Complete GH Episodes, 1991

Thanks to my good friend Joan has original GH episodes from 1981 through current time, and has been very generous in loaning me these classic GH epsiodes, we have been working on getting them transfered to dvd and described. Most of these episodes do not have commericals. I don't have expanded descriptions for this time frame yet (we will be working on this time frame and anyone who would like to help with episode write ups please email me).   For additional classic GH epsiode information check out the Scorpio Files Episode Guide section to find write ups for 1985-1991.

Episode Breakdown

February 7 - July 8, 1991

July 9-17, 1991:  7/9, (no show 7/10), 7/11, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17 [Episode Description]

July 18-23, 1991:   7/18 Robert & Anna get back from France and visit Tiff in the hospital, 7/19 Outback opening night, 7/22 Anna interrupts Robert & Faison's confrontation, 7/23, 7/24 partial [Episode Description]

July 24 - August 1, 1991:  7/24 partial continued from previous dvd, 7/25, 7/26, (no show 7/29), 7/30, 7/31, 8/1 partial continued on next dvd [Episode Descriptions]

August 1-9, 1991:  8/1 partial, 8/2, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7, 8/8, 8/9 partial [Episode Descriptions]

August 9-16, 1991:  8/9 partial, 8/12, 8/13, 8/14, 8/15, 8/16 partial Alan & Monica marry again [Episode Descriptions]

August 16-26, 1991:  8/16 partial, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21 (glitchy), 8/22 (glitchy), 8/23 (glitchy), 8/26 partial [Episode Descriptions]

August 26 - September 2, 1991:  8/26 partial, 8/27, 8/28, 8/29, 8/30, 9/2 [Episode Descriptions]

September 3-10, 1991:  9/3, 9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/9, 9/10 partial [Episode Descriptions]

September 10-18, 1991:  9/10 partial, 9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/16, 9/17, 9/18 partial [Episode Descriptions]

September 18-25, 1991:  9/18 partial, 9/19, 9/20, 9/23, 9/24, 9/25 [Episode Descriptions]

September 26 - October 3, 1991:  9/26, 9/27, 9/30, 10/1, 10/2, 10/3 partial [Episode Descriptions]

October 3-9, 1991:  10/3 partial, 10/4, 10/7, 10/8, 10/9, 10/10 (no show on 10/11) [Episode Descriptions]

October 14-18, 1991:  10/14 cm, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17, 10/18 [Episode Descriptions]

October 21-25, 1991:  10/21, 10/22, 10/23, 10/24, 10/25 [Episode Descriptions]

October 28 - November 4, 1991:  10/28, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/1, 11/4 partial [Episode Descriptions]

November 4-12, 1991:  11/4 partial, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8, 11/11, 11/12 partial [Episode Descriptions]

November 12-18, 1991:  11/12 partial, 11/13 (last 3 mins bad quality), 11/14, 11/5 cm, 11/18 [Episode Descriptions]

November 19-25, 1991:  11/19, 11/20, 11/21, 11/22, 11/25 cm [Episode Descriptions]

November 26 - December 4, 1991:  11/26 cm, 11/27 cm, (11/28 & 11/29 no show), 12/2, 12/3, 12/4 [Episode Descriptions]

December 5-11, 1991:  12/5, 12/6, 12/9, 12/10, 12/11 [Episode Descriptions]

December 12-19, 1991:  12/12, 12/13, 12/16, 12/17, 12/18, 12/19 partial [Episode Descriptions]

December 19-26, 1991:  12/19 partial, 12/20, 12/23 cm, 12/24 cm, 12/26 cm [Episode Descriptions]

December 27, 1991 - January 6, 1992:  12/27 cm, 12/30, 12/31, 1/3 only first half rest pre-empted, 1/6 partial [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 9-17, 1991:  7/9, (no show 7/10), 7/11, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17

July 9, 1991 - Scotty comes to visit Lucy. He wants to know if she has talked to Nancy. He wants to know any info on Bill. Lucy tells him to quit checking up on her. Tom and Simone discuss why she would sleep with him. He wants to know if it was because of Lucy. Bobbie and Tony are in bed. They say how much they love each other. Robin wakes up Sean who is sleeping in the hospital on the couch. Sly comes to visit Bill at work.  Jenny brings him over to the office. Tom tells Simone he is sorry and they need to rebuild their relationship. Tiffany wakes up and walks into Sean in the lobby. She doesn't understand why she is at the hospital and what is going on. Felicia and Bobbie are eating breakfast together. Simone comes in. They decide they are going to hire a nanny to live with them.
     Lucy pumps Bill's employees for information on his dealings.  Bill comes in and asks Lucy to check on Julia. Bill finds out she shut down the plant. Tiffany asks Sean what happened as she has no recollection on how she got in the hospital. Sean tells her she fainted and Robin called the paramedics. Lucy gives Scott some scoop that Bill had his employee destroy someone else's bid for a contract. Scott wants to know if Lucy can prove it. Simone and Lucy have a little chat about Tom or rather not have a chat about her relationship with Tom. Simone slaps her and they start to fight.  Bill and Julia continue to fight. Tony tells Sean that they don't know that Tiffany is fine. They have to run more tests. Harlan, Faison and Leopold meet. Harlan tells them he has put Bill Eckert to a test. He gave him his daughter to contend with. They say they have located Robert and Anna. Faison says he has neutralized Sean Donnelly via his wife.

July 11, 1991 - Anna is exhausted because they have been sightseeing with Lord Ashton all day. She is at the front desk of the hotel and she receives another flower with a note that says hope the honeymoon is bliss. She is freaked out again. Tony comes in Tiffany's room. She is unconscious. Tony says all the tests came back negative. They don't know what is wrong with her. It could be a new virus attacking her nervous system. Bill and Julia meet again. Robert comes into the hotel. He says he has ditched Lord Ashton.  But then he shows up again inviting them to dinner.  Bill and Julia continue their bickering. Bill tells her they need to go to the Quartermaine. Lord Ashton waits for Robert and Anna at dinner. He is driving them nuts. Ashton tells them he is headed to Port Charles for a meeting, and that he has been a wanderer since his divorce from Tracy years back.
     Scotty and Lucy are waiting outside the ELQ Boardroom. Scott can't wait to go head to head with Tracy in the business world. Lucy says she should be the one to handle Tracy. Paul invites Scott and Lucy in. Tracy reviews everyone's stock holdings. Bill and Julia point out that they own 36%. The Qs are upset. Robert tells Anna he will be waiting for Anna in bed. Anna takes the champagne while Lord Ashton is gone and leaves. Tiffany wakes up, and asks for Sean. Bobbie is with her. Tiffany tells Bobbie that she forgives her for the whole Lucas thing.  The Qs continue their meeting. Bill reads the bylaws and tells the Qs they can't make a move without his & Julia's approval. Bill gets a call from Harlan to see how it is going. Harlan tells Bill to watch out for Tracy cause she is a leopard. Harlan then tells the rest of the cartel that their Port Charles operation is going strong. And that he tried to marry Tracy to get her 11%, but it didn't work. So he has Paul Hornsby on that matter. He says Paul has youth. Tracy will fall for him and be intrigued.
     Robert and Anna order room service to avoid Lord Ashton. Scott and Lucy talk about how they are going to get very rich.  They fall into bed together.  Lila wants to talk to Edward. She clears the room. Edward asks her if she bought the stock under an assumed name like he told her to. She asks Edward what he thinks of Tracy and Paul. He starts to answer, and then gets interrupted by Bill. Lila apologizes to Bill for Tracy's cracks about him being a Baker's son.  She introduces Bill to Edward's picture. Alan and Monica arrive home. Alan says that they all must unite and stand together. Alan tells her they need to unite on another level. He tells her he wants her stock and the rest of her! They kiss. Bill and Julia talk about how great the board meeting went for them. Tony gets a report from the CDC that says Tiffany has some unknown viral infection. 

July 15, 1991 - Paul sneaks up on Tracy and startles her. He tells her he was dropping off papers for Lila to sign. He sneaks in a kiss and tells her she looks beautiful. He is starting his plan to marry her. Tiffany wants to know what is wrong with her and why they can't help her. Sean is totally frustrated. He tells her he will find a way to make her better. Mac and Connor talk about opening their club. Dominique shows up. Mac tells her he feels rejected. They kiss. She tells him she needs time. The housekeeper for Leopold shows up in Port Charles. Faison meets her at the airport. He tells her to write a note to Dominique to get him away from Mac. Tracy has a talk with Edward's portrait. She is desperate for his advice about Paul. She doesn't want to make the same mistake she made with Mitch. She tells him it is a long time since she has felt this way about anyone. She notices a picture that fell off the wall and runs to tell Lila to find out what it means. Sean yells at Tom. He tells him he has a pill that the cartel gave him and wonders why they won't try it. They say it is risky. Sean insists they give her the pill.
     Tracy asks Lila about the broken frame on the painting. Ned comes in and is laughing at her. Tracy begs Lila to talk to Edward for her. Lila agrees but not til she has her breakfast. Tracy has a fit, and tells Ned to shut up because he is laughing at her. Tony tells Tiffany he still doesn't know what is wrong yet.  Mac and Connor get ready for the club opening. Bobbie and Tony review some paperwork about Tiffany. Dominique shows up at the fountain to meet Mrs. Perry the housekeeper. She tells Dominique that Leopold knows where she is. Leopold wants her to go back to him. Tracy and Paul take the painting off the wall to get it fixed. They find an envelope on the back that says from ELQ to RS. Paul wants her to open it, but she refuses and says it is for the whole family to decide. Mac wants to know where Dominique went. She hears a knock on her door. It is Mac. Tony tells Sean that everything is still inconclusive.  Sean gets a note that says don't wait to long to give her the pill. 

July 16, 1991 - Lucy and Scott talk about their plan to get Bill's money. Bill is at the Q mansion. He is waiting for Lila. Tracy walks in and insults him. He talks about how bad her manners are. Robert and Anna are packing to go home. Bill meets with Lila. Lila tells Tracy to leave them alone. Tracy unhappily leaves. Lila recommends her decorator to Bill.  They leave to go see the lighthouse. Tracy calls a family meeting. She tells them about the letter she found from Edward to R.S. Lila asks them all to leave the room so she can ask Edward about it. He tells her it is for Robert Scorpio. Meanwhile Robert and Anna are still packing up gifts to bring home. They have one last night together. Lila decides the only person to open that letter will be Robert and she will hold it until Robert returns.
     Bill and Julia meet. She is mad that Bill got the lighthouse before her. She is jealous he is using Emilio the decorator. Paul calls Leopold to tell him about the letter addressed to Robert Scorpio. Leopold tells Paul to get that letter and destroy it.  Tracy shows up at Paul's office with the minutes from the board meeting. Paul kisses her and asks her if she brought the letter. Tracy tells him no, that Lila has it. Lucy tells Bills he looks sort of pale, and he should leave early. She is trying to get information out of his office. She brings it back to Scott's place. She seduces Scott. Robert and Anna dance. He gives her a necklace. Bill and Julia walk along fighting. He grabs her and kisses her. She tells him she hates him and walks away. Then she realizes that they came in one car. They go to dinner and find out something happened to Harlan's plane. Anna gets out of bed and walks on her terrace. There is a flower and a note for her from Faison again.

July 17, 1991 - Sean comes in to Paul's office. He asks him to explain the note at the hospital that he got. Bobbie and Tony are in Tiffany's room.  They still can't find out what is wrong with her. Mac is at the Outback getting ready for it to open. They don't know where Dominique is. Connor said he gave her a note yesterday to go to the park to meet someone.  Paul tells Sean that the pills will save his wife. Sean doesn't think he can trust him. Paul tells him if he waits to long he will regret it. Paul talks like he has experience with this disease. Paul tells him again not to wait too long to give it to Tiffany. Mac tells Dominique that she has to let him in and get close to her. He wants to protect her. Tiffany has a grand mal seizure. They have to take her off the temporary medicine. Sean insists they try the pill Paul gave him.  Dominique tells Mac her feelings for him are so strong. Sean visits Tiffany. He has visions of their wedding. Dominique sees a man in the alley watching her place. She is scared.
     Sean talks to Amy Vining about TIffay's condition. He hears Tiffany's voice and she is awake and feeling better. Tony tells him to put the pill away. Mac and Connor are sending out mailings for the Outback opening. Robin comes in and is worried about Tiffany. Connor takes her to go visit her. Tony tells Steve and Tom he doesn't know if Tiffany's recovery is false or not. Mac goes to visit Dominique and finds that she left. Robin shows up at GH and visits with Sean and Tiffany. Paul shows up at GH and asks Sean how Tiffany is. Sean tells him she is fine without his pill. Paul tells Sean not to throw the pill away. Leopold meets with his housekeeper. She tells Leopold that Dominique doesn't want to leave Port Charles. Mac is sad thinking Dominique left town, but she shows up at the club and hugs him and tells him she couldn't leave him.

July 18-23, 1991:  7/18, 7/19, 7/22, 7/23

July 18, 1991 - Tracy sneaks into the den and picks the lock on the desk drawer to find the letter written to Robert Scorpio from Edward. Lila catches her and demands she give her the letter. Lila tells her that Robert will be arriving home today, and she sent Jennings to get him to bring him the house. Julia and Bill are trying to find Harlan. He left on his plane without leaving a flight plan. Robin and Olin meet Anna and Robert at the hotel. Robin is so happy to see her parents. She tells them about Tiffany's mystery illness. Harlan is at Leopold's house. Leopold questions Harlan's plan to bring Bill into the mix. Harlan calls Bill and Julia and tells them he has a big surprise. Lucy listens in to the conversation. She then calls Scotty to tell him what is up. Robert and Anna tells Robin they should have called them about Tiffany. Jennings comes in and tells Robert Lila needs him urgently.
     Robert and Anna show up at the hospital to see Tiffany. Sean tells Robert the deal with Paul Hornsby. That he gave him pills to "help" Tiffany. Robert wants to take care of Paul. Sean wants him to wait. Harlan's lawyer shows up and gives half the plant to Bill. Robert shows up at the Qs. They give him the letter. He wants to take it with him. The family all protests, except Lila. They are busy yelling at each other, while Tracy sneaks out of the room and hounds Robert until he agrees for her to meet him at his office. Tony tells Tiffany she can go home. Julia is freaking out her dad gave Bill half of the Cannery, Plant and adjacent land. Scott shows up and tells Bill the only thing Julia can do is buy him out.
     Tracy shows up at Robert's office. Alan, Monica and Ned are there. Robert reads Edward's letter which tells them about the cartel, and how he refused to be a part of it. He felt his life might be in danger. Robert basically tells them Edward died a hero and nobody knew about it. They can't believe Edward has been murdered. Tracy vows she will get every one of them. Robert tells Tracy to sit on the letter and tell nobody about it. Tracy storms out telling Robert she will help him and she will get every piece of ELQ back if it is the last thing she does. Sean shows up and Robert fills him in.

July 19, 1991 - Tiffany is home from the hospital and is upset about the Edward Quartermaine thing. Tiffany wants to go to Mac's opening night. Sean is mad and wants her to take it easy and relax. He thinks she will have a relapse. Robert and Anna show up at the Outback to see Mac. Mrs. Perry shows up to see Dominique and tells her the Leopold wants her to be happy and let her go free. Dominique is so excited. She says she will wait to tell Mac when the club opens. Mac and Robert are in the park and have a good talk. They bond as brothers. Robert asks Mac to do some undercover work for the department. Robert visits Sean and they talk about Paul's antidote. Mrs. Perry opens the door and is shocked at what she sees.
     Finnean tells Mac that Paul Hornsby betrayed him and he helped him.  Finnean tells Mac that he was duped by Paul. Mac understands. The Qs show up at the outback opening. AJ and Ned talk about wanting to stake it out before it becomes a club for old people. Bobbie and Tony show up too. Sean and Tiffany show up with Robert and Anna. Faison shows up.  Robert tells Mac that Faison is an enemy. Anna calls Robin over to her table to warn her about Faison. Paul and Tracy show up. Mac is not happy. Faison looks over at Paul. Jenny and Amy show up. Tracy is looking at Tiffany wondering how she made such a great recovery in such a short time. Paul comments that he hopes it is not temporary. Mac has some guests sing a song, then Connor sings. Everyone is up dancing. Connor asks Jenny to dance while Ned stares at her.  Mac and Dominique find Mrs. Perry dead.

July 22, 1991 - Connor continues to perform at the Outback opening. He asks Jenny to dance with him. Mac comforts Dominique when they discover Mrs. Perry's dead body. Faison comes over and sits with Anna at the Outback. She is wondering why he is still there. Robert walks up and tells him to get lost. Robert and Faison take it outside.  Scott and Lucy are at the bar at the hotel. Lucy wants to know why they are not at the Outback. Scott says they need to think and it is too loud over there. Lucy and Scott talk about Nancy and Bill. Back at the Outback is karaoke singing night. AJ is flirting with Shelia. Tony gets up and is singing. Mac comes in and asks everyone to leave and that he has to close the club. There has been a death on the premises. Sean, Tiffany, Robert and Mac talk about the cause of death. Alan and Monica run up there and think it is a heart attack. They are all asked to leave their phone numbers. Tracy makes a snide remark about it. Ned asks Jenny out on a date.
     Robert questions Dominique about Mrs. Perry's death.  Dominique goes home with Bobbie and Tony to get some rest. Mac and Robert discuss the circumstances of Mrs. Perry's two visits to Port Charles. Tracy and Paul go back to the Q mansion. Paul tries to get her to tell him what is in the letter that Edward wrote. He tells Tracy that he thought she trusted him. Tracy starts to relent and tell him, but instead tells him that he needs to get all the ELQ stock back into the family. Paul looks frustrated she wouldn't confide in him. Scott and Lucy show up at the Outback and find out about the murder.  Alan and Monica come home with AJ and talk to Tracy and Paul. They tell them about Dominique and the investigation and Paul suddenly has to leave. Tracy wants him to stay, but he has an early meeting. At the brownstone, they are all watching the news, when Tiffany collapses. Robert and Mac talk about Mrs. Perry's death being the tip of the iceberg with what is going on with Paul and the Quartermaine fortune.

July 23, 1991 - Lucy is on the phone with Scott when Tracy walks in. She wants to see Bill. She tells Tracy to take a seat. Bill walks in and tells her to make an appointment. Robert and Anna are eating breakfast in bed. Tiffany is in the hospital. Tony doesn't know what is going on with Tiffany. Sean is freaking out. Julia and Bill are meeting. Julia is willing to buy Bill out for eight million dollars. Julia storms out when Bill refuses. Tracy is still waiting. She and Lucy bicker. She offers Lucy to buy out her ELQ stock. Bill says he can see Tracy in like half an hour. Tracy is annoyed but won't leave. Robert and Ann are in bed still discussing what is going on. Sean is totally stressing out. He sees that Tony is very scared and hopeless about Tiffany's condition. He sees that Sean wants to try the pill from Paul. Tony says no way.
     Tracy comes in and asks Bill to buy him out of his ELQ stock. He and Julia play a game with her and don't tell her that Harlan doesn't' own the company anymore. Tracy gets really mad and tells them she is going to destroy both of them. Anna tells Robert that there is no way Faison will come between them.  Bill tells Julia they need to stay partners so they can arm themselves against Tracy. Bill wants to know why Harlan put him and Julia together in the first place. Julia thinks it is to see who could outlast each other. Sean is visiting Tiffany. She is barely awake and tries to talk to him about their marriage. Tiffany falls back to sleep. Sean tells Tony she was conscious for a few minutes. Sean is all emotional about Tiffany not leaving him. Scott is trying to get information from the police about the night they went to Nancy's Eckert's room. Lucy is at the hotel at the same time trying to get information out of the hotel desk clerk.
     Paul meets with Leopold.  They are going to discuss their operation in Port Charles. The phone rings. Leopold asks Paul to answer the phone. Paul picks up and it is Sean. He tells Paul Tiffany is sick again. Paul guarantees that Tiffany will be saved with the pill. Leopold asks about the other operation in Port Charles. He wants to know what was in that letter. He tells Paul he was supposed to get it from Tracy. Paul says she is not as easily manipulated. Leopold says how can you marry a woman if you can't get a letter out of her. Paul is like "I have to marry her?" Scott finds out that Bill manipulated Nancy into giving up custody of Sly. They are going to try to blackmail Bill about it. Bill and Julia agree to stay partners. Julia asks Lucy if she wants to have a drink with her.  Sean tries to give Tiffany the pill. Tony tries to stop him. Sean knocks him out and has her take the pill. 

July 24, 1991 - Partial Episode, continued on next dvd. Tiffany takes the pill and goes into respiratory failure. They have to bring in a cart to revive her. Mac and Dominique talk about making sense of Mrs. Perry's death. She tells him Robert and Anna were just visiting her. Robert left a note for Dominique. He told her Leopold is coming to Port Charles to see her. Dominique is very upset. Tony says he needs to run more tests on Tiffany. Sean wonders if the pill he gave Tiffany could have caused the respiratory failure. Robert shows up and asks Sean why he gave her the pill. Mac tells Dominique that she should ignore Leopold. Dominique says he doesn't understand. She has to do what he says. Mac kisses her and says he will never let anything come between them.

July 24 - August 1, 1991:  7/24 partial, 7/25, 7/26, (no show 7/29), 7/30, 7/31, 8/1 partial

July 24, 1991 - Tony is so frustrated that he can't find a diagnosis for Tiffany. He is upset that Sean gave Tiffany the pill. Alan is in his office upset. Monica comes in and asks him what is wrong. He is in shock that his father was murdered. Monica comforts him. Alan thinks there was a conspiracy between the Cannery and the fire and the ELQ Tracy. Robert meets with Leopold Taub about the murder of his housekeeper.  Steve talks to Bobbie about Tony and his frustration. Tiffany is up and feeling fine and the pill seems to have worked. Now Steve hopes that Tony is better. Dominique and Mac meet Leopold at the hotel. He wants to speak to her alone. Mac says no and that she wants a divorce. Tony wants to take a leave of absence to do research on Tiffany's case. Bobbie is upset that he is making a major decision and isn't even talking to her about it. Alan and Monica see Robert and ask about more information about Edward's murder. Robert tells them it may be connected to some other crimes. Alan says he thinks it might be someone they know or are working with. Sean sees Paul in the hospital. Sean tells Paul that Tiffany is better. Paul tells Sean that Tiffany will relapse after 30 days. Paul tells Sean that he will get all the pills he needs if he starts working for him. Dominique is worried about what Leopold will do to her and Mac. Mac says he will protect her.

July 25, 1991 - Sean is in Robert's office and tells him that Paul came to see him. He told him about Tiffany and the pills only lasting 30 days. Scott and Lucy are chatting. They are going to meet Nancy on the docks. Bill meets with a private eye to get information on Julia Barrett. Bill wants all the dirt on her.  Sean and Robert are talking about the blackmail. Sean tells Robert to keep an eye on Robin. Lucy and Julia meet for a drink. Julia is prying Lucy for information on Bill. She wants to know if he is dating anyone. She tries to find out about Bill's ex-wife. Bill finds out about her ex-boyfriend. He wants to use him as a pawn.  Scott and Lucy discuss Julia/Nancy and Bill. They snark back and forth with each other. Robert and Tony meet with Leopold about Tiffany's virus. He plays dumb. They ask him if his pharmaceutical company could help them out. Scott, Lucy and Nancy meet on the docks. They are secretly taping her conversation. They bargain with her. Lucy and Scott want 50% of the money she gets from Bill.  Tiffany gets to go home from the hospital. Sean tells Tiffany what really happened to her. Sean tells Robert he is going to the WSB to work on breaking the code. Bill kisses Julia on the docks. Lucy, Nancy and Scott witness it. 

July 26, 1991 - Mac and Dominique are trying to get in there apartment. It has been sealed off as being under investigation of a crime scene.  The coroner tells Robert it was indeed murder. She was injected with something to make her heart stop. Anna leaves her hotel room and sees a rose stuck to the door. She gets Faison's room number and goes to confront him. Julia gets flowers delivered to her all morning from her old flame. But it is really Bill sending them to her. Robert tells Mac what happened with Mrs. Perry's death. Robert fills Anna in on the situation. He tells Anna she and Sean should dissolve the PI business and start a PR firm as a cover. Anna wants to let herself get closer to Faison to see if she can find out if he is working with anyone in Port Charles. Robert freaks out and tells her he loves her too much to let her risk being near Faison. Anna meets with Faison and tells him that she has no intention of leaving Robert.  He thinks she came to eat lunch at the restaurant cause she knew he would be there. She says she wanted to talk to him. Lucy and Bill talk about how Julia's old boyfriend turned up out of the blue. Robert brings Faison in for questioning.  Mac tells Dominique about Mrs. Perry getting murdered. Robert calls Mac and tells him to come back to his office immediately. Julia tells Bill she thinks he might be jealous of her old flame. She says the timing as bad because she was starting to feel something for her. Julia slugs him and tells him that she knew he was up to a scam all along and he was not going to get her out of Barrett Industries. Robert tells Mac that Leopold got a court order making him Dominique's conservator. 

July 30, 1991 - Paul comes over to the Q mansion and asks Tracy out to an early dinner and sunset at the lake. She accepts. Robert calls the Outback to talk to Mac. Taub, Faison meet. They are waiting for Harlan to show up. Faison says wouldn't it be a pity if a tragedy were to strike Mac. Harlan shows up.  Leopold tells the others that Tony Jones is hell bent on finding the origin of Tiffany's disease. Leopold says he sent a "co-worker" to work with Tony to mess with his work. Tony and Bobbie are in the lab kissing. The new lab partner arrives. Dominique shows up at the Outback. She says goodbye to Connor and Finnean. Faison tells Harlan and Leopold that he won't give up Anna Devane. Harlan tells them their plans won't be messed up by Leopold's wife or Faison's obsession. They hold a memorial service for Mrs. Perry. Dominique arrives with Mac. Leopold asks Mac to leave, but he won't. Dominique tells Mac that she overheard a man near the door congratulate Leopold on a successful assassination. Leopold throws Mac out of his house. Bobbie brings Tony lunch. Leopold lets Mac say goodbye to Dominique. Mac tells her that he installed a special phone in her room that she can call him on. Faison, Harlan and Leopold meet again. They say they are moving in on Tracy Quartermaine's 11 percent shares of ELQ. They ask if Paul knows what is expected of him. Paul comes to pick up Tracy. He tells her he wants a union with her, a relationship. She is scared. He says good because being scared makes her vulnerable. The cartel members look at some liquid in a vile and say how devastating it is and how it can kill people, make them insane, etc. 

July 31, 1991 - Jenny gets a phone call that someone wants to see her now. Robert is on the phone. Mac walks in.  They are worried about the assassination Dominique told them about. Dominique meanwhile is having breakfast with Leopold. Paul shows up at Jenny's apartment. He tells her he misses her. Jenny says that is surprising because she has read he has had plenty of female companionship. Paul says he wants her to keep an open mind about him and kisses her. A nurse shows up to take care of Dominique. She is freaked out. Mac is in Robert's office going crazy missing Dominique. Robert tells Mac they have figured out Leopold, Paul and possibly Faison are all working together. Mac sees Jenny in the park. She tells him she is glad he is in love. Ned calls Tracy and has her meet him for coffee. He tells her he is determined to catch this cartel. Tracy tells him to stick with her and they will have a better chance. He says he will do whatever it takes.  Dominique and Mac communicate. AJ comes over for a date with Shelia. Tracy shows up at Robert's office. She asks him what progress he has made. Robert tells her she needs to keep her eyes and ears open where Paul is concerned. Ned and Jenny eat lunch together. Jenny is distracted thinking of Paul. Paul meets with Faison. He tells him to hurry up with Tracy Quartermaine and propose to her. Paul says he can't rush things with Tracy. Paul asks how his daughter is. He asks if he marries Tracy, will this thing with his daughter be over. Faison tells Paul it will never be over as there is no cure. Robert is starting to put the pieces of the cartel together.

August 1, 1991 - partial continued on next dvd - Bobbie is exercising. Tiffany and Robin drop by. Leopold is holding Dominique under lock and key. Mac is going nuts not seeing or talking to her.  Tiffany and Robin stay for dinner with Bobbie. Tiffany says that she went through a nightmare, but one good thing was that she and Bobbie are friends again. Anna comes to Robert's office. He tells Anna that Mac trailed Faison down to the docks where he met with Paul. Robert thinks this conspiracy may have to do with Edward's letter. Tom and Simone meet in his office. They talk about Mac and Dominique getting separated. Tom says that he found out why Dominique was institutionalized from trauma when her father died. Her husband saved her. Robert is trying to figure out whether or not Mac will be able to overturn Leopold's custody of her. Tony comes home and tells Bobbie and Tiffany that he made some progress in his lab work.

August 1-9, 1991:   8/1 partial, 8/2, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7, 8/8, 8/9 partial

August 1, 1991 - Partial episode - Some people come to the Outback asking for Senor Olivera.  Connor says he will leave, so he doesn't cause trouble. Simone and Tom talk about how lucky they are to have each other. Tom finds out he has to testify as an expert witness at Dominique's hearing.  Meanwhile Leopold cuts off all communication with the outside world for Dominique.  She melts down.  Bobbie and Tony kiss on the couch. Tony stops and starts worrying about Tiffany.  Robert and Anna are getting dressed in his office after having sex.  Mac comes in and tells them that Taub disconnected his communication with Dominique.  Dominique sneaks out of her room.

