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This edit compiles Valentine's Day episode from 1995-2003. These are complete 9 episodes without commercials and a few additional scenes as some of the valentine's storylines carried over into the next episode (Jax & Brenda's failed wedding went into a second episode, and Liz and Lucky's valentine vows went into two additional episodes). I also added the Unforgettable Love Stories Special and a few additional clips.

Valentine's Edit, 1996-2003 - 7 1/2 hours

  • 2/14/95- Great episode, lots of romance for Sonny & Brenda, Ned & Lois, Foster & Annabelle, Jason & Keesha, Kevin & Lucy, Tiffany tells Sean she is pregnant
  • 2/14/96- Brenda's first dinner with Jax, Tom & Felicia trapped on the roof, Kevin & Lucy/Mac/Luke
  • 2/97 GH Promo (aired during OLTL)
  • 2/14/97- Jax gives Brenda a raft! (huh?) Other than J&B not much of a VDay, filled with N&L finality, Emily's descent into drugs around Dorman's trial
  • 2/13/98- Robin drops a Valentine off the bridge to Stone, Jason & Robin, Liz & Audrey get Liz ready for the Vday dance, Liz is raped as she sits in the park
  • 2/12/99- Liz recreates the school dance that they missed to share with Lucky
  • 2/15 and 2/16/99- (Edited for remainder of Liz & Lucky vday) Lucky makes a special Valentine's day for Liz at a church were they share their unofficial vows
  • 2/14/00- Jax & Alexis, Ned & Chloe, Juan & Emily celebrate vday, Ned later gives Alexis a secret engagement ring, Bobbie tells Sonny that he is the father of Carly's baby, Sonny shows up and tells all of the Quartermaines (D#1)
  • 2/14/01- Gia & Nik make love for the first time, Jason rescues Sonny in the warehouse fire, Chloe sets up Ned & Alexis to spend the evening together, celebrations for Emily & Zander, Liz & Lucky ,Valentine's music montage of couples - "This Could be Heaven" by Seal
  • 2/14/02 Valentine's Fan Feb episode- Kristina sings on piano, Skye & Jax, Liz & Lucky & Helena, AJ and Sonny box, Luke & Laura, Sonny/Alexis/Carly fantasies
  • 2/14/03- Jax & Brenda's failed Valentine's wedding
  • 2/17/03- (this episode edited to the ending of the J&B wedding) (note: no 2004 vday episode as during the PC Hotel Fire)
  • 1998 Unforgettable Love Stories- histories of favorite couples: Luke & Laura, Robin & Stone, Sonny/Brenda/Jax, Kevin & Lucy, Bo & Nora, Max & Gabrielle, Jake & Megan, Haley & Mateo, Tad & Dixie, Nina & Cliff, Erica's romances.
  • April, 1993- Couple montages aired as part of 30th anniversary celebration: Alan & Monica, Holly/Luke/Robert, Lucy montage of her affairs, Scott montage of his
  • 1996 SOD Awards- GH Valentine's Highlights, Lynn Hottest Female montage

Episode Descriptions:

Feb 14, 1995- Ned and Jason are giving Lila her Valentine's present. When they finished, they prod Reginald to give his. Itís a real mushy, hand crafted card, and Lila gives him a kiss. Edward comes in with a big box of chocolates and promises more goodies for Lila. Jason starts sniping at Ned about Ned picking at the chocolates. Ned gets another Carmel and tosses it back in before going to Lois. Foster comes by to pay his respects to Annabelle and Edward gets up to chase the dog off. Lila tells him to sit. Edward insists that Foster is a no good skirt chaser (Jason helpfully points out that Annabelle doesn't wear skirts). They come to an agreement that Foster can stay outside the French windows but Annabelle has to stay inside. Later on Annabelle bugs Lila, after Edward goes upstairs, until the dogs are allowed to frolic. Ned comes by the studio. Lois is dressed in red, Ned is carrying champagne and a cheesecake from Brooklyn. They start going at the cake and Lois is really wolfing it down. Ned tells her to slow down, that every bite should be savored. Lois comments that she is surprised that Ned knew from cheesecake. Ned notes that she will find him full of surprises. Lois says surprises like this she can handle at which point her fork hits a waded up piece of foil. Ned says 'that's disgusting' and wants to complain to the bakery. Lois, who is more than a bit thick, unwraps the foil and finds a ring studded with rubies. She wonders if it fell in by accident before catching on. They smooch and Lois gives Ned his gift, a picture of the Coney Island Cyclone. Ned insists that their life will always be on the top, Lois insists that life is life. There has to be ups and downs.

Sonny is waiting for Brenda to finishing slipping into something more comfortable. Brenda comes out literally gift-wrapped. He unwraps her and they are about to embrace when she gives him a present, a gold watch. They finish unpeeling each other and eventually get to the bed. Sonny is admiring the watch and they joke around for a few seconds. Sonny then gives Brenda a diamond necklace. Damien, still hobbling on the cane, drops by Joe Scully's place to wish him a happy Valentine's Day. Joe talks a little about Frank and Damien lets him know that he knows who and what Joe is. Damien asks Joe to sabotage Deception's shipping. Scully asks why not have Sonny do it. Sonny won't due to Luke being a friend of Lucy. Scully will get back to him. Damien and Katherine exchange gifts and he tells her that he thinks Scully will do the deed on Deception since it would meld nicely with whatever it is than Scully has planned for PC.

Tiffany is standing by the elevators at the 5th floor, just beside herself with joy. Steve comes by and mildly teases Tiff who whispers to him why she is in such a state. Audrey comes by and the scene repeats itself. Amy has been watching all this happens and wants to know what the big secret is. The group is reluctant, but then Tiff says, "Oh, why not. I'm ready for the whole world to know!" and whispers to Amy. Everyone is very happy and Tiff goes off to tell Sean his valentine's present. He is at the Outback where Tiff tells him the news that she is pregnant. Kevin and Lucy meet at the Outback. She gives him a book by Freud on dreams; he gives her the Thanksgiving duck. Jason and Keesha exchange gifts, he tells her he wants to show her the world.

February 14, 1996- Lucy sits on the sofa in her suite, either lost in thought, meditating, or totally spaced out. Kevin intently watches Lucy do whatever it is she's doing. He approaches her, finally leaning over to look closely at her, and asks if she is "seeing something". No, says Lucy, but she's thrilled that his question shows that he believes in her visions. Kevin denies it and if Damian turns up at the spa, well, he'll cross that bridge later. Mac arrives decked out in chauffeur gear. He gets stuck with the exposition in this scene - Luke is dressing up as Mr. Sam L. L. Cash, a rich old guy who is going to visit the spa as a potential client looking for distraction after being left by a "very young bride." Mr. Cash himself hobbles in, looking like Colonel Sanders after a large weight loss, on a very bad hair day. Cash demonstrates his lechery by chasing Lucy around the suite, which didn't amuse Kevin, although your updater found it hilarious. Lucy wants to know what will happen when they find Damian. Mac chimes in: "It just depends on what we find, Luce." Luke, demonstrating why he is their fearless leader, shuts Mac up and explains, "It just depends on what we find, Luce." He always has a plan, "but in this particular situation, I think it's very important to remain open to the variables of the situational dynamic." Kevin offers a succinct translation: "He's gonna wing it." The "pros" refuse to take Kevin along, leaving him to stay alone with Lucy in the suite (Luke: "You knew this was an ugly job when you took it."). Cash and his chauffeur, "Bubba", head off to Sybarites Spa.

