Complete GH Episodes, 1994

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1993 - June 30, 1994

July 1- 8, 1994:  7/1, (7/4 no show aired), 7/5 Ned & Katherine get married, Miguel sings at Maxie's party, 7/6 Maxie's party cont, Ned & Katherine's wedding night, 7/7, 7/8 Foster & Annabelle's romance [Episode Descriptions]

July 11-15, 1994:  7/11, 7/12 Lucy loses the fight for "Deception", 7/13 Jason & Keesha face bigotry at the country club,  7/14, 7/15 [Episode Descriptions]

July 18-22, 1994:  7/18 (missed 3 mins news report), 7/19, 7/20 (missed 6 mins news report) Lucy & Kevin first kiss, 7/21 Miguel and band rehearse, 7/22 [Episode Descriptions]

July 25-29, 1994:  7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 7/28, 7/29 (only :13 mins, pre-emption?) [Episode Descriptions]

August 1-5, 1994:  8/1 Stone tells Sean that Robin is missing,  8/2 Search party finds Robin, 8/3, 8/4 Monica learns her biopsy is cancer,  two men show up to menace Laura, 8/5 Laura tries to escape to basement but falls down the stairs [Episode Descriptions]

August 8-12, 1994:  8/8 Lulu is born, Monica tells Alan she has breast cancer, 8/9, 8/10, 8/11 Melissa Manchester calls Mac, 8/12 (news report missed 1 min) Melissa Manchester sings at the Outback [Episode Descriptions]

August 15-19, 1994:  8/15 woman threathens Laura & Lulu at GH, 8/16 Monica agrees to surgery, 8/17, 8/18 A&M’s anniv, 8/19  Monica’s surgery [Episode Descriptions]

August 22-26, 1994:  8/22  Brynn Thayer appears as "Kylie",  8/23, 8/24 Kylie & Luke, 8/25 Sonny introduces himself to Lily, 8/26 [Episode Descriptions]

August 29 - September 2, 1994:  8/29, 8/30, 8/31 Kevin tells Felicia that he killed Grace, 9/1 Foster bites Sam the bully, 9/2 Lily arrives in PC [Episode Descriptions]

September 5-8, 1994: 9/5 cm Damian rushed to ER, 9/6 cm, 9/7 cm, 9/8 cm [Episode Descriptions]

September 9-15, 1994:  9/9, 9/12 Lois finds out Eddie Maine is actually Ned Quartermaine, 9/13 Luke & Lucky rescue Foster from the police, 9/14, 9/15 [Episode Descriptions]

September 16-22, 1994:  9/16 (missed 2 mins news pre-empt) Lois jumps out of the cake at Katherine's birthday party, 9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/22 [Episode Descriptions]

September 23-29, 1994:  9/23 Robin & Stone take Mac's car to a concert without his permission, 9/26,  9/27 Lois confronts Katherine,  9/28, 9/29 [Episode Descriptions]

September 30 - October 6, 1994:  9/30 Katherine falls down stairs, 10/3  Felicia tells Mac baby isn't his, 10/4, 10/5, 10/6 Bobbie & Tony visit BJ's grave [Episode Descriptions]

October 7-13, 1994:  10/7, 10/10, 10/11 Ruby's birthday party, 10/12, 10/13 cm montage of Bobbie & Tony from happier times [Episode Descriptions]

October 14-20, 1994:  10/14, 10/17 Ned fakes an accident, 10/18 Kevin gets hives, Incinerator hearing, 10/19 Stomp performs, 10/20 [Episode Descriptions]

October 21-27, 1994: 10/21, 10/24, 10/25, 10/26, 10/27 [Episode Descriptions]

October 28 - November 3, 1994: 10/28, 10/31 Maxie's Halloween party, 11/1  Grand Jury convenes, 11/2 Ned & Lois "Taming of the Shrew,"  11/3 [Episode Descriptions]

November 4-10, 1994: 11/4 Ned sings at Outback in front of most of the town, 11/7, 11/8, 11/9 Tony & Felicia on plane to Egypt, 11/10 [Episode Descriptions]

November 11-17, 1994:  11/11 Tony & Felicia arrive in Egypt, Laura comes home, 11/14 Miguel & Lily head to Puerto Rico, Frisco finds Felicia & Tony, 11/15 Tony & belly dancer, Frisco & Felicia, 11/16 Miguel & Lily meet their son Juan, Frisco & Felicia, 11/17 [Episode Descriptions]

November 18-23, 1994: 11/18 Edward's trial, 11/21 cm trial continue, 11/22 cm S&B, Lois, Lucy & Luke in PR, Edward collapses, 11/23 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 24 - December 1, 1994: 11/24, (no show aired on 11/25), 11/28, 11/29 Ned arrives in PR, Frank shoots Sean, 11/30 Luke shoots Frank, 12/1 Brenda kidnapped, Sonny rescues Brenda and they go on the run in PR as thugs chase them [Episode Descriptions]

December 2-8, 1994:  12/2 PR boat sequence, Luke is shot & falls overboard, S&B make out on beach, Miguel's concert, 12/5 concert conts, Rivera kidnaps S&B, M&L, 12/6, 12/7, 12/8 [Episode Descriptions]

December 9-15, 1994: 12/9 cm, 12/12 Serena's birthday, 12/13, 12/14, 12/15 Mac & Kevin throw a baby shower for Felicia, Edward's trial continues, Laura has Luke flashbacks and refuses to believe he is dead [Episode Descriptions]

December 16-22, 1994: 12/16 Edward is Bradley's father, 12/19 Luke comes home to Laura, Miguel & Lily get engaged, 12/20 Kevin & Lucy are reunited, 12/21 Edward is acquitted, Laura's birthday, 12/22 [Episode Descriptions]

December 23-28, 1995:  12/23 cm Christmas party at GH, 12/26 cm, 12/27 cm, Brenda decides to move in with Sonny, 12/28 cm (3 mins news report) [Episode Descriptions]

December 29, 1994 - January 5, 1995:  12/29 cm, 12/30, (1/2 no show aired in LA Rose Parade), 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 1-8, 1994:  7/1, (7/4 no show aired), 7/5 Ned & Katherine get married, Miguel sings at Maxie's party, 7/6 Maxie's party cont, Ned & Katherine's wedding night, 7/7, 7/8 Foster & Annabelle's romance

July 1, 1994 - No Commercials - Robin and Stone go to the park after the hearing. Robin is embarrassed about how she acted after the hearing with Mac. Stone pushes her to work things out with Mac but she needs someone to talk to whom she trusts. Justus sets up an interview with Tiffany, as he is ready to put the spotlight on his father’s murder. Mary Mae breaks up the interview. Miguel has a flashback of the woman he left behind in Puerto Rico. Felicia tells Maxie about BJ. Edward, Lila, Lee, Jack, and Steve play poker at the Spencers. (Note: Lila is being temporarily played by Meg Wyllie) Justus gets a first hand glimpse at the people who ran in the same circles as his father. Mary Mae cautions Keesha about AJ and Jason. Robin talks with Felicia and Kevin about Mac. Kevin thinks that maybe a third party mediator would help Mac and Robin…maybe Gail. Mac tells Robin no dice on going to therapy. Alan pushes Monica to stop putting off her mammogram. Alan agrees to give AJ the loan against his ELQ stock. Luke thinks Jack Boland is the wild card of the group.

July 5, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda wants Lila to get to know Sonny. Brenda wants to invite Sonny to Ned’s wedding. Lucy wants to make sure both Bobbie and Tony are at Maxie’s party at The Outback. The Q mansion is prepared for the wedding. Brenda invites Sonny to the wedding. Damian gives Katherine a present on her wedding day and admits he love her. They make love. Mac and Robin put their difference aside for the day. After AJ and Sonny get into it before the wedding, Sonny is ready is leave. Lois shows up the mansion unexpectedly. Ned sends Brenda to shuffle her out. Sonny takes offense when Brenda asks him to take Lois to The Outback. Katherine and Ned get married in front of a glum bunch of Qs. Felicia is happy when Bobbie and Tony bring Lucas to Maxie’s party. Miguel sings at the party. Sonny wants Lois to try harder to sign Miguel.

July 6, 1994 - No Commercials - Maxie’s party continues. Lois refuses to tell Sonny about why Miguel won’t sign with L&B. Katherine and Ned’s wedding night. Ned warns Katherine not to double cross him. Lucy tries to sway Lila to go to bat for her where Deception is concerned. Miguel sings a few more songs. Bobbie and Tony explain to Lucas that Maxie has BJ’s heart. After Lucy and Damian run into Bobbie and Tony, Bobbie has some harsh words for Lucy. Sonny refuses Brenda’s apology. Lois convinces Miguel that Sonny’s contacts could maybe help him. Miguel explains his situation to Sonny. Sonny agrees to help him if he signs a contract with L/B. Sonny offers to take care of his old manager, Mr. Fernandez, in Puerto Rico, buy his old contract, and return to PC with guaranteed safety for his family.

July 7, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucky and Sly work on their worm farm. Laura starts looking into who is interested in buying real estate on Charles Street. Before he gives him the loan, Alan has some questions for AJ regarding the real estate deal. Brenda is sure that Sonny going to Puerto Rico will get him into trouble, as he will be using his Frank Smith connections to help Miguel. AJ gets his $200,000 from Alan. Robin tells Stone about Mac refuses to go to therapy. After some prodding by Brenda, Lila agrees to invite Sonny over to the mansion again. Robin tells Stone she loves him but both agree they are not ready for sex yet. Sonny arrives in Puerto Rico to meet with Juan Fernandez. Sonny flexes his Frank Smith connections and buys Miguel’s old contract. Laura finds out that three companies are buying up all the real estate in the Charles Street area. Justus checks and learns that the three companies are probably fronts for one company. Lucky and Sly sell Lila on their worm farm. Foster meets Annabelle. AJ goes fishing around Charles Street for property.

July 8, 1994 - No Commercials - While babysitting for Maxie, Robin invites Stone over.   Lois and Brenda dish Sonny and Ned over candy bars and old movies. Ned and Katherine’s honeymoon continues. AJ tells Edward that they have secured a four-block radius that assures Ned and Damian will have to deal with them for the incinerator project. Katherine agrees to hand over the Conway evidence at the next ELQ board meeting after she is given the Deception CEO position. Ned wants to fly into town and get truffles for Katherine. Ned really wants to go to Buffalo for an hour. Brenda makes herself scarce when Ned arrives at Lois’s apartment. Edward is miffed when Foster shows up at the Qs looking for Annabelle. He calls the Spencers to come and get their dog. Robin hides Stone when Felicia arrives home early. AJ thinks it is a mistake for Jason to invite Keesha to the country club.

July 11-15, 1994:  7/11, 7/12 Lucy loses the fight for "Deception", 7/13 Jason & Keesha face bigotry at the country club,  7/14, 7/15

July 11, 1994 - No Commercials - A very jealous Bobbie is irate when she can’t get a hold of Damian and thinks he is involved with Lucy. Monica presses her to let go off Damian. Ned and Katherine return from their honeymoon. Lois arrives at the Q mansion to see Brenda. Lila offers the gatehouse to Lois as a base of her record company. (Note: Lila is being played temp by Meg Wyllie) Katherine tells Edward about her want to take over Deception. Edward offers Ned and Katherine the east wing to live in. Later, Katherine goes to Deception to personally tell Lucy she is out. Lucy wants to know what she has on the Qs. Bobbie shows up at Damian’s hotel suite seeing that he got all of her message and did not call. He tells her he did not as he knows that what she really wants is to reconcile with Tony. Sonny tells Brenda that his trip to Puerto Rico was a success and they are free to sign Miguel. Brenda apologies to Sonny again. Brenda tells Sonny about Lila’s invite to tea. Lucy goes to Damian saying that he needs his clout with the ELQ board to beat Katherine. Ned tells Katherine that he happy to be free of living on the Q grounds. He needs time to think about where they will live. Lois surprise Ned at The Grill. She tells him about the gatehouse being the record company’s headquarters.

July 12, 1994 - No Commercials. Note: Episode starts abruptly - Justus tells Laura and Mary Mae that the company that is buying the Charles Street properties is owned by Edward, AJ, Jack, and Lee. Laura wants to find out why the Qs need that much land. Ned learns that Edward bestowed some ELQ stock to AJ. At the ELQ boardmeeting, Damian tells Lucy that she should prepare herself to lose Deception. Ned tries to get the Qs to renege on their offer of the gatehouse to Lois. Lois tells Brenda about the gatehouse and that she will be living there too. Brenda reminds Lois that she is changing the rules on Eddie/Ned by moving to PC. Ned gets all the Qs votes on the toxic waste incinerator and it is a go. Lucy wants to know what the heck is going on.
     Brenda, Sonny, and Lois tell Miguel that he is free of his old contract. Lucy is booted out as the head of Deception, but Katherine tells her she can remain with the company reporting to her of course. Katherine turns over the Conway evidence to the Q’s but reminds Ned no divorce tomorrow. Damian thinks that Lucy just needs to bide her time. Katherine will need her. Laura questions Edward about the Charles Street buys. Edward refuses to tell her anything except that  ELQs plans will be beneficial to the community. Laura puts him on notice. Brenda and Ned go a few rounds on Ned’s stupid choices. Ned has an idea about how to get Lois not to move into the gatehouse.

July 13, 1994 - No Commercials - Katherine informs Lucy about her new role at Deception. Lucy tells her that she needs her. Ned and Damian pick a spot for the incinerator and learn that Edward/AJ own the land. Edward learns that AJ bought three of the properties himself. Jason invites Keisha to the country club for tennis. Jason and Mary Mae get to know one another. Katherine shows Lucy her new closet office. Edward plans to lean on Councilman Blake for his support. Jason is upset when Keisha gets the cold shoulder at the club. AJ pays back Alan and Monica for his loan. Alan learns Monica still has not had her mammogram. Edward informs them of AJ double cross but later Edward congratulates AJ on a nice swindle. Ned tries to get Lois to stay away from PC and suggest they buy a house in Brooklyn. Lois hates the idea. Jason tells Alan and Monica he wants to resign his club membership.

July 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Laura invites Elizabeth Jackson to lunch. Ned tells Brenda about his Brooklyn idea. Brenda can’t believe he expected Lois to give up her career and move back to Brooklyn. Ned wants her help with Lois while he gets the goods on Katherine. Sean meets with retired detective Will Green who worked the Bradley Ward case. Sean wants to know why the original investigation was killed. Jack Bolend suggests to Edward that they direct Sean’s attention to Bradley’s relationship with his assistant Elizabeth Jackson. Lois moves into the gatehouse. Brenda tries to get Lois to steer clear of Katherine now that she is on Q property. Elizabeth tells Laura that there were ugly rumors that Bradley was on the take. Sonny and Brenda have tea with Lila. Lois gives Miguel a tour of her new office. He tells her that he is writing some songs in his spare time. Lois is worried about Miguel burning himself out with all his commitments. Tiffany horns in on Sean’s meeting with Will and he takes off when he learns Tiffany is a reporter. Miguel signs his contract with L/B.

July 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Katherine convinces Ned to move into the Q mansion east wing. Tony tells Bobbie that he wants a legal separation. Bobbie doesn’t want to agree to something that is the beginning of the end for them. Katherine wants to schedule a press conference for the incinerator project. Brenda learns that Katherine is now running things at Deception. Lucy tells her that Katherine is auditioning a bevy of blondes to replace her. Brenda and Lucy vow to get Katherine. Lucy tells Damian that he should be worried as an ELQ stockholder that Katherine could ruin Deception. Tony tells Laura that her and Bobbie are going to make their separation legal. They discuss being married to a Spencer. Bobbie tells Ruby that she is getting the message from Damian loud and clear. He wants her to go back to Tony but she is not sure that the she wants Tony anymore. Bobbie follows Damian and Lucy to the docks. Sonny insists to Brenda that no matter what happens at Deception, she is a contender. Bobbie sees Damian and Lucy share a kiss.

July 18-22, 1994:  7/18 (missed 3 mins news report), 7/19, 7/20 (missed 6 mins news report) Lucy & Kevin first kiss, 7/21 Miguel and band rehearse, 7/22

July 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Felicia visits Kevin at his new place. She gives him a house-warming present. When Kevin mentions that Lucy is helping him decorate, Felicia questions why even he likes her. She learns that Kevin is a painter. Ned hires Mac to dig into Katherine’s past. Lois and Miguel audition musicians for his band. Lucy tries to hire Mac too to look into Lucy’s past but he has to turn her down. Katherine holds the press conference in the Q den for the incinerator project. Edward reads a prepared statement and takes questions. Lucy busts in on Kevin and Felicia having dinner. She accuses them of being on a date together. Lucy tells Felicia about Mac turning her down to investigate Katherine, so Felicia agrees to take her case. Lois and Miguel talk about his life (Note: Newsbrief interrupts the scene: 3 minutes lost). Lucy admits that she likes Kevin because he does not judge her even when he thinks she is wrong, Lucy and Kevin almost share a kiss. Ned surprises Lois by showing up at the gatehouse.

July 19, 1994 - No Commercials - The Spencers see Tiffany’s report on the incinerator. Laura is livid and vows to fight any project that puts toxic waste in their backyard. She invites Mary Mae and Simone over to brainstorm. Edward convinces Monica to let Katherine move into the mansion so that they can keep on eye on her. Lucy invites Damian to dinner and convinces him to drop the charges against Tony. Sean and Tiffany plead Robin’s case to date Stone to Mac. Robin tells Stone that they may have an opportunity to see each other if Mac goes out of town on his new PI case. An angry Bobbie busts in on Lucy and Damian’s dinner, railing on him for ruining her life. She causes a scene when she throws everything off the table onto Damian’s lap. The Wards and the Spencers have a pow-wow on what to do about the incinerator. They form a committee. Edward buys Councilman Blake’s support on the incinerator. Foster brings Annabelle a present of Luke’s steak that was his dinner. AJ, Jason, and Reginald have to chase her to get it from her until Lila steps in. The Qs invite Katherine to stay in the east wing. Laura wants to visit ELQ with Tiffany in tow and picket at the mansion.

