Thanksgiving Episode Edits

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GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #1 1980 - 1986 -  Five complete episodes

  • 1980
  • 1983
  • 1984
  • 1985
  • 1986
  • (no show for 1981, 1982)

GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #2  1987 - 1992 - Four complete episodes

  • 1987
  • 1989
  • 1990
  • 1992
  • (no show for  1988, or 1991)

GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #3 - 1994-1999 - Five complete episodes

  • 1994
  • 1995
  • 11/28/96 Dream Episode
  • 11/27/97
  • 11/25/99
  • (no holiday show for 1993, 1998)

GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #4 2000 - 2011

  • 11/27/00
  • 11/22/01
  • 11/28/02 Courtney's Dream
  • Sadly no Thanksgiving themed episodes were aired in 2003-2008
  • 11/25/09
  • 11/24/10
  • 11/23/11

GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #5: IN PROGRESS 2012 - 2016

  • 11/21/12 Tribute to John Ingle, not much Thanksgiving
  • 11/25/15
  • 11/23/16

Episode Descriptions

GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #1 1980 - 1986

11/27/80  Complete but no credits or commercials. Alexandria is bored and she calls Luke and invites him to come over. He tells her it is Thanksgiving and he doesn't have any news for her. She tells him she has something very important to tell him and insists he come over. Luke has a drink with Alex but he insists he won't stay any longer. The Quartermaine's drink champagne, and Lila asks Luke about his summer adventure. Gail and Lee arrive later at the Quartermaine's. Alex is excitedly about seeing her first football game. Alex tells Edward that she thinks someone is following her. The Webbers are busy preparing for their Thanksgiving, happy that Laura is home to join them. Laura flashesback to Wydnhams, obviously missing Luke. Leslie interrupts her thoughts. Rick asks her how things are going with Luke and she admits not well, that Rick was right about how a man reacts when he feels he has been betrayed. Joe and Rose have joined the Webbers and they are all looking forward to the big game.

Anne and Jeff are together at the Hardy's. Alice calls and asks Jeff to go with her to visit Heather (his wife, her daughter). Jeff apologizes to Anne for having to leave her to go visit his crazy wife. Heather is in an asylum tells  another inmate about sneaking out, stealing a car, checking up on her hubby Jeff. Alice calls Heather and tells her that her and Jeff are coming up to see her. Alice and Jeff arrive to see Heather and while they are waiting for her, Alice asks Jeff to give Heather hope that they will have a future together. He can't lie to Heather about his feelings. Alice insists that Heather is more likely to get better if Jeff gives her a reason to improve. He doesn't agree with her as he thinks it will be more cruel to have Heather come home and find there isn't anything between them and he wants to tell Heather the truth in bits and pieces. Heather arrives and asks them to tell her about Thanksgiving, and Thanksgivings in the past as she claims she can't remember them. Heather asks Jeff why he never hugs or kisses her, pretending innocence about how marriage works. Jeff assures her that he wants nothing more than for her to get better. Meanwhile, Anne tells Leslie that she can't wait to marry Jeff and hopes Heather's progress is a good sign.

Scenes at the park as everyone begins to gather before the game. Luke throws the football around with the boys. Laura, Richard Simmons, Claudia and Brian arrive at the park and L&L see each other. Ruby tells Dan how happy she is to have her family home and together. Over at the Quartermaine's, when Gail asks Monica how everything is going? Monica replies that when Alex arrived she brought chaos with her. Alex arrives home from the game and tells Edward that she thinks she saw the guy who has been following her. Susan Moore arrives for dinner with the Quarermaine's at Monica's invitation. Lee privately asks Gail if Monica is a playing some kind of a game with Alan and Susan? (Obviously not understanding why she would have been invited). Gail kisses him and doesn't answer the question.

Luke and Bobbie arrive at Ruby's and begin setting the table. Bobbie knows that Luke is thinking about seeing Laura at the park earlier that day. The Webbers arrive home with their company. Rick encourages a pensive Laura that if she really wants to talk to Luke that she should call him. She does and gets a busy signal as he is calling her at that moment. The Spencers try to enjoy their dinner but Bobbie knows his mind is elsewhere and encourages him to try calling Laura again so they can eat their dinner in peace.

The Hardy's gather for their Thanksgiving dinner, Anne worries as Jeff hasn't returned or called.  Jeff returns just in time for dinner and apologizes for missing the game. Steve says a prayer. The Q's, and the Webbers go into dinner.  Luke finally reaches Laura and makes her day when she hears her voice. He wishes her a "Happy Thanksgiving" and she says the same. That is the extent of the conversation, but Laura grins widely at this effort on his part.

11/24/83 Thanksgiving Episode (No Luke & Laura, or Robert & Holly, no Monica or Lee) - Rick, Leslie, Amy & Mike celebrate with the Whittaker's. at Beecher's Corners as Leslie grieves over Laura. Rose has a celebration at Kelley's Diner with Jake, Bryan, and Claudia. Blackie & Lou stop by Kelly's but are heading over to the Hardy's for dinner. The Quartermaines celebrate with Grant, Celia, Mr. & Mrs. Q, Tiffany and Alan. Tiffany's cab driver decks Grant because of his past, but later Grant tends to him when he is in an accident with the cab. Bobbie still in the hospital and Ruby surprises her with Thanksgiving dinner and Brock, Dan and Georgia also join them. Dr. Hardy & Audrey have dinner with Jessie, Gail, Blackie and Lou. 

11/22/84 At the apartment, Felicia is drying over her turkey. She doesn't have a lot to be thankful for. Frisco tries to encourage her. All the guys go to work while Felicia cooks. Lorena and Leo discuss their predicament. After he leaves, Lorena talks to Jimmy Lee. She wants him to help her, but he refuses. Monica shows up with good news; Edward Q is off her back. On Thanksgiving, Tania comes to GH to keep Tony company. They dance together and he sweeps her into his arms for a big kiss, they make out in a hospital bed. At the gatehouse, Grant and Celia have coffee. He now thinks Celia should accept Edward's offer. This will keep peace in the family. Celia goes to the Q's. She will accept their offer, because families should stick together. At the studio, Derick summons Ginny to his office. He is obviously pursuing her, but she rejects his advances. He kisses her and she pulls away, but she is obviously attracted to him. A crowd gathers at the Hardy's for Thanksgiving dinner. When Bobbie happily discusses her "new job," Steve has to be honest and tell her the truth. She leaves, very upset, with Brock and Ruby; however, they return. Steve says a prayer and they enjoy the holiday meal together.

11/28/85 Thanksgiving preparations throughout Port Charles. Steve, Ruby, Lee, Dan, Brian and Claudia at Kelly's. At the Brownstone, Bobbie, Jake and company do some celebrating of their own. Jimmy Lee and Celia pay a call to Kelly's for some good cheer. One of the families who lost their home in the building collapse from Jimmy Lee's construction company tell him they don't hold him responsible. Jimmy Lee is touched by the kind words. Rick and Ginny bring the pies over to the Brownstone. When Frisco and Felicia ask Sean to help get Edward and Jimmy Lee off Felicia's back, Donely calls Edward and tells him and Jimmy Lee to stay away from Felicia. Sean later interrupts the Q's Thanksgiving dinner and tells Jimmy Lee and Edward in no uncertain terms to stay away from his business and his property. Edward is very much insulted.  Robin and Robert bring the Ancient One  a holiday dinner. Robert places a call to Holly wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving. The Hardy's annual Thanksgiving celebration. A bedridden Filomenia wants to see Robin. Robert and Anna decide not to tell Robin about the past. Robin visits the Ancient One and Filomenia at GH. 

11/27/86  It is Thanksgiving Day and Jake, Bobbie, Terry, Tiffany, Ted, Buzz, Sandy, Ruby, Patrick, Tania, Tony and Dan spend it at the Brownstone. At the Hardys, the Quartermaines and Jessie celebrate the holiday. Scorpio is keeping surveillance of the ship, watching out for Frisco. Locked up on the ship, Frisco is demanding to speak with Angus, but one of his guards informs Frisco that Angus won't speak with  him until tomorrow . Steve and Buzz offer Monica the job as head of cardiology, replacing Rick, and she accepts. After speaking with Robin over the phone, a lonely Anna takes food to the catacombs for Duke. After Tony demands to know where his brother is, Robert tells him that Frisco is working undercover  and in danger.


Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #2 1987-1992

11/26/87 With Commercials. Thanksgiving in PC. Robert tells Sean about Autumn’s motive to want to snuff out Herbert. The Lavery’s plan their Thanksgiving dinner. Edward and Alan will still not admit defeat. Herbert gives them till the end of dinner. Bobbie tries to call her contact, Rudy, and get the bail money for her and Laurie.  Al finds out that it was Bobbie who blew the whistle on “Safe Haven”. He finds the purse Bobbie left behind. Al is bend on revenge. Andy wants to make a bet on his game. Ruby throws a Thanksgiving dinner open house for the GH staff. Melissa tries to convince Corey that Greg has changed. After pressure from Monica, Edward agrees to concede to Herbert but are interrupted when Robert and Sean arrive at the Qs wanting to see Autumn and Herbert. Jake brings Skeeter to see Martha at Kellys. Bobbie makes the newspapers thanks to Al. The Qs learn that Sean helped Herbert in the contest. 

11/23/89 Commercials. Thanksgiving in Port Charles. Frisco and Tony try and cook. Sean and Tiffany arrive in Rio. The cops tell Scott they found Lucy's car at Pine Circle. Lucy is still not giving in. Dawn joins the Q's for thanksgiving. Alan finds Dawn's birth certificate and the formula in Monica's dresser. He is livid and accuses Monica and Dawn of trying to steal from him. He and Monica argue and he storms out. Monica vows to find the person who set her up. Olivia puts on a show and freaks out when she sees Scott at Pine Circle. Tiffany and Sean show up at the clinic where Duke had his surgery. Sean rifles through the files. They get caught and thrown out of the clinic. The Jones have Thanksgiving dinner. Duke tells his doctor he must leave the clinic as it is not safe any more. Sean and Tiffany call Anna to come to Rio to help them.

