I have compiled a GH New Year's Eve edit. This edit contains 12 episodes from 1993-2004. I have started a New Year's #2A Dvd and have added the episode from 2005 but haven't continued on past that. I do have all of the episodes from 2006-2010 but haven't checked to see if any of these have New Year's themed episodes to add to the third dvd. I began this edit with an episode from 1993, fun to see the cast from that time. This one is not an original episode but a good copy. There were not any New Year's themed episodes in 1994, 1995, or 2000 so I skipped those years. I've listed the dates of the 12 episodes below, and expanded descriptions of each episode below that. I do have episodes from 2006-2010 but haven't reviewed those to see how many NYs themed episodes there are but do have all of the episodes for those years.

New Year's Eve Episode List

New Year's Episode Dvd #1A
  • Dec 31, 1993 Eddie Maine sings in Brooklyn, Party at Outback
  • Dec 31, 1996 Party at Luke's, Party at Brownstone, Party at Q's
  • Dec 31, 1997 Dara sings at party at Outback
  • Dec 30 & 31, 1998 Bachelor Charity Auction
  • Dec 30, 1999 Q party, Roy difuses bomb at Liz's studio
New Year’s Dvd #1B
  • Dec 31, 2001 Liz & Lucky's non-wedding
  • Jan 2, 2002 Liz & Lucky's non-wedding continues, Luke proposes to Laura
  • Dec 31, 2002 Black & White 20's speakeasy episode
  • Dec 31, 2003 Silent movie - Dillon's dream
  • Dec 31, 2004 Jax's masquerade ball
  • January 3, 2005 Jax's masquerade ball continues
New Year's Episode Dvd #2A
  • 12/30/05
  • 12/29/06
  • 12/31/07
  • Episode Descriptions:

    December 31st, 1993- Luke and Laura have a confrontation at GH after Lucky is shot. Sean Donnelly grills Luke about the shooting. Ned sings as "Eddie Maine" in a bar on New Year's Eve, several short songs. Lois sees potential in her new find and starts coaching him on how to work the audience. Damian and Lucy discuss their bet (they have a bet that he wins if he seduces the female of her choice, she wins if he is unable to). Lucy runs through the list of possibile Port Charles women (not yet deciding on Bobbie). Party at the Outback, Felicia gets annoyed when Ryan continues to hit on her.

    December 31st, 1996- All of Port Charles celebrated New Year's Eve, although some gatherings were more festive than others.  Felicia carries on the tradition of a New Year's party at the brownstone.  Tom and Felicia helped Audrey get through her first New Year's Eve without Steve. Mac and Miranda also went to the party after Katherine insisted on being left alone at the hospital.
         Everyone felt awkward when Tony arrived at the party at the brownstone with Carly as his date. Justus drops by to talk about Tony's lawsuit to get custody of Lucas.  Everyone avoids Carly at the party. Bobbie didn't know Tony would be there, and certainly not with Carly, when she drops Lucas off at the brownstone party.  Tony agrees to sleep over so Lucas can spend the night with his friends and the morning with his dad. Carly feels neglected, then sorry for herself, then yells at Tony, then leaves. Carly seethed and was hurt by the turn of events.
           Katherine has a dream sequence about Stefan, then awakens and sees him at her bedside. Katherine thanks Stefan for having saved her. She remembers everything only vaguely, and, unlike Mac, doesn't want to remember the details of the shooting. She cuts him off every time he tries to introduce himself, then begs him to stay and he does. She sleeps.
         At the party at Luke's, AJ asked Jason to stop the gathering at the Quartermaines later that evening. Jason declined, however, and told AJ that it wouldn't fix anything. Jason and Gina played a game of pool, until Robin called to wish Jason a happy New Year. Ned invites Brenda and Jax to a civilized  party at the Q's. At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica and Alan missed not having Jason with them but were grateful to have made it through another year together. Jax and Brenda arrived and faced the demons of the room they were almost married in. Brenda, however, couldn't get Sonny off of her mind. AJ talks to Keesha about maybe kinda almost proposing. She had to ask if he was proposing, and he then said he was thinking about it but wants to keep it a secret for now.