Kevin and Lucy snuggle up on the sofa, but she is worried about the guys. Hey, they're pros, Kevin reminds her, and besides, if something goes wrong, her "psychic whatever" will sense it and Kevin can go and save them. This seems to be more proof that Kevin does believe in Lucy's psychic gift. But he tells her that, more to the point, if this is so important to her that she went off to San Antonio, it's his job to be by her side and support her. He presents her with her Valentine's gift - a box of chocolates. She tears into the box, but unfortunately it seems that she preferred the hotel's gourmet chocolates: she keeps tasting various candies and putting them back, in search of one she likes, while Kevin looks on, discomfited. Mr. Cash and Bubba arrive at the spa, and Cash approaches a young woman at the desk, flirts with her, and asks to see the manager. He sees a pile of floor layouts sitting on the desk and sneaks one into his pocket, though why it was necessary to be sneaky, I don't know. While Cash and the manager talk, who should wander by but Damian Smith, followed by two tall women in workout gear. Luke finds out that most of the spa facilities are segregated by sex, and he tries to get information about the Amazons with Damian, but the manager says he can't discuss that.

Later, Damian questions the manager about Cash. The manager explains that Cash is checking in soon, and Damian figures that Cash just might liven things up. Meanwhile, back at Lucy's suite, Kevin and Lucy have obviously been busy. There's a knock on the door, and then we hear Kevin and Lucy on the floor behind some furniture, trying to decide who has the most clothing on. Lucy, wearing an unzipped dress, stands up and rushes over to let Mac and Luke into the suite. She then hurries back across the room as Kevin stands up, his shirt open and his belt unbuckled. Mac astutely observes, "Valentine's Day". Luke fills them in, explaining that the tall women are probably Damian's bodyguards, and then he stops suddenly, staring at Kevin. Luke explains his plan that Lucy will be the bait they use to catch Damian. Kevin doesn't like this at all as it is too risky. Luke explains that this is where Kevin and Mac come in - they'll be in the room next door. Mac reminds him that the spa is segregated by sex. Then Luke utters the three magic words - "Eve and Norma." Kevin throws a fit, while Mac starts to slip into "Eve mode". Lucy points out that Norma and Eve owe her this much. Kevin continues to object, but it's clear, even to him, that he's going to lose.

Felicia had to call a repairman to fix a leak at the Brownstone, and as we join them, he is just finishing up the bill. He assures her that the leak is fixed, but departs with a less than encouraging "Good luck." She explains the situation to Bobbie, who is all dressed up to go out to dinner with Tony. They're not going to the Outback so as not to have their friends watching them, which makes one wonder precisely what they intend to *do* at this restaurant. Felicia is annoyed at the prospect of "mixing drinks all night for oblivious lovers." Just then, she hears that dripping noise again. Rather than spoil Bobbie's evening, Felicia decides to fix it herself. Armed with a jacket and a flashlight, she heads for the roof to check the gutters. The gutters look fine, so she figures the problem is in a pipe in the walls. When she tries to go back inside, the door is stuck, and so is she. Stay calm, she tells herself, after which she starts screeching, "Help!" No doubt dogs all over the city went into frenzy at the shrill sound. The noise gets Tom's attention, and he comes up to rescue her. Problem is, he lets the door shut behind *him*, so now they are both trapped outdoors in upstate-New-York-in-February-at-night weather, with only light jackets or sweaters to keep them warm. They can't figure out any way to get off the roof, so Tom applies his Boy Scout training to get them some shelter, two lawn chairs, and they huddle together. Tom tries mind-over-matter, imagining that they are warming themselves in front of a fire. He loses Felicia when he imagines a plate of nachos. They decide that maybe Bobbie and Tony are home by now, and they manage to get Bobbie's attention by banging on a pipe. While they await Bobbie a snowball fight develops. Bobbie opens the door, and Tom invites Felicia to join him in his apartment for a hot toddy, but she rushes off to the Outback.

Brenda has arrived at Jax's suite, and he recognizes her as the Face of Deception. Brenda mentions Lois, which grabs Jax's attention, and Brenda officially introduces herself and explains her connection to Lois and L&B. Jax intended to meet Brenda, as he wants to know everything there is to know about Lois. Jax has a few charming things to say (Brenda is wary but pleased), and then Brenda returns the ring he sent to Lois. Brenda wonders why Jax thought Lois would keep the ring, and they spend the next few minutes sparring, mostly about Lois (though Jax also senses the existence of a man that Brenda doesn't want to discuss). Jax holds to his intention to win Lois away from Ned, while Brenda tells him it won't work - "you don't know Lois." But Jax is willing to take instruction, and he invites Brenda to dinner. Brenda wonders why she's not insulted that she just got asked out for the purpose of being questioned about another woman, but since she's not, they head for the Outback. Over dinner, Brenda and Jax spar some more, and Brenda tries to convince Jax to leave Ned and Lois alone. She tells him Ned and Lois's history to show the obstacles they have overcome. Jax takes from this story the lesson that Lois "can be worn down with sincerity". Jax wants to know all about Brenda. He knows of her father and has met Julia, and they are unlike Brenda because they are both rather tough and invulnerable. Jax thinks Brenda sees her vulnerabilities as faults, when they are her strengths. Brenda invites Jax to the Eddie Maine concert at Luke's the next evening, and then she heads home to get her beauty sleep.

2/97 GH Valentineís Promo (aired during OLTL)

Feb 14, 1997- Audrey gave Luke and Laura a tongue-lashing over their obsession with the Evil Stefan. She agreed, however, to stop in and visit Lesley every morning as the Leslie seemed to respond to her. Alone with Tom on the porch, she also laid into him about his Cassadine paranoia. He responded by telling her that he believed Stefan was directly responsible for Steve's heart attack. Audrey sighed in disbelief.  Bobbie told Stefan about Luke and his delusional fantasies. Then Stefan told her about Luke's visit to Katherine's room and how persuasive her brother was. Bobbie told Stefan to visit Katherine at GH. Bobbie said Stefan should befriend Katherine so that Luke wouldn't have undue influence. Sonny visited Katherine and told her that unless she told the truth about who shot her that her life could be in danger from Stefan. Miranda came in and caught a glimpse of the newspaper. The headlines screamed about the "Mobster and the Model" but Sonny laughed it off. He left. Katherine told Miranda that she should try and get Jax back. Miranda and Sonny shared a drink and he told her she should get Jax back before their divorce was final in a week. They left together to find some dinner.

