I have done an edit of the train wreck episodes. This edit contains 11 complete episodes, no commercials. I also included additional scenes from three other episodes to complete the storyline.

Train Wreck Episodes November 1-16th, 2005 - 7 1/2 hours

11 complete episodes, 3 edited episodes:

  • 11/1 Edited to Nik tells them they will go on  a train for their honeymoon
  • 11/2 Board the train - complete episode
  • 11/3 train collison - complete episode
  • 11/4 aftermath - complete episode
  • 11/7 tunnel collapses, Alexis in labor - complete episode
  • 11/8 Liz does CPR on Lucky, train explodes - complete episode
  • 11/9 Gas leak, Carly and Manny shootout, c-section begins - complete episode
  • 11/10 Nik is trapped, Alexis gives birth to Molly - complete episode
  • 11/11 Manny plants explosives, Alexis seems to be dying - complete episode
  • 11/14 Alexis survives, Reese dies, Manny shoots Robin - complete episode
  • 11/15 Jason searches for detonators, Manny sets charges - complete episode
  • 11/16 Cave explodes, Jason & Carly caught in collapse - complete episode
  • 11/17 - edited to Jason & Carly exiting the tunnel
  • 11/18 - edited to Jason's reunion with Sam and Robin continues, reunion with Sonny, Michael, Emily

Episode Descriptions:

