I began this edit with scenes from the August 20th episode. I included the action at the Q's, the teens getting ready for the sťance, and Nik and Em and Mary. I then included complete episodes (without commercials) for the 8/23, 8/24, 8/25, 8/26, 8/27, 8/30 episodes. Then I began editing again more to the aftermath of the murder storyline from the August 31-Sept 9th time frame, including Mary's death, Lois telling Alcazar about Sage's death and the teens part in it, and Lorenzo giving Dillon the letter from Sage, and Brook putting it to music. This edit contains the complete murder mystery storyline involving Georgie, Dillon, Brook, Sage, Trent, Nik, Emily, Mary in first Sageís death, then Trentís, then Maryís.

GH Murder Mystery August 20 - September 9, 2004  5 hrs 47 mins - original edit

FRIDAY, AUGUST 20th, Edited- With a storm brewing outside, Edward confided to Dillon and Tracy that he had been hearing things in the house since Lila's death, believing it to be his wife's spirit. Jason confronted Justus, wanting to know Faith's whereabouts. Faith, meanwhile, was hiding in an unused (and thawed) freezer at the Quartermaine mansion and was almost found by Tracy. Faith was trapped, though, when Tracy closed and locked the freezer door. Justus soon rescued her by opening the door. Finally, Faith admitted that she had been in love with him and still was, which led to lovemaking.

Sage and Trent approached Kelly's, discussing the girl-band competition. Jealous of Brook Lynn, Sage swore she was going to blow the whole thing sky high. Lucas, Brook, Georgie, and Dillon soon joined them. Dillon told them about what Edward had been hearing, and Brook suggested holding a sťance by using a Channeling Board. They decided to meet back at the mansion. Sage swore to Trent that it was a night that none of them would forget. Once all of them arrived at the mansion, they heard strange moaning sounds through the ductwork (unaware that it was Faith and Justus in the freezer). Using the board, Brook asked for a visit by a spirit. The marker on the Channeling Board started to move, and Dillon asked if it was his grandmother. The reply was "yes". Georgie asked the spirit what it wanted, and they were given a warning that something bad was going to happen that night. The board spelled out the word "die". Sage remarked that somebody was going to die overnight, and suddenly the French doors blew open during the storm!

Helena gave orders to the workers at Shadybrook to keep Emily sedated. Nikolas sneaked into Emily's room and knocked out two of the workers in order to get Emily out of the room and out of the institution. As her drugs wore off, Emily was thrilled to learn that Nikolas had regained his memory. The couple hid in the Quartermaine boathouse. Learning of the escape, Helena realized she could never exert control over Nikolas unless Emily was out of the way. Helena ordered that Emily be killed that night.

MONDAY, AUGUST 23rd- The teens sensed someone in the room during the sťance. The channeling board warned them that someone would die that night. The doors sprung open and Heather, who sat outside, was almost struck by lightning. Edward came into the room and admitted he believed that Lila was back to stop him from cheating on her with Heather. Trent and Sage left the room and she tried to convince him that she was not responsible for what happened. Brooke did not believe that Lila would come back as a vengeful spirit. Heather and Edward were left alone. He told her it was too soon after Lila's death to be with another woman. She told him that guilt was natural but that Lila would want him to be happy. Edward brought Heather to the room across from his room to spend the night. They kissed.

Monica told Alan that she should get the backup generator working, only to discover that it was broken. They flirted and headed upstairs. Meanwhile, Georgie told everyone that she was frightened and wanted to leave. Brooke tried to convince them that it might not be Lila, but rather an evil spirit that was masquerading as her great-grandmother. Lucas tried to be very logical, finding a rational excuse for everything that had occurred up to that point. He told Brooke that maybe she was influencing the board subconsciously. A wheelchair came flying down the stairs, and everyone screamed. Monica and Alan passed by and believed this was a prank by the teens. Alan warned them not play with his mother's things. Alan and Monica went upstairs and Alan pulled her into one of the empty rooms for an "elicit tryst".

Georgie continued to tell everyone she wanted to go home. Alice declared there had been an accident and no one could leave because the road was blocked all night. Brooke tried to convince them to start the sťance again, in order to find out who the spirit was. She argued that it was a good way to clear Lila's name and to kick the bad spirit back to the afterworld. Sage and Trent backed out of the sťance. Dillon wanted to figure out what was happening, and Lucas teased him about hurting Georgie until Dillon finally admitted that he was still in love with Georgie. He apologized to her again, they made up and both decided to rejoin the sťance. Outside the room, Sage and Trent discussed that they sent the wheelchair down the stairs. They discussed their plans on how to scare Georgie some more. In the living room, the Ouija board told the teens that there was jealousy in the house.

After having made love, Justus told Faith that their relationship was rooted in betrayal and that he would not restart things like that again. Faith told him to take a chance on them again. She made plans to leave with Justus and start a new life. Justus questioned her reasons. She convinced him that it was a good idea to start fresh in a place where no one knew them. Justus left and when he came back, Faith was gone.

Emily mentioned things that Nikolas would know, in order to convince herself that his memory was really back. He told her that happiest moment of his life was when they had first made love. She told him that Mary was not just a misguided soul, and Nikolas told her that Helena was a much bigger threat. A shadow lurked outside. Emily told Nikolas that she was accepting the new him, and now that he was really back, she would never take him for granted again. He apologized for being mean to her, and for punishing her for loving him. He promised to spend his life making it up to her. They made love. Nikolas asked Emily where her engagement ring was, and that he wanted her to put it back on. She told him she took it off before his memorial service and that she had promised it Lulu. Emily told him she had to run to the house to get supplies. Nikolas heard the sirens (from the accident near the house), and fearing the worst, left the boathouse. He snuck into the house and ducked so that Alice would not see him. She warned whoever it was to come out. Meanwhile, Emily was in her room gathering her things, and someone stared at her from the closet.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 24th- Alice warned Nikolas to come out. Nikolas managed to run into Emily's room, just as the stranger was about to come out of the closet. Emily told Nikolas her fantasy from back when she had a crush on him. They made love. Just as the stranger was about to exit the closet again, Sage walked into the room, but left after Nikolas and Emily threatened they would catch her for trespassing if she told anyone she had seen them. Emily left to get food and came back with a picnic. She went to the closet, looking for a corkscrew. The stranger looked on. Justus walked in on an empty freezer. He went looking for Faith only to find her in the hall. He told her he cared about her and that he was willing to give up a lot for her.