August 2, 1991 - The Qs are having breakfast and Tracy sees an announcement in the paper that Larry Ashton has been given the title of "Lord Ashton" for real by the Queen.  Bill and Julia are fighting about the fact the plant is closed down for the day.  Julia is mad he did it without her. Robert calls Lila and wants to come over to discuss some things with her. The Qs continue to speculate why Larry got named a Lord. Tracy says maybe he is blackmailing the Queen. Monica and Alan say maybe he ran up the highest unpaid bill at Harrods.  Lila tells them that Robert is coming over. Julia apologizes to Bill about blowing up at him earlier. Dominique escapes the house and comes to the Outback looking for Mac.  They tell her that Mac went to New York to get her out of the house.  Robert tells Lila about Edward's murder.  Lila is upset and wants to be alone.  There is some sort of gas leak at the plant.  Julia passes out. Leopold comes home and find Mac there and no Dominique.  Bill comes in and saves Julia.  Lila tries to contact Edward's ghost, but he isn't there. She tells Alan and Tracy that it proves he was a hero.  They have a scene where both Alan and Tracy and Lila talk about missing Edward.  Alan urges her to let Robert handle it. 

August 5, 1991 - Bill is trying to get in to the plant in the room where there is a gas leak. Mac calls Robert and tells him he is with Dominique.  She tells Mac she won't go back to Taub.  Robert tells Anna that Mac and Dominique ran off to find each other, and how they did in Port Charles and got hit by a car. Bobbie is going to an OR Nurse convention.  He is worried the doctors will be hitting on Bobbie. Lucy is in the office trying to figure out how to type a document.  Julia comes in and tells Lucy that she tried to set up Bill, by using Nancy to try to get to him.  Julia tells Lucy about the gas chemical leak.  Scotty comes in to see Lucy. They talk about their Nancy Eckert scheme. Angela comes to Bill's office and tells him she is leaving town. This is her last episode for quite a while.  Mac calls Robert's office and Anna answers.  He tells her he needs a safe house for him and Dominique.  Taub comes to Robert's office to accuse Mac of taking Dominique. Anna asks Bobbie to hide Dominique at the Brownstone. Scott tells Lucy he thinks Bill might be using bad chemicals.  He thinks he can use that information in a custody battle. Anna tells Dominique that she can hide in Bobbie's attic.  Leopold pays Tony a visit at the Brownstone to see his progress on the research in Tiffany's case. 

August 6, 1991 - Robin is listening to music which is bothering Tiffany.  Sean comes in and tells Tiffany he hasn't found a cure.  Bill and Sly are moving into their lighthouse. Mac and Dominique are in the hospital.  Dominique finds out her scans are all fine, so she wants to be released.   Tony tells Leopold he can't stay at the Brownstone and wait for Mac to return.  Sean tells Tiffany the WSB can't figure out what drug she has been given. They can't duplicate it and they can't find a cure.  Tom, Simone and Steve meet about Tony. They are worried about how much time he is spending on his research. Mac and Dominique try to escape the hospital.  Julia Barrett comes to see Bill's new place.  Ned and Jenny show up at Bill's house. Paul is in his office. Tracy shows up. She wants to know if Paul has heard of Leopold Taub or Faison. Paul gets a bit defense, but Tracy asks him to search her father's files for any connection.  Paul kisses her and tells her he will do anything to please her. She tells him she will stop by later to see what he has found out.
     Sean shows up at Paul's office. He demands answers from Paul about Tiffany's illness.  They have an altercation.  Tiffany shows up at the hospital for a documentary she is going to do about her illness. Bill, Julia, Ned and Jenny have a bottle of wine. Bill and Julia go to look at something and Bill asks Jenny what she is doing with this jerk Ned.  Ned asks Julia out for a business lunch.  Paul gets another visit from Sean. Paul admits to Sean that his 7 year old daughter has the disease. Paul is sitting in his office upset.  Tracy walks in and asks him what is wrong.  She asks him to dinner.  Sean and Tiffany talk.  He tells her went to see Paul and that his daughter has the same disease. 

August 7, 1991 - Alan and Monica are having coffee. They both have the morning off. Alan wants to do something fun with Monica. He opens a letter from Port Charles College. Apparently there is bad news on A.J.  Tony is in the lab. Steve comes in to check on his progress. He has the research grant for Tony.  Sean meets with Robert and tells him about Paul's daughter having the same disease as Tiffany.  Apparently Paul is being squeezed by the same people. AJ walks in and Alan and Monica confront him about school. AJ makes up some story about Alan and Monica's divorce is what is making him flounder in school.  Alan and Monica buy it. Alan wants to get back with Monica. She tells him he left her for Lucy Coe. They get into a huge fight about past indiscretions.  Alan tells her they still fight better than anyone. AJ confronts some kid about why he isn't doing well enough for him in school. Apparently AJ is paying someone to take his tests and write his papers, etc.  Tiffany, Robert and Sean all talk about Paul's connection to Taub. Tiffany wants to help. Tony calls Sean that he thinks he found the cure for Tiffany's disease. Sean is thrilled.  Tony goes back to the lab to find all his files have been deleted. He freaks out. Tiffany, Sean and Robert rush out to see Tony, just as the phone rings with Tony's bad news. Alan shows up at Monica's business lunch with another doctor to tell her he wants to put aside their differences. He wants a future with Monica. He gets down on his knees and yells he wants her to remarry him.  Robert investigates the sabotaged research. Alan chases Monica home and proposes again.  She finally says yes. Lila is there clapping, and ready to plan the wedding.   Robert involves the WSB in the case of the sabotage. Sean is going to have to go to Paul and ask for more pills for Tiffany.

August 8, 1991 - Tracy finds out about Alan and Monica's remarriage.  Robert has a visitor. It is Leopold. He threatens Robert with losing his job if he doesn't produce Dominique soon. Mac and Dominique sneak out of the hospital.  Anna is in Robert's office with him talking about the case.  Tracy asks if Alan and Monica had lobotomies to get married again. She can't believe that Monica would take him back. She walks out saying she might be taking a trip down that aisle sometime in the future herself.   Robert confronts Paul about really even having a daughter.  Robert tells Paul that he will go to his business connections and tell them about his daughter and the mess he is in.  Robert wants Paul to bust out of this organization with him. He tells Robert it is about money and power and bigger than he can imagine. Tracy buys Ned a tie that is more conservative. Ned tells Tracy that he is networking with ELQ shareholders and mentions getting to know Julia. Tracy gets a call from Paul asking her out for dinner.  Ned listens in and tells Tracy she is cozying up to her own shareholder! 
     Robin comes to visit Robert.  Dominique and Mac make it out of the hospital.  Alan and Monica consult on a patient.  They get into a fight.  They call the wedding off. Anna brings Mac and Dominique to the Brownstone. They don't want Anna to tell Robert to put him in a bad position.  Leopold shows up. AJ is on the phone with his student he is paying to take his tests. Ned overhears AJ's conversation. He asks him what he thinks about his parent's remarriage. AJ acts all happy. Leopold's men search the house, but don't find Mac and Dominique as they are hiding in the attic. Ned and Tracy are having a drink to celebrate Alan and Monica's marriage. They walk in and say the marriage is off.  Tracy eggs them on saying she knew it wouldn't last. Then they start defending each other, and before you know it the marriage is back on.  Ned tells AJ he knows he got them back together to join forces and combine their ELQ stock. They tell Tracy she needs a man in her life to soften her edges.  Anna sneaks Mac and Dominique food.

August 9, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Anna brings Finnean up to see Mac and Dominique.  Bill and Julia are on a date at the outback.  Anna shows up there and sees Leopold's men.

August 9-16, 1991:  8/9 partial, 8/12, 8/13, 8/14, 8/15, 8/16 partial

August 9, 1991 - Partial Episode continued from previous dvd - Tracy talks to Lila about Paul. Lila warns her to be careful because Paul is so much younger than she is. Tracy says she wants her own home, and Lila wonders if Paul is part of those plans. Tracy tells Lila about Robert's warning to watch out for Paul. Then Paul arrives to take Tracy out on a date. Bill and Julia are on a date at the Outback. Ned and Jenny walk in and join them. Mac and Dominique talk about her taking him away from his family that he just found. Mac tells her how important she is to him. Leopold meanwhile is still looking for her. Anna is on his trail. Leopold's men search the Brownstone for Dominique and take Tony captive.  Then they take Tom and Simone as well. Tracy and Paul show up at the Outback. Tracy is mad that Ned is dancing with Jenny. Leopold is there watching Paul. Tracy goes to try to get Ned away from Jenny by embarrassing her. Then she and Paul leave. Leopold's men are still trying to find Mac and Dominique.  Anna and Finnean show up at the Brownstone and the gunman get them. Mac comes out of hiding and he and Anna knock them out. Leopold comes in and takes Dominique. 

August 12, 1991 - Anna and Mac untie Tony, Simone and Tom. Robert shows up and arrests Leopold's men. Leopold has Dominique on a plane to New York. AJ is out on a date with Shelia. Lucy arrives at Kellys waiting for Scott. Scott tells Lucy they are going on vacation to Portland, Oregon. Leopold's plane is delayed. Robert gives it to Mac for thinking he could just whisk Dominique away. Robert offers to help Mac find her. Scott comes over to the Brownstone. Scott, Tom and Tony have a drink together. Robert and Mac question the guys who broke into the Brownstone. Dominique tells Leopold she loves Mac and wants him to leave her alone. He threatens to kill Mac and put her in a psychiatric ward if she ever tries to run off again.  Robert calls the airport and tells them to hold all flight plans for Taub's plane. Tom and Simone go up to bed. He tells her how much he loves her. Robert wants Mac to do the unexpected. Scott and Tony talk over a few beers. Mac tells Robert that Dominique can now hear, after the gun shot at Tony's. Robert thinks she has been lying all along. 

August 13, 1991 - Sean arrives at Paul's office. Sean tells Paul he is getting out of the PI business, and is going into Public Relations. Paul says he has to get permission for Sean to change career paths if he still wants the pills for Tiffany. Paul gets a call about his daughter and has to leave. Scotty and Lucy show up in Portland.  Lucy asks Scott where his room is. Scott says they are sharing a room together. Paul goes to see his daughter. She is really sick and weak. Paul gets a call from Leopold about Sean Donnely. Bill is going to go on a camping trip with Sly, but he gets a call someone named Sharky is at the office. He runs out to meet him. Sean goes back to Paul's office. Paul tells Sean to go into the PR business. Paul tells Sean he needs to keep them appraised on all of Robert's moves. Lucy and Bill meet with Nancy Eckert. They scheme ways to get back at Bill. Paul goes to see Faison. He tells him that his daughter is still sick and the pills aren't working.  Faison tells him the last pill was a placebo. Faison tells Paul he told them he would marry Tracy Quartermaine and he is taking way too long. Faison tells him the only way to save his daughter is to marry Tracy right away. Paul arrives at the Q mansion and proposed to Tracy, who after he kisses her, says yes. Paul leaves and promises he will be back later. Paul has taped recorded the conversation and plays it for Faison. Faison agrees to give Paul's daughter the pill. Jenny shows up at his office and says he looks terrible. He starts kissing Jenny. Ned shows up and takes Jenny out for dinner. Bill and Julia are drinking at the lighthouse. She passes out on his couch. Scott and Lucy start to sleep together when Nancy calls. 

August 14, 1991 - Bobbie walks in to see Tony in the lab. She is home from her trip. Tony tells her about the break in at the Brownstone. Paul shows up at Sean's penthouse. He is taking Sean to visit his daughter. Mac and Robert show up at Leopold's house.  Faison shows up to see Anna. Robert and Mac come in. The doctor questions Dominique in front of Mac about her being forced to come back home. Someone from the DA's office is there too. Dominique lies and says she was not forced to come home. Tony and Bobbie are talking in the hospital. Tony tells Bobbie he had the formula for the pill cracked, and someone deleted his computer files. Sean meets Paul's daughter and sees that he isn't lying about being under someone's thumb. Sean and Paul agree that they are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Paul won't agree to work with Sean. Faison tells Anna that his heart aches for her. He is hypnotizing her. Mac sneaks back in to see Dominique alone. Sean gets Tiffany to take her next pill. Robert meets Anna for dinner. Dominique tells Mac she had to lie.  Tiffany is all on edge when Sean gets home. Paul calls Sean and tells him he has to go to Florida now and he will wait further instructions there. Bobbie comes by to see Tiffany.

August 15, 1991 - Alan and Monica walk into the hallway. Alan is feeling weak. He goes to sit down after a simple blood test. They had to get one to get a marriage license. Julia tells Lucy her car had to be towed in the middle of the night. Lucy questions were she was. Alan and Monica talk about how happy they are. They are waiting for a civil ceremony. Monica gives Alan a pre-nuptial agreement. Alan gets mad. She says it is for both of their protection. Alan then presents her with his agreement. Scott shows up at the hospital. Bill and Julia continue their dance of attraction. Alan and Monica keep arguing over property in their pre-nupt agreement.  They are fighting over paintings and vases. They end up tearing both agreements up. Alan wants to get married today in Port Charles. Lucy tries to figure out where Julia was the other night. Shelia overhears Alan and Monica talking about getting married that day, and she calls AJ to tell him. Scotty and Lucy scheme again. Lucy tells him she has something on Bill and Julia. Jennings brings some clothes up to the hospital for Alan and Monica. 

August 16, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Mac and Robert are having coffee waiting for Dominique's hearing. Alan and Monica are getting dressed. She freaks that Alan's suit is brown and not gray. Jennings meanwhile tells Lila that he thinks Alan and Monica are getting married today. He tells Lila that they are going to elope. Lila tells him no Quartermaine has ever eloped. Lila tells Jennings they should make an appearance at the ceremony. Lila is excited. AJ tries to find the wedding. Dominique's hearing is about to begin. Leopold tells Mac he won't get her. Alan and Monica arrive at the courthouse and see a huge line to get married. They sees Lila in the hallway and then AJ shows up. AJ has a plan.

August 16-26, 1991:  8/16, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21 (glitchy), 8/22 (glitchy), 8/23 (glitchy), 8/26 partial

August 16, 1991 - Partial episode continued from previous dvd - AJ cuts in line at the courthouse, so Alan and Monica can go to the front of the line to get married. A justice of the peace marries them. Lila is there too, and says she is going to have a reception for them. She invites all the couples in line to come celebrate their wedding. Leopold Taub is on the stand saying that Dominique is his whole world. Dominique takes the stand. She says she left her husband of her own free will. They force Dominique to admit that when she was forced to leave Port Charles she was considering suicide.  Mac tells Dominique not to give up yet. Monica and Alan go to the Port Charles Hotel for lunch. They say how much they love each other.

August 19, 1991 - Tracy barges into the Q living room and sees Ned. She has an announcement to make but nobody is there to hear it yet. Lucy goes to see Tony to see if it is true that Alan and Monica were getting remarried. The judge makes a decision in the Dominique case. He says Leopold gets conservatorship for one year. Dominique freaks out. Tom Hardy talks to her to try to calm her down when she collapses. The lawyer says if Dominique has any relatives of legal age, they could get them in charge of her. Lucy and Tony talk. Bobbie walks in. Lila, AJ, Shelia and Ned are all waiting for Alan and Monica to come home. Tracy walks in and has an announcement to make. Just then the guests arrive from the courthouse that Lila invited.
     Tracy finally tells the Qs she is marrying Paul Hornsby. Alan tells her he is worried about that decision. Tony and Bobbie chat about Lucy. Tony tells her that he is a one woman man and he loves her. Leopold tells Mac to stay away from his wife. The party at the Qs is crazy. Tracy and Ned run for the alcohol.  Alan and Monica cut out early from the party to go “upstairs.” Robert asks Dominique if she has any other relatives. She remembers some aunt she has. Lucy comes to the Q mansion with a bottle of wine for Alan and Monica. She tries to crash the party, but Jennings won't let her. Alan and Monica have a sweet romantic moment.  Tracy tells Jennings he won't be calling her “Miss Tracy” much longer. Monica changes into something more comfortable for her “wedding night.” Mac tries to steal a key to Leopold's house. He finds Dominique in her room. He tells her he will rescue her.

August 20, 1991 - Bobbie is with Ruby at Kelly's. Julie, Bill and Lucy are in their offices. They wonder what Lucy is doing with their business ledgers. Harlan, Faison and Leopold are meeting. They say Paul might have some news for them. Alan and Monica are reading the paper when Tracy walks in. She says Paul is coming over. Paul arrives, and Tracy convinces him to go ring shopping with her. Harlan shows up at the office to talk to Bill and Julia. Scotty and Bobbie are at Kelly's. She tells Scott she can't stand Lucy. She tells Scott that she walked in on Lucy kissing Tony. Scott tells her Tony would never leave Bobbie for Tony.  Julia worries about Harlan reviewing the books. Lucy shows up at Kelly's and wants to talk to Tom Hardy. Bill gets served a custody suit from Nancy in Portland. Paul meets with Leopold, Faison and Harlan. They tell Paul he needs to move to get married as quickly as possible. Paul is not happy. Tracy goes to the hospital to show Alan and Monica her ring. They poke fun at her marrying a younger man. Scotty tells Lucy to stay away from Tony. Bobbie and Simone each lunch together. Bill and Julia are eating lunch there as well. Harlan joins them and tells them what a great team they make. Paul shows up the Q mansion to see Tracy.  He tells her he wants to get married right away and run off with her that night. She refuses and says she wants a long engagement. 

August 21, 1991 - Anna and Robert are in bed together waking up. Mac is still sneaking into Dominique's house to see her. Jenny runs into Paul in the park. He tells her he has been meaning to call her and tell her why he was so upset the last time she saw him. Just then his daughter walks up. Leopold locks Dominique in her room. Mac sneaks in. Dominique tells Mac that Leopold is planning another assassination. Tracy talks to Lila about planning her engagement party. Ned makes some snide remarks about Tracy not marrying for the first time. Jenny gets to meet Susan, Paul's daughter. Paul tells Jenny he wanted to save telling her about Susan til they grew closer.  Paul tells Jenny his daughter is very ill. They kiss. Robert and Anna go see Sean. Mac tries to sneak Dominique out of the house. Mac gets caught and beat up. Tracy tells Ned not to get involved with Jenny and that she is no good for him. Ned invites Jenny to Tracy's engagement party to Paul. Jenny freaks when she finds out it is Paul.  Jenny is crushed. Anna, Robert and Sean helped the WSB avoid an assassination.  Faison imagines being in bed with Anna.

August 22, 1991 - Tracy calls Paul that she needs to talk to him about something. She invites him to dinner. Lucy and Julia are at Barrett Industries. She tells Julia she can't interrupt Bill's meeting. Nancy shows up at Bill's lighthouse to see Sly.  Bill hears this and rushes home. Julia asks Lucy to check the books and look for places they can trim the fat in the business. Tracy tries to dress like she is 20 for her date with Paul. Ned cracks up at her. He tells her she looks like Madonna and she should reconsider her marriage to a younger man. Scott comes to see Lucy, who tells him Bill went to the lighthouse to see Nancy. Bill tells her the only money she will get from him is bus fare!  Nancy meets Scott for drinks. Julia tells Bill she invited to Tracy's engagement party. She tells him she is going. Tracy shows up wearing a conservative dress. Ned thinks she looks better. He apologizes to her. Paul shows up. She tries to broach the subject of age with him.  He reassures her that age doesn't matter .  AJ meets with Nancy Eckert for drinks. Tracy spies on them. Back at the lighthouse, Bill and Julia kiss.

August 23, 1991 - Julia asks Bill to go to the engagement party for Tracy and Paul.  Leopold tries to get Dominique to pack for her trip. She says she won't go with him. Mac shows up all beat up at Robert's place. Paul shows up at the Qs while Tracy is planning the engagement party. He needs Alan to sign some papers. Alan asks him why he is marrying Tracy. Paul says it is none of his business. Sean asks the WSB if they have made any progress on the drug. Robert and Anna tell Sean that they are going to Tracy's engagement party. Sean says he doesn't want to be around Paul. Tiffany, Robin and Anna are together. Anna tells Tiffany that they are going to the engagement party. Bill threatens Nancy to leave town or he will kill her. She asks how their son would feel if he heard him threaten to kill his mother.  Faison shows up at Anna's door and freaks her out. He starts to hypnotize her to let him in. He makes her go to sleep.
     Dominique tells Leopold she will never go with him anywhere. He is taking her to Bavaria. Robert shows up at Anna's room, but Faison stops him and hypnotizes him as well. He tells Robert he will see Anna and Faison making love when he sees her. Faison tells Robert that Anna betrayed him. He tells Robert he will feel all this anger towards Anna.  Faison tells Anna that when she hears the door close she will awake and have no idea of what transpired. The engagement party begins. Tracy has called the TV station to come cover it. Paul and Jenny are making eyes at each other. Robert is at a bar drinking. Robert runs into Bill Eckert, and calls him Luke. They get drunk together. AJ leaves the party and goes to visit Nancy Eckert in her hotel room. They get drunk and AJ attempts to sleep with her but she passes out. Dominique pretends to jump off the balcony to kill herself, but it is part of Connor's plan to rescue her.

August 26, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Leopold is devastated that Dominique has jumped off the balcony. Robert and Bill are drunk. Mac is at the Outback waiting for word on Dominique. Anna calls Mac to find out where Robert is. Leopold asks the authorities if Dominique could have survived the impact of her falling into the river. Faison calls to find out what is going on. He says he will pay a visit to the Outback to see about Dominique.

August 26 - September 2, 1991:  8/26 partial, 8/27, 8/28, 8/29, 8/30, 9/2

August 26, 1991 - partial continued from previous dvd - A drunk Robert and Bill are outside drinking in the park. Robert tells Bill that he saw Anna in bed with a man he despises. Leopold discovers a note in Dominique's purse about running away with Mac. Faison shows up at the Outback checking up on Mac. A very drunk Bill tells Robert to go find Anna at Tracy's party. Bill says he will come too. Tiffany tries to talk to Paul about the medication. He tells her his hands are tied.  Alan and Monica leave the party early to sneak upstairs. Bobbie and Simone talk about Lucy. Paul and Julia chat about why Bill isn't there, and how the Cannery is going. Meanwhile Mac is outside of a safe house waiting for Dominique to meet him. They reunite and kiss. Bill and Robert show up drunk and talk to the media. Anna, Tracy and Monica are appalled. Robert confronts Ann about sleeping with Faison. He calls Anna a tramp. She slaps him and leaves.  Julia yells at Bill to leave. Tracy wants Paul to get them to leave. Bill punches out Paul, then he and Robert leave. Mac and Dominique share a romantic evening.

August 27, 1991 - Bobbie is asleep in her bed when Tony comes in and surprises her. He scares her to death. Sean shows up at the tv station to see Tiffany. Tiffany said she has to console Anna. Bill shows up totally hung over to work. Lucy walks in wearing bright green and Bill wants to puke. Tony and Bobbie spend the morning in bed.  Sean and Tiffany had breakfast together. She tells Sean he could have seen Bill punch Paul's lights out. Tiffany tells Sean she has the whole thing on tape. Lucy helps Bill over his hangover. Scott walks in. He tells Bill the custody hearing is in a week. Someone in Hazmat suit is trying to steal a vial of something from the plant. Lucy goes into the plant and runs into him. Lucy finds the vial on the floor. She steals it. Faison meets with the guy who stole the vials. He tells him that he lost one pouch. Faison freaks out. Ruby brings Sly to Bill's office. Bill tells Sly about the custody hearing. Bobbie goes to visit Bill at work. Sean and Tiffany hear on the news that Dominique jumped and committed suicide. Tony meets with Tiffany about what he learned at the CDC. Julia and Bill have a fight yet again about Harlan.

August 28, 1991 - Bobbie is with Sly at Kelly's waiting on Bill to show up. Felicia shows up. She tells Bobbie something horrible happened. She tells Bobbie Dominique killed herself. Someone calls to tell Bobbie the lights are on at her old house. Anna throws a glass of water on a sleeping Robert. She yells at Robert for accusing her for sleeping with Faison and for embarrassing her in front of all their friends. Mac and Dominique continue to hide out. Bobbie and Felicia are trying to figure out who is at the house. They go to get help. Mac tells Dominique that he can't live without her and she is his whole life. Anna is still there waiting to talk to Anna. Robert swears Anna was in bed with Faison. Anna denies it totally. They fight. Anna starts packing her things. She is moving out. Sean walks in and tells them Dominique killed herself. Dominique hears about her suicide on the radio and is so happy. She tells Mac she is free. They are waiting for Finnean to arrive with their new identities and plane tickets. Felicia sees Tony and Bobbie at the hospital.  Anna tells Sean that she felt something strange happened when she was taking a nap. Sean says he is going to call the WSB about Faison. Tony comes with Bobbie and Felicia to the house to see who is there. They see Mac and Dominique. They are so happy she is alive. Meanwhile Robert is visiting Leopold about Dominique's death.

August 29, 1991 - Harlan comes to visit Julia at work.  Sean wishes that Tiffany would take it easy and not go back to a full schedule. Harlan starts to yell at Julia for questioning his business doings. Bill gives Bobbie a tour of the plant. Bill tells Bobbie he is worried about the custody hearing. Someone collapses at the plant. Bobbie runs to help them. Bill offers Bobbie a job as plant nurse. Bill wants to talk to Tom Hardy about his son Sly. Julia shows up to talk to Bill.  Harlan talks to Faison and Leopold on the phone about Dominique dying. Harlan tells Leopold that he thinks Dominique's death could draw attention to the cartel. He tells him Robert was there questioning about Dominique's death.
     Bill talks to Tom and says he needs a medical reason why Sly can't talk to a judge. Tom says he will try but he can't promise anything. Bobbie talks to Tony about the job with Bill. The WSB calls Sean back to tell him that Faison has parapsychology experience. Sean thinks Faison might have been influencing Robert's thoughts. Scott and Lucy are together eating dinner. Scott is worried he is going to get fired as Bill's lawyer. Lucy tries to give him a pep talk and a massage. Bill tells Julia he is going through the phone log to see what Harlan is up to. Bill dials a number from a call Harlan made. Leopold's butler answers the phone. Leopold tells Faison that Harlan will never own the cartel. 

August 30, 1991 - Paul comes to Jenny's apartment to talk to her. Jenny asks if Tracy is pregnant. He tells her he is being blackmailed. Connor brings Mac some food. Robert is sleeping in his office. Chief Lewis finds him. Paul tries to explain the blackmail to Jenny.  He can't tell her the truth. Paul tries to tell her that he cares about her. Jenny tells him he is a jerk and he needs to leave. Anna shows up at Robert's office and says she is sorry. Robert doesn't accept. Anna and Robert talk about separating. Robert can't get the image of Anna/Faison out of his mind. Alan and Monica come home and are exhausted. They regret not taking a honeymoon. Monica is complaining that there are no surprises left. He wants Monica to come with him. Tracy has Paul come over. She tries to seduce him. He tells her he wants to wait til they are married.
     Anna and Robert continue to fight. Sean tells them about the WSB info on Faison and the mind control. Robert and Anna keep fighting. Finally Robert believes Sean.  Jenny tells her roommate about Paul and what he said to her. Jenny says maybe she should marry Ned. Then she can call Paul dad. Just then Ned shows up. Robert worries that Faison could hypnotize Anna into wanting him. Ned is at the Outback with Jenny. Alan and Monica walk in. Tracy and Paul show up too. Paul is disturbed by seeing Jenny there. Anna goes to see Mac and Dominique. Alan gets up and starts performing at the Outback. Tracy is mortified. She and Paul leave. Ned leaves when Jenny starts dancing with Connor. Tracy and Paul get home. She tries to seduce Paul again, yet he still resists her. Anna and Robert go looking for Dominique and Mac. They get to all say goodbye.

September 2, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Tracy tells Paul to only concern himself with her and kisses him. Anna and Robert are in his office. Robert still sees Faison when he sees Anna. Paul and Tracy are interrupted by AJ and his date. Paul take the opportunity to make a quick exit. He tells Tracy he doesn't want to go to bed with her til after they are married. Robert is having a hard time accepting that he was a victim of mind control. Mac and Domnique are at the airport. They see Faison. They need to make a run for it. Monica and Alan come home and are dancing in the foyer. They interrupt AJ and his girlfriend in the library. Monica and Alan proceed to make out when AJ leaves. Mac and Dominique go to some cabin.  Some guys come and attack Mac at the cabin. The WSB comes to Robert's office to question him about Faison and his visions. Dominique and Mac are tied about at the cabin. Faison meets with someone who needs the vials. Monica brings Alan some milk while they wait up for AJ. Tracy comes in. She and Alan have a heart to heart about the fact that Paul won't make love to her. Robert and Anna try to be together, but Robert still sees Faison's face in Anna's.