Ned wound up his testimony about the affair with Aunt Monica and court was adjourned. Alexis said that Dorman's case wasn't helped by the revelation. A.J. delighted in telling Ned that Lois had caught his entire act; Ned left for the gatehouse and damage control. Dorman's attorney marveled at the sliminess of his client and was glad that Dorman had chosen medicine instead of the law as a career. Outside in the corridor, Dorman baited Monica and Alan and told Alan that he knew about Ned and Monica because she told him so. As the three of then prepared to go their separate ways, Alan, tired of saying the same old line, simply pulled out a tape recorder and played a pre-recorded death threat to Dorman. He and Monica left for the Q mansion and talk with Emily. Emily had been watching television when the news about Ned and Monica was revealed. Either she was high at the time or she and Matt decided to get high afterwards. They got the munchies and devoured a good portion of Monica's Valentine's candy from Alan bought. When Alan and Monica returned home they ran Matt off so Monica could, once again, apologize for having a life before Emily was born. Alan left to take a walk and Monica went upstairs. Matt phoned and he and Emily planned to indulge themselves in a smorgasbord of illegal substances. Ned tried to reason with Lois about stuff from his ancient past. She accused him of lying to her yet again. Later on, she returned to the gatehouse to talk to Ned. Instead, eavesdropped on his conversation with Justus. Ned had just told Justus that he was leaving ELQ and that Justus was the new CEO. Justus countered that HE was leaving ELQ to resume his law practice. Ned said that he knew about Damian Smith and would use the knowledge to force Justus to stay at ELQ, etc. etc. etc.

Jax laughed off the newspaper headlines but Brenda was upset. They exchanged Valentine gifts: she got him some cheap-looking boxer shorts and some other junk. For her, he'd had a large anonymous box delivered and gave her instructions not to touch it until later. Of course, as soon as he left the room, she lifted the top. Immediately, a large rubber life raft started to inflate. She squealed. Jax came running, all smiles; they made love in the raft.

Feb 13, 1998- Felicia calls Mac at the cabin to make sure he is still okay. Mac tells her he is fine and as he is saying good-bye to Felicia, Tess walks in. She assumes Mac is Jimmy and asks why the cabin is in such disarray. Mac, pretending to be Jimmy, tells her he caught Mac trying to escape and in the struggle, Mac fell and hit his head. The blow was fatal and he threw Macís body into the lake. Tess doesnít seem to be very upset at Macís passing and tells Jimmy (Mac) to go back to his playing Mac and enjoy it as long as he can, she will clean up the cabin. Robin shows up at Rubyís and sits down with Felicia who is waiting for Mac to return from his meeting with Tess. They discuss Valentineís Day watching a couple celebrates together. Felicia brings up the subject of Jason and Robin changes the subject to Mac and Feliciaís engagement. Felicia doesnít give it away that she and Mac arenít truly engaged and changes the subject back to Jason. Robin admits that it is hard not to think about Jason because she still cares for him so much.

Jax and Ned discuss delays in the waterfront project and Jax accuses Ned of stalling the project for Jason. Ned tells him he is being ridiculous and he is trying to make everyone happy and not cause any bloodshed. Brenda walks in as the two as talking. Brenda tells them about her job at the auto show and how it may turn into a job doing a commercial for the same company. She asks Ned if anyone would insure her considering her past problems and the pending lawsuits.

Audrey and Liz arrive home after buying a dress for the dance. Liz is excited and Audrey goes upstairs to get something for her to wear with the dress. While Audrey is upstairs, Lucky arrives and asks Liz if it would be okay for him to bring someone to the dance seeing as how their plan to meet at the dance wasnít a true date. Lucky then reveals to Liz his date is with Sarah. He also tells Liz she can tag along with them unless she has better plans. Liz hides her disappointment and tells Lucky she canít go with them because a basketball player at school just called and asked her to go to the dance with him. Lucky tells her that is great and he and Sarah will see Liz and her date at the dance. Audrey comes downstairs with her "gift" for Liz and Liz tells her she has changed her mind about the dance and doesnít want to go and thinks she is coming down with the flu. Audrey dismisses her objections to the dance telling Liz it is just her nerves getting to her. Audrey then shows Liz what she brought downstairs for her to wear. It is a bracelet Steve had given Audrey when they first started dating seriously. Audrey puts the bracelet on Liz and tells her it is for good luck. Liz goes upstairs to get ready, but doesnít finish until the dance is half over. Audrey gets suspicious wondering why Liz is so late and Liz tells her it is because Lucky called and told her he would be late.

Brenda discovers that even though she found a company to insure her, any money she made from a job would go towards her lawsuits. Ned suggests she come back to work at L&B, but Brenda says she canít because it would be too easy and safe and she needs to learn to survive on her own. Ned then gets a phone call from Alexis and leaves the room to talk to her. While Ned is away, Brenda asks Jax if she can take him to dinner tonight. Jax apologizes, but says he canít because he has other plans.

Robin goes to the bridge and looks out onto the water. She takes out a Valentine and throws it into the water. She begins to remember back to a time when she and Jason met at the bridge. Suddenly she hears something behind her and turns around. She sees Jason. Robin asks him why he is there and he tells her it is because he was thinking of her. He asks her what she threw into the water and Robin tells him it was a wish she wrote down on paper. Jason tells her he hopes her wish comes true and Robin tells him it wonít because nothing will change. Robin then tells him how much she misses him and kisses him.

Tess calls her boss and informs him or her that Mac is dead. When the person expresses concern, she tells them it is okay because Jimmy will be around to continue to portray Mac because he has fallen for Felicia. She also says it doesnít matter, someone will still be there to be the fall guy. She takes out a manila envelope and tells the person on the other end of the line she has been looking over the information on the intended target. The target turns out to be.... Jax! Mac arrives at Rubyís and tells Felicia what happened with Tess. He tells her he was unable to get any information out of Tess, but says she didnít seem upset to hear of Macís demise. He also tells Felicia he gets the impression that when all this is over, no one will want to be Mac Scorpio.

Sarah, Lucky, and her friend Deanne, arrive at Rubyís after the dance. Lucky wonders where Liz was and Sarah tells him she probably decided to go off with her date. Sarah goes to play a song on the jukebox and Lucky asks Deanne if he imagined Sarah talking about Nikolas all evening. Deanne says no that Sarah is still hung up on Nikolas. Lizís date shows up at Rubyís with a group of friends and Lucky goes over to ask him where Liz is. The "date" tells Lucky he doesnít know who Liz is and has a girlfriend anyway. Lucky gets concerned about Liz, but Sarah tells him nothing is wrong that Liz is just concocting a plan to get the basketball player. Lucky doesnít agree with Sarah and tells her he is leaving to go look for Liz. Sarah stops him saying she thought this was a real date. Lucky tells her no that it is obvious she is still hung up on Nikolas and he is leaving. Liz walks alone in the park going home from a movie. She sits down on a park bench to reflect on things with Lucky and as she is sitting there, someone puts his hand on her mouth. Liz screams and struggles to free herself, but the attacker drags her off to the woods.

