Complete GH Episodes, 1991

Thanks to my good friend Joan has original GH episodes from 1981 through current time, and has been very generous in loaning me these classic GH epsiodes, we have been working on getting them transfered to dvd and described. Most of these episodes do not have commericals. I don't have expanded descriptions for this time frame yet (we will be working on this time frame and anyone who would like to help with episode write ups please email me).   For additional classic GH epsiode information check out the Scorpio Files Episode Guide section to find write ups for 1985-1991.

Episode Breakdown

January 2-8, 1991:  (1/1 no show aired), 1/2 Lucy confronts Carla about engagement announcement, 1/3 Decker, Dawn, Edge in her hospital room, 1/4 Robert, Nurse checking on Cheryl, Tiffany finds the presents that Cheryl bought for Robert, 1/7, 1/8, (1/9 no show aired, news report) [Episode Descriptions]

January 10-16, 1991:  1/10, 1/11 Lucy, Tracy, Larry at Q's discuss trust fund, Scott tells Alan he's the father of Lucy's baby, 1/14 Lucy & Alan argue about the baby, Lucy goes into premarture labor and loses the baby, Scott is devastated, Cheryl tells Robert that she needs to talk to him about something important, Robert & Anna, 1/15, 1/16, (no show aired on 1/17) [Episode Descriptions]

January 18-24, 1991: 1/18 (first few mins pre-empted Gulf war update), 1/21 (first minute or so pre-empted), 1/22 (first minute or so pre-empted), 1/23 Bobbie destroys Cheryl's file, Frisco covers for Bobbie, 1/24 [Episode Descriptions]

January 25-31, 1991: 1/25, 1/28, 1/29 Robert finds out Lucas is Chery's baby, he confronts Bobbie and she accuses "Frisco told you!", 1/30 Bobbie tells Robert she won't give up Lucas, Frisco lies to Robert, Robert asks for his badge, 1/31 [Episode Descriptions]

February 1-7, 1991:  2/1, 2/4, 2/5 Bobbie is determined to leave town with Lucas, Robert gets a court order, Tony ruins her plans when she comes to Kelly's to pikc Lucas up, Tony forces her to tell him the truth, Robert shows up and takes the baby to Cheryl, Cheryl is flabberghasted and tells Robert, "He is our baby!", 2/6 Robert refuses to believe he is Lucas' father and goes for a blood test, Bobbie deludes herself that she can get Lucas back, Tony wants no part of it or of her, Robin demands an explanation from Robert, 2/7 No Sound first 4 minutes - Robert calls Anna a nag and a frump during an argument, Robert tells Cheryl that is not Lucas' father [Episode Descriptions]

February 8-14, 1991: 2/8 Balke Gibbons (Coleman) as "Marty" a friend of Frisco's during scene at Kelly's, 2/11 Alan pressures Scott to admit he was the father of Lucy's baby, Felicia & Anna go shopping, 2/12 Robert is taken hostage at Wyndham's during an armed robbery, Frisco is shot, Simone leaves for Romania, Tony moves out, 2/13 Valentine's Day begins (aired over two episodes) Frisco brings Felicia breakfast in bed for Valentine's Day, Cheryl tries to get together with Robert but he turns her down and only has eyes for Anna, R&A meet for Robin's recital date and she wows him, mutual flirtation at a bar, Cheryl leaves town, 2/14 Robin's dance recital, Robert & Anna infamous red dress Valentine's seduction, she ties him up, seduces him in revenge for calling her a frump [Episode Descriptions]

February 15-21, 1991:  2/15 Anna runs around town trying to get someone to go over to Robert's, 2/18 Finally Anna tells Frisco that Robert is tied up and asks him to release Robert for her, John J. York arrives as Mac as Robert fishes him out of the water after the ELQ freighter explodes in the harbor, Robert then pushes him back in! 2/19 Tony Geary returns as Bill Eckert, 2/20 Bill's parents are first scene, Sly's first episode, 2/21 [Episode Descriptions]

February 22-28:  2/22, 2/25, 2/26, 2/27 Dawn dies during surgery, 2/28 [Episode Descriptions]

March 1-7, 1991:  3/1, 3/4, 3/5, 3/6, 3/7 (first :5 minutes original, then copies) [Episode Descriptions]

March 8-14, 1991:  3/8, 3/11, 3/12 Robert shoot at Wyndham's, 3/13 Aftermath of shooting, 3/14 [Episode Descriptions]

March 15-21, 1991:  3/15, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21 [Episode Descriptions]

March 25 - April 2, 1991:  3/25 last 4 mins, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29, 4/1, 4/2 partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 2-10, 1991:  4/2 partial, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/8, 4/9, 4/10 partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 10-17, 1991:  4/10 partial, 4/11, 4/12, 4/15, 4/16, 4/17 [Episode Descriptions]

April 18-25, 1991:  4/18, 4/19, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25 partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 25- May 3, 1991:  4/25 partial, 4/26, 4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3 partial [Episode Descriptions]

May 3-10, 1991:  line on episodes - 5/3 partial, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/9, 5/10 [Episode Descriptions]

May 13-17, 1991:  5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/17 [Episode Descriptions]

May 20-24, 1991:  5/20, 5/21, 5/22, 5/23, 5/24 [Episode Descriptions]

May 27-31, 1991:  5/27, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31 [Episode Descriptions]

June 3-7, 1991:  6/3 Hitmen after Robert & Mac, 6/4 The Scorpios meet Dominique who invites them to stay at Serenity, 6/5 Fred Eckert's memorial, 6/6, 6/7[Episode Descriptions]

June 10-14, 1991:  6/10 Robert proposes, 6/11 Robin reunited with her parents, Frisco suddenly leaves town, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14 Lucy & Tracy trap Harlan into a full body cast, Robert & Anna's engagement is celebrated at Kelly's, (no show aired 6/17 due to golf coverage) [Episode Descriptions]

June 18-24, 1991:  6/18, 6/19, 6/20 Anna's bridal party attend fashion show at Delphina's, 621, 6/24
[Episode Descriptions]

June 25 - July 1, 1991:  6/25, 6/26 Anna receives an orchid, 6/27 Robert & Anna's rehearsal dinner at Outback, Connor sings to them, 6/28 Robert & Anna's wedding, 7/1 Robert & Anna's wedding continues [Episode Descriptions]

July 2-8, 1991:  7/2 Robert & Anna's honeymoon on train, 7/3, 7/4 Fourth of July town picnic, 7/5 Faison poisons Tiff, 7/8 Robin calls the paramedics when she can't wake Tiff [Episode Descriptions]

July 9, 1991 - January 6, 1992

Expanded Descriptions

January 2-8, 1991:  (1/1 no show aired), 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/7, 1/8, (1/9 no show aired, news report)

January 2, 1991 - Lucy asks Carla about her engagement announcement in the paper.  Lucy is mad that her name is in the paper as having a relative employed by the Q family.  Tracy walks in and says she did it.  And that she is skating on thin ice with the Q family. Lucy says she did that to embarrass her and asks Tracy if it is a threat.  Alan tells Tiffany that Cheryl is very bad off.  Tiffany is so upset.  Bobbie sees Cheryl in the hospital bed.  Cheryl is sleeping but yells out save my baby.  Monica comes to visit Dawn in her hospital room.  She tells Monica that Decker was there visiting her.  Dawn tells Monica that she is still in love with Decker.  Decker shows up at the Q mansion to see Carla.  Tracy, Ashton and Ned give him a dirty look and make a joke at his expense when he says he was with Dawn.  Lucy walks in and wants to know if Scott is with Colton.  Bobbie gives Tiffany an update on Cheryl. Tom asks Bobbie if Cheryl said anything.  Tracy and Ashton are at the hospital after seeing Cheryl.  He tells Tracy he is feeling sentimental that any moment can be your last.  He wants to marry her.  She tells him not to be pushy.  He says when two people love each other, they should be together.  Tracy asks “what two people?” and tells him she is going to be sick.  She sees Alan and then runs off to ask him about the trust fund Alan set up for his kids.
     Lucy and Scott talk about the trust fund for AJ and Jason.  She tells Scott she needs Alan to set up a trust fund for her kid, so they can be rich and manipulate those funds so they get the money.   She tells Scott he has to be patient.  Scott doesn't want her with Alan anymore and her to not sleep with him.   Decker visits Dawn again.  Bobbie goes to see Mr. Broxton who is the adoption lawyer to tell him Cheryl is in the hospital.  Bobbie tells him she won't take the blackmail anymore.  He tells her to have Tony call off the investigation.  She says go ahead and spill the beans about Lucas.  Ned shows up at the hospital when Dawn gets flowers from Decker.  Ned tells her not to date Decker.  Tracy asks Alan about Cheryl's condition.  He asked where Ned is as he wanted to see her.  Tracy says he must have gotten waylaid.  Ashton says he would like to way lay Tracy, who is disgusted.  They leave and Lucy shows up.  Lucy wants Alan to keep the trust find quiet about the baby.  He doesn't get why she is being strange about it. Lucy says Tracy already thinks she is a gold digger, so she doesn't want the family to know.  Monica tells Dawn she loved it when Lucy shafted Scott.  Tiffany talks to Cheryl.  Cheryl tells her she had a baby and it didn't die.  She asks Tiffany to help her find him.

January 3, 1991 - Decker and Edge are visiting Dawn.  Tiffany listens to Cheryl say her baby didn't die.  Tiffany tells her she can't die.  She will do it for her.  Cheryl begs her to promise her.  Bobbie asks Alan if it is wise for Cheryl to have visitors.  Alan says it might be her last chance to talk to family.  Colton, Carla and Aunt Charlene are at Kelly's.  Scott comes in and says he is going to visit Cheryl so he will meet with them later. Tiffany goes to talk to Tom about what Cheryl told her. Tiffany thinks it is a delusion.   Tom tells her to let her just think about it so it will give her the will to fight.  Sean arrives to comfort Tiffany.  Bobbie has to go home because the baby is sick.  Alan asks Tiffany if she is still willing to donate a kidney to Cheryl if she needs it.  Tiffany doesn't want to tell Sean about what Cheryl said about the baby.   Monica fills in a nurse who is acting suspicious about Bobbie and how she turned her life around.  Bobbie meets with Scotty on the docks.  Bobbie mentions to Scotty how all these people from Willow Shores have this strange flu.  The guy from Willowshores shows up and threatens Bobbie again.  Bobbie asks Tom if he will take Tony of the Willow Shores case.  Dawn tells Decker she needs security.  Tony finds Bobbie at Kelly's.  Cheryl wants to know if Tiffany told Sean.  Tiffany changes the subject.

January 4, 1991 - Tiffany is back to visit Cheryl.  Cheryl asks for her test results.  Cheryl says she has to get out of there to find her baby.  Sean shows up at Robert's office.  Robert is still trying to figure out the puzzle.  Frisco intercepted a letter mailed to Tony.  One of Bobbie's earrings was found at the PC hotel.  Sean asks if he really thinks that Broxton is having an affair with Bobbie.  Frisco and Felicia come down for coffee. They say they haven't seen Bobbie much the last few days.  She says she has been busy.  Tony comes down, and wants to know who the guilty party is who is reading his mail. Felicia tells Tony that they were just trying to help out Tony and Bobbie.  Tony says he is talking about a letter inviting him to a medical convention.  Tony wants to know if Bobbie asked Tom to take him off the Willow Shores case.  Tony says he will go out of town of Bobbie comes too.  Alan comes in to see Cheryl.  He tells her she can't get upset.  Robert tells Sean he thinks Bobbie is more involved with Broxton than he expected.  Tom comes and tells him Bobbie asked for him to be off the case.  Robert says he is going to find out what Broxton has on Bobbie.  He leaves to go find Bobbie. Tony is making Bobbie feel bad that she doesn't want to go on a trip now.
     Robert shows up at the Brownstone.  He asks Felicia and Frisco to leave.  Robert says he is there to see his god son Lucas.  Frisco and Felicia talk about him working at the club as a singer.  Frisco wants to go back to the police force to work on this case regarding Bobbie.  He says he did all the leg work and then brings it to Robert and he tells them to get lost.  Frisco says he is going to march right into Robert to find out what is going on.  Bobbie says she got a card from Robin and Anna and that they are having fun in NY.  Bobbie and Robert talk about their friendship.  He says she can tell him anything.  But she doesn't cave.  Alan tells Cheryl she doesn't need a kidney transplant.  Tiffany is thrilled.  Robert runs into Broxton on the dock.  He mentions Dawn's name to them. Frisco and Felicia come home with groceries.  Someone is at the door. Tiffany comes in.  Frisco gives her Cheryl's mail.  She gets a bill from the PC hotel.  She says it is a mistake and she needs to straighten it out. Robert is on the phone.  Frisco comes in.  He tells Robert he is tired of the run around.  He thinks Bobbie is having an affair. Robert asks Frisco to keep that nurse Rita away from Tony for a while.  Frisco tells him when he finds out what he is looking for he wants to be the first to know.  Rita shows up to the Brownstone and talks to Frisco and Felicia.  Tony walks in.  Robert and Sean discuss the case again.  Tiffany goes to the hotel and says it is a mistake that Cheryl kept her hotel room at the PC hotel.  He asks her to check out the suitcase left there.  She opens it and finds all these gifts for “her darling husband Robert.”  Tiffany is freaked out.

January 7, 1991 - Ruby talks to Colton and Carla and Decker.  Colton talks to someone about keeping creditors off his back.  Frisco and Felicia talk to Tom about Rita. Bobbie gets a visit from Broxton at the Brownstone.  He threatens her again.  He tells her she broke the deal and she will now pay.  Ruby shows up.  She accuses Bobbie of having an affair.  She is livid. Rita and Tony work on the case again.  Frisco and Felicia try to get Rita away from Tony. Tiffany asks Cheryl why she didn't tell her she is still in love with Robert.  Tiffany tells her the baby she lost was Julian's baby and not Robert's.  Colton goes to visit Dawn.  Edge and Decker talk about making commercials, Decker says all his money is riding on this production deal.  They decide to be partners. Frisco and Felicia take Rita to the zoo. Tony tells Bobbie they can leave for their trip. The new head of research has arrived.
     Tiffany tells Tom that she knows that Cheryl had the baby with Julian not Robert.  He tells her that Cheryl is clinging to a fantasy.  Cheryl gets out of bed and opens the suitcase and finds the photo she hid of her baby in there.  Tiffany apologizes to Bobbie about being mad at her for kicking her out of the Brownstone.  She says none of it was Bobbie's fault.  Tiffany says Bobbie was so good to her.  Decker goes to visit Dawn again. Then he goes back to see Edge. He wants to know the deal between them and what this arrangement is going to entail.  Bobbie visits Dawn and tells her she will be getting out of there soon.  Bobbie asks her not to go back to Willow Shores.  She tells her to stay with Monica.  Rita returns to the hospital and wants to do rounds with Tony.  Frisco shows up and tells her she is wanted at police headquarters.  Tiffany tells Cheryl she has been through a living hell and to get some rest. She takes the suitcase.  Cheryl pulls out the photo  she took from it and kisses it.

January 8, 1991 - Sean and Tony are having coffee at Kelly's.  Sean says Tiffany is glued to Cheryl's side.  Tony makes a comment jokingly about Bobbie having a guy on the side.  Sean and Ruby looks strange.  Robert brings Rita in for questioning.  He asks her if an earring looks familiar to her?  She avoids the question. She finally says she found the earring on Marc Broxton's floor.  She tells him to ask Bobbie in for questioning.  Robert accuses her of writing a dirty note to Tony.  He gets her to admit her part in all of it.  Bobbie comes to Kelly's.  She says she can't go with Tony on his trip.  She is working too hard on her adoption. Simone's old college roommate shows up.  Ruby tells Bobbie and Tony to just do it and go away together.  Bobbie has to run out on Tony to go see Broxton.  She is acting very strange.
     Robert continues questioning Rita.  He tells her he wants her to pack her things and get out of PC right now.  He tells her she has a police record in San Francisco.  Tony finds Bobbie on the docks. HE wants to know where she has been. She lies.   Robert and Sean go over the case. Sean tells him he will tail Rita for him.  Tiffany tells Sean that she doesn't want him to go away right now.  HE promises he will make it up to her. Tom tells Bobbie that Cheryl is recreating a world in her head.  Bobbie is wondering what that is about.  Rita makes a call to Tony to tell him she has to see him right away.  She leaves a message.  Rita tells Tony she is leaving PC.  She tells him before she leaves there are a few thing Tony should know.

January 10-16, 1991:  1/10, 1/11, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16, (no show aired on 1/17)

January 10, 1991 - Decker and Colton come to visit Dawn.  Decker tells Colton he is buying a place.   Frisco and Felicia see Bobbie about to leave.  She says she is looking for her luggage.  Bobbie says she is going to go away with Tony.  Tony talks to Rita. She tells him to go back to his wife they deserve each other.  Decker, Colton and Carla visit Dawn. Frisco and Felicia tell Bobbie they are thrilled she is going. Broxton calls Bobbie asking if she is skipping town. Tony asks Rita what she means. He wants the truth.  She tells him she thought they had a relationship and that Bobbie is puling one over on him.  More Decker/Edge stuff.  Bobbie meets with Broxton again.  He tells her to enjoy her vacation.   Ruby gives Felicia some clothes of BJ's for Maxie.  Frisco and Felicia talk about at least Tony and Bobbie together. Tony comes home.   Frisco tells her Bobbie is going with him.  Bobbie comes home.  Tony is not very happy and Bobbie doesn't know why.   BJ is all excited to go on the trip.  They Jonses leave for vacation.  Frisco comes in and tells Felicia it is strange the Brownstone is quiet.  Frisco asks her to go upstairs with him and fool around!  The Jones family is at the airport.  They see Rita.  She is leaving to go back home.  Bobbie questions why she is there.  Tony is about to get on the plane, when he gets an envelope delivered to him.  Her letter said that she is sorry they didn't have a good relationship, but that at least she didn't try to hide her affairs.

January 11, 1991 - Tracy, Ashton and Lucy are eating breakfast.  Lucy talks about eating healthy for her baby.  Lucy tells Lila she will do nothing to jeapordize the newest Q heir.  Alan comes in and says the trust fund papers are ready and he needs Lila to sign them later. Lila says she must talk to Alan in private today.  Dawn is released from the hospital and goes to stay with Monica.  Decker calls and is in NYC. Decker meets with his shady new associates.  Scott shows up at the hospital.  He wants to know where Lucy is.  Amy says the Qs needed her for family business.  Lila tells Tracy she didn't want to tell Lucy about the stock shares she is transferring to Tracy.  Larry is happy to hear Tracy is getting stock.  He says what a great wedding gift. Lila is shocked and asks what wedding?  Larry says Tracy is considering marrying him again. Tracy says no way. Lila says she hopes not as they are better friends than marriage partners.  Tracy said friends is stretch.  Lila leaves.   Tracy finds a letter from the bank for Lucy.  She opens it, but Ashton says it is against the law.  She said not when the recipient is a tramp!  They open it and find out that Scott and Lucy took out a loan together and the first payment is due.  Ashton says they need to prove the baby is Scott's.
     Carla comes in and says that Scott called and wanted to speak to Lucy before the banks closed.  She tells Scott to come over. Alan drives Monica and Dawn to the hotel.  Alan tells Monica that he is so done with Lucy's games.  Monica says it is partly Alan's fault.  Monica tells Alan he doesn't seem to have much interest in the baby Lucy is carrying.  He tells her because the whole pregnancy was unexpected.   He says he is excited about the baby, but the only time she talks to him is when she wants something.  Monica says she just wants some attention.   Scott shows up at the Qs to find out if Lucy got the papers from the bank.  Lucy says she wasn't able to get money out of Alan this week.  Tracy is at the top of the stairs eavesdropping.  Tracy tries to get Lila to hold off signing the trust fund papers.  Lucy is trying to hurry her up. Lila signs them.  Tracy follows Lucy out and makes some remarks about worrying about Scott and his finances.  Lucy asks her to keep the trust fund information private.  Ashton wonders what Tracy is up to.  Alan tells Monica he will try to pay more attention to Lucy.
     Dawns talks with Carla.  Decker and Edge meet about their business.  Lucy shows up at Monica's hotel room.  Dawn tells her Alan and Monica are eating lunch downstairs.  Carla asks Lucy if Tracy gave her the message that Scott was coming over to the house.  Scott shows up at the bank with the payment.  The Q lawyer runs into Scott.  He asks the lawyer if Lucy was there when Lila signed the agreement.  Alan shows up at the hospital looking for Lucy.   Lucy is in the elevator and Scott comes in.  He is livid. He tells her she is trying to play him for a fool.  He tells her he knows she knew about the trust fund.  He accuses her of lying to him.  She tells him she did, and now that she has the trust fund, she has the money and the Q heir and he has no hold over her.  She tells him he is a loser.  Monica tells Dawn she seems so much better now.  Tracy and Ashton show up at Monica's hotel room to check on Dawn.  They tell Monica to go wake her up as they are s concerned about her.  They are trying to avoid being at the Qs when all hell breaks loose.  Scott and Lucy show up at the Qs.  He is screaming at her for screwing him around.  Alan comes down and Scott tells him that he is the father of Lucy's baby!

January 14, 1991 - Lucy tries to explain her way out of it to Alan about Scott lying over being the baby's father.  Alan doesn't believe her.  He says it has always been about money with her and he has had it with her lies.  Alan tells her he is done.  Robert is in his office. Lewis tells him he has some women there to see him. Anna and Robin walk in.  Robin wants to go see Frisco.  Frisco is at Delafields.  Scott walks in and needs a major drink. Lucy is crying alone at the Q mansion.  Alan comes downstairs and he is leaving.  He tells her not to touch him.  She needs to make other living arrangements.  He tells her she never loved him. She always wanted Scott.  Lucy is grabbing on to him.  He pulls her off of him.  He leaves, but Lucy starts cramping and acting like something is wrong.  Alan doesn't believe her.  But then he sees her fall to the floor.  He screams for Jennings to call an ambulance.  Robert shows up at the hospital.  He wants to test the water at the Willow Shores complex.  He demands it now.
     The paramedics show up at the Qs to take Lucy to the hospital.  Tracy and Ashton give Dawn some crystal glasses as a gift for her new apartment.  Monica is trying to figure out what strings are attached.  Tracy says there are no strings, they want Dawn to know there are no hard feelings over Ned.  Monica says she doesn't believe Tracy and what she is saying is Dawn is not good enough for Ned.  Tracy tells he that is not true, and when Lila reinstates her at ELQ…and then Monica gets a call that Lucy was taken to the hospital having a possible miscarriage.  Ashton tells Tracy they may have caused this.  Tracy says they need a drink.  Scott is getting drunk at the bar.  Tom talks to Tiffany about Cheryl and tells her that she has to go through the grieving of losing Robert in her mind.  The delusion provides her with a way to fulfill her desires for her baby to be alive.  Anna and Robin show up to see Frisco.  Sadie shows up to look for Robert.  She wants to tell him something about water leaks and she doesn't want plumbers working there at her building anymore.  Tom finds Scott at the bar drinking.  Robert shows up and Anna tells her what Sadie said. Robert tells Frisco he can tag along.
     Tracy and Ashton show up at Delafields for a drink. They run into Scott and tell him they are sorry about Lucy being in the hospital.  Scott runs out and Tom goes with him.  Alan is pacing around waiting to hear about Lucy.  Scott comes in and is livid.  He wants to know what Alan did to her. Scott goes to punch Alan.  Alan says that she may be losing the baby.  Robert and Anna tell Frisco they think Bobbie is involved with this Broxton guy.  Monica comes to be with Alan.  She tells him it is not his fault.  He tells Monica that Scott is the father.  Monica tells Alan that he can't do something crazy like he did when he found out Monica and Rick were having an affair.  Alan has a flashback of that.  Alan tells Scott to face up to his responsibilities.  They find out that the baby is in danger.  Tracy and Ashton come home.  Ashton feels so guilty about them not preventing this situation with Lucy. Tracy says it is not their fault. The blame is on Scott and Lucy.  She tells Ashton to call the lawyer to make sure the trust fund doesn't go through.  Ashton accuses her of being cold-blooded and cruel.  Tracy says she wouldn't' wish this on Alan and she doesn't want anything terrible to happen to Lucy or the baby, but the bottom line is that baby is not a Quartermaine.  Scott is talking to Tom about how much he loves Lucy, even though they fight all the time.  Scott said he really cared about that baby.  The doctor comes out and tells Scott that she is going to lose the baby.  Monica tells Scott to calm down.  Robert gives Frisco back his gun and badge and puts him back on the force.

January 15, 1991 - Alan gets an update on Lucy.  Anna is in Robert's office waiting for Robert to call.  Felicia comes by the office.  She wants to know what is going on. Robert and Frisco show up on the docks near the catacombs.  They are following up on Sadie's lead.  Tracy calls for an update on Lucy.  She tells Ashton she is the same.  Ashton tells her she is feeling guilty.  Tracy tells her it is basic human compassion for the baby, and that she would hate to have had a part in the miscarriage even though she knows she didn't cause it.  Lucy is freaking out that she is losing the baby.  The doctor gives her medicine to try to stop the labor. She wants Alan to stay.  She says he is the father. The doctor tells Alan it would be good if he stayed.  Lucy wants Alan to tell her he still cares about her.  Alan tries to keep her calm.  The doctor tells Scott that Lucy can't have visitors.  He wants to know if Lucy knows that he is there.  Monica tries to calm Scotty down.  Scotty tells Monica that Alan is not the father, he is.
     Anna talks to Robin on the phone and say she will be home soon.  Felicia asks Anna if Frisco is in danger. Anna says she can't tell her that.  Felicia wants to know if it has to do about Bobbie. Anna tells her yes, they think Bobbie might be involved with some questionable characters.  Robert and Frisco are in the catacombs searching for clues.  Tom comes to visit Cheryl.  He tells Cheryl Lucy was brought in and that is why Alan hasn't been back to see her.  Monica tells Scott to just wait and hope.  Lucy is hysterical.  Alan tells her to calm down.  She tells him it is his child too.  Lucy starts really screaming and cramping that something is wrong.   She is losing the baby.  Her water broke.  She is hysterical.  Monica comforts Alan. He says it wasn't his child.  Monica tells Alan she thinks he is pretending that he isn't grieving.   He promises her he is not going to kill anyone.  Felicia and Anna are on the docks and run into Scott rushing off.  They see Broxton.  He asks why they have so much pizza.  They say they are hungry.
     Robert sees Cheryl at the hospital.  She asks him if he can stop by and see her sometime when he isn't so busy.  Monica sees Scott come back to the hospital with bags of gifts for the baby. Monica has to tell him Lucy lost the baby. Scott is devastated. He wants to know if it was a boy or girl. Monica says it was a boy.  Scott begs to go see Lucy but Monica tells him to wait.  Alan comes home and asks Ashton to leave him and Tracy alone.  He tells Tracy he can't believe she knew it was Scott's baby and didn't tell her.  He has a powerful scene where he wants her to answer him.  Tracy says she suspected it, but didn't know for sure til today.  Tracy tells Alan she is not the villain..she is the one who told him from the start that Lucy was a gold digger who was out to take him and the family for a ride.  Alan says she is right. Tracy is still worried about the trust fund and them not getting the money. Alan tells her the trust fund is null and void because Lucy lost the baby.
     Scott comes to see Lucy.  He tells her how sorry he is.  Lucy doesn't want to see him.  She is hysterical.  Tom comes to see Cheryl.  She swears to him her child is still alive.  Robert, Frisco, Anna and Felicia eat pizza together and discuss the operation.  Anna says they saw Broxton on the docks.  They think Bobbie is part of the cover up.  Robert says it can't go any further than the four of them. Especially not Tony or Ruby.  Frisco and Felicia go home. They talk on the docks.  He wants to know if Felicia is mad at him for not telling him he was working with Robert.  Felicia doesn't think Bobbie is a criminal.  She wants to know what happens if Bobbie has to go to jail.  Robert tells Anna his prime concern is Bobbie's role in this mess and why.  Scott is in the hospital still.  He sees a stuffed animal on the floor that fell out of his bag.  He breaks down.

January 16, 1991 - Frisco comes to the lab to get the tests results from the water for contamination.  Felicia shows up and says Dawn moved back in with Monica and she is safe there.  People come over to play games with Dawn.  Decker and his associates meet again.  Colton and Carla show up at the hospital.  The doctor tells Scott to stay away from Lucy.  Lucy says it is fine she can handle them.  Scott wants to talk to her.  Lucy tells him she never wants to see him again.  She throws him out of her room.  Scott says it was his baby too and he wants to talk about it. Lucy tells Scott it made her sick to her stomach that it was Scott's baby and she wanted a real Q baby.  She said she had to pretend it was Alan's so she could love it.  Scott is devastated.  Lucy throws him out.
     Decker breaks up with Dawn on Edge's encouragement.  Felicia comes to see Ruby to pick up some soup.  Frisco comes in and takes Felicia to the hospital.  She says Decker seemed very distressed.  Frisco thinks it might be about Lucy. Simone comes in to see Lucy.  She says she doesn't want any visitors.  She tries to make Lucy feel better.  Meg talks to Edge about not wanting Decker to hurt Dawn. Frisco and Felicia wait on the test results at the hospital.  Frisco is worried how Tony is going to react if Bobbie is doing something illegal.  The doctor tells Frisco he got the results but will only give them to Robert. He tells them to deliver them to Robert.  Frisco takes them to Robert, even though he is tempted to open it.

January 18-24, 1991: 1/18 (first few mins pre-empted Gulf war update), 1/21 (first minute or so pre-empted), 1/22 (first minute or so pre-empted), 1/23, 1/24

January 18, 1991 - Anna shows up at Kelly's.  Ruby tells Anna Robert wants her down as soon as possible. He wants Frisco to be there too.  Ruby tells Anna she will pick up Robin.  Bobbie and Tony are in Florida.  Tony wrapped up his work early.  Frisco and Felicia brings Robert the letter from the lab.   Robert says the water is beyond contaminated.   Robert tells Frisco to bring in Broxton. BJ tells Tony that she wants to see everything.  Tony feels like Bobbie had done a complete turnaround about this trip.  He is a bit suspicious. Anna asks Robert if he thinks Bobbie knew about the water being contaminated.   Robert orders a search warrant for Broxton's office and hotel room.  Robert keeps trying to figure out what Broxton could have on Bobbie. Felicia says it can't be her past because people all know about that.
     Tony and Bobbie talk about their day.  Tony asks Bobbie where her earrings are that he gave her for their anniversary.  Bobbie says they should get a sitter and go out alone.  Tony rereads the letter from Rita.  Tony comes back from being outside and Bobbie tries to seduce him.  She tells him he needs to shower first because he is all sweaty.  She really just wants him to leave so she can read the letter.  Frisco and Felicia search Broxton¢s hotel room.  Bobbie calls Felicia to say they are having a great time.  She asks Felicia if she can meet the washer repair man.  Tony comes out of the shower and he asks Bobbie to pick up where they left off.  Robert confronts Broxton about the water sample.  He arrests him.  Frisco searches the hotel room with Sam. Felicia shows up.  (There is a network break in here).  Bobbie is at the hotel in Florida looking worried. She calls Ruby.  Ruby tells her something about Frisco and Anna going to the police department.  Bobbie is worried.   Anna and Robert talk about Robin growing up so fast. Anna doesn¢t know if she gives Robin the right advice.  Robert says he should do more. Two days a week he will pick her up from school so they can have heart to heart chats.  Tony is talking with BJ about going for ice cream.

January 21, 1991 - GH is joined already in progress.  Dawn wants to go out with Decker and Edge to check out some office space. But they think she should stay home as she just got home from the hospital.  Monica comes home and tells her not to go.  Dawn runs out the door.  Frisco and Felicia come to Kelly's.  Bobbie calls home, but Tony tries to distract her.  Frisco and Felicia are stuck at Kelly's as their car is stuck.  Bobbie is still pacing around nervous.  Tony wants to stay with her.  But Bobbie wants him out of her hair.  Tony gets really upset and walks out.  Bobbie just wants to get out of there.  Alan comes to Monica's hotel room.  He is freezing from walking six blocks. Monica warms his hands up and gives him tea.  He wants to thank her for helping him through the ordeal with Lucy.  He also thanks her for not letting him kill Scott Baldwin.  Alan asks Monica out for dinner.  She tells him she already ordered room service.  So she invites him to stay.  She is nervous about Dawn being out in this storm.  Ned walks in on Dawn and Decker checking out office space in his building.  Ned and Decker trade barbs.  He says they are all stuck there since the exit is blocked.
     Felicia slipped and mentioned something about Robert.  Frisco and Remi are in Broxton's office snooping around looking for anything connected to Bobbie.  Tony returns home after the movies.  Bobbie is all strange.  Tony asks her to please tell him what's wrong.  Bobbie tells Tony she has to go home.  She has an emergency from the case she is working on.  Tony is livid with Bobbie. HE tells her that things he hasn't wanted to believe are happening.  He accuses her of having an affair.  They have a massive blow out fight.  Tony tells her she is a liar.  The phone rings.  Tony grabs it and says it is probably her lover. It is the airlines saying all flights are cancelled. Ned brings some food for Decker and his associates.  They are all annoyed with Ned. Ned is laughing that they are starting a business.  Alan and Monica enjoy dinner together.  Alan wants to know if she still cares about him.  He told her he needed to talk to someone and he wanted to turn to her.  Alan says he really screwed things up for them.  Monica said it was a two way street.  Monica tells him not to say a word about them with all he has been through the past few days.  Felicia comes to the office to help Frisco and Remi.  They get a cease and desist order on the walkie talkie.  Bobbie gets a message that the airport is open.  She makes her reservation to leave.

