Complete GH Episodes 1994 recaps begin on July 22, 1994 and is a good resource into maybe 2002. The recaps are more erractic from 2003 onward. You can also see my recaps for all of 1994 below.

Episode Breakdown

December 29, 1993 - January 4, 1994:  12/29, 12/30, 12/31/93, 1/3, 1/4 [Episode Descriptions]

January 5-11, 1994:  1/5, 1/6 Laura sees Frank Smith, 1/7 Laura meets Mary Mae, 1/10 Brenda to model for Deception, 1/11 Brenda uses Ned to make AJ jealous [Episode Descriptions]

January 12-19, 1994:  1/12, 1/13, 1/14, (Missing 1/17 ?), 1/18 Laura and Lucky are chased through GH by thugs, 1/19
*Note: One episode missing during this time frame, my best guess is it is the 1/17 episode, looks like it was pre-empted during an earthquake in southern cal. [Episode Descriptions]

January 20-26, 1994:  1/20 Felicia tells Kevin that Ryan killed his mother, 1/21, 1/24, 1/25 Damian steals evidence for Ray's murder from PCPD, 1/26 Idle Rich rehearse, Luke & Laura meet a Russian to buy a helicopter, L&L do russian dance [Episode Descriptions]

January 27 - February 2, 1994:  1/27 Damian tells Alan & Monica he knows Alan killed Ray, Laura gets GH staff to treat Foster after he is hit by a car, 1/28 Foster taken to vet hospital by ambulance 1/31 Ryan catches Kevin off guard and switches places with him leaving Kevin in the mental institution and Ryan free, 2/1, 2/2 [Episode Descriptions]

February 3-9, 1994:  2/3, 2/4 Bachelor party and Girl's party continue, 2/7 Fingerprints prove he is Kevin and he is released,  2/8 Mac & Fe's wedding begins, Kevin arrives to confront Ryan (who has a bomb), 2/9 Mac subdues Ryan, Paul & Jenny marry instead when Mac is injured [Episode Descriptions]

February 10-16, 1994:  2/10 Wedding reception at the Outback, 2/11, 2/14 Maxie gets sick, 2/15 Valentine's Day, Brenda & Sonny see each other at the car dealership, Brenda buys a new red car, Brenda has a Sonny fantasy, 2/16 [Episode Descriptions]

February 17-23, 1994:  2/17 Lucy meets Kevin, 2/18 Miguel arrives (Ricky Martin) (bad spot at end of epi), 2/21, 2/22, 2/23 [Episode Descriptions]

February 24 - March 1, 1994:  2/24, 2/25, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2 [Episode Descriptions]

March 3-9, 1994:  3/3, 3/4, 3/7 Bobbie wants to revive the Nurse's Ball, 3/8 Karen's wedding shower, 3/9 Jagger's bachelor party [Episode Descriptions]

March 10-16, 1994:  3/10 Maxie diagnoised, 3/11 Sonny is shot while trying to break Frank out of jail, 3/14 Brenda & Sonny car crash, 3/15, 3/16 Brenda nurses Sonny [Episode Descriptions]

March 17-23, 1994:  3/17 Maxie in the hospital, 3/18 Lucy wants to co-chair Nurse's Ball, 3/21, 3/22 Luke & Laura in Atlantic City, Tom & Roseanne Arnold guest appearence, she plays Jennifer Smith, Ned introduces Brenda & Lois, Lucy tells Bobbie & Damian her idea for a talent show, 3/23 Tom & Roseann continued [Episode Descriptions]

March 24-30 1994:  3/24 Tom & Roseanne, Brenda fantasizes about Sonny (she is a nurse), 3/25, 3/28, 3/29 Karen & Jagger's Wedding Day, 3/30 Karen & Jagger's wedding continues, reception, Rhonda tells Karen that Scott is her father, Karen & Jagger leave Port Charles [Episode Descriptions]

March 31 - April 5, 1994:  3/31 Lois visits the Q mansion, Jason & AJ & Brenda & Lois in the hot tub, 4/1, 4/4 cm Sonny makes Brenda dinner, 4/5 [Episode Descriptions]

April  6-11, 1994:  4/6 Ned juggles Lois & Katherine at Port Charles Hotel, 4/7, 4/8 Luke & Laura on a caper, Miguel sings, Eddie Maine sings "You Send Me", Tony punches Damian and drags Bobbie out, 4/11 Miguel continues singing [Episode Descriptions]

April 12-18, 1994:  4/12 Eddie fakes laryingitis, 4/13 Cusak's men watch Laura, Bobbie & Tony leave together, 4/14, 4/15 Robin & Stone to join S&B for dinner, Laura is kidnapped, 4/18 Robin taken in for a DUI, Luke is frantic over his missing wife [Episode Descriptions]

April 19 - 25, 1994: 4/19 (missed 7 mins pre-emption), 4/20 (missed 9 1/2 mins pre-emption), 4/21, 4/22 A sick Maxie is taken back to GH, Luke finds Laura, Lila gets Annabelle, Brenda panics when thugs come after Sonny, 4/25  [Episode Descriptions]

April 26 - May 2, 1994:  4/26 Brenda Deception photo shoot, S&B fantasy, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29 Luke & Laura plan to go after Frank, Felicia tells Maxie she has congenital heart failure, 5/2 Mac leaves to find Frisco, Luke & Laura are on Frank's trail, Sean follows L&L, Tiffany follows Sean [Episode Descriptions]

May 3-9, 1994:  5/3 Mac finds Frisco's outfit, Luke has to rescue Tiffany from Frank, pulls the fire alarm in the hotel, 5/4 Mac tells Frisco (Jack Wagner appears) about Maxie, 5/5 Mac & Frisco on a mission, 5/6 Luke & Laura celebrate win over Frank, 5/9 Brenda fantasizes about Sonny as insurance agent and 40's mobster, Mac & Frisco escape [Episode Descriptions]

May 10-16, 1994:  5/10 Frisco arrives home, Lois walks in on Ned & Katherine, 5/11 Mac catches Robin & Stone together, 5/12, 5/13 BJ’s bus accident, 5/16 Tony & Bobbie learn about BJ's accident, Tony & Bobbie say goodbye BJ [Episode Descriptions]

May 17-24, 1994:  5/17 Tony offers BJ's heart to Maxie, Felicia learns donor is BJ, 5/18 Frisco learns BJ is the donor, transplant operation, Tony lays across BJ after surgery, 5/19, 5/20 Mac calls off engagement to Felicia, 5/23, 5/24 [Episode Descriptions]

May 24-31, 1994:  5/24, 5/25 Frisco leaves to go back undercover, 5/26 Monica notices tenderness in her breast, 5/27 BJ's funeral, 5/30 Luke finds a body buried in the backyard, 5/31 [Episode Descriptions]

June 1 - 7, 1994:  6/1 7 min pre-empt, 6/2 Justice arrives, 6/3, 6/6, 6/7 Katherine tells Edward she has evidence against Alan in Ray's death and wants to marry Ned in return for her silence [Episode Descriptions]

June 8 - 14, 1994:  6/8 Mac finds Robin has a condom, Felicia receives package from Frisco, F&F flashbacks, 6/9 cm Julio Iglesias, 6/10 Julio, Keesha arrives, Ned feigns largyngitis, 6/13 Ned proposes to Lois, 6/14 Ned & Lois marry [Episode Descriptions]

June 15 - 23, 1994: 6/15 Ned & Lois Coney Island honeymoon, Nurse's Ball rehearsal, 6/16 Bradley Ward's funeral, honeymoon continues, (no show 6/17, 6/20 OJ trial), 6/21, 6/22 (:7 min pre-empt), 6/23 First Annual Nurse's Ball [Episode Descriptions]

June 24 - 30, 1994:  6/24 Nurse's Ball continued, 6/27 Lucy rescues Bobbie from Damian's bed, 6/28, 6/29, 6/30 Katherine sees Ned kissing Lois, Robin goes to court, Foster bites a realtor [Episode Descriptions]

July 1, 1994 - January 5, 1995

Expanded Descriptions

December 29, 1993 - January 4, 1994:  12/29, 12/30, 12/31/93, 1/3, 1/4

December 30, 1993 - Steve determines that Lucky is going into shock due to blood loss as he is bleeding internally. Tony asks Luke what happened? Luke tells him that Lucky followed him to the docks where Luke was attacked by a mugger and Lucky was shot in the scuffle. Lucy and Damian discuss the incinerator project and the Quatermaine opposition. Damian thinks Lucy is going to oppose him. She coyly tells him that she hasn't decided yet. He flirts that he loves convincing a beautiful woman. He then offers to buy out her shares. Tony asks if Luke has contacted Laura, but he says he hasn't yet been able to reach her. Tony and Steve return with the xrays and tell him that Lucky's spleen was damaged and it may have to be removed. They also warn him that his spinal cord may have been damaged as the bullet is lodged near his spinal cord and it will be a very delicate operation that could result in permanent damage. Tiffany takes Laura to The Paradise Lounge as she is looking for Luke. Sonny is surprised to see her there. Laura tells him that she needs some informatiion from him. Sonny tells her that he isn't even allowed to look at her according to Luke. Laura urgently tells him that she needs his help and she knows that he and Luke were setting up some meeting. He tells her he wishes he could help her. Laura tells him that she thinks that Lucky is with Luke. He assures her that Luke would not have taken Lucky with him to this meeting. He tells her that he can seduce any woman that Lucy chooses and says he will put his money where his mouth is. The bet is born as he tells her he will seduce any woman that she chooses and if he can then he can then buy her shares of stock.
     Meanwhile, Tiffany is standing outside in her fur coat waiting for Laura and a young officer arrests her thinking she is a prostitute, not realizing he is arresting the police commissioner's wife! Laura figures Luke is on the docks and heads down there to look for them. Sonny tells her that is a dangerous area and insists on going with her. She refuses his help but is surprised to find that Tiffany is gone. Lucy tells Damian he is crazy if he thinks that she will sell him her stock just because he wants her to. He is used to getting what he wants but she assures him that he won't from her, that he isn't used to a woman as strong as her. He tells her he can get whatever he wants from any woman. She tells him he is smug and arrogant and has over rated his charm. She tells him it is time to take him down a peg or two. Bobbie arrives at GH and tells him that Tony called her and told her what happened. He is glad to see her as he still hasn't reach Laura. Bobbie warns him that it will be difficult when Laura learns what happened. He shakily tells her about Lucky's condition and that he could be paralyzed. Laura and Sonny arrive to a crime scene on the docks and Laura asks Garcia what happened there? He tells her there has been a shooting, one many is dead and another wounded and at GH. Laura begins to cry thinking it was Luke who was killed. She says she has to go to GH and he offers to take her. Tiffany is taken into the police department and the booking officer asks the young officer if he realizes who she is? He suddenly realizes that Tiffany wasn't lying about being Mrs. Sean Donnelly and begins to grovel. Garcia arrives and tells Sean and Tiffany that Lucky was shot. Laura arrives at GH and runs into Luke's arms, and she sobs with relief that he is okay. She asks about Lucky and tells him that she hasn't been able to find him. He tells her that Lucky was shot and is in surgery. She cries no and begins to pound on Lucky, "Not my baby!"

December 31, 1993 - Luke and Laura's confrontation over Lucky's injuries continued. Felicia & Kevin talk about what they both expect from the New Year as she sets up for the New Year's party. Lois introduces Eddie Maine and the Idle Rich who play that night at the hotel in Buffalo. The band begins with "The Girl Won't Be Lonely Tonight", next they sing "Seventh Son". Sean and Tiffany arrive at GH to comfort and stay with Luke and Laura why they are waiting for news on Lucky's condition. Luke told Sean what he remembered up until the time that Lucky was shot. Sean and Tiffany eventually leave the hospital and go to the Outback for the party. Bobbie was in the surgery helping to save her nephew. Laura donates blood to replenish the supply form the transfusion that they gave Lucky. Lucy and Damian discuss their bet at the party. Lucy goes over the list of women that she could get to have him try to seduce. Sean and Tiffany let Felicia know about Lucky who immediately becomes concerned. Sean knew that Tiffany had been lying with the story she had told him at the hospital and wanted to know what she had REALLY been doing outside Sonny's lounge. Tony fills Luke and Laura in on the procedure and they had to remove Lucky's spleen but he'll be just fine, he has stabilized, and he'll be on a ventilator to help him recover faster. Bobbie and Mac leave Luke and Laura with Lucky in his room and go celebrate with their friends but ask them to  call if they need them. Ned kisses Lois and continues flirting with her until he has to leave to join the band and being the countdown to midnight as 1993 goes out and they ring in 1994. The scene switches to the Outback and Mac continues the countdown with Mac, Felicia, and Kevin celebrating. Damian suggest to Lucy that she pack in the bet as she wouldn't win, Tiffany kisses Sean, then Bobbie and Tony arrive and tell Mac and Felicia that Lucky survived the surgery. Laura sits by Lucky's bedside as a devastated Luke stands outside the room looking in through the window. Laura goes to him and takes him in her arms as Luke holds her and cries with fear and guilt.

January 3, 1994 - Kevin meets his brother they talk about their mother and what it would be like if they had kids.  His brother told him to go for it with Felicia because Mac could hardly stand in his way.  Mac and Felicia talk as they clean up from the Party. Felicia tells him that there was no reason for him to be jealous of anyone. Ruby questioned Luke on what really happened at the Docks with the mugging. He filled her in. Luke tells her that Laura blames him for what has happened to Lucky.  Laura doesn't want Tony to hold back on anything concerning Lucky's condition. Jagger had a couple friends over for his birthday.  Gina and Mike argue in front of Jaggar because they can't stand each other and who was better than who, Karen showed up and Gina asked how she knew her brothers. Karen tells her that Mike really helped him.  Karen and Jagger talked about his family once Gina and Mike left.  Rhonda saw Alan at GH, she made sure that he didn't think that she purposely tried to see him but she was really there to see a friend that just had surgery. He told her she looked good and she said the same to you. She admits that she sometimes makes up a voive in her head, his and tells him that shes had a dream that he was really there when Ray beat him up. She asked him if he was there and he said he wished he was but he was the dinner. Monica came up on their conversation. Alan tells Monica that he thinks she is starting to remember.
     Laura is with Lucky when Luke comes up. Luke says the worst is over but Laura tells him he doesn't know that since there are no guarantees. They argue about if and when Lucky will ever walk again. Luke needs to hold on to any chance that he has that his son will be ok.  They argue about him working for Frank Smith also. Monica tells Alan not to worry because they will just head off when a disaster dooms. She thinks he needs to use his friendship to make sure she knows where her loyalties are. Monica will not lose him again and she wants to keep him in her bed even if that means she has to trust him with Rhonda Wexler to keep his freedom. Karen thinks Jaggar will make a good cop. They talk about his brother & sister and how it was between them especially since they were all together on his birthday. Kevin comes in and orders a drink from Mac they chat a bit. Mac asks about his brother. Mac tells him to stop going after Felicia otherwise he was going to rip off his head. And that he needs to stay away from her.  Ruby asks Jaggar for a favor interrupting him and Karen. Karen leaves telling him that hes a sweet man. Rhonda sees Amy they talk. Amy was like I announced Scottys engagement at that party and yea Alan was there since he was the guest of honor. After Rhonda leaves amy says come to think of it Alan was late. Lucky wakes up with Luke and Laura by his side wants to know where he was. Laura tells him he'll be ok and Luke tells him to listen to her because she knos what sshes talking about.  Both Luke and Laura are relieved that's hes on his way to recovery.

January 4, 1994 - Brenda tells Lila comes into the den they talk about the family party. They talk about how she wouldn't want any issues by getting involved with either of hier grandsons.  Brenda says her social life is a mess and that she needs to find a man that will sweep her off her feet which Lila thinks is a sweet idea of an old fashioned romance. They talk about what kind of a man she needs that isn't a Quartermaine. Ned comes in and talks to Damian about business when Edward comes in and tells him that there are some serious business matters that need his attention so he tries dragging him off and tells him that if hes not at his desk in 5 minutes he will be taking him there. A.J thought that grandpa would be glad to see him and that he was off today so he was in charge of the hotel today. Ned has some crisis management to do at ELQ so he leaves.
     Brenda's in the bathtub has a fantasy sequence with various men in PC. First,  Ned comes in (looking quite corporate) and she asks about her portfolio. She pulls him in with her suit and all. Next, she imagines Sonny entering (looking very mobster like with a trenchcoat, hat, and a gun) demanding the diamonds she was wearing, she takes them off but drps them as shes about to hand them so he is now in the tub with her clothes and all making out. Next, Jagger enters (wearing only his boxing shorts) and when he tells her he has a date with Karen, she points out this is HER fantasy and imagines shooting him, then Jason enters. Finally, AJ then walks in and this time she realizes he isn't a dream!
     Katherine and Damian he thinks her proposal was ridiculous.  She thinks it's a simple legit business plan he wants her out of it and shes just trying to sell his idea to everyone in Port Charles since she can sell anything better than anyone he knows. She just wants an honest life.  He can give her ideas and points and she can sell it. Shes looking to establish herself in Port Charles.  He thinks she wants to cause him grief.  Edward and Ned at ELQ Edward doesn't think the suites with private workouts have made any difference in the success. He goes on about the plans on the toxic waste incinerator and who leaked it since it was discussed behind closed doors. Ned assured him that he would handle it. Edward said when he gets through this he has some more issues to deal with. Ned said he would do what he can but A.J left him stranded to take care of the hotel. Ned is going to Buffalo that evening to be with Lois which Edward knows nothing about. Ned introduces Edward to Katherine since he hired her to build up the Toxic waste incinerator. Katherine thinks this needs to be handled very carefully since there are people on both sides.  Edward thinks she can talk the talk. Katherine wants Edward to act like he knows nothing of this. Damian and Ned talk about Katherine with Edward. Edward comes into the den where Lila was in a good mood that has Lila wondering what put him in this mood. Edward fills her in on how Ned brought her in to do the work for the incinerator.  Lila wants to know about the presentation of Katherine's.  Ned and Katherine talk at the restaurant after Edward leaves. Ned thinks Edwards is attracted to her and sent him home laughing.  He then asks her out on a date.

