I began the Virus edit with Lulu receiving the shrunken skull from Luke, postmarked Markham Islands. I included Luke's scenes on the island, Robert's return to the show and all of Luke and all of Robert's scenes during this time frame up through Robert leaving in early March. The first six episodes from Jan 25-Feb 2 are edited to the set up of the virus storyline, then I included the complete episodes from Feb 3-27, then edited again from Feb 28-March 2nd to wrap up the storyline. I also included Tony's and Courtney's memorial as the conclusion to wrap up this storyline.

Virus Storyline January 25 - March 2, 2006 about 13 1/2 hours total

Virus Edit #1A January 25- Feb 8, 2006 4 hours

  • 1/25 Edited - Lulu receives a package from Luke sent from the Markham Islands
  • 1/27 Edited - Luke on island
  • 1/30 Edited - Luke on plane with chimp, Robert searching for Luke
  • 1/31 Edited - Luke returns home, Luke becomes ill
  • 2/1 Edited - Robert reunited with Robin, Jason & Chimp, Lulu becomes ill
  • 2/2 Edited - Nik, Lucky, Skye, Sam, Danny become ill, Luke & Robert reunited
  • 2/3 GH quarantined, Mac punches Robert, Sonny and Dillon become ill
  • 2/6 Ric, Alexis and Sam, Danny become ill
  • 2/7 Jason & Carly head to Markham island, Dillon proposes to Georgie
  • 2/8 Leslie Lu has convulsions

Virus Edit #1B - February 9- Feb 16, 2006 4 hours

  • 2/9 Lulu improves, Tony becomes ill
  • 2/10 Mike becomes ill, Tony dies, Carly injected with virus
  • 2/13 Courtney becomes ill
  • 2/14 Georgie & Dillon are married, Maxie becomes ill
  • 2/15 Dillon's wedding dream, Maxie has a heart attack in the elevator
  • 2/16 Emily becomes ill

Virus Edit #2A - February 17- February 24, 2006 - 3:46 hrs

  • 2/17 Courtney's baby is born
  • 2/20 Courtney dies
  • 2/21 Holly ransoms the antidote for $1 million dollars for one dose
  • 2/22 Danny dies, Robert & Luke in shoot out trying to buy the antidote
  • 2/23 Carly investigates Holly's room and is knocked out and taken captive
  • 2/24 Luke & Jason rescue Carly, Robert discovers Holly is the extortionist

Virus Edit #2B - February 27- March 2, 2006 2 hrs

  • 2/27 Carly & Jason steal the antidote and everyone receives treatment
  • 2/28 Edited - Robert & Luke refuse to help Holly
  • 3/1 Edited - Tony's funeral, Robert says goodbye to Robin, Luke & Robert reminisce over old times
  • 3/2 Edited - Courtney's funeral

Episode Descriptions:

Virus Edit #1A - January 25- Feb 8, 2006 - 4 hrs

  • 1/25 - Lulu receives a package from her father. Tracy spits out numerous threats against Luke but finally promises to drop the charges against Luke get Lulu to let her see the return address on the box. After Tracy confesses planting the rat poison to a very angry Mac, Tracy grabs the box, which is sent from the "Markham Islands". She rips it open and finds that it contains a gray, troll-like sculpted head (which strongly resembled, fittingly, a rat).
  • 1/27 - On the Markham Islands, "Dr. Jacque Von Skeimerman" (better known as Luke) is warned by a native that a storm is approaching, and he should stay in. Moments later, another native sizes him up from behind, and shoots him in the neck with a dart gun; down Luke goes. He awakens to find his assumed medical skills are needed on a sick young boy. The natives ignore Luke's confession that he's a fraud, and at dart gunpoint, he's left with no choice but to give the boy "powerful medicine"---a single Tic-Tac!!
          The boy's fever down, the grateful natives offer Luke a young woman named Sky, but when he politely refuses, they present him a canteen that holds a strong-tasting and smelling liquid; Luke downs it and drops again. This time when he awakens, there are flames everywhere! The ‘doctor' grabs a loose monkey and escapes...seconds before Robert Scorpio emerges, with the cryptic message "and so it begins" displayed across the screen.
  • 1/30 - Luke and his monkey head back to Port Charles on a plane, while Dillon gets closer to discovering what Luke has been up to. He finds a news article on the internet describing a tribe that has gone missing on some islands overseas. He knows that Luke must be involved somehow, but Dillon and the others haven't figured out how yet. Meanwhile, a stranger is searching desperately for Luke.
  • 1/31 - Alice is thrilled to see Luke home, even though he has a chimpanzee in tow. She offers to make him a drink and finds out the monkey has also been drinking on the plane ride home. Tracy is less than thrilled about Luke's arrival home and insists that the monkey cannot stay. Just as Lulu comes downstairs to greet her dad, Nikolas, Lucky, and Elizabeth walk in. Nikolas is insisting with his brother's support that Lulu come live with him. They don't feel that Luke is giving Lulu the attention she deserves. Lulu asks Luke what he wants, and he says that he wants her to stay. Lulu thanks the group for loving her and caring about her, but she's staying with her father. When Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Lucky leave, the rest of the group notices that the chimpanzee has disappeared during the arguing. When the kids run out to see where the monkey went, Luke collapses in a cold sweat. Robert Scorpio continues to try and find Luke overseas.
  • 2/1 - Jason awakens on his couch to find the Spencer chimp by his fireplace! Samantha comes downstairs and is amused at the new houseguest, while Jason is just shy of terrified, standing frozen, apprehensive, almost as if the chimp has him at gunpoint! It is a riot to see the professional hit man so afraid of the unknown. Ultimately, Samantha leaves to find the chimp's owner. While Sam is out, a visiting Michael tries to teach Jason how to bond with the chimp but Jason clearly just wants it gone.
          At the Q asylum, Luke is still ill, and the young adults return from a fruitless search for the chimp. As Luke insists he go look for his new friend himself, the family convinces him he's too sick and needs to stay put. Robert listens to the whole exchange from the patio and soon bolts. Moments later, Luke shares the whole island adventure, from the sick boy to the fire, with Tracy and Alice. When Skye later passes through the mansion, Luke---who is thought to be asleep on the sofa---fakes delirium in an attempt to win Skye back, but the jig fails when Tracy dumps a whole pitcher of ice on his lap!! She then begins to suspect Luke is also faking his illness.
          Robert has accessed a private computer room, and after a few failed password attempts finally accesses GH's flu records. Robin stumbles upon him by accident and her jaw nearly hits the floor upon laying eyes on her dad for the first time in well over a decade. A "Hello, sweetheart" is all Robert can manage.
          At Kelly's, Dillon (doing online research) shares with Georgie and Lesley Lu the story of another remote island village burning to the ground five years ago, and speculates there must be a connection---a "conspiracy", perhaps. Samantha (who's getting food for Jason) overhears them and offers to return the chimp to the mansion later on. Lesley Lu is initially relieved...but soon feels a little woozy. Returning home, as Dillon continues his conspiracy pitch, Lulu gets so ill she collapses in Luke's arms, barely staying conscious! Luke realizes whatever he got is contagious, and anybody else who's recently been at the mansion and anyone they come in contact with (Skye, Lorenzo, Liz, Lucky, Emily, Jason, Samantha, Michael, Morgan, Tracy, Dillon, Georgie, Alexis and Rick) could be at risk.
  • 2/2 - Robin comes into the file room and comes face to face with Robert. Robert realizes he has been caught looking at confidential files and turns around only to realize it is Robin. He smiles at her and calls her "sweetheart." Robin is in shock but that shock soon turns into disbelief and anger. She lashes out at him for making her believe he was dead all these years. Robert tells her he wants to explain it all to her. Robin doesn't want to listen to any of his explanations and accuses him and Anna of pretending to be dead all these years and then suddenly coming back in her life because they missed her. Robert tells her that Anna doesn't know he is alive. Robin gets angry with Robert for keeping away from both of them for 14 years without a word or phone call.
          Robert tries to explain things to her but Robin's resentment and anger toward him shut him out. Robert asks her to at least give him a chance to explain. Robin asks him why she should sit and listen to him make excuses for why he couldn't contact her all these years. Robert reminds her that he is her father and has that right. Robin sits down and agrees to listen but makes it clear to him that she hates him and that won't change. Robert tells her that the boat explosion did happen but it wasn't caused by Faison but by the WSB themselves. He tells her that he was officially declared dead then and that they had him in a holding cell and treated him like he was a double agent even though it was just her mother that actually was at one time. He tells her that the WSB threatened to kill Anna and her if he didn't agree to work for them as a spy. Robert believed they were target her and he couldn't let that happen and felt she would be safer if she didn't know he was alive. Robin asks him why he didn't try to find her and see her. Robert tells her he tried but he couldn't do that.
          Robin doesn't know whether to believe him or not. She starts crying more and asks him what he did after the eleven years he was a spy. He tells her about his new job as a agent for some medical safety commission and shows her his I.D. Robin doesn't know if she can believe it is a real job or just a cover for what he is really doing. Robert tells her his job is to investigate and track unknown and dangerous viruses to their sources and contain them in their environment. Robin asks him if he ran into Frisco while working as a spy since Frisco works for the WSB. Robin tells him that Frisco left his wife and children to go off and be a hero also. Robert tells her he never saw him. Robert tells her that he did keep track of her and saw her from a far over the years and even almost came to see her at her apartment in Paris. Robert tells her why he came back to Port Charles, to find out if Luke and the chimp he brought back with him are carriers for a deadly virus. Robert tells Robin he wants her to go home right now because he is worried that her compromised immune system may be too weak to deal with this kind of virus with her HIV-positive condition. Robin tells him he has no right to act like her father after all these years and order her around.
          Robin goes to leave but Patrick comes in to talk to her. She tells him he has good timing for a change and introduces him to Robert. Patrick is confused since he thought her father was dead too. Robin tells him that Robert gave her some story about Luke and a chimp being a carrier for some dangerous virus. Patrick confirms to them that could be true since Luke came in with his daughter who was very sick and was exposed to the chimp also. Robert tells Robin to go home but she tells him to go to hell. Robert tells Patrick what he knows and asks him to take him to where Luke is.
          Lulu's fever gets dangerously high and she is treated in the ER with Luke by her side. Tracy also shows concern for her as well. Dillon and Georgie offer to take the chimp to the lab for tests to see if he is a carrier of the virus. Georgie and Dillon run into Lucas and Maxie in the hallway. They tell them about Lulu's illness. They end up going to Kelly's to talk. Dillon believes that there is a conspiracy by the government to cover up this virus' epidemic. Georgie and Maxie think he is exaggerating with his overactive imagination. Luke passes out while trying to reassure Lulu that he will be right by her side. He wakes up and tries to go see Lulu but Tracy tells him that he isn't going anyway and orders him to stay there. She leaves to go check on Lulu and Elizabeth checks his vital signs and leaves.
          Luke thinks his feverish mind is at work when he sees Robert standing near his cubicle in E.R. Robert assures him they are both still alive. Luke seems happy to see him and asks him if he is working for the WSB again. Robert explains what he does for a living and voices his concerns that Luke and the chimp may be carriers of a deadly virus that the government tried to contain to the village where Luke found the chimp. He asks Luke to write down anyone who was exposed to him or the chimp in the last 24 hours. Luke realizes this is not some flu epidemic. They overhear Lorenzo outside the cubicle tell a nurse about Skye. Luke tells Robert that Skye was exposed when she was at the Quartermaines earlier this evening.
          Lucky and Elizabeth plan to get away for the weekend at some cabin that Nikolas owns. Nikolas shows up at Kelly's to give them the keys to the place. Elizabeth has to go to work. Nikolas sits with Lucky and tries to be happy for him but he is still depressed over his break-up with Courtney. Lucky starts to feel chilled and thinks he could have caught the flu bug that Cameron had. Jason and Sam bring her brother Danny home to visit with them. Danny loves the pictures of the chimp on the camera that Michael used earlier. Jason goes to talk to Sonny about the kids being exposed to Luke's flu when they visited the chimp.
          Jason returns home and Danny tells him that Sam has been lying on the couch for a while and looks sick. Jason comes over and checks her forehead and finds she is running a high fever. Lucky goes up to the cabin to get it ready for the weekend and wait for Elizabeth to arrive. Lucky starts to feel a little dizzy as he gets ready to start a fire in the fireplace. He ends up passing out before getting it started.
          At Kelly's, Emily puts her hand over her forehead and tries not to cry. Nikolas walks into Kelly's and says hello to her. He sits down at her table and apologizes for what happened in their marriage. Emily sits with him but notices he looks a little pale and asks him if he is alright. He suddenly falls over when he tries to stand up and say he is fine. Emily checks his forehead and tells him he is burning up with a fever and needs medical attention.
  • 2/3 - The episode begins as an ambulance rolls up to the emergency room to bring in Nik. There is chaos in the ER, and Robert warns Noah that they have an epidemic on their hands and if they don't take action they will lose the entire town. Lorenzo worries over Skye and blames Luke for bringing the chimp home. Jason tells Robin that Sam and he were both exposed to Luke's chimp. The hospital is so swamped that Poor Nik is wrapped up in a blanket and left in the hallway as there is no more rooms. As Carly joins Sonny and her sons for breakfast, Sonny suddenly collapses. Carly brings him into GH and the barricade of officers preventing anyone from entering or leaving stops their car. Michael cries out that is father is sick and he is allowed to enter.