Heather and Edward, kissing, fell on to the bed, only to find Monica and Alan there, fooling around. Alan accused Edward of betraying Lila's memory. They told him that Heather was just after his money. Tracy walked in and continued the accusations against both Edward and Heather. She insisted that Edward should be eliminated for showing no virtue at all. They all headed downstairs. Faith hid as the Quartermaines showed up. Felicia showed up, after having been called in on an emergency by Tracy. She insisted on hearing Edward's side of the story before eliminating him from the competition. Justus reluctantly defended Edward, leaving Faith outside. Felicia questioned Edward. Heather asked to speak. They all bickered in front of Felicia. Justus got fed up and left. Felicia announced that she had rendered a decision as to who would be eliminated next. Faith, with gun in hand, waited at the freezer.

Sage accused Georgie that she was jealous of her, but Brooke insisted that the spirit was saying it was Lila who was jealous of Heather. Sage then accused both Georgie and Sage of being jealous of her, Georgie because of Dillon and Brooke because of her singing. She teased Georgie about sex and Georgie stormed out. Dillon followed her. Brooke was upset that Georgie and Dillon walked out on the sťance. She convinced Lucas to start over. Meanwhile, Sage complained to Trent about what Dillon did to her and that she wanted to traumatize both Georgie and Dillon for life. In the boathouse, Georgie admitted she was jealous of Sage and that was why she had done the things she had. Dillon told her she was the most important thing to him. They kissed. He told her she was never the problem, and that he regretted sleeping with Sage more than anything else in his life. Sage listened. Crying, she told Trent to scare them to death. Trent made noises outside the boathouse and Dillon and Georgie got scared and ran to the house.

Brooke insisted she wanted to talk to Lila. Lucas once again tried to be the voice of reason, but after some convincing, he agreed to start the sťance again. Sage asked the spirit different obvious questions. Lucas was shocked to see that it seemed to be working and that Brooke was not controlling it. When Brooke asked who her father was, the answer was "N-E-D." As Lucas was about to say that just about anyone knew the answer to that question, the board continued with the letters "N-O-T." She took that to mean that Ned was not in danger. Georgie and Dillon ran into the house. Sage came in a little later and Georgie accused Sage of staging the whole thing in order to scare them. Sage left, upset. Trent defended her in front of the teens. He told them she was misunderstood. He left, looking for Sage. They all followed, feeling bad. Reaching the boathouse, they called for Sage to forgive them. They opened the door to the boathouse to find Sage on the ground, stabbed in the stomach.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25th- Inside the darkened Quartermaine Mansion, Faith grabs her gun when she hears Alice searching for her. At the same time, in Emily's room, Emily and Nikolas pack a picnic for their getaway and Emily goes to the closet to look for a corkscrew for their wine. As Emily and Nikolas continue to make romantic plans, the intruder spies on them from a hiding place. At the same time, a well-armed Faith ducks into Emily's room to hide and frightens Nikolas and Emily when Faith waves her gun in their faces. Faith reminds Nikolas and Emily that, since it would be very unhealthy for Faith if Jason discovered where Faith was hiding, Nikolas and Emily will not be leaving the room alive. Emily offers to help Faith leave the country, but Faith refuses to believe any of Emily's statements. Emily suddenly pretends to see Jason at the window and Nikolas grabs Faith's gun while the mob princess is distracted. Emily is terrified when the gun goes off but Faith drops her weapon and runs away, with Nikolas and Emily in pursuit. Later, Nikolas and Emily discover Faith's hiding place in the freezer. Emily leaves to warn the family that Faith has been hiding in the house. However, after Emily leaves, the sinister figure in black creeps up behind Nikolas and knocks him out.

Lucas, Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn and Trent go to the Boathouse, searching for Sage. The teens are spooked when they believe that they have discovered Sage's dead body, but Sage gleefully reveals that she was playing a practical joke. Sage later admits that it was Sage who pushed Lila's wheelchair down the back stairs in order to spook the other teens. However, when Trent congratulates Sage for her 'crazy woman act' in the hallway, Sage suddenly insists that it was not Sage whom Trent saw in the hallway! The teens are unimpressed by Sage's sudden protest of 'innocence' and they all accuse Sage of playing another prank on them. As the others leave the boathouse, Brook Lynn warns Sage that her pranks may have caused a real evil presence to gravitate toward Sage! After the rest of the teens leave, Sage again insists to Trent that it was not Sage whom Trent saw, dressed all in black, in the hallway. Sage and Trent finally follow the rest of the teens back to the house, but they are all shocked when they discover that a large knife has been planted in the middle of the Ouija Board! Trent and Sage accuse the other teens of knifing the Board to get even with Sage and Trent. However, the other teens accuse Sage and Trent of being responsible for the sinister-looking board. Georgie accuses Sage of calling Felicia in the hope that Georgie's mother would catch Georgie and Dillon in a romantic moment at the boathouse, but Sage denies the charge. The teens decide to lock Sage in the freezer. When Trent insists that he should accompany Sage, Georgie has a meltdown and blasts Dillon for always trying to defend Sage. Even after the rest of the teens have changed their mind about Sage, Georgie grabs Sage and hustles her unwilling 'prisoner' away toward the freezer. Later, Trent tries to convince Dillon to check on Sage and Georgie, but Dillon refuses, insisting that Georgie and Sage need to settle their differences alone.