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005- about 2 minutes from this episode:  Nikolas and Emily announce that Elizabeth and Lucky will be staying in the honeymoon suite at the MetroCourt tonight and will take a train ride to Manhattan tomorrow. They are thrilled, but Elizabeth remembers she has to work tomorrow. Alan interjects and says that Elizabeth is off work, and Nikolas tells them both they are off work for the next two weeks.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005 - complete episode:  Liz and Lucky woke up in their honeymoon suite and started packing for their honeymoon. They talked about their dreams for the future and hopes for more kids. Emily and Nikolas arrived with breakfast and told the happy couple to be ready for the train.
     Jason and Sam argued about Robin. Jason claimed to be okay, Sam told him that he was lying and that he doesn't lie. Sam told Jason that she is going to NY, because Robin is there to speak at a convention on AIDS. Jason sends Max to guard Sam while she is gone.
     Sonny called Rose Lawn check on Carly. He is told that she has become very agitated and they want to medicate her. Sonny refuses to have her drugged. Sonny told the doctor that he will pull Carly if she is given any psychological drugs. Michael came in and wanted to know how his mom is doing. Sonny told him that she is fine.
     At Rose Lawn, Carly was looking out the window as Manny was standing outside her window and trying to get into her room. Manny entered Carly's room and told her that Sonny and Jason are going to die and she is going to help him make this happen.
     Jason went to Sonny's house. Sonny thought that Jason should be at the hospital getting treatment from Robin. Jason told Sonny that Manny is alive. Sonny doesn't believe this. Sonny told Jason that he can go to Rose Lawn to check on Carly. But, he has to promise to get treatment when he returns. Jason went to Rose Lawn and asked Carly if she had seen Manny. She didn't respond and appeared frightened. Jason told Carly everything will be okay. Jason discovered that Manny was hired on as a dayworker at Rose Lawn.
     Robin was speaking at an AIDS conference and talked about her life with HIV and about Stone. There were flashbacks to when she found out she was HIV-positive and to when Stone died. She talked about all the children in Africa afflicted with this disease and urges people to help. When she was done speaking, she met Sam and they discussed Jason. They boarded a train to Port Charles. Robin told Sam that there is no guarantee but, this is Jason's best hope.
     Alexis is going to New York to get a fresh start. Emily saw her at the train station and invites her to go with them on their private train car. Alexis said yes, because Emily wanted a distraction since Nikolas is bringing Courtney. Reese and Ric are also headed to New York. Elizabeth invited them to take their train as well. Reese and Ric boarded the same train car as Alexis. Ric and Alexis argued.
     Nikolas invited Courtney to New York. Jax overheard and got upset. Jax claimed that it would be too dangerous. Courtney said that she will go to New York. When Courtney and Nikolas boarded the train, Jax boarded behind them. He said that he had is own train car hooked up to their train.
     Lorenzo gave money to the hospital. Skye told Alan and he was unhappy because it is mob money. Lorenzo wanted Skye to go away with him. She seemed about to say yes, when he got a call from Rose Lawn. The doctor told him that Carly needed to be medicated, but that Sonny said no. Lorenzo told the doctor that he needs to think about it. Lorenzo told Skye that he hadn't interfered in Carly's care because he thought that Sonny had had her best interests at heart. Lorenzo went to see Sonny. They argued over who had hurt Carly more. Sonny said that he will kill Lorenzo if he allows them to give Carly drugs. Lorenzo went to Rose Lawn to check on Carly, she is missing.
     Carly is on a train headed to Port Charles. The same train as Sam, Max and Robin. Manny is seen in a restricted area on the same train. On the train headed to NY, Jax and Alexis talked. Alexis hoped that Jax and Courtney reunite. Courtney and Nikolas try to relax and have fun together. Liz and Lucky are happy and in love. Reese hoped that Sonny would come and stop her from leaving. Sonny boards the train. But, to go to Rose Lawn, not to stop Reese from leaving.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2005 - complete episode:  Sonny gets on the train. He goes over to Emily and asks to speak to her alone and explains to her that he is taking the train to go see Carly at the mental hospital. He asks her for advice about whether he should allow Carly's doctor to give her an antipsychotic drug or not. Emily tries to explain to him that she is only a med student and can't give that kind of advice and suggests he get a second opinion from another psychiatrist before making that decision.
     Lorenzo goes to the mental hospital to see how Carly is doing. He talks to her doctor and he tells him that Carly is getting worse and seems very agitated lately. Lorenzo tells him he wants to see her first and then he will decide whether to permit him to give her medication or not since he is technically her husband still. The doctor lets him enter her room but Lorenzo finds no sign of Carly and notices a window open. Lorenzo realizes that Manny must be alive and had something to do with her disappearance. He calls for his men to come and help him find Manny and Carly. One of his men calls and tells him that he knows where Manny is.
     Sonny tries to ignore Ric and Reese who are sitting next to each other in the same train car as Emily and everyone. Ric tells Reese that it isn't right that Sonny is ignoring her after everything she did for him and his kids. Ric grabs Sonny by the arm as he tries to walk past them again. He tells Sonny off for ignoring Reese. Sonny brushes him off but Ric won't let him walk away without talking. Sonny decides to let Ric talk to him and sits down. Ric asks Sonny why it is so hard for him to get past the fact that other people make mistakes just like he does and that isn't forgivable when it is Reese or him but it would be o.k. with Sonny if Jason or Carly betrayed him. Sonny admits that he misses Carly even though she lies to him so easily all the time. Ric makes a point that if Jason betrayed him he would forgive him and that Jason must be his true brother not himself. He also tells Sonny that he will never be able to let go of Carly in his heart even if he pushes her away. Reese overhears the whole conversation and is saddened by how honest it is.
     Jax invites Courtney to go see the train car he rented to have hitched to the train. Courtney goes to see reluctantly. Courtney tells Jax that he can't keep trying to control her just because she is having his baby. Jax apologizes if he has been coming on too strong but tells her that he was afraid to be alone this evening since it is the anniversary of the bet they made and the first time they made love. Courtney can't help but feel for him and sits down and starts to relax and talk with Jax. She tells Nikolas about it later. Nikolas runs into Jax later and tells him off for trying to manipulate Courtney in hopes of getting her to stay married to him. Jax tells him that he wouldn't be able to control someone like Courtney anyway.
     Lucky and Elizabeth try to find a place to be alone and find Jax's train car empty for now. They decide to dance and cuddle with each other. Alexis tells Jax that she is not going to let herself get caught in the middle of a war between Nikolas and Jax over Courtney and that she just hopes it all works out in the end.
     Jason shows up at Sonny's house. He starts to have one of his severe headaches and collapses on the floor. Michael comes downstairs and sees Jason lying on the floor unconscious with a nose bleed. He calls for one of the guards and then calls 911. The paramedics come and take Jason to the hospital. Michael goes with him with the bodyguard.
     Sam and Robin talk some more about Jason on the train leaving New York. Robin asks Sam why she can be with Jason knowing she could very well lose him to the life he leads. Sam tells her all about how she met Jason and how she was pregnant with Sonny's child and how Jason told everyone it was his to keep Sonny and Carly together. Robin tells her that Jason never lied like that before but that Carly could manipulate him into doing anything to protect her. Sam agrees with her about Carly but informs Robin that Carly had a nervous breakdown recently and is in a mental hospital right now. Robin feels like a jerk for criticizing Carly. Sam understands that Robin was just being honest about how she feels about Carly. However, neither of them are aware that Carly has escaped from the mental hospital and is on the train with them sitting right behind them. Sam calls Jason's cell-phone and Michael answers it. She asks him why he has Jason's phone and Michael tells her about finding Jason lying on the floor unconscious and how he called 911. Sam tells Michael to tell Tony not to do surgery on Jason and that she is on her way to Port Charles.
     Tony runs tests on Jason and comes back to tell Monica and Alan that Jason's condition is deteriorating and he needs to have surgery. Alan is all for it but Michael argues with them not to give him surgery and wait for Sam to come back first. Tony doesn't think it can wait and Jason comes awake to say he doesn't want surgery. Monica tells Tony she can't let him do surgery on Jason and that they need to wait for Sam since she probably found Robin. Robin decides to give Sam some privacy while she is on the phone and goes to another empty seat to do some reading. Someone bumps into her hard while leaving her seat, Robin turns around in annoyance but doesn't see the person as she walks away. It turns out to be Carly who knocked into her without saying sorry. Robin returns to her seat next to Sam. Sam tells her about Jason being sent to the hospital after Michael found him lying unconscious. Carly goes toward the bathroom and finds Manny watching her and blocking her way. Sam and Robin almost run into Manny. They see him.      Sam and Robin go to the driver of the train and warn him that Manny is on their train and that he is psychotic and a fugitive from the law. The driver asks Sam if she is a cop but she tells him she isn't but knows what she is talking about. They plead with the driver to call the authorities to let them know the situation. He agrees to do that. However, Manny kills him before he can do anything. Suddenly the lights go out on the train and Sam and Robin notice that the train is going way too fast suddenly. They go and find the driver sprawled out over the controls of the train. They try to stop the train but can't move the gear shift at all. Suddenly they see headlights coming at them and the other train controller calls out a warning over the radio that they are going to collide with his train. Sam and Robin both scream when they realize what is about to happen.

Friday, November 4th, 2005 - complete episode:  In the wake of the train collision, several dazed and injured passengers begin trying to extricate themselves and others from the wreckage. Sonny manages to climb free from one demolished car and helps Alexis, Ric and Reese out in turn. Though Tony insists that Jason isn't competent enough to make his own decisions, Monica backs up her son's choice not to undergo surgery. Tracy snarls at Skye after she invites Lulu to join her father and stepmother for dinner. Elizabeth is horrified to find Lucky bleeding badly near the railroad tracks. Jason receives word that the train carrying Robin and Sam has crashed. Skye reminds a scoffing Luke that fatherhood is a lifetime commitment. Later, Luke panics to learn that his son was aboard the ill-fated train. Max and Sam attempt to pull Robin free but she remains pinned beneath a large chunk of steel. Courtney hisses at Jax to back off when he hovers anxiously at hand. Jason arrives at the tunnel to find search and rescue teams working feverishly to reach the trapped victims within. Emily and Nikolas share an emotional reunion as Jax volunteers to search for a way out. Alexis warns Ric that her labor has begun. Lulu bitterly informs Skye that the only family Luke cares about is Lucky. Huddled inside the derailed commuter car, Carly elects to remain hidden from the others. Manny chortles to see the results of his handiwork. As his strength ebbs away, Lucky thanks Elizabeth for the chance to be her husband. Jason heads down a ventilation shaft in hopes of effecting a rescue.

