Complete GH Episodes, 1987

The GH 1987 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted. Most of these episodes do not have commercials. For additional classic GH epsiode information check out the Scorpio Files Episode Guide section to find write ups for 1985-1991.

Episode Breakdown

December 26, 1986 - January 2, 1987:  12/26, 12/29, 12/30, 12/31, (no show 1/1), 1/2 [Episode Descriptions]

January 5-9, 1987:  1/5, 1/6, 1/7 cm, 1/8, 1/9 [Episode Descriptions]

January 12-16, 1987:  1/12, 1/13 Robert leaves town again, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16 [Episode Descriptions]

January 19-23, 1987:  1/19, 1/20, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23 [Episode Descriptions]

January 26-30, 1987:  1/26, 1/27, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30 [Episode Descriptions]

February 3-9, 1987:  2/3, 2/4, 2/5 Duke is released from prison, 2/6 Nashville, 2/9 Terri sings "Always On My Mind" at the Grand Ole Opry [Episode Descriptions]

February 10-16, 1987:  2/10, 2/11, 2/12 Les Tremayne plays Edward, 2/13, 2/16 Terri sings "Are You Lonesome Tonight at the Grand Ole Opry (flickers) [Episode Descriptions]

February 17-23, 1987:  2/17, 2/18, 2/19, 2/20, 2/23 (2/17-2/23 original flickers) [Episode Descriptions]

February 24-27, 1987:  2/24 cm (no credits), 2/25 cm (no end credits), 2/26 (copy not original), 2/27 (copy not original) - 2/24-2/25 original flickers [Episode Descriptions]

March 2-5, 1987:  3/2 cm, 3/3 cm (short news report pre-emption), 3/4 cm (no credits), 3/5 missed first few minus [Episode Descriptions]

March 6-12, 1987:  3/6, 3/9, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12 [Episode Descriptions]

March 13-19, 1987:  3/13, 3/16, 3/17 Tania hit by a car, 3/18, 3/19 [Episode Descriptions]

March 20-26, 1987:  3/20 Tania's funeral, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25, 3/26 [Episode Descriptions]

March 27 - April 2, 1987:  3/27, 3/30 (last few minutes glitchy), 3/31, 4/1, 4/2 [Episode Descriptions]

April 3-9, 1987:  4/3, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9 [Episode Descriptions]

April 10-16, 1987:  4/10, 4/13, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16  (4/10-4/16 problem tape glitchy jumpy tape) [Episode Descriptions]

April 17-22, 1987:  4/17 cm, 4/20 cm, 4/21 cm, 4/22 cm partial [Episode Descriptions]

April 23-29, 1987:  4/23 (copy not original), 4/24 (copy not original), 4/27, 4/28, 4/29 Duke & Anna start wedding preparation [Episode Descriptions]

April 30 - May 7, 1987:  4/30, 5/1 Anna & Duke's wedding begins, Camilla remembers what happened, 5/4 Wedding is broken up by reporters, (no show 5/5 contra hearings), 5/6, 5/7 [Episode Descriptions]

May 8-13, 1987:  5/8 On the road, car chase to Niagara Falls, 5/11 cm Niagara Falls, 5/12 cm Niagara Falls, 5/13 cm [Episode Descriptions]

May 14-20, 1987:  5/14 cm, 5/15 cm Anna resigns, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20 [Episode Descriptions]

May 21-27, 1987:  5/21, 5/22, 5/25 Sean arrives at GH to see Greta and finds bad guy with MOX 36 (germ warefare), they have a confrontation at the GH cafeteria as he holds the staff hostage and threathens to kill everyone, 5/26, 5/27 MOX hostage crisis resolved [Episode Descriptions]

May 28 - June 3, 1987:  5/28 Bobbie given antidote to MOX virus, Shawn Cassidy arrives as Dusty Walker, 5/29 (missed 1st three mins) Bobbie recovers, Camilla receives death threat, Anna rebukes Duke, John Ingle plays commissioner, 6/1 Robert returns to Port Charles, 6/2, 6/3 [Episode Descriptions]

June 4-10, 1987:  6/4, 6/5, 6/8, 6/9, 6/10 [Episode Descriptions]

June 11-17, 1987:  6/11, 6/12 Going away part for Robin & Frisco, Duek goes to see Vic Jerome to call off the hit on Camilla, 6/15 Robin & Filomenia leave for Italy, 6/16, 6/17 Frisco leaves town [Episode Descriptions]

June 18-24, 1987:  6/18, 6/19, 6/22 A wheelchair bound Bobbie is welcomed back to the Brownstone, DVX foils Robert's plan to break Sean and Roger out of prison, 6/23 Break Roger out of prison, Sean told about Eric's ransom, Buzz takes a 30 day leave from GH, Monica agrees to put up the ransom money, 6/24 [Episode Descriptions]

June 25 - July 2, 1987:  6/25, 6/26, 6/29, (6/30 no show aired due to Daytime Emmy's), 7/1 cm Duke & Camilla in LA, Sean and Robert follow Monica and Greta to Biscayne Islands, 7/2 Robert & Anna arrive Biscayne Islands, Duke and Camilla head there after another attempt on her life [Episode Descriptions]

July 3, 1987 - January 4, 1988

Expanded Episode Descriptions

December 26, 1986 - January 2, 1987:  12/26, 12/29, 12/30, 12/31, (no show 1/1), 1/2

December 26, 1986 - It is Christmas morning in Port Charles. When Felicia awakens, Frisco surprises her with a fully decorated tree to celebrate the holiday. Jake tells Duke that he cannot get a lighter sentence, unless he turns state's evidence against the mob but Duke refuses to; he will not put Anna and Robin's lives at risk of mob retaliation. He is willing to keep his mouth shut about the organization and suffer a long jail sentence. Duke doesn't want to talk about his decision when Robert, Robin and Anna visit him,  he just  wants to enjoy the day. Duke informs Anna that he has bought a house in Scotland for them to live in one day. At the annual Christmas party at General Hospital, Steve tells Robin and other children the story of the first Christmas. Lucy tells her publisher that she has found Ted Holmes' real killer, it is someone who has no alibi..... Buzz.

December 29, 1986 - Charity tells Jimmy Lee she doesn't care about his money to be happy but Jimmy Lee is determined to get money owed to him from Edward. Alan informs Jimmy Lee that Edward doesn't want to see him. The judge in Duke's case is demanding Duke's testimony against the mob or he'll throw the book at him but Duke is still refusing to for Anna and Robin's safety. Robert gives Frisco advice on how to investigate the Ted Holmes murder case. Frisco tells Robert that Lucy is his prime suspect.  Anna is not going to let Duke sacrifice himself for her and Robin.  Anna plans on holding a press conference, announcing that she will "testify" against the mob. Duke cannot allow Anna to set herself up as a target;  he informs the press that he will turn state's evidence after all.

December  30, 1986 - Duke has an idea of how to protect Anna and Robin. He wants Robert to sneak him out of General Hospital  so that he can talk to Angus. Robert enlists Sean's help to make sure that people don't know that Duke has left the hospital. Robert and Duke go to the prison and confront Angus. Duke threatens to expose the secret of L'Orlean, something that Angus does not want anyone to know about  unless Angus guarantees that the mob will not harm Anna or Robin. Angus is angry at Duke and believes that he has already told Robert about L'Orlean but Duke insists that he hasn't and won't , as long as Angus ensures Anna and Robin's safety. Monica tells Alan she is tired of the fighting in the family. She and Lila offer to give Jimmy Lee the money he wants to leave town. Angus gives his word that no harm will come to Anna and Robin. Robert warns Angus not to go back on his word.