July 20, 1994 - No Commercials. Note: Newsbrief, GH joined in progress, 6 minutes lost - Tiffany breaks up a horrible fight between Bobbie and Tony. Lucy tells Damian that she hates herself when she is with him and takes off. Mac tells Felicia about Ned asking him to investigate Katherine. Mac tells Felicia it is a conflict of interest for her to do the same for Lucy. Brenda tells Ned he has to get Katherine not to replace her at Deception. Katherine tells Ned that she was not planning to replace Brenda, she just wanted to make her sweat. Brenda cries to Sonny again about possibly being replaced. Sonny tells her that she is playing right into Katherine’s hands. She needs to act like she does not need the Deception gig and she is willing to walk when her contact is up. Tony breaks down with Tiffany. She tries to convince him that all his anger is useless. Tony analyses his marriage. Bobbie tracks down Damian at The Grill and she wants him to just tell her that their entire relationship was a sham. Mac and Felicia agree to go head to head on who can get the goods first on Katherine. After Lucy comes clean with her feelings about him, she and Kevin share a kiss.

July 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Laura readies her picket signs and makes sure Tiffany will be at ELQ with her news crew. Brenda tells Katherine that she does not give a damn about her modeling gig at Deception. She has a better offer and she is leaving. Katherine backtracks and wants to re-negotiate her contract. Jack Bolend tips Sean to look into Bradley’s relationship with his aid. Edward thinks that might bring them trouble. Sean meets with Bradley Ward’s best friend. Miguel rehearses with his new band. Laura and her gang protest in the ELQ lobby and demand to see Edward. Laura demands that Edward hear their side. Tiffany’s cameras are rolling when Katherine steps in to talk with Laura.  Katherine suggests an open forum where the PC citizens can voice their concerns about the project. Ned suggests a honeymoon weekend for him and Lois. Mary Mae overhears Tiffany mention to Laura that Sean received a tip about Bradley’s connection to Elizabeth Jackson.

July 22, 1994 - No Commercials - At the gatehouse, Ned and Lois talk honeymoon. She worries about spending too much money; he lies and says a friend got them a great deal. Luke and the Laura discuss ELQ. She expresses an instant dislike of Katherine. Edward rails on about the demonstrators. The Qs are interrupted by a blaring car horn. Katherine arrives in her new sports car with her bags. Katherine proceeds to order Reginald around until Monica gives her a stern lecture on correct Q behavior. While Luke tries to watch TV, Laura goes on and on about the incinerator. He tells her she may not win because she always plays by the rules, but they won't. He believes that in the end it will be built. Mac and Felicia talk about Katherine's case. Felicia taunts him saying she will solve it first. Steve and Audrey see Simone dining with Justus. The Spencer's and Q’s watch Tiffany's coverage of the ELQ protest. Jason interrupts the Qs discussion and says the protesters are voicing legitimate concerns. They all try to convince him it will be perfectly safe, but he counters saying then why not build it near their home. Ned sneaks off to see Lois. Katherine wonders where he went. Justus learns that Simone is related to the Hardys. Mac calls Rhonda and says he needs to get a message to Scott. Ned covers his absence.

July 25-29, 1994:  7/25, 7/26, 7/27, 7/28, 7/29 (only :13 mins, pre-emption?)

July 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy arrives at the lighthouse, trying to help Kevin redecorate. Kevin wants to talk about their kiss. Lucy says that before they go any farther she needs to know about Kevin's relationship with Felicia. He assures her that Felicia is just a friend. Afterwards, Lucy agrees that there's a lot unsaid between them. They make a dinner date. Katherine wonders what is going on at the gatehouse. Lois announces that Miguel  has a gig tonight at The Outback. Brenda surprises Miguel with a silk shirt to wear for his performance. The gals are horsing around with Miguel when Sonny walks in. Brenda and Sonny get cozy in the empty recording studio. After Katherine makes some cracks about Lois, Lila tells her that she shouldn't judge people by appearances. Jason offers help to the opposition to the incinerator at Ward House. Jason wants to help organize the students at PCU. Robin also offers help. At The Outback, Stone sneaks in to see Robin. Katherine shows up at the gatehouse almost busting in on Brenda and Sonny. Katherine tells Lois to stay away from her husband. A confused Lois gets angry saying she's got no idea what she is talking about. Brenda breaks things up. Katherine snoops around and Sonny catches her. Lila tells Katherine to avoid the gatehouse. Ned pops into the gatehouse later on and finds Brenda on the sofa nursing a headache. She tells him about Lois and Katherine almost coming to blows. Ned is worried.

July 26, 1994 - No Commercials - Katherine mentions to Ned about her chat with Lois. Katherine also doesn't understand how Brenda could be involved with Sonny. Katherine wants to go to The Outback. Ned turns her down. Lucy thinks of her kiss with Kevin. Damian pays Lucy a visit. He wants to take Lucy out to The Outback. Lucy tells Damian that he is no good for her. She tells him that she is interested in Kevin. Mac tells Felicia that he is going out of town. Councilman Blake pays Laura a visit. He wants Laura to keep an open mind about the incinerator. Luke kicks him out. Ned asks Lois about Katherine's visit. Lois was not impressed. She didn't quite understand what Katherine said about going after her husband. At the Outback, Tiffany and Sean are enjoying dinner. Mac and Robin argue when he wants her to say with Sean and Tiffany while he is away. Mac talks up Katherine. Luke asks Tiffany to get the Councilman’s tax returns. Damian busts in on Lucy and Kevin. Kevin tells Robin he is not sure what is going on between him and Lucy. Damian joins Katherine and they are confronted by Luke.   Lois goes to check on the nervous Miguel. Sonny thinks that Miguel's image is all wrong. Miguel sings and Ned looks in through the window.

July 27, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke and Laura discuss his evening at the Outback and mentions seeing Katherine and Damian together. He also tells her Tiffany is looking up the Councilman. Bobbie arrives and wants a lesson in lock-picking. Damian shows up at Deception to talk with Lucy. She tells him to get lost. He thinks she'll get bored with Kevin soon enough.  Robin has a talk with Sean and Tiff about how Mac treats her like a child. Sean tells her if she keeps sneaking out to see Stone behind Mac's back, he has a right not to trust her. Robin asks Sean’s permission to go hiking and on a picnic with some friends. Then, she calls Stone and tells him they're on. Lucky and Sly deliver Lila's worm farm. Foster and Annabelle make eyes at each other.
     Edward gets upset about a big anti-incinerator article in the paper. Ned arrives at Deception to show Damian the article. He's furious. Katherine arrives and Lucy loves watching Ned ream her about not doing a good enough job with PR. Katherine insists they need to neutralize Laura. Luke goes to see Mary Mae about Blake. Tony comes to the Spencers and he and Laura talk about being "Spouses of Spencers". Bobbie breaks into Damian's room where she turns down the bed, leaves some red roses and scattered petals on the bed and sprays perfume in the air and sneaks out. Tiffany shows the Spencers with the Councilman's tax records. She is going to look through his wife's records in case he married money, but Luke thinks this may be enough to go on. Damian arrives home and is confused by Bobbie's little offering. Foster daydreams about Annabelle.

July 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Robin packs for her picnic with her “friends”. Tiffany suspects that Robin is lying. They have some girl talk about men. The wrong L&B equipment is delivered to the gatehouse. Brenda tells Lois she will handle things with Sonny. Luke meets with Blake about how he affords his pricey vacation home. Miguel and Brenda discuss Lily. The Spencers talk to Justus about Blake being on the take. The plot to invite Blake to the Ward House. Lucy has more questions about Felicia for Kevin. Damian mistakenly thanks Lucy for the flowers left in his room. AJ takes Jason to task for pitting himself against the family. Katherine breaks up their fight. Sonny tells Brenda and Lois that he wants to change Miguel’s image. They argue when Lois reminds him that she has creative control. AJ tells Katherine that Blake will not hold up under scrutiny. Robin helps Felicia do some digging on Katherine. Katherine pays the Spencers a visit and gives Laura a portfolio on the incinerator. Robin and Stone enjoy their campfire. She feels bad about lying. AJ tells Edward about Blake. Edward wants to head Jason off at the path. Luke tells Laura that he needs a project. He is thinking about opening a nightclub. Lois asks Brenda if Sonny is jealous of Miguel and that is why he blew up over his image.

July 29, 1994 - With Commercials - Robin and Stone picnic by a campfire out in the woods. Over dinner, Lois whines to Ned about Sonny and Miguel, while nearby Brenda struggles unsuccessfully to assemble some new sound equipment. Edward has a family meeting to discuss Jason for collaborating with the enemy. Katherine and Monica get into it. AJ brings up Keesha, but Jason holds his own. Ned tries to argue that ELQ helps the community. (Note: video drop out for a second). Lois and Brenda discuss how to handle Sonny and Lois gets an idea. Sean gets a call from Will Green. He wants to see Sean again. Robin and Stone talk about their respective future plans. They hear some local bikers and quickly pack up to leave. Monica defends Jason. Lois and Sonny discuss the good old days back in Bensenhurst. Lois goads him into singing "The Brooklyn Song." Ned and Katherine hit the Q hot tub. Ned gives her the cold shoulder and feigns exhaustion. They hear the singing from the gatehouse and Ned goes to investigate.
     Monica tells Jason that she is proud of him. The bikers "suggest" that Stone leave and Robin party with them. Stone tells her to run and proceeds to punch out several of them before they deck him. In the commotion, Robin escapes. Sean and Tiffany talk about Robin and Mac. The bikers rob the unconscious Stone, but decide not to bother with Robin who by now has gotten lost running around. AJ argues with Monica and Jason. Lois and Sonny teach Brenda the "secret stoop handshake" while Ned lurks outside. After Brenda and Sonny leave, Ned/Eddie returns to see Lois. When he asks who was singing, she says it was Sonny and accuses him of being jealous. He admits to it and says he's staying the night regardless of the consequences. Stone awakens to find Robin missing and frantically calls out her name. She hears his voice, but as she runs towards him, she trips and hits her head and gets knocked unconscious.

August 1-5, 1994:  8/1 Stone tells Sean that Robin is missing,  8/2 Search party finds Robin, 8/3, 8/4 Monica learns her biopsy is cancer,  two men show up to menace Laura, 8/5 Laura tries to escape to basement but falls down the stairs

August 1, 1994 - No Commercials - After being with Lois all night, Ned covers with Katherine saying there was an issue at the PC Hotel. Ned rebuffs Katherine. Sean and the Tiffany blame each other for not supervising the missing Robin more closely. Felicia arrives and quizzes them about where Robin said she was going and with whom. Felicia calls Sonny to see if Stone is at his apt; perhaps Stone knows where Robin is. Brenda is worried but Sonny just thinks they are out having a good time. Stone shows up at the penthouse and Sean demands an explanation. Stone tells him about attack by the bikers. Felicia seems to be the only one impressed by Stone's heroic behavior. All four of them leave for the Nature Preserve after Sean calls out the rescue team to meet them there. Robin escapes a hungry bear by climbing up a tree. Later on at breakfast, Ned and Katherine get into a fight. Ned said that all of Katherine's demands have been met, including "servicing" her. She is angry then tries to smooth things over. Eventually telling Ned that she thinks their marriage has a lot of potential. The search party finds evidence of Robin. They find her backpack all chewed up. Eventually, they find the tree she was in and examine the bear's claw marks.

August 2, 1994 - No Commercials - The search for Robin continues. Monica finally has her mammogram that she has been putting off. Luke and Laura visit Mary May and ask about her feelings in taking down Councilman Blake. She asks if they are asking how she feels about getting rid of a bad politician or about embarrassing a black man. The whole gang talks about the political and racial ramifications. They will have meeting with the Councilman and ambush him. Katherine comes to the Outback for her lunch with Damian. They talk about the incinerator project. Damian asks if she sent flowers to his room. Bobbie comes for her lunch meeting with Tony.  Tony gives her the separation papers, unsigned. He asks if they should slow down or sign them and move on. Their meeting starts falling apart when Damian and Katherine walk in. Tony sees Bobbie's expression and storms out. Robin is found okay. Robin gets a lecture from Sean. Robin misses the point and lashes back Sean is very angry. Blake’s ambush begins. Tiffany and her TV crew arrive. The gang gives Blake a hard time how his kids went to a private school on the other side of town, etc. The Councilman gets embarrassed. Bobbie pays another secret visit to Damian’s hotel suite with another bouquet of flowers. She finishes the scenery with champagne, negligee etc. and 'Not Disturb' sign. Later, Damian comes in and sees the setup.

August 3, 1994 - No Commercials - Monica learns that a mass was found in her breast and agrees to a biopsy. Sean calls Justus to have him be in on his meeting with Det. Green. Robin has to face the music with Mac when he returns. They argue about her lying to Sean and Tiffany. Brenda learns that Robin and Stone are fine. Mac tells Robin he wants to find a solution that both he and Robin can live with when it comes to Stone. Sean and Justus meet with Green and ask him about Elizabeth Jackson. Felicia passes out at The Outback. Mac pays Stone a visit and asks him to a meeting with him and Robin.  Brenda can sense the tension in the air with Sonny when she babbles on about how lucky Miguel is to have them. Monica keeps her biopsy to herself for now. She tells Alan she just had a bad day. At their meeting, Mac offers Stone a job at The Outback, which he turns down. Mac is worried that Robin and Stone find trouble whenever they are together but he agrees to lift the ban on them seeing each other. Justus wants to talk with Elizabeth Jackson before Sean does.

August 4, 1994 - No Commercials - Mac tells Ned that he has found out that Katherine has a very shady past in NYC. Ned covers when Katherine walks in on them. Ned tells Katherine he is going to DC on business Justus fills Luke and Laura in on his meeting with Green. Blake meets with Jack Bolend about discouraging Laura. Bobbie invites the Spencers on a picnic and a trip down to the catacombs to go exploring. Laura has a strategy session at Ward House. Ned springs the second honeymoon plan on Lois. They leave tonight. Luke, Bobbie, Lucas, and Lucky go exploring in the catacombs. Bobbie learns how easy it is to get lost down there. Monica learns that her mass in her breast is malignant. Dr. Cahill wants her to come in and talk about her options. Justus meets with Elizabeth and she reveals that she had an affair with his father. He questions if Mary Mae knew and Justus tells her that he has to inform Sean. Lois and Ned end up in bed and she is worried they are going to miss their plane. Ned tells her that the plane is waiting for them. A “neighbor” offering to help with Laura’s campaign against the incinerator gains access to the Spencer house. He threatens Laura and she tries to run but another man blocks her path. Damian tells Ned about his admirer, he wants the locks changed on his hotel suite.

August 5, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois and Ned board the ELQ jet for their honeymoon weekend. Ned explains the jet by telling her his travel agent friend did him a favor. Ned tells a crewman to only refer to him as "Sir" and not Mr. Ashton. After a day of catacomb exploring, Lucky, Luke, Bobbie, and Lucas sit around chatting. Tony overhears them talking about the catacombs and gets upset Bobbie took Luca down there. Laura fakes abdominal pains, her two would-be attackers back off long enough for her to belt one and bolt for the basement. She trips and falls down the stairs. Spooked the two thugs take off. Felicia tells Kevin about Robin and the bear. She says Mac has finally allowed Stone and Robin to see each other.
     Damian phones Lucy and asks her to come to The Grill. Lucy arrives and sees Kevin and Felicia. She snaps at Damian that his plan is not going to work. He tells her he wants to propose an extension of their bet. Damian tries to goad Lucy into reversing the bet whereby he'd choose someone for her to seduce. She resists, but then he throws Deception into the pot. Again she resists and says no. Laura goes into labor. Bobbie sneaks into Damian's room and leaves another setup. Justus tells Luke that Elizabeth had an affair with Bradley. Luke suggests that maybe the murder was a lover's quarrel, but Justus doesn't think so. Ned pulls out the pre-nup Lois previously asked for. She makes him change a clause that gave her half his money but he gets none of hers. Felicia question Kevin about Grace but he clams up.  Tony apologizes to Bobbie for his earlier behavior. Damian returns to his room and sees the items Bobbie left.  He immediately calls the desk and demands to see Ned, who is unavailable. Foster alerts Luke and Lucky to a hurt Laura.

August 8-12, 1994:  8/8 Lulu is born, Monica tells Alan she has breast cancer, 8/9, 8/10, 8/11 Melissa Manchester calls Mac, 8/12 (news report missed 1 min) Melissa Manchester sings at the Outback

August 8, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned and Lois are back from swimming. Lois is worried about how much the trip must have cost. Ned says he took some money out of savings. Ned is on the verge of telling her the truth, but reneges and they have a lobster dinner instead. Laura is rushed to GH. She is having heavy bleeding and contractions. Dr. Meadows wants to do an immediate C-section. In their bedroom. Alan tells Monica how much he resents Ned flying off on business and leaving them to deal with Katherine. Monica is unresponsive. Alan asks what's wrong and she lies saying she just had a bad day at GH.  Justus and Mary-May reminisce about Bradley. Justus and May Mae talk about people who helped Bradley's campaign. Justus mentions Elizabeth and wondered aloud why Elizabeth and Mary Mae aren't closer now, if Elizabeth played such an important part in Bradley's life. Justus tells Mary Mae that he knows about the affair between Elizabeth and Bradley. Justus tell her that he is taking it to Sean and she forbids it. They argue and Justus says everyone makes mistakes; his dad was no different.
     Bobbie outside the delivery room asks how Laura came to fall down the cellar steps; Luke tells her the story about the thugs. He says he'll deal with them when Laura and the baby are safe. Before dinner, Lois tells Ned about how the Cerullos kids would play with the lobsters before the parents ate them. Eddie and Lois decide to hold their own lobster races before dinner. Monica tells Alan about the cancer. She vetoed the immediate lumpectomy and wanted a biopsy instead and the pathology report found malignant cancer cells. After the baby is born, Laura's blood pressure starts dropping. Laura announces that "there's something wrong”. She is hemorrhaging.

August 9, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy jogs by Kevin’s place and decides to drop in. He lets her know that he has seen her for the past 20 minutes, jogging around his place. He invites her in for a cappuccino. Lucy tells him about Damian's offer to extend the bet. Kevin explodes when Lucy doesn't say she turned it down. When Lucy explains that the bet would be on her this time, he doesn't feel much better. Lucy starts running through the names of possible men and when she gets to Kevin says he is "out of the question". Kevin hates the way she lets Damian lead her around by the nose. Luke and Lucky are watching baby Spencer. Tony comes in and Luke tells him that they kicked him out of Laura's room but that Bobbie is with her. Simone comes out and tells them that baby will be fine. Luke and Lucky hold the baby for the first time.  Brenda calls Sonny out on his jealousy of Miguel and he explodes. They talk and Brenda asks Sonny if he was ever in love. Brenda complains that Sonny never says his feelings. She wants something real. He tells her has never wanted another woman the way he wants her. Bobbie tells Luke they are having trouble controlling Laura’s blood loss. The doctors want to do a hysterectomy. Bobbie tells them she might not make it. Tony comes back after checking on Laura. Laura is in and out but she did recognize Tony. Later, Tony asks Bobbie if she's been thinking of BJ. She has been. They talk.