Monday, November 7th, 2005 - complete episode:  Just as Lucky gives a heartfelt goodbye to Liz, the tunnel caves in and buries him alive. Liz races against time to get him out from under the rubble. Luke finds them and helps Liz uncover Lucky. Once he's uncovered, they're both relieved to know that Lucky is still alive. Luke realizes that Lucky isn't breathing, though.
     Courtney, Sonny, and Nikolas try to clear the passage to get to Lucky and Elizabeth. Sonny realizes that Reese is in pain, so he asks her to sit with Alexis instead of helping to remove debris. Reese is resistant at first, but decides to go sit with Alexis when Ric goes to help Emily find medical supplies. Before Ric leaves, Alexis and Ric talk about their relationship. Alexis finds it funny that they can only get along when their lives are a chaotic mess. Ric tells her they both need excitement, which is why they thrive on chaos. Alexis tells him she needs him to come back, though, and they kiss before he rushes off to help Emily. Reese tries to sit with Alexis, but Alexis assures her she doesn't need her company. Reese tells her to stop being stubborn and allow her to help for her baby's sake. While they talk, Ric asks Emily how Alexis is doing. Emily hesitates and Ric asks her what's wrong. Before she can answer, Nikolas tells her Alexis needs her. The contractions are closer together now and Alexis is dilated to 6. Ric asks her what they would do for Alexis at a hospital, and Emily tells them they would do a c-section.
     Jason cuts the rope Luke tied to him and rushes off to find Sam. He finds Carly, though he doesn't recognize her. He warns her about the threat of fire and Carly grabs the fire extinguisher to put out the sparks from the electrical wires. As she dashes off, Jason spots Robin lying in the floor and thinks it is Sam. She wakes up and he realizes its Robin. She tells him that Sam went off to get help and wants him to go find her. Jason hesitates but runs off to find Sam. He finds her not too far away, buried in the ruble. He uncovers her and she wakes up. He helps her stand up, despite her protests that he's not in the hospital. They go back to try and help Robin get out from under the seats that have her pinned inside the train car. Max tries to stop Carly from heading out of the ruble, but he's gunned down by Manny. Carly grabs a pipe and asks if she's who he's been looking for.
     Skye runs to the scene of the accident and finds Alcazar already there. When she asks what he's doing there, she realizes something is up. She puts two and two together and discovers that Carly was on the train coming into Port Charles. She realizes that Alcazar thinks Carly caused the accident. Tracy stops any further conversation by accusing Skye of allowing Luke to go in after Lucky. She thinks that Skye would rather see Luke dead than with any other woman. Skye denies this and tells her he was only going in after his son. Jax comes stumbling out of the tumble and receives oxygen while the paramedics check him over. Mac realizes he's determined to go back in and wants to stop him. Jesse thinks it's a good idea to let Jax go back in, though, because he knows more than the rescuers do at this point. Jesse promises Mac that he will do everything possible to save Robin.
     Alcazar agrees to go help Jax, but before they rush off, Skye hugs Alcazar in defeat of his love for Carly. Tracy watches the exchange and asks Skye whose husband she is wringing her hands over, hers or Carly's? Much to Skye's disbelief, Lulu convinced Georgie to take her back to the scene after she dropped her off at home. Lulu told Georgie she was going to help her Aunt Bobbie, but Georgie realizes it's all a scam once they arrive. They run into Jesse, who tells them that Lucky is hurt. George tries to convince her to stay out of the way, but Lulu says she's been staying out of the way all her life. If she has to yell and scream and get in the way in order to get her brothers out alive, that's what she's going to do. Dr. Winters vents her frustration to Justice about Jax refusing medical treatment. Justice calms her down by telling her she's doing all that she can for those people that want medical care.
     Back at the hospital, Monica and Alan receive word that a male is being air-lifted to the hospital from the train wreck. He's sustained minor injuries, but appears to be unconscious from a possible seizure. They both assume the worst and fear its Jason, but are relieved when another man is wheeled into the hospital. Alan tells Monica he has a feeling that both Jason and Emily will make it through this ordeal.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005 - complete epiosde:  Liz performs CPR until Lucky starts breathing on his own again. Lucky wakes up as Luke and Liz are arguing. Luke wants to get Lucky out of the tunnel, but Liz thinks it's too dangerous to move him. Lucky speaks up and tells them that his father is right. Nikolas goes to say goodbye to Alexis, Emily, and Courtney, while Liz and Luke prepare Lucky for the move. When Nikolas comes back, he and Luke carry Lucky toward the entrance Luke came in through. Nikolas and Luke put down Lucky so they can dig through the additional rubble that blocked the entrance. As they continue to dig, they hear voices. Alcazar and Jax are on the other side of the blocked entrance. They all hear each other and dig a hole small enough for Luke and Nikolas to pass Lucky through. Jax and Alcazar get Lucky through, but the hole collapses as Luke tries to crawl through. He does make it, through, and they rush Lucky over to triage to get him to the hospital as soon as possible. Back in the hole, Nikolas and Liz realize they are trapped. As Liz breaks down, both her and Nikolas start to cough. Liz passes out, and Nikolas realizes there are gasses in the chamber that are affecting them. Before he can find a way out, he collapses with Liz in his arms.
     Emily tells Ric and Alexis that if the contractions don't stop, both Alexis and the baby could be at risk. Emily finds an asthma drug that may help slow the contractions down. She can't give advice, but she can offer the drug to Alexis so that she can make the decision. After another strong contraction, Alexis decides to take the medicine. While they wait for the drug to work, Ric apologizes to Alexis and she admits she's always wanted him with her when the baby was born. The drug does slow the contractions down, but Alexis continues to dilate. The baby is stuck high up in the pelvis, so if they don't get Alexis out soon the baby could still die.
     Carly is able to get a good swing at Manny, but she doesn't get very far before he grabs her again. She sees Max's gun lying next to him and makes an attempt to grab it. Manny sees what she's doing and tries to keep her away from the gun. Another avalanche caves in, and Carly grabs a rock and hits Manny on the head. She runs back to the train car and hides behind a seat. Manny comes looking for her but can't find her until she knocks over a briefcase in an attempt to get another gun. Carly grabs the gun and runs back behind the seat, but Manny is already heading her way.
     Sam and Jason finally manage to free Robin. As they leave the train car, Robin remembers her medicines and research are still on the train. Jason heads back to get it, but the train explodes before Jason can find the briefcase. He jumps out of the exploding train and knocks himself unconscious. When he wakes up, Robin assesses Jason's condition and realizes it's much more serious than she realized. Jason still thinks it's no big deal, but Sam erupts at him. Jason asks her what's bothering her besides the train wreck, and she explains that today would have been their little girl's first birthday. They all agree that the best way to help Jason is to find a way out. The three of them find a path up on a ledge, but as they try to walk across Robin slips and falls. She clings to the side of the ledge, while Jason begs her to grab hold of his hand.
     Lulu witnesses Skye and Tracy in a heated debate over her father and interrupts telling them both that her father will never love either one of them. Skye is stunned into silence over Lulu's outburst, but Tracy takes this opportunity to tell Lulu she is a selfish, spoiled brat. Skye calls Dillon and asks him to rescue Lulu from his mother. Dillon goes over and separates the two women and goes off with Lulu. They bond over the fact that they both only have one parent and that one parent is lacking the necessary parenting skills. When Lulu sees Luke and Lucky coming out of the tunnel, she rushes over to Lucky's side. She realizes that Luke left Nikolas behind, and she starts screaming at Luke again. Meanwhile, Georgie vents to Dillon at how selfish Lulu is. Dillon stands up for Lulu, though.