January 5-11, 1994:  1/5, 1/6 Laura sees Frank Smith, 1/7 Laura meets Mary Mae, 1/10 Brenda to model for Deception, 1/11 Brenda uses Ned to make AJ jealous

January 5, 1994 - Damian and Lucy talk about their deal and him seducing the woman that she chose for him.  Damian thinks she can't come up with a woman and she's stalling which Lucy denies.  Sonny speaks to Frank Smith at the jail. Sonny fills him on the details of what has been happening and tells him that if it wasn't for Luke he would have been dead. Mr. Smith continues to question Sonny on what happened and he fills him in on what he does know, including informing him that Lucky got caught in the crossfire.  He orders Sonny to put the word out that its his territory and if it comes to worse then get the guys in hiding.  Tony examines Lucky as the whole family rallies around him to watch. Sean comes by to speak with Luke and Laura. He questions her about being on the docks. Ned comes in late and Lois yells at him. Lois tells him that the band is her life and she won't get left. Ned tells her that hes having fun with the band and with her so hes not leaving her. Tony and Bobbie go to Mac and Felicia's bar and let them know about Lucky.  Lucy decides on Bobbie as the woman that Damian should seduce. Sean and Tiffany go to Mac and  Felicia's also and they talk about Laura not changing his story. Mac and Sean also discuss the case of Luke and the docks. Sean thinks Luke and Sonny have some connection with Frank Smith. Sean wants Mac to help him with Luke to see if he can find anything out. Tiffany wants him to leave it alone but Sean wants to make sure nobody else gets hurt since it is HIS Job. Sonny talks with Luke and Laura tell them he saw Frank. Luke tells him Sean was there and wanted to know why he was on the docks with Laura and then Luke and Sonny speak privately in another room.  Sonny tells Luke about Franks Plans. Luke said they'll just have to watch their backs which sonny thinks is an understatement. Damian starts his work on Bobbie to seduce her. Tony comes back to the table and Damian tells him he was just asking about Lucky because he heard about it New Year's Eve. Tony warns him that anything connected to Lucy can be dangerous.

January 6, 1994 - Lucy and Damian meet for breakfast.  Lucy thinks that keeping busy is keeping her mind off Scott and the baby.  He wants to know what her plans were for the day. Lucy wants to bounce ideas off him at Deception but she doesn't want to take awesy from his time with the bet. He thinks it'll be easy to seduce Bobbie which she thinks is going to be impossible. Laura and Sonny go to see Frank Smith.  Laura tells him that he has left her no other option but to tell him that the last 10 years he has driven them out of their homes and even the country but hes always managed to find them and left them with nowhere to hide. He wants to know if he was supposed to feel sorry for her. She  continues to tell him what she thinks. Bobbie wants to know if Luke would want to tell him what really happened on the docks. She tells him about her encounter with Damian. They sit in the GH lounge and talk about Frank Smith finding them once again. Damian would like to know if there was anyone that Lucy hadn't been married too.  He wants to know if Tony was the jealous type.  He thinks it would be better if she would just sell him her shares which Lucy disagrees.  Ned comes in and waits at a table for Katherine but as he waits he calls Lois wishing he was there with her and they discuss things for the band. Ned and Katherine talk about their deal and how their going to target the elementary grade levels for the kids to get through to their parents. Ned loves her idea since it's a family value kind of thing. One of Lucky's friends comes by to see him while Luke is there. Laura tells Frank Smith that he owes them since Luke saved his life since they've earned their right to walk safely and freely.

January 7, 1994 - No Commercials - AJ ticks Brenda off by telling her that he was only toying with her when he barged in on her in the Q bathtub the other day. He only dates women not girls. Luke wants an explanation from Sonny about why he took Laura to see Frank Smith. Sonny explains he had no choice, as Laura would have gone alone if he hadn't agreed. Luke wants Sonny to tell Frank to call off the babysitters that he has watching his family. But later, Luke agrees to Frank's protection as long as Laura knows nothing about it. Felicia wants to take Laura to meet Mary Mae Ward. Brenda thinks someone should teach AJ a lesson and she knows just the teacher. Karen has another session with Gail. Karen still feels that she is not worthy of Jagger's love. Brenda and Lila have a chat about men. Laura meets Mary Mae. (Note: first appearance by Rosalind Cash) Bobbie tells Luke about Damian coming on to her and if she was able to get close to Damian she could get information from him on Frank for Luke. Luke hates the idea. Laura offers to help Mary Mae with all the children she is fostering and caring for. Brenda wants in on Ned's plan to torture and humiliate AJ. Brenda wants Ned to shower her with attention and presents. Lucky learns that he still can't move his legs after the accident.

January 10, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy is a real pill at Brenda's photo shoot for Deception. Felicia wants to plan a honeymoon with Mac. Mac is not keen to let Felicia help him with Sean's request for him to cozy up to Luke to find out his deal with Frank Smith. Tony explains to Lucky why he can't walk for now. Luke tells Laura that the time has come for him to sit down with Frank. Brenda tells Lucy that she would love to get involved in the business side of Deception. Bobbie tells Tony about her plan to cozy up to Damian. Worried for Bobbie's safety, Tony hates the idea.  Brenda asks Lucy for tips on how to humble a Q man. Mac brings Lucky a gift at the hospital. When Mac offers him his services if he is ever in a bind, Luke tells him to stay out of his business. Brenda asks Lila advice on her future plans beyond modeling. Damian tells Lucy about his lunch date with Bobbie. Lucy insists she knows Bobbie and that Damian will never seduce her. Lucy interrupts Damian lunch date with Bobbie. Once Damian gets rid of her, he and Bobbie get to know each other. Mac tells Felicia that Luke blew him off. Felicia offers to have a chat with Laura. Luke goes to visit Frank Smith in prison.

January 11, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke meets with Frank Smith to end their private war. Tony asks Monica her opinion about Damian Smith. Monica learns that Damian is Frank's son. Luke and Frank make a deal for Luke to bring a few more of his contacts into the country. Luke wants to know how much work has to be done before the slate is clean between them. Felicia visits Lucky and Laura. Laura sees right through Felicia's fishing around her. Jagger teaches Karen some Italian. Ned and Brenda get cozy at the Grill to make AJ take notice. Brenda tells Ned about her plan to get involved in the business end of Deception. Monica tells Edward about Damian's relation to Frank Smith. Edward informs Ned that Damian has bought his ELQ stock with dirty money. He and Ned will confront Damian and send him packing. Brenda answers Ned's cell phone call from Lois. Brenda tells her that this is Ned's phone and she has no idea who Eddie is. Luke tells Laura that he believes that Frank is planning an escape. Luke has to make Frank believe that he is on his side to help him but he assures Laura that Frank will never see the light of day.

January 12-19, 1994:  1/12, 1/13, 1/14, (Missing 1/17 ?), 1/18 Laura and Lucky are chased through GH by thugs, 1/19
*Note: One episode missing during this time frame, my best guess is it is the 1/17 episode, looks like it was pre-empted during an earthquake in southern cal.

January 12, 1994 - No Commercials - Tiffany tells Mac that Felicia will get nowhere with offering help to Laura as she can be as stubborn as Luke. Steve and Audrey have dinner with Kevin. Edward and Ned confront Damian about being Frank's son. Edward tries to make a deal with Damian but he is not game. Tony wants to know all about Bobbie's lunch with Damian. Bobbie tells him that she didn't find out anything useful. Tony does not like her sharing her past with Damian but she convinces him it is all business. Karen does some thinking about her and Jagger being official again. Kevin tells Steve and Audrey that he would like to head up of the psychiatrist department at GH. Damian lies to Ned and Edward telling him he did not go to his father for the money to buy his ELQ stock. Ned tries to smooth things over with Lois and he manages to get her to meet him at the hotel lounge in Rochester. Karen is ready to make love with Jagger. Ned lies to Lois telling her that Brenda is the daughter of a business associate of his. There is nothing between them. Lois lets him off the hook this time. Bobbie learns that Tony told Monica that Damian is related to Frank. Damian thinks Katherine was the one that spilled the beans to the Q's about his father. Karen and Jagger make love.

January 13, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda theories with AJ about who Lois is. AJ cannot believe Brenda could be interested in Ned. Ryan reads about Felicia's engagement in the paper. Ryan works his whole I am Kevin Collin's routine again with his psychiatrist. Mac is not too happy to see Kevin and Felicia sharing a dance. Lois books the Idle Rich on a audition for a record deal, but Ned tells he is not interested in recording a demo tape. Lois talks him into it. Alan is spooked after he has a dream about Sean arresting him for Ray's murder. Kevin gets word that Ryan has had a delusional episode. Edward meets with Lee to get him onboard to be all over the investigation of Damian. The Idle Rich audition for a record executive and he is interested. Lois is ticked when Ned steps into negotiate the deal. The Idle Rich get their record deal. Kevin meets with Ryan. Edward tells Ned that he is giving serous consideration to replacing him as CEO of ELQ. Ned assures him he does not have the votes to replace him.

January 14, 1994 - With Commercials - Ned lies to Brenda that he and Lois are only business. Jagger asks Karen to marry him. Frank's man who is watching over Laura and Lucky is taken out. Ned wants the truth from Damian about why he was not upfront with him. Sonny tells Luke about their next job for Frank in Brighton Beach. Damian smoothes things over with Ned and convinces him that they can still be partners to push his proposals through. Luke is very suspicious when Sonny tells him that the mission in Brighton is to secure a Russian troop transfer helicopter. Stone tells Sonny that Frank's lawyer, Phil Cusack's, been hit and they are next. Sonny presses Stone to go somewhere safe. Brenda tells AJ about her plan to get involved in business aspect of Deception. Sensing danger, Laura takes Lucky and tries to run. She has to carry the still wheelchair bound Lucky up the stairs on her back. AJ tells Jason that Brenda is using Ned to make him jealous. Jagger wants to keep the engagement to Karen a secret until he can buy her a ring.

January 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned agrees to put Damian's deception aside for the good of ELQ. Damian wants Ned to fire Katherine. Garfield's men search GH for Laura and Lucky. Luke and Sonny arrive at GH and search for Laura. They take out one of Garfield's men in the stairwell. Stone goes to Jagger for help telling him he needs a place to hide. Ned does not understand why Damian wants Katherine out. Damian convinces him that Lucy hates Katherine and they need Lucy to vote with them. Felicia hates Katherine and doesn't understand why Mac is being so nice to her. Mac accuses her of being jealous. Steve agrees to give Kevin a shot at a staff position in the psychiatry department. With Amy's help, Laura and Lucky are able to escape and Amy gets them out of the hospital in an ambulance. Ned tells Katherine she will not be working with ELQ anymore. Felicia and Mac learn Kevin got a job at GH. Felicia is glad Kevin will be staying around. Katherine confronts Damian about getting her fired. Luke and Laura make a plan to meet in a safe place.

January 19, 1994 - With Commercials - Damian tells Katherine that her firing was strictly business. Thinking it is the safest place that she knows, Laura asks Mary Mae if she and Lucky can stay with her for awhile. Sean learns that Garfield and his first lieutenant have been found dead. Sean puts out an APB on Luke.  Sonny meets with Frank about Garfield being dead and his men going back to their turf in Detroit. Frank thinks Damian may be an easy target now and Sonny is now his new bodyguard. Mary Mae tells Laura about the rest of the Ward family. Laura asks how Bradley died. She learns Bradley just disappeared after stirring things up in the community. An angry Luke is brought to Sean. A vengeful Katherine goes to Edward telling him that Damian had her fired for personal reasons. Katherine learns what a pivotal role Lucy has at the next board meeting on Damian's proposals. Damian is informed by Sonny that Frank has started a mob war and he now needs protection. Luke tells Laura that they are out of the middle as Garfield is dead.

January 20-26, 1994:  1/20 Felicia tells Kevin that Ryan killed his mother, 1/21, 1/24, 1/25 Damian steals evidence for Ray's murder from PCPD, 1/26 Idle Rich rehearse, Luke & Laura meet a Russian to buy a helicopter, L&L do russian dance

January 20, 1994 - No Commercials - Jagger is ready to buy Karen a proper engagement ring. Edward tells Alan that Scott gave his ELQ shares to Lucy. Now Edward wants Alan to show Lucy the wisdom of voting with them. Frank's mob war has hit the papers putting Damian in a sticky situation with Ned. Later Ned and Damian try and hustle Lucy for her vote at the meeting. Garcia tells Sean they have nothing new on the Conway case. Katherine will be giving her presentation at the board meeting but after that she is out after that. Karen picks out her ring. Damian confronts Frank about not laying low. Ned asks Katherine to dinner tomorrow night but then has to cancel when Lois calls. Edward and Alan work over Lucy for her vote. After seeing the paper, Jagger suspects that Stone is laying low because of the mob war. Lucy and Katharine at the Qs for the boarding meeting. Lucy taunts Katherine over being fired.

January 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda is surprised that Stone is hanging out at Kellys and Robin admits Stone is kinda cute. Brenda notices Karen's ring but all she will say is that the ring was a gift. The ELQ board meeting gets underway. Brenda quizzes Stone if he knows about Jagger and Karen being engaged. Robin learns that Stone is somewhat involved in the mob war. He likes her being straight with him and wants to see Robin again. Mac tells Kevin that if he believes Ryan had a real delusional episode than he is a fool. Felicia tells the unsuspecting Kevin that his mother was killed by Ryan. Kevin plans to confront Ryan. At the board meeting, Katherine plays her trump card that she owns .5 percent of Damian's stock and she shoots down the proposals. Kevin asks Ryan about killing their mother. Lucy tells Ned that all he has to do is wrap Katherine around his finger if he wants her vote. It is obvious she likes him. Kevin tells Felicia that his brother is brilliant and a monster. 

January 24, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke and Laura have a decision to make, stay in PC or go on the run again. Damian tells Ned that if he does decide to cozy up to Katherine that he needs to keep their goal in mind. Sean asks Rhonda if she remembers anything more about the night she was beaten. Rhonda blurts out Alan's name and then has to backtrack. Rhonda warns Alan that Sean now wants to ask him some more questions. Tiffany gives the Spencer's some kitchen things for the house. Luke and Laura agree that they have to wait for Frank to screw up in his escape. Sean mentions to Alan that a tuxedo is a match to the black fibers found at the scene of Ray's murder. Damian overhears Alan call to Monica about Ray's murder. Laura is worried that Luke can't live without danger in his life. Ned pays Katherine a visit at her apartment. Damian asks Sonny about Ray Conway. Damian wants a meeting with Sean outside the PCPD.

January 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Karen and Jagger's happiness bugs Brenda. Lucky makes some progress on walking. Damian gets dressed up in a disguise. Bobbie catches him coming out of his hotel and he covers. They make plans to meet for dinner tonight. Steve offers a letter of recommendation for Laura to take some classes at PCU for social work. Brenda wants Jason to find out if Karen is engaged. Laura asks Gail for help about her degree in social work. Posed as a FBI special agent Damian gets his hands on the Conway murder evidence. (Note: News report interruption during the scene) Karen and Jagger accidentally set the oven on fire at Kellys. Lucky meets a stray dog but Laura refuses to let Lucky keep him. Sonny informs Luke that he has a meeting in Brooklyn with an arms dealer. Laura helps out at Kellys with Karen and Jagger. Damian gives Sean $25,000 for the police athletic league. Luke tells Laura he is off to Brooklyn.

January 26, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois is not amused when Ned is late for a recording session with the Idle Rich. Luke assures Laura that his meeting with the arms dealer will be a piece of cake. Lucky tells Luke about the dog he wants. Jenny and Sly visit the Spencer's and invite Lucky to a sleepover at her apartment. Now with Lucky being taken care of for the night, Luke wants to take Laura with him to Brooklyn. Felicia and Mac receive a wedding present from Kevin and Felicia invites him to the wedding. Sean learns the Conway evidence has been taken. Felicia is curious what Bobbie is doing with Damian when they meet for dinner at The Outback. Sean reams his officers for letting the Conway evidence leave the building. Luke and Laura meet with Frank's arm dealer to negotiate a price for the helicopter. Laura helps Luke get a great price.