          As the virus outbreak becomes evident, Robert wants all of the patients interviewed to find out who they have had contact with and who else may have been exposed. Robert orders GH quarantined to attempt to contain the contagion. A worried Patrick tries to get Robin to leave as her HIV condition puts her at greater and the virus could bring on full blown AIDS. Patrick tells her if she doesn't leave that he will carry her out of there. As Sam crashes, Jason comes out and calls for Robin's help. Robin avoids Patrick and tells him she is not leaving and is staying to do her job. There is a great deal of unrest as people are prevented from leaving the hospital. Patrick and Robert warn them that if they were able to leave that they would only infect their friends, family, and co-workers.
          Mac arrives and socks Robert in the face upon finding him alive. He says he just has to see if he was alive. Mac is angry with Robert for leaving Robin but he informs Robert that it was his privilege to raise the girls that he and Frisco left behind. Mac states that Robert doesn't own him an apology, he owes one to his daughter! Robert holds a press conference to inform the public of the outbreak and they identify Luke as patient zero and if anyone has had contact him within the last 24 hours to immediately seek medical attention. The chimp and Luke are both tested and it is determined that it is not the chimp that is the source of the outbreak but Luke! Luke is isolated in a room and restrained, he realizes he is the source of the virus and has brought this down on the town.
          Liz worried about the missing Lucky and tries to call him. Lucky has fallen ill at the mountain cabin and is unable to get to his phone to call for help. Liz tries to leave the hospital to search for Lucky. Patrick stops her and tells her that she will be arrested or shot if she tries to leave. Lulu is very ill and Liz doesn't want to leave her. Tony assigns Liz to directly work with Lulu and tells her that she is doing an excellent job. Lucas admitted his homosexuality to Tony, who took the news far better than Bobbie had and assured Lucas he was still proud of him. Dillon also falls ill and Georgie is desperate to go with him. Liz assures her that he will be taken good care of. Jesse arrives at the cabin and finds Lucky and gets him to the hospital. Skye and a delirious Lulu become roommates.
          Robert and Patrick tell Luke that his body is producing an antibody and they want to take his blood and create a serum and see if it works. Robert warns Luke that they might not be able to save his life but it might help Lulu. Luke agrees and says he will do whatever he has to in order to save his daughter. The chimp has escaped and Jason and Carly take off after him (great quarantine as they just walk out an unguarded exit). They watch as the chimp jumps into a black car and as they run after the car and try to stop it they were met with machine-gunfire.
  • 2/6 - Jason and Carly sneak out of the hospital in an attempt to chase down the escape monkey. They see him dash into a dark SUV, but before they can get too close, a passenger in the vehicle starts open shooting. The cops are immediately suspicious, but before they can interrogate Jason and Carly for very long, they get sidetracked with the drama at the entrance of GH. They call Justice with the license plate information from the SUV and he tells them it comes back to Crylium Industries. They follow the SUV to the Metro Court where one of the suites is heavily guarded. When the occupants of the room leave, Carly follows one of the men down to the dining area while Jason goes in to investigate the room. Justice calls back and tells him the company is a pharmaceutical company out of Markham Islands. Jason is stopped from learning anymore because he hears Carly's voice outside the room with a man. She interrupted the prostitute who was going to be Mr. Rush's company for the evening and offered to stand in for her. When they get into the room, Anton tells Carly she looks familiar.
          Kristina walks into the living room and finds her mother and Ric unconscious. Thankfully, Alexis taught her how to call 911, so the group is taken to the hospital soon after the call is made. Sam hears about the shooting outside the hospital with Jason and gets out of bed to try and find him. She gets to the exit of the hospital before she is stopped and collapses. Patrick takes her back to her room where she discovers her new roommate is Alexis. She tells him she won't room with Alexis.
          Emily wants to save both Nikolas and Sonny, who had concocted the deadly virus. While she's trying to treat Sonny, she overhears him mumble in his delirium that the kiss between him and Carly was a set up. Emily is happy, but Elizabeth warns her not to get too excited over something he said while delirious. Later, Nikolas and Sonny end up rooming together. Emily takes Michael back to Max in the coffee lounge where the healthy people are staying. Emily and Max both tell Michael that he can't try and run away right now. Things are too dangerous and Sonny needs to focus on getting better, not wondering where his son is. Danny, who also escaped, manages to get back without anyone noticing his absence. Michael asks him if he found Sam, but he said he got lost. Michael notices that Danny is sweating profusely. Georgie and Lucas are talking to Dillon when he suddenly collapses on the floor. He is taken upstairs to be treated for the virus.
          Liz if frantic to find out if Lucky is ok. She calls Jesse and begs him to go to Nikolas' cabin to see if he's there. Jesse decides to go and see if Lucky is there. He finds him outside, unconscious. He brings him in and starts a fire before calling Elizabeth. Jesse tells her that Lucky needs to get help right away. She tells him she's sending a helicopter. When Jesse hears the helicopter outside, he is relieved. He starts to help Lucky up and then sees the men entering with guns. He is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up, Lucky is gone and the cabin is ablaze. He goes back to the hospital and demands Robert Scorpio tell him what is going on.
          Robert, Robin, and Patrick determine that Luke is the carrier for the deadly virus. Since he's also the only one fighting it off, they decide to try to develop a serum using Luke's blood plasma. The hard decision is going to be who will receive and who won't receive the potentially life saving medicine. Alcazar is desperate to help Skye, and hears Emily talking to Elizabeth about the medicine.
  • 2/7 - Jason and Carly question Anton, but don't get much more information. They decide to head to Markham Islands to see what they can find out. Jason will impersonate a police officer in an attempt to gain information. Before they leave, Michael finds Sonny's cell phone and calls Carly. While on the phone, Elizabeth sees him and asks to speak with Jason. Elizabeth tells Jason and Carly that the encephalitis is man-made. Lucky regains consciousness in an airplane. He tries to ask what is going on, but he doesn't make much sense. He sees someone inject something into his IV before he slips into unconsciousness again. He wakes up again in a lab at Crylium Industries in the Markham Islands where he learns he's going to be used to test a potential cure.
          Alcazar hears Emily and Elizabeth talking about how easy it would be to tamper with results in order for certain people to get the antidote first. He goes in and talks to an unconscious Skye. He tells her she has always been second all her life, so this time he is going to be put first. He switches pages from Lulu's file and replaces them with Skye's file. When Robin and Patrick come in, they realize that Skye is going downhill fast. They take the reports back to the council, where they decide that Skye should get the antidote first. Alcazar starts to have second thoughts and demands that Robin also give Lulu the antidote. It's what Skye would want, and besides he is a big time contributor to the hospital. Robin tells him that right now, money means nothing. Alcazar says nothing about switching Lulu and Skye's results, so Skye gets the antidote.
          When Luke finds out Lulu isn't getting the antidote, he is furious. He tells Bobbie that he wants to undergo the plasma filtering procedure again to get Lulu the medicine she needs. Bobbie warns it is too soon and he could die. She goes to get Noah to help her with the blood procedure, and true to her word, Luke goes into shock while Bobbie and Noah perform the procedure. Emily talks to Sonny, but is interrupted by Nikolas moaning in his delirium. At first, Nikolas is talking about the fire and begging Emily to get out of the hotel. He tells her he loves her and will never leave her. Then he appears to wake up and apologizes to Emily for leaving her too soon. Sonny overhears as Nikolas voice his love for Emily. She tells Sonny that he doesn't know what he is saying. Later, after she leaves the room, Emily overhears Robert telling the doctors' council that Sonny should be the last on the list to get the medicine.
          Georgie breaks quarantine to be with Dillon, and Tracy actually doesn't seem to mind her company. He wakes up when he hears Tracy telling Georgie to talk to him, and he tells his mother to be easy on Georgie. Tracy walks out of the room and finds Alan. She tells him to alter the results so that Dillon receives the antidote. Alan starts to do it, but Monica catches him. She later turns him into the council, who remove him from the council. Dillon hears what his mother is doing and tells her he is honored that she would do that for him. He wouldn't take the antidote, though, because he wants to make sure the people who need it first, get it first. She tells him to stop acting like this is the Titanic, where women and children go first. The next time Dillon slips into unconsciousness, he dreams he and Georgie are on the Titanic. When he wakes up, he asks Georgie to marry him.
  • 2/8 - Skye awakens, and learns from Lorenzo she got the first antidote. Listening to him and eyeing Lesley Lu's chart, Liz figures out he switched her chart with Skye's and calls him on it privately outside the room. He denies nothing and reminds her she would do the same for Lucky. Figuring it would do no good to blab, the young nurse keeps the information to herself. However, Skye soon wonders why she got the first dose and not Lesley Lu.
          In her (and Alexis') room, Samantha calls for help when she accidentally knocks over a pitcher of water; when Manny answers the call by solely picking the pitcher up, Sam demands the arriving Jesse arrest him for stalking. But Alexis again comes to Manny's defense; he tells Jesse he's just been keeping an eye out on Ms. Davis. After sending Manny out, Jesse tells him he doesn't buy his "act" then faints in his arms! Alexis and Samantha are having separate flashbacks of the stem-cell crisis between their children a year ago. Suddenly Alexis charges at Samantha's bed and, in a severe hallucination, demands Sam give her daughter's stem cells to Kristina!! Shouting and physically shaking her roommate, the only thing that is able to stop Alexis' madness is Danny.
          The doctors' council decides as a criminal, Sonny belongs at the bottom of the list of treatment recipients as long as he's no worse off---Emily overhears this and emotionally and tearfully pleads Sonny's case, to deaf ears. In fact, Alan gets so frustrated with her he reminds her she's not a physician and boots his dejected daughter out of the meeting! Soon after, Robin blasts Robert's judgment of Sonny and lets him know Sonny will mean more to her than he ever will.
          In their room, Sonny informs Nikolas he and Emily are over, but Nik warns him pushing Em away will definitely backfire. Emily enters the room, barely acknowledging her former husband before bee lining to Sonny, assuring him his sons are all right. Outside his room she begs Monica to influence the council, but she and Alan refuse. Ric overhears the discussion and is wheeled by Emily in to plead Sonny's case to the council himself. Once Ric goes, the council unanimously nominates Patrick to decide who gets doses when, as he's considered the most impartial doctor.
          Noah and Bobbie work to bring Luke back from code blue. When he awakens, Bobbie walks him over to his hallucinating daughter. The two share a very tender moment, the tail end of which is overheard by Lorenzo. As the latter decides to pray for Lesley Lu in the chapel---likely out of guilt---Luke decides to do whatever it takes to help her himself. As Lesley Lu suffers convulsions, her dad bursts in on the council, armed with Jesse's gun, and demands Lulu be saved.
         QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Congratulations, Junior Drake, you've been elected God. Here's your first commandment: My daughter gets the serum or somebody in this room DIES." - the episode's final quote courtesy of an armed Luke, to Patrick and the rest of the doctor's council.