11/22/90  With Commercials. Thanksgiving Day in PC. Anna is not too happy when she learns Robin invited Edge to dinner. Ruby serves the homeless at Kelly’s .Tom thinks Steve may retire as COS. Lucy wants to serve duck instead of turkey but Charlene brings a turkey with her. Lucy is peeved when Monica and Scott show up at the mansion for dinner. Meg and Jessie join the Hardy’s for dinner. Steve announces at dinner that Tom has been promoted to ACOS. Lucy babbles on to the Q’s about buying the Harrington estate and renovating it by Xmas.  King and Katherine arrive at Anna’s for dinner. Scott stops by the Hardy’s for dessert. Alan gives a toast in the Q tradition. Tony learns Bobbie lied to him about her plans.

11/25/92  With Commercials. Scott and Dominique help Ruby feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. Tiffany has second thoughts about joining the Jones’s for Thanksgiving dinner. Julia books a table at the grill for dinner with her and Brenda. Brenda ditches her though. Karen and Rhonda join the Qs for Thanksgiving. AJ is in a foul mood as he received a letter from the PI saying that he has no leads on Nikki. AJ flies off the handle when Jason says that Nikki is not worth all his pain and take off. Sean and Tiffany have dinner with the Jones. Jenny tells Paul to stay away from her. Lucy is back in PC and sees Scott and Dominique together. Brenda comes back to the hotel to have dinner with Julia. Jason and Karen find AJ on the docks and convince him to come back to the house. AJ and Jason make it in time for dinner with the Qs. Scott calls Lee and Gail to tell them that he and Dominique have decided to stay married. Jagger misses his brother and sister and vows to find them.

GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #3 1994-1999

11/24/94 Audrey and Steve are having dinner at the PC Grill with Simone and Tom, Jr. They haven't heard from Tom, who is out saving the world while ignoring his family. Steve wants to get out quick so he can watch the PCU game, and he's antsy till the end when he gets to go watch in the kitchen. Audrey is concerned about Simone's social life, but Simone is fine, she says.

At the Brownstone, Tony and Bobbie and Robin and Stone are getting ready. Bobbie is thankful that they're together and having therapy, Tony is glad they are giving Lucas a nice day.  Felicia and Maxie and Lucas come in, bearing sweet potatoes.  Maxie, who has Soap Aging Syndrome, has helped with the marshmallows, as has Lucas (who doesn't), who ate some first.  Lucas says "this is a good day!"  Maxie is thankful for the new baby and her new heart.  Robin and Stone are creating their own magic in the kitchen.  Mac comes, discovers them, and is annoyed, the more so when Robin announces they kiss all the time in the Outback.  Part of his anger is doubtless jealousy, as Stone seems to be having a better time than Mac is.  Kevin comes in and announces he normally doesn't socialize with patients, but after all he was their friend before he was their counselor. He asks Mac what Thanksgiving is all about.  Mac remembers a day he was very thankful that had nothing to do with food, when he was a guide to this gorgeous blonde scientist in the [Australian] Outback. It made you glad to be alive.  Kevin remembers a like day in his own life when he discovered a letter by Freud stuck in a missal in a forgotten corner of a library.  Mac gets a truly puzzled look on his face.  But, he says, tell me, "how can one be truly thankful when there's something fundamentally wrong with the Universe?"  There are no women in their lives.  He knows about worm crawl.  Mac goes to get Robin and Stone for dinner and loses his temper.  Robin finds out Mac had known about the skunk, and she is amazed at how duplicitous he is.  The two have a loud, screaming, public fight.

The show  opened with Lucy talking to a sunflower, saying how disappointed she is in Thanksgiving.  The doorbell rings, and she's hoping it's Kevin so she can tell him off.  However, it's a deliveryman with her Long Island reerange duck.  He won't take it back, and to her horror, it's alive.  But, well, "it eats worms, doesn't it?"  What to do with the duck?  She goes to the PC Grill to have it dispatched. Carl is no help, and will not take the duck tom the chef to be killed, as they are busy and don't have time.  Lucy threatens with her ELQ stock, but gets no satisfaction.

The Quartermaines are all settled down to watch the game, including yelling at Monica when she gets in the view, till Lila announces "no TV."  Edward explains "It's not TV, it's football!"  Lila wants a civilized conversation. Edward: "What could we possibly have to be civilized about?"  Lila suggests they count their blessings, and Edward dons his sarcastic personna. He is "thankful" to be in court defending himself against a murder charge, and this is instilling humility and he is much better without all that nasty corrupting money that he's dropping on legal fees, and as an extra bonus, he got out early on Wednesday by keeling over!  Lila says nonsense, he has his family, good health, and ELQ.  Monica adds that at least Edward isn't facing a death sentence as she may be.  Alan simply pats M's hand and says he is grateful for how well she's holding up.  Monica then goes on to count her blessings. Losing a breast took 8 pounds off and despite the possibilities, the chemo took another 10 pounds, and she's always wanted to be a size 0.  AJ gets right into the spirit of the thing by being "thankful" he hasn't had a drink in months because he wouldn't want to be in an alcoholic haze and miss all the dulcet tones of this family fun. 

Alan comments about self pity, and Edward says, "If we aren't entitled to self-pity, who is?"  Jason sees an opportunity to mention the folks in Charles Street and Edward resents being the bad guy just because he's a rich white Protestant male.  Ned says "some problems are more transient than others" and A.J. says "Lois ain't never gonna forgive you, Ned." Monica says, "What? And miss her opportunity to bond with this unique family?"  Lila, in distress, says, "I wish I'd never brought it up!"  Jason mutters to Alan, "we're an Oprah show run amok" and A.J. says over his seltzer "surely there's one family that's this dysfunctional."  Reginald leaves this family fun to answer the door, a big mistake. It's Ms. Coe with the duck.  She insists on seeing Edward right this minute. Reginald says there's family in there and Lucy reminds him that "I used to be a Mrs. Quartermaine."  Reginald agrees "I wasn't here, but I've heard the stories."  They juggle the duck and Lucy's coat "May I take your duck?" Lila, meanwhile, has said "You're all behaving quite petulantly!"  Monica remarks that "If you were looking for a nice upbeat family, you picked the wrong crowd."  Lila: "Surely there must be something we can all be thankful for!"  At this point, Reginald announces Lucy, and they all remember what they are all thankful for!

"What's this urgent matter?" huffs Edward.  Lucy says "Duck!" and the family hits the deck.  Ned comments the duck looks underdone.  Lucy dumps the bird in Edward's lap explaining how traumatized she was by Carl's refusal to instantly take it for slaughter. There's a Q game of pass the duck: to Ned, to Reginald.  Reginald, horrified, "You want me to do in the duck?  I've got to draw the line at canardicide."  Lila says "Reginald, I thought you drew the line at worms."  Lila goes on, despite Edward's frantic hand signals, to invite Lucy for a drink.  Lucy, filled with the joy of the season, decides to share it with the family.  Starting with Edward, poor dear, and the trial. On to Monica and her poor health, and when she finds out Alan won't be going to New Mexico, she reminds him that he is a caring husband. A.J. makes the only unselfish remark of the day, probably in an effort to protect his mother from any more of Lucy's solicitude, and says "We're thankful to be rid of Damian and Katherine" and Lucy offers to drink to that with him.  She tells Jason how nice it was to see him at Pier 52 with Keesha, and how brave he is going up against the family like that, and isn't it a little awkward as she's with the Ward family.  Tempers are rising, and Lucy decides maybe she'd better get along with the duck.  A.J. tells her not to quack up, and Jason explains he's always been a wise-quacker.  Lucy fumbles her way out the door, the camera pans across the family's stunned faces, and Monica remarks, "Nothing like a quiet family holiday, is there?"

It's gotten dark.  Lucy apologizes to the duck for not having a baby seat. She rattles on, explaining the Lucy version of karma. Wouldn't it be really funny if the duck was a former enemy of hers that she could eat?  She glances
at the duck, and realizes it's the reincarnation of Victor Jerome!  But, as she drives on, she begins to realize that she's bonding with the duck. It's better company than Kevin.  "You have been more fun tonight than he has been in an entire month."  On to the Brownstone, where she walks in on the Mac-Robin fight.  She had wanted her favorite ex-husband, the surgeon, to kill the duck, but she's really angry at finding Kevin there, that Kevin has a place to go and she hasn't, and she throws the duck at Kevin "Pluck the mduck!"  and storms off to Puerto Rico. 

Meanwhile, back at the Qs', A.J. needles Ned that it's too bad Lois isn't here.  Ned tells his grandfather that as soon as he's sure about Edward's health, he'll be going to PR.  Edward forbids it, there's corporate business to be done.  He builds up steam remembering all the corporate time that has been wasted by Ned chasing after Lois. Reginald announces dinner, Annabelle sneaks out, Edward huffs "DAMN dinner too!" Monica comes over and yells at

Edward, who says she's pushing his good nature. She says "Tough noogie! Chill out, Edward!"  Lila gets materfamilial and orders them to "Plant yourselves and listen to me!"  Annabelle, who appears to be eating for 6 or 7 gazes at the feast. Hypnotized, she gets closer and closer, and extends her nose, then her tongue.

Lila delivers a Mary Mae speech but it's bearable coming from her.  "We are the most fortunate people on the face of the earth," she starts, and tells them to take a moment to remember how much they depend on each other, and how much, despite some pardonable lapses, they love each other.  After a slow scan of the shamed faces, she says "let's go to dinner."  Annabelle takes the leg and vanishes, just as the family reaches the door and looks upon disaster! Ned picks up the picked clean carcass and says "Pizza, anyone?" Reginald informs them that cook is planning to fall on her carving knife.  Bet they wish they'd kept the duck!  Lila insists they should sing the Psalm and Annabelle is sharing the spoils with Foster. 