September 3-10, 1991:  9/3, 9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/9 Wally begins as Ned Ashton, 9/10 partial

September 3, 1991 - Bobbie brings Tony some breakfast at the lab.  Tiffany is at the station and they comment she doesn't look good.  Bill meets with Tom and Simone about Sly.  They tell Bill that they can't write a letter about Sly not being able to testify.   Sean comes to see Tiffany at work.  She is taking a pill.  She tells him she is feeling tired.  Bill runs into Bobbie in the hallway at the hospital.  Bill comes back to the office and asks Lucy to make an appt for him with a new doctor.  Scott calls Lucy and she asks him to check on the doctor for her. AJ is at the bar ordering a drink.  He calls Nancy Eckert.  Scott and Bill have an altercation about the custody hearing.  Bobbie is ticked that Tony won't spend any time with her.  Bill meets with the new doctor and he says he will write a letter about Sly not testifying.  Julia spies on Nancy meeting with AJ.  Sean comes to watch Tiffany's broadcast.  She is like falling asleep during her show. Julia takes a photo of AJ with Nancy.  AJ is worried his parents will find out he is sleeping with a woman as old as his mother.  Julia tells Bill about AJ and Nancy.

September 4, 1991 - Mac and Dominique discuss getting supplies.  Anna comes to the hospital to see Robin.  Robert is in a session with Tom Hardy. She tells Robin that Faison had programmed Robert.  Tom tells Robert he has to deprogram him.  Faison meets with the couple who are tailing Dominique.  They find Dominique's scarf. And tell him she didn't commit suicide.  Paul is in his office ordering flowers for someone that he doesn't want to lose her.  Sean busts in his office to tell Paul that Tiffany is getting worse and she needs the pills more than once a month.  Paul tells Sean that he knows what it feels like to care about someone as much as Tiffany.  Sean tells Paul he hasn't gotten any more info on Robert.  He tells Paul that Robert is having hypnotic flashbacks about Anna.  Paul tells him he will put the call in as soon as possible.  Paul calls Jenny at home and needs to see her.  Jenny tells him she is not interested.  Jenny gets roses delivered from Paul.
     Mac tells Dominique they are going to be okay.  Tom warns Robert that the process of deprogramming won't be easy.  Anna comes in to say that she and Robin are waiting outside, when Robert has a vision of her.  Tom makes her go outside.  Sean tells Tiffany he went to see Paul to get her another pill.  Tom works with Robert to deprogram him.  Mac and Dominique are shopping for supplies.  Faison calls another meeting of the cartel.  Tom makes Robert see Anna with him not Faison in the hotel.  Robin is very worried about Robert.  Sean offers to take Robin home to spend time with Tiffany.  Anna calls Faison to ask him to meet her.  Paul sees Jenny.  He tells her he doesn't love Tracy, but he is being blackmailed into marrying her.  Jenny tells him to stay out of her life. Robert and Anna return to home.  Robert says he is going to go out of town for a bit and check out the canneries.

September 5, 1991 - Faison comes to meet with Leopold to show him the scarf before the others arrive.  He tells Leopold that Dominique might really be alive.  Harlan shows up and wants to know the hold up on production.  Bill is so happy Julia got a photo of Nancy and AJ together.  Scott wakes up Lucy to tell her about the picture.  Harlan tells them it is time to start peddling their product to other countries. Paul arrives. Lucy goes down the hall to Nancy's hotel room and tells her about the photo.  Jenny comes over to Bill's apt to visit Sly.  Paul tells the cartel about Robert's hallucinations.  And he asks for a pill for Tiffany.  Leopold refuses and says it is not enough information from Sean to warrant another pill.  Tiffany tells Sean she feels really weak.  The cartel tells Paul congrats on his marriage to Tracy. Harlan says he is a better man than he is.  They tell Paul not to get too close to Sean or his daughter will be dead. 
     Lucy discusses the picture of Nancy with Julia and finds out she took it.  Sean comes to see Paul.  He tells him he couldn't get a pill for Tiffany because it wasn't enough information on Robert.  Sean is freaking out.  He tells Paul if anything happens to Tiffany, they won't get anything from him.  Jenny tries to talk to Nancy about letting Bill raise Sly, but she won't hear it.  Tiffany shows up at Paul's office and begs him for the pill.  Paul tells her he doesn't have it.  Tiffany tells him she has power to put anything she wants over the airwaves.  She tells Paul if she goes down, she is taking him with her.  Julia and Nancy get in a fist fight over the photo.  Nancy then goes to tell Lucy.   Scott tells Nancy he got the photo.

September 6, 1991 - Nancy, Scott and Lucy discuss the picture.  The cartel continues their meeting.  Faison says he needs to leave for about an hour.  Mac and Dominique have a picnic.  Harlan tells Leopold that his obsession with Anna Scorpio is going to come back to haunt them.  Anna meets Faison.  She tells him to stop playing with their lives.  Lucy has a vial of something she drops in the bathroom.  She then becomes and appears totally drunk to Scott and Nancy.   Faison tells Anna he is in love with her.  She tells him don't push Robert too far.  Faison tries to hypnotize Anna again.  Paul arrives back to the cartel meeting.  Paul tells Leopold he has to talk to him privately.  He tells Leopold he wants out.  He can't take seeing his little girl go through this or Tiffany. And he doesn't want to marry Tracy, a woman he doesn't really love.  Leopold tells him he can't get out. Faison tells Anna she must do something for him.  Leopold tells Harlan and Faison that Dominique is alive.   Mac and Dominique are still away and working at a local bar.   Lucy finally sobers up.  They figure out whatever was in the vial caused her to act all loopy.  The cartel discusses Paul wanting to leave.  They discuss monitoring Paul carefully.  Harlan and Faison fight.  Faison tells Harlan that he hypnotized Anna into putting a listening device into Robert's phone.

September 9, 1991 - Note: This is Wally Kurth's first day as Ned Quartermaine. Ned and Tracy ask each other out to lunch at the same time.  They decide to meet to find out what each other wants from the other.  Scott brings the vial into a specialist.  They say the chemical can be made in a cannery as a by-product.  Sean talks to Tiffany and tries to encourage her that they have a lot of people helping her.  Tiffany is ready to give up.  Robert comes back to his office and talks to Mac who tells him he needs cash.  Someone is monitoring the phone call.  Anna comes in to Robert's office.  He tells her that he was just about to call her.  He kisses Anna.  He tells her that he talked to Mac and he needs money.  Robert calls Connor and tells him he wants to know where Mac is.  Connor wont' tell him.  Lucy shows up at Scott's office.  Nancy shows up too. Scott tells them the chemical is called Carbon Sulfide.  He tells them it is very dangerous and not illegal.
     Nancy goes to the plant to find more vials of chemicals. Sean shows up at Robert's office. He tells them he is desperate for a pill.  Robert tells Sean that ELQ has bought three new canneries and he visited all three and he was real interested in why ELQ was investing and he is going to really investigate.  Tracy and Ned discuss their love lives and sex lives.  Tracy tells Ned that Paul won't sleep with her before they are married.  Ned thinks it is refreshing.  He tells her to take cold showers and wait it out.  Sean asks Paul over and tells him about the canneries and Robert's investigation. They say they will messenger a pill over to Tiffany. Anna finds that Faison has a link to Taub. The cartel listens to the tape from Robert's phone.

September 10, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Sean brings Tiffany some tea in bed. He insists she stay in bed for the day and rest.  Tiffany feels so much better after she got the pill.  Nancy Eckert shows up at the Q mansion to see AJ.  Lila introduces herself to Nancy.  AJ walks in in his tennis clothes.  Nancy bribes him for $1000 to keep her quiet.  Dominique and Mac are working at the bar, when she drops a tray.  The cartel meets again and wonders why Robert would be investigating the canneries.  Nancy shows up at AJ school's to get money.  AJ tells Nancy that he is going to charge her interest.  Bill calls Sean because he is confused about Harlan's interest in other canneries. Sean fills Bill in about the connection between Harlan, Faison and Hornsby and Taub.

September 10-18, 1991:  9/10 partial, 9/11, 9/12, 9/13, 9/16 Robert's birthday, 9/17, 9/18 partial

September 10, 1991 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Julia and Bill eat dinner together. Sean and Tiffany eat breakfast in bed. They are trying to tie together Harlan, Faison and Taub. Tiffany wants to break the story, but Sean distracts her with seducing her. Mac goes to try to get a money order. Nancy Eckert shows up at the restaurant. Bill and Nancy discuss visitation rights to Sly. They start a screaming match. Faison and Taub have a meeting. Mac and Dominique are at a bar trying to get someone to vouch for Mac.  Bill and Julia discuss the custody case. Sean wants Tiffany to concentrate on getting well and leave the detective work to him. Leopold is still looking for Dominique.

September 11, 1991 - Tracy is on the phone with Paul and is put off with him cancelling plans with her. He finally agrees to meet her for lunch. She is not happy. Someone comes into the Q living room where Alan and Monica are talking to AJ and delivers a subpoena for AJ to appear in the Eckert custody case. Bill brings Julia coffee and she tells him the photo she took of AJ and Nancy having drinks got stolen. Alan and Monica question AJ knowing Nancy. He lies and says he might have met her once. Tracy busts him and tells Alan and Monica she saw them having drinks at the Port Charles hotel. Scotty and Lucy continue to work the case against Bill to help Nancy win custody. Alan and Monica yell at Tracy for not telling them about AJ drinking. She says she didn't want to meddle and storms out to meet Paul. Bill eats lunch with Sly. Scott meets with someone about Nancy's case.
     Julia and Bill call Lucy into a meeting. They want to know if she has seen the missing negative of the photo. Lucy says she has no idea. Finally Lucy admits that she saw Nancy in the office. Bill fires her. Tracy meets Paul for lunch and tells him she is not happy with him not spending time with her. Paul gets angry and tells her she is self-centered and she needs to be more patient or they will call the whole wedding off. Bill confronts Scott about his case and the missing photo. Tracy is drinking and sulking at the table alone, when a flower is delivered.  Paul comes in and makes up excuses and Tracy forgives him. Nancy snoops around Scott's office for a vial of something. Lucy shows up to Scott's office and tells him she got fired. Scott tells her that he talked to Bill and got her her job back. Scott realizes the vials are missing.

September 12, 1991 - Anna shows up at Robert's office. Felicia shows up at the Outback looking for Connor. The Eckert custody trial begins. Jenny shows up to support Bill. The Qs show up at the coutroom with AJ. Scott makes his opening statement for Bill. Felicia and Connor talk about his family life. Alan and Monica are upset with AJ. Alan said they need to hire him a lawyer. Harlan shows up to the hearing to support Julia. But he is really there being called a hostile witness towards Bill. The hearing continues.
     Anna, Robert and Sean have a meeting. Sean has new information on a connection between Leopold Taub and Harlan Barrett. They are piecing together information on Paul purchasing ELQ stock and Harlan buying the Cannery. Anna has a memory lapse of being in Robert's office the other night. They think he could have hypnotized Anna to do something. Felicia finds out that Connor is not who he says he is. Bill tells Julia someone altered the photo. AJ takes the stand. Robert finds a wire tap in his phone. The judge calls a recess in the trial for all the lies.

September 13, 1991 - Anna tells Robert she didn't see Faison. Robert tells her he must have gotten to her while she was sleeping. Robert says he is going after Faison. Anna tells Robert that she remembers something about Faison talking to her and tells Robert he won't say anything that will change the way she feels about Robert. Sean thinks Paul is a front for something. Harlan asks AJ what his connection with the Eckert case is. Alan demands the truth. AJ says he did not sleep with Nancy Eckert.  Bobbie shows up to the trial to support Jenny and Bill. Connor gives Felicia the truth about his background. He tells Felicia he is looking for his father.
     Tom Hardy testifies for Bill. He says Sly clearly prefers his father. Ned shows up to support Jenny at the trial.  Wally Kurth is playing Ned now!!  Lucy testifies for Bill. Ned wishes Jenny luck. Bobbie comments that she likes Ned. Sean comes to the Outback to see Felicia. Nancy takes out the vials outside the courtroom. Connor keeps talking about his father. Anna goes to see Faison. She came to tell him that Robert and Sean found the phone bug. Robert follows her and hears her reporting to Faison so he knows she was hypnotized. Nancy gives Bill something that was in the vials and he passes out outside the courtroom.

September 16, 1991 - Robert overhears Anna reporting to Faison. Robert punches him out. Anna doesn't know what she is doing there. Dominique and Mac are coming back to where they are staying with groceries. Bill walks into the courtroom and appears to be drunk. Faison tries to hypnotize Robert again, but he tells him he has been deprogrammed. Scott demands a recess. The judge wants to talk to Sly. Bill gets on the stand. Mac and Dominique talk about a dream he had. He tells her that he just wants to be with her and stay with her forever. He says he is in love with her. They start to have sex, but Dominique stops and says she can't. Mac freaks out saying he is on an emotional roller coaster. Bill takes the stand. Dominique says Leopold is still with her in her head. Mac tells her she may need a doctor.
     Bill is crazy in the courtroom. Anna and Robert show up at GH to talk to Tom. They tell Tom about Anna being hypnotized and what happened. Bill and Julia are trying to figure out what happened to Bill in the courtroom and if he took anything. He says she dropped something and he felt woozy. Mac returns, and Dominique tries to seduce him.  He turns her down, saying that would make him no better than Leopold. Bill remembers the vial of perfume on the floor. Julia thinks maybe that is what caused him to be so messed up on the stand. The judge talks to Sly. He asks him if he knows about a trick his father played on his mother.

September 17, 1991 - Mac and Dominique need a new place to stay. Alan confronts AJ about his role in the Eckert case. Ned walks in. Alan says they will have dinner and discuss what it means to be a Quartermaine. Ned calls to cancel his dinner reservation so he can spy on Alan/AJ. Scotty and Lucy discuss Nancy and say she plays dirty and mean. Lila talks to Alan about AJ. Alan wants to explain to him about his inheritance. Lila tells him inheritance is like sex, you should learn about it from your parents. She tells him to talk to him about responsibility. Lila then talks to Edward's picture saying she knows what she has to do now. Leopold has someone spying on Mac/Dominique.  Nancy gets custody of Sly. Bill is freaking out.  Alan and Monia have dinner with AJ and Ned and tell them they need to get along as they are future of the Qs and they need to work together. Scott and Lucy go celebrate Bill losing so they get the pay off from Nancy. Scott isn't in a celebrating mood. Scott is so mad at Nancy. He knows she doesn't want her son, so he wants to know how much money she wants from Bill to get her son back. Nancy welches on her deal with Scott. Alan and Monica come home and talk about how Ned and AJ were glaring at each other over dinner. Alan said it was like him and Tracy.  Alan wants to know if Monica wouldn't mind if Jason could come back and live at home again. 

September 18, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Jennings tells AJ he has a call. It is Nancy Eckert. Bobbie and Felicia have lunch with Tony. Anna and Robert go talk to Tom. Lila calls Ned and AJ and Jennings to a family meeting. Lila tells them she wants them to receive their inheritance from her early next year. There is a condition. They will have to carry out their lives without any scandal. Robert visits Tony in his lab. He tells he is still investigating. Tom gives Anna a quick exam before he tries to hypnotize her. Anna freaks out and runs away.

September 18-25, 1991:  9/18 partial, 9/19, 9/20, 9/23, 9/24, 9/25

September 18, 1991 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Amy Vining is telling a new doctor Simpson about Robert Scorpio and says his wife is in therapy with Tom Hardy. She is being gossipy.  Simpson asks Bobbie if she has any room in the Brownstone for him to move in.  Robert tells Bobbie that Tony is reluctant to have a guard on his research lab. Faison is in the bar.  Tom is hypnotizing Anna into thinking Faison is not important anymore.  Anna keeps seeing Faison.  Anna tells Tom she doesn't want to let go of Faison and that she is attracted to him.  Bobbie and Tony are arguing about the guard at the lab.  Felicia comes in for a pot luck dinner with them.  Nancy meets with AJ and tells him she needs to borrow more money and will not pay him back.  Anna remembers what Faison told her, so Tom can start the deprogramming. Felicia, Tom and Tony are trying to figure out what Tom is treating Anna for.  Robert and Anna go eat dinner together, then run home to bed.  Robert is still thinking about the Faison situation.

September 19, 1991 - Tracy announces her wedding date to Ned, Monica and Lila.  Jenny is in her apartment with her roommates fighting.  Dominique and Mac are getting sick of being on the lam.  Dominique sees an article about herself in the paper.  Tracy asks Monica if she can use the house for her wedding. Monica agrees, but then Tracy pushes to live there and they all scatter like flies.  Ned tells her he will be inviting Jenny.  The people working for Taub spot Mac. Ned asks Monica if Tracy can live there.  Monica says no, Alan and Tracy will kill each other.  Monica says she doesn't want to eat breakfast with Paul Hornsby each morning.  Ned wants the Gatehouse.  Lila tells Monica to be generous.  Mac knows that people are on to them.   He tells Dominique they need to run.  Monica is waiting for Alan to break the news to him about Tracy and Paul. Alan says absolutely not.  He finally gives in.  Leopold tells his spies to lay low.  Tracy arrives.  Alan invites her to live at the Qs again. Tracy is ecstatic.  Alan tells her to bring her own servants!  Simpson wants to move in with Jenny and Meg and Shelia.  Ned shows up to ask Jenny out.  Mac and Dominique finally are about to sleep together and she freaks out again.  Tracy and Paul go to the Outback.  Ned and Jenny show up too. Dominique tells Mac the first time she slept with Leopold was her first time. Tracy wants to know about Paul's background. He is evasive.  Paul and Jenny long for each other on the dance floor.

September 20, 1991 - Sean and Tiffany eat lunch with Anna and Robert.  Julia and Harlan discuss Bill's performance at the custody hearing.  Nancy shows up at Bill's apartment and tells him she wants him to marry her.  Tracy invites Paul to dinner to ask him again about his background.  Paul needs to make a phone call first.  Tiffany, Anna, Sean and Robert are hashing out their case trying to link Harlan and Leopold and Faison.  Paul meets with Leopold and Faison and says he wants out.  He said Tracy is asking questions.  They tell Paul to tell Tracy about his daughter.  Nothing else.   Harlan tells them Nancy used a vial on Bill at the Courthouse.  Scotty comes to see Lucy at her office.  Paul tells a shocked Tracy he has a daughter.  Sean, Tiffany and Anna are working on a flow chart of power and trying to connect the cartel members.  Robin comes over to Tiffany's and wants to spend the night at a friends.  Robert comes to Bill and asks him why three more canneries were purchased. Sly runs away from school.  Scott tells Bill to go pay off Nancy for custody. Harlan meets with Nancy.  Robert shows up at Sean's. Anna wants to have a private dinner with him.  Tracy meets Paul in the park. She wants to meet his mother and daughter.  Paul is resistant, so Tracy breaks the engagement.  Harlan tells the rest of the cartel that Nancy is a threat.  They say she is only a threat if she lives.  They draw cards for who has to kill her.

September 23, 1991 - Robin, Robert and Anna eat at Kelly's.  Robin can't wait to move back into a real home.  Robin has a surprise for Robert, his dog Friday.  Mac returns to the Outback.  He thinks about Dominique.  Connor comes in. Dominique sneaks into her old house.  Robin friend comes to Kelly's and they leave.  Anna says she will check on the progress of their house.  Anna wants more sessions with Tom.  He tells her that they can't rush it. Robert comes to talk to Mac and tells him about Faison hypnotizing Anna to bug Robert's phone. Mac tells Robert about breaking off with Dominique and tells him that there was no sex cause she freaked out. Dominique hears Leopold coming and hides with her cat.  Robert asks Mac if he thinks Dominique will be safe at Serenity. Robert tells Mac that Taub sabatoged Tony's research and that Hornsby, Taub, Faison and Barrett are all part of the cartel.  Tom works on Anna again to help deprogram her. Bobbie talks to Amy about her acting very cold towards Meg and Shelia.   The guard on Tony's lab door won't let Bobbie into the lab. Bobbie and Anna meet at Ruby's and are complaining about construction delays.  Dominique tries again to locate her aunt's files in Leopold's study, then she tries to call Mac.

September 24, 1991 - Julia comes to Bill's office.  Paul is in the park and Harlan arrives.  Paul is going to meet with Sean Donnelly and Harlan wants to find out what it is about.  Bobbie and Anna go to see the Jones house.  Sean comes to Robert's office.  He tells him he is meeting Hornsby later.  Robert tells Sean he is worried about Anna.  Bill and Julia meet. Julia tells him she is taking Sly to go see a movie.  Robin wants to move into a house not a penthouse.  They want Bobbie's old house.  Robert tells Sean to leak more information about the cannery.  He says he can't concentrate cause Anna has her first one on one meeting with Faison that day.  Anna tells Bobbie that she loves the idea of Robin growing up in the Jones's house.  She says she will take it.  Harlan tells Bill he feels bad for him that he lost custody of Sly.  Bill asks Harlan why he is buying up all these canneries all over the place.
     Robert tells Sean he is going to put an officer at Tony's home as well.  Sean goes to his meeting with Paul and will let Robert know what happens. Anna meets Faison out for a drink.  Anna tells Faison that she is resistant to his powers now.  Faison tries to work on her.  Sean meets Paul. He tells him Tony is very close to a breakthrough.  Faison continues to use certain phrases to Anna, but she seems to be resisting.  But then she falls back under his spell. She calls Tony to speak to Robert upon Faison's instruction. Bobbie gets mugged by two attackers who want to send Tony a message.  Harlan tells Bill not to poke around in his business. Julia comes in and tells Bill she has to talk to him about his son.  Robert shows up waiting for Anna at the Webber house.  Faison makes Anna kiss him as if she loves him.  Anna tells Robert it was a success and that Faison was not able to hypnotize her and she is immune to it.  Anna convinces Robert to move into the Webber house. They find Bobbie tied up in one of the bedrooms.

September 25, 1991 - Bobbie tells Tony she called in sick. She wants to spend the day with BJ and she is scared.  Lucy and Scott talk about what they are doing about the Nancy situation.  Bill and Julia talk about keeping Nancy from getting her hands on Sly.  Bobbie wants Tony to stop his research.  She thinks he is putting her life and his daughter's life in danger. Lucy asks Bill if she can go run errands.  Scotty arrives to meet with Bill and Julia regarding Nancy. Bobbie ends up showing up to work and talks to Steve.  Bobbie tells Steve that someone threatened Tony.  Scott goes to the park and sees Sly there. They start playing with a nerf gun.  He apologizes to Sly about the trial.  Scott meets Nancy at Kelly's. Meanwhile, Lucy goes to Nancy's room and snoops around.  Lucy takes her earrings and asks them to be put in the hotel. safe. She gets info that Nancy has nothing in the safe now at the hotel.  Scott knows that Nancy took the vials out of his briefcase.  He gets furious with her.  Bobbie comes to the lab to talk to Tony.  She apologizes.  He tells her that she is important to her, but he doesn't want her to force him to make choices.  Steve comes in and has a medical conference for Tony to go to. Tony accuses Bobbie and Steve of making a plot to overthrow him.  Julia and Bill continue to plot to keep Sly away from Nancy.  They kiss.

September 26 - October 3, 1991:  9/26, 9/27, 9/30, 10/1, 10/2, 10/3 partial

September 26, 1991 - Dominique is looking for letters.  Felicia is back in town and comes to the Outback.  She hires an undercover waitress who is a cop to work there.  Julia and Bill are in the office. She says both Lucy and Nancy had access to Bill's lab.  He calls Nancy and says he wants to talk to her.  Meanwhile, Bill and Julia make out in his office.  They go off to find Paul Hornsby.  Dominique finds letters from her Aunt.  Ray and Debbie show back up at the Outback to spy on Mac.  A fight breaks out between Ray and Debbie and Connor.  Paul calls Faison and tells her that Tracy called the wedding off.  Faison tells her to let Tracy meet his daughter.  Bill and Julia confront Paul about purchasing other canneries.  They threaten to get him thrown out of ELQ.  Leopold sees Dominique at their house.  Paul comes to Tracy's house and tells her he wants her to meet his mother and daughter.  She tells him she doesn't believe that he loves her and wants to call the whole thing off.  He kisses her and convinces her otherwise.
     Jenny shows up at Bill's office.  They talk about Sly. Nancy comes in. He confronts her about the ventilation room, along with Lucy. Paul tries to sleep with Tracy, but she stops him and tells him he was right and they should wait for their wedding night.  She tells him that she set a date and is having the pre-nup papers drawn up. Paul looks upset, but Tracy said there is no way around it.  Leopold tells Dominique he had to commit her Aunt.  AJ goes to Nancy Eckert's hotel room trying to squeeze more money out of him.  Faison meets Paul in the park. He tells him that his wedding to Tracy is set for October 25th. He tells Faison that Julia Barrett and Bill are asking questions regarding the cannery purchases. Faison gives Paul the antidote to the virus.  He tells Paul to give Tracy whatever she wants.  Faison tells Paul he must get her stock in the marriage.  Paul runs into Jenny in the park.  He tells Jenny his relationship with Tracy is an act.  Bill and Julia chat with Lucy to find out why she forged papers.

September 27, 1991 - Bobbie and Tony discuss her being tied up and mugged, and she wants him to stop his research.  Anna and Robert witness this discussion.  Mac and Felicia discuss how good it is to be back in Port Charles and the Outback.  Sean talks to the WSB.  Bobbie worries about BJ safety. Robert tells them this case has gotten a lot bigger than just finding a cure for Tiffany.   Mac and Connor talk about Dominique.  Mac starts thinking about how much he misses her.  Robert and Anna arrive at the penthouse to meet with Sean.  Sean tells them that there is some connection with the South of France for the cartel. Sean and Tiffany decide to go to the South of France on vacation.  A new woman arrives and wants to be a bartender at the Outback.  Dominique finds her cat is dead.  She confronts Leopold who makes her think she is crazy when her cat walks in. Anna gets all dressed up to go out with Robert. Taub realizes that Dominique has her hearing back.  Robert tells Mac his parents would be proud of him. Tony and Bobbie go to the Outback to dance.  Nancy accuses AJ of ransacking her room. She threatens to send his parents a letter.  AJ tells her he will see her dead before she does that.  Dominique tells Leopold she doesn't love him. She takes a nap.  Robert and Anna dance at the Outback. Leopold picks up Dominique and tries to take her to bed with him. She threatens him that she will hurt him.

September 30, 1991 - Leopold tries to talk Dominique down to drop her weapon.   Paul shows up late at the Q mansion and blames it on ELQ business. Tracy gives him the pre-nup.  He says he wants a codicil added after one year's time when their stock will be jointly owned.  She says fine, she will talk to her lawyers.  Nancy is drunk at the Outback, so Mac calls her a cab home.   Mac and Felicia dance.  Sean and Tiffany get ready for their trip to Paris.  Tracy announces to Alan and Monica that their wedding is back on, and suggests they go to the Outback to celebrate.  Mac asks Jenny to dance, right when Paul and Tracy walk in.   Tracy asks Connor to announce their engagement and sing a song for them.  Jenny is glaring.  Ned walks in.  Anna and Robert are ready to leave, but Robert needs to talk to Mac.  Anna goes outside and runs into Faison.  He tries to hypnotize her again. Amy is at the Outback with Ruby. She is looking over at the table with all her friends.  Robert comes up to Tracy and Paul to wish them congrats on their upcoming wedding.  He apologizes for being drunk at their wedding.  Leopold attacks Dominique.
     Tiffany packs her for her trip. She is nervous about leaving home that she will be sick.  Connor sings at the Outback and there are some cute couple moments between Alan and Monica and Paul/Tracy.  Tracy tells Paul while dancing that she can't wait to meet his daughter.  He is busy staring at Jenny.  Ned takes Jenny home.  He tells her that he wants her to help him redecorate the Gatehouse.  He tells Jenny he is very serious about her.   He kisses her and Tracy/Paul walk in.  Robert and Anna go back to the Webber's and both agree that they like it. She is pleased that he likes the idea of living there. They flirt with each other; he obviously loves her red dress. He starts unwrapping her dress and says it's like a Christmas present. A neighbor comes to the door when he sees the lights on. He returns to the living room to find Anna gone and she has left a trail of her nylons, shoes, and he eager runs up the stairs after her. Meanwhile Dominique tries to escape. Leopold injects her with a drug to sedate her.

tober 1, 1991 - Bobbie brings Tony lunch at his lab.  Scott and Lucy are trying to examine the evidence from the trial.  Bill and Nancy have an altercation in his office.  Julia is all glowing from spending her night with Bill. Scott comes in and tells her to tell Bill he can take a look at the photo anytime.  Lucy is busy doing her nails when Bill calls her and wants her to pick up special for Julia.   Sean and Tiffany arrive in Paris.  They spend the day in bed. Tony asks Bobbie to get BJ a present for him cause he is so busy.  Bill meets with the judge to talk to him about being drugged at the trial.  Lucy tries to wrap a package for Julia without her seeing it.  Sean gives Tiffany a ring.  Tom encourages Tony to take a day off and go be with his daughter on her birthday.  Bill talks to the lab about the photo used in the trial.  Scott is hiding and listening in.  The photo lab guy wants Scott to pay him off for lying.  Scotty and Lucy scheme again to keep their involvement with Nancy a secret.  Bill tells Julia he can”t let Sly go.

tober 2, 1991 Tony needs to go to the lab. Anna arrives to the Brownstone to give Bobbie some paperwork. Robert and Mac arrive at Serenity.  Dominique is at the Sanitarium. She wants to see her old doctor. They tell her he has died. Anna gets a call from Faison at Bobbie”s house.  He wants her to meet him at the park. Steve and Audrey are on this episode in his office. Steve is worried about Bobbie and Tony. Tom comes in and Steve asks how Anna's deprogramming is coming along. Harlan, Faison and Leopold meet. Anna meets with Tom and tells him that Faison was unsuccessful at his attempts to try to hypnotize her. Anna meets with Faison again and he asks her the question that he thinks will hypnotize her.  When he thinks he has her under his power, he asks her to take the cannery file from Robert's office. She refuses saying that she can't as that is illegal. He assures her that she is merely borrowing it to help Robert and once convinced, she agrees. Leopold and Harlan think that the Founders Day celebration is the place to test the carbon sulfite. Bobbie and Tony talk about how wonderful last night was in the honeymoon suite at the hotel.  Anna goes to Robert's office.  She calls Robert, but tells him she will tell him what is going on when he is back in town.

tober 3, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Jenny and her roommates are joking around.  Lucy arrives at her office.  There are a bunch of men waiting there. Lucy asks what they are doing there.  She seems them go one by one into Julia”s office. Lucy calls Scott to come talk to her.  Scott is meeting with Bill who fires him. Lucy wonders what is going on with all the men Julia is interviewing.  Ned shows up at ELQ and needs to talk to Paul, who is rushing out the door to a meeting with Tracy. Ned tells Paul he knows Tracy thinks Jenny is beneath the mighty Quartermaines. Paul tells him to not press Jenny into anything.  Scott goes to Ruby's for coffee and watches Nancy eat lunch with Sly.  Bill walks in and wants to know what Julia is doing interviewing for.  She is trying to hire someone to seduce Nancy. Bill meets with the judge again.  Ned shows up at Jenny”s apartment and gives her a painting from ELQ”s art collection.