Feb 12, 1999- Up in Carly's room at the Q mansion, Carly is pacing around her room, looking at the picture of her, Jason and Michael. She says to herself that she sure misses her baby, but she knows his daddy is taking good care of him. Edward knocks on the door and she invites him in. He tells her they missed her down at breakfast and asks if she is okay. Carly asks him if there is any word yet on Jason and Michael. He tells her not yet, but they are hopeful that something will come up soon. She apologizes to him for how she has treated him and his family, saying that she has hurt a lot of people. Edward smiles and tells her that she should fit right into the family. He then says that no matter how much they have all treated each other, there is genuine love there and as soon as she becomes accustomed to it, she'll feel right at home. Carly thanks him and Edward told her all is forgiven when she showed up at their doorstep. Edward then promises Carly that she will receive all the attention the mother of a Quartermaine deserves. Carly wonders to Edward about the possibility that Jason will never be found. Edward says that anyone can be found with money and influence. Edward says that he is offering one million tax-free dollars for Michael's safe return to his rightful home. Carly says that she doesn't deserve this, but Edward says that she only put her trust in the wrong person. Carly starts to cry, thinking out loud of how Jason double-crossed her. Edward tells her it will be okay and tells her to come downstairs and have some lunch and he'll meet her downstairs. After he is gone, Carly looks up to heaven and says, Jason, please return.

Fed up with slinging hash at Kelly's, Luke comes huffing and puffing out of Kelly's and entreats his sister to close Kelly's down. Luke tells Bobbie that the microwave is kaput since he forgot where he left the no stick spray and blew the microwave up. Bobbie finds the whole incident hilarious and laughs at Luke for blowing up the microwave. Luke tells her that he cannot do this anymore and if he doesn't get some help soon he is gone to torch the place and collect the insurance money. Bobbie tells him he can't do that and Ruby would want them to keep Kelly's open, so the simplest solution is to find someone to manage the place. Luke isn't sure about that and Bobbie tells him that he has to do it, because she is too busy trying to deal with the Carly and Jason situation. Luke hasnít heard about the latest situation with Jason and Michael, so Bobbie feels him in. Afterwards, Bobbie tells Luke that Carly is so reckless and is always doing things without thinking first. She then adds that it is becoming so hard to love that girl when she keeps pulling stunts like this. Luke tells her to hang in there and everything will work out. Bobbie convinced Luke not to close Kelly's and he agreed to look for some help. He then tells Bobbie he has to go and warns her not to stick around, because there is a storm coming and he wouldnít want her to get snowed in at Kellyís. Bobbie says that she'll be okay, Jerry is coming to get her. As if on cue, Jerry arrives and greets them both. Luke offers to give the Jacks brothers advice on the Cassadineís, but Jerry continues to play it off like he and Jax arenít interested in the Cassadine holdings. Luke, in code, admitted to Jerry that he had accessed the Cassadine accounts, but Jerry still continues to act like he isnít interested. Luke leaves and shortly afterwards, Jax shows up and looks in the window and sees Jerry kissing Bobbie. He then sees a young couple in love walk by him hand in hand and canít help thinking about Brenda. Jax then leaves, but Luke returns and walks in on the same scene of Jerry and Bobbie kissing and thinks of Laura. Without interrupting them, he leaves too, unnoticed.

Lucky is at Laura's house dropping off some Valentines for Lulu. He mentions that Nikolas is coming for Lulu's tea party. Laura is thrilled to see him and lets him know that Lulu is asleep right now. She then asks him if he is sticking around for the party and he tells her that he won't be there, he has plans. He then offers to cancel his plans for the evening. Laura says that he doesn't have to, Lulu will be fine and she figured that he would have plans, but not with his mother. While Lucky helps Laura get the grab bags together for Lulu's party, he tells his mom that he wants to make this Valentine's Day so special for Liz. Lucky then talks about how Liz reacted to the Valentines Day Dance poster and he can't take last Valentines Day back, but he hopes he can do something about their future Valentines Days. Laura asks him what he has planned and Lucky tells her that it'll just be the two of them and that he bought Liz an orchid corsage for her arm. He hopes that he is just making this right for Liz. Laura says that Elizabeth is lucky to have him. Lucky asks to use the phone, to check on his floral delivery. Laura tells him to go ahead then smiles to herself that Lucky is in love. After hanging up, Lucky finds out that there are no flowers left in Port Charles. Laura offers him some white roses that she received. Nikolas knocks on the door. He has brought two boxes of chocolates, one for Laura, one for Lulu. Laura offers to go upstairs and get Lulu so she can visit with her two favorite guys. Without saying, she also tells Lucky that she will take care of that other matter as well, meaning the flowers. Lulu comes downstairs and the boys both hug and tease her. Laura comes down afterwards with the white roses for Lucky. He thanks her and takes them and then tells everyone that he has to get going over to Liz's. They all bid him a nice Valentineís Day and Lucky leaves. Afterwards, Laura and Nikolas talk. She tells Nikolas how happy she is for Lucky, who is truly in love. Nikolas says that he will have to take her word on how happy it is to be in love. Laura has hopes for Nikolas too and feels that now that heíll be meeting more people, he will find the love of his life as well. Nikolas says that the only regret he ever had was choosing his own friends. He says that adjusting to not being a prince hasnít been hard. Laura then invites Nikolas to stay, but he tells her he has to be somewhere and will talk with her later. He then gives Lulu a kiss and leaves. After waiting and still not receiving one guest, Laura tells Lulu that she hopes the storm hasnít prevented her little friends from making it to her party. Later as they wait, Laura is talking to Lulu about the power of love and how it can make you amazingly strong, or terribly weak. She then tells her, it changes people, but is incredibly wonderful. Laura then pours tea for the both of them.

Emily offers to help an excited Elizabeth get ready for her Valentines Day date with Lucky. As they get ready and talk, Liz smiles and hints that she has a Valentines surprise for Lucky as well. The girls continue to talk about their Valentines plans until Emily announces that it is time for her to go. Liz goes upstairs to get ready for Lucky. Later, upon arrival at the Hardy house, Lucky runs into Emily outside the house who tells him she is just leaving and for him to go inside and see his surprise. Lucky discovers from talking with Emily that Elizabeth has prepared a romantic surprise for him and canít wait to see it. Emily leaves. Liz and Emily have Audrey's house all decorated for Valentines Day. Lucky comes in, and looks around, amazed at what he sees. The place is all decorated with dozens of different colored Valentines hearts and balloons. As if right on cue, Elizabeth comes downstairs wearing her new dress and Lucky is speechless at the site of her.