December 31, 1986 - Alan reads a good-bye letter to Jimmy Lee that was written to him by Edward. With the letter is a check that Edward has given to Jimmy Lee with enough money so that Jimmy Lee will be able to buy the farm that he wants. Captain Lewis, Anna and Steve make arrangements for the transfer of Duke to the courthouse for his arraignment. Jake tells Bobbie they have the money to go ahead with their plans for a surrogate mother  but  Bobbie has changed her mind and does not want a child. Jimmy Lee says good-bye to Buzz, Ruby, Lila, Alan, Monica and Sandy. With Charity by his side, Jimmy Lee leaves Port Charles  a happy man. Robert persuades the judge to allow Duke to spend time in a safehouse, instead of jail before he is sentenced. The safehouse is Sean's penthouse; where Duke will be staying with Anna.

January 2, 1987 - It is New Year's Eve, Duke and Anna plan on spending it with Sean in his penthouse. Frisco, Bobbie, Felicia, Jake, Tony, Tania, Yank, Jade, Alan, Monica and Tiffany will enjoy the night at Duke's Club. Sheriff Broder comes to General Hospital and tells Buzz he does not want him to be chief of staff at the Laurelton hospital because of his past drug use. Broder is in town to find out who killed Ted Holmes, which worries Sandy. Sam and Eric inform Frisco that there is no way to confirm Buzz's alibi the night that Ted was killed. Broder tells Lucy that he considers her the number one suspect in Ted's death. Bobbie admits to Jake that she thinks God is punishing her by making it impossible for her to ever have children of her own. Jake has stunning news for Frisco; Sheriff Broder was found dead...... in Lucy's apartment.

January 5-9, 1987:  1/5, 1/6, 1/7 cm, 1/8, 1/9

January 5, 1987 - Felicia doesn't believe that Lucy is capable of killing anyone but Bobbie thinks that Lucy killed Sheriff Broder and Ted Holmes. Hearing Lucy's explanation for Sheriff Broder's death,  Frisco doesn't believe her. He learns that Broder was poisoned and Lucy admits that Broder drank her tea. Jake cautions Frisco not to pre-judge Lucy for Broder's death. Suffering hangovers from too much New Year's celebrating, Sean fixes Anna and Duke a special drink to cure their headache. Amy informs Frisco that Broder argued with Buzz at the hospital, prior to his death. Amy, Sandy, Buzz, Jake, Bobbie, Frisco and Felicia attend the christening of Tony and Tania's baby. Jake tells Bobbie he intends to represent Lucy; whether she likes it or not.

January 6, 1987 - Arriving in Laurelton, Frisco and Felicia inform Terry and Patrick that Sheriff Broder has been murdered. Today is Duke's sentencing and Jake requests additional police to guard Lavery. Anna is upset when Robert tells her that Duke has no guarantee of protection for his life from Angus. Lila signs up Edward for aerobic classes at the spa but Edward is less than appreciative. To Anna life is meaningless if Duke is killed but he has faith that Robert can convince the judge to get him additional security in prison. Robert and Jake are angry that a task force on organized crime is pressuring the judge to give Duke the maximum sentence. Robin gets upset when she reads in the newspaper that Duke is going to prison. Alan and Monica suspect that Edward is scheming to get them back together.

January 7, 1987 - The judge sentences Duke to four months in the state penitentiary and will be eligible for parole in six weeks . To Anna's relief, Jake and Robert persuade the judge to allow Duke special protection in the prison; considering he will be locked up with other members of the mob. Duke tells Anna they will get married and move to Scotland when he gets out of prison. Anna is afraid that something will happen to Duke in prison but he assures her that he will be okay. Sam finds a receipt for strychnine in Lucy's apartment. Lucy says she uses the poison because she has rat problems where she lives. However, Lucy's landlady tells Captain Lewis that there are no rat problems. Bobbie informs Jake that she wants to go ahead and have a surrogate mother for their baby. Robert wants Angus to protect Duke from the mob because Lavery is his son, Angus agrees to try.

January 8, 1987 - Patrick demands that Lucy confess to killing Ted Holmes and Sheriff Broder but Lucy insists that she didn't kill anyone. Brett Madison tells Anna he thinks that Lucy is using Jake as her lawyer because she can manipulate him. Bryan does not like the idea of Jake representing Lucy but Jake believes that everyone deserves a defense. Anna wants Lucy to submit to a lie detector test. Jake tells Anna he is not convinced of Lucy's innocence but is giving her the benefit of the doubt . Monica confides in Lila her belief that Edward is trying to get her and Alan back together so that he can get back the forty percent of the family fortune. To get back at Edward for meddling in their relationship, Alan and Monica play a joke on him. Wanting to prove that Buzz is innocent of the murders, Anna orders a search warrant for Buzz's apartment.

January 9, 1987 - Robert is worried about Duke's safety in prison and tells Sean that it only takes a moment to kill someone. Robert goes to the prison to say good-bye to Duke and to let him know that he trusts Duke to take care of Anna and Robin. Sandy is having a hard time fulfilling her duties as a nurse when there is an influx of patients  When she argues with one particular patient, Alan scolds her and warns her never to do it again. Angus gives Ellerbee a note to deliver to another inmate. After the inmate reads the note, he pretends to be ill and demands to be taken to the prison infirmary where Duke has started working. Sean and Tiffany have farewell drinks with Robert as he will be leaving Port Charles soon. While searching Buzz's apartment, Sam finds strychnine in Buzz's medical bag. Sandy lies and says that she put it there.

January 12-16, 1987:  1/12, 1/13 Robert leaves town again, 1/14, 1/15, 1/16

January 12, 1987 - Buzz vents his anger at Robert for the police search of his apartment. Robert explains to Buzz that Anna had to do it , in order to clear him. If Lucy is arrested for murder, Jake will defend her. Regardless, Bobbie thinks that Lucy is guilty. Sandy is still upset over her conflict with Alan the previous day. When Alan browbeats her  again, Jessie tells him to lay off of Sandy. Anna is on edge and short-tempered with fellow cops Captain Lewis and Sam. Robert advises her not to let her feelings about Duke interfere with her job.  Anna informs Jake that Lucy is the prime suspect  but they both agree not to let their jobs undermine their friendship. Anna knows that Sandy is lying about putting strychnine in Buzz's medical bag because she is  trying to protect her father. Anna tells Buzz to get a lawyer.

January 13, 1987 - Angus is determined to do what he promised Robert , to protect Duke. He has Ellerbee (pretending to be sick)  in the prison infirmary watching over Duke. That plan backfires when the doctor discharges Ellerbee. Now  Angus has no one to keep an eye on Lavery. Meanwhile, two prisoners plot to get Duke To gain admission into the infirmary, one of the men fakes a fever by drinking hot coffee. After being admitted, the prisoner waits for his opportunity to kill Duke with a knife. Today is the day that Robert goes home to Australia and Robin is upset that he is leaving. Monica gives Sandy advice on how to conduct herself as a lady and a nurse. Claudia gives Sandy a new and more attractive look which impresses Patrick and Yank. Patrick angrily orders Lucy to stay out of his family's business. Angus pleads with the warden to save Duke as he has heard on the prison grapevine that Duke is going to be killed.