AJ, “Say, Grandfather, I hear the Tokyo deal fell apart.  Too bad Ned mishandled such a ---”
Edward, “I uh suggest that you stay off that subject.  Now, no matter what Ned did or didn't, it'll be a cold day in Hell before you're in any position to criticize him!
Alan: Of course, Father.  How dare anyone criticize Ned?  Bigamist, manipulator, apple of your eye.
Edward: Well, at least he can hold his liquor!
Monica, storming in: That's enough!
Edward: I beg your pardon?
Monica: I mean it, Edward.  Now, Emily is upstairs, getting ready for her first Thanksgiving without her mother.  And for her sake, we are going to celebrate it with warmth, with sensitivity, and with family togetherness! (yelling) If it kills us!

Edward: And well it might!  If ever a man was surrounded by such a pack of incompetents...

Lila:  Edward!  SHUT UP!

Edward: I will NOT be told to shut up in MY HOUSE!
Monica: It's MY house! (Alan interjects: I gave it to you!) And as long as you're living in it [underlying threat to send him back to Kelly's] you'll behave yourself.
Lila: Not just for Emily's sake.  I too find the family fireworks quite fatiguing.  That is why I've decided to break with tradition.  Instead of dining on turkey and sniping at each other, we're going to have a harmonious meal over duck a l'orange.  

Katherine and Mac are too busy smooching to cook, so they order Peking Duck.  She's a little disappointed that her plans to cook him a traditional meal have fallen through, but he assures her Chinese food is traditional to him.

Tony notices the turkey has shrunk.  Turns out they are having roast duck instead, as Bobbie burning the turkey last year turned out so badly, and she thought she'd try something new.  Tony says he's become an expert at rolling with the punches and Bobbie is grateful.  But there is one thing.  He has invited Lucy and Sigmund. Meanwhile, Lucy has lost Sigmund.  He's not in the bath and a window is open. Where can he be?

Back at Katherine's apartment, the lovers have unliplocked long enough to order the food and answer the door. There's frantic knocking at the door.  It's Lucy!  "Mac, Mac, my very dear friend!"  She tells him about Sigmund, and Katherine snears: "all this high drama for a duck, Lucy?"

"I wouldn't expect YOU to understand!" Lucy responds.  Mac really doesn't want to leave Katherine, but he questions Lucy: "You two hadn't quarreled?  No fights, no disagreements? You haven't struck him recently, have you?" at which Lucy strikes Mac, yelling "NO! I would never do that!"  (Meanwhile, she is absentmindedly eating their food.)

Mac suggests that Siggy is just out exploring and that Lucy should go home and wait for him.  Lucy: "Are you insane? I can't do that, I have to find him, I have to DO something!"  Mac tells her nothing can be done until 24 hours have passed.  Lucy pleads with him... "I came to you of all people because I thought you would help....You care about him, you know him, he's supposed to be your friend."  She turns to Katherine: "SHE has done this to you, hasn't she?"  Katherine has stolen his conscience. Then Lucy discovers it's DUCK they're eating.  "How COULD you?" Katherine points out "it's not YOUR duck, Lucy!" but Lucy doesn't believe her till Mac reminds her that Peking duck takes days to prepare.  When she's gone, Katherine enjoys picking up more food and preparing to enjoy it.  They return to smooching and eating.  

Meanwhile, back at the Quartermaine's, the harmony is limping on, with a little help from the gin. Edward: Ah, thank you, Reginald. A little sauce of the juniper will make me a benign patriarch. 
AJ: Whatever works.
Monica: AJ! Ned and Lois come in.  Emily runs happily toward them. Ned is carrying his samisen and Lois explains that it's insurance.  "Since Mr. Q. is making noises about sending Ned to Tokyo" she gave him a way to make music there.  "That way, even in Tokyo he'll still be my Eddie."
Edward: Well, my dear, you really do have a sense of humor.
Lois: Ummmm. A quality (she explains to Emily) necessary for survival in this place. Ned and Lois tell about the bank.  Neither Lila nor Monica like the "nickel-and-dime" comment.
Edward: Light hearted sparring.  Pare of the preliminary skirmishes.  The battle has yet to commence.
Lois: There is no battle.  The battle is over.  It's not even an issue.
Edward: Is that so?
Monica, warningly: Edward, you promised!
Ned: Promised what?
Alan: A harmonious family holiday.
Lois (with Ned in the background mouthing "harmonious? family? Oh yes!”): Oh, what a great idea!  We can do harmonious, can't we, Mr. Q.?
Edward: Of course.  I can deal with you tomorrow. Emily looks a bit distraught, small wonder.

Back at the Brownstone, there are Felicia and Maxie working on hors-d'oeurves when Tom comes bouncing in.  He plans to go play with the kids and Felicia in the back, and Tommy comes bouncing down, off to Thanksgiving dinner with MaryMae and family.  Tom can't let this go, so he makes sure Tommy will be back at the Hardy's to help Steve cheer on PCU.  Simone looks a tad upset, and Justus like a thundercloud, but they agree, and Felicia eavesdrops on Tom telling his mother to tell Simone she's expected.  She, Felicia, points out to Tom how he's using Tommy, and Tom tries the "poor little abused me" routine till Felicia calls him on it, telling him he's passing it on to Tommy.  Tom asks for Felicia to help him if he does this again, and in bursts Lucy!  "My very best friend in the world, I need your help!" Tom, the dear sweet man, suggests "ducknapping", which panics Lucy.  At this point, Bobbie comes in looking for her recipe to find out when to turn the ducks.  "MURDERESS!!!!" screams Lucy, and Tom rather foolishly keeps her from clawing Bobbie's eyes out.  Bobbie snottily explains that they bought their ducks from the butcher yesterday.  "So you're going to eat them today.  Without a qualm.  How? Could you? " and turning to Felicia "How could YOU?" and Lucy stalks out.

Katherine and Mac are still in their clinch and the doorbell rings.  It's Kevin, who looks surprised to see Katherine in her own apartment. Oh. They convince him to sit, which he does, and starts to eat, absentmindedly. He's not exactly in a holiday mood.  Mac tells him about Sigmund, Katherine asks how the relationship with Lucy is going, they discuss Lucy for a while, while Kevin polishes off a good deal of the meal.  Kevin heads out to look for Sigmund, and Mac says to call him if he needs him. Kevin says "You're a good man, Mac", as Katherine and Mac return to their clinch.

Back at the mansion, Jason and Keesha come in, with Edward huffing: "Well, you're late."  Keesha says hi to Lila and gives a headpiece to Emily, which matches her dress perfectly.  AJ thanks Keesha for covering up for him, and all he's drinking is orange juice.  Jason, jealous, comes up, taking a sip of AJ's drink. The two brothers start shoving and telling each other to back off, and Lois poings out they are doing harmonious this year.  "WHAT?" says Jason in total disbelief.  Lois explains "Well, you know, it's just a concept, but you know, it's like all of us trying to get along together, huh?"

You can hear Edward muttering something about "totally ridiculous" as Reginal escorts Lucy in.
Lucy: Edward, thank God you're here, listen, I need your help.  No I don't need your help I need your clout, I need your influence, I need your POWER!
Edward: What are you babbling about?
Lucy: My duck!
Edward: Huh?
Lucy: Sigmund.  You see, he's disappeared or he's gone or he's misplaced or I'm really beginning to believe that someone ducknapped him.  So I want you to call the police.  I want you to pull some strings and use your clout and influence and get them to help me!
Edward: I'm sorry, that's beyond the scope of ...
Lucy: NO IT'S NOT!  Nothing is beyond Edward Quartermaine's scope!  I mean, the whole town is talking about how you're going to get AJ off from that DWI so please, why don't you use your power to help someone innocent? Mother Quartermaine?
Reginald: Duck's ready.
Lucy (in great pain): DUCK???? What are you people doing?  Do you even think about your actions?  Dining on little innocent blameless waterfowl?  What about those little ducks, using them to satisfy your basest instincts? What is it?  Duckycide is a crime against nature, don't you know that?  All the little feathered creatures want is a pond to paddle around in don't you see?  and they want to be your friends. And how do you repay them?  MURDER!  BLOODSHED! AND ORANGE SAUCE! This has got to stop somewhere!  It's got to stop here!  That's what I'm trying to say.  Please! Please people please, let it stop here, I beg you!Lucy leaves, and Emily sums it up.  "WOW!" The Quartermaines decide not to have duck, so Lila tells Reginald "you know what to do".  Brave BRAVE Reggie heads to the kitchen to confront Cook, and somehow lives to order the pizza.  They sing and eat.

Bobbie Tony and Tom discuss Dr. Dorman, and Luke and Lucky arrive bearing pecan pies.  Lucky tells of his adventure.

At Mary Mae's, Simone calls Audrey, who says yes indeed they are expecting Tommy.  And there's Lucy!  She's come to ask for Councilman Ward's help, and yes, he calls the police to report a missing duck.  Lucy leaves, but is delighted to hear that Mary Mae is having turkey.  She is a wonderful warm human being.

Lucy goes to Kevin's.  Thank goodness Razz has already transcribed this, but it starts with Lucy "Don't YELL at me!" and Kevin, "I'M NOT YELLING!!" They worry, discuss feelings about the duck, and hear quacking.  At the park, at the pond, Sigmund has found a ladylove, Billie.  Lucy agrees to let him stay overnight with his inamorata, but then he must come home and be a good duck.