January 22, 1991 - Frisco and Felicia are at home eating breakfast.  Felicia says she has to stay home because the sitter can't come that day.  Robert calls and tells Frisco he needs him in his office right away.  Dawn and Decker all wake up in the office space.  Ned brings in some food.  Dawn wants to call her mom.  She calls Monica.  Tony sees Bobbie about to leave the hotel. He tells her she is lying.  She swears she is not lying.  Tony tells her she hopes to god she is not lying.  Tiffany arrives at GH and Amy says Cheryl freaked when she saw the newspaper headline. Robert tells Frisco he thinks the case will be over soon.  Tiffany has a heart to heart with Cheryl trying to get her to accept that Robert is not a part of her life anymore.  Cheryl falls asleep or pretends to at least.  She starts remembering all the times she and Robert were together and says he will be hers.
     Monica shows up at the ELQ offices.  They ask her why she is there. She says Lila is calling a family meeting.  They hear on the news that Broxton contaminated the waters at Willow Shores. Monica says Dawn will have to be tested to make sure all the contaminates are out of her system.  Ned is in his office looking over a file. He sees Colton Shores name on the document.   Jennings, Lila, Alan and Tracy show up at the office. Lila wants to talk to them in private.  She tells Alan that Tracy somehow was left with no ELQ shares ,and that is not what Edward would have wanted.  She rectified the situation and gave Tracy 30% just like Alan so they are equal.  Tracy looks like the cat who swallowed the canary.  Alan is really angry.  He tells Tracy to shut up. They fight, and Lila silences them and says her mind is made up.  Tracy points out that with Ned's shares and hers they own 50% of ELQ. Robert and Frisco talk about finding something to clear Bobbie.  Bobbie overhears Tony talking about finding out the water was tainted.  He says he is calling Robert.  Bobbies looks so upset.  Decker and Edge talk about signing a lease.  Robert releases Broxton with the promise that he delivers his end of the deal by the end of the day. Lila signs the papers to give the stock to Tracy.  Ned tells Tracy he has no idea of how Tracy pulled that off.  Alan and Monica are so upset and confused.  Alan says she is dangerous when she had nothing, but with power she will be lethal.   Alan leaves to go check on Cheryl.  Tiffany talks to Cheryl again.  Cheryl asks Tiffany to get Robert to come see her.  Bobbie sneaks into Broxton's office.   The alarm goes off.  Robert and Frisco show up. Bobbie is hiding in the closet.

January 23, 1991 - Robert finds Broxton in his office.  They hear a noise in the closet.  Frisco goes to check it out.  Robert says that his friend it depositing money to his bank account.  He asks Broxton if he really thinks he could get away with blackmailing him.  Robin is making dinner for Robert and Anna.  Sean is there.  It is part of her home ec project. Felicia calls and asks Anna about Bobbie. She can't find her.  Broxton tells Robert that he will be able to control Robert by blackmail.  Robert thinks he is bluffing, but he might have a trump card up his sleeve.  Tom and Simone watch the news.  Simone sees some Romanian children in peril.  Cheryl asks Meg if Tiffany found Robert for her. Robert wants to play it safe and have a 24 hour surveillance on Broxton.  Robert noticed the file cabinet had been jimmied.  They wonder if someone else had been in the room.
     Cheryl talks to Simone about her miscarriage. Cheryl says she didn't have a miscarriage and that her baby is alive.  Robin serves Robert and Anna dinner.  Tony comes home and tells Bobbie he is moving out.  He says that Bobbie has been having an affair and is sneaking out to her lover.  Frisco walks in and says he knows where Bobbie has been.  Frisco tells Tony to sit down and listen to reason.  Tony punches Frisco.  He says Bobbie is doing Kate a favor.  Bobbie is trying to help Kate adopt a little boy.  Frisco just found this out.  Bobbie says it is true.  Bobbie tells Tony that he and the kids mean everything to her.  Tony feels bad.  Frisco tells Bobbie in private that he deserves the truth and the next time he talks to her he wants all of it. Robert and Anna love the dinner Robin made.  Cheryl calls to talk to Robert.  She tells him she needs to see him as soon as he can.  Tony and Bobbie make up.  Simone is up late watching the news again about the Romanian kids.  Felicia and Frisco are in bed snuggling up.  They are so glad everything worked out with Bobbie and Tony.  Bobbie and Tony sit by the fire.  He asks her to go upstairs. She says she will but throws a file in the fire.  Robert tells Robin what a great dinner she made.  Cheryl is looking at the nursery staring at the babies. 

January 24, 1991 - Bobbie and Tony are kissing on the couch.  Felicia walks in.  She laughs that they are at it already at 9:30am. Tracy and Lila show up to visit Lucy.  Tracy lets it slip they have to go to ELQ on the way home to talk to the lawyers about the trust funds.  Tracy says oops she didn't mean to be insensitive, but since Lucy is no long with child, she no longer needs the trust fund.  Tony and Bobbie and Felicia talk about Frisco and keeping him safe.  Bobbie asks about Lucy and how she is doing.  She tells Tony to go see her.  Lila tells Tracy it is not the right time to be talking about trust funds.  Lila tells Lucy she is sending her on a six week cruise to recover and to give her and Alan some space.  They leave.  Lucy decides they have another thing coming. She starts writing a letter to Scott.  Ned comes to see Colton.  He tells him that he is behind on a lot of payments and Ned says he has to foreclose on his mortgage.  Colton comes to talk to Scott about the foreclosure on the club.  Scott is preoccupied with Lucy sending him flowers.  He says what does Lucy think that he will come crawling back to her cause she sent him flowers.
     Ruby comes over.  Bobbie tells her that she had to get Lucas's file out of Broxton's office.  Bobbie tells Ruby that Frisco covered for her with Tony.  Bobbie says that she burned the file and now no evidence is left that Lucas is Cheryl's son.  Felicia and Bobbie say they will take the kids to the park.  Tony tells Alan he is sorry to hear about Lucy's miscarriage. Tony tells Alan about thinking Bobbie was having an affair, and he almost blew it with her. Scott shows up at Lucy's room.  He tells her he feels nothing for her. He feels sorry for her.  He won't fall for her again or any of her tricks.  Lucy tells him she was desperate.  Scott isn't falling for it.  Scott tells her he wanted the baby more than anything else in the entire world.  Lucy tells Scott she knows it was Alan's fault that she lost the baby.  She tells Scott that Alan threatened her.  She said that Alan got violent with her.  Lucy pins the blame on Alan.  She says if it weren't for Alan they would still have their baby. Lucy tells Scott that nobody has ever given her what he has.  She tells him she married Alan for his money.   She tells Scott that Alan is going to pay.  Lucy has another scheme.  To take Alan for what he is worth so they can get the money and be together.  Lucy says her plan is fail safe.   Scott can't help himself.  He wants to hear the plan.
     Dawn confronts Ned about foreclosing on his club.  She tells him he is mean and evil and she storms out, right as Tracy comes in.  Tracy asks Ned what he did to Dawn.  He asks what she is doing there. She tells him she is meeting with the lawyers to nullify the trust fund for Lucy's baby.  Ned says she didn't waste any time. Tracy promises Lucy wont¢ get a cent of the Q money.  Lucy is giving a statement to the police about Alan threatening her.  Scott helps her with her statement.  Scott brings up how Alan tried to kill his previous wife and her lover.  Lucy says that Alan was verbally abusive to her, as well as menacing to her.  Alan comes to see Lucy.   He is sweet to her and checks on her.  Alan is sorry for the pain he caused her.  He is so sorry for her loss. Felicia notices the change in Bobbie and how happy she seems.  Remi comes to the police station with Lucy's statement about Alan. Chief Lewis sees Lucy¢s case file number and notices that the number on Robert¢s chalkboard about Broxton is the same kind of number.  Lucy tells Alan she knows that he didn¢t want the child.  Alan says he hopes Lucy doesn¢t blame him for what happened.  Lucy tells him she is pressing criminal assault chargers and is going to sue him for every last dime he has.

January 25-31, 1991:  1/25, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31

January 25, 1991 - Bobbie and Lucas get a visit from Anna.  They discuss babies growing up so fast and how Robin is growing up.  She tells Anna everything is fabulous with her and Tony.  Cheryl gets a visit from Tony. Tony gives her a picture BJ and Lucas made for her.  Remi reminds Robert that Lucy's statement is still on his desk.  Robert makes the connection between the case number on his chalkboard and the case number on Lucy's file as well as on an article of clothing. Tracy is shopping from catalog now that she is rich again, Ashton comes in and makes comments about it.  He asks her again about marrying him.  She laughs but then realizes he is serious.  He tells her how wonderful they can be together and how he is so good at scheming, etc and how he has never let her down.  She gives him a look and he is like well intentionally.  She tries to tell him she really needs him and values his relationship, etc but that she doesn't want to further it and she thinks of him fondly and likes having him around.  He says you could be talking about a small dog.  So she tells him she bought him something special and pulls out this silk scarf and says it will match his smoking jacket.  He is touched and knows how expensive it is, etc. He feels better and leaves as Jennings brings in some fru fru little dog with an outfit on. Tracy picks it up and kisses it and shows it a diamond collar she bought it.  Ashton looks on feeling like his gift isn't that special after all.
     Robert tells Anna about the number on Lucy's file.  He asks Steve about the number. He tells him to ask Amy.  Amy tells Robert the other number has a CS in it and those are initials of the patient.  She says she can look it up. Frisco questions Broxton again. Frisco finally gets the truth out of Broxton about Bobbie's baby being illegally adopted. He was blackmailing Bobbie all along. He tell Frisco that Bobbie's baby is really Cheryl Stansbury's.  Ned is trying to talk business with Cheryl, but she is distracted.  Tony comes home and tells Bobbie that Cheryl is much better and coming home soon.  Frisco tells Broxton he won't charge him for blackmail if he keeps talking. He tells him this guy on Cape Cod will confirm that he delivered Cheryl's baby.  He fills Frisco in on the details.  Frisco tells Remi to lock him back up. Robert tells Anna if she is about to pessimistic, she can go somewhere else. She tells him she hates him.  Amy comes with the file to give to Robert.  It is a file about a still born baby.  It is Cheryl Stansbury's case.
     Ashton comes in to talk to Lila.  He is depressed about Tracy turning him down. Lila says she is sorry but it is for the best. She says he really does love her.  Larry says that he thinks Tracy will throw him out now.  Lila says no way.  He should stay and she runs the place.  Tracy arrives at GH.  She yells at Amy because the guard won't let her bring her dog in.  She sees Steve and gives him a donation to the Christmas fund a bit late.  She sees Ned and gives him the keys to a new Ferrari she bought him.  He yells at her that the economy is terrible, ELQ is in some financial trouble and she need to stop spending money.  Tracy laughs it off and goes about her caviar ordering, etc.  Ned tells her she hasn't listened to a word he said and an important shipment is coming at the end of the month and if it doesn't arrive all production will stop.  Frisco is working to get proof on Bobbie's involvement. Robert comes to see Cheryl.  She tells Robert her baby was no stillborn.  She heard him cry. She begs for his help. Robert fills Anna in that according to Cheryl the child is still alive. Frisco confronts Bobbie. He tells her he is on his way to Dr. Perry. He knows everything about Lucas.

January 28, 1991 - Bobbie begs him to keep his mouth shut.  Frisco says Broxton knows.  He tells her he will keep quiet-not for her but for Tony.  But Frisco wonders how he can keep Robert out of it. Amy talks to Cheryl.  She tells her that the card from Lucas and BJ makes her so happy. Colton, Decker and Edge talk about purchasing Body Heat. Meanwhile Robert tells Anna he is going to Delaware to meet this Dr. Perry.  Both Frisco and Robert and Anna separately go to Delaware to meet with the guy Carmichael.  He tells them both that Dr. Perry is dead. Robert comes back to the hotel room and sees Anna with a mask on her face and her hair up in a scarf.  He calls Felicia to find out where Frisco is.  Felicia tells him he told her he went to see Carmichael.  Robert and Anna have to share the hotel room.  Anna is awkward about it. Frisco finally calls home.  Felicia tells him Robert called looking for him.

January 29, 1991 - Ned talks to Decker and Colton.  He tells them he needs payment in full by noon today in cash or he is calling in his loan.  Decker calls Edge to tell him.  Felicia calls Amy to see if she has seen Frisco.  Frisco walks up and Amy says to call her. Bobbie shows up. Frisco tells Bobbie that Dr. Perry is dead so she doesn't need to worry about Robert finding out. Anna has breakfast for Robert.  He tells her fish and chips is disgusting that it is wrapped in newspaper.  Robert opens it up and sees a headline. He reads it to her.  He shows her a picture of the woman he thinks is Esther. Frisco tells Bobbie he has to get to Broxton as soon as possible.  Monica tells Amy she is trying to catch Dawn before she left.  Amy says too late she went to see Decker. Edge comes up with the cash for Ned.  Decker wants to know if it is legal.  Lila is wheeled in as Lucy is wheeled out of the hospital. They collide. Lila tells the doctor she will make sure Lucy has nothing but smooth sailing ahead of her. Lila tells Lucy she made all the arrangement for Lucy to be gone for six weeks.  She tells her not to “mother Quartermaine” again. Lila tells her whatever she has done, she has done for Alan, not for her.
     Alan and Monica eat lunch as Alan gets delivered a letter.  He tells her Lucy is suing him for assault charges.  Monica makes Alan promise he won't talk to Lucy.  Dawn tells Monica that Decker is buying Body Heat. Alan sees Bobbie and tells her he married the wrong woman and he wished they were all as honest as Bobbie. Frisco tells Broxton to keep his mouth shut about Bobbie. Anna and Robert go to Esther's apartment. She tells Robert that all her babies have been given away. She tells Robert that she told Dr. Perry it was wrong to tell a woman that her baby died to make a profit off a child.  She says she can't say who the woman was. Robert asks if the woman was Cheryl Stansbury. They tell her they are Cheryl's friend.  She tells Robert Broxton paid Dr. Perry to 100,000 dollars to leave Pennsylvania. He asks if Bobbie Jones is who got Cheryl's baby. She says yes. Frisco comes home with a gift for Felicia.  It is a necklace. He asks her out on a date right then and there. He goes to shower and she joins him! Scotty signs the papers to buy Body Heat. Alan and Monica speak to Lila at the hospital. They tell Lila that Alan is up on assault charges.  Lila says it might be a mistake as she paid Lucy to go on a vacation for six weeks.  Scott takes Lucy to the airport.  Anna and Robert come home.  He tells Anna to go find Frisco.  Robert says he will be at Bobbie's and he needs to do this alone.  Dawn, Decker and Edge toast their new business.  Felicia and Frisco go out for lunch.  Robert comes to speak to Bobbie.  He tells her he knows that Lucas is not rightfully hers. Bobbie yells, “Frisco told you didn't he?”

January 30, 1991 - Robert is amazed Frisco knows that Lucas is Cheryl's baby.  Robert wants to know how long Frisco has known. Bobbie screams nobody will take Lucas away from her.  Alan checks on Cheryl.  He says she is ready to go home.  Robert tells Bobbie how he found out. Robert tells her she is no better than they are.  Bobbie says she thought the adoption was legal till two months ago. Bobbie begs Robert not to tell Cheryl.  Tom says Cheryl's emotional condition is not as easy as her physical one. Tony goes to ask Cheryl if she wants to go back to the Brownstone. She does.  Bobbie tells Robert her side of things. Bobbie tells Robert she will fight him. Robert says she can't win.  Tony calls and says Cheryl is coming back home tomorrow and he wants Bobbie to have a party for her. Bobbie says she can't come back there.  Sean and Tiffany come to pick up Cheryl. She tells him she is going back to the Brownstone.
     Anna asks Robert how it went with Bobbie. Robert says Bobbie told her she burned Perry's files and now he is dead so there is no evidence.  Robert tells Anna Frisco was her accomplice.  Tony tells Frisco that Robert and Anna are looking for him.  Tony tells him to bring some coffee home. Robert calls Frisco to his office.  Robert gives Frisco a chance to come clean but he doesn't. Sean, Tiffany and Cheryl return home to the Brownstone.  Bobbie is holding Lucas when they come in. The party happens at the Brownstone.  Robert is in his office. Anna comes in and asks what Frisco said.  Robert wants to wait til Frisco tells him. Anna accuses him of being an emotional monster.  Robert says she sounds like Katherine.  Anna says that friends sometimes do hurt each other, but then they give forgiveness.  Robert asks Anna if she thinks it is right that Bobbie gets away with this or that Frisco is helping her.  Anna says it is up to the courts to decide.  They leave to go to Cheryl's party. Robert says he will do whatever he has to do. Anna says she is not going. He can do what he has to do but she is not watching it. Frisco arrives at the party. Bobbie tells him that Robert knows.  She told Robert Frisco is involved.  Robert arrives.  Cheryl asks if he has any news for her.

January 31, 1991 - Felicia finds Frisco sleeping on the couch. Frisco tells her he is taking some time off today.  Felicia wants to know what is going on. Dawn and Decker work on Body Heat.  Ned comes to talk to Monica.  He tells her he applied for a loan. He tells Monica he bought out all the other stockholders long ago and there are no dividends. He tells Monica he reduced the insurance on the ELQ ships and that things are dire.  Monica asks Ned if he has talked to Tracy or Alan about it . He says it is like talking to a brick wall.  He tells Monica to try to talk to Tracy as she has been on a spending spree.  Monica talks to Alan about the money situation at ELQ.  Alan doesn't seem too concerned.  She tells him he is being selfish.  He is too concerned with his situation with Lucy.  Monica tells him if he doesn't take an interest in ELQ than he won't have anything for Lucy to sue him for.
     Felicia tells Frisco she has to take Maxie shopping as she is getting so big.   Frisco is depressed. Cheryl comes in for a check up. Monica asks her about the financial report Ned dropped off for ELQ.  Cheryl says to listen to Ned. She asks her to read the financial report and tell her how bad it is. Cheryl tells her they have had three quarters of bad earnings and the cannery is draining money from ELQ and they are waiting on equipment.  Monica asks her off the record to give her an opinion.  Cheryl tells her they need to trim the fat and tighten belts and reduce the workforce.  Cheryl tells her the only stockholders are the family members, so the family has to start cutting back.
     Monica comes home to find Tracy meeting with a man who has convinced her to invest a million dollars in an oil deal. Monica realizes that he is a con artist and Tracy has been had.  She points it out to Tracy and throws the man out.  Tracy tells her so she made a little error in judgment.  Monica can't believe Tracy is so callous with her money, when she should be putting it in ELQ.   Monica starts reviewing the expenses are the Q mansion.  Larry comes down to find out why no tea has been served.  Larry is wearing a new smoking jacket and Monica asks where he is getting the money for all this and what work he is doing.  Monica tells Lila that the family is spending way too much and it is critical they cut back.  Lila says Edward would call a family meeting and read everyone the riot act.  Monica takes her advice and says she will call a meeting. Monica comes in to the Gatehouse. She tells the Qs that there is no “Free Lunch” anymore. They all have to cut back . Tracy snarks back they should have a telethon. Ashton wants to know why they should live like regular people when they have money.  Monica says she is moving back in, Tracy and Ashton have to move back to the gatehouse.  They freak out. Ned freaks out.  Lila thinks it is a great idea. Monica tells them all they have to contribute a certain amount a month.  Monica tells Tracy she moved her things to the Gatehouse. Frisco tells Felicia she got what she wanted.  His career is finished.

February 1-7, 1991:  2/1, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7

Feburary 1, 1991 - Broxton wants to meet with Robert.  He wants to know how the plea bargain is going with him keeping his mouth shut about Bobbie.  Robert tells him there is no deal. Felicia gets called into work.  Frisco agrees to watch Maxie.  Cheryl watches Bobbie and Lucas play.  She picks him up and Bobbie looks nervous.  Felicia shows up at work. Sean needs her to help as he has to leave.  Anna is out on a stake out.  Frisco takes care of Maxie when a bunch of people show up from the babysitting co-op group. They say it is Frisco's time to watch all their kids.  Scott comes to see Bobbie.  She asks Scott about a “case” of hers and what rights a birth mother has if she wants her baby back.  Scott says he thinks the birth mother does have the rights. Dawn kicks Meg out of her condo. Monica questions her. Decker and Edge are doing some video pirating business.  Scott shows up in Robert's office, along with Alan's lawyer.   Bobbie apologizes for ruining Frisco's career.  Frisco tells her to do the right thing and give Cheryl back her baby and that one way or another she is going to have to give up Lucas.  Alan sees Cheryl and asks her if ELQ is in as bad of shape as Ned says. She says yes.  Scott comes to talk to Alan and tries to settle the case.  Decker doesn't want to do illegal things. Frisco is busy being Mr. Mom. The moms from the co-op ask Robert to come speak at their school on safety. Robert testifies in the Broxton case.  Sean talks to Cheryl about not getting her hopes up too high about finding her baby.  Frisco is doing a puppet show for the kids when Felicia comes home. Felicia reads Frisco the riot act about his role in the case. Robert tells Broxton that there is really no way Bobbie can hide this anymore.

Feburary 4, 1991 - Felicia and Frisco eat breakfast together.  He then thinks of Bobbie and Lucas.  Robert is in his office looking at a picture of Lucas.  Anna shows up to find out what Robert is going to do. Robert says Bobbie's time is running out.  Ruby comes over and tells Bobbie she has to face the music and give him back to Cheryl.  Bobbie says no way. Frisco tells Felicia to go to work and he will take care of everything.  Robert tells Anna the child must go back to his real mother.  Anna says she would kill anyone who tried to take Robin away from her.  Robert says that is different as Lucas belongs to Cheryl.  Ned and Ashton  are fighting over sleeping on the cot.  Ned says Tracy kicked him out of his room.  Tracy says she will never share a room with her ex.  Jennings brings in breakfast and it is instant coffee and toast with peanut butter.  Tracy freaks out at having to live in squalor and drink instant coffee.  She is livid at Monica and decides to sell some ELQ stock when Ned tells her she is broke.
     Cheryl tells Tony and Bobbie she is going to the police station.  Frisco is watching soap operas while he is ironing.  Felicia calls but he can't talk to her. Bobbie calls Ruby to pick up Lucas for a while.  Tracy is all dressed up and ready to go the PC hotel suite.  Ashton begs to go with her.  Ned comes in and tells her the stock is the lowest in 12 years.  Tracy says so what, it is better than being under Monica's thumb.  She gets a call from Cheryl who tells her if she sells stock, the other Qs have first option to buy.  Tracy says never mind when she figures out Monica could have more ELQ stock than her.  She is stuck at the Gatehouse with Ashton and Ned.  Bobbie gives Lucas to Ruby to take care of.  Tony tells Frisco things are going great with Bobbie and he will never doubt her again.  Robert says to Anna that Lucas goes back to his mother today.  Tony catches Bobbie in another lie.  He tells her she has one chance to tell him what is going on.  She doesn't.  He leaves.  Robert confronts Bobbie and says he gave her time to do the right thing she has left him no choice.

Feburary 5, 1991 - Bobbie begs for more time. Robert demands Lucas now.  Bobbie loses it.  Felicia and Anna go to Kelly's  Felicia is really worried about Frisco. Bobbie calls Ruby all frantic to have Lucas ready to leave town with her.  Ruby doesn't know what to do.  Bobbie tells her if she cares anything about her she will help.  She closes Kelly's. Tony comes in and picks up Lucas. Tony tells Ruby there is something Bobbie is not telling him something.  Robert tells Anna he has to do what he has to do and he tracks down Bobbie.  He tells her he has done everything he could for his friend, but she put him in this bad situation.  Tracy is moving the furniture around in the Gatehouse.  She makes Ashton help her.  She is dividing the room in three sections.  Ned comes in and throws Ashton's clothes on the floor.  They start negotiating for space. Tracy wins by bribing Ashton with the area rug and a drawer!
      Frisco and Felicia come home to see Bobbie with her suitcases.  He tells her she can't do this.  Frisco tells Felicia the real story about Bobbie and hiding Luca's real mother.  Bobbie shows up at Kelly's and sees Tony with Lucas.  She tells him they can't go home together.  He can't bring Lucas home.  Tony demands the truth from Bobbie.  He says she has no choice.  Tracy is meeting with Cheryl.  Ashton comes in and says that her stuff is in his drawer.  They fight and he dumps Ned's clothes on the floor.  She threatens to kick him out of the family.  He tells her that he wishes she would have said yes to his marriage proposal so that he could divorce her again.  Cheryl asks Tracy for a donation for the Romanian orphans.  Tracy says money is tight.  Cheryl says that people can donate things as well as money. Tracy smiles and gives her all of Ned's clothes.  Frisco tells Felicia how bad he feels about Bobbie and Tony.  Bobbie tells Tony the truth. She says she did it for them.  Robert shows up at Kelly's and takes Lucas away from Bobbie.  Robert brings Lucas to the Brownstone.  He sees Cheryl and tells her Lucas is really her child. Cheryl is thrilled.  She tells Robert if that is true, he is not only her baby, but “our” baby.

Feburary 6, 1991 - Robert tells Cheryl no way is Lucas his child.  Frisco and Felicia talk. She says she is not mad and there is a reason Bobbie confided in him.  Anna comes up and asks if they have seen Robert.  She is upset at Robert's behavior.  Tony leaves Bobbie.  He is livid.  Robert says he didn't love Cheryl and she is wrong.  Dawn teaches aerobics.  Robert, Cheryl and Lucas run into Anna at the hospital.  Cheryl says that she had a feeling all along that Lucas was hers.  Robert tells her he wants a paternity test.   Anna and Robin hear that Robert is taking a blood test.  Bobbie tries to come to the Brownstone.  Tony confronts Frisco.  Felicia, Tony, Frisco and Bobbie scream and fight.  Tony throws Frisco out.  Then he says he is leaving Bobbie.  Ruby fills in Sean and Tiffany on the situation. Robin asks Robert why he kept this secret from her. Robert swears to her she is an only child.  Frisco tells Bobbie they are all just doing what they have to do. He says that Cheryl is not going to let the baby go.  Decker sets up a romantic dinner for Dawn.  Robert comes to see Sean and Tiffany and Cheryl.  Robert tries to tell her he is not the father.  Robert and Sean have a drink together.  He tells her he has to go home and talk to Robin about all this.  Bobbie tries to talk to Tony and how to get Lucas back.  Robert speaks to Robin.  Robin asks if Lucas is his.  He says they will know tomorrow.  He has to explain the whole story to Robin about how Bobbie got Lucas.

February 7, 1991 - Sean, Tiffany and Cheryl discuss whether or not Lucas is Robert's baby.  Sean tells her to not expect much even if he turns out to be the father.  Robert comes over with paternity test results.  He is NOT Lucas's father.  Tells Cheryl she was lying to him.  Tiffany tries to talk to Cheryl to make sure she understands that Robert is not the father.  Cheryl says that even though he is not the biological father, he will be Lucas's dad.  Sean takes pictures of Lucas and Cheryl.  Bobbie comes over to apologize to Cheryl and says she never meant to hurt her.  Cheryl realizes she is apologizing just to get Tony back and they get into a huge brawl that Sean and Tiffany have to break up.
     Bobbie/Tony is at the brownstone with BJ who asks where baby Lucas went.  Tony comes down and tells her he will explain it to her.  He tells Bobbie that he and BJ are moving out and he is leaving Bobbie. Tony takes BJ to Charlene's house for her to babysit, and tells Charlene that he and Bobbie have separated.  Charlene invites Tony to move in with her.  Anna goes to visit Bobbie and tells her that she needs to go talk to Tony.  She tells her to go make things right with Cheryl and that will go a long way toward Tony forgiving her.
     Frisco is making breakfast and people come over to see Felicia to help her with the Romanian clothing drive.  They ask Frisco to help out at the nursery school for volunteer day.  But first he has to help them bring clothes to the hospital.  He tries to get out of helping them out at the nursery school.  But the women make him feel guilty so he goes. Robert is also there helping out talking about stranger safety.
     Anna/Robert.  Anna is reading the paper in Robert's office, while Robert is waiting to find the results of the paternity test.  Robert is called to the hospital to find out the results, so he leaves.  Robert later shows up at Anna's house to tell her he is not the father.  They get into a whole fight with her attacking his lifestyle and telling him he plays with women's hearts and leaves them empty-handed. He yells at Anna for not telling him about Robin all those years ago and tells her she is a nag and a frump and not the beautiful exciting woman who used to be his best friend.
     Ned is at the hospital looking through a donation box of clothes. Amy Vining asks him what he is doing, and he says he is looking for his boarding school tie his mother donated.  Amy finds it and tells Ned she will give it to him if he donates $100 in cash to the Romanian children's fund.  Ned goes back to ELQ and has visitors who want to talk to him about Edge and where he is.  They tell Ned that Edge is involved in embezzlement. Ned tells them to go down to the gym Body Heat.

February 8-14, 19912/8, 2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14

February 8 - 

February 11, 1991 - Decker and Dawn are talking to some men who are looking for Edge.  The men ask them to give their number to Edge when they see him.  Dawn & Decker are a bit scared of what Edge might be involved with from the looks of these men.
     Anna/Felicia are at Body Heat.  Anna scrutinizes her figure and feels out of shape. When Felicia asks for help with Robert, Anna tells her she's not speaking to her ex so she can't talk to Robert on Frisco's behalf. Felicia's desperate for Robert to rehire her hubby. "He's kinda like a Donna Reed in drag, only with a snarl," Felicia complains of her hubby, who's skulking about the house. After Anna throws her off by asking if she thinks Anna is attractive, an amused Felicia guesses that Robert said something about Anna's looks. Felicia and Anna go shopping for a dress for Robin's recital, and Anna ends up spending most of the time trying on lingerie.
     Tom and Simone discuss the Romanian clothing drive and how she wants to do more.  She wants to go be a missionary in Romania.  Simone sees a pediatric patient who is a spoiled brat. Meanwhile Tom has a therapy session with some patient who is a bored, lonely rich woman with nothing better to do than come to therapy.  They both decide they are fed up and want to leave Port Charles and go where they can do some good in the world.  They tell Steve and Audrey that they are going to be leaving.
     Scotty is working out at Body Heat and gets a telegram about his lawsuit.  Scotty is representing Lucy in her divorce from Alan.  He goes to Alan's lawyer's office.  He tells Alan that they will drop the charges that Lucy is pressing against him for making her lose the baby, if he will come up with a cash settlement. Alan says no way, and he will fight until the end.  She won't get a dime from him.
     Monica shows up at exercise class that Dawn is teaching and runs into Anna and Felicia. Anna is unhappy to learn that Decker and Edge are partners at the gym. She warns Monica and Felicia that Edge is a con man, annoying Felicia who later chastises her for putting down Decker to Monica. Slightly remorseful, Anna says she just wanted Monica to watch out for Dawn.
     Alan/Monica run into each other at the hospital and he tells her how sorry he is and how much he regrets losing her.  He tells her that he never loved Lucy.  Scotty shows up at GH, and Alan asks him how long he had been carrying on with Lucy behind his back.  Scott says about 6-7 months.  He admits that Lucy's baby was his. Scotty tells Alan he loved Lucy, but she blew him off too.  Scotty shows Alan an impersonal telegram from Lucy he received.  Alan jokes they should go out for drinks one night.

February 12, 1991 - Bobbie arrives at Kelly's and tells Ruby she is tired of being alone.  She wants to try to get Tony back.  She goes to Charlene's to try to check on BJ.  She sees Tony at the Brownstone and he tells her the marriage is over.  Bobbie then goes to a bar and is drinking with Scotty who is upset over Lucy.  They both tell each other "It ain't over til it's over."
     Felicia/Frisco/Robert--After snapping at the baby, Felicia calls her hubby an ogre and chastises him about his recent behavior. Handing his wife the baby, Frisco tells her he can't handle it anymore and leaves. He hates being house husband and begs Robert to forgive him. "I did it to save my brother's marriage!" Frisco pleads. Robert refuses to let him back on the force, reminding him that he could have brought Jones up on charges for hampering a police investigation. Still determined to get his job back, Frisco follows him to a hostage situation. Robert taken hostage at Wyndham's, where Frisco managed to get in and pretend to be a mannequin. Frisco rescues Robert and gets shot. Reluctantly, Robert agrees to take him back but Frisco has to start at the bottom again.
     Robin &Anna argue over Robert. Anna's surprised when Robin too says she dresses kinda funny. "Now, I wish you two would please stop pushing each other around and figure out a way to get along," Robin informs her unhappy mom.
     Cheryl/Robert/Tony--After another confrontation with Bobbie, Cheryl takes Lucas to Robert's office and pleads for help as she's afraid Bobbie will try to steal her baby again. Robert suggests to a hurt Cheryl that she leave PC.  After Cheryl tells Tony about the confrontation with Bobbie and Bobbie's threat that she might seek legal action to get Lucas back, an angry Tony tells her he will never let that happen.  He does tell Cheryl that Bobbie did what she did because she loves Lucas.
     Felicia/Frisco/Tony After talking with Simone, who's packing to go to Romania, Felicia stresses she wants her hubby's next job to make him happy again. Tony arrives and as he's bandaging up Frisco's arm, the brothers make amends. Later, Frisco surprised when Felicia's happy he's a cop again, thought she's upset that he got shot.
     Robin/Robert-- Robin tells her father he's never been able to be happy with another woman because Anna's the only woman for him.
     Simone leaves for Romania, this is her last episode.  Tom will follow her there in about a month.