August 10, 1994 - No Commercials - Katherine is angry when she can't get hold of Ned. Alan tells her that if she can't keep track of him, she shouldn't expect everyone else to do it for her. Alan tells Monica that she needs to face the cancer. He picks up the phone to make an appointment for her with Dr. Cahill. Monica wants a second opinion and says it's her problem and she'll manage it. Alan urges her to see Dr. Cahill.  He tells her that he's not trying to step on her toes, but it's because he loves her. Ned and Lois are eating lobster for breakfast and Ned talks about how happy he is. Lucky talks to his little sister and tells her that they need to think good thoughts about their mother because she's in trouble.  He tries to explain 'the way things are in life', while Luke listens at the door. Bobbie tells Luke that the bleeding has stopped.
     Katherine asks Brenda about Ned. Brenda wants to know why Miguel hasn't tried to find Lily. Miguel says it would be much too dangerous. Lily's dad is a crime boss, and Miguel wasn't good enough for her. Brenda offers to find Lily, but Miguel makes her promise not to. Laura wakes up and The Spencers name the baby Lesley Lu. Edward gets to know Keisha. He quizzes her about her future plans. AJ and Jason go another round on the incinerator. Lois tries to convince Ned that he'd be even happier if he committed to the music. He tells her he does foresee a time soon when he will end his double life.

August 11, 1994 - With Commercials - Lois and Ned return from her second honeymoon. Lois tells Brenda and Sonny about Ned’s days of a double life being almost over. Katherine questions Ned about why she could not get a hold of him in DC. She is teed he shows no enthusiasm when it comes to their marriage. Mary Mae visits Laura and the baby. Justus thinks Luke should put Laura’s attack on the record. Luke agrees and calls Sean. Mac and Felicia are still trying to one up one another with their Katherine investigations. Luke fills Sean in on who he thinks ordered the men to attack Laura. Sean wants to make the incident public so it will discourage any more attacks. Edward warns Ned not to push Katherine too far until they can push her off a cliff. Ned tells him about the PI he hired.
     Felicia gets another dizzy spell. Mac gets a call from Melissa Manchester. She wants to see him and Mac offers to book her and her band into The Outback. Damian is having a security camera installed in his hotel suite. Tony and Bobbie talk about how Laura and the baby have stirred up so many emotions for them. He remembers how she delivered BJ and what a great kid she was. After seeing a hug between Miguel and Brenda, Sonny warns him to back off. They come to blows. Luke pays Edward a visit. Edward insists he had nothing to do with Laura’s accident. Luke tells him he is now more motivated than ever now to make sure the incinerator is not built.

August 12, 1994 - No Commercials - Mac tells Lucy that Melissa Manchester is coming to The Outback. They are old friends. Damian arrives to taunt her about the new bet. Felicia tells Ryan that she suspects she could be pregnant. Felicia tells Kevin she is not sure who is the father. She tells him didn't sleep with Frisco until after Mac broke off their engagement and they used protection. She will get a test and meet him for dinner at The Outback. Mac gives Robin permission to see Stone at the Outback that night. Damian continues to push Lucy towards a second bet. He tells her he could get Deception for her. He finally gets her to brag she could get any man to sleep with her, he selects Luke. Lucy is appalled. Monica tells Gail about the tumor, but admits she hasn't done anything about it. Gail expresses concern, Monica tells her it's her body, and she'll deal with it.
     Bobbie and Tony agree to meet later for drinks at the Outback to talk. Stone arrives at the Outback, he feels awkward with Mac around. Melissa Manchester arrives at the Outback to see Mac. Kevin arrives and saves Lucy from herself with Damian. (Note: Newsbrief interrupts the scene: a few minutes lost). They talk about what she could gain from another bet. Damian is at the Outback when Bobbie arrives, He thanks her for the flowers and she tells him she does not know what he is talking about. Alan confronts Monica. She snaps that it's her problem, but he insists it's both their problems. Monica tells Alan she knows she must act, but she is terrified. Felicia tells Kevin that she is pregnant. Melissa performs. Tony tells Bobbie it was a good try, but he can't do it and walks out.

August 15-19, 1994:  8/15 woman threathens Laura & Lulu at GH, 8/16 Monica agrees to surgery, 8/17, 8/18 A&M’s anniv, 8/19  Monica’s surgery

August 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Tiffany visits Laura and the baby. Felicia tells Kevin that she has not told Mac about the baby yet. She doesn’t know how she can find out the truth about who the baby’s father is. Kevin thinks that a sample from Frisco could still be in the GH lab from when Maxie was sick. Bobbie breaks into Damian’s suite yet again and is almost caught by the guys installing the security cameras. After running into Lucy in PC hotel lobby, Damian mentions the bet again. She tells him yet again no way. Luke tells Sonny is wants to know who attacked Laura. Sonny tells him he is keeping his ear to the ground. Sonny brings Laura flowers. Sonny invites Luke to The Outback to see Miguel sing. Laura insists he go, she will be fine with Sean’s guard outside.
     Bobbie throws a blanket over the camera, does her setup and sneaks out of Damian’s hotel suite. Felicia just can’t tell Mac about the baby yet. Kevin is sure Mac would not turn his back on her when she needs him. Lucy does not like seeing Kevin and Felicia having dinner. Kevin scolds Lucy when he sees her talking with Luke at The Outback. She had better not be considering the bet. Tony tells Bobbie that he wants to move on from Damian but every time he sees her he questions whether she was just with him. Damian sees that his cameras did catch get his admirer in the act. Laura gets a visit from a blackmailer dressed up a nurse holding her baby. The nurse has a very important message for her.

August 16, 1994 - No Commercials - Laura demands her baby back from the nurse. The nurse tells her to back off the incinerator project or else. She leaves the room and Laura starts screaming for help. Amy calls Luke, who is hanging out with the L/B gang at The Outback. Felicia is still anxious about telling Mac that she is pregnant. Kevin tells her that she has to do it sooner or later. Jason takes Keisha to The Outback. He tells her that he and AJ have agreed to disagree on the incinerator. Ned is in the hot tub day dreaming about Coney Island. Katherine comes to join him. Katherine puts the moves on Ned, he puts her on ice. The phone rings, its Lois and she invites him over to the Outback to join Miguel. Ned had to decline. Dr Cahill tells Monica that she has no options except for surgery. After ripping Sean for his incompetent guard, Luke insists on taking moving Laura. Laura argues as they agreed that there would be no more running. Luke convinces Laura that they need to get her and the baby out of harms way. Lucy joins Kevin at his table at The Outback. Kevin tells Lucy that he saw how she was watching Luke. Miguel sings at The Outback. Monica is getting ready for bed and staring at the mirror. Alan and Monica make love. Laura says goodbye to Lucky.  Monica tells Alan that she scheduled surgery.

August 17, 1994 - No Commercials - Justus and Sean discuss Laura’s attack. Sean and he get down to the real reason Sean came to Ward house. Justus admits that his father and Elizabeth had an affair. Monica tells Alan that she didn’t want to come in the night before to GH for her surgery because she doesn’t want to spend their anniversary in a hospital bed. Brenda stops Lois from having Ned/Eddie and Sonny meet at The Idle Rich recording session. Monica tells Jason about her cancer. Sean questions Edward if he knows who is behind the threats to Laura. Foster gets away from Lucky and shows up at the Q mansion. Edward is furious. Ned lays down tracks for the next Rich album. Brenda puts out another fire when AJ shows up at the gatehouse to see “the great Eddie Maine”. Ned has to explain when Lois finds a photo of him and Jenny in a closet. After a frank talk about what Monica’s treatment, Jason breaks down with Alan. Brenda slips up saying Jenny was married to “Ned Ashton”. Monica tells AJ about her cancer. Alan tells Edward about Monica. AJ and Jason break down in a hug.

August 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois confronts Ned about Jenny being his girlfriend and also Ned Ashton’s wife. Ned has to cover. Kevin tells Felicia that he was unable to get Frisco’s blood sample. Monica tells Bobbie about her cancer. Monica asks Bobbie to be in the surgery with her. Ned is furious with Brenda for her slip up. Brenda tells Ned to be rid of Katherine before it’s too late. Ned confides he has a plan and some goods on Katherine. Brenda is all ears. Bobbie tells Tony about Monica. Bobbie and he agree to go through BJ's things together. Bobbie would like to give some of her things to GH's AIDS Pediatric ward and the Ward House. They reminisce about BJ and their memories of her. Tony tells Bobbie that she was the best possible mother for BJ.  Bobbie breaks down.
     Felicia and Kevin talk about her decisions regarding her pregnancy. She has decided not to tell anyone until she knows, for sure, who the father is. Felicia is freaked out by Kevin’s recent painting. Felicia brings up Grace again and he gets very defensive. Felicia offers her help and he explodes, he says it was a very sick and dysfunctional relationship. On their anniversary, Monica gets a little tipsy on champaign, which ends with her trying to walk the ledge of their balcony. Alan tries to talk her down and catches her. Brenda calls Julia and learns that Damian was the one who put the idea in Ned’s ear for ELQ to but Deception. Brenda knows Lucy needs to hear this. Kevin has a nightmare about Ryan.

August 19, 1994 - No Commercials - Sonny gripes to Lois about not having met Eddie; she snaps back about how badly he's been treating Miguel. Brenda reports to Lucy about how Damian was behind the ELQ takeover of Deception. Monica has to sign the usual surgical consent forms. Alan, AJ, and Jason arrive for a visit before her surgery. Monica complains jokingly about her dislike of being treated like a patient. Jason is reassuring, but AJ is not taking it very well. Tony and Gail visit. She goes into surgery. Justus meets an old family friend Eugene Furnes. Justus tells him he feels Eugene has more information then he told Sean, especially about Elizabeth Jackson. Eugene remarks that Elizabeth wasn't the only woman who loved Bradley. They discuss Kylie Quinlin. Lucy arrives at Kevin's house ranting about Damian and Deception. She wants revenge on Damian. Kevin tries to persuade her to ignore Damian but she calls him wanting to meet. Lucy accepts Damian bet to seduce Luke and she will get Deception back. She has 3 months when Luke gets back into town. Sonny and Miguel come to blows again when Sonny sees Brenda and him horsing around together. Miguel quits. Brenda and Sonny argue about his jealousy. Out of surgery, Monica wants to know from Bobbie what the doctor did to her. 

August 22-26, 1994:  8/22  Brynn Thayer appears as "Kylie",  8/23, 8/24 Kylie & Luke, 8/25 Sonny introduces himself to Lily, 8/26

August 22, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda continues to rail at Sonny for his Neanderthal behavior towards Miguel. She tells him that L&B Records needs to keep Miguel; Sonny replies that it's his company and he can do as he pleases. In an attempt to get Sonny to see some perspective, Brenda tells him about Lily. Kylie Quinlan calls Justus, returning his earlier phone call. Justus tells her that they discovered Bradley's body and she agrees to come to PC. Monica learns from Bobbie that Cahill performed a mastectomy. Alan comes in to comfort her but Monica is angry that the doctor took the entire breast; Monica thinks the doctor took the easy way out and didn't try to save the breast. He says he's just happy she made it through the surgery. Alan tells her to just try to heal herself.
     Kylie tells Justus about the attempt on her and Bradley’s lives and losing his baby. Alan tells Bobbie to go to Tony and fix their marriage at any cost. She says she thinks it's too late for her and Tony and all she can do now is make Damian pay. Later on, Alan talks with Tony about forgiveness. Bobbie leaves Damian flowers. Felicia does not like watching Mac flirt with a customer at The Outback. Sonny apologies to Miguel. Damian comes in later and reads her note “the flowers contain the message" but can’t find one. Then he goes to see Lila and asks her about the flowers. Lila looks in a book about the flowers and tells Damian what they mean. Justus asks Mary Mae about Franks Smith. Mac makes a date with Ivy.

August 23, 1994 - No Commercials - Alan is nursing Monica. Monica is having bad dreams from the drugs. Sonny calls Crusak, asking for help from Frank with one of his singers. Sonny is willing to cash in one of his chips. Luke is back in PC. He gets a message from Edward wanting to see him. Jason tells Keisha about Monica. Mary Mae is not happy to see them hugging. Jason is all wound up, Keisha suggests tennis. Ned visits Monica followed by AJ. AJ is really choked up and lets slip that Monica doesn't look all that great. Alan later tears into him. Edward tells Luke that he thinks Blake was behind Laura’s attack. Edward is offering a reward. Luke doesn't believe Edward. Luke goes back to the Wards to get Lucky and information from Justus. Justus tells Luke all about Kylie/Frank Smith and Steve Hardy's knowledge. Luke wants to meet with Kylie. 
     Lois tells Ned she wants to throw a dinner party for his friends & clients. Ned tries to talk her out of it but has to relent. Brenda warns Ned that Sonny is coming over. Ned leaves.  Sonny won’t tell Brenda what's up only that it is a surprise for Miguel. Edward visits Monica. Brenda learns about Lois’s party and later storms into the Q's yelling at Ned and how could he deceive Lois about the party. He tells her he has hired actors to play business associates. Keisha gives AJ her best wishes regarding Monica and gives him a pep talk. Luke wants to nail Blake.

August 24, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned visits a casting director in NYC. Ned interviews some prospects. Luke visits Monica to give her some of Laura's roses. After Luke runs into Bobbie. Bobbie is taking a don't get mad get even approach with Damian. A plan is in the works. Later Bobbie visits Monica.  Monica is disturbed by all her dreams about death.  Bobbie "tries" to get her to think positive. Lucy arrives at Damian's hotel and wants information about Luke from Damian, after all she gave him background on Bobbie. Lucy drops in on Tiffany. Lucy offers her services as spy for Luke and the anti-incinerator group since she is on the ELQ board. Tiffany wonders what Lucy really wants with Luke.
     Damian again watches the tape of Bobbie leaving the "message" bouquet. He puts a message offering to arrange a meeting with this "mystery" lady on his pillow and leaves. When he returns there is a note suggesting a meeting at 8 o'clock the next night at the entrance to the catacombs. Luke meets Kylie for drinks at the Outback. When she finds out that Frank and Luke are enemies she lets him know that Frank was involved with the PC group pushing for the PC airport. Luke also finds out that at that time the Q's till lived on Long Island but that the assemblyman who turned the votes for the airport was a good friend of the Q's. Luke speculates Frank staged Kylie and Bradley's car accident which leads Kylie to the conclusion that Frank had Bradley killed and buried in his mother's backyard.

August 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke and Justus begin to discuss Frank Smith and how they can figure out if he is involved with Bradley's death or Laura's accident. Brenda tells Miguel that she thinks that Sonny went to Puerto Rico to find Lily.  She apologizes for telling Sonny about Lily in the first place. Miguel is mad about Brenda's betrayal. Sony meets with Lily's father, Rivera. They discuss Miguel's and Lily's relationship.  Rivera explains his high expectations for Lily and how Miguel just doesn't fit into them. Sonny says that the two of them need to be happy, and right now Miguel isn't. He says he will inform Lily of Miguel's whereabouts, and Rivera gets upset. Sonny drops Frank Smith's name. He calms down and gives his word that he will not interfere.  Sonny leaves and finds Lily in a park. He gives her his card and informs her of Miguel’s whereabouts.
     Luke asks Justus if his grandmother knew about Bradley's affairs. Justus wants to question her. Luke informs Justus that he has a plan to try to catch Councilman Blake. He tells Justus to leave town while the plan goes down. Luke goes to Sean's office. He tells him about his plans and Sean agrees, but isn't buying the whole story about Blake being on the take. Sean tells him that since he will be gone, Garcia will handle the operation when it goes down. Kevin apologizes to Felicia for his behavior the previous day.  He tells her that no one can help him with Grace. Felicia thinks he just isn't allowing anyone to help him. She tells him she is getting an amniocentesis next week. Brenda convinces Miguel that he can trust Sonny and the two make peace. Kevin and Mac make peace when Mac allows him to douse him with water to make up for the whole pie in the face at the Nurse’s Ball.

August 26, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned tells Brenda about the faux-dinner plans with the stand-in actors posing as his business friends.  He wants her to stand guard, but she refuses and storms out. Ned begs off plans with Katherine. When he leaves, she makes plans with Damian to meet. Lois nears panic as she prepares for their dinner party.  Brenda tries to calm her down. Kevin observes that Felicia is obsessed with Mac and his date, Ivy. Felicia tries to pry more information about Grace from Kevin, but he won't crack. Brenda and Sonny show up and hit the bar where Sonny and Miguel discuss Lily. When asked if his trip involved Miguel, Sonny avoids the question. Lily and her father discuss Sonny's visit. She wants to know how Sonny got away alive. He tells her Sonny represented Frank Smith, and Frank has an interest in Miguel. Over drinks, Katherine and Damian discuss their respective relationships. Brenda asks Sonny where he went. He gives her a coral necklace as a hint. She guesses that it was Puerto Rico. Ned and Lois’s staged dinner party begins with the arrival of the fake guests and things quickly go south, just as Ned planned. Lois promises never to meddle in his day job again.  Sonny confesses about seeing Lily. Lily and her father argue over Miguel. He assumes she'll be leaving to go to him.

August 29 - September 2, 1994:  8/29, 8/30, 8/31 Kevin tells Felicia that he killed Grace, 9/1 Foster bites Sam the bully, 9/2 Lily arrives in PC

August 29, 1994 - No Commercials - Katherine wants to drag Ned to a concert in the park. He agrees, but only after he is sure that Lois will be in the studio all day. But then, Brenda and Sonny drop by the studio and persuade Lois to join them for the concert. At GH, Alan suggests to Bobbie that she and Tony attend the concert together. She hints that she's out for revenge; Alan warns her to keep away from Damian. Luke, Sly, and Lucky hit the park. Lucky notices that Luke is wearing a wire. Kevin and Lucy share a bottle of wine in the park. Damian barges in on them. He leaves after successfully needling Kevin. Lucy spots Luke. Kevin tells her that if she leaves him to pursue Luke, then don't bother to come back. Lucy doesn't believe him and pays Luke a visit. Mac arrives with Stone and Robin in tow. Kevin invites them to share his blanket. Brenda worries that Lily will not contact Miguel.
     Bobbie, in a disguise, leads Damian to the entrance of the catacombs. Lucy tells Luke that she's a shareholder at ELQ and could be a spy and let him know what ELQ is planning. Luke says he'll consider it. At GH, Monica is reluctant to go home. She doesn't want to face the world yet. Brenda pretends to be sick when both Lois and Ned and Katherine show up at the picnic. Lucy tries to return to their blanket but Kevin runs her off. She winds up horning in on Sean and Tiffany. Luke and Blake discuss Laura's "accident". Luke tries to bribe Blake into changing his mind on incinerator for $25K. Blake says he's not interested. Luke tells Sean that Blake didn't bite right away, but he's sure he will. In the catacombs, Bobbie reveals herself to Damian. She cuts the power and leaves him there.