Katherine and Mac are still smooching on the couch when Robin comes by to see Mac and tell him she loves him.  She absentmindedly eats some food.  "Nothing Sonny cooked last night can compare to this." When she's gone to the Penthouse, Katherine notices that everyone came to see Mac, but she liked it, even Lucy, because they all depended on him to be there for them

11/ 28/96  Brenda bounces into the Jacks' living room, handing Jax a drink.  "I am SO excited about the start of our first holiday season as a married couple!"  They kiss.  She asks if Australians celebrate Thanksgiving. Jax says his family never did till they mobed to Alaska, and then "we didn't eat dainty little birds.  Lady Jane usually bagged a moose..."Brenda doesn't want to hear about that.. she gets up close and personal as she tells him she's going to show him what Thanksgiving is about.  He laughs, "How?  You're going to point to a picture?"  She says he shouldn't make fun of her culinary expertise.  "You know I love you madly, Brenda, but you don't have any."  She admits that while that may be true, she's a whiz at room service.  There's a knock at the door. It's Miranda, accompanied by violin music. As the girls turn t and chorus "HI!"  Jax is stunned as he listens to their personal and way too friendly conversation. Sonny appears with a platter of mooseburgers.  Brenda and Miranda complain.  Miranda: "Sonny, he won't pick one of us!"  Sonny responds: "And you're surprised?  The guy's a wimp!"  He's brought duelling pistols.  They start to count off and Brenda hugs and kisses Sonny, muttering "Come here, baby, I'm going to get rid of him once and for all." At "ten!" both Miranda and Brenda have their pistols leveled at Jax, who looks particularly young as he shouts "WAIT! I can explain!" He wakes up.  He's on an airplane.  Later, awake, he remembers Miranda and Brenda.

Kevin is watching football, sharing popcorn with Sigmund.  "Yo, LUCE! I think I'm starting to get this now!" She comes in with some veggies and is amazed he's watching football.  He belches.  "Oh, boy.  I'm startingto get this craving for salami.  We have any?"  No, but she has this lovely hors-d'ouevre tray.  Kevin yells at the TV: "Are you BLIND? Stupid and blind? Oh my..." Lucy sits next to him asking for romantic music.. he's not listening, because he's standing up and cheering.  The doorbell rings.  It's Felicia, accompanied by the same violin music. Kevin: "Come on IN! Make yourself comfortable!" Lucy is surprised, but Felicia says, "Where ELSE would I be on Thanksgiving except with my bestest friends in the Whole Wide World?" Kevin is waving someone in: "Come on IN! Make yourself comfortable!" It's Tom.  "You're looking extremely obsessive compulsive today, Lucy!" Lucy, confused, thanks him, and Kevin waves in someone: "Come on IN! Make yourself comfortable!"  It's Mac.  "Hi, Lucy, what's for dinner?" She starts to explain they weren't expecting everyone and Kevin yells: "Come on IN! Make yourself comfortable!" to Katherine, who to the accompaniment of spooky organ music says, "Mac! You walked away right in the middle of my sickness!"  "Ewww!" from Lucy. "Kevin, please get away from the door NOW!"  Behind her, Felicia is drawing stick figures at the easel.  Kevin closes the door: "Say, can I get anyone a refreshing beverage, perhaps a delicious snack?"  Lucy tries to say there are no snacks.  Kevin looks at Felicia's drawings: "I'd call it minimalist."  Katherine, stuffing her face, admires Lucy's outfit.  Lucy looks down, and she's naked!  Felicia goes off to get her something to wear, and Lucy snatches a tablecloth to wrap herself in.  Kevin excuses himself to go -- check on Felicia.  Lucy doesn't think that's a good idea but Mac stops her to hold her for questioning in the abduction of Sigmund Coe Collins. She says that's actually Collins Coe, and the duck came of his own free will... but Sigmund isn't there.  Katherine is stuffing herself with duck.  She belches. Mac pulls off his shoe, which is actually a phone.  "10-4, Roger Wilco, Over and Under, Yeah, this is Police Commissioner Scorpio and I want an APB out on a missing duck. (to Lucy) Haven't we done this before?"

Felicia runs out of the bedroom and jumps on Lucy: "He's coming, he's coming, he's after me!"  Tom saunters up behind, holds up a piece of celery, and asks: "care for a stalk?"  Kevin: "Felicia! Answer the phone!" It rings, and she answers it, no one is there.  Kevin laughs, Felicia runs, Kevin chases her, Katherine asks for plum sauce, Mac is still on the shoe, describing the duck with arm and hand gestures, and Tom is munching his celery.  Tom: "If you didn't insist on separating Kevin from Ryan, Ryan wouldn't be out right now."  Felicia and Kevin run around Lucy.  Lucy asks "are you Ryan?" He answers no.  Oh, good, then he's Kevin.  No.  He's Devin.  Tom does a Sherlock Holmes impression: "Fascinating."  Kevin, uh, Devin, says: "That guy and his secrets!  I can't believe he didn't tell you about the rest of us -- there could be ten, maybe twelve."  He counts on his fingers... Kevin, Devin, Evan, Ryan, Tryin, Cryin, Dyin, Lyin, and Bruce!  Lucy is horrified and covers her ears.  Devin excuses himself: "Gotta run."  Felicia is sharing duck with Katherine and does not like being called by Devin.  "Oh, ALL right!" She starts to run, he chases her.  Katherine tells Tom he must try the duck, so he does.  Mac is still on the shoe.  Tom says "Fat little sucker, isn't he?" and Lucy screams.

She's actually asleep on the couch and Kevin is sketching her.  Lucy jerks awake.  Kevin says "hi."  Lucy wants to see what he's drawing.  She doesn't believe she looks that peaceful to him considering the dream whe was having.  He comments that she smells a little bit like apples, and she immediately panics over the stuffing.  He pulls her back and checks. It's her.  They kiss.  There's a tapping at the door.  Lucy worries, DID Kevin invite anyone?  It's Sigmund who apparently forgot his key.

Later a delivery boy comes with a tray of salami and a sixpack of beer. Lucy is watching a football game with running commentary on the cheerleaders' outfits and the cute butts of the players, while Kevin tries to sort out WHY there's a tray of salami and a sixpack of beer. Lucy explains that she was worried that he was going to want these "manly man" kind of things.  He denies he's that different and they hug and kiss, but Lucy sneaks another peek at the game.

Katherine is enthusiastic about how the meal is coming along.  Mac asks if Miranda is in the kitchen.  Katherine says she left.  Mac is disappointed but "Oh, well, there's always a bright side.  This way I get to devote all my attention to the GAME!"  He clicks on the TV and asks Katherine to get him some popcorn. When she brings it, she tries to climb in his lap, but Mac is so engrossed in the game he doesn't notice, jumps up to cheer and dumps her onto the floor.  She's hurt her elbow.  Miranda, in football shirt, comes in with beers and sits next to Mac.  They push Katherine's head down so they can see better.  She goes off to get the doorbell.  Suddenly she's dressed like June Cleaver, hair and all.  Pink shirtwaist, pearls, the works.  "I'll get the door, don't anybody move now."  Miranda is in Mac's lap and they are enjoying the game.  At the door, it's Brian kissing a scantily-clad Lucy.  Katherine protests: "You are the Face of Deception! She is the competition!"  

"I know, I can't help it."  Lucy sings: "He wants to marry me!"  Katherine protests that she can't marry Brian, she's going to marry Kevin.  Miranda comments that she could marry them both.  Lucy invites Katherine to be her matron of honor.  Suddenly Katherine is in a cop uniform.  "Matron of honor?"  Brian, meanwhile, is gazing at himself in a hand mirror.  "Sullen, that's my bread and butter, don't-cha think?"  They all chorus at Katherine: "What's for dinner?" Katherine thinks she started to cook something, and Lucy tells her that the cook's daughter has to sing for her supper.  Katherine protests that she doesn't sing, and Lucy counters: "I know that, but you simply must." They all chorus: "SING!"  Katherine is in Shirley Temple outfit and curls.  She sings and dances to Moonlight Bay while Brian, Lucy, Mac and Miranda look on.  (Interesting the differences in Lucy's and Katherine's nightmares.  Lucy's is a lot more detailed, and has to do more with her fears for Kevin, while Katherine's is blunter, and about still being the Cook's Daughter.  Both, however, feature the other as a villainess.) 

Mac comes in and kisses Katherine away.  "Have I ever told you just how innocent you look when you're sleeping?"  She tells him about her dream, though "Lucy was there which I reckon upgrades it to a nightmare!"  Mac comments: "You know, I'll bet you two were married in another life!" "Ugh!  Don't even say that word!  There's far too much of that going around if you ask me!"  They talk about Robin, who is at least with Jason.  Miranda has made herself scarce, so they start to cuddle on the couch, which I would have thought was a mistake, since Miranda could turn up any time.

Ruby attempts to kick Sonny out of Kelly's which is closed for their annual feed-the-poor time.  He's brought a message from Robin who is dishing up food at a homeless shelter.  He's also brought a check, and he tells Ruby to go get some rest, he and his henchmen will continue to serve the meals today.

Edward is relaxing and Alan, Monica and Emily come in with some wood for the fireplace.  It's nice and nippy and and crisp and wonderful.  They stick the wood in the fireplace.  Alan says: "I can't wait for it to start snowing. I just want to go sledding so badly!"  They stand in front of the fireplace hugging and Edward says, snidely, "Let me guess.  The Waltons!  Very good.  You keep this up all through dinner and you will make Lila very happy."  Emily hopes they won't have pizza again.  "Mercy, no!"  Ma Walton, uh, Monica says.  "Bite your tongue!" adds Alan.  "It's going to be a traditional, old-fashioned Thanksgiving."  "Not so fast!" interrrupts Reginald.  "Sonny Corinthos."  The violins play.  

Sonny says, "Tell me something, Reginald.  What is it I do that makes you so nervous all the time?"  "Uh, I don't know, breathe maybe?"  "Nonsense," beams Alan, who has obviously been hitting the pain pills too hard, "Sonny's a PAL.  An Invited Guest come to spend the holiday with us."  Monica chirps up (also on the happy pills, apparently) "And we COULDn't be more pleased!"  Sonny tells Reginald: "I've always been a believer in live and let live.  I never saw any reason why we all just can't be friends."  He puts his hand out for Reginald to kiss.  Edward is huffing about Sonny and that jax character stealing his business and Sonny tells him not to take it personally, he'll have himself another heart attack.  Emily goes to Sonny and hugs him.  "How are you?"  "So much better now!" she responds. 