January 27 - February 2, 1994:  1/27 Damian tells Alan & Monica he knows Alan killed Ray, Laura gets GH staff to treat Foster after he is hit by a car, 1/28 Foster taken to vet hospital by ambulance 1/31 Ryan catches Kevin off guard and switches places with him leaving Kevin in the mental institution and Ryan free, 2/1, 2/2

January 27, 1994 - No Commercials - Sonny asks Luke if he can fly a helicopter. When Luke tells him in can't, their next mission is to find a pilot. Bobbie tells Tony she did not find much out from Damian. Damian tells Lucy that he defiantly has a chance with Bobbie to win their bet. Lucy wants to call the whole thing off but Damian doesn't think Lucy is the type of person to renege on a bet. Damian suspects Bobbie is after information on his father. Damian wants a meeting with Alan and Monica. Luke leaves for Virginia to find a pilot for the chopper. Lucy goes to Tony and asks about his marriage. She tells him about Bobbie's dinner with Damian and warns him about what Damian is capable of. Lucy tells Tony that Damian and Bobbie were the talk of The Outback the other night. Damian blackmails Alan and Monica with the Conway evidence. He wants their vote on his proposals at the next ELQ board meeting. Tony questions Bobbie about what she didn't tell him about her date with Damian. AJ learns that Damian has the Conway evidence. Lucky sees the dog that he befriend again and this time the dog is hit by a car.

January 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Laura gets help for the dog at GH. The dog needs a vet surgeon immediately. Kevin makes it clear to Ryan that he owes him nothing. He is not responsible for what happened to him. Kevin tells Ryan that Felicia is getting married next week. Mac tells Felicia he has planned their honeymoon to Australia. He surprises her with her ring as well. Karen tells Sean and Tiffany that she feels like she is getting her life back on track. Sean serves Alan with a search warrant. It boggles AJ's mind that if Sean lost all the evidence why does he want Alan's tuxedo. Laura and Lucky take the dog to a vet and he needs surgery. All of Kevin's compliments come off like put-downs to Mac. The dog makes it through surgery and Lucky wants to stay with him for the night. 

January 31, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucky begs Laura to be able to keep the dog. Mac and Felicia start to get wedding presents. Kevin meets Ryan in his room with no handcuffs this time. Ryan thanks Kevin for returning to see him even after what he told him. Laura agrees to let Lucky keep the dog if Luke is okay with it. Lois is ready for a massive publicity before the Idle Rich's record hits the store. Ned has to skip out of a re-recording session on one the bands songs as he has a dinner planned with Katherine. Lucky names his dog “Foster”. Ryan wants Kevin's help to get over his obsession with Felicia. He wants to confront Felicia. Ryan gets the upper-hand with Kevin, knocks him out, and switches places with him. Ned have dinner with Katherine and she tells him that there is no way she is switching sides regarding Damian's proposals. Lois looks into booking the Idle Rich in the PC Hotel and decides to go down there in person. Luke returns home to a growling Foster. Kevin wakes up in Ryan's bed at the mental hospital. The guards do not believe his story that Ryan has escaped. Ryan shows up at The Outback and sees Felicia and Mac through the window,

February 1, 1994 - No Commercials - Foster leaves a little present in Luke's boot. Alan tells AJ he has no intention of rolling over for a shake down artist like Damian. Katherine joins Ned for breakfast at the PC Grill. Ned wants to offer Katherine a PR job at the hotel. Lois arrives at the PC Hotel and meets AJ at the desk. Alan meets with Damian and tells him he would rather take his chances with the police than cave to him. Ned sees Lois come into The Grill with AJ and has to hightail it out there before she sees him. Lois sees Ned in the PC Hotel lobby and tells him she is trying to book the band into the hotel. Mary Mae visits Laura to see her old house and Mary Mae shares more of her memories with Laura. AJ books the Idle Rich for the hotel. Ned tells Lois there is no way he can play there but she will not take no for an answer. Luke and Mary Mae get to know each other. Luke learns she was a singer.

February 2, 1994 - No Commercials - AJ pays Luke to steal the Conway evidence Damian stole from the PCPD. Kevin is still having no luck convincing the guards he is not Ryan. Ryan shows up at Felicia's apartment telling her that Ryan was very agitated after he learned she was getting married. Felicia notices a change in “Kevin”. Rhonda notices Karen's ring and Karen admits to being engaged. Rhonda is not happy as she thinks they are making a big mistake. Ryan is sedated after going another round with the guards about how he is not Ryan. Luke pays Damian a visit to take a look around his hotel room. Ned tells AJ that booking the Idle Rich into The Grill was a mistake. “Kevin” moves his stuff into his office at GH. Edward learns that AJ booked a rock band into the hotel and nixes it to Ned's relief.

February 3-9, 1994:  2/3, 2/4 Bachelor party and Girl's party continue, 2/7 Fingerprints prove he is Kevin and he is released,  2/8 Mac & Fe's wedding begins, Kevin arrives to confront Ryan (who has a bomb), 2/9 Mac subdues Ryan, Paul & Jenny marry instead when Mac is injured

February 3, 1994 - No Commercials - Bobbie is planning a bachelorete party for Felicia at The Grill. Luke wants Bobbie to get Damian out of his hotel suite tonight. Bobbie will have her hands full with Felicia's party but agrees. Felicia moves her stuff into Mac's house. Rhonda sets up a meeting with Tiffany to see if she can convince Karen to not marry Jagger. Tiffany thinks that Rhonda should back off and give Karen some space. Jagger and Karen tell Stone about their engagement. Damian gloats to Lucy that Bobbie called and asked him out this time. “Kevin” arrives at the Scorpio house and he has a present for Mac. Some books on relationships. Bobbie and Damian meet for a drink while Luke breaks into his safe in his hotel suite. Karen learns that Tiffany knows she is engaged as her mother told her. Robin confronts Brenda about telling Stone to stay away from her. Felicia and Mac bachelor/bachelorette parties get underway. “Kevin” shows up uninvited to Mac's bachelor poker game at Sean's. Luke is almost caught by Damian in his suite.

February 4, 1994 - With Commercials - Felicia arrives at The Grill for her party. Luke is able to sneak out of Damian's suite. Felicia is happy that Laura made it to the party. The ladies at Felicia's party compare chocolate with men. Tiffany lets it slip that Karen and Jagger are engaged. Brenda tells Karen she is happy for her. Luke hands over the Conway evidence to AJ. Jenny tells the ladies that Paul's divorce was finalized today. “Kevin” is taking the guys for quit a ride in poker. Lucy asks Bobbie about her dates with Damian and warns her. Bobbie suspects it was Lucy that went to Tony and planted ideas in his head. When Luke arrives at the poker game he suspects “Kevin” has been cheating. Luke wants to rattle his cage. Damian tells Lucy she has been cheating by warning Bobbie about him. AJ decides to not share the fact with Alan that he has the Conway evidence when Alan tells him he does not want his help. “Kevin” accuses Luke of cheating and storms out. “Kevin” arrives at The Grill and offers Felicia a ride home after her party. He weirds Felicia out and she wants to know what is wrong with him. Kevin tries to prove it to Ryan's doctor that Ryan is out on the streets and Felicia is in danger.

February 7, 1994 - No Commercials - Sonny tells Luke about their next job for Frank on Long Island Sound. Day of Felicia and Mac's wedding. Mac shows up at Felicia's apartment but she refuses to see him, as it is bad luck. Ryan readies a bomb in his hotel room. Kevin gets Ryan's doctor to run a fingerprint check on him. Paul and Jenny sign a prenuptial agreement and Paul wants to get married on Valentine's Day. Sean arrives at the mental hospital and Kevin recounts the first day he meet Sean. Kevin's fingerprints come back and Sean knows that he is telling the truth. Ryan arrives at the church. Luke and Sonny get into character on their way to Long Island. Sean gets into a car accident while trying to alert Garcia about Ryan. Felicia and her bridesmaids arrive at the church. Stone makes an appearance at the church much to Robin's delight. With Sean awol, Tony takes his place as Mac's best man.

February 8, 1994 - No Commercials - An unconscious Sean has a head injury and is take to the hospital. Kevin returns to his hotel suite and a finds wiring material on the floor left behind by Ryan. Ned and Lois are interrupted in the shower by Lois's mother. Ned meets Gloria. Gloria is less than thrilled Lois is dating another musician. Mac and Felicia's wedding gets underway. Monica tells Alan that Damian has called another board meeting for a revote on his proposals. Alan is still refusing to cave to Damian. Kevin rushes to get a cab to the church. Gloria wants to know all about Ned's family. Ned really charms her. AJ assures Monica that everything will be fine where Damian's blackmail is concerned. She wants to know how he can be so sure. Everyone freaks out when Kevin arrives at the church. Lois tells Gloria she is serious about Ned but she is not ready to say “I love you” yet.  Kevin and Ryan get into a physical fight right in the aisle of the church. Laura gets all the children out of the church.

February 9, 1994 - No Commercials - Ryan takes Felicia hostage and it is revealed he has a bomb. Luke and Sonny pose as two Italians to get Frank's contact off a boat. Mac takes Ryan out and Paul saves the day by getting the bomb out of the church. After the commotion, Ryan tries to make a break for it. Edward tries to get Ned to change his position on Damian's proposals. Ryan and Mac after fighting go off the balcony rail of the church. Ryan is arrested but Mac is okay and only has a broken arm. With Mac out of commission, he suggests Paul and Jenny get married. Paul asks Sly to be his best man. Luke and Sonny get Frank's contact, Dr Gary, and are on their way back to PC. Jenny and Paul's wedding.

February 10-16, 1994:  2/10 Wedding reception at the Outback, 2/11, 2/14 Maxie gets sick, 2/15 Valentine's Day, Brenda & Sonny see each other at the car dealership, Brenda buys a new red car, Brenda has a Sonny fantasy, 2/16

February 10, 1994 - No Commercials - Jenny and Paul's wedding continued. Sean is okay after his car accident and getting stitches in his head at GH. He makes a phone call wanting Ryan transferred to a federal prison out of NY if possible. Mac is brought into GH with his broken arm. Monica is ready to give her vote to Damian if Alan won't give his. Alan tells her that if they go along with Damian they will be in his back pocket forever. Paul and Jenny have their reception at The Outback. Bobbie thanks Laura for getting the kids out of the church so quickly. Frank's claustrophobic contact is driving Luke and Sonny nuts on the car ride back to PC. Paul gives a beautiful toast to Jenny. Before the Q board meeting, Lucy fills the Qs in on Jenny and Paul getting married. Laura offers to watch Sly while Paul and Jenny are on their honeymoon in Fiji. Stone flirts with Robin at the reception. Dave Kotz plays while Jenny and Paul's enjoy their first dance. Despite his hairline fracture of the skull, Mac wants to marry Felicia right at the hospital. Alan refuses to cave to Damian and does not change his vote on the proposals. Luke plants Dr. Gary at a suite at the PC Hotel. Mac has a seizure.

February 11, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke tells Laura he plans to find out why a person like Dr. Gary would be important to Frank Smith. Tony tells Felicia that Mac has an inflammation of the brain that caused the seizure. Damian checks his safe and learns the evidence is gone. Alan and Monica learn that AJ had someone steal the Conway evidence. He burrowed $100,00 to pay a pro from one of the hotel accounts. Damian calls AJ wanting to see him now. Laura visits Mary Mae to volunteer with the children. Luke checks in on Dr. Gary and finds him trying to jump out the hotel window. Mac is awake and Tony tells Felicia that he will be fine. Damian threatens AJ telling him he has no idea who he has messed with. Luke threatens Dr. Gary with Foster ripping his arms off unless he tells him what exactly he is going to do for Frank. Luke learns that Dr. Gary is a plastic surgeon due to operate on Frank in a private clinic in Lake Placid in a few weeks. Alan covers AJ's $100,000 he took from the hotel. Luke tells Laura his plan where Frank is concerned.

February 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Kevin sees Ryan again and angrily confronts him for taking advantage of him. Dr. Gary shows up at Sean and Tiffany's penthouse looking for the commissioner. AJ tells Alan that even though the evidence is gone, Damian is not going to go away. Claiming it is safe, AJ refuses to hand over the Conway evidence to Alan. Alan thinks AJ is keeping the evidence to hold over him. Ned tells Edward that $100,000 is missing from the hotel account and that AJ took it. AJ gives Ned and AJ the check from Alan to reimburse the $100,000 but refuses to give them any details on why he took it. Kevin says goodbye to Ryan for good. Alan pays Damian a visit telling him to drop the whole Conway issue. Laura learns that a doctor paid Sean a visit this morning. Kevin visits Mac at the hospital and apologies for believing that Ryan could change. Monica sends Alan over to talk with Ned and Edward about not badgering AJ about the money. Once again Alan tells them nothing about why AJ took the money. It is repaid and the matter should be dropped. Luke learns that Dr. Gary cracked and went to Sean. Felicia gets word that Maxie is sick with a fever.

February 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda looks at buying a new car at a dealership where she runs into Sonny. For Valentine's Day, Luke and Lucky have Laura play the game “Is Your Heart in The Right Place” with prizes being kitchen appliances for the house. Mac is home from the hospital. Felicia tells Mac that Maxie has conjunctivitis. Felicia gives Mac his present of Jenny's shares of The Outback that she bought. Brenda and Sonny flirt at the car dealership. Ned poses for photos for the cover of the Idle Rich album. Ned does not want his face on the cd cover. Mac learns how Felicia financed the shares of The Outback against her credit cards. Maxie gets a Valentines Day gift from Frisco. Ned tells Lois he loves her but she is reluctant to say it back. Brenda has a fantasy about Sonny. Luke gives Laura diamond earrings but they are interrupted by Sonny showing up at the house. Sony tells Luke that Frank knows Dr. Gary went to Sean and he suspects it was Luke who convinced him to do it.

February 16, 1994 - No Commercials - Sonny knows Luke threatened Dr Gary with Foster. Luke wants Sonny to trust him with the details of Frank's breakout plan. To convince Frank that he is not stabbing him in the back, Luke wants to break Frank out of prison himself. Ned and Damian plan to charm Katherine and Lucy. Katherine tells Edward her PR plan for the hotel. Jagger wants to take Rhonda to dinner to clear up a few things. Luke tells Laura his plan to spring Frank and then hope Frank gets caught. Luke gives Laura money from the job he did for AJ to Ward House. Ned treats Katherine to dinner while Damian does the same with Lucy. Lucy is so onto Damian and his sweet-talking of her but she lets him continue, as she likes to watch him work. Laura gives Mary Mae the money from Luke. Laura asks Mary Mae if she can take a work assignment at Ward House to work toward her social work degree. Ruby visits Luke and he tells her that it will take some slick moves to get from underneath Frank's thumb. Jagger takes Rhonda to The Grill. He tells her that he plans to do everything he can to make sure his and Karen's future is a happy one. Rhonda thanks him for making an effort with her. Katherine wants to go away with Ned for the weekend but he turns her down saying that he is too busy. Damian sets up another date with Bobbie.

February 17-23, 1994:  2/17 Lucy meets Kevin, 2/18 Miguel arrives (Ricky Martin) (bad spot at end of epi), 2/21, 2/22, 2/23

February 17, 1994 - No Commercials - Tony thinks that Bobbie has planned an evening for them but she is all dressed up for dinner with Damian. Lucy meets Kevin for the first time and she flirts with him. Sonny arrives at the Q mansion to see Brenda. He meets Lila. When Sean arrives to return Alan's tux, he questions why Sonny is there. Ned tells AJ he is not off the hook for the money he took from the hotel. One more screw up and AJ is history. Bobbie and Damian get a chilly reception when they meet for dinner at The Outback. Sonny invites Brenda to dinner. Sean warns Lila that Sonny is no gentleman and is trouble. Sean returns Alan's tux to Monica. Lois tells Ned that her mother wants him to come to Brooklyn for dinner and meet the family. When Sonny and Brenda show up at the Grill for dinner, AJ questions what Brenda is going with a crook like Sonny. Damian somewhat strikes out with Bobbie. Sonny and Brenda get to know each other. Brenda is intrigued by him. Bobbie returns home late to a waiting angry Tony. They get into a fight and she decides to sleep in the guest room.

February 18, 1994 - No Commercials - AJ warns Brenda against Sonny again. Brenda thinks Sonny might just have a hidden soul and she is just the woman to bring it out in him. AJ tells her she is being stupid and Jason has to break up their shouting match. Rhonda admits to Karen that she is coming around where Jagger is concerned. Jagger is getting ready to take his GED test. Luke visits Frank and tries to convince him he did not blow the plan with Dr. Gary. Luke offers Frank help in getting out of prison. Jason agrees with AJ that Brenda should not be seeing Sonny. Lila and Brenda have a heart to heart about Sonny. Lila warns her not to see Sonny again. Jagger is ready to throw Sonny out of Kellys when he finds him waiting for a meeting with Luke. Ruby agrees to tolerate Sonny but warns him not to double cross Luke. As part of his plan, Luke needs Sonny to have Frank transferred to the Williams Federal Prison in Albany. Brenda turns down Sonny's offer to take a drive with him. Sonny accuses her of running away from a challenge. At GH, Karen tries to help a Latin woman, Anita, who is on drugs and pregnant. Orderly Miguel Morez comes to her rescue. (Note: first appearance by Ricky Martin) Mary Mae shows Luke the good things that his money has done for the Ward House. Jagger warns Brenda to stay away from Sonny. (Note: Glitchy picture during the scene)

February 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Anita threatens to jump from a window at GH. Karen and Miguel try and talk her down. Sean gets a sketch of the bogus FBI agent that stole the Conway evidence. Damian gloats to Lucy that although it looked like he struck out with Bobbie, it is only a matter of time before he gets her into his bed. Damian suspects that Bobbie is tired of her routine and looking for fun. Lucy regrets picking Bobbie. Tony asks Monica if she passed on the news to the Qs that Damian is Frank's son. Monica tells Tony that she dislikes Damian and finds him completely untrustworthy. Sean and Garcia do not believe the Qs would send a hired imposter into the PCPD. Tiffany thinks that the man in the police sketch looks familiar. Brenda pesters Lucy about getting involved with the business side of Deception again. Brenda gets flowers from Sonny. Lucy warns Brenda that she made a mistake with a dangerous man before too and thinks Brenda should be careful. Brenda seems to heed Lucy's advice but then calls Sonny to thank him for the flowers and she accepts a date with him. Stone tells Sonny about Karen's engagement. Sean and the PCPD arrive at GH. Bobbie and Tony go another round on Damian. Just when it looks like Karen has managed to talk Anita off the ledge, Karen loses her footing and goes off the side of building.