August 30, 1994 - No Commercials - Damian continues to fumble around in the catacombs looking for a way out. At the Qs, Bobbie pays Monica a visit. Alan tells Bobbie that Monica is not going to make things easy on herself. Monica is horrified when she removes her bandages and sees the incision for the first time. Lucy pays Luke a visit. She wants to team up with him to get Damian. She tells him about the bet to seduce him. Luke does not trust her but tells her he will think about it. Bobbie tries to confront Monica. They talk about old times and how Bobbie has always looked up to her. Sly and Lucky sell a worm farm to Felicia. Maxie meets the boys and Foster. Maxie takes a liking to Lucky. Kevin invites himself over to dinner at Felicia’s. He apologies again for his squirrelly behavior. There are some things he would like to tell her about Grace. Luke asks Alan his opinion of Lucy.

August 31, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel lays downs a track at L/B. Brenda freaks out when Lois tells them that everyone is going to meet her Eddie today. Lucy checks in with Felicia on what she has dug up on Katherine. She tells her that Katherine and Damian have known which other for 2 years. They did not meet in PC as Lucy thought. Felicia even has a picture. Lucy notices Felicia has put on a few pounds. She asks if she is pregnant and speculates who the father is. Felicia lies. When Kevin arrives, Lucy wants to know if it is his baby. Damian is going in circles in the catacombs. Jason and Keisha stop in at L/B to see Miguel. Ned has to cover when he walks in on them. Mac gives Robin and Stone permission to go to concert but their ride falls through. Lucy pokes around Katherine about Damian. Ned/Eddie dodges meeting Sonny. Kevin is worried if he tells Felicia about Grace she will view him differently but agrees to take that chance. He tells Felicia about Grace’s death and how he feels responsible.

September 1, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy barges into Kevin’s office asking who is the father of Felicia’s baby. She notices that he is very wound-up but he refuses to tell her what is wrong. Damian thinks he has found a way out of the catacombs. Luke gives Sly and Lucky some advice on how to handle some bullies at school. Blake calls Luke wanting to discuss Luke’s proposal. They plan to meet in the park. Felicia visits Monica at the mansion. Felicia at first gets the cold shoulder. They discuss her pregnancy dilemma. Damian falls trying to get out of catacombs. Blake takes Luke’s bribe and Luke has it all on tape. Lucy tries to make Kevin jealous. Foster bites a bully that attacked Sly. The PCPD arrive at the Spencer’s to confiscate Foster. Lucky is afraid the dog will be destroyed and takes off with Foster out the back door. Bobbie gets word that the catacombs could be flooding. Water is rising on the hurt Damian.

September 2, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel struggles to write some songs. Brenda brings up Lily and says his suffering makes his songs better. Luke learns from Sly that Lucky and Foster had to split. They decide he must have gone to hide in the catacombs. Bobbie talks to Alan about her plan for Damian involving the catacombs, which are now flooding. He is amused, but they agree it was time to get Damian out, and she should phone the police anonymously. Damian starts to hallucinate. Kevin and Felicia discuss her pregnancy. She dreads telling Mac, but knows she has to. She is worried he will feel obligated even if the baby is not his.
     Lois arrives and she and Brenda pick a photo for Miguel’s CD cover. Katherine tells Ned she's sick of being a “private” wife.  She wants a huge birthday party. He tries to convince her to have a small intimate party, but she won’t hear of it. Sonny arrives at Luke's house with information about Laura's attack. He says the job was locally financed, but the guys were from Chicago. Luke and Sonny go to look for Lucky. Lucky finds the hurt Damian in the catacombs. Lucky heads out to call the police. Felicia chastises Kevin for clamming up again after she knows about Grace. He reminds her that he hated Grace and wanted her dead, and less than an hour later, she was. Luke and Sonny find Lucky. Lucky is worried the police will take Foster, but Sonny offers to take him home with him. The police soon arrive, and Damian is rescued. Lily arrives at the gatehouse to see Miguel. Lois thinks she is a groupie and gives her the brush off. Kevin has another nightmare.

September 5-8, 1994:  9/5 cm Damian rushed to ER, 9/6 cm, 9/7 cm, 9/8 cm

September 5, 1994 - With Commercials - Felicia finally tells Mac she's pregnant and that she needs a sample of his blood. He is excited and asks her to marry him. But then learns it might not be his child. He still offers to get married but she won't make any decisions like that until the test results come in. She lets it slip that Kevin knows already. After seeing Lois and Miguel hug, Lily draws the wrong conclusion and takes off. Brenda and Sonny squabble over L&B. Foster wanders in and startles Brenda. Sonny orders him out of the room. Brenda pleads to let Foster stay while they watch a movie. Sonny tells her about his childhood dog and it's fate at the hands of his stepfather. Brenda presses for more details but the clamps up, which angers her. They get into a horrible fight, which ends with Brenda taking scissors to her hair. She storms out.
     Alan treats Damian. He is numb with a broken back. Bobbie learns Damian is hurt. Bobbie is horrified. Jason tells the Wards that there's going to be a city council meeting next week about the incinerator. Jason is sure that he can swing Alan to their side. Keisha tells him that she's going to try to stay and attend PCU. They exchange a kiss.  Keisha outlines her plans to stay to Mary Mae. Keisha admits that she likes Jason but denies that it's serious. Keisha is shocked when Mary Mae tells her that the powerful Qs wouldn't allow Jason to get serious with her. Keisha is taken aback at her frankness. Alan asks Bobbie if she had any part in injuring Damian; she assures him that she only stranded him. Alan orders up a surgeon, happens to be Tony Alan doesn’t tell him the identity of the patient. Tony waits in the operating room, examining the X-rays. Tony sees who the patient is and shoots an angry look at Bobbie.

September 6, 1994 - With Commercials - Tiffany visits Felicia in the Outback office and finds her crying. Felicia tells her about her pregnancy and Mac. Tiffany then talks with Mac, who seems resigned to the situation. Lois finds Brenda crying in the dark. Brenda is upset about her fight with Sonny. Lois fixes Brenda’s butchered hair. Tony goes not want to do the surgery on Damian but there is no time. Lois gives Brenda a brief history of Sonny as best she knows. Sonny's stepfather was a cop. Brenda calls Sonny and they agree to talk. Brenda wants to analyze their argument and relationship. Sonny isn’t happy that Lois butted in. He tells Brenda about his dictator of a father. Ned asks Lois how she feels about birthdays. They talk about past ones. Katherine asks for Lila’s opinions on how and where to celebrate her birthday. Monica is having a hard time accepting any words of comfort of concern from anyone, let alone Katherine Alan calls tells Monica about Damian. Monica tells Katherine and she rushes out. Alan and Bobbie talk Damian and Tony into having Tony do the surgery. They reluctantly agree. Mac pledges his support to Felicia even if the baby is not his. Complications arise in Damian’s surgery.

September 7, 1994 - With Commercials - Luke and Tiffany arrive at GH wanting news on Damian. Luke tells her that Damian owes Lucky his life. Damian makes it thru the surgery. Bobbie thanks Tony. Lily shows up at The Outback looking for Miguel. Lily finds out from Robin that Miguel is to sing on Friday and if she wants to see him she should make reservations.  Lily does, in the name of Lopez.  Robin also tells her Miguel is due in. Lily wants to wait. Luke tells Tiffany about Blake accepting his bribe. They decide to drop the tape at the meeting. Alan tells Tony about Bobbie's part in Damian getting hurt.  Tony still sees Bobbie as obsessed with Damian. Tony realizes Bobbie could be in serious trouble.
     Katherine arrives at Damian’s room telling him it will be okay and she'll take care of him. Miguel lays a track down at the L & B studio. Luke questions Bobbie. She doesn't think Damian will come after her but Luke reminds her Damian is a snake.  Lucy arrives, and asks Luke what happened to Damian.  She wonders if someone is after Damian besides the two of them. Tony tells Lucy that Damian could be paralyzed.  Lucy and Katherine go a few rounds outside Damian’s room. Lucy questions why she is there. They snip at each other until Katherine notices Damian's head moving. Tiff catches up with Alan to get the scoop. When she finds out Bobbie could be implicated she agrees to do the story from a public safety angle and keep Bobbie out of the story. Tony accuses Bobbie of still being obsessed with Damian. Lily takes off again after seeing Miguel with Brenda. Damian demands to see Bobbie.

September 8, 1994 - With Commercials - Ned gets word on Damian. Edward ponders what if Damian does not survive. Amy tries to toss Lucy and Katherine out of Damian’s hospital room. But they stay and hear Damian accuse Bobbie of paralyzing him before Amy banishes them. Jason wants to take Monica to her first chemotherapy appointment. Damian reads Bobbie the riot act and she gives it right back to him saying she is not sorry. He will more than likely be fine. If needed she can come up with an alibi. Bobbie tries to stop Monica from checking on a patient’s surgery before her chemo appointment. Katherine tries to comfort Damian and questions what he was doing in the catacombs. Ned arrives at GH and sees Katherine in with Damian.
     Lucy gets her digs in about Katherine and Damian to Ned. Bobbie tells Alan about Monica. Ned asks if Katherine is at GH for Damian’s stock. She claims he is there over genuine concern for him. Ned visits Damian. Damian refuses to sign any contract that gives Ned his stock. Lucy questions where Bobbie was the night Damian was hurt. Monica and Alan get into a big fight after he pulls her out of observing a patient’s surgery. Katherine and Jason go a round on him supporting the opposition. Lucy tells Kevin about going to Luke and teaming up to get Damian. He tells her that is not progress. Katherine strikes Annabelle with her shoe after the dog chews it. Lila and Katherine argue about her being an inferior outsider.

September 9-15, 1994:  9/9, 9/12 Lois finds out Eddie Maine is actually Ned Quartermaine, 9/13 Luke & Lucky rescue Foster from the police, 9/14, 9/15

September 9, 1994 - With Commercials - Monica can’t go to the City Council meeting after being too sick from her first round of chemo. Edward lectures Katherine about the meeting. Ned scrambles when Edward orders him to at the meeting. Lois tells Brenda she plans to use Ned's full photo for the album.  Brenda tries to persuade her to use one that does not show his face. Katherine locks Jason in the wine closet so he can’t speak at the meeting. Ned cancels with Lois telling her he agreed to help some business clients by attending the city council meeting. Ned nixes the photo.
     AJ lets Jason out of the closet and both head off to the meeting. Blake starts the session. Katherine attempts to make a financial case for the project. To everyone’s surprise, Alan makes a speech against the incinerator. Jason is next, telling the council that ELQ is dishonest, and the project should be turned down. Mac tells Miguel that Felicia is pregnant, but he may not be the father. Stone is concerned about lying to Mac about how they will get to the concert, but Robin says what he doesn’t have to find out. Brenda and Sonny talk about their relationship. Lily comes unseen yet again into the Outback. Luke plays his ace in the whole, the tape. Justus calls for Blake's resignation. Lily listens to Miguel sing.  He at last sees Lily in the audience. Miguel tries to follow Lily but is he mobbed by fans. Despite Blake's denials, the City Council announces he will face another hearing on the bribe charges. Lois sees Tiffany call her Eddie “Ned Ashton” on  TV.

September 12, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda wants Sonny to come clean with Miguel about arranging for Lily to find him. Edward racks Alan over the coals for his speaking at the hearing. Monica is very proud of him. Mary Mae tells Keisha that she is troubled by her and Jason’s new relationship. Keisha accuses her of wanting them not to see each other because he is white. Justus likes Jason. Mary Mae clarifies that it is Jason’s family she is worried about. Lois questions whether Brenda is in on Eddie’s scam. Sonny tells Miguel what went down in Puerto Rico with Riveria. Miguel is upset at Sonny and Brenda for not being straight with him. Miguel wants to find Lily tonight. Jason accuses Katherine of locking him in a closet. Mary Mae tells Justus and Keisha about Bradley’s father being white. Sonny returns to his apartment to finds the door open. It is just Stone but Foster is gone. Foster goes to the Qs to visit Annabelle. Edward calls the police. Brenda returns to the gatehouse and find Lois acting strange. Lois asks her about Ned Ashton and questions why they have never meet him, giving Brenda the opportunity to come clean with her. Sonny leaves Luke about Foster. Foster is “arrested”. Alone, Lois breaks down.

September 13, 1994 - No Commercials - Justus tells Mary Mae that he is going to run for the City Council. He asked who his grandfather was, but Mary Mae won't say. Luke and Lucky learn Foster has been arrested. Lois goes to Tiffany to get another look at Ned from her newscast. Mac has the dirt on Katherine for Ned. She was married, worked at a PR firm and had an affair with Joe Healy, while embezzling from him. The firm found out, Damian came in convinced the firm not to tell Healy about the theft since firing her would be enough. Katherine and Damian became lovers. Mac confirms to Ned that Healy would prosecute if told the truth. Miguel asks Mac if Lily has called, she hasn't. Robin finds the reservation Lily made, under name of Priscilla Lopez.  Miguel call hotels and finds that a Lopez just checked out of PC Hotel and is headed to the airport.
     Lucky goes to claim the dog, Luke and Sonny disguised as animal control dupe Officers Johnson. Edward comments on the corruptness of Blake and Lila remind him that Edward did bribe Blake first. Lila is appalled. Officer Johnson finds he has been duped. The Spencers and Sean come to an understanding about Foster. All Foster has to do is play dead. Lois goes to the Q mansion to quiz Edward and Lila about Ned. Edward tells her that she and Ned meet months ago. He saw the two of them together a couple of months ago. Lois flashes back to when she slept over the Q's. Lila gives her a brief history of the life of Ned. Later, Ned finds out from Lila that Lois just left full of questions.

September 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel rushes to the airport and stops Lily. Ned tells Brenda that he has the goods on Katherine and her birthday bash will be the last hooray. Katherine visits Damian at GH. Damian is convinced he will never walk again. Katherine tells him that nothing is definitive yet. Damian tells Katherine about Bobbie being responsible. Ned arrives at the gatehouse but Lois does not drop the bomb on him yet. She looks sick as he rambles on about how much he loves her. She tries to get him to just tell her the truth. Tony warns Damian that he has no grounds to sue GH if he never walks again. Lucy pays Katherine a visit returning her invite to the birthday bash, telling her she will not be there. Katherine tells her she will reconsider. Katherine still maintains that she and Damian barely now each other. Lucy hints that she knows the truth. Katherine and Monica go another round, Katherine questions why she has to be so hateful to her. Lois arrives to see Katherine. Lois gets the skinny on when she and Ned got married and learns about the birthday party. Katherine invites her and Eddie. Lois wants a copy of her marriage certificate and orders a cake.

September 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Monica is having trouble going through her closet to find some thing to wear to Katherine’s party. Gail arrives for a visit and gives her a pep talk about self-perception. Gloria arrives PC to find out what is wrong with Lois, as she has not heard from her. Lois tells her the truth about Eddie/Ned. Justus informs Luke he is running for city council. Kylie reads passages from her journals to give Luke and Justus insight. Miguel and Lily arrive back at Sonny’s apartment and meet him and Brenda. Lily questions Sonny if she and Miguel are really safe. Mac tells Felicia that he has given the final report on Katherine to his client. Luke asks Monica her opinion about Jack Bolend. Jack and Edward meet in the navy and then got involved in real estate together. Miguel and Lilly get reacquainted and he asks why she never tried to contact him before. Brenda convinces Sonny to go to Katherine’s party with her.

September 16-22, 1994:  9/16 (missed 2 mins news pre-empt) Lois jumps out of the cake at Katherine's birthday party, 9/19, 9/20, 9/21, 9/22

September 16, 1994 - No Commercials - Felicia tells Lucy she's got the goods on Katherine. Ned plays it very cool with Katherine. Katherine says she can't wait for Ned's birthday surprise. Lois receives her special delivery. Brenda wants to know what it is; Lois tells her it's personal. Justus and Luke ask Mary Mae about Kylie Quinlin. Justus tells her he understands about Bradley’s affairs. They tell her what they know about Bradley and Frank Smith. Lucy is thrilled at Felicia's report that Katherine was an embezzler. Brenda and Lois discuss the party. Lois tests Brenda by saying she's decided to go. Brenda tries to talk her out of going. Lois let's her off the hook and agrees not to go. Lois opens her marriage license with the name Ned Ashton on it.
     Lucy convinces Kevin to attend Katherine's party with her. Felicia and Mac compare Katherine dirt. Felicia tells Mac that Lucy is going public at the party. Mac informs Ned. Mary Mae tells Justus about the night Bradley revealed the affair to her. She suggested Bradley wait till the next day to tell his wife, so he agreed to stay the night. (Note: ABC news brief interruption the scene: 2 minutes lost) Ned asks Lucy not to reveal the truth about Katherine. Ned admits that Katherine was blackmailing him. He proposes to reinstate her as head of Deception if she will wait. Sean "invites" Jack Boland to chat with him soon. Ned is stunned when Lois jumps out of Katherine’s birthday cake.

September 19, 1994 - No Commercials - Mary Mae continues her recount of the night Bradley was killed and how she found the body after he had committed suicide. She dug his grave and hid his bloody rob and the gun in the attic. Justus is having a hard time believing his father committed suicide. Everyone is stunned to meet the other Mrs. Ned Ashton. Lois whips out her marriage certificate and reveals Ned to be Eddie Maine. Ned tries to convince Lois he loves her but she tells him their whole life together was a lie. She vows to never forgive him. Katherine tells Edward that Ned will pay for this but Ned drops the bomb about knowing she is an embezzler. Mac settles the crowd down by having Miguel start to sing. Brenda tries to apologies to Lois, who is furious, but she is already packed and ready to leave. Miguel gives Lilly all of the letters he wrote her that were returned. He questions where they go from here. They agree to get to know each other all over again.