Justus bops on in.  "Hey! (to Sonny)  My Main MAN!"  He has all the deep dark nasty secrets on Edward.  Sonny is delighted to know that Edward whacked Damian Smith!  "I did no such thing!"  Sonny shows the file to the family.  "Grandpa!"  "Edward!"  "Father!"  Ned comes in wearing an Eastern monk's robe.  "Oh, Ned!" exclaims Edward.  "Thank God you're here!  This whole room has gone mad!  Although I shouldn't be surprised and I -- uh -- what the devil are you wearing, Ned?"  (Mysterious Asian music plays)  "Ah.  Grandfather. That is precisely the point.  The devil is no more.  All is peace.  Harmony.  Oneness in the universe.  Now that I've discovered my spiritual path."  "Isn't that Wonderful?" beams Alan. "GOOD for Ned!" enthuses Monica.  They applaud. Brenda and Jax come in, wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.  Jax and Sonny shake hands.  "Yo, Sonny BOY!"  "Yeah, what's the word?" "Thunderbird."  "What's the price?"  "Eddie twice."  Edward is blustery and baffled.  "ELQ has been taken over by cretins and imbeciles!  Now, Ned, you have to do something!"  "I intend to," Ned replies calmly. "Sonny, Jax, come to me, please.  I propose we donate all existing ELQ assets to various Bensonhurst charities and start all over."  They think this is a great idea.  Brenda remarks: "Jax and I should rummage through all these old knickknacks and pick out some wedding gifts for ourselves, don't you think?"  Ned agrees.  Brenda smiles at Jax: "Come allong, my little blueberry muffin!"  Jax: "Whatever you say, sweetums."

Alan says: "Perhaps now, Father, there'll be room for me in a kinder, gentler ELQ."  Edward isn't going down without a fight: "That'll be a cold day in Hell."  Ned says, "The CEO position is wide open.  You and Justus can fight it out to your heart's content."  Justus says "Oh, no, please, please, Alan you take it, I insist.  I'm gonna work with Sonny on his end of things."  Edward blusters "No no no, now this is unthinkable for you to betray me like this!"  Justus says: "EDWARD!  I'm struggling with my identity!  Today, I'm the Rebel in the family!"  Reginald comes bouncing in: "They're here!"  The family all assumes their positions. It's President and Mrs. A.J. Quartermaine.  Keesha is in pillbox hat and Chanel suit, very Kennedy-esque.   "Ruffles and Flourishes" plays.  "My Fellow Americans: One thing that you can be certain of isthat A.J. Quartermaine likes his sweet potatoes with plenty of marshmallows." Edward shouts: "This is a NIGHTMARE!" and they chorus:"SHUT UP, EDWARD!" Lila wheels in.  "Good news, everyone, good news!  I just spoke to Tracy.  She's coming home, and she's bringing Dylan with her!" Edward covers his eyes.  

Lila dimples at A.J:  "Nice to see you, Mr. President."  Jason drives his motorcycle into the room.  Lila hopes he'll stay for dinner.  "Oh, grandmother, I can't. I've only got enough time to rip off a few candlesticks and meet up with my buds at the tattoo parlor."  At this, Emily lights up.  "Oh, Alan, can I go, PLEEEEASE. I've been dying to get 'Quartermaines rule' tattooed on my thigh!"  Alan beams: "Of course you can, my precious girl!"  Edward asks: "Have you all gone stark staring mad?"  He tells Emily that she's not setting one foot out of the house with that hoodlem.  Emily sweet-talks him: "Ah, Edward, I would rethink that position. You see, Justus and Sonny have taught me to use surveillance equipment and I've taped all your private conversations.  If I don't get my way, I'll turn them all over to Dara Jensen."  Monica says, "I'm so proud of you, Emily!"  Alan agrees:  "A True Quartermaine at last!"  Keesha informs them that the CIA has checked into Edward's background.  It turns out he has another illegitimate son. That's enough for Lila: "That's IT!  Dominican Republic, here I come!" Sonny grins at Edward: "Hey-ya Pops, how's it going?"  "Oh, goodie," says Prince Charming.   "I've always wanted another brother!  jimmie Lee Holt never made it for me!  Sonny!  My bro!"  They hug.

Monica was having so much fun she forgot to give Edward his medical results.  It's Good News!  He needs surgery right away!  "What for?"  "It doesn't matter."  Alan's hand is all fixed and he's ready.  Alan puts his claw up: "Gee, Monica, ya think?"  He hopes he remembers how to do surgery.  "It's like falling off a bike," Jason comments.  Alan has a bright idea: "You (to Jason) used to be premed, would you like to assist?  What do you think?"  "I don't know.  Sonny?  What do I think?" Sonny thinks it'd be great, and Justus agrees that "having a henchman with surgical skills could prove invaluable."  "Cool," Jason enthuses. They gather around Edward. He mumbles and mutters.  He's asleep in the chair with Reginald and Lila watching him.  Reginald asks: "You think we should wake him?"  Lila thinks "might as well let him sleep while he can." Edward wakes up with Lila watching.  Ned comes in: "Happy Thanksgiving." The family comes in.  Ned asks Emily if she's happy about her parents' reconciliation.  She changes the subject.  Justus and Keesha come in, and AJ starts to talk business till Keesha stops him.  Reginald announces that Cook has resigned.  SOMEONE sullied her kitchen by making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  "I was HUNGRY, OK?" A.J. sputters.  The turkey is still half-frozen.  Alan says, "Well,  I think we know what that means!"  Ned says "Make mine pepperoni!"  They start to sing while Reginald tries to place the order.  Reginald finally says "You do this every year!"

11/27/97   Brenda goes to the door.  Jax is there with dessert.  He comments that she's all dressed, and the house isn't full of smoke.  She's had a little trouble defrosting the already-stuffed but still-frozen turkey in the microwave, which is all his fault, of course. She'd made the "black cranberry sauce" because, tee-hee, she wasn't sure what "gelled" meant.  Brenda keeps looking out the window, expecting the catered meal to arrive.  This is logical, considering how often Jax has pulled her chestnuts out of the fire lately, but he actually believed her this time. There's no parachute.  Brenda says "we'll just go out" but Jax the "I'll fly it in from Ireland" guy doesn't have the enormous resources of the Quartermaines, who know how to get a take-out meal on Thanksgiving. They have marshmallows and Brenda has the great idea to make s'mores with frozen graham-cracker crust and the chocolate torte he brought. "Brenda, DON'T BAKE!" he pleads.  They end up eating the s'mores.  Awww, so cute.

Liz is having a cigarette while purportedly looking for Gatsby.  Sarah comes out and they almost talk pleasantly.  Audrey is holding flowers and Nik comes by with a centerpiece.  "Just like the Pilgrims," Liz remarks. "Bring gifts to the natives and kill them and take everything they own." No sign of Gatsby, maybe he's gone for good.  Just then the doorbell rings. Audrey asks pleasantly: "Would you get that, Elizabeth?  It's probably the juvenile authorities come to take you away."  It's actually Lucky, holding Gatsby. Audrey, who is vaguely manic, claims that Gatsby once sent her a postcard from Chicago.  There are many awkward pauses.  Then Foster barks.  Apparently Lucky took his Thanksgiving treat (Gatsby) away.  We hear G. yowl.  Lucky leaves.  Gatsby gets back.  Liz, outside, flirts with Lucky.At dinner Audrey asks Nik to say the grace, and they look at Steve's empty chair.

Luke lets Mac and Felicia and Maxie and Georgie in, shouting over his shoulder to Bobbie: "Your annoying neighbors are here."  Foster is here. The bell rings.  It's Tony and Carly.  "Hello doc Bro ex-in-law" says Luke. "Carly."  Carly hands Luke the flowers she's carrying but drops them just before he gets them.  There's an awkward pause.  (Lucas dashes in for his present and dashes out again.)  Bobbie suggests they stay for dinner? Tony and Carly try to back out, with Luke saying in the background "they have reservations" which is a double meaning for sure.  Luke certainly has reservations!  Bobbie says they need to establish a precedent.  They will be having holidays together, the children will play together, they need to practice.  Tony and Carly give in. The bell rings, and it's Amy and Ruby.  Luke tries to talk Bobbie out of having Tony and Carly.  At dinner, Luke makes a toast.  It's just all so family and nice  that Carly can't stand it and leaves the table.  Bobbie follows her.  Carly tells her she's really good at the holiday stuff. They have a bonding moment.

Annabelle comes in, but Luke tells her Foster is "so over you, babe!" She has a soggy note from Edward, but all Luke can decipher is "Quartermaines thieves!"  "Well, Annabelle, tell us something we don't already know." That favorite humorous couple, Mac and Felicia, are being quirky and perky again, over the dishwasher, which has bath toys in it. 

Jason is at the Penthouse having a traditional Q Thanksgiving meal, pizza, when Emily comes in.  He's having his mail forwarded from "that woman at Jake's"  and he's gotten two sweepstakes offers and a thing for Princess Diana collector plates.  Emily gets right to the point: "As long as you're eating pizza, why don't you have Thanksgiving with us?"  Monica is asking Alan what's wrong with Mario's?  Alan wants something a little more fancy for Thanksgiving, a gourmet pizza.  Monica argues: "I want a traditional Thanksgiving pizza, I don't want one that's made out of spinach!"  Lila comes in with Keesha and A.J.  A.J. asks: "Disaster strike already?"  Alan suggests they call all the pizza places NOW so the employees can go home. Monica tries to get A.J. and Alan out for a walk.  Suddenly there's a scream from the kitchen and a dog barking, and Justus comments: "That's not our turkey barking!"  Lila suggests, hopefully, "Maybe Cook's finally managed to murder your father..." but Edward disappoints her, running in after Annabelle and Raoul.  They've had the garlic mashed potatoes and the gravy.  Monica hands Alan the phone for Mario's.  Edward says no, he's made plans for every contingency.   "Nothing will stop us from celebrating a quiet pleasant uneventful family  Thanksgiving." Ned and Alexis come in.  Back at the Penthouse, Emily asks why Jason doesn't sleep in Sonny's room.