February 22, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel and Sean manage to snag Karen off the ledge. Felicia refuses to let Mac help her get a lower interest loan to pay off the shares of The Outback she bought for him. It was a gift and Felicia intends to pay her loan off herself. Ryan walks in on them fighting about money and offers some pre-martial counseling. Miguel finally talks Anita off the ledge. Lois has Ned study the Cerullo family tree. Jagger learns that Karen was almost hurt at GH. Kevin does a little role reversal exercise with Mac and Felicia. Tiffany interviews Karen and Miguel on their heroics. Jagger arrives at GH worried about Karen. Jagger thanks Miguel for saving Karen's life. Jagger almost misses his GED test. Felicia wants to book live entertainment on Friday nights for The Outback. Felicia learns Maxie has a fever of 104 and she wants to take her to GH.

February 23, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned meets Lois's family at a dinner in Brooklyn. Luke makes an ID to get into the prison. Luke and Sonny have to decide where to stash Frank after they break him out. While exploring, Laura, Lucky, and Sly find an abandoned mill. Ned offends the Cerullos by telling them he is Yankee's fan. The Qs enjoy the Yankee game on TV. Karen learns Miguel is from Puerto Rico. While Felicia waits for Simone to check out Maxie, she and Tony talk Bobbie and Damian. Despite his Yankee fandom, Ned wows Mark, Lois's brother, with his baseball knowledge. Ned has to cover when Lois's cousin, Gerald, recognizes him as Ned Ashton. Laura tells Sonny and Luke that she found a place for Frank to lay low in after they break him out of prison. Sony asks Laura if Luke plans to double cross Frank. Steve promotes Miguel to work in the ER. Simone sends Maxie home with what she believes is a viral infection but she will know more when the blood work comes back. Luke and Laura check out the mill.

February 24 - March 1, 1994:  2/24, 2/25, 2/28, 3/1, 3/2

February 24, 1994 - No Commercials - Laura tells Luke she lied to Sonny about his plan for Frank. AJ has a few words of warning for Sonny when he comes to pick up Brenda at the Q mansion for their date. AJ can't believe Brenda is serious about Sonny. Stone shows up to see Robin at the Scorpio house. Stone meets Mac and he is not too thrilled to see Robin with Stone hanging out together and asks Stone to leave. Robin is angry with Mac for not trusting her judgment. Stone comes back and he and Robin sneak out her bedroom window together. AJ comes up with a clever idea for a real estate venture with Edward. Felicia is worried as Maxie is getting worse. Sonny and Brenda share a kiss in his car but after she asks him to take her home. Luke runs the prison break plan by Laura and Ruby. Robin and Stone shoot some stick at Jakes. Even though they are not drinking they get carted and the bar owner calls Mac. Sonny gives Brenda a rain-check on dinner. Mac grounds Robin for a week. Luke tells Ruby that he will have to kill Frank himself in the breakout.

February 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Gloria wants to know when she will get to meet Ned's family. Robin tries to appeal her grounding but Mac does not change his position. Felicia reminds Mac that Robin is a teenager and that if he forbids her to see Stone that will only make her want to see him more. AJ tells Edward he can't win against Damian and their real estate venture is the only way. Edward wants to consult Jack Bolend. Ned makes up a story about his mother for Gloria and Lois's benefit. Damian tries to make peace with Katherine and warns her to back off Ned. Jack, Edward, and AJ decide to start a holding company to buy up all the real estate for the incinerator. Jack suggests Charles Street. Kevin surprises Mac when he agrees that he did the right thing when it came to Robin. They argue however. Felicia hates Kevin and Mac animosity toward each other. Katherine makes a play for Ned and they kiss in his hotel suite. Lois has a dream about how successful the Idle Rick will be. Gloria thinks that Lois should accept Ned as a salesman and not try and change him.

February 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke and Sonny get their plan ready for the prison break. Sonny needs a man he can trust with his life to drive one of the getaway cars. Karen gets a full scholarship from Northwestern but they know she was dropped from the pre-med program at GH and they want a letter from her supervisor explaining why. Laura helps out at Ward House. Mac pages Simone and she agrees to come over to their house to check on the still not better Maxie. Luke does not like Sonny's suggestion that Stone be in on the plan. Jagger wants Karen to go to Chicago as he will follow her anywhere. Sonny meets with Frank and tells him everything is set. Frank wants Sonny to whack Luke when the job is done. Sonny thinks that would be a bad idea as it would bring unnecessary heat back to Frank. Jagger asks Sean about getting into the Chicago police academy. Simone wants Maxie admitted into GH. Jagger sweet-talks a clerk for his GED results early. Jagger wants to marry Karen next week. Being so emotional, Laura thinks she may be pregnant. Sonny tells Luke that they have to do the prison break right with no surprises as he would hate to have to take him out.

March 1, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois calls Ned with the news that the Idle Richs's new cd is printed and ready for the stores. Karen asks Alan for a letter to Northwestern and he agrees to go to bat for her again. Laura tells Luke that she is pregnant. Sonny asks Stone to be apart of his next “major operation”. Karen asks Gail for a recommendation for a therapist in Chicago to continue her therapy. Ned sees the cd cover and is upset that some of the face is noticeable. Lois tells him that people will be getting to know Eddie Maine soon and he better get used to it. Lois presses him to meet some of his family. Karen tells Rhonda about Northwestern but Rhonda is not too thrilled about her and Jagger getting married next week. Jagger asks Stone to be his best man but the wedding is next Saturday and that is same day Sonny asked him to help him. Luke tells Ruby that Laura is pregnant. The plan to hit Frank is still on before he waxes him. Karen tells Jagger and Ruby that Rhonda will not be at the wedding as she disapproves. Ned agrees to the cd cover as is for now.

March 2, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned buys all the Idle Rich cds at a local record store. Damian tells Lucy he has a new plan where Bobbie is concerned. He wants to invite Bobbie to a weekend in Atlantic City. Simone tells Felicia that Maxie's test results show nothing conclusive yet. Ryan brings Maxie a stuffed bunny rabbit. Damian asks Bobbie to Atlantic City to visit his sister's Jennifer, casino that she runs with her husband. Brenda gets her hands on the last remaining copy of the Idle Rich's cd. AJ insults Katherine and her PR campaign for the hotel. Ned comes to her defense. Bobbie tells Tony about Damian invitation to Atlantic City. Tony informs her that if she goes she can expect not to come home to him. Ned walks in on Brenda playing her new Idle Rich album in the Q den. He secretly confiscates it. With Maxie's fever back down, Simone gives the all clear for her to go back home. Bobbie turns down Damian's invite and apologies to Tony.

March 3-9, 1994:  3/3, 3/4, 3/7 Bobbie wants to revive the Nurse's Ball, 3/8 Karen's wedding shower, 3/9 Jagger's bachelor party

March 3, 1994 - No Commercials - Steve and Audrey suggest to Mac and Felicia they hire Miguel. Karen and Jagger plan their wedding reception. Lucky learns that he is going to have a sibling. Luke and Laura learn just how much Lucky knows about sex and babies. Lucky assumes that the baby means they are safe. Robin and Brenda learn that Karen and Jagger will be married next week and they are leaving PC. Karen asks Robin to stand up for her. Rhonda goes to GH wanting to speak with Gail. She runs into Alan. Alan thinks that Rhonda should let Karen make her own choices. Brenda runs into Sonny at Kelly and joins him for lunch. Lois speaks with Mac and books the Idle Rich for a gig at The Outback. Mac and Felicia hire Miguel to bartend. Jagger persuades Rhonda to come to the wedding. Rhonda wants to make Karen's wedding dress.

March 4, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy is ready for Damian to admit he lost their bet. The deadline is up and Lucy wants her one share of ELQ stock that he owes her. Lois is planning a road trip tour for the Idle Rich to include Port Charles. Ned tries to convince her that Port Charles is not a rock and roll type town. Laura learns more about Mary Mae's family. She tells Laura about Justus. Edward and AJ talk to Lee about their real estate venture. Tony comes home to a romantic evening set up by Bobbie. Damian tells Lucy that even though he lost the bet he wants to continue seeing Bobbie. He offers Lucy double or nothing, two more months and one more share of ELQ stock if he can't close the deal with Bobbie. Ned learns that Lois booked him into The Outback. He tells her there is no way can he play there as PC is his base of operations for his day job. Laura tells Mary Mae about Frank Smith. Lucy agrees to an extension of the bet.

March 7, 1994 - No Commercials - Karen and Jagger want to get married at the botanical garden's conservatory. Ned has a bad dream about performing in front of everyone in PC. Damian tells Bobbie he is extremely infatuated with her. Bobbie tells him to back off but she does not seem to get through to him. Lois refuses to cancel The Outback gig. Karen and Jagger invite Miguel to the wedding. Damian asks Amy and Meg out to breakfast. (Note: Meg has been re-casted with Lisa Canning) Damian wants to honor the nurses of GH in a public way. He learns about how Bobbie wants to revive the Nurses's Ball. Brenda finds Ned in a record store buying more copies of The Idle Rich's cd. She pegs Ned for the lead singer of the band. Lucy and Kevin get to know each other over cheese danishes at Kellys. At the Outback, Ned tells Brenda the whole story about how he got to be the lead singer of the Idle Rich. Brenda meets Miguel. Brenda plans on holding that fact that she knows who Eddie Maine is over Ned's head for a while. Damian goes to Audrey wanting to underwrite the entire cost of the Nurse's Ball. Damian wants Bobbie to chair the event. Brenda clues the Qs in on the Idle Rich playing at The Outback soon.

March 8, 1994 - No Commercials - Rhonda is slaving over Karen's wedding dress. Sonny tells Damian that all bases are covered when it comes to the breakout. Frank tells Sonny that he is for sure going to have to take out Luke. Luke and Laura make a contingent plan just in case something goes wrong with Luke's plan. Sean tells Jagger that he has been accepted into the Chicago police academy. Rhonda and Ruby throw Karen a surprise shower at Kelly's. Sonny swears to Laura that Luke will return home safely to her. He learns she is pregnant. Sean and Jagger crash the shower with his good news about the academy. Jagger thanks Ruby for taking a chance on him. Jason gives Jagger a gift. Katherine and Ned go to Edward about AJ not wanting her to be a consultant to the hotel. Edward tells them not to worry about AJ and hires Katherine. Edward thinks Ned should pursue Katherine. Sonny tells Luke the plan is set (Note: Glitchy picture for a few seconds) Sonny warns Luke when Frank gets out not to turn his back on him.

March 9, 1994 - No Commercials - Rhonda works to finish the details on Karen's wedding dress. Robin and Karen hang out with Karen the night before the wedding. The men of PC take Jagger out to The Outback for his bachelor party. Audrey asks Bobbie to chair the revived Nurse's Ball. Bobbie learns the money to underwrite the ball came from Damian. Lucy asks Kevin out on a date. Lucy and Kevin's first date at The Outback. After Ned starts complaining again about the PC gig, Lois wants to know if Ned is in or out when it comes to the band. Jagger thanks Alan for all his help for Karen. Felicia warns Ryan about Lucy. Bobbie confronts Damian telling him she is not for sale. Damian apologies and Bobbie does not want GH to suffer so she agrees to think about chairing the ball. Karen, Brenda, and Robin crash Jagger's bachelor party. Ned agrees to play the PC gig. Damian busts in on Lucy and Kevin's date. Bobbie tells Tony that she wants to decline to chair the ball due to Damian's involvement. He thinks she should do it, as it would benefit GH. Robin and Stone share a kiss outside of The Outback.

March 10-16, 1994:  3/10 Maxie diagnoised, 3/11 Sonny is shot while trying to break Frank out of jail, 3/14 Brenda & Sonny car crash, 3/15, 3/16 Brenda nurses Sonny

March 10, 1994 - No Commercials - Felicia wants to take Maxie back to GH as her fever has spiked again and she has a rash. Robin warns Jagger that Stone told her he had a very important job to do today and she is worried about him. Jagger wants to go looking for Stone and finds him at The Paradise Lounge. Rhonda gives Karen a bracelet she got from her mother. Jagger presses Stone to hang with him before the wedding. Stone tells him he can't. Simone tells Felicia that Maxie's conjunctivitis is getting worse. Luke puts on a wig for his disguise as a federal marshal. Not believing Stone when he says he is just going to get him a wedding gift, Jagger tails him. Mac thinks Felicia should contact Frisco, but she does not know how to get in contact with him. Robin helps Karen get ready before the wedding. Tiffany learns that Laura is pregnant. Laura asks Tiffany to be the baby's godmother. Maxie is diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome. Sonny and Luke arrive at the prison for Frank's transfer. Stone learns Jagger has followed him.

March 11, 1994 - No Commercials - Jagger wants Stone to tell him what he is doing. Jagger wants Stone to leave with him but he refuses. Robin tells Karen that she is worried about Stone. Frank is transferred into the custody of Luke and Sonny. Mary Mae visits Laura. Laura shares with her that Luke is in real danger and she is very worried. Edward tells AJ that Katherine will be working PR for the hotel despite his objections. Brenda asks Ned how he finds the energy to live a double life with both Lois and Katherine. Jagger and Stone get into a physical fight and Stone is knocked unconscious temporarily. The guards are alerted to the phony transfer and sirens go off at the prison. Jagger manages to convince Stone to get on his motorcycle and leave with him. Brenda wants Ned to invite her to his next Eddie Maine gig. The guards at the prison and Luke/Sonny exchange gunfire. Sonny is hit but insists Luke and Frank leave him and make their escape. Jagger losses control of his motorcycle in the snow and he and Stone hit the deck.

March 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke and Frank make their way into the woods while the injured Sonny manages to get to a car. Stone wakes up after the motorcycle crash but Jagger is still unconscious. The remodeled Sean and Tiffany penthouse makes its screen debut. Sean learns that Frank has escaped from prison. Laura hears on the radio that gunfire was exchanged in the escape. Karen arrives at the conservatory. Guests begin to arrive for the wedding. Frank and Luke arrive at the getaway van that Stone was supposed to drive. The keys are there but no Stone. Stone gets help for Jagger. Sean arrives at the Spencer's wanting to talk with Luke. Luke stashes Frank at the mill. Laura lies to Sean for Luke. (Note: New brief interrupts the scene- about 2 minutes missing) Laura sends Lucky and Foster to distract Sean as he canvases the area. Luke pulls a gun on Frank. Brenda gets all dolled up in a sexy dress for the wedding. Lila gives her some advice about moving on. Jagger arrives at GH. Rhonda is worried about the late Jagger. Robin tells Karen she thinks Jagger went to help Stone and that is why he is late. Brenda, on her way to the wedding, collides with Sonny's car. Laura arrives at the mill to stop Luke from killing Frank

March 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Steve treats Jagger. Brenda realizes the other driver of the car is the hurt Sonny. Laura tells Luke that Sean is waiting at their house for him. If he kills Frank now, that cops will be all over him. Frank gets the upper hand with Luke and takes Laura hostage. Sonny does not want Brenda to take him to a hospital so she takes him back to his apartment. Steve questions Stone about the accident. Tiffany is on the scene of the prison break. Sonny wants Brenda to call Cusack to get a doctor. Audrey informs Karen of Jagger's accident. Simone assures Felicia that with treatment Maxie will be fine. With Laura as his bargaining chip, Frank is able to make an escape. Karen arrives at GH. Karen knows that Stone was doing a job for Sonny. Luke does his best to act surprised at Frank's escape when he returns to the house finding Sean there waiting. Brenda tries to keep Sonny conscious till the doctor arrives.

March 16, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel checks in on Jagger and Karen. Sonny is losing a lot of blood and Brenda wants to call 911 but Sonny insists she can't. Bobbie arrives at the Spencers and wants to know why Luke and Laura are so calm knowing that Frank Smith is out of jail. Ned tells the unsuspecting Damian that his father broke out of prison. Damian gets a visit from Sean. Damian tells him that the only contact he has had with his father is to tell him to stay out of his life. The doctor arrives to treat Sonny. Brenda offers to give blood to Sonny. Jagger is awake. Bobbie tells Luke and Laura what Damian told her about his sister Jennifer. Luke thinks that if they can get something on Jennifer than they would have something to hold over Frank's head. Bobbie offers to try and get the name of the casino Jennifer owns from Damian. The doctor is able to remove the bullet from Sonny's chest. He can't be left alone though, as he has lost a lot of blood. Brenda offers to stay with Sonny. Brenda calls Robin and asks her to cover for her. Karen suggests to Jagger that Stone come with them to Chicago. Bobbie learns the name of the casino from Damian. Luke and Laura make plans to visit Jennifer's Silver Dollar Casino.