February 13, 1991 - Frisco/Felicia--Frisco surprises Felicia with an early Valentine's breakfast in bed, saying he's taking a cue from Sean who does something special for his woman every day of the week of Valentine. Frisco later has to deal with a pack of Greenbelts lead by Jenny Eckert. Felicia helps soothe Frisco arching feet with a bubble bath.
     Robert/Anna get Valentines from Robin saying "Diss and kiss your hostilities away before my recital." Both have to ask for the meaning of "diss" and finally agree to a temporary truce. They decide to attend the recital together. Robert bristles when Sean innocently makes a remark about his being out of shape, and later beats up young cadets in karate class. Cheryl and Anna run into one another at the hair salon, where Jose Eber turns out to be an old friend of Anna's. Afterwards, a handsomely tuxed Robert and Cheryl meet in the hotel lobby. Their discussion doesn't go well. He refuses to take Cheryl back and she's devasted when he becomes distracted after seeing Anna all dressed up. Anna tells her stunned ex she'll wait for him in the bar. Cheryl flees to the ladies room and then tells Robert he doesn't have to worry about her anymore. In the bar, Robert and Anna flirt before leaving for the recital. When Robert toasts to Valentine's Day, Anna adds, "And to kissing away hostilities." A charged moment occurs when Robert pins on Anna's corsage and the duo star into each other's eyes.
     Sean/Tiffany/Cheryl-Sean gives Cheryl and Tiffany Valentines Day gifts.  Cherly is devastated after Robert makes it clear their relationship is over.  She accepts a job in Phoenix.  Tiffany is not pleased by Cheryl's decision to leave.
     Tracy/Larry/Ned are in the Port Charles hotel lobby.  Tracy sees the two of them and says she is there to get away from them.  Ned sees her at the same time and says he came there to get away from his parents.  Larry Ashton tells them he has negotiated a special discount on food and drinks there and has agreed to let them use his name and title for publicity.  Tracy and Ned decide to join him for the discount!  Later, Larry offers his son some nuts, and Tracy tells Ned not to take them, cause they will make him thirsty and who knows what Ashton will want in return for his discount!  Tracy wants to have a huge party to celebrate the ELQ Tracy coming into Port.  Ned says that they are in a bad financial spot right now.  Tracy says who cares, they will put it on plastic!  By the time the bill comes in, they will be in the money!
     Jenny Eckert starts her protest against the ELQ ship.  Frisco comes up and breaks up the rally.

February 14, 1991 - Anna/Robert flirt outrageously with each other throughout Robin's recital. Steve notices Anna playing footsy with Robert and later makes a subtle remark about it. Since Robin's spending the night in the dorm with her fellow dancers, Robert and Anna decide to have a private dinner together. They go to Robert's for a nightcap and dance. After remarking how ravishing Anna looks, Robert leans in for a kiss but stops due to shoulder pain. Anna then stuns Robert, now shirtless, by undressing so she can give him a massage. Anna ties him up on premise that it will help his sore muscles and the duo kiss. After which, Anna dumps cold water on him; gags him; and tells him off for calling her a frump and a nag. She then puts on his white shirt and leaves her flabbergasted ex still tied up to the column.
     Scotty/Bobbie - Scotty tells Bobbie that there is no way she is going to get custody of Lucas.  Bobbie listens in as Scotty talks to Tifany on the phone and both are pleased that Cheryl isn't going to sue Bobbie.  She overhears that Cheryl is leaving town with Lucas and moving.
     Monica/Dawn have a talk about Decker and his business with Edge.  Monica expresses her concerns.  Dawn later shows up with Decker for a going away party for Colton.

February 15-21, 1991:  2/15, 2/18, 2/19, 2/20, 2/21

February 15, 1991 - Decker/Dawn wake up together.  Decker is supposed to drive to NY with Edge.  The German guys still want their money from Edge.  At GH, Anna reassures Monica she'll continue to check on Edge and Decker's partnership.  Monica calls Decker to the hospital and tells him of her concerns about Dawn's safety.
     Anna awakens and remembers she left Robert tied up. Running into Angel at Delafields, Anna asks him if he saw Robert leave for work as usual. Horrified to find out he wasn't able to untie himself, she tearfully explains why she did what she did. "What am I going to do, Robert? I can't untie you... you're going to kill me, aren't you?" Anna moans, then refuses to untie him. She does however untie his legs so he can sit down and stretch his legs. Meanwhile, Robin snoops in her mum's bedroom and is thrilled to find her father's shirt tossed on the floor near Anna's bed. "Alright, mom!" Robin murmurs. When Olin arrives, Robin interrogates her about who spent the night with Anna, but Olin swears she doesn't know anything. Meanwhile, Anna tries desperately in vain to get Guy and Sean to go check on Robert but both refuse for different reasons. Robert tries to get Friday to bark so that someone will come check on them. Sadie the bag lady arrives but takes off again when Robert suggests calling Guy. Arriving home, Anna and Robin get into an argument over what happened last night, and the teen rushes off to question Robert. He obviously can't answer door for Robin. Anna returns and begs a furious Robert to let her untie him without killing her. It's a no go.

February 18, 1991 - Mac Scorpio appears for the first time.  Anna/Robert/Frisco/Robin-At Kelly's, Anna asks an amused Frisco to untie Robert and refuses to tell him anything other than it's a private matter. Robert's not happy to have Frisco rescue him. He then surprises a terrified Anna at her home with champagne. As he moves closer, Anna tries to karate kick him but Scorpio grabs her to him, tells her how much he misses them, plants kisses on her, then tosses her on the couch before leaving, adding he's sorry she's just plain lost it. Learning the Greenbelts are using Kelly's to gather, Robert heads over and runs into Jenny. Noticing Robin working on some signs, Robert orders her home. Furious, Robin goes home and tells her mum. To annoy Robert, Anna joins the protestors on the docks and is immediately blocked by him. She's elated when he orders her to go home, admitting grudgingly that he's worried about her safety. Anna learns Robert has a brother after he throws a surprised Mac back into river.
     Jenny Eckert-Jenny is at Kelly's and makes all these signs, "Shame on you, ELQ."  She goes to protest, but takes it a step further and gets in a speed boat and pulls a stunt causes the ELQ Tracy to explode and the crew members have to be pulled out of the water.
     Tracy/Alan/Larry/Ned/Qs-Tracy is on the phone when Alan walks into the gatehouse.  Tracy has decorated for a Valentines Day party.  Alan questions her and asks how dare she spend money when she knows the family is in a bad financial way.  Tracy says she is sick of living poor and the family needs to show everyone they are still on top.  Alan agrees with her.  Tracy then hits him up for some cash to tip the caterers.  Later in the episode, Tracy and Ashton are sampling the champagne.  She tells him not to get drunk.  Ned comes in and tells them there is a problem with the ship taking on water and it is not good news for them.  If the cargo ends up getting ruined, they are "sunk."  Tracy tells the cops to get the protestors off her property or they are going to ruin her party.  The cops say they are outside the gate and they can't do anything about it.  Monica comes in and is mad at Tracy for spending so much money on a party.  Ashton tells her to have a drink.

February 19, 1991 - Anna/Frisco/Felicia/Mac/Robert-Frisco is shocked when Anna informs him that Mac is Robert's brother, after which Mac introduces himself. Anna gets him to join the other men at Kelly's Diner, where Ruby and crew are helping feed and warm up the damp crewmen.  The wounded captain's statement that the ship was sabotaged doesn't surprise Robert, who then orders Frisco to get a copy of the crew roster. Seeing Mac's name, Robert takes off after his brother, despite Anna's plea this isn't the right time. At Kelly's, Felicia arrives and helps Ruby with the crowd. Mac uses the pay phone to call a mystery person to say the job was done and that he wants to be paid for his services. Robert arrives and the two exchange nasty words. "So you've seen me. Now you can leave town," Robert says coolly. Anna arrives just before the two get into a brawl. Mac decks Robert, then strikes Guy and scratches Frisco as they intercede. Mac's arrested. Anna's shocked at Robert's deep hatred of his brother.
     Ned/Tracy/Larry/Qs-Ned and Tracy are on the balcony, trying to see the harbor and what is going on with the ship.  Ashton comes out with a telescope, and they both yell at him to go away and go watch the television news.  Ned blames the Greenbelts for the accident.  Tracy asks Ned if it is all over for them.  They have a whole discussion about the family never wanting Ned in charge.  He tells her she is wrong, they never wanted her in charge of ELQ.  Ned tells his mother she is not happy, unless she has a knife in someone's back.  Tracy slaps him and tells him that is a terrible thing to say to her, and there is no reason to accuse her of treachery.  Steve Hardy calls Alan and Monica and tells them they are needed at the hospital, so they leave.  All the Qs are worried, and Ned leaves to find out what is going on.  At the hospital, Alan tells Monica he feels so guilty about all the injured crew on their ship.  Tracy, meanwhile is well on her way to getting drunk and tells Lila and Larry that she refuses to live poor.  She is pacing around, blaming Alan.  Larry offers his family's financial help, and Tracy tells him to get over himself.  Ned returns to say it is a total loss.  Lila tells them not stop being silly, and that ELQ has heft insurance policies on all of its ships and that Edward always made sure of that.  Ned had a worried look on his face, because he dropped the policies to save money.
     Bobbie/Bill Eckert (new character appears)-Bobbie is packing up Lucas's toys, when she is called in to help with all the wounded.  Tony sees her and they try to be civil.  Bobbie has a shock when she sees a wounded crew member in his hospital room and she thinks it is Luke. 

February 20, 1991 - Anna/Robin/Robert/Mac--When Anna arrives home to blasting music, Robin picks a fight with her mom, accusing her of not caring about the environment and siding with Robert, then storms off to her room. Robert's attempt to get Mac jailed fails, after he gets community service. Robin apologizes to her mom for taking her anger out on her when it's Robert she's really mad at. Anna laughs when Robin proclaims, "You know what mom, daddy doesn't understand women at all. I mean, I don't blame you at all for not getting back together with dad. You'd probably take him for a month or two then get another divorce." At GH, Robert, momentarily thrown by Eckert's likeness to Luke, questions Bill about the boat explosion. Eckert reiterates the captain's claim that the boat was sabotaged. Determined to get some answers, Anna annoys Robert by eating at his desk and staring at him until he talks to her. "Robert, did you send your brother down the river for a hundred years?" Anna asks and stifles her smile when he groans that Mac only got thirty days of community service. A heart-to-heart conversation ensues regarding Robert's need to control his emotions and refusal to let his guard down. Anna's upset when he rushes off to hear the rest of Mac's sentencing.
     Jenny/Mac--Jenny and Mac hit it off. "What are they charging you with? Reckless rafting?" Mac grins. He's highly amused when she tells him the charge is sabotage.  She is arraigned and her parents show up and post $2,000 in bail money for her. Mac gets 30 days community service and has to start in the morgue.
     Bobbie/Ruby/Bill-Bobbie calls Ruby to the hospital to show her the patient she thinks is Luke.  Ruby says it isn't Luke.  She realizes it is Bill Eckert and says she is out of there and that family is bad news.  She tells Bobbie it is her cousin.  Bill wakes up and Bobbie tells him they are cousins.  The rest of the Eckert family shows up, we see the parents and Bill's son Sly for the first time in this episode.
     Tracy/Larry/Ned/Qs-Lila tells Tracy and Larry to stop fighting.  Tracy asks her what Edward would do.  Lila says she will ask him when she goes back to the main house (she talks to Edward's ghost).  Ned comes in and tells Tracy and Larry that it is not helping things to be getting drunk.  Tracy says they are not drunk, but they have never had to deal with being poor before.  Tracy tells Ned to stop whining because he is the one who got them into this mess. Later in the episode, a very drunk Tracy is dancing around the gatehouse by herself, while a very drunk Larry is on the couch.  She wants him to dance with her and that they were a good couple.  He tells her he wants to be a couple again.  They are carrying on very loudly, and Ned comes in and tells them to go to bed.  Tracy asks if he ever gets confused as to who are the parents and who is the child.  A drunk Larry tells Ned about a time he crashes his yacht and then sued the Port Authority.  Ned thinks about that one.  Tracy tried to get Larry to go to bed with her, but she passes out before they can start walking upstairs.  They put a pillow underneath her and leave her on the floor.

February 21, 1991 - 

February 22-28:  2/22, 2/25, 2/26, 2/27, 2/28

February 22, 1991 - Robert/Mac/Anna/Frisco--Mac sneaks into Robert's office and finds his puzzle box containing a folded slip of paper and a silver bracelet with Robert's name. After replacing the paper with a blank one, Mac draws a large moustache on a picture in Robert's scrapbook. He escapes out the window right before Robert and Guy enter. Robert hits the roof after realizes Mac was in his office and sees "Gad, what a bloke!" scrawled across the top of his scrapbook. He has a flashback of him and Mac as kids with their father.  Frisco teases Anna about Valentine's Day, then runs into Bobbie. Later, Frisco manages to get a hold of an ELQ totebag and as he's telling Guy that he's found Mac's totebag, a snoopy Finnian overhears. Agitated, Robert calls Anna to join him for dinner but it's obvious he's got something more on his mind that eating. "The guy makes me nuts, Anna!" Robert bellows as he tells her about the break in. He then tells Anna about his family and that Mac was responsible for the death of their father. Their discussion is cut short when Frisco calls about the bag. However, there's not enough proof to nail Mac. Robert and Frisco pay Mac a call at his boarding house, but find him gone. Finnian's there, and Robert realizes that he must given Mac a key to Robert's office. Meanwhile, Mac's trying to sneak out of town. Frisco's surprised when Robert decides not to pursue Mac, saying good riddance. Returning to his penthouse, Robert and Anna's try to pursue their romantic evening, but it's ruined by a radio announcement accusing Robert of favoritisms toward his sibling. Robert dashes off to apprehend Mac.
     Charlene/Tony/BJ/Bobbie-Charlene brings BJ to the hospital to see Tony, who takes her for a hot chocolate.  She tells Amy that BJ misses Bobbie.  Frisco sees Bobbie on docks, and tells her to go visit Tony at the hospital who is working that night. Charlene is leaving town, so Tony asks Steve if BJ can go to the hospital daycare center.  Amy tells Bobbie that BJ will be there from now on.  Bobbie decides it is time to go back to work and asks Steve for her job back.  Bobbie sees Tony and tells her she is coming back to work. He said it is time they get a divorce.
     Tom/Steve/Audrey-Tom is on phone with Simone.  Tells her he will be there soon.  The clinic will take another month to set up. Steve comes home to a frazzled Audrey who is taking care of Tom Jr. when Simone is away.  She says she is getting too old to handle this.  Steve kisses her and tells her she is still beautiful, etc.

February 25, 1991 - 

February 26, 1991 - Eckert Family-The whole family is arguing about their lack of business since the Greenbelt incident/ship crash.  Blame Jenny's stunt for their bad fortune.  Bill and Sly storm out to take a walk. Run into Bobbie on docks and invite her over for dinner.  When she shows up, Bill's father kicks her out and calls her Irish trash.
     Anna/Robin/Mac--An agitated Anna tells her inquisitive daughter that Robert has a brother. Robin then drives her crazy with questions. "You know, there's just something wrong with this family. Daddy doesn't seem to get along with anybody," Robin complains to her mom during dinner. Mac picks up his sabotage payment of $75,000 and leaves town. At a little country store, Mac flirts with the shop girl and gets a tip on a cabin to rent.  Mac prepares to have a romantic meeting with Cindy the shopgirl and smiles as he hears a car pull up
     Edge/Dawn/Decker--Back in PC, Edge's enemies leave him, Decker and Dawn to burn in a fire but Edge gets free from his ropes. Before fleeing, he strikes Decker and Dawn and leaves them to die.  Dawn gets some glass to cut the ropes.
     Colton/Charlene--Are getting ready to move to Santa Mauro. Having a going away party, and wonder where Decker and Dawn are.

February 27, 1991 - Eckerts/Bobbie/Scott-Angela is furious at her husband for ruining her dinner. Sly says he is the one who invited Bobbie to join them. The FBI shows up to question Bill, who is not there.  Angela gives them dinner.  Bill goes to the Brownstone to apologize to Bobbie.  She is trying to fix her radiator.   Bill helps her fix it.  Scott walks in and wants to take Bobbie to dinner.  He meets Bill, and offers his legal services to him.  Ruby comes over and gets mad to find Bill there.  Ruby tells Bobbie to stay away from that family.  Bobbie gets called to the hospital because of the fire at Body Heat.
     Anna/Robert/Mac--At the radio station, Anna tells off a radio announcer for his editorial on Robert. Mac's surprised when Robert tracks him and insists on taking him back to PC. "So you're just going to write me off, just like that," Mac spits at his brother. "You can't possibly think you and I can ever be close again," Robert retorts. "When I was little, you used to be my idol. Whatever happened to letting bygones be bygones," Mac adds. The duo glare at one another.  Anna and Robin worry about what the Scorpio brothers will do to each other.
     Frisco/Decker/Dawn Assigned to investigate the fire, Frisco's surprised when a wounded Decker states he's to blame for what happened to Dawn.  Monica is freaking out when she sees the condition Dawn is in.  Dawn dies during surgery. Frisco and Anna are confused over Decker's involvement with Dawn's death.  Dawn is in surgery, Monica is upset.  She is trying to work, but Steve tells her she can't be on duty when she is so devastated.  Anna and Frisco talk.  He tells her Dawn is in surgery.  Frisco suspects Decker.  The Eckerts are having dinner with FBI agents.  Bill shows up and tells them the charges are bogus and he had no motive to sabotage the ELQ ship.  Alan tries to comfort and hold Monica.  Robert and Mac talk.  Robert takes him outside in handcuffs and puts him in a car.  Dawn dies in surgery. Bill Eckert and his dad talk.  He is annoyed her brought Bobbie Spencer to the house for dinner.  His dad tells him they are in his corner and will support him.  Robin and Anna talk.  Anna is worried about Robert as she can't find him.  Robert is with Mac, three miles out of town and Robert's battery is dead.  Decker is besides himself when he learns of Dawn's death.  Monica wants to kill him.

February 28, 1991 - 

March 1-7, 1991:  3/1, 3/4, 3/5, 3/6, 3/7 (first :5 minutes original, then copies)

March 1, 1991 - Anna is on the phone, Robin comes in. Anna is going to intervene and try to help Robert as he is missing.  Robin thinks it is romantic that Anna wants to help.  Meanwhile Robert drags Mac into a country store.  The Qs are together in the living room.  Larry Ashton talks to Ned, trying to comfort him about Dawn.  Ned brushes him off. Tracy tells Ned that Ashton is good comfort at times like these, and that Ned has to let go of his anger and mourn Dawn.  Monica arrives and she and Ned talk. He tells her I told you so.  Felicia comes to visit Decker in the hospital.  She tells him she knows he didn't kill Dawn.  Jenny Eckert goes to visits her friend Patrick at a dress shop.  He tells her that Ned Ashton fired him.  Jenny decides to pay Ned a visit to tell him how unfair he is.  Jenny and Patrick decide to show up a party the Qs are having that afternoon.  They don't know it is a memorial for Dawn.   Jenny is all decked out in a fancy cocktail dress.  Anna and Robin prepare to go to the service.  Robin tells Anna she thinks she is still in love with Robert.  Anna denies it.  Steve, Audrey, Jessie and Meg all talk to Monica about Dawn.   The Qs go in the chapel for the service at the hospital.  Alan stays outside with Monica and holds her.  Steve speaks at Dawn's service, and so does Meg.   Decker shows up at the funeral and Ned attacks him.  Ashton and Alan hold him back.  Alan comforts Ned.  Jenny and Patrick arrive before the Qs return home.  Jennings looks confused when they want champagne.  Anna figures out Jenny crashed the party.  She tells her Dawn died, and it is a funeral reception.  Anna tells her to leave.  Tracy questions who she is.  Ned recognizes her as a Greenbelt and throws her out.  Frisco and Felicia argue over Decker's guilt.  She thinks he was set up.  Frisco thinks Decker is guilty. 

March 4, 1991 - Felicia tries to visit Decker again, but is blocked by a guard. The Eckerts bakery is empty with no customers as their name has been dragged through the mud.  Jenny and Bill get Sly off to school.  They go off to church to donate all the bread that is left over.  Frisco does a little snooping around in the Decker case at the police station.  He sees something in the evidence box.  A customer comes to the bakery and makes snide remarks about Jenny and Bill. He throws them out.  Frisco sneaks something out of the evidence room.  Tom gets a call from Simone.  He decided he and Tom Jr. will not be going to Romania after all.  Angela Eckert gives Bill a pep talk about finding a job.  The FBI calls and wants to talk to Bill again.  Felicia causes a distraction, so the guard leaves Decker's room.  She enters and tells him she is going to help clear him. Meanwhile Frisco watches the videotape he found.  He sees something and calls Lewis in to watch the tape.  Bill calls Scott Baldwin over to help in his defense.  Scott tells him less is more.  Stay calm and answer yes or no to the FBI.  Steve talks to Tom about his change of plans.  Tom says he and Simone are reassessing their professional goals.   Frisco tells Felicia he found evidence to clear Decker and that he was set up. 

March 5, 1991 - Anna goes to try to find Robert.  She bribes someone to tell her where they went.  She finds out that Mac is with Robert.  Bill is packing up and Sly walks in.  They are going to go back to Portland.  Jenny tries to convince them to stay.  Tells him he is being a coward.  Robert and Mac are on their way home.  Anna runs into them in the train station. She tells Robert she came to help and Robert shrugs her off.  Bill wants to find out the biggest television station in town.   Bill calls Tiffany Hill and wants to meet with her.  Robert leaves Mac handcuffed to a pole. Anna tells him not to publicly humiliate him.  Bill arrives at the television studio to try to "fight back" and tell his side of the story.   Anna, Robert and Mac share a train ride back to Port Charles. Mac tries to get information out of Anna.  Anna asks them to be civil.  She tells Mac how after she and Robert got divorced, they went their separate ways.  They ended up running into each other in Port Charles.  Mac wants to know if he has a nephew or a niece, as he heard they had a child.  Mac wants to meet his niece.  Bill is on Tiffany's show.  He says how ELQ laid off a bunch of people when the ELQ Tracy sunk.  Bill said people blamed him, and his family was suffering for it.  Bobbie and Ruby discuss Bill's appearance.   Ruby decides to place an order from Eckert's bakery.  After some taunting on Mac's part, Robert punches him out on the train.  Anna is upset. 

March 6, 1991 - Ned is at ELQ talking to his lawyer about a lawsuit against the Port Authority. He wants to prove himself to his family by turning the company around.  Bill and Angela are making breakfast.  Bill gets a call from a colleague at the gas station about a job.  Robert and Anna are in his office.  She yells at him that Robert is going to be charged with policy brutality.  They argue.  Someone from the Port Authority comes into Robert's office to find out results of the sabotage investigation.  He is fishing for answers of who to "blame" for the sinking ship.  He wants Robert to collaborate an affidavit that the immediate raising of the ELQ Tracy will help in the investigation. Ned calls Tracy in to meet with his lawyer.  He tells Tracy he has a plan to save ELQ.  Tracy is not impressed by his plan to sue, and tells Ned he should have never fired Scott Baldwin.  Bill gets offered a job at the body shop.  Robert wants to speak with Bill.  Anna comes home to Robin and tells her that Mac and Robert don't get along at all.  Anna gets flowers from Robert.  Guy tells Robert that he found Mac had $75K in cash in his possession.  Robert asks Anna out to dinner. 
     Tracy tells Ned she is tried of waiting for the lawyer.  The lawyer comes in and says the Port Authority wants a meeting.  Ned tells Tracy that he had to get tough and they would settle out of court.  He tells Tracy they don't want to take on the most important family in Port Charles.  Robert calls Bill over to his office to see what kind of tool would have been used to sabotage the boat.  He asks Bill why it would be missing from Mac's kit.  Bill has no idea.  Anna comes to Robert's penthouse for dinner.  They kiss.  Meanwhile, Tracy, Ned and the attorney meet with the Port Authority representative who tells them they must raise their ship immediately or they will be fined.  The lawyer leaves and Tracy tells Ned that she knows that he got the best of his father's gene pool and she is putting him up for adoption!  Robert picks up Anna to take her to his bedroom and Robin walks in.  Bill looks at a ship on a computer with Sly, and tries to figure out how divers can bring things up from a ship.

March 7, 1991 - Alan stays home from the hospital to stay with Monica.  He tells Monica that Tiffany is having people on her show to discuss the ELQ Tracy ship sinking.  Tiffany wants Alan and Monica to appear on the show.  Alan thinks they should to help clear the Quartermaine name.  Monica doesn't want to.  Jenny is in the Eckert bakery. Tiffany comes in and wants Jenny to be on her show too.  Anna and Robin are at Kelly's.   Anna tells Robin she should have called before she just came over and interrupted her and Robert's evening.  Robin wants to meet her Uncle Mac.  Mac is in front of the judge for violation of probation.  He starts telling a big lie to the judge.  The judge extends Mac's community service in the morgue.  Robin is frustrated that nobody will tell he what is going on between her parents and nobody will tell her about Mac.  Ruby tells Robin that Mac is working at the morgue. Robin takes off to go meet him. Mac is in his room.  He gets a tape recorder in the mail with him saying he covered his tracks completely.
     Alan meets with Ned and tells him he has to appear on the Tiffany Hill show with the rest of the Qs.  Robin shows up at the morgue to see Mac.  Larry Ashton is with Ned at the t.v. station trying to get him to wear a jacket on the how with the Ashton crest on it so he looks "blue-blooded."  Mac is out on the docks and sees Jenny walking around.  She tells him she is going to be on the news.  Robin tries to talk to Mac again, but he leaves before she can.  She follows him to Kellys.  Tracy walks in and sees Monica, Alan and Ned on tv and is so mad she wasn't included as she is the "brains" of the family.  Robin keeps trying to talk to Mac, but both Tracy and Mac keep telling her to shut up.  Mac finally talks to Robin and finds out she is his niece.  Anna is at her PI office with Sean.  Sean asks her if she is falling in love with Robert all over again.  Mac comes to visit Jenny and tells her they are soul mates environmentally speaking.  The Qs are back home after the interview. Alan and Monica question Ned if there were illegal chemicals on the ship.  Tracy comes in and tells them how stupid they appeared on TV.  Ned finally admits that there were chemicals on board and that the harbor could be in danger.  Mac and Jenny talk about what a corporate pig Ned is.  Robin tells Anna that she met Mac.  Mac is on the docks, talking into a tape recorder and leaves it in the trash for someone to pick up.
     Note:  Harlan Barrett appears on Tiffany's show. This might be his first appearance as head of the salvage company lifting the ELQ Tracy.

March 8-14, 1991:  3/8, 3/11, 3/12 Robert shoot at Wyndham's, 3/13 Aftermath of shooting, 3/14

March 8, 1991 - Bill Eckert is in the garage shop, when Bobbie comes in and asks him to fix her care and asks him to fix her boiler at the brownstone.  Tracy, Ashton and Ned are trying to figure out what to do about the ship.  Ashton suggests opening an underwater restaurant.  Robert gets a call that the Qs are stalling.  He tells Frisco the longer the ship remains sunk in the harbor, the longer Mac has to cover his tracks.  Frisco wonders if he is still on probation.  He asks Robert if he has to work that night because he and Felicia have special plans.  Robert tells Frisco to go spend lunch hour with Felicia.  Guy comes in and says Mac's money has been traced, but they don't know who the payee is.  Robert found out Mac got out of morgue duty and onto docks duty.  Sly comes in and he and Bill decide to go see a movie.  Bobbie goes with them.  Frisco goes home to surprise Felicia.  She has a picnic ready for him.  He has no time to spend with her.  Felicia is made he has to go back to work.  They fight.  She is mad about his job, their living quarters, how unorganized he is, etc.  Bobbie listens in on their fight through the door.  She offers them the apartment upstairs to break through the wall and make a loft, etc.  Robert goes down to a bank office to try to track down a bank transfer from Mac. Lila calls and ELQ meeting.  She tells Ned that he isn't getting anywhere with the ELQ Tracy mess, and she wants to call in an outside financial consultant to help the family out of this situation. Alan and Monica agree.  Tracy is furious and tells them Ned can handle it.  Monica insults Ned and then Tracy and Ned walk out.
     Felicia is feeding Maxie a bottle, telling her they are moving to a bigger place.  She hears a noise, and thinks someone is breaking in.  It is really just someone coming to fix the heater.  Tracy and Ned return to the gatehouse.  Tracy tells Ned to watch his back. She tells him that he has no clue and she is sick of him bluffing about getting them out of the ELQ ship mess.  He admits he's got nothing, and asks for her help.  She basically tells him to stand up and be a man about it, so Alan and Monica don't get the upper hand. Bobbie, Bill and Sly go to Kelly's.  Robert and Robin walk into to his penthouse. It is totally trashed.  Robin asks if it has anything to do with Mac. Sly and his grandma are in the kitchen cooking dinner. She tells Sly to stop talking about macho, mobster talk.  Robert and Frisco are still trying to track down Mac and tie him to the sinking of the ship.  Bill shows up at Robert's office.  He shows him a plan to salvage the ELQ ship that he developed.  But he wonders if the Qs want the ship raised.  Robert says he will take it to the Port Authority and Bill can take it to the Qs.
     Felicia is talking to Frisco on the phone.  Bobbie is in the hallway and realizes that she forgot to tell Felicia about the repairman.  Bobbie tells her that the Eckert's cousin will help remodel the brownstone.  Bill goes to Ned's office to explain how he can raise the ship and repair it.  Ned says he is not interested.  Bill tells him he has a lot more to worry about than a sunken ship if he stays in charge of ELQ.  Frisco and Robert are back in his office.  Frisco found out the money came from Portland on the same day as the sabotage as a payment to Mac.  Bill and Sly are in his room, and Sly tells him he is starting a business selling lunches to the kids at school.  Ned and Tracy are summoned to a meeting by Alan, Monica and Lila.  They basically tell Ned he is a liar, and that he refused to even consider Bill Eckert's plan.  They want someone from the outside to come in and run things.  Lila tells him he doesn't know what he is doing and that he is no longer running the company.  A Q fight breaks out.

March 11, 1991 - Felicia is hanging pictures, when the Joey the carpenter walks in.  He is giving estimates on renovating the apartment.  Jenny goes to talk to her friend in the department store.  Mac is on the docks.  He runs into Frisco who tells him to go back to work.  Mac is waiting for Jenny to show up with diving equipment for him.  Alan and Monica are in the den talking about how broke ELQ is, and how they are so glad to have day jobs.  Lila comes in and tells them that Edward used to say "if you're not an expert, get an expert."  She goes to make a phone call, and tells Alan and Monica to write an apology letter to the Port Authority.  Jenny tries to get her friend Patrick to rise up with her against the Qs and take action.  She wants him to lend her diving gear.  Scott comes to the Brownstone to find Bobbie exercising.  He wants to move into Cheryl's old apartment.  She says given their history it is not a good idea. She tells him if he ever gets involved with Lucy again, she will kick him out.  Felicia comes in, and Bobbie tells her Scotty is moving into the basement apartment. Alan thinks the letter Monica writes to the Port Authority is perfect.  He tells her that despite their divorce, he is glad that she still cares about the family.  He knows she is still grieving over Dawn.  He tells her that he is there for her whenever she needs him.  Monica tells him that she knows he still has anger over Lucy and Scott.  Lila comes in with Sean Donnelly, and Sean tells them he has a solution.  ELQ should get a loan to raise the ship.  Alan tells him he knows he smells a "rat" and that Sean will be waiting to take over when ELQ can't make payments.  Monica asks Alan to put his anger aside and listen.  Sean says he will find someone willing to back ELQ.
     Jenny arrives at the docks with the diving gear for Mac.  Frisco walks by and Mac kisses Jenny to cover up what they are doing.  Jenny tells Frisco he needs a search warrant if he wants to look in the bag Jenny has.  Another office runs up and needs Frisco's help.  Jenny slaps him for kissing her.  Frisco helps break up a fight at Kelly's.  Felicia is getting pretty lonely staying home all day with the baby.  Mac is diving in the harbor.  Felicia calls Frisco to come home because she hears scary noises.  He shows up and looks around and can't find anything.  Felicia said she thinks there is a ghost in the house.  Frisco says he will stay with them because the baby has a sniffle.  Jenny is still waiting for Mac to rise to the surface from his dive.  He gathered water samples with the chemicals for Jenny.   Monica and Alan are wondering how many phone calls Sean has to make to find someone to help lend money to ELQ.  He can't find anyone, but tells them not to count themselves out just yet.  Scotty moves into the Brownstone.  Frisco and Felicia come in with baby Maxi.  Frisco tells Bobbie and Scotty have a new tenant-a ghost.  Jenny needs the equipment back from Mac to return to Wyndams. 

March 12, 1991 - Officer confronts Mac about diving in the harbor. Tells him she is calling Robert.  Sean talks to Alan and Monica and tells them not to give up.  Tracy and Ned walk in and are mad that they weren't included.  Alan tells them to sit down and shut up and listen to Sean.  Sean tells them they need to liquidate assets to get some cold hard cash. Monica offers to the put the house up for sale, but Sean says that is not necessary and he has an idea to help.  Robin cooks dinner for Anna, and makes it all organic and environmentally friendly.  Robin tells Anna that Robert's apartment had been ransacked.  Sly and his grandpa are cooking dinner.  Bill tells his dad that Bobbie came to the movie with them. He is not happy that he is hanging out with Bobbie.  Robert comes to the docks to see Mac and asks where he got the scuba equipment.  Robert sees Mac's ID bracelet and has flashbacks of his father holding two bracelets.  The Eckert family has dinner together.  They have someone over to test the water, and an alarm goes off and they find there are PCBs in the harbor.  Bill tells Jenny they need more than protesting.  She asks him if he has a better idea.
     Robert wants Mac to explain where he got the bracelet as it wasn't in his possession when they arrested him.  Robert tells him he knows he went back to the ship to retrieve the bracelet.   Bill tells the family he is taking the water samples down to the police commissioner.  Robert and Mac are in his office fighting.  Mac tells Robert a woman wired him the money from Australia.  Robert says he knows the money came from Portland.   Robin and Anna are finished with dinner, and Anna is obsessing over Robert's apartment break in.  She decides to call his office.  Robert tells her he has to go because something important has come up.  Anna decides to go over there.  Bill and Jenny bring Robert the sample of water from the harbor filled with PCBs that have been banned in the US.   Robert tells Jenny he thinks Mac is using her to cover up his part in the sabotage.  Robert doesn't know what to do about the toxic chemicals.  He tells him to raise the ship.  Robert calls a judge to get an order to raise the ship.  He agrees and Jenny is ecstatic.  The Qs are all fighting over bringing in an outsider, when Sean enters the room and says he has found the perfect person.  His friend Paul Hornsby has agreed to come the following week to their rescue to restructure ELQ.  At the same time, Alan gets a phone call from the judge that they have 48 hours to raise the ELQ Tracy.
     Anna comes to Robert's office to check on him.  They kiss.  Anna asks what happened to Robert's apt.  Mac meets up with Jenny and Bill.  Mac pays Jenny for the wetsuit.  Alan and Monica are back discussing ELQ.  They hope Sean's friend will come through for them.  They say they are in this together.  Their relationship is getting back on track.  They start kissing.  Lucy Coe walks in and asks what the hell they are doing in her house with her husband.  Robert and Anna go to Wyndam's and they get shot at.  They look around but don't find anyone.  Harlan Barrett enters Kelly's and joins Jenny and Bill.  They tell him the Qs have 48 hours to raise the Tracy.   Lucy waltzes in and asks for a glass of champagne.  She is mad Monica is there.  Monica tells her it is her house and always has been and always will be.  Harlan says he wants to be the one to run the salvage operation.  Bill tells him about his plan to raise the ship without divers.  They have a beer and discuss it.