Amidst flickering candles in the sitting room, as Edward, Alan, Monica, Heather, Justus and Alice look on, Tracy tries to persuade Felicia to disqualify Edward because of Edward's dalliance with Heather. But Justus argues that Lila would have wanted Edward to move on with his life. Felicia announces that she has decided, instead, to eliminate Tracy from the competition. Meanwhile, Justus slips away and calls in a big favor, then begins to make arrangements to leave the country secretly with Faith. In the meantime, back in the sitting room, Tracy vows to have Lila's will invalidated and sue Felicia for fraud. The group is surprised when Heather suddenly appears to be "channeling" Lila's spirit! Everyone presumes that Heather is running a con until "Lila" reminds Felicia about "Scarlet Ribbons." Felicia explains that Scarlet Ribbons was the name of the first rose planted in Lila's first rose garden -- and that Lila had told Felicia that IF Lila ever made an attempt to contact Felicia, Lila would use the code word "Scarlet Ribbons." Tracy suggests that Felicia and Heather are in cahoots and demands that the two conspirators leave the house immediately. However, Edward and Felicia convince the group that Heather should try again to "reach" Lila, and Heather agrees. While Heather begins to warn them all of danger, Alice searches the adjoining room, after hearing Faith moving around there. But Emily suddenly arrives and sends Alice to investigate near Emily's room. After Alice leaves, Faith makes a mad dash toward the front door, but Justus suddenly arrives and grabs Faith before the mob princess can make good with her getaway.

Meanwhile, Emily arrives in the sitting room and, before Emily can take Alan and Monica aside to warn them about Faith, Tracy suddenly demands that "Lila" should tell them who "Lila" believes should inherit Lila's fortune. As Tracy makes her demands, lightning flashes, thunder crashes outside, a wind blows out all of the candles and the back-up generator suddenly quits! When the candles are lighted again, Heather is missing! Tracy continues to argue that it is all an act being put on by Heather to manipulate the disbursement of Lila's fortune. Later, Emily finally gets Monica alone long enough to fill Monica in about Faith, but Emily urges Monica NOT to tell the police that Nikolas is ALSO at the mansion. Meanwhile, Justus informs Faith that he has made arrangements to get them out of the country and urges the mob princess to stay calm. Justus leaves Faith in a nearby bedroom and leaves to complete his plans. At the same time, Felicia discovers Dillon, Trent, Brook Lynn and Lucas gathered around the Ouija Board. The teens quickly explain to an appalled Felicia that Georgie took Sage to the freezer to lock Sage in. Meanwhile, Georgie arrives at the freezer with Sage in tow and locks her nemesis in! In the meantime, the black-clad intruder arrives in Emily's room and grabs the gun that Faith left lying on Emily's bed. When Georgie returns to her assembled friends, and confirms that Sage has been locked in the freezer, Felicia insists that all of the teens go with her to liberate Sage! In the meantime, as Alan and Tracy search for Heather, they come across Alice, who insists that she has not seen Heather. However, after Alan and Tracy leave, Heather comes out of hiding and Heather thanks Alice for telling her about overhearing Felicia and Lila talking about "Scarlet Ribbons" so that Alice and Heather can make sure that it is Edward who inherits Lila's fortune! Later, when Felicia and the teens arrive at the freezer, they are all stunned when they discover Sage lying lifeless on the freezer floor. Felicia confirms that Sage really is dead this time! At the same time, Emily arrives at the Boathouse and finds Nikolas, who quickly explains that he was hit over the head but found the freezer door unlocked when he regained consciousness, so he immediately returned to the Boathouse. Emily informs Nikolas that she believed that she saw someone walking around outside the house and Nikolas suggests that Emily might have seen Helena! As Nikolas and Emily huddle together against the cold, Faith walks toward the Boathouse, carrying a knife. When Faith arrives outside the Boathouse, Faith stands at the window, peering in at Nikolas and Emily.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 26th- Felicia, Dillon, Georgie, Brook Lynn, and Trent head down to the basement walk-in freezer to let Sage out. Brook Lynn sees Sage lying on the floor face down and thinks Sage is playing around like she did before. She tells Sage that they aren't going to buy her playing dead and tells her to get up. Felicia notices the blood first and leans down to check her pulse. She turns to Georgie and tells her that Sage is really dead. Georgie screams and cries in horror and blames herself for locking Sage in the freezer alone. Felicia tries to comfort her and reassure her that Sage's murder isn't her fault. Georgie feels responsible for Sage's death anyway and tells everyone she basically killed her. Tracy walks in with a candle and overhears Georgie. Tracy tells Georgie that she heard her confess to killing Sage as well as the other witnesses to her "confession." Dillon tells his mother to leave Georgie alone and leave them alone. Tracy refuses to leave and tells them that the cops will be arriving soon. Felicia tells Tracy to leave Georgie alone and tells her she didn't do it. They all go upstairs to the atrium. Meanwhile, Heather tells Alice that lying to Edward about not seeing her will help Edward in the long run because it will help him to eventually inherit Lila's money and thanks her for telling her about what she overheard Lila tell Felicia one time about a secret code of "scarlet ribbons" for them to use. Edward shows up and overhears part of the conversation. He asks Alice why she lied to him about not seeing Heather when she did. Heather sticks up for Alice and tells Edward that Alice just found her in the room. Edward dismisses Alice so he can talk to Heather alone. He asks Heather why she went hiding from him. She tells him she was scared of Lila's spirit. She explains that she doesn't understand how she could have been possessed by Lila's spirit when she doesn't remember it at all. Edward comforts Heather and hugs her. Alan and Monica walk in and are disgusted by Edward's belief that Heather is innocent of any wrongdoing and believes Lila's spirit was channeled through Heather. They tell Edward that there has been a murder on the premises and that Sage was the murder victim. They look at Heather in accusation. Edward and Heather join them downstairs in the atrium. Tracy continues to harass Georgie and accuse her of killing Sage out of jealousy and hatred because Sage slept with Dillon. Felicia tells Tracey to leave Georgie alone. Brook Lynn tells Tracey off for accusing Georgie of cold-blooded murder. Mac shows up and goes over to Georgie to comfort her. Tracy is disgusted when Mac insists on seeing Sage's body and the murder scene and being comforting to Georgie. Mac tells Tracy to leave Georgie alone. He checks Sage over and the crime scene with Felicia there with him. He tells Felicia there is no way Georgie would kill Sage but needs to question her about what she may have seen after locking Sage up in the room.