        Emily meets the worthy object of her crush, Nikolas, where he's waiting out in the driveway at the Q's.  He's going home with Alexis, who's inside talking about some legal business regarding Dorman. Monica pulls a major motherly faux pas by dragging Emily back inside because she has no coat on.  Emily rebounds from this little-kid humiliation and rejoins Nikolas at the car, where they both stare out into the night.
              At Luke's, Kevin and Lucy have organized tonight's party and are handing out favors.  Lucy, regal and goddess-like in skin-tight gold lame with gold bangles and long, thin gold dangle earring. "The Mommies" do some shtick at Luke's about being "best friends." Gina looks pretty chummy with Jason.
         New Year's Eve chimes midnight.  Reggie hovers around Lila, and Brenda kisses Edward first on her way to Jax.  Ned and Alexis toast, as do Justus and Dara. Robin calls Sonny and Jason.  Sonny steers Gina away from Jason so Jason can take Robin's call.

    December 31st, 1997- Brenda tells Jax of her restlessness, then completely backs off and attempts to allow him his delusion that everything's fine, except that she really doesn't feel like being around any crowds on New Year's Eve. She encourages him to take care of any wrapping up that needs to be done at his office, then blanches a little when he takes her up on it. Later, Robin calls. As she initially sounded like she was speaking with her nose plugged, Brenda didn't recognize her voice right away and didn't speak until she realized who it was, then lied and blamed the phone for the silence. In the middle of catching up, Robin announced that "Star TV" is available to her, and wanted to know when Brenda's special would be on. As Brenda was about to explain why the show wouldn't air, Jax returned, and anything she might have to say turned pretty vague. She got off the phone and Jax presented her with his little box of party favors - hats, noisemakers, etc. Jax and Brenda decided to spend New Year's Eve in an ordinary way and they watched the arrival of the new year on TV. For the first time in weeks, Brenda appeared to be happy and at peace.
         Kat is prepping Mrs Lansbury for Nik's homecoming, when Sarah comes over to be "part of the welcoming committee." Neither of the Cassadine men looked happy to see her when they arrive. After an awkward moment, Nik hands Ms. Webber a one word note, "leave." She does. When Stephan and Kat fawn over him, he gets frustrated and goes upstairs. They fret some, then he mentions all the things to be thankful of, and hints there may be more good news in store, and indicates that Kat only knows. Later, decked-out Kat returns. Stefan whips out a small jewelry box bearing something huge with diamonds. Stefan invites her to spend each and every night at Wyndemere and make it a house of joy. Nearly in tears, she hugs him and announces "everythings finally right."
         A doctor is explaining the baby's condition when Tony starts having hissyfits over the ideas that the baby may go into surgery and it will be Jason's decision and not his. Jason decimates Doctor Jones with his cool, and Monica busts things up when she enters and is surprised by the birth announcement. Monica asks to be alone with Jason, Tony freaks and Bobbie removes him. Then Monica inquires about Carly's claim regarding the baby's paternity and answer's her own question with an assumption that since Jason's there, he must be the dad. She asks to visit with the baby before advising him on surgery. Tony, meanwhile, is frothing, if he'd been there when Carly was admitted, he could have ordered a blood test. Monica advises Jason to go for surgery, offers to get him stats, and gets reamed by Tony, "You. Have. No. Right." Then she calls home to let everyone know about the birth. She tells Reggie to page Alan, as no one's home.
         Jason pays a visit to Carly's bedside and delivers a monolog about all these decisions he's having to make. First of the Qs to arrive was AJ, with Keesha in tow. Next, the rest of the family arrived, and Monica explained the situation. While everyone was discussing Jason and his role, AJ smoldered. Edward was also upset, and speculated on how much money the baby would be worth to Carly. At which point, Uncle Luke happened in,
    saying the child wasn't for sale. Ned challenged Luke's involvement, "friend of the father," Spencer claimed as Jason walked back in. As Alan gazed admiringly upon his youngest, Keesha tried to comfort AJ. Luke and Bobbie met up, outside Carly's room, and she filled him in on mother and child's conditions, then noted that he appeared to have something to tell his little sis. Luke mumbled, then ducked out when Tony rushed up and grabbed the folder in Bobbie's hands and started babbling about blood typing. He begged her to get ahold of the baby's info.