March 17-23, 1994:  3/17 Maxie in the hospital, 3/18 Lucy wants to co-chair Nurse's Ball, 3/21, 3/22 Luke & Laura in Atlantic City, Tom & Roseanne Arnold guest appearence, she plays Jennifer Smith, Ned introduces Brenda & Lois, Lucy tells Bobbie & Damian her idea for a talent show, 3/23 Tom & Roseann continued

March 17, 1994 - No Commercials - With Sonny asleep Brenda takes a look around his apartment. She finds a photo of Karen. Katherine tells Damian that she hopes he would not cause trouble for her in her job as the PR coordinator for the hotel. Tiffany wants to know if Damian has any comment on his father's escape. Felicia feels helpless where Maxie is concerned. Rhonda is relived to hear that Jagger is okay. Sonny mumbles something about “Frank” peeking Brenda's interest. She tells him she deserves to know what is going on. Katherine sets up a one on one interview between Tiffany and Damian. Damian makes a plea for his father to turn himself in. Brenda has a choice about whether to turn Sonny in or not. Kevin visits Felicia and Maxie. Felicia breaks down in Kevin's arms. Karen brings Rhonda with her to visit Jagger. Rhonda gives Jagger a gift. Katherine tells Damian that unless he wants the light shown on the fact that he used his father's money to buy into ELQ than he will not make waves for her in her new PR job. Brenda agrees to no go to the police at least not now.

March 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Lucy asks Audrey if she can co-chair the Nurse's Ball with Bobbie. Brenda has to get help again for Sonny as he is bleeding. Burned in the past, Lois is nervous about telling Ned she loves him. She plays various scenarios in her head. The doctor has to give Sonny another transfusion. Bobbie agrees to let Lucy help her with the Nurse's Ball. Lucy does have a good idea to bill the ball as a talent show. The doctor tells Brenda that Sonny has a 50/50 chance of living. Lois tells Ned she loves him and she is relived he does not flee her apartment. After a visit with Mary Mae, Laura is more relaxed. Luke shows up and brings his jazz 45s to share with Mary Mae. Brenda is relived when Sonny regains consciousness. A man comes to Mary Mae's door trying to get her to sell her house to an anonymous buyer. Lucy tells Damian that she just volunteered to co-chair the Nurse's Ball. Frank vows that Luke has not seen the last of him.

March 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Jagger and Karen learn in the paper that Frank made is escape in a meat van, the same van that Jagger found Stone in. Sonny tells Brenda that she should go home, but she insists he needs her. Lois introduces Ned to cold pasta for breakfast. Later she tells Ned she is hurt that he will not share his whole life with her. Lois wants him to bring one of his family members to their next gig in Rochester. Ned agrees to bring his “little sister” Jagger confronts Stone about being the getaway driver for a mob boss. Stone insists he did not know what was going to go down. Karen and Jagger invite Stone to move to Chicago with them. Felicia finds Miguel singing to Maxie. Sonny wants to know from Stone what happened with the van. Alan tells Karen that the scholarship committee at Northwestern wants to know the whole truth about why she was dropped from the pre-med program. Alan wants to talk with them in person and Karen agrees that she needs to come clean with them about her drug problem. Ned invites Brenda to his Rochester gig. Sonny tells Stone about how the Smith jailbreak went wrong. Sonny is upset Stone left the van and Stone is upset Sonny didn't tell him the whole truth about how is life was in danger.

March 22, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned and Brenda head to Rochester. Ned wants to make sure Brenda has his story straight and does not blow his cover. Ruby wants to make sure Bobbie does not give out any wrong signals where Damian is concerned. Luke and Laura head to Atlantic City. Laura is not looking forward to meeting up with Jennifer. Lucy learns that it was Tony that sort of pushed Bobbie to co-chair the ball despite Damian's involvement. Lucy learns that Bobbie and Damian are having a meeting about the ball at Kellys. Bobbie tries to get more information about the Smith clan from Damian. Brenda wants to know why if Ned is so in love with Lois why he is spending time with Katherine. Lucy busts in on Damian and Bobbie's meeting. Luke and Laura arrive at Silver Dollar Casino. They do some gambling and one of the patrons hits on Laura. Brenda meets Lois and they hit it off. Lois asks Brenda if there is another woman in Ned's life. Luke and Laura meet Jennifer and Billy (Played by Rosanne and Tom Arnold) Jennifer plants one on Luke

March 23, 1994 - No Commercials - Jennifer invites Luke and Laura to her house. When she shows up at his hotel room, Damian thinks Lucy is trying to seduce him. Brenda insists to Lois that Ned is not involved with another woman. Karen tells Rhonda she has to go to Chicago to plead her case to the scholarship committee. Damian turns down Lucy's offer to concede and call off the bet. Lucy thinks he has fallen in love with Bobbie. Lois tells Brenda that she is having a hard time going from lust to trust with Ned when she doesn't completely know him. Brenda tells Ned he is this way deeper than he knows. Luke and Laura comb through Jennifer's place looking for her safe. Laura finds the safe behind a painting in Jennifer's bedroom. Billy bust in on Laura tries to put the moves on her. Jennifer does the same with Luke. Jagger is curious to know what Miguel's story is. Brenda sees her first Eddie Maine show. Damian refuses Lucy's tempting offer.

March 24-30 1994:  3/24 Tom & Roseanne, Brenda fantasizes about Sonny (she is a nurse), 3/25, 3/28, 3/29 Karen & Jagger's Wedding Day, 3/30 Karen & Jagger's wedding continues, reception, Rhonda tells Karen that Scott is her father, Karen & Jagger leave Port Charles

March 24, 1994 - No Commercials - After his performance, Brenda tells Ned he is too good a performer to be living a double life. Mac tells Felicia that she needs to take a break from GH for her own sanity. She takes his head off saying that Maxie is counting on her. Laura distracts Jennifer and Billy while Luke breaks into the safe. Brenda calls from Rochester to check in on Sonny. Luke and Laura get some incriminating evidence against Jennifer that could land her in prison. Brenda has a fantasy about Sonny and he about her. Tiffany thinks Felicia should let Mac help her. Lois fishes around about where Eddie/Ned hangs his hat, She learns that he lives at the PC Hotel. Luke and Laura get cozy in the backseat of their rental car while they wait for their flight back to PC. Felicia apologies to Mac.

March 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Alan assures Jagger he will do all he can to help Karen with the scholarship committee. Luke calls Sonny. Brenda and Ned arrive back in PC. Katherine wants to take Ned to a ski weekend. Brenda is teed when Ned accepts. Jagger wants Steve to discharge him so he can go to Chicago and support Karen, but Steve wants to keep him one more day. Jagger sneaks out of GH with Miguel's help. AJ is curious where Brenda spent the night last night. Luke checks in on Sonny and learns what happened the night he was shot. Luke asks Sonny if he knows where Frank is. Luke tells Sonny about his insurance policy. Alan and Karen go before the scholarship committee. Jagger shows up at the meeting. Karen gives a compelling argument about how she has learned her lesson about drugs. The committee gives Jagger a chance to speak on Karen's behalf. Luke asks Sean if he knows where Frank may be hiding out. Sean wouldn't tell him even if he knew as he suspects Luke wants to go after Frank himself. Ned and Katherine leave for Canada

March 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned and Katherine on the ELQ jet to Canada. They both have ulterior motives for going away with each other. Lucy makes a session with Kevin. Luke wants to know from Damian where Frank is. Luke tells Damian he has something on Jennifer that the Smith family would not want to see the light of day. Damian agrees to try and get a message to Frank. Damian wants a meeting with Phil Cusack. Karen tells Rhonda that she wants to reschedule the wedding and get married at Kellys tomorrow. Kevin gets a bit huffy when Lucy makes an observation about Ryan. Damian meets with Phil, telling him to get a message to Frank to lay off the Spencers. Ned and Katherine make love on the ELQ jet. Lucy tells Kevin about the bet. Damian kisses Bobbie outside of Kellys.

March 29, 1994 - No Commercials - Karen learns she got her scholarship. Lois is looking for the in Canada Eddie/Ned. Lois tells Brenda she knows that Ned lives in PC and does business there and asks her how risky it is for Ned to play The Outback. Brenda invites Lois to Karen and Jagger's wedding. Mac has to turn down a PI case due to Maxie being in the hospital, but Felicia convinces he should take the job. Lois checks in at The Outback and meets Miguel. Ned and Katherine enjoy each other in Canada. Jagger tells Stone that the best wedding present he could give him would be if he stopped hanging out with Sonny. Rhonda makes a call to Karen's father to tell him about her getting married. Maxie's fever is coming down. Kevin convinces Felicia that she should get out of the hospital and go to Karen's wedding. Brenda brings Lois to Kelly and she meets Jason. The guests arrive for the wedding.

March 30, 1994 - No Commercials - Karen and Jagger get married. Singer Daniel Lavoie plays while Jagger and Karen dance their first dance. Alan takes a father's place and dances with Karen. Lucy tells Damian their bet has become destructive and evil. Alan gives Jagger and Karen a motorcycle as a wedding present. Jagger wants to make sure Gina and Stone come to visit him in Chicago often. Jagger shares a dance with Brenda and Karen with Jason. Tony tells Bobbie that now that Luke has the goods on Jennifer, she will not have to see Damian on a personal level anymore. Rhonda gets a telegram from Karen's father. Stone gives a toast to the bride and groom. Katherine wants to know from Ned if their trip is business or pleasure. Brenda invites Lois back to the Q mansion. Rhonda tells Karen that Scott is her father. 

March 31 - April 5, 1994:  3/31 Lois visits the Q mansion, Jason & AJ & Brenda & Lois in the hot tub, 4/1, 4/4 cm Sonny makes Brenda dinner, 4/5

March 31, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned thinks of Lois while with Katherine. Brenda takes Lois back to the mansion and she meets the Qs. Brenda hides a photo of Ned. Laura wants to know why they have not heard from Frank yet. Lois wows Edward with her way with numbers. Felicia brings wedding cake back to the ever-improving Maxie. Luke shows off his smooth dance moves to Lucky and Sly. Jenny and Paul are back from their honeymoon and come to the Spencers to collect Sly. Brenda, Lois, AJ and Jason hit the Q hot tub. AJ puts the moves on Lois. Laura tells Jenny that she and Luke love having Sly around and he is always welcome at their house. Lois sees the photo of Ned in the Q den.

April 1, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda covers after Lois sees the photo of Ned. Lois is eager to find Eddie/Ned at the PC Hotel. Brenda tells her she has to be careful as AJ works at the hotel. Ned and Katherine return from Canada. Bobbie can't stop thinking about her kiss with Damian. Luke wants Bobbie to get more information from Damian while they are collaborating on Nurse's Ball, Tony blows his top. Luke tells Bobbie to forget it but she tells him she is more than capable of getting the information for him. Ned is furious when Brenda tells him that Lois was in town and she met his entire family. Ned thinks his entire cover is blown but Brenda insists she covered for him. Damian tells Katherine that her relationship with Ned better not blow any plans he has for ELQ. Tony agrees to give Bobbie one final shot of getting information out of Damian. Edward changes his tune with Ned when he learns he was with Katherine for the weekend. Lois finally gets in touch with Eddie/Ned. Bobbie meets with Damian. He tells her that he knows she is trying to get information for Luke, but he doesn't care about her motives. She can't deny she feelings for him.

April 4, 1994 - With Commercials - Damian apologies to Lucy during dinner at The Grill. Bobbie tells Tony that her plan to get information was blown and that Damian saw right through her. Laura sees a man prowling around her front porch.  It is real estate agent looking to buy the Spencer's house. Mary Mae sprains her ankle and Laura insists she go GH. Luke meets with Sonny and gets his final payment for Frank's jailbreak. Brenda interrupts Luke and Sonny. Brenda gives Sonny the bill from the body shop where she had her car fixed. Steve treats Mary Mae. Tony and Bobbie show up at The Grill for dinner. Tony gets paged by the hospital and has to leave. Damian ditches Lucy to go and join the all alone Bobbie. He is not convinced that she does not have feelings for him. Sonny makes Brenda dinner. Laura asks Steve what he knows about Bradley Ward. Sonny accepts Brenda's invitation to The Outback to see the Idle Rich.       

April 5, 1994 - With Commercials - Tiffany brings a present to Maxie at GH. Lucy goes to Kevin to talk things out. Lucy is worried about Damian's determination. Kevin thinks that Lucy is very attracted to the man she made the bet with. Lila wants Edward to take her to see the Idle Rich. Kevin suggests that Lucy warn Bobbie about Damian and if she choices to ignore the warning that the consequences are on her. Ned tries to convince Edward and Lila that the concert is a bad idea. Brenda thinks Ned should just come clean and play the gig. Lucy warns Bobbie about Damian but Bobbie accuses her of being jealous. After seeing Kevin and Felicia's friendly banter, Tiffany tells Felicia that Kevin likes her. Damian lays it on thick with Bobbie. He wants a weekend away with her to explore their feeling for each other. Bobbie needs time to think. Brenda checks on Sonny again. Now that he is on the mend, he wants to know where their relationship is going. It's time to play it for real.

April  6-11, 1994:  4/6 Ned juggles Lois & Katherine at Port Charles Hotel, 4/7, 4/8 Luke & Laura on a caper, Miguel sings, Eddie Maine sings "You Send Me", Tony punches Damian and drags Bobbie out, 4/11 Miguel continues singing

April 6, 1994 - With Commercials - Bobbie forgets she invited Alan and Monica over for dinner and has to scramble. Brenda wants to know how Ned is going to get out of Friday's show at The Outback. Lois calls Brenda frantic that she can't find Eddie/Ned. Brenda tries and fails to stop her from coming to the PC Hotel and waiting for Ned. Alan and Monica join the Jones' for dinner. Lois checks into the PC Hotel but to AJ's delight. She bumps literally into Katherine in the lobby. Ned bounces between Lois and Katherine at the hotel. Tony learns how Bobbie was part of Monica's plan to make Alan jealous with “Rod”. Tony thinks that surprises and secrets lead to trouble in a marriage. AJ brings champaign to Lois's suite and she has to hustle him out when Ned returns. Later, Tony wonders if he takes Bobbie for granted. At the end of the night, Ned winds up in Lois's bed. A very sullen Ned tells Lois that he is very nervous about tomorrow night at The Outback.

April 7, 1994 - With Commercials - Ned tells Lois he can't spend the day with her as he has business. Lois wants to make sure he will be at the gig tonight as promised. Damian invites Bobbie out but she turns him down saying she has plans with Tony at The Outback. Sonny has a message for Luke from Frank. Frank agrees to back off the Spencers' as long as they do the same with Jennifer. Mac is back from his case in Barbados. Mac accuses Kevin of making time with his fiancé while he was gone. Laura and Luke want to get Cusack's phone records. They decide to break into his office. Brenda arrives to pick up Sonny for The Outback gig. Lois learns that Miguel is a singer. Tony has to bail on his night out with Bobbie due to an emergency surgery. Bobbie asks Meg to go with her. Brenda introduces Sonny to Lois and they know each other from Bensonhurst. Lois is worried, as Eddie/Ned has still not arrived. When Meg ditches Bobbie to hang out with Miguel at the bar, Damian
swoops in on the now alone Bobbie. Amy tells Tony that Bobbie dragged Meg out to The Outback with her. After Tony's surgery is cancelled, he decides to join Bobbie at the club. 

April 8, 1994 - With Commercials - Luke and Laura dupe the man they find in Cusack's office. The Q's have a front row seat for The Idle Rich's performance. Lois is sweating bullets with still no Eddie. Bobbie admits that she has tried to stop thinking about Damian but she can't. Lois apologies to Mac for Eddie's lateness. Miguel offers to fill in for Eddie. Luke and Laura comb through Cusack's office for his phone records but they are in none of the logical places. Mary Mae tells Lucky some stories about her grandfather. Miguel saves the day for Lois by singing. Laura deciphers Cusack's filing system and she and Luke get their hands on the bills and copy them. Seeing Damian with Bobbie holding hands, Tony decks him and drags Bobbie out of The Outback.

April 11, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel's set continues. Back at home, Bobbie tells Tony that he humiliated her. He is paranoid and delusional. If he thinks she is having an affair with Damian. Lois can't believe Miguel does not have a record deal. Miguel is not interested in singing: he has two jobs and is very happy with things the way they are. The Q's speculate about what happened between Bobbie and Tony. Luke and Laura search through the phone records and they get a lead. After a major blow out fight, Bobbie walks out on Tony. Laura wants to call the number but Luke stops her as they could trace it back to them. Frank gives the order to kidnap Laura so then he and Luke can deal. An upset Bobbie goes to Ruby's to spend the night. Lois gets a phone call from the Rochester emergency room about Eddie.

April 12-18, 1994:  4/12 Eddie fakes laryingitis, 4/13 Cusak's men watch Laura, Bobbie & Tony leave together, 4/14, 4/15 Robin & Stone to join S&B for dinner, Laura is kidnapped, 4/18 Robin taken in for a DUI, Luke is frantic over his missing wife

April 12, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois gets word that Eddie/Ned has a serious case of laryngitis. Lucy learns from Felicia that Tony decked Damian. Bobbie recounts her evening with Damian to Ruby. Ruby thinks Bobbie may have fallen into her own trap. Lucy goes to the brownstone to talk with Tony and finds out Bobbie left and for all Tony knows she is with Damian right now. Lila again tries to get Brenda to see that Sonny could be very dangerous. Lois arrives at the hospital and confronts Eddie/Ned. She suspects he is faking. Ruby tries to talk some sense into Bobbie. Lucy arrives at Damian's hotel suite to make sure Bobbie is not there. Sonny thinks Brenda is giving him the brush off after her talk with Lila but she tells him she will not let anyone run her life. Lois gives Ned the cold shoulder and goes back to Buffalo.

