the series' strongest punch. Joey and Pacey's breakup two seasons ago was unsatisfyingly abrupt, and there's been nary a hint of their rich history in post-romance interactions. Likewise, the impact of Pacey's dalliance Joey on his friendship with Dawson was shamefully underexplored. CREEK never recovered; these blows were ruinous to the emotional integrity of its protagonists. But two years of weak plotting seemed to fade when Joey and Pacey finally discussed the end of their love affair and (gasp!) acknowledged lingering feelings, which led to a lingering kiss. Where will they go from here? How will Dawson react? Suddenly, we care again. The scribes don't have much time to redeem the show's damaged reputation before the series finale in May, but returning to the site of it's greatest glory is the wisest route back into the hearts of fans.

- "When Dawson's Characters Grow Up" By Leslie Ginsparg:
... Dawson (James Van Der Beek), who has proved to be an egotistical jerk, is a younger version of our least favorite Muppet, Bert. Leaving the many physical similarities aside (they both have long yellowish faces and dark eyebrows), we have two characters that are uptight, controlling and consider themselves to be the centers of the universe. Bert and Dawson have something else in common: great best friends who they constantly make miserable. These two are always spoiling the fun. Ernie can't eat cookies in bed because Bert doesn't approve and the whole world revolves around Bert. Pacey can't date Joey (Katie Holmes) because Dawson said so, and everything in the universe (Joey included) was created solely for Dawson. Let's just hope Joey stops allowing Dawson to pull her strings and runs away with the good Dr. Witter.

- From the June 20th edition of Soap Opera Weekly:
HIT--A night of surprises on Dawson's:
The final moment of the May 24 season finale of Dawson's Creek wasn't a cliff-hanger, but it surely still left viewers wondering. And hoping, for the WB to launch another summer series: Joey and Pacey--Summer 2000. Joey's unexpected (at least for this viewer) choice of earnest nice-guy Pacey over the often pretentious, full-of-himself (not to mention series star) Dawson was refreshing, not just for the choice itself but for the way it was handled. If soaps are truly supposed to be our fantasy, this episode of Dawson's fit the bill perfectly: Joey simply threw caution (and her family responsibilities) to the wind to follow her heart and sail off into the sunset (quite literally) with the person she loves. Does it get any better than that? Continuing the episode's carpe diem theme, other stories were also right-on. Though the Mitch/Gale wedding wasn't a large part of the action, it was a nice capper on a reunion that wasn't unrealistic nor rushed. Who would have guessed Grams had such an impulsive side to her? Loved watching her wheel the car around so Jen could have a last chance to see Henry. The out-of-the-blue development was both humorous and believable, and Jen and Henry's goodbye put a strong exclamation point on a relationship that was quite uncertain in its first year. And, finally, the kiss, between Jack and Ethan. Frankly, I was surprised that the show (or, more accurately, the network) didn't chicken out or give the moment short shrift. Instead, it happened exactly the way it should have: not a huge, dramatic deal, but not a moment that was glossed over or rushed, either. And the development resulted in Jack's father being more compassionate and understanding of his son than ever, another unexpected treat in an hour that was a perfect finish to the year.

- From June 2000 issue Jane magazine: Runner-up for TV Couple that Should Get/Stay Together: Pacey and Joey on Dawson's Creek.

- From
It Just Keeps Gettin' Better by Amy Amatangelo
For those of you keeping track, today is day six of my denial that Beverly Hills, 90210 is no more. I’ve read the stories, I’ve watched the episode, and I’ve even written about it, but part of me still refuses to believe that it’s true. To distract me during this difficult and emotional time, I came up with my four favorite story lines of the 1999-2000 television season:
2. Joey and Pacey on Pacey’s Creek: Heck, this story line is so good it caused me to change the name of the show! Until the Joey and Pacey story line, I followed “Pacey’s Creek” with a somewhat bemused and distant indifference – commending the show for its Jack and Andie story lines last season and condemning the show when that little tramp Eve showed up this season and turned “Dawson’s Creek” (because that’s what it was back then) into a junior edition of Porky’s. But now I look forward to the show. I get that tingly feeling in my stomach whenever there’s the possibility that Joey and Pacey will share a romantic moment. This story line got my attention and propelled Joshua Jackson to a whole new heartthrob level (and not just with teenage girls, either!)
Quotes of the Week:
"I remember everything." Pacey to Joey on Pacey’s Creek. As reader BosBrave14 asked me, “how could anyone with even one functioning brain cell choose Dawson over Pacey?”