         Emily comes right out and asks Jason if it's true that he's a father, but then rushes on and changes the question, or negates it, before he can answer. Just then the doctor enters and says the operation went well, and things should be okay. AJ attempts to talk to Jason and gets blown off cruelly. Jason walks up to Monica and thanks her for the medical advice. Luke leaves and wishes to Edward "a happy new year, to you and your whole blood-sucking clan." Bobbie broke the blood-type news to Tony, with apologies.
         At the Outback, the party was warming up when Filly pointed out to Mac that he was slipping up in the drink-mixing department, he turned to flirting and accused her of being a distraction. Dara sat down with Justus prior to her show, and asked his approval for something she wanted to do.
         After being rejected by Nikolas, Sarah joined Liz at the Outback and Liz was disappointed that Lucky hadn't arrived for the New Year's Eve party. Now on the stage, Dara does a tribute of sorts to Mary Mae, dedicating a version of "God Bless the Child" to her memory. With the song playing in the background, we get to watch a montage of Jax and Brenda acting happy, Stephan and Kat neckin' in front of a Christmas tree, Nik is brooding outside, Liz proudly whipping out a half-bottle of wine she undoubtedly filched, and getting busted by Felicia. Felicia, siding up to JimmyMac and getting eyed-over by him and doing some eying back of her own, Tony being miserable in a waiting room, Luke watching Bobbie fuss over Carly, and the Q family watching over the baby, who wasn't fussing so much now that his health was recovering.

    December 30th, & 31st, 1998- New Year's Eve in Port Charles and everyone's buzzing about the Bachelor Auction!! Robin gets things started off when we see her getting ready for it. She tells Jason that she'll miss him not being there, but understands why he can't go. They kiss and Carly tries to score points by telling Robin she wouldn't be caught dead anywhere Jason isn't welcome, even though it's for the Stone Cates Memorial Aids Wing. Jason takes the wind out of her sails by telling her to go, and he'll pay for her ticket.
         Ned drops by Jax's and tells him that everyone will understand if he doesn't want to go on the auction block, based on the type of year he's had, etc. Jax has a stiff upper lip and tells Ned that Brenda would love to see him make a fool out of himself, so he's doing it. Nik goes to Lucky's apartment and tells him and Lizzy that they've all got plans for the auction, even though Lucky ries to weasel out of it by saying he has no tux. Nik has thought of every contingency and has brought one along, with his luggage, as he asks his brother if he can stay with him for awhile.  Kat is at Windemere, asking Stefan to be the MC for tonight's big bash. Not knowing when to quit when she's ahead, she asks Stefan to be auctioned.
         Back at the Penthouse, Carly's ready for a night on the town. She comes down the stairs in her best ensemble and tells Jason she's going half naked because she wants to show off her diamond necklace. Jax is ready too, and is thinking about past New Years Eves with Brenda. Edward is with the rest of the Q's waiting to go when Nik comes to pick up Emily. Stefan, meanwhile, has an ulterior motive. He summons Tony to the island and tells him that he wants him in the auction.
         Carly and Reginald discuss the "help". She asks him why he stays with such a crazy bunch. He says there are "his" crazy people, and of course, for Lila. They talk about Jason Quartermaine and how much he was loved by the whole Q clan, and now Jason Morgan, how he is so different. He says the whole Jason left will never be filled. That is why they want Michael so badly. He warns her to be wary of the Q's. They will try to get him through her. He tells her to keep her son away from the Quartermaines, if she loves her son at all.
         It's the big Bachelor Auction at General Hospital and some rather strange dinner partners are picked by Master of Ceremonies Stefan. Bobbie and Jax are the first couple and Stefan reads this with a nice dirty look from Jerry. Everybody else is paired up as follows (and don't laugh too hard): Jerry & Helena, Edward & Liz, Reggie & Carly, Ned & V, Robin & Justus, Emily & Nikolas, Lucky & Tammy and Kat & Tony (personally set up by Stefan). Lila makes a suprise appearance; bidding $50,000 to spend the evening with her favorite bachelor. We don't see who he is until the end of the show and it's not Edward!!