April 13, 1994 - No Commercials - Cusack gives two thugs orders to kidnap Laura and there had better not be any screw-ups. Alan lends an ear to Tony about his actions toward Damian and Bobbie walking out. Ruby tells Bobbie to not throw her whole life away for the likes of Damian Smith, Bobbie blows her off saying she has to go to work. Miguel insists to Mac that he only sings for fun, he doesn't take it seriously. Smith's thugs show up at the Spencers and find Laura is alone. Bobbie tells Monica about how she was flirting with Damian to get information for Luke. Monica thinks she is crazy to put her marriage in jeopardy for Damian. Tiffany visits Laura causing Frank's men to wait it out outside. Tiffany gives Laura some of her maternity clothes. Lila urges Brenda to send Sonny packing. Maxie is released from GH. Frank's thugs are meet by Foster trying to break into the Spencer house. At GH, Tony apologies to Bobbie. They agree to talk privately in the cafeteria. Frank's thugs are run off by Foster.

April 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned tells Brenda he really screwed up, as no way did Lois buy his laryngitis act. Brenda pushes him to see the truth but Ned tells her that Lois fell in love with Eddie Maine not Ned Ashton. Robin has a welcome home party waiting for Maxie. Stone shows up to see Robin and asks her out Friday night. Mac is not happy. Bobbie and Tony hash things out. Bobbie wants to come home. Lucy butts into Bobbie and Tony's  conversation saying she is thrilled that they are working out their problems. Bobbie tells Lucy she is dropping out of the Nurse's Ball preparations. Lucy suggests martial counseling to Tony and she has the perfect person for him, Kevin. Damian shows up at GH wanting to see Bobbie. Kevin brings a welcome home gift to Maxie. Bobbie tells Damian to not contact her again. Damian does not want her to withdrawal from the Nurse's Ball. He offers to be a silent partner if she continues to chair the event. Ned shows up at Lois's apartment with flowers and an apology. Robin and Stone share a kiss in the park. Felicia works on Mac regarding his dislike of Stone. Mac does not want Robin going out on Friday night. A package is delivered for Maxie from Frisco.

April 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke finds out from Laura that Tony slugged Damian over his relationship with Bobbie. Sonny invites Brenda to dinner. Robin tells Brenda about Stone asking her out and Mac not wanting her to see him. Brenda offers to be her cover story. Brenda invites Robin and Stone to dinner with her and Sonny. Luke asks Bobbie about her feelings for Damian. Brenda and Robin con Mac and tell him they are having a girl's night out. Luke goes to Damian wanting to know what his game is when it comes to Bobbie. Luke warns him that if he makes any more grief for Bobbie he is in for more trouble than he ever dreamed possible. While visiting Mary Mae, Laura is kidnapped by Frank's men. At dinner, Robin sneaks some wine. Robin and Stone take off leaving Sonny and Brenda to their evening. Stone lets Robin drive Sonny's car and she is pulled over after speeding. Mary Mae tells Luke that Laura is missing.

April 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke leaves Lucky and Foster with Ruby and he is off to look for Laura. The PCPD call Mac and Felicia with the news that Robin has been arrested. A phone call about Stone interrupts Sonny and Brenda. Sonny is upset Stone let Robin drive his car. Stone tells Robin that she can tell Mac it was all his fault. Robin is freaked out that Mac and Sonny will run into each other at the police station. Sean confronts Robin. Laura begins to drive her two captives crazy. She finds them out for vitamins, water, and a cheese pizza. Luke barges into Cusack's office demanding to know where Laura is. Sonny and Brenda arrive at the PCPD. When Mac arrives, he lays into Brenda for lying to him. Sean breaks up a screaming match between Mac and Sonny. Luke demands a meeting with Frank. Sean is willing to get Robin off the hook, but Mac insists Robin face the full consequences of her actions. Luke calls Sonny and wants him to come to his house immediately.

April 19-25, 1994:  4/19 (missed 7 mins pre-emption), 4/20 (missed 9 1/2 mins pre-emption), 4/21, 4/22 A sick Maxie is taken back to GH, Luke finds Laura, Lila gets Annabelle, Brenda panics when thugs come after Sonny, 4/25 

April 19, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke is frantic and calls Sonny again demanding he get back to him now. Katherine drops in on Ned interrupting his phone call with Lois. Sonny gives Stone a lecture about letting Robin drive his car. Back home, Mac and Robin get into a fight about her getting arrested. Mac is angry that Robin would have anything to do with Sonny and Stone after what happened to her friend Karen. During a phone call, Lois and Brenda dish about Sonny's reputation. Katherine wants to take Ned to the opera in NYC this weekend. Ned has to bail. Mac grounds Robin for 6 weeks and she can't see Stone again. Sonny learns Frank snatched Laura and insists he knew nothing about it. Felicia thinks Mac is being too hard on Robin. (Note: News report interruption - 8 Minutes lost) Later, Robin breaks down in tears with Felicia. Robin calls Stone telling him that there is no way Mac can stop them from seeing each other. Sonny tells Luke he will keep his ear to the ground about Laura.

April 20, 1994 - No Commercials. Note: Episode joined in progress due to an ABC News Brief :12 minutes lost - Ned gives Lois a bracelet from the Coney Island gift shop and they end up in bed together. Damian wants Lucy to go out and have some fun with him. (Note: short video drop out during the scene) Bobbie tells Monica that she is scared that she can't put her feelings aside when it comes to Damian. Lucy suggests a vacation to Tony for him and Bobbie. Lois tells Eddie/Ned that she booked him a gig in Pennsylvania. And her parents will be joining them. Sonny gives Luke a hint about where he thinks Frank's men are holding Laura. Laura fakes cramps but Frank's men think she is buffing and refuse to take her to a hospital. Damian tries to make Bobbie jealous by having her see him with Lucy. Tony wants to take Bobbie to a spa in Pennsylvania. Luke takes Foster to sniff out Laura near Pier 52.

April 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda and Sonny decide to meet at The Outback. Brenda wants to meet with Mac and straighten things out. Lucy is teed at Damian for using her to make Bobbie jealous. Edward, Lee, AJ, and Jack have a meeting about their real estate deal. AJ tells them that a lot of residents of Charles Street neighborhood are not willing to sell. Mary Mae checks in with Ruby to see if she has heard anything about Laura. Lucy wants Damian's help to get Deception back. She wants him to buy it for her. Lucy threatens to expose the bet if he doesn't. When that backfires, Lucy tells him all she wants is a simple loan from him. Brenda apologies to Mac for her part in Robin's trouble but he really does not want to hear it. Kevin visits the sick again Maxie. Steve joins the Q's for poker night. After spending some time with Maxie, Kevin thinks she should go back to GH. Edward gives Lila a dog for her birthday a French sheepdog named Annabelle. Kevin and Felicia take Maxie back to GH as he thinks she has pneumonia.

April 22, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke and Foster find Laura. Sonny takes Brenda to a very private restaurant. Thanks to Foster, Luke and Laura get the upper hand with Frank's men and escape. Simone checks out Maxie and is concerned about her breathing. Mac is jealous of Kevin when he finds he and Felicia in an embrace. Sonny questions Brenda about whether their relationship is just a game to her. Luke and Laura confront Cusack. They tell him they want a meeting with Frank pronto. Cusack suspects Sonny tipped off Luke. Lucky and Ruby chat about his excitement about being a big brother. Maxie is diagnosed with pneumonia and she is suffering from congestive heart failure. Luke and Laura return to Lucky. Frank's men burst into Sonny's apartment, interrupting him and Brenda, and drag him out.

April 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Stone returns to Sonny's apartment to a frantic Brenda. Mary Mae gets word that Laura is okay. Sonny is brought to Cusack. Sonny tells him he does not work for him and did not deserve to be dragged out of his apartment. Not knowing that Cusack has Sonny, Brenda calls him for help. Stone wants to contact Luke and Brenda wants to go with him. AJ pegs Katherine as wanting to land Ned. AJ tells her that Ned is seeing another woman. Stone and Brenda tell Luke about Sonny being napped. Ned tells Lois he lives in two separate worlds and the two would not mix. He asks her not to rock the boat. Lois admits that two separate worlds confuses and hurt her. Cusack tells Sonny that he is out of the loop. Luke arrives at Cusack's office. Luke and Sonny fake a fight for Cusack's benefit. Brenda tells Jason about Sonny being nabbed. Jason asks her what did she expect. Bobbie can't stop thinking about Damian as she and Tony plan to leave for their vacation. Sonny returns home. He calls Brenda and she blows him off. 

April 26 - May 2, 1994:  4/26 Brenda Deception photo shoot, S&B fantasy, 4/27, 4/28, 4/29 Luke & Laura plan to go after Frank, Felicia tells Maxie she has congenital heart failure, 5/2 Mac leaves to find Frisco, Luke & Laura are on Frank's trail, Sean follows L&L, Tiffany follows Sean

April 26, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda is distracted at her photo shoot for Deception. Lucy gives her a peep talk. Damian stops by the photoshoot to see Lucy in action. Felicia wants Monica to take over Maxie's case but pediatrics is not her specialty. A specialist will be called in if Maxie shall need surgery. Maxie case is very serious. Monica suggests a petscan for Maxie. Lois pays Miguel for his performance at The Outback that saved her butt. Lois wants his story about why he is so reluctant to use his gift. After Robin tells Stone about Maxie, he wants to come over and be with her. Sonny shows up Brenda's photo shoot. He tells her the other night at his apartment was just a misunderstanding. Lucy shows Damian the Deception sales numbers but he wants to know what is in it for him if he helps her. Miguel tells Lois about his band in Puerto Rico and how he was burned. Lois wants to help him. Brenda tells Sonny it is over but then can't stop thinking about him. Mac wants Felicia to contact Frisco. Kevin agrees that Felicia needs to find him. Brenda tells Robin about Sonny being bad news. She and Robin lament over falling for dangerous guys. Damian tries and get in touch with Julia regarding a proposal he is sure she will find interesting.

April 27, 1994 - No Commercials - Monica gives Felicia the petscan results on Maxie. Maxie has to beat the pneumonia before a bypass even could be performed. Katherine wants to know what the big attraction is for Ned in Buffalo. Katherine asks Ned about the other women he is seeing. Lois tells her mother that she has a feeling that Eddie is not the man he appears to be. They decide to go shopping. Tiffany checks in on Maxie and Felicia. Gloria picks out a dress for Lois for their trip to Pennsylvania…a white girly number. Lois hates it. Mac presses Felicia to contact Frisco again. Miguel brings Robin to the hospital. Mac is glad she came. Ned tells Katherine that there is no other woman and she should leave her creative imagination to work. Later, Katherine goes snooping around his office. Sean finds Tiffany in the GH chapel. Robin calms Maxie down after she gets upset about the oxygen tent that she is in. Gloria convinces Lois that the dress she choose for her could make a man propose. Felicia tries to contact Frisco through the WSB. Sean offers help and Mac wants to be the one that goes to Washington.

April 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Bobbie and Tony arrive at the spa in Pennsylvania, as do Lois and Eddie/Ned. Damian tells Katherine that he wants ELQ to buy Deception. Katherine is game to help him convince the Qs. Luke tells Sonny to butt out of his next move, as the less he knows the better. As he has decided to stay in town, Kevin eyes the PC real estate. In particular he is interested in that late Bill Eckert's lighthouse. Lucy tells Kevin about her plan to have Damian help her buy Deception. Lois's parents arrive at the spa. Lois's dad has a few words for Ned for blowing off his little girl. At the phone company, Luke and Laura pose as Feds Walter Fines and Jose Crisp to get the location of the 800 number that Cusack uses to contact Frank. Lucy asks Kevin if he has any hidden talents for the Nurse's Ball. He promptly declines. Katherine goes to Edward with the idea about purchasing Deception. Lois and Ned run into Bobbie and Tony at the spa. Laura and Luke learn Frank has been calling from San Joaquin.

April 29, 1994 - No Commercials - Sean suspects that Luke and Laura paid a visit to the phone company to find out where Frank is. Luke and Laura plan for their trip. Ned covers with Bobbie and Tony. Tony offers to take them to dinner. Ned tells Lois that performing tonight will be a problem for him, as Bobbie and Tony are very well known in PC. Ned plots with the spa manager to get Bobbie and Tony away from his gig. Mac meets with the WSB about finding Frisco. Felicia wants Kevin's opinion about what he thinks Maxie's chances are. Sean tells Tiffany that he has learned that Luke and Laura have found out where Frank is and he plans to follow him. Tiffany wants to go with him. The spa manager informs Bobbie and Tony that they have won a contest for a very romantic evening. Much to Ned's relief, Tony cancels on the Cerullo's for dinner. The Idle Rich perform at the hotel. Tiffany books her own flight to San Joaquin. Mac gets Frisco's whereabouts.

May 2, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois's dad is still very leery about Eddie/Ned. Carmine doesn't think Eddie has the hunger for the music business. Now armed with his whereabouts from the WSB, Mac is on his way to find Frisco in Africa. Luke and Laura arrive in San Joaquin, as do Sean and Tiffany. Covertly, Tiffany has her video camera ruining for a news story. Maxie's pneumonia is still not clearly up and her heart is getting weaker. Lucy visits Felicia. Carmine questions Eddie/Ned about his commitment. Sean and Tiffany tail Luke and Laura (aka Mr. and Mrs. Thornhill) to the hotel. Eddie/Ned tells Lois that Carmine is right, he is on fence and should make a decision about his music and his future with Lois.

May 3-9, 1994:  5/3 Mac finds Frisco's outfit, Luke has to rescue Tiffany from Frank, pulls the fire alarm in the hotel, 5/4 Mac tells Frisco (Jack Wagner appears) about Maxie, 5/5 Mac & Frisco on a mission, 5/6 Luke & Laura celebrate win over Frank, 5/9 Brenda fantasizes about Sonny as insurance agent and 40's mobster, Mac & Frisco escape

May 3, 1994 - No Commercials - As Luke and Laura comb the resort for any trace of the elusive Frank. Sean and Tiffany continue their separate surveillances. Smith finally makes an appearance at the hotel but fails to notice any of the familiar figures scattered around the lobby. Tony checks in on Felicia. Felicia tells Tony that Mac went to find Frisco. Monica tells Bobbie that Maxie’s blood is a rare recessive “small p” making it hard to match a donor. Later, in the hotel lobby, "Jack Harris", aka Frank, makes a move on a pretty tourist; the Spencer’s are startled to recognize their old pal Tiffany beneath the wig and floppy hat. Sean sees Tiffany with Frank. Frank invites Tiffany up to his room. Mac is taken hostage by guerrillas. Bobbie tells Monica that the weekend at the spa did not exactly get her and Tony back on track. Tony wants BJ to be checked for the “small p” blood anomaly, as it is genetic. Tiffany pumps Frank for information. Luke and Laura pull the fire alarm to help Tiffany get out of Frank’s room. Monica tells Felicia about Maxie’s rare blood type. Frisco shows up just as the guerrillas are about to execute Mac.

May 4, 1994 - With Commercials - Katherine tells Ned about her and Damian’s idea to buy Deception. As the panicked guests swarm into the lobby, the manager reports that the fire has been contained while Tiffany takes the opportunity to slip away from a disappointed Frank. Frisco saves Mac’s butt. Mac tells him about Maxie. A disguised Sean approaches Tiffany and pretends to flirt, Tiffany tries to squirm out of trouble once more. Luke and Laura eavesdrop on the Donnellys, amused by their friends' bizarre performances. Tiffany finally accuses her husband of leaning towards infidelity. The two start screaming at each. Edward sweet-talks Lee into getting Scott’s share of Deception. Luke and Laura gain access to Frank’s room by posing as room service attendants. They throw down the evidence they have on Jennifer and Frank agrees to a deal. Frisco learns Mac and Felicia are engaged. Frisco explains his mission. Sean and Tiffany are snagged by Frank’s men on the balcony of his hotel suite.

May 5, 1994 - With Commercials - Damian wants Ned to be the one that tells Lucy that ELQ bought Deception. Brenda receives a special delivery package and is shocked to discover an expensive diamond bracelet inside. Jason thinks she should send it back to Sonny to send him a message.  Frisco bristles upon learning that Mac is posed to step into the role of daddy to little Maxie. As they fly off together to complete "Diego's" mission, Frisco can't resist throwing a few barbs in his new partner's direction. An ailing Maria phones Felicia to apologetically explain why she can't travel to Port Charles for a while. Ned drops the bombshell on Lucy about Deception. Brenda returns the bracelet in person to Sonny. Brenda meets Sonny’s date for the evening, Cindy. Kevin convinces Felicia to not give up hope. Frisco and Mac come under fire. An upset Lucy goes running to Kevin to talk thinks out. Mac is apparently wounded.

May 6, 1994 - No Commercials - Caught in a sudden barrage of artillery fire, Frisco and the guerrillas make a run for it, leaving the “wounded” Mac to fend for himself. Ned and Damian celebrate their victory with champaign. In a swamp, Frank’s men tie up Sean and Tiffany. They leave them to be eaten by gators. After the others depart, however, Mac stops playing possum and loads the weapons into the truck. Later, Frisco blows up the guerrillas' plane and meets with Mac at the appointed place. Damian feigns shock when Lucy accuses him of stabbing her in the back about the Deception deal. Luke and Laura lean Sean and Tiffany are in trouble. Brenda cries to Miguel about her problems with Sonny. Luke tangles with the gator while Laura frees Sean and Tiffany.