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005 - complete episode:  Robin is hanging from the ledge. Jason pulled her to safety. Robin wanted Jason to rest and not to stain himself, and Sam agreed with Robin. Jason claimed he couldn't rest because there might be another cave-in. Robin told Jason that he hasn't changed that he still doesn't listen to people. Jason admitted that he was having another headache, but wanted them to keep moving. Jason found a St. Christopher metal in the tunnels. It caused him to have a flash back about Carly. In the flashback he remembered giving her a St. Christopher necklace in the hospital after she had Michael. The medal was to protect her and help to remind her of Michael so that she could come back to him.
     Carly held a gun and hid behind a row of seats as Manny taunted her. Manny shot at the seats where she was hiding. Manny went to check to see if he shot Carly, but she wasn't there. Manny told Carly that she couldn't run forever. Carly stood up and shot Manny. She missed, but a shootout began. It ended with Manny being shot. Carly fled the train car and went into the tunnels. Carly realized that she lost her St. Christopher metal and headed back to the train cars.
     Elizabeth and Nikolas passed out from a gas leak. Later, Nikolas stopped the leak and the two of them talked about what they will do when they get out of here. Elizabeth told Nikolas that she will find Lucky, go on her honeymoon, take lots of pictures and then have Emily and Nikolas over to Kelly's to look at them. Nikolas said that he couldn't believe that she was still playing matchmaker when they were buried in the tunnels.
     Jax is mad a Mac for not being more aggressive in the search and not wanting him there. Jax told Mac that he would find his own way in. Jax found Elizabeth and Nikolas. He had dug out the debris that had collapsed the tunnel. Elizabeth asked about Lucky and found out that he was at the hospital in surgery. Mac asked them if they had seen Robin, they said that they hadn't. Jax and Nikolas refused to leave the area and returned to try to find Courtney. Elizabeth and Luke talked a news helicopter into taking them back to the hospital. They found Lucky as he woke up from surgery. Elizabeth told Lucky how they got out of the tunnel and how Nikolas and Emily were still inside. Lucky started to code.
     Alcazar heard that there was an unidentified blond woman who was dead. He went to check to see if it was Carly, it wasn't. Alcazar asked for the blueprints of the train tunnels. After he studied them, he thought that he found a way in. Sonny and Reese were trapped on both sides of the tunnel they were in. Sonny kept digging while Reese was concerned about Sonny's claustrophobia. Reese asked Sonny if he was afraid of dying. Sonny said that he was not dying here, no one was dying here. Sonny started to see light, they continued to dig. Reese was hiding the fact that she was sicker than she originally thought. Reese coughed up blood. Sonny and Reese ended up in the same train car as Carly. Carly was looking for her St. Christopher necklace. Carly hid when she heard voices. She overheard Sonny telling Reese that she (Carly) may never get out of Rose Lawn. Carly had a flashback of when Sonny left her at Rose Lawn and gave her the charm bracelet. Sonny and Reese heard a noise and demanded that whoever it was, stand up.
     Alexis asked Emily if a C-section would save her baby. Emily told her yes. Alexis told Emily that she must save the baby. Alexis' contractions grew stronger. She wanted a C-section. Emily has no experience with this and thought that they need to wait for the rescue team. Jason, Sam and Robin find Alexis, Ric, and Emily. Alexis asked if Robin could perform her C-section. Robin told her that she is HIV-positive, but, yes, she can do it. Alexis told her to do it. They moved Alexis into the train car. Robin needed a knife for the C-section. Jason had one. Robin said that some things never change. Emily and Ric found a sewing kit, a fishing kit and alcohol. They had Alexis drink some of the alcohol and used it for sterilization. Alexis and Ric talked. Alexis told Ric that she is going to die. Ric told her that she won't die. Alexis made Ric promise to take care of her children if she does die. Ric made the promise. Robin and Emily talked about what was about to happen. Robin told Emily that they could get both Alexis and the baby out alive. Alexis is out. They began the C-section. Robin told Ric not to panic, to stay calm and to follow all of her directions.
     Jason and Sam left the others. Jason didn't want Sam to see the baby being born. Sam wondered if they should have told them about Manny. Jason didn't think that was necessary because Manny wasn't after any of them. Jason told Sam that he remembered giving a St. Christopher metal, like the one he found, to Carly. As they continued to walk, Jason got a headache and falls from the cliff. Sam jumped down and held him.
     Jax and Nikolas find Courtney collapsed on the floor of the tunnels. Courtney woke up. Jax is mad that she didn't stay with the rest of the others and risked herself and the baby. Nikolas told him to relax and concentrate on getting them out. As they did that, the tunnel collapsed on Nikolas. Jax wanted to run, but Courtney refused to leave Nikolas.