March 13, 1991 - Alan asks Lucy why she came back to the house.  Monica tells her she called her a cab and to get out.  Mac is back on the docks looking for a socket wrench in the trash.  Robert is at Wyndam's telling the store security and the police that he knows who it was who shot at them.  Anna says they don't know it was Mac. Frisco is on the docks again and finds out that Mac was looking for a wrench.  Lucy tells Alan that she thinks they are meant to be together.  Alan tells her goodbye and to get out of her house.  Lucy says she wants to see Lila, but Alan tells her she is asleep. Lucy refuses to leave unless she sees Lila and plops down on the couch.  Mac meets with Finnean at Kelly's and asks for his help.  Robert and Anna are still at Wyndam's waiting to find some clues about the shooting. Robert wants Anna to come home, but she wants to stay with him.  Robert shows up at Kelly's looking for Mac.  Robert asks Ruby if she remembers Mac finding a bracelet there.  Ruby tells him he asked Ruby to use her phone.  Robert then calls to get a trace on all the calls made from the pay phone at Kelly's that night. Finnean breaks Mac into the evidence room.  Mac switches the socket wrench out of the bag the police recovered of his from the ELQ Tracy.
     Anna comes home and tells Robin to go to bed as it is a school night.  Anna takes out her gun and loads it and leaves again.  Alan and Monica tell Lucy she HAS to leave.  Lila enters and Lucy wants to talk to her alone.  Lucy thanks Lila for the cruise, and that she thinks she and Alan are meant to be together.  Lila tells her to go ask Scotty for advice.  Frisco and Robert are at Kelly's. Anna breaks into Mac's room looking for incriminating evidence.  Mac comes home, and Anna is hiding under the bed.   Robin wakes up looking for Anna and finds her gone.  She sees her gun is missing.  Robert comes over.  She tells him that Anna is out, and she took her gun.  Robert reassures Robin that Anna can take care of herself, and then leaves to go find her.  Jenny comes in to visit Mac, and she gives him the money back.  She tells Mac that Robert returned the merchandise to Wyndam's.  Frisco goes through all the phone records from Kelly's trying to track down Mac's call.  Anna looks in Mac's pockets while he is showering.  She finds a phone number written down. Robert comes to see Mac.  He accuses Mac of trying to shoot him.  Mac finds Anna in his room, and she points a gun at him.  She says she is checking out his room to make sure he has a decent place to live.
     Alan and Lucy are still arguing.  Lucy is trying to locate Scotty.  She needs legal advice.  Scott tells her it is Monica's house and she can kick her out.  She can only stay there if Alan still wants her to.  He tells her to stay there and not leave because if she does, she will never get back in.  Robert walks in and finds Frisco sleeping in his office.  He tells Robert he narrowed it down to 53 calls.  Lucy locks herself in Alan's bedroom.  Anna returns home to find Robert in her living room who wants to know where she was. 

March 14, 1991 - Frisco and Felicia are home in their apartment.  He is freaking out he is late for work.  She set the alarm for an hour earlier, so they can spend some time together.  Frisco is mad that he is back on foot patrol, but he is trying to get back in Robert's good graces. Harlan Barrett comes to talk to the Qs about the salvage operation.  Lucy starts yelling for Jennings to bring her some food as she is still locked in her bedroom.  Alan and Monica are at the hospital treating victims of a bus accident and are too busy to take a call from the Port Authority.  Jennings calls Ned and Tracy to come home to meet Mr. Barrett.  They hear Lucy yelling and Tracy volunteers to shut her up.  Ned goes to start the meeting with Mr. Barrett.  Bill is at Kelly's talking to an engineering professor about salvaging the ship.  Frisco apologizes to Felicia about being so mean earlier.  He agrees to have lunch with Felicia.
     Bobbie sees Joey at the hospital, and he says he is going to Felicia's to work on her apartment.   Tony walks into the hospital with BJ who runs up to Bobbie and tells her how much she misses her.  Bobbie and Tony talk briefly, and he takes BJ to daycare.  Jenny runs into Bill at PCU, he is going to check out the engineering class.  Bobbie and Monica are talking in the halls at GH.  They talk about life throwing them a lot of curves lately.  And how the worst thing if life is losing your children.  Joey comes to work on Felicia's apartment addition.  Frisco comes home early to surprise Felicia.  He finds Joey at the apartment.  Tracy walks into Lucy's room and strikes a deal with her that she really needs her to drag Alan into a huge legal battle to distract him from ELQ business.  She even offers to peel a grape for Lucy!!   Jenny takes the water sample to the Port Authority.
     Frisco and another officer are having lunch at Kelly's still trying to narrow down the phone number that Mac called.  The other officer tells Frisco he should have had lunch with his wife.  Felicia calls Bobbie at the hospital. Alan walks in looking for Monica.  He tells her he has to come home to talk to Tracy and Ned about the ship business.  The Qs leave.  Tony wants to talk to Bobbie.  He tells her not to make false promises to B.J.  He tells Bobbie to stay away from B.J.  Bobbie tells him not to interfere with her seeing B.J.  Harlan meets with Ned and tells him that he will give him back ten percent of what he salvages from ELQ.  Ned and Harlan shake on it.  Tracy walks in and is mad Ned made a deal without her.  Bill gives a lecture at PCU.  He talks about this mechanical hand that can reach down and grab hold of cargo without risking divers' lives.  Frisco drops by home and questions the construction worker's presence.  Felicia tells Frisco he is jealous.  Tracy tells Ned she told him not to start without her.  Alan and Monica come in and are furious with Ned for striking a deal.  Jenny comes to the door and tricks Jennings into letting her come in to find an earring.  They start protesting in the Q foyer.

March 15-21, 1991:  3/15, 3/18, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21

March 15, 1991 - Bill Eckert is freaking out that his mother put away his computer print outs.  Harlan is at the bakery having breakfast.  Mac walks in to get breakfast.  Anna is on the phone at her office.  She calls a number that she found in Mac's jeans.  Anna decides she is going to go to Portland.  Frisco comes to Robert's office and tells him the number he called was to Wilma's emporium in Portland Oregon.  Robert tells Frisco he wants him to come to Portland with him.   Harlan is sitting in the bakery, when Bill walks in with his salvage plans.  Harlan asks Bill about his plans and his test on his mechanical arm.  Sean asks Anna what if Portland turns into a wild goose chase.  He tells her if she leaves it will hurt their PI practice as he is helping the Qs.  Anna says she will either prove Mac tried to kill his brother, or he didn't and maybe they can be friends.  Sean tells her to tell Robert what she is up to.  Mac beats up some guy on the docks who is bothering an old lady.  Robert sees Mac beating up the guy and tries to blame the whole mess on him.
     Tracy and Ashton show up at Harlan's apartment.  Tracy is going to try to flirt with him to get the details out of him about the deal Ned and he struck.  When he shows up, she pretends Ashton is her driver and sends him away to wash the car.  Harlan invites Tracy in.  Felicia shows up at Sean's office to help him with some work.  Frisco drops by and Felicia starts rationalizing why she is working there. He finally gets her to stop talking long enough to listen to him and says he is glad she is doing something to ease her boredom and to get some extra money.  Plus he is trying to soften her up because he has to go away with Robert.  Robert and Mac have an altercation on the docks yet again. Mac tells Robert that if he tried to kill him, he would be dead already.  Harlan and Tracy are in his room, and he is drinking milk and she is drinking a martini.  She is trying to get information out of him, and he is busy looking at a bug on his plant with a magnifying glass. He tells her they need to go for a brisk walk to talk about the deal, etc.  Bill and the professor are getting into an argument about his mechanical arm invention.  Robert and Frisco are at the airport getting on the plane.  Robert sees Anna and asks what she is doing there.  Anna comes clean to Robert about finding the phone number in Mac's pants.  He tells Anna he doesn't want her involved in this.
     Felicia shows up at the airport and kisses Frisco goodbye.  Felicia and Anna talk that it might be dangerous.  They both buy a ticket to Portland too.   Tracy and Harlan end up at the Eckert's bakery.  She is all wet and her hair is a mess and her shoes ruined from his idea of a fun afternoon which was chasing frogs at Miller's Pond.  Tracy finds hears his offer for the salvage deal and is outraged.  She throws her shoes at him and leaves.  Bill announces that his mechanical arm salvage device is ready to go.  Robert and Frisco arrive in Portland at Wilma's Emporium which is really a high-end prostitution house.  Anna and Felicia arrive right as Robert and Frisco meet some ladies.  Harlan and Bill meet up at Kelly's and he tells him his equipment is all ready to go.  Robert tells Anna that after 14 years, he can't get Anna out of his system.  They kiss.

March 18, 1991 - Lucy wakes up in bed freezing. The Qs turned off her heat and her phone in her room.  Larry Ashton comes to her door and plops down in a chair with his flask.  He tells her the Qs finances are a nightmare.  Larry tells her they hired a financial whiz from the City to straighten out the financial picture.  Lucy asks Ashton to call Scott and tell him she doesn't have a telephone and she needs him to come to the Q mansion to see her.  She also wants breakfast.  The news is showing containers of PCB chemicals that are on the docks that have been pulled out of the harbor.  Bill sees this and says she has to go.  Anna comes back to the PI office, and Sean welcomes her home.   Sean tells Anna she should be careful about Robert and Mac's situation.  Finnean tells Mac that he is taking him with him to do community service elsewhere.  
     Bill tells the Professor that someone found a cargo container of PCBs and it was on the dock.  Jenny confronts the Greenbelts about them lifting the container without her.  They say it wasn't them.  She figures out it must have been Mac.  Mac is now doing community service at the rehab center. Anna goes to Mac's apartment, and tries to find out where he is.  Scott shows up at Lucy's bedroom at the Q mansion where she is still locking herself up.  Lucy wants his help.  Scott tells her to file for divorce immediately.  He tells her the Qs are not going to want more bad publicity and that he is cutting himself in for 1/3 of the money.  Anna tells Guy she wants to investigate Mac's involvement in the attempt on Robert's life.  Finnean overhears Anna, and comes and tells Mac the information.  Anna comes looking for Mac, but Finnean says he is not there.  Jenny finds Mac on the docks and congratulates him for what he pulled by putting the cargo container of PCBs on the docks.
     Paul Hornsby shows up for the first time in Port Charles.  Sean brings him to the Q mansion to meet the family.  He comes in and introduces himself to all the Qs.  Then they all start hounding him and bickering and fighting and telling each other to shut up.  Paul just sits there with a smile on his face listening to the chaos.  Jenny is all upset that Bill is the one who brought the cargo containers up.  She walked into a Greenbelt meeting and heard Bill stealing all her thunder and being the hero. Angela Eckert tells her to get over it.   Paul gives his terms to the Qs about his salary, package, etc.  He tells them he can restructure and get them out of this financial mess.  They welcome him aboard-all except Ned and Tracy who don't seem to trust him.  Anna catches up with Mac at the rehab center.  She asks Mac if he shot at Robert.  Anna and Mac fight.  She wants to know what happened between the brothers growing up.  Mac won't tell her.   He tells her it was something in the past.  Robert needs to let it go.  Bill goes to talk to Jenny about why she is mad. 

March 19, 1991 - Felicia talks to Joey about expanding the apartment.  He found another contractor who can help.  Tiffany Hill is covering a Greenbelt demonstration on television.  She says if anyone has seen any PCB containers to report them to the police.  Robert and Frisco come back from Portland.  They catch Tiffany's show at the airport.   Robert comes to talk to Guy about the chemical situation.  He wants the entire area isolated.  Anna tells Robert Mac has moved to the rehab center.   Anna asks Robert to come to dinner with her and Robin. Frisco returns home to find Felicia all decked out in lingerie for him, trying to seduce him.  She really wants him to pay for the contractor to expand the apartment. She asks him if she is more important than a hole in the wall.   Robert calls, and he has to leave.  Jenny and Bill argue about the whole Greenbelt issue.  Bill gets a citation of merit from the Port Authority.  But it turns out it is for Jenny.  Paul comes to pay Robert a visit at his office.   He wants to introduce himself to Robert and tells him they have a mutual acquaintance in Sean Donnelly.  Robert says he is very busy, but Paul tells him he is now running ELQ.   He has a court order for a stay of execution for the salvaging of the ship.  Robert tells him the Port Authority will fight him on it.   Paul tells him the PCBs are gone, and the court has all the facts.   He suggests they get together for a drink with Sean and Robert tells him hardly. 
     Robert goes to visit Mac at the rehab. Felicia and Maxi are at Kelly's for lunch with the contractor and Joey.  Frisco walks in and is freaking out that they are going to tear down a support wall.   Harlan calls Bill and wants to set up a business dinner to talk about purchasing his mechanical arm invention.  Anna comes to Robert's office at his request.  He asks her how Mac knew he was at Wilma's in Portland.  He tells he is worried about her being in the line of fire.  Anna is trying to cook dinner.  Robin comes in and offers to help.  Anna tells her about Mac and that she doesn't think she is a bad person.   Robin goes down to the rehab center to talk to Mac.  Robert shows up and orders Robin home.  He tells Mac to stay away from his daughter.  Anna meanwhile has the table set and dinner almost ready.  Mac shows up at Anna's house.  She tells him that she is expecting company, but Mac isn't leaving.  Robert shows up and is not happy.  He asks Olin to take Robin for a walk, so he can talk to Anna.  Robert asks Anna why Mac was there.  She begs to find out what happened with him and Mac, but Robert still refuses to tell her.  He and Anna fight.  She tells him she doesn't want to lose her.  He asks her if she can just love him without knowing his past.  She says yes if he can love her knowing hers.  They hug.

March 20, 1991 - Sly walks in home from school to the Eckert's kitchen.  He is upset that they moved to Port Charles from Portland.  Paul walks into his "new" office which is Ned's former office. Tracy is in there watching someone hang pictures on the wall.  She comments on his replica artwork, and he tells her it is the real thing.  He also tells her she made a horrible deal with Barrett's salvage company.  He also criticizes Ned's taste in art and tells her the Qs have a knack for getting ripped off.  Tracy is NOT happy.  Robert and Anna are out to lunch together.  He tells her he is having trouble forgetting about the past.  She tells he better let go of the past if he wants a future with her.  Angela comforts Sly about all the changes in his life.  He is upset that he got Bs and Cs on his report card instead of straight As.  Tracy and Paul continue their discussion about Harlan' Barrett's deal.  Tracy tells Paul the reason she got such a bad deal, was that he propositioned her and she refused, so he made her a take it or leave it deal.  Larry Ashton and Lila walk in at that moment, and Paul tells them what Tracy just told him. Larry is smirking and says how despicable it is to use sex to influence a business deal.  He eyes Tracy, he turns and walks away.
     Robert and Anna are trying to put the past behind him, but Anna tells him they need to not bury the past, but to bring everything to the surface to deal with it.  Anna gets all frustrated with him and stands up and yells.  They both start laughing and agree to continue this discussion at dinner.  Sly and Angela want to plan a party to have something fun to look forward to.  Tracy calls a family meeting without Paul.  She tells the Qs that Paul doesn't have a stake in the actual outcome if ELQ falls. He can pack up and move on.  She wants to nominate herself and Ned to report back to the family on Paul's progress and to keep tabs on what he is doing.  Lila puts it to a vote and it passes unanimously.  Robert is at a store and runs into Mac.  Mac apologizes to Robert for ruining his romantic evening with Anna last night.  Robert tells him to stay away from his ex-wife.  Jenny and her mother get into a fight about how Jenny handles situations.  Anna is at Wyndam's shopping for lingerie.  Robert runs into her.  He gets all excited for the future.  Anna says not to get his hopes up!  Robert has a gift for Anna.  She opens it and it is a key to his apartment.  She is happy and says she will meet him tonight at 7pm.  Tracy is in Paul's office when Harlan comes in.  He renegotiates the salvage deal to 50/50.  Tracy is impressed.  Robert is getting ready for his dinner date with Anna.   He puts Guy on call, and tells him he is not to be disturbed for any reason.  The Qs congratulate Paul on his deal he negotiated.  He gives Tracy some credit for being quiet, yet reassuring.  Lila tells him he reminds her of Edward.  Anna gets ready for her date.  Meanwhile, someone is tampering with the elevator wires in Robert's building.  Anna runs into Mac in the alley of Robert's building.  She tries to get by him, but he stops her to apologize for interrupting her dinner the other night.  Robert gets in the elevator and it has an electrical failure with smoke, etc. 

March 21, 1991 - Robert is stuck in the smoky elevator.  Bill meets up with Mac at a bar.  Mac is buying a round for the bar as he is the mood to celebrate.  Anna is about to go into Robert's building.  Frisco sees her and starts to whistle at her.  Robert is starting to cough from the smoke.  Sean shows up at the hospital to give blood.  Audrey shows him the way to the lab.  Tom and Steve talk about how it is great for Audrey to be back at work.  They put Tom Junior in the daycare at the hospital.  Tom says he took an emergency medicine review at PCU and now he wants to switch his career.  Bill and the professor are playing pool.  Bill is trying to raise all the machinery out of the harbor.  Anna arrives at the apartment and sees Roberts note to come upstairs.  She goes in the elevator and sees Robert passed out.  They call and ambulance.  Anna gives him CPR.  He starts breathing again, and refuses emergency treatment.  They contain the fire to the elevator shaft and put it out.  Robert apologizes for ruining the evening.
     Bill is on the docks trying to bring up some machinery to have a look at it.  Robert and Anna are upstairs in his apartment.  Anna remembers she found a maritime button on the floor by the elevator.  Robert says that proves it was his brother who tried to kill him.  Anna says she has to work with Robert to fight against Mac.  Steven and Audrey are talking about their grandson and how much Steve likes to spoil him.  Anna calls Sean to come to the penthouse to help try to prove Mac is trying to kill him.  Robert doesn't want Sean or Anna's help.  They tell him they can't refuse.  They all agree to work as a team.  Frisco comes up and tells them nobody saw anything on the docks.  Sean says that Frisco is going to be Robert's personal bodyguard.  Mac meanwhile is having a party at the rehab center with the patients there.  Anna and Robert start kissing on the bed. Frisco walks in to tell them that all the doors and windows are secured and that he wants a promotion.  Robert tells him if he is not out of his room in five seconds, he will be back on flatfoot patrol.  Anna decides to leave and go home.  Robert is not happy!


March 22, 1991 - Paul is having a meeting with the Qs.  He tells them they have to liquidate some assets and cut back.  Cut back far and deep.  The Qs are not happy.-especially Tracy.  Lila things like this never happened when Edward was alive.  Frisco, Sean, Anna and Robert all meet in Robert's office.  Angela is having a dinner party to try to fix up Bill with a friend of hers daughter.  Anna is trying to track down someone from the maritime union.  The Qs vote to not sell the cannery but to sell the plant. Lila refuses to sell the undeveloped land on the waterfront, as it was the first property Edward bought. She is planning on making a memorial park on that land. She tells the rest of the Qs to back her up on this.  They all agree.  Paul says selling the plant is a start.  Anna and Sean question someone on the harbor about the maritime pin.  He tells them anyone on the ELQ Tracy would have the same pin. Tracy and Ashton arrive back at the Gatehouse.  She basically tells him it is time to trim the fat and asks "How much do you weigh?"  She tells him it is time for him to leave.  He says he will go to the Aprhodite and make arrangements, and she tells him the boat is hers.  He owes her $90K, and so now the boat is hers.  He asks her what she really wants, and she tells him to leave for good. Alan comes in and asks Ashton if he needs some traveling money.  He tells him there is no way Tracy will give him the boat back.  Alan tells him he will pay him to get back in Lucy's room and talk to her, since Lucy has always like Ashton.
     The Eckerts are getting ready for their party.  Bill is working overtime in the garage.  He gets in a fight with his boss.  Bill quits his job.  Ashton comes to Lucy's room.  She lets him in. He tells her she looks godly.  Ashton tells Lucy he is leaving.  Ashton tells Lucy to use her feminine charms to attract Paul Hornsby as he is the new golden boy.  He tells Lucy to show up at the fancy dinner to welcome Paul.   Frisco comes into Robert's office and tells Anna and Robert that the federal government owns Wilma's Emporium.  Ashton walks out with his suitcase and Tracy stops him and asks what is in it.  He tells her one day she will realize how he was always on his side and that he was more than just an appendage to her.  He asks if she has anything pleasant to say before he leaves, and she turns and walks out.  This is Larry Ashton's last appearance.  Lucy comes down to the dinner with Paul, and she is all dressed up and flirting with him.  Lucy offers to be a tour guide to Paul around town.  Jennings comes with some appetizers, which include eviction papers for Lucy.  Jennings has her bags packed, and they throw her up.  Harlan is waiting for Bill on his porch.  He offers Bill the chief engineer job on his salvage operation.  Bill is thrilled.  He tells Harlan he brought up some machinery and fixed it. 

March 25, 1991 - partial episode - Felicia brings Maxi down to go to the office.  Anna and Sean are in the office, discussing the investigation.  Robert is sick of Frisco following him around.  He tells him he doubts he will get taken out in his own office.  Frisco is checking for explosives under the desk.  Anna and Sean question a bunch of maritime workers about the shooting at Wydhams.  The workers are all waiting around for the raising of the Tracy to get jobs.  Frisco is checking out the bathrooms for Robert as well.  Robert tells him he applauds his responsibility, but tells him he can't be a hermit.  Frisco attacks the janitor in the bathroom and questions him.  Robert thinks he has lost it. Bobbie is sitting on the couch looking at pictures.  Scott walks down in his pajamas and has some coffee.  They look at old photos together.  Bobbie realizes it is Tony's birthday and decides to get him a present.  She says she will give it to BJ to give it to Tony.  Scott tells her she is skating on thin ice.  Ruby walks in and sees both Bobbie and Scott in their pajamas and jumps the wrong conclusion.  Ruby tells her it is stupid to buy Tony a gift.  Anna and Sean question some more maritime workers.  Bobbie sees BJ at the hospital.  She tells her it is daddy's birthday.  She gives her a gift to give to Tony.  She tells BJ to not tell Tony she made the book.
     Robert is on the phone in his office, while Frisco closes all the blinds.  Robert tells him to go home and see his wife.  Anna comes in and kisses Robert. She brings him lunch.  They show someone with a gun.  Frisco goes to Felicia's office for lunch.  Felicia locks the door and she and Frisco start kissing.  At the hospital it is Tony's party.  BJ gives him the gift Bobbie made of all her drawings. Cute BJ & Tony scene.  She tells Tony that Bobbie made her pictures into a book.  Robert and Anna eat lunch. She tells him that no leads have panned out.  She tells him the last time they had lunch like this, they were in Normandy and they had to pretend they were married.  The DVX planted a camera in their hotel room.  They start kissing.  Mac is at Kelly's and Ruby is talking to him.  Mac sees someone and runs out.  Tony asks Bobbie to see her in the lounge.  He asks her what is the meaning of the book that she gave him from BJ. Tony tells her that she shouldn't go through BJ to get to him.  Tony tells her he doesn't buy her excuse.  Bobbie tells him that if he doesn't want the book to throw it out.  Anna suggests to Robert that they should go away for the weekend.  She leaves to go home and pack.  Robert tells Frisco that he should leave and go to the Brownstone and that he will be fine.   Scotty, Frisco and Felicia and Bobbie are at a Brownstone meeting.  They talk about the lack of privacy and the lack of hot water.  Bobbie tells them that the situation is not working for her.  Anna is home packing for her weekend away with Robert.

March 25 - April 2, 1991:  3/25 last 4 mins, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29, 4/1, 4/2 partial

March 25, 1991 - partial Episode continued from previous dvd - Anna continues getting ready for her weekend away.  Olin teases her about it being a business trip and not a pleasure trip.  Robert is in his office, and an officer comes in and tells him the elevator accident was due to "old age."  Robert said that it had been inspected only months before and passed.  The phone rings and Robert picks it up, and there is a huge explosion in his office.  He gets thrown onto the ground. 

March 26, 1991 - Eckerts are at their bakery.  Bill's friend comes in and gives him back his blueprints.  Bill questions why she would borrow his blueprints.  She asks him out and tells him she will explain the blueprints at dinner.  Scott, Bobbie, Frisco and Felicia are still meeting at the Brownstone.  Lucy calls Scott and is pretending just to call to say hi.  She tells him she is lonely at the hotel and wants him to come meet her for dinner.  The police all run into Robert's office.  Anna arrives as they are taking Robert to the hospital.  Frisco and Felicia are fake wrestling on the couch.  He gets a phone call and finds out that Robert has gotten into an accident, and runs out.   Robert is admitted to the hospital ER.  Sean and Tiffany show up.  Sean tries to calm her down.  Frisco arrives at Robert's office and is visibly upset.  The other officer tells him it was high density explosives.  The assailant jumped through the wall.  Felicia shows up to try to help.  Frisco tells her to go home.  Tiffany is doing her show and Bobbie runs into the camera man.  Tiffany and Bobbie start to fight.  Tiffany apologizes.  Mac is having a drink watching the newscast.  Mac calls the hospital to check on Robert.  Scotty shows up to eat dinner with Lucy.  Lucy tells him she made a mistake and she misses him. She wants him back.  She wants to hang out at his apartment.  Scott tells her he is no dummy, and he knows she wants a free place to live.  Scott tells her he lives at the Brownstone now.  Bill's friend Carol's dad tells him that he is very impressed with his blueprints for the salvage job.  He offers him all his machinery at his disposal.  Bill is very happy.  Monica tells Anna that Robert has had a cerebral contusion and they won't know anything for a couple of days. Anna rips into Frisco for not protecting Robert, then apologizes and hugs him.  Lucy tells Scott he shouldn't live at the Brownstone, and hands him the want ads with apartments circled.  He tells her she is on her own and he is sick of her.  Mac sneaks into the hospital to find out information on Robert.  Frisco calls Felicia and tells her that Robert is critical.  Lucy runs into Paul Hornsby in the hotel lobby. Paul gives Lucy a bill for all her phone calls at the Q mansion.  He turns down her offer to show him around town.  Anna waits by Roberts beside and begs him to wake up.  Mac impersonates a doctor and tries to sneak in Robert's room. Anna attacks him and holds a knife to his throat. 

March 27, 1991 - Anna holds a knife to Mac's throat, and Frisco breaks it up.  Robin has a bad dream and wants her mom.  Olin tells her Anna is away on business with Sean.  Robin doesn't believe her.  Olin tells her Anna is with Robert.  Anna tells Robert she wanted to kill Mac, and that they are cut from the same cloth.  Tom tells Steve that Robert is in really bad shape.  Bobbie is upset that Tony won't even talk to her.  Monica tells her to make the first move and let her guard down. Monica tells Anna that Robert won't die if she can help it.  Felicia stays with Anna for support.  Frisco throws Mac in jail for the attack on Robert.  Sean updates Tiffany on Robert's condition.  Frisco pressures Guy to speed up the investigation, so they can prosecute Mac.  Monica tells Anna that Robert's cardiac status is very dangerous.  She is frantic.  Scott comes to the jail to represent Mac.  Mac tells him he is a victim of police brutality.  Tiffany interviews Monica about Robert's condition. They are waiting for a pulmonologist from NYC to come evaluate his condition.  Frisco and Anna talk about convicting Mac.  He is desperate for some proof.  Scott tells Mac he will take his case and try to get him out of jail.  Bobbie gives Tony and update on Robert's condition.  She apologizes to Tony for what she did with Lucas.  Tony tells her he doesn't understand why she didn't see what she was doing wrong when she was doing it.   Anna is back at Robert's bedside willing him to live. 

March 28, 1991 - Lucy is in her hotel room waiting for breakfast.  The hotel manager comes in and tells her that there is no more room service until she pays the bill.  Alan is at the hospital and Sean comes in with Paul to discuss business.  Alan rushes off to tell Monica that Robert's heart is weakening. Bill and Harlan start the ELQ Tracy salvage operation. The Qs tell Paul to let Harlan get rid of all the hazardous chemicals.  Sean makes Monica promise to let him know if there is any change in Robert's condition.  Lucy asks Monica to talk to Alan about giving her money.  Monica leaves her and tells her to get lost.  Lucy then wants to page Alan.  Harlan tells Bill that they can keep all the chemicals from the ship and send them back to North Korea.  Lucy puts a fake paper with horrible headlines about the Qs on Alan's desk.  She bribes him to pay her bills to avoid future nasty headlines.  She tells him to pay her phone bills and hotel bills or else she will splatter his name across every paper in the country.  Bill meets with Paul Hornsby about the salvage deal.  He tells him he can fix all the machinery from the boat for a price.  Paul tells him the Qs have no money to pay him. Jenny is all dressed up in disguise and sees Paul in the restaurant. She is wearing a fancy dress like a society lady. Paul is meeting with a PR person, but cant' take his eyes off Jenny.  Alan tells Monica that Lucy will drag their name through the mud if he doesn't give her money. Monica tells him to call Paul to figure out his options or go fight with Lucy.  Alan shows up at Lucy's hotel room.  He tells her to shut up and start packing.  That she can stay in a single room with a meal allowance, and that if ELQ goes down, she gets nothing.  Monica tells Steve that Robert's vital signs are not coming up and it doesn't look good.

March 29, 1991 - Scott goes to court with Mac.  Robert wakes up and sees Anna in his room. Anna runs to get Monica. Anna tells him that Mac was trying to get into his room. Robert falls back to sleep, but Anna stays with him.  Jenny tells Finnean her mother wants her to settle down and fall in love.  Scott goes before a judge to get Mac released.  The judge denies bail. Monica tells Anna the CAT scan is negative, which is good news.  But she can't be more specific yet.  Scott tells Frisco he will sue him for police brutality.  Frisco gives him a few minutes with his client.  Scott tells Mac he will get him out on bail, and he won't give up.  Sean shows up at GH and hugs Anna.  He gets in to see Robert.  Robert asks Sean for help. He wants Sean to go to his office and get a puzzle box in his drawer before it's too late. There is evidence in the box.  Robin comes to the hospital and wants to see her dad.  Sean fills Robin in on his visit with Robert, and tells her he is going to make it.  Felicia brings Maxi to visit Frisco at the station.  She tells him he is being obsessive about Robert's case and is consumed with guilt.  Finnean tells Scott he can get some dirt on the judge to help free Mac.  Scott said he is going to start with the high road. Scott tells him he needs character witnesses on Mac.  Monica gives Robert the straight truth about his condition.  They are controlling his heart rate with medication, but they can't find the right one just yet.  If he doesn't remain calm, it can be deadly. Finnean brings Scott to the rehab center to look for witnesses.  He runs into Jenny, and she agrees to be a witness.  Robin goes in to visit Robert.  Robin asks Monica if her dad is going to die.  Robin thinks they are all lying to her about Robert's condition.  Robert tells Anna about a plane trip he took with his family.  Robert and his family and his fiancée were flying on the plane and the plane crashed.  His parents were dead, Lillian was dead, but Mac pulled Robert out of the plane, then he left. Robert goes into cardiac arrest.  Robin sneaks into the jail to go see Mac.  She wants to talk to Mac.  She says her dad is dying because of him.  Mac tells her he never would hurt Robert.  Robin tells him he is a killer.  Monica says they have to get Robert to surgery.  Anna tells him she loves him on his way to the operating room.

April 1, 1991 - Harlan tells Bill he is doing a great job.  He tells Bill that he knows he wants to get the ELQ factory up and running again.  Monica and Bobbie operate on Robert.  Felicia comes to wait with Anna.  Sean shows up at Robert's office to find the puzzle box in his desk.  Anna is blaming herself for not distrusting Mac like Robert told her to.  She promises if he lives, she will never doubt him again. The surgery is touch and go.  Bill tells Harlan he can run the packaging plant.  He tries to convince him to buy the plant.  Sean tells Frisco to keep a clear and rational mind when it comes to this case.  Paul calls the Qs in for a late night board meeting.  He tells them Harlan Barrett is interested in buying the plant.  He asks them if they want to attend the negotiations.  Robert makes it through the surgery.  Robin comes back to the hospital. Frisco tells her Anna wants her with her.  Frisco asks her if she was down at the police station.  She tells him she went to see Mac. Monica sends word to Anna that everything is under control.  Robin finds Anna, and she tells her that Robert was in surgery, but that everything is stable at the moment.  Harlan updates the Qs on the salvage operation and tells them that almost 75 percent of it can be fixed.  Paul tells him they will be lenient if he wants to make an offer of the plant. Felicia tells Frisco that Robert will make it, because he is a fighter.  She tells him the explosion was not his fault, and that if he were with Robert, he would have been injured too.  Monica tells Anna that the surgery went well, and this part of the process is over. Bill buys his family gifts with his paycheck.  Finnean goes to visit Mac, and tells him that Sean was holding a puzzle box and guarding it carefully.  Mac freaks out, and wants to know if he showed the box to Robert.  Anna goes in to sit with Robert in recovery.