January 14, 1987 - Frisco is convinced that Lucy is the murderer  but Anna advises him not to rule out Buzz even though he is a friend. Duke evades a knife attack by a prisoner and engages in a fist-fight with him which is broken up by the guards. Believing that Angus ordered the hit, Duke lashes out at him saying that he hates the mob and that Angus makes him sick. When the warden explains that Angus tried to protect him,  Duke feels bad about what he said to Angus and apologizes to him. Duke realizes that Angus is now a  target of mob retaliation  because he broke the code of silence. They both agree to protect one another in prison. Patrick receives a death threat in the form of a valentine card and is convinced that Lucy is the one who sent it . Sister Mary Camelia arrives at General Hospital. Alan and Monica invite her to stay at the gatehouse for the duration of her visit .

January 15, 1987 - Patrick angrily demands that the police arrest Lucy but Frisco explains that he has no proof that Lucy sent the death threat valentine card. Frisco wants a sample of Buzz and Lucy's handwritting to determine if either wrote the valentine card. Edward is not happy that Monica and Alan invited Sister Mary Camelia to stay in the gatehouse. Edward thinks she is just after money. Spotting a picture of Duke, Camelia faints and is taken to General Hospital. Dr. Tony Jones probes into Camelia's background. Two more prisoners are out to kill Duke and Angus.  A letter bomb is sent to them but they recognize it as a bomb. Determined not to be intimidated, Duke refuses to tell the warden about the letter bomb and tosses it back in the prisoners' faces. Duke and  Angus are worried that the mob knows about the murder at L'Orlean.

January 16, 1987 - Duke is not happy when he finds out that the knife attack incident was leaked to the newspaper; this is sure to upset Anna. She tells Frisco that she is going to the state penitentiary to see Duke and get some answers out of him. Bobbie and Jake inform Felicia that they are getting started that day with the surrogate mother to have a baby. Sandy is upset that Jake has decided to defend Lucy instead of Buzz. Patrick urges Frisco to drop Buzz as a murder suspect but Jones refuses to. Robin spots Sister Mary Camelia tearing out a picture of Duke from an article in the newspaper and asks her, why? Anna cannot understand why Angus is risking his life to protect Duke in prison. Yank has the evidence to clear Buzz. He tells Patrick and Sandy that there is an innocent  explanation for why there was the strychnine in Buzz's medical bag, Yank put it there.

January 19-23, 1987:  1/19, 1/20, 1/21, 1/22, 1/23

January 19, 1987 - Sandy, Patrick and Yank tell Frisco that Buzz should be cleared of the murders because Buzz is not the one who put the strychnine in his medical bag. Edward thinks that Sister Camelia is out to get money from General Hospital but Tony and Buzz doubt that. Frisco wants another sample of Lucy's handwritting to determine if she wrote the death threat valentine card to Patrick and Terry. Jake is upset with Frisco's guilty-until-proven innocent attitude toward Lucy. Sister Camelia is upset when Frisco informs her that Angus once tried to kill Duke. Bobbie is ticked off at Jake because he never told her about the death threat valentine card. Sister Camelia arranges for a flight to the state penitentiary, where Duke and Angus are.

January 20, 1987 - Working in the warden's office , Duke assures Anna he is safe. Angus has a visitor in prison,  it is Sister Mary Camelia, his daughter . She has been trying for years to track him down. The postmark on his last letter from Port Charles gave him away. Angus and Camelia talk about  her brother, Duke. Frisco tells Felicia he is confident he will soon be able to pin Lucy for murder. A man from the electric company comes to Duke's Club to disconnect the power because Frisco did not pay the electricity bill. Terrible timing as Felicia is preparing for the re-opening that is scheduled for that night. A handwritting expert believes that Lucy could have been the person who wrote the death threat valentine card. Over Jake's objections, Anna orders Frisco to arrest Lucy.

January 21, 1987 - Sandy happily informs Buzz that Lucy has been arrested; which means that Buzz is off the hook. Patrick, Terry, and Bobbie are upset that Jake has gotten Lucy out of jail on bail. Jake defends Lucy and believes in her innocence. Lucy is upset  because the board at General Hospital is meeting to decide whether she can keep working there. She believes that Terry and Patrick are applying pressure on the board to get rid of her. Someone sneaks into Tiffany's room at the brownstone and puts puppets with ropes around  their necks, meant to be Terry and Patrick. Terry is disillusioned with Jake for representing Lucy but he explains that it is his job to help people in trouble. Terry and Patrick are enjoying lunch at the Floating Rib until Lucy walks in. Angrily, Patrick tells her to leave.

January 22, 1987 - After discovering the death threat puppets to Terry and Patrick, Jake alerts Frisco to come to the brownstone. Lucy is anxious to find out if the General Hospital Board is going to fire her. Patrick is convinced that Lucy put the death threat puppets in Tiffany's apartment  but Jake is adament about there being no proof that Lucy did it. Terrified by the break-in of her apartment, Tiffany does not want Sean to leave her side . Musk oil is found in Tiffany's apartment. Bobbie informs Frisco that Tiffany does not wear musk oil but Patrick knows that Lucy does wear that type of perfume. Buzz informs  Lucy that the General Hospital Board has decided to suspend Lucy, with pay,  for as long as she is under suspicion of murder. Under questioning by Frisco, Lucy denies leaving the death threat puppets in Tiffany's apartment.

January 23, 1987 - Frisco apprehends a hit-and-run suspect and brings him to General Hospital. Because there is not enough room in the county jail, the suspect must be sent to the prison where Duke and Angus are. Once there, the suspect meets with another prisoner and tells him he is there to get Duke and Angus. Felicia is tired of living in Duke's penthouse and informs Frisco that she wants them to move back to the brownstone. Tony catches Sister Mary Camelia reading Duke's hospital file and wonders if she knows him. The warden at the state penitentiary is upset that Duke and Angus did not tell him about the letter bomb incident and demands that they tell him who sent it  but Duke and Angus refuse to reveal the identity of the man. If they were to do so, Camelia could end up being a target of mob retaliation.

January 26-30, 1987:  1/26, 1/27, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30

January 26, 1987 - Felicia and Frisco inform Bobbie and Jake of their intention to move back to the brownstown; it will give Frisco the opportunity to watch over Terry and Patrick. Duke is worried about Camelia and prays that she never regains her memory of an awful night from her past. The man that Frisco arrested in Port Charles for hit-and-run tells an inmate in the state penitentiary that he is going to eliminate Duke and Angus  for personal reasons. Tiffany tries her hand at cooking for Sean at his penthouse and it turns out to be a disaster. Frisco tries to track down who bought the death threat puppets meant for Terry and Patrick. Duke spots the man Frisco arrested and recognizes his face; which is identical to Evan, the  dead man from the awful night in Camelia's past. Angus tells Duke the man he saw is Evan's cousin; which makes them both worried.

January 27, 1987 - An upset Camelia goes to see Angus at the prison. She has spotted Evan's look-alike cousin in the newspaper and believes she has seen that face before. Worried that she will regain her memory of Evan and what happened that night  four years ago, neither Duke nor Angus will reveal anything to her. Tony is aware that Duke knows Sister Camelia and Duke asks him to keep that fact to himself. Tony is caught off-guard when he gets home and discovers Bobbie is baby sitting his child instead of Tania. Tony is angry that Tania is working at General Hospital; he wants her home to take care of their baby. With General Hospital understaffed, Camelia offers to work there. Duke and Angus know that Evan's cousin is in the prison to kill them.