Thursday, November 10th, 2005 - complete episode:  Lucky goes into cardiac arrest while Elizabeth and Luke are in his hospital room. Elizabeth calls out for help. A male nurse comes in and starts CPR on Lucky. They are forced to use the paddles on him when he doesn't respond to the CPR. Lucky finally comes around and they get a pulse from him. Lucky wakes up soon after. He thanks Luke for saving his life. Luke tells him to thank his wife instead for being so strong and not giving up on him. Luke leaves his room and runs into LuLu. Lulu surprises Luke by grabbing him and hugging him for saving Lucky's life. She apologizes to him for accusing him of leaving Nikolas behind to save Lucky. She also expresses how hard it has been not to have him around growing up and how other friends of hers always had a father around to do things with. Luke feels bad that she felt that way. Tracy shows up to see him after hearing about Lucky coming around. LuLu resents her presence and makes it clear to her that Luke is only staying married to her because she is a "cash cow" to him. She runs off in a snit. Later, Luke tells Lucky that he is not easy to live with lately with all the life-threatening injuries he has suffered in the last year. Elizabeth assures him that even though he is a lot of trouble to deal with he is well worth it.
     Nikolas lays trapped under a heavy beam. Jax tries to help him lift it off of him. Courtney tries to help lift it with him but both Jax and Nikolas tell her to stay back and let them handle it since it isn't good for the baby for her to be lifting like that. Courtney feels helpless to help them but backs off. Suddenly, they hear a rumble nearby and worry about the tunnel collapsing on them. Their worst fears come true when part of the top of the tunnel collapses and lands on top of Nikolas before they can get him out. Courtney frantically tries to get the heavy rocks off of Nikolas. She gets upset when she finds blood near where Nikolas was laying. Jax tries to get the rocks off but they are too heavy and he tells her that they can't stay and must leave the area before more of the tunnel collapses on them. Courtney is reluctant to leave Nikolas. They believe Nikolas could very well be dead.
     Robin performs the C-section on Alexis after the alcohol she consumed knocks her out cold. Robin has Emily help her and makes an incision. Robin tells Ric that they need to make a wider incision because the baby is too big and can't fit through her initial incision. Ric gives the okay, Robin gets the baby out and tells Ric that the baby is a girl. Emily wraps the baby up in a blanket and hands her to Ric. Ric tells Robin that the baby isn't breathing. Robin tells him to breathe into the baby's nose like a straw and cover both nostrils while he does it. He does it but the baby doesn't respond or cry. Robin tells him to make sure to breathe into the baby's nose and cover both nostrils so no air goes out. Ric tries it again and the baby starts to breathe and cry. Ric is elated that it worked. Robin tells him that she needs to sew Alexis up right now or she could hemorrhage. Ric cares for the baby and takes a walk while Robin and Emily work on her. Ric walks out and finds Courtney and Jax. Ric can't get the baby to stop crying so Courtney holds her and calms her down. Ric fills in Jax about Alexis and tells him that Robin showed up and performed the C-section on her. Emily finds them and asks what happened to them. Jax and Courtney are reluctant to tell her about Nikolas but they are forced to tell her what happened to Nikolas. Ric goes back inside with the baby to check on Alexis.
     Alexis wakes up and feels elated about the baby being born healthy. She tells Ric that it doesn't matter anymore what they were fighting about and that their baby is what is most important to them. Ric kisses Alexis. She decides to name their baby girl Molly after "The Unsinkable Molly Brown", one of their favorite movies. Ric likes the name. Robin examines Alexis by touching her fingers and asking her if she feels her touch. Alexis doesn't feel anything. Robin touches her stomach and presses down and asks Alexis if she feels any pain or discomfort. Alexis tells her she feels fine. Robin becomes more concerned. She approaches Ric, who is holding the baby. Ric thinks Alexis is getting better and will be fine. Robin tells him that Alexis is not getting better and that if they don't get her medical help soon, she could die. This news stuns Ric. Meanwhile, Emily takes the news about Nikolas very hard. Courtney hugs her to comfort her. Nikolas surprises them all when he comes over and is very much alive. Emily runs over to him and hugs him in relief and joy. Courtney can't help but notice her reaction to seeing Nikolas.
     Sam goes down the rocks to tend to Jason, who lays there unconscious. Sam tries to get him to wake up but he doesn't respond to her. Sam can't move him onto his back and runs to get help.  Sonny and Reese argue about whether to stay on the train or leave. Suddenly, they hear a noise when Carly tries to hide from them and makes a noise when she moves around in the corner. Sonny and Reese hear the noise and ask who is there. Carly doesn't respond and makes a run for it. Sonny and Reese see a movement but don't realize it is actually Carly. They leave the train and run into Sam. Sam is happy to see Sonny, who she doesn't realize was even on the train. She tells them about Jason's fall and how she needs him to help her move Jason. Carly finds Jason and notices he is laying unconscious in a puddle of water, which is running from a pipe. She manages to drag him out of the water and Jason comes to. Carly reminisces about how she lectured him about how he should dress when he went to court on some criminal charges. Carly hears voices and runs off after making sure Jason was okay on his own. Sam, Reese, and Sonny find Jason. Jason tells them that he saw Carly and she helped him. They are surprised by that news since they thought she was safe and sound at Rose Lawn. Sam notices that Reese doesn't look so good and asks how she is doing. Reese acts stoic and tells her she will be fine and has only a minor injury. Sam isn't so sure she isn't playing down how serious her injury really is.
     Lorenzo shows Mac and Jesse his idea about how he thinks they can rescue everyone from the tunnel. Mac questions why Lorenzo is being so altruistic and wonders why he is so determined to go into the tunnel again to save people. Skye steps in and covers for him by telling Mac that he shouldn't be suspicious just because Lorenzo wants to help him. Mac tells him he won't let him go back into the tunnel again since he is a civilian. Lorenzo tells Mac that someone is going to have to go into the tunnel who isn't too big is stature. Jesse tells them that he is certified in search and rescue and can go back into the tunnel. Mac says okay but tells him to call for help if he thinks the tunnel is going to collapse on him and he will make sure to bring him back up immediately. Maxie doesn't like the idea of Jesse going back into the tunnel even though she knows he is going in to rescue Robin, foremost, who is like a big sister to her. Jesse assures her he knows what he is doing and will be careful. Jesse puts a rope around him and goes back into the tunnel. He runs into Carly, who is trying to run away from Reese and Sonny. He tells her he is there to rescue her and helps her out of the tunnel. Lorenzo spots a woman with a hood over her face and realizes it is Carly. He goes over and calls to her. Carly realizes who it is and hugs him in relief. Skye watches from afar.

