Metro Court Hostage #1, Metro Court Hostage #2, Metro Court Hostage #3, and Metro Court Hostage #4

Metro Court Hostage DVD #1 January 3-31, 2007 - 4 hours, no commercials

  • Edited episodes 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10, 1/11, 1/12, 1/15, 1/16, 1/19, 1/22, 1/24, 1/25 (1:36 edited) 
  • 1/26 16 hours begins - complete, no commercials 
  • 1/29 15 hrs earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 1/30 14 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 1/31 13 hours earlier (first :30 mins) 

Metro Court Hostage DVD #2  January 31 - February 8, 2007 - 3:54 

  • 1/31 13 hours earlier (last 8 mins) 
  • 2/1 12 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/2 11 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/5 10 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/6 9 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/7 8 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/8 7 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 

Metro Court Hostage DVD #3  February 9-16, 2007 

  • 2/9 6 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/12 5 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/13 4 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/14 3 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/15 2 hours earlier - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/16 1 hour earlier - complete, no commercials 

Metro Court Hostage DVD #4  February 19-March 6, 2007 - 4 hrs 

  • 2/19 Hotel explodes - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/20 Aftermath - complete, no commercials 
  • 2/21 complete, no commercials 
  • 2/22 complete, no commercials 
  • Edited episodes 2/23, 2/26, 2/27, 3/6 Alan's funeral

Expanded Descriptions

Metro Court Hostage DVD #1  January 3 - 31, 2007 

  • 1/3 - Alcazar confides in Skye about his background in arms deals and how his family came to work for various governments and he is now involved in illegal weapons exchanges for governments that can't be linked to the deals. He that something big was about to happen and gave Skye some insight into his arms-trading business, noting, "If these deals were ever made public, governments would fall," he allowed.
  • 1/4 - Jason tells Sonny that they intercepted Alcazar's shipment and have shut him down. Jason warns Sonny that Alcazar will strike back. Alcazar is angry when he learns what happened and makes plans to eliminate Sonny and Jason. Alcazar gets a call from his contact in the government who warns him that they next shipment is highly sensitive and if there is another problem in their next shipment, there will be serious consequences. 
  • 1/5 - Alcazar hired a woman to help him in his plan to eliminate Sonny, as Skye eavesdropped. He hands her a gun and tells her that she knows what to do (she hides it in a trash can at the coffee shop and then creates a distraction so Alcazar can retrieve it. Alcazar tells Skye that Sonny made a move against him at the worst possible time. He tells her that the next shipment coming in is highly sensitive and that since Sonny hijacking his last shipment, the sellers are very concerned. Lorenzo tells her this particular transaction has been set up for weeks and Lorenzo can't change the location or it would jeopardize the exchange.
  • 1/8 - Lorenzo has a gun pointed at Sonny and he is about to shoot him when Carly walks in and causes a distraction. Sonny seizes the opportunity and reaches for his gun and shoots Lorenzo in the head. 
  • 1/9 - Lorenzo is rushed into surgery and as Skye watches from an observation deck, Mr. Craig arrives and stares at her. 
  • 1/10 - When Elizabeth comes in to check on Lorenzo, she notices an abnormality with his IV and ran to get a doctor. It was deducted that someone was still trying to kill Alcazar. Elizabeth provided an alibi, so then the group wondered if Father Ruiz could have anything to do with it. 
  • 1/11 - Later, the mystery man shows up to meet Skye. He introduces himself as Mr. Craig and tells her he is an associate of Alcazar and that he needs for whatever Alcazar was doing for him to continue and run smoothly. Skye offers to help him make sure that happens. 
  • 1/12 - Mr. Craig spies on Alcazar and Skye and later confronts Skye. He wants to know who is transacting business while Alcazar is incapacitated. Skye bluffs and tells him she is taking care of everything. He wants to know a date for the shipment, and she stalls and tells him she must know who he is for sure before she tells him anything. She also doesn't want to reveal anything while at the hospital, because there's no telling who's listening. Mr. Craig appears to be satisfied and leaves. Skye is frantic to get information and goes home in hopes of cracking Alcazar's password on his PDA. She comes back even more frantic when she realizes their home has been broken into and ransacked. 
  • 1/16 - Skye greets an awakening Lorenzo. He recalls to her what he remembers the day he was shot. Skye tells Lorenzo about the lethal dose that was given to him. She also tells him about the mysterious Mr. Craig who has been wondering about a shipment. At that moment, Mr. Craig walks into the room. Lorenzo asks Skye to leave them alone. Lorenzo accuses Craig of trying to kill him. Craig denies it but Lorenzo still won't give him the shipment date. 
  • 1/19 - Alcazar meets with Mr. Craig at the hospital and tells him that Sonny must be taken out. Mr. Craig and an associate set up an apartment across from the entrance Sonny uses to enter the back of his coffee house. They start surveillance in order to kill Sonny when he leaves the building. Sonny goes to visit Alcazar who warns him that he will regret it if he doesn't allow his shipment through. 
  • 1/22 - Sonny, Jason and Diane have a meeting outside the coffeehouse. Diane informs Sonny that Judge Hunter will be presiding over the custody case of Ric and Alexis and that she doesn't always side with the mother, she sides with the safest environment and if Ric can convince the judge that Sonny's association with Alexis puts Molly in danger, Ric could get sole custody. She warns Sonny to stop visiting Alcazar at the hospital and risk provoking him. A sniper is seen with aim on Sonny but is hit from behind before a shot is taken. Jason goes to the building and room where the movement was and upon investigating, realizes that a gun rest was placed on the window sill and was placed in direct alignment to where he and Sonny were standing outside. He then makes his way to the hospital and questions Alcazar. Jason asks who wants Sonny dead? He asks Alcazar about the sniper and Alcazar says it could be anyone. Jason insists that Alcazar must know and inquires about the shipment coming. Alcazar tells him that everyone involved is confidential and he doesn't know them. Jason wants to know why Alcazar would move something and not know what is inside. Alcazar tells Jason, "If you want to live through this, you'll do what I'm doing, speak only when spoken to and stay out of their way". An unknown person is seen with a silver briefcase at a computer. They appear to be setting what looks like a bomb. The briefcase is closed and a green light turns on while another person is looking in at Alcazar clutching a newspaper with Sonny on the cover. Sonny tells Jason whatever is going on with Alcazar, it better not affect them. 
  • 1/24 - Skye hands Alcazar his phone and he tells her that she may want to leave while he makes a phone call. She tells him that when he was unconscious, the fact that she knew nothing about his business almost killed her. Knowledge is power. He allows her to stay and makes a call to delay the shipment. Max immediately goes to the MetroCourt where he is interviewed by the manager. The manager doesn't feel he would be a good fit for the MetroCourt, but Sam reminds him that it is in everyone's best interest to keep Carly happy. Since Carly wants Max to be the head of security, he ends up getting the job. 
  • 1/25 - Jason meets with Sonny to discuss the shipment that Alcazar is expecting and what the shipment contains that has him so nervous and desperate enough that he tried to kill Sonny to protect its contents. Alcazar gets a call from his superior about the shipment and tells the person on the other end that he will see that the shipment arrives safely personally. He gets out of bed and Skye worries it is too soon but he is adamant that he must make sure the shipment arrives at the hotel personally and that it is secure. Skye brings him there and distracts Max, new head of security for the hotel. A mysterious man gets off a plane in Port Charles with one hand handcuffed to a secret briefcase. When mystery man shows up at the hotel with the briefcase, Skye distracts Max. Alcazar has the briefcase put into the security vault at the hotel. Sam returns to the hotel and the manager hands her Alcazar's briefcase while Alcazar isn't looking and tells him the briefcase is headed into the vault right now. 
  • Friday, 1/26 - 16 Hours Later - Mac and a team of police officers are surrounding the Metro Court Hotel. They see a masked figure in black scaling the side of the building. The S.W.A.T. team stands with guns drawn as the figure jumps onto the roof of a car below. The figure pulls off the mask and it is revealed to be Sam. She yells at Mac to get everyone out now as the building is going to explode. Mac orders tear gas to be launched and the officers don gas masks. Windows break as the gas canisters crash through into the building. Shots are fired inside and people are heard screaming in terror. Patrick begs Mac to get them out of there. Mac orders his officers to enter the building and the S.W.A.T. team advances into the building with shields in place. Nikolas comes out carrying an unconscious Robin and Patrick rushes towards them. Sam screams for Jason and asks if anyone has seen him? As soon as Nik sets Robin down, he turns to run back towards the hotel and the building explodes sending him and several others flying with the force of the blast. Aftter the opening credits, a time stamp scrawls across the screen "Port Charles 16 Hours Earlier 1:00 pm". Nikolas, Emily and Spencer arrive at the hospital to get Spencer checked out and are greeted by Lucky, Elizabeth, Lulu, Bobbie, and Mike. While the doctor checks on Spencer, Nikolas invites them all back to his house to celebrate. Emily finds out that Lucky proposed to Elizabeth and is ecstatic. Elizabeth is less than pleased and Emily asks her if she still loves Lucky. Back at the Cassadine's, Lucky is surprised when Elizabeth shows up. Nikolas announces that while they were in St. Petersburg, they had Spencer baptized and Emily is his godmother. After everyone leaves, Lulu tells Nikolas that Lucky proposed