Ned says Reginald says Cook is upstairs packing.  Edward starts to object to Alexis' prescence, and Lila shuts hims up.  Edward: "Responsible or not, we still know under whose roof she sleeps every night."  Alexis responds: "That would be yours, Edward."  Ned tells them that Alexis and Stefan have had a parting of the ways. Lila asks if someone thought to take the turkey out of the oven, and A.J. is surprised: "A turkey actually MADE it to the oven?"  Alan gets up to call Mario's, but Edward says it's his place to take care of everything, and he's ordered the pizza already.  Justus, missing Mary Mae more every minute, asks: "You mean we're giving up on our turkey dinner without a fight?" Edward: "Indeed we are NOT."  He plans to pile into the limo after dinner and take the pizza down to the homeless, "won't that be fun, mmmm?"

The bell rings.  Reginald comes in with three "Pilgrims with pizza".  Raoul barks.  The family discusses the masks, then the Pilgrims pull guns. Edward argues, as the family empties their pockets.  The haul is disgustingly small, only $64 and change.  "Don't you people carry wallets?"  "In my own home?" blusters Edward.  Monica says it ruins the line of his pants.  A.J. asks for his wallet back, and Justus gets his driver's license back, and Monica goes for her contacts, and Keesha is surprised she wears them.  Ned rescues his cell phone, and Edward goes to retrieve his gold pens, "they're not really of much value."  Lila has apparently been at the martinis again, because she erupts: "I **BEG** your pardon!  That's solid gold!" They all discuss this.

Alexis says while she's not really familiar with the protocol, she suggests they take the armed robbery seriously.  Robber #1 says "We can't go back with $64!"  Alan agrees that the Quartermaines would be laughingstocks if that got out.  Lila tells a robber that his mother should have taught him better than to manhandle an old lady in a wheelchair.  The bad guys dither. Lila says it's all most upsetting.  A.J. assures her that "they don't want to hurt anyone. DO you?" Lila says "No, these gentlemen don't seem to have any idea what they're supposed to do!"  She points out the silver. She tells them to pack up the silver and leave.  Then Alan suggests they take an ugly vase.  The Quartermaines try to get rid of other stuff.

Meanwhile, Edward writes a note for Annabelle to take to Foster. Jason shows Emily the cooked turkey he plans to use for sandwiches.  She says that's proof he's not a Quartermaine, "no Quartermaine has ever come that close to a fully cooked turkey on Thanksgiving."  She leaves.  The phone rings.  Jason remembers Robin saying how sorry she feels for the Quartermaines and how he's supposed to take care of Jason Quartermaine's family. Ned hands over a mantel clock.  Alan looks at a kaleidoscope, but Monica reminds him that Emily's fond of it, so the robbers can't have it.  Emily comes in.  She's really surprised that they're getting robbed by Pilgrims.  They'll be in big trouble when her brother Jason hears about this.  She mentions Sonny's name.  The Quartermaines are interested to hear that Jason lives in the penthouse now, but the robbers are more concerned about the dreaded name "Jason Morgan." Jason comes in with Pete and the turkey.  The robbers rush out, leaving everything and knocking the turkey to the ground.  They leave a note from Tracy, who has planned this robbery. Raoul comes in with pizza all over his face.  They order Chinese takeout and sing their song.

Nov, 1998 - no Thanksgiving episode aired, the show re-aired L&L's wedding

11/25/99  At the Quartermaines, Monica phoned from a seminar in London to speak with Alan and Emily.  Carly bowed out of the festivities by pleading a headache. Edward felt he had thwarted the annual Thanksgiving bust by buying two new ovens. Emily surprised everyone with the information that she had invited Juan to dinner. Before dinner was ready, she asked to be excused for an hour or so to visit a friend named Michael. Alan asked who this person was and Emily said that he didn't know him very well. Alan asked that she be back in time to eat her turkey or pizza before it got cold. Edward admonished Alan for being so lax with Emily and he told his father that it was about a foreign concept to him: trust. Edward said that Monica and Alan were doomed to fail as parents (AJ tossed in, "Thanks a lot!") and Alan asked Edward where he, of all people, got off telling anyone how to raise children. Edward was aghast and said he had been an ideal parent. Alan asked him to then explain Tracy. Juan and Emily return to find the Quartermaines sitting down to a pizza dinner after a mishap with the new ovens. They sang several rounds of "We Gather Together To Ask the Lord's Blessings" as Carly looked on from the door.

Luke was at the club drinking when the phone rang. It was LuLu calling to with him a Happy Thanksgiving. He continued drinking, noticed the light blinking on his answering machine and listened to the fake message from Felicia…then listened to it again. He remembered his adventures with Felicia, interlaced with scenes of them swing dancing. He ended by thinking of their kiss in Mexico. Later, Laura arrived at the club with LuLu to tell Luke Happy Thanksgiving in person. Luke was not there, so they left a note for him. We then saw Luke on the docks, looking out toward Wyndemere, then putting on a pair of dark John Lennon glasses.

Laura called Mrs. Lansbury to tell her she'd be late. She remembered the bad times with Luke, from the time he found out about her affair with Stefan (at the trial) until the present. She remembered the good times with Stefan and smiled.

Hannah told Sonny how happy she was that they had invited Mike. Sonny reminded her that Mike had invited himself. Mike showed up and he and Sonny argued about everything from rotisserie turkey cooking vs oven turkey cooking to apple vs sausage dressing to yamsvs garlic potatoes. While they argued in the kitchen, Hannah remembered her happy times with Sonny since they met to the present, as well as her meetings with the FBI. Emily and Juan knocked at the door, interrupting her thoughts. (Sonny was the friend named Michael) Juan brought a loaf of bread to Sonny and wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving. Sonny thanked him. Hannah invited them to dinner, but they told her they had to get to the Quartermaines. After the left, Mike gave his usual eulogy glorifying Hannah.

Jax showed Ned how much cash he'd been able to come up with by liquefying his European assets. Ned boasted that he could make that in a day. Chloe and Alexis arrived and the four discussed the pros and cons of traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Jax preferred Moose and Ned was hooked on pizza by being a Quartermaine. Chloe told them "Tough," she had already ordered a dinner and all they had to do was go pick it up. Everyone but Jax left to get it and Jax remembered his times with Chloe from the day they met to the present. The song, "Head Over Heels" played. Later, the four had dinner together and Jax offered up a touching toast.

Carly played with Michael in his room and told him that they had a lot to be thankful for, but the money and the stuff wasn't the most important thing. The most important thing was that they had  someone who loved them and they'd be going to stay with him soon. She remembered her life  with Jason from the day they met until the present.

GH Classic Thanksgiving Dvd #4 2000 - 2010
11/27/00 Carly suffered the after affects of her attack and was too bruised and sore to even get out of bed. She wanted to go to Bobbie's for Thanksgiving  dinner, but Sonny thought it would be a good idea to stay home with Michael. He cooked a meal for the three of them and the new family ate their first Thanksgiving meal in the bedroom. Bobbie and Roy prepared a Thanksgiving feast for their extended families and friends. Tony shared pleasant memories of past holidays with Bobbie and thanked her for being such a forgiving person. Gia cooked dinner for Nikolas and herself and was surprised when he told her that he had invited Liz, Lucky, Emily and Juan. Lucky teased Nikolas about his potential attraction to Gia while a sad Juan fretted when Emily didn't show up. They settled in for a nice meal, but Gia decided at the last minute to go to the Brownstone for dinner  with her mother and Taggert. On her way to the cottage, Emily stopped by the prison to see Zander and lightened his mood by telling him stories about her family. Rather than continue on to Nikolas's, she went back home and celebrated with the Q's. Edward was determined that this would be the first real Thanksgiving the Quartermaines had had in years. He gave cook the day off and hired the chef from the PC Grill. Monica and Alan were prepared for disaster since cook never let anyone in her kitchen.

Their fears were realized when cook came home early, kicked the chef out and refused to cook. Everyone was relieved when A.J. came over with several pizzas and they sang their traditional holiday song.

11/22/01 Sonny catches Carly at Jax's penthouse, and Sonny offers to put up the money for Carly's new club in order to get her away from Jax. Sonny admits to signing the divorce papers, and Carly refuses to accept Sonny's offer.

A jealous Skye accuses Jax of hoping to seduce Carly in order to torture Sonny, and Jax suspects Carly of using him to manipulate Sonny. As a result, Jax backs away from Carly's business proposal, but stubborn Carly  presses on, and Jax ends up taking her to an undisclosed location. Sonny  shares a Thanksgiving dinner with Mike, and Mike begins to confess past sins until Sonny overrides him with his own admissions.

Luke makes it to Bobbie's home for the holiday, but Bobbie and Scott get detained for speeding. Laura asks Luke to fill in as host opposite her and Luke finally agrees. Later everyone is happy as they sit down to  Thanksgiving dinner. Serena approches Laura and asks her if "its" true. Laura asks her what "it" is and Serena says that Lu Lu told her. After  Laura tells her that its ok to say whatever she has to say Lu Lu announces that Laura is going to marry Scott (which Laura has not decided yet) and Lukes happy face goes to a shocked one. 

Lucky speaks to Elizabeth over the phone, and he clearly remainsunsettled. Nikolas also appears troubled after Stefan speaks badly of Stavros, and Nikolas slips away, leaving Gia with the Cassadines, to visit Helena in prison. At the same time, Alan hopes for a real Thanksgiving  dinner (which does not consist of pizza) at the Quartermaine mansion. He  sends the cook away and hires a chef to make a real holiday feast. The  Quartermaines almost have a normal Thanksgiving dinner until a food fight occurs between Monica and Skye which ruins dinner, (especially the turkey which goes flying onto the mantel). The Quatermaines are stuck with pizza once again.

11/28/02 Courtney's dream; Courtney experiences a series of strange dreams, which are all vaguely similar in the sense thatshe keeps reliving the same day over and over again with a few different twists. In each dream, Courtney anticipates kissing Jason but always ends up sharing a kiss with someone else. After growing weary of the repetition, Courtney goes on a preemptive strike to end the outcome of her day. Courtney finally gets to kiss Jason in her final dream. But as it turns out -- all the dreams were actually part of another dream- Jason's dream.