- From Soap Opera Digest:
We can't say enough about the sweetly awkward, burgeoning romance between Pacey and Joey on DAWSON'S CREEK. With this development, Pacey (largely altered during the "Andie" era) is finally given his due, and for once, Joey has a romantic interest who's not a substitution for Dawson. Giving new meaning to the term "cliffhanger" (those who waited a month for the conclusion of their first kiss knows what we mean), these former adversaries have slowly fallen in love, despite the disruption that the relationship could cause to their world. All in all, Pacey and Joey's tenative union is the shows best storyline in three years.
Unfortunately, the rest of the show isn't up to that standard. In addition to "coming next week" previews that never materalize and frequent repeats that destroy momentum, whole storylines have been dropped or wrapped up without further mantion. Early in the season, Andie may have faked a sexual attack to get Pacey's attention, yet we've seen no similarly devious behavior since. Jen disappeared for several episodes, then popped up and announced shed been spending time with her new beau, Henry. Great, but if the new relationship happened off-screen, why are we supposed to care about the conflict now? One show was dedicated to Principal Green, whose job couldnt be saved despite Joey's efforts. What's he (and daughter Nikki) up to?
Finally, there's Dawson. Sure, the show is supposed to revolve around him, but does he have to actually think that? All Dawson does is deliver long monologues about his place in the world and whines about how everything affects him. Of course, one could argue that Dawson's out of character dalliance with vixenish Eve ruined his spirit, thus freeing fans to root for Joey and Pacey. If thats so, then count us in-- and change the name of the show to PACEY'S CREEK.

- From
DishThis News: TV Gal Has an Addiction by Amy Amatangelo
Hi my name is Amy. I’m 31 years old and I’m addicted to Joshua Jackson. You don’t even want to know how many times I watched the scene where Pacey announces "Joey, I’m going to kiss you now." I’m like obsessed with him. I actually clapped when Joey kissed Pacey at the end of the episode. It’s a little embarrassing. Am I over sharing?
There’s something so innately charming about Jackson’s portrayal of Pacey. And this little love triangle is the perfect soap opera set up, except we’re rooting for the underdog. It’s a classic device that is basically another iteration on the Dylan, Kelly, and Brandon scenario. It’s probably only a matter of time before Joey announces, "I chose me." Or Dawson asks Pacey, "What would you like me to do? Tear her in half?"
As you could probably guess, Dawson’s parents will get remarried by the season finale and Bessie and Bodie will get engaged. Everyone is still tightlipped about who Joey will end up with, but you know who I’m rooting for. If she goes back to Dawson, I may stop watching Pacey’s Creek. Are you listening WB? I’m serious.
This week on “Pacey’s Creek” (Wednesday, WB, 8 p.m.), Dawson finds out about Joey and Pacey and we see the story unfold from four different perspectives: Pacey, Joey, Jen, and Dawson. Now I’m off to North Carolina to kidnap Joshua Jackson, who is with me?

- From
The Kiss by Amy Amatangelo
I am so excited about the prospect of Joey and Pacey kissing this Wednesday on Dawson’s Creek (WB, 8 p.m.) You would think I believe that a) Joey and Pacey are real people or that b) Joshua Jackson was going to kiss me. (This, of course, would fulfill my recurring dream where Josh utters to me the infamous line he said to Tamara during “Dawson’s Creek”’s first season, “I’m the best sex you never had, lady!” Don’t I know it, Josh!)
How could a show that I was ready to write off just a couple of months ago be generating this much excitement, I’ll tell you how – “Dawson’s Creek” is back baby! Let’s look at the transformation it has undergone this season:
1. Dawson is back to being Dawson: Gone is the boy who crashes his boat while doing things with Eve that can’t be mentioned in a family column. Gone is the boy who throws Risky Business like strip parties. Our Dawson is back – the ever self-aware, ever angst-ridden boy we all grew to love three seasons ago. Dawson’s recent traumas have been that he was caught drinking at a high school party (just slightly more realistic that the stripping soiree wouldn’t you say?) and that he might not be as talented as he originally believed. These are crises much more appropriate for a 16-year-old boy.
2. A Return to Family: The well-dressed crew spent most of last year and the beginning of this season sans believable family interaction. Dawson knew waaaay too much about his parents’ divorce – he should have charged them an hourly rate for his therapeutic counsel. And Joey’s dad was caught up in criminal high jinks that were on a soap opera level. Now Bodie’s back and Bessie is involved in supporting her sister’s endeavors, Jack has moved back home with Andie, Pacey has moved in with his brother and Dawson is helping his mother with news pieces and being punished by his dad.
3. Bad Storylines Abandoned: The Eve “am I really Jen’s half sister ?” nonsense has been totally dropped and I’ll be happy if Eve never returns to Capeside (let’s keep her in Sweet Valley High where she belongs.) Gone also are the silly gimmicks, which hit their collective peak this season with the ridiculous homage to The Blair Witch Project.
4. Great Romance: Allowing Pacey to slowly realize that he is in love with Joey has infused this storyline with credibility. It was a perfect way to play what could have been a disastrous story line – he’s not doing it to get back at Dawson, he’s not still on the rebound, he’s simply fallen in love (sigh!) And it is so much better to have Pacey pining for Joey than to have him contemplating a meaningless roll in the hay with Jen. Love springs eternal on “Dawson’s Creek.” Heck, even Jen’s completely hokey story line with Henry is growing on me.
Now all we need is to get Andie back to normal and I’m convinced the kids from Capeside can keep us entertained for another season or two! What do you think of “Dawson’s Creek” this season? Write me at and let me know.

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