September 20, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda tells Ned that Lois is gone and never wants to see either of them ever again. Brenda unloads on Ned saying that he has ruined both of their lives. Katherine visits Damian and tells him that she has just lost everything. (Note: News brief interruption: a few minutes lost) Mary Mae tries to convince Justus that Bradley committed suicide. Sonny questions how Brenda could lie to her best friend. Now his business is right in the middle of this mess.
     The Q’s attack Ned (Note: Anna Lee is back as Lila). Ned tells him that the only one that lost in this situation his him. The Qs are thrilled to learn that Katherine is an embezzler. The Qs have both Damian and Katherine right where they want them. Ned tells them all about Eddie Maine. He is proud of his music and it is important to him. Sonny and Brenda argue and she tells him she is willing to not be an active partner if it would mean Lois would come back. Sonny doesn’t want her to do that. They kiss. Damian has feeling in his feet. Justus is worried the ramifications for Mary Mae covering up Bradley’s suicide. Luke has an epiphany that there could have been two gunshots that Mary Mae heard.

September 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke arrives at Ward House and Luke lays his theory on him about the two gunshots. Is it possible Bradley's death was made to look like a suicide. They realize a bullet could have gone into the tree behind Bradley. Lucy gets Edward to reinstate her as the head of Deception. Katherine tries to hock her wedding ring but learns it is fake diamond worth $200. Mac asks Felicia if when she had the amino done if she asked to find out the sex of the baby. Felicia warns Mac not to get himself invested in the baby but that's a tall order for Mac.
     Lucy gives Katherine the heave ho out of Deception. Katherine learns that Lucy dug into her past too. Luke and Justus investigate the tree and find the bullet. They agree to call Sean. Lilly wants to find a place in PC. Stone and Robin still have no way to get to Lollapalooza concert. Robin turns down Mac’s offer to drive them. Kevin offers his congratulations to Lucy. He thinks that now she can stop the bet without Deception being in the pot now but Lucy has no intention of stopping the bet. He does not understand her but agrees to go and celebrate with her. Katherine pays Edward a visit. She misplayed everything and he wants her bags packed.

September 22, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda celebrates with Lucy about Katherine being out of Deception. Katherine visits the improving Damian at GH crying about losing Deception and her fake ring. Damian thinks Katherine should make the Qs call her bluff. Sean and PCPD arrive to look at the tree. Justus recounts Mary Mae’s story. Miguel still does not appreciate Sonny’s part in bringing Lily to PC. Sonny tells him that he is still committed to him 100% even with the problems between Lois and Brenda. He promises to get his CD out. Brenda reveals her role in the whole Ned/Eddie debacle to Lucy. They talk about friendship; a topic Lucy has no good advice for Brenda about. The bullet pulled from the tree does not match Bradley’s gun. Katherine goes back to the Qs demanding to see Edward. Katherine reminds him that she is an ELQ stockholder and wants a meeting with the whole Q clan. Sean questions Mary Mae about the gun. Lucy brings Damian flowers telling him their bet is still on.

September 23-29, 1994:  9/23 Robin & Stone take Mac's car to a concert without his permission, 9/26,  9/27 Lois confronts Katherine,  9/28, 9/29

September 23, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned goes to Lois to plead his case. He comes face to face with her father, Carmine. Lucy pays Felicia for her PI work, but then questions her on why Kevin is so grumpy lately. Felicia sidesteps the issue. Robin suggests they lift Mac's spare keys and "borrow" his car for the concert. Lois's mother berates Ned for what he did to Lois despite his attempts to explain.  As Robin and Stone drive to the concert in Mac's car and run over a skunk. They are worried that the car will never smell the same. Lucy relentlessly questions Felicia until she admits she's pregnant, but says it's not Kevin's to Lucy's relief.  Felicia advises Lucy not to keep imagining threats where there are none. Later that night, Lucy comes to see Kevin with more than dinner on her mind. Ned tries to explain but Lois is unforgiving. When he attempts to kiss her, she belts him and throws him out. Lucy tries to seduce Kevin but he puts the brakes on saying he can't, insisting he's doing them both a favor. He doesn't trust her because of the bet and Luke and Damian. When she asks if Felicia knows what his problem is, he says yes. She hates that. Mac finds Felicia crying. She's frustrated at the waiting for the paternity test results. Mac says he'll always respect her wishes even if the child is his, but if it's Frisco's he'll still be there for her. Kevin has a nightmare about Grace. Mac gets a whiff of his skunk car.

September 26, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned gets grilled by Brenda about what happened with Lois. Sonny arrives at the Cerullos’s to talk to Lois. He pleads Brenda’s case and convinces her not to throw L7B away and come back to PC. Sean tells the Wards and Luke that the bullet came from a 9 mm Lueger gun. Robin lies to Mac about the concert. He suspects that she borrowed his car. Tony learns that Felicia is pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is. Ned tells Edward that he is not giving up on Lois. Ned learns about the meeting that Katherine wants with the Qs. Luke pays Edward a visit to look his gun collection and learns that he owns a 9mm lueger and informs Sean.

September 27, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois returns to the gatehouse. Brenda wants to tell her side of the story. Lois lays out all of her lies. Brenda tries to convince her that Ned really loves her. Lois agrees to work with Brenda at L&B. Ned pays Katherine a visit and suggests she leave town. She tells him she will not be going quietly. Sean has a search warrant for Edward’s guns. After going back to work too early, Alan and Bobbie have to rein Monica in when she goes open loop on a patient. Lois pays Katherine a visit asking her if the blackmail story is true. Lois learns that she and Ned were involved months before she blackmailed him. They argue and the hotel manager has to separate them. Steve recommends Monica take another month off. Monica apologies to Bobbie. Ned learns from Brenda that Lois went to see Katherine.

September 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Mac tells Tiffany about Robin and Stone adventure in his car. Tiffany thinks it is funny. Luke decides it is time to bring cash in on a regular basis to the Spencer household. He wants to open his own blues club. Sonny questions whether Ned is going to honor his contract with L/B. Ned tells him he intends to juggle both his careers. Tiffany wants to make sure Felicia is open to Mac being a father to the baby even if it is not his. After examining him, Tony tells Damian he can expect a full recovery with therapy. Mac plans to guilt Robin’s confession about taking his car. He invites Stone and her to dinner. Ned and Lila have a heart to heart about Lois. Tony sees just what an enemy Bobbie has made out of Damian. Sonny’s old club may be just what Luke is looking for. Sonny and Luke strike a deal to lease the place. Ned visits Damian asking him about his scam with Katherine. Ned will be watching his back from now on, as should Damian. Lucy arrives at The Spencers asking Luke whether he is in on her Damian proposal.

September 29, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke accepts Lucy’s proposal to get Damian. Damian requests a meeting with Lucky and thanks him. Justus buys a house to PC. Sean tells Justus that Edward’s gun killed Bradley. Luke sends Lucy to find out where Damian keeps his financial records. Mac is freakishly nice to Robin and Stone at their dinner. Tiffany visits Monica. Lucy brings Damian a gift and sees that he is on the road to recovery. Hoping to get her hands on his records, she offers to “talk care” of Damian’s paperwork. He declines saying his accountant handles that. Justus fills Luke in on the gun. Mary Mae defends Edward to Justus and Luke but won’t reveal why she thinks he did not kill Bradley. Edward learns from Sean that his gun is a match for the one found in the tree. Edward denies he had anything to do with Bradley’s death. Lucy goes to Edward to find out who handles Damian’s financial records. Mary Mae tells Keisha about Edward’s gun. She wants the budding romance between her and Jason to stop. Edward makes the same request of Jason. Lucy reports back to Luke.

September 30 - October 6, 1994:  9/30 Katherine falls down stairs, 10/3  Felicia tells Mac baby isn't his, 10/4, 10/5, 10/6 Bobbie & Tony visit BJ's grave

September 30, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois tells Miguel that everything that matters to her is still on track. He can tell she is just putting on a brave front. Miguel pleads Ned’s case. A very scruffy Kevin is interrupted by a visit from Felicia while he works on his drawings. She needs moral support. Luke and Sonny check out Sonny's Paradise Lounge as a spot of his club. Luke is concerned that Sonny and he might have disagreements, but Sonny assures him that Luke will run the club. Kevin tells Felicia that he can't get Grace out of his  dreams. She begs him to go out with her since the paternity tests are due in that evening. Brenda tells Lois there is a Q meeting with Katherine. Lila and Reginald chat about the family problems and Katherine. Ned and Lila discuss Lois. Lila offers to talk to her.
     Sonny and Luke discuss Ned. Luke is amused by Ned's antics. Sonny says he'll eventually get everything smoothed out. The Q's bicker among themselves awaiting Katherine. She arrives and begins to make demands, threatens to go to Sean and rat on Alan and Ned. Lois arrives at the meeting. Lois asks if she can continue to use the gatehouse for L&B Records. Ned and Katherine call each other’s bluff. Kevin and Felicia sit at The Outback and wait for the paternity results. When she gets up to make the call, Kevin imagines that he sees Grace at another table and freaks out. Kylie Quinlin meets with Luke and Justus telling him she knows who stopped the investigation. Ned tells Katherine again that if she goes to the police, he will make sure Joe Healy knows about her embezzlement. Katherine storms out and up the stairs to get her belongings, but as she gets to the top she collapses and tumbles down the stairs.

October 3, 1994 - No Commercials - Mac learns that Felicia is carrying Frisco’s baby. Mac thinks she should try and find Frisco and tell him. The Q’s call an ambulance for Katherine. Alan resuscitates Katherine and she is taken to GH. Kylie tells Justus and Luke that. Kylie's father had the investigation called off due to pressure from Edward. Lila and Lois have a chat about Ned. AJ doesn’t think Ned is good enough for Lois and tells her so. Katherine has a seizure after being admitted into the ER. Tiffany and Mac talk about Mac really wanting a family of his own. Felicia feels horrible for Mac and breaks down with Kevin. Ned overhears AJ badmouthing him and tells AJ to butt out. Ned warns AJ to stay way from Lois. Luke and Justus fill Sean in. Kevin as another nightmare. Alan gets the tox screen on Katherine.

October 4, 1994 - No Commercials - Robin learns about Felicia’s baby not being Mac’s. Robin tells Stone about how guilty she feels about lying to Mac. Stone says he's willing to stand by Robin if she wants to tell Mac the truth. Felicia tells Maxie about a sibling being on the way. Lois tells Brenda about Katherine taking a header down the stairs.  Justus tells Mary Mae about the meeting with Luke and Kylie. Seems that Edward thought that Bradley committed suicide and that if the investigation went forward, the judge's daughter’s Kylie, affair would be public knowledge. Justus figures that since Edward was a political enemy, his gun fired the bullet and he had the inquiry squashed. Mary Mae says that it is impossible for Edward to be the murderer. Justus wants to know how Mary Mae is so sure, she claims it is just a feeling. Alan tells Edward that Katherine has fractured skull and Tony is operating. Blood tests show that pills that both Lila and Monica are taking were in her system. Katherine was poisoned by someone in the house. Edward demands a Q family meeting. Ned tries to talk with Lois at the gatehouse but she closes the doors and windows on him. At the meeting, Edward wants the name of who poisoned Katherine. Sean drops in to speak with Edward about Judge Quinlin.

October 5, 1994 - No Commercials - Keisha wants Justus to tell her what is going on with Mary Mae. Justus comes clean with her on everything. Steve fills Sean in on Katherine’s poisoning. The Qs learn Katherine is in a coma. Edward and AJ question each other. Edward still thinks Lois has the strongest motive for wanting to hurt Katherine. Lois snaps at Brenda to stop defending Ned to her. Brenda agrees to always be truthful with Lois. Lucy gives Luke a hot tip to look into regarding Damian’s finances. Sean is back at the Qs grilling Sean and Ned about the poisoning. Sean questions Lois. She gives him the rundown on all the Qs lies, including Alan’s role in Conway’s death. Miguel brings Lily to talk with Mary Mae about a job. Mary Mae agrees to talk to the local grade school for Lily. Brenda tells Sonny about Lois being questioned and he thinks that Lois should have a lawyer.

October 6, 1994 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is slightly glitchy in spots in the beginning - Keisha questions Jason about what he really knows about her grandfather. Keisha fills Jason in but she doesn’t want that it to interfere with what is starting between them. Sean is back at the Qs once again to question Edward about Katherine blackmailing the Qs about Conway’s death. Monica steps in to talk with Sean. Sean assures Monica that his hands are tied when it comes to investigation as the evidence is long gone and what Lois said is hearsay. BJ and Tony visit BJ’s grave on her birthday. They reminisce. Back at the brownstone, Tony finds Lucy on the stoop with pansies for BJ’s grave. She wanted to be with someone who understands. Lucy and Bobbie share a moment. Tony and Bobbie give BJ’s clothes to Ward House. Kevin confronts Lucy but it quickly dissolves into a fight when the bet is brought up. Jason confronts Edward about blackmailing Bradley Ward. Lucy visits BJ’s grave.

October 7-13, 1994:  10/7, 10/10, 10/11 Ruby's birthday party, 10/12, 10/13 cm montage of Bobbie & Tony from happier times

October 7, 1994 - No Commercials - Damian starts his physical therapy. He hears about Katherine from Amy. Ruby learns that Sonny and Luke are going to be business partners. Edward, Lee, and Jack have a powwow about Sean’s visits to the mansion. Edward is now the prime suspect. Jack wants to motivate Justus to home to Philadelphia. Damian visits Katherine and learns about the poisoning. (Note: Video jump during the scene: a few minutes missing) Bobbie hopes that after they shared their grief about BJ, she and Tony will see that there is still something between them. Sonny confirms with Luke about a Hong Kong bank that is a front for money laundering that Frank uses. Damian makes a scene after over doing it to visit to Katherine’s room. He later taunts Tony when he refuses to give him extra meds for his pain. Sean questions Jack Bolend. Monica tells Alan about being off the hook for the Conway murder. He is not too wild about her flirting with Sean. Monica thanks him for the compliments. Bobbie and Damian argue. Luke gets a link between the bank, Frank Smith and the money that Damian used to buy into ELQ. Edward arrives to talk with Mary Mae.

October 10, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned chats with Miguel about his double life. Miguel thinks Lois will come around. Edward tells Mary Mae he did not kill Bradley and swears he does not know who did. Justus walk in on them and is angry that Edward showed up. Mary Maw believes Edward and questions if he wants her to tell Sean why she knows for sure. Ned thanks Lois for freeing him from the blackmail by telling the truth to Sean. Ned and Alan go a few rounds on how it is Alan’s fault that Ned was blackmailed. Luke arrives with Damian’s head on platter for Edward. Luke and the Qs agree that Edward will support Justus Ward for City Council in exchange for the information. Luke gives him the proof that Damian used laundered funds to buy into ELQ. Lily rents a room at Kellys. Lois can’t get past all the times Ned lied to her. Lois wants to get even.

October 11, 1994 - No Commercials - Bobbie plans a surprise birthday party for Ruby. She invites Tony but he declines. Luke closes up Kellys early for the party. Luke tells Lucy about nailing Damian. Luke invites Lucy to the party. Ned visits Katherine at the hospital. Ned ousts Damian from ELQ. Damian warns he has just turned a friend into an enemy. Felicia tells Tony that the baby is Frisco’s. She is not sure she wants to try and tell Frisco. Lucy tells Kevin about cooking Damian’s goose. Ruby is surprised by family and friends at Kellys. Sonny brings flowers to Ruby. Mary Mae is not happy to see Keisha and Jason together at the party. Lucy drags Kevin to the party. The dejected Damian visits Katherine again. Luke tells Sonny to prepare for the fallout from Damian being ousted out of ELQ. Tony shows up. Ned warns Edward that Damian is down up not out.

October 12, 1994 - No Commercials - Sean asks Alan about the Ray Conway murder. That matter is dropped but Sean still has a poisoning on his hands. Kevin stops Lucy rambling on about getting Damian with a kiss. He is ready to move on from her games and concentrate one them. Things get hot and heavy between them until she call out Damian’s name. Damian rails on Cusack for leaving a paper trail to his father for the money he used to but into ELQ. His father owes him and big. Luke and Justus talk Edward Q and he still feels that Mary Mae is hiding something. Luke decides to pay Steve Hardy a visit.  Mary Mae gives Keisha another lecture about Jason. Sean wants Edward down at the PCPD tomorrow for a formal statement. Edward assures Lila he is innocent of murder. Lucy lets Damian know that she had a hand in helping the Qs get him out of ELQ by teaming up with Luke. Damian vows revenge. Lila and Reginald have a heart to heart.

October 13, 1994 - With Commercials - Ned tells Brenda that his new approach with Lois is being a man of action. He has to show her that being married to Ned Ashton is not so bad. Luke pays Steve Hardy a visit about Kylie Quinlin’s miscarriage and who found out. Luke learns that it was Lee Baldwin that came to Steve asking. Edward gives his formal statement to Sean at the PCPD. Sean wants to know if Edward was in PC in June of 1974. Jack Bolend has told Sean that Edward was. It is Bobbie and Tony’s anniversary. Tiffany would like to take Lucas to spend the day with her. Tiffany presses Bobbie to make an effort with Tony. Sonny presses Lois to find out if the Idle Rich promoting their cd is still an option. Lee thinks Edward has a good chance of being indicted. Lois goes ballistic on Ned when he tells her that he has arranged for new L/B offices in a building that ELQ owns. Tiffany and Lucas talk about how sad he is that his parents aren’t together anymore. Bobbie offers to make dinner with her and Tony but he turns her down. Luke visits Lee asking him about getting the info on Kylie to blackmail Bradley. Lee tells him that the night Ward was killed the 3 men meet with Frank Smith at Jack’s house. Edward wanted them to lay off and that he would handle Ward himself.

October 14-20, 1994:  10/14, 10/17 Ned fakes an accident, 10/18 Kevin gets hives, Incinerator hearing, 10/19 Stomp performs, 10/20

October 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Robin and Felicia discuss the baby and her and Mac’s understanding. Mac insists he find Frisco and tell him. She tells him she does not want to guilt Frisco into coming back. Mac things she fears getting rejected. Felicia hands him his hat. The Qs hold a board meeting about distributing Damian’s shares back into ELQ. They start arguing, Jason breaks it up and the Qs agree to divvy up the shares equally. Luke pays a visit to Damian and tells him why he won’t be retaliating against him or Lucy. Lily suggests to Sonny that Miguel return to Puerto Rico for a concert. Brenda has a tinge of jealousy seeing them together. Kevin agrees with Mac that Felicia should tell Frisco about the baby. After seeing Felicia and Kevin together, she has a fantasy about saving him from her, old west style. Felicia tells her off for being angry that she was just talking to Kevin. Lucy chalks it up to hormones. Sean, Mac, and Tony discuss how they could find Frisco if Felicia decides too. Luke tells Sonny about his chat with Damian and how Frank’s name keeps coming up in the Ward case. Sonny agrees to poke around. Lucy invites Kevin to dinner at her place.