to Elizabeth and they both worry what will happen to Lucky if she turns him down. As they are talking about Lucky, he shows up and asks them if they are worried he will go back on drugs. Mr. Craig confronts Alcazar about the shipment arriving early. He wants to get it now, rather than wait on their previously arranged time. Alcazar refuses and says they will go with the original schedule. Skye comes into the hotel and realizes that she is to be Alcazar's alibi. They go to the counter where Alcazar asks to see the Valentine's gift that he had stored in the vault. A hotel worker brings out the briefcase. While Alcazar enters the code into the briefcase to keep it from exploding, Skye distracts the hotel worker by talking about how she wants to get her Valentine's present now rather than later. Alcazar finishes entering the code and tells the hotel worker that he can take the briefcase back into the vault now. Lorenzo questions the hotel worker on the security system and he is told that the vault is state of art, there is a time lock and an emergency switch, if there is any attempt at a robbery the fail safe is triggered and the vault locks down immediately. Back at Sonny's house, Carly threatens Sonny with divorce if he ever tries to kiss her again. He tells her that he isn't going to pretend to be happy about her being in love with Jax and asks her to try and make their marriage work. When Diane comes in to talk to Sonny about his pending charges, Carly leaves the room. Diane tells Sonny that Ric is going to drop all the charges against him. Sonny tells her to stall him, because once the charges are dropped Carly will no longer have a reason to stay married to him. Diane asks him if he feels bad about forcing Carly into a marriage when it wasn't even necessary. Sonny says no, but he doesn't realize that Carly is outside the door and has just heard everything. Sam is anxious about getting pregnant, so she decides to go see the doctor and make sure everything is okay. She goes to the exam and explains about her previous placenta abruption that caused her child to be born too early. The doctor agrees that the previous problems will not affect Sam's ability to get pregnant, but something else has come up causing Sam to not be able to conceive. Lainey, Kelly, and Robin end up at the Port Charles Police Department drunk after getting into a fight with another patron at the airport bar. They all went there to drink after Robin confided in them that Patrick was being dragged to Las Vegas with Pete to go see strippers. Mac comes in and lets Kelly and Lainey go home, but tells Robin she has to stay. Little does she know that her uncle has called Patrick. He tells Patrick that Robin is in custody for getting into a fight because of him. Patrick rushes home to bail her out an is surprised when Robin doesn't want to go home with him. Robin doesn't realize that Patrick spent the night evading strippers and flight attendants and explaining to Pete how lucky he is to have Robin in his life. He is completely in love with her. 
  • Monday, 1/29 - 15 Hours Earlier 2:00 pm - Patrick bails Robin out of jail. He tries to convince her that he loves her and wants to be with her. Robin refuses to go back to the apartment and takes a room at Metro Court. Patrick tells Mac how much he cares about Robin. Mac explains that Robin is afraid of being left behind just like she was by her parents and Stone. Later, Patrick tells Robin that he wants to be with her and that the only one keeping them apart is her. He then receives a phone call that his HIV results are in and are inconclusive. The doctor tells Sam that she cannot have children. She is very upset and, when she gets home, takes her anger out on Spinelli. She becomes devastated when Jason tells her that he wants to have children and cannot wait until she has a baby. While celebrating Spencer's homecoming, Bobbie talks about the benefit at Metro Court and asks everyone to attend. Elizabeth and Lucky prepare to go together. Unhappily, Maxie assists Elizabeth at the store with a maternity dress. Nikolas and Emily talk about Lucky and Elizabeth and they confide to each other that they know about her and Jason and that fortunately the baby is Lucky's. Carly overhears Sonny and Diane talking and believes Sonny may have lied to her. She asks Jason and he denies that Sonny lied. Jason asks Sonny if he is planning to stall the case. When left alone, Carly asks Sonny if he lied to her and he admits that he did. He then tells her that it was worth it because he got her back. She tells him she is going to the Dominican Republic to get a divorce and goes to see Jason. Sonny meets with Diane and tells her to do everything she can to prevent Carly from getting a divorce. 
  • Tuesday, 1/30 - 14 Hours Earlier 3:00 pm - Seeing Lucky in a police uniform at the Metro Court, Mr. Craig asks if there's any cause for concern. Lucky reminds him the security there is state of the art. Maxie sees Lucky and taunts him that Liz doesn't appear excited to be with Lucky tonight. Lucky meets Nikolas while on duty, and asks him if he's pushing Liz too hard. Nikolas reminds Lucky that it's going to take a long time for he and Liz to get back to a happy marriage. He admits to Nik that he stole hydrocodone from the crime scene but did not take any. Nikolas reminds Lucky that whatever happens, he has many people on his side. Lucky insists that Liz completes him, and that she is the reason he does everything. As Jason consoles Sam, Carly burst into the penthouse with the revelation that Sonny tricked her into marriage. After Sam leaves, she tells Jason about how she caught onto the plot. Jason apologizes to her, and said he had no idea about Sonny's plan. She asks Jason when they can go to the Dominican Republic for the divorce. Milo shows up, and tells Carly that Sonny will not release Carly's passport. A distraught Carly calls Bernie and asks for a fake passport, but he tells her that Sonny won't allow it. Jason tries to calm her down, and suggests filing for divorce in New York. Carly says that it will take too long. Sonny is turning on the charm, and she is afraid that she will fall back in love with him. Jason tells her he will support her no matter what. After Carly leaves, Jason get a phone call about a shipment. He is not aware of any arrivals, and sets out to see what is going on. At the bridge, he runs into Elizabeth. Liz confides to Emily that everyone is pushing her to go back to Lucky. She is very conflicted, and thinks maybe her best bet is to be alone. Emily questions if Jason is really the one that she wants. Emily reminds Liz that Jason and Sam have worked things out. Liz asks her who would be better for Jason, her or Sam. Emily doesn't directly answer, but admits things would be different if Jason were the baby's father. Emily goes on to ask Liz why she and Jason didn't work in the past (before Sam and Jason ever met). Liz's response is that life pulled them in different directions. She admits to Emily that she has imagined what life would be like with Jason. On the bridge, Liz tells Jason that she is tired of everyone bothering her about Lucky. Jason tells her to focus on what she needs, and tells her he'd like to help. At Kelly's, Dillon visits Georgie to tell her he is back as a film major. He asks her to join him at a film festival, but she declines. Upon learning she has plans with the professor, Dillon questions the professor's motives. She wonders if at this point, there relationship is too much work and if they should let go. Dillon is taken aback, and reminds her of the connection they have always had. At that moment, Lulu runs into Kelly's to Dillon about the progress she and Spinelli have made on the case. Georgie pushes Dillon away, but Dillon asks Georgie for another chance. The professor arrives for Georgie, but offers to meet with Georgie another night if she'd like to see the movie with Dillon. Georgie is anxious to read more of the novel, and leaves with the professor. Lulu and Spinelli ask Dillon to tap into Alan's bank account records. They plan to snag his PDA at the upcoming fundraiser. Lulu is delighted at the prospect of clearing her mother's name. As Dillon and Spinelli question whether anyone else can be involved, and man walks into a lobby and signs in under the name London. The man is revealed to be Scotty Baldwin! Patrick tells Robin his HIV test came back inconclusive. Robin urges him to get re-tested right away, and promises that things in their relationship will stay the same. Alan tells Patrick that they cannot read the antibodies in his system. He begins to make arrangements with the lab to make sure there was no mistake, but Patrick tries to delay him. Robin tells him he can't waste time, but Patrick wants to stall. Alan tells him to call when he's ready and walks away. Mr. Craig asks Sam if he can see the hotel vault as he is skeptical about storing his goods there. She tells him that only employees have access to it, but assures him that it is a first-class system. At the Metro Court, Dr. Lee asks Sam to deliver an envelope. Sam asks for a second appointment to talk about she can carry a baby. Dr. Lee agrees, but confirms to Sam that she probably cannot conceive or carry a baby because of scar tissue from her gunshot wound. She begins to discuss other fertility options, but Sam quiets her. 
  • Wednesday, 1/31 - 13 Hours Earlier 4:00 - first :30 mins - Alexis goes to talk with Sonny about her custody battle with Ric. Ric ends up interrupting them with a search warrant to search Sonny's warehouse for marijuana. Alexis tries to compromise with Ric, but he won't back down from full custody of Molly. While Carly and Bobbie talk about Sonny, Jason confronts Sonny about how he manipulated Carly into marrying him. Sonny wants to make his marriage to Carly work, regardless of the fact that it started as a farce. He goes to the Metro Court to talk to Carly. Luke is not exactly welcomed home with open arms from Tracy. She's still mad at him for marrying Laura, legal or not. He tries to pacify her, but is side-tracked when Lulu walks in. Lulu is happy to see him and the two share a happy reunion. Lulu rushes off to meet with Spinelli to go over the evidence in the Rick Webber murder mystery. Meanwhile, at Shadybrook, Nikolas, Spencer, and Emily visit Laura. Nikolas tells her how he knew she was watching over them while they were rescuing Spencer. Scott watches them from afar and goes to talk to Laura after they leave. He is upset about something but doesn't reveal what it is. Luke goes to visit Laura as well, and just barely misses seeing Scott. Robin and Patrick continue to fight. Robin finds someone to talk to in Alan, while Patrick vents his woman frustrations with his dad, Noah.