January 28, 1987 - Tony is carrying a letter from Duke that he is supposed to deliver to Camelia. When Tony visits Anna, he accidentally leaves the letter behind. Spotting the letter on her floor, Anna wonders why Duke is writing to Camelia. When Camelia reads the letter, she learns that Duke has given her the key to his penthouse to stay while she is in Port Charles. There is tension when Patrick and Terry see Jake. It is because Jake believes in Lucy's innocence; while Terry and Patrick do not. When Anna goes inside Duke's penthouse, she is unpleasantly surprised to find Sister Camelia sleeping in Duke's bed and demands to know why she is there. Duke explains that Camelia is his half-sister. Duke cannot reveal the secret of L'Orlean to Anna because of the danger involved. Frisco and Bryan clash over a boy who is suspected of arson.

January 29, 1987 - Even though she is not supposed to be at General Hospital because of her suspension, Lucy couldn't resist coming to sort the mail. When she is spotted by Amy, Lucy convinces her not to tell Steve Hardy that she was there. However, Bobbie catches her and orders her to leave. Tania complains to Bobbie that Tony wants her to quit her job and take care of their baby, but Tania isn't willing to give up her career. After Lucy gets a crank letter in the mail, Jake thinks it will help her defense because the letter could be from the real killer. Later on, Jake has reason to believe that Lucy wrote the letter to herself  and goes to confront her  but Lucy manages to escape. Felicia has a meeting at the brownstone with Patrick, Terry, Yank and Jade to discuss their living arrangements.

January 30, 1987 - Bobbie is upset that Jake was away from home all night  but she becomes more upset when Jake informs her that Lucy has escaped. Bobbie angrily  accuses Jake of letting her get away. Jake tells Frisco he thinks Lucy ran away to find proof of her innocence but Frisco doubts that. Camelia is trying to remember her past, the period of time that she has forgotten since her breakdown  but Anna tells her that Duke does not want her to remember it. While Frisco and Jake wonder where Lucy has gone, she arrives in Laurelton. Anna is alarmed when Camelia admits that she has a vague memory of Johnathan, the "bad man " Frisco apprehended - who is in the same prison that Duke is in. Hearing that there is an emergency at the state penitentiary, Anna and Camelia go there immediately.

February 3-9, 1987:  2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/9

February 3, 1987 - Bobbie reveals to Frisco that Jake knows where Lucy has gone . Meanwhile, Jake tells Lucy that they are going back to Port Charles when the weather clears. Duke and Camelia are mourning Angus' death. The warden asks Anna to lead the investigation into Angus' alleged suicide. Camelia and Duke know the truth, Jonathan had something to do with Angus' death. While Camelia wants punishment, Duke wants the matter dropped for Angus' sake. Duke orders her not to tell Anna that Jonathan resembles the man from L'Orlean. Camelia does as Duke wants when Anna questions her about Jonathan. Immediately suspicious, Anna demands that Duke tell her what he and Camelia are hiding but Duke urges her to drop her investigation because Angus died to protect her and Robin. Fearful of Lucy, Terry tells Patrick she wants to leave town.

February 4, 1987 - Bobbie is worried because she has not heard from Jake but Felicia and Ruby try to assure her that he is okay. Jake and Lucy board a plane to return to Port Charles. Jake tells Lucy she is going straight to jail. Frisco informs Sam that Anna is dropping the investigation into Angus' death and he thinks Duke is the reason for it. At the prison, Duke has great news for Anna; his parole hearing is tomorrow. Jake feels ashamed for the one-night stand he has had with Lucy and he plans on confessing to Bobbie. Frisco asks Brett Madison to represent Duke at his parole hearing, since Jake isn't available. A woman helps Lucy escape from Jake at the airport and promises to take her to a safe place. Gretchen (Bobbie and Jake's surrogate mother) no longer wants to have their baby. Airport workers discover Jake unconscious from a blow to the head.

February 5, 1987 - Frisco informs Bobbie that there is no sign of Jake. When a fellow prisoner is rejected in his parole hearing, Duke begins to lose hope that he will be granted parole but Anna tries to keep him in a positive frame of mind. Jake wakes up in a New York hospital and tells Frisco that Lucy is missing. Alan is upset with Monica for not fulfilling her duties as a mother. Duke is granted his freedom by the parole board and he can  go ahead with his plans to fly to Canada with Camelia;  in order to bury Angus. Monica is feeling alone and thinks of herself as old. To lift her spirits, Buzz asks her out to dinner. Duke, Anna and Camelia go to Duke's Club to celebrate his release. Frisco tells Felicia he is going to New York to join Jake in the search for Lucy.

February 6, 1987 - Frisco tells Jake there is no trace of Lucy in New York. Jake informs Frisco about the mystery woman who helped Lucy escape. Jake and Frisco learn that Lucy and the mystery woman bought tickets for a plane that was headed to Atlanta but they never boarded. With Anna in Canada, Robin is staying at the brownstone with Bobbie and Felicia. Tony is upset that Tania is going back to work at General Hospital full-time. He wants her to stay home with the baby during the day, instead of having Amy babysit. Jake and Frisco discover that Lucy and the mystery woman took a bus to Nashville. Felicia and Bobbie encourage Tania to join Tony in New York to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Patrick and Terry arrive in Nashville, not knowing that Lucy is heading there, the very person they are trying to avoid.

February 9, 1987 - Duke, Camelia and Anna attend Angus' funeral in L'Orlean. Frisco and Jake arrive in Nashville, hot on the trail of Lucy and the mystery woman. Patrick and Terry engage in sightseeing in Nashville, unaware that Lucy is there. The mystery woman reveals her true identity to Lucy; it is Sarah. To Lucy's horror, Sarah says that she is going to kill Patrick and Terry on alentine's Day, with Lucy's help. Frisco and Jake  learn that Patrick and Terry are in Nashville. Camelia wants to reminisce with Duke about their past relationship but Duke wants her to drop it. Jake is feeling guilty that he believed in Lucy's innocence and fears his mistake may cost Terry and Patrick's lives. Sarah admits to Lucy that she is the one who killed Broder and Holmes. Sarah plans on killing Lucy too , because she wrote the book.

February 10-16, 1987:  2/10, 2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/16

February 10, 1987 - Bobbie is panicked when she rushes Tony and Tania's baby to General Hospital  as the result of a fall. Duke tries to make Camelia understand that Anna is the woman he wants to be with. Anna is trying to find out the secret of L'Orlean and questions Abigail  (the fortune teller ) about it. Robin admits to Sean that she is depressed  because something is bothering Anna. Janet and Duke discuss the night of Camelia's breakdown  four years ago. Janet advises Duke to take Anna away from L'Orlean before she discovers the secret. Buzz is unable to reach Tony in New York about his baby  because he is celebrating his wedding anniversary with Tania. Duke refuses to talk to Anna about Camelia's secret from her past. Bobbie is feeling guilty for the fall of Tony and Tania's baby because she was babysitting.

February 11, 1987 - Patrick and Terry enjoy the sights of Nashville; unaware of the danger they are in. Knowing that Patrick and Terry are in town, Jake and Frisco are trying to find them before Lucy does. Buzz informs Bobbie that Tony and Tania's baby will be okay, she just has the flu. The surrogate mother has bad news for Bobbie; she has changed her mind and does not want to have Bobbie's baby. Terry plans on taking part in a singing audition at the Grand Ole Opry. After Sarah ties Lucy up and locks her in the closet of their hotel room, Lucy promises to do anything Sarah wants in order to survive  but she is horrified when Sarah tells her to kill Patrick and Terry. Lila is worried because Edward is sick and she informs Alan and Monica. Alan thinks that Edward should undergo tests at General Hospital, his condition might be serious.