October 3-10 1991:  10/3 partial, 10/4, 10/7, 10/8, 10/9, 10/10 (no show on 10/11)

October 3, 1991 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Scott tells Lucy Bill fired him that day.  He tells Lucy they gotta go pay the photographer more “shut up” money.  Jenny has an housewarming party with her roommates.  Julia attends and gives her a gift but then has to leave for an emergency.  Ned asks Jenny again if she will help him with the Gatehouse.  Jenny asks Ned if it bothers him that Paul is so much younger than Tracy.  Ned asks her why she is interested in Paul so much.  Ned asks her if she is in love with someone else cause she is so fickle towards him.   Bill and Julia go out for dinner.

tober 4, 1991 - Bill and Julia are in his office.  Tiffany and Sean enjoy a romantic dinner.  Robert, Mac and Anna are working on Dominique's case. They are trying to track down Irene Taub.  They are trying to figure out if she is Leopold's first wife.  They decide to go to the sanitarium to find out. Anna tells Robert that Faison thinks she is under his spell and she will bring it to Faison.  Robert wants her to be careful.  Mac tells Anna about Dominique and her hesitation to make love to him. Dominique starts her therapy. She tells the doctor she loves Mac. Bill shows at the Quartermaine and visits with Lila. He tells her he is there to have a chat with AJ.  Lila tells Bill she met Nancy Eckert coming to see AJ at the house. Bill confronts AJ, who denies it. Sean and Tiffany enjoy their dinner. They ask about someone who runs a perfume factory.
     Harlan tells Faison that the goons who rattled Bobbie didn't deter Tony.  And that Sean is still on their trail.  Faison wants to withhold Tiffany's medicine and let her die.  Harlan says no way.  They tell Faison that Scorpio was about to expose the cartel, but with his best friend's wife sick, he won't expose them.  Faison tells them never to underestimate Donnelly, Anna or Robert.  Dominique tells the therapist that she would agree to the treatment, but she wants a friend to be there with her.  She tells her she can't cause Leopold has conservatorship over her.  Anna calls Faison to meet her in the park to deliver the file.  Sean and Tiffany's vacation gets extended.  Faison returns to the cartel meeting with the cannery file.  The rest of the cartel is doubtful.  Faison says he will get to Robert through Anna.  He says when Robert is eliminated, he wants Anna to be his wife.  Robert and Anna decided they will scheme against Faison and “Turn the Snake on himself”.  Mac comes in to Robert's office.  They found Aunt Irene and that she is dead.  She was Dominique's aunt and Leopold's first wife. He had her killed.

tober 7, 1991 - Bobbie gets ready for BJ's birthday party.  Bill and Julia meet.  The therapist asks Dominique if she has talked to her husband.  Bill asks Julia to buy him out, and take Sly on the run so he doesn't have to stay with Nancy.  BJ's party takes place.  A clown comes in. She hopes it is her dad Tom tells Bobbie that Tony told him he would be there.  Mac tries to sneak into Shadowbrook.  Someone stops him but he manages to make it to Dominique's room.  Tony finally arrives at the party with a huge dollhouse for BJ.  Bill hires people to take care of Nancy.  Mac shows up at BJ's party and talks to Felicia about getting to see Dominique.  Julia is worried about Bill and what he is plotting.  Julia needs to talk to her father right away.  Harlan's secretary calls her and says he will meet her the next day for lunch.

tober 8, 1991 - Tony officially quits the lab.  Bill tells Julia that he is going to get Nancy out of his life and then he will have room for change in his life.  He wants Julia to sign that she will buy him out.   Sean meets with someone about the perfume factory that is owned by Harlan Barrett.  His contact tells him not to let Mr. Barrett see him enter the property.  Anna tells Robert about Faison's latest request for more files about anything to do with him. Robert is annoyed by his increasing greed for information. They meet with Mac and come up with a plan to divide and conquer. The first phase of that plan is for Mac to get close to Paul. Mac grumbles that he can't stand Hornsby, but Robert and Anna encourage him to put aside his feelings for the sake of the plan.  Robert meets with Tony who has had an attack of conscience and he says he has to tell Bobbie the truth about the danger her and BJ are in. She of course is furious for being lied to and having her family placed in danger, and she is not happy with Robert for putting Tony in this position.
     Harlan meets with Julia.  She tells her dad that Bill wants to buy her out of the business.  She tells him that Bill wants to take Sly and run.  She thinks he is going to do something desperate and dangerous to Nancy. Sean and Tiffany are at the perfume factory testing perfume while Sean does some research. Sean calls Anna and tells her they made progress.  He tells them the noose around their friends necks are getting tighter.  Harlan comes to talk to Bill about Julia's concerns.  Tony tells Bobbie he apologizes and is willing to give up his research for her.
     Anna kisses Robert, and then leaves him hanging as she saunters out as he calls out after her to wait, groaning in frustration. Later that night, Robin surprises her parents with a romantic candlelit dinner for two. After Robin leaves, as Anna seductively tells Robert that Robin is spending the night at her friend's and so they will have the night alone and can be as loud as they want causing Robert to choke on his food.  After the dinner they adjourn to a candlelit bedroom, Anna is wearing new lingerie. Anna tells him the house will be beautiful when she is finished with it. Robert admits he was dubious about the living in the house when she first mentioned it, as he was more into the penthouse way of living. She asks him if he has changed his mind and he says he wouldn't want to live anywhere else, all the while kissing her. He suddenly swoops her up and carries her off to bed.

tober 9, 1991 - Nancy comes back to her hotel to find it ransacked.  Bill tells Nancy he wants to see her at the Port Charles Hotel Grille. Lila comes in and wants to talk to Edward's photo.  Lila wants to know what to do about Tracy's bridal shower.  Lila says nobody is giving her one.  Monica comes in and Lila asks her to throw a shower for Tracy.  Monica says Tracy has no friends.  Paul arrives to pick up Tracy at the Gatehouse. Ned is sarcastic to him and calls him Pop. Tracy tells him to have more respect as this man is going to give him the baby sister he always wanted.  Nancy arrives at the Q mansion to see AJ. Alan throws her out of the house.  Bill gets a call from Scott to meet him later that day. Bill tells Julia he is going to buy Nancy off. AJ thanks Alan for throwing Nancy out.  Alan wants to know the deal.  He reminds AJ of the conversation about his legacy and responsibility.  Paul takes Tracy to meet his daughter.  She announces to Susan that she will move in to the Q mansion. Paul is not happy and tells his daughter they will discuss it later.
     Bill asks Jenny to watch Sly for him. Julia calls Nancy and asks her to meet with her.  Ned runs into Jenny in the elevator.  Monica runs into Bobbie at the hospital and asks her to co-host a bridal shower for Tracy.  Bobbie says that Tracy has no friends. She has only seen her with women.  They can't think of anyone to invite. Alan wants to talk to Monica about AJ. Bill has lunch with Julia and tries to convince her he still has feelings for her.  He tells her he is serious about her. He gives her the keys to a new BMW.  He tells Nancy he wants to marry her again.  He wants her to meet him at the Lighthouse.  Tracy and Paul arrive home and fight over Susan moving in.  He tells her that it is because he wants honeymoon time with her first. She buys it.  Then Lila comes in and Tracy is talking to Edward's picture. Edward says he can't wait to see Tracy move back in and tearing Alan and Monica apart and how Ned is his new favorite.
     Ned and Jenny eat lunch.  He tells her that his mother thinks she is 25.  Ned isn't happy about Tracy and Paul.  He tells Jenny that he has a new “step-sister”.  Ned thinks Paul's daughter will be after his inheritance.  Ned tells her how he hates Paul, and he is going for control of ELQ with Paul. Bill and Nancy tell each other they love each other.  Julia tells Nancy whatever Bill offers her, she will match the money.  Tracy calls Monica and asks her to be the matron of honor.  Monica tells Bobbie who gives her condolences.  They plan the shower at the Brownstone.  Paul calls Alan to ask him to stand up at the wedding.  AJ meets Nancy at the bar. Nancy demands money from him.  Bill makes a call to make sure his people are “on for tonight”

tober 10, 1991 - Jenny is walking on the docks.  She runs into Mac.  Sean tells Robert and Anna about a perfume factory in France that locals are complaining about negatively effecting their cow's milk production and the chicken's egg production. Sean shows him some pictures that Tiffany took.  Bobbie calls Anna to invite her to a party.  Scott and Lucy are in their office.  He gets a call from Bobbie inviting him to a party at the Outback for Tony and Bobbie's anniversary.  Bill walks in. Bill wants Scott to draw up a pre-nup agreement for him and Nancy that afternoon.  Nancy meets with Scott.  He tries to flirt with her. She threatens Scott.  Sean tells Robert and Anna he has a meeting with Paul.
     Mac meets with Paul and asks him why he is marrying Tracy while he is in love with Jenny.  Bill tells Sly he can't be with him that night even though it is their last night together.  Sean meets with Paul and tells him that Tony's research project has been shut down. Sean also tells him that Robert has been meeting with Harlan privately. Anna feeds Faison the perfume factory information and seems rattled that Robert discovered this link to him. Sean later tells Robert and Anna that Paul was very upset with the news about Tony's research project being shut down. Paul meets with Faison and seems to indicate that Harlan is leaking cartel info to Robert (the plan obviously being that Faison will suspect Harlan of leaking the perfume factory info to Robert).  Nancy Eckert sits next to Faison at the bar and they toast to new beginnings.  Bill is in his office, looking at his watch.

No Show on Oc
tober 11, 1991

October 14-18, 1991:  10/14 cm Nancy Eckert murder mystery begins, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17, 10/18

October 14, 1991 - Sly is spending the night at Jenny's house.  AJ calls Shelia asking her out on a date.  AJ is about to leave when he gets a letter delivered for Alan Quartermaine.  The letter is really for his dad and it is from Nancy telling Alan she has dirt on his son. The Outback is open and Connor is getting ready to perform. Julia arrives to sit with Lucy.  Lucy tells Nancy that Bill is going to the Lighthouse to get Nancy to sign a pre-nupt agreement.  Bill arrives at a different restaurant and asks for a table for two.  AJ arrives at the hotel looking for Nancy. He goes out in the rain.  Tracy and Paul arrive at the Outback for Tony and Bobbie's party.  Tracy tells Lucy to mind her own business.  Scott arrives with the pre-nupt for Bill.  Lucy tells Scott that Julia left. Lucy and Scott discuss how whacked out Nancy is.  The storm is huge and Nancy arrives at the lighthouse.  Scott calls Bill but Nancy answers the phone.  Scott goes out in the rain.
     Paul goes to speak to Faison.  Faison tells him to go back to Tracy. Steve and Audrey show up at the party.  Mac makes a toast to Bobbie and Tony.  Connor sings.  Lucy goes out in the rain too. Nancy is dressing up in a negligee.  Nancy calls the Outback and speaks to Mac and tells him Bill and she will be there, but will be late.  Julia arrives at the lighthouse.  She and Nancy fight.  AJ looks in the window.   Ned shows up at Jenny's apartment with flowers.  Ned tells Jenny how his parents were together when he was young, but they would jet off to Europe and leave him at the prep school and ignore him.   Bill calls Jenny to tell her his meeting is late.  Everyone toasts Tony and Bobbie.  Jenny shows up at the hotel.  She looks for Nancy and finds out she went to the lighthouse.  Tony serenades Bobbie.  AJ goes into the lighthouse.  Finds Nancy lying on the couch dead and leaves.  Tracy asks Paul where they are going on their honeymoon.  There is some voice over about the lights dimming at the club and what is going on at the lighthouse.  Scott, Lucy, Faison, Julia, Bill, Sly and Finnean, Jenny, AJ and Nancy Eckert.

tober 15, 1991 - The “Who Done IT' continues.  Jenny comes back with ice cream.  Ned is watching Sly. Robert and Anna show up at the Outback.  The anniversary party continues.  The police show up at the Lighthouse and find Nancy dead and Bill looking guilty.  The police stop Bill.  Scott and AJ and Julia and Lucy arrive back at the outback.  Robert gets a call that Nancy has been murdered.  Someone takes off Faison masks to give him an alibi all night at the Outback.  Bill asks Robert if he can make a phone call to Julia.  Everyone at the Outback discuss the murder.  Mac notices that Faison doesn't have the burn in his coat lapel.  Bill calls Jenny to tell her about Nancy being killed.  He asks her to keep Sly away from the news.  Bill tells Robert he didn't kill Nancy.  The rest of the episode is the continuation of the Outback party.  Ned is with Jenny and she tells him about Nancy Eckert.  Robert questions Julia as well.  Robert returns to the Outback and tells Anna he wants to go home.

tober 16, 1991 - Sean comes to Tony's office to help with security for Tony's new research lab.  The cartel meet about Nancy's murder.  Bill and Julia meet to talk about Nancy.  Faison admits to killing Nancy.  Sly wants to know where his dad is.  Sean tells Tony there is a secret operating room, but it will be his secret lab.  Bill tells Sly about his mother's death.  Harlan comes to see Julia.  Bobbie comes to visit Bill.  Lucy questions where Bill was the night before.  Tiffany arrives at the hospital and sees the lab is closed.  Sean plays along and gets mad at Tony to cover up his secret operation because Faison is lurking the halls.  Later, Sean and Tiffany go into Tony's office and explain to Tiffany what is going on.

tober 17, 1991 - Tracy's surprise bridal shower is about to begin at the Brownstone.  Alan and Monica talk about Tracy's shower and how they had to pay people to come.  Tracy comes in and says she is leaving for NYC to buy a trousseau.  Monica looks upsets because now the shower won't go on. Robert and Anna wake up in bed together. Mac rings the doorbell and interrupts.  Bobbie and Amy and Meg discuss what to buy Tracy.  Tracy tells Monica she has to pack for her trip.  They get into a fight and Tracy says nobody even planned her a shower so she has to buy her own gifts.  Lila comes in and looks upset that the shower plans are ruined.  Robert, Anna, Mac and Sean meet about Faison.  They leave Mac and Anna to work together.  Anna tells Mac she likes to lead her men into battle!  Monica calls the brownstone about Tracy going to NY.  Robert gets the autopsy report on Nancy Eckert.  He seems a bit upset.  He wanted to not have to have Bill be a suspect.  Anna and Mac discuss their plan.  Lila tells Monica to go to the hospital to see Alan and tell him what she says to do.
     Mac impersonates a fire chief and says he must have a fire drill at the hotel.  He is trying to force Faison and the cartel out of their room.  Robert continues investigating Nancy's murder.  Mac tells the hotel manager that room 305 went back into their room and he needs them to evacuate.  Lila arrives at the shower and tells them Tracy will be there.  Sean goes back to the hospital to find out what Faison was doing at the hospital.  Monica tells Alan he needs to be the one to get Tracy to shower.  Monica tells him Lila said to mention the word astrology to Tracy.  Anna checks out Faison's room. But Faison and Leopold wander back in there while Anna hides. They put a bug in the room.  Tracy arrives at the shower.  She goes straight for the gifts. She makes a bunch of snarky remarks, then tells Monica she forgot to invite Anna. Anna goes to Robert and tells him that they planted the bug.  Robert tells Anna that Bill is his suspect.  Robert and Anna kiss. Mac and Sean monitor Faison's conversation.

tober 18, 1991 - Robin is doing homework when Mac and Anna come in.  Scott talks to Sly.  Julia is mad that Robert has kept her waiting for so long.  Scott and Bobbie talk about how they can cheer Sly up.  Anna brings in an old barber chair she got for Robert.  Robert continues to investigate Nancy's murder.  Paul has a meeting with Ned and asks him to handle some things for him while he and Tracy are on their honeymoon.  Ned is obnoxious to Paul and tells him that he is going to be his step-dad, so he can act like a child.  Paul asks Ned if he approves of the wedding or not.  Ned tells him he is going to keep his mouth shut about it all, so that if and when he gets married, Tracy will have to keep her mouth shut.  Paul wonders if Ned is talking about Jenny.  Jenny comes to give Tracy a belated shower gift, which Tracy criticizes.  They get into an altercation about Bill and Jenny slaps Tracy.
     Mac reads a letter from Dominique.  Tom comes over to talk to Sly about his mother's death.  Robert questions Julia about the murder and her relationship with Bill.  Anna and Mac talk about Dominique and her recovery.  Jenny comes to see Ned and tells him she slapped his mother.  Ned laughs and tells her that Tracy deserves whatever she gets.  Ned tells Jenny he doesn't think that Paul really loves his mother.  He thinks he is marrying her for his money.  Ned says he has a gut feeling that Paul is a big phony.  He asks Jenny for her opinion of Paul.  Robert tells Bill he needs more access to the Lighthouse.  Anna gives Robert his present of the old chair.  He likes it.

October 21-25, 1991:  10/21, 10/22, 10/23, 10/24, 10/25 Paul & Tracy marry

October 21, 1991 - Felicia meets with Sean.  He tells her he heard from Frisco.  Connor is singing for Mac.  Robert comes in, and asks Mac to remember what time Lucy Coe left the Outback the night of Nancy Eckert's murder.  Someone calls Bill and wants them to meet him.   Felicia is mad that Frisco had to contact her through a third party.  Sean tells Felicia that Frisco wants her to take Maxi to Texas to meet with him so he can see them.  Felicia says no way.  Lucy tells Scott she had a great time at a spa.   Scott tells Lucy that she is a suspect for Nancy's murder.  Lucy gets stopped at the hospital and taken in for questioning.   Bobbie and Finnean entertain Sly when Julia shows up with Sly's goldfish.  Julia asks Bill why he is pushing her away.  Someone comes to the Outback looking for Connor.  Scott tells Lucy to not say she was anywhere near the Lighthouse or Nancy's dead body.  Connor tells Felicia and Mac that his father was referred to as El Patron.  Felicia offers to help by contacting Sean Donnelly.  Robert asks Lucy if she recognizes the valet parking stubs from the Outback that says she left in time to be a suspect for Nancy's murder.  Scott tells Lucy he didn't kill Nancy either.  Robert questions two thugs, and says he is booking them on suspicion of murder one.  They finally fess up that Bill Eckert was going to pay them for getting rid of Nancy.  They say when the cops showed up they got cold feet.  Sean meets with Felicia and Connor.  Robert shows up at the Brownstone to arrest Bill

October 22, 1991 - Tony talks about his research in the elevator in the hospital.  Faison is standing there when the door opens.   Scotty calls Lucy at work.  He accuses her of turning him in for Nancy's murder.  Then he realizes that the police are there to arrest Bill, not Scott.  Tony heads into surgery but is really going into his undercover lab.  Faison starts asking Tom Hardy questions about patients and oxygen and is trying to find out information on surgery.  Robert lets Bill say bye to Sly before he drags him down to the police station.  Scott and Lucy talk about the case against Bill.  Harlan calls Julia and she tells him she needs a great lawyer for Bill.  Harlan tells the cartel about Bill's arrest.  They want Bill to take the fall for Nancy's murder.  Tony talks about his research and wanting to help Tiffany.  Tony discovers her found the compound he lost.  He is ecstatic! Scott comes in and talks to Bobbie.  He apologizes for not being able to help Bill, but he tells her that Bill didn't' want his help.  Tony comes home so happy to share his good news, but finds out that Bill has been arrested.  Robert is in his office working on the case.

October 23, 1991 - Robert and Anna are eating.  They call Robin downstairs.  Bill's attorney shows up to represent him.  Tony calls Sean and Tiffany to come over and gives them the good news about finding the compound.  Robin comes down and needs help on her outfit.  Anna asks Robin “what is his name?” meaning the boy who Robin is trying to impress.  Robert says she is too young to date.  The boy Roger shows up to walk Robin to school.  Tracy meets with Delfina the wedding coordinator.  They get into a fight and Delfina quits.  Tracy snipes at Jennings to make calls to see who is coming.  Julia shows up at Anna's house to talk to her about Bill.  Anna gets a phone call from Jennings to see if she is attending Tracy's wedding.
     Mac goes to jail to visit Bill.  He makes friends with the guard who lets him in.  Mac is trying to help Bill, but Bill doesn't trust him.  He thinks Robert sent him.   Mac meets with Robert and tells him he tried to get info out of Bill. Robert is really angry.  Julia comes in and is angry with Robert for using what she told him off the record to arrest Bill.  Tracy is freaking out as the wedding plans are going awry.  Delphina shows back up and Tracy apologizes and begs her to take over.  She agrees. Bill recounts his story of the night Nancy died to Robert.  Mac, Anna and Sean are listening to the tape of Faison and the cartel.  Sean tells Anna and Mac that Tony is close to a breakthrough but he needs an extra pill for Tony to use for research, but Tiffany needs the one he has.  Anna tells Sean to take the bug and hand it over to the cartel to trade for another pill.  Sean leaves to go execute his plan.  He tells Tony, Bobbie and Tiffany that he has what it takes to get the pill.  He is going to go to Paul about it.  Julia goes to visit Bill in jail.

October 24, 1991 - Lila comes in and talks to Edward's photo.  She tells him Tracy is so unhappy that Edward isn't going to be there for the wedding.  He tells Lila that Alan has to stand in for him.  He tells Lila that Alan should sing at the wedding.  Tracy and Paul walk in.  She is arguing with him that the honeymoon spot is the bride's choice and she wants to go to the Caribbean.  Paul says under his breath that he is not going. Sean shows up at Paul's office looking for him.  Ned asks if he can help Sean.  Tiffany arrives at the Brownstone and is exhausted. She is not feeling well.  Ned comes to the Brownstone looking for Jenny.  He sees Tiffany and asks her why she isn't on the news that night.  Sean arrives at the Brownstone and asks Tiffany why she isn't at the station.  Sean tells her he is still looking for Paul Hornsby.  Sean tells Felicia that he has some more news about Frisco.  He is still trying to get in touch with Felicia.  Tracy and Paul continue arguing about their honeymoon plans and Tracy says maybe they should call it all off if all they do is fight.  Monica walks in and is freaking out about the hideous dress Tracy is making her wear to be her Maid of Honor.  Monica says she refuses to wear the green dress.
     Anna and Julia arrive at the Qs with some gifts.  Felicia's grandmother shows up at the Brownstone.  Tiffany brings in pizza but she feels really sick and needs to lie down.  Mariah tells Felicia she wishes she and Maxi would come live with her in Texas.  Julia and Anna arrive and they hate Monica's dress.  Lila comes in and tells Tracy Edward wants Alan to sing at the wedding. Tracy is freaking out that everyone is determined to ruin her special day. Alan walks in right as Tracy is saying how bad Alan's voice is, and Alan breaks into song!  Tracy continues to carry on about nobody giving her a rehearsal dinner.  She demands that Alan and Monica join her and Paul at the Outback that night.  Alan says he will only go if he can sing at the wedding. Ned is in Paul's office and questions him about the cannery purchases that he snuck around the board.  He threatens to blow Paul out of the water.  Ned tells Paul he has a date with Jenny and he will see him at the funeral-he means wedding!  Bobbie tells Tiffany she knows she hasn't taken her pill yet.  She is hiding that from Sean.  Mariah shows up at the Outback with Felicia.  Alan, Monica and Tracy show up there too.  Ned and Jenny have a date.  He makes the moves on her and she pushes him off the couch.  Sean talks to Paul and tells him that he needs another pill because a chemist he knows can find the cure.  Paul turns him down.  Sean knocks him out!   Sean tells him about the bug Anna planted.  Paul agrees to ask for another pill.

October 25, 1991 - Delphina is making the last minute wedding arrangements in the Q living room.  Lila wants her to move the flowers out of Edward's face.  Tracy is all nervous.  Lucy busts Scott in Bill's office snooping around.  Paul meets with Leopold and begs him for another pill because his daughter dropped hers down the drain.  Leopold refuses.  Paul plays dirty and tells him he will blow the cartel's cover.  Bill's hearing starts.  His bail is set at one million dollars.  Bill gets out on bail and comes back to his office to find scotty and Lucy arguing.  Julia comes and she and Bill kiss.  Paul gets called back to Leopold's office.  He asks him if he considered his proposal to trade info for another pill.  Leopold tells him yes.  Paul finds the bug in the office.  Leopold is impressed.  He says he will give him another pill.  Delphina continues with the wedding preparations. Paul comes in and she mistakes him for the band.  Lila has a nice talk with Paul.  He says he feels very strange and forgotten.  Chief Ramsey questions Jenny Eckert about the murder.  Sean shows up with a telegram for Felicia from Frisco.  Scott and Lucy flirt.  He wants to go up to her place.  Bill takes Sly to a football game.  Mariah tells Felicia to follow her heart when it comes to Frisco.  Scott and Lucy go back to her place and he tells her to slip into something more comfortable whlie he searches the place for evidence.  Lucy busts him.

October 28 - November 4, 1991:  10/28 Paul & Tracy wedding continues, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/1, 11/4 partial

October 28, 1991 - Delphina and Monica are all setting up for the wedding.  Ned talks to Monica about getting the wedding off the ground.  Tracy comes downstairs not dressed and all nervous.  Alan walks in and says Paul is nowhere to be found.  Robert and Anna are getting ready to go to Tracy's wedding.  Robert doesn't want to go and neither does Anna, but she insists that he needs to go for Lila's sake.  Robert gets a call from Remi and gets out of going to the wedding.  Bill sees  Jenny and Bobbie and Tony getting ready to go to the wedding.  They ask Bill to come.  He says he is sure Tracy doesn't want him there after he barfed at their engagement party. They want him to go just to make Tracy mad.  Scott wants Lucy to go to the wedding with him.  They see Paul at the bar and ask him if he is going to show up for the wedding.  Paul meets with Leopold to get the pill.  Guests start arriving for the wedding.  Ned is all hostile that he hasn't seen Paul yet.  Monica asks Ned to stop wearing his hostility on his sleeve.  She tells him to keep his remarks in the family.
     Tracy is her robe in the study talking to Edward's picture.  She is scared of making the biggest mistake of her life because Paul is so young.  Ned is listening.  He tells Tracy he loves her and he is proud to give her away, very touching scene.  Tracy sees Bill and makes some snarky comments to him about being a jailbird.  Monica rushes her upstairs to get dressed. Ned apologizes to Jenny and Bill.   Sean catches Paul in his office to give him the pill.  Sean questions why Paul is marrying Tracy.  He tells him he needs a minute alone.  Sean tells Paul he will let him know about the results of the research.  He tells Paul he thinks that someone has a shotgun to his head to make him marry Tracy.   Jennings tells Monica that they are running out of champagne; Monica says the groom is missing and Tracy is going to freak.  Monica asks Anna if she can call Mac to sell them some more champagne.  Mac says he will be right over.
     Robert opens a box up in a locker that contains a tape recorder and a two perfume vials.  He finds a negative that looks like a picture of AJ having a romp with Nancy.  He finds a note from Nancy trying to blackmail AJ.  Robert decides he is going to show up at Tracy's wedding after all to question AJ.  Sean gives Tiffany the pill he got from Paul.  Tiffany wants to go to the wedding with Sean, so she can give the pill to Tony in person.  Ned shows up and finds Paul in his office.  He asks Paul if he is waiting for a last minute escape from marrying his mother.  Ned tells Paul not to hurt his mother because he has made her more vulnerable that he has ever seen Tracy.  He tells Paul he will drive him to the wedding.  Robert shows up and tells Anna and Mac about the evidence regarding AJ.   Sean gives Tony the extra pill.  Paul finally arrives and the wedding is about to begin.  Lucy slips into her seat.  The wedding takes place and they exchange vows.  Robert has a conversation about AJ with Robert about the test she is giving AJ to avoid scandal.  Jenny catches Tracy's bouquet and Paul looks on sad.  Robert hears Scott's voice on the tape in Nancy's locker.