           We now catch glimpses of these couples eating. Tony is fawning over Kat; asking if he can do a paper on her case and saying for the umpteenth time how he's put his life back together. Helena is hinting to Jerry how she has an inkling that he was working for Stefan and got the goods on Luke Spencer and Nick is telling Emily how he and Lucky are actually more alike than different. Jax tells Bobbie that she's been good for Jerry and she tries to play peacemaker between the brothers; Justus tells Robin that she'll be alot like Lila Q in 70 years and Alexis does everyone a favor, telling AJ that his Ned-bashing is really getting old. Lucky tells Tammy how much Liz means to him; all the while stealing peaks at her dinner with Edward. Tammy  offers to trade with Edward, so the teens can be together; at the same time Edward is telling Liz that Lila really is his better half.  Speaking of Lila, we see her at the end of the show with her favorite bachelors, Jason and Michael at the shop!! Jason tells her he wants to teach Michael to be what he wants, like he taught her. Lila says the looks on the faces of the men at the auction was worth it. The guests are mingling with each other after dinner. Jax is outside, remembering last New Year's with Brenda. He says Happy New Year to Brenda. The guests inside count down to the New Year and being to celebrate.

    December 30, 1999- Chloe and Jax are in Jax's airplane making mutual declarations of affection when Chloe decides that going to Times Square is too dangerous as Mike i splanning to take Gertrude there and they might run into one another. Jax is skeptical of this, but willing change his plans when Chloe   says that she just wants to go someplace where they can be alone. They arrive at the undisclosed location and it is a beautiful suite with a big bed, lots of candles, private garden. Chloe wishes Jax a happy New Year and he replies "happy us". They dance, then make love, and later go out on the terrace to dance in the rain.
         Back at the Grille, Ned is on the phone with Alexis who is waiting for him in bed. He isn't able to be with her right away, as he has to make sure the plan with Mike and Gertrude is going well. Mike arrives in snazzy formal wear, and he and Ned go over The Plan. Gertrude arrives a minute later, and she and Mike exchange greetings and compliments. She is having second thoughts about the trip to Times Square, though, because of the "Y2K brouhaha", and when she asks Mike to dine at the Grille, he agrees.
    At Kelly's Diner, Tammy explains to Bobbie that her date had a "last minute business meeting", and Bobbie is alone, too as Lucas is at a sleepover, and Jerry is gone. They had both planned to open the diner, but, seeing that there was no one around, decided to get dressed up and go to the P.C. Grille for dinner together instead. Taggert comes in to pick up Hannah just as Bobbie is leaving.
         A minute later, Luke is looking in the window of the empty diner, hoping to see Bobbie. She's already gone, but Laura and Lulu happen by just then. They chat about New Year's, and Luke says that the new millennium is a good time to lay low and reflect. Lulu wants to know what a millennium is, and as Luke explains that it is "1,000 years a whole lot of history", he and Laura exchange long looks.
         All is going well with Gertrude and Mike when Sonny arrives and decides to join them. Gertrude has no idea that Mike has a son, and Sonny has no idea that Mike is a "real estate developer". It's all terribly awkward, although amusing to Sonny, until he sees Taggert and Hannah arrive and quickly leaves. Edward arrives at the Grille next, and asks after Chloe (Ned says she's in Milan on business). He pressures Ned to join the Quartermaine party, and Ned reluctantly agrees. The rest of the party arrives, dressed to the teeth. Soon after being seated, Emily brings up the subject of Jason, ostensibly to find out if Lila is going to visit him again this year, but really to be so obnoxious that she and Juan get placed at a separate table. It works, and Juan congratulates her on her sneakiness.