Dillon, Lucas, Brook Lynn, and Trent are told by Mac not to leave the premises. Trent gets upset with Lucas, Brook Lynn, and Dillon for defending Georgie. Trent thinks Georgie could have lost it and accidentally killed Sage. Dillon refuses to believe it and tells Trent to leave her alone. Mac brings Georgie into the other room to question her about what happened. Georgie tells him that she got so fed up with Sage for scheming with Trent and playing games to scare all of them that she dragged her down to the freezer room and locked her in there to teach her a lesson and then went upstairs. Tracy listens at the door to try and overhear what Mac is saying to Georgie. She accuses Mac and Felicia of tampering with the evidence and manufacturing an alibi to help get their daughter off. Edward, Alan, and Monica tell Tracy to back off and stop berating an innocent young girl like Georgie. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn thinks the teens should try to bring up Lila's spirit again with the Ouija board and ask her who killed Sage. Dillon, Trent, and Lucas reluctantly agree and use it. The Ouija board starts to spell out Emily's name. Trent starts to interrupt their little sťance and go off about how they don't want to believe anyone could have killed Sage even someone like Emily because she is Dillon and Brook Lynn's cousin. Brook Lynn notices the board is moving again with their fingers on it and they spell out the rest, "EMILY WARN." Brook Lynn and Dillon believe that Lila is trying to reach out to them to help warn Emily of danger.

Nikolas decides he should turn himself in after hearing about Sage's murder and that Faith is still on the loose. Emily is against the idea at first but after listening to his reasoning about how Monica will start to worry about her if she doesn't show up soon and think he kidnapped her and will call the cops on him. Emily and Nikolas show up. They tell Mac that Faith showed up and pulled a gun on them and they also tell Mac that Sage walked in on them in Emily's room but agreed to pretend she didn't see them. Mac doesn't know who to believe and accuses Nikolas of killing Sage and goes so far as to accuse Emily of killing Sage after Nikolas tells him that someone hit him over the head in the basement when he was checking out the freezer room. Mac accuses Emily of killing Sage to protect Nikolas after he was hit on the head. Alan and Monica resent Mac's accusations and tell him his accusations are absurd. Mac tells them that everyone is a suspect at this point and asks about Heather. They tell him about Heather being channeled by Lila's spirit, though no one believes the story. Mac suggests that maybe Heather went down to the basement to find more papers of Lila's and came upon Sage who Heather may have killed to keep her from telling the family her scheme. Meanwhile, Justus wonders if he can trust Faith when she insists she didn't kill Sage Alcazar and that she stumbled upon her body when she went down to her hiding place in the old freezer room. He asks her why she is carrying a butcher knife. Faith tells him there is a killer loose and is afraid of storms as well. Justus tells her he has to go make an appearance or the cops will get suspicious of him after awhile. Faith pleads with him not to go downstairs and leave her alone in the room with a storm still going on. He tells her that if they are planning on being together they need to learn to trust each other and promises to be right back. Justus shows up and asks Mac what is going on. Justus pretends he didn't know about Sage's murder. Emily and Nikolas tell him that Faith is around there somewhere and pulled a gun on them. Mac asks Justus if he knows where Faith is. Justus lies and tells him he hasn't seen her since he visited her at G.H. before her escape. Mac looks at him suspiciously. Upstairs the real killer, dressed in black clothes and wearing a Halloween mask enters Emily's room and tears a picture of Emily and Nikolas in half and smashes the frame. The killer hears a noise outside the room. Brook Lynn heads upstairs toward Emily's bedroom to find her to warn her. The killer readies his/her to strike if someone comes inside the room. Everyone downstairs hears someone scream bloody murder. Justus recognizes Faith's scream. Justus goes upstairs and finds Faith bleeding from being attacked by the killer, but not dead. He carries her downstairs so either Alan or Monica can check her. Everyone wonders where Brook Lynn went and worries she will be the next victim.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 27th- Justus brought Faith down to the foyer. She had suffered minor injuries from the masked killer and the gardening claw. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn was upstairs, being watched by the killer, when Trent, Lucas and Dillon arrived to take her downstairs. Dillon stayed behind a moment and was attacked; he was not injured, and the killer fled. Dillon returned downstairs and announced the incident. Mac told Felicia to keep everybody in one room while he searched the mansion. Felicia begged him to let her help him as backup, but he insisted that she stay. She gave him a kiss before he left the scene. Speaking to Emily, Nikolas wondered why the killer spared him, simply knocking him out. They thought perhaps Helena could be involved. Nikolas decided to aid Mac and was able to talk Felicia into allowing him to go. Upstairs, Mac found a torn photograph of Nikolas and Emily. Meanwhile Tracy, Monica and Alan suggested that everyone try to get away by boat, but Felicia insisted that they follow Mac's orders by staying. Thinking each other was the killer; Mac shot at Nikolas but missed. Felicia ran to them, and Mac ordered Nik back downstairs with Felicia. Heather told Edward she was comforted by his presence. Dillon continued to comfort Georgie. Tracy and Felicia argued about Georgie and Dillon. Tracy even tried to blackmail Felicia, saying she wouldn't tell Alcazar that Georgie had locked Sage in the freezer prior to the murder, if Felicia would award Lila's inheritance money to her. This caused the family to turn on Tracy. Felicia swore to Tracy that if another threat against Georgie was made that she herself would dig up something so horrible out of Tracy's past that it would send Tracy to prison. When Edward mentioned that Tracy had dumped Dillon on the family, Tracy threw Felicia's yearlong absence into her face. The killer overheard Mac calling for backup, as soon as weather would allow. A little later, Alice was startled to find a bloodied badge outside the front door. Felicia realized it was Mac's!