February 12, 1987 - Anna apologizes to Janet for upsetting Camelia the other night. Janet wants Duke to get Anna out of town as soon as possible; Anna is digging too deeply into the secret of L'Orlean and Camelia has a fragile emotional state. Janet and Duke are worried that Camelia has gone to see Abigail. According to Janet, Abigail could cost Camelia her sanity. Bobbie confides to Tania her sadness over her failed surrogate mother program. Edward has polypus on his vocal cords and will have to undergo surgery to remove them. Alan and Monica convince Edward that Lila needs to be told of his condition. Camelia informs Anna that she is having second thoughts about becoming a nun and returning to the convent. To Duke's displeasure, Anna invites Camelia to join them in Port Charles. When Lila visits Edward in his hospital room, he admits that he is afraid.

February 13, 1987 - Lila is worried about Edward's upcoming surgery to remove polypus but Alan tells her to remain optimistic. Anna and Duke arrive home from their stay in L'Orlean and are hopeful for the future with Robin. Janet wants Camelia to go back to the convent  but Camelia is feeling the need to return to the outside world with Duke. Duke tells Robin he will marry Anna once he pays a fine for his past crimes. Sarah learns that Terry and Patrick will be at the Grand Ole Opry for a singing audition. Jake and Frisco catch up with Patrick and Terry and inform them that Lucy is in Nashville. The pathology report on Edward indicates that he will be okay. Monica admits to Alan how much Edward means to her. Patrick tells Frisco that the only person he told about coming to Nashville is Sarah. With a loaded gun in her hand, Sarah tells Lucy that they are going to the Grand Ole Opry to kill Patrick and Terry.

February 16, 1987 - Patrick wants Terry to have police protection when she performs her singing audition at the Grand Ole Opry but Terry is against the idea because it will make her too nervous when she tries to sing. Meanwhile, Sarah is holding Lucy at gunpoint and demanding that she follow her orders. Duke tells Felicia and Anna that he is looking for a job on the docks and Sean ends up hiring him. Camelia tells Janet that she does not know if she will return to the convent. Jake and Frisco find the hotel that Lucy and Sarah have been staying in. When they get to the room, Lucy and Sarah are gone but they find a flyer for the Grand Ole Opry. Realizing that is where Lucy and Sarah are headed, Jake and Frisco go there to try and prevent a tragedy. Duke proposes to Anna and gives her an engagement ring. When he is free of his financial debt , they will get married.

February 17-23, 1987:  2/17, 2/18, 2/19, 2/20, 2/23

February 17, 1987 - Gunshots are fired at the Grand Ole Opry but Terry and Patrick aren't hit. Frisco apprehends Sarah and Jake gets hold of Lucy. Terry and Patrick are confused that Sarah fired the shot and not Lucy. Both women are arrested despite Lucy's desperate insistence that she is innocent. Captain Lewis and Sam inform Bobbie and Felicia of the shooting at the Grand Ole Opry. Jake tells Lucy she is going to jail unless Sarah confesses that she acted alone. Sarah does confess to the murders of Sheriff Broder and Ted Holmes as well as the attempt on Terry and Patrick, so Lucy is off the hook. Alan, Monica and Lila are worried about the pathology report on Edward's polyps and to everyone's relief, they turn out to be benign and not malignant.

February 18, 1987 - Just out of surgery, Edward is restless and wants to be released from General Hospital. Alan and Monica assign a nurse to Edward's room; to make sure that he stays there overnight. Felicia and Frisco celebrate his safe return from Nashville with a romantic evening. Jake is ready to have a talk with Bobbie and confess to his one-night stand with Lucy but Bobbie says their talk can wait until morning. When morning comes, Jake doesn't tell Bobbie about his night with Lucy. The judge drops all charges against Lucy and she is a free woman. Edward tries to sneak out of General Hospital but is stopped by Alan and Monica. Later, Edward gets his wish and is released by his doctor. Jake tells Lucy he is not going to tell Bobbie about his one-night stand with her and he wants Lucy out of his life. Bobbie aplogizes to Lucy for misjudging her and lets Lucy have her job back at General Hospital.

February 19, 1987 - Worried that Camelia has not returned to the convent, Duke urges Janet to convince her to go back there as it is the best place for her. Anna assigns Frisco to a new case; a string of robberies with the victims all men from out of town who did not press charges. Frisco is not happy with the assignment because he wants to work on a homicide case. Felicia tells Duke that Anna is afraid that if  puts off their marriage for too long, it will never take place. Frisco questions one of the men who he believes was a victim of robbery but instead of admitting that he was robbed, the man denies it happened. Later, Frisco finds out that the man has been lying to him. Felicia thinks the reason the men have not reported the robberies is because they are being blackballed.

February 20, 1987 - Anna tells Duke she won't probe into the secret of L'Orlean any further; their happiness is what matters. Jake is defensive when the subject of Lucy is brought up and he refuses to talk about her when Frisco questions him about her. Unable to reach Camelia by phone, Duke wrongly assumes that she has returned to the convent ( here he feels she belongs). Abigail tells Camelia that she knows the truth about her. Abigail tells her she was a midwife who brought Camelia into the world and that Angus is not her father and Duke is not her half-brother. Overcome by the news, Camelia faints. Frisco tells Anna he has an idea that the suspects in his robbery investigation are women. Janet tells Camelia that Abigail is nothing more than an old fool. Janet says that Camelia should not believe what Abigail told her, it is not true.

February 23, 1987 - Sam informs Frisco and Anna about another man who fits the profile of robbery victims that Frisco has been investigating. This man is also from out of town and claims to have lost his money and credit cards. Frisco tells Anna about a suspect he saw with that man the other night at Duke's Club. Camelia goes to the convent to talk with the mother superior and informs her that she no longer wishes to become a nun. Janet is upset when she learns of Camelia's decision. Sean overhears Tiffany doing a TV interview with Dr. Greta Ingstrom and tries to get to know her  but she gives him the brushoff. Frisco wants Felicia to help him trap a woman that works at Duke's Club, Hillary, who he suspects of being involved in a robbery ring. Edward is at home on doctor's orders to rest but to Lila, Alan and Monica's dismay, he is still conducting business.

February 24-27, 1987:  2/24, 2/25, 2/26 (copy not original), 2/27 (copy not original)

February 24, 1987 - Commercials, no credits - Monica is looking for a revised copy of the O.R. schedule, something that Lucy should have done hours before but she tells Bobbie she has not done it yet. Lucy explains that she has not been feeling well. Being understanding toward Lucy, Bobbie tells her to go home. Even though Frisco suspects Hillary of being involved in the robbery ring he is investigating, Felicia doesn't. After Patrick sends Terry flowers, Bobbie encourages her to pursue a romance with him. Meanwhile, Yank has noticed that Patrick is preoccupied with thoughts of Terry. Hillary's accomplice in crime, Kay, meets with a man that is married in his hotel room; the type of man that fits Frisco's profile of robbery victims. Later, Kay shows Hillary a large wad of cash. At night, Terry goes into Patrick's room and the two make love.