11/25/09 Diane arrived at the Davis residence with gourmet yams . As Diane handed the covered dish to Alexis she gave her instructions on how to heat the treat. Alexis admitted that she hadn't realized that Diane would be joining them. Molly entered just in time to announce that Alexis and Molly had made plans for Thanksgiving. Alexis scolded Molly for being rude, and then explained to Diane that they had intended to go to the country club for dinner. Before Diane could respond, the phone rang. Alexis left the room to answer the phone. Molly took the opportunity to hand Diane a dollar bill; she wanted to put Diane on retainer. Diane explained that her fees were considerably higher than one dollar. However, she was curious why Molly wanted her services. Molly warned Diane to not breathe a word of what she was about to reveal. Diane's interest was piqued, so she promised to keep quiet. Molly explained that she and her sisters had decided to play matchmaker for their mother.

Molly claimed that Alexis had horrible taste in men, so it might be her last opportunity to find love. Diane smiled as she assured Molly that her secret was safe. Diane's only regret was that she wouldn't be able to see Alexis' reaction when she realized that she had been set up. Molly apologized; she didn't think it would be appropriate to invite an extra guest to someone else's house. Diane completely understood. Alexis returned to the living room with news that she had added another guest to their reservations at the country club. Diane appreciated the offer, but explained that she needed to see a client. Alexis pointed out that it was a holiday, but Diane refused to be swayed. After Diane left, Molly told Alexis that they had plans to go somewhere other than the country club.

At Pozzulo's Restaurant, the eatery in Sonny's warehouse, Spinelli left a message for Maxie while Milo was wrapping up a phone call with Sonny. After they ended their calls, Spinelli wondered why Milo looked downhearted. Milo explained that Sonny was fed up with Max continually sulking and Diane hiding out in Philadelphia. Sonny had ordered Milo to remedy the situation pronto. Max entered Pozzulo's moments later; it was clear he was in a dour mood. Max explained that Sonny had sent him to Pozzulo's. According to Max, Sonny had told him that Milo would "fix him up" and that Max was to make certain that the job was done properly. It was obvious that Max assumed the assignment was work-related. A short time later, Diane arrived at Pozzulo's demanding to know why Spinelli had asked to see her. Spinelli and Milo explained that it was about Max. According to Milo, Max had been having difficulty performing. Diane immediately jumped to the conclusion that Milo had meant that Max was suffering from some sort of sexual dysfunction. Milo didn't correct Diane.

Diane was horrified at the idea that Max had been suffering in silence. She insisted that Max had been more to her than just a sex object. Spinelli decided that it was a good time for him to leave. As Spinelli departed, Max walked out of Sonny's office wearing rubber gloves and carrying a plunger. Max's gripes about plumbing problems died on his lips when his eyes connected with Diane's. Diane didn't waste time talking; she rose from the table and then marched to the office. She turned briefly to order Max to follow her. Max handed the plunger to Milo and then followed Diane into the office. After Diane and Max recovered from a satisfying romp in the office, Max learned how Milo had lured Diane to Pozzulo's. He was furious that Diane had believed Milo's lies. Diane wasn't; she had missed Max. Max admitted that he had missed Diane, too. Later, Diane, Max, and Milo toasted each other with a glass of wine as they sat together at one of the tables.

On the pier, Kristina bumped into Ethan while she was on her way to Robin's house with pumpkin cookies. Ethan was happy to see that Kristina's stitches had been removed. Kristina was curious where Ethan was headed. He explained that he intended to go to Kelly's for a turkey sandwich. They chatted for a few minutes about Australia's version of Thanksgiving before Kristina invited Ethan to join her family for dinner. Ethan appreciated the offer; however, she had inspired him to spend the holiday with his family.

At the Drake residence, Sam arrived just as Patrick was carrying folding chairs into the living room. While Robin set the table, Sam confessed that she didn't think that their plan would work. Robin insisted that it was obvious to everyone that there had been chemistry between Mac and Alexis; they just needed a nudge. Patrick groaned when he overheard Robin and Sam plotting. He warned Robin that men were simple creatures. As if to prove his point, Mac entered the house carrying a six-pack of beer and asking if the game was on.

When Mac saw Sam, he asked Robin if Jason would be joining them. Robin assured her uncle that Jason would not be at their Thanksgiving table. However, Robin cheered Mac up by confiding that she had invited someone that he liked. Mac assumed that Robin meant Coleman. The doorbell rang moments later. Robin was surprised to see Matt enter with Lisa. Matt explained that he had invited Lisa to dinner because she didn't have anyone to spend the holiday with. Robin pasted on a smile and then welcomed her husband's ex-girlfriend.

As everyone sat at the table, watching the game on television, Lisa confessed to Patrick that she was impressed with the kind of father that he had turned out to be. Meanwhile, Sam received a phone call from Molly. Sam whispered to Molly that she thought the plan was a bad idea; she explained that Kristina had not even arrived and Maxie had canceled because she was sick. Sam was forced to end the call when Mac approached her. Mac wanted to question Sam about her statement regarding the night that Claudia had disappeared. Robin immediately scolded Mac, reminding him that it was a holiday.

Mac apologized, but then announced that he had to go to the station. Robin refused to allow her uncle to leave. Luckily for Robin, Alexis and Molly's arrival blocked Mac's exit. When Mac made another attempt to leave, Molly insisted that she had to ask Mac questions for a project. Alexis reminded Molly that she had already completed her report on the legal system, but Molly argued that she had a few loose ends to tie up. Alexis sensed that Molly was up to something, so she quickly cornered Sam to demand some answers. Mac also realized that something was going on, so he pulled Patrick aside to question him. Patrick refused to incriminate himself. Mac and Alexis realized that their families were attempting to fix them up.

When Alexis and Mac stepped outside to talk, Kristina arrived. As Kristina entered the house, everyone was explaining Alexis' horrible history with men to Lisa. Kristina revealed that her father was a mobster. Molly confessed that her father was a mob lawyer. Sam confided that she didn't even know who her father was. When Jerry's name was mentioned, Lisa was forced to agree that Alexis needed help finding love. Later, as everyone gathered at the table for dinner, Alexis found herself seated next to Mac. Everyone joined hands and then gave thanks.

At the apartment, Lulu offered to get Maxie a latte before Lulu headed to Elizabeth's house for Thanksgiving. When Maxie wandered into the living room, Lulu realized that Maxie was down in the dumps. Lulu assumed that Maxie was depressed because Franco had not agreed to do the photo shoot. Maxie surprised Lulu by revealing that she had slept with Franco. Lulu took a minute to absorb that shocking confession. She couldn't believe that Maxie had betrayed Spinelli. Maxie insisted that she hadn't cheated on Spinelli. According to Maxie, she and Spinelli had a list of people whom they could sleep with. Lulu was curious who was on Spinelli's list. Maxie reluctantly answered, "Anne Hathaway." Although, Maxie was fairly certain he had put her on the list only because Maxie had found the movie, The Princess Diaries, among his belongings.

Lulu pointed out that Anne Hathaway was a celebrity and that it was unlikely that Spinelli would ever meet her. Maxie argued that Franco was also famous. Lulu urged her friend to be truthful with Spinelli, even though it would most likely hurt him. After Lulu left, Maxie sat on the sofa crying; her thoughts were centered on her night with Franco. When someone knocked at the door, Maxie found Spinelli standing on her doorstep. He announced that he had picked up a few things that he hoped would make Maxie feel better. Spinelli poured soup into two bowls and then handed one to Maxie. Maxie managed only a few bites before she set her bowl of soup on the coffee table.

At the Jacks residence, Michael, Morgan, and Carly prepared to go to Kelly's to join Sonny and Mike for Thanksgiving. Jax intended to stay home with Josslyn. Carly's plans hit a snag when her car failed to start. Jax offered to take a look at the car, so Carly went to check on Josslyn. As soon as Carly and Jax were out of sight, Michael noticed that Morgan had slipped something into his pocket. Michael realized that Morgan had sabotaged Carly's car. Morgan didn't deny the accusation. He was determined to be a good big brother to Josslyn by making certain that her parents spent Thanksgiving together. When Jax returned to inform everyone that he hadn't been able to fix the car, Morgan smiled. Morgan's satisfaction was short-lived, because Carly asked to borrow Jax's car. Jax agreed to Carly's request, so Michael asked to talk to Carly and Jax about a school trip while Morgan raced outside to tamper with Jax's car.

Morgan's efforts paid off when Carly informed Jax that his car hadn't started, either. Carly decided that two brand new cars failing to start was an omen for them to stay home. Michael and Morgan volunteered to scavenge for food in the kitchen. A short time later, the boys emerged with tons of junk food. As everyone laughed and enjoyed the impromptu meal, Jax leaned down to kiss Carly.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Rebecca announced that she had decided to join some people from the hospital to help feed the homeless at a shelter. Tracy wondered why Rebecca wasn't spending the holiday with Nikolas. Rebecca explained that Nikolas was busy. Luke strolled into the parlor moments later to announce that Bobbie had flown to Seattle to spend time with Lucas. Rebecca was curious how Lucky and Elizabeth were spending the day. Luke revealed that Lucky and Elizabeth were with Audrey, Lesley, and the children. Luke wasn't interested in spending the day with a kind and loving family, so he had decided to hang out with the Quartermaines. Ethan arrived a short time later, followed by his sister, Lulu. When the pizza arrived, Rebecca asked how the tradition of the Quartermaines eating pizza on Thanksgiving had started. Monica explained that family squabbles had led to many ruined Thanksgiving dinners, so they had been forced to order pizza. As everyone helped themselves to pizza, Edward began singing, "We Gather Together."