Virus Edit #1B - February 9- Feb 16, 2006 -4 hrs

  • 2/9 - Dillon wakes up to find Georgie sitting by his side holding his hand. She tells him that she wouldn't blame him if he was too feverish to remember proposing to her. Dillon tells her that he wants to marry her. Maxie comes to check on them. Georgie announces to her that they are getting married. Maxie asks Georgie if she knows what she is doing and thinks she is too young to think about marriage just because Dillon is sick and she is afraid. Georgie tells her she knows what she is doing. Maxie worries that Mac may have a coronary if he finds out what they are doing. Georgie asks Maxie to go get the priest she saw in the hospital and ask him to marry them in his room. Maxie agrees to lie about Georgie's age to get him to marry them. Georgie finds Maxie later in the hallway. Maxie tells her she set up everything and got the priest to agree only because she lied and told him that Georgie was 18 years old. Lucas visits Dillon and the two of them have a good laugh over the whole marriage ceremony being at the hospital. Lucas agrees to act as the best man. The priest shows up at Dillon's room. Georgie walks into the room carrying some flowers with Maxie walking behind her to act as her maid of honor. Before they can get started with the vows, Tracy barges into the room and announces that she objects to this wedding and points out that Georgie is underage. Dillon wishes his mother would just leave.
          Alexis gets delirious with a high fever and regresses back to when Kristina was dying and needed Sam's baby's stem cells. She pleads with Sam not to let Kristina die and give her the stem cells. Sam realizes that Alexis is out of her mind with fever and tries to explain to her that her baby is already dead and that Kristina is fine. Danny runs into the room and thinks that Alexis is attacking Sam. He grabs Alexis and tells her to stay away from Sam or he will hurt her. Ric comes into the room as Sam yells at Danny to let go of Alexis and tries to explain that Alexis wasn't trying to hurt her. Alexis confuses Danny with Jason and thinks Jason is going to kill her. Ric grabs Danny and pushes him away from Alexis. Danny gets scared and thinks Ric is going to hurt him. Sam asks Ric to leave Danny alone and not to hurt him and explains that Danny was just trying to protect her. Ric takes Alexis and brings her back to her bed. Alexis confuses Ric with Sonny and tells him that she has a secret to tell him. She tells Ric that Sonny is the father of Kristina. Ric goes along with her and comforts her until they can get her fever down. Sam goes to see Danny and pretends she is feeling better to calm him down and get him to rest in his bed since he is also sick. She leaves the room and passes out. Tony finds her lying on the floor unconscious and calls for help to get her back to her bed. Later, Sam has a dream about her late mother, who taunts her about how she will never get married and have a family. Sam murmurs in her sleep about her mom and Alexis overhears her and wonders what she is talking about.
          Jason and Carly arrive in the Markham Islands to investigate the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the virus. They pay the guy who had talked to Luke and he explained about what he saw happen and pretends to know nothing about some pharmaceutical company. Jason and Carly decide to take Luke's old room while they are there. The hotel man calls the doctor who heads the lab that has Lucky in custody. He tells the doctor that Jason and Carly have arrived and that the guy is using Lucky's ID as a cop to get information. Lucky is strapped to a bed in the lab. The doctor informs him that he is going to be brought to the brink of death before they try the antidote on him. Lucky realizes he is being used as a guinea pig. He gets one of the restraints loose enough to break free. He pretends to be sick with fever and weak. He waits until the doctor leaves the room. He gets out of his restraints and tries to steal some of the antidote vials before escaping. He is caught and placed back in his restraints.
          Jason gets a phone number off the phone he found on the guy they questioned back in Port Charles. He decides to call the number. The doctor who has Lucky answers. He tells Jason that he knows that used Lucky's ID to ask questions. He warns Jason that if he tries to find him and kill him he won't be able to stop the virus from killing his loved ones back home without his antidote. He tells Jason that he and Carly are already exposed to the virus and will eventually get sick themselves. Carly talks to Michael and asks about Sonny and Sam. Michael thinks they are doing about the same as they were before.
          The committee of doctors and Robert agree with Robin that Patrick should head the committee since he seems the most objective of the doctors in deciding what patients get the rest of the serum. Meanwhile, Lulu gets worse and starts to convulse with a seizure. Luke shows up at the conference room and points a gun at them all and demands that Lulu get the serum since he produced it from his body and he should decide who gets it next. Robert approaches Luke and asks him to put the gun down and listen to reason. Luke refuses to put the gun down and is willing to shoot Robert if that is what it takes. Robert tells him that if he shoots them he will accomplish nothing but more trouble and that will not help save Lulu. Tony gets a call from Elizabeth to come tend to Lulu. He tries to get Luke to go with him to see Lulu and put the gun down. Luke reluctantly drops his weapon and goes with Tony. Lulu doesn't respond to anyone or anything. Bobbie feels Luke needs to be there with Lulu. Tony examines Lulu while Alcazar and Skye watch from behind. Alcazar feels terrible for what he has done by helping Skye. Tony and Bobbie have bad news for Luke, Lulu is getting weaker and her organs are starting to shut down. Bobbie tells him he needs to be there with Lulu or he will regret it if he doesn't stay by her. Patrick and Robin discuss the list of patients that will get the serum and Lulu isn't on it. Patrick and Robin are alone in the conference room. Patrick tells her that they now have something in common; they feel bitterness toward their fathers. Robin tells him that her father pretended to be dead the last 14 years and that is not the same situation he is in with his own father. Robin looks at the dosages of the serum and tells Patrick that they could give everyone the same dosage they gave Skye originally and there would be enough for a fifth person to get the serum. They decide to give the serum to Lulu. Robin goes to Lulu's room and tells everyone the good news about the serum. Lulu's temperature starts to drop slowly and she starts to get better and wakes up. She is so happy to see Luke and vise-versa. Tony, however, starts to feel weak and has a weak spell outside of one of the rooms. Ric sees him and asks him if he is o.k. Tony pretends he is fine, just tired and walks away.
          Later, however, Tony admits to a frantic and stressed out Elizabeth that he doesn't feel well now and believes he has the virus and will be useless to anyone as a doctor now. Robert comes back to the conference room and runs into Patrick. Patrick informs him that they have enough of the serum to give it to a fifth person and they decided to give it to Lulu. Robert is happy to hear that and thinks Patrick came up with that brilliant plan. Patrick tells him that Robin is the genius behind the idea. Robert finds Robin pouring over patient files at the nurses' station. He brings her some more files and apologizes for making her wait. Robin turns to him and laughs a little and asks him if he is joking. He smiles at her and tells her that he never expected their reunion to be easy and compliments her on coming up with the idea to give Lulu the serum. Robin downplays it and Robert comments that she was never one to accept a compliment even when she was younger. Robin tells him that she learned from him how to think about things differently.
  • 2/10 - Noah and Robin pumped Luke for more magic serum and Elizabeth checked up on her father-in-law. "You married into very strong, stubborn stock," Luke told her, urging her to stay strong for Lucky. Jax returned to Port Charles and found Mike collapsing at Kelly's. "Courtney!" Mike gasped, panicked. Emily tended to Sonny and Nikolas as Tony was wheeled by. A worried Patrick urged at-risk Robin once again to bail. "I'm in for the duration," she told him, stubbornly. Jason came back from sleuthing to find Carly faking fever. It was a crazy plan to get into the labs and Jason wasn't havin' it, no sirree! In his lab, Evil Scientist Guy was giddy as Lucky got closer to dying. "Try and set a better example," Alan joked at a dying Tony. Tony laughed and then cut short Bobbie's assurances to Lucas that he'd be fine. "You and I know from experience sometimes people you love leave for work or school and they never come back," he reminded. Mike passed out before he could clue Jax in on Courtney's location. Sonny and Nikolas traded some barbs and then Lulu wheeled in to visit and mused that Nik might get the next dose. Emily met Sonny's eyes meaningfully over the teen's head.
          As the EMTs wheeled Mike away, Jax left a message for Carly and then kept searching. "Your plan, my way," Jason finally relented after some quality shouting with Carly. Lulu visited Luke, telling him Mom would've been proud, and confiding that "Uncle Tony" was in bad shape. "Our moral records carry more weight than our medical ones?" Sonny wondered as Emily worried about the serum distribution. Back on the island, the Crylium guys snagged faux-fevered Carly and shot things in case Jason was hiding in a throw pillow. "Let's not kid anybody," Sonny told Emily. "I'm not an innocent man." "I can't lose you because I love you,' she confessed to him — as Nik heard from the hall. "You stand tall," Tony told Lucas, confiding his pride in his son as Luke listened in. Then Luke and his "Doc Ex-Bro-in-Law" shared good-byes. "You have a hell of a journey," Luke urged him, fondly. "You're a part of me forever," Bobbie told Tony. Then, Tony gasped in wonder: "She's here. BJ. She says it's time to go." He quietly joined BJ. Patrick arrived too late with serum and called Time of Death: 3:52. Later, alone, Bobbie held Tony's hand and told him, "I will carry you with me until BJ comes for me, too." Armed with extra serum, a grim Patrick found Emily and asked for her help: The next candidates on the list were Sonny and Nikolas.
          The Crylium henchmen carried Carly into the lab. Unfortunately, as she tried to rescue Lucky, Evil Scientist Guy caught her red-handed. He copped to working for some investors who intended to get rich off the cure. "This will either save your cousin or kill him," ESG announced as he injected Lucky. Back in Port Charles, Luke comforted his nephew and namesake, Lucas. "Never bow to ignorance," he told the grieving boy. "You're perfect just the way you are." Lucky didn't seem to be improving, so Evil Scientist Guy advanced on Carly and injected her. Jason burst in, opening fire and pointing out that injecting Carly with the cure was pointless. That's when the wounded man cackled that he hadn't injected her with the cute -- he'd injected her with the virus! Emily waffled between the men she loved, so Patrick went for the standard coin toss method. He flipped the coin in the air and it fell.
  • 2/13 - In Markham Islands, Carly and Jason try to save Lucky but two armed men come in and kidnap Lucky again. Carly passes out after having been injected with the virus. Jason takes her to a hotel and calls a doctor to come check on her. Jason notices the doctor sweating profusely before he starts to give Carly something for her fever. He takes the needle from the doctor and threatens to inject him if he doesn't tell him what's going on. The doctor admits that he works for Crylium Industries. He tells Jason where they are taking Lucky but they can't get there except by helicopter. Jason calls in the authorities and they take the doctor into custody and offer their resources to Jason. When they leave, Carly comes out of the bathroom wearing a nighty. She thinks they're back in the old days when they were lovers. She starts to take her nighty off, while Jason tries to convince her they are just friends.
         Patrick makes the decision for Emily and decides to give the antidote to Sonny. He goes in and tells Sonny that he is worse off then Nikolas. After he injects him, Emily pulls him aside and asks if Sonny really is worse off then Nikolas. Patrick confesses that they are both in the same position, but Sonny had more to lose than Nikolas.
         Courtney is taken by ambulance to the hospital where Jax meets her. He is upset to learn that she had also contracted the virus. The doctor pulls him aside and tells him that Courtney must have a c-section or the baby will die. She tells him that there is a considerable amount of risk to both Courtney and the baby, no matter what. Nikolas comes out of his room to see Courtney and rushes over to her. Courtney tells him that she was hiding out at Kelly's, and Mike was bringing her food. Mike must have contracted the virus and infected her. She tells Nikolas that she was just getting ready to tell Jax that she wanted to be with Nikolas. It was him all along.