October 17, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned tells Lila about how he screwed up by offering Lois the ELQ building. Ned has a new plan to fight fire with fire. Luke and Justus tell Sean about the meeting Lee told him about the night Bradley died. Tiffany drops in for some scoop. They convince her that any talk now would jeopardize the case. Brenda and Sonny tell Lois about their idea for concert for Miguel back in San Juan. Lois starts planning. Ned tries to talk with Lois again. He begs for her forgiveness. She tells him to take a hike and he sulks off.  Lois tells Brenda that she wants to love Ned that ways she used to but she never will. Brenda presses her to at least agree to continue to manage his band. Luke wants to make sure Edward will be there when Justus announces his candidacy for City Council. Ned takes Katherine’s sports car and stages an accident with it. Sean questions Lee about the meeting. Sonny takes a meeting with an old contact, Harry Silver, about what he knows about the Ward case. Lois learns Ned has been in an accident.

October 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois arrives at GH. Steve tells her that Ned suffered a head injury. Lois tries not to hyperventilate. Kevin and Lucy enjoy a romantic dinner. AJ brings Monica a pumpkin. The two talk about how he is not very good at seeing her sick. He takes her downstairs. Justus announces his candidacy at his church. Tony tells Lois that Ned is going to fine and once she learns that all he has is a minor contusion to his forehead after running into a tree. Lois smells a rat. Kevin has an allergic reaction just as he and Lucy are about to make love. Lucy has to take him to GH. Mary Mae speaks at the church. Everyone is shocked when Edward takes the podium to announce his support to Justus. Justus turns down his support. Alan rips into AJ when he finds him and a very shaky Monica downstairs. She needs to concentrate on taking care of herself not taking care of him. Lois goes open loop on Ned.

October 19, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda rail on Ned for his latest stupid stunt. Ned lies saying he didn’t fake anything but Lila lets the truth slip to Brenda. Lois arranges two actors to scare Ned. Bobbie visits Monica, who is just beginning to lose her hair from the chemo. Sean questions an emotional Lila about Katherine. Reginald sees how upset Lila gets when taking about Katherine striking Annabelle. Damian visits Katherine. Damian questions why Katherine is not improving. Tony tells him that they will know more after her next brain scan. AJ invites Lois to see the music group “Stomp” tonight in the park He has a date only if Ned for sure knows about it. Lila visits Katherine at GH telling her that she feels Katherine got exactly what she deserved. Justus arrives at the Qs to talk with Ned about the incinerator. Lois and Brenda tell Miguel about the plan for a concert in San Juan. Ned calls a meeting with Edward, AJ, Jack and Lee about changing the site for the incinerator. They are not supportive. “Stomp” performs in the park. Ned arrives to spy on AJ and Lois and is taken by two men.

October 20, 1994 - No Commercials - “Stomp’s” performance continues. Ned thinks he is being mugged. The two men threaten him with a gun. Lois arrives and Ned learns that Lois hired them. They argue that ends with Lois taking a dunk in the fountain. Brenda tells Sonny about Ned’s latest stunt. They agree they have to get them back together. Felicia tells Mac she is not going to tell Frisco that she is pregnant for now any ways. Sonny is tired of Brenda’s endless questions about his past. She does not even know his real name. Mac and Robin go another round of how she has nothing in common with Stone.  She tells him that she loves Stone. Brenda and Sonny make up in the shower. But are interrupted by Ned who tells Sonny he wants to honor his contract with L/B. He wants a concert to be set up. Brenda thinks he is trying to use this as another way to get Lois back. They agree it is a brilliant idea.

October 21-27, 1994:  10/21, 10/24, 10/25, 10/26, 10/27

October 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy brings Kevin some cream for his hives. Justus moves into his house. Justus gets a threatening phone call. Bobbie sees Kevin for a therapy session about understanding why she did what she did with Damian. Tony and Damian insult each other after Tony tells him he can’t wait till Damian is released tomorrow from GH. Justus accuses Ned of trying to intimidate him. Audrey gets the impression that Simone is getting close to Justus. Kevin overhears Lucy tell Bobbie to keep her mitts of her man. Kevin tells her to stop trying to defend her territory all the time. He puts the brakes on when she tries to seduce him right in his office. Cusack tells Damian that his father expects payment of his loan immediately after he gets the money from his ELQ stock.  Bobbie tells Tony she is seeing Kevin professionally and asks how he feels about joint therapy. Justus is attacked.

October 24, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy and Kevin try another romantic evening together again. Lucy finds his very cryptic dark drawings. She questions if his sketches are about what he is sharing with Felicia and not her. Jack Bolend, with his attorney, is questioned again by Sean about the meeting Edward called. Keisha and Jason find the hurt Justus. Felicia has visions of Frisco everywhere she looks. Kevin and Lucy are once again foiled by a call from a spooked Felicia. Lucy is angry at Kevin for not being considerate to her feelings and storms out. Mary Mae learns about Justus. Sean meets with the DA about Edward. Steve and Tony treat Justus. Mary Mae and Keisha arrive at GH. Justus has internal injuries and needs surgery. Luke arrives at GH.

October 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda and Sonny have to tell Lois that Ned is game to hit the road as Eddie Maine to promote his CD. Ned reports for work at the L/B studio. Lois flips her lid. Justus is out of surgery. Sean gives Mary Mae his word that he will find out who beat Justus. Keisha tells Sean about the threatening phone call. Not trusting that Sean can protect Justus at GH. Luke wants Bobbie assigned to Justus as she knows everyone that works in the hospital. Ned tells Lois not to let her personal feeling screw things up for L/B and the Idle Rich. She starts whipping his cds at his head and other body parts. Brenda and Sonny have to save him. Lois agrees to promote the Idle Rich with several conditions. Justus is in critical condition after a ruptured spleen and several internal injuries. Mary Mae finally gets to see him. Alan takes Monica to her last chemo treatment. Mary Mae arrives at the Qs.

October 26, 1994 - No Commercials - Kevin apologies to Lucy about hurting her feelings the other night when Felicia called. He admits to something holding him back about being honest with his feelings but that may not be a bad thing. That just makes her angrier. Mary Mae tells Edward about Justus’s beating. She assures him that someone he knows is responsible and he has to do something. Monica is revealed to be done with her final chemo appointment. Ned gets the news about Justus. Sean is back once again to question Ned and Edward about the attack on Justus. Sean lets Edward know that evidence is being presented to a grand jury against him for Bradley’s murder. Tony tells Kevin that he wants to make an effort with therapy, as he knows Bobbie is doing the same. After the session, Kevin schedules a joint session with both he and Bobbie. Kevin calls Lucy admitting that she was right and asks her to meet him. Edward lays out to Lila and Ned what evidence the PCPD has against him. Ned intends to move the incinerator site across the river and he has the votes to do it.

October 27, 1994 - No Commercials - Edward questions Jack Bolend about Justus’s beating. Jack learns that Ned is nixing the Charles Street site for the incinerator. Jack makes a threat to expose Edward’s bribe of Blake is the site is scrapped. Luke has not left Justus’s hospital room. Damian thinks Lucy came to Katherine’s hospital room to gloat after she heard that Katherine is not making any progress. Luke and Mary Mae receive subpoenas for the grand jury. Felicia makes a worm Halloween costume for Maxie. Sean has a few questions for Lucy about Katherine. Kevin tells Lucy about Grace. She wants to figure out a way to help him. Mac and Felicia fill Sean in on what they dug up on Katherine. Edward tells Mary Mae that the only way he can guarantee Justus’s safety is if he stops riling people up and backs off. Sean wants to discretely find out Frisco’s whereabouts. Kevin has another nightmare about Grace. Justus wakes up.

October 28 - November 3, 1994: 10/28, 10/31 Maxie's Halloween party, 11/1  Grand Jury convenes, 11/2 Ned & Lois "Taming of the Shrew,"  11/3

October 28, 1994 - No Commercials - The press is camped outside the Q mansion. (Note: Slight audio hum for 10 minutes of this episode...very minor) Damian insinuates to Tiffany that members of the ELQ board may be responsible for the attack on Justus. Damian wants to throw his support behind Justus. Sean questions Justus about his attackers. Ned wants Mac to find a new spot for the incinerator. Lois has prepared a very serious and long on the road schedule for the Idle Rich. Mac and Kevin go to work on Felicia to convince her to tell Frisco about the baby. Ned assures Lois he can handle “the tour from hell”. The Qs reel when they see Damian on Tiffany’s newscast saying he is “resigning” from the ELQ board due to the Qs tactics. And that Damian is offering a reward for Justus’s attackers. Lila has a dizzy spell. Lily tells Miguel about having his child and having to give him up. Miguel resents not being told. Damian’s reward boggles Justus’s mind. Justus begins coughing up blood and has to go back into surgery.

October 31, 1994 - No Commercials - Reginald admits to poisoning Katherine saying he did it for Lila. The Qs vow to protect him at Lila’s assistance. Lois visits Katherine to work out some negatives feelings. Katherine wakes up. Felicia throws a Halloween birthday party for Maxie. Kevin and Mac arrive dressed up as bugs. Justus had a blood clot in the lung and is in surgery. Lois informs the Qs that Katherine is awake. Tony examines Katherine. Tiffany and Sean take Lucas trick or treating and then to Maxie’s party. Lucky and Sly make Maxie an honorary “Power Stranger’. Back at The Outback, Mac notices a sober Miguel. Steve tells Mary Mae and Luke that Justus is out of surgery and will be fine.

November 1, 1994 - No Commercials - Damian visits the awake Katherine. She tells him she knows someone tried to kill her. Alan tells Monica about Reginald poisoning Katherine. Kylie learns about Justus’s beating. Mary Mae, Luke, and Kylie Quinlin, and Jack Bolend testify at the grand jury. Mary Mae and Kylie make peace. Keisha visits Justus. Sean questions Katherine. Damian and Katherine vow revenge. Edward hires a high profile defense lawyer. Lucy brings Katherine a care package and two go back to bickering as usual. Monica and Jason discuss his feelings about Keisha. Later, Monica comforts Edward. Kylie visits Justus at GH. Lee calls Edward and tells him that the jury has started deliberating and things do not look good.

November 2, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois goes over Ned’s insane promotion schedule. Lois springs The Outback gig on Friday for the Idle Rich on Brenda and Sonny. Miguel has more harsh words for Lily about their son. She regrets telling him. Kevin tells Lucy he is not sleeping well and having nightmares. She asks some more questions about Grace and questions why he can’t forgive himself. Kevin hates the role reversal she pulls on him and walks out. Brenda tells Ned about The Outback gig. Ned is fine with it as the Qs are too busy with other things to worry about his little gig at The Outback anyways. Lois secures the gig for the Idle Rich and notices Miguel’s foul mood. Lily goes crying to Sonny regarding Miguel. Miguel tells Felicia about his son. Ned has “Shakespeare’s Katherine and Petruchio” fantasy about Lois. Lucy tries to “redecorate” Kevin’s subconscious. She thinks he needs closure. Sonny learns from Sonny about Lily and Miguel’s baby. Sean tells Edward the grand jury has indicted him.

November 3, 1994 - No Commercials - Felicia admits to Mac that he was right; she needs to find Frisco and tell him about the baby. They call Sean and he learns Frisco is undercover in Cairo. Felicia wants to go and find him herself. Mac offers to go with her but she convinces him it is not a good idea. Lois is mildly peeved that Ned is late for the Idle Rich’s rehearsal as he is in court with Edward. (Note: glitchy picture for a few seconds of the scene) Tiffany hits the courthouse for Edward’s arraignment. Edward pleads not guilty and gets a hefty bail amount. Brenda tells Lois about Miguel and Lily’s baby. Luke meets Sonny’s Harry Silver about Bradley Ward. Later, Sonny and Luke discuss his plans for his club. Ned arrives late and starts rehearsals. He and Lois argue about the songs. Edward meets with his new attorney. Sonny suggests Luke bring Laura to Puerto Rico for some R&R and see Miguel’s gig.

November 4-10, 1994:  11/4 Ned sings at Outback in front of most of the town, 11/7, 11/8, 11/9 Tony & Felicia on plane to Egypt, 11/10

November 4, 1994 - No Commercials - Bobbie, and Tony have their first joint therapy session with Kevin. They make a small step forward. Bobbie takes responsibility for what happened, and Tony agrees to stop blaming everything on her and Damian.  They decide to schedule two sessions a week. The Q's have a meeting with Edward's hotshot lawyer. Ned suggests they get Mac to investigate any possible connection between Jack Boland and Frank Smith. Brenda and Lois discuss who to invite to see The Idle Rich at The Outback. Lois invites all the Q's and Damian to Ned's concert. PC gathers to hear Ned sing at The Outback. Felicia accepts Tony’s offer to go with her to Cairo. Bobbi accuses Tony of leaving to avoid therapy. Felicia fears that she has caused trouble but Tony is adamant that he wants to help. After the show, Mac and Ned discuss his performance and failure to win back Lois.

November 7, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy is teed that she and Kevin missed Ned’s performance last night.  Kevin could care less. Lucy wants her and Kevin to find out everything about Grace. He starts telling her about his past. They can’t move forward unless he goes back. The Qs rib Ned a little about his concert but they were impressed. Bobbie tries to get Tony to reconsider his trip but insists on going. Edward hires Mac to look into the Jack Bolend/Frank Smith connection. Ned accuses Lois of setting up a very difficult situation for him last night. She tells him that his performance made her feel hollow and empty. He passed with flying colors and he wants credit where credit is due. Bobbie tells Kevin about Tony taking off and blowing off their therapy. Alan and Monica’s happiness over her being done with chemo is short lived when Dr. Cahill tells them that another small tumor was found on Monica’s incision. A biopsy is inconclusive so Cahill schedules an incisional biopsy for tomorrow.

November 8, 1994 - No Commercials - Katherine and Damian toast to nailing the Quartermaine. Katherine is suspicious of his declaration of being her soulmate. Edward’s new lawyer goes on Tiffany’s newscast saying that Edward has been framed for the Ward murder. They want a speedy trial. Felicia apologies to Bobbie for not asking her if the trip to Cairo was okay with her. Bobbie insists that Felicia needs someone to go with her and it should be Tony. Alan tells the Qs that Monica has another tumor and will be having another biopsy. Sonny tells Mac he knows nothing about Frank Smith’s involvement in the Ward case. Monica puts on a brave face with AJ and Jason. Tony tells Kevin that Bobbie saying that he is to using the trip to avoid his therapy has planted a seed of doubt in his brain. Tony admits that the whole process of therapy is uncomfortable for him. Sonny meets Justus who is on the mend. Sonny tells Luke and Justus about Mac asking him about Frank Smith/Jack Bolend. Lily and Miguel come to an understanding to put the past behind them. Alan finds Monica with a handful of her pain pills and gets the wrong idea. He throws them out the window. She assures him that she was not trying to kill herself. He admits he is scared to death of losing her.

November 9, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois asks Lila to borrow Annabelle to keep her company at the gatehouse. Bobbie and Tony learn Monica is having another biopsy. Luke asks Mac why he is asking questions about Frank Smith. They agree to share information. Reginald informs Lila of a problem with the worm farm; Lucky must be called immediately. Lois fantasies that Martina McBride pays a visit to her studio. They have some girl talk about love. Tony tells Bobbie that he does want to go away but he is not running away. He does not want to use the trip to give up on therapy. Lucky and Foster arrives at the Q mansion to deal with his worms. Lucky instructs Foster to stay away from Annabelle so of course he goes straight to her. Ned arrives to handle things at the gatehouse and Foster and Annabelle run off together. After chewing Ned out, Lois goes after them. Tony and Felicia leave for Cairo. Felicia has a “Frisco dream” on the plane. Bobbie sits with Alan while they wait for Monica, who is having her biopsy.

November 10, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois and Ned tell Lila and Lucky that Annabelle and Foster ran off together. They form a search party. Monica’s biopsy results show that it a malignant tumor. She will need another round of radiation and chemo. Alan lashes out about now unfair it is. They will do a bone scan in a week to see it is a new tumor or part of the original tumor. Lily and Miguel talk about their baby. He apologies for being so cold. Lucy and Kevin agree to not discuss Grace for one night and concentrate on them. All systems seem go, but then Lucy’s worm farm explodes. Lucy is totally grossed out and calls Lucky. Lois and Ned search and find the dogs in the park. Alan tells a devastated Monica the news. Lois returns a very dirty Annabelle to Lila. Mac tells Luke that he has new information on Frank/Jack. Jack was laundering money for Frank. Lily and Miguel share a kiss. Ned wants Lois to admit she misses them.  He just wants her to think about it.

November 11-17, 1994:  11/11 Tony & Felicia arrive in Egypt, Laura comes home, 11/14 Miguel & Lily head to Puerto Rico, Frisco finds Felicia & Tony, 11/15 Tony & belly dancer, Frisco & Felicia, 11/16 Miguel & Lily meet their son Juan, Frisco & Felicia, 11/17

November 11, 1994 - No Commercials - Felicia is nervous as the plane makes its final descent into Cairo. Edward meets with his attorney. He gets the witness list from the grand jury and finds Jack’s name on it. They learn that Jack lied in his testimony. Cusack, calls Sonny to say that word has gotten back to Frank that people are asking questions about his past dealings, and the people asking are Sonny's friends. He "suggests" that Sonny get them to back off. Lily suggests that she and Miguel try and find their son in Puerto Rico. Mary Mae visits Luke to tell him Justus is returning home that day. They discuss Edward's trial. She is still worried that they are after the wrong man. Damian and Katherine celebrate their health at the PC Grill. They have a front row seat when Edward confronts Jack Boland. Tiffany gets, "No comment" quotes from both Jack and Edward. Sonny explains to Luke about Cusack's call and says he's pulling his man out and suggests Luke do the same for Mac. Luke tells Sonny that he doesn't control Mac. Sonny says Luke he is out. On the Cairo streets, Tony and Felicia search for their local contact, Rakeem. After some prodding, Rakeem agrees to take them to Frisco. Despite Luke’s warning, Mac says he's sticking with the investigation, but he'll be careful. Laura and Lesley Lu return home.