Everybody decided to grab something to use as a weapon; Heather's choice was an ice pick, and the group broke up. Faith suggested to Justus that this was their chance to get away. Brook Lynn and Lucas searched a room and had Trent stand guard in the corridor. Brook and Lucas were bonding when Trent stumbled into the room, with the gardening claw in his back. He fell to the floor, dead! Felicia showed up, followed by Mac, who had not been hurt at all. Mac guessed that the killer had placed the badge outside as a trick to scare and divide the group. With the weapon in Trent's back, Brook wondered if the killer was now weaponless. Outside, the killer found a knife near the boathouse and grabbed it. Soon, Nikolas and Emily were told that the killer was trapped in the boathouse. Nikolas told Emily to stay in her room, while he went outside to help. Thinking she was alone, Emily was actually being watched by the killer from the closet. The others learned that it was actually Faith in the boathouse. Alice, Edward and Heather were wandering the mansion together. Suddenly, Heather again seemed to be possessed by Lila's spirit, warning that Emily was in danger. Edward raced away. Alice was impressed by Heather's "act", but Heather swore she wasn't pretending this time. In her room, Emily came face to face with the masked killer. They fought, with the killer trying to stab Emily. Finally, Emily was able to grab the mask and pull it off the killer's face. It was Mary!

MONDAY, AUGUST 30th- Heather again spoke as if she was Lila. She claimed not to be faking this time. Edward left to warn Emily about what Lila had said. Heather threatened Alice that she would tell Edward about Alice's involvement in the "scarlet ribbons" scenario, and Alice responded with a veiled threat that she had Edward's best interest at heart and Heather better not try to take advantage of him.

The teens were racked with guilt. Each had individual memories of the events leading up to the murders. Lucas reassured Georgie that the killer would be found. Brooke admitted to feeling responsible.  Nikolas and Mac, followed by the others, walked in on Faith in the boathouse. When Nikolas discovered that the killer was not in there, he made his way back to the house. Felicia questioned Justus on whether he had hid Faith at the Quartermaine house. Dillon drew attention to the fact the killer was still in the house and that they should all concentrate on that. They all got back to the house and stood in the hallway bickering. Justus resigned as Faith's lawyer. Mac and Felicia brought Faith to the freezer, hoping to frame Justus as Faith's accomplice.  Emily pulled off the killer's mask only to discover Mary behind it. She told Emily she would save Connor from her. Emily tried to convince Mary that Nikolas was safe. Mar insisted on calling him Connor. She threatened Emily. She admitted to killing Trent because she believed he was working with Emily to keep Connor prisoner. She killed Sage because she thought she was Emily. They struggled.

Lucas let Nikolas into the house. Nikolas warned them to stay in the room and to stay together. Nikolas walked into Emily's room only to find her on the floor. Fearing the worst, he was relieved to see her alive. She told him the killer was Mary. She explained to Nikolas what exactly had happened. She told him that Mary was completely unhinged. Nikolas tried to come to terms with the situation of Mary's insanity. They headed downstairs to tell the others. Nikolas and Emily told Felicia and Mac the details of what had transpired between the two women and the history behind Mary's killing spree.

Georgie and Brooke asked the channeling board who the killer was and it spelt out "widow". Dillon joined them, and he and Georgie worried about Alcazar's reaction to his niece's death. Brooke thought that Lois telling Alcazar would be a better idea than him hearing it from someone else, and just then Mary appeared at the window, smiling. They ran to the others and told them about seeing Mary. Nikolas threatened to kill Mary, in front of everyone present. The power came back on and Mac, Nikolas and Emily went to the boathouse to look for Mary. Heather claimed to be tired and she and Edward headed upstairs. Alan and Monica tried to convince Felicia that they had redeemed themselves and that they should be allowed back in the inheritance contest. Justus ran to Faith and she warned him that the whole thing was a setup. He told her he knew, but that Mac and Felicia were tied up right now and that this would be their only chance to get away. Faith did not want him to put everything on the line for her, but he insisted and they fled.

Lucas consoled Brooke by telling her she handled the situation with strength and courage. She told him that she did not think he was as much of an idiot as she had originally thought. Meanwhile, Georgie and Dillon discussed their feelings of guilt and how they would handle Alcazar. Tracy walked in and just as she dialed Alcazar's number, Dillon grabbed the phone and hung up. He called his mother heartless and he warned her that he and Georgie were together and that she should stay out of their lives. At the boathouse, Nikolas and Mary came face to face. She continued to call him Connor and told him that she did everything to protect him. She threatened Emily and as she lunged towards her with the knife, Nikolas grabbed Mac's gun and fired.

TUESDAY, AUGUST 31st, Edited- Dillon called Jason to meet him at Kelly's. Dillon asked Jason for help regarding the backlash of Alcazar when he discovered what happened to Sage. Jason told Dillon and Brooke to stay away from Alcazar, but that it was unlikely that he would go after them. Lois told Alcazar about Sage' death. Alcazar cried at the news and was angered when Lois told him it was Mary who killed her. Lois consoled Alcazar and went with him to the police station when he insisted on questioning Ric about the investigation. He wanted to have Ric's assurance that Mary would be charged with first-degree murder if she recovered. When Ric told Alcazar that he would have to wait and see, Alcazar attacked Ric. He then proceeded to tell everyone that whoever had a part to play in Sage's death would pay. Lois pulled him aside and told him that it was a teenage prank that led Sage to be locked in a freezer. He told her he understood and told Lois he would take care of things his way. Lois met with Brooke and Dillon at the pier. She told them she did not have a good feeling about Alcazar's reaction to Sage's death.

Ric demanded to know what happened with Nikolas and Mary. Emily defended Nikolas' actions. Ric called Alexis to help Nikolas. He told her things did not look good for Nikolas. Ric questioned Nikolas and Emily about the events of the previous night. They both recounted what had happened. Nikolas claimed responsibility for what he had done and told Ric that if he had to, he would do it again. Emily left, and Nikolas continued to defend his actions. Alcazar walked in and asked to speak to Nikolas alone. Nikolas told him exactly what had happened. He informed him that Sage died due to a case of mistaken identity. Ric apologized to Alexis for having arrested Nikolas. Alexis told him that Alcazar would seek revenge, if not on Mary, then on Ric.