February 25, 1987 - Commercials, no end credits - Duke is working hard on the docks to try and earn enough money to pay off his debt so that he can marry Anna. On a plane with Sean to Martinique, Tiffany wants to know the purpose of their  trip. Sean tells Tiffany that Martinique is a great place to gamble. Camelia goes to see the man she believes is her real father, Baron Varony. The man denies that he is and accuses her of being after his money. A man who was a robbery victim of Kay's needs to borrow money from Buzz in order to get home. Buzz alerts Captain Lewis, who tells Buzz that the man fits the profile of robbery victims that Frisco is investigating. Baron's housekeeper reveals to Camelia that Baron is indeed her father. Camelia, happily, tells Janet the news and says that she will be leaving soon. Camelia buys a one-way train ticket to Port Charles.

February 26, 1987 - Frisco complains to Bobbie that he is not getting anywhere with his robbery investigation. Sean and Tiffany are enjoying their visit to Martinique but Tiffany wants to know what the real reason is for why they are there. Jake and Bobbie are looking for a new surrogate mother and are disappointed that they have not found the appropriate woman yet.  Lucy is feeling ill and thinks it is some kind of flu. When she almost faints and Bryan catches her, Bobbie says she is acting like she is pregnant. At HTI,  Dr. Greta Ingstrom is conducting classified research and will not reveal to a fellow doctor what it is about. At the casino in Martinique, Tiffany happily watches Sean gamble and win. Jake becomes alarmed when Bobbie tells him that Lucy might be pregnant.

February 27, 1987 - In Martinique, Sean engages in a high-stakes poker game and wins a bundle. Captain Lewis gives Frisco a new lead on his robbery ring investigation. Hillary tells Frisco and Ruby that Kay is sick and does not want any visitors. Ruby informs Sandy that she thinks Kay is in trouble.  When they see Kay, they notice that her face is badly bruised and take her to General Hospital. Buzz informs Frisco of Kay's condition and that makes Frisco suspicious of Hillary and Kay.  When Frisco questions Kay, she tells him her bruised face was the result of an accident  but Frisco does not believe her. Lila is proud to show Edward and Monica her and Sean's profits from their relish business. Camelia arrives at Duke's penthouse; Anna is happy to see her but Duke is not.

March 2-5, 1987:  3/2 cm, 3/3 cm (short news report pre-emption), 3/4 cm (no credits), 3/5 first 5 mins very glitchy

March 2, 1987 - Commercials - Edward tells Lila he has to protect the Quartermaines against Sean. Sean and Tiffany learn that they've been bilked out of money, and when Tiff tries to go and get help, she is mistaken for a hooker and is arrested and thrown in jail. Duke tells Carmellia to butt out of him and Anna's business, but she tries to convince Duke its a good idea for her to stay in town. Amy gives Steve the information about the new interns. Duke is not happy when Anna insists that they are Carmellia's family and starts to show her pictures of Robin. Tiffany finds another American and pleads with him to help get her out of jail. Carmellia tries to convince Duke that they aren't related and that they can have a relationship, but he demands that she leave town. Tiffany gets out of jail, but when she brings the police to the place she was arrested to show them what was happening, no one is there. Sean rescues Tiffany from the police and she learns that it was all a big misunderstanding. Carmellia tries to get Audrey to give her a job, and Steve hires her. Steve and Audrey learn that Tom has applied to be a resident at GH. Monica ignores Steve's wishes and has Rosa flown in from Honduras. Robin gets upset when she hears Duke say that Carmellia isn't their family.

March 3, 1987 -With commercials - Tiffany tries to get Sean to tell her why he's letting someone steal money from him, but he won't tell her. Monica's patient Rosa arrived at GH. Alan questions Monica about why she brought Rosa to GH. Sean tries to make love to Tiffany but she's not having. Sean sings to Tiffant til she finally gives in. A mysterious man brings Sean a package, and Tiffany gets aggravated that they've been interrupted. Steve apologises to Dan. Lucy starts to feel sick while with Bobbie. Greta tries to get more funding for her program. Audrey is upset when she thinks Steve isn't going to let Tom into the program at GH. Monica goes against Steve's orders with Rosa. Buzz and Steve discuss they're children. Tiffany parades around in lingerie to distract Sean. Alan tells Lucy she's pregnant. Alan tells Monica he'll always be on her side.

March 4, 1987 -With commercials - Buzz tries to reassure Monica about Rosa. Anna takes her frustrations out on Frisco. Duke talks to Felicia about Anna, and then finds Carmellia in his apartment. Amy guesses Lucy's pregnant. Anna learns that Duke is trying to get rid of Carmellia. Monica gets Carmellia to pray with Rosa. Duke loses his cool with Felicia. Tania tells Felicia she wishes she could do something other than stay at home all day with BJ. Frisco vents to Tony about Anna. Duke is horrified when Carmellia continues to try and seduce him.

March 5, 1987 - first five minutes glitchy - Tiffany pumps Sean about information involving his deal, but they're interrupted when some people recgonise Tiffany from her the movie 'Bride of Godzilla'. Frisco questions Greta. Lucy thinks Amy has told people she's pregnant. Bobbie and Jake look for a surrogate mother. Alan and Buzz don't agree with Monica's decision to operate on Rosa. Terri and Jake talk about babies. Amy tells Bobbie about Lucy and Alan tries to stop Buzz from reporting Monica. Frisco snoops around Greta's lab. Jake holds a meeting with a potential surrogate mother. Tiffany figures out whats going on with Sean and Greta. Jake confesses to Bobbie that he slept with Lucy.

March 6-12, 1987: 3/6, 3/9, 3/10, 3/11, 3/12  *slight jump on 3/6-3/12 episodes

March 6, 1987 - No commercials - Bobbie leaves Jake. As Frisco and Anna work on the HTI break in, Frisco asks Anna if she and Duke are having problems. Camellia tries to prove to Duke that they are not siblings. Ruby learns that Jake slept with Lucy. She urges Bobbie to let Jake explain. Meanwhile, Jake comes clean with Terry about the affair. He promises that he will fight for Bobbie no matter what. Frisco investigates Greta Ingstrom. Duke refuses to believe that he and Camellia are not related. Bobbie agrees to let Jake explain about the affair. Until she learns that Lucy is pregnant. Jake admits that the baby could be his and that he has to know the truth. Anna confronts Camellia. Camellia tells her that she and Duke slept together before they knew of their relation. Anna is dumbfounded. She doesn't understand what Camellia is saying. Until Camellia tells her that she is not Duke's sister. Anna becomes furious. She wants to know why Duke never told her this. Camellia explains that Duke refuses to believe her identity. Jake learns that Lucy has gone to a clinic to have an abortion. He rushes down there and demands to know if he is the father. Lucy admits that Jake is the father. He pleads with her not to go through with this until they can talk it out. Lucy agrees to wait.

March 7, 1987 - No commercials - Jake calls Bobbie and tells her that he found Lucy at the abortion clinic. He also tells her that the baby is definitely his. Anna refuses to talk to Duke. Duke throws Camellia out of his house when he learns what she said to Anna. Sean and Tiffany return home. Duke's Aunt shows up. He tells her that he believes Camellia is in love with him. Janet tells Duke that she has come to take Camellia home. Camellia refuses to leave and rents a room at Kelly's. Bobbie admits to Jake that she wishes he got to the clinic too late.