November 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel and Lily on a plane to Puerto Rico. Luke is worried as Laura came home unplanned. Laura puts her foot down saying that she and the baby are home to stay. Felicia gets another case of the nerves about telling Frisco about the baby. Felicia has some false contractions. Tony calms her down. Lee and Edward’s lawyer find out Edward had Jack thrown out of the PC hotel after he confronted him. His attorney reins him in. Tiffany interviews Justus and wants him to go on the record that the reason he was beaten was because of the incinerator opposition. Justus makes it clear he will not quit. Miguel and Lily arrive home. Laura is amazed at how messy the house is. Luke tells her that things are still very tense in PC. They have some decisions to make about how involved they are going to be in Justus’s campaign. Laura wants to stay all in. In Puerto Rico, Miguel and Lily question Miguel’s mother about Lily’s nurse Carlota. Frisco saves the day in Cairo when a man attacks Rakeem, Felicia, and Tony. Frisco learns Felicia is pregnant.

November 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Frisco takes Felicia and Tony to a save place. Felicia wants to talk privately with Frisco, so they head for his room. He is hurt to hear that Felicia debated even telling him that she was pregnant. How does she know he does not want to come home and be a permanent husband/father. While waiting at the bar downstairs, a belly-dancer gets cozy with Tony. He puts the brakes on saying he is “married man”. Miguel and Lily find Carlota. She tells him their son’s name is Juan and where they find him. They get a glimpse of him and can see he is happy. Tiffany senses Mac is working an angle in the Ward case and she wants to know who for. Tony takes care of the guys from the bazaar when they show up at the bar looking for Frisco. Lily wants Juan to know her.

November 16, 1994 - No Commercials - Mary Mae sees Laura and Lesley Lu. She and Justus worry that Laura has returned to a hornet’s nest. Miguel and Lily return to see Juan. This time they talk with him and his mother. Luke meets with Sonny and Harry. Luke is still after the name of the person who arranged Laura’s attack. Harry agrees to dig deeper. Frisco tells Felicia that he wants to be a part of her and the kid’s life. He is ready to hang it up with WSB and come home. Felicia gives him an out as she thinks he is not ready yet. He admits she is right. Tony reams Frisco for not coming with them. Tony tells him that he and Bobbie are making an effort at home.  Frisco and Felicia say goodbye and she and Tony board a plane for home. Harry thinks Sonny is walking both sides of the rope. Brenda meets Harry. Lucky gives Luke and Laura presents for their 13th wedding anniversary.

November 17, 1994 - No Commercials - The Qs are on edge with Edward’s trial starting tomorrow. Miguel and Lily see Juan again. His mother invites them to dinner. Lois accuses Ned of trying to change the band’s image when he suggests a new acoustic ballad. Ned thinks she is turning up her nose at something good for the band due to her personal feelings for him. Brenda has to referee their argument. Kevin nixes Lucy’s idea to go to a Grateful Dead concert. Kevin is exhausted and Lucy offers to take care of him. Kevin has a nightmare. Miguel and Lily join Juan’s family for dinner.  Monica gets the results from her bone scan and the cancer is a recurrence of the original tumor and not a new tumor. Back home, Monica blows her top when the Qs fuss over her.  Ned sings his new song outside Lois’s window and makes his point. She agrees to let him play his  “dopey love song”. Kevin is reluctant to tell Lucy about his dream. She thinks he needs professional help. They argue.

November 18-23, 1994: 11/18 Edward's trial, 11/21 cm trial continue, 11/22 cm S&B, Lois, Lucy & Luke in PR, Edward collapses, 11/23 cm

November 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel goes after Lily and finds her watching for their son and takes her away. They agree that it would be a good idea not see their son again. He has his family and they need to accept it. Edward’s trial starts. The prosecution calls Eugene, Kylie, and Steve Hardy to the stand. Tony and Felicia are back from Cairo. Felicia tells Mac about what happened and that she is at perfect peace with Frisco not coming home. Bobbie visits Monica and suggests a Wellness Center in Arizona for Monica. Later, Alan asks Monica what she thinks. At first, Monica is not wild about the idea that when does a 180 and calls for more information. But if she goes she will be going by herself. Bobbie welcomes Tony and Felicia home. Maxie asks Felicia when Frisco is coming home and she has to explain.

November 21, 1994 - With Commercials - Gail visits Monica. Monica tells her about going to Arizona. The L/B crew are getting ready to leave for Puerto Rico. Brenda learns that Lois has changed her mind and gave the green light for Ned’s “dopey love song” that he sang for her. Edward’s trial continues with testimony from Lucky, Luke, and Mary Mae. Testimony about Edward’s gun being a match is given. Mac arrives at the courthouse with evidence that Jack Bolend and Frank Smith knew each other long before Jack claims. Edward’s attorney grills Jack Bolend on the stand. Ned leaves the trial and arrives at the gatehouse to wish Lois’s good luck with the concert but does not think she should be going, as they need to concentrate on them. Cusack sees Tiffany’s newcast and calls Frank. Edward apologies to Mary Mae for her having to relive Bradley death on the stand again.

November 22, 1994 - With Commercials - Frank tells Cusack that he is going to Puerto Rico soon and wants to have a conversation with Sonny about loyalty. Sonny and Brenda in bed together in Puerto Rico. Lucy apologies to Kevin telling him she will not butt into his therapy again. She is going to concentrate on having fun. Lucy wants him to go to Puerto Rico with her. He has to decline as he has his patients. She takes it as rejection. He can stay and wallow in his depression. Miguel tells Lois about meeting Juan and Lily goes the same with Sonny. Edward’s trial continues with Lee testifying. Edward makes a scene in the courtroom and collapses due to the stress. Edward is taken home to rest. Lois tells Brenda that she is made at herself for missing her “Eddie” Brenda tries to convince her that Ned is Eddie. Harry Silver tells Luke and Justus that Bolend was the one that set up Laura’s accident and Justus’s beating. Sean gets an anonymous tip about Bolend and that Luke has just found out. Brenda calls Ned with the news that Lois misses him. Sean finds Luke in Jack Bolend’s office. Luke is standing over Jack’s dead body.

November 23, 1994 - With Commercials - Luke is hauled into the PCPD. Luke calls Justus with the news that Bolend is dead. Luke claims he was set up by Frank Smith and needs a lawyer. Sonny convinces Brenda to have some fun even if Lois is sad missing Ned/Eddie. Justus arrives to represent Luke during Sean’s questioning. Sean wants to know if Sonny is involved.  Sonny and Brenda hit the hot tub and later make love. Mac doesn’t understand Frisco decision not to come back home. Mac and Tony talk adventure and family commitments. Luke accuses Harry of setting him up. Harry claims he was set up to set up Luke. Franks calls Sonny telling him he wants a meeting when he arrives in Puerto Rico. Frank is not happy with all of Sonny’s “new friends”. Sonny wants a clean break but Frank still wants to talk. Monica tells Bobbie about going to Arizona after Edward’s trial.  Edward tells Alan and Monica that Jack Bolend is dead. Edward wants to talk to Mac. Luke and Laura realize their amino against Frank was not enough. Sonny calls Luke with the news of Frank’s meeting. Luke wants to come to Puerto Rico. He leaves a note for Laura. Edward is worried he may be next on Frank Smith’s hit list.  

November 24 - December 1, 1994:  11/24, (no show aired on 11/25), 11/28, 11/29 Ned arrives in PR, Frank shoots Sean, 11/30 Luke shoots Frank, 12/1 Brenda kidnapped, Sonny rescues Brenda and they go on the run in PR as thugs chase them

November 24, 1994 - With Commercials - Thanksgiving in PC. Lucy is sad as she is spending it all by herself. Lucy gets a live duck delivered to her door. Lila makes the Qs turn off the football game so they can discuss their blessings. When they all recite their “blessings”, she wishes she had not brought it up. Lucy asks the PC Grill to “dispatch” her duck. When Carl and the staff refuse, she vows to take her complaint to Edward. Kevin, Mac, Robin and Stone join the Jones’s for dinner. Mac has to bite his tongue when he finds Robin and Stone kissing in the kitchen. Robin learns that Mac knew about the skunk incident and didn’t say anything. He tried to guilt it out of her. Lucy arrives with her duck at the Qs. Lucy only makes things worse as she ponders what to do with the duck. Edward learns Ned is going to leave for Puerto Rico. Annabelle enjoys the Q turkey dinner while they argue. Lila reins them in. Lucy arrives with her duck at the Jones’s. She is angry to see Kevin there and storms out saying she is going to Puerto Rico, leaving Kevin holding her duck. The Qs are forced to order pizza.

November 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Alan tells Tony about Monica going to Arizona. Bobbie is relived that Tony wants to startup again with their therapy with Kevin. Laura is worried with Luke taking off on “business”.  Tiffany visits. Laura tells her about Luke going after Frank Smith. Tiffany wants to call Sean, Laura insists she not. Tiffany does it anyways. Sean wants to go after Luke. Luke arrives in Puerto Rico. Luke wants to go in Sonny’s place to the meet with Frank. Sonny insists he needs to go himself to make a break with Frank. Lucy arrives in Puerto Rico. Lucy and Luke share a drink at the bar. Bobbie and Tony have a tense session with Kevin. Sean arrives in Puerto Rico under an alias. Sonny gets a call from Frank to meet tomorrow at a cemetery. Sean plans to be at the meet when it goes down. Sonny agrees to let Luke take his place at the meet.

November 29, 1994 - No Commercials - Lila tells Brenda that Ned left this morning for Puerto Rico. Edward works himself into another collapse in the Q den after talking about Jack Bolend with Lee. Alan insists he go to GH this time. Sean follows Luke to the meet. Ned arrives in Puerto Rico and gets Lois room number at the hotel.  Brenda notices Sonny is very edgy. Sonny wants extra security for the concert. Laura tells Mary Mae about Luke going after Frank. Sonny refuses to tell Brenda what is up. Lucy tries to mediate between them, but then leaves when their problems sound like hers with Kevin. Ned arrives at Lois’s hotel room. They take their fight to the pool and end up in it after he tries to kiss her. Edward is admitted into GH. Edward and Alan have a heart to heart. In the cemetery, Sean is shot by Frank.

November 30, 1994 - No Commercials. Note: Episode has slight tracking issues for the last 15 minutes or so - Damian brings Katherine flowers. They have big plans for everyone that has wronged them and they head for the bedroom. Luke saves Sean from being finished off by taking out Frank. Ned suspects Lois is thinking about all the good times they had together. She admits to loving him but is not sure she can ever look at him the same way again. Jason is not happy to hear AJ ask Keisha out to dinner. Sonny tells Brenda about some new opportunities coming his way, but is very vague. Luke arrives back at Sonny’s hotel suite telling him that Frank is dead. Lois and Ned share a kiss but are soon interrupted by a hotel bellhop. Sonny takes a meeting with Rivera telling him that Frank is dead and he is taking over. Brenda follows Sonny to his meeting and gets caught. Lois asks Ned to go back to PC. Keisha wants to visit Edward. Damian gets word that his father is dead. Brenda is taken by Rivera’s men.

December 1, 1894 - No Commercials - Laura learns on the radio that Frank Smith is dead. Tiffany arrives and knows that Laura knows already. Tiffany tells her that she has spoken to Sean and Luke is okay. Damian tells Katherine about Frank. He suspects there will be a war for who will fill Frank’s shoes. Later, Damian learns that it was Luke who took out his father. Sonny gets to Luke and tells him of trouble with Rivera having Brenda. Luke rents a boat. Sonny takes out the guards and gets to Brenda and they make a break for the boat. Lucy watches them flee. Laura gives Ruby the skinny on Luke/Frank. Laura is afraid Luke has not thought out the repercussions of that he have done. Lois prepares for Miguel’s show. Katherine wants to go with Damian when he claims his father’s body. Lois regrets sending Ned home. Luke takes a bullet and falls overboard.

December 2-8, 1994:  12/2 PR boat sequence, Luke is shot & falls overboard, S&B make out on beach, Miguel's concert, 12/5 concert conts, Rivera kidnaps S&B, M&L, 12/6, 12/7, 12/8

December 2, 1894 - No Commercials - Felicia and Kevin talk about Frisco's non-return and if she feels rejected. Sonny drags a Brenda out of the surf, they immediately begin making out. Brenda asks Sonny about Luke. Sonny tells Brenda about Frank Smith's death and Luke's involvement. Monica tells Edward he didn't have a heart attack just angina from stress. Lois admits she's forgiving Ned, but is worried he might betray her again. Sonny and Brenda make it back to the hotel where they encounter a frantic Lucy who tells them she saw everything. Sonny asks about Luke, but Lucy says he never resurfaced, and the police haven't found him. She wants to help, but Sonny warns her to forget she saw them and go to the concert. Later at the venue, Sonny and Brenda try to explain to an outraged Lois about Frank Smith. Sonny tells her that after the concert they must rush Miguel into a waiting limo and head for the airport.  He tells Brenda that he's going to see Rivera to set up a deal.  Brenda is sure they'll kill him. Sonny tries to reassure her. Kevin comes up with the idea of throwing a male baby shower for Felicia. Back at the concert venue, Rivera slips by the security guards. Miguel takes the stage. During the show, Ned surprises Lois by returning.

December 5, 1894 - No Commercials - Miguel’s show continues. Lois admits that she's glad Ned returned. Brenda wants Sonny to reassure her that everything is under control. Laura tells Lucky that Luke is in Puerto Rico but she is has not heard from him. Tiffany wants Laura and family to move into the penthouse with her until Sean and Luke return. Jason and Keisha visit Edward at. He's less than thrilled when he sees of her. They get right to it when Edward asks Keisha if she thinks he is a murderer. Keisha tells him she doesn't know him, but has faith in Mary Mae's high opinion of him. They strike a tentative peace.  Edward chases Jason from the room; he wants to talk to Keisha alone. Edward tells her that he likes her very much but feels that an intimate relationship with Jason would be a mistake.  She assumes it's because she's black, but Edward tells her that's not the reason. He says there's bad blood between the Wards and the Qs and it is in her and Jason's best interest. Keisha says that she and Jason shouldn't be blamed for something that happened 20 years ago. After the concert, Lois quickly explains to Ned about Frank Smith. Ned is appalled at the prospect of violence. He wants to take her back to the hotel. She admits to him that she's really glad he's there. After the concert, Sonny, Brenda, Miguel and Lily are taken by force to Rivera’s house.

December 6, 1894 - No Commercials - Back at the hotel, Ned wants to make sure Lois is not in any danger. She admits she was scared and she lets him hold her. They are interrupted by Lucy, who is worried about Brenda and Sonny. She tells him about Sonny and Brenda being chased thru the hotel by two goons. Sonny assures Rivera he is not to be messed with. Cusack is not qualified to take over for Frank and now Rivera needs to choose which side to be on. Sonny wants his friends released, but he refuses. Mac has questions for Gail and Lee about Jack Bolend to clear Edward. They tell him about Lola LaMont, an actress that Jack had an affair with. Rivera threatens Miguel and Lily. Lily demands her father release them or she will go to the authorities and tell them about all of his activities. Rivera backs down. Lucy gives Sean the skinny after she runs into him at the hotel. Mac fills Felicia in on Lola and Felicia wants to help him track her down. Brenda and Sonny return to the hotel, much to Lois’s relief.  Sean arrives to question Sonny and if he has heard from Luke. They make plans to return to PC on the ELQ jet asap.

December 7, 1894 - No Commercials - Lucy learns that Sonny and the L/B gang have left Puerto Rico. Lois learns that Sonny had to leave Luke. Aboard the ELQ jet, Sonny and Sean have a chat about his meet with Frank. He tells Sean he declined a meeting with Frank and that he told Smith he was only interested in legitimate business, Luke went in his place and the whole plan went south with Luke getting shot. Both having trouble sleeping, Laura and Lucky ponder why they have not heard from Luke. Damian and Katherine on their way to Puerto Rico. Katherine worries about him starting a new vendetta with Luke, but Damian is steadfast in his plan to get Spencer. Ned offers Lois financing for L/B so she can boot Sonny. He is worried about Lois being caught in the crossfire of Sonny’s business. She agrees to talk with Sonny. Damian claims his father’s body and request it be cremated. Brenda warns Ned not to try and push Sonny out of L/B.  Sean and Sonny return and have to tell Laura that Luke is missing. Laura refuses to believe Luke is dead. Lucy runs into Damian and Katherine in the hotel lobby.

December 8, 1894 - No Commercials - Mac and Felicia work the Lola case. They get a phone number and address for Lola thanks to Mac’s flirting. After some digging, they find out her real name, Myrna Slaughter. Sonny meets with Cusack and informs him he is taking over. Sonny tells him he is out and he has 24hrs to leave PC. Damian questions what Lucy is doing in Puerto Rico.  Lucy offers her condolences to Damian about his father. Lucy tells him about Luke being presumed dead. Sonny is evasive when Brenda questions him again about Puerto Rico. Sonny wants Harry Silver onboard. Sonny wants to run the business so it almost looks legitimate. Harry tells him it can’t be done. Sonny needs people he can trust and plenty of money. Felicia and Mac score a meeting with Myrna in NYC.

December 9-15, 1994:  12/9 cm, 12/12 Serena's birthday, 12/13, 12/14, 12/15 Mac & Kevin throw a baby shower for Felicia, Edward's trial continues, Laura has Luke flashbacks and refuses to believe he is dead

December 9, 1894 - With Commercials. Note: GH joined in progress due to newsbrief –around 5 minutes lost - Edward’s trial resumes after his hospitalization. Tiffany is playing mother hen to Laura. Laura has to tell Lucky about Luke being missing. Lucky too refuses to believe Luke is dead. Ned offers Sonny a deal to buy him out of L/B, which he promptly refuses. Lois questions Sonny about his turf battle affecting L&B. Sonny assures her and then informs her of Ned trying to buy him out. Forensic experts testify and then Edward takes the stand in his defense. Laura is angry for Sonny telling Luke where Frank Smith was going to be. Lois confronts Ned about butting into L/B. Felicia and Mac meet with Myrna Slaughter. She learns that Edward is on trial. Mac and Felicia want her to come to PC and testify at the trial.