Friday, November 11th, 2005 - complete episode:  A dazed Jason tells Sonny and the others about his brief encounter with Carly. In the triage area, Carly explains to Lorenzo how she fled Rose Lawn to escape from Manny only to have him follow her onto the train. Ric refuses to accept Robin's dire prediction about his wife's weakening condition but Alexis realizes that she's close to death. Certain he would have been notified if his ex-wife had left the sanitarium, Sonny finds Jason's strange tale difficult to believe. Cradling Molly in her arms, Alexis tearfully promises her infant daughter she'll have so many wonderful things to discover in her life because her loving dad will always be there for her. Manny kills a rescue worker for his bag of explosives, then corners Sam when she happens upon the scene. Skye helps Lorenzo cover for Carly before she's recognized by the police. Determined to stay with Alexis, Ric asks Nikolas and Courtney to make sure his newborn baby girl gets safely out of harm's way. Sonny is reunited with Robin as he and Reese help Jason through the tunnels.  Alexis tells Sonny she wants him to raise Kristina, then asks Ric and his brother to let Molly know her big sister as she grows up. Robin manages to elude Manny, who proceeds to plant his explosives along the debris path. Lorenzo brings Carly back to Rose Lawn but lies to Dr. Kim about his wife's recent exploits. Sonny, Robin and Sam go back into the wreckage to search for Jason's medication and run smack into Manny. Ric weeps as Alexis' life ebbs away.

Monday, November 14th, 2005 - complete episode:  Alexis's bleeding slows down, but she knows she's still not in the clear. Alexis thinks Ric's concern is over Reese, though. She tells Ric that she won't hold him to the promises he made when he thought she was dying. He insists he was telling the truth. He goes outside to get some water for Alexis and vents to Reese over Alexis's change in behavior. Reese tells him that Alexis's misbehavior just meant she was feeling better. She told him about how Alexis came to her and asked her to stay away from Ric because she and her kids needed him. Ric is touched by Reese's confession. Reese tells him to do whatever possible to get Alexis to understand he loves her. She tells Ric she wishes they had met at a different time, and he agrees. Ric gives her a blanket since she is so cold and goes inside to see Alexis. As he leaves, Reese starts coughing more blood. Emily comes and examines Reese. She fears that Reese has some broken ribs, and insists that she lay down and relax.
     Once inside, Ric tells Alexis what Reese told him. Ric tries to badger Alexis and tells her it's ok if their daughter doesn't want to go to college and she'll be allowed to date at 13. Alexis realizes he's just trying to get her to admit that she loves him and wants to try again. Ric asks her if she loves him, and she says that she does. She's worried that her love isn't enough with Reese always around being so sexy. Ric tells her he can handle it but she's got to stop pushing him away. Alexis tells him she doesn't mean to push him away. Every time she opens her mouth to tell him she loves him, something awful comes out instead.
     Emily goes outside to check on Jason and Reese and Max stumbles in. He tells them that Manny has Sonny, Sam, and Robin at gunpoint. Jason goes looking for them and hears a shot. Manny has just shot a bullet into the crowd after Sonny provoked him. Sam tells Manny she's not afraid of him, though. Unfortunately, this provokes Manny and he shoots Robin in the arm. Jason comes to the rescue, though. He knocks Manny out, and Robin insists before anything else happens that Jason take the medicine she brought for him. Sam quickly injects Jason, while Sonny asks Robin to remain mum about Carly being down in the tunnel. A rescue team arrives, and Manny tries to convince them that he was the one being threatened. Robin sets the story straight, though. Jason wants to go looking for Carly, but Sam disagrees. She wants Jason to seek medical treatment. Sonny agrees with her and tells him that Carly needs to see someone she trusts first and he wants it to be him. Jason, Sam, and Sonny arrive back at the tunnel where Emily is treating the injured. Sonny goes to check on Reese, and she's glad to see him. Reese tells Sonny to ask Carly if she can forgive her for everything she's done. Just as rescuers arrive, Reese dies.
     The medics get Courtney on a stretcher and tell Jax and Nikolas there's only room for one more person. Nikolas agrees to stay and let Jax go on the helicopter with Courtney and baby Molly. At the hospital, Elizabeth takes Molly to pediatrics while Courtney gets examined by Dr. Meadows. Dr. Meadows tells her the next 24 hours are critical and she needs to stay and rest. Jax stays with her and tells her the stories he will tell their baby and Molly about how Courtney saved their lives.
     Maxie tells Jesse how proud she is of him and all his efforts to save the people on the trains. Mac comes over and tells him to go get Robin out. But when he sees Nikolas heading back also, he stops him. He tells him he's too sick to go back in there. He tells him if he tries to go back into the tunnel, he will have him arrested. Later, Mac explains to Maxie how Robin was the first girl he raised. He knows he's done a lot wrong with all three of the girls, but all he wants is for them to be safe and happy. Nik dons a firefighter's jacket and sneaks back into the tunnel. Jesse sees him and Nikolas tells him not to try and stop him. Jesse says Mac told him to leave the rescuing to the professionals, so he better get to work.
     Robin is escorted out of the tunnel and sees her Uncle Mac outside. He's grateful to see her, but is very worried about her gunshot wound. She assures him it's just superficial. Felicia, Maxie, and Georgie arrive to greet Robin while Mac gets back to work. He sees Manny being carried out on a stretcher and tells the officers to cuff him as soon as possible. Manny acts half dead and Dr. Winters tells the police they can leave because they are interfering with her medical work. As she pulls away the blankets, no one notices the bomb detonator falling out of his lap. Inside the tunnels, Jason and Sam realize the caves have explosives placed everywhere. Jason tells Sam all the tunnels could collapse if the detonator is set off.
     Alcazar admits to Carly it was easier to be angry at her than to accept that she was still in love with Sonny. His pride wouldn't allow him to see past her love for Sonny. He's sure that Carly will recover, especially since she was able to pull it together to get away from Manny. Carly agrees that when she's backed into a corner, she can always prevail. Carly confesses that she's afraid she will only be sane in times of crisis, though. Alcazar tells her he believes in her, and she will be okay. He leaves but comes back before too long. She opens the door and is greeted by Michael and Morgan.