Metro Court Hostage DVD #2  January 31-Feb 8, 2007 - 3:54 

  • 1/31 - Last 8 minutes 
  • Thursday, 2/1 - 12 Hours Earlier 5:00 - Scott Baldwin visits Laura and brings her a bouquet of daisies, her favorite flower. While he is visiting, Luke shows up to see her also. Scott waits until Luke is talking to the nurse and leaves without him seeing him. Luke notices the daisies and asks the nurse if his son brought them. The nurse tells him that guy a little younger than him came by to see Laura, a man who calls and asks about her all the time. Luke becomes concerned about who could be checking up on Laura's condition. Luke guesses it was Scott who visited her and isn't pleased. Lucky shows up to see Laura and is happy to see Luke. Father and son share a hug. Luke tells Lucky that he charted a boat and went around Europe but that no matter how far away he went, he couldn't stop thinking about Laura. Lucky tells Luke that Elizabeth is doing fine with her pregnancy and that he found out that Maxie lied about being pregnant. Luke tells him it was a mistake for him to get involved with Maxie to begin with. Lucky agrees. Bobbie tracks down Jason at the coffee shop. She asks him to help Carly deal with the Sonny situation before she does something crazy and asks him to talk to Sonny and get him to back off of Carly since she belongs with Jax. Jason doesn't want to get more involved in Carly and Sonny's crazy marriage and tells her he can't make decisions or force them to do what he asks. Bobbie worries that Sonny will charm his way into getting Carly back and that their marriage will be a disaster all over again. Jason doesn't think he can do anything else. Bobbie is all dressed up and ready to go to the hotel for the hospital fundraiser. She heads to Kelly's and finds Scott there sitting down at a table eating french fries. She is happy to see him but wonders what he is doing back in town. Scott tells her that he went and visited Laura and that he knows that Laura came out of her catatonic state a couple of months ago and asks her what happened. Bobbie explains what happened and Scott wants to instantly blame Luke for what happened. Bobbie alarms Scott when she tells him that Laura remembered what really happened when she accidentally killed Rick Webber and how she ended up making peace with it to be able to enjoy the time she had with her family. Later, Luke runs into Scott outside of the hotel. He warns Scott to stay away from Laura and not to bring her anymore daisies like he did today. Inside the hotel, Mr. Craig, disguised in a ski mask and black clothing tells everyone to stay where they are and don't move. He tells them that his men are going to go around the room and wants them to put all of their valuables inside the bags. Sam tries to push the silent alarm behind the service desk but Mr. Craig notices it and tells her to put her hands up where he can see them. She does manage to activate the alarm somehow because the police respond on the scene outside the front entrance of the hotel. Jason also shows up at the hotel and looks inside the window before the hostage-takers paint all the windows in black. He sees what is going on and tells Mac what he saw. Mac sets up the swat team and his other cops. He tells Jason that they have a protocol they follow in hostage situations. Luke shows up and learns from Lucky who is inside the hotel because of the hospital fundraiser. Elizabeth takes out her cell-phone and tries get Lucky's help but Mr. Craig notices her and has his men grab for the cell-phone and rough handle her a little bit. Emily yells at them to be gentle because Elizabeth is pregnant. Maxie is standing behind the desk with Sam and makes a remark to Elizabeth about how she shouldn't endanger Lucky's baby by trying to be heroic because it was stupid. Carly steps up and tells Mr. Craig off. She tells him she is one of the owners of the hotel and that she is responsible for the welfare of her guests and employees. Mr. Craig orders everyone to take out their cell-phones, beepers, or pagers and put them in the bag. Mr. Craig makes Carly take off her engagement ring and put it in the bag also. Carly refuses to give up her ring in order to keep Mr. Craig talking so she can try to remember why his voice is so familiar to her. Sonny steps in and tries to get Mr. Craig to let her keep the ring. Carly gives up the ring anyway. Carly and Sonny try to create a diversion so that Sam can set off another silent alarm and close the vault shut. Sonny whispers to Carly that he doesn't think this is just a simple robbery and that they are here to look for something. Sonny thinks this involves the shipment that Alcazar was waiting for that made him desperate enough to try and kill him over finding out about. Sonny goes over to one of the clerks and asks him if Alcazar stored anything in the vault earlier today. Carly confronts Mr. Craig again to divert attention onto herself. Mr. Craig has two of his men go into the vault and take a hostage with them. They grab Maxie, who protests as they drag her into the vault room. Sam hits the button behind the desk to close the vault down and Sonny motions to her not to do it just as Mr. Craig turns around. However, it is too late and the steeled door to the vault starts to close. The two men and Maxie try to get out of the vault before it closes but only one of the men escapes and Maxie ends up locked in the vault with the other guy and Alcazar's briefcase still inside with them. Maxie is scared and starts babbling about getting killed inside the vault because of a lack of oxygen. Mr. Craig's man tells her there is enough oxygen for them to breathe just fine. Maxie asks him not to shoot her. The other guy returns to report to Mr. Craig that the vault door shut completely and he couldn't get the briefcase out with him and the other two are sealed inside. Carly informs Mr. Craig that the vault will remained sealed for the next 12 hours before they can activate it to open again. Mr. Craig tries to not let it bother them. Sonny tells him he should leave while he can because a lot can happen in 12 hours like the police may come in and shoot them before he can get into the vault. Suddenly Mac's voice can be heard from outside announcing the police's arrival and how the place is surrounded. Mr. Craig tells them that he won't be able to escape now and takes everyone as hostages. He tells everyone that he wants them to play a game. He has some sort of black box in his hand and tells them he is going to toss it to someone and he wants them to say their name and give themselves a nickname that tells him something about them and they get points if they rhyme. The hostages toss the box around and do what Mr. Craig asks. One of the hotel clerks freezes and can't think of a nickname and Mr. Craig points a gun at him as if he is going to kill him. Mr. Craig also takes Sonny's gun away as well. Mr. Craig shocks everyone when he takes his gun and shoots Robin all of a sudden for no real reason. He tells them he did it to show that he is in charge and they must do what he says or they will be next. Back at the hospital, Patrick tells Alcazar that he needs him to stay at the hospital so he can run some tests on him. Alcazar doesn't want to stay there and insists on going to the hotel but Skye made him go to the hospital instead. She wins and he has himself admitted for tests. Patrick calls Robin on her cell-phone later and gets her voice-mail, unaware of what is happening at the hotel right now. He leaves a message telling her that he realized what she was trying to tell him and that he realized just now how he was acting just like patients he lectures when they are stubborn and won't have tests done. He tells her he had another HIV test done and that he loves her. Alcazar tells Skye that he needs to be at the hotel tomorrow for his meeting and to get the money in exchange for the shipment. Skye tells him she is afraid for him and wants him to take care of himself. He admits that he loves her and she tells him she loves him too. Patrick comes into the room and tells them that the test shows that his brain is bleeding and he needs surgery immediately because it is dangerous for them to wait. Alcazar reluctantly agrees to the surgery and Skye agrees to make the meeting for him tomorrow at the hotel. He tells her the code to open the briefcase but starts to have a seizure before he can tell her the entire code. He does manage to warn her that if the briefcase is not opened within 12 hours, the briefcase will self-destructive. He tells her that the seller set it up so that the briefcase didn't end up in the wrong hands. 
  • Friday, 2/2 - 11 Hours Earlier 6:00 p.m. - Outside the Metro Court Hotel, the hostage situation escalated. Mac ordered Rodriguez and Lucky to go inside and get as many people as possible out before things got worse. Meanwhile, Spinelli told Jason about Alacazar's briefcase; Jason quickly ran off to find Skye at the hospital and demanded to know what exactly Alcazar had that the robbers needed, broke the news that they were holding everyone hostage and people were going to die if she didn't help hand over whatever they needed. Skye claimed she didn't know anything, but remembered that Alan and Emily were there for the charity gala occurring on the top floor. She told Jason that Alcazar was only acting as a middle man for Mr. Craig. Then Patrick arrived to tell Skye that Alcazar was fine, but he was waiting on test results so he could remove more shrapnel. Jason let Patrick in on the news about the situation at Metro and told him he needed to wake Alcazar up, stat! They needed the access code to the briefcase; Alcazar's the only one who knows it. Inside, Maxie and Three were still stuck in the vault. Maxie was curious about why there was a flashing light on the briefcase; Three informed her it was set up to self-destruct if anyone tried to take it. Just to make sure. She nervously made an attempt at conversation in order to find out the identity of this "Three" character, but he said he wasn't interested. Maxie couldn't believe that "Three" wasn't curious what was inside the briefcase, especially since it could possibly kill them. In the lobby, Sonny dared Mr.Craig to shoot him; Mr. Craig cocked his gun and pointed it at Carly, seething "Ladies, first." Later, a severely injured Robin started moaning. Alan said he was a doctor and begged the robbers to let him help her; no dice. Sonny spoke up, reminding the criminals that if they get caught they'll go to prison for good, especially for killing innocent people then asked once again if medical personnel could assist Robin. Finally the baddie allowed Elizabeth, Emily and Alan to assist Robin. Then Alan lost it and railed at Mr.Craig because he was unable to properly care for Robin in such conditions; the hooligan had Alan pistol-whipped and he fell to the ground. At the charity at Metro Restaurant, no one was aware of the events unfolding below them. Monica searched for Alan, who had gone missing with Lulu. Meanwhile, Georgie snarked at Dillon, who sarcastically called Georgie's Prof. Pete her "slave driver." Then Georgie snapped at Dillon for only paying attention to her once Lulu left the room. When everyone found out the elevator was broken, tensions rose. Tracy commented that she was having a bout of déjà vu because the exact same thing happened when the Port Charles Hotel fire occurred; no elevator service and a large group of people trapped on the top floor. Everyone scoffed at her until Lucky suddenly arrived with Rodriguez (both in bullet-proof vests) to ask the charity-goers to please quietly and calmly evacuate the building because of a "security matter." They all escaped down the stairs, but once outside they started counting those who were still missing; Chaos erupted. Later, Nikolas offered the criminals one million dollars if they let Robin go; Sonny countered that he had a better offer because he had lots of power in the P.C. He bartered that he'd find a way for the robbers to escape if they let Robin go; they weren't digging the proposition. Then Carly tried to create a diversion, but Sonny stopped her, demanding she not do anything he doesn't tell her to do. Meanwhile, Mac called the "kidnappers" who smugly informed him that they'd shot Robin; Spinelli spread word to Jason, who told a shocked Patrick. Back outside, Luke didn't agree with how Mac was handling the hostage crisis, noting that Lulu was still inside. Mac said he was doing the best he could and added that Georgie, Robin and Maxie were inside as well. When Luke discovered where Lulu was last seen, he resolved to go inside to find her but Mac stopped him. Meanwhile, Jason and Spinelli tried to figure out why the hostages were being kept alive. At the end of the episode, when Skye ran into Monica who was retrieving Robin's medical files, she lost it, screamed in anguish and threw her papers across the room. Meanwhile, Mes (one of the bad guys) explains to the hostages that the entire hotel is laced with explosives so they better just sit down and relax unless they all want to die. Sonny decided the masked men were likely going to wait until the vault was opened then blow up the entire hotel, but told Carly he was going to devise a plan because he wasn't going to let that happen. 
  • Monday, 2/5 - 10 Hours Earlier 7:00 pm - Mac threatens Luke and tells him he will arrest him if he tries to go into the hotel. Lucky tries to talks Luke out of going in. Ric arrives and calls Metro Court to speak with Mr. Craig. Luke tries to convince Lucky that they need to get in there and help Lulu. Ric asks Mr. Craig if he can get him anything, Mr. Craig says he will think about it and hangs up. Ric tells Mac that Mr. Craig did not mention Robin and then starts to give orders to the rest of the police officers. Patrick operates on Lorenzo. Noah tells Patrick not to rush the surgery. Patrick insists that the only reason he is operating is because Lorenzo has information that can save Robin. Patrick finishes and Noah warns him that he could lose his license if anything happens to Lorenzo due to the quick surgery. Patrick says he doesn't care and is only worried about Robin. Patrick heads to Metro Court and asks Ric to call back and ask about Robin. When he does so, Mr. Craig says that Ms. Scorpio is bleeding but breathing. He is clearly angry that they did not wait for him to call back and, when asked if he can release Robin or allow supplies to be brought in to help her, he says he will think about it and hangs up. Spinelli tells Jason that the vault will reopen again at 5:27 a.m. Jason calls Skye to ask her once more if she knows what is in the vault and what Lorenzo's condition is. Monica overhears Skye on the phone and then proceeds to lash out at her over Lorenzo's involvement and the danger that Alan and Emily are in. Monica calls Mac and informs him that Skye may have information on the hostage situation and Mac heads to the hospital. Spinelli breaks into the Metro Court surveillance system and he and Jason review the footage from when the mercenaries took over the hotel. He tries to figure out which one of them is Mr. Craig and tells Spinelli to find out all the information he can about him. He says Spinelli that he will go into Metro Court and try and take out the mercenaries himself. Emily says that Robin needs surgery. Mr. Craig torments the hostages and takes a shot in Sonny's direction but hits the wall. He continues to threaten everyone with the detonator. Mr. Craig says they'll play a new game and he will pair everyone up and the one without a partner loses. Lulu inquires about what will happen if there are even people. Mr. Craig says that he will have to get rid of someone and points his gun at Elizabeth. He then has one of the mercenaries take Elizabeth to another room. Once placed in the other room, Elizabeth turns on the lights and realizes she is in the same room as Alan. He asks her about Robin. He appears to be in pain. In the other room, Mr. Craig moves Emily away from Robin and pairs her up with Sonny. He makes Carly go and help Robin. After he is finished, it appears that Max is the odd man out and Mr. Craig holds the gun on him. Carly yells that Max needs to help her with Robin and Mr. Craig allows him to go over. Lulu is caught trying to maneuver away from the crowd, and Mr. Craig goes to her but Carly diverts the attention back to her when she again yells that she needs Emily's help. Emily gives Carly a tip on applying pressure to Robin which angers Mr. Craig. He becomes suggestive with Emily and asks what she will do for him if he allows her to help Robin. Nikolas becomes irate but the mercenaries hold him back. Emily says she will do anything and, after moving Lulu over to help Carly, Mr. Craig leaves the room with Emily. Carly tries to anger Robin but it is in an attempt to get her to hang in there. Mr. Craig brings Emily to the same room that both Alan and Elizabeth are in. Once there, he says that he has to bring one of them back to the room and Elizabeth says she will go. She tells Emily that she thinks Alan has a concussion but Emily realizes it is more than that. She tells her father that she is concerned he is having a heart attack. Alan assures her that it is just a panic attack but passes out. Back at the hospital, Mac arrives and questions Skye who denies that she knows anything of importance. Monica calls her a liar. Once left alone, Skye tries to wake up Lorenzo. She talks to him until he finally regains consciousness. Upon awakening, he cannot remember anything and does not know what she is talking about when she asks about the suitcase and the vault. Outside Metro Court, Luke tries to go into the hotel and Ric tells Cruz and Lucky to arrest Luke and they do. Later, Patrick starts walking up to the front of the hotel. Inside, Sam and Elizabeth are placed together. Sam asks Elizabeth about the room she was in and Sam recalls that there is a cell phone in room. She tells Elizabeth that someone needs to get in there and Mr. Craig approaches them asking about their conversation. Sam stands up and unmasks Mr. Craig. 