December 12, 1894 - No Commercials - Damian tells Katherine he is becoming more comfortable with his father’s legacy. Mac brings Myrna Slaughter to meet with Edward. Kevin’s nightmares continue to haunt him. Lucy calls Kevin telling him she is lonely in Puerto Rico. He tells her about the package she received from Scott, as Serena’s birthday was this week. It is videotape and a letter. He plays the tape and recounts what is on it. Ruby won’t have any of Bobbie’s talk of Luke being dead. Bobbie breaks down with Tony saying she thinks that Luke is dead. They agree to make the effort together to believe that Luke is still alive against all odds. Damian spreads his father’s ashes. Kevin asks Felicia about Lucy and Scott’s relationship. Lucy loved him but always tries to manipulate him. Damian learns from Cusack that Sonny is taking over Frank’s organization. Cusack shows him Frank’s will. Damian turns down his offer to team up. Sonny pays Damian a visit.

December 13, 1894 - No Commercials - Monica takes Alan’s head off when he comes home early from GH to check on her. She later apologies and tells him she needs to go to Arizona. He knows she needs to go but questions whether when she gets there and is all alone that she will not be lonely. Tony pays Laura a visit to see if there is any news on Luke. Laura tells Tony that she would know if Luke was dead. Sonny tells Damian that he had no reason to want Frank dead but now that he is gone, Sonny wants to go into business together. Lucky and Sly have a heart to heart about their dads. Damian tells Katherine about his visit from Sonny (Note: Video jump during the scene) He plans to use Sonny for his own profit. Stone plans to take Robin out on the town with Sonny’s money. Robin wonders about Sonny’s newfound generosity. Laura asks Sonny point blank if Frank Smith’s men will be coming after her and her children. Sonny guarantees her safety.

December 14, 1894 - No Commercials - Brenda tells AJ and Jason that Ned blew his reconciliation with Lois by trying to buy Sonny out. She tells them about what went down in Puerto Rico. They give her a big fat I told you so but Brenda tells them that Sonny told Rivera and company to take a hike. Talk turns to Lois and Brenda warns AJ to stay away from Lois. Sean questions Sonny on the record at the PCPD. They strike a deal for Sonny to find out who took out Jack Bolend. Mariah arrives in PC and learns Felicia is pregnant. Mariah asks Felicia to come back to Texas for a visit.  Mac tells her she can’t leave till after the event Kevin and him have planned for her. Damian accepts a business partnership with Sonny. Edward’s spirits are lifted after knowing that he has his ace in the hole for the trial. Lila insists on being in court with him tomorrow. Brenda is angry that Sonny told Lois about Ned trying to buy him out. It only sabotaged their making any progress getting them back together. Sonny agrees to make things right. Mac tells Kevin they need to move up their all male shower for Felicia. Edward thanks Lila for her support during the trial.

December 15, 1894 - No Commercials - Kevin and Mac surprise Felicia with an all male shower at The Outback. All the Qs plan to support Edward in court today. Myrna Slaughter takes the stand at Edward’s trial. She verifies Jack’s connection to Frank Smith and what happened the night Bradley was killed. Jack Bolend stole a gun from Edward and killed Bradley. Bobbie visits Laura. Bobbie needs a little of Laura’s faith that Luke is still alive. Felicia thanks Sean, Mac, Kevin, and Tony for all their support during her pregnancy. The prosecution scrambles to debunk Myrna’s testimony with a little character assassination.  Mary Mae comes to Edward’s defense standing up in court demanding to tell why she knows that Edward did not kill Bradley. The guys say goodbye to Felicia and Maxie. 

December 16-22, 1994:  12/16 Edward is Bradley's father, 12/19 Luke comes home to Laura, Miguel & Lily get engaged, 12/20 Kevin & Lucy are reunited, 12/21 Edward is acquitted, Laura's birthday, 12/22 

December 16, 1894 - No Commercials - Brenda questions Lois about her over-scheduling of Ned. Lois thinks Ned needs to be taught who is boss. The judge in Edward’s trial calls a recess wanting to speak to Mary Mae in chambers. Ruby tries to reassure Laura that Luke is fine, and they reminisce. Brenda asks Sonny about Luke, but he knows nothing. Conversation changes gears to Ned. Sonny says Lois has got to get even with Ned to be able to get over his lies before it messes up her mind and L/B. Mary Mae takes the stand and recounts her years as a blues club singer where she met a young sailor. They grew close and became lovers, but he was shipped overseas. They corresponded for a while, then she discovered she was pregnant and sent him a letter explaining she didn't expect anything from him.  He wrote that he would offer any help he could, but she didn't answer the letter, though she kept it.  She raised the child, Bradley, herself telling no one who the father really was. The man was Edward. The next time she saw him was the night of Bradley's murder. The defense and the prosecution give their closing arguments.  The judge gives instructions to the jury. As everyone leaves, Lila asks Mary Mae if she, Keisha, and Justus will join them back at the Q mansion. Laura gets a visit from Lucy who has news on Luke.

December 19, 1894 - No Commercials - The press is all over the Qs and the Wards as they leave the courtroom. Lucy tells Laura that Luke is alive. Laura assures her there is no danger. Luke arrives home. Lila and Edward discuss his affair. He senses that she was not that surprised in the courtroom. They talk about his memories of Mary Mae. Miguel proposes to Lily. Luke recounts how he survived and how Lucy found him and took care of him to Laura. Laura thanks Lucy. The Wards join the Qs for tea. Lila thanks Mary Mae for her testimony. Justus has some questions for Edward. He believes that the jury could still come back with a guilty verdict against him. Ned announces to the Wards that the incinerator site will be relocated across the river. Miguel announces to everyone at The Outback that Lily has accepted his proposal.

December 20, 1894 - No Commercials - Tony and Bobbie check out Luke. Sonny has Lois and Brenda over for a dinner/business meeting. Sonny wants Lois to take over for Brenda for Ned’s Rochester concert. Lois and Ned have to work together for the benefit of L/B. Lois agrees on one condition. Lily and Miguel announce their engagement to the L/B crew. The Qs ponder the fact that Justus does not seem thrilled at all to find out he is related to them. Justus admits to Mary Mae that it does not sit well with him. They joke around but admit the Qs were gracious. Kevin welcomes Lucy home with a hug. She admits it has been the longest week of her life, saving Luke Spencer’s life. Lucy wants to know what Kevin did with her duck while she was gone. Luke is anxious to talk with Sonny. Mary Mae is still very wary of Jason and Keisha’s relationship. Lila does not care about Edward’s 50-year old affair but the fact that he did not say anything is a disappointment to her. Luke meets with Sonny about him moving in on Frank’s business.

December 21, 1894 - No Commercials - Edward arranges a meeting between Justus and Myrna, so that Justus will believe he is innocent. Edward makes an effort with Justus. Lois and Brenda plan the Rochester show for the Idle Rich. Lucky sees Luke is alive and well. Lucky wants to get a tree for Christmas. Lois tells Ned that she is covering this leg of the tour for the Idle Rich. The bus leaves at 5pm sharp he better be on it. The jury returns a not guilty verdict against Edward. Luke and Lucky do some last minute planning for Laura’s birthday. Ruby saves the day. Sean returns to his office to find Katherine waiting for him. She pressures him about what he is doing about her attempted murder. The Qs celebrate Edward’s not guilty verdict.

December 22, 1894 - With Commercials - Ned calls Lois telling her that he has a crisis at ELQ and he will not make the bus at 5pm. He has a helicopter and plans to use it. Kevin tells Lucy about his Grace dream. She wants Kevin to keep an open mind to the possibility that he is not responsible for Grace's death. Kevin wants to try self-hypnosis. Bobbie and Lucas are getting ready for Christmas. Tony and Bobbie reminisce about BJ. They agree that instead of focusing on the losses, they should concentrate on the memories. Tony comes in with balloons, to be a present for BJ.  Bobbie and Lucas write a letter to BJ and they let the balloons go.
     The Qs celebrate with Lila sincerely hoping the family is through with murder in all its forms. Reginald comes in announcing Sean. Edward is sure Sean has come to apologize, but Sean sets him straight. He is there about Katherine’s poisoning. Reginald gets nervous. AJ figures that Katherine is putting the screws to Sean. Sean doubts Lila’s theory that Katherine did the poisoning to herself to continue her blackmail. AJ informs him it's quite likely. Reginald has a panic attack and wants to turn himself. Lila and Edward forbid it. AJ has a plan and tells Reginald to fetch the meds. Lois is panicking about the Rochester concert. Ned is late with the snow is slowing the ELQ helicopter. The pilot grounds the chopper. Ned calls Lois with the news that he will not be making it. 

December 23-28, 1995:  12/23 cm Christmas party at GH, 12/26 cm, 12/27 cm, Brenda decides to move in with Sonny, 12/28 cm (3 mins news report)

December 23, 1894 - With Commercials - Brenda tells Lois about the annual GH Christmas party and tries to convince Lois to attend. Ned arrives to apologize again for missing the concert. Lois tears into him and splits with Brenda for GH. Tony getting ready to play Santa thinks about BJ. Damian and Katherine prepare to attend the GH party. After they leave, AJ breaks in and plants pills in a jewelry box. Lucy searches Kevin's clothes for the hidden present, Kevin gives her a gold pin shaped like a duck. Steve reads the Christmas Story. Damian gives Steve a large donation to GH. Lois argues with Sonny and Brenda about their acceptance of Lila's offer to go to the Q's as she knows she will have to see Ned. Alan and the boys argue over the electric train setup. Katherine professes joy at being free of the Qs. Miguel gives Lily an engagement ring. Luke and Laura decorate their Xmas tree. Keisha and Justus arrive at the Q's. Justus discusses the incinerator with Ned and Edward until Lila intervenes. Soon, Lois, Brenda, and Sonny arrive. Ned tries to talk to Lois, but Sonny blocks him. Ned corners Lois and tries to apologize and give her a gift. She tells him that she doesn't want his gift and tears into him about his screwups, he counters that he loves her, and that's all that matters. When she returns to the gatehouse, she opens the gift, a beautiful jewel pendant which Ned had said matches her eyes. Laura and Luke place their angel on top of the tree.

December 26, 1894 - With Commercials - Sean questions Luke about what really went down in Puerto Rico. He wants to know how Luke new that Frank would be in the cemetery. Luke plays dumb. Sean then tells Luke he knows that Sonny informed him of Frank's whereabouts. Sean warns Luke that if Sonny is taking over than he's buying into a heap of trouble. AJ tells Monica that Katherine has been badgering Sean to step up the investigation of her poisoning. He suggests to Monica that it would look bad for Katherine if the pills used to drug her were found in her possession. Monica agrees that it'd be a tidy solution. She agrees to point Sean in the right direction. Ned and Edward buy a new site for the incinerator. Ned tells Edward he's taking a three-month leave from ELQ to save his marriage. Edward gives him six weeks. Edward tells AJ that he wants him to be his right-hand man while Ned's away. Ned proposes the fulltime commitment  to Lois. He pleads with her to give him that time to fix their marriage.
     Later, Monica visits Sean to discuss the Katherine. She lists off all the reasons Katherine had to hate the Qs. Sean agrees he might buy her story if there was evidence to support it, so Monica tells him that the evidence would be in Katherine's apt. Brenda arrives at Sonny’s wearing her new coat. She takes off the coat, revealing her birthday suit, and they make love. Later, Brenda suggests she move in. He doesn't want to mess with the good thing they have. Lois barges in with the good news that Ned is taking six weeks off from ELQ. They agree it's a good decision for L&B.  Later, Lois tells Ned they have a deal. Sean arrives at Katherine’s with a search warrant. Garcia finds the drugs AJ planted. Sean takes Katherine in.

December 27, 1894 - With Commercials - Kevin tells Lucy he is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the Grace nightmares. He goes over the whole process of the self-hypnosis and how she is to guide him. Kevin re-enacts the night in the session and it turns out Grace was driving. Kevin then tells her all that he can now remember about the accident. He didn’t kill anyone. Garcia is interrogating Katherine with Damien and lawyer present, about the pills. She claims the Qs planted the pills. Garcia says sarcastically all roads lead to the Q's by her. Brenda feels rejected that Sonny won't commit to living together. Brenda has decided to move out of the Q's to her own place, she just wanted it to be with him. They argue with Brenda coming to the conclusion that Sonny is scared of their relationship. Sonny tells her he doesn't want to hurt her. Brenda starts to walk out and Sonny tells her to stop. He agrees to let her move in. Keisha asks how Justus is doing with the fact that Edward is his grandpa. Simone interrupts them, saying she has a problem for Justus. The problem is lack of campaign funds. Simone tells him that a sure way to fix it lies with Edward. Justus tells her his soul is not for sale. Keisha is back, working with Jason. She invites him to a Kwanza feast and tells him that the rest of the Q's will be invited too. Kevin thanks Lucy. Lucy tells him she did it for him and love.

December 28, 1894 - With Commercials - Brenda asks Jason and AJ to help her with her suitcases as she is moving in with Sonny.  Brenda is defending Sonny to Jason and AJ.  She insists that Sonny is now legitimate and tells them that she loves Sonny and they are just jealous because they don't have love lives. (Note: News-report interrupts the scene: 2 minutes lost) Lois tells Miguel about Ned's 6-week commitment to L/B.  Miguel asks Lois for permission to perform a benefit concert. Harry asks if Sonny made his move in the organization yet. Sonny advises Harry to stay in the dark, but Harry persists. Harry is surprised when Sonny tells him that he got the funding from Damian.
    Laura asks Mary Mae about Edward and how Justus is handling it. Mary Mae invites Laura and the family to the Kwanza feast. Miguel offers to do a concert to raise funds for Justus’s campaign. Lois and Miguel tell Justus about the benefit concert. Justus loves the idea Luke tells Sonny that he's meeting the contractor for the new blues club today. The liquor license has been granted and all systems are a go. Sonny tells Luke that it's smooth sailing from now on as he is as clean as a whistle. Justus and Lois joke around with each other, while she help out with his campaign. Justus and Lois talk the Qs and how to handle them. Brenda tells Lila that she's moving in with Sonny. Lila wishes her well despite her reservations. Luke is walking around his new club daydreaming about the future. Brenda arrives with all her bags. Sonny is worried that there won't be enough room.. He just wasn't prepared for all of this stuff that Brenda brought... but he is glad that she is there. Laura suggests to Luke that he get Mary Mae to sing in the club. Laura is glad to see him so excited.

December 29, 1994 - January 5, 1995:  12/29 cm, 12/30, (1/2 no show aired in LA Rose Parade), 1/3, 1/4, 1/5

December 29, 1894 - With Commercials - Alan and Bobbie talk about their marriages and the New Year. Has not exactly been a stellar year for either of them. Katherine tells Mac he is in the doghouse for digging up the dirt on her. Katherine wants him to find out which Q poisoned her. Mac tells Katherine that he doesn’t understand why Katherine thought she could hit Q and they would not hit back. Kevin and Lucy celebrate at The Outback about him being free. Tony and Tiffany wish each other a happy new year. Lucy and Kevin get caught in the rain and find cover in the back of Mac’s car where they make out. Mac, who has to go get liquor for the bar, agrees to give Katherine a ride home after Damian cancels on her. As Katherine insults Lucy, Kevin has to stop Lucy from popping out of truck and telling her off. After a quite evening with Bobbie, Tony wants to be able to wipe the slate clean but he doesn’t know how. Mac finds Lucy and Kevin in the parking lot of the liquor store and they make up a story about their car breaking down.

December 30, 1894 - No Commercials - The Spencers arrive at the Wards for Kwanzaa. Edward arrives and is politely greeted by the other Wards. Justus begins the ceremonies. Alan and Monica quietly toast the New Year. Lucy and Kevin meet at her place and agree no talk, as it will just jinx the evening. He gives her a sponge and a rubber ducky. Monica prepares for her trip to Arizona, but Alan interrupts saying he needs her attention focused elsewhere. Alan asks Monica to focus on them. She tells him been very patient, but she feels devoid of any sexuality and can't respond now. Lois arrives at the mansion to give Ned his concert and promotion schedule. Ned tells Lois he'll show her what he can do over the next six weeks. Luke asks Mary Mae to sing at his club. Edward takes Justus aside for a private conversation. Alan and Monica lie in bed together. She apologizes for not being able to respond to him as she would like to. Just as thing get passionate between Lucy and Kevin in the bathtub, Kevin slips and falls hitting his head, rendering him unconscious. Edward asks Justus to meet him at ELQ the next day to discuss a plan Edward claims will benefit ELQ, Charles Street, and Justus. Ned thanks Lois for giving him another chance and wishes her a Happy New Year. She responds and they kiss softly. Lucy phones for help.

January 3, 1995 - No Commercials - Lila pays Mary Mae a visit. Kevin gets the all clear at GH after his head injury. Bobbie is amused about just how Kevin got his injury. Kevin and Lucy wonder if the universe is trying to tell them that they should not be together. AJ and Edward discuss with Justus what to do with the properties on Charles Street they bought for the now moved incinerator. Annabelle, who is waiting in the car with Jason while Lila visits Ward house, escapes and runs off with Foster. After she tucks him into his bed to rest, Kevin and Lucy ponder if they could be just friends. Lucy and Kevin make love for the first time. Jason tells Lila and Lucky that the dogs got away from him and he was too late. Lila suggests they not mention it to Edward.

January 4, 1995 - No Commercials - Kevin and Lucy in bed together. They make plans for dinner later. Luke’s club is coming together. Mike Corbin comes looking for a job at the club. (Note: first appearance by Ron Hale) Monica says goodbye to the family and leaves for Arizona. Bobbie and Tony have a session with Kevin. The have a frank talk about love and acceptance. Monica meets Paige Bowen at her first session at La Mesa. Monica is very uncomfortable. Alan and Bobbie have drinks and dinner at The Outback together. After seeing how close Lucy and Kevin are Bobbie tells Alan that does not instill a lot of confidence in her therapist. Monica calls home telling Ned that she may have made a mistake going to La Mesa. Ned tells her to stick it out. Kevin tells Lucy there is still one more ghost he has to put to rest; he has to see Ryan.

January 5, 1995 - No Commercials - Ned does a ton of promotion for his show in Skinecktity. Lois gets a little jealous with all the female attention he receives. Brenda makes Sonny a breakfast in bed. Luke tells Justus that he should be suspicious of any business deal with the Qs. Election day is a busy day at Justus’s campaign headquarters. Damian throws some capital into Sonny’s take over of the organization. Luke is angry when he walks in on their meeting. Sonny lies to him saying that Damian just showed up at his door. Later, Brenda asks him too why Damian showed up at their door. Ned performs. Brenda is already driving Sonny crazy at the apartment. Justus wins his bid for City Council. By the end of the day, it Lois that is exhausted not Ned after a full day of promotion.

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