         AJ arrives next, and states that Carly won't be joining them as she is headed for home, supposedly because Michael is coming down with something. Sonny is horrified to discover that not only is he in the elevator with Carly, but the elevator is stuck. Sonny pushes buttons while Carly yells for help, but neither approach works. Carly says that "if we don't get out, your face is going to be the first one I see in the new millennium" and Sonny replies "Well, it doesn't make my century either." Carly decides to take the opportunity to pester Sonny about Jason why he forgave Sonny and not her, when after all it was all Sonny's fault. Sonny doesn't want any of that, but she pushes and pushes until he snaps "Enough now,  enough!" It slowly dawns on Carly that Sonny is claustrophobic, and when she teases him about being locked in a closet as a child, he completely  loses it. She is frightened by his outburst, apologizes, and tries to soothe him but he remains panicky.
         Mike is still weaving tall tales for Gertrude when Bobbie and Tammy arrive  at the Grille. Tammy takes one look at Mike (who's just turned to order more champagne) and his "business meeting" and loses her appetite. She and Bobbie leave the restaurant, and Mike decides to cut the evening  with Gertrude short. He makes some excuse about a business meeting in Manhattan and rushes out, promising to make it up to her. Edward sees Gertrude as she is leaving and calls her over to his table. She tells Edward and Ned about Mike's sudden departure and allows Edward to convince her to join the Quartermaine party, much to Ned's consternation. Lila enters the Grille, saying that she wanted to ring in the New Year with Edward. Ned greets her, then departs. Mike arrives at Kelly's to find the diner closed up and dark. He bangs on the door, calling Tammy's name, and keeps it up until she, dressed in a robe, gives up and lets him in. She's very upset and angry, and demands that he leave immediately. Mike apologizes, swears that the "business  meeting" really was just that, and promises to explain another time.
         Jason and Liz arrive back at the studio after a motorcycle ride that Liz is still gushing over. As they pass by, Sorel and his man appear from their hiding place. We see that they have placed a bomb underneath Liz's table, set to go off in 15:00 minutes. Liz offers Jason some soup, but he turns her down and after wishing each other a happy New Year, Jason leaves. Liz drops her glove, and we see that the clock now reads 14:35. Jason, outside, sees Sorel's man crouching, watching Liz's building. Jason demands to know what the man is doing, and the two begin to fight. Roy appears and holds the man while Jason hits him, demanding again to know why he was looking at Liz's building, then they switch and Jason holds him while Roy hits and questions him. The man blurts out that there is a bomb under Liz's table, and they throw him aside and rush back to her studio (5:00). Jason gets Liz out of the building while Roy tries to diffuse the bomb (3:06).  Outside, Jason gives Liz his coat and tries to call 911 on the cell phone, but the line is busy.
         Inside the studio, Roy rushes  to get a tool, is uncertain as to which wire to cut, chooses one, and the bomb is diffused with one second to spare. In the street outside the studio, Bobbie happens upon Jason and Liz. Liz explains about the bomb and Bobbie is set to rush in to try to help Roy, but just then he comes out. Bobbie runs to him, saying, "how could you risk dying on me again?"
         Later, Taggert, Hannah, Jason, Bobbie, Liz and Roy are all outside the studio building together, and Taggert wants to know how they knew there was a bomb inside. Roy mumbles something about a psychic flash, and gives an equally smart-aleck answer to the next question - how he knew the expert way to diffuse a bomb (he had a lot of time to read in prison). Hannah leaves, Taggert takes Roy and Jason in for questioning, and Liz goes to stay with Bobbie for a few days.
         "As Time Goes By" plays for a music montage of Mike and Tammy dancing in the diner, wearing their shiny hats and sharing a kiss, AJ watching asSonny and Carly emerge from the elevator; Alan and Monica having a hug and a kiss, Edward and Lila exchanging fond looks, Emily and Juan sharing a kiss, Luke alone at his club, Laura with Stefan, Alexis pretending to be asleep as Ned comes in, then waking to kiss him, and Chloe and Jax dancing in the rain.

    December 31, 2001- Gia fusses around Liz helping her prepare for her big day. She's preoccupied with thoughts of how to best break Liz's heart, while at the same time, Nik is telling Lucky all about the fantasy honeymoon that is his wedding present to the couple. He's also fighting a losing battle trying to convince Lucky to at least put off his impending wedding. Lucky rattles on about Liz's lock on his love, saying she deserves this happiness after everything they've been through. Downstairs, Luke and Laura flirt, unaware of the drama unfolding all around them. Others start to arrive and barge in on Liz. Audrey, Laura, Bobbie and Gia provide her with her old, new, borrowed and blue mementos, but the old superstition isn't going to help this wedding.