Emily went to the hospital and met up with Lucky. He warned her that nothing could come out of her going to visit Mary and that if Mary died, things would get even worse for Nikolas. Emily went to Mary's room. She told her she tried to feel sympathy for her but then proceeded to call her devious and conniving. She told her she did not deserve to live. Emily yelled at Mary to do everyone a favor and die. Mary woke up and grabbed Emily.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st, Edited- At the Port Charles Police Department, Lorenzo becomes incensed when Nikolas confides that Lorenzo's niece was murdered. Nik continues that Mary intended to kill Emily, and mistook Sage for her. Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Emily's decision to confront Mary backfires badly when Mary seizes Emily by the throat and begins strangling Emily. When Emily breaks free and slugs Mary, Lucky rushes to Emily's side. However, Mary accuses Emily of attacking Mary while Mary was helpless in a hospital bed. Nikolas confides to Lorenzo that he has finally recovered his memory and demands to know why Lorenzo had been so chummy while Nikolas's memory was gone. Lorenzo admits that Lorenzo had hoped that Nikolas's presence in Lorenzo's organization would give Lorenzo some leverage where Jason was concerned. They are interrupted when Alexis returns to confer with Nikolas. As Lorenzo slams out of the interrogation room, Ric stops Lorenzo and warns Lorenzo not to try to go after Sage's killer on his own. Lorenzo angrily retorts that he expects to make sure that Ric throws the book at Mary Bishop! After Ric warns Lorenzo again to stay away from Mary, Lorenzo storms out of the squad room. Once outside, Lorenzo checks his gun.

Emily tries to explain to Lucky that Mary tried to choke her, but Lucky just hustles Emily out of the room, while Mary babbles incoherently that Emily wants to kill Mary so that Emily can have Mary's husband. Lucky warns Emily to stay away from Mary, and Emily reluctantly agrees. As Emily leaves the hospital, she runs into Lorenzo, coming out of the elevator. Lorenzo begins quizzing Emily about Sage's death. Lorenzo confides that he is trying to figure out when Mary crossed the line into madness, but Jason suddenly appears and orders Lorenzo to leave Emily alone. At the same time, at the PCPD, Alexis tries to convince Ric that the District Attorney's office should only charge Nikolas with attempted manslaughter, but Ric reminds Alexis that many witnesses heard Nikolas promise to kill Mary only moments before Nikolas grabbed Mac's gun and shot Mary as Mary was walking away from Nikolas and Mac. Alexis insists that Nikolas shot Mary only to protect Emily. Ric accuses Alexis of asking him for a personal favor. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Jason and Emily try to convince Lorenzo that Mary's mind just snapped, but Lorenzo reminds them that Sage had been locked in the freezer by the police commissioner's daughter, which set Sage up to become Mary's victim. Jason and Emily remind Lorenzo that Mary also killed Sage's friend, Trent, but Lorenzo reminds them that his niece is gone! Jason tries to convince Alcazar that going after Mary's other victims will not bring Sage back. After Lorenzo leaves, Jason warns Emily that Jason is afraid that Alcazar will blame Emily rather than the teens for Sage's death. Emily insists that she believes that Lorenzo is just grappling with his grief and will be able to see the tragedy from a different prospective soon. Emily informs Jason that Nikolas has regained his full memory and thanks Jason for his support.

Alcazar enters Mary's room, and takes out his gun. After sighting down the gun barrel at the unconscious Mary, Lorenzo's hand wavers and he lowers his gun. Later, Emily meets Nikolas at PCPD and learns that Nikolas is being released on bail and will only be charged with attempted manslaughter. Meanwhile, Ric tries to convince an incredulous Alexis that his decision to be lenient with Nikolas had nothing to do with Alexis's impassioned plea for leniency for her nephew!

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, Edited- Brooke listens to one of the tracks they recorded of Sage singing at the studio. Georgie runs into the studio in a panic and turns off the music. Brooke asks her what is wrong. Georgie tells her that Dillon is on his way over to see Alcazar and take the blame for what ended up happening to Sage. Brooke leaves a message for Lois to come to the studio immediately. Lois comes right over when she gets Brooke's message. Brooke and Georgie ask Lois to go over to Alcazar's and use the fact that he likes her to persuade him not to hurt Dillon to avenge Sage's murder. Lois defends Alcazar to them but they make a case for Alcazar wanting any kind of revenge on anyone who had anything to do with what happened to Sage.

Dillon does go over to see Alcazar and tells him it was his fault for what eventually led to Sage's murder. He explains to Alcazar that he was a friend to Sage but admits he used her a bit to make Georgie jealous after she dumped him. He also lies to Alcazar and tells him he was the one who locked Sage in the former freezer room to keep her away from Georgie after the pranks she pulled on them all earlier. Alcazar listens to Dillon then tells him that he doesn't believe Dillon would lock Sage in the freezer and doesn't blame him for Sage's murder. Alcazar goes over to his desk. Dillon tells Alcazar to use him as a target if he wants to avenge Sage's murder. Alcazar takes out an envelope from the desk drawer and hands it to Dillon. He explains that he found the letter in Sage's bedroom last night and that she never mailed it. He tells Dillon the letter is addressed to him and asks him to read it. He tells Dillon that he already read it. Dillon returns to the studio. Georgie, Brooke, and Lucas are there and are relieved to see Dillon in one piece. Georgie asks him if Alcazar hurt him in anyway but Dillon tells her he didn't hurt him at all but instead shook his hand and thanked him for being a good friend to Sage. The other teens are surprised by Alcazar's behavior. Dillon explains about the letter Sage wrote for him but never mailed or gave him. Dillon tells them that he can't believe he didn't really see through Sage's attitude and bravado before now.