         Tracy tells Dillon that she won't stand in his way if he and Georgie want to get married. They still have to convince Mac, though. Georgie hears the news and rushes in, about to give Tracy a hug. Tracy stops her from hugging her, though. Georgie tells her that she knows they don't always get along, but Tracy gave her the greatest gift of all just by having Dillon. Maxie comes in and tells Georgie not to worry about Mac. She will handle him. Maxie goes out to find Mac and tries to sneak the marriage consent form in other paperwork that Mac is signing. Mac realizes what it is, though, and he thinks that Georgie is pregnant. Georgie tells him that she's not pregnant, just in love. Mac finally signs the consent form. Later, both Tracy and Mac stand by and watch as Georgie and Dillon get ready to say their vows. Lucas stands in as best man, and Maxie stands by her sister's side.
  • 2/14 - Georgie and Dillon are married with Mac and Tracy at their side and Lucas and Maxie serving as witnesses. When Dillon gets back to his room, Georgie ushers everyone out so she and Dillon can have some time alone together. Dillon tries to get out of bed to have a first dance with Georgie, but he collapses. Later, he seems to be getting worse and Georgie climbs into bed with him and begs him to fight for his life. After the wedding, Lucas notices that Maxie isn't looking well. He insists that she go upstairs and track down Monica. When Maxie finds Monica, though, she is insisting that Nikolas get back to his room. Monica asks Maxie to take Nikolas back upstairs to his room, and Maxie complies, hesitantly. When they get on the elevator, it only goes a few floors before it stops in between the 5th and 6th floor. Maxie calls for help, but they don't know when they will be rescued. Nikolas and Maxie start to pass the time by talking about love. Nikolas notices that Maxie isn't looking well, and she tells him she was going to talk to Monica about her heart. She passes out in the elevator and Nikolas catches her.
          While Carly fights the virus, she relives the time when she and Jason were lovers and he covered for her when she found out she was pregnant with Michael. When she becomes more rational, Carly and Jason talk about what might have been. Jason believes that they never would have worked as a couple. He loves her as a friend, but is not in love with her. Carly seems to think that they could have had a chance at a real future together at one point. She doesn't regret being together with Sonny, though. The helicopter arrives to take them to the other island, but Jason has to help Carly out of their room. The fever is catching up with her and she's unsteady on her feet.
         Sonny's condition improves after being given the antidote and Patrick tells him he will be able to go home soon. He won't be leaving, though, since everyone he cares about is still at the hospital. He and Emily go outside to catch some fresh air, where he confesses that he staged the kiss with Carly. Sonny tells Emily that he can't resist being with her anymore. Jax informs Courtney of her options. He doesn't want Courtney to risk her life for a baby that is probably going to die no matter what they choose. Courtney is determined to have a C-section to try and save her baby despite the risk to her own life, though. Jax makes a desperate plea to Courtney and tells her that Nikolas should have a say, too, since she just pledged her life to him.
         Sam goes to the chapel and sees Ric there. She notices that he is upset, but he doesn't seem to be delirious. When Sam goes back to her room, she mentions Ric to Alexis who insists on going to see him. When she gets to the chapel, Ric hallucinates that Alexis is his mother Adella. Ric angrily confronts "Adella" about abandoning him as a child. Surprisingly, Alexis says she had no choice but to give up her baby.
  • 2/15 - Patrick and Liz talk about how quickly the virus is spreading. Patrick finds it hard to believe that the virus could be man made. Just then, a nurse tells Liz she has a phone call, but it's a bad connection. Liz answers the phone and is relieved to hear Lucky's voice on the other end. Unfortunately, Lucky appears to be saying goodbye before the phone goes dead. Liz collapses and Patrick leads her over to a couch. He tells her she needs to go find an empty room and get some rest. She says she is going to continue to help the people that she can, though, and grabs a chart and gets back to work.
          Jason and Carly continue to search for the lab in the jungle. Carly feels weak, so Jason leaves her with the gun, while he continues the search. When he comes back, they hear someone coming through the forest. They discover Luke's chimp, and Carly asks if he can take them to the lab. The chimp grins and shakes his head yes and starts to lead them through the jungle. Carly feels as if she can't make it any further, but Jason admits to her that he needs her. As they come to a clearing, they see two men putting a body bag in the ground.
          Nikolas grabs Maxie as she collapses from a heart attack in the stuck elevator. He starts yelling for help, and Emily miraculously hears him through the closed elevator doors. She tells Nikolas to start performing CPR, as Mac and Manny attempt to open the doors. They get the doors open a little bit, where Emily passes through a defibulator to Nikolas for Maxie since she no longer has a pulse. Nikolas attempts to revive her, but to no avail. Finally, Emily hands him a needle, and Nikolas inserts the drug directly into Maxie's heart and her pulse returns. Mac reluctantly hands a knife over to Manny, who thinks he can get the doors open all the way. He succeeds, and Maxie is wheeled off into a room. Monica tells Mac that as long as they can manage the fever, Maxie's heart will be ok. Mac takes the time to thank Nikolas and Emily, and then turns to shake Manny's hand.
          Tracy goes to the chapel to pray for Dillon. She promises God that she will be a better person if Dillon lives. Luke comes in and tells Tracy he finds it hard to believe that she will reform. Tracy is adamant that she will do whatever possible to save her son. She WILL become a better person for Dillon. Meanwhile, as Dillon's fever rises, he dreams about his wedding to Georgie. He dreams about a moonlit wedding in the park, where he dances with Georgie in the gazebo. He wakes up from his dream when Georgie tells him to live for her. She is relieved to see him wake up, and she mentions she he must have needed his sleep. He tells her that he had the most amazing dream about their wedding. She says that she did, too, and mentions wearing a white wedding dress with a red bouquet. They are both stunned to learn that they had the same exact dream. Tracy and Luke are happy to see Dillon is doing better. Luke is curious to see if Tracy becomes a better person.
  • 2/16 - Elizabeth tells Luke that she got a phone call from Lucky and that he said goodbye to her. Luke and Elizabeth find Robert in the hallway. They tell him about Lucky's call. Elizabeth tells Robert what she found out from Jason about Crylium Industries, a pharmaceutical company that they believe purposely released the virus. Robert gets upset that no one bothered to tell him sooner and recognizes the name of the company. Luke accuses Robert of working for this company secretly. Robert points out to him that he would never be part of any plan to release a deadly virus so his daughter could get it. Luke backs off a little but wants Robert to help save Lucky.
          Jason and Carly follow the trail the chimp made to find the lab. They hide in the bushes when they hear a noise. They watch as two men drop a body bag onto the dirt and walk off. Jason and Carly fear that the body could belong to Lucky. Jason suggests she doesn't look as he opens up the body bag. It turns out to be a dead employee, not Lucky. Jason and Carly make a grave for the dead man. Later, Jason finds Carly passed out just as the men return to bury the body. Jason and Carly manage to find a keycard in the dead man's pocket and steal it to use. The men notice something different about the area and think someone has been there and go look for them. Jason and Carly find what looks like a cement wall covered by tree branches. They realize it is a door and it has a keypad so they can slide the keycard through it. The door opens and they go inside. They find Lucky inside one of the lab rooms, strapped to a bed. Lucky tells them that someone injected him with something and it most likely was the antidote since he feels a lot better. Jason finds a cabinet with what looks like vials inside. He asks Lucky if the antidote looked like those vials. Lucky thinks so but can't be sure that it isn't the virus. Carly takes some vials out and suggests injecting one of them into her to see if it is the antidote. Jason is against it and tells her not to risk it. Jason unstraps Lucky and notices Carly in the corner getting the vial ready to inject into her arm. He tells her not to do it. Carly looks at him and tells him she has to do this.
          Lulu sees how sick Nikolas is and worries he won't make it. Nikolas asks her to get him a wheelchair so he can go see someone. Later Lulu finds Luke and pleads with him to give more of his blood to make more of the serum. Luke is too preoccupied about saving Lucky and tells her Nikolas will be fine. Lulu pleads with him not to blow what they have developed between them as father and daughter. Luke insists on having more serum made for Nikolas to make Lulu happy. Noah is against the procedure right now because it is too soon after his last procedure to try this again. Luke insists he do this as Bobbie, Elizabeth, and Lulu watch.
          Courtney is anxious to have the c-section so her baby will have a chance to survive. Jax is by her side when Dr. Lee checks on her vital signs. She tells Courtney that her fever hasn't gone down enough to have the c-section yet. Meanwhile, Patrick has Sonny released from the hospital. Sonny doesn't want to leave Emily at the hospital but she persuades him to go home and take care of Michael and Morgan. Sonny goes to visit Courtney and runs into Jax outside her hospital room. Jax gives him an update on her condition. Sonny goes in to see her. Sonny surprises her when he tells her that she will make a great mother. Sonny tells her to let Jax take care of her. Later, Nikolas shows up at her room and lies with her in bed. Dr. Lee comes in with Jax to inform her that her fever is down enough to have the C-section as soon as possible.
    Later Sonny goes to see Ric next. Ric is back in bed after his delirious outbursts to Alexis when he thought she was his mother. Jesse is sharing a room with him. Alexis is by his bedside. Ric mentions how well Sonny looks. Sonny tells him that he has been released from the hospital. Ric mentions that their mother would be happy that he got better. Sonny tells him that their mother would also be praying for him too. Alexis asks Sonny if he would be willing to take Kristina and Molly home with him after he gets Michael because she is afraid they will be exposed to the virus by staying at the hospital any longer. Sonny agrees to take care of them. Sonny goes to see Sam and assures her that Jason and Carly will be fine. Alexis goes back to her room. She tells Sam that she asked Sonny to take the girls to his place so they aren't exposed to the virus more than is necessary. Sam asks about how Ric is doing. Alexis tells her that he is better now. Sam asks her what she meant when she blurted out that she had no choice when a delirious Ric thought Alexis was his mother and asked her how she could have given up her own child. Alexis tells her that she was just humoring him partly and that she believed no woman would give up her child unless she had no choice. Sam accepts her lie, even when Alexis can't look Sam in the eye when she tells her this.
    Sonny goes to find Max and Michael playing cards in the cafeteria. Michael is happy to see that he is well. Sonny tells him they are taking Kristina and Molly home with them as well. They go to leave and run into Robert in the hallway. He tells Sonny that he can't leave the hospital with Michael because they have both been exposed to the virus and could spread it to others on the outside. Sonny tells him he has been released and Michael isn't sick, so they have been allowed to leave the hospital. Robert tells Sonny that he is the one who is in charge around here and he will have to arrest him if he tries to leave the hospital. Emily overhears their conversation and gets Robin. Sonny tells Robert that no one tells him what to do concerning his son. Emily and Robin interrupt their conversation. Robin tells Robert that Sonny and Michael have been tested and don't show any signs of the virus in their systems and can go home. Robert concedes to Robin and lets Sonny go. Emily follows Sonny and Michael out. Robert comments about how Robin seemed to become friendly with the criminal element in Port Charles and accuses Sonny of using her to make himself look like a boy scout by claiming to be friends with the police commissioner's niece. Robin tells him that she doesn't believe Sonny ever used her and that he was there for her when she needed someone unlike himself. Emily walks out toward the lobby with Sonny and the kids. Sonny is reluctant to leave her at the hospital where she could get sick. She insists she will be fine. Sonny leaves the hospital. Moments later, Emily has a weak spell and collapses onto the floor.