March 10, 1987 - No commercials - Anna tells Robin that she and Duke are having problems. Robin wants to know why they can't work it out. Anna tries to explain but Robin really doesn't understand. Robin tells Sean about Anna and Duke. Sean tries to talk to Anna. She tells him about the secret of l'orlean. Bobbie meets the woman that is going to be their surrogate. Anna blows up at Frisco while he continues his investigation of HTI. Lucy gives Jake an ultimatum. Bobbie refuses to face reality about the baby. Tom Hardy arrives. Bobbie and Jake decide to try and adopt Lucy's baby.

March 11, 1987 - No commercials - Anna and Robin receive a call from Robert. Anna tries to act like nothing is wrong, but Robin can't hide her disappointment from her father. Robert calls Sean to find out what is going on. Duke runs into Camellia. He tells her to leave town, but she refuses. Sean shows up at the police station and invites Anna to dinner. While there, he asks Frisco about his investigation into HTI. Frisco is curious about his interest in the case. Sean tells him that he is planning on buying the company. Later, Sean meets with Von Schuler. He tells him about the burglary at HTI. Anna gets a call on the case. The missing computer components were found in the warehouse. Anna has dinner with Sean. He tries to convince her to work things out with Duke. Camellia calls Anna and asks to meet. Anna agrees. Meanwhile, Sean meets with Duke. He tries to convince Duke to come clean with Anna. Duke refuses to tell Anna about the secret of L'Orlean. Sean tells him it's not worth losing Anna over.

March 12, 1987 - No commercials - Jake talks to their surrogate. He tells her that they won't need her. He and Bobbie have decided to adopt Lucy's baby. Anna decides that her relationship with Duke is over. She tells Felicia about Duke and Camellia sleeping together. Felicia is stunned. She can't believe Duke would do something like this. Lucy discusses her options for the baby with Alan. Edward buts into Alan and Monica's life. Rosa doesn't want to go back to Honduras. Anna works out her frustrations at the gym with Felicia. Jake and Bobbie tell Lucy that they want to raise the baby. Anna meets with Camellia.

March 13-19, 1987:  3/13, 3/16, 3/17 Tania hit by a car, 3/18, 3/19

March 13, 1987 - No Commercials, very slight jump on this episode - Sean pesters Anna about her relationship with Duke. He urges her to give Duke another chance. She refuses. Bobbie and Jake continue to argue over Lucy and the baby. Camellia pleads with Janet to reveal the secret of L'Orlean. Unfortunately, Janet claims that she doesn't know anything about it. While in a meeting with Sean, Duke reveals the secret that he will take to his grave. That night, Sean meets with Anna. He wants to discuss Duke. Anna gets mad and tells him to stay out of it. Sean reminds Anna of her past, so that she may save her future. Lucy agrees to let Jake and Bobbie adopt the baby. However, she refuses to take any money. Duke heads to the cabin to think. While he's there, Anna shows up.

March 16, 1987 - No Commercials, very slight jump on this episode - Camellia contacts a local reporter who covered the mob story in Port Charles. She agrees to give him the story of his career, but wishes to remain anonymous. Anna realizes how foolish she's been and forgives Duke. She promises that she won't ask any more questions about L'Orlean. Buzz informs Yank and Patrick that they made the residence list at GH. Anna asks Duke to marry her. Camellia meets with the reporter. She hides her identity from him. Camellia tells him to ck out a murder that was covered up in the prison. Patrick proposes to Terry. She would like to pursue her music career first.

March 17, 1987 - No Commercials - Tom meets his new boss and settles in. Frisco follows up a lead on the HTI case. Felicia and Tanya spend the day shopping together. Felicia has to return to work, so she leaves Tanya to finish her shopping. As Tanya is heading home, she is struck by a car. Sean asks Monica to invest in HTI. Rosa sneaks out of her room and into the infectious disease ward. Frisco discovers that Greta's computer was opened twice and something was removed from the inside of the component. Tony tells Steve that Tanya wants to open a daycare center at the hospital. Shortly after, Tony learns that Tanya has been hit by a car.

March 18, 1987 - No Commercials - Bobbie doesn't trust Lucy. She feels that Lucy is up to something. Anna and Duke return from the cottage. Duke receives a letter from his aunt. After some digging, Janet has learned that Camellia may be telling the truth about her true parentage. Buzz and Patrick operate on Tanya. Duke and Anna learn of Tanya's accident. Frisco and Felicia try to comfort Tony. Duke and Camellia discuss the letter from Janet. He promises to look after Camellia while she's in Port Charles. After valiant attempts to save Tanya, she slips away. Tony is distraught. Frisco tries to reach him. He decides that there only hope of reaching Tony is the baby.

March 19, 1987 - No Commercials - Friends and family pay their respects to Tony. However, Tony is acting like nothing happened. Frisco tries to get through to him, but has no luck. Terry asks Tiffany for help getting into the music business. Monica tries to back out of her dinner meeting with Sean and Greta, but Sean convinces her to keep it. Rosa gets sick. Amy shows up at Tony's with the bag that Tanya was carrying when she was hit. Tony's birthday present was in the bag. Tony breaks down when he opens the gift. He asks Frisco and Felicia to help him with the arrangements for Tanya.

March 20-26, 1987:  3/20 Tania's funeral, 3/23, 3/24, 3/25, 3/26

March 20, 1987 - No Commercials - Monica is concerned over Rosa’s rising temperature. The Jones family prepares for Tanya’s memorial service. Meanwhile, Anna has no leads on the investigation into Tanya’s death. Sean informs Duke of his new partnership with Monica.. Frisco returns to work. Anna thinks it’s too early for him to be back and sends him home. Corey tries to commit suicide. His parents bring him to Gh for help. Monica discovers that Rosa has been exposed to patients in the infectious disease unit. Tanya’s memorial service. Tom has Corey admitted to the psych ward. 

March 23, 1987 - No Commercials - Jake’s frustrated about the sleeping arrangements. He wants to know when Bobbie will forgive him. Amy harasses Lucy for info on the father of her baby. Frisco and Felicia decide to move in with Tony to help with the baby. Tony accepts their help but insists on going back to work right away. Terry quits her job with Jake to pursue a music career full time. Tony returns to work. Tom asks him to evaluate Corey. Soon after, Tom gets Corey into a group wrap session. Terry tells Felicia that Patrick proposed. Corey bolts from group therapy when someone mentions an undercover cop.

March 24, 1987 - No Commercials - Robin’s very upset over Tanya’s death. She’s concerned about what will happen to BJ. Anna tries to reassure her that BJ will be well cared for. Camellia has a breakthrough with Corey. She gets him to talk to her. Von Schuler informs Sean that they are short 2 million dollars and they better find another investor fast. Meanwhile, Alan is at work on Edward. Sean and Alan have set a trap for Edward. Duke arrives at Anna’s. He tries to cheer Robin up with a game. Monica tells Rosa that she can stay with her while she recuperates. Corey is not taking his medication.

March 25, 1987 - No Commercials - Sean tells Duke that they were able to raise the money to buy HTI. He offers Duke a job.. Frisco looses his cool at work. Tom explodes when he learns that Corey was sedated without his approval. He is dumbfounded when he walks into the lounge area. The room is in shambles. He learns that Corey had a violent outburst and destroyed the room. Duke asks Terry to take over managing the club. Anna asks Sean to ck out Greta Ingstrom and the theft at HTI. Mark Carlin, a reporter, is hanging around police headquarters asking questions about the mob. Frisco tells Anna to be careful. Carlin stops by Duke’s but when he starts asking about Angus’s death, Duke throws him out. Greta is nearly hit by a scaffold as she leaves HTI. Frisco goes on TV to ask for help finding Tanya’s killer.