         Alexis is resigned to spending New Year's Eve on her own and has even convinced her sister that it's fine with her if she spends it with Ned. She's trying to get comfy with a book when there's a knock on the door, surprise, it's Sonny. He needs her advice, not legal advice, but personal. Oh, and a favor too, will you be my New Year's Eve date?? Earlier in the evening Kristina and Ned  made plans to do something and Kris told Ned that Alexis wasn't feeling well and was planning on staying in. Made for some interesting looks when he picked up Kristina and Alexis waltzed down the stairs dressed to the nines. Even more fun was the
    tension caused by Sonny's arrival and the realization of who was with whom for the evening. Things go from tense to TENSE when later in the evening Sonny and Alexis bump into Zander and Carly.
       Melissa isn
    't sure she wants to go out either. Actually, she's still weirded out over Edward and his crazy plans for her in his will. She tells Roy that it's totally unprofessional to accept anything at all from patients, especially of a monetary nature. She decides that she has to talk Edward out of changing his will or her credibility will be in question. Roy convinces her to get dressed and as they are about to leave, they are interrupted by a knock on the door. Edward barges in and after a little negotiating, ends up escorting Melissa (and Roy) out for a night on the town.Things for Melissa go from bad to worse when the threesome enter the PC Grille and confront the Quartermaines en famile.
         Liz is going on to Gia about how she misjudged her and her love for Nikolas and basically thanks her for everything she's done to help get Lucky and she to this point. Gia's so uncomfortable she can't stand it. She blurts out to Liz that she shouldn't get married that Lucky's love for her never returned! Liz is stunned while downstairs Laura hedges when Luke asks her yet again to marry him!                  

    January 2nd, 2002- At the Port Charles Hotel, Jax comes across Courtney trying to get into the restaurant, wanting to see Edward Quartermaine, but the maitre d' won't let her in. Jax once again decides to help a damsel in distress and tells the maitre d' she is with him and, voila, she is allowed in.  Meanwhile, Edward has arrived with Melissa & Roy, which has caused a bit of an uproar among the Q family. Alan asks Edward to join the rest of the family but he refuses. Kristina looks on in amusement and amazement. Ned warns her this is only the warm-up.
         In the bar, Alexis & Sonny talk to Zander & Carly. Carly is civil and tells them how she tried to set Zander up on a date with Mandy. She leaves gracefully (yes, that reads correctly). Sonny gives Zander some cash for his date. Sonny says he owes him for the good job he's doing taking care of Carly.
         Upon finding Edward, Courtney tells him how Janine was scamming him all along. Edward sees vindication finally and blabs to his family how he knew he was innocent all the time. No one knows who the girl is, though, and they don't believe her, but she runs out before anyone can stop her, even Jax & Sonny who both try to find her and get into a little tiff over her. Jax realizes Skye knew that Edward was innocent of the escapade all along. Alan overhears and is sorely disappointed in her. Everyone yells at her (except AJ, of course). Kristina still looks on in awe of the Quartermaine family.
         In Janine's room, Courtney lets her mom have it. She can't believe she was going to scam Edward out of money and not even tell him that he didn't do anything wrong. Janine tells Courtney she would understand if she had a daughter of her own. Janine asks her to pack her bags so  they can get going. Courtney says she isn't going. Sonny walks in and invites her to stay with him. At Carly's club, Zander shows up with hot dogs and beers and offers to keep Carly company.  Zander tells  Carly he thought she might want some company after seeing Sonny with Alexis. She thanks him for coming by and decides it is okay for him to stick around. She even stops working for a bit to dance with him.
         At the Spencer house, everyone oohs and aahs about the upcoming nuptials. Elton did a great job. Everyone tells Lucky how great all will be. Upstairs, Liz is not at all happy with Gia's news. She denies that it is possible and accuses Gia of playing a joke on her or straight up lying or trying to ruin her day. Whatever the reason, she refuses to believe it and continues with her wedding. Audrey, Laura and Bobbie come in and offer some last minute marriage advice.