Virus Edit #2A - February 17- February 24, 2006 -4 hrs

  • 2/17 - With his fever gone, Dillon happily prepares to go home with his brand new bride. Though Jason moves to stop her, Carly injects herself with the syringe containing what she hopes is the antidote. Elizabeth and Monica find Emily lying on the floor at the hospital. As she waits to undergo the C-section, Courtney asks Jax to promise that he'll never use their child as a weapon in any future dispute between them. Noah explains to Dillon why he might be able to provide other patients with lifesaving antibodies now that he's successfully fought off the virus without medication. Lucky gets a call through to his relieved wife. Diagnosed with simple exhaustion, Emily reluctantly agrees to leave the hospital and get some rest. Luke tells an amused Lulu how his wife made a sacred vow to turn over a new leaf. Though Georgie fears her husband's health could be compromised, Dillon consents to having blood drawn for a new batch of serum. Still weak from the virus, Mike insists on being taken to see his daughter before her baby is delivered. Sonny asks Emily to come home with him for the night. As Carly begins to make a full recovery, gunmen burst into the lab and open fire. Maxie admits to Lucas how she feels like she may finally be facing her own mortality. Lulu thanks Dillon for giving Nikolas another chance. Although Jason manages to finish off their assailants, Lucky discovers that the vial with the antidote was smashed in the attack. Ignoring the promise she made to God, Tracy gleefully throws a monkey wrench into Dillon's wedded bliss. Courtney and Jax see their son delivered but grow anxious when they don't hear the baby crying. Emily asks Sonny to make love to her.
  • 2/20 - Jason and Carly board the plane to come home and Carly tells Jason that they should start working together. Jason points out to her all the bad ideas she has had in the past and tells her that he worries about her too much to work with her. She takes that as a compliment, of course. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman packs an envelope with a letter and one vial of antidote and sends it to General Hospital.
          Sonny tells Emily that he's worried that she's not ready to be intimate because of the rape. Emily insists that she has feelings for him, and that in itself is improvement. Emily convinces Sonny that she's ok, and they make love in the guesthouse. Afterwards, they go back to the main house to check on the kids. Carly and Jason call to check in and tell Sonny that they are on their way back home. Elizabeth also calls from the hospital to tell Sonny that Courtney has had her little boy. The kids wake up after the phone calls and come downstairs. Sonny tells them about their new cousin and then both he and Emily take the kids back up to bed. Sonny comes back downstairs to talk to Carly when she gets there. When she sees Emily she realizes that Sonny and Emily slept together.
          The baby is taken to the NICU at the hospital, while they attempt to stabilize Courtney. Jax comes to check on Courtney and she tells him she wants to name their little boy John Michael, after their fathers. Jax comes clean with her and tells her that he had her followed and switched the second set of paternity tests also. The baby's real father is Nikolas. Courtney is furious and wants to talk to Nikolas right away. Jax warns her that when she tells Nikolas the baby is his, the baby will be at risk from Helena. She doesn't care, though. She thinks that she and Nikolas can figure things out with his grandmother. She falls asleep, but when she wakes up she seems to make peace with Jax. When Nikolas comes in, she says her final words to him and then dies.
          At the hospital, Alexis is doing worse but still gets up and tries to help Sam. She is delirious and Alexis tries to answer the questions she has for her own mother. Ric comes in and tells Alexis she is doing all she can and she needs to get back in bed. When Sam wakes up later, she asks Alexis what happened. Alexis tells her that she was trying to find out a secret from her mother, and Sam tells her that any secrets her mother may have had died with her. Later, she wakes up again and is relieved to find Jason there. Jason promises that he isn't going anywhere.
          Robin and Patrick go to the nurse's lounge to try and rest a little in between shifts. He tells her that they should be off on an island somewhere, and she makes a joke about him always hitting on her. Elizabeth comes in to give them updates, and they notice that Robin is hunched over on the bench. Patrick goes to check on her and realizes she has a fever. He carries her out of the room and insists that she get her own room. When Robert realizes that his little girl is sick, he is furious. He comes in and tells her that she should have gone home when he told her to, but Patrick tells him to back off and let her rest. Robert leaves, and Patrick and Robin both relate to how their father's have abandoned them. When Patrick leaves the room, he finds a package with a note in it. He takes it to Robert, who reads the note while Patrick finds the vile with the antidote in it.
  • 2/21 - Elizabeth and the Dr. work on trying to revive Courtney, but they are forced to give up and pronounce her dead. Nikolas asks Jax what Courtney was about to tell him, but he doesn't tell him that he is the real father of baby John. He instead tells him that Courtney told him he loved him and that should be enough. Meanwhile, Elizabeth calls Emily and tells her the news about Courtney. Elizabeth wants Emily to be the one to tell Sonny. Emily interrupts Carly and Sonny to tell them the news. Sonny was getting ready to tell Carly that he and Emily had slept together, but he doesn't get the chance after he hears the news from Emily. All three go to the hospital where Emily goes to the chapel to comfort Nikolas. After Sonny says goodbye to Courtney, he goes to the chapel and apologizes to Nikolas for treating him and Courtney badly about their relationship. Then he goes to tell Mike that his daughter is dead. Mike doesn't take it very well and demands that Sonny get out of his hospital room. Carly goes to say goodbye to Courtney and promises her she will take care of her son. Then she goes to the NICU at the hospital to be with Jax. She tells Jax that they need to get the baby out of the incubator so that he will get to know her and his father.
         When Robin finds out the antidote Patrick is about to give her is the only one they have, she refuses it. Robert is upset, but he can't convince her to take it. The next two people in line are Danny and Alexis. Sam tries to convince Alexis to give it to Danny, but Ric tells Alexis that her children need her. Alexis decides to go ahead and take the antidote. Holly, the mysterious woman, calls Robert at the hospital and tells him that one more vial of antidote will cost him $1 Million. When Luke finds out what's going on, he decides to team up with Robert to help.
  • 2/22 - Sam stays by Danny's side as he dies. She first realizes she is losing him when he says he is cold. She tells him to say hi to his niece. Right before he dies, he tells Sam that he thinks he can see baby Lila. When Sam gets back to her room, she screams at Alexis until her head starts hurting and she collapses. Monica comes in to check on Sam and tells Jason that he is worried she won't make it through the night.
          Jax, Nikolas, and Carly all stand beside baby John. The doctor tells Jax that he needs to take blood from the baby to make sure he is ok and doesn't have the virus. Jax at first doesn't want to put baby John through the pain of having blood taken, but then Carly convinces him to do so anyway. Before Nikolas leaves, Jax starts to tell him about John's paternity. He changes his mind and just tells him that he wants Nikolas to be a part of baby John's life. Later, Carly comes into the NICU to see Jax crying at John's bed. Jax tells Carly that baby John has the virus and the doctor doesn't think he will survive. Carly tells him not to believe the doctors. They will give John all the strength he needs to survive.
          In an attempt to learn more about the virus and what they are dealing with, Robert pulls Jason aside. Jason doesn't want to give any information to Robert, though. Luke convinces him to give Robert any information that he may have, though. Luke manages to get the million dollars and he and Robert go to stake out the place where they left the money. They see a mysterious lady enter and start to put a vial down. Shots are fired and when the smoke clears, the lady is gone, along with the vial. Robert is disappointed, but Luke seems to think that she will contact them again to get her money.
          While working at the hospital, Elizabeth continues to get phone calls from Lucky's phone but there is no one there on the other end. She tries to get any information she can from Carly, while Patrick takes her blood in an attempt to develop a cure. Carly tells her that she is sure Lucky is fine. The labs did everything they wanted to with Lucky, so they would have no reason to kidnap him again. Patrick is worried about Elizabeth, but she brushes him off. Elizabeth goes to the nurse's quarters and throws her phone down and collapses in tears. She hears Lucky's voice, and turns around to be greeted by Lucky.