April 2, 1991 - partial episode, continued on next dvd - Sly and Bill work on their plan for getting the factory up and running.  Robert is dreaming after surgery and tells Anna he loves her. Bill meets with Harlan and tells him he needs 20 men and 45 days to get the factory up and running.  Harlan decides to purchase the plant.  Mac meets with Scott again.  Bobbie walks in and wakes Anna up. She tells her to go home and get some rest.  Anna refuses, as she wants to be there when Robert wakes up.  Robert wakes up and sees Frisco.  The nurse tells Frisco to give him some ice chips.  Frisco apologizes to Robert for not being with him when the explosion happened.  Paul is waiting in the hallway in the courthouse.  Ned comes to find him.  Ned asks what his business is in the courthouse.  They trade barbs.  Jenny walks by all dressed up and Paul asks Ned who she is.  Ned tells him he doesn't want to know.  Anna goes in to see Robert, who has had his spleen removed.  They kiss.  Robert tells her of his dream that she was in.  Then men on the salvage operation beg Harlan to purchase the factory.  Scott is in court trying to bring in character witnesses to get Mac released on bail.  Sean comes to visit Robert, and brings him the puzzle box.  He asks Robert what is in there anyway.  Robert tells him his father gave it to him.  He wants Sean to have it just in case.  Sean opens it and finds Robert's ID bracelet.  He swore he would never take it off. The other side of the box had an envelope with a blank piece of paper in it.  Robert gets upset because what was in there was gone.  He goes into cardiac arrest again.

April 2-10, 1991:  4/2 partial, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5, 4/8, 4/9, 4/10 partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 2, 1991 - partial - Robert is being worked on with the defibrillator. Monica revives him. Sean and Frisco are waiting outside worried. Sean shows Frisco the puzzle box, and tells him that Robert grabbed his chest when he saw the piece of paper in the puzzle box. Scott has a character witness on the stand for Mac. She is one of the rehab patients, and makes Mac's case worse. Anna shows up with some coffee, and freaks out when she finds out Robert went into cardiac arrest. Paul and Ned show up at ELQ. Paul tells Ned he has lost and he needs to get out of the way. Harlan Barrett shows up for a meeting with Paul. Paul tells Ned to keep quiet, but Ned spills the beans that they have no other offers on the plant. Jenny Eckert takes the stand to speak for Mac's character. Monica comes out and tells Sean, Anna and Frisco that Robert is stabilized and okay. Bill and Sly talk about whether Harlan liked Bill's idea to revamp the ELQ plant. Mac gets his bail denied.  Monica tells Sean and Anna that Robert's chances are less than 50/50.

April 3, 1991 - Harlan Barrett wants to buy the Cannery, Plant and the acres around it. Paul says no way. Finnean goes to visit Mac in jail. Anna is allowed in to see Robert. Jenny invites some friends over for dinner from the rehab. Bill tells her she shouldn't have them over to the house. Ned agrees with the deal Harlan's offers. Paul tells Harlan he has to bring it to the board. He offers them 5 million dollars, but needs an answer by that evening. Lila, Alan and Tracy show up at the office for the emergency board meeting. Paul presents the offer to them. Anna shows up at Mac's jail cell to accuse him of trying to kill Robert. Anna tells Mac she knows he killed Robert's parents. Robert meanwhile starts breathing on his own again, which is a good sign.  He then regains consciousness. The Qs are still debating whether or not to take Harlan's offer. Paul finds out his money is for real. Paul presents a counter offer to Harlan for 12 million with no Cannery. They will only sell him the plant. Harlan counters at 3 million and that is his final offer. Bill and Jenny are on the docks. Bill runs into Bobbie who is out walking. They talk. Anna talks to Robert while Monica examines him. He tries to tell Anna about the empty envelope in the puzzle box. Meanwhile Harlan is getting antsy waiting on the Qs to make a decision. Paul is able to negotiate to get the Qs 12 million in cash. They all go have a drink. Bill tells Bobbie about his failed marriage. Anna is feeding Robert ice chips, but he demands to know where Mac is. Anna tells him he is still in jail and has exhausted all possibilities for bail. 

April 4, 1991 - Frisco is at the hospital. He runs into Bobbie who tells him that Robert is still touch and go, but he is conscious and breathing on his own. Scott comes to visit Mac in jail.  Paul shows up at PCU to find Jenny. Bill is on the docks with a patch on his eye. He has a scratched cornea. Harlan walks up and tells Bill that he bought the plant. Bill asks Harlan where he fits in to Harlan's plans. Bill tells him he needs several guys to help him repair the machinery. Jenny goes to visit Mac in jail. She tells Mac that everyone is telling her to settle down and to get her focus in place. Mac tells her they are a lot alike.  Scott is at Kelly's having coffee. He meets with Sean about taking a case to prove Mac is not guilty. Sean tells Scott to stop playing games with him. Finally he agrees to take the case to make sure that there isn't someone else out there trying to get Robert. Frisco is on the docks on the phone. He runs into Remmy and asks her to cancel her date that night. Harlan and Bill talk about the progress on the equipment. Scott and Sean go question a witness who testified against Mac. Frisco visits Mac in jail again. He tells him that he tracked down the records on the explosives and the trail led right back to Mac. He gives Mac a chance to come clean, but Mac won't admit to anything.  Paul gives a lecture at PCU. He asks a student where Jenny hangs out when she is not in school. Paul decides to go find her. Bobbie shows up at Kelly's. All the salvage workers and Bill show up for a celebration. Paul shows up at the bakery and Jenny is in her hair net baking bread. Scott asks Mac if he had anything to do with the ship's explosion. Mac tells him no. Jenny gives Paul some coffee. Paul tells her he knows her from somewhere.  He thinks it from the courthouse or the Port Charles grille.  The Eckert's show up at Kelly's, and try to bury the hatchet with Ruby.

April 5, 1991 - Tracy is sitting in the gatehouse with Ned and has a mask on her face. Ned is telling her he is going to get his position back at ELQ and is going to make Paul look stupid. Tracy tells him he is going to need some intelligence. Frisco is at the station. Guy wants to talk to him. He is mad at Frisco for switching his beat. Robert's nurse is yelling at him that he can't have a phone in CICU. Robert convinces her to make a call for him to Chief Lewis.  Ned asks Tracy to team up with him against Paul. Tracy tells him no way. She thinks Paul is their savior. Ned tells her to put on some makeup before she goes out so she doesn't scare anyone! He tells her she will be sorry for not siding with him. Lewis and Frisco talk about putting Mac in a lineup by the explosive salesman. Anna comes to visit Robert and tells him he needs to take it easy. Someone comes to the door to meet with Ned. Ned tells Tracy he is an insurance salesman. He is really a private investigator Ned hired to dig up dirt on Paul. He tells Ned to get close to the guy and let him have his guard down. Ned says he will give it a shot. Robin and Olin show up to visit Robert.  Lewis comes to meet with Robert and tells him about the line up of the explosive salesman. Ned comes in to talk to Paul. He tells him that ELQ has sheltered investments that he is not aware of. They make plans to have a drink at 8pm to discuss this.
     Tracy is waiting outside Harlan's construction trailer with a picnic lunch. He turns up his nose at all her healthy food and tells her he is a meat and potatoes type guy. Frisco comes to visit Robert. Robert tells him he has heard he hasn't been spending his time on the docks. Robert asks him if he is ready to stop working his beat. Robert asks him for his badge. Frisco gets very upset. Then Robert gives him a Gold Shield badge and tells him congratulations. Frisco tells Felicia about his promotion. Tracy flirts with Harlan and tells him she has phenomenal stamina. She invites him for cocktails at the gatehouse at 8pm. The witness can't identify Mac in the police lineup. Sean tells Frisco his lineup was premature. Sean tells Frisco he is letting his emotions get in the way of a fair investigation. Felicia takes Sean's side over Frisco's.  Frisco asks Tiffany if he can be on the 10pm news to bust the guy who tried to kill Robert.  Tracy sets up champagne and caviar and then runs upstairs in the gatehouse. Ned walks in and thinks that Jennings set it up for him. Paul comes over to talk to Ned and refuses to mix business with pleasure. The doorbells rings and two women walk in that Ned has arranged as dates for both Paul and himself for the evening. Harlan arrives and Paul high tails it out of there. Harlan tells Tracy he wants to take her out to dinner to a baked potato stand where you eat outside on picnic benches. She is less than thrilled. Frisco makes an appeal on Tiffany's show for information about the attempt on Robert's life. Sean tries to get it out of Robert why he went into cardiac arrest when talking about the puzzle box. Robert tells Sean he is working for his brother which makes him his enemy. 

April 8, 1991 - Robert tells Anna that he got his nurse switched. He gets the strictest nurse in the hospital. Bobbie and Amy are laughing in the hallway about Robert's new nurse. Mac and Scott meet about his case again. Scott tells Mac he doesn't think they have any hard evidence on him. Anna and Frisco show up at the hearing. Anna calls Robert to tell him the prosecution won the first round. The nurse pops her head in and yells at Robert to eat his food. BJ is crying that she doesn't want to go to the daycare center at the hospital. Tony gets paged for emergency surgery, so he takes her kicking and screaming. Frisco takes the stand in Mac's case. Mac totally loses it in court as does Frisco. The daycare director comes to find Tony to tell her that BJ is not herself and is causing a disruption. She tells Tony he must come get her.  Bobbie sees BJ lying on the floor having a fit. She is able to calm her down and tells her they will go get her things. Tony sees Bobbie walk off with BJ. Anna testifies in Mac's hearing. Tony asks Tom Hardy for advice on what to do with BJ. Tom tells Tony that BJ obviously misses Bobbie. Tom tells Tony that he has to talk to Bobbie, and that BJ is reacting to the animosity between Tony and Bobbie and that he needs to make peace with Bobbie.  Anna calls Robert with an update, and the nurse finds the phone and hangs up on her. Bobbie is at Kelly's with Bill. Tony comes in and wants to talk to Bobbie. Bobbie tells him she is about to go out with friends and that she is sure he can talk to her later. The court rules that there is sufficient cause to believe that Mac should remain in custody and held over for trial. Anna calls Robert with the good news. 

April 9, 1991 - Scott shows up at the Brownstone. He tells Bobbie he was a loser in court that day. Bobbie is getting ready to go out for a night on the town.  There is a big party going on to celebrate the end of the salvage operation. Bobbie and Bill are hanging out. Audrey is in her robe reading a book. Steve comes in with his baseball glove and ball and asks her if she was hiding them from him. Tom walks in and says he got Tom Junior to sleep. He thanks Steve and Audrey for babysitting. Tom is going out for dinner with Scott. Lucy is in her hotel room trying to find someone to go out to dinner with. She isn't having any luck. Tom and Scott are having dinner together in the Port Charles hotel, and Scott tells him there is a certain someone staying there he doesn't want to run into.  Meanwhile Steve puts the baby back to sleep and he and Audrey sit on the couch and sing "Take me out to the ballgame" and wake the baby up again.  Bobbie and Bill sit on the stoop and talk about the guy at the bar who harassed her. Bobbies says how it is hard to live down your past no matter how hard you try. Lucy sees Tom and Scott eating and decides to join them. Scott tells her to bug off. Scott knocks Lucy over and leaves. Lucy falls to the floor and Tom goes down with her. Lucy is covered in salad dressing. Tony shows up at the Brownstone to talk to Bobbie. Bobbie is still upset over the incident at the party. Tony tells her it is about BJ. Finally they talk. He tells Bobbie that they need to work on how they deal with BJ. Tony gets nasty and Bobbie gets angry and throws Tony out. 

April 10, 1991 - partial -Jenny reads the paper that says Mac is still the main suspect in the attempted murder of Robert Scorpio. Jenny leaves and then a bouquet of flowers is delivered for her. Scott comes to visit Mac in jail. Scott tells him they have a trial date. Robert gets moved to a regular hospital room and out of CICU.

April 10-17, 1991:  4/10, 4/11, 4/12, 4/15, 4/16, 4/17

April 10, 1991 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd - Robert is in the hospital, telling Monica he wants to go home. Monica tells him he feels great because of the medicine. Jenny receives flowers from Paul, who wants to have dinner with her. Mac and Scott are talking about his case in Mac's jail cell. Robert tries to work in his hospital room, but the nurse busts him and sends Frisco away. Ned, Tracy and Lila meet with Paul. Paul tells them ELQ is in dire financial crisis and they need to sell the cannery. They need to talk to Alan and Monica first. Paul says they will vote on it at the board meeting the next day. Scott talks to Sean at the hospital. He tells Sean that he needs to punch some holes in the witness's testimony. Robin comes to visit Robert in the hospital. The nurse complains to Steve and Monica on what a pain of a patient Robert is. Steve and Monica decide he can leave the hospital if he has a nurse to go home with him. Robert sneaks out of his room and gets busted by the nurse.  Jenny visits Mac in jail. She brings him some pastries. He asks her for some help escaping.
     Alan and Monica meet up with Paul at the hospital. Paul asks them to attend the board meeting tomorrow at ELQ. They say they will attend the board meeting.  Robin brings Robert dessert, while Anna and Sean discuss Robert's impending discharge. Sean tells Anna that he thinks Robert is still in danger, and that he doesn't think it was Mac who was trying to kill Robert. Jenny goes to defend Mac to the local newspaper. Sean questions some of the witnesses who testified against Mac. Scott is there in disguise. The witness identified Scott as Mac, so they know he was lying. Alan and Monica talk about Paul and how glad they are they hired him to run the family business. He then asks Monica if he should serve Lucy with divorce papers. She tells him that is his decision to make. Anna volunteers to be Robert's nurse if they release him. Scott goes back to tell Mac he blew a hole through one of the witnesses testimony. Jenny comes to visit Mac again. He asks her to stay with him and kisses her hand. 

April 11, 1991 - Bobbie and Amy Vining are discussing a party coming up. Jenny is in the paper again on the front page saying she is a friend of Mac Scorpio. Harlan Barrett and Bill have a talk. He tells Bill that his grabber is so effective that the ship will be up within a week. But the bad news is Bill's job is over. Paul meets with the Qs about selling the Cannery. They find out Ned has been covering up their poor financial picture. All the dock workers are quitting because Bill is leaving. Harlan tells Bill he is not fired, but he wants him to do another job. Tony and Bobbie talk. Bobbie tells him not to go into the Brownstone while she is not home. Tony tells Bobbie that BJ is having problems adjusting now to their new life. He wants Bobbie to spend more time with BJ. He apologizes for saying that she was using BJ to get to him. Bobbie picks up BJ from daycare. She asks her when Bobbie is going to come back and live with them.
     Ned is in Paul's office, and sees on his calendar that Paul and Jenny are having dinner that night. Tracy walks in with Paul, and he questions why Ned is in his office. Tracy suggests that Paul and Ned work out their problems, instead of being at odds. She says they will all three have lunch the next day, and that Paul needs to teach Ned the ropes of running a company. Bill comes home and tells his family he got a promotion. Paul shows up to pick Jenny up for their date. Bobbie and Tony decide they need to work something out with BJ for her sake. Jenny and Paul have their date. He tells her he is intrigued by her.

April 12, 1991 - Frisco is talking to Guy in the police station about Robert's case. Felicia shows up and brings Frisco lunch. Jenny shows up at Mac's jail cell again. Mac flirts with her. Robert and Anna arrive at Robert's penthouse after he gets discharged from the hospital. Felicia and Frisco argue about Jenny Eckert and Sean. Anna makes Robert lunch as his apartment. Robert laughs as she can't boil water.  Felicia shows up at Kelly's. Jenny arrives and tells Felicia that the rehab group has been depressed since Mac has been in jail.  Robert and Anna eat lunch together. Anna is annoying Robert because she is hovering over him. He sends her out of the room to make tea, and spits out his medication. She puts him to bed.  Tiffany comes to visit Sean at the PI office. She says she hasn't seen him in so long. Sean goes over the case with her. Scott comes to see Sean. Sean tells him his only concern is protecting Robert, and he doesn't give a damn about Mac.
     Anna finds the pill Robert spit out and she forces it down him. Guy and Frisco show up. They tell Robert about the explosive and how they traced it to a company in Portland, Oregon. Robert tells Anna he doesn't do sick very well, and he wants to get out of bed.  Anna leaves the room and he sneaks out of bed and uses his walker to try to escape. An alarm goes off and Anna is there smiling. She puts him back to bed. Tiffany shows up with a bottle of wine. Anna takes it and says he can't drink it on pain pills. She takes the bottle of wine and says she is going to make him dinner. Tiffany tells Robert he has been unfair with Sean. Jenny shows up to visit Mac with a letter from his friends at the rehab center. Anna gives Robert dinner, which he criticizes. She puts him back into bed. The nurse act is wearing thin. Jenny and Mac continue to flirt. Mac kisses Jenny through the prison bars. Robert tells Anna she is looking beat. He starts to give her a back massage. They lay down together in the bed and cuddle.

April 15, 1991 - Tony tells Bobbie that BJ's behavior is 100 times better since Bobbie has been spending time with BJ. Tony tells Bobbie that all she talks about is her time with Bobbie and it is hard for him to hear that. Bill and Harlan are having a business meeting. Bill tells Harlan he is checking out the hospital ventilating system to put it in the plant. Harlan can't go because he has plans that afternoon. Paul shows up to meet with Harlan. Harlan introduces Paul to Bill. Paul tells Harlan he met Bill when he took his sister out for a date. Harlan tells Bill he is thinking of buying the Cannery. Paul tells them the Qs don't know if they want to sell.  Lucy is down yelling at the front desk clerk that her paper is not in her hotel room. They tell her it is not a covered service with her basic hotel room. Lucy finds out about Harlan Barrett from the hotel clerk. She starts her wheels turning and decides she needs to meet Harlan Barrett.
     The Q's have their board meeting and decide not to sell the Cannery to Harlan. Tracy and Ned side with Paul, but Alan, Monica and Lila don't agree. Tracy tells Ned she will meet with Harlan and see what she can work out. Ned comes back to meet with Paul. There is no love lost between them. Paul tells Ned he won't act underhandedly. Bobbie and Tony talk and decide they have to communicate a little better. Bobbie tells Tony she wants to get on with her life, so she wants to work out a settlement between them. Lucy is still searching for Harlan, but the hotel desk clerk tells her he has a reservation at the bar with Ms. Quartermaine. He has a package for Lucy, it is her divorce papers.  Bobbie goes to Kelly's and tells Ruby that she is moving on with her life. Ruby warns Bobbie not to hang out with Bill Eckert too much. Lucy meets Harlan in the bar. He looks a bit surprised when he sees Lucy, and finds out she is a Quartermaine or soon to be former Quartermaine.  She tries to flirt with him, and tells him she has some hot information about skeletons in the Quartermaine's closet that he might be interested in. Tracy shows up and tells Lucy to scram. She tells Harlan she is worse than an epidemic of Cholera. Then she tells Harlan she wants to talk to him about the Cannery.

April 16, 1991 - Paul comes to the rehab center to find Jenny.  He tells her his offer to help Mac still stands. Sean goes to visit Mac in jail. Frisco intervenes, and Sean tells him to leave. Frisco feels like Sean is betraying Robert by helping to clear Mac. Anna is sleeping on the couch in Robert's apartment. He tries to steal the key to the front door from her to get out. But she wakes up and points a gun at him. Paul invites Jenny to have a drink with him that evening. Sean tells Mac he only took the case to protect Robert from an unknown assassin, not to clear Mac's name. Robert asks Anna to make him a grilled cheese sandwich so he can try to get out of bed and make a phone call to Frisco to bring him dart boards and other stuff to do.  The Qs are in their living room waiting for Paul to bring them information on how much stock they will have to sell. He comes in and says they need to sell 44% of their personal stock or sell the Cannery. Tracy starts ranting and raving about how it is all a huge nightmare, but Alan tells her it is not going to go away and they need to make a decision about taking the company public or not.
     Jenny goes to visit Mac and brings him a cake. The prison guard tells her he can't bring her food, so she tells the guard to eat the cake. She tells Mac the bars won't be separating them for long. Anna is asleep on the couch, when Frisco comes in with the dart board. They start playing, and then Anna wakes up and yells at Robert to go back to bed. Anna bets him she can beat him at darts, and if she wins, he has to get back to bed. She wins! The Qs are back discussing the stock sale. Alan says he would rather sell Tracy then his stock. A fight breaks out and Paul leaves .Lila assures him she won't let the family leave the room until they make a decision. Jenny sneaks in all the rehab patients into Mac's cell and they have a party. Jenny has to leave the party for her date with Paul.  Anna takes out the puzzle box and asks Robert why he asked Sean to bring that to him. She asks Robert to tell her about it. Robert tells her that after the death of his parents, he kept a record of Mac's whereabouts. He tells her the letter he kept inside that box was missing. Sean comes to visit Robert. Robert asks him to help him reconstruct the list of Mac's history. Frisco arrives and Robert tells him he needs to go to Portland to investigate some manufacturing plant. The Qs continue to argue and they get a phone call that the Cannery is on fire.

April 17, 1991 - The Qs all return home after being out all night with the Cannery fire. They tell Lila that it isn't all lost, but a big part is ruined.  Remy shows up at Robert's and tells him the fire at the Cannery was due to arson. Robert thinks it could be Mac, even though he is in jail. They think he has an accomplice. Frisco is in Portland meeting with the wife of someone Mac used to work for. She tells him Mac killed her husband.  She said Mac didn't get along with her husband, but when the plant ran into financial trouble, her husband decided to declare bankruptcy. Mac disagreed with his decision. Her husband got into his car, and the car exploded. She said the same type of plastic explosives were used as were with Robert. The Qs find out that Ned let the insurance policy go on the Cannery as well. They are furious, until Paul walks in and announces he reinstated as soon as he came on board and they are fully insured. He is the big hero.
     Robert tells Anna he doesn't want her to testify in Mac's case. Guy Lewis comes to visit the Qs and tells them the fire was caused by arson and wonders if they could have self-sabotaged the Cannery. Sean, Robert and Anna have a pow wow about Mac's case. Felicia arrives and asks Robert why he keeps sending Frisco out of town. Robert tells Felicia he is sorry and wants her and Anna to go to a salon and have a break.  Scott comes to the hotel because he finds out Lucy has run up a tab on his account. Lucy tells him she is trying to get his attention, and that she really didn't run up his bill. Scott tells her to get lost. She tells Scott she wants to make Alan pay for divorcing her. She wants the most devious, ruthless attorney to represent her, and that would be Scott. He refuses her. He says it is curious that the ELQ Cannery burnt down when she is trying to stick it to the Qs. Monica and Lila thank Paul for all his help. They think someone is out to get them. Monica tells Paul she wants him to hire Sean Donnelly to investigate.
     Robert and Sean discuss how the Qs seem to be the target of all these disasters. Anna and Felicia are at the spa discussing Robert, when someone has a delivery for her. Remy points a gun at the delivery man. She is there to protect Anna. Meanwhile Lucy and Scott are back at the Brownstone and he goes on and on about how Lucy works. When a guy blows her off, she torches their property. He refuses to help her again. Lucy turns on the charm and tries to get him to help her. Scott tells her he will help her for $5,000. Monica comes to check on Robert and tells him all his stitches look good. Paul goes with her to talk to Robert. Robert still thinks that Mac is the one behind the attacks. Frisco goes to pay Mac a visit, then Robert gives him the next couple of days off. Alan accuses Tracy of being the one to start the Cannery fire. She and Alan fight as Ned walks in and says there is more trouble with raising the ELQ Tracy ship. Robert orders a romantic dinner for Anna. Frisco and Felicia plan to have a romantic evening as well, but he falls asleep.

April 18-25, 1991:  4/18, 4/19, 4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25 partial

April 18, 1991 - Frisco wakes up and realizes he fell asleep on the couch in his clothes. Bill meets with Harlan and talks about why the ship is having trouble being raised. The guard in jail tells Mac, the ELQ ship was blown up from within. Audrey has a pinning ceremony for the student nurses.  Frisco shows up at the Eckert's bakery. Felicia arrives home with Maxi with breakfast and sees Frisco's note that he wants her to meet him at the bakery. She drops Maxi at the babysitters to spend the day with Frisco. Paul sees Jenny in a jumpsuit on the docks disguised as a dock worker. Paul tells her she is a mystery to him. He flirts with her and asks her out to lunch. Tiffany is doing her show on the docks and clears Bill and Jenny of any wrongdoing due to the new evidence that shows the ship was blown up from within. Scott visits with Mac in jail in light of the new evidence. Harlan and Bill discuss plans for the plant. Harlan tells him it is way over budget. Bobbie shows up and asks Bill if he wants to come to a party at his house. Bill says no because he has a date. Bobbie tells him to bring his date. Felicia shows up to meet Frisco, but he has already left to go talk to Mac in jail.  Frisco goes home and Scott tells him he is suing him for violation of Mac's civil rights. Frisco gets mad and leaves, right as Felicia is bringing out food for the party.Paul and Jenny have lunch at the Port Charles Hotel. Jenny tells Paul she feels so bad for Mac, and wishes she could do something for him to help him.  Paul offers to go down to the jail and talk to Mac. Bobbie has a party at the Brownstone. Frisco finally comes home with flowers for Felicia, but she isn't there. She is downstairs at Bobbie's party, and tells him she doesn't want to come up. Paul and Jenny go to visit Mac. Paul tells her due to client confidentiality, he needs to talk to Mac alone. We find out that Paul is the one who hired Mac to sabotage the ELQ ship and the Cannery. Mac tells Paul he double-crossed him by not telling him his brother was the police commissioner of Port Charles. Paul tells him the only charge that he can have pinned on him is the attempted murder of Robert. Paul insinuates that he is the one who set off the explosives on the ELQ Tracy. 

April 19, 1991 - Felicia is at work and Frisco comes to apologize for working on his day off and not spending the day with her. She gives him the cold shoulder. Sly shows Bill his report card, and they are all proud of him. Jenny visits Mac in jail and tells him Paul will help him. Mac doesn't want his help and wants to stick with Scott as his lawyer. Anna and Robert are in his apartment. Anna gets a phone call with a threat that if she testifies against Mac she will be dead. She tells Robert it is a wrong number. Sean calls Felicia to bring something over to the Penthouse, so Frisco can be there to have some time alone with her.  Robert knows that Anna did not receive a wrong number and knows she is worried about something. He wants to know what the phone call was about. Anna tells him she wants to use herself as a decoy to trap whoever the killer is. Jenny comes to Paul's office to see if he has any ideas of how to help Mac. Paul offers to bring in dinner for them. Felicia arrives at Sean's penthouse to find Frisco there with a romantic dinner set up. Felicia is mad that he set her up. Sean and Tiffany come to visit Robert to leave their apartment. Finally Felicia agrees to dress up in Parisian attire and enjoy their evening together. Paul and Jenny have a dinner in his office, but he tells her not to talk about Mac until after dinner. Sean, Tiffany, Anna and Robert eat dinner together. Sean goes to get the food; Anna and Tiffany go to the kitchen; while Robert escapes from his balcony. They realize Robert is missing. Frisco and Felicia continue their "date," but they get interrupted by Sean telling them Robert is missing. Bill watches the news and sees someone on screen who was tortured and freaks out. Robert goes to visit Mac in jail. He tells him he wants to make him a deal. Paul kisses Jenny. Robert collapses before he can make the deal. 

April 22, 1991 - Frisco and Felicia are home talking about Robert's escape. They are both still in their Parisian clothes. Scott visits Mac, and tells him that Robert tried to attack him in jail. Scott says that attack is the best thing that has happened in their case. Monica comes to Robert's apartment and scolds him for leaving. Anna is furious at him. Scott wants to know the whole story of animosity between Robert and Mac to build a counter case against Robert. Lucy shows up in jail to see Scott. She wants to know why he is being so mean to her. Lucy said she is going to give him the money to put him on retainer. Lucy gets thrown out of jail. Paul comes to see Alan at the hospital. Alan tells him he wants help with his divorce from Lucy. He wants Paul to represent him in the pre-hearing. Paul will help him protect his stock. They go back to Alan's office and talk. Monica leaves the Penthouse to go back to the hospital. Frisco and Felicia are having champagne for breakfast in bed. Robert calls and interrupts them. He wants Frisco to follow Golden who is being released from jail.  Felicia is mad again. Frisco promises when he gets home they will pick up where they left off.Scott comes to Robert's Penthouse and tells him he is going to petition the court for a restraining order against him. Anna makes Scott leave. Scott demands the physical evidence the police are holding against Mac. Robert tells him he offered Mac a lesser charge if he reveals who he is working for. Robert tells Anna he hates living this way. He can protect her and Robin while he is recuperating.  Sean and Tiffany go to visit Felicia and Maxi. Frisco tells Robert he lost his person he was tailing. Robert tells him to go home and get some rest. Alan tells Monica that Paul is representing him in the pre-trial for Lucy's divorce. Alan says Paul was hopeful that Lucy will have to wind up paying for all the trouble she has caused them. Monica tells him he is over his quota of mid-life crisis. He asks Monica out to dinner after the hearing. Lucy shows up back at Scott's. He tells her that their baby died, and she felt nothing. Lucy tells him she was going to leave Alan and go back to him. Finally Scott agrees to represent her if she gives him 1/3 of his settlement. Frisco finally comes home and they finally get to be together, but the baby wakes up screaming and their plans are foiled again. Robert tells Anna he loves her and he can't comprehend the idea of losing her.

April 23, 1991 - Scott and Paul meet in Paul's office. Scott wants to come up with a settlement out of court for Lucy and Alan's divorce. Harlan and Bill meet. He tells Bill he wants him to manage the new plant. Paul tells him Lucy will get zilch from Alan. Scott tells him she lost a child and she deserves a cash settlement. Paul tells him to get out of his office, and he will see him in court. The pre-trial hearing gets underway. Alan accuses Scott of sleeping with Lucy from the beginning. This makes Lucy look bad. Then Lucy breaks down on the stand because of her miscarriage and makes Alan look bad. Harlan goes to the bakery, and tells them of Bill's promotion. Lucy tells Scott she is going to take Alan for every cent he is worth. The judge comes in and rules that Alan has to pay Lucy only $500 a month until the final divorce hearing. Alan is happy and Lucy is furious. Scott says he is appealing.  Jenny comes down to the plant, and asks Bill for a job. Bill turns her down, and she starts crying and runs out. Lucy shows Alan a memoir book she wrote on his cruise that spills a bunch of phony details of their marriage together. Alan says she is bluffing.  Jenny comes to the rehab center and Finnean knows she is upset. She tells him it is because of Bill, not because of Mac. Alan and Monica have dinner together. He tells her about Lucy's blackmail attempt. Lucy and Scott walk in the restaurant. Jenny goes to Paul's office, and doesn't see him there. Ned walks in and tells her that this was his office, until she took her little harbor cruise. Ned tells her it is her fault that she brought ELQ down and she brought down a lot of employees too. He accuses her of being Paul's little play toy. Lucy and Scott discuss her case. He tells her the appeal process is expensive and involves a lot of steps. Scott tells her he won't be a part of her blackmail book. Alan and Monica leave the restaurant, and Lucy takes out the book and thumbs through the pages. Lucy tells Scott that the book is a fake. Paul and Jenny show up for dinner and have a drink at the bar where Ned is sitting having a drink.  Paul tells Jenny Ned is there to spy on him. They put on an act in front of Ned, saying that he thinks they need a Greenbelt on the board. He wants Jenny to help with long-term planning.

April 24, 1991 - Frisco and Felicia wake up together. The phone rings, but Frisco knocks it off the hook. Robert is the one calling. He tells Anna that they are driving each other crazy living together. He wants Anna to get a life and get out of the apartment. He tells her she needs to find another project and have some fun.  Jenny is still mad that Bill won't hire her. Her cousin tells her that she is a troublemaker and he doesn't blame Bill for not hiring her. Robert tells Frisco to be Anna's bodyguard. Anna is annoyed that Frisco has to follow her around. Robert and his dog Friday are on the couch. He wants to take him for a walk, so he leaves the apartment. The nurse from the hospital shows up, and tells him he can't get out of bed, and that Anna called her to come over when she left. Jenny comes to visit Mac again. She asks him if he thinks she is a troublemaker. He says he wouldn't have her any other way. Sean shows up at Robert's. The nurse lets him up thinking he is a doctor. Sean, Robert and DA Shultz work together on the case. They decide to put a tail on Jenny Eckert. Frisco and Anna are eating lunch at a tea room. Frisco is miserable eating there. Someone shows up with a restraining order for Robert to stay away from Mac.  Meanwhile Anna drags Frisco to the bank. While she is making a deposit, Frisco gets knocked out cold on the floor. Someone is behind Anna with a gun robbing the bank. Anna becomes the robber's hostage. Robert finds out and flips out. Frisco comes to and pulls a gun on the robber. Felicia sees the report on television and she flips out. Frisco tries to talk the gunman down. Anna elbows the robber, and she and Frisco wrestle him until the police capture him. Anna shows up back at Robert's. They kiss. Frisco shows up at Felicia's with champagne.  Frisco receives the same restraining order from Baldwin. Felicia is upset that Frisco put himself in danger. She tells him she can't live like this for the rest of her life. She runs out.