October 29, 1991 - Felicia and Mac are at the Outback.  Felicia says she wishes she was invited to the Q wedding because she likes Tracy.  Felicia finds a clown on the bar and a note from Frisco to meet her in Texas.  Robert wakes up and find Anna gone already.  Anna is in her office working.  Robert tries to distract her to come back to bed, but she is too busy.  Robert and Anna discuss Bill's arrest and the Eckert murder. Alan talks to AJ about borrowing the car.  Monica tells Bobbie she admires how supportive she has been of her cousin Bill.  Bobbie tells Monica it was a very nice wedding.  Felicia discusses going to visit Frisco and that Maxie's birthday is Halloween.  Connor tells Mac and Felicia that Felicia's mother knows El Patron, his father.  Felicia says she is going to Texas too.   Paul and Tracy arrive in the Bahamas on their honeymoon.  Tracy is anxious to get Paul into bed, but he insists they go for a swim.  She is not happy, but agrees finally.
     Mac shows up at the Scorpio house.  Robin comes in with posters she is making for Founder's Day.  Mac goes to question someone down on the docks.  Felicia tells Anna she really does still love Frisco.  Robert confronts AJ about Lila's provisions to give AJ his inheritance if he avoids scandal.  He tells AJ he is a suspect. AJ says he has an alibi in Sheila.  Tracy and Paul get back from a swim, and she wants to go to bed with him again and he wants to go sight-seeing. Tracy lashes out and wants to know why he doesn't want her.  She tells him she hates him, then freaks out and apologizes.  Finally they start to kiss and fall to the floor together.  Robert is re-examining his suspects on his chalk board.  Mac tells Connor that it is fine for Felicia and Connor to have some time off.  AJ's friend roughs up Shelia and tells her she better vouch for AJ if Robert questions her.  Robert sees Alan and Monica at the hospital and tells them they look good after the wedding.  They ask Robert about the murder investigation.  Robert is looking for Shelia to question her.  He wants to verify AJ's alibi. Shelia tells Robert she was with AJ.  Bobbie tells Felicia she is giving her a going away party.  Shelia comes to see Robert at his office.  She comes clean about AJ's friend roughing her up.

October 30, 1991 - Audrey and Julia and the Mayor's wife and Simone eat lunch together to discuss Founders Day.  Robert arrives and kisses Anna, but he has to leave again so he can't rescue her.  Sly and Bill leave the Brownstone and go home. The police arrive at the Brownstone and want to search Scott's apartment.  Robert and Mac talk about their strategy to out the cartel.   Bobbie calls Scott to tell him the police have a warrant to search his apartment. Scott is like “let them search” it is fine.  The police show up at Lucy's and find an umbrella in her clothes hamper.  Robert questions a hotel bell hop about AJ being at the hotel.  The bartender at the hotel tells Robert that Faison was at the hotel having a drink that night with Nancy. Mac tells Anna that even though Faison was at the Outback, he noticed his jacket was different and didn't have a burn in the lapel.  They think Faison might have had an elaborate alibi cooked up.
     Lucy tells Scott it was her worst nightmare watching the police search her room.  Anna and Mac search Faison's room.  They find a disguise.  They realize someone else might have been wearing a Faison mask.  Bill tells Sly he has to go back to school.  He tells him that kids might be talking about his mom's murder or Bill being a suspect.  Robert comes to the Qs and tells AJ that they discovered his prints at Nancy's lighthouse.  Alan and Monica are shocked.  Ned comes in and jokes about the reason Robert is there.  Robert tells Ned it is official police business.  Ned leaves.  Alan and Monica are furious.  Robert tells AJ he has to come in for questioning.  Monica tries to protect AJ.  AJ recounts his story to Robert.  He tells Robert that Nancy was dead when he arrived. Alan tells Monica AJ doesn't deserve their support and they need to give him a swift kick in the butt.  Alan and Monica fight in the police station and AJ tells them to stop it, and that they never cared about him years ago when they shipped him to boarding school.  Bobbie tells Anna that the police were searching Scott's apt.  She is upset.  Robert gives AJ a lie detector test.  Robert tells Anna that AJ says he saw Bill show up at the scene of the crime after he say Nancy dead.

October 31, 1991 - Bobbie throws Felicia a going away party.  Sean shows up at the Outback.  Robert is in his office.  He gets a report on the vials in Nancy's locker.  The chemical is carbon disulfide.  He reminds Robert Lucy Coe is coming to see him.   Robert wonders if that is what made Bill nutty at the custody hearing.  Faison shows up the office.  Tony is doing his research.  They are trying to time the compound reaction.  They have one chance left to get the compound down right.  Dominique is at Shadowbrook talking to a patient. She is worried she will never get out of there.  Sean shows up at the Outback to talk to Mac. Robert is still piecing together this murder investigation on his chalkboard.  Scotty and Lucy show up for questioning.  Robert asks Lucy if she recognizes the photo of Nancy and AJ Quartermaine.  Robert tells Scott he has the tape of him talking to Nancy.  Robert whips out Scott's umbrella and says he wants to question Lucy alone.
     Anna shows up at Felicia's going away party.  She tells Felicia the worst thing that can happen is if Frisco doesn't show up, then she can come back to Port Charles.  Bobbie calls Tony and he tells her he has one last shot to get the compound straight.  Lucy recounts her story to the police.  Then Scott recounts his story to Robert of the night Nancy was murdered.  Dominique works with a doctor at Shadowbrook. She tells the doctor she is no longer feeling threatened by Leopold.  She tells her that she really loves Mac, even though she was not ready for a relationship with him.  Mac arrives to say goodbye to Felicia.  Felicia's party starts.  Robin is there.  Robert gets the autopsy report that Nancy did fall down the stairs.  Sean tells Robert to come to the party and not try to solve the case that night.  Scotty and Lucy show up to the party.

November 1, 1991 - Alan and Monica demand answers from AJ about how he got involved with Nancy.  AJ gives him a smart alec remark that he is following in Alan's footsteps.  Bill is planning a dinner for Julia at the lighthouse.  Robert, Anna, Sean and Mac meet.  Robert tells them that the lie detector test is inconclusive with AJ.  Mac is taking Felicia down to Texas.  Anna asks Sean to meet her and Robert at 11pm that night after they eat dinner with the mayor. Tracy is glowing, and Paul comes in and she asks him if he is happy.  He says this is all new for him and for her to give him a chance.  Bill is planning his evening with Julia.  Anna and Robert are trying on Halloween costumes.  Alan and Monica want AJ to go out to dinner with them.  AJ has a bad attitude about it.  They take away AJ's car.  They want him to get a job and not be dependent on them for financial support. Ned comes in and tells them they should give him a curfew.  Ned gets a call from Jenny about their dinner date.  She has to cancel.  Ned tells AJ that Lila wants to see him when she gets up from her nap.
     Lila comes in and talks to Edward's picture again about AJ.  She tells him about AJ's involvement with Nancy.  Edward tells Lila the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree.  He tells Lila to cut AJ off.  He tells Lila he loved Tracy's wedding, especially when Alan sang.  Tracy and Paul get a delivery of a fruit basket.  Paul gets a call from Leopold who tells him he wants him to bring back Tracy's proxy for her ELQ shares from their honeymoon. Paul says he is not sure he can do that.  They tell him he has no choice if he loves his daughter.  AJ apologizes to Lila. She tells him it is too late and she is cutting off his inheritance.  AJ begs for another chance.  Lila says no.  Ned walks in to figure out what has happened.  Ned is all smug about it.  Ned brings Jenny a picnic at the library.  They kiss.  Julia and Bill are on their date at the lighthouse.  Anna and Robert continue their costume party dinner with the mayor, et al.  Bill gives Julia some sexy lingerie.  They go upstairs to finally sleep together, and the police interrupt.

November 4, 1991 - partial  episode continued on next dvd. Lucy is in bed. Scott comes to her door.   He tells her Bill was arrested for violating his bail.  Lucy is so happy that Bill is arrested so they won't be suspects anymore.  Scott is concerned for Sly.  Bill is brought to jail.  Julia comes down to the station.  They tell her that Bill went to Canada.  Robert arrives and tells her to go home and that he ordered the arrest.  Two guys come in to Bill's cell and grab him.  Felicia arrives in Texas with Mac and Connor and Maxie.  Tony finds the duplicate compound!  He has to now test it on a human.  Tony sees Bobbie and tells her the good news.  Bill is taken to Robert's office.  Anna and Robert and Sean are there.  They tell Bill he is off the hook for the murder of Nancy. Bill is furious that he has been set up.  They tell Bill that his arrest is a coverup.  They ask Bill if he knows about the cartel Harlan Barrett is a part of.  He says he knows not much about anything.  They tell Bill he needs to join that cartel and report back to them.
     Julia goes to her office and calls her dad.  Harlan shows up and she tells him that Bill has been rearrested.  Sean fills Bill in on Tiffany's illness.  They want Bill to find out about Faison, Leopold and Harlan's plan.  Bill is interested.  They ask him about the carbon disulfide.  He tells them it is so dangerous and they have ventilation systems to get rid of it.  Robert tells Bill they think Nancy used it on him during the custody hearing.  Robert tells Bill that Scott was double crossing him with Nancy.  Anna asks Bill about his relationship with Julia.  They tell him not to tell Julia.  Scott and Lucy are in bed.  She is attacking him. He says he needs time to bounce back.  Scott is really not happy about Bill being arrested because of Sly.  Julia, Harlan and Bill's lawyer come down to the station.  Bill tells them it was a mistake and he is free.  A friend of Mariah's tells Connor about his mother's love affair with El Patron.  Tony tells Sean that he found the compound.  He tells Sean he needs to test it on a human.  Bill comes to Scott's office and beats him up for double crossing him!

November 4-12, 1991:  11/4 partial, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8, 11/11, 11/12 partial

November 4, 1991 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Lucy is in bed. Scott comes to her door.  He tells her Bill was arrested for violating his bail.  Lucy is so happy that Bill is arrested so they won't be suspects anymore.  Scott is concerned for Sly.  Bill is brought to jail.  Julia comes down to the station.  They tell her that Bill went to Canada.  Robert arrives and tells her to go home and that he ordered the arrest.  Two guys come in to Bill's cell and grab him.  Felicia arrives in Texas with Mac and Connor and Maxie.   Tony finds the duplicate compound!  He has to now test it on a human.  Tony sees Bobbie and tells her the good news.  Bill is taken to Robert's office. Anna and Robert and Sean are there. They tell Bill he is off the hook for the murder of Nancy. Bill is furious that he has been set up.  They tell Bill that his arrest is a coverup.  They ask Bill if he knows about the cartel Harlan Barrett is a part of.  He says he knows not much about anything.  They tell Bill he needs to join that cartel and report back to them.  Julia goes to her office and calls her dad.  Harlan shows up and she tells him that Bill has been rearrested.
     Sean fills Bill in on Tiffany's illness.  They want Bill to find out about Faison, Leopold and Harlan's plan.  Bill is interested.  They ask him about the carbon disulfide.  He tells them it is so dangerous and they have ventilation systems to get rid of it.  Robert tells Bill they think Nancy used it on him during the custody hearing.  Robert tells Bill that Scott was double crossing him with Nancy.  Anna asks Bill about his relationship with Julia.  They tell him not to tell Julia.  Scott and Lucy are in bed.  She is attacking him. He says he needs time to bounce back.  Scott is really not happy about Bill being arrested because of Sly.  Julia, Harlan and Bill's lawyer come down to the station.  Bill tells them it was a mistake and he is free.  A friend of Mariah's tells Connor about his mother's love affair with El Patron.  Tony tells Sean that he found the compound.  He tells Sean he needs to test it on a human.  Bill comes to Scott's office and beats him up for double crossing him!
     Robert sees Bobbie at the hospital. She is very cold to him regarding Bill's arrest . Robert tells her he is looking for Scott.  He tells Bobbie Bill has been cleared of Nancy's murder.  Bill walks into the office and talks to Lucy.  Bill dictates a disbarment letter regarding Scott that he wants her to type.  Then he tells her she is fired.  A police officer comes in and wants to take Lucy down to the station.  Lucy and Scott talk down at the police station.   Sean walks into Robert's office and tells Robert and Anna that Tony found the compound and he is no longer under the cartel's thumb.  Bill talks to Julia and apologizes about the night before getting interrupted by the cops.  They kiss.  She reminds him of her meeting with her father that day.

November 5, 1991 - Mac and Felicia are still in Mexico with Mariah.  She gets a call from Sean.  He tells Felicia the item she is waiting for will be there tonight (meaning Frisco). Bill and Julia talk about Nancy's murder.  Scott and Lucy are still waiting in the police station.  Tracy comes back to her room sort of tipsy from rum punch.  Paul takes advantage and suggests that she should leave ELQ to him and maybe open a boutique or start a charity.  Tracy tells him no way and that she likes being his equal in business.  Felicia calls Sean and asks if there is any other message from Frisco.  Sean says he said it is a night for love.  Sean and Anna discuss ELQs purchase of the canneries for the cartel.  Harlan tells the secretary at ELQ to take the rest of the day off.   Ned walks into the police station and makes a comment about Scott and Lucy being silent for once.  He wants to know how much they have on them.   Ned tells them he needs their votes at the board meeting on Friday, and that he will post their bail (Scott and Lucy) if need be.  Mac tells Connor he won't let him get deported out of the country.
     Felicia is still waiting for Frisco to show up.  Anna is at the hospital and she hears about an emergency patient coming in.   The name rings a bell to her so she has to leave.   Bobbie comes to see Lucy and Scott in the interrogation room.   She tells Lucy she doesn't want to see Scott become Lucy's next victim.   Robert tells Sean and Anna that Julia's argument with Nancy was a verbal one, or so she said.  Robert wants Anna to see if she can get info out of Julia.  Paul gets a delivery to the hotel room.  It is a telex.  Paul tells Tracy that they need to go back cause Ned is trying to undermine him and sell the canneries.  Tracy is upset. Paul tells her she can stay and give him her proxy.  Tracy says no way.  She will exercise her own right to vote.  Ned asks Bill which way he is going to vote.   Bill never got the message about the meeting because Harlan didn't tell him.  Scott asks Lucy why she thinks they never got married?  Bill tells Harlan he thinks they should drop the Canneries.  Harlan tells Bill he wants him to meet his business liaisons (cartel).  Bill calls Anna to tell her that Harlan wants him to meet his business associates.  Mac and Connor leave Felicia in Mexico to wait for Frisco.   Felicia sees Frisco and runs into his arms.  Robert meets Bill at the movie theatre for their meeting.

November 4, 1991 - A6 comes down to breakfast and tells Alan and Monica that he only has classes three days a week.  He thinks he might want to play tennis or something.  Monica loses it and tells AJ she is done with him and sick of his antics.  Monica grounds him for two months.  Nancy shows Bill the headlines that he is cleared of murder rap.  Anna says she got some DNA from Nancy to test.   AJ argues his punishment. Alan and Monica hold firm.  Lila agrees.  Monica asks AJ how many affairs he has had.  She reads him the riot act.  She tells him he is going to volunteer at the hospital doing work.  The cartel meets again.  Harlan arrives and tells them Bill and Julia need to be on the board of directors of the cartel.  Robert and Anna fill Mac in on Julia as a suspect.  Lucy and Scott spend the night in jail.  She demands to go home.  Monica arrives at the hospital with AJ and makes Steve and Audrey give him a volunteer job.
     Mac and Robert search Faison's room for a latex mask or a jacket with a burn hole in it.  Mac finds it.  They track down the guy who he paid to wear the mask.   Lila and Alan have a discussion about AJ, and she tells Alan he handled it right.  Robert talks to the man who played Faison at the club.  He finally admits that Ray killed Nancy with poisons given by Faison. Leopold asks Faison if he killed Nancy.  Leopold finally admits that they need Bill, but not Julia.  Faison agrees.  They say to bring Bill around Friday morning to fill him in before the ELQ board meeting.  Bobbie comes to see Bill.  Robert decides to let Scotty and Lucy go.  AJ is mopping the floor in the hospital. Shelia is enjoying watching him work.  Harlan tells Bill he is in to the organization, but his associates don't want Julia.  Anna and Robert talk about Faison being the lead suspect now.

November 7, 1991 - Anna and Bill meet at an art exhibit to discuss his plan to search the plant.  Robert discovers that Julia did have a physical altercation with Nancy.  Another witness who works at the hotel recounts the night of Nancy's murder.  He mentions a redhead who left to go to the lighthouse.  Now this blows Robert's theory about Julia.  Ned Takes Jenny over to the Lighthouse to see Sly.   Ned can't stay cause he has a meeting tomorrow at ELQ to prepare for.  Jenny is daydreaming about the night Nancy was murdered.  Robert tells Mac Bill is trying to infiltrate the cartel.  Mac tells Robert Jenny is no killer.  Anna asks Bill to try to find out where the camera is in the cannery.  Bill asks her what she is wearing under her trench coat.  Anna says a nurse costume.  She is trying to get through to see the mysterious patient at the hospital.   Anna asks Amy about a patient.  Bill inspects the plant, looking for the red door room.  Anna takes care of the mysterious patient.
     Bobbie walks in. She covers for Anna, but tells her her shift is over.  Bobbie and Tony bust her and ask her what is going on.  Tony won't let Anna continue her undercover work.   Bill is looking at the plant blue prints.  He is looking for a room added on.  Jenny tells Ned he is such a nice guy and good with Sly.  She used to think he was selfish and egotistical, but now she thinks different.  Ned says she has changed him.  Her phone rings.  It is Robert and wants Jenny to come down for some questions.  Robert goes over the case and the suspects again with Mac and goes through each suspect and their alibi. Ned tells Jenny he is launching an attack on Paul tomorrow.  Anna comes into Robert's office in her nurse costume.  She tells them that Bobbie threw her out.  Robert tells Anna he has so many suspects.   Remi talks about the bridge being broken and Robert gets a brainstorm.  He wants all the suspects at the Lighthouse on Friday night so he can announce the murderer.

November 8, 1991 - Bill is at the lighthouse.  Jenny comes to see Ned in his office.  She asks Ned if he told Scorpio anything else.  Ned tells her he wishes she would confide in her.  Ned is waiting for the board meeting to commence.  Scott and Lucy get invites to a murder mystery part on Friday night.  The hotel desk clerk is asked to identify Jenny's picture.  Scott and Lucy get ready for the board meeting.  Alan and Monica argue with AJ and pray that he has learned a lesson.  Jenny gets an invite to the murder mystery, as does AJ.   Harlan introduces Bill to the members of the cartel. They ask Bill if he can keep their business separate from Julia.  They tell Bill there is a long serious of interviews he will have to undertake.  Bill tells them he has to go to the ELQ board meeting.  The Board meeting is about to commence.  Ned thinks that he has Alan, Lila and Monica on his side.  He still needs to work on Julia.  Ned says they have a quorum so they can start.  Ned calls the meeting to order.  He tells them that they have been relying on Paul Hornsby to save their company.  Ned said he has made bad decisions about the canneries he has purchased.  Ned asks them to vote to sell the canneries.  Paul and Tracy walk in and Ned is stunned they are back for the meeting.  Paul tells him his figures are wrong.
     Remy finds an eyewitness at the hotel.  The board meeting takes place.  Bill and Julia vote with Paul and Tracy to keep the canneries.  Ned is furious that he lost by 51% to 49%. The cartel hears the news about the canneries being retained and the member are happy.  Remy delivers the murder mystery invite to Faison.  Sean invites Finnean to come to the lighthouse to help with the party at the lighthouse.  The Qs are at the Outback for dinner at Lila's request.  Ned snarls at Paul, who tells him not to pull another stunt like that again.  Ned tells him he is going to keep on trying til he gets Paul out of ELQ.  Jenny shows up and tells Ned that she is afraid she is a suspect in Nancy's murder.  AJ, Alan and Monica are at the mansion.  AJ gets an invitation to the murder mystery party at the Light House.  He says he is not going.  Alan and Monica tell him he is going, and until Monday night, he can't leave their sight.

November 11, 1991 - Anna meets with Mac and Connor. Robert is still looking over his suspect board:  Bill, Julia, Scotty, Lucy, Faison, AJ, Jenny, John and Pritchett.  Lucy is packing to leave town. Scott tells her she can't leave.  Mac finds a package in the alley where he is tailing someone.  Alan and Monica come to see Robert and ask why AJ is still a suspect.   Monica says AJ will be there.  Mac and Connor go to GH to meet Anna.  She is all dressed up wearing a fancy pill box hat.   Bill and Julia are at the lighthouse waiting for the party to start. Jenny arrives.  AJ shows up.  One by one the rest of the guests show up.  Robert shows up and the show begins.  Mac and Connor try to distract the guard so Anna can get into the patient's room.  Robert goes one by one through AJ's story and there are flashbacks.  Then he goes through Julia's encounter with Nancy.  Then they go through Jenny's account of the story.
     Julia then recounts her story.  She says Nancy slapped her and she might have scratched her.  Nancy was screaming when Julia left.   Now it is Scott's turn to tell his story after he showed up.  Then Robert catches Lucy in a lie. So Lucy says she won't lie for Scott or go to jail for him.  Lucy says she saw Scotty leaving when she got to the lighthouse and saw Nancy on the floor dead.   Anna makes it into the patient's room.  Scott finishes telling his story.  Robert goes on to validate Bill's alibi.  Robert then says the someone who shot Nancy could be Faison.  Faison says he was at the Outback all evening. Robert has Faison's double he paid with the mask to enter the lighthouse.  Robert exposes Faison's alibi.  Faison then recounts his story of why he made the mask and set up an alibi.  He tries to get Robert's goat by saying he did that so he could be with Anna.  Remy comes in with an evidence box.   There is a shoe print in cement and Robert makes them all stick their foot to see if it fits.  Bill shoe fits perfectly.

November 12, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Robert accuses Bill cause the “shoe fits.”  Sly wakes up from a bad dream.  Sly wants his daddy.   The Qs sit around wondering what is happening with AJ at the lighthouse.  Ned is upset that Jenny has been summoned there.   Anna shows up with Mac at Robert's office to see Sean.  She tells them she got connection with Amed.  Bill is livid at Robert and says he is framing him.   Anna tells Sean they need to find out the date of the cartel's big event.  Sean asks Anna who she thinks killed Nancy.  Anna thinks it is Juila.  Mac says he would rather not comment.  Robert continues to try to nail Bill.  But just as he is about to arrest him, Finnean admits that Bill didn't do it.  Finnean says he did.  Finnean recounts his story.  Julia asks Finnean why he did it.  Tony and Bobbie discuss Sly and what he is going through, and what Sean and Tiffany have to live with.  Tony says how lucky he and Bobbie are.  Bill insists that Finnean should have a lawyer present.  Finnean talks about her magic potion.  Finnean told Nancy she was a horrible mother and he was going to tell Bill. She threatened him with the vials, he says he shot her by accident.  Remy arrests Finnean.

November 12-18, 1991:  11/12 partial, 11/13 (last 3 mins bad quality), 11/14, 11/5 cm, 11/18

November 12, 1991 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Finnean is arrested. Robert tells AJ he should clean up his act. Alan tells Monica they should have insisted to going along with AJ to the lighthouse.  AJ calls the Qs and they are so happy to hear that he has been cleared.  AJ tells the Qs that it was Finnean.  He says he will be home soon.  Jenny tells Julia that she appreciates her friendship and that she wishes she would be her sister-in-law.  Bill is in shock over Finnean.  Tony and Bobbie are in bed together discussing their night of passion during the storm.  Mac, Robert and Sean talk about the murder and finally getting solved.  Mac feels bad that he found the gun that implicated Finnean.  He goes to visit him in jail, and he tells him he will help him.  Jenny shows up at Ned's.  Ned tells her how much he cares about her.  Bill comes to visit Finnean in jail.  Finnean apologizes.  Scott and Lucy celebrate being cleared. They go to Kellys.  Scott asks Lucy if he is back in her good graces.  Robert and Anna re in bed together after his long night.  Anna tells him congratulations on his good police work.  Robert says he didn't have a back up plan if Finnean hadn't confessed.  Nancy and Bill reflect on the evening.  Bill says he is going to hire Finnean a lawyer.  Julia says that it was self-defense.

November 13, 1991 - Sean is at Kellys.  Ruby tells him it was like a murder mystery movie.  She is shocked it was Finnean.  Tony arrives.  He tells Sean that he needs to get a strain of the virus and he can not only come up with the antidote, but hopefully a cure.  Paul calls his mother from his office to find out how Susan is.  Ned comes in.   They argue about business.  Ned tells him he won't give up til he gets Paul out of ELQ.  Bill comes to Bobbie's to tell Sly what happened.  Paul asks Ned why everything has to be a war with the Qs.  Ned asks him how he got Bill on his side.  Ned says how the canneries are a losing proposition.  Paul says he wants free reign to control ELQ.  Ned tells him he will never have it.  Bill tells Sly about FInnean calling Nancy.  Sly freaks out . Tom and Scott discuss Sly.  Scott gets a letter from the bar association.  Tom asks him why.  Scott tells him he was involved in something unethical in the Bill custody fight.  Scott says he regrets it.
     Bobbie and Jenny take Sly and BJ to the park.  Jenny sees an article in the newspaper about Tracy and Paul returning from their honeymoon.  Jenny says she is so lucky she had Ned to help her out during the murder accusation.  Bobbie tells Jenny that while power and influence are impressive, that strength of character is the most important.  Paul comes to the park with Susan.  Paul wants to talk to Jenny, but she runs off. Finneans trial starts.  Scott and Lucy are at Kellys.  Scott tells Lucy he would never lend her money.  Bill shows up at Kellys with Finnean.  Jenny brings Sly to see Ned.  He gives him Buffalo Bills tickets to the game.  Sly is so happy.  Paul is in his office with his daughter and Sean walks in.  Susan leaves.  Sean tells Paul he needs a sample of the virus.  Sean tells Paul they have duplicated the pill.  Paul tells them they are far too dangerous.
     Bill arrives at the park and sees Faison.  Bill calls Sean to say he needs another meeting.  AJ tries to apologize to Shelia.  Ned and Sly come in from playing football.  Paul comes to see Jenny.  He tells her he loves her.  Jenny tells him to leave.   Paul kisses her and says he needs her now.  Jenny stops it and makes her leave.  Ned walks in.  He wants to know what Paul is doing there.  Lucy comes to see Paul at his office.  She asks him for a job. Ned walks in to meet with Paul.  He wants to know why he is messing with Jenny.  Ned accuses him of going after Jenny.  He reminds him that he is married to his mother, and Tracy loves him.  Ned threatens him if he hurts his mother, he will wish he never stepped foot in Port Charles.  Ned tells Paul he better give his mother a good evening.  Sean meets with Bill in the park, and Bill tells him the cartel is still testing him.  Sean warns him their tests are very dangerous.

November 14, 1991 - Bobbie was asked to speak at a conference, and she is very nervous.  Someone comes looking for Mac at the Brownstone.  Harlan and Bill meet with Faison.  Faison asks Bill if he suspected Finnean.  Faison tells him he thought Bill did it.  Bill said he had a lot of people fooled.  Faison asks him if he is capable of killing. Bill says when necessary. Bill says if the cartel asked him, he would even kill Faison. Faison shakes his hand.  Robert brings Anna coffee.  He says he is ready to plunge into the next case which is the cartel.  Robin comes in and is upset that her jacket is broken.  Sean comes in and the dog all at once.  A nurse comes in to give them an update on Dominique.  She has made progress and she wants to find Mac to tell him. She is attending a seminar at GH.  Bobbie and Tony tell her they are speaking at the seminar.  The cartel tells Bill they were impressed with his cannery vote from ELQ.  They tell Bill the second test won't be that huge, they want the plans to the PC police department and the staff payroll info.
     The Scorpio house is nuts with chaos.  Robin's boyfriend comes to walk her to school.  They say they are going to a movie after school.  Sean tells Anna and Robert that the WSB has finally broken the cartel's code book.  Bill comes to Robert's house for a meeting.  Anna is trying to figure out how to get a disk about of the computer.  Bill tells Robert he needs to have the blueprints of the police station and to know how much money Robert makes.   Dominique is having a therapy session.  Mac shows up at the hospital and need some help.  Anna is finding some research on the cartel.  She and Robert spec that there is a 4th member of the cartel at some point.  There is something with the date of March 17th 1989.  Robert wonders if they were stopped from purchasing something.  Anna remembers that Edward Quartermaine's plane went down on that date.  He might be the key person who blocked the cartel.  Edward wrote a letter to Robert about telling him he was resisting being a member of a group.  They must have killed him because he wouldn't join them.
     Mac finds out that Dominique is on the road to recovery.  Anna tells Sean that she is going to get a hold of Edward's date book.  Paul told Sean that he didn't know Taub's book existed.  Bill and Robert are touring the secret room at the cannery.  Dominique calls Mac and tells him she is making good progress.  Robert is worried why his daughter is not home yet.  Robin comes home and she gets a peck on the lips from her date… Robert sees it.  Anna gets word that this pilot Jack Stone got a payment the day before Edward's plane went down.  The cartel finds out Bill took Robert into the cannery secret room.