Up in Alexis' room at the PC Hotel, Jax is there and questioned Alexis' loyalty to their partnership. They talk about the Cassadine rivalry, and where the disbursements of the Cassadine holdings will take place. She asks him how his business is going. He says that he has bids in on a few companies. He says that he is spending a great deal of his cash on her scheme, and says that she had better not blow his money. Jax then asks Alexis for some reassurances that she's truly committed to their partnership. She doesn't answer him. He assumes that she is having second thoughts. There is a knock on the door. She opens it and Sonny strolls in, requesting an audience with his attorney. He looks surprised to see Jax there. Alexis tells him that she is busy. Sonny reminds her that she has an appointment with her newest client. Alexis icily reminds the retired mobster that her representation of him in Dara's office was a one-shot deal, which will not be repeated. She then adds that she only did it because Dara was harassing him. She also reminds him that she told him she never wanted to see him again. Jax smugly asks Sonny to leave. Sonny ignores Jax and turns his attentions back to Alexis by saying that he doesn't remember that she gave back his 100 dollars, even though he does. Sonny then tells Alexis that if she doesnít represent him, he is afraid he will have to sue her for breach of contract. Unintimidated, Alexis tells Sonny that she can drop him as a client at any time, so go stick his threats in his ear. Sonny smiles and says that if this was the reaction he was going to get, he wouldn't have sent such nice flowers. Jax decides to leave so Sonny and Alexis can talk alone. After he is gone, Sonny tells Alexis that Jax is not a good businessman, and he is just a rich playboy who doesn't care about business, except for the fun of it. Alexis says she doesnít need his opinion about Jax and furthermore, is not interested in working for him, and does not want to see his face at her place again. Sonny persists, however, reminding Alexis of a debt she owes Jason, which must now be repaid. He then adds, that she represented Tony Jones, who got squat for his crime. Alexis says that she did her best and besides, Tony paid his price to society. Sonny says that this is her chance to make amends to Jason. He then tells her that Jason is being brought up on kidnapping charges and needs the best lawyer possible and that is where she comes in. Alexis still isnít biting although Sonny continues trying to intimidate Alexis into representing Jason. Instead, Alexis advised Sonny that threatening Carly away from the Quartermaines would be Jason's best defense. Sonny thought about that while Alexis showed him the door. Later, Stefan showed up to talk and Alexis offered to call a truce with Stefan. She then told him that the court is appointing a trustee for the estate and hopes that they can work something out before it gets that far. Meanwhile in another part of the Hotel, Nikolas paid Katherine a visit. She tells him she didnít know if he was coming. He tells her he wasnít sure he was. She then asks him if he is coming in, to which Nikolas doesnít answer.

Carly is dressed now when AJ comes knocking on her door. She composes herself and lets him in. She asks him if Edward has heard from the investigators. Ned grabs Emily and pulls her away from Carly who is looking a little shocked at the assault. Still angry, Emily insists that Jason would never do what Carly is accusing him of. Having walked in the middle of the whole scene, Ned asks what is going on. Edward starts to explain in his usual long-winded fashion, but AJ stops him and tells Ned that Jason has kidnapped Michael. At the penthouse, Taggert tells Sonny that he has received a report that Jason has left town with Michael. Sonny asks where Jason and Michael are supposed to have gone? He then asks Taggert if Carly the one who is making the accusation. When Taggert doesn't answer his question, Sonny calmly points out to Taggert that if Jason had skipped town with Michael, he would certainly know about it. Taggert says that it is his job to follow up on the abduction report, and would be happy to leave once he sees the baby. He asks again where Jason and Michael are. 

Feb 15, & 16 1999 (edited to remainder of Liz & Lucky's valentine's celebration)- Liz's house is decorated like a school dance. Lucky and Liz reminisce about their first high school dance, Lucky stuck by the wall, Liz kept going outside to smoke rather than watch all the boys dance with (her long-lost sister) Sarah. But she dreamed about the boy who would want to dance with her. Lucky apologizes for not knowing her back then. They share a dance together. After enjoying LIz's surprise (a recreation of the school dance they didn't share together), he duo decides to go out for Lucky's surprise, despite the snowstorm. Lucky brings Liz to a candlelit church. Lucky and Liz have arrived at a church, Lucky asks Liz what she thinks and she says it's beautiful. He takes her hand and together, they sit in a pew. Lucky says how he's been thinking about their futures for a lot and he flatters her and she listens, enthralled. He asks if he's rattling and she says no so he continues. He says that her incredible eyes nail him to the wall. Shortly there after, Lucky mentions places that they could go. He says: "... Istanbul..."! Istanbul? Liz asked. She pauses and then tells him that she'd go anywhere with him. She tells him that he is the one constant in her world. She mentions the things he does and then adds that he also gives her kisses that taste like chocolate. He tells her that it's a good thing that she likes chocolate. After a minute or two, Lucky says that he wants to make the same promises except this time, in front of God.

Nikolas and Emily meet at the PC Hotel. They begin talking then Nik excuses himself. Em looks disappointed, until Nik returns with hot chocolate. They are stranded at the hotel as the snowstorm rages outside. Nikolas tells Emily how much he treasures her friendship and how he misses hanging out with everyone and how he never knew that doing anything could be so fun. Em comments how they seem to spend holidays together, first Christmas Eve, then New Year's Eve, now Valentine's evening. He says something about enjoying spending holidays with her!

Lucky tells Liz he never wants to know life without her again. He can't figure out exactly when he started to love her but his heart, his spirit, and his body belong to her. He is crying as he is telling her this. Then together they stand in front of the chapel. They then exchange their own "vows" and tell each other how happy they are to be together in their own words. He takes the ring off of her right finger and puts it on the left ring hand finger. He says: " The ring..." and they kiss. Liz says that this was the most amazing thing that has ever happened to her and asks Lucky if he has that sick feeling in his stomach. He says no and that instead he feels "NEW". She cries a little more then they smile and hug. 

Feb 14, 2000- Sonny put two and two together and deduced that he is the father of Carly's baby. He went to Bobbie with his deduction, and she confirmed it. Sonny asked if he were not supposed to know, and vowed to take care of the situation, as it is his responsibility. Bobbie scolded him, asking what happened to his sense of responsibility on the night he slept with Carly, and, citing Sonny's concern for respect and honor, asked what happened to respect for Carly and Jason? Sonny replied that he and Carly would be the ones to pay for their mistake, no one else, but Bobbie labeled that "a crock" and said that what was best for the baby may well break Sonny's heart. She cautioned him not to go off and do something without thinking it through first, and Sonny left.

At the diner, Tammy and Liz were just finishing up and Liz was ready to leave. Tammy asked her to stay, to help serve the crowd expected when the Valentine Dance ended, but Liz wanted to be alone. Tammy, remembering what Liz had told her about last Valentine's Day with Lucky, agreed. Mike met Liz at the door and asked her what a pretty girl like her was doing on Valentine's Day without a date, then, after Liz left, kicked himself for forgetting about Lucky. Tammy comforted him, and he proposed she close up and come out for a lobster dinner with him. She told him about the expected crowd, and he agreed to cook her a dinner to share at the diner. He served it by candlelight, and all was very cozy until Juan and Emily arrived, carrying balloons and wanting milkshakes. Mike pointed out that Tammy was eating her dinner, and suggested that they get their own shakes, then suggested to Tammy that she leave the diner in the care of Juan and Emily and go dancing with him. Tammy was hesitant at first, but then agreed and went to change her clothes. She came back down dressed in a Valentine red dress that wowed Mike and Juan. Tammy reminded Juan and Emily to lock up after everyone leaves, and then she and Mike left. Juan immediately went to the window and flipped the sign to "closed", then when Emily wondered what Taggert would think if he showed up, turned off the lights also. Emily asked if Taggert had had "the talk" with Juan, he said that he had and they chuckled about it and kissed. Emily asked about her Valentine present, and Juan mumbled around a bit, and then began to sing for her and they kissed some more.   Liz went to the chapel, lit candles, and talked to Lucky. She told him that she misses him all the time, and promised him that all of her, body and soul, mind and spirit is in love with him now and will never change. She vowed he would always be in her heart, and then turned to leave.