         Lucky goes outside to get some pre-wedding fresh air and his dad comes out and sort of questions whether Lucky is really ready to get
    married. He tells Lucky not to go through with it if he has any doubts whatsoever. Lucky doth protest too much, insisting he has no doubts.
    Ceremony begins. Down the aisle comes Lulu...Gia...Audrey...the bride. Liz gives her vows and they are amazing, if I do say so myself. Lucky gives his. Mid-vow, just as Lucky is saying his love for her is stronger than ever and that no one can ever change that, Liz realizes that Lucky has indeed stopped loving her. She says she can see it in his eyes. She runs upstairs. Everyone is shocked, except for Nikolas. He is mad and gives the evil eye to Gia. Luke & Laura discuss what is up with their son. Luke says it has seemed like Lucky has been trying to talk himself into the wedding.
         Nikolas tells the guests the bride- and groom-to-be probably need some privacy. Everyone goes out to watch the fireworks. Nikolas tracks Gia down and forces her outside. He demands to know if she told Elizabeth what he told her. Lucky catches up with Liz upstairs and tries to coax her down to get married. She isn't budging, though. She wants to know if his love for her
    truly came back. 
         At the stroke of midnigt,  10...9...8... Zander and Carly look at each other, Melissa and Roy celebrate being alone and kiss.  7...6...5... Kristina and Ned toast the New Year and kiss, Jax comes up to Skye and is nice, Skye moves in for a kiss. 4...3... Luke & Laura hug.  2... Nikolas & Gia argue. 1... Lucky admits his feelings aren't back and falls into Liz's lap, crying.

    December 31st, 2002- Ric and Carly break down the brick wall in Kelly's cellar and are astounded to discover a speakeasy frozen in time at one minute past midnight on New Year's Eve, 1926. An elderly woman suddenly appears and tells Carly the story of her club's opening night. Though Violet urges her fiance to elope with her that very evening, Joe reminds her how Marco wouldn't approve of them running out on Katherine's grand opening. Later, Murphy and his men crash the party long enough to taunt Marco and enrage Joe. Back in the present day, the elderly Katherine continues her saga and describes for Carly and Ric how her dreams all came true on that New Year's Eve. With the bash in full swing, Joe and Violet decide to tie the knot after the stroke of midnight. Marco slips the mayor a fat bankroll to prevent him from closing down the joint. At midnight, Murphy's men return and spray the club with their machine guns, sending terrified patrons screaming to the floor. Joe leaps to save Marco and is cut down in a hail of bullets. After a grief-stricken Violet suffers a nervous breakdown, Marco kills Murphy and dies in prison. Forced to give up her son in the wake of the tragedies, Katherine explains to her sympathetic audience how she closed up the club for good. As Ric escorts Katherine home, Sonny and Jason find a tearful Carly standing in the abandoned speakeasy.

    December 31st, 2003- As the Quartermaines assemble for New Year's dinner, they learn that the Port Charles Grille refused to send over a dinner on credit. Dillon and Colman arrive and, after Dillon delivers the bad news about their dinner, Coleman invites everyone to celebrate at Jake's. But the Quartermaines decline the offer. As the Quartermaines squabble, Dillon slips off into another room and falls asleep in front of an old movie. Dillon dreams that he is in the middle of a silent movie.
         Dillon dreams that he is a Country Bumpkin just off the turnip truck. Dillon has come to the big city to search for his true love Vivi and to find his real family, the Sterlings. Meanwhile, Mom and Pop Bumpkin (Cameron and Alexis), down on the farm, discover their son is gone and head to the big city to rescue him from scarlet women and demon rum. In the meantime, Judge Sterling (Edward) chastises his daughters (Monica, Skye and Tracy) for failing to give him an heir. In another part of town, two bandits (Skye and Coleman) are being pursued by the Keystone Kops (Scott, Ric and Lucky). The thieves are dressed in the same type of outfits being worn by Mom and Pop Bumpkin. Loose Woman Faith and her daughter, Sage, spot Bumpkin right off the turnip truck and discover that he is the heir to the Sterling fortune. Faith and Sage conspire with Faith's brother Snidely (Lorenzo) to get Sage married to Bumpkin, so they can move in on the Sterling fortune. Meanwhile, Lorenzo spots Bumpkin's true love, Vivi (Georgie) and tries to keep her from finding Bumpkin. When Mom and Pop Bumpkin arrive in town, they are mistaken for the robbers and chased by the Keystone Kops, but elude capture, by outwitting the cops. 