Tuesday, November 15th, 2005 - complete episode:  The paramedics arrive and attempt to revive Reese, but to no avail. They declare her dead, and Sonny sits down to be with her. Ric comes out of the train car where Alexis was resting before the medics came and finds Sonny sitting with Reese. When they all get ready to leave, Ric turns and asks about Reese. Sonny tells him that she is dead. Everyone else leaves, and Ric spends a moment alone with Reese. He says his goodbyes and then leaves to go to the hospital with Alexis and Molly. Sonny comforts Emily who is upset over her misdiagnosis of Reese. He tells her she did the best she could, but now she needs to get out of the tunnels. She asks what he is going to do, and he tells her he's going to look for Carly.
     Jason decides the best thing to do is to retrace Manny's steps to find all the bombs he planted. He wants to defuse all the bombs before they go off and bring all the tunnels down around them. They continue looking for Carly and defusing bombs as they find them. Sonny finds them and tells them that everyone has been rescued, but Reese died before they could save her. He wants to continue on looking for Carly, but Jason tells him that's not going to work. They've got to defuse the bombs. He insists that he take Sam and leave. Sam is very upset and doesn't want to leave Jason. Sonny grabs her and leaves the tunnel. When they get outside, Sam sneaks away from Sonny and finds another entrance to the tunnel.
     Mac sees Manny reaching for the detonator and thinks he's trying to escape. Mac asks for any excuse to shoot him, and Manny accuses him of police brutality. Shockingly, Dr. Winters stands up for Manny and tells Mac to get out of the way. They don't have any time to deal with people who are letting their personal feelings and emotions get in the way. Dillon comes to tell Georgie that more survivors have been found, but there's still no word on Emily yet. As they talk, Georgie reaches down and picks up the detonator that Manny left behind. Dillon and her inspect it and try to figure out what it is. They talk about pushing the button to see what it goes to, but it gets dropped in the rush to go see Emily when they learn she has been rescued.
     The doctor comes into Carly's room and tells her it's time for her children to leave. She's heartbroken, but she says her goodbyes to Michael and Morgan. She thanks Alcazar for bringing the boys to visit. It's just what she needed. She turns and tells the doctor that she's going to keep her promise to her boys and go home soon. She tells him she's going to continue to see her boys whenever she wants, and tells Alcazar he did the right thing by bringing the boys to her. When she goes back to her room, the doctor insists that Alcazar not bring guests without his clearance. He thinks that in order for Carly to make a full recovery, she needs to figure out who she is first. That means being isolated from her past life. Alcazar goes into Carly's room to tell her what Dr. Kim told him. Carly stands up for Sonny, though, and tells him that her ex-husband is a wonderful man. She shouldn't be away from her family, including Sonny. She thinks she will be better when she can remember his love. She drifts back into bad memories of her and Sonny's life.
     Jax and Courtney spend some time with Molly in the hospital. The nurse comes in and asks Courtney if she will feed Molly. Jax gazes adoringly at Courtney as she feed the baby girl. He thinks she will make a wonderful mother. Courtney tells him she wasn't always this way with children. She was a disaster when she cared for Morgan. The nurse comes back in to take Molly back to the nursery, but Courtney and Jax ask if they can hold Molly for just a little longer. The nurse agrees to make an exception and leaves the three alone. When Ric and Alexis arrive at the hospital, Ric comes and gets Molly from Jax and Courtney. He brings the baby and Kristina to see Alexis. Afterwards, he spots Durant at the hospital and tells him that Reese didn't make it out. Ric accuses Durant of being responsible because he didn't prosecute Manny and his family like he should have. Durant goes to question Manny, and finds he has already escaped from the hospital.
     Robin goes to the hospital to get her gunshot wound treated. Felicia goes off to fill out paperwork and call the rescuers so Jason knows to come to the hospital when he is rescued, while Maxie keeps Robin company. Maxie is happy to have Robin home. She hopes that Jason and Robin will fall back in love so Mac will leave Georgie and Maxie alone about their love lives. Robin tells her it's a nice theory, but Jason is in love with Sam now. Meanwhile back at the train wreck, Sonny tells Mac to get all his men out of the tunnels because they've been rigged with explosives. Mac doesn't worry since he believes Manny still has the detonator and it's too far out of range at the hospital to work. As he turns to leave, Sonny spots the detonator. It's too late, though, as one of the gurney's rolls over it and sets it off. Jason sees the bomb in his hand blink on and runs to take cover. Sam has no idea an explosion is about to occur and starts to crawl back into the tunnels.