At the hospital, Jax and Chloe snuggled on the bed as she slept. Alexis and Ned arrived with flowers, and Jax proposed that they spend Valentine's Day with the person they love, consequences be damned. Ned gave Chloe her Valentine present (cashmere sweater), Alexis gave Jax his (electric socks), and Jax gave one to Alexis and Ned together (deed to an acre of rainforest). Jax repeatedly hinted that he and Chloe wanted to be alone, and eventually Ned and Alexis left. Jax and Chloe were kissing when there was a knock at the door. Jax had arranged for dinner to be flown from Milan, since Chloe had always wanted to take him there, and after she felt her way to the table and identified the foods by scent, he fed her. After dinner, Chloe stated that she felt they'd been given another chance at happiness, and she wanted to make the most of it. Jax agreed and they kissed. He produced marshmallows, and after a little protest from Chloe about setting the place on fire, made s'mores by toasting the marshmallows over the dinner candles. Chloe said she wished she could see Jax, and he assured her that she would be able to see him long before next Valentine's Day. Alexis, in bed with Ned, made a show of looking for her Valentine gift, and Ned presented her with a ring. She agreed to wear it on her right hand for now, and they began to make love as she extended her hand over Ned's shoulder to see her ring.

At Luke's club, Bobbie arrived and wistfully watched the couples dancing. Roy came up to her, and she asked if Luke had returned, but Roy said that he had not. He got Bobbie some wine and joined her at a table, where she admitted that she'd told Sonny the truth. Roy said that since Sonny had asked her point blank, she had no choice but to tell him. Bobbie said she'd given him a lecture on responsibility, and Roy chuckled that he bet Sonny had love that. Bobbie wondered if she'd done the right thing, and worried that maybe she'd just lost her daughter, and Roy tried to reassure her. Bobbie said that Carly doesn't know what lies cost, and regretted that she hadn't known the truth twenty years before, that secrets shouldn't be kept. Roy was stating that one shouldn't let that get in the way of love, when the power went out, leaving the club lit only by candles. Roy and Bobbie quickly concluded that Luke had failed to pay the utility company, and Roy apologized to the crowd, announcing that he would now have to close up for the evening. The crowd exited, and Bobbie remained to help Roy clean up. Roy asked if she recalled Valentine's Day at the Campus Disco, and she said that she did. Roy said that all he really remembers is her red dress, and they reminisced about how she kept trying to get his attention by dancing with her brother, and he admitted that he'd made a lot of mistakes. After they finished cleaning up, Roy produced a portable stereo, commented that it may take him a while but he catches on eventually, and asked Bobbie if she'd like to dance. She replied that she thought he'd never ask, and they began to dance.

All the Quartermaines were gathered in the living room following dinner. Edward gave Lila her present (candy and music they'd danced to years before), Monica showed off her roses and the necklace Alan had given her. Edward asked if he couldn't have given her a full string of pearls instead of only five, but when Alan explained the significance - five years of being cancer-free - all agreed it was a lovely gift. AJ gave Carly her gift of a charm bracelet, and she commented that they'd have years together to add charms. The doorbell rang, and Edward instructed "no guests!" and proposed a toast, to "all the Quartermaines here and all the Quartermaines to come". Sonny appeared in the room just then, having let himself in, and everyone was horrified and jumped all over him, but he insisted he just wanted to speak to Carly. AJ demanded to know why Sonny would want to speak to his wife, and he replied "Why? Because she's pregnant with my child". At first there was shocked silence, then the Quartermaines all began to speak at once, largely defending Carly who said that there must be a misunderstanding. Sonny apologized to Lila, then turned to Carly and said, "Tell me it's not my kid". She replied, "The baby's got nothing to do with you". Sonny began to explain that she didn't sleep with her husband (AJ jumped in here) and Jason wouldn't have her (Carly screamed at him to get out) and Edward suggested that Jason had put him up to this. Sonny, angry, said he'd demand a blood test, and Edward instructed AJ to call the attorney, but Sonny turned to Carly and said that they don't need a blood test; they all know what the result will prove. After a moment of silence, Carly agreed that there was no need for a blood test, and quietly admitted that the baby is Sonny's. Alan and Monica immediately began to trash Carly, and AJ demanded to know how many times she'd slept with Sonny. Sonny told him once, but AJ didn't believe him. Monica guessed that that was why Jason had left, and Sonny said that all he cares about is the child, he just wants to be part of the child's life. Edward suggested that perhaps it was a lie, and when Sonny questioned why he'd do that, explained that it would prove that AJ wasn't the father of the baby. AJ said that he'd "never thought the baby was mine, and neither did any of you - not really". He said that he'd been looking forward to raising Jason's child, but that there was no way he'd raise Sonny's, then turned on Carly, called her a tramp who wasn't good enough for him, and told her to get out. Carly said that there was no way she'd leave without Michael, but AJ replied "No way". Alan then suggested that maybe tossing Carly out wasn't the best idea, and when Monica retorted "Are you on drugs again?" calmly replied "Well, what would have happened if I'd thrown you out the first time you slept with somebody? Or the second? Or the third?" As Edward insisted that they had to consider Michael's needs, all the Quartermaines began to argue amongst themselves, Sonny commented that his child would not be brought up like this, and neither should Michael. All resumed arguing again until Lila spoke up. She said that Mr. Corinthos and Carly needed a moment. Sonny apologized again to Lila, and all the Quartermaines exited, arguing once more. Alone, Carly told Sonny that he didn't have to do that, and he told her just to "take care of that baby". She began to protest that she'd never hurt the baby, but Sonny told her not to say anything, promised her that he'd be back, and left.

Feb 14th, 2001- Emily replays a rustic moment of romance as her Valentine's Day gift to Zander. Ever on the prowl for an opportunity to play matchmaker, Chloe tricks Ned and Alexis into a "chance" encounter. Jason holds back a frantic Carly as she screams out her husband's name. Meanwhile, inside the burning warehouse, Sonny struggles to extricate himself but is pinned down by a fallen beam. After setting the mood to recreate her friends' first meeting, Chloe encourages Alexis and Ned to play nice and then makes herself scarce. Nikolas teases Gia about her unending fascination with the proofs from her practice shoot. As Johnny entreats the firefighters to save his boss, Jason dashes into the building and manages to pry Sonny free. Just as an anguished Carly begins to give up hope, Jason emerges from the smoke with Sonny in tow.