  • Tuesday, 2/6 - 9 Hours Earlier 8:00 pm - Mr. Craig refuses to allow Patrick to enter the hotel, but does allow him to give Carly instructions on how to operate on Robin using items found in the hotel. Mr. Craig tells Carly she can pick one person to help her and she chooses Emily. Emily is in a room with her father monitoring his deteriorating condition. They are reminiscing while he suffers through his heart attack. Mr. Craig comes and gets Emily and tells her that she will be operating on Robin. Patrick gives Emily a list over the phone of items she will need to perform the operation. Mr. Craig tells Nikolas that he must go on a scavenger hunt to find the items in ten minutes or be killed. He allows Sam to go with him. They are able to come back just in the nick of time with all the items. They start the surgery and everything is going fine until an artery is cut and blood starts gushing out. Meanwhile, Lulu is locked in the room with Alan. He asks her why she thinks he killed Rick Webber and she tells him about all the investigative work she's done. He commends her on a job well done, but tells her that neither he nor Monica killed Rick Webber. Lulu is furious that he thought Monica had killed Rick but never spoke up. After all, Laura could have been saved from her coma. Alan tells Lulu to follow the money in order to find the killer. When Alexis learns that Sam, Sonny and Nikolas are among the hostages at the hotel, she goes to the hospital to talk to Alcazar. She's able to get no information out of Alcazar, and Skye is upset to learn that Alcazar is not faking it. He can't remember anything about the briefcase and even doesn't recognize Jason. Skye talks to the new doctor, Dr. Russell Ford, and learns that it may be weeks or months before Alcazar gets his memory back. When the good doctor goes back to the nurse's station, he and Epiphany have words. Jason has Spinelli hack into the hotel's computer system where he learns that the locks will reset themselves at 11:00 pm. Jason plans on entering the hotel at that time. 
  • Wednesday, 2/7 - 8 Hours Earlier 9:00 pm - Lulu is thrown into a room with a beaten Sonny. He tells Lulu he was beaten because he told the robbers they were losing control of the situation. He tells not to antagonize them and to keep calm. He tells her that like her father, she is able to keep calm in the face of adversity. Lulu tells Sonny that Carly is performing the surgery on Robin. He tells Lulu that Carly won't give up. Craig pulls a gun on Elizabeth as she tries to help Robin, but he later relents to let her assist Carly and Emily. With Patrick's coaching, they are able to stop the bleeding, until Craig orders them to stop and forces Carly to stitch Robin herself. Spinelli and Jason work to access the hospital cameras. Spinelli tells Jason that he wants to help. At the hospital, Dr. Ford throws an angry Alexis out of Lorenzo's room. She gets dizzy, and the doctor admits Alexis against her wishes. He tells he she must stay the night to fight her dehydration. Skye shows up at the MetroCourt and blasts Patrick for rushing through surgery and damaging Lorenzo's memory. In the course of her rant, she reveals that Alexis was admitted to the hospital. Ric hears this and goes to see Alexis. After finishing the surgery, Carly is taken to Sonny, and Lulu is brought back to the lobby. Elizabeth and Sam are forced to clean up. They find a knife, and Sam conceals it. Carly tries to break Sonny out of the handcuffs, and is finally successful. He is proud of her, and acknowledges that the robbers underestimated her. He apologizes for tricking her into marriage, and admits he did not want her to love Jax because he wanted her to love him. He tells her that she is his whole world. At the hospital, Ric and Alexis argue over Molly's future home. He pleads with her to get a continuance as Dr. Ford comes in and forces Ric to leave. Alexis and the doctor talk about marijuana use. He tells her that his wife had ovarian cancer, and pot was the only way she could bear the side effects of chemo. Alexis asks how his wife is doing, and he tells her that she died six months ago. Outside, Mac and Patrick discuss the surgery performed on Robin. Mac tells him that if Robin survives, it's because of him.Sam is forced to sit with Father Ruiz. They talk, and she tells him that she resented Liz for being pregnant because she can't. Given the crisis that they are in, however, she realizes that Elizabeth's current predicament is much worse than her own. She asks him if he knows how to use a knife to kill, and slips him the weapon. Jason gets a call from Michael, who saw the news report about the MetroCourt. He is worried about his parents, so Jason goes to visit and offers him words of comfort. Later, Spinelli tells Jason he will go with him so that he can rescue Lulu. He believes she would do the same for him. Skye talks to a disoriented Alcazar, as she prays for the safety of the hostages, as well as her new family. Robin is holding steady as Patrick prays for her outside. Robin wakes up and screams in pain. 
  • Thursday, 2/8 - 7 Hours Earlier 10:00 pm - Skye worries when Lorenzo asks her about the shipment but then doesn't remember the code. He then starts to get upset when he thinks she is mad at him. Dr. Ford comes to see her to tell her that some cognitive specialists are coming to see Lorenzo and give him some tests to see the extent of his possible brain damage. Meanwhile, Tracy shows up at the police station and agrees to bail Luke out of jail if he promises to go and visit Skye at the hospital and find out what she is hiding concerning the shipment Lorenzo had stored in the hotel vault because she isn't telling everything she knows. Luke thanks her and heads to the hospital. He confronts Skye about what she knows. Skye tells him everything she knows. Luke wonders if Alcazar told her everything he was up to. He isn't pleased with Skye because she should have warned her family and Lulu to not go near the hospital if she knew that it could be dangerous. Skye claims she could not have anticipated that Mr. Craig would have undermined Lorenzo and created a hostage situation to get the briefcase. Luke tells her he is familiar some of the briefcases she described and believes some of them self-explode if the wrong code is put in or if no code is put in within a certain time frame. Luke heads back to where the police are staked out across from the hotel. He tells Lucky that he needs to get inside the hotel and save everyone because the cops won't do anything. Inside the hotel, Robin wakes up in extreme pain because of the surgery done on her. She makes a lot of noise which bothers the hostage-takers. They order Emily and Elizabeth to get Robin to shut up or they will shoot her and kill her now. Elizabeth asks them if she can go to the hotel gift shop and get some painrelievers for Robin. They say no to it since aspirin won't help Robin. Lulu stands up and suggests that they give Robin some alcohol which is set up right there in the lobby to help numb Robin. They say no but Sam stands up and yells at them to let Lulu bring Robin something to help numb the pain and then Robin will stop yelling out in pain. However, Mr. Craig comes in the room and objects to Lulu bringing anything over to Robin since she is always causing trouble with her mouth. Sam tries to pass the knife she got from Elizabeth that was used for Robin's surgery to Father Mateo. Mateo whispers to her that he can't use the knife on anyone. Sam is disgusted that he can't do what he used to do naturally when he was younger and in gangs to help them. Sam hides the knife again when Mr. Craig comes over and asks them what they are whispering to each other about. Sam explains that Mateo is the identical twin brother of the man who tried to rape and kill her and that she doesn't trust him to be just like his brother still. Mr. Craig asks Father Mateo if he secretly lusts after Sam like his brother did. Father Mateo says no and that he is praying to God for Mr. Craig's soul right now. In one of the other rooms, Carly and Sonny talk. Sonny pours out his heart to Carly. Carly almost succumbs to Sonny but then pulls away as they are about to kiss and tells him that they aren't good for each other even if they love each other and that she is supposed to marry Jax when he gets back. Sonny tells her that it will be different this time because he is a different man than he was when they were married before. Carly tells him that things start out promising with them in the beginning but then she does something he doesn't like and he can't forgive her and then it ruins things. Sonny thinks it will be different this time and asks her to consider staying with him for the kids if nothing else. Mr. Craig comes in the room. Sonny puts his hands behind his back to pretend he is still handcuffed. Mr. Craig asks them what they have been up to in the room. They don't tell him. Mr. Craig asks Sonny if he was still willing to help him escape. Sonny tries to buy him off in exchange for Carly's freedom. Mr. Craig tells him he can't do that since it wouldn't be fair to the other hostages to let Carly go and make them stay behind. Sonny makes a smart remark which gets him a blow to the face. Carly tries to go to him but Mr. Craig holds her back. He tells Sonny that they are more alike than he thinks. Carly defends Sonny and tells Mr. Craig that he is nothing like Sonny, who is loving, and loyal to his friends. Mr. Craig orders Sonny to give him the number of the person that he needs to contact to set up a plane to be ready for his escape. Sonny gives him the number. Jason and Spinelli plan how they are going to get into the hotel without being seen by the police or Mr. Craig. Mike shows up at Sonny's office with a blueprint of the hotel that he had and claims he used one of the back rooms of the hotel to play poker and gamble and knows a way for Jason and Spinelli to get inside without being seen. Jason thanks Mike. Mike asks Jason he can thank him by getting his son out of the hotel alive. Spinelli shows Jason some hi-tech headphone pieces that can be used as a mini radio device so they can communicate with each other quietly. He tests the things. Jason asks Spinelli to find out what he can on Mr. Craig to see if there is anything they can use to get to him. Ric shows up with a warrant to detain Jason for 48 hours to keep him from going into the hotel to try and stop the hostage-takers on his own. Jason gets a call on his cell-phone from Sonny, who has a phone held to his ear by Craig himself. Sonny asks Jason if it is safe to talk. Jason signals him that it really isn't. Sonny tells him what he wants Jason to do and Jason says o.k. Ric waits until he hangs up with Sonny. He thinks that Jason was okaying the plan to get inside the hotel. Ric surprises Jason when he rips up the arrest warrant and tells him he can go inside the hotel and do what he can to save the hostages. He tells Jason that he hopes Jason gets himself killed but saves the hostages because then it would be a win-win situation for him. Jason doesn't respond to Ric so Ric leaves. Jason and Spinelli head out to the hotel to put their plan in motion. Patrick is scared about Robin's surgery and fears she won't survive the surgery and get out of the hotel alive. He prays to God that she survives this. His friend Pete finds him standing outside with Mac and the other cops. He suggests that Patrick leave for awhile and take a break. Patrick tells him he doesn't want to go anywhere with Pete and that he loves Robin so much and can't imagine his life without her. He tells Pete that he told himself he would never allow himself to love a woman like his father loved his mother where her death could destroy him like it did to his father. Now he knows what his father went through. Meanwhile, Robin drinks some vodka out of the bottle and starts to not feel any pain from the surgery. She is surprised when Emily tells her that Carly helped save her life by sewing up her wound with Patrick's guidance over the phone even though they couldn't remove the bullet. Robin asks them to make sure Patrick is taken care of if she doesn't make it and that whatever woman becomes part of his life will have a miserable time in the beginning and jokes that maybe that misery should be put on Carly. Emily and Elizabeth laugh and tell her that she needs to live because she wouldn't be able to stand it if Carly and Patrick got together. Mr. Craig wants to move people around again and they make Nikolas go and take care of Alan in one of the other rooms. Mr. Craig gets Nikolas mad when he makes a crude remark about how Nikolas can tell Alan all about what he does with Emily when they are alone together. Nikolas throws Mr. Craig against the wall and threatens him to keep his mouth shut about Emily. The only female hostage-taker comes in and holds a gun on Nikolas to get him to release his hold on Mr. Craig or they will kill him. Craig warns Nikolas to watch his temper or he will be killed. He pushes Nikolas into the room with Alan. Alan isn't too pleased to have to spend time with Nikolas. Nikolas tells Alan that Emily did the surgery on Robin and Robin survived it. Alan tells Nikolas he wants him to tell Emily that he loves her and is very proud of her. He also tells Nikolas that he should have told Emily how much she means to him already and that they don't know if they will get out of the hotel alive and that he should tell Emily what she means to him. Alan starts getting more chest pains and has a hard time breathing. Nikolas checks on him and calls for help. One of the masked men comes in to see what Nikolas wants. Nikolas asks him to go and find a defibrillator in the hotel so they can help Alan. The man refuses to help him and tells Nikolas that he doesn't care if Alan dies because it means one less person he has to watch. Later, Patrick argues with Ric about calling Mr. Craig and asking for a way to get Robin out of the hotel in exchange for something Craig wants. Ric tells him that Mr. Craig doesn't want to negotiate and isn't making any demands so they can't do anything but wait. Later, Elizabeth starts cramping up which concerns Lulu, who asks if she can get some water for Elizabeth because she is dehydrated. Mr. Craig objects to it since he doesn't think water will help Elizabeth. He ends up sending Lulu into another room. Sam stands up and yells at Mr. Craig about not being reasonable about Elizabeth and points out that no one wants to have to deal with Elizabeth going into labor so just let her have some water. Elizabeth gets her water. Mr. Craig warns Sam to back off and tells her she isn't very bright if she thinks he won't hesitate to kill her. Sam smiles at him and tells him she isn't scared of him. She distracts him enough and Max helps also. Sam manages to knock the gun out of Mr. Craig's hand and puts him in a choke hold and puts the knife she had hidden against his throat. As this is going on, Sonny and Carly distract one of the men who come in to get Carly and knock him out and take his gun. Jason and Spinelli get to one of the back entrances of the hotel. Spinelli uses one of his gizmos and disengages the alarm to unlock one of the doors to get inside the hotel. 