November 15, 1991 - Jennings is helping Tracy plan the menu for a dinner being given in Tracy and Paul's honor.  Paul is totally not paying attention.  Ned asks him why he is so distracted and so does Tracy.  Paul says he is busy with work.  Ned tells Tracy it is time they had a serious discussion about her husband.  Bill shows up for a cartel meeting.  Scorpio had a search warrant for the Cannery.  He wanted to see the red door room.  Bill says Scorpio was asking about carbon disulfide.  Tom tells Bobbie her lecture was raved about.  Scott walks in and tells Bobbie that his whole professional life is over.  He is so upset about the potential of getting disbarred.  Jenny comes in to ask Bobbie a favor.  She had a date with Ned, but was supposed to babysit Sly.  Ned has a heart to heart with Tracy. He tells her she has changed, and that she is letting Paul manipulate her and acting like a mindless moron.  Tracy tells Ned she won't do anything to undermine or hurt her new husband.  She is sorry Ned feels that she is choosing Paul over him.  Sean goes to get Edward's appointment book.  Anna has another Founder's Day meeting.
     The cartel continues to meet. Bill asks why there are cameras in the cannery.  Faison asks Bill about the plans for the police department.   Bill calls Anna, but Julia answers the phone.  Bill covers and asks her to come over for dinner.  Lucy comes to see Paul to see if he could find her a job at ELQ.  Sean comes to talk to Paul.  He tells him he thinks the cartel was responsible for killing Edward.  Paul tells him Tracy will be destroyed.  Paul says he could find Edwards books, but he won't cause it is too dangerous.  He says he is under too much pressure.  Ned brings Jenny to the Q mansion. Paul is looking jealous. Ned tells him to eat his heart out, because he will never have Jenny.  Julia meets with Harlan.  Bill thinks he is being followed.
     Scott and Lucy have drinks.  Scott is depressed about his law career. Lucy says she has nothing left.  No job.  Lucy wants to move in with Scotty. Anna and Bill stage a fight since he is followed.  Tracy tells Paul that she decided there is no way she is giving up her ELQ shares to make them community property.  She says Ned is her child and she has to consider his feelings. Her mind is made up. She is retaining her shares.  Paul is very upset.  Ned is outside with Jenny and asks her to marry him.  He wants to announce it to the family.  Jenny is taken aback.  She wants to think about it.  Anna and Sean feel like something is going to happen at Founders Day.  Bill and Julia share an evening together.

November 18, 1991 - Sean meets Paul in the park.  He tells him he has information for him about his daughter's welfare.  Anna and Mac are on the phone with the WSB.  She is anxious to get information on Jack Stone the pilot.  Anna is building a secret room in their house.   Bill and Julia are in the police station talking about how much they want each other.  Sean gives Paul a pill for his daughter and tells him that he is still working for the wrong side.  Sean tells him he hopes he will work with the good guys. Paul says he needs a little more time.  Tracy arrives at the hospital to do some volunteer work.  Monica and Alan give her grief saying she has never done anything unselfish for others.  Ned comes running in worried something is wrong with Tracy cause he heard she went to the hospital.  Steve tells Tracy he is very appreciative of her volunteering her time.  Ned tells Tracy it brings up a good point. If something happens to her, who gets her ELQ stock.  Tracy assures him that she is fine and not going anywhere.  She comments that her ELQ stock is a hot item and that her husband wants it too.  She tells Ned to leave.  Amy comes running up to her and says she must be so excited about the news that Ned proposed to Jenny.  Tracy books out of the hospital, leaving Steve is left all confused.
     Mac distracts the ELQ secretary so Anna can look for Edward's appointment book.  Alan and Monica joke with Steve about Tracy not lasting five minute with volunteer work.   Mac continues flirting til Anna is ready to leave.  Tracy summons Ned to meet her for lunch.  She tells him she heard about his proposal to Jenny and that she is beneath him. Ned says he loves Jenny.  Ned tells Tracy he didn't interfere with her marriage to Paul or her fling with Harlan and she should extend him the same courtesy.  Tracy said Paul loves her and isn't after her money or stock.  Paul is summoned by the cartel.  They want to know why he hasn't gotten Tracy's stock yet.  They threatened to kill Tracy if he doesn't get it soon.  AJ is getting someone to plant drugs in Dr. Simpson's locker so he can get Sheila back.  Anna and Mac are in the darkroom developing some photos.
     Bill delivers the plans to the cartel and they feel he has passed another test.  AJ goes to Audrey and tells her he suspects that Simpson is doing drugs.  Paul meets with Sean and tells him the cartel threatening Tracy is the last straw and he is ready to switch sides and work with Sean to bring down the cartel.  He says the first step is to get a sample of the virus used to infect Tiffany and his daughter.  Bill has a romantic dinner set up for Julia.  Mac and Anna go through Edward's datebook.  They find out Edward met with Leopold and Barrett.  They start to ask questions.  The WSB calls and says Jack Stone was the pilot who crashed Edward's plane. He is also Leopold's step brother.  He survived the crash.  Bill and Juila sleep together.

November 19-25, 1991:  11/19, 11/20, 11/21, 11/22, 11/25 cm

November 19, 1991 - Steve comes to the hospital and wants a word with Tony.  He tells him Dr. Simpson has been accused of stealing drugs from the hospital (he was set up by AJ).   Bill wakes up in bed with Julia. Anna, Mac, Sean and Robert all meet about the information she and Mac discovered.  Julia tells Bill that her father knew all along they were a good match.  Julia touches his back and asks him if it hurts.  He said it was a mistake he will never make again.  Sean tells Anna and Mac and Robert that Paul has come to his side.  He says the cartel will kill Tracy.  Sean says Paul is also worried about his mother and daughter.  They conclude that the canneries are very important to the cartel.  Steve opens Dr. Simpson's locker in front of Tony and he gets busted for drugs.  Bill calls Robert, suggesting they need another meeting.  Mac helps the hotel clerk with her computer saying she might have a virus.  He finds there are some rooms upstairs for a “global peace group” that live there.  She tells him Mr. Taub is picking up the tab for all the guests.   Anna goes and pays a visit to Jack Stone the pilot.  He tells Anna the stories are true about the Bermuda triangle.  The pilot says he took an early retirement.  Bill discovers an invoice with Harlan's signature on it in the secret cannery room.  Bobbie asks Connor if he will sing for some patients.  Bill tells Robert he found empty canisters and thinks the cartel might use them to fill with the carbon disulfide.  Anna tells Sean she thinks the pilot was hiding something, and they can maybe prove Edward's plane was downed deliberately.  Bill can't find the empty tanks when he brings Robert to see them.  They are missing.

November 20, 1991 - Lucy arrives at her hotel room and the key won't work.  The hotel manager tells Lucy that she has to leave cause she hasn't paid her bill.  Bill comes to see Julia in her office and they talk about their night together.  Monica and Alan find out about Dr. Simpson from Amy.  Scott and Lucy talk about their money problems.  Lucy wants a cut of what Scott made on Bill's custody deal.  Scott tells her to take a hike. Anna goes to the hospital to meet with Alan, Monica and Ned.  She tells them she is reopening the investigation of the crash.  She thinks the man who wrote the letter might be responsible for the crash and that Edward might have been murdered.  Anna mentions the woman Alice Pensley who was the sole survivor who said she saw an old man floating in the water.  Alan vows if someone killed his father, he will do more than just find it intriguing.
     Bill tells Sean he can't find the canisters.  He thinks they might be in the secret room.  Bill finds the guard for the secret room passed out.  Mac sneaks into Faison's room again.  Harlan comes to visit Julia at work.  Harlan wants Julia and Bill on a luxury cruise together and he wants them on board the night before.  He wants them out of town for the big explosion set to happen on Founder's Day.  Anna questions the sole survivor of the plane crash.  Lucy comes back to see Scott at Kelly's.  Lucy is all dressed up fancy with a hat.  She feels bad for Scott because he is facing disbarment.  Lucy tries to charm him into letting her live with him and be a team.  She is worried for their future.  Monica and Alan discuss what Anna might find out.  Ned arrives and he still hasn't any news.  They don't want to let Lila find anything out.  Julia is all excited to tell Bill about her father's offer for a cruise.  Anna tells Sean that she doesn't think that Edward died in the plane crash after all.

November 21, 1991 - The cartel meets. Paul tells them the EPA closed construction on the plants. The cartel is furious.  Harlan tells him to work on the stock from Tracy.  They tell him she might not be alive if he doesn't get the stocks.  Paul tells them Ned convinced Tracy not to merge their stock.  Faison says when Tracy dies he will get the stock and time is running out. Paul says that won't be necessary.  Jenny agrees to watch Sly while Bill goes to Finnean's hearing.  Anna is working on the Edward connection/case.  Tracy is in the Q living room.  Alan and Monica come in. They harass Tracy about her boy toy husband. Then Tracy asks Lila if she should sign the codicil and give Paul her stock. Lila tells her Edward always played things close to the vest.  Then Alan talks about spouses sharing stock and trusting each other. Tracy gets the idea that Alan is going to use her giving Paul her stock to make Monica give back some of hisTracy says no way is she giving Alan ammunition to do that.
     Dr. Simpson tells Jenny that stolen drugs were planted in his locker.  Sean tells Paul that the cartel needs to know Robert had nothing to do with the EPS stalling the cannery construction.  He tells Paul to make sure to ask the cartel for more pills for Susan and Tiffany so they don't get suspicious. Ned walks in and wants to know why Sean Donnelly is there again.  Paul tells him to mind his own business.  He accuses Paul of not wanting Tracy to know about his meetings with Donnelly.  Ned tells Paul that it is his grandfather's office and a Q always has sat behind that desk and he doesn't belong there.  He wants him gone.   Ned tells him he will get rid of him. Paul looks a bit worried.   Bill gives the cartel information on the tanks.  He wants to know what the loyalty test is.  Bill calls Robert's office to give them the report on the cartel.  A military captain comes in to talk to Robert and Sean.   Paul calls the cartel to ask for another pill for Sean.  They tell him to tell Tiffany to take some vitamins and hang on up him.
     Paul arrives at the Q living room and talks to Lila.  Lila says what a lovely man he is, and she doesn't understand why Edward doesn't like him.  Paul tries to convince Tracy again to give him control over stock. Tracy refuses and tells him he is causing discord in their marriage.  She says he was supposed to make her co-chairman of ELQ.  He tells her one of these years he will do that. She says well one of these years she will consider giving him her stock.  Tracy is mad and just wants to go to lunch and stop talking.  Alan tells Monica he got an anonymous call from a woman who accuses AJ of framing Dr. Simpson.  Finnean gets off with community service.  Ned comes in with a gift for Sly, a new videogame.  Finnean tells Sly he is free.  Robert lets the captain search Faison's room.  Paul returns to Faison's room.  He tells them Tracy won't budge on her shares.  Faison says he only needs a few hours to figure out how to kill Tracy.  They have to use the carbon disulfide on the demonstration day.  Faison says he is going to give Tracy the virus now and test it out with the antidote pill.  They give Paul a deadline of Tuesday to get her shares.  Faison tells Bill his test is to kill Robert Scorpio.

November 22, 1991 - This is the last day for Harlan on GH as he gets killed. Tiffany is feeling weak again.  Sean is bringing her to the hospital.  They page Tony.   Tony says he is not certain this antidote pill is going to work.  He thinks it will but can't be for certain.  They are going to test it out.  They give Tiffany the pill.  Tony tells Sean to leave to let Tiffany rest.  Bill tells Robert the last test is to kill him.   Alan and Monica comment that Edward would turn over in his grave if he knew how AJ turned out. Anna and Mac narrow down the area where the old lady saw Edward bobbing in the water.  Robert says this means the cartel is serious.  Robert says okay, you should kill me.  Bill tells him he has oxygen tanks to plant.  Robert gives Bill a gun.  He tells him he has an idea.  Anna tells them about Tiffany and using the experimental  pill.  Robert tells him he is going to switch the oxygen tanks.  Robert tells Anna he can't go to the hospital with her.  Mac tells Robert he thinks he is holding back on something.  Robert fills him in.  Robert says he is not going to tell Anna about it just yet.  Mac thinks it is stupid to not tell Anna.
     Harlan meets with Bill at the Lighthouse.   Bill tells him he is meeting Scorpio at Jake's bar to have some drinks and to bury the hatchet for Nancy's murder.  He plans to get him drunk before he kills him.  Robin comes in and wants Mac to give her permission to go to the movies with her boyfriend that night.   Mac tells her she has to wait for her parents to get home but it was a good effort.  So far, there is no change in Tiffany's condition yet.  Sean is freaking out.   Bill and Robert are at the bar getting drunk. Someone shows up and asks Bill for a meeting.  He says he works for Taub.  He wants to see the gun to make sure it is loaded with a real bullet.   Robert is totally drunk or acting that way.  Bill shoots Robert.    Harlan shows up.  Bill accuses him of following him.  Harlan needs to put one more bullet into Robert for good measure.  Bill screams no and shoots Harlan.
     Anna comes home and tells Mac that Tiffany isn't looking well.  Mac updates her on his calls.  Robin asks Anna if she can go to the movies with her boyfriend and her friends.  Bill tells them he killed Scorpio and gives them his gun and his badge.  Bill tells them there was one problem.  Bill said he had Scorpio in his sights and Harlan stepped out of the shadows and tried to save Scorpio.  Bill said he had to kill them both.  He gives them Harlan's appointment book with dates of meetings with RS.  They believe Bill about Harlan.  He says he threw them in the harbor.  Bill said he doesn't think Scorpio will be missed too soon cause he had appointments out of town.  Leopold said he will Harlan's secretary that Harlan is out of town so Julia can't get suspicious. They welcome Bill into the hotel.  Tiffany wakes up and is feeling better. They are happy the pill seems to be working.  They think Edward might be on a really small island, if he was rescued by a fisherman.  Anna decides she needs to go the islands.  Julia leaves Bill several messages at the lighthouse.  Bill is feeling horrible about killing Harlan.

November 25, 1991 - Scotty and Lucy are eating at Kelly's.  Lucy is talking about making perfume.  Scott is reading the financial pages.  Lucy wants to start making perfume and start a business.  Julia is calling Harlan's secretary to find out where her father is.  Bill comes in.  Julia wonders if Bill was drinking. Robert is at home and Mac comes to visit him.  He puts Anna on the phone.  He informs her about Bill trying to kill him.  He tells her that Harlan is dead.  It was either Harlan or Robert.  Robert tells Mac how Harlan really did try to kill him.  Bill has a flashback of when Harlan died. He gave Bill a ring to give Julia.  Robert brings Robin to see him.  He fills her in that she is being part of their case now.  He tells Robin to say that she hasn't seen her dad.  Lucy is still trying to convince Scott to get involved in the perfume business and she needs him to front the money.  Lucy says they should get married.  Scott is like he doesn't want to get married to Lucy now.  Lucy says she thought they had a lot going for each other.  She says she feels like he is throwing her away like an old shoe.
     Leopold tells Faison that things sometimes work out for a reason.  And his doubts about Harlan are now resolved.   Bill enters.  They ask him how he feels about killing Harlan.  Bill says he was going to kill him, so he feels nothing.  They ask Bill about his feelings for Julia.  They fill him in on their plans for the Founder's Day celebration.  Scott tells Bobbie he married Lucy in Maryland in secret and he wants Lucy to move into the Brownstone with him.  Bobbie asks to see the marriage license.  She knows he is full of it.  Anna is in the islands meeting with a local trying to find info on Edward.  She gives him money to find the captain who might have saved Edward.  Robert thanks Bill for saving his life.  Bill wants to nail the cartel.  He tells them about the agenda for Founder's Day.
     Anna shows the guy a picture of the man he rescued and asks if it was him.  The guy draws some dots on it and says it is a definite maybe.  He says the guy he rescued was a bum.  He says he is painting and living on an island not too far from there. Anna offers him more cash to take her there.  He tells her his boat is down for seven hours getting fixed.  Robert disguises himself as the inspector and they capture the real inspector. Lucy asks Bobbie if she can move in.  She tells her if she wants to live with Scott that is fine, but no way in her house under her roof.  Anna is still trying to get to the island to find Edward.  Julia is still looking for her father.  Bill and Robert find the missing tanks that disappeared the other day in the red door room. They plan to switch them with the oxygen tanks in his office.  Bill has him test them out to be sure it is the carbon disulfide. Robert takes a whiff, and gets all loopy!

November 26 - December 4, 1991:  11/26 cm, 11/27 cm, (11/28 & 11/29 no show Thanksgiving), 12/2, 12/3, 12/4

November 26, 1991 - *Edward (David Lewis) appears again in this episode. Monica and Alan ask Paul if he wants a drink with them.  He is waiting for Tracy.  Alan says she is out Christmas shopping for her friends, it shouldn't take long.  Faison calls Paul.  He says it is Tuesday and still no shares from Tracy.  Paul says Tracy is not even home yet.  He tells him to meet me in the park in 30 minutes.  Faison says it is going to be a sad day for Lila, she lost her husband and now she is going to lose her only daughter.   Anna calls Mac and says she is waiting to go find Edward.  Robert posing as the inspector and Bill get caught by someone.   Bill starts screaming at the guard who stops them.  Connor tells Mac he heard noises coming from Dominique's old apt. above the Outback.  They are getting ready for a show that night.
     Sean is on the way to the hospital to visit Tiffany.  He feels like Tiffany is a prisoner having to stay in the hospital even though Tony's pill worked so the cartel doesn't get wind of it.  Paul is in the park to meet with Faison.   Paul says he needs a few more days.  Faison said sorry deadline is passed.  Faison holds up a vial of the virus and says he will give it to Tracy. Paul fights him for it and Faison stabs Paul, but not before Paul knocks him out and gets the vial.   Alan and Monica discuss who they are going to bring up Simpson and the drug set up.  Alan can't believe AJ would do something like that.  Anna is still on the island looking for Edward.  Some bartended identifies him as Hank.  He says he never acquired a taste for tropical drinks.
     Sean finds Paul stabbed and bleeding in the park.  He calls 911.  Paul is brought into the hospital.  Faison comes back to the cartel meeting.  He tells Leopold that he had an altercation with Paul and he stabbed him because he went for the virus.  Leopold says this is very bad, but at least Robert Scorpio is dead.  Bill and Robert watch them move the tanks out of the building.   Mac finds out Paul has been stabbed.  Mac rushes off to the hospital.  Tom works on Paul. Paul wants to tell Sean something.  He tells him he got the virus in his coat pocket.  Anna finds Edward sitting at the bar ordering a drink!  She yells out Edward! He recognized her and yells Anna back at her. They hug!!  Alan and AJ reminisce about Edward and fighting over the train set over Christmas. AJ says he wants to go into big business.  Alan says he had such a hard time living up to what he should be in Edward's eyes.  Edward explains how he survived the crash.  He lived like a native and had jobs and stuff on the island.  He said he was afraid to go home because he was afraid for his family.  He said he hoped that Robert would find the letter he attached to the back of the picture.  Bill and Robert discuss how they put the cartel out of business by destroying those tanks.  Bill still regrets killing Harlan.  All of a sudden Bill realizes there are three tanks still out there and tomorrow is Founder's Day.

November 27, 1991 -  Bill starts having flashbacks of Harlan while in his lighthouse.  Jenny comes in.   Julia is still looking for Harlan. Tracy is at the ER window watching Paul.  Ned comes in to comfort her.  Sean comes in to check on Paul.  Tracy thanks him for being there to bring Paul in.  Monica and Bobbie are checking Paul when he comes to.  Paul mumbles something about “can't kill Tracy” and “I love you Jenny”  that Bobbie and Monica hear.  Anna comes back to PC and says she left Edward in Florida til things settled down.  Robert shows up to see Anna and Mac.  Anna fills Robert in on Sean and also the fact that Edward is alive.
     Bill and Julia are talking about their cruise that night.  Julia is questioning her father's whereabouts again.  Mac calls Bill and tells him that the guy escaped from the apartment.  Mac wants to see if Bill can find him before he gets to Taub.  Tracy and Ned are wondering why the police haven't done anything about Paul being stabbed.   Monica arrives and says Paul is stabilized.  Tracy wants to see him, but Monica is hesitant (because she is afraid he will say something about Jenny).   Tracy begs her. Robert fills Anna in on Harlan's death and what happened.  Monica says Tracy can see Paul, but she wants to stay to make sure he is okay.  Tracy tells him she loves him and he better get better for her.  Ned has to cancel his date with Jenny.  He tells her about Paul getting stabbed.  Jenny freaks out.  Bill comes to meet with Leopold and Faison.  Faison says today and this evening will be their moment to shine.
     Chief Lewis and Anna discuss Founder's Day and the police officers rehearse their script for the tv show.  The escaped inspector is brought into the police station.  Anna tells Lewis to hold him for a few days.   Anna calls Robert and tells her they are holding the real inspector.  Sean is at GH where Steve is rehearsing for his part in Founder's Day.   Sean is checking out patients with oxygen tanks, etc.  Monica tells Sean Paul is doing better.  She hopes he will get out of CICU soon. Sean asks to talk to Paul because he doesn't think it was a random act.  Monica tells him maybe later.  Jenny comes to the hospital to see Paul. Bobbie tells her only family can see him.  Anna finds a tank at the hospital and examines it.  Ned sees Jenny.  Bobbie says she is going to try to get Tracy to take a break.  Ned tells her if Tracy loses Paul she won't be able to handle it.  Anna takes a sample out of the tank at the hospital.  Anna comes back to the Outback apartment to see Robert.  They get a call.  It is Bill.  He says all is going well.  Robert tells Anna he will be wearing a wire during the festivities.  Julia shows up at the Outback and talks to Mac.  Anna shows up.  She sees a tank in the corner and runs out.

ember 2, 1991 - Tracy is in Paul's room sitting by his bedside.  Bobbie comes in and tells her to go home and rest.  Tracy refuses.  Paul wakes up and Tracy is so happy.  Paul asks her if she is still alive.  Then he starts yelling for Tony.   Mac tells Robert he looks great in disguise.  Robert tells Mac he will be wearing a wire.  He tells him if he doesn't find the tank, a lot of people are going to die, so they will evacuate the place.  Someone is at the hospital changing out the fire extinguisher.  A photographer tries to deter Anna to get her pictures.   Tracy talks to Paul to find out what happened. He tells her it was robbers.  Tracy says they will go to the police and find out who did this.  She couldn't bear to lose him.  They go get Tony for Paul.  Anna takes a sample out of the tank at the police station.  Ned finds an exhausted Tracy on the couch.  He insists on taking her home.  Ned drags Tracy out of the hospital, but Jenny says she will stay to see her roommates.
     Julia comes into Bill's office.  She still hasn't heard from her father.  Bill says he has to go to an appointment.   Anna discovers they changed the fire extinguisher.   Robert talks to Mac about the plan.  But Anna is not there yet.  Robert tells Mac to make sure Anna is on the receiver the minute he enters the Cartel's room.  Anna runs into the Outback.  She is panicked.  She has to find the oxygen tank that was at the Outback.   Jenny asks if she can sit with Paul for a while, now that she knows Tracy and Ned are gone.  Paul perks up and tells her his heart is pounding.  Jenny looks sad.  She says it is painful seeing him like that.  Paul tells her how much he loves her and he wishes he could turn the clock back.   Jenny says he is married to Tracy so there is no point. Bobbie walks in with Tony.  They tell Jenny she has to leave.   Tony tells Paul he got the virus and he is going to find the cure for Tiffany and Susan and that the cartel is going to be busted by Anna and Robert.  Jenny left her glove in Paul's room. 
     Anna and Mac keep looking for the tank.  They find it.  But the tank is empty like it has already been deployed.  Bill comes into the secret meeting room of the cartel where they are set up to watch the day's event.  Bill asks Faison and Leopold who the other visitors are.  They have a special assignment for Bill.  His assignment is to get construction of the new cannery back on track.  They show Bill they have the PCPD, GH and the Outback on three tv screens.  He says soon they will be filled with the sounds of life and death.  Other cartel members show up. Robert shows up in disguise.  Faison starts to question Robert.  Anna and Mac are listening with the wire.  Leopold tells Bill that balloons are going to fall at the Founder' s Day celebration filled with lethal doses of the gas.  People will think they are filled with prizes.   Someone knocks into Robert as Bill is trying to fill him in and ruins the wire.
     Meanwhile at the Outback, Alan and Monica, Tony and Bobbie, the mayor and his wife, Simone, etc are at the Outback.  Mac informs someone that they evacuate at 6:50 no matter what.  Scott and Lucy come to the Outback.  Scott asks her where she got the money for her new dress.  Julia asks Mac if he has heard from Bill.  Leopold tells his guests they are going to be to see the first ever demonstration of carbon disulfide on the public.  They say it is going to happen at 6:30 rather than 7.  They show people at the police department getting sleepy.  People at GH getting all loopy.  People at the Outback getting ready to watch the balloons fall.  Bill and Robert watch and freak out as everyone collapses.

ember 3, 1991 - *Shell Danielson takes over the role of Domnique in this episode. Everyone is passed out at the Outback.  Robert and Bill comment on how everything went wrong.  Sean is in Paul's room waiting for him to wake up.  He hears someone come in.  He hides with his gun.  It is Tiffany. The cartel starts freaking out when they see that everyone was faking at all three locations.  Anna and the rest of the police bust in and arrest the cartel members. Anna says she has someone to see them.  Edward walks in! He tells them reports of his death are greatly exaggerated!  Edward congratulates Scorpio!  Leopold asks Bill when he decided to turn on them.  Edward says he will help in any way he can to put them behind bars.
     Sean tells Tiffany that he thinks the cartel knows about Paul, so that is why he was protecting him. Robert calls Sean to tell him they busted the cartel.  Bill tells Robert he needs to find Julia and tell her about her dad. Robert said he needs him to make a statement first.  Tiffany confronts Leopold and Faison. Tiffany wants an exclusive on the story.  Robert promises her a jumpstart.  Robert talks to Faison and Leopold.  Faison asks Anna how she figured him out. They fill him in on the idiot producer who kept putting his jacket on top of the tank.  They show flashbacks of how they all discovered what was going to happen at the Outback.  A cop arrives at the hospital and says he is waiting for the commissioner.  Meg turns her back and he goes to sneak in Paul's room to kill him.  Sean is waiting under the sheets and grabs the knife out of the way. The real police arrive and arrest him.  Edward talks to Robert and gives him a statement.  Edward wants to home to his family.  Robert arranges a ride for him.  Bill leaves to go find Julia and fill her in on her father.
     The guests at the Outback discuss what happened. They want to know what it was all about. Tiffany shows up with her camera crew to do the story.  She interviews Mac about the cartel's plan.  Dominique hears the story about the cartel being brought down on tv and sees Mac.  She says she feels like she is ready to join the outside world now.  The celebration continues at the Outback.  Bill arrives looking for Julia.  Bobbie says she left.  Julia shows up at the lighthouse looking for Bill.  Dominique calls Mac.  She tells him she saw him on the news.  Mac tells her he has loose ends to tie up, and she invites him to come visit her tomorrow.  Anna goes to visit Faison in jail.  She talks to him about how she waited so long to see him behind bars, and that he will never come between her and Robert again.  She doesn't want him to be obsessed with her anymore.  Faison says that is just the way it is.  Sean comes in and says how good Faison looks behind bars.  He tells him the punk he sent to kill Paul is willing to testify against Faison as well.  Lila is talking to Edward's portrait telling him how much she needs him here now.  Edward walks in!!  He thinks she has gone bonkers talking to her picture.  Lila is shocked, but happy and they have a sweet kiss!  Anna, Robert, and Sean all come to the Outback to celebrate with Mac. Bill gets Julia's note.  She tells Bill she went to NY to find her dad.

ember 4, 1991 - Anna is eating breakfast reading the paper, when Mac comes over.  She makes him some breakfast.  Mac wants Anna to come by the Outback that evening.  Mac tells her about Dominique wanting to see him.  Bill is trying to track down Julia still.  Julia is meeting with Harlan's secretary.  Tracy goes to see Paul's daughter Susan.  She is going to take her and his mother to see him.  Susan says she doesn't know what she would do if something happened to her daddy. Tracy agrees.  Tony checks on Paul.  He is doing better.  Sean and Anna come to see Paul, and fill him in on bringing down the cartel.  Tony says Paul can go home that afternoon. Paul asks if Robert is going to file criminal charges against him.  Paul asks about Susan. Tony says he will make sure she has all the pills she needs until he finds the cure.
     Bobbie comes to see Bill.  Bill fills her in on the plan.  Julia arrives at her office and sees files being taken.  The WSB take her to their offices to fill her in. Anna and Sean fill Paul in about the canisters.  Tiffany shows up. Mac arrives to see Dominique.  The nurse tells him it could take Dominique years and years to recover completely.  The WSB wants to fill Julia in.  Dominique is in a therapy session talking about Leopold.  Tracy brings Susan to see Paul.  He is happy to see her.  She says she has a hero for a husband.  Tracy takes Susan down to the cafeteria.  Bobbie and Tony talk about getting to tell Paul his daughter is free from the nightmare of waiting for a pill to survive.  Bobbie says how proud she is of him.  Dominique's doctor tells her she thinks she can be released and do outpatient therapy.  She is thrilled. She walks out and sees Mac!  She tells him the good news.  They share a sweet scene where they tell each other when they look into each other's eyes, all is right with the world.
     Tracy comes back to see Paul.  She kisses him and tells him she wants to bring Susan to stay with them for awhile.  Paul thinks it is a bad idea.  She leaves to take Susan home and tells him she loves him and will be back to pick him up.  Bobbie comes in and says she needs to do release papers for Paul.  Bobbie tells Paul he is really lucky to have Tracy as she loves him very much.  Paul kind of makes a face and says he supposes so.  Sean tells Bill that Julia has been taken to the WSB in New York for questioning.  He says she will return soon.  Dominique and Mac talk about the night she wouldn't make love to him.  She says she just didn't think any man could be different than Leopold. They kiss, and then Mac heads out.  Bill calls the WSB office to talk to Julia.  She tells him they confiscated all their files, etc.  Bill begs her to come home.