Greatly relieved to see Jason in one piece, Elizabeth reluctantly allows Lucky to lead her away from the chaotic scene. Later, Elizabeth finds the romantic surprise Lucky prepared in her room. Gia and Nikolas succumb to their longstanding mutual attraction and make love in front of a roaring fire. Afterwards, Nikolas presents a beaming Gia with a portfolio and tells her how much he believes in her future as a successful model. Jason spies Rick reporting back on the night's events to Sorel and Carlos.

Feb 14, 2002- Skye (dressed in a gold ball gown) descends the stairs at the Q mansion to find Jax (looking delish in black tie and tails) waiting for her. He tells her he was wrong before, she is more than beautiful, and she is amazing. Nay-sayers Edward, Ned and Sonny (also dressed to the hilt) appear to disagree and insult Skye. Jax demands an apology on the ladyís behalf, to which Sonny replies that Skye is no lady; she is just a garden-variety tramp. Jax (with a wave of his hand) commands that Sonny be gone and-poof Sonny disappears. Skye is delighted and asks Jax how? ďItís easy when you have the powerĒ he declares, then asks what else she wants. Skye wants Ned to leave her alone, better yet she wants him to do her bidding. Ned asserts that will never happen, but Jax says the words and-poof Nedís formal togs are replaced by a chauffeurs uniform. Skye commands him to bring the car around and Ned scurries off to do so. Her attention turns to Edward, who pleads with her to have mercy-after all he is an old man with a weak heart. Jax tells Skye that he will share the power with her and at her words Edward becomes her butler-complete with a couple of ĎYes Missí and ĎAs you wish Missí thrown in. After dismissing Edward, Skye asks why Jax has done all this for her and confesses she has lied and manipulated him. Jax confess that heís known all along but she is the most amazing woman heís ever met so he went along with her. He assures her that he knows what she really is and will always be with her no matter what. Skye tells Jax she wants him and he sweeps her down on to the foyer couch with a kiss.

Alexis (buttoned up to the neck in a prim suit, hair done up and glasses) tries to read a contract to Sonny who declares no interest in the legalities. Instead he pulls her glasses off and tells her she has beautiful eyes and shouldnít hide them. Alexis moves away and continues to read the contract. Sonny (after pulling off his jacket) whips the papers out of her hand and on to the floor. He unpins her hair and unbuttons her jacket, while telling her how she doesnít have to hide her feelings anymore because he also thinks about her all the time. Alexis is apparently speechless at this discovery because all we hear from her is a whimper as Sonny pushes her into a chair and kisses her. A few kisses, whimpers and groans later, Sonny (with Alexisí help) is pulling his shirt off as another kiss carries them down to the carpeting.

Elton introduces Gia to a bevy of her adoring fans and is greeted by oohs, aahs, cheers and applause. Playing host, Elton asks the Princess-to-be how it feels to have all your dreams come true.....complete with a rich, handsome Prince. Itís wonderful she says, but before she can tell her adoring public what she will do next, Taggart and Courtney break through the crowd and announce that GIA ran the red light, put Liz in the hospital and framed Courtney. Taggart declares that they have proof and tells Gia she is under arrest. Gia takes Nik aside and asks him to help her. Nik warns her that there is only one way, but once done there will be no going back. Gia (not even asking what he means) tells Nik to do it. Nik takes the microphone from Elton and starts a speech about how Gia has been targeted by Courtney and Taggart. Halfway through the speech Nikís voice changes, Gia looks over and finds herself staring at STAVROS. Nik/Stavros goes on to assure the crowd that Taggart and Courtney will be arrested for their crime and he and Gia will go on to live the life they deserve. Elton takes the mic back and asks Gia how she feels now that her Prince has saved her. Gia, with a look over at Nik (who is now back to himself) tells everyone (in a less than sure voice) that she is the most fortunate woman alive.

Liz (spoiling for a fight) and Lucky arrive outside of Helenaís digs (apparently down on the docks). Lucky assures Liz that though Helena may have cast an evil spell on him, she doesnít Ďhaveí him and never will. As the lovers start to kiss, Helena (dressed in what appears to be a cast off of some Disney evil-queen character) appears, scoffs at Lizís confident attitude. After Liz mocks her Ďvillain speakí, Helena (with a snap of her fingers) sends a large wooden crate flying at the duo. It misses Liz, but knocks Lucky out. Helena assures a worried Liz that because Lucky is enchanted he canít die. Then (accompanied by classic villain speak- ďWhich is more than I can say for you my prettyĒ) points her finger at Liz and shoots blots of electricity at our heroine. Liz ducks, points out Helena's fashion mistake, and bad aim, lifts a crate and throws it at the

wicked queen, who manages to sidestep out of harmís way. Helena points her finger and shoots at Liz again, and misses again. Liz spies a bucket of water and throws it at Helena. With the classic lines ringing in her ears (think wizard of oz), Liz watches as Helena melts away. A groan from Lucky draws her attention. She rushes to him and tells him that she has defeated Helena. A crack of thunder announces an imminent rainstorm, which has Liz franticly trying to get Lucky inside before the rain melts him. Lucky tells Liz that the spell has been broken, but isn't sure and still tries to usher him inside. Lucky assures her he feels the difference because HE LOVES HER. Liz remains unconvinced until (as the rain starts) Lucky draws her into his arms for a kiss. Lucky lifts his head and shouts into the rain...I LOVE YOU! With a happy smile from Liz, the couple continues to kiss, hug and laugh in the rain.

Carly finds Sonny deep in discussion with Alexis about business. Sonny kisses her goodbye and she exits, but before the door can close Sonny calls out that he needs and wants his wife. Sonny begins to tell Carly that his enemies are preparing to strike, but Alexis intercedes with the reminder that Carly canít know because she has already betrayed him once. Sonny coldly yells at Alexis that he loves, trusts and respects Carly and if Alexis doesnít then she can just leave the state or better yet the country. Alexis apologies, but Sonny directs her apologize to Carly. Alexis respectfully does then Carly tells her to do as Sonny ordered about the enemy. Alexis questions how Carly knows what Sonny wants done, was she eavesdropping? No says Carly she knows Sonny, therefore she knows what he wants done. Alexis attempts to discuss other business issues with Sonny, but he curtly dismisses all except Carly. Once alone he presents her with a necklace/pendant, which Carly proclaims she loves even before she sees it. Together they read the inscriptions ď I love you; te amo; je tíaime; te quieroĒ. As Sonny slips the necklace over Carlyís head he tells her (in Spanish) ďYou fill my life with your laughter, and I love you with all my heartĒ. At her prompting her loosely translates then invites her to dance with him. Sultry music fills the air as they kiss and the lights dim as they start to dance.