Wednesday, November 16th, 2005 - complete episode:  Emily collapses at the triage site while awaiting word on her brother in the wake of the explosion. Meanwhile, Robin urges her uncle to assign more men to the search for Jason. At the hospital, Jax eavesdrops as Courtney tearfully explains to a crestfallen Nikolas why she needs to try to make a go of it with her baby's father. Lainey comes to Rose Lawn to check on Carly and cautions her former patient not to fall into the trap of romanticizing the past. Outraged to learn that Manny has flown the coop once again, Sam insists on returning to the tunnel to look for Jason. After hearing the autopsy results, Emily kicks herself for failing to realize that Reese's cracked rib had also punctured her lung. Jax urges Courtney to come home with him so he can care for her during the rest of her high risk pregnancy. Over Sam's objections, Luke convinces Sonny to let him try a dangerous method of extricating Jason. Alan reminds his dejected daughter how she'll have to accept the fact that even the best doctors lose a patient from time to time. Following an upsetting visit from a hospital functionary, Lucky and Elizabeth learn that their mounting debts are about to catch up with them. After Luke's efforts fail, Sonny fears that Jason may be gone for good. Carly slips away from Rose Lawn once more and heads back to the scene of the train crash. As Courtney turns down Jax's invitation, a gloomy Nikolas confides to his brother how he's losing the woman he loves. Jason and Carly are reunited in the tunnels just as another collapse sends them tumbling into a deeper ravine.

Thursday, November 17th, 2005 - edited episode:  The police inform Sam and Robin that they have called off the search for Jason in the tunnel. Sam goes ballistic on them and insists on going back into the tunnel to look for Jason. The police try to restrain her to keep her away from the tunnel. They try to explain to her that it isn't safe to go in there and that Jason is probably dead. Sam won't listen to them and insists they let her go back into the tunnel. Jesse tries to reason with her but she punches him in the face because he won't let her go. One of the other cops arrests her for assaulting a police officer and they handcuff her. Georgie, Dillon, and Maxie watch as Sam is taken to the police station.
     Jason and Carly try to find a way to climb back up the rocks after falling through the rock floor and landing several feet below. Carly and Jason talk about their friendship and Jason tells her that he remembers her even if he doesn't remember everything yet. He also mentions that Robin has some experimental drug that he has already tried and is waiting to see if it keeps working. Carly tells him that she will sing Robin's praises if the drug turns out to be a miracle drug and keeps him alive despite their differences. Jason starts moving crates and rocks to build some sort of steps to climb up the rocks. Carly tells him she was at Rose Lawn during the time he was staying there in the tunnel to look for her. Jason climbs up the crates first then holds out a hand for Carly to climb up as well. They get out of the tunnel but Carly insists that Jason needs to get her back to Rose Lawn before anyone notices before he can find Sam.
     Sam is placed in the visitor/interrogation room and Mac tells her she is not going back to the tunnel and will stay there while he talks to the cop she hit.  Sam comes out of the interrogation room to argue about the tunnel again. Robin offers to be the one who Sam is allowed to go home with. Sam tells Robin that she is thankful to her but that she is going back into the tunnel to look for Jason and won't be able to stop her. Robin whispers to her that she is going to go with her. When they arrive back at the site, the cops and firemen have already been give orders to seal the entrances to the tunnel and to blow up the rest of the inside as well. Sam and Robin talk to Maxie, who tells them there is no way to go in now. Sam and Robin start to cry. Jason comes back to the site of the tunnel and sees Sam. He calls out her name and she turns around in disbelief when she sees him. She runs to him and he holds her in his arms. Robin sees them together embracing.
     At the Quartermaine Mansion, Alan gives Luke hell for thinking that blowing up a mountain will help save Jason. Tracy tells them she hopes that Jason is dead so that the ELQ inheritance he still has will automatically revert back to the family. Luke shivers in jest and tells them that he suddenly feels cold from Tracy's insensitivity toward Jason's possible death. Skye comes in to talk to Luke and warn him about a phone call she received. Dillon and Georgie show up to tell everyone that the police have called off the search for Jason and won't risk any more men to go down and look for him because of safety hazards in the tunnel Monica and Alan are outraged that the police have given up finding Jason and have left him for dead. Dillon and Georgie also tell them that Sam got so upset she hit a cop and was arrested to keep her from going back into the tunnel.

Friday, November 18th, 2005 - edited episode:  As Sam wipes away her tears, Robin asks Jason if he's finally ready to accept treatment. A grieving Sonny admits to Emily he's not sure how he or Carly will survive without Jason in their lives.  Amazed to see his friend come through the door, Sonny welcomes Jason back as Emily happily rushes to embrace her brother. Emily and Sonny convince Jason to return to the hospital to undergo the experimental treatment Robin designed. Later, Jason presents a thrilled Sam with a diamond engagement ring.

**The End**

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