He reads the letter Sage wrote him which tells him how insecure Sage felt about herself and how she would hide it by acting like she was better than anyone and that she would test people as well. Sage thanks Dillon for being her one true friend and how he was the only person who tried to be a friend to her and that she planned to invite him on her birthday and let him invite his friends as well and that she would be her real self to them. The letter makes the others feel really sad that Sage was never allowed to show her true self to them and will never get that chance now. Dillon tells her that Sage put a used birthday candle in the envelope for him to remind him about the day he had pancakes made for her on her birthday as a surprise. Brooke reads the poem Sage wrote. Georgie and Brooke cry after the poem is read. Lois shows up at Alcazar with a gift. She asks Alcazar if Dillon was there and if he left in one piece or not. Alcazar tells her that he doesn't blame Dillon for what happened and that he is thankful to Dillon for being there for Sage when he wasn't. He blames himself for not being there for Sage when she needed him and that Sage was just as impulsive as her father was and needed guidance and attention which he never gave her. Alcazar opens Lois' gift which is a nice publicity photo they took of Sage when she signed with their record company. Alcazar gets a call from his pilot letting him know his jet is ready for take-off. He tells Lois that he is having Sage buried next to her father and grandfather in Venezuela. Lois leaves and he thanks her for being there for him and for the picture. He also tells her that unlike his brother's murder, his niece's murder will be avenged this time. Lois tells him that getting revenge won't bring Sage back and tries to encourage him to let it go.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd, Edited- At Wyndemere, Emily and Nikolas discussed the charges against him for shooting Mary. Nik was convinced everything would work out okay, and they made love. At General Hospital, Lucky and Ric visited Mary. She wanted to know why they hadn't brought Connor to see her. They repeatedly told her that Connor had died in the war. Outside the room, Lucky said to Ric that he was sure Mary was only pretending to be crazy. Later, Emily visited Mary. Mary started speaking as though "Mary" were actually another person and said that Mary would never stay locked up for the crimes that had been committed. She was sure that Mary would be released after treatment. Emily asked if then she was just planning on chasing Nikolas around for the rest of her life. Mary said she was going to come back and cut Emily's heart out. When Em left the room, she ran into Elizabeth, who was there for her nursing studies. Liz was pushing the patients' drug cart and realized she had forgotten something, so she asked Emily to watch the cart for her. A bit later, Lucky spotted Emily coming out of Mary's room. He entered the room, and, within a minute, the alarms on Mary's monitors went off! Nikolas arrived at the hospital and ran into Emily as a code blue was announced. They realized it was for Mary's ICU room!

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th, Edited- Lois met Alcazar at the pier. She asked him if he had killed Mary, after informing him that she had died of a mistake in her medication and not of her gunshot wound. Alcazar denied having had anything to do with Mary's death. He left and went to the police station wanting to know if the cops had a suspect.  Brook, Lucas, Dillon and Georgie met at L&B. Brook told them she had made Sage's poem into a song. She sang it for them. Simon listened. He approved of the song and told Brook that with a little tuning of the song and of her image, she would be a star. Lois came in and Simon told her the news about Brook. He told her that Brook was the real deal and that with her they would have platinum hit on their hands. He left and then the teens explained to Lois that it was not Brook who had written the song, but rather Sage. She in turn explained to them that Alcazar had the rights to the song. She met with Alcazar at the pier again to apologize to him and to ask him for the song. Brook felt guilty about leaving the others to pursue her own career. They all encouraged her.

Lucky questioned Elizabeth about what happened the night Mary died. She told him the truth about Emily having been left alone with the medication tray. Nikolas advised Emily to tell the police the truth about what happened with Mary. Jason showed up and Nikolas left them alone to speak. He told her not to say anything without a lawyer. Outside, Nikolas told Lucky that Jason was in there with Emily. Lucky went in and Jason left. Lucky asked Emily to tell him what happened. Jason informed Nikolas that it was not a good idea for Emily to tell the police anything. He informed him that the police just wanted to close the case and that they were looking for a suspect to pin it on. Since Emily had motive, opportunity and means, she would be the likely candidate. She had threatened Mary several times and this made her look guilty. The cops were setting Emily up. Jason left and Nikolas went in to Emily. Emily had refused to say anything to Lucky so he let her go, warning her not leave the state. Emily and Nikolas went to Kelly's. He told Emily everything Jason had said, and that he believed that Emily would incriminate herself to protect Nikolas. He knew she was innocent. Emily admitted to Nikolas that she was responsible for Mary's death.  Jason went to Elizabeth and questioned her about what had happened the night Mary died. After telling him she had told Lucky the whole story, he warned her not to speak to anyone else. Jason told her that Emily looked guilty.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th, Edited- When they meet on the Docks, Lois demands to know if Lorenzo killed Mary Bishop. When Lorenzo evades her questions, Lois asks directly if Lorenzo is capable of ordering someone killed and Lorenzo replies: "Absolutely!" Lorenzo admits that, while he is not sorry to learn that the woman who murdered his niece is dead, Lorenzo was not responsible for the girl's death. Although Lois apologizes for accusing Lorenzo, Lorenzo advises Lois to believe whatever she wants, then walks away!

At the Port Charles Police Department, Nikolas assures Emily that she will be fine if she tells the truth to the police. However, Jason suddenly arrives and warns Emily not to say anything! As Nikolas tries to convince Jason that Emily needs to cooperate with the police, Lucky arrives at the hospital and quizzes Elizabeth about Mary's death. Elizabeth admits to Lucky that Liz asked Emily to watch the medicine cart for Elizabeth while Liz went to check with one of the doctors about something. At the same time, Nikolas is stunned when Emily admits that Jason is at the police station at Emily's request because Emily believes that she needs Jason's help! Nikolas leaves, while Jason speaks alone with Emily. As Jason advises Emily to stay mum, no matter how safe Emily believes she would be in giving a statement to the police, Lucky arrives at the PCPD and informs Nikolas that Lucky just spoke to Liz about events the night of Mary's death. Jason continues to warn Emily not to speak to anyone without an attorney. Emily and Jason are interrupted by Lucky's arrival. After Jason leaves, Lucky pleads with Emily to tell him everything she knows about the night of Mary's death. Meanwhile, Nikolas tries to convince Jason to help Emily by staying away from his sister's current legal problems, but Jason argues that, since Emily did call Jason for help, Nikolas needs to be aware that Emily believes that there is something for Emily to be worried about! Jason warns Nikolas that the police brought Emily in without a lawyer because they were setting Emily up  and Nikolas is playing right into their hands! Although Nikolas continues to argue that Emily should cooperate with the police, Jason remains adamant that Emily's only hope is to remain mum. When Nikolas returns to the interrogation room, Lucky informs Nikolas that Emily refused to speak to Lucky. After Lucky leaves, Nikolas again tries to convince Emily that she should steer clear of any 'help' from Jason and, instead, cooperate with the police!