May 9, 1994 - No Commercials - As Sean, Tiffany and Laura look on in horror, both Luke and the alligator sink out of sight following their wrestling match. Brenda calls Lois and tells her all about her evening with Sonny. Lois tells Brenda she can’t reform Sonny and she should not even try. Monica tells Felicia that Maxie does not have much time. If her lungs do not clear soon she will have to be put on a respirator. After a long pause, Luke finally resurfaces and cheerfully reassures his wife and friends that the gator no longer poses a threat. Brenda has a fantasy about Sonny being a boring salesman. Upon returning to the hotel and discovering that Frank has flown the coup, an irked Sean demands some answers from the Spencers but they continue to play dumb. Ned almost comes clean with Lois. Mac and Frisco drop off their cargo. The Spencers and Donnellys head back to PC.

May 10-16, 1994:  5/10 Frisco arrives home, Lois walks in on Ned & Katherine, 5/11 Mac catches Robin & Stone together, 5/12, 5/13 BJ’s bus accident, 5/16 Tony & Bobbie learn about BJ's accident, Tony & Bobbie say goodbye BJ

May 10, 1994 - No Commercials - As a lovesick Brenda seeks solace in a box of chocolates, Ned admits how close he came to spilling the beans to Lois the night before. Meanwhile, in Buffalo, Lois triumphantly cements a deal guaranteed to shoot The Idle Rich up to the top of the music charts. Promising he'll soon set things right, Ned persuades Brenda to keep mum for a while longer. But when Brenda learns ELQ bought Deception, she rips into Ned for stealing her birth rite. Katherine plots to drive Lucy wild by working some PR for Deception. Edward tells Ned that his investigation into Damian’s link to his father’s money came up with nothing. When Damian busts in on Lucy’s date with Kevin, Kevin grills him. Tiffany thinks that Felicia should prepare herself for what Frisco’s return will do it her. Lois arrives at the PC Grill and sees Ned and Katherine getting cozy. Katherine pegs Lois, as Ned’s other woman. Lois organizes a little dinner for Brenda and Sonny. At dinner, Sonny sees Brenda is wearing the bracelet he gave her. Mac arrives back at GH with Frisco.

May 11, 1994 - No Commercials - Robin finds it impossible to concentrate on her homework as she worries about Maxie's deteriorating condition. Choking back tears, she phones Mike, who hurries over to keep his unhappy friend company. Edward warmly welcomes Lois back to the Quartermaine mansion. Frisco sees Maxie. Felicia wants Frisco to have his blood tested for the “small p” factor. Brenda thinks that Lois should own her own record label. Tony and Frisco are reunited. Felicia is still bitter with Frisco for abandoning her and Maxie. Mac arrives home to find Robin with Stone. Mac tells Stone to leave and scolds Robin for breaking the rules again and they argue. Tony invites Frisco back to stay at the brownstone. Katherine tells Ned she does not mind that he is seeing her and Lois at the same time. Maxie’s fever breaks.

May 12, 1994 - No Commercials - B.J. is thrilled to see her uncle at the brownstone. Luke is on cloud nine as he realizes that for the first time in their lives the Spencers don't have Frank Smith breathing down their necks. When Laura suggests throwing a party to celebrate their newfound freedom, Luke cautions her not to invite Sonny or risk alienating Ruby. After returning to GH, Frisco learns he cannot donate any blood to Maxie because he's been recently exposed to malaria during his sojourn in Africa. Ned walks in on Brenda and Lois playing with Annabelle in the Q Den. Ned has to cover when Edward walks in. Bobbie, Tony, and Ruby promise to attend the Spencer’s party. Ned accuses Lois of being jealous of Katherine. Ned assures her she has no reason to feel threatened by Katherine. Felicia asks Mac to respect her wishes about organ donation, then is gratified to hear that he has already signed the donor card on the back of his own driver's license. Later, Mac and a relieved Robin call a truce to put an end to their latest squabble. Lois tells Ned that the Idle Rich are playing in DC next month. Alan issues a warning to Damian. Luke and Laura watch her ultrasound video and she announces they are having a girl. Brenda wants Ned to finance her and Lois record company but he declines. The Spencers throw their party.

May 13, 1994 - No Commercials - Miguel offers some toys to Ward House. It is the morning of BJ going on fieldtrip; Bobbie daydreams about Damian and the kiss they shared. Luke tells Bobbie that Laura is expecting a girl. As Felicia prays by Maxie's hospital bedside, Frisco tells his ex-wife how much he's missed her and their little daughter. Monica cautions Maxie's parents that the struggle right now is to keep Maxie's other organs functioning well enough to support her vital signs throughout the transplant surgery once a donor heart becomes available. Later at GH, Bobbie admits to Damien that her overwhelming obsession with him leaves her thinking of nothing else. Tony finds Bobbie and Damian kissing in the stairwell and throws him down the stairs. (Note: Slight ABC news brief interruption about 1-2 minutes missing) After a bus accident in front of Mary Mae's, Miguel brings BJ out of the bus wreckage. Amy rushes to find Bobbie and Tony after BJ arrives at the ER in bad shape.

May 16, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda hustles to line up investors for her new record label. At GH, Sean and Tiffany see Frisco for the first time since his return and tell him how much they've missed him and how sorry they are that their reunion has to take place under such tragic circumstances. In the aftermath of a bitter quarrel over Damien, Tony and Bobbie are horrified to learn that their daughter was one of the victims of the schoolbus crash and is in critical condition. After personally examining his little girl in the ER, Tony realizes in despair how massive B.J.'s head wound truly is. Tony has flashbacks of BJ. Brenda tells AJ about their record company idea. She and Lois talk about how much money they are going to need for their label.  Luke & Frisco talk about having daughters when Luke sees Frisco for first time since return. Tony realizes BJ is brain dead and a heart donor match for Maxie and he tries to get Bobbie to accept it and approve the transplant, Bobbie says goodbye to BJ.

May 17-24, 1994:  5/17 Tony offers BJ's heart to Maxie, Felicia learns donor is BJ, 5/18 Frisco learns BJ is the donor, transplant operation, Tony lays across BJ after surgery, 5/19, 5/20 Mac calls off engagement to Felicia, 5/23, 5/24

May 17, 1994 - No Commercials - Sonny offers to pour some funds into the record company if Brenda and Lois can show him proof that the return on his investment will be worth the time and trouble. Tony offers BJ's heart as a transplant for the dying Maxie. Monica's delight at hearing that a compatible heart has been found for Maxie turns to horror when Tony reveals that his own daughter is to be the donor. Tony tells Monica about BJ's accident and being a match for Maxie but doesn't want Frisco & Felicia to know that it is BJ's heart. Katherine & Ned are talking about the Nurse's Ball. Monica tells Frisco and Felicia that they have a heart for Maxie but doesn't tell her about BJ. Brenda sets up for Lois to meet Eddie Maine. Bobbie tells Monica that Tony caught her and Damian. Tony tells Lucy about BJ and she goes to pieces, Lucy talks with Alan about transplant as he consoles his former wife. Lois tells Ned that the record company is a go. Tony spurns Bobbie. Lucy tells Felicia about BJ not knowing she doesn't know yet. Tony says goodbye to his daughter. Felicia goes to Tony and Bobbie.

May 18, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois breaks her big news to Eddie/Ned who is sickened to learn that the fledgling record company's major investor so far is one Sonny Corinthos. Lucky and Sly help Laura plant her flower garden. Felicia tells Mac that Maxie’s donor is BJ. Ignoring Monica's objections, Tony insists on joining the surgical transplant team and being present as they prepare to remove B.J.'s heart. Tony tells Frisco the donor is BJ. Thrilled to be putting down roots both figuratively and literally, Laura thinks about the new life growing inside of her and assures Luke she's never been happier. Ruby consoles Bobbie. Alan waits with Lucy and explains the procedure. Luke learns about BJ and tells Laura. Monica does the transplant, which is successful. Tony with BJ after the operation.

May 19, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned cautions Brenda against following through on her plans to accept money from a known gangster. Tony returns to his waiting family and informs Maxie's parents that their daughter's new heart has begun beating. Afterwards, Tony icily orders his wife never to touch him again, sending a grieving Bobbie into Damian's arms once more for a comforting embrace. Lucy angrily tells Damian their bet is over and to leave Bobbie and Tony alone. Luke and Laura arrive at GH, where Audrey brings them up to date on recent events. Luke and Laura console Bobbie. Laura comforts Tony. After they learn Maxie is holding her own, Frisco wants to take Felicia for a walk in the park to get some fresh air. Damian drives Lucy home; she threatens to withdraw her support of ELQ. Frisco and Felicia in the park. Tony checks in on Maxie.

May 20, 1994 - No Commercials - Frisco encourages Felicia not to feel guilty that B.J.'s tragic death was part of the process, which miraculously saved their daughter's life. Frisco and Felicia get closer. Though Robin proudly praises her uncle for bringing Frisco back to Port Charles at precisely the right moment, Mac privately wonders if he's endangered his own future happiness by reuniting Felicia with her old love. Tony goes home to check on Lucas and becomes enraged after Bobbie enters the brownstone with Ruby. Lucy turns to Kevin for comfort. Tony and Bobbie have a blow out fight and later have to tell Lucas about BJ's death. Tony advises his wife to pack her things and go, then refuses to listen when she tries to explain why she fell for Damian. Ruby tries to intercede with Bobbie and Tony. Kevin meets Frisco. Mac calls off his engagement to Felicia. Tony throws Bobbie out.

May 23, 1994 - No Commercials - After Tony bodily ejects her from the brownstone, Bobbie retreats to Ruby's place to spend the night. In the morning, she surveys the wreckage of her life and sadly wonders where to turn next. At GH, Mac explains again to Felicia why he's certain he can never measure up to her first and true love. Though she begs him not to call off their engagement, Mac promises her they will always remain close friends. Tony tells Frisco how Bobbie's flirtation with Damian grew into something neither one of them could handle. Brenda and Lois talk about how much money Sonny will have to drop and they plan to show him an 18-month strategy for the label. Ned and Katherine end up in bed together. Alan and Monica learn that Tony threw Bobbie out. Ruby pleads with Tony to not throw his marriage away but he is too angry to listen to her. Bobbie tells Damian that Tony threw her out. Felicia and Mac tell Frisco that their engagement is off. Alan tries to reason with Bobbie about Damian. Damian shows up at the brownstone.

May 24, 1994 - No Commercials. Partial 25 Minutes continued on next dvd - Edward pressures AJ to work harder on getting more of the residents of Charles Street to sell. Damian goes to the brownstone, where he antagonizes Tony even further by analyzing for the disbelieving doctor how his marriage went wrong. Bobbie enters in time to hear her husband ordering Damien to vacate the premises or risk bodily harm. Frisco receives word that his services for the WSB will be required for a new assignment in Morocco. Frisco says goodbye to Maxie and promises to be back as soon as he can. Jason questions AJ if he is happy that he devoted himself full time to ELQ. Lois goes to visit her parents. She wants her pops advice on her record company. Frisco stops Tony from tearing Damian’s head off. Ned and Katherine have some ELQ charitable proposals for Edward approval. Carmine is worried when he reads Lois’s business proposal for L&B Records.

May 24-31, 1994:  5/24, 5/25 Frisco leaves to go back undercover, 5/26 Monica notices tenderness in her breast, 5/27 BJ's funeral, 5/30 Luke finds a body buried in the backyard, 5/31

May 24, 1994 - No Commercials. Partial Episode 17 Minutes continued from previous - Frisco pressures Tony to sit down and work things out with Bobbie. Frisco tells him he has to leave tonight on another mission. At GH, Tiffany is shocked to learn that Felicia and Mac have called things off. Bobbie shows up at Damian’s hotel suite. Bobbie tells him she was shocked by Tony’s behavior at the brownstone. Damian assures her everything will be okay. She wants to leave but he asks where will she go. He wants her to stay. Carmine tells Lois that the hang-up he has with her proposed record company is Eddie. Edward is sold on Ned and Katherine’s proposals. Lois calls Ned for a reassurance that he loves her. Felicia shows up as Frisco packs (Note: Glitchy picture during the scene)  

May 25, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke and Laura talk about how special BJ was. Feeling lost and alone, Bobbie surrenders to her passion and she and Damian kiss. Felicia has come to say a final goodbye to Frisco. Frisco questions what went wrong with Mac. Bobbie gives into Damian. Listening to Tony's say he thinks he and Bobbie are headed for divorce, Tiffany urges her old friend to keep his chin up and questions what he will do with Lucas. (Note: Short video drop out during the scene) After they make love, Damian promises Bobbie he will always be there for her. Frisco and Felicia frolic in the rain. Sly & Lucky find a gun in the attic and Luke and Laura hear a shot go off. Monica tells Ned about BJ and Damian’s role in destroying the Jones’s marriage. She presses him to see Damian for the man he really is. Lucy warns Damian to stay away from Bobbie but then learns that Bobbie has slept with Damian. Frisco and Felicia make love, Luke and Laura find a blood-stained nightgown in their attic.

May 26, 1994 - No Commercials - Mae Mae finds herself suddenly having to fend off more overzealous real estate brokers. Luke drops by with questions about the loaded gun Lucky and Sly found in the Wards' attic and learns that Bradley did occasionally arm himself following threats of violence. Felicia tells Tony she can never thank him enough for the generous gesture which saved her daughter's life. Alan stops in to see Tony. Sean reports to Mac that the driver of the car which ran B.J.'s school bus off the road was drunk and will be charged with vehicular homicide. Laura is concerned about Tony. Bobbie returns to the brownstone telling Tony he can’t run her out of her own home. Monica notices her breast is tender. Alan and Monica make love. Damian drops by Lucy’s telling her it is pay up time. She agrees to settle up tomorrow night. Robin learns Felicia and Mac have called things off. Lucy goes to warn Bobbie that Damian seduced her on a bet. Lucy tells Bobbie to show up at her apartment tomorrow night if she wants proof. Luke suspects Mary Mae is not telling him the truth.

May 27, 1994 - No Commercials - Mac rises at B.J.'s memorial service to share with the other mourners his fondest memories of the little girl they all came to know and love. Tony has a montage of BJ flashbacks to Reba's "If I Had Only Known". When Damien enters the chapel, an incensed Luke, Tony and Alan immediately spring up to turn the uninvited guest away. Brenda and Lois show Sonny their proposals for L&B records. But when Sonny wants a 75-25 split, Lois tells him no deal. Following the service, Bobbie invites everyone back to the house for a short reception. Later at the brownstone, the Jones' friends shift uneasily from one side of the room to the other as Tony refuses to even make eye contact with his wife. Felicia rushes to defend Frisco's honor when Tiffany questions the abrupt departure of a man whose child is still in intensive care. Lucy tells Kevin how Damian finally won the bet and then promises him that she isn't about to lose gracefully. Ned questions Damian about how his personal relationships are affecting the members of the ELQ board. Lois and Brenda come back to the table with Sonny and they agree to a 60/40 split. Robin tells Kevin about Mac and Felicia breaking up. Katherine sees Ned & Lois kissing. Luke finds a body buried in his backyard.

May 30, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke assures Laura that it is a human body and not an animal buried and he has to call Sean. But they agree to not mention the gun until they get more facts. Bobbie considers Lucy's offer to catch Damian. Brenda and Sonny are interrupted by Sean and Garcia, wanting him to come down to the PCPD. Lucy prepares for Damian. Kevin shows up, worried about her. He fears she is about to do something regrettable. Sean questions Sonny’s attorney Cusack about his contact with Frank Smith. Sean warns both of them to not make any moves toward rebuilding Frank’s organization. Katherine brings a gift for Maxie to the hospital. Lucy goes to work on Damian. Bobbie tries to talk to Tony but he wants nothing to do with her and wants to make a clean break. Sean arrives at the Spencers and questions them about the body in the backyard. The coroner informs Sean that the body suffered a gun shot to the head. Brenda tells Robin about Sonny being hauled down to the PCPD. Robin informs Brenda that Sonny can’t just walk away from the mob even if he wants to. Kevin asks Felicia about her and Mac. Bobbie walks in on Damian and Lucy about to make love. Brenda tells Sonny that his lifestyle is not okay with her.

May 31, 1994 - No Commercials - Bearing dog biscuits and other assorted canine goodies, Katherine fusses over Annabelle in a strategic attempt to pump Lila for information about her roving grandson. Lois brings Ned up to her place in Buffalo for a little more love in the afternoon. After seeing Damian in bed with Lucy, Bobbie dumps a bucket of ice all over them and storms out. Tiffany tells Tony that Lucas is bound to pick up on the anger between him and Bobbie. Katherine "confides" to Lila how smitten she's become with Ned and then is relieved when Lila dismisses any notion that Ned is involved with another woman. After Lois presents him with a guitar, a delighted Ned expresses his gratitude both for the gift and the never wavering faith Lois has in him. Sean tells Tiffany about Bradley Ward’s murder. Bobbie tells Monica about Damian and Lucy’s bet and about sleeping with Damian. Lucy tells Damian that she has no intention of giving him any of her ELQ stock. Katherine overhears the Qs talking about the Ray Conway’s murder and where the evidence is hidden. AJ blackmails Alan and Monica for access to his trust-fund in exchange for the Conway evidence.