Metro Court Hostage DVD #3  February 9 - 16, 2007

  • Friday, 2/9 - 6 Hours Earlier 11:00 pm - Mr. Craig decides to move everyone around again to make sure they don't get comfortable and start to plot against the mercenaries. He takes Sam into one of the hotel rooms and starts to unzip her outfit. Sam calls him a name, thinking he is about to rape her. He is not and he tells her so. He tells her how amazing it is that she thought she was going to be raped, but she was willing to do anything in order to stay alive. They go back into the lobby where everyone else is. Alan has been taken out of his room and also into the lobby. Before Mr. Craig got there, one of the other mercenaries took mercy on Alan and allowed Emil to go and get a defibulator. Mr. Craig is furious when he learns that this has been done. He decides to make Emily decide who gets to go home, her father or her best friend. Elizabeth is dehydrated and desperately needs fluids. She is cramping badly, and everyone fears is that she will go into labor early and lose the child. Jason and Spinelli get into the hotel and end up in the room where Sonny was beaten. Jason finds blood on the floor and wonders what happened. He decides that he needs to get up into the air ducts in order to see what's going on in the lobby. Dillon decides that he is going to help rescue Lulu, but Lucky and Luke shoot him down. They realize they can see through one of security cameras and are thrilled to see Elizabeth. Scott walks up to Tracy to find out what is going on. He confesses his undying love for Laura and tries to tell Dillon that Luke and Laura's marriage wasn't all it appeared to be. Meanwhile, Mayor Floyd threatens Ric and tells him he doesn't know what he's doing. Ric asks for him to give him a little more time, and reluctantly the mayor agrees. Three, the mercenary locked in the vault with Maxie, begins to see her in a new light as she starts talking about her life. She talks about Georgie and how their mother left and Mac is taking care of them now. She also mentions how Robin is like a sister to them. Then she starts talking about Lucky and how she spent the last year trying to get Lucky to love her and she knows right now he‘s doing whatever possible to get Elizabeth out. 
  • Monday, 2/12 - 5 Hours Earlier 12:00 am - Mr. Craig tells Emily that she must choose who leaves the hotel, Alan or Elizabeth. Alan tries to convince Emily to choose Elizabeth but Emily tells him she will assess the situation as a doctor and choose the one who needs help more. Elizabeth tells Emily that her pains are less intense and it is just from dehydration, that she knows she is not in labor. Emily tells her not to try and make it easy for her to decide. Mr. Craig yells at her to make a decision but Six tells him that the more Emily agonizes over choosing, the more fun it is for him and that he should allow her to take her time. After some time, Mr. Craig once again yells at Emily to choose and becomes forceful with her. Nikolas stands up to divert attention to himself. Mr. Craig turns to shoot him and Six again talks to him, stopping him from shooting Nikolas. Mr. Craig gets angry and decides to shoot someone else instead, Max. Outside of the hotel, Ric and Mayor Floyd are discussing strategy and Mayor Floyd decides he wants to move forward with a plan to get into the hotel regardless. Patrick overhears this, becomes angry and punches Mayor Floyd for not considering the hostages. Epiphany calls Patrick to tell him he is needed at the hospital and he refuses to go. Mayor Floyd demands that Patrick be arrested for assault but Ric won't allow it. Dr. Ford arrives at the hotel to get Patrick to come to the hospital. He threatens Patrick that if he doesn't go, he will risk losing his license. Patrick says he wants to wait for Robin and Dr. Ford says that from what he knows of Robin, she would want Patrick to go to the hospital which he later decides to do. Luke and Lucky try to come up with a plan. Luke tells Lucky they will get in the hotel and infiltrate the mercenaries. In another room, Spinelli watches as Sonny tries to talk one of the guys out of shooting him. Mr. Craig comes in and tells him to tie up Sonny instead. Jason listens on while in the air-duct. Spinelli drifts off and starts daydreaming about saving Sonny and then Lulu coming in and giving him a reward kiss. There is some commotion in the lobby, so other men come to take Sonny back to the lobby. Jason comes out of the air-duct and startles Spinelli. Jason begins looking around the room and Five comes in, Jason knocks him out and takes his clothing and mask. Before he heads out of the room, Spinelli asks Jason to watch out for Lulu. Alone in the room, Five comes to and Spinelli knocks him out with his laptop. At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward and Monica watch the news footage about the hostage situation. Tracy and Dillon come in. Dillon blames himself for Lulu and Alan being hostages, he explains about the PDA and the theory about Alan killing Rick Webber. Edward states that he is aware that Monica started seeing Rick again and Monica admits it. She says she has no excuse for her actions and that she always felt like she had settled when she stayed with Alan, but in actuality, it was he that she belonged with all along. She goes on to say that no matter what, they always found their way back to each other and then heads down to the hotel to wait for Alan and the rest of the hostages to be released. Jason enters the lobby as Emily makes her decision. She chooses Alan. Mr. Craig says that he needs to walk out on his own but after Emily becomes unruly, he allows Four and Five/Jason to walk Alan out. Once outside, snipers start firing and Alan collapses. Luke and Lucky look on from a window and Luke realizes that Alan is having a heart attack. Jason watches his father, and then turns around as Carly looks at him and realizes that he is Jason. 
  • Tuesday, 2/13 - 4 Hours Earlier 1:00 am - Shots are fired between the gunman and police as Alan exits the building. He falls to the ground, holding his chest. Observing from the inside, Luke and Lucky break out of the building to help Alan. Luke fires at the sniper, while Lucky and other officers shield Alan and bring him to safety. Monica and the paramedics try to revive Alan, and he is taken off to General Hospital. Skye tries to coax Lorenzo into remembering the code to the Equinox. He asks her why she keeps pushing him, and she tells him it's because people she cares about are in danger. She tells Lorenzo about the rush surgery performed by Patrick, and Lorenzo vows to make him pay. Skye reminds him that he was involved in espionage, and could face prison. Epiphany tells Skye they rushed Alan into the hospital. Emily loses it on Craig for shooting her father, and in her rage, is about to pull off Jason's mask. Carly, who realizes that Jason is there, stops her in time. Emily asks Craig what his purpose is. Craig tries to remind the hostages that he is in charge, and tells Emily to stop her hysterics. He also forces Lulu to stop helping the injured Max, and has her taken away. Spinelli tells the unconscious hostage that each hostage is important to someone, and Lulu is important to him. The door opens and Lulu is thrown and locked in with Spinelli. She is happy to see him, but tells him she won't leave without the hostages. In the vault, Maxie sees that her captor is sleeping. She pulls off his mask and he wakes up immediately. He is angry at first, but Maxie reasons with him and he backs down. He realizes that he is in a no-win situation, and he and Maxie try to think of a way out. Edward tells Dr. Ford that he expects the best treatment for Alan because of their influence and Alan's chief-of-staff status. Dr. Ford is unimpressed. Edward tells Alan to wake up. Skye approaches them, but Monica orders her away. She tells Edward that if not for Alcazar, there would not have been a hostage situation. Edward asks Skye if this is true, and she runs off. Ric berates Lucky for trying to play hero. Mac steps in and tells Ric he would have let him have the clearance. Ric tells him he spoke with Craig, and heard Elizabeth whimpering in the background. Monica prepares to operate on Alan, and Ford tries to stop her. Monica tells Dr. Ford that she's been a cardiologist at GH for 20 years. Dr. Ford tells her she's too emotional. She tells the doctor that she is Alan's best chance. Outside, Tracy, Dillon and Edward keep vigil. Dillon tries to console Tracy. She tells him that if she loses Alan, she will get revenge on all involved, namely Skye. Dillon tries to defend her. Edward vows revenge on Alcazar. Carly observes the masked Jason, and whispers to Sonny she wishes that Jason could be with them, but it's a shame he's in Paris. Sam consoles Elizabeth in her agony. She talks about the first time she saw Cameron. Luke and Ric argue as Skye shows up on the scene. She tells Luke the name of the ring- leader is Mr. Craig. Luke takes the megaphone, and tells Craig that the briefcase is an Equinox that will self-destruct. Lulu tells Spinelli that things in the lobby are getting worse. She takes the gun and goes out to the hall. She is stopped by the female guard, who tells her to drop the gun. Lulu gives in, and is taken to the lobby. Spinelli looks on, and remains unseen. Maxie and the robber talk. She tells him about her longtime crush on Lucky and what she did to try and win his love. As Lorenzo tries to remember the code, Edward storms in and holds him responsible for the events taking place at the Metro Court. Edward accuses him of playing dumb to avoid the consequences of his actions, but tells him it will not work. If Alan doesn't make it through this, he won't rest until justice has been served. Luke continues to bargain with Craig. He tells him about the code that is needed to open the brief case, and that he will exchange himself and the code in return for the release of the hostages. Craig asks Lulu who the voice is, and she tells them it is her Dad. Craig opens the door with a gun held at Lulu's head. He asks for the code, or Lulu will die. He questions Luke's timing, and Luke tries to explain that Lorenzo is incapacitated. Craig insists on the code for Lulu's life. In the meantime, Skye tells police that Luke does not have the code. Alan begins to flat-line, and the team tries to revive him. Dr. Ford tells Monica to let him take over. 
  • Wednesday, 2/14 - 3 Hours Earlier 2:00 am - Although Luke has spent his whole life bluffing people, as soon as he sees Mr. Craig put the gun to Lulu's head he gets scared and blurts out a phony code number. Ric threatens to arrest him, but Luke points out that Mr. Craig can't use the code until the vault opens anyway, so they still have three hours to figure something out. Tracy arrives with news about Alan's surgery. She thanks Luke for getting her brother out and pours her heart out. She tells him that although she and Alan didn't always see eye to eye, he was her big brother and she loved him. At the hospital, Monica tells Edward, Tracy, Dillon, and Skye that Alan made it through surgery, but it's doubtful if he'll survive. Edward tells the group how he never treated Alan right. All Alan ever wanted was acceptance from his father and Edward never got the chance to show him that. He tells them how proud he was to have a brilliant surgeon for a son. He also tells Skye that this is all her and Alcazar's fault. He tells her she is no longer a Quartermaine and neither is her daughter. Skye steps up and tells him that he can say whatever he wants about her, but he better not ever say anything about her daughter ever again. Sonny tries to convince Mr. Craig to leave now. Although he will leave without what he came for, he will still leave with his life. Mr. Craig listens, but doesn't appear to take his advice. He takes Lulu and tells the masked Jason to put her back in the office. When they get behind closed doors, Jason reveals himself to Lulu. She is mad at him at first, but then realizes he is there to save her. Spinelli comes out of hiding. Jason wants Spinelli and Lulu to escape, but Lulu defies him when she realizes that once Mr. Craig realizes she is gone the lives of everyone else involved will be at stake. When Mr. Craig finds Spinelli, he puts him to work trying to crack open the vault ahead of schedule. He tells him he has one hour before he kills Lulu. Nikolas and Emily talk over Robin about plans for escaping. Nikolas says he will grab Lulu and Emily says she will take Robin. Robin opens her eyes and tells them they need to leave her. Sonny asks Carly to marry him if they both make it out alive. Sam talks Elizabeth through the contractions and the two talk about Jason, unknowing that he is standing there as a mercenary. Elizabeth explains that she could never have married Jason, even if the baby was his, because he's in love with Sam. Elizabeth's cramps subside just as Sam realizes that Jason is there with them. 