  • 2/23 - Jax and Carly get upsetting news from Baby John's pediatrician. He tells them that John has the virus and is getting weaker. Jax doesn't know how he can help the baby. Carly tells Jax he needs to not give up on his "son" yet and that Baby John needs to know that he is there and wants him to live. Sonny comes by to watch his nephew through the window of his room. Jax tells him that the baby has the virus and is getting weaker. Nikolas comes by to see Jax and the baby. Nikolas is told that the baby has the virus and is dying. Nikolas goes in to see the baby. He leaves again. Jax looks for him later to tell him the truth: he is the baby's real father. Nikolas is not around and later gets discharged from the hospital after getting a clean bill of health. Alan finds him and tells him he must leave the hospital now that he is well. Nikolas refuses to leave while Courtney is still in the morgue and Baby John is still in the hospital. Alan tells him he must leave now. Nikolas gets upset and throws a bunch of cups of pills on the floor in a bit of temper.
          Sam gets weaker by the minute. Patrick warns Jason that she is showing the same symptoms that Danny did before he died. Jason lashes out at Patrick for not being able to help her. Sam wakes up and tells Jason not to blame Patrick for what is happening to her. Jason calms down but is still on the verge of tears watching Sam get sicker. She complains of not being able to breathe well. Soon after her monitor goes off and a doctor and nurse come in to help. Sam stabilizes after she is given oxygen to help with her breathing. Sonny comes by to see Jason. He tells Jason that Baby John has the virus and is dying. Jason tells Sonny that he is afraid Sam is dying as well. Sonny tells him he needs to stay by her side and fight for her to live. Elizabeth informs sonny that Ric wants to see him in his room. Jason goes back in her to sit with her. She wakes up later and tells him that she has been having some strange dreams. She also tells him that she never knew perfect love until she met him and fell in love with him. Jason knows she is trying to say goodbye and is having a hard time letting her go. She asks him to hold her hand.
          Alexis gets home from the hospital. She is thrilled when there is a knock on the door and she answers it to find Kristina and Molly there with Emily. Emily tells her that Sonny called and thought she would want to see the girls now that she is home. Alexis tells Kristina that she is her hero for calling 911 when she and Ric were sick. Alexis spends time with her girls. She cuts a locket of hair from Molly's head to add to her photo album as a memento. She explains to Kristina that she did the same thing when she was a little baby, cut a piece of hair to remember her as a baby. Kristina notices another ribbon inside a jewelry box that has a locket of hair in it and asks Alexis if that is her locket of hair. Alexis is surprised by her find and is speechless. Meanwhile, Sonny goes to see Ric. Ric tells Sonny what is on his mind in case he doesn't make it. He tells Sonny that he is sorry he didn't try to get to know Sonny better sooner instead of judging him and being jealous of him for being raised by their mother when he wasn't. Sonny also tells Ric that he wishes he tried harder to see where he was coming from and tried to be a better brother instead of pushing him away. Ric asks Sonny to look out for Molly just like he would his own daughter, Kristina even if Alexis would hate it. Sonny promises to do that for him.
    Robert takes out his frustration on Luke for not being able to catch the mysterious woman who has the antidote and got away. Luke notices a chocolate wrapper on the ground. He picks it up and something about it is familiar to him. Robert thinks he is wasting more time fixating on some chocolate wrapper but Luke sees it as a potential clue. Robert and Luke compare notes on what they observed happened earlier when the gunshots started and the woman took off and left the money. They noticed that she seemed to disappear under the pier and that she seemed to know where she was going which could be reason to believe she was once a local there. Lucky shows up and only sees their backs. He tells them to put up their hands and not to move. Luke recognizes Lucky's voice and tells him to give it rest. They turn around.
         Robert is curious when Luke seems to talk so familiarly with Lucky and tells Lucky to stop the cop nonsense and give him a hug. Lucky hugs Luke. Luke introduces Lucky to Robert and informs him that Lucky became a cop. Robert finds great humor and irony in that and makes a joke about it. Lucky looks at Robert and recognizes who he is. Luke jokes that Robert isn't quite as dead as they thought. Robert fills him in with what happened. Lucky thanks Robert for trying to help but makes it clear that he is in charge of this case. Robert is impressed with Lucky. They go back to the hospital. Carly sees them huddled together talking. She approaches them just as Robert asks Lucky something about Jason discovering something at the lab. Carly thinks Robert is trying to point a finger at Jason. Luke stands between Carly and Robert and tells her that no one was pointing fingers at Jason for anything and tells Robert that Carly is Bobbie's daughter. Luke has the chocolate wrapper in a plastic envelope as evidence for Lucky to have tested at the police lab for possible forensic evidence. Carly looks at the wrapper and chastises Robert and Luke for bungling up the meeting at the docks. She tells them that they are pathetic and need to do a better job getting the antidote. She storms off.
         Robert doesn't like her too much and tells Luke he is glad she is a member of his family and not his own. Luke believes that Carly knows something she isn't telling them about the brand of chocolate wrapper he showed her. Luke tells him he wishes sometimes she wasn't his niece. A nurse informs Luke he has an urgent phone call from someone. Luke answers the phone and notices the voice is disguised so it must be their mystery woman. Holly tells Luke that he and Robert didn't follow directions when she said she wanted Robert to come alone to the docks. Luke asks her what she wants. She tells him she will give him one more chance. She tells Luke that she wants Robert and him to meet her outside the "Floating Rib" that evening to try to make the exchange. She asks for more money for the antidote this time. Robert silently agrees to the meeting. Luke tells him what she said. Luke tells Robert that the "Floating Rib" has not been around in years and is now a tattoo parlor. They agree that whomever called them hasn't been in Port Charles in years.
         Later, Carly talks to the hotel manager while she is at Metro Court. She tells her about the chocolate brand. The manager confirms that they are the only hotel that sells that brand of chocolate. She also gives Carly useful information about someone checking into the hotel recently with a foreign passport as I.D. and that she is staying in a room under some other man's name. Carly gets the passkey for the room. She investigates the room. She finds a closet full of new clothes with their price tags still on them. She takes out a suitcase and looks inside to find a woman's clothes inside. She hears someone getting ready to come inside the room and she hides. Holly returns to her room. She opens up the briefcase containing vials of the antidote. She shuts the briefcase as Carly spies on her from the closet. Holly locks the briefcase of vials inside a cabinet and leaves the room. Carly leaves the closet and tries to get into the cabinet but realizes it is locked up. She leaves the room and goes out in the hallway. She calls Jason and tells him she found out where the antidote is and that she needs his help and that the briefcase is locked up in one of the hotel rooms. Jason tries to find out more but hears a muffled sound and no answer from Carly. He calls for Carly to answer but Carly is knocked out on the floor outside Holly's room with her cell-phone near her.
  • 2/24 - Carly is knocked cold during a frantic call to Jason. Sonny promises his grateful brother he'll take care of Molly like one of his own. Alexis has another flash of memory about the baby girl she gave away years ago. Jason rushes to the Metro Court but finds Carly and the antidote gone, along with the extortionist and her goon squad. Patrick cautions Mac that the virus has weakened Maxie's heart. Meanwhile, Dillon brings Jesse to Maxie's room for a visit. Emily helps Sonny calm an agitated Sam as her fever continues to rise. Jason shows Luke the clue Carly left behind. Aboard the Haunted Star, Carly learns that her captor is the widow of Cryleum's late CEO. Against Ric's wishes, Elizabeth summons Alexis to her husband's bedside when his condition deteriorates. Patrick commiserates with Lainey after finding her crying in the doctors' locker room. Luke and Jason manage to free Carly but their target escapes with the antidote. After her boyfriend and her sister depart, Maxie turns to Lucas for help granting a final wish. A grieving Mike confides to Patrick how much he regrets the mistakes he made with both of his children. Robert is stunned to recognize the extortionist as a woman from his past. Sonny urges Sam to fight for her life but she begins to slip away.