June 1-7, 1994:  6/1 7 min pre-empt, 6/2 Justice arrives, 6/3, 6/6, 6/7 Katherine tells Edward she has evidence against Alan in Ray's death and wants to marry Ned in return for her silence

June 1, 1994 - No Commercials - Katherine shows up at AJ’s office. Brenda tells Lois she thinks they are making a big mistake getting into business with Sonny. Sean tells Luke and Laura that the body buried in their backyard is that of Bradley Ward. Felicia is worried that there will never be a right time to tell Maxie that she received BJ’s heart. Mac is convinced he and Felicia did the right thing when they called off their engagement. Katherine gets her hands on the Conway evidence. Brenda tells Lois about saving Sonny’s life after he was shot. Sean along with the Spencers tell Mary Mae about Bradley. Sean plans to reopen the case. Lois has a little chat with Sonny and he assures her that their deal is completely square. Alan, ready to turn over AJ’s trust fund, learns that the evidence is gone. (Note: News Brief interruption during the scene: 7 minutes lost) Stone visits Robin at GH. Lois invites Sonny to see the Idle Rich in DC.

June 2, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois tells Brenda that Sonny convinced her that his dealing with L/B will be legitimate. Kevin wants to know from Lucy about her night with Damian and calls her out on rubbing Bobbie’s nose in her mistake. Lucy breaks down in tears. Tony calls Bobbie irresponsible for leaving Lucas with a sitter so soon after BJ’s death. Alan breaks up their fight. Luke questions Mary Mae about Bradley’s enemies. Brenda wants to keep things strictly business with Sonny but it is easier said than done. Bobbie tells Damian off when he shows up at the brownstone. AJ has to tell Monica that the Conway evidence has been stolen from his desk. Bobbie comes to the Qs to talk with Monica and ends up stealing a gun from Edward’s locked display case. Justus returns home to the Ward house. Monica finds Bobbie gone and the gun missing. She leaves a message for Luke.

June 3, 1994 - No Commercials - Monica tells Alan that she fears that Bobbie has gone after Damian. Alan goes to search for Damian hoping to get to him before Bobbie. Katherine tells Damian that she plans to convince Ned to marry her. She and Damian agree to a truce. Luke and Laura meet Justus. Justas vows to stay in town until the police find out who murdered his father. Bobbie gains access to Damian’s suite at the hotel. Damian blows off getting in touch with Alan. Luke learns from Monica that Bobbie is on the loose with a gun. Damian returns to his hotel room to find Bobbie waiting for him with the gun. Over dinner at The Outback, Katherine proposes to Ned. Justus wants a meeting with Sean.

June 6, 1994 - No Commercials - Damian tries to convince Bobbie that their whole relationship was not a lie and that killing him would destroy her life. She pegs him as a liar and is going to make him beg for his life just as Luke shows up. Alan and Monica speculate on who has the Conway evidence now. Ned turns down Katherine’s proposal. Luke takes the unloaded gun from Bobbie just as Damian gets on his knees prepared to beg for his life. Laura tells Lucky about Bradley. Sean wants to locate the detective who worked the Ward case. Bobbie tells Luke about the bet. Bobbie and Luke return the gun to the Qs. Mac wants Miguel to try and influence Robin. Sean reminds Mac that as much as pushes Robin not to see Stone the more she will want to. Tiffany visits Laura and asks her about Mary Mae. Alan and Luke talk about what they are going to do about Damian. Ned makes plans to see Lois.

June 7, 1994 - No Commercials - Luke goes to Lucy to talk Damian Smith. Luke wants to know how Damian bought into ELQ. Justas meets with Sean to make sure his father’s murder is not swept under the rug this time. Sean tells him he has very little to go on and he suspects that maybe Mary Mae is holding something back. Lucky brings Mary Mae flowers. Katherine blackmails Edward to force Ned marry her in exchange for the Conway evidence. Edward tells Katherine he is not susceptible to blackmail and she has made a huge error. Luke quizzes Sonny about Damian’s Frank connection. Lucy tells Damian that Luke is out to get him. Tiffany wants to speak with Mary Mae when she is ready as the Ward murder is an important story and she wants it told right. Justas meets Simone. Katherine pays Lucy a visit at Deception and reminds her that Ned’s appointment of her was on a trial basis and she had better keep the company in the black. 

June 8-14, 1994:  6/8 Mac finds Robin has a condom, Felicia receives package from Frisco, F&F flashbacks, 6/9 cm Julio Iglesias, 6/10 Julio, Keesha arrives, Ned feigns largyngitis, 6/13 Ned proposes to Lois, 6/14 Ned & Lois marry

June 8, 1994 - No Commercials - Sonny takes Brenda to see a possible studio space. Felicia walks in on kissing Robin and Stone. Felicia questions why Robin keeps disobeying Mac. Robin is uncomfortable when Felicia wants to have a very frank talk with her about sex. Edward confronts Alan, Monica, and AJ about the murder and cover-up. They learn about Katherine’s demand of Ned. The Q’s decide that they have no other choice but to go along with Katherine. Edward is going to handle Ned. Alan gives Luke the report on Sonny’s finances. Mac thinks Robin should work at The Outback for the summer. Mac learns that Felicia gave Robin a condom. Luke joins the Q’s for poker night. The subject of the Ward murder comes up. Mac confronts Felicia about giving Robin a condom. Ned learns from Lois that Sonny is coming to the DC gig. Felicia finally gets the package that was delivered from Frisco for Maxie. Inside is a letter for her from Frisco.

June 9, 1994 - With Commercials - Felicia visits Kevin at his office and wants his opinion on if she handled the sex talk with Robin correctly. Edward tells Ned that he will be marrying Katherine. When Luke tells Justus about the poker game with some of Bradley’s old adversaries, Mary Mae accuses him of poking into the past. Alan comes clean with Ned about the Conway murder and Damian’s blackmail. Lois persuades Miguel to take a trip to NYC to look at a studio with her. Bobbie tells Tony about the bet but he has no sympathy and they argue again. Lucy busts in on Felicia and Kevin. Ned tells the Q’s that if agrees to marry Katherine it will cost them big. He wants time to think about it. Ned confronts Katherine about her blackmail. The two end up in bed together. Lois and Miguel check out the studio. (Guest appearance by Julio Iglesias) Lucy questions if there is anything going on with Kevin and Felicia.

June 10, 1994 - With Commercials - Brenda finds a crabby Ned in The Grill. Ned tells Brenda that if Sonny is at the DC gig there will be no Eddie Maine on stage. Miguel meets Julio. Keesha comes home to the Ward house and meets Laura. Alan has to come clean with Lila about the murder and blackmail. Ned asks Lee for some legal advice about marrying someone under an assumed name. Brenda tries to persuade Sonny not to come to DC but he insists on seeing his investment. Ned applies for a marriage license. Ned arrives in DC and asks Lois to wear the white dress she bought with her mother, as he wants to take her someplace special after the gig. Ned learns Brenda did not stop Sonny from coming to DC. When they arrive at the hotel, Brenda is teed her room is a closet attached to Sonny’s suite. Ned warns Brenda to keep Sonny away from the show. Ned gets an attack of hoarse throat. Brenda tries to distract Sonny with a seduction.

June 13, 1994 - No Commercials - AJ apologies to Alan as it was never his attention for the Conway evidence to resurface. Alan wants the $100,000 that he paid for AJ to recover the evidence back. Lois freaks out on Ned telling him he has to sing no excuses. Brenda continues her seduction attempt but she fumbles it up and she and Sonny end up arguing. Sonny agrees that they need to talk things out though. Brenda calls with word that Sonny will not catch the band this time and Ned makes a miraculous recovery. Jason overhears AJ and Alan arguing about the murder cover-up. Tony tells Laura that despite Bobbie’s apologies his heart is like stone right now. They talk about BJ. Keesha tells Mary Mae that her father and her are always butting heads over the expectations he puts on her. Brenda wants for Sonny to tell her it is not too late for them. Alan worries that Edward has gone soft for even considering Katherine’s demand. After the gig, Ned takes Lois for a walk and asks her to marry him. Sonny and Brenda make love for the first time.

June 14, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned and Lois elope to Baltimore. Sonny seems indifferent the next morning and Brenda fears that she made a mistake. Bobbie wants to know if there is any hope for her and Tony. Lois hyperventilates as she and Eddie/Ned exchange their vow. After she recovers with the help of a paper bag, she admits she thinks they are rushing into marriage. He convinces her. Damian pleads his case with Lucy telling her he is not that bad of a guy. He wants to pick up with her where they left off. Brenda and Sonny argue only to end up in bed again. Ned and Lois exchange vows. Ned tells Lois he will take her anywhere in the world for their honeymoon. Lois wants to take him to Coney Island.

June 15-23, 1994: 6/15 Ned & Lois Coney Island honeymoon, Nurse's Ball rehearsal, 6/16 Bradley Ward's funeral, honeymoon continues, (no show 6/17, 6/20 OJ trial), 6/21, 6/22 (:7 min pre-empt), 6/23 First Annual Nurse's Ball

June 15, 1994 - No Commercials - Monica checks on a very depressed Bobbie after she misses the talent rehearsal for the Nurse’s Ball. Felicia is thrilled as Maxie will be able to come home from GH very soon. Felicia has to explain to Maxie that they are going back to the brownstone. Ned and Lois arrive in Brooklyn and tell her mother they got married. Gloria insists they have to plan a bigger ceremony in front of the family with a priest. Mac plans a welcome home party for Maxie at The Outback. Miguel agrees to sing. Monica drags Bobbie out of her stumper and brings her to GH to help Lucy plan the ball. Lucy and Bobbie argue and Bobbie storms out in tears. Ned and Lois spend the day at Coney Island. Kevin scolds Lucy for attacking Bobbie. Felicia returns to work at The Outback and she and Mac learn that it may be harder than they thought. Lois gives Edddie/Ned her class ring.

June 16, 1994 - No Commercials - Lois and Eddie’s day at Coney Island continues. Luke and Laura are surprised to see Lee, Edward, and Jack at Bradley’s funeral. Justus speaks at the memorial. AJ questions how Katherine managed to get her hands on the Conway evidence. He wants to know if she worked alone or did she have an accomplice. Brenda and Sonny return back at the mansion after DC. AJ and Sonny play some one on one basketball, which gets pretty intense. Brenda breaks in up before there is blood on the court. Mary Mae sings at the service. (Note: Scene is glitchy) Back at the Cerullo house, Carmine offers his congratulation to Eddie but has a few questions for him. Sean finds it curious that Edward, Lee, and Jack were at the Ward service. 

June 21, 1994 - No Commercials - Brenda calls Lois and offers her congrats on the wedding. Katherine wants to set a date with Ned. Mary Mae is brought to GH after collapsing. Monica suspects she had a mild heart attack. AJ takes it personally when Edward takes the hotel from him and gives it all to Ned. Edward does however give AJ 1% of ELQ stock for being a good sport. Lois asks Brenda to be her maid of honor when she and Eddie have their formal wedding. Lois wants to move to PC. AJ tells Brenda that Ned is marrying Katherine. In exchange for marring Katherine, Ned gets full control over his family’s voting rights ELQ for one full year. Robin convinces Stone to do a scene from Romeo and Juliet for the Nurse’s Ball. Brenda confronts Ned about marrying both Lois and Katherine. Ned plans to find some dirt on Katherine to hold over her head. Katherine tells Damian about her engagement.

June 22, 1994 - With Commercials - After hearing Brenda say she is going to the Nurses’s Ball, Sonny wants to get himself a ticket. Monica reschedules her mammogram appointment. AJ asks Monica for $200,000 against he ELQ stock from her and Alan for a real estate venture. Luke invites Justus and a date to the Nurse’s Ball so he can see Jack, Lee, and Edward in action. Ned asks Damian about his theft of the Conway evidence and informs him of Katherine now having it. He should have known better than to try and blackmail Alan. Lucy preps for the ball. After plunking down extra dough, Sonny gets himself a table at the ball. Brenda wants to know what Katherine is holding over Ned’s head from AJ and Jason. (Note: ABC New Brief interruption: 7minutes lost) Justus invites Keesha to the ball as his date. Jason and AJ tell Monica that Brenda suspects Katherine has something on the Qs.

June 23, 1994 - With Commercials - The Nurse’s Ball gets underway. Brenda is surprised to see Sonny at the ball and he invites her to sit at his table. Justus meets Edward. AJ asks Keesha out for a tennis date. Damian informs Katherine that he is annoyed that she used his stolen evidence for her own gain. Lucy learns that Ned and Katherine are engaged. Katherine assures Lucy that her cushy little ride is almost over. Bobbie is very uneasy around Damian. Ned tells Brenda to back off for everyone’s sake. Simone, Kevin, and Monica perform. Lucy locks Alan, who is supposed to dance a tango with Bobbie, in a closet. Lucy tries to set up Tony to dance with Bobbie instead but it backfires and Damian winds up dancing with her. Amy, who is Lucy’s dresser, quits on her. Tony and Damian come to blows backstage during The Chorus Line number. The curtain goes up on a half naked Lucy.

June 24-30, 1994:  6/24 Nurse's Ball continued, 6/27 Lucy rescues Bobbie from Damian's bed, 6/28, 6/29, 6/30 Katherine sees Ned kissing Lois, Robin goes to court, Foster bites a realtor

June 23, 1994 - With Commercials - The Nurses’s Ball continues. Steve performs. Damian presses charges and Tony is arrested. Jason and Keesha meet and Jason learns that AJ and her have a date next week. Tony tells Laura how humiliated he is yet again. Felicia performs. At the end of the act, Felicia thanks everyone that helped her and Maxie at GH. Mac is shocked to see Robin and Stone’s performance of a scene of Romeo and Juliet. Mac angrily confronts Robin backstage. Mac performs his comedy act. Later, an annoyed Mac throws a pie in Kevin’s face. AJ and Jason perform. Miguel closes out the show with a song. Damian invites Bobbie back to his hotel suite. After hearing that Tony has been arrested, Lucy tries to stop Bobbie.

June 27, 1994 - With Commercials - Kevin stops by Felicia’s apartment. Thinking that is the direction he is heading, Felicia tells him she is not ready for a new relationship. At home after the ball, Mac and Robin go another round on the Stone issue. Damian takes Bobbie back to his hotel room. She thanks him for the rescue during the tango. Bobbie wants Damian to convince her that her instincts about him are wrong. Lucy interrupts them. Brenda calls Lois with the news that Miguel sang at the ball. Lucy tells Bobbie that Damian had Tony arrested. After a call from Lois, Katherine is livid with Ned. Bobbie bails Tony out. Sonny and Brenda make love. Kevin resents the fact that Felicia thought he was trying to make a move on her. Kevin tells Felicia about his volatile relationship with Grace. With no change in his attitude, Bobbie tells Tony she wants him out of the brownstone.

June 28, 1994 - No Commercials - Ned tells Damian that his tango with Bobbie has again earned him the wrath of the ELQ board. After hearing about his singing, Lois is in PC to talk with Miguel again. Lucy brings Kevin a present, a pie. Lucy tells Kevin about Katherine’s threat. Damian tells Ned about the bet. After seeing him at The Grill, Damian antagonizes Tony. Tony tells him he is done fighting and he can have Bobbie. Lucy and Ned break up their war of words. Monica learns from Bobbie that she threw Tony out. Sonny and Brenda make love but after Sonny makes a sexist comment; she is livid. He smoothes things over with her. Lucy speaks with Damian and Ned about Deception. She now wants a contract to protect herself from Katherine. When an emergency surgery comes up, Monica cancels her mammogram yet again. Miguel tells Lois about his problems with his singing contract/manager he used to have. Lois and Brenda sign a contract with Sonny. Katherine wants to talk with Ned before he makes a decision on Lucy’s contract. Bobbie calls Damian wanting to see him.

June 29, 1994 - No Commercials - An upset Bobbie arrives at Damian’s suite. If her marriage is over, she wants to make sure she can count on him. Katherine wants Ned to consider appointing her as the head of Deception. Sean and Garcia question Mary Mae about Bradley’s enemies. Keesha kicks AJ butt at tennis. They realize they have a lot in common when they talk about their parent’s expectations. Realizing she wants a future with him, Damian thinks he and Bobbie should take some time and reevaluate things. Ned agrees to talk with Edward about Deception. Tony tells Bobbie he is not leaving the brownstone for Lucas’s sake. Katherine wants Damian’s help with Lucy. She also invites him to the wedding. Lois wants to celebrate her record contract with Ned on Friday at The Outback. Katherine sees Ned with Lois.

June 30, 1994 - No Commercials - A real estate broker tries to make a play for the Spencer house. When the broker tries to enter the house, he gets a bit from Foster. Ned tries to cover with Katherine. After Lois gets turned down to celebrate with Ned, she wants to celebrate with Sonny and Brenda. They seem more interested in each other than going to lunch with Lois. Mac is less that thrilled when Stone and Kevin show up at Robin’s hearing for drunk driving. The broker brings the police to the Spencer house and officer Johnson has to file an incident report. Keesha meets Lila. Katherine and Ned plan to wed on Friday. Sly and Lucky want to start their own worm farm. Robin’s license is revoked until she reaches 18. Justus wants Luke to set up a poker game to see Edward, Lee, and Jack up close. Katherine asks Edward to make Lucy step down at Deception after she and Ned are married. After the hearing, Mac tells Kevin off. Luke invites Edward to poker. 

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