  • Thursday, 2/15 - 2 Hours Earlier 3:00 am - Edward waits to talk to Monica about Alan's condition. She tells him that he is very weak and may not make it through the week. Edward asks her if he can go see Alan. She tells him he is going to be brought into I.C.U. and he can see him then. Edward tearfully asks for Alan's forgiveness for not being a good father to him and supporting his decision all those years ago to become a doctor instead of a businessman like himself. Tracy comes in next to see him. She puts on a brave front and talks to Alan like she usually does, with disdain and jealousy. She tells him that she never thought Monica was good enough for him and that she was a lousy wife to him. Monica walks in and doesn't stop her from speaking her mind. She tells Monica that she was never a good wife to Alan but for some reason Alan loved her anyway. Monica sits with him and tearfully tells him she is so sorry for being a bad wife to him and that she realizes now that he has always been the love of her life and that she will be to blame if he dies. Alan wakes up and calls out her name. Outside the hotel, Georgie blames herself for treating Maxie badly like everyone else after she found out the lies Maxie told. She tells Dillon that if something happens to Maxie she will never forgive herself. Dillon tells her that Maxie did some crazy things but that it isn't Georgie's fault and she can't feel bad about it. Bobbie shows up and talks to Luke. Luke tells her that he tried to help rescue Lulu but he couldn't. Bobbie tells him he did the right thing by helping get Alan out of the line of fire and getting him to the EMTs outside. Bobbie talks to Georgie about leaving the area for awhile and going back to Kelly's with her. Georgie asks Dillon if he wants to come back to Kelly's with them. He tells her he is going to stay around. Georgie goes with Bobbie. Patrick finishes up his rounds at the hospital and informs Epiphany and Dr. Ford that he is leaving the hospital. Dr. Ford reminds him that he is on call still and must answer his pager if he is called in. Patrick shows up and talks to Luke outside the hotel. Luke tells him he failed in his attempt to rescue the hostages. Ric tells him that they can't do anything right now but wait to hear from Mr. Craig. Later, Ric pays Skye a visit in Alcazar's hospital room. Alcazar's cell-phone rings and he is tempted to answer it. Skye tells him not to answer it because he wouldn't know what to say to his superiors and he doesn't want them to go after them. Ric suggests that they should answer the phone next time. Later when they are alone the phone rings again and Skye tells him to answer it this time. Alcazar doesn't know what to say to them since he doesn't remember anything that could help them. Skye tells him to tell them that everything is going as planned and they have nothing to worry about. Inside the hotel, the hostages sit on the floor and around the lobby whispering to each other to find a way to escape. Spinelli works on the hotel computer to find a way to open up the vault. He whispers to Lulu about his progress. Sam and Elizabeth whisper to each other as well about how Elizabeth is feeling. Elizabeth tells Sam that the cramps have died down a little and she is feeling better. The female mercenary named number 5 watches Jason and tells him to watch what he is doing. Sam realizes that Jason is one of the masked men and whispers to Elizabeth. Elizabeth looks over at Jason who nods to her to let her know it is him. He goes over and does what Mr. Craig asks and guards them closely. Sonny tells Carly that he wants her to marry him for real after they make it out of this alive. He tells her that he didn't realize until now how empty his life is without her with him. He wants them to get married for real this time. Carly tells him to ask her again when and if they make it out alive. Jason guards them and whispers to them when no one is paying attention. Sonny wants Jason to get Carly out to there through one of the service entrances. Mr. Craig approaches them and doesn't like that they are talking again. He has them sent into another room and handcuffed to each other with their chairs facing opposite directions so their backs are facing each other. Mr. Craig warns them to stop trying to make plans to escape. Sonny tells him that he needs him alive to help him get out of the hotel later and that he won't kill him if he is smart. Mr. Craig leaves them alone in the room. Carly hopes that the phone in the room has a dial tone but Sonny doesn't think so. Carly gets frustrated that they are in there instead of out in the lobby where they can see what is going on. Carly doesn't want to leave the hotel without him and tells him that Jason wouldn't have been able to take her out of there without raising Mr. Craig's suspicions about him. Sonny thinks that Carly may know something about the code and not be aware of it. Carly doesn't think she can help with figuring out the code since she doesn't remember Alcazar telling her anything about a code when they were a couple. Sonny thinks she may know it and needs to think hard about it. Carly doesn't remember any code number Alcazar ever gave her. Sonny looks down at the phone that she dropped on the floor and notices the letters under the phone digits on the phone and has an idea. He tells her that maybe it is not the numbers that are important but what they represent as letters. Sonny looks down at the phone and has Carly do the same thing. He looks at the numbers they do know, 7 6 7. He tells her the letters that go with the numbers 7 and 6 and says them out loud. Carly doesn't see any connection with the letters at first until Sonny calls out letter combinations that have some meaning to words. She tells him to repeat one of the three letter word combinations again and he does. She thinks that the letters S O P are important and jog her memory for a minute. She thinks about it and remembers Alcazar telling her that the first woman he ever loved was named "Sophie." Sonny thinks she figured it out and comes up with the last three numbers in the code. He tells her that they can use the code to negotiate with Mr. Craig to get out of there alive. Mr. Craig orders Jason to guard Sam and Elizabeth. Sam and Elizabeth start whispering about who should try to escape first. Elizabeth thinks Sam should go but Sam disagrees because Elizabeth needs medical help, not herself. Jason wait until no one is watching them and comes closer to them. He tells Sam that he wants her to make her escape when he gives the o.k. so she can go out and warn the police about the vault and the possible explosion. Mr. Craig comes over and asks them what they are whispering about. He warns Jason not to trust Sam because of what she is capable of doing. He also tells them that they will get demerit points every time they do something against his rules and that the first person to get 10 demerit points will die. He warns Sam that she already has 8 demerit points. He sends Jason to guard Spinelli and Lulu next. Spinelli is getting very close to getting the vault to open earlier and asks Lulu if he should do it now or stall them. Lulu thinks he should stall it because she is afraid that if the vault opens now and Mr. Craig gets what he wants he will kill them all that much sooner. Jason whispers that they need to do it sooner rather than later and that he has a plan in motion. Lulu reluctantly agrees to go with Jason's plan. Meanwhile, one of the mercenaries starts harassing Father Mateo when he asks for help with Max, who has a shoulder wound that is bleeding. He starts picking on him about his tattoos and what they mean. Father Mateo calmly tells him that the tattoo on his neck is of his brother Manuel and that it is a daily reminder of how his brother died by living a life of violence and that he wants a better life for himself. The mercenary dares the priest to turn the other cheek. He ends up shoving a gun into the priest's stomach to show who is in charge. Max waits for a diversion and grabs for the guy's gun while Mateo takes the guy's knife and slits his throat. Jason watches Father Mateo in shock at what he just did. Meanwhile, Robin wakes up and calls out for Patrick. Emily and Nikolas try to calm her and tell her that Patrick is outside waiting for her right now. Robin tells them that if they make it out alive not to take anything for granted and do whatever they planned to do before but put off until now. They promise to do that but believe they will all make it out alive. Robin tells them the pain is back but it feels more far away than before. 
  • Friday, 2/16 - 1 Hour Earlier 4:00 am - Father Mateo stabs the mercenary when he comes after him. The female mercenary shoots Father Mateo in retaliation. Sonny makes a deal with Mr. Craig that he will give him the rest of the code if he will let Carly go. Mr. Craig takes Carly and Sonny into the lobby and explain to the rest of the hostages that Mr. Corinthos will be providing the access code once Spinelli gets the vault open. Mr. Craig takes Lulu and Spinelli to the vault, where Spinelli enters a code and it opens. In the vault, Maxie and Three scramble to their feet. Maxie had been talking to Three about how the hostages are just innocent bystanders caught in the middle. When Mr. Craig sees the briefcase he realizes that Sonny and Luke weren't lying. Three is hesitant, but hands over the briefcase. Sonny tries to convince Mr. Craig to let all the hostages go, but he will only go with the original plan. Mr. Craig opens the briefcase with the password Sonny provides and he tells Carly she can go. Carly refuses to leave Sonny's side, though. Outside, Ric has Luke restrained to keep him from interfering. Epiphany is setting up a triage center nearby, and Luke tries to get her to get him out of the handcuffs. Patrick is impressed they have the triage set up so quickly, but Dr. Ford quickly interrupts and tells him that he's not the only one who can think of the hostages. When Alexis arrives on the scene, Ric takes her over to the triage center when he realizes how weak she is. At the hospital, Skye talks to Alcazar about the fact that everything will be over soon. Either Mr. Craig will be caught and put away, or he will get away. She wants him to go to prison, but if he gets away then so does Alcazar. Since the Quartermaine's have disowned her, all she has now is Alcazar and baby Lila. Back inside the hotel, Mr. Craig is distracted so Jason gives Sam the signal to make her escape. Sam rushes outside just as the cops turn the lights out. She warns them that the lobby is rigged with explosives. As the police start to throw tear gas into the hotel, Jason tackles Mr. Craig to keep him from detonating the explosives. The SWAT team enters the hotel and chaos erupts. There's a mad dash for the door, but the tear gas keeps people from being able to see the exits. Nikolas carries Robin out. Three helps Maxie out. Lulu and Spinelli run out together. Sonny and Carly hide behind a couch. Jason finds Elizabeth and tries to rescue her. Outside, Nikolas is updating Patrick on Robin's status when he realizes that Emily isn't there with him. He starts to go back inside when the hotel explodes. 