December 5-11, 1991:  12/5, 12/6, 12/9, 12/10, 12/11

December 5, 1991 - Ned walks in and asks AJ why Lila summoned them to a meeting.  Alan and Monica arrive.  Monica tells Alan that Paul called out Jenny Eckert's name when he came out of surgery.  Tracy walks in with great news that Paul is coming home today.  Lila comes in and says Edward is alive!  They all think she is nuts.  Bill gets a call from Julia and she is back in town at the hotel. She says she will come over.  Robert and Anna go rushing upstairs to bed when they get a phone call.  Robert hangs up on Lewis and says they are busy.  Then the WSB calls and Anna has to get it.  Lila fills in the Q family on what happened to Edward.  They are all a bit skeptical.  Then they ask if anyone has seen Edward and Lila says she has.  They doubt her, and then Edward walks in.  Tracy runs to him, and they all celebrate. Edward says the one thing that kept him going was a good martini!  Jenny comes to take Sly out for a while.
     Bill waits for Julia to arrive.  He has the ring Harlan gave him to give her.  WSB has called and they want to take the cartel off Robert's hands.  Robert and Anna make a run for the bedroom when Robin walks in.  She asks if she can go on a date that night.  Robert tells Robin he saw her kissing her date the other day. Robin runs off angry.  Steve and Tom don't believe that Simpson was doing or selling drugs.  Amy comes in and tells them how Simpson's family is poor and they could used the money.  Tracy and Monica arrive to release Paul and take him home.  Tracy can't wait to tell Paul that Edward is alive.  She tells him he had amnesia but he is fine and now he remembers everything.  Paul looks very worried.
     Robert has to go back to the office.  Anna tells him that Robin should be able to go to a movie. Robert won't hear of it. Julia arrives at the lighthouse.  Bill tells her that Harlan is dead.  She breaks down.  Anna is looking through some photo albums of when Robin was a little and they first came to Port Charles.  Robin says she isn't a little girl anymore.  They have a heart to heart about needing Robin to be patient to let Robert realize she is a teenager now.  The WSB told Robert they are impressed by how he captured the cartel.  Bill takes Julia to identify Harlan's body.  They tell Julia he was shot to death.  Tracy introduces Paul to Edward and tells him how Paul has brought ELQ back into the black.  Paul says a pleasure to meet you again.  Edward says that by some trick of the devil, Paul is married to his daughter, but he is still a crook.  Tracy is upset, and Paul says he needs to check his bandages.  Tracy says she will be waiting for his explanation.  The rest of the Qs are excited and happy Edward is back.  Monica reminds Alan that Paul loves Jenny Eckert and how that is going to destroy Tracy.  Alan says they need to save that for another time.  He thinks it is funny that Paul loves Jenny.  Julia is still freaking out about her father's death.
     Tracy confronts Paul about the truth.  In a powerful scene, he admits he was part of the cartel and that he married Tracy because he was ordered to.  Tracy asks him if he ever loved her at all.  He says he is sorry and she should get rid of him.  Tracy composes herself and tells him she has been the subject of ridicule for marrying a younger man, and you can't ridicule a Quartermaine, so she won't let him go and he needs to go upstairs and get dressed for dinner because she won't divorce him.  Ned and AJ discuss Paul and his CEO days being over soon because Edward is back.  Ned tells him to sit back and watch the fireworks happen.  Alan and Monica come in and tell AJ Edward wants to see him.  Monica hopes that Edward can turn AJ around.  AJ comes back and says he needs to go to GH.  The WSB take Faison and Leopold away.  Robert and Robin have a heart to heart about him trying to protect her.  She says she is growing up!  AJ goes to see Dr. Hardy and admits to planting the drugs in Simpson's locker.   Robert tells Anna he realizes Robin has grown up.  Julia returns to the Lighthouse.  She doesn't want to be alone.  Bill tells her there is something he needs to tell her first.

ember 6, 1991 - Scotty and Lucy meet at the hospital.  He is practicing his speech to Dr. Hardy about staying employed at the hospital during his disbarment hearing.  Lucy wants him to invest in the perfume business with her.  Tracy is in the Q living room fixing a drink looking at her wedding ring.  Paul comes in and Jennings asks if he will be there for dinner.  Tracy tells Paul that whether he likes it or not, he is going to pretend that they are blissfully, happily married.  Alan and Monica walk in and sense trouble in paradise.  Bill fills Julia in that her father was part of the cartel and not killed by them.  Julia is shocked.  Tracy, Paul, Alan and Monica are talking and Monica and Tracy are trading barbs about AJ.  Ned walks in and tells them that Edward said when the President of ELQ is sick, the Treasure (Ned) takes over.  Tracy tells Paul that it is such good news he can stay home and spend more time with her.  Paul is upset.  Jenny walks in for dinner. Ned wants to introduce her to Edward.
     Julia is in denial that her father was involved with the cartel.   Steve tells Scotty he has done good work for the hospital, but he has to fire him.  Bill starts to tells Julia about his initiation into the cartel.  Tom tells Scott that he will bounce back from this disbarment hearing.  Tracy and Paul have a very tense conversation with Ned and Jenny.  Ned and Jenny leave to walk in the garden.  Alan and Monica discuss the tension between the four of them.  Julia says she can never forgive Bill for killing her father.  Lucy talks to Steve and Tom about her idea for Deception, her new perfume company.  She tells them she needs investors.  They both say they need to check with their wives.  Lucy says she will talk to Simone herself.  AJ tells Alan and Monica he made amends over something he did with an intern in the hospital.  He tells them he lost his job at the hospital as a volunteer.
     Ned and Jenny come in from their walk. He tells her he loves her. Jenny wanted to be alone with him, not to see the garden. She has been thinking about marriage.  She accepts Ned's proposal.  Lucy approaches Simone and Audrey about her perfume business.   Scott tells Lucy that he got fired.  Lucy suggests they go back to her hotel room and take a bubble bath and talk about her perfume business.  Scott tells her to stick it!  Julia is crying in her office, looking a picture of Harlan.  Julia makes a call regarding Bill Eckert.  Bill is at home upset too.  The Qs are wondering why dinner is delayed.  Ned walks in and makes the announcement that Jenny will marry him and that Tracy and Paul were their inspiration.  Everyone exchanges strange looks. Julia calls an attorney to dissolve her partnership with Bill.

ember 9, 1991 - Mac and Connor are at the Outback.  Someone knocks on the door and says, “surprise.”  Robin and Anna discuss her homework.  Robert comes in and asks why Robin isn't in school.  She says it is a split session and she doesn't start til 11:30.  Anna tells Robert that Robin has a date with Roger.  Robert isn't happy.  Bill comes to Julia's office and sees her packing up his office.  They fight.  Bill says he will never leave the company.   Mac gets a visit from Charlotte who is Dominique's nurse.   She talks to Mac about Dominique and she tries to convince him Dominique might not get better.
    Robert forbids Robin to go on a date.  Anna tells Robert she thinks he is being ridiculous.  Finally, Robert agrees to let Robin go.    Sean and Tiffany are getting ready to go the hospital to meet Tony.  Tiffany is wearing some strange mask.  Sean tells her it is something from Mexico and to throw it in the trash.  Bobbie and Tony talk.  He tells her he thinks he solved the problem.  He just needs a blood sample from Tiffany to test it out. Simpson comes in and he tells him he wants him back to the lab.  Mac invites Charlotte to say with him while she is in town.  Bill starts unpacking his stuff that Julia packed up. Julia arrives and they talk.  Julia wants to buy him out. She will remove him whatever it takes.  Robert gets a call from the WSB that Taub and Faison staged an escape.  Taub was shot and killed but Faison got away.  Anna freaks out.  She says he is unstoppable.  Robert says they will beat him.  Robert puts extra security on Robin at school.
     Connor entertains the kids at the hospital.   Sean and Tiffany are waiting for Tony when Connor comes by singing.  Sean looks disturbed.  He has a flashback of the mask and that song La Bamba.  Robin's date comes to pick her up.  Robert makes them go on a date in the squad car.  Robin is mad.  Her date says it is fine.  Anna asks Robert to tell her about his first date.  Robert takes the 5th.  Bill and Julia have a montage of memories.  Tony calls Paul to tell him about the cure.  Tony, Tony and Sean celebrate.   Robert and Anna show up.  Robert and Sean talk about Faison.  He says Tiffany doesn't know yet.  Mac and Charlotte come back from Xmas shopping.  Robert calls Mac to tell him what happened with Faison.

ember 10, 1991 - Ned is in the Q foyer.  Tracy walks in to talk to him.  She wants to know what happened in his secret meeting with Edward.  Ned tells her he has to clean up the mess Paul has left ELQ in, and that he discussed his pending marriage to Jenny. Tracy tells him it will be the biggest mistake of his life if he marries Jenny.  Ned tells her to butt out and that he didn't interfere in her marriage to Paul.  He says she will regret it if she tries to hurt Jenny or break them up.  Anna calls Robin down to leave for school.  Robin says she is not going to school ever.  She can't show her face after the police escort took her out on a date.
     Mac and Charlotte have breakfast.  Mac says he is going to Shadowbrook to tell Dominique about her husband getting killed.  Charlotte says she is afraid Dominique might not be stable enough to handle the death of her husband.  Simpson gets into a fight with Amy.  Jenny gets a flower delivery.  They are from Ned.  Robin tells Robert and Anna they are ruining her life with police escort.  They tell her it is for her own safety. She wants to be a normal teenage.  Mac decides to go to Shadowbrook himself anyway to talk to Dominique.  Tom gives a seminar.  Charlotte wants a job at General Hospital.  Ned walks back into Paul's office and declares he is in charge.  Ned tells his secretary he thinks this time it might be permanent.  Jenny comes to visit.  She has something to tell him.  She is having second thoughts about marrying him.  Ned tells her she brings out the best in him.  He convinces her she is doing the right thing.
     Mac tells Dominique about Leopold being dead.  She is upset, even though she hated him.  Then she gets happy and realizes she is free! Anna opens her front door and finds a package there. She opens it and it is a videotape.  It is Faison on the tape giving Anna a message.  He tells her he will come back for her soon and they will be together again.  Robert won't stand in his way.   Robert says he will kill Faison.  Dominique's doctor tells her she contacted the court and they will review the status of her conservatorship.
     Tracy comes upon Ned in his office looking through Paul's papers.  She tells Ned he is making a mistake marrying Jenny and she is beneath him.  Ned tells her to don't dare interfere. Tracy says if she proves that Jenny is a gold digger he will have to listen.   Tracy shows up at Jenny's apartment to talk to her and tells Amy to get lost.  She cuts to the chase and asks Jenny how much will it take for her to buy her out of Ned's life.  Jenny tells her she is not after Ned's money. Tracy says she will make it her mission to make Jenny's life miserable and a living hell if she goes through with the marriage. Jenny throws her out.
     Mac goes to talk to Anna.  He tells both Anna and Robert that Dominique is much more independent now and wants to be on her own.  Jenny tells Meg that Tracy tried to bribe her not to marry Ned.  The guard comes in and tells Robert that Robin gave him the slip when shopping in Wyndham's.  Anna reaches Robin on the walkie talkies.  She is just a couple houses away.  Robert lays into Robin for losing the guards.  Robin tells Anna she has to buy a bra, and that is why she lost the guards.  Mac tells Charlotte that Dominique took the news well.  She kisses him goodbye but it turns into a real kiss.

ember 11, 1991 - Lucy and Scott are in her room where she is living.  She says it is a living hell. She says she has to get out.  Scott said he gave Lucy money for a whole week for a hotel.  She says she spent half the money on some new clothes.  Anna and Robert are watching the Faison tape again.  Robert says he hasn't told Bill yet about Faison escaping.  Bill boards the plane and finds out he is sitting next to Julia. They are on a flight returning from attending Harlan's funeral.  Scott and Lucy bicker and fight about her starting Deception.  Lucy breaks down and starts to cry about her life.  Scott tells her he will get her a better place to live at Kelly's.  Lucy tells him she thinks she loves him and they hug.  Scott goes to ask Ruby about Lucy' moving in.  Mac invites Robert to lunch.  They start reminiscing about growing up and their cocker spaniel and spending holidays together.  Robert tells Mac about Faison and that he is assigning a guard to Mac.
     Julia reads a letter from Bill about his father and how bad he feels.  Bill gives Julia a proposal from Ned about selling the canneries Paul bought.  Bill comes to see Robert.  Robert tells him about Faison and that he is assigning a guard to him.  Ruby tells Scott off that no way is Lucy moving in there.  Ruby asks why Lucy can't move in with Scott.  Ruby says because Bobbie says no because Lucy is a disaster waiting to happen.  Lucy yells at Scott.  Ruby says fine, Lucy can move in. She lays down the rules.   Sean and Tiffany are eating lunch.  Tiffany asks him about having a baby. Sean says he never thought about that. Tiffany starts kissing him.  Robert comes home for his romantic night with Anna.  Anna is fully dressed.  She tells Robert she got another flower from Faison.   Tony says he has the cure and their research is all over.  He tells Simpson they need to go back to just being doctors again.  Robert is in bed waiting for Anna.  She comes out in some ugly flannel nightgown.  Anna is totally distracted.  Julia throws Bill out of her office. They fight.

December 12-19, 1991:  12/12, 12/13, 12/16, 12/17, 12/18, 12/19 partial continued on next dvd Jason arrives

December 12, 1991 - The Qs are in their living room.  Alan and Monica get a letter from Jason saying he will be home for Christmas.  Jennings walks in with poker chips for AJ who is holding a card game.  Alan and Monica are furious but Edward asks what kind of hand AJ has and laughs.  Tony tells Bobbie he doesn't feel that challenged.  Amy tells Tony someone named Lloyd Carver wants to speak to him.  Sean and Tiffany are in their Penthouse.  She has an interview with Connor at the Outback.  Mac is out the Outback.  He finds a book of Charlotte's behind the counter.  Alan and Monica ream AJ for playing poker since 8:30 last night.  Edward wants to know why they didn't ask him to play.  Lila tells Edward to let Alan and Monica deal with AJ.  Alan and Monica take AJ to find a job.
     Tony gets an offer from someone on the phone about a job.  Tony is going to meet him.  Mac finds a report on Dominique that says she has bipolar disorder.  Mac has no idea that it was that bad with Dominique.  Tiffany shows up with her crew. Amy spreads the news that Tony might be going to Palm Springs to Steve and Audrey.  Bobbie talks to Ruby about this lunch date who is impressed with Tony's research.  Ruby tells Bobbie she can't move away.  Dominique gets a letter saying she can be her own conservator if she wants.   She just has to go to the doctors to make her case.  The Qs arrive at the hospital to get AJ back to work.  Tony gets offered Chief of Research in Palm Springs.  They offer Bobbie a job too and to pay them both more money than they make in PC.
     Dominique calls Mac.  She tells him about her hearing with the doctors that afternoon.  Connor gets arrested during Tiffany¢s interview.  Charlotte tells Dominique that Mac kissed her goodbye the other night and that he must miss Dominique.   The Qs force AJ to ask Steve for his job back as a volunteer.  Steve says no.  Monica says she wants AJ to be a good role model for Jason at home.  Steve says no way.  Tiffany comes home and tells Sean Connor was arrested.   Sean tries to help Connor.  He says he has no proof of his father being American.  He asks why he has an Irish name.  Connor tells Sean his mother used to say his father had a face like Ireland. Dominique goes in front of the hearing.  She sort of loses it at the end.  A doctor comes to talk to her at the end.  Dominique tells her that her mother was insane and killed herself.  She tells Dominique that her mother DID NOT kill herself and she wasn¢t insane.   She takes Dominique back to the time her mother was crying.  She figures out her father shot her mother.  Then on her wedding day she remembers going deaf because of the trauma.   She remembers that Leopold forced himself on her.   She yells at the doctor.  The doctor says yelling is good and that she is ready to get out there again and for a relationship with Mac.   Steve chides Tony for not coming to him about another job offer.  Tony realizes it was Amy who spread the word. Mac calls Charlotte to ask her about the report.  Charlotte tells Mac she is in bad shape and will take years and years to recover.

ember 13, 1991 - Tony talks to Bobbie about moving to Palm Springs.  Bobbie is not happy Tony is considering it. Jenny comes to see Bill at his office.  He tells Jenny Julia won't listen to him. Jenny tells him to give her some room.  Jenny tells Bill they should have a two family holiday this year with the Jones and the Eckerts.  Bills says he supposes Ned will have to be invited. Ned asks Tracy if she saw the morning paper.  Ned tells her that the DA may press charges against Paul for his involvement in the cartel.  Clients are pulling out of Bill and Julia's business due to Harlan's involvement in the cartel.  Jenny asks Bobbie about celebrating the holidays together. Bobbie asks if they can do it at the Brownstone since Tony got a new job offer.  It might be their last Christmas in PC.
     Paul runs into Jenny when she is leaving the hospital.  Paul is there for a recheck before his meeting with the DA.  Paul tells Jenny that he is going to tell the DA he was blackmailed.  Jenny says well weren't you blackmailed into marrying Tracy too?  She storms out.  Tracy is with Jennings in the Q mansion.  He gives her a glove that Paul's sister left in his room.  Tracy says Paul doesn't have a sister, but then Edward walks in.  She tells Edward he has to help her because Paul is going to get charged.  Edward said Paul is a loser.  Tracy says that if people find out Paul blackmailed her into marrying him, the Quartermaine name will be the laughing stock of PC.  Edward says he hired a lawyer for Paul and that Tracy is a Q through and through.   He also tells Tracy she needs to be at the meeting/questioning because the Q name lends dignity to any tawdry affair.  AJ shows up at ELQ saying he is waiting for Edward.  AJ tells Ned he is going to teach him the ropes of business.  AJ is going to join ELQ.  Ned tells him you can't make it in the business world with no education.  AJ tells Ned he told Edward ELQ is his dream.
     Bill and Julia have a drink together.  Bill tries to explain to Julia again what happened.  They explain to the client what happened.  The client thinks Bill is a hero.  Edward shows up at ELQ.  AJ tries to brownnose him. Edward asks Ned what he is doing about the Hornsby situation.  Ned tells him he is going to have papers drawn up to dismiss Paul. Edward says he can¢t do that and he has to have a board meeting. Ned says he did call a meeting.  He tells Edward that he sold 30% off the stock to Barrett industries. They send AJ to handle getting the meeting coordinated.  Jenny comes in and interrupts.  AJ makes a rude comment and Jenny snarks right back. Edward loves it. Tracy is with Paul when he is questioned. The lawyer makes the case and says he is going ahead and taking it to the grand jury. They leave. The media are outside. Tracy gets stopped and asked if she supports her husband.  She says it is all lies and she stand by him.  When they are alone, Paul thanks her for her support. She whips her arm away and says she didn't do it for him, she did it for herself.  They go to dinner. Paul asks why she would want to be there with him. Tracy said they have an image to uphold and how could he humiliate her by saying that he was blackmailed into marrying her.  She tells Paul he will do exactly what she wants since the Qs are keeping him out of jail.  Ned and Jenny walk in.  She sees Paul watching her and says she wants to have a big engagement party with Ned and they kiss.
     Tom tells Steve he hired Charlotte at GH.  Steve says he is hoping and praying Tony and Bobbie won¢t leave. Amy hits her head on the ice. She is unconscious. They page Tony.  Ned and Jenny toast each other. Tracy sees Paul staring at Jenny and asks if he would rather sit with them.  Tracy wonders what Ned sees in Jenny as she is ordinary. Paul says obviously he sees something Tracy can¢t.  Everyone is waiting on Amy¢s diagnosis.  They all feel guilty for making Amy leave by hurting her feelings and she ran out into the ice.  Bill got the account back, and Julia is angry Bill filled in the client on Harlan¢s role in the cartel. Bill tells Julia he is tired of her attitude. Tracy and Paul leave the restaurant.  Tracy stops by Ned¢s table and apologizes to him and Jenny. She is sick of fighting and knows they are in love. She wants to teach Jenny about being a Q.  Ned wonders what she is up to.

ember 16, 1991 - Mac comes to see Robert and Anna.  Robin runs out of the room.  They just got back from Washington.  Robert says Faison is up to his old tricks.  Tracy and Paul are bickering waiting for his daughter to arrive.  She is reaming him for bringing bad publicity to the Qs. Paul says he remembers reading about Tracy making headlines with Mitch Williams when he was in grade school!  Susan comes in and wants to know if her daddy is going to jail.  Robert says Faison is in Yemen.  Mac wants to know why they can't grab him.  They tell them they can¢t get to him easily. Robin comes downstairs.  She wants Robert to spend the day with her.  She wants them to go tree shopping.  Roger comes over and Robert invites him to go with them. Mac has to leave but they ask him to come back for a tree-trimming party.  The committee meets about Dominique's case.  She says her one on one session was great was Dominique.  Dominique goes in to answer questions.  They want to know if she is going to pursue a relationship with Mac.  She says yes.  Dominique gets released.  Charlotte tells her Mac has been feeling she is too dependent on her.  Dominique says she hasn't made plans like that.
     Susan asks Paul if he is going to jail.  Tracy steps in and explains it in a very loving way what happened.  She, Susan and Paul share a sweet scene.  Tracy tells her Paul was a hero.   Susan says it will be a great Christmas.  Tony operates on Amy.  They have some complications.  Paul thanks Tracy for being wonderful with Susan. Tracy says she didn't do it for him. She knows how important it is for a little girl to love and respect her father. Tracy tells him she has hired a PR firm to put a good spin on the family in the media.  Paul asks why they just don¢t get divorced.  Tracy says he will be a member of the family for a long time. Susan comes in and they go out to buy a Christmas tree.  Dominique is free to go.  The committee tells her that she needs to meet with Leopold's lawyer.  They lawyer tells her she is a very wealthy woman.
     Anna comes to see Bill and finds Julia.  She tells her about Faison. Julia asks her to fill her in on her father.  Alan and Monica come in and ask about news about Amy.   Steve says things are under control. They just need to wait and pray.  Lila gets out the Christmas decorations out.  Paul, Tracy and Susan come in with the tree .Lila shows Susan some ornaments.  Tracy says maybe it will be a merry Christmas after all.  Paul agrees.   Mac is at the Outback.  They are decorating for Christmas.  Charlotte shows up.  She tells him she is going to be working at GH.  Then she tells him Dominique is being released.  She tells Mac she wants to spend some time alone for a while.  She asks if she can have the apartment over the Outback.  Robin/Robert/Anna and Mac decorate the tree with Robin's boyfriend.  Robert/Anna discuss how strange it is being a family in PC in that house with his brother coming over and it all seems so normal.  Amy survives her surgery.  The Scorpios continue their tree trimming party.  Mac arrives with Charlie (Charlotte).  Tony and Bobbie discuss how brilliant he was saving Amy.  Tony tells her it is so hard to decide what to do about staying or leaving GH.

ember 17, 1991 - Bobbie is massaging Tony in the waiting room.  They talk about the rough surgery on Amy.  Dominique is back at her estate.  She is in control.  The Scorpios continue their tree trimming party.  They ask Mac how he met Charlie.  Robert asks her about her background.  She is quick to change the subject.  Bobbie gets called away.  Steve asks Tony what he is going to do.  Tony says he needs to decide with Bobbie.  Steve gives him a list of neurosurgeons to consider if he leaves.  He tells Tony not to forget he is playing Santa Claus again.  Mac sees an ornament that looks like Serenity.  Dominique is amazed how much money she is inheriting.  Robert tries to ask Mac if he likes this Charlie.  Mac is still thinking about Dominique.
     Tony gets a telegram that it is time for him to give them an answer by tomorrow.  Steve has a nice scene with Amy.  Robert makes a toast to Anna, Robin and Mac about being glad they are together for Christmases.  Dominique looks over all her papers.  Robin talks to Anna in the kitchen.  She is upset that Mac brought Charlie.  She is upset that Roger is paying attention to Charlie too.  Tony comes in to check on Amy.  He tells her she is going to be fine.  Tony gets a gift from an old patient¢s wife.  Tony decides that he wants to stay in PC.  Bobbie is so happy they can stay.  Roger apologizes to Robin for not paying attention to her at dinner.  Robert and Anna talk that Robin is growing up, and they wonder if Mac will see Dominique again.  Dominique finds a cassette tape and plays her and Mac¢s song.  Mac is thinking about her too, even though he is with Charlie.  They kiss, but then Mac is called away downstairs to help at the Outback.

ember 18, 1991 - Lucy and Scott come into Kelly's with a Christmas tree.  Slick is trying to rent a room from Ruby but she is all out of rooms.  He looks interested in Lucy and Ruby tells him he is nothing but trouble. Tracy comes into Ned's office and wonders what the item on the board meeting agenda means.  Ned says they are dumping Paul and the canneries. Tracy tells him Paul is still CEO and Ned tells her not for long.  Julia and Bill are still at each other¢s throats but softening.  He asks her to meet.  He tells her Ned wants to chuck the canneries. Bill wants to keep them.  He wants Julia¢s vote.  He wants them to stay in business together.   Paul and Tracy eat lunch together. They talk through clenched teeth at each other while she tells him she is voting against him for CEO tomorrow. Paul tells her he is counting on her vote of she will be married to Paul Hornsby househusband.
     Jenny invites Bill to the Brownstone for Christmas.  Jenny tells Bill that behind Ned's smirk is a romantic kind man. She assures him Ned is not like the rest of the Qs.  Scott comes into Kelly's.  Ruby tells him she is going to strangle him because Lucy is growing pot in her apartment.  Slick is sitting at the counter.  He and Scott talk.  Ruby says she is going to bust Lucy once and for all.  Lucy is planting things for her perfume business.  She convinces Scott to pay Ruby for the leak in the ceiling by seducing him. Ned tries to sway Julia¢s vote on the canneries.  Ned sees Jenny in the elevator.  She asks him about Christmas.  Ned tells Jenny he is going to be CEO as of tomorrow.  He tells Jenny that they can't do Christmas with her family because Christmas with the Qs is a must.  Jenny gets mad and says that what she wants doesn't matter.  Ned tells her Qs spend Christmas Eve together.  They agree to just both do their own thing.  Julia has a flashback of some guy attacking her sexually and her stabbing him and Harlan shooting him.  She starts crying that her daddy saved her, and why couldn't she save him.  Julia's lawyer calls her and says the WSB has frozen all of Barrett Industries assets.  He tells her to sell her half of the business or make up with Bill.  She has to remain partners with Bill.
     Tracy and Paul go to Ned's office.  She tells Ned she wants Paul to be CEO still.  Ned tells her no way.  He will give him some token title.  Tracy says that is fine, as this is all about her and being married to someone respectable.  Paul says it is not fine with him.  Ned tells him he may end up in jail anyway.  Paul tells Tracy he isn¢t coming home with her as he needs to gather files.  Julia finds a letter written to Harlan and finally believes he did know about the evils of the cartel.  Ruby is mad Scott isn¢t helping her clean up.  Lucy tries to explain to Ruby about her perfume endeavor and how she plans to make herself a success.  Jenny tells Bill he was right about Ned.  His family comes before her.  Paul takes out his files.  Ned harasses him.  He tells him to take one last look around.  Paul tells him he knows more than Ned about running a company.  Ned tells him his children with Jenny will follow in his ELQ footsteps.  Jenny talks to Ruby about what is going on with Ned. Ned walks right in.  He tells her they need to learn how to compromise.  Like go to both houses on Christmas Eve.  Jenny is happy.   Julia extends a hand towards Bill.  They start working together on a proposal for ELQ to keep the canneries. Paul comes back to ELQ and makes a call to Paul.  He wants to know if they can pow wow before tomorrow¢s meeting.  Paul wants them to keep their meeting on the low down.

ember 19, 1991 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Scott comes to Kelly's to meet with Lucy.  Lucy and Scott talk about the board meeting.  The Qs are all in the living room.  Ned walks in all chipper for the board meeting.  He says he is smelling victory.  Edward and Lila laugh. They ask Tracy how she is going to vote. She says for my husband or my son I can't decide yet.  Edward tells her as if she has a choice.  Paul meets with Bill and Julia to ask for their vote.  He tells them he wants their votes but he really doesn¢t want the job.  Bill says he needs a cup of coffee.  Scott tells her that the bar association won't have their hearing til after the first of the year.  Bobbie comes to invite Ruby for Christmas Eve.  Ruby tells Bobbie she rented Lucy a room.  Bobbie says Lucy is not welcome for Christmas.
     Bill and Julia discuss the CEO job.  Paul says with Edward back, the position of CEO will be nullified.  Paul wants to trade his position at ELQ for a position at the canneries.  Julia tells him they are interested in the canneries themselves.  Alan and Monica come in.  Tracy asks them if they are voting for Ned or Paul.  They both say Paul.  Tracy thinks they are plotting against her. Monica asks if Edward says AJ can come.  Ned overhears them saying they want Paul to fill in til AJ is ready to be CEO.  Ned asks them if they think there is a chance in hell Grandfather would let that no good son of theirs run ELQ.  Monica brings AJ into the den. She tells Alan he was studying.  They tell AJ that he has to set an example for Jason when he comes home.  They tell him they are bringing him in to the ELQ fold to help get rid of Ned.  Alan tells him he is now in training to take over the Q empire but for now, he has to watch and listen.
     Lucy and Scott are about to go the board meeting.  Scott tells her to vote the way he does and it will be fine.  Tracy and Paul arrive to the board meeting. He wants to know how she is going to vote.  She tells him to wait and see. Tracy and Lucy have some snarky exchange when Lucy asks Paul about funding Deception.  Lucy sees Ned and tells him he is voting for him and then asks him to fund Deception.  Alan, AJ and Edward walk in. Lucy asks them about Deception as well.  She corners Edward and asks him to fund Deception.  She tells him she would have had fun with Edward when she and Alan were married.  Edward tells her if she votes his way, he might be persuaded to back her idea.  The board meeting takes place.  Ned welcomes back Edward.  A classic Q fight breaks out. Tracy calls AJ a bad seed and Jason illegitimate.  Monica is about to slap Tracy. Edward is cracking up.  Scott brings out the bylaws and says that Paul can't vote.  Edward stands up to speak.