          Judge Sterling learns that one of his daughters produced an heir out of wedlock. When all the daughters claim credit for producing an heir, Judge Sterling turns all the women out in the snow! At the same time, Vivi finds Bumpkin, just as Siren Sage throws herself into Bumpkin's arms. Catching Bumpkin embracing Siren Sage, Vivi declares that they are through and runs away. Siren Sage, with the help of Lorenzo and Faith, hustle Bumpkin into a wedding. When Lorenzo learns that Bumpkin is still pining for his true love, Lorenzo shows Bumpkin that Vivi has turned into a fast-and-loose flapper! Bumpkin marries Sage, but disappoints the girl when he insists that they move back to the farm to live with Mom and Pop Bumpkin. Siren Sage soon gets fed up with life on the farm and runs home to mother.
         Meanwhile, hoping to keep Sage and Bumpkin together, Lorenzo finds Vivi toiling at Kelly's and kidnaps the girl. Then Lorenzo calls Bumpkin on the farm to let him know that he has kidnapped Georgie. Bumpkin rushes to the city to rescue Georgie and Mom and Pop Bumpkin follow their son back to the city. Tracy returns to Edward with a photograph that proves that Bumpkin is her son. Mom and Pop Bumpkin arrive at the Sterling Mansion, looking for their son. The Bumpkins confirm that Tracy's claim that she is the birth mother of Bumpkin is true. The Keystone Kops follow Mom and Pop Bumpkin to the Sterling Mansion. However, just as the Keystone Kops are about to arrest the Bumpkins, the REAL robbers (Skye and Coleman) are caught, attempting to loot the Sterling Mansion. The Keystone Kops try to arrest the REAL robbers, but Skye and Coleman soon give the cops the slip. Bumpkin discovers his true love, Vivi, just as Lorenzo releases a turnip truck that is headed downhill toward the couple. But Lorenzo is foiled when Bumpkin rescues Vivi in the nick of time. Bumpkin and Vivi tie Faith, Sage and Lorenzo up, just as the Keystone Kops arrive, chasing escaped robbers Skye and Coleman. Bumpkin discovers that Lorenzo has been withholding a photograph that proves that Bumpkin is the true heir to the Sterling fortune. Tracy and Edward arrive and welcome Bumpkin to the family. Bumpkin declares that he wants to marry Georgie, but is already married to Sage. Judge Sterling proclaims Bumpkin's marriage to Sage annulled. However, Bumpkin turns down the offer to live at the Sterling mansion and returns to the family farm, where he marries his true love with adopted parents Coleman and Alexis in attendance. When Dillon awakens, he realizes he has a message from Georgie, asking him to meet her at Kelly's. Dillon rushes out, but, when Dillon arrives at Kelly's, Dillon finds only Sage. As the bell tolls the midnight hour, Sage suddenly kisses Dillon.

    December 31st, 2004- Jax hosts a lavish masquerade ball with most of Port Charles' movers and shakers as his guests. He shows off his newly renovated Metro Court Hotel, which stands on the site where the Port Charles Hotel stood before the tragic fire the year before.
         Guests are decked out in flashy costumes, including a Barberella outfit worn by Courtney and bottomless pants, donned by none other than Jax himself!
         Sonny can't believe his ears. The announcement that Sam and Jason plan to raise Bridget's baby together is shocking news to Sonny. Michael later tricks Carly into leaving the masked ball and returning home to the penthouse to be with him and his father.
         Diego is a man on a mission to destroy Lorenzo and sets out to confront him at the ball with a gun. Courtney jumps in and shares some shocking news with them both. At the same time, Emily, Connor, Luke, Skye, Lucky, Liz, Dillon and Georgie hope their plan to unmask Helena at the ball works as planned.

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