11/24/10 At Kelly's, Lucky bumped into Siobhan as she was about to leave the diner. Lucky briefly told her about the Thanksgiving Day holiday and then invited her to New York City for dinner at an Italian restaurant. Siobhan was curious why Lucky wasn't spending the day with his children. Lucky explained that Elizabeth's grandmother, Audrey, had decided to host Thanksgiving dinner. According to Lucky, Audrey had invited Nikolas and Spencer, so that they could spend the holiday with Aiden and Elizabeth as a family. Siobhan wondered why Lucky didn't celebrate the holiday with the rest of his family. Lucky explained that his father and siblings were having dinner with the Quartermaines. Lucky confided that both families were extremely dysfunctional, so their gatherings tended to reflect that. Siobhan confessed that it sounded intriguing, so she advised Lucky to get over himself and then announced, "Let's go."

At the loft, Michael knocked on the door and then asked if it were safe for him to enter. Lulu smiled as she assured Michael that it was okay to open the door. She reminded Michael that he lived there, so he could walk in whenever he liked. Dante was surprised to see his younger brother. Michael explained that Jax had taken the family to Manhattan for the Thanksgiving Day parade, but Michael couldn't go because of the terms of his parole. Lulu and Dante were delighted that Michael could spend Thanksgiving with them. However, Dante and Lulu had different ideas about how to celebrate the holiday. Dante wanted to spend the day watching football games on the television, but Lulu intended to have dinner with her family at the Quartermaine mansion. Dante and Michael didn't seem thrilled at the prospect of spending the day with the Quartermaines, so they declined to go with her. After Lulu left, Dante couldn't enjoy the football games. Michael urged Dante to go to the Quartermaines' to be with Lulu, but Dante insisted that Michael join him. Michael explained that he hadn't been invited, but Dante didn't think that Michael needed an invitation. Michael finally agreed to go when it became clear that he wouldn't be able watch the football game without Dante constantly checking for text messages from Lulu.

Sam went to the hospital to enlist Robin's help. Sam explained that Kristina and Molly were determined to have Alexis and Mac spend Thanksgiving together. Sam revealed that her sisters were frustrated because Alexis and Mac had only gone out on a few dates, so their relationship hadn't progressed far enough for Mac and Alexis to have made plans to spend the holiday together. Robin was eager to lend a hand, so she enlisted Maxie's help when Maxie entered the room a few minutes later. After Sam left, Maxie admitted that it might be difficult to get Mac to go to Alexis' house. Maxie revealed that Mac intended to have Thanksgiving dinner with Robin and Maxie at the hospital in an effort to keep Patrick out of Robin's room.

At the nurses' station, Matt wondered what Patrick planned to do for Thanksgiving. Patrick revealed that he had planned to pick up Emma and then take her to see Robin, so that they could spend the holiday together as a family. Matt saw Mac step off of the elevator. Mac's eyes narrowed when he noticed Patrick. Mac made it clear that Matt was welcome to join Mac's family for dinner, but Patrick was not. Afterwards, Mac went to Robin's hospital room. Mac greeted Maxie and Robin and then started to unpack a basket of food. Maxie and Robin immediately tried to persuade Mac to return to his hotel room, change into something blue, which was Alexis' favorite color, and then go to Alexis' lake house for dinner. Mac refused to leave Robin alone on Thanksgiving. He also pointed out that he hadn't been invited. Maxie assured him that they had received an offer to join Alexis and her family for dinner, but Mac remained reluctant to change his plans. Mac admitted that he didn't think that Alexis was interested in him. Maxie and Robin disagreed; however they explained that Alexis needed a man who wasn't easily pushed away. They urged Mac to let Alexis know how he felt about her. Mac refused to be swayed, so Maxie gave up and then left. Robin challenged Mac to be the man that Alexis needed. Eventually, Robin wore Mac down.

Shortly after Mac left, Matt stopped by the check on Robin. Robin was surprised when Matt revealed that Maxie had invited Matt to join her for dinner at Alexis' house. Robin was curious why he hadn't gone, but Matt admitted that he didn't like feeling as if he had to always pursue Maxie. Robin explained that Maxie didn't have a lot of faith in lasting relationships, so she was in a vulnerable state. Robin insisted that he needed to be a little more patient and forgiving with Maxie. Matt chuckled; he had been about to offer Robin the same advice about Patrick. Matt wished Robin a happy Thanksgiving and then left. Later, Matt sought out Patrick to let Patrick know that Robin was alone with her thoughts in her hospital room. Matt advised Patrick to fetch Emma and then go to Robin's room. Later, Patrick entered Robin's hospital room with Emma on his hip. Robin was thrilled to see her daughter and to spend time together as a family.

At the Davis residence, Alexis worried that she might burn the turkey. Kristina promised to learn how to cook by the next Thanksgiving, so that she could be in charge of the turkey. Alexis smiled and then noticed that there were eight place settings at the table. Alexis wondered whom Kristina had invited, because Molly was in Los Angeles with Ric, so Alexis had planned on Sam attending dinner. Kristina revealed that she had invited Diane and Max to join them. "That's five," Alexis pointed out. Alexis wanted to know who the other three guests were, but Sam arrived before Kristina could answer the question. Diane and Max followed a short time later. Kristina quietly told Diane about the plans to set up Alexis and Mac for the holiday. Afterwards, Spinelli arrived. Kristina assured Spinelli that Maxie had been invited, so she would be sure to seat Spinelli next to Maxie.

Later, Alexis confided to Diane that she knew what Sam and Kristina were up to in regards to Mac. Diane advised Alexis to go for it, but Alexis claimed that there weren't any sparks between her and Mac. Diane reminded Alexis that sparks with Sonny, Ric, and Jerry Jacks had led to Alexis' life being left in ruins. Diane suggested that it was time for Alexis to let go of her "penchant for arrested adolescence" by dating a "real man" like Mac. Alexis kept silent as Diane sauntered over to Max. Diane reminded Max that it was an anniversary, of sorts, for them. She recalled that a year before, Spinelli and Milo had scared her by implying that Max's accident had left Max permanently injured. Max smiled at the reminder.

Moments later, Maxie walked through the door. Maxie was frustrated because Mac had stubbornly refused to join her. Spinelli carried in a load of wood seconds later and then stopped short when he spotted Maxie. Maxie and Spinelli smiled shyly as they greeted each other. Spinelli beamed as he sat down next to Maxie, while everyone took their seats for dinner. They were all pleasantly surprised by the last-minute arrival of a guest. Mac quickly stepped forward to take the turkey when Alexis entered the dinning room with the holiday bird. Alexis smiled with embarrassment as Sam and Kristina jumped up to invite Mac to sit at the head of the table. Meanwhile, Diane whispered to Max to fetch an extra chair, so that Kristina could sit down. After Kristina was seated on Maxie's other side, Matt knocked on the door. Spinelli barely contained his disappointment when Maxie invited Matt inside and then offered him the seat that Spinelli had politely vacated. Max fetched another chair, while Kristina offered Spinelli her seat. Maxie appeared uncomfortable as she sat between Matt and Spinelli.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward studied a picture of his beloved Lila for a long moment and then went to join his family in the foyer. Tracy and Maya each primped in mirrors on opposite sides of the foyer. Edward grumbled that they were too good to be wasted on men like the Spencers. Tracy rolled her eyes while Maya wondered why Edward had offered to pay Maya one million dollars to stay married to Ethan. Edward admitted that there might be hope for Ethan, but Luke was a lost cause. Luke and Ethan arrived for Thanksgiving dinner. Alice fetched the good scotch for Luke despite Edward's earlier order to keep it locked up. Meanwhile, Ethan pulled Maya aside to complain about the sudden lack of romance in their marriage. Maya reminded Ethan that they were only married for the money.

After everyone gathered in the parlor, Edward wondered why they were waiting to eat. Tracy explained that they were waiting for Lulu and Dante. Edward wasn't pleased to hear that Sonny's illegitimate son had been invited to spend Thanksgiving with them. Ethan and Maya wandered out of the room, where they continued to flirt and verbally spar. Meanwhile, Tracy announced that she expected Luke to take some ballroom dancing lessons, to pick up the tab, and to buy her an engagement ring. Tracy also wanted Luke to sign the pre-nuptial agreement. Luke assured Tracy that he would meet all of her demands, but he insisted on buying her the engagement ring in his own time. All heads turned when Lucky and Siobhan entered the parlor. Edward was immediately smitten by the Irish lass as he recalled a time, long before, when he had gone to the Emerald Isle. Siobhan charmed Edward with a brief recounting of how she had met Lucky. Edward warned Siobhan to be careful; Lucky might be a cop, but he was still a Spencer and arguably the smoothest talking one of the lot.

Edward's mood improved even more when Lulu entered the parlor without her "no good boyfriend." Edward had a temporary change of heart about Dante when Dante and Michael walked in a short time later. Edward was thrilled to see his great-grandson. Michael was curious where Monica was. Edward explained that Monica had gone to the spa because holidays without Alan were too difficult for her. Edward was certain that Monica would be crushed when she learned that she had missed an opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with her grandson. Edward then turned to Dante to warn Dante that if Dante ever hurt Lulu, Alice would make Dante pay. Maya glanced around and then noticed that Tracy and Luke had disappeared.

In the den, Tracy caught Luke studying an exquisite diamond ring under a jeweler's eye loupe. Tracy snatched the ring out of Luke's hand and then looked at it. She suspected that it had been stolen, but she didn't recognize it as belonging to Monica or anyone else in the mansion. Luke revealed that he had bought the ring in Amsterdam, so it had not been stolen. Tracy didn't believe him. As she took a closer look, she wondered if it were even a real stone because it was so big. Luke assured her that the diamond was real and that it was her engagement ring. Tracy slid the ring on, used the jeweler's eye loupe to study it more carefully, and then welled up with tears as she realized that it was a real diamond. A short time later, Tracy and Luke entered the parlor. Tracy proudly held up her hand to show everyone the engagement ring.

The pizza arrived a short time later. Siobhan was confused because she thought the traditional Thanksgiving Day meal was a turkey. Edward explained that the Quartermaines had a long history of bad luck with turkeys, so they had started a tradition of giving Cook the day off and then ordering a pizza. After Edward honored the special holiday with a song, everyone shouted, "Happy Thanksgiving." Afterwards, Edward invited everyone to "dig in."

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