Later, when Lorenzo arrives at the Port Charles Police Department, Lucky is shocked to learn that Lorenzo can prove that he was in Caracas, Venezuela, burying his niece, when Mary Bishop died at the Hospital. At the same time, Jason arrives at the hospital and quizzes Elizabeth about the time that Emily spent alone with the medication cart. Liz admits to Jason that she told Lucky about Emily being alone with the cart and is surprised when Jason begs Liz not to mention those events to anyone else. Meanwhile, at the Port Charles Police Department, Nikolas is surprised when Emily declares that she believes that she needs Jason's help because Emily could be guilty of causing Mary's death!

At L&B, Brook confides to Dillon, Lucas, and Georgie that she believes they all misjudged Sage. Brook suggests that they turn Sage's poem into a song. After Brook Lynn sings the song that Brook composed, using Sage's poem, Simon arrives and declares that Brook Lynn and the song will soon be a national hit. When Lois arrives, Lois is thrilled by Simon's plans to market Brook Lynn as a solo act, but Brook is less than enthused by Simon's plan. However, Lois rushes ahead and agrees to Simon's plan without consulting her daughter about anything. After Simon leaves, Lois is shocked when she learns that the lyrics of the song came from Sage's poem and that Lorenzo would own the rights to Sage's lyrics! After Lois leaves, Brook Lynn confides to her friends that she is reluctant to perform as a solo act, but the other teens urge Brook to take advantage of the opportunity that Simon is offering. Later, Lois meets Lorenzo on the Docks again and tries to apologize. Then Lois informs Lorenzo that she is about to ask him something that he will probably hate.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, EDITED- Lois meets up with Alcazar on the docks. She tells him that Brook wrote a song using the poem that Sage wrote for Dillon and asks him for the rights to the poem to use as a song to launch as a potential hit single for Brook. Alcazar accuses Lois of using the tragedy of his niece's death to help launch her daughter's career and accuses her of never wanting to help Sage become a star but used her to get Brook to sing. Lois denies using Sage to get Brook to sing and that she had every intention of helping Sage become a singing star. Alcazar refuses to give his permission and takes off. Lois shows up at the record studio where Simon and Ned are with the teens. Ned is not pleased that Alcazar is again connected in any way to the record label and especially tied in anyway to Lois. Lois explained to Ned that Sage wrote a poem that Brook turned into a wonderful song that could be a big hit for their daughter. Lois tells Simon and Ned that she pushed too hard and Alcazar got upset with her and took off. Brook tells Ned that she needs to sing the song again anyway and asks him to listen to it before making a decision about it. Ned listens as Brook sings the song. Ned likes it a lot. Alcazar shows up and hears Brook sing the song based on Sage's poem. He starts to cry and is deeply affected by the song. Brook tells him that she won't record the song if he doesn't want her to or feels it insults Sage's memory in anyway. Alcazar tells her the poem was written by Sage and that Dillon owns the poem and that they have his blessing about making it a record. Lois suggests to Ned that he handle the business end of getting the song recorded by meeting with Simon himself to reach an agreement. Brook admits to Lois that she was wrong about Lorenzo Alcazar being heartless after seeing him cry. Lois tells her that even tough guys have hearts. Brook and Dillon talk at the studio. Brook is torn about whether she wants to be a music star or not. Dillon tells her that the real world is full of conflicts like that and she needs to get use to it.

Emily tells Nikolas that she did take pills for Mary out of Elizabeth's medicine cart and bring them into Mary. She tells him she feels bad about that since it could get Elizabeth in trouble and worries about being responsible somehow for Mary's death. Lucky wants to talk to Emily after he questions Elizabeth at the hospital about whether she left her medicine cart alone with Emily to watch it for her. She admits that it happened when he talked to her before but Elizabeth goes over to Lucky later and recants her story saying that Emily was never left alone with her medicine cart. Lucky gets suspicious about her changing her story. He talks to Emily and Nikolas again at Kelly's. He asks Emily to tell him everything that happened. Emily tells him she had an argument with Mary and then left. She then tells him she ran into Nikolas by the elevators when they heard the code blue call for Mary's room and went over to see how Mary was doing when she died soon after. Lucky tells her that he saw her run out of Mary's room and that she went in to her room twice not just one time. He also tells her that Elizabeth told him that she left the medicine cart with her to watch over while she went to get some supplies. Elizabeth shows up at Kelly's and tells Lucky that she didn't tell him that and told him what really happened. Lucky tells them that they need to trust him not to harm Emily in anyway by handing her over to Ric. He agrees to protect Emily by covering up the fact that the medicine cart was left with Emily alone to watch over it near Mary's room. Nikolas and Lucky go into Kelly's to order some food while Emily and Elizabeth talk outside. Emily tells Elizabeth she doesn't feel right about lying to the police and that she and Lucky could get in trouble for covering for her. She also feels that she brought Mary's medicine into her room when she shouldn't have and should probably confess that to the police. Elizabeth tells her she isn't a killer and that Mary was one. Lucky tells Nikolas that it is possible Emily could have killed Mary if it meant protecting him and herself since Mary did kill innocent people and was crazy. Nikolas can't deny Lucky's suspicions.

**The End**

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