April 25, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Mac is in his jail cell. He is pacing around. Tracy and Ned are in his office. She asks him why he called a board meeting. He tells Tracy that Paul is not acting in the Qs best interest. Tracy disagrees that Paul has done a great job and they have money now. Ned tells her she will find out soon enough what he is up to. Paul shows up at the bakery to say hi to Jenny. She is covered in flour and in a hair net. Her mom makes excuses for her, and tells her she is not there. The rest of the Qs show up for the meeting and are angry that they are dragged away from the hospital. Ned tells them Paul is up to no good. Harlan calls someone to convince them to come to Port Charles. Jenny tells her mom that she is mad she didn't let Paul see her with dough on her face. She tells her that was her decision to make.  The rehab patients come to visit Mac in jail. Paul shows up for the board meeting over an hour late.  Ned tries to bust Paul for seeing Jenny Eckert and giving her a seat on the board. Paul turns it around and says he did it for ELQ's benefit. The Qs agree it is a good idea. Ned has egg on his face yet again.  Jenny comes to meet with Bill. Scott and Lucy show up at ELQ's offices. Paul and Alan tell them to sit down so they can discuss business. They ask Scott for the terms of their proposal. He tells them Lucy wants to maintain her dignity and not live at the property level. They want 50% of Alan's stock. They settle for 25% as her final settlement. Scott tells her that he gets 1/3 of her stock she gets. Now they are both stockholders in ELQ. Tracy shows up on the docks to meet Harlan. He tells her he has a surprise for her. They are going roller skating. Tracy is looking at him like he is nuts.  He puts on socks and roller skates and makes her go skating. She is dressed in a skirt and hose.  Paul calls Ned into his office. He tells Ned to cut the crap, and he works for him now. And that he better never pull another stunt like he did earlier. Paul tells him he had the staff pull some research on some of Ned's poor deals in the past that he scammed money out of ELQ. Ned tells Paul he is running a check on him as they speak.

April 25- May 3, 1991:  4/25 partial, 4/26, 4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3 partial

April 25, 1991 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Alan goes to talk to Monica in her office. He tells her it is over with Lucy. He tells her he has paid for his mistake ten times over. He tells Monica they could be good together again. She tells him to slow down as the papers aren't even signed yet. She tells him it is not the time for them to be rebuilding things. She tells him he is still her best friend in the world, and that has to be enough for now. Tracy and Harlan get back from skating.  Tracy is livid as her blouse is torn and her hose ruined. Harlan tells her the Qs are as stiff as corpses. She tells him he is too common for her. She tries to leave and he pulls her back and kisses her. Paul shows up at a bar that Jenny is at. She forgot all about their date. She has to play Bill in a game of pool before they leave. 

April 26, 1991 - Felicia tells Frisco she is working with Jenny Eckert on a project. Frisco says he has to interrogate Jenny and he doesn't want her associating with her. Anna leaves Robert's apt. while he is still asleep. She leaves a note which falls on the floor and the dog grabs it in his mouth. Robert calls Remmy to find Anna. Sean shows up. He tells Robert that Anna probably just wanted to be alone for a while. Anna goes down to the docks in disguise. Felicia and Jenny meet at Kelly's.  Frisco comes into Kelly's and sees Felicia with Jenny. He starts to question Jenny. Felicia gets angry and leaves. Mac calls Robert, and he asks him what he had to do with Anna being missing. He issues and APB for Anna. Robin asks Anna why she is dressed like a man. She tells her she is in disguise because she is protecting Robert. Sean leaves and says he will do his own tracking. He tells Robert to use his head and stay put. Frisco comes home and apologizes to Felicia. He says they should lay down some ground rules so they don't' fight about his job anymore. He tells her that he considers himself the breadwinner. He knows she makes money at the PI office, but he is the main breadwinner and she has to respect his job. Frisco tells her not to go meet Jenny. She ignores him. He tells her she is not leaving this house. She says she doesn't take orders and leaves anyway.  Anna shows back up at Robert's apartment.  Robert karate chops her down thinking she is an intruder. He cancels the APB and has an ice pack on Anna's head.  He tells her he loves her and kisses her. He picks her up to take her to the bedroom. One of the rehab patients gets put in a cell next to Mac and slips him a key. Robert has a flash back to the first time they were together while Anna is changing. They finally make love. Felicia calls the station looking for Frisco. He is pacing outside the Brownstone. The Brownstone collapses right as Felicia is walking downstairs carrying Maxi. Frisco is outside yelling for her. He runs in to try to save her. Anna is in bed with Robert and tells him the earth really moved, until they realize it was an earthquake.

April 29, 1991 - Frisco comes in and finds Felicia and Maxi on the ground. Mac escapes during the earthquake. Harlan is injured during the earthquake. Frisco takes the baby to safety and tries to get Felicia out of the rubble. Bobbie comes in and tells Frisco to take care of Maxi. She takes care of Felicia. They need to get her to the hospital. Robert and Anna are worried about Robin. Guy says he will send a man over to check on her. Mac makes his way into the police locker room and changes into a police uniform. Felicia is unconscious still. Bobbie and Frisco put her on an ironing board and take her to the hospital. The ER is crazy with victims. They say Maxi was traumatized. Monica takes her. Tom examines Felicia. Bill finds Harlan trapped under some equipment. He calls for help. Alan examines a little girl. Monica is smiling looking on at how tender Alan is being. Monica tells him Maxi is stable, but could use some hug therapy. Bobbie volunteers. Felicia comes to and wants to know about Maxi. The EMS show up to help Harlan. They take him to the hospital. Robert and Anna try to get into Olin's apartment to see if Robin is okay. They find out there is no word on Mac. Bobbie is holding Maxi and Frisco comes in to take her to comfort her. Maxi is wheezing and they need to get her some medical attention. Harlan is brought in and has lots of injuries. Bobbie tells Bill he is in pretty bad shape. Mac sneaks into the evidence room and takes all the damaging evidence against him. Frisco goes in to see Felicia. She is still groggy. They are still waiting for her test results. Robert and Anna find Robin is fine. Felicia tries to get herself up to find Maxi and falls off the table. She can't walk and is hysterical. 

April 30, 1991 - The episode starts with a moment of silence honoring the memory of Jessie Brewer who passed away. The Eckert family all are reunited and okay. Mac finds a woman lying on the ground and calls for help. Tony comes and tells Felicia that Maxi is fine, and they are only keeping her for observation. They tell Felicia she needs to stay calm. Frisco asks Tony why Felicia can't walk. They are not sure yet. They need to run more tests. Tony says her spinal cord may have swelled. He tells Frisco not to say anything to her. He wants the worst case scenario. Tony tells her she could be paralyzed from the waist down. They take her for more tests. Tony hugs Frisco and tells him to hang in there.  And that he has to buck up and be strong for her. Jenny shows up at the hospital and Frisco tells her they had an argument about Jenny and now she may never walk again. He tells her to get out of the hospital and mind her own business. He then feels bad and apologizes. Bill comes in to check on Harlan. Harlan tells him he owes him his life.  Frisco finally tells Felicia she might be paralyzed. She is devastated. Tony tells Bobbie that she is a wonderful mom when he sees her with Maxi. Mac shows up at the rehab center to get a change of clothes. Tony comes in to see Felicia. The pain medication has set in and she is finally able to relax. He tells her they don't know yet if she will be paralyzed or not. Jenny comes to see if Mac has come by the rehab center. Finnean hides him. Mac finally leaves. They bring Maxi in to see Felicia which cheers her up. Tony comes in and says he may have to do surgery to fuse some of her disks in her back together. 

1, 1991 - Frisco is in Felicia's room while she is sleeping. He and Bobbie talk about his condition. Sean shows up. Frisco tells him that Felicia might be paralyzed. She can't feel or move her legs.  Sean tells him they will all pray for her. Frisco tells him to tell Robert he won't be coming to work for a while. Robert goes back to work. Anna shows up at Robert's office. Anna tells him he has to take it easy. Meanwhile Mac is on the docks trying to escape. Robert finds out that Mac took his personal property with him. Sean shows up and tells Robert and Anna that Felicia may be paralyzed. Robert and Anna rush to the hospital. Frisco sits with Felicia until she wakes up. Felicia is hysterical that she might not be able to walk to teach Maxi all these things when she is growing up. Tony tells Bobbie that his instincts say no, she won't be able to walk again. Scott shows up at the hospital and tells Bobbie that the Brownstone is a mess. He thinks she should come look at it. The Brownstone has been condemned. Mac sees that and sneeks in to hide there. Paul runs into Jenny on the docks and asks why she is there. Jenny tells Paul that she is glad Mac escaped. Paul asks if Mac has checked in with anyone. Paul wants to take Jenny home. But she wants to go to the hospital. Paul agrees to take her. Tony examines Felicia and she still doesn't feel anything. Robert, Anna and Sean show up at the hospital to see Felicia. Felicia tells Sean and Anna that she doesn't know what will happen to her on the operating table. She wants to know that Robert and Anna will take care of Maxi if something happens to her.  Robert questions Finnean as to Mac's whereabouts. Bobbie sees the Brownstone and is devastated as she can't afford to rebuild it and she didn't have earthquake insurance. Mac is still hiding there.  At the hospital, Frisco jumps into Felicia's bed and she says he is hurting her. They realize she can feel his foot on her. Then they realize she can feel her legs. Tony comes in and examines her. She tells Jenny and Paul her good news. Anna tells Jenny that aiding a criminal is a crime. Jenny says she doesn't know where he is, but is glad he escaped. Bobbie leaves the Brownstone. Mac shows himself to Scott. Scott tells him to turn himself in. Tony tells Bobbie she should come home and stay with him. Bobbie thinks it is not a good idea for BJ's sake. Tony says it is an emergency and they should stick together. Robert tells Anna they are stuck together for the rest of their lives. They kiss.  Scott says he can't let Mac walk out the door. Mac knocks Scott out and escapes. 

2, 1991 - Robert and Guy are in his office.  Guy is talking to Robert about the operation to clean up after the earthquake, but Robert falls asleep on him. Frisco enters Felicia's room with Maxi. Felicia is up walking around and takes the baby. Tony comes in and says Felicia can go home the next day. He says she doesn't need a nurse, but just needs to take it easy. Bobbie comes and in and tells them the Brownstone has been condemned, so none of them have a home. Anna comes in, and they tell her they have no home. Anna tells them they can come stay with her. Anna says she won't be there most of the time. Mac enters Anna's house when nobody is there. He is looking for something. Tony comes in and invites Frisco and Felicia to come live with him. Ned and Tracy come back to the Q mansion to find it in shambles. Tracy tells him at least it is one Q disaster the family can't blame on him. Lucy arrives and says she is looking for some earrings she left there. She tells Tracy she is so glad she doesn't live in that dump anymore. Tracy tells her that she will never change. Mac hears that he is a wanted fugitive on Anna's radio. Felicia and Frisco walk the halls of the hospital. Anna arrives at the police station and finds Robert sleeping. He wakes up and they talk about Anna moving in with him.  Robert tells Guy to bring in Jenny Eckert and Scott for questioning.  Mac is sleeping in Anna' apartment. Scott stonewalls Robert about information on Mac. Anna comes home to go to bed and finds Mac in bed with her. Mac pulls a knife on her. Mac tries to convince Anna he cares about Robert.  Alan and Monica come home and speak to Jennings. He says Lila is fine and has already hired a contractor to start work the next day. Felicia and Frisco decide they would rather stay with Tony because he is family. Harlan is on the phone in his hospital room talking to someone on the phone. He asks if they have made a decision about coming to Port Charles. Lucy shows up at his hospital room with chocolates.  He tells her he knows she is up to something. He starts telling her old war stories. Lucy starts flirting with him and offers him a massage when Tracy walks in. The nurse tells Harlan he can only have one visitor. Both Tracy and Lucy refuse to leave. Tracy tells her to go roam the halls and she might find someone with sufficient cash or credit. Bobbie and Scotty meet up at Kelly's. They have a heart to heart talk. Mac continues to threaten Ann to keep quiet. He ties her to a chair. 

3, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Sly finds out he gets the day off school due to the earthquake damage. Guy and Robert are in his office. He tells Robert that Delafield's is condemned and his penthouse is not livable. He says he will go stay with Anna. Mac brings Anna breakfast. He says he will feed her. Some nuns come to stay with the Eckert family. Lucy shows up at Harlan's room and brings him breakfast.  She is flirting with him again. Harlan asks her what she wants. Lucy says she has a deal for him. She says she will fill him in about the Quartermaine's, but he will have to drag it out of her.

May 3-10, 1991:  line on episodes - 5/3 partial, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/9, 5/10

May 3, 1991 - Partial Episode - Anna is still tied to a chair in her bedroom. The doorbell rings and it is Jenny Eckert. Mac answers the door. He tells her that he wanted to say goodbye, and that is why he placed an order with her family's bakery. Jenny tells him she will miss him. He kissed her goodbye. Mac goes back to tell Anna he is leaving. He unties Anna and gives her his gun and tells her he trusts her. Anna pulls the gun on him and tells him she won't kill him, but she won't let him go either. She goes to shoot him and the gun was out of bullets. Mac ties her back up and gags her and leaves the room. Finnean arrives with a crate and puts Mac inside it.  Robert gets suspicious of Jenny Eckert. The office tells him that Jenny did stop at Anna's house earlier. He freaks out thinking Anna might be in trouble and heads over there.  Meanwhile Lucy is visiting Harlan in the hospital. She is giving Harlan the full scoop on the Qs family and how dysfunctional they are. Bill walks in and Harlan introduces him to Lucy. Harlan thanks Bill again for saving his life. Robert rescues Anna. He hugs Anna and tells her that he is madly in love with her.

May 6, 1991 - Meg is reading the newspaper and talking to Meg about the earthquake victims. She mentions Felicia is going home today. Mac is in the back of a truck trying to escape.  Tony asks Bobbie if Felicia is all ready to go home. He asks Bobbie if she will take Felicia on a walk around the hospital to get her some more exercise. Scotty is at Kelly's complaining to Ruby about the food. Finnean spies on Robert and Frisco's conversation about Mac's whereabouts. The police are tailing the van Mac is in. Alan asks if he has any messages and runs into Monica. They both find out they have nobody on their schedules and can go home early. Alan asks Monica out for dinner. She says she will go if he changes rooms with her in the servant's quarters. They see Felicia and Bobbie walking around the hospital. Robert needs Frisco to work with him on finding Mac. He tells him to take Felicia home, and then call him. Frisco tells Anna they are going to stay with Tony, but thank her for the offer. Frisco picks up Felicia and Maxi from the hospital and takes them to Tony's house for dinner. Tony invites Bobbie to join them.  Robin calls Anna and tells her that she misses her so much. Anna tells her she has to stay with Olin a little bit longer for her own protection. The driver of Mac's van stops at someone lying in the road as a decoy and Finnean lets Mac out. Robert arrives and sees that Mac has escaped, and that someone let him out. Alan and Monica show up at Kelly's and want to eat at the counter. Alan says Paul needs an answer very soon about letting ELQ's stock go public. Alan tells her they need to come up with an answer. Bobbie is holding Maxi at Tony's house. Tony walks in and offers to co-sign a loan with Bobbie to rebuild the Brownstone. She thanks him, but says she will do it on her own. She decides not to eat dinner there because she doesn't want to confuse BJ. Bobbie goes back to Kelly's and is talking to Scott about life. She tells him he was her first failed relationship. Then she lists all the others. Scott rehashes all of his, and they have a laugh together. Robin calls to speak to Robert and asks him to come over and see her.

May 7, 1991 - Tom Hardy walks into Kelly's and wants to talk to Scott about a business proposition. Scott gets a phone call. Robert tells Anna he is going to visit the Eckerts and try to find Mac. Mac is in the Eckert's house. He hides in the basement, and scares Jenny when she comes down there. Mac begs to stay there for a few hours. Robert calls Frisco and tells him to go to the rehab center and round up the patients there to him to talk to. He tells Anna he just wants the whole thing to be over. He shows up at Jenny's house and has a search warrant for her house. Tom and Scott discuss legal counsel for the hospital. Tom convinces him to come down and talk to Steve about the job. Frisco is questioning all the rehab patients who have been brought down to the station. They are all talking at once and there is chaos. Meanwhile Robert is searching the Eckert's house. He can't find anything, so he goes down to the basement. Jenny calls to Robert that he has a phone call. It is Anna. Robert asks her to put guards on the Eckert's front door and back door. Meanwhile Scott meets with Steve Hardy about being the hospital's legal counsel. Steve tells him he has to consider the matter, and he has to have the hospital board vote on it. He also wants to find out why he left ELQ. Tony offers to help Bobbie again rebuild the Brownstone. Jenny comes down to the basement and finds Mac still there. He was hiding in the crawl space. They have a party for Felicia at Tony's. Robert is in Anna's bedroom. Anna is telling him they need to talk to Robin about their relationship and how she wants to bring Robin home. They end up in bed together.

May 8, 1991 - Bill Eckert is in his house. Jenny comes in and asks him how long he is home for and when he is leaving. Bill asks her why she is asking and wonders why she wants him out. As soon as they leave, Jenny brings Mac some food. Anna and Robert wake up together in bed. Frisco calls and interrupts them with the news that there are four freighters leaving the harbor that day. Robert thinks Mac might be on one of them. Tracy and Lucy show up at Harlan's door at the same time. Tracy is holding a plant for him. Lucy makes some snide remarks. Tracy tells her everyone knows she is a freeloader. Paul and Harlan walk out of Harlan's hotel room. Tracy questions Paul as to why he is there because she thought the ELQ deal was done. Bill is in his office when some guys try to break and enter. Anna tells Robert she is going to the docks as his back up.  Sly comes into the Eckert's house and asks Jenny who is in the shower. Jenny tells him he can't tell anyone what he saw. Paul comes to the Eckert house to see Jenny. He asks why the police are at the house.  Angela invites him to a family dinner that night. Jenny goes down to the basement and tells Mac that Paul offered to help him if she were to find him.  Harlan shows up at the trailer to see the damage of the break in. He arrives with Tracy and Lucy in tow. He wants to have a few minutes alone because both ladies are getting on his nerves. Robert and Anna show up by the trailer, and Bill tells them he called the police about an attempted robbery and they still haven't arrived. Finnean shows up at Jenny's house and she lets him into the basement to see Mac.  Robert tells Anna that whichever way it goes, it will end today. Harlan is having tea with Tracy and Lucy. Tracy and Lucy fight again and both try to ask him out for dinner. He agrees to have dinner with both of them.  Robert and Anna find Finnean on the docks looking for something of Mac's. They ask him what he is doing there.  Paul meets with someone on the docks. He tells him if Mac is not on the freighter that night, he knows what he must do.

May 9, 1991 - Mac is trying to escape, but he hears the Eckerts talking, so he remains in the basement. Frisco and Robert discuss Mac's whereabouts. So far, one ship has sailed, but three more are set to sail that night. Jenny talks to Sly about keeping the secret of Mac staying there for a few days. Sly gives Jenny a letter of agreement that says Mac won't hurt anyone. Anna goes to visit Robin at Olin's house. Robin is so upset that Robert won't call her or come visit. She tells Anna not to come visit her until the danger is over. She is scared that someone could be following Anna and if she loses either Robert or Anna she will not be able to take it. Robert talks to Robin and tells her they will all go out for dinner.  Meanwhile Harlan is taking Tracy and Lucy out for dinner, but they go back to his hotel room. He pours them a scotch and says they should just hang out there. Tracy and Lucy trade some more barbs and both agree to have dinner in his room. Paul shows up at Jenny's house for dinner. Anna, Robert and Robin are out for a nice dinner. Robin tells them she wants to know the deal with her parents. She wants to know where they stand with each other. Frisco shows up and tells Robert he has men all over the harbor. Finnean told Mac he has a spot for him on the Danish freighter. Harlan has no cash when the waiter brings up dinner. Lucy claims to have no cash either, so Tracy gets stuck paying. Lucy makes some nasty comments that she runs with a much younger, fun crowd than Tracy.  Robert shows up at the Eckert's house. Bill tells him he needs a warrant. Anna and Robert leave. Tracy and Lucy continue their triple date with Harlan. Harlan finally tells them he has to get up at the crack of dawn and needs to call it a night. Mac says bye to Jenny. He is getting ready to leave for the docks. Bill is outside the stairwell.

May 10, 1991 - Bill sees Mac coming out of the basement. He tells Mac he shouldn't be there. They start to fight and they both go rolling down the stairs to the basement. Robert is going down to the docks to wait for Mac to show up and stow away on the ship. He tells Anna that she needs to stay at the station. Meanwhile, Bill and Mac fight. Mac knocks Bill out. Tiffany shows up at Robert's office - she wants the details on the story. Robert stonewalls her. She says she is going to go to the docks herself. Robert tells her to keep her crews out of his face.  Jenny brings Mac a nun's habit to wear as a disguise to escape down to the docks to get on the ship. She kisses Mac goodbye, then creates a diversion for him to escape past the cop at the door. Robert shows up at the Eckert house. Bill tells him Mac knocked him out in the basement. Bill confronts Jenny about her role in Mac's hiding there. Frisco is on the docks. Anna wants to go down there but the officer guarding Robert's office won't let her leave. Tiffany is on the docks reporting live. Robert tells her to move. Frisco finds the nun's habit on the docks. Anna knocks out the guard and leaves for the docks. Finnean says goodbye to Mac. Sly tells Bill that he knew about Mac being there. Bill confronts Jenny about her role in the whole Mac saga. He yells at her and tells her she is stupid and he can't believe she involved his son. Bill realizes she is in love with Mac. Robert, Tiffany, Frisco and Anna are on the docks when they hear shots fired.
     Sean pulls Anna off the ship. Anna gets grazed by a bullet.  Bill, Jenny and Finnean are on the docks. Robert corners Mac on the docks. Robert and Mac start fighting. Robert knocks him out and pushes him. Tiffay shows up with her TV cameras. Robert pushes back over the top of the ship rail. Mac falls into the water.

May 13-17, 1991:  5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/17

May 13, 1991 - Anna wakes up and is lying on the docks. She realizes Robert is gone.  Jenny apologizes to Bill for harboring Mac and being so stupid.  Mac is hiding on the docks trying to escape.  Robert finds Anna is holding her. She has a gunshot wound on her face. Tom and Steve talk about how much work they have to do. They decide to go have dinner. Jenny decides to go down to the docks to see what is going on.  Bill tries to stop her.  Robert has a flashback of dragging Anna away from burning canisters.  He tells her she is going to be fine. Meanwhile Mac is still hiding in a crate on the docks.  Finnean comes to help him.  Tiffany is on the docks.  Jenny asks her who got shot.  She swears to Bill that Mac is not a killer.  Anna refuses to go to the hospital.  Tom is there and talks her into it going to Kelly's to get it treated.  Tom says it is just a graze.  Sean shows up.  Anna asks Tom if she will have a scar.  He says no.  Tiffany wants the story. Sean tells her to give Robert and Anna some time together.  Anna wants Robert to stay with her.  He tells her he needs to find his brother.

     Jenny finds Mac under the streets in a tunnel.  Mac doesn't want her involved.  He kisses her and tells her that if she cares about him she will leave. Frisco questions Finnean about Mac. A guy comes up to Mac and tells him to swim to the other side of the ship and then get on.  Frisco and Robert search the ship that is about to leave the harbor. There is no sign of Mac on it.  But Mac is swimming in the harbor to get on.  Sean tells Anna she can't go to Robert, and that he promised he would keep Anna safe.  Mac climbs the ladder of the ship. Robert spots him and runs after him.  Robert yells, "he's mine" to Frisco.  Tiffany tries to cross the police line to get the story.  Anna hears the news and she and Sean go to the docks.  Robert and Mac have a huge chase.  Anna tries to run on the ship, but Sean holds her back.  Jenny watches from the docks.  It ends with Mac and Robert fighting face to face on top of the ship.  Mac gets pushed off and falls into the water to his supposed death.

May 14, 1991 - Robert is sitting on the docks staring out in the harbor. Frisco walks up and asks him if he wants some coffee or food. Robert just wants to be alone. Sean insists that Anna gets her bullet wound looked over at the hospital. Meanwhile Robert keeps thinking he sees something by the dock. He is looking for Mac's body.  Robert tells Frisco, he is a cop and you do what you have to do, even if means killing your own brother. Harlan is eating breakfast and Lucy walks in and joins him. Harlan tells her he is reading the paper, and he would like to continue to eat alone. He needs to prepare for a meeting with ELQ to make another offer on the Cannery. Lila arrives at the hospital for a physical. Ned and Tracy are with her.  She asks Monica if she has her regular doctor, and feels the whole thing is unnecessary. Monica tells them she will outlive them all. Paul walks in and says that Harlan Barrett wants to meet with them to make another offer on the Cannery. Alan walks up and says he thought they weren't going to sell it.
     Paul advises them to listen to Harlan. He then asks what happened to Mac. Anna and Robert are on the docks. She tells him she is fine. It is just a surface wound. Jenny returns home and her mother is very angry that she hid Mac in their house. She tells her that Bill stayed with her all night long. Angela asks Jenny if she loves Mac. She is trying to figure out why she hid them in their house. Robert and Frisco are making sure Mac couldn't have escaped anymore. Tiffany is on the docks interviewing witnesses about the Scorpio fight. Tracy is in the boardroom when Lucy enters and picks a fight with her and tells her she had breakfast with Harlan and found out about the board meeting. They bicker and call each other names. Paul shows up at Jenny's and asks her why she didn't tell him that Mac was hiding there. The press hound Robert about Mac's death. The Qs have their board meeting. Everyone agrees to Harlan's offer to buy the Cannery except for Lila. She is very upset over it. Paul says they still need to make the stock go public. They Qs don't to hear it. Sean tells Tiffany he is so mad at her for crucifying Robert in the media. He tells her she cares more about ratings then his friend. Robert and Anna are in his office. He tells her he needs to be by himself. They cut to Mac who surfaces under the dock.  The DA calls Robert in for a meeting. 

May 15, 1991 - Bill is at Kelly's talking about Jenny hiding Mac at their house. Robert tells Anna he has a meeting with the DA, and he might lose his job. Scott shows up at Kelly's. He tells Ruby he has no clients anymore now that he lost Mac Scorpio. Mac meanwhile finds a boiler room to hide in. Finnean brings him some blankets and food. Anna and Robert are back at Anna's house. Robin and Olin arrive. Robin is sad about Mac. Robert calls Frisco to come watch over Robin. Alan and Monica talk about how they really don't want to make the ELQ stock public. Monica tells him it is not his fault and that he is not a businessman, but a darn good doctor, etc. Bobbie comes to Kelly's and sees Scott. She has been shopping. She shows him what she bought. Scott tells her that he is always there for her and she is always optimistic. Sean comes to Anna's and tells Robert they still have to be wary of Mac's partner. The media is hounding Robert. Frisco arrives to watch the house.
     Bobbie is at Kelly's and Tony shows up and wants to talk to her.  Tony wants her to move in to his house with him. He says BJ really misses her and needs her. He wants her to come to dinner the next night. Robert shows up at the DA office. The DA says he supports him 100%. Robert tells him he knows what he really wants him to do. He turns in his badge until the whole Mac thing is cleared up. He resigns.  The Qs have their board meeting to vote on going public. Alan, Ned and Lila refuse. Paul tells them they will be filing chapter 11 soon. Finally Alan changes his vote and they have the majority needed to go public. Felicia shows up at Anna's to see how they all are. Robert comes home and makes himself a drink during the days. Robert tells them he resigned. Robert is back in his penthouse. Anna arrives and asks him why he is doing this to himself.  He tells her he needs to be alone. Anna, Sean and Frisco are back at Anna's house. Robin is trying to stay up late to wait for Robert. Tiffany shows up and tells Sean that he might have been right. She pushed it a little too far with him. An officer calls Frisco and said Finnean shook his surveillance. He was last seen carrying food and blankets. They are suspicious that Mac is still alive. Robert is having flashbacks of all the encounters he had with Mac.

May 16, 1991 - Bobbie and Scotty are at Kelly's. Bobbie needs a ride because her car is in the shop.  Frisco shows up at Robert's place and tells him that he increased security at Anna's house. He tells Robert that Finnean was carrying food and blankets to the dock. Robert tells him he is not the commissioner anymore, but he thinks his brother isn't dead! Scott and Bobbie talk, and Scott tells her to make sure she is going back to Tony for BJ's sake. Scott tells her you got to have some love or some passion. He tells her she is making a mistake. Tiffany is at the TV station when Robert shows up there. She apologizes to Robert that she put her story above their friendship. Robert asks her to broadcast a picture of Finnean O'Toole on her show to see if anyone has spotted him. Finnean meanwhile is with Mac in a tunnel. Frisco meets Robert at Kelly's.
     Tony is at the hospital and Amy Vining tells him that he and Bobbie are both acting like fools.  BJ sees Bobbie in the hallway and asks her when she is coming back home with her. Finnean tells Mac they have given up the search for his body. Someone at Kelly's recognizes Finnean and tells Robert about it. Bill is on this episode as well, but nothing of significance. FInnean makes a phone call to Paul Hornsby, and tells him Mac is still alive and they are going ahead with the plan. Paul then calls someone else and says the plan is still on. Scott is back at Kelly's. Ruby tells him to get his own office and stop loitering around Kelly's. Bobbie comes in and tells Ruby she is moving back in with Tony. Scott tells her again that she is making a mistake. Sean is at the hospital and runs in Tiffany. He throws her up against the wall and kisses her. He tells her he loves her and he is proud of her for the broadcast she did. Frisco, Sean and Robert are all on the docks and spot Finnean. They question him.  Robert goes down into the tunnel to find Mac.

May 17, 1991 - Tony comes home to BJ. BJ tells him she saw mommy at the hospital. Bobbie shows up and tells Tony she is there to move back in. Tony looks a bit taken aback. Anna shows up at Kelly's looking for Robert. Tiffany is there and tells Anna that Robert is with Sean and Frisco, and that they took off when a customer said they recognized Finnean. Bobbie tells Tony she isn't sure how long she would be staying, so she didn't bring that much stuff with her. He tells her she is welcome to stay for as long as she wants. Meanwhile Mac is hiding from Robert in the tunnel. Felicia tells Bobbie she knows Tony is happy she is there. Anna calls Felicia and asks her where Frisco is. Anna and Robin share a scene at their house. They are getting ready for dinner. Anna tells her that Robert couldn't take the time to call her and tell her he was busy.
     Robert is at Kelly's. Some guy who works on the docks and the ship with Mac tells Robert that Mac is still alive. He saw him that morning and told him he said he was going up North to a place called Finger Lakes at Chelsea Barn. Sean and Tiffany are on the docks talking. Frisco and Felicia are at Kelly's talking. Frisco tells Felicia that Robert is not being himself. Bobbie, BJ and Tony are roasting marsh mellows by the fire. Robert shows up at Anna's house and fills her in on what is going on. He kisses Anna. Paul arrives at Kelly's. He sees the guy who told Robert about Mac's whereabouts. Apparently they were working together. Robert and Anna wake up in bed together. She knows something is bothering him.  Bobbie tucks BJ in to bed. Bobbie and Tony share a conversation on the couch. She wants to talk, but he says he has to read his medical reading. Frisco and Felicia come in and go upstairs to bed. Robert gets out of bed with Anna and leaves her a note.

May 20-24, 1991:  5/20, 5/21, 5/22, 5/23, 5/24

May 20, 1991 -
The Eckert family is reading the paper with the headline saying there is a grand jury meeting that day about Robert.  Frisco and Felicia are at the police station. They are hoping they can find something to help Robert. The DA talks to Frisco and tells him the participants have to remain partial and not to feed the media sharks. Anna wakes up and sees Robert's note. Robin comes in with a breakfast tray. Felicia sees Bobbie in the hospital and tells her she hopes Robert gets exonerated. Sean and Tiffany show up at Anna's. The guard tells Anna and Sean the Robert left in the middle of the night and went back to his apartment. Bill and Harlan are meeting in the construction trailer. Bill tells him the Cannery is going to be a real challenge. Harlan wants Bill to take over the day to day operation of the Cannery too. He tells him it is more money. Bill agrees to the challenge.  Lucy shows up and interrupts their meeting. She wants to talk to Harlan alone. He tells her he has one minute for her and to talk in front of Bill. She wants a job. He asks her if she has ever gutted a mackerel. He tells her to get lost. She wants an executive assistant job.
     Anna discovers Robert took her gun with him. Bill and Harlan have a champagne toast. Then Lucy shows up again. She wants to be his personal assistant. She flirts with him and starts kissing him. Tracy walks in and sees them. Sean tells Anna that there is no word from the grand jury yet. The DA shows up trying to find Robert. The DA says that he better show up or it is going to look like Robert is running from the charges.  Harlan tells Tracy he doesn't even like Lucy and it was not what she thought. Tracy says she doesn't care and wasn't asking for explanations. He tells her he likes her and he thinks she likes him. He wants to take her for a special night of dinner, dancing and the opera. She thinks it is too good to be true.  Sean says they should go out and find Robert. They are going to split up in teams and search for him. Frisco asks the DA to stall the hearing until the next day. Robin overhears the conversation and thinks Robert is not coming back, and if he does, he is going to go to prison. 