Virus Edit #2B - February 27- March 2, 2006 -2 hrs

  • Feb 27th - Jason and Carly confront two armed men at the airport, who are loading the antidote onto a plane. Carly tells them she has the virus and pretends to faint. When she gets down on the ground, she knocks out one of the men and Jason takes care of the other man. They take the virus back to the hospital but are stopped at the door. The police guarding the hospital won't let them in. Thankfully, they called ahead and Patrick comes out and lets them in. Alan tells Patrick that they don't have time to test all the drugs, but Patrick goes ahead and starts administering it anyway. He's happy to be able to give Robin the medicine and continues to check on her progress.
         Unknowing that the antidote is on its way, Maxie makes Lucas live up to the promise he made and take her to BJ's grave where she prepares to die. Georgie finds her room empty and is very upset. Dillon tries to calm her, and they explain to Bobbie what happened. Maxie suddenly has an idea of where Maxie may have gone. Lucky goes to BJ's grave as Georgie request and finds Maxie. He and Lucas rush her back to the hospital, where she is given the antidote.
         Jason checks in with Monica on how Sam is doing. Monica tells him that she doesn't think she will wake up again. She's been fighting the virus for too long. They give her the antidote, but it doesn't seem to be helping at all. Jason tells her that she can go if she wants, but he wants her to stay with him. He sits by her side as he waits for the antidote to kick in, which it finally does.
         Besides Robin and Sam, Ric, Mike, and baby John all receive the antidote and therefore survive. Although he is feeling better, Mike still takes his guilt and anger out on Sonny about Courtney's death. Ric, however, takes the opportunity to talk to Alexis about her adopted child. Alexis fills him in on a little information, but she doesn't remember much. Meanwhile, Carly and Jax sit by baby John's side. Jax starts to tell Nikolas that he is the father, but then when he finds out the baby John is going to be ok, he can't face the truth. Jax shows his appreciation to Carly for her continued support and strength that she has given to the baby.
         Holly tells Robert that he can't arrest her because she will have the water contaminated. Robert reluctantly lets her go, but he notices that the driver of her car is Luke. Holly shoots him and then threatens him if he doesn't let her go. Robert comes up behind them and points a gun at Holly and tells her to give it up. Holly wants him to run away with him. She still loves him, and she knows that he can hide them for good. He looks as if he's accepting the offer and hugs her. He takes the gun away from her and tells her she's going to jail.
  • 2/28 - Patrick comes in to Sam's room and tells her that she can get up and walk as long as Jason is there with her. Jason tells him that he won't leave her side. Patrick also takes the time to thank Jason for the work he did to get the antidote and save all the patients. When he leaves, both Sam and Jason are amazed at his change of attitude. Robert fills Robin in on Holly’s recent activities. He tells her that Holly decided to cash in on the antidote to get back at Robert. He does point out Holly did lead him to believe that she was dead and he was married to Anna at the time his death was faked. Robin doesn't want to hear his excuses and tells him its not just going to go away and be forgiven.
         Luke brings Holly a cup of coffee, and as she gulps it down, he informs her that the extra kick she tastes is 10 ccs of the virus that he laced it with. Holly spits it out, sure he is bluffing but just in case. Holly tries to get Luke on her side and tells him that she still thinks about him. She asks him if he remembers their first night together on the mountaintop under the stars? She says she has never been as happy with anyone else (note: Holly's arrival in Port Charles is contained on the Luke & Robert & Holly #16). He tells him that her actions have over shadowed any feelings he had for her, that he lost his brother-in-law due to this virus. She promises that she didn't manufacturer the virus, merely tried to profit from the cure. She is sure he would have done the same thing in her situation. He tells her that he will never forget her as he will carry the scar in his leg from where she shot him! Robert enters as Holly is kissing Luke. Luke and Robert agree to meet later at the Metro Court and Luke says goodbye to Holly.
         Robert realizes she will do anything to avoid prosecution. Holly tries desperately to reach Robert, reminding him how much they love and trust they shared together. Robert tells Holly that he was wrong to let everyone think he was dead for so long and if he had anything to do with her trying to profit from a drug that could have saved lives then he is truly sorry. She sincerely tells him that she loves him that she never stopped loving him and she never will. Holly is extradited back to the islands. Luke and Robert meet up drinking at the Metro Court. Robert is so quiet that Luke asks if he killed Holly and stashed her in the trunk of his car? He says no but they agree it was some reunion. Luke teases Robert that he hasn't aged that well, though Robert counters that he is looking in the wrong mirror. They reminisce about old times.
  • 3/1 - Carly finds Bobbie at the cemetery and apologizes to her for the trouble she caused her and Tony. She asks if she is wanted at the funeral. Bobbie tells her that the apology, while she knows it is genuine, isn't necessary. Her and Tony's marriage would have fallen apart no matter what, and she needed to come face to face with the child she gave up years ago. She tells her that she definitely needs her there at the funeral with her. Lucky and Liz try to comfort Lucas as best as they can at Kelly's. Liz leaves the two cousins to talk about Tony. Afterwards, Luke comes and tells them to go on ahead and he will meet Bobbie. When Bobbie arrives, Luke tells her that he thought he would need some time alone before the service. They briefly talk and reminisce about Tony. Bobbie tells him that she always knew he was a phone call away and she will miss that.
          At Tony's memorial service, Luke is surprised to see Carly there. He tells her so and she thinks that he is being rude to her. Luke quickly corrects himself and tells her that while he is surprised she is there, he is still glad to see her. Bobbie also makes a point of making sure Carly sits next to her instead of in another pew. Luke delivers a moving eulogy that brings many people to tears.
          Robert comes into Robin's hospital room and tells her that he is leaving town unless she wants him to stay. Robin tells him that she has done just fine without him in the past and she doesn't need him. She is obviously still angry with her father. He tells her if she ever needs him, he is just a phone call away. After he leaves, Patrick comes in and sees Robin crying annoyed that her father can still get to her. After the funeral, Robert and Luke meet one more time for a last drink together at the Metro Court. Luke warns Robert to be careful out there as Robert is slowing down. Robert claims he is on top of his game and tied up the virus case much sooner than he would have in the old days. Robert brings up the Aztec Adventure in Mexico and how he saved Luke who was wandering around out in the desert.
  • 3/2 - Elizabeth and Lucky show up at Nikolas' to ask him if he wants to ride with them to Courtney's memorial service. They find the place is torn apart and they see no sign of Nikolas. They worry that he made the mess himself from mourning her death. They leave not realizing Nikolas is lying on the other side of the couch with an empty bottle of booze laying nearby. They show up at the memorial service and see no sign of Nikolas.
          Michael shows up with Max to the memorial service without his parents' knowledge. He hugs Mike. Courtney's mother shows up after getting a call from Carly informing her of Courtney's death. She starts to tell Mike off. Mike tells her to be quiet and keep her feelings to herself for the time being. Alan and Monica show up for the memorial service.
          Ric finds Alexis go to the memorial service and give their condolences to Sonny and Mike. Jason shows up and Carly and Jax show up together. Sonny sees Michael sitting with his father and motions to him to come over. He asks Michael what he is doing there without telling him. Michael tells him that he knew that he wouldn't let him go if he asked and so he decided to disobey him instead. Sonny decides to talk to him later about it and has him sit with him. Carly sits with them and tells Michael that this memorial may be too sad for him to handle. Michael tells her he wants to be there.
          The priest starts the service. He introduces Mike to come up and talk. Mike has a hard time talking without choking up and crying. Sonny comes up and suggests that Mike sit down. He tells everyone that he and Courtney were not as close as he would have liked and that he was too hard on her about the men she chose to be with and that she was a good woman. Nikolas shows up and makes a scene. He tells everyone that they are all hypocrites for coming to Courtney's memorial and how he is surprised that the roof of this church hasn't fallen down on them. He tells everyone off for not caring about Courtney when she was alive. He tells Sonny, Jason, Alan, and Jax off for how they treated her when she was alive.
          Elizabeth stands up and tells Nikolas to stop his behavior and sit down. He tells off Elizabeth as well because she kept trying to get him to go back to Emily because she didn't want him to be in love with Courtney. Nikolas says his peace and leaves the service. Carly gets up and says some words about how Courtney was the only woman she became friends with because Courtney was not threatened by her in some way. The service ends. Ric tells Sonny that he hopes that what they learned from Courtney's death was that they should work at being closer as brothers. Sonny reaches out to Mike, who holds his hand and shakes it. Jax lights a candle for Courtney. Carly and Michael go to Courtney's apartment to look at the snow globe she gave Courtney as a gift that she loved.
          Jason comes home but seems far away thinking about his life with Courtney. Nikolas is alone looking at pictures of Courtney and him together during happy times and remembers when he proposed to her and she couldn't say yes to him. Jax remembers his wedding to Courtney.

**The End**

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