December 19-26, 1991:  12/19 partial Steve Burton appears as Jason in his first episode, 12/20 Camilla Moore takes over as Anna Devane, 12/23 cm, 12/24 cm, 12/26 cm

December 19, 1991 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - The ELQ board meeting takes place. Edward makes a motion to elect Ned, and says if any other Q decides to vote any other way, they will be cut off from his will.  All the Qs vote for Ned, including Tracy to Paul's dismay.  Lucy and Scotty vote for Ned, hoping that Edward will invest in Deception.  The next order of business is selling the canneries.  Bobbie comes to Kelly's and they discuss Lucy.  Ruby tells Bobbie she thinks Lucy is serious about the perfume business.  The Q board meeting continues. They all agree to sell the canneries.  Paul is interested in buying the canneries.  Bill and Julia back him and they all go into partnership.  Paul is nominated to run the business.  Lucy corners Edward to see if he will now invest in Deception like he said earlier. Edward pleas amnesia.  Edward congratulates Ned.  Paul thanks Tracy for her support-or lack of it.  Scott yells at Lucy for voting for Ned.  Ruby tells Lucy that Bobbie said no to her coming for Christmas Eve and that she should call the Qs to see if she could go there.
     Paul and Tracy arrive home.  Tracy apologizes for voting against him, but says the decision was taken out of her hands by Edward threatening to cut the family off if they didn't vote his way.  They fight, and the rest of the Qs enter, so Tracy grabs Paul and kisses him.  The Qs all made snide remarks about Paul.  Ned tells him to take the rest of the day off.  Julia and Bill celebrate their victory over purchasing the canneries. Julia then puts some distance between them again and says they are only business partners and nothing else.  Ned gloats to the rest of the family.  Alan and Monica tell him not to be smug. They all tell AJ to shut up.  Alan tells Ned he won't last a year in the job.  Ned asks them to suspend the backstabbing for at least two weeks during the holidays.  Ned asks them if anyone else noticed how well Paul took the news.  And that he must be up to something.  Jason arrives for the holidays.  After the family greets him, AJ welcomes the bastard son home.  Jason punches him to the floor.  Edward walks in and is most impressed!

December 20, 1991 - Camilla Moore takes over as Anna Devane - Amy gets a visit from Tony.  She is depressed she has to stay in the hospital for Christmas.  She says she is going to turn over a new leaf and be a better person.  Anna and Robin decorate the tree. Robin wonders how long Roger and her will last as boyfriend.   They get ready for the hospital Christmas party.  Mac and Conner come in with clothes to donate.  Anna and Robin discuss Christmas gifts.  Anna is trying to figure out what Robert got for her.  Robin says she wished Uncle Mac was with Dominique. Lewis and Robert are cleaning out files.  Mac asks Charlie out.  Tony gets a package with a huge stamp of a letter “N”.  Bobbie tries to cheer Amy up.  Meg and Shelia and Simpson come in and cheer her up too.  Sean is in Robert's office.  Anna calls to say Olin is leaving for the holidays and her cousin is coming to help.
     Robert asks Sean if he got the surprise.  Robert gets a delivery.  It is a box with the letter “S”.  Sean said he got the letter “I” delivered to him.  They thing about INS, SNI…they wonder what the letters mean.  Dominique is all happy to be celebrating Christmas at home.  Robert figures out that Paul and Bill and Mac will get one too.  Robert tells Anna people have been mutually receiving Christmas letters.  Mac dances with Charlie.   He starts kissing her.  They decide to go home. But Mac calls her Dominique and she gets upset.  The police officer comes to deliver all the letters to Robert.  Mac got an A, Bill Eckert got a O; Paul Hornsby and F.  Robert says it spells Faison, Of course.  Anna is worried.  Dominique s ends her staff away on a cruise.  She is planning her own little holiday herself.  Anna says she is the only one who didn't get a package.  Robin comes in and tells Anna she got a package while she was in the shower.  Roger comes to pick up Robin.  Anna opens her package.  It is a box that says “KILLS” on it. Faison Kills.

December 23, 1991 - Fake Anna in this episode also - Bill and Julia are discussing the holidays.  Charlie goes to see Mac.  She says she is sad that Mac is pining away for a girl who will never be able to have a relationship with him.  Robert tells Anna that Faison is no longer in Yemen.  Robin says she is going to the mall to get Robert a present.  She says she will take a guard.  Robert says he doesn't want anything from her.  Just for them all to be together.  Simone and Bobbie talk about taking a family in for Christmas Eve.  Tony comes in and can't find the Santa Claus outfit.  Sean tells Robert that Connor told him El Patron was his father.  Sean admits to Robert that he was El Patron.  He says EL Patron was a hero, and many women could say that they had an affair with him.  Sean said there was a woman he fell in love with down there, but they never told each other their real names.  He wants to see a picture of Connor's mother.  Sean tells Robert that he did some things as El  Patron that could still have major consequences even now.
     The Qs are in their living room and Ned is bringing in gifts.  He says they are all for Jenny.  Tracy rolls her eyes and says he never bought her that many gifts.  He says she didn't need anything.  Tracy agrees and says Jenny is needy.  Alan is setting up the trains.  He asks AJ to help. Jason comes in from skiing.  They all treat him like the golden boy and AJ like the outsider.  Jenny is at Bill's.  She says Bill seems very edgy.  She tells him to get in the Christmas spirit for Sly.  Jenny says she is going to the Qs first, then to Bobbie's later.  Julia is all alone for Christmas.  Mac arrives at the hospital. He wants to apologize to Charlotte again.  Julia sets up a little Christmas scene in her room.  She calls Brenda (this is the first mention of Brenda I believe).  Anna fills Mac in about Faison.  He tells Anna Dominique has been released from Shadowbrook and hasn't called him.  Robert and Sean come in and they announce Faison is in Bolivia.  Robin answers the door.  There is another package there.
     The Qs are in the living room setting up trains.  Jason is filling them in on his year abroad and how he earned money and stayed in youth hostels.  The Qs are all impressed, except for Tracy who turns her nose up at it and AJ who is resentful of the new Golden Boy home. Jenny comes in to spend Christmas with the Qs. Tracy tells Ned he should go to the Jones' to see how the other half lives.  Alan and Monica leave for the hospital to show off Jason.  They make AJ come.  Julia comes to Bill's to bring Sly a gift.  Bill calls Julia in her hotel room.  He hangs up on her.  She thinks it is Brenda returning her call.  The hospital is having their Christmas party.  The Qs arrive and there is a crisis as they can't find the Santa suit.  The Scorpios are having their Christmas Eve party.   Anna looks at her gift under the tree that was delivered and she hears that it is ticking.  She runs off to diffuse it and figures out it was an antique clock that was a gift from Robert.  Dominique shows up at the Scorpio house.  Mac is so thrilled.  Bill shows up at Julia's hotel room and gives her a gift.  He invites her to Bobbie's house.  She says yes.  Robin is dressed in her elf costume for the hospital Christmas party.

December 24, 1991 - Fake Anna in this episode - Tony visits Amy dressed up as Santa.  Bobbie brings BJ to the Christmas party.  Connor sings.  The Qs are there.  Robin is worried her parents won't show up.  Mac and Dominique reunite.  She tells him about all the changes she is making in her life.  He is amazed how strong she is.  The doorbells rings.  There is a delivery for Anna.  Mac tells him to put it under the tree.  Robert and Anna have gone to pick up Robin's presents.  Tiffany covers the hospital party and the homeless project for her television station.  Scott and Lucy show up with gifts for the homeless kids who are coming to the party.   Lucy asks why they are at the stupid hospital party when the hospital fired him.  Lucy is upset she was not invited to Bobbie's party.  She tells Scotty she doesn't want to be alone for Christmas.  Bill, Sly and Julia show up at the party.
     Robert and Anna show up at Sean's with Robin's new bike and ask if he can keep it there til tomorrow.  They tell him Dominique has shown back up.  Mac brings Dominique to the hospital party. The hospital parade continues.  Mac tells Robert a delivery came to the house.  Anna tries to get it out of Robert what her gift is.  Steve tells the Christmas story.  Lucy convinces Scott it is time to leave.  Bobbie walks up and Lucy tells her she is not in the mood.  Bobbie invites Lucy to join them and put aside their differences for one night. Lucy turns her down.  Scott tells her to shut up. Robert and Anna talks about how much Robin has grown up.  Dominique and Mac almost kiss, and Charlotte shows up.  Dominique tells Charlie she knows why she told her not to come to see Mac.  She figures out Charlie's game.  The Qs are back home and the two homeless families come in.  Edward welcomes them.  Alan introduces them to Tracy, Paul, his sons, etc.  Ned gives Jenny a ring while Paul looks on longingly.
     Dominique tells Charlie that she is moving back into her apartment over the Outback.  Dominique tells Charlie to find another place to live.  The Qs are in their living room again.  Lila tells the families about how each ornament is special.  Tracy says they are from all Lila's trips around the world. They all comment on how nice it is to have Edward back.  Jenny wants to leave to go to the Brownstone. Ned tries to get her to stay, but Jenny insists they have to leave.  Scott and Lucy show up at the Brownstone.  Lucy is not happy to see Scott.  They all make peace and be pleasant and civil for one night.  Sean gives Tiffany a necklace at the Scorpio party.  Anna wants to open her gift now.  It is a jade statue.  Back at the Brownstone, Scott gives Lucy an antique perfume bottle for her new perfume.  She is happy he is backing her in spirit.  They kiss.  Ned and Jenny show up.  IT starts showing.  At the Scorpios, Connor plays the guitar and sings.

December 26, 1991 - Paul enters Ned's office.  Ned wants to set up a working plan for the cannery operation. Paul says a plan is in place.  Paul tells Ned he will not take orders from him.  Ned says he is speaking for his grandfather.  Edward and Lila are having coffee, talking about their wonderful Christmas.  Lila says they are decorating again for a new party. Edward tells her he has been gone a long time but leopard never changes its spots. Tracy comes in and says what spots.  Lila says she will be happy to host an engagement party for Ned and Jenny. Tracy says no way. Edward tells Lila she owes him $5.  Julia's lawyer calls and says he found a loophole in Bill's contract with Barrett industries.  Sean talks to the DA about not prosecuting Paul.  He wants a statement from Sean regarding Paul and his role in the cartel.  He asks Sean if Paul had the ELQ Tracy sunk.  He hired the guy who destroyed the cannery.  He wants to know if Paul headed the plot to kills the Scorpio brothers.  Sean tells him that Paul was blackmailed into doing all these things because his daughter's life was at stake.
     Meanwhile, Ned and Paul fight more about Ned interfering into Paul's cannery role.  Bill and Julia discuss having to work together.  Edward tells Tracy if she won't give Ned a party, he will.  And she isn't invited.  Tracy falls for his bluff and says she was only kidding and she will do it for her only child.  Edward gives Lila the $5 back!  Tony and Bobbie are at GH.  Alan and Monica come in.  Alan tells Monica she should leave it alone, but Monica wants to confront Paul about what he said about loving Jenny when he came out of anesthesia.  Monica talks to Bobbie about it.  Bill, Julia and Paul discuss their new business plans.  Paul says he is going to be away to meet a new official on New Year's Eve.  Paul fills them in on Ned wanting to put an ELQ official accountant on site.  Sean tells Tiffany that he didn't make the DA too happy.  He despised Paul for so long, but now he is defending him.  Tiffany offers to interview Paul to let him tell his side of the story.  It might give Paul the point of view he needs to clear himself.  Sean tells Tiffany to stay away from the fact that Paul was blackmailed into marrying Tracy.
     Monica examines Paul.   He tells her he is going on a trip soon.  Monica tells him that she overheard him waking up saying he loved Jenny.  And being that they are all going to be living in the same house it could be awkward.  Paul brushes it off as nothing and that people say things under anesthesia all the time.  Tracy is on the phone with Jenny, when Ned enters the room. She tells Ned that she is throwing them the engagement party to end all parties.  Ned is shocked.  Tracy tells him she learned the meaning of love when Paul was hurt.  Bobbie tells Tony that Monica is worried for Tracy about what Paul said about Jenny.  Charlie comes up to Bobbie at the hospital and asks her if she has an apartment available.  Alan asks Monica to go to a movie.  She is depressed.  She says life can be cruel sometimes.  Alan asks her if she told Paul about what she heard.  Monica admits she did confront Paul.  She says she isn't Tracy's biggest fan, but with them all living under one roof it could be a mess.  Alan says it was none of her business.
     Edward and Ned meet about his confrontation with Paul.  Edward tells Ned to leave Paul to him.  Edward tells Ned he was in way over his head with ELQ when he left.  He says he was a mama's boy.  Now Edward feels Ned is his own person.  Edward tells Ned about Paul's upcoming travel plans.  Sean meets with Bill in the park.  Tracy tells Paul about the engagement party he is planning. He has no interest.  Tracy tells him he better at least fake some interest in front of the family.  Alan and Monica walk in when they are fighting and Tracy covers it up fast.  Paul mentions that he is going on a trip.  Tracy is annoyed.  Bill tells Julia that enough is enough and he can't take it anymore with the cold shoulder treatment in business.

December 27, 1991 - January 6, 1992:  12/27 cm Shell Danielson begins as Dominque, 12/30, 12/31, (1/1 no show), 1/2, 1/3 first half only rest pre-empted, 1/6 partial epi continued on next dvd

December 27, 1991 - Robert comes to the Penthouse.  They discuss the potential of Connor being Sean's son.  Tiffany comes in and they abruptly stop talking.  Dominique shows up at the Outback.  She wants her old apartment back.  Charlie is there.  Dominique goes to confront her.  She tells her she knows her game plan regarding Mac.  Dominique tells her the game is over.  Paul's mother comes to pick up Susan. She tells Paul he seems very stressed about living at the Qs.  He says he is.  She says he must do something about this marriage.  Tracy walks in with Susan.  Ned and Jenny walk in.  Tracy and Paul see his mother off, and then Tracy tells Jenny it is time for them to go to lunch to discuss the engagement party.  Ned kisses Jenny goodbye and Paul cringes.
     Sean and Robert discuss Connor and why Sean hasn't told Tiffany about the possibility that Connor is his son.  Robert shows Sean a picture of a woman that is Connor's mother.  Sean says she was very special to him.  Sean tells Robert about this woman who captured his heart years ago.  Dominique tells Mac she is glad to move back in.  Tracy has lunch with Jenny (there is an ABC special report which cuts out some of it).  Basically Jenny tells Tracy she is a cold, calculating bitch and that the wedding will go off with or without her.  Robert comes to see Paul with a case update.  Ned wants to stay.  Paul hopes the Tiffany Hill interview will help sway public opinion.  Ned tells Paul that Susan should have stuck around for his interview for the sympathy.  Paul tells Ned he would never use his daughter like that.  Mac asks Dominique out for New Year's Eve.  Dominique gets a call with heavy breathing.   Tiffany conducts his interview with Paul.  He comes clean with the truth about what the cartel forced Paul to do.  Tracy slips into the room and listens in.  She hears Paul tell Tiffany that the cartel was threatening Tracy's life as well, and that is when he met with Faison and jumped him to get the virus so he couldn't give it to Tracy and he could help Tony find the cure.  Tracy is shocked.
     Robert asks Connor if he can get a copy of his birth certificate.  Connor says he doesn't have a copy of it.  Dominique comes in and both Robert and Connor can't believe how strong she is.  Charlie rents an apartment from Bobbie.  Tracy asks Paul if it is true that he risked his life to save hers.  He says yes and at no time did he want to hurt her or cause her harm.  Tracy thanks him for saving his life, and that he hopes they can put it behind them.  Jenny shows up to see Bobbie and tells her about her nightmare lunch with Tracy.  Bobbie tells Jenny that she wonders about the visit Jenny made to Paul when he was in the hospital.  Bobbie asks if he is really just a friend.  Ned shows up. He apologizes for Tracy.  Tiffany comes home and tells Sean the interview with Paul was fabulous.  Mac comes in and asks Robert if he wants to bring Anna to the Outback for New Year's.  Dominique gets another prank call.  She knows it is Charlie trying to make her doubt her sanity.

December 30, 1991 - Fake Anna in this episode - Bill tells Julia he wants out of Barrett industries in two days.  Anna and Dominique discuss her new living arrangements. Tracy gets a call from Paul.  She begs him to try to come home for New Year's.  She goes to talk to Monica about Paul.  She tells Monica she thinks Paul hates her.  Monica tells her Paul said “Can't kill Tracy' on the operating table, and she thinks he really took a knife in the chest for her.  Tracy asks what else Paul said.  Monica goes running out the door.  Robert gets word of another dark-haired victim on the docks.  Dominique and Anna are still shopping, discussing her staying in Port Charles.  Dominique tells Anna how Charlie is making prank calls to her.  She told her once that someone was following her and she thinks Charlie is now playing on that fear.  Julia has a woman show up from Barrett International industries.  Bill is listening in.  He finds out Julia's stock is frozen.  Mac catches Dominique s she falls off a ladder.  They end up on top of each other. Mac tells Dominique he doesn't want her to go anywhere alone until Robert catches this stalker.
     Monica comes home and finds Tracy slumped in the chair. She is all alone.  She asks Monica what else Paul said about her.  Monica says nothing.  She tells Tracy he cares for her and he risked his life for her.  Tracy says she would die if Paul loved someone else.  Monica drags her out to watch Paul's interview in the other room.  Mac insists on protecting Dominique.  She really does have a stalker on her patio.  Bill and Julia discuss him not getting out of the company.  They exchange nasty remarks again.  Dominique is confronted by her stalker.  He wants some of her 50 million dollar.  He knocks her down and pulls a knife on her.  He makes her write a note to Mac saying she went to the movies.  Monica and Tracy talk about Paul's interview.  Monica tells Tracy all men are idiots, but Paul did save her life.  AJ comes in and asks if he can go to an NYE party.  Monica says no.  AJ says there will be no alcohol.  Tracy laughs and tells AJ he should take lessons from Ned.  Monica gets mad and starts hinting that if everyone told the truth, people would be unhappy.  Tracy asks what that means?  She tells her to mind her own affairs.  Tracy doesn't like the sound of that. She and Monica have a big screaming match.
     Mac tells Robert and Anna that Dominique ran off and stood him up that night.  Mac is nervous about where she is. He sees a headline about Dominique inheriting 50 million.  The newspaper stand guy tells him someone bought all 50 papers.  Dominique's stalker starts smashing all her stuff.  She gives him a painting worth 24,000.  Julia tells Bill she got a letter intended for her father.  She tells Bill that he was right about him. Dominique saves herself right as Mac comes in and helps her.  Mac insists on spending the night.

December 31, 1991- Fake Anna in this episode - Ruby has a NYE toast with Scott, Slick, Audrey, Steve and Bobbie and Tony. Lucy arrives wearing her new perfume.  Everyone loves it.  She asks for investors. Bill picks up Julia to go out.   Mac shows back up at Dominique.  He asks if he can shower and change at her place for the party.  Robert tells Robin they are all going to the Outback for NYE.  Robin is having a party with six girls at her house.   Edward tells Lila she has never looked lovelier. Ned and Jenny are with them.  Alan and Monica come in all dressed up too.  AJ and Jason come in.  They are about to leave for a party.  Alan tells AJ and his friend that it is not a night for drinking.  Tracy comes in and she is in a bad mood because Paul is gone.  They invite her to the Outback but she refuses.  Ned and Jenny invite her too. Alan tells her she can end the year miserable just liked she started it.  Edward makes a toast to all the Qs.   Mac and Dominique make a toast to the new year.  They almost kiss, but they call Mac down to the club.  Sean, Tiffany, Anna, Robert, Bill and Julia celebrate before they leave for the Outback.
     Amy gets home from the hospital and her roommates have a little party for her before they leave for the Outback.  The Qs leave for their respective parties, right as Paul returns home.  He tells Edward he knows that he expedited his meeting with the EPA so he would have to come home.  Edward tells him he gives him too much credit, but that he hoped he has a special NYE with his wife, like he is going to have with Lila.  The Outback party is show with most of the cast.  Lucy shows up wearing her perfume which is making everyone sick.  The Qs arrive.  Alan and Monica dances and talk about how much Lucy smells. Anna and Robert dance.  Bobbie/Tony, etc.  Tracy and Paul show up.
     Robin is having a slumber party.  Boys show up with pizza.  Dominique shows up at Mac's party.  Robert tells Dominique that he needs her to make a statement.  Paul dances with Tracy and she thanks him for coming home because it means a lot for her.  Robin is dancing with Roger.  Olin's sister comes downstairs and kicks all the boys out. Mac and Dominique  dance.  Robert and Anna talk about Mac's situation with Dominique and Charlie.  The clock strikes midnight and everyone kisses.  Tracy asks Ned where Jenny is, and he says in the restroom.  They cut to Paul kissing Jenny and telling her Happy New Year.  Lucy kisses Scott and tells him she loves him. Charlie kisses Mac, and Dominique sees and runs out.

January 2, 1992 - Ned is trying to watch the bowl games, but Tracy won't let him. She needs him to help her plan his engagement party.  They exchange some barbs about their events being the laughing stock of the PC social scene.  Tracy stands in the way of the tv and Ned literally shoves her out of the way.  AJ is making plans and Jason is listening in.  Alan and Monica walk in.  AJ threatens Jason about going running to mom and dad and being a tattletale.   Dominique comes back to the Outback and tells them all how great her night was.  Alan asks Jennings to set up a TV in the living room to set up a new tradition, watching every football game all day long.  Alan is so happy he gets to watch the Rose Bowl with both his sons.  Jenny arrives and Ned whisks her out to the gatehouse to avoid Tracy.  But Tracy sees them and says they have to plan their party.  She gives Jenny a five page list of names of guests and Jenny asks why none of her family is on the list.  Tracy says “oops”.  They talk about inviting people their own age, etc.
     Dominique is in her apartment.  Mac comes to her door. She wants to be alone, but he offers to take her to give her statement.  Scott and Lucy are at Kelly's.  Scott is hungover, but Lucy isn't.  He can't understand why as they matched each other drink for drink.  Sean and Tiffany show up at Kelly's.  Lucy asks Tiffany.  Connor gets a subpoena for his immigration hearing.  Mac tells him to call Sean.   The Qs are all watching the game together.  Jason wins the pool.  AJ and Jason have a bunch of tension.  AJ wants to go watch the rest of the games with his friends, not the family.  They send the boys off.  Alan is sad they didn't stay to watch the game with him.  Chips parents show up to talk to Alan and Monica.  They came to return the alcohol that AJ brought to Chip's party.  Alan and Monica are appalled when they see the alcohol, and find out AJ brought strippers.   Alan is livid.  Connor goes to talk to Sean about his immigration hearing the next day.  Tiffany tells Sean he has to help.  Sean says he has nothing new to report.   Dominique is really angry at Mac over Charlie.
     Tracy talks details of tv coverage for Ned/Jenny's party. They are fed up with her. She offers to buy Jenny an appropriate dress. Jenny says she is perfectly capable.  Ned breaks up their fight.  Ned tells Jenny they should elope.  Jenny says there is no way she is not standing up to Tracy.  Lucy and Scott talk about Deception.  Scott is going to represent Connor.  She wants him to get paid so they can use the money for the case for Deception.  Lucy and Scott talk about going away together to reconnect.  Sean calls Robert to say he got the info from the WSB and that Connor is definitely his son. Tiffany walks in.  Sean knows he has to tell her.  They discuss Connor getting deported.  Alan and Monica confront AJ about the liquor and strippers.  They are beyond disappointed with him. They tell him they know Jason has nothing to do with it.  AJ says of course they support Jason.  AJ tries to shift the blame to Alan or Monica. He tells them they have been bad parents.  He tells them they are selfish and sent them away since they were little.  He tells them all they care about is the almighty dollar.  Not their kids.  Connor is about to skip town.  Mac tells him not to leave.  Connor says the only person who can help him is his real father.

January 3, 1992 - Tiffany asks Sean why he is mesmorized by the mask.  Tiffany wants to cover Connor's case to help him.  Dominique tells Connor she has lots of money and resources now.  She helps him escape.  Jason walks into the Q living room.  AJ comes in and blames him for telling Alan and Monica about the alcohol and strippers. Alan and Monica confront Jason to try to point the finger at AJ.  AJ admits it.  Tracy and Delfina walk in.  Alan and Monica ask Tracy to leave as they are in the middle of a family discussion.  Tracy tells them their son is a screw up and her son is the only one who is worthy of the Q name. Tracy tells them that they are at fault for the way AJ turned out.  Alan tells her to shut up. A huge fight breaks out.  Alan tells her the Paul was probably blackmailed to marry her.  Tracy says he loves me.  Ned and Jenny walk in.  Alan chases Tracy out of the room. They are in a screaming match.   Tracy storms out.  They all go to watch. Ned goes to be back up for Tracy.  Jenny is left alone with Delfina who says what a fascinating family they are. 
     Scott shows up and finds out Connor is on the run.   Mac tells Sean and Tiffany Connor has skipped town.   Dominique hides Connor at her apartment.  He decides he has to hit the road.  Jennings asks Jenny if she wants anything because Ned is dealing with family matters.  Paul comes in the living room to see Jenny.  He wants to talk to her. He tells her that he loves her.  She says she is marrying Ned and it is too late for that.  She tells him to stay away from her.  He can't promise that.  Paul tells her she is marrying Ned to cover up her true feelings for him. Paul tells Jenny he is going to get out of his marriage.  Jenny says don't do it for her as it is pointless.  They are done.  Paul says he will see what happens. Edward comes in and tells the rest of the Qs to shut up.  Mac and Scott talk about Connor.  Scott says this was his last case.  Edward tells Jenny and Paul he still can't believe he survived a plane crash.  Jenny and Edward bond a bit.  Ned comes in.  Paul leaves.  Ned tells her this is typical Q behavior.  Tracy comes back in with Delfina.  Alan and Monica come back in too.  They tell Tracy she is doing a good job planning the wedding.  Tiffany interviews Scott about Connor not being deported.  Dominique is talking to someone on the phone to meet her at Kelly's the next day.

January 6, 1992 - partial episode continued on next dvd; Fake Anna in this episode - Edward and Ned are in the Q living room.  Edward is not happy that the Q stock is owned by some outsiders.  Edward wants to buy back all the Q stock before some other unscrupulous group tries to take over.  Edward is mad that the company is not family-owned anymore. Robert and Anna eat breakfast together.   Robin comes in and can't find her homework.  Anna says she needs to figure out what she wants to do about her career.  Robin's friends come over.  They want to know if Robin will accept their nomination as class president.  Dominique and Mac talk.
     Edward tells Ned he will kick a few butts to get what he wants.  He wants to buy out Lucy, Scott, Bill and Julia a good price for their stock.  Ned tells him he thinks they shouldn't be too eager.  He thinks they need to find their Achilles heel.  Edward tells Ned he should change his name from Ashton to Quartermaine.  Ned says there is a mysterious stock holder who owns 8% of the shares and he can't find out who it is. Edward says he will find out who it is.  Lila comes in and says she is the shrewd shark who owns that 8%!!!  Mac tells Sean that Connor is hurting right now.  Sean tells Mac life gets too short sometimes.  Lucy and Scott are at Kelly's she heard he was the big hero at the Connor hearing.  He tells Lucy that Sean fessed up to being Connor's father.  Ned offers to buy Lucy's stock so she can have the cash to start her business.  Connor says he will take the blood test to see if Sean is really his father.  The second in command from the WSB comes to see Robert.  He has an offer for Robert that will change his life.  Connor and Sean take the blood test.  He tells Sean he doesn't accept him as his father yet.  Ned approaches Scott about buying his stock.  They tell Robert they want him to take over the WSB.

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