May 21, 1991 - Frisco gets promoted to senior detective. He gets a wanted poster for Robert. Anna and Sean still can't find Robert. Mac wakes up at the Finger Lakes clinic. Robert is driving to the town to find him. He asks at the post office how to get to Chelsea Barn.  Alan and Monica are at the hospital. He tells her he got a letter from AJ. Monica said she did too.  They see the headline about Robert.  Alan says there is no way Robert did commit a crime. Monica tells him there is a manhunt going on for Robert. Mac is in the hospital and he asks the nurse to not tell anyone he is there. Robert meanwhile arrives at the barn and has a gun pointed at his head. Paul is at the Q mansion and gets a phone call. He tells whoever is on the other end that it is not a time to discuss things. He tells the person to get their check book ready. Ned walks in and wants to talk to him. He tells him he has been waiting for this moment for a long time. Ned tells him he is cozy with everyone who is anyone in the business world. Ned tells him they are going to have to talk right now. Ned tells him he has been listening in to his phone conversations. Frisco arrives at Anna's and tells Sean, Anna and Felicia that he has been promoted to senior detective because Chief Lewis is acting commissioner. A police officer is the one pointing a gun at Robert. She is trying to make her first arrest. Robert talks her down.  The nurse tells Mac that someone was asking about him. Mac tries to leave, but the country doctor tells he has to stay there. Robert and the police officer drive off to go to the clinic. Ned is in the Q living room, and Tracy walks in. Ned tells her he is back in the swing of things and in control and heading to the top of the family business. Tracy tells him she is moving in different circles and regaining control and back where she belongs as well. They both ask each other what they really mean. Felicia comes to the hospital and sees Bobbie. She tells her that she really needs to work outside the home for her own sanity. Bobbie tells her that she should talk to Sean about it. Frisco tries to throw the media out of the police station. Frisco still feels in the middle of the situation with Robert.
     The Qs are in their living room signing the papers for the Cannery sale. Lila is very upset over it. Alan and Monica discuss AJ and say that Paul is handling sending him money, etc. for school, but Monica says AJ has asked her for more money and she is concerned. Lila tells them she has been sending AJ money all along. Tracy tells them it sounds like they are having trouble with their "perfect specimen" son.  Robin comes home and asks about Robert. Sean and Anna say how Robert really knows how to cover his tracks. Robin wants the truth out of Anna. She tells her she is not a child anymore and she needs to be included in the information. Felicia arrives at Anna's house. She talks to Sean about working full-time. Sean tells her she would make a great PI, but he couldn't really hire her cause she didn't have the experience. Felicia thinks she is going to go the police academy. Mac asks the nurse for help escaping. Robert shows up right after Mac escapes. 

May 22, 1991 - Anna and Robin are at home. Robin let Anna sleep in. Anna yells at her not to read the paper, but then lets her read it saying she is an adult. Robin says they should go talk to Frisco. Robin tells her they are out of food, milk, coffee, etc. They go out for breakfast. Mac goes to stay with the nurse at her house. Robert wakes up in the barn when someone walks in with his dog and tells him he is trespassing. Robert pays the owner to let him sleep in his barn.  Frisco and Sean get accused of being too loyal to Robert and not remaining neutral. Paul calls the Eckert house for Jenny. Her mother tells him she is not available. Paul wants to take her to lunch. Jenny is indifferent. She is still upset about Mac. Her mother tells her she needs to snap out of it. The nurse tells Mac he needs to leave by tomorrow as her parents are coming back the next day. The phone rings again at Jenny's house. It is Mac calling to tell her he is alive. Jenny is so excited!
     Alan is in the living room waiting on Monica, who is talking to AJ on the phone. Monica comes in and tells Alan that AJ seems fine and happy. She didn't ask him about the money, because she was hoping he would tell her. Alan tells her not to play games. Monica thinks something is wrong but he doesn't want to talk about it. Monica says they need to go up and visit AJ before graduation. They get paged to the hospital. Robin and Anna show up at the police station. Frisco calls them into his office.  Anna marvels at how grown up Robin is about handling the press asking questions, etc. Felicia comes to talk to Frisco about the police academy, but he doesn't have time.  Anna and Sean look at Robin fast asleep and comment how she still looks like a little girl when she is sleeping. Someone on the docks knocks Finnean out when he is retrieving something of Mac's.  Robert tells the owner of the barn that he is a police commissioner undercover! Paul is in his office and looks around to see if the coast is clear. The guy from the docks who told Robert where Mac went is there with Mac's money belt. Paul tells him to keep the money. They talk about something being set up for tomorrow at noon. The guy leaves out the back door.
     Someone knocks on Paul's door. It is Jenny. Jenny wants to talk to Paul. He tells her that he is busy and doesn't' feel like talking right now. He tries to distract her. Mac turns his charm on with the nurse. He asks her how far the Canadian border is from there. She tells him he could walk across the border, but there are long lines to get across as they are searching for some fugitive on the run. Lila is in Alan's office, and they tell her that is too hard for Monica and Alan to get away at the same time.  Monica asks Lila if she thinks AJ is in trouble. They decide to stop by ELQ after lunch. Lila says maybe Paul could be of use. She says she trusts him with her life.  Meanwhile Paul is massaging Jenny's shoulders and telling her there is an attraction between them. Jenny tells him she just wanted to have lunch and talk. Paul tries to kiss her, and she is turned off by it. She leaves and tells Paul to take a cold shower. He snickers to himself. Felicia tells Frisco she is applying to the police academy. Frisco is less than thrilled. He doesn't want her to work full-time. The nurse kisses Mac and tells him how happy she was she met him. Robert is trying to call the Port Charles Police Dept. 

May 23, 1991 - Monica and Alan walk into Paul's office. They tell him they are there to talk to him about AJ. Paul needs to leave, but they insist he listen to them. They want him to fly down to AJ's school, but Paul refuses. He says he is too busy.  Bill gets the dock workers to start working at the plant. He runs into someone he knows from the old days on the docks. Alan and Monica are at the hospital. Alan got someone to cover for him, so he can fly down and see what is going on with AJ. Harlan and Bill meet in the trailer. Bill is on edge. Harlan tells him to calm down. Alan and Lila are meeting with Paul. Alan asks him to join him to go visit AJ. Paul says he has business with Lila. Tracy and Ned walk in. Alan convinces Paul to go with him to talk to the Dean about the Quartermaine scholarship. Tracy tells Lila she has a hair appt and will treat her to a manicure. Tracy said she wants to look especially nice for her date with Harlan. Ned says why bother as last time he took you to a baked potato stand. Tracy gets mad and tells him she needs to talk to him about his mouth.  Bobbie and Tony see each other at the hospital. She asks Tony if he is okay with the living arrangements. He tells her he is very happy and comfortable with the arrangements.
     Jenny comes to the construction trailer to see Bill. He is still on edge from seeing Lazurus on the docks who is someone from his past. He yells at Jenny and tells her to leave. Meanwhile, Ned shows up at the Port Charles hotel and sees Harlan there waiting on Tracy. They have a drink together, and Ned offers his services to Harlan's company as well. Tracy arrives and wonders what on earth he could be talking to her son about.  Bobbie and Tony talk again. She asks him what he wants for dinner. Tony tries to get out of it, and gets saved by the bell with an emergency call. Monica asks if there are any calls for her. Bobbie and Monica talk. Monica tells her she is worried about AJ. She tells her he is graduating boarding school soon. Bobbie tells Monica he is probably going through wild stage now like they all did. Bobbie tells her that BJ is starting Kindergarten in the fall. Tracy and Harlan dance at the Port Charles hotel. He tells her he hates opera and wants to stay right there with her dancing. She says okay, but she wants to know what Ned and Harlan were talking about. He tells her he won't mix business with pleasure. Monica gets a call from Alan.  He tells her all is well with AJ and that he was just being extra generous with gifts for teachers and picking up tabs for him and his buddies. 

May 24, 1991 - Anna is on the docks staring at the water. Robert is at the clinic. The nurse there tells him she had no record of a Scorpio. Mac tells his own private nurse that he will be off today. She goes to work. Chief Lewis comes down on the police dept for not being able to find Robert.  Jenny runs into Anna on the docks. Anna tells her they are in the same position. Mac is dead, and Robert is missing. Jenny tells her she shouldn't give up on people so easily. Robert questions Mac's nurse, but she covers for Mac. Felicia meets Anna on the docks. Anna tells Felicia that Jenny came down to talk to her. She said she felt strange about all of it--like Jenny might be hiding something. Robert shows up at the nurse's house. Her parents recognize him as a fugitive. Anna goes to tell Sean and Frisco that Jenny didn't seem upset and that maybe Mac is alive. Sean and Frisco have a lead that Robert went to Chicago.
    Mac shows back up at the clinic to find his ID bracelet. The nurse asks him if he did something illegal. The policewoman finds Mac at the clinic. She holds him at gunpoint. Mac gets the gun away from her easily.  Frisco comes to pay Jenny a visit. He tells her that Felicia wanted him to follow up with her and see how she was doing. Robert is back at the barn. The policewoman shows up and tells him she had his brother in custody, but Mac overpowered her and tied her to a chair. Frisco tells Sean and Anna that Jenny seemed suspicious.  Finnean goes to see Paul. He tells him that he got knocked out on the docks and the money got stolen. Paul tells Finnean he will take care of Mac tomorrow. Meanwhile, Robert and Mac meet in the field outside the barn. They face off with guns pointing at each other.  A shot is fired and Robert falls to the ground.

May 27-31, 1991:  5/27, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31

May 27, 1991 - Robert and Mac face off with guns pointed at each other. A shot is fired, and Robert falls to the ground, as someone else with a gun falls out of the tree.  It is Rory. He tells them that he set Robert up and that both Robert and Mac were supposed to be dead. He dies before he can tell them who he is working for.  Anna is at the police station and has a really strange sensation about Robert. Guy Lewis comes in and yells at Frisco for putting out an APB on Mac who is dead. Frisco tells him they think he is alive.  Felicia comes in and wants to meet Frisco for lunch. Guy tells Frisco he should have stayed in the WSB, and that he had too much of an attitude to be a detective. Anna and Sean are at their office. Anna can't stand being tailed by police protection. Mac takes Rory's body and hides it in the barn. Mac takes Robert to the clinic because he was shot in the arm. Mac told Robert he killed Rory because he was about to kill Robert.  Mac calls Finnean to find out what happened to the money and the plan. Then he calls Jenny.
     Paul is in his office. He gets a call from Finnean that Mac is still alive. Alan and Monica barge in the office. Monica is so upset over AJ. She said it is her mother's intuition. She knows something is not right. The phone rings and it is Lila. She wants them to eat lunch with her. The doctor tells Mac that Robert needs a blood transfusion. He wants to test Mac to see if they are the same blood type.  Finnean shows up at Paul's office. Paul asks Finnean about Mac and what he said. Paul then calls a mystery person and tells them something has gone wrong, and there needs to be a change of plans. Paul tells the "mystery person" that he needs more men for the job. Anna and Sean question a train company manager, still trying to track down Robert. Meanwhile Mac is giving his blood for a transfusion for Robert. Robert has flashbacks of them as children.
     Paul eats lunch with the Qs. They discuss AJ's graduation and that they all are going to go to observe his behavior. Mac and Robert have a heart to heart talk about the plane crash. Mac admits he was flying like an idiot that day, but that their father didn't say anything to him. Mac wants him to believe that he never left Robert there to die. He tells him he did go for help and come back for him. He couldn't find Robert anywhere. Robert asks him why he pretended to be dead when he left Port Charles. Mac says to save himself. Felicia and Frisco meet for lunch. Felicia tells him she really wants to join the police academy. He tells her it is crazy. She leaves and tells him she is going to do it with or without his blessing. Mac tells the nurse that he left something in the barn, and he needs to get out of the clinic. She tells him she will help him. Mac escapes but is dizzy and needs to lie back down. Anna and Sean are both so frustrated over not knowing where Robert is. Mac tells him he was there in Port Charles and just wanted to see him. He asks him to forgive me. Robert doesn't know if he can do that.

May 28, 1991 - Bobbie and Tony are at the hospital. She tells him he is going to cook dinner that night. He says he will cancel his seminar to eat dinner with her. Tracy comes slinking out of the elevator at the Port Charles hotel with dark glasses on and her evening dress from the night before. She is trying to get out unnoticed, but runs into Lucy who starts shouting at her and announcing to the lobby that she stayed in the night with Harlan Barrett and half of the next day with him. Tracy appears to be hung over, and tells Lucy to watch her step. Lucy is shouting at her "Did you sleep with him?" as she walks out. Lucy says she has her ways of finding out and goes to make a phone call. Lucy calls Harlan's trailer. Bill answers the phone. Bill sees something in the paper about a body found on the docks. Harlan walks in. He says he has a horrible headache. He notices Bill is preoccupied. Lucy goes to talk to the front desk manager and complains that her table wasn't available at dinner last night. She complains about her bill as well. Another woman walks up to the front desk. It is Nancy Eckert. They recognize each other from their cruise.  Lucy tells her that she and Alan got divorced. Harlan asks Bill what is wrong. He tells him someone was murdered on the docks last night. Bill needs to get out of there. He goes for a walk in the docks.
     Bobbie tells the babysitter to take the night off. Bobbie tells BJ they are going to cook dinner for daddy. Tracy arrives at Harlan's trailer. She tells him she feels like she is going to die. He says he does too. He makes them both a bloody mary to fight the hangover. She asks him if they slept together as she doesn't remember anything about the night before. He can't believe she doesn't remember their wild night, but then tells her he is only kidding. That he hopes that if and when they ever do sleep together, that they will both remember it. Bill shows up at the coroner's office to see the body of the man who was shot on the docks. It is the guy Lazurus.  He goes to a bar and starts drinking shots. Bobbie and Tony eat dinner together. They finally get a chance to talk. Bobbie wants to talk about their relationship. Tom and Steve Hardy talk in the hospital. Tom tells Steve he is so lucky to have him and Audrey as parents. Steve asks him if he has talked to Simone lately. Tony tells Bobbie that she is expecting too much. Tony leaves.
     Tracy asks Lila if she will ask Edward about Harlan Barrett for her. She senses there is something not on the up and up with him. Lila agrees. She tells Tracy to leave the room. Edward tells her he is repelling, conniving, double-crossing, flim flam artist. Tracy thanks Lila for asking and thanks Edward. Edward answers her back and she actually hears him. Tony apologizes to Bobbie. He tells her he doesn't feel the way he used to feel about her. Tom Hardy eats dinner with Lucy.  Lucy sees Nancy Eckert. She walks Tom back out to avoid Nancy.  Lucy later joins her near the elevator and finds out her name is Nancy Eckert. 

May 29, 1991 - Paul is in his office making a phone call. He calls a Senator to call in a favor. He gives him some dates. He wants joint accounts under Robert and Malcolm Scorpio. Anna is out running and comes to the PI office. Mac is leaving a note for someone. The nurse finds him getting dressed and asks him where he is going. She told him a dead man was found in the barn. She tells him the body is at the funeral home. Sean tells Anna to go get a massage or take the day off, etc. Robert wakes up to find Mac gone. The police show up and want Robert to go to the mortuary with them. He says he needs to call Port Charles, but they won't let him yet.  (By the way the nurse who is helping Mac is played by Kristin Davis from Sex of the City).  Paul is on the phone with the Senator, arranging the set up of Robert and Mac. Mac is in the funeral home searching for his money belt on the corpse. The police officer shows up and arrests Mac and puts him in the cell next to Robert.
     Scott shows up at GH. Amy tells him please don't tell her he is coming back to GH. She tells him he is pushing 40 with no career, no wife, no kids, etc. Sean is on the phone in his office. Anna comes back all dressed up and with her hair done. Sean tells her he found out something about Robert. Tiffany is at the police station and finds out that there is trouble brewing for Robert. Robert and Mac are in adjoining jail cells.  Finnean shows up at Paul's office. He tells them the DA is about to make a statement about Mac's being alive and the Scorpio case. Paul wires some money to Mac to appease Finnean. But he is faking the transaction. The DA makes a statement about Robert's case. He says that Mac is alive and that they were in criminal conspiracy together.
     Anna is furious when she hears the news. Anna tells the DA off and tells him it is slander against Robert. He shows her the evidence against Robert and Mac. Paul sees Jenny at the police station. He apologizes to Jenny for how he treated her the last time he saw her.  Jenny tells him she is not ready to get involved with him. Robert and Mac talk in their cells. Robert tells Mac they need to have trust to try to rebuild their relationship. Mac tells Robert he was working for a dirty double-crosser named Paul Hornsby. Anna is all dressed up looking at Robert's picture. Robin walks in and tells her it will all be over soon. Anna tells Robin she has turned into her best friend. Robert told Mac that Sean is the one who brought Paul to Port Charles. Mac said it doesn't make sense, but he did work for Paul once before. Robert wonders if Mac can change his spots. They bond and decide to work together to get out of there.

May 30, 1991 - Ned is in the living room and Tracy walks in. She wants to know if she has had any calls. Ned asks her if she is waiting to hear from whoever she pulled an overnight with the other day. She tells him that is none of his business. Lucy and Nancy Eckert are in the spa getting their hair done. She asks Lucy where she can get a dress for an impending family reunion. Bill and Harlan are in the trailer. Harlan finds out Bill forgot about something major for work. He wants to know what is wrong with him. Tracy and Ned are on the couch and he asks her about her relationship with Harlan. She tells him the overnight was not what he thinks. She said it would take an intriguing man to keep her interested. Ned asks if Harlan could be his new daddy. Tracy laughs and says he said that not her. Lucy helps Nancy pick out a dress.  Lucy tells her she is going to invite Tom Hardy out for dinner.
     Tracy goes to Paul's office and orders him to do a personal background search on Harlan Barrett. Paul says that is not his job. Tracy tells him that he has a "new hobby" then and to get it done. Nancy's fiancé shows up and asks what Bill said. She told him she didn't talk to him yet. Scott and Tom are in the hotel bar having a drink. Tom tells Scott he is really lonely. Lucy comes in and tells Scott congratulations for his new job. Scott asks Lucy if she has a date. She goes for Tom. Ned comes to Harlan's trailer.  He asks him what his intentions are regarding his mother. Harlan says they are completely 100 percent dishonorable. Sly and Bill are hanging out talking about seeing a movie. Nancy shows up at the house.  She says she wants to spend time with Sly. She tells them she is getting remarried.  Ned and Harlan continue their talk.  Ned tells him how he loved how he handled Paul Hornsby. He wants to form an alliance with Harlan. Nancy tells Bill she wants Sly back. Lucy and Tom continue their night out. Scott walks into the bar with Sean and sees Lucy dancing with Tom. He looks jealous. Paul is on the phone talking with the mystery person again. He says he doesn't want Robert and Mac returning to Port Charles. 

May 31, 1991 - Anna and Robin are talking. Robin says she is writing a letter to the newspaper about the charges against Robert. Robert and Mac are still in jail. Tom wakes up hung over in Lucy's hotel room. He is majorly regretting it. Nancy shows up at the Eckert's house again. Robert gets let out of his cell to make his one phone call. He calls Frisco at the station. Felicia is there to tell Frisco that she is going to enroll in the police academy. Frisco finds out Robert and Mac are in Finger Lakes jail. Frisco tells Robert to stay away from Port Charles for a while, as they are trying to frame Robert. Robert tells Frisco NOT to tell Anna and Robin where he is, but that he is okay. Tom is feeling very guilty for cheating on Simone with Lucy. Bill throws Nancy out of his house. Sean tells Frisco that he thinks some sort of cartel is setting up Robert and he is going to investigate.
     Anna meanwhile finds out where Robert's car is. She knocks out the guard at the front door and goes to find Robert. Mac wants his phone call and tries to call the guard. Robert and Mac make a plan to break out. Frisco hears that the guard was knocked out at Anna's house. He and Felicia go to make sure everything is okay.Lucy and Nancy are at the bar eating lunch. She and Nancy talk about their divorces. Lucy tries to call Scott. Robin tells Frisco that Anna went to look for Robert. Sean shows up and asks Robin what prompted Anna to leave. Robin tells them that she got a phone call and that is all she knows.  Robert and Mac are on the run.  Bill Eckert comes home to find his father has died. Anna shows up at the Finger Lakes jail. The officer says that Mac and Robert escaped. They stop at a diner.

June 3-7, 1991:  6/3, 6/4, 6/5, 6/6, 6/7

June 3, 1991 - Bill calls the doctor and tells him his father has died. Bill gets a photo slipped under the door of his house. Anna questions the officer again, trying to figure out where Mac and Robert were headed in Canada. Mac and Frisco stop for lunch. Robert calls Sean, and Robin answers. She tells him she is staying with Sean and Tiffany. Two men walk in the diner and Robert gets off the phone. They are staring at Mac. The doctor shows up at the Eckert's house and says he died of a heart attack. A fight breaks out at the diner. Robert and Mac escape again. Sean questions Robin about Robert's call. Tony sees Bobbie at the hospital and asks her a favor. He wants Bobbie to throw him a dinner party for a famous neurosurgeon. She agrees. Bill tells his family that his dad died. Anna shows up at the diner and finds out that a fight broke out and Mac and Robert fled.  She is questioned by the Sheriff.
     Meanwhile Paul is in his office talking to somebody who arranged the banking records to frame Robert. Mac and Robert are still running. Mac tells him he is going into town to get help. Robert is injured. Sean and Tiffany are freaking out with Robin's loud music and her talking on their phone nonstop. Robin asks if she can have some friends over for pizza that night. Mac brings a doctor to Robert. She says she can stitch up his wound that opened up again. Bobbie is setting up for the dinner party. She and Felicia share a glass of wine. Felicia is going to find out how her interview went. The rest of the Eckert's find out about their father's death. Nancy shows up and she and Bill fight again. Bobbie and Tony talk. He thanks her for the dinner party. Mac tells Robert to take the pain killers so they can keep moving. Paul has a visitor to his office from the Senator. He is concerned the Scorpio brothers are still on the loose. He tells Paul he has 24 hours to capture Robert and Mac. Paul makes a call to someone and tells them to capture them now.  Mac and Robert talk about what life will be like for them when they get home and are cleared of all charges. 

June 4, 1991 - Bobbie shows Felicia her dress she is wearing for the dinner party. Felicia tells her it is too formal. Mac comes back to Robert and tells him they need to break camp as they are on private property. Mac ventures off and Anna spots him and tackles him. She wants him to take her to Robert. She tells Mac she is ruining her family. Robert shows up and Anna runs to him and jumps in his arms. They kiss. She sees his bullet wound and accuses Mac of shooting him. Robert tells her that Mac saved him. Anna realizes they have found peace with each other. Frisco comes home, and Felicia tells him she made it into the police academy. He tries to act happy for her. Mac wanders off and sees a huge mansion called Serenity. He sees a beautiful woman out in the garden.  It is Dominque Taub. This is her first appearance on GH.  Mac tells her his car broke down and he needs help. He asks her if there is an inn around for him to stay at. She asks him in for some tea. Mac tells her his brother and his wife are there, and wonders if they can join them.
     Frisco and Felicia go out for dinner.  Tony's guests arrive for dinner. Robert, Anna and Mac come into the mansion, but Dominque has no phone. They decide to have a drink.  Dominque invites them to stay there for the night. Anna and Robert fall into bed together.  Mac and Dominque share a drink together. The police stop at Dom's house and ask her if she has seen Australian men. She tells them no. She tells her housekeeper she doesn't want to let them go just yet. Robert and Anna are in bed. Anna asks him what the deal is with Paul Hornsby. Robert tells her to stop talking. Mac knocks on Robert and Anna's door. Robert tells him he thinks Paul is trying to take down the Quartermaines.  Domique comes in and gives them all formal clothes for dinner. Mac is totally falling for Dominque. They all have a romantic dinner. Frisco and Felicia return home. Bobbie seems upset about the party. Frisco gets a call. He looks upset. Robert & Anna and Mac & Dominque dance. Someone is at the door. It is the two men from the restaurant.  Dominque sends them away and continues her dance with Mac.

June 5, 1991 - Lucy calls Scott. She tells him she is on to something big. She thinks that Bill can make them a ton of money. She is going to meet him around 2pm. Tracy shows up with a ton of shopping bags at the hotel for lunch.  She reads the paper and sees that Harlan Barrett is opening up new offices in the ELQ building. She is furious and gets up and leaves. The Eckerts are having a funeral reception at Kelly's. Nancy shows up and she and Bill have words again. Bill meets with Scott later and tells him that there is a piece of land that he needs to claim. Harlan is on a phone call with Ned. He asks Ned if he is sure he can trust someone. Tracy walks in on Ned's conversation. She wants to know who Ned is going to see. She shows Ned the headlines that Harlan is opening offices in ELQ building. Tracy is angry. Ned is not concerned. Tracy tells him her father doesn't trust Harlan, and she doesn't know why she is the only one in the family who thinks he is up to something.
     Angela Eckert tells the family she is leaving and going to Portland for a while. She leaves the show.  Tracy tells Alan and Monica that Harlan is a double dealing snake and can't be trusted. Alan and Monica are about to leave town for AJ's graduation. Tom goes to talk to Scott about what happened with Lucy. Steve Hardy comes in to tell Scott the hospital board wants to talk to Scott.  Lucy walks in on them talking. Scott and Lucy argue about what they found out about Bill and the land he may own. Scott is furious at Lucy for sleeping with Tom. He wants to know what the deal is with her and doctors-Tony, Alan and Tom. Lucy tells Scott he was a better attorney than a lover. Bobbie and Ruby have some coffee at Kelly's. Bobbie tells her she blew her chance at shining in Tony's eyes and that her dinner party was a flop.  Tom runs into Lucy in the hospital. He tells her he is working and she needs to leave him alone. Meg tells Tom that the hospital is all talking about him and Lucy. She tells him that if he doesn't love Simone, then fine, be with Lucy. But if he does love her, then he should ask her to come back home.
     The Qs question whether they should go to the graduation or not. Monica yells at them that she is going with or without them. Lila and Alan decide to go too. Lucy and Nancy are at the bar again. Nancy asks Lucy what she wants from her. Lucy tells Nancy she saw her papers in her purse. She knows that Bill inherited some land in a will, and that Nancy is trying to cut herself in on the deal. Lucy tries to pitch Scott's services to Nancy. Ned comes to Harlan's trailer. Harlan tells Ned to lock the door as he doesn't want surprise visitors. They have a drink as a pre-celebration of the fixed deal for Harlan to buy a big chunk of ELQ stock. Harlan tells Ned he will get what is coming to him.  Tom calls Simone and asks her to come home.  She says she can't. Tracy shows up at Harlan's trailer. She tells him she is livid he didn't tell her about renting the space and she doesn't trust him and he will never lay a hand on anything Quartermaine again. Nancy and Bill share a drink. He tells her he won't ever get anything from him again.

June 6, 1991 - Bill and Scott go for drinks at the Port Charles Hotel.  Scott is helping Bill to get his in heritance. Mac and Dominique are starting to fall for each other. They are having a drink before dinner. Anna goes and checks on Robert who is lying in bed. Ann and Robert talk about Mac being taken by Dominique. She mentions that Robert looks much healthier now that the antibiotics are kicking in. Lucy runs into Nancy in the lobby. She wants to know what happened with Bill. They go have a drink. Nancy tells Lucy she is not done with Bill-not by a long shot. Dominique and Mac go walking by a stream. A horse goes by and knocks her down. Mac realizes she couldn't hear the horse or can't hear anything. She admits that she has lost her hearing years ago. They kiss. Then Dominique runs off. Nancy and her husband talk. She tells him she is going to play her ace in the hole with Bill which is Sly. Robert and Anna hear a phone ringing. They wonder why Dominique lied that she didn't have a phone there. They try to use it, but the maid walks back in. Mac comes in and tells Robert and Anna that Dominique is deaf and lied about the phone. Dominique comes in and tells them there is a constable in the driveway and they need to hide.  It is Leopold Taub-his first appearance on GH.  He asks the maid where Dominique is. She greets Leopold in the hallway, while Mac observes her kissing him. Leopold tells Dominique that a drifter was shot nearby. He came home to protect her. Mac runs up to Robert and Anna's room. He tells them Dominique is married. He is upset that she is going up to sleep with her husband. Mac sneaks into the hallway to spy on them.  Meanwhile Ned is with Harlan Barrett buying up the Quartermaine stock that has just gone public. Sly tells Bill that Nancy told him she wants him to live with her. Sly is confused. Bill is livid, and says he will take care of it.  Anna and Robert try to escape while Dominique and Leopold are in the bedroom. Lucy calls the hospital for Tom. Amy takes the call and tries to get Tom to take the call. Lucy wants to see Tom. He tells her he will meet her for lunch, because Amy Vining is listening in. Amy tells Tom that she is disappointed in him. Scott and Bill are meeting with a lawyer about the man's estate that Bill inherited property from. The lawyer questions Bill who gets really upset about it. Mac finds Dominique and asks her why she lied. They ask her if she is safe in that house. They ask her if she is being held against her will. They ask her if Leopold knows if they are staying there. She tells them they can't leave because guards are all over the place. Lucy and Tom are eating lunch at the Port Charles Hotel. Tom says he asked Simone to come back. Lucy begs him not to go, but then smiles to herself when he leaves. Bill and Nancy have a confrontation in the hotel lobby.  He tells her she will never get his son.  Harlan asks if he is okay. Bill says he may need his help.  Anna/Robert/Mac hear Leopold talking about searching the grounds again.

June 7, 1991 - Lucy and Nancy Eckert eat lunch together.  Nancy tells her she wants nothing to do with having Sly live with her. Bill is meeting with Harlan. He asks Bill what help he needs with. Robert/Anna and Mac are spying on Leopold out the window. Bill tells Harlan that money is the root of all evil. He asks Harlan if he can borrow a bag of cash for the night and asks if he trusts him. Harlan tells him to take the money and run. Sean and Tiffany are in the penthouse with Robin.  They want to take her out. She keeps changing her outfit. Leopold tells Dominique that he has to leave again. She tells him it is fine and she understands. He leaves. Robert tells Mac he needs to call Sean and pave the way for them to get back to Port Charles. Mac says he is not going. He is going to Canada. Robert tells him he has to come back to Port Charles to clear his name of murder. Paul and the Senator are talking in Paul's office. Paul insists that the Senator needs to let him handle the situation or he won't support him for re-election. Mac accuses Dominique of lying to them and doesn't trust her get away plan. Robert and Anna say to go for it. Tiffany, Sean and Robin come back from shopping. Robert calls Sean. He tells him Paul Hornsby is behind everything.  He asks Sean to look into the matter and thinks Paul works for someone higher up. Harlan and Bill are talking in the trailer. Harlan tells Bill he thought he told him to take the money and run. Bill tells him that Nancy is trying to take away his son. Bill asks Harlan if he will help him with a set up scheme. Anna, Robert and Mac leave. Dominique watches them with a longing look.  Bill is in the lobby of the hotel spying on Nancy. He sees Lucy. She asks Bill for a drink, but he turns her down. Sean is so upset that he hooked up Paul Hornsby with the Quartermaines. He is on a rampage to get Paul. Bill plants the money in Nancy's hotel room. He finds the $25K in cash hidden in her couch. I Nancy gets arrested. Anna, Robert and Mac are driving back to Port Charles and having a sing-a-long in the car. Bill gets a call from Harlan about the theft. Bill convinces him not to press charges if Nancy agrees to give him custody of Sly. Mac, Robert and Anna discuss putting Paul Hornsby away for life.

June 10-14, 1991:  6/10, 6/11, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14, (no show aired 6/17 due to golf coverage)

June 10, 1991 - Bobbie is showing Frisco the plans for the Brownstone reconstruction. Frisco is staring the phone. Sean calls the hotel trying to find Paul Hornsby. Lucy runs into Bill in the hotel lobby. She flirts with him. They go have a drink together. Robert, Anna and Mac are driving back to Port Charles. Lucy tells Bill that she has gotten friendly with his ex-wife, Nancy. Bill tells Lucy he is about to become very rich.  Sean calls Frisco and tells him that Paul Hornsby is the one who was Mac's employer. Sean feels terrible about it all. Mac is still very concerned about Dominique. Robert says she really got to Mac. Scott shows up at the hotel and sees Lucy with Bill having drinks. Scott needs to talk to Bill, so Lucy is asked to leave. She runs into Tracy and they exchange some snarky remarks. Bill makes it clear to Scott that he doesn't talk about the past. Sean and Tiffany are in the Penthouse with Robin.  She hopes her parents will be back when she wakes up. Sean calls Paul and wants to meet with him to ask him a few questions. Tracy runs into Paul in the hotel and tells him to find out who bought the ELQ stock offering. She is waiting for Harlan Barrett in the bar. Bill invites Tracy to eat dinner with him, Lucy and Scott. She accepts so she can question Bill about Harlan Barrett.
     Robert, Anna and Mac check into a motel room for the night.  Sean meets with Paul and questions him about ELQ.  He tells him he has second thoughts about recommending him to the Qs. He has some questions about Paul's past. Nancy Eckert tells Bill she is leaving town but she will be back. Anna and Robert are in their motel room. Robert tells her he loves her.  He asks her to marry him, and she accepts. Sean asks Paul how much he paid Mac Scorpio to do his dirty work for by destroying the ELQ Tracy ship.  Robert and Anna are in bed, and he tells her that Mac is hung up on Dominique. Tony and Bobbie are in the living room. Bobbie can't sleep and neither could Tony. They talk about the plans for the Brownstone. Robert and Mac have a bonding moment over a drink. They plot to beat the people who framed them. He tells Mac he is going to marry Anna again.