Sports announcer Alan describes the amazing feat that AJ has accomplished. He has lasted 11 rounds in the ring with undefeated champ Sonny. Alan praises AJís determination despite the fact that AJ has been knocked down by the champ three times already. In the ring Edward and Skye tend to AJ (in boxing togs, complete with swollen eye, cut lip and blood-imagine a scene right out of Rocky). Edward wants to throw in the towel, but AJ refuses to quit. Skye warns that one more hit to his ribs could cause permanent damage, but AJ refuses to give in. Meanwhile, across the ring Carly and Alexis tend to (apparently untouched by AJ) Sonny, who appears to be taunting his opponent. Courtney approaches and pleads with AJ to stop the fight; he has nothing to prove to her, she already knows AJ is the better man. AJ claims he has to prove it to everyone else. Courtney tells AJ she canít bear to see Sonny knock him down again, but AJ confidently assures her he has Sonny right where he wants him. Referee Ned calls out last round as the bell rings. The match continues with Sonny doling out the punishment, as he is the only one connecting with his punches, while AJ just swings wildly. Finally, Sonny has AJ against the ropes and is dancing around before moving in for the kill. Courtney calls out to Sonny; Sonny turns to look at her; AJ sees his opening and connects with a solid right hook. Sonny goes down with for the count, while in the background Alanís voice proclaims that the impossible has happened. While Carly and Alexis rush to Sonny, AJ receives hugs from Edward-who tells AJ he is proud; Skye who proclaims him a winner at last; and Courtney-who doesnít say much of anything just squeals with delight as she lifts AJís arm in the time honored tradition reserved for boxing champs.

Kristina (with a very flattering Veronica Lake do) croons about her feeling for Ned, as she caresses a picture of Ned, while Ned plays the piano. She continues to sing as she sits next to him, then proceeds to climb atop the piano and sexily sing. After a few lines Ned joins in with his feeling for her. As they reach the end of the end of the number, and prepare to confess (in song) that each made the other fall in love, someone appears in the background who brings the song to an abrupt end; Alexis.

Sonny appears in Carly's door, as she opens a window. She invites him in; he asks if she is sure. After she removes his jacket, they sit down on the bed and start to kiss. As their passion heats up, Sonny pulls Carly down on top of him. Afterwards, they lie in bed while Carly strokes his scars and make inane chatter. Sonny confesses how he hates waking up in the middle of the night and not finding her beside him. He tells her he wants their relationship to last forever and Carly assures him that he can trust her. After another passionate kiss, she insists that he can trust her, but when Sonny looks he finds the woman in his arms is now Alexis.

Luke (sporting 40ís era gumshoe clothing) returns to his office to find partner Roy playing cards. Roy informs Luke that someone waits in his office for him. Luke enters and finds Laura (looking pretty good in 40ís era dress) holding a gray velvet heart shaped box. She professes her love for him (as she holds out the box) but Luke appears indifferent towards her and reminds her she has rejected his love many times before. Laura wants him back. She confesses her life is empty with out him and reminds him of their old wedding vows. Luke admits he still loves her, they kiss and the focus shifts to the heart-shaped box, now bright red, lying on the desk. Laura (in evening wear) waits on a ship's deck for Luke to join her. Instead a crewmember hands her a note and tells her that Luke went ashore. Disbelieving she reads the note and realizes it a farewell note from Luke who couldnít face her to say goodbye. With tears in her eyes she turns around to find Luke is standing there. He claims that he couldn't bear to leave her behind. Laura is reluctant to believe Luke again, fearing she will get her heart broken again. Luke, desperate for another chance, pleads with Laura, who is torn by her feelings. Finally she gives in and they share a long and passionate kiss.

Feb 14, 2003- Guests begin arriving for the wedding. The Quartermaine's are shocked to see Skye arrive. Skye sneaks a peak at the gun hidden in her purse. Jax is surprised to see her and when she asks to stay he doesn't think it is a good idea. Why put herself thru that? She sweetly says that she wants a new start with him as a friend and wants him to be happy. Jason shows up to meet Brenda at her request. She looks incredibly beautiful. This is cute as he dashes in expecting her to ask him to get her out of there! He asks if she has had second thoughts and seems ready to help her escape getting married to Jax. She assures him she wants to go through with it and that isn't why she wanted to see him. She thanks him for helping her and teases him that he married her because he really likes her. She tells him that she respects Sonny's marriage as he will respect hers and that Jax is the best thing that ever happened to her. He thanks her for the invite to her wedding but can't stay. He tells her that he is happy for her and they hug. Jax enters, and after Jason has left, Brenda teases Jax whether anymore hidden wives would be popping up or any other secrets (referring to their last wedding when his presumed dead wife Miranda showed up)? The wedding begins, Brenda walks up the aisle to meet Jax. Brenda takes a moment in front of their family and friends to tell Jax how much he means to her and to say her vows to him. Skye stands in the hallway, listening, and pulls her gun out. Jax tells Brenda how much she means to him, Skye cocks the trigger, then its Jax's turn to say "I do" but instead he says "No!". The wedding guests gasp in shock. He continues, "I can't marry you when your heart belongs to someone else. I know you were kissing Sonny last night on the pier!"

The night of Carly's club opening, Ric notices how tense she is and takes it as opening night jitters. Carly flashes back to when she saw Sonny kissing Brenda down on the docks. Carly takes a bottle of wine and heaves it at the bar. Ric looks at her concerned. She is upset and he tells her he is her friend. She blasts him as being too perfect, too helpful. He wants to know what is wrong. She denies that there is a problem and says he reminds her of herself when she first came to town all sweet and nice, lying to everyone while having a hidden agenda. Later as the patrons gather, Ric announces Carly. She welcomes everyone to The Cellar. Carly leaves to go to Jake's. One of Faith's goons offers to buy her a drink. when she isn't looking he drugs it.

Feb 17, 2003- (edited to ending of J&B's wedding) Jax told Brenda in front of everyone that he couldn't marry her because he knew about her kissing Sonny. He waited all night and morning for her to tell him about it, but she didn't and he couldn't marry her if he didn't trust her. Brenda tried to convince him that it was a goodbye, that she had told Sonny to be as happy as she was with Jax, but Jax resisted her. Brenda admitted she would always love Sonny; Jax could not accept that. Humiliated, Brenda told Jax he should not have ended their engagement in such a public way, especially after her similar wedding with Sonny had led to her nervous breakdown. She said that because he did such a cruel thing, she no longer wanted to marry him either. Brenda walked out and returned to her suite as Skye looked on. Skye entered Brenda's suite while she was gathering her things and told her she deserved what had happened. Brenda told her that Jax needed someone he could trust, and that certainly wasn't Skye. Brenda left and a few moments later Jax arrived, annoyed to see Skye there. He guzzled champagne while Skye told him that Jax had outrageously high standards and even Brenda couldn't live up to them anymore.  

8/10/98 ABC Soaps Most Unforgettable Love Stories- SP 1 hr original, highlights various most popular couples from the ABC soaps - GH: Luke & Laura (Jonathan speaks about them and Lucky), Robin & Stone, Sonny/Brenda/Jax, Kevin & Lucy (PC/GH), :19 GH promo (Nik, J&R, Stephen, L&L) OLTL - Bo & Nora, Max & Gabrielle, Jake & Megan. AMC - Haley & Mateo, Tad & Dixie, Nina & Cliff, Erica's romances

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