Metro Court Hostage DVD #4  February 19 - March 6, 2007

  • Monday, 2/19 - Aftermath of Explosion - The Metro Court is a pile of rubble and bodies are everywhere. We are shown a replay of the preceding events. Rescuers go inside to look for victims.Patrick carries Robin to a gurney. Once at the hospital, Patrick tells Kelly that Robin needs surgery. He is reassured when Robin wakes up. In her hospital room after the surgery, Robin tells Patrick when a person saves another person, they "own" them. Patrick kisses her. Alan wakes up in the hospital. Monica explains to him what has happened and about his condition. He tells Monica about what happened in the hotel and then tells her that he wants to see his children, including AJ but then later realizes that AJ is dead. He tells Monica that he regrets the way things were with AJ and Jason and, not knowing otherwise, wonders if he is the reason that Jason didn't come to the Metro Court. Back at Metro Court, Skye arrives and Ric gives her an update on the rescue efforts and those that have been removed from the rubble so far. Elizabeth and a masked man appear to have been thrown into the elevator from the blast. Elizabeth is scared but is quickly relieved when he removes his mask and it is Jason. They talk about everything that has happened and Jason feels guilty that he didn't do more to help. Elizabeth reassures him that he did everything he could. They talk about Sam and Jason wonders if she is okay. Within the rubble, Lucky finds Emily and medical personnel help to free her. The rescuers are seen removing Father Ruiz from the debris. Maxie and Three are also seen in the debris. Maxie tells Three to remove his mask and clothes and tell the rescuers that he was a hostage. Outside, Sam and Alexis try to hold Nikolas back from going inside to look for Emily. Lucky comes out and tells him they found her and a few minutes later, Emily emerges from the hotel and is reunited with Nikolas while Sam looks on, worried about Jason. Maxie is reunited with Mac and Georgie as she watches Three walk away. Luke is seen still handcuffed to the building across the street. He is frantic about Lulu and convinces Dillon to help him get released, which he does. Luke heads into the building. Sonny wakes up and finds Carly in the rubble. He is able to wake her up. As they head out, Carly finds a gun in the debris. Mr. Craig is also seen within the rubble. He wakes up and finds the suitcase close by. He resets the timer. As he stands up, Six grabs his leg and tells him not to leave without her. He says he is already late and turns to leave but is shot by Sonny. As Carly grabs the suitcase, Mr. Craig gets back up and reveals his bulletproof vest on. The rescuers are nearby and start shuffling through debris. It appears that they have accidentally removed part of the support beam and debris starts falling. Within the elevator that Elizabeth and Jason are in, they feel the rumble. Elizabeth feels the baby kick and she has Jason feel it. She then tells him that he is the reason the baby is alive and that he, not Lucky, is the father of her baby. 
  • Tuesday, 2/20 - In the elevator, Jason asks Elizabeth why she didn't tell him about the baby. Liz reminds Jason that he was not around at the time she found out the baby's paternity, and both Sonny and Carly came to the same conclusion that the baby belonged to Lucky. She was prepared to tell him face-to-face, but Carly had already told Jason that he was not the father. When Jason told her it was for the best that the baby was Lucky's, she let it go. She has no regrets about making this baby with Jason. Jason tells her he understands if she lied to protect the baby, but he didn't understand if it was for any other reason. Mr. Craig and Sonny have guns pointed at each other. Craig tells them to hand over the briefcase to avoid a gunfight that will surely collapse the building. Sonny and Carly make it out with the briefcase and hand it over to Ric, and start to give him the code to open it. Skye shows up and tells Ric that she has the right code. Carly realizes that Skye is doing this to save Alcazar from being implicated in the ordeal. Ric says that he believes Skye, since he cannot trust his brother. He opens the case to find the charred contents. Lucky and Nikolas argue about going back into the hotel to find Lulu and Elizabeth. The rescuers drag Spinelli out of the rubble against his will. He doesn't want to leave without Lulu. Outside, he is hysterical as he tries to explain the final moments in the hotel to Milo and Dillon. Inside the remains of the hotel, Luke calls out to Lulu. Seeing an arm protruding from the rubble, he works furiously to dig out who he thinks is Lulu. It is revealed to be someone else, and Luke becomes more frantic. Overcome by smoke, he asks Laura to help him find Lulu. He sees another body amongst the rubble, and is overjoyed to find an unconscious Lulu. He brings her to safety. Dr. Ford sends Emily to GH for observation. He tells her that Dr. Quartermaine is still in ICU. He compliments the surgery she performed on Robin. Nikolas and Emily go to see Robin. Emily apologizes to Robin for not getting the bullet out. Robin thanks them for saving her life, and Emily promises a girls' night out at Jake's soon. In the hospital room, Tracy sits with Alan. She tells him that the hostage situation is over. Alan asks for Jason. Monica tells Alan that Robin pulled through. Alan confesses his undying love to Monica. He tells her she's not a quitter, and he's alive because of her. Emily and Nikolas walk into the room. In the meantime, Liz tells Jason that she did tell him about the baby the night she found him shot in the chapel. Jason recalls that Liz told him something important, and realizes it all makes sense now. She reminds Jason that Lucky doesn't know they slept together. She tells Jason not to make excuses for her. They agree that they do not want to hurt Sam or Lucky. Jason admits, however, that when Carly told him the baby was not his, he felt a sense of loss. He tells her he wants this child more than anything. At the end of the show, he asks her to marry him. Robin asks Patrick to take his HIV test again. He tells her that losing her would have been the worst thing ever. Robin is wheeled off at Patrick looks on. 
  • Wednesday, 2/21 - When Carly and Sonny get home, she goes upstairs to take a bath. Once Sonny hears that everything is okay with Jason and Elizabeth, he also goes upstairs. He washes Carly's hair, which leads to a passionate kiss. Carly stops him and tells him he needs to go. She has a change of heart and goes to find Sonny and kiss him. While still stuck in the elevator, Elizabeth and Jason talk about their pending parenthood. Elizabeth wants to keep the fact that Jason is the father a secret longer. She wants to delay telling Lucky that he isn't the father since he has been looking forward to the new Spencer baby. Jason tells her that he can't keep something like that from Sam. Elizabeth decides that it's in everyone's best interest if they are all honest with each other. When they are rescued, Elizabeth sits on a gurney and gets examined. Everything appears to be fine with her and the baby. She witnesses Sam and Jason reunite and is heartbroken at their reunion. Lucky goes running after Mr. Craig on the docks. He comes to a clearing where a man is waiting. He asks the man if he has seen a 5 foot 11 inch man with sandy, blonde hair. The man claims he's seen nothing and runs away asking him not to shoot him. Lucky turns around and Mr. Craig hits him over the head with a pipe. When Mr. Craig asks him why he ran after him instead of trying to rescue people in the hotel, Lucky explains that his pregnant wife was one of the hostages. Realizing who he's talking about, Mr. Craig tells Lucky that he stepped over Elizabeth's body on his way out of the hotel. Upon hearing this news, Lucky becomes even more reckless, not caring if he lives or dies. Luke is surprised that after his neglectful parenting, Lulu still has such faith in him. He realizes that he must become a better parent to Lulu. Tracy and Luke wait in the hospital lobby while Lulu is taken to surgery. Spinelli, Dillon and Milo all show up to wait, also. Spinelli tries to tell the other two men that they can go and he will call them when Lulu wakes up. He tells them that he and Lulu really connected during their life and death situation. Dillon and Milo are unnerved and decide to wait, also. Tracy asks Luke to tell Dillon that he's not allowed to date his step-sister and the other two aren't good enough for her. Luke steps in and tells them that if Lulu wants to date any one of them, leave him out of it. Emily goes to see Alan and the two have a special moment, making it unbelievable that Emily is not Alan's true biological child. When Skye appears, Nikolas lets her have it. Skye wants to make peace with Alan. Monica and Tracy actually agree on the fact that Skye is no longer a part of the Quartermaine family. When everyone leaves, Monica shares her true feelings with Alan and tells him that she loves him and always has and always will. 
  • Thursday, 2/22 - Tracy gets upset with Luke when he doesn't seem too concerned about the three young men who are arguing over who should get to see Lulu first after she gets out of surgery. Dillon, Milo, and Spinelli try to each state their case to Luke about why they should go first. Luke tells Dillon that he does have a little problem with Dillon because he already trampled over Lulu's heart once already. Dillon tells him that he wouldn't purposely try to hurt Lulu. Luke tells them that he is going to be the first person to see Lulu and talks to the surgeon before going in to see her. Lulu is very happy to see him and tells him he is her hero for going inside the hotel and finding her. Lulu tells him that she isn't upset with him for not being able to get her out of the hotel when he was talking to Craig and trying to negotiate for her release. Lulu tells him that she isn't mad and that she knows that sometimes you do what you can do and have accept what you can't do. Luke lets the other guys take turns seeing her and tells Tracy that he is going to let Lulu decide for herself what guy she wants to date. Spinelli comes in to see her and tells her he is sorry that he couldn't rescue her and get her out of the hotel before the explosion. Lulu tells him that it isn't his fault what happened and that she was too stubborn and didn't listen to Jason when he told her to get out when she could. Jason comes into her room to find Spinelli and tells her that he is glad she made it out of the hotel alive and her surgery went well. He tells Spinelli that he needs him to find Craig for him using his computer skills. Later, Milo brings her a drink and Dillon also brings her a drink and tries to get Milo to go away. The two argue over who is better for Lulu. Georgie finds them in there arguing and realizes what is going on. She makes a remark to them and leaves. Dillon finds her and tries to explain himself. Georgie tells him that they should probably move forward and end their relationship instead of trying to hold on so tight to the past and what they once had together. Dillon tells her he loves her and has a hard time letting her go. Georgie tells him that she knows he loves her and that maybe when they got married it was really the beginning of the end. Dillon reluctantly admits it is over between them and Georgie says goodbye to him. Later, Lulu gets a visit from Scott Baldwin. Scott tells her he wants to talk to her. Jason is reunited with Sam outside the hotel. Sam tells him that Elizabeth told him everything that happened. Jason thinks at first that Elizabeth told Sam that he was the baby's father but Elizabeth shakes her head no to him while Sam isn't looking. Jason tells her they need to talk soon. Sam tells him he needs to go to the hospital and get checked out first. Meanwhile, Lucky confronts Mr. Craig, who gets Lucky's gun from him and is about to kill him. Lucky believes Craig when he claims he stepped over Elizabeth's dead body when he escaped from the hotel earlier. Lucky dares him to kill him now since he has no life without Elizabeth anyway. Lucky's partner Rodriguez steps in front of him and shields him from taking a bullet. Craig ends up taking off from them. Lucky