June 11, 1991 - Sean calls Frisco at the police station. Sean tells Frisco that Paul denies everything. H e tells Frisco they need some solid proof. Tiffany and Robin are eating breakfast together. Felicia shows up. Robert calls Sean to tell him that they are coming back to town today. He tells Sean to tell Frisco to drop the APB. He tells Sean to tell the DA they are turning themselves in.  Alan and Lila are having coffee. Monica walks in and joins them. They are talking about how proud they are of AJ graduating from high school. Tracy walks in and starts in with them about the stock being sold in two blocks. Lila tells her that Sean is on his way over to talk to them about something. Mac and Anna talk in the motel room. He tells her congratulations on getting engaged again.
     Sean shows up at the Qs and tells them that Paul was to blame for the ELQ Tracy, and that he is behind Robert's problems. Sean apologizes. The Qs start to fight, and Lila sends them all out so she can talk to Edward's picture. Edward tells Lila she definitely needs proof. Sean tells Robert to wait on showing their faces for a few hours, while he tries to gather evidence on Paul. Frisco and Felicia are talking. He asks her to go take a walk on the docks with him. She agrees. Robert calls and speaks to Robin.  He tells her they are on their way back. He needs to talk to Sean. Robin tells him that Sean is out. She takes a number, then asks to speak to Anna. Mac apologizes to Anna for all that has happened, and welcomes her to the family.  Tracy tells Ned she is going to find out if Harlan Barrett knows anything about the stock sale. Ned tries to discourage her from doing it. Sean calls Robert, and tells him he is on to something. Tiffany walks in. Sean asks her to arrange a camera man for him because Robert is returning with Mac.
     Alan comes home early and finds Monica there. She asks him what he thinks of the Hornsby thing. Alan thinks Paul has been good for the Qs. Alan points out that they voted on things that Paul suggested. Alan tells Monica he is worried about her. He wonders if she is thinking about Dawn. He thinks maybe when AJ gets home, it will fill the void from the loss of Dawn. Sean and Tiffany walk into the bank president's office to interview him and find him dead. Frisco is on the docks and Felicia meets him. He is very serious. He tells her he went to the bank that morning and transferred all their accounts into her name. He tells her he loves her, but he has to go away. He tells her that something from his past is threatening her and Maxi, and he has to go away and take care of it. Felicia is hysterical. Frisco leaves. Robin walks in and sees Robert and Anna in the penthouse! 

June 12, 1991 - Tiffany wants to get the story on the dead banker, but Guy Lewis and Sean throw her out. Anna, Robert and Robin have their little reunion. Olin returns to the penthouse. Robin tells her that her parents are getting remarried. The DA shows up at the bank office and finds the dead body.  The DA tells Sean that the dead banker is the one who gave the DA the information on Robert and Mac and the bank accounts.  They all agree to work together. Bill has a new office, and he brings Sly to see it. Sly asks his dad if his mother loves him or not cause she left town without saying goodbye to him. Roberta/Anna/Tiffany/Mac/Sean and Robin all sit around in the penthouse having breakfast. Tiffany wants to know the details on the proposal. Anna asks Robin to be her maid of honor. The senator and Paul are on the phone talking about the dead banker. Paul tells the Senator to calm down. Scott and Bill are in his office together.
     Robert, Anna, Sean and Tiffany are all talking about why Frisco left town. Anna wonders if something changed between him and Felicia. Robert says they are all going to have to rally around Felicia and help her with Maxi. Felicia tells Sean to leave Frisco alone, and that she doesn't want anyone dragging him back to her.  Tracy and Ned go to Harlan's new offices in the ELQ building. He sends Ned out, but talks to Tracy. She finds out he bought the large bulk of the ELQ stock. She slaps him and tells him he will never be a Quartermaine. Robert and Anna talk about not sleeping together before their wedding. Scott and Bill are meeting again about his inheritance.  Bobbie and Ruby talk about Frisco leaving town. Bobbie says he left her money to take care of her and Maxi. Bobbie tells her Felicia is now having second thoughts about the police academy.
     Ned goes to visit Bill Eckert. Ned offers his help and Bill turns him down. Tony and Bobbie talk about Frisco leaving. Tony fears he ran out on his marriage. Tony calls Mariah and wants to send Felicia to go visit her. Robert and Mac are with Robin and Tiffany at their penthouse. Mac has to spend the night there. Robin and Anna leave to go home. Bill meets with Sean Donnelly to tell him about threats he is getting. Bill shows him some photos from ten years ago. He tells Sean he was in prison at one time, but doesn't want to tell him why. Sean says he will keep it confidential. Tony convinces Felicia to go to Texas to see Mariah. 

June 13, 1991 - Alan is on the phone trying to figure out who bought the ELQ stock.  Monica walks up and Alan tells her Harlan Barrett betrayed them. He bought the biggest block of ELQ stock. Mac tells Finnean that it was Paul Hornsby who set him up. Monica calls Tracy and tells her about Harlan. Tracy tells her she already knows. Monica suggests that Tracy calls Lucy, and the three of them can plot against Harlan. Tom talks to Steve about his affair. Anna comes to see Robert. They kiss. She tells him Robin is so excited about their wedding. Tracy, Monica and Lucy meet. They tell Lucy that they need to stick together or they will lose income from ELQ. Lucy asks what they want her to do.
     Anna and Mac talk. She tells him that he made Robert really happy coming back to Port Charles to face the charges together head on. Anna asks him if he is still thinking about Dominique. Scott shows up to meet with Mac. Lucy calls Harlan and tells him that she and Tracy need his business advice, and that Tracy is sorry she was so rude to him. She invites him over for cocktails at the Q mansion. He agrees to come. Robert and Sean go to visit the Senator to question him, but when they arrive, he is dead. The DA meets with Robert. They show him proof that the bank records were doctored. They show him the suicide note the Senator wrote.  The DA tells Scott that he will be granting Mac bail instead of jail time until the trial.
     Tracy, Monica and Lucy invite Harlan over. He arrives and they give him a drink that is laced with something. After a few minutes of building up his ego, he passes out. The three of them start pulling him up. Tiffany interviews Robin outside the grand jury concerning the fate of Robert Scorpio.  Robert's trial begins. Mac testifies. Then Robert takes the stand. Sean and Anna are waiting outside. He tells Anna to be positive. The DA announces to the press that the grand jury has voted to dismiss all charges against Robert. Mac says he is sticking around to clear his name too. Tracy, Monica and Lucy drag Harlan up the stairs to the attic. Meanwhile Alan walks in and wonders what is going on. Robert and Anna have drinks together. He tells her he wants to wait til the wedding to be with her again. 

June 14, 1991 - Scott and Bill meet again about the property he is inheriting. Paul is on the phone with Mr. Taub. Paul updates him that Robert and Mac have returned to Port Charles. But the good news Paul says is that they have no evidence linking Paul/Taub to the illegal activities. Tiffany has the DA and Robert and Mac on her show. They tell their story of how they cleared their names. Tracy and Lucy go up to the attic where Harlan is all wrapped up in green tape like a mummy. He tells them they put one over on him. They have a big bowl of paper mache looking stuff and start throwing it on him to mummify him. Jenny has a lunch date with Paul, so she needs someone to babysit for Sly because Bill is going to New York.  Robert and Anna meanwhile go looking for engagement ring and two wedding bands. Bill goes to NY to visit an attorney. Paul and Jenny have lunch together.  Tiffany watches her show at Kelly's with Ruby. Mac decides to take a walk. Dominique shows up at Kelly's. She asks Ruby for a place to stay in town. She catches the interview on t.v with Mac. She asks Ruby where she can find him. Ruby tells her to go down to the docks. Alan sees Monica. He asks her what is going on with Harlan. Monica tells Alan that she thinks Harlan is very inflexible and rigid. Meanwhile he is in the attic all stuck to the chair.
     Anna and Robert show up at Kelly's and show Robin and Tiffany their rings. Anna asks Tiffany to be in her bridal party. Mac is walking the docks when he runs into Dominique. She tells Mac it is a big risk for her to come see him. She tells Mac that everything is not what it seems. She tells him she is married, and she is not deaf.  They decide they really don't know each other at all. Mac tells her he wants her to stay. Monica comes up to the attic and cracks Harlan out of his cast. She tells him there is a cab downstairs. Jenny and Sly talk about not being able to count on his mom. Sean and Tiffany are at Kelly's. Robert asks Mac to be his best man. Anna asks Dominique why she is in town. She asks her if she is going to be here a while. They ask her if her rich husband will be looking for her. They tell her to play it safe and go stay somewhere else. The Qs are in the living room when Harlan comes down in his boxers and undershirt looking for his clothes. Lila is shocked. Tracy and Monica are trying not to laugh.  Finnean shows Dominique and apartment she can stay in without having to sign a lease, etc. Mac thanks him. Mac and Dominique hug. 

June 17 - no episode aired due to golf coverage

June 18-24, 1991:  6/18, 6/19, 6/20, 621, 6/24

June 18, 1991 - Tracy is waiting to talk to Paul. Ned asks her what she is doing there. She tells him none of his business. Dominique is recalling packing her bag and leaving. She thinks she has left her diary at home. Robert, Mac and Sean show up at someone's apartment with a warrant. Anna arrives to have tea with Dominique. Dominique tells Anna that she lives being afraid all the time. Anna tells her she can get her out of the apartment to see Mac. Paul asks Tracy in to his office, and asks Ned to show two business associates their plans they have been working on. Robert and Sean are still searching an apartment.  A hooker walks in the apartment. She tells them that she saw someone in the apartment with a big crate. Tracy accuses Paul of insider trading. He tells her he had nothing to do with Harlan buying the ELQ stock, and to look closer at her own family for a clue to who might have. Tracy leaves. Robert, Sean and Mac try to figure out how to nail Hornsby. Mac says Hornsby is way too smart to leave a trail. Sean has an idea that might work to catch Hornsby.
     Tiffany and Robin show up. Tiffany has a wig for Dominique. Robin figures out that Dominique doesn't want her husband to know where she is right now.Mac is wearing a wire and is going to go talk to Paul.  Paul is too smart to fall for it and figures out Mac is wearing a wire. Paul throws him out of the office. Tracy eats lunch with Ned. She tells him that now Paul has made her think that someone in the family was responsible for the stock sale to Harlan. Ned seems nervous. He tells Tracy that a few weeks ago she and Harlan were very close. She tells Ned to always know your enemy. She gets a message that Paul wants to talk to her. Robert is frustrated that Paul knew about the wire.  Tracy meets with Paul again. He tells her he is willing to take a lie detector test about the stock leak. She tells him Ned was squirming around so much at lunch she thinks he was the stock leak. Paul says he has nothing to do with the ELQ sabotage and that Sean is setting him up. Tracy reluctantly says she will call a truce with him. He asks her out for drinks and dinner. Robin meets Robert and Anna for dinner. She says they should talk about the wedding while they wait for dinner. Anna agrees to have a big bash of a wedding. Mac meets Dominique for dinner in her disguise. Leopold Taub shows up to meet with Paul Hornsby. 

June 19, 1991 - Bobbie gets tickets delivered for Frisco for a pre-paid vacation to New York for their anniversary. Tracy is having coffee with Lucy at Kelly's and telling her about how Harlan came into the Q living room in his boxer shorts smelling like an herbal wrap. Ruby says she would never have thought she would see the two of them laughing together. Tracy leaves. Scott walks in and talks to Lucy. Bill meets with Sean to see if he has found out any information for him.  Felicia gets back from her trip to Texas. She said it was a great trip to think. She tells them she doesn't want to go back to the police academy. She thinks she wants to stay home with the baby for a while and figure out what she wants to do. Bobbie and Tony agree to talk Felicia out of moving back to Texas. Scotty and Lucy have a funny scene at Kelly's about Lucy losing her touch with men. Alan is in his office reading something. He pages Monica. They got a letter from AJ's school saying he plagerized his term papers.
     Lucy goes to see Bill. Harlan walks out and sees Lucy and runs off in the opposite direction. Lucy asks Bill out for drink. Bill tells Harlan that he has come into an inheritance of land. He asks Harlan if he gives him the land, he will cut him in with the cannery profits, etc. Tony tries to convince Felicia that Port Charles is her home.  Lucy tries to get Bill's secretary to quit because she wants her job. AJ's school tells Alan that AJ has left campus. Alan and Monica talk about how they need to work on their family and pay more attention to the boys. Felicia tells Tony and Bobbie she is going to stay, but she wants to go to the Brownstone. Lucy and Bill have drinks together and she toasts to getting to know him better. Bill wants to know what her game is. Bill's secretary comes in and quits. Lucy says she is interested in the job. She has a library science degree. Bill tells her she can have the job.  Tony and Bobbie run into each other in the hallway. They can't sleep. They both go back to their rooms alone, thinking of each other. Harlan is at the Port Charles hotel. He makes a call to his daughter and is glad she can come to town. He wants her to meet Bill Eckert. Lucy and Bill continue to flirt. He shows her the office and goes over his expectations.  Bil finds some handcuffs on his desk and tells Lucy they will have to do this" another night.

June 20, 1991 - Alan is on the phone. He gets word on AJ. Monica walks up to him. Alan tells Monica AJ has been arrested for reckless driving and speeding. Robin and Anna are in their house. Dominique comes over to business. Anna tells them they are all going to go to Wyndham's to buy a dress. Mac is in Robert's office talking. Dominique and Robin are having tea together. Robin says how her parents deserve some happiness. Mac, Anna and Robert are in Robert's office still trying to get some evidence against Paul or Rory. Monica tells Alan that AJ called. He said it wasn't as serious as the police made it sound. He told her it was a remote area and all the kids speed. She tells Alan that AJ is on his way home. She and Alan agree they have to have some strong discipline with AJ gets home.  Anna, Tiffany, Felicia and Robin are having a champagne toast to the bride. Robert and Mac question some guy regarding Rory. He says he knows nothing. But when they leave, he opens a closet and has a hidden trunk in there.  Delfina meets with Anna about her wedding. They have a fashion show of bridesmaid dresses. Mac and Robert spy on the guy and find the box of plastic explosives.  Robert and Mac take the trunk of evidence. Anna starts to see a fashion show of bridal gowns and Dominique vanishes.  Robert shows Mac that the fingerprints on the pistol match the rifle fingerprints. This proved that Rory shot at Anna on the docks that night, not Mac.  Mac and Robert meet with DA Shultz. He says the judge assigned to Mac's case is their worst nightmare.

June 21, 1991 - Paul calls the Gatehouse looking for Tracy. Ned answers the phone. He says Tracy is busy and not there. Paul says it is personal. Lucy puts a call through to Bill. It is some guy named Snyder. He says he sent him the handcuffs. He tells Bill he knows where he is and where his kid is. Tiffany talks to the DA about the case for Mac.  Finnean tells Mac he got the hanging judge. Scott comes to see Bill. He sees Lucy as the receptionist. She tells him she has to work now as she has nobody to support her right at the moment. Scott tells her she is only about money and that is it. Meanwhile Bill is in his office freaking out about the handcuffs. He throws them. Lucy and Scott run in to see if Bill is okay. Anna, Tiffany and Robin are waiting to hear the results of Mac's case. Robert and Mac have a bonding scene in the court room. Robert tells Mac his worst case scenario is five years max.  Sean meets with Bill and tells him he found the people from his past he was looking for. Bill calls Jenny to check on Sly. Mac's trial continues. Dominique is waiting outside the trial as well. The newspaper wants to photograph her, but Anna protects her.
     Bill calls Sly away from his baseball game. He tells Jenny to stay in his office with the door locked. Mac is found not guilty and all charges are dropped.  Mac sees Dominique in disguise. He tells her he has feelings for her.  Anna and Robert go out for drinks to celebrate. Scott meets Dominique in disguise at the hotel. She says her name is Maryann. Scott recognizes her from the courthouse.  Leopold Taub is checking in at the front desk of the hotel looking for Paul Hornsby. Dominique is sitting on the couch within view. Scott asks her out for an evening on the town. Leopold spots Paul walking with Tracy. Paul tells Tracy to go get a table and he will be right with her. Paul tells Leopold that they dropped the charges against Mac. Dominique spots Leopold and asks Scott to take a walk with her to get out of the way. Paul goes back to Tracy. He tells her that they would make a great team. That her support has meant a lot to him businesswise and he might want it personally too. She is a bit leery, but flattered. Anna and Robert are eating dinner as well.  She wants to go home and be with him. Bill breaks into someone's apartment with a gun and waits for them to come home. Scott sees Mac at the hotel and tells him that Dominique took off.

June 24, 1991 - Monica and Lila are checking the mail. Monica gets a wedding invitation to Anna and Robert's wedding. Lila finds out the wedding is in a park. Lila suggests that they get married at the Q mansion. Tony and Bobbie are upstairs in their house. He asks Bobbie out for a special dinner. Mac and Dominique are talking. He tells her she has an annoying habit of disappearing. Anna and Robert are in the hotel eating dinner and realize they have been stood up by Dominique and Mac. Robert wants to talk to her about the honeymoon. Lila is talking to Edward's picture and he suggests the wedding should be held in the Quartermaine Shakesperean Gardens. Tony just wanted to have a quiet dinner with Bobbie. He asks her to dance with him. Dominique tells Mac that Leopold invades her thoughts wherever she goes.
     Paul is having dinner with Tracy and tells her that he understands why she was hostile towards him at first. He was taking over her son's position. Sean walks in and Paul stares him down. Sean tells Robert and Anna he is surprised to see Tracy with Paul after what he told the Qs about Paul. Mac tells Dominique he wants to hear about her life. She tells him she wants to hear adventure stories about him. Tracy and Paul are talking about their likes and dislikes. He asks her to go up to his office to watch the lights on the water. She accepts. Bill is playing cards when some people break into his room. Someone is breaking into a safe in Paul's office. Paul and Tracy walk in. The person hides. Paul tells Tracy he is sorry he never got to meet Edward.  He tells Tracy she was her father's greatest achievement. He plays right into Tracy's weakness-her need for Edward's approval.
     Mac and Dominique run into a singer named Connor. Mac tells him he is good and he might want to use him at the abandoned jazz club he just bought. Monica shows up at the Port Charles Hotel. She tells Anna and Robert they want them to have the wedding at the Qs. They accept. Leopold shows up at the Port Charles Hotel. Anna spots him. Tony and Bobbie talk about stirring up old feelings. Bobbie tells him it is time to go home. Mac and Dominique are together in the hideout. Anna tells her that they spotted Leopold at the hotel. Mac tells Dominique to leave Leopold and get a divorce. She tells him it is impossible.  Paul has Tracy sit in Edward's chair and tells her she has the power to be in control. Tracy decides she needs to take care of Sean Donnelly. She is buying into Paul's lie. Bobbie and Tony are at home. Both are in bed wanting each other, but alone. They meet in the hall and start to kiss. Tracy comes home to Lila and Monica. She tells them she thinks Sean is wrong about Paul. She finds out about the wedding at the Qs and wonders who will be her escort. Tony and Bobbie sleep together. Leopold suggests to his cohorts that they get together after the Scorpio nuptials.

June 25 - July 1, 1991:  6/25, 6/26, 6/27, 6/28, 7/1

June 25, 1991 - Bobbie and Tony wake up together in bed after spending the night together. Anna and Robin go to see Robert in his office. They want Robert to help with the wedding. Robin offers to make the calls to tell people about the change in venue for the wedding. Mac and Dominique decide they don't want to fight. Felicia walks in and figures out that Bobbie and Tony have been together. Sean comes to see Robert. He tells him he may have found a break in the Hornsby case. He found a file with things all in code. He thinks the file connects Paul to Mac and Robert. Leopold is at the Port Charles Hotel.  Simone shows back up at GH. She has Meg page Tom to surprise him. Tony sees Bobbie and tells her he is madly in love with her. They kiss. Audrey wonders why Tom is running through the halls. Meg tells her Simone is back.
     Mac shows up at Robert's office. He tells him Leopold is meeting with Paul Hornsby in the park today. Mac says he will go hide out and spy on them. Steve and Audrey bring Tom junior in to see Simone.  Robert and Anna talk about their honeymoon plans. Leopold threatens Paul's daughter and tells him he better cooperate and she will be okay.  Meanwhile all the women are at Tiffany's apartment for a surprise shower for Anna. Tracy asks her if Sean has found out any more information on Paul. Tiffany avoids her. Lucy Coe shows up uninvited. Anna shows up and is surprised. Mac finds out from Dominique that Paul and Leopold have met before at the mansion at Finger Lakes. Mac runs off to find Robert.  Robert tells Mac that Dominique is not an innocent bystander. Monica and Tracy tell Lucy that just because she helped with Harlan doesn't mean she is going to be associating with them. Bobbie tells Anna that she and Tony are back together. Tracy asks Tiffany about Paul again. Tiffany tells her to go ask Sean herself and he is in the kitchen with Robert. Anna comes into the kitchen. She tells Robert they have nowhere to live. Robert tells Anna that he got the penthouse next door to Sean's for them to live in. Anna is mad he got an apartment without her. But then she flies into his arms and is happy.  Paul and Leopold get back to Paul's office and discover that the ELQ file is missing. Paul says it must have been Sean Donnelly.

June 26, 1991 - Robin and Anna eat lunch with Delfina who agrees to help with the wedding details. Scott shows up in Bill's office. Scott tells Bill that he is one rich man now. Mac comes back to the hideout apartment, but Dominique is missing. Bill finds out he got 3 million dollars. Lucy is in shock. Bill tells Lucy to look for an impressive place for him to live. Mac finds Dominique with Connor. Anna and Robin are shopping for flowers. Cesar Faison shows up at the Port Charles Hotel. He talks to Leopold.  AJ shows up in Port Charles. This is his first appearance. He shows up at the hospital and asks for Alan and Monica. They want to take him to lunch. He flirts with Shelia. Robin and Anna are at lunch. Anna gets a flower delivered to her table. Anna is a bit perplexed and disturbed. Harlan shows up at Bill's office. Bill asks Harlan for 20% of Barrett industries if Bill sells him the land in Alaska.
     Lucy talks to Scott about how much money Bill got and how much of a cut Scott got on the deal.  Lucy wants a share of the cash. Lucy tells Scott she is Bill's secretary so they should be able to scheme some cash. Mac and Dominique got shopping for jewelry. Dominique sees a crystal bell and freaks out and runs out of the store.Tom tells Simone he had a one night stand affair with Lucy while she was gone. AJ, Alan and Monica eat lunch together. They tell AJ they have to have a serious talk, but then they get called back to the hospital. AJ starts flirting with Shelia back at the hospital. Anna and Robin are shopping, but Anna keeps getting strange feelings.  Dominique has some sort of diary she wishes she didn't have. Faison and Leopold meet with Paul. Harlan comes in and completes the fourth member of the cartel. He asks Paul to leave. 

June 27, 1991 - Bill vetoes all Lucy's ideas of places to live. Lucy begs for another chance to find a place. He gives her one last chance. Leopold, Faison and Harlan are intent on finding the missing file. They call Paul back in. They tell him he must get the files.  Mac calls the Port Charles Hotel and asks for Leopold Taub. He is told that Mr. Taub checked out that morning. Robert walks in the park and runs into Tanginiva who is an Aboriginese friend from his past who tells Robert to come back to the park with Mac. Harlan tells Bill to go meet his new director of public relations. Bill doesn't want to, but says he will do the meeting in Harlan's place. Anna comes to Robert's office. She asks him if he sent the flower to her at lunch. She gets worried. Alan tries to talk to AJ about what happened at school. AJ tells some crazy lie of a story about how he got in trouble for forging a paper for someone else. He asks for forgiveness. Alan says he will check with Monica. Lucy shows Bill some prospects for houses for him to live in. Robert tells Mac Tangivia is in town.  Bill is waiting for the new PR exec to show up. Turns out it is Julia Barrett-Harlan's daughter.  This is Julie Barrett's first appearance on GH.
     Anna practices her wedding rehearsal with Robin and Delfina. AJ tells Monica that when he got arrested for DUI, he was thinking of killing himself. He is working Monica for sympathy. He tells her it brought him home to his family and that he loves her. Bill and Julia have an exchange about nepotism and her stellar career. Someone is in Sean's office opening his safe.  Alan and Monica talk about forgiving AJ and putting the whole mess behind them. They say it is a new beginning for them. Bill and Julia continue to banter about the need for public relations . The guy Paul hired hands him the file. Anna and Robert show up at their rehearsal dinner. There are a series of toasts to the bride and groom. Anna and Robert dance to Connor's song. Anna spots the same type of flower on her table that arrived the other day and is worried again.

June 28, 1991 - Alan sees Delfina getting ready for the wedding. He tells her to be careful with the gardens. Anna is getting ready for the wedding. Robert is getting ready too. Bill and Julia continue to argue. Bill tells her that he owns part of Barrett industries. She doesn't believe him. The Scorpios continue getting ready for the wedding. Robin is nervous. Robert and Mac have a bonding scene and hug. Julia settles in to her new office. She sees Harlan and they hug. She tells Harlan that Bill is rude and uneducated. Harlan tells Julia he will take one Bill Eckert over 20 guys with MBS. She wants to fire Bill. Harlan tells her no way. She tells him eventually it is going to be Bill or her to go.  Wedding preparations continue. Pictures are being taken. The Qs arrive. Tracy tells them she invited Paul Hornsby. The rest of the Qs are less than thrilled. The rest of the guests arrive and the wedding party comes in. Anna is alone looking in the mirror, when Faison comes in her room. She is shocked. Robert has a bad feeling that Anna is in trouble. He runs to find her. He and Sean knock out Faison. Julia tours the cannery with Bill. She gets grossed out by the fish.  She falls into a tub of liquid. Bills cracks up and tells her it is fish oil. Dominique sees wedding bells and hears them and freaks out and pulls out a gun.  They try to get her to put it down. She faints and Mac carries her away.

July 1, 1991 - Rehash of Dominique freaking out. Mac carries her off. They take her in the Q mansion. Angela shows up back in town at Bill's office. She tells him she is selling the house. Dominique comes to with smelling salts. Steve helps her. Finally the wedding resumes. Harlan is laughing at Julia for smelling like fish. She says she is going back to New York. Harlan insists she stays in Port Charles. Anna and Robert are married. They kiss Robin and their friends. Mac goes back to check on Dominique. The wedding guests all funnel in for the reception.  Mac brings Dominique back outside. She doesn't want to go to the reception. They go for a walk instead. Robert and Ann dance while everyone claps for them. Bill and Julia continue to bicker. She fires Bill. He laughs in her face. Dominique apologizes to Anna for her outburst. Scott asks Lucy to dance. Felicia and Mac talk. He tells her is going to do some serious work on the club. Sean asks Felicia to dance. Mac and Dominique dance. Mac catches the garter. Tracy and Paul run into Sean who questions why he is there. Tracy says he is her guest.  Lucy is back at Bill's office. She asks Bill for the rest of the day off. Bill tells Julia she can't fire him and they have to learn to live together. Mac makes a toast. Sean makes a toast. They throw the bouquet. Lucy runs up and gets it. Tracy tries to fight her for it. Anna and Robert sneak off together for the honeymoon. Anna finds the flower in the limo.

July 2-8, 1991:  7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/8

July 2, 1991 - Sean calls Paul Hornsby. Sean wants him to come to his office. He tells him it is important. Robert and Anna are at the train station leaving for their honeymoon. Their reservations seem to be lost. Mac and Dominique are in the park talking. Sean accuses Paul of breaking into his safe in his office. Paul asks him to leave things in the past. Sean won't. Paul tells Sean that he better not mess with him if he doesn't want his past to come back to haunt him. Robert and Anna are on the train and think they have a compartment to go to. Lucy goes to Scott's office. She tells Scott the scoop on Barrett Industries. He tells Lucy to keep her ears open and that she is doing "good" spying on Bill. Tiffany, Felicia and Robin show up at Sean's office for lunch. They tell Sean they spoke to Anna and Robert on their way to San Trope.  Meanwhile Anna and Robert are stuck on two top bunks on the train. Dominique tells Mac she has to explain to him what happened at the wedding.  Lucy calls Nancy Eckert and lets Scott talk to her. They agree to represent her against Bill. Robin, Conner and Felicia are at Mac's new club. Robin starts asking Conner all kinds of questions about his music career. Sean and Tiffany have lunch. Sean tells Tiffany that he is having the WSB investigate Paul. Sean freaks when he sees Faison walk into the Port Charles hotel. Faison and Sean talk. Leopold finds out the Dominique is missing from the Finger Lakes area and that she has taken money.

July 3, 1991 - Tracy comes to Sean's apartment and asks him if he has any real proof that Paul is dishonest. Sean tells her he did, but it got taken. Tracy said she doesn't buy it. Meanwhile Paul meets Faison in the bar. Paul tells Faison that Donnelly doesn't have any proof.  Faison offers Paul his help in eliminating Donnelly. Harlan tells Lucy to make a dinner reservation for him and Bill. Julia and Bill have a meeting. She wants him to fire some machinists. He is livid with her. Tracy continues to speak to Sean and tells him he better get proof on Paul or be faced with a slander suit. She leaves. Sean calls the WSB and tells them to triple check Paul. Jenny runs into Ned in the hospital elevator.  They are friendly with each other. Lucy flirts with Bill. AJ sees Alan and Monica at the hospital. He is really there to see Shelia. AJ flirts with all the nurses. Bobbie and Tony are moving back into the Brownstone. Scott comes and moves back in.
     Jenny comes to see her brother Bill. She tells Bill that Ned seemed so much nicer now. Ned and Jenny run into each other again in an elevator.  Ned invites Jenny out on a picnic for the 4th of July. Bobbie and Tony have a picnic together on the Brownstone floor.  Bill tells Julia she needs to learn something about the technical end of the business. Harlan calls and Julie tells him he needs to fire Bill. Harlan is in a meeting with Faison and Leopold. He tells them he is grooming a new man (meaning Bill) to come into their inner circle. Alan and Monica are in the hospital and talk about AJ being such a flirt. Alan kisses Monica. Lucy shows up in a sexy dress to meet Bill in the bar. Scotty comes in and comments on her tiny dress. He tells her she is working Bill, but not doing a good job. Tony and Bobbie finish up moving in. Harlan has dinner with Julia and Bill. 

July 4, 1991 - Tom and Simone are moving back into the Brownstone. She has yet to talk to him about affair he had with Lucy. Robert and Anna are checking into their honeymoon suite. Felicia and Mac are together. He had an offer for her. Tom and Simone are screaming at each other. Bobbie and Tony get involved. Robert says he has a surprise for Anna. The hotel room is horrible. The shower is broken. Mac asks Felicia if she wants to run the club with him.  She agrees. Tracy, AJ, Monica and Lila get ready for the picnic. Tracy asks Edward's picture of Paul is really innocent, but gets no answer. AJ is kissing up to Lila big time. Robert has a blindfold on Anna and has surprise for her. It was the first hotel room they ever stayed in years ago when they were agents. Leopold asks his housekeeper to gather some stuff for him. He wants to know where Dominique is.
     The 4th of July picnic is going on. Tracy is there with Paul.  Ned with Jenny. Steve Hardy talks to Tom about his rough spot in his marriage. AJ is there with Shelia. Tracy and Paul chat. She tells him that the Qs always throw big parties and that Edward was proud to be an American. He complements her, and she tells him he is a smooth talker. Simone and Tom talk and agree to try to work on their marriage. Felicia and Bobbie are at the Brownstone talking. Felicia tells Bobbie that she is going to take the job managing the club. Anna and Robert have a love scene in their old hotel room. Leopold tells the housekeeper he is leaving for Europe. He figures out that Dominique was kidnapped or taken and that the housekeeper knew about it. Anna and Robert have a romantic dinner together in their room. Leopold continues to question the housekeeper. He tells her he is going to call the police. He gets her to confess about knowing about the Scorpios being there. He tells her nothing bad will happen if he tells her the truth. Mac talks to Dominique about the missing bank book.

July 5, 1991 - Jenny, Meg and Shelia move into an apartment together.  AJ is helping them. Julia starts moving furniture into Bill's office in the plant. Robin and Tiffany are talking. Paul Hornsby shows up to talk to Tiffany. He asks Tiffany to get Sean off his back. He says that Sean's continued interference in Paul's affairs can have repercussions. She asks if that is a threat. Bill and Julia continue to bicker about running the business. Mac meets with Sean and says the book Dominique had of Taub's is encoded just like the one Paul had. Tiffany tells Sean that Paul threatened him. Sean is livid. He tells Mac to get Dominique's book no matter what. Paul meets with Faison and tells him he paid Tiffany a little visit.  He tells Faison he might need something to distract Sean. Paul calls Sean and says they need to talk. Paul denies threatening Tiffany. They make a plan to meet at the Port Charles hotel bar. Faison decides to go after Tiffany. AJ and Shelia talk. He wants her to go to dinner with him. Bill invites Julia out to drinks. He takes her to a pool hall type place. Paul meets with Sean. Robin and Tiffany are at the Penthouse. Robin goes to bed. Faison sneaks in from the balcony. Julia starts playing pool with Bill. Paul continues to stall for time with Sean. Faison puts something in Tiffany's glass of milk. She drinks it and then passes out.

July 8, 1991 - Robin finds Tiffany passed out. Anna wakes up to find Robert gone from her bed. A reporter comes to interview Guy Lewis about the Scorpio brothers. Mac and Dominique are in the club. Connor is trying to teach Dominique to dance. He shows her how to feel the vibration through the floor as Mac watches. Paul and Sean continue their conversation in the bar. Paul gets a call. Faison says he can leave now. Paul tells Sean to forget it. Later, Faison warns Paul that Sean is smart which makes him a worthy advisary. He tells Paul that Sean has a nasty surprise waiting for him when he returns home. The paramedics have an unconscious Tiffany on oxygen as Sean and Robin worry over her. Once at GH, Tony examines Tiffany and orders tests. Tony asks Robin and Sean to recount what happened. Robin explains she just found Tiffany on the couch and she thought she was asleep until she wouldn't wake up. Sean is impatient with Tony's lack of answers. Tony will run a CAT scan next to see if Tiff had a stroke. Sean sits by Tiffany's bedside, and encourages her to hang on and not give up.
     Robert comes back into the room to find Anna livid that he left her. He tells her he woke up and went for a swim and the thought he was being considerate by not waking her. He puts his arms around her Anna admits she had a nightmare and a weird feeling and that is why she was scared. Robert assures her nothing is going to happen to him. He promises that in the evident of his imminent demise from the planet that he will make sure she is with him. They kiss and he invites her to join him in a midnight swim on the beach, then tells her to forget the bathing suit. A freezing and wet Anna runs back and dives under the covers. Robert eagerly joins her to continue their honeymoon.  The next day, Anna tells Robert her plans for a romantic picnic with a LOT of wine. They are interrupted by Lord Ashton, who is thrilled to run into them and proceeds to sit down to join them.

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