gets upset with Rodriguez for not going after Craig right away. Rodriguez tells him that he shouldn't have taken on Craig by himself without backup. Lucky tells him that he wouldn't have cared if Craig shot and killed him since Craig just told him he stepped over Elizabeth's body on his way out of the hotel. Rodriguez acts like the voice of reason and tells him that he shouldn't have let Craig get inside his head and play mind games with him like that. Suddenly, Rodriguez gets a call on his cell-phone about what is going on back at the hotel. He gets word that Elizabeth has been found and she is alive. Lucky heads back to the area and finds Epiphany there but no Elizabeth. She assures him that Elizabeth and the baby seem fine but that she has been sent to the hospital for more tests. Later, Jason shows up at the hospital with Sam. They go to the E.R. with Elizabeth. Sam puts him name on the list to be waited on while he goes to see how Alan is doing. Monica hugs Jason as well as Emily. She tells Jason that Alan is sleeping right now and that he should go get patched up and cleaned up before coming to see Alan because she is afraid if he wakes up and sees Jason he will get upset seeing him like that. Jason agrees to go get patched up and promises to come back later. Emily insists on sitting with Alan. Monica tells her that he is very weak still. Jason heads back to the E.R. and goes into one of the examination rooms with Sam. He tells her they need to talk and that something happened that he needs to tell her about. Sam interrupts him and tells him she has something she needs to tell him. Jason waits and lets her talk first. Sam tells him about her medical exam with the OB GYN and how she found out she can't get pregnant ever and that even if she could get pregnant she wouldn't be able to carry a baby to term without miscarrying. She tells him that it is because she was shot, not because of losing her baby. Jason instantly feels guilty because of Manny shooting her because of him. Sam quiets him and tells him he isn't to blame. Jason doesn't have the heart to tell her that Elizabeth is carrying his baby after all. Elizabeth has a similar problem after Rodriguez talks to her first and explains what Lucky did on the docks with Craig and then after hearing Lucky tell her that she and the baby are the ones who have helped him get the strength to move on and stop taking pills. Elizabeth is about to tell him the truth but can't do it. Jason sees her through the window of her hospital room, with Lucky's head on her and her stroking his hair. Jason talks to Spinelli about some PDA that Craig will be looking for and Jason believes was being carried by the female, mercenary, #5. Craig finds her dead and in a body bag. He looks for her PDA inside her outfit. Jason walks by Alan's room and stops for a minute. Later, Sam goes by Elizabeth's room to check on her to see if she is okay and how the baby is. Elizabeth assumes that Jason told Sam the truth and is confused by how upbeat Sam is. She blurts out that she couldn't tell Lucky the truth. Sam asks her what she is talking about. Elizabeth realizes then that Jason hasn't told her the truth either. Maxie panics when the mercenary she let escape shows up in her bedroom closet. He tells her he tried to leave town but that all the roads are blocked and he can't get out of town yet. Maxie reminds him that her father is the police commissioner and it wouldn't be smart for him to be there. He introduces himself as Cooper Barrett. Cooper tells her he just needs to hide out somewhere until the road blocks are removed and there is less scrutiny around the hotel explosion. Suddenly there is a knock on the door so he hides in her closet. It is Georgie and she tells Maxie that Robin is out of surgery and Mac wants them to go see her. Maxie gets her things and doesn't say anything about her guest. Meanwhile, Robin wakes up from surgery to find Patrick there with her in her hospital room. He tells her he is leaving and that she needs to get her rest. Robin asks him to stay awhile. They end up talking about who is more bossy. Mac, Georgie, and Maxie show up to see her. Mac tells her that she needs to go and move back in with Patrick so that he doesn't have to worry about her going to stay in some hotel where she can get into trouble. Later, Robin and Patrick are alone. Robin tells him she owes him an apology and explains that it wasn't fair of her to expect Patrick to suddenly take an HIV test without not wanting to avoid it and how Alan reminded her that when he told her she needed to be tested again, she refused to do it too. Patrick tells her she was right to tell him to take the test and that he is planning to take the test right now. A person from the lab comes in and he has the blood test while holding Robin's hand. Patrick tells her he loves her. Meanwhile, Maxie returns to her bedroom with a tray of food for Cooper. She tells him she will let him hide out in her room until it is o.k. for him to leave town safely. 
  • Friday, 2/23 - Edited - Jason goes after Mr. Craig in the unstable and falling down hotel. Mr. Craig finds his PDA and when objects start to fall, he makes a run for it. Jason runs after him and the two start shooting at each other in the stairwell. Mr. Craig tells Jason that Sonny and Carly were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He offers him money to let him leave. Tracy goes to see Alan and tells him he needs to stop acting sick and get back to work. They two squabble back and forth, but in good fun. Tracy lets him know that she really does love him. Alan comes in and also starts talking about how much he loves Alan. Alan tells him he's not dying anymore so he doesn't have to keep sucking up. Edward tells Alan that he's made a mistake by not telling his children how he feels. When Skye comes to see Alan she receives the forgiveness she wants from him. Alan tells her that while he doesn't necessarily agree with Alcazar's way of life, he is the father of her child. Later, Monica comes to see Alan and they compliment each other and confess their love for each other. Suddenly, Alan starts to have another heart attack. 
  • Monday, 2/26 - Edited - Alan goes into cardiac arrest. Dr. Ford tells Monica that Alan has a very short time and that everyone needs to prepare and say their good-byes. Edward sits with Alan and asks Lila for guidance. Alan grabs his hand. Emily sees Spinelli in the hospital and tells him to find Jason, and tell him that his father needs him. Monica talks to Alan and is angry because she feels helpless. Jason and Mr. Craig are involved in a shoot out. Jason shoots him in the arm. After more gunfire, Spinelli arrives and tells Jason he needs to get to the hospital. Mr. Craig allows him to leave, giving him a free getaway. At General Hospital, Monica tells Edward and Tracy that she has been denying the truth and that Alan really is dying. She says that they need to prepare themselves. Tracy tells Monica that Alan is going to be okay. Emily is seen sitting with Alan and shares her feelings with him. It is then that he passes away. While in the doorway sobbing, Jason arrives to a heartbroken Emily. Jason goes in and apologizes to his deceased father. Emily arrives in the lobby and informs Monica, Edward and Tracy that Alan has died. 
  • Tuesday, 2/27 - With Edward and Tracy standing by, Emily tells Monica that Alan died a peaceful death and that Jason is in the room with him now. Monica assumes that Jason got there in time, but Emily tells them that Jason didn't make it there on time. Edward and Monica argue over who is to blame. Emily reminds them that Alan would want them all to help each other, and not fight. Monica tells Nikolas that she is back he is back in Emily's life. Alice and Dillon arrive, and Alice gives Monica a big embrace. Jason is seen in Alan's hospital room. Dr. Ford tells him only family can be there, and Jason tells him that Alan is his father. Dr. Ford tells Jason about Alan's final hours, and that he was not in pain at the end. Alone, Jason tells Alan that he was on his way back to see him, and about his attempt to kill Mr. Craig. He tells him about some of the things that Craig said about wasting time, and that you only get one father. He realizes that Craig was right. He tells Alan that he is going to be a father, and that already, he would give up his life for his child. He remembers about all of the times that he hurt Alan, and now he understands the pain he caused. He puts his hand over Alan's and says he's sorry, as his eyes fill up. . In that hall, Jason sees Skye and tells her that Alan is gone. Skye tells Jason about her regret in not telling anyone about the briefcase in the vault. He asks Skye if she knew Craig would seize the building, and if she wanted Alan to die. When she says no on both counts, Jason tells her then this was not her fault. Edward approaches Jason and comforts him. He tells Jason that if Jason had made it on time, he wouldn't have told him anything he does not already know. He tells Jason that if he ever becomes a father, he should learn from his and Alan's mistakes. Monica asks the nurses to be alone with Alan. She says her goodbyes to Alan. Tracy reminisces with Dillon about how she and Alan used to pick on each other, but that he always had her back when it came to Edward. Alan understood what it was like to grow up a Quartermaine, and she is scared to live without him. She tells him about Alan teaching her to sail, and Dillon asks Tracy to take him sailing sometime. She explains that she never told Alan she loved him, and doesn't want to make that mistake again. She tells Dillon that she loves him, and they both break down. Jason thanks Emily for sending Spinelli to find him. She reminds Jason that Alan loved all of his children. Skye goes to see Edward, and tells him that he raised a good person. Edward talks about hurt between parents and children, and breaks down as Skye comforts him. Monica returns to an empty mansion, and reminisces about arguments between her and Alan. Jason arrives, and she breaks down in his arms. 
  • Tuesday, 3/6 - Edited Tracy and Monica argue over whether a picture of Alan should be displayed at the memorial service. Ned notes that the Quartermaines really do fight over everything. Edward makes a cheap shot about Eddie Maine. Edward brings in a floral arrangement from Lois and the Cerullo's to an ungrateful Tracy. They argue some, and Edward reminds Tracy that they are all still in mourning. Tracy notes that he sounds like Lila. Edward comments that he is happy that Lila is gone, so that she would not have to experience this terrible loss. The Corinthos family, Dr. Ford, Epiphany, Noah, Robin and Patrick come to offer their condolences at the Quartermaine mansion. Skye and Lorenzo walk in, and Tracy stops them. Skye defends her right to be there, because Alan loved her and forgave her for her part in the hostage crisis. The discussion gets heated, and Ned and Dillon try to intervene. Monica is overjoyed to see Jason there. Luke arrives and is able to comfort Tracy, while Lulu and Dillon talk about the letter from Alan. Dillon starts to tell her that Scott Baldwin is the killer, but are interrupted by Tracy. Tracy warns Lulu about trying to investigate Rick Webber's murder. Scott shows up at the service, much to Edward's and Luke's dismay. Bobbie shuffles him out of the room. Ned eulogizes Alan, acknowledging his virtues and flaws. After the service, Emily comforts Edward while Tracy thanks Ned for his eulogy. She tells him that what she will miss most about Alan is their ability to fight like cats and dogs, and then have breakfast the next day as if nothing ever happened. She questions where she will ever find that gift again. Ned tells her that it may be where she least expects it. In a music montage, Monica has flashbacks about Alan with Jason standing by. The scenes include Alan's proposal to Monica, Monica's cancer, the Nurse's Ball, the annual children's Christmas celebration at the hospital and a scene with Lila. Jason looks at a pre-accident picture of himself and Alan, and remembers a conversation where Alan told Jason that his love for him would never be destroyed. Jason seems at peace knowing that, and takes his leave through the terrace.

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