March 26, 1987 - No Commercials - Bobbie and Jake make up. Frisco and Felicia are worried about Tony. Greta’s assistant begs her to call the police after her near miss. She refuses. Bobbie pitches Tanya’s daycare idea to Felicia. Frisco finally gets a lead on the hit and run driver. They bring in the woman who owns the car fitting the description of the hit and run. After questioning her, Frisco and Sam believe she is hiding something. Frisco tries to scare her into talking. He tells her that he’s going to book her for hit and run. Bobbie informs Jake that Amy knows he’s the father of Lucy’s baby. Felicia finds herself overwhelmed with caring for the baby and running the house. She and Frisco fight. Bobbie learns that Lucy wants to use lamas to deliver the baby. She’s upset because this will require Jake to be involved.

March 27 - April 2, 1987:  3/27, 3/30 (last few minutes glitchy), 3/31, 4/1, 4/2

March 27, 1987 - No Commercials - Felicia is worried about Tony. She tells Frisco about an idea she has. She starts packing up Tania’s things. Tony catches them and warns them not to rush him. Later, Felicia blows up at Frisco. She is very stressed trying to keep her promise to Tania. Camilla warns Carlen not to get sidetracked. He needs to focus on Anna. Anna calls Frisco with news that she may have found the car of the driver that hit Tania at a motel. Tony apologies to Felicia. Tom struggles to help Corey in therapy. Duke tells Camilla about Carlin coming after him. He warns her to keep quiet if Carlin tries to contact her. Frisco and Sam search the suspected hit and run car. Lucy offers help to Tony and he agrees that Felicia could use some help with BJ. Camilla convinces Corey to go to a party for a patient who is about to be released. Corey gets spooked when he sees the police and makes a run for it out of the psych ward. Lucy offers help to Felicia. Frisco arrests the owner of the car at the motel. Duke and Anna see the PC Herald’s latest headline about a cover-up by the PCPD and Chief Devane. 

March 30, 1987 - No Commercials - Tom warns security about Corey. Frisco is very eager to get a confession from the suspect he hauled in. Anna tells him to back off. Lucy stops by the Jones house and tells Kristy who is filling in for Felicia babysitting BJ that she is there to relieve her. Anna and Frisco question the hit and run suspect, Dave Hunter. When his alibi does not check out, Hunter is booked. Tony learns that Lucy is pregnant. Lucy swears him to secrecy. Mr. Hunter tells Frisco and Anna that he can prove he was out of town and can prove it as he got a parking ticket. (Note: Video jump during the scene) He is released. Jessie locates Corey, hiding out in a no visitors room of the hospital. Felicia is making some of Tony’s favorite Russian dishes for a surprise dinner. Lucy takes Tony to dinner out and ruins Felicia’s plans. Camilla warns Carlin that he has gone too far. Anna gets threatening phone calls calling her out on her so-called corrupt police department.

March 31, 1987 - No Commercials - Alan and Monica tell Rosa she is coming home with them today. Jake wants to talk with Bobbie about Lucy’s pregnancy. Bobbie tells Jake that Lucy is only insisting on Lamaze classes so she can spend more time with him. Sean tells Tiffany that if anything illegal is happening at HTI it will be on them. Greta wants a meeting with Malcolm. Malcolm puts the money from the isotope in Greta’s bank account. Jake insists on a meeting with Lucy. Tiffany defends Anna and Duke on her newscast. Tiffany gets her loan to buy into HTI. She learns that $100,000 was deposited into Greta’s bank account and calls Sean. Alan and Monica bring Rosa home. Edward is not happy. Jake tells Lucy that he has to think of Bobbie’s feeling so Lamaze classes are not a done deal. Malcolm admits to taking the isotope from HTI to Greta. Greta is ready to turn him in but he reminds her that she was doing unauthorized work beyond the MOX antidote. Sean questions Greta about the money in her bank account. She claims the money is her personal business. Edward thinks something is afoot at HTI. Sean, Tiffany, and Wolfgang meet with Edward. Malcolm demands the formula for MOX 36 from Greta. He gives her 48hours or she loses everything she has worked for. 

April 1, 1987 - No Commercials - Felicia is paying all of Tony’s bills, as Frisco does not want to bother Tony with mundane details. Frisco and Felicia argue. Tom and Camilla convince Corey to go to group therapy. After an episode, Tom is convinced Corey must have something neurological wrong and calls Tony. During a group therapy session, Corey has another episode and storms out. Corey insists he is fine and doesn’t want help. Dr. Foster wants a complete neurological workup on him. Corey has a flashback of a car accident. Frisco and Tony have a heart to heart about how he is still hurting. Amy has a plan to snag Walt, but it is a bust. Felicia feels horrible when she writes a bad check for the water heater for the Jones household. Tom is puzzled why Corey has such a fear of Tony. Tony invites Lucy out to dinner. After he finds a stressed Felicia crying, Frisco sets up a cozy dinner for two. 

April 2, 1987 - No Commercials - Terri and Patrick, in bed together, get interrupted by a call from his mom. Felicia is very stressed taking care of the Jones household. Frisco reminds her that she is doing a great job considering the circumstances. Tony examines Corey to see if there is any physical reason for his behavior. He wants a cat-scan. Patrick talks marriage with Terri. She wants to wait till she gets her career established. When he gets angry, She accuses him of wanting her to give up her career. Alan agrees to write a letter to the immigration department for Rosa. He reminds Monica that Rosa staying with them is only temporary. Edward meets with Chuck Morrison to look into what is going on at HTI. He is having a cocktail party for the HTI principals and wants Chuck there. Felicia thinks that Terri is afraid to get married again. Frisco questions another suspect, Barry Richards, in Tania’s hit and run, but it is a dead end. Frisco convinces Terri to roll the dice in PC with her music before she tries the big time. Patrick apologies to Terri. Frisco may have a lead on the hit and run car.

April 3-9, 1987:  4/3, 4/6, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9

April 3, 1987 - No Commercials - Tom tells Dr. Foster that Tony is still studying Corey’s cat-scan. Frisco tells Anna that he might have a picture of the vehicle that ran down Tania. Camilla meets with Carlin telling him to back off his current investigation. She just wanted him to expose Anna not Angus. He insists Angus is a better story. Duke is afraid that Carlin digging into the Angus angle will lead him to L’Orlean. Sean insists that Camilla knows nothing of the secret so even if Carlin gets to Camilla, it will amount to nothing. Frisco interviews a woman who claims to have pictures of the car that hit Tania. Greta turns down Malcolm’s proposition but she does offer him a position on her staff and a raise. Sean and Duke get an invitation to the Qs for a party. Sean suspects Edward is up to something. Duke tells Anna that his profits from HTI will be enough to pay his debt and he wants to marry her this summer. Frisco picks up the film and gets them enlarged. Frisco learns it was a Saab model. Sean questions Greta about where she got the $100,000. Carlin pays Anna a visit wanting her reaction about his story. In a session with Tom, Corey freaks out. Anna wants to find out who Carlin’s source is. Corey mentions “a Saab” in his session with Tom.

April 6, 1987 - No Commercials - Frisco runs all owners of Saab in PC area. Duke convinces Anna to go to the Q party. Tom grills Corey on why he called himself a murderer. Corey has another episode. Tony tells Tom that Corey has a malformation of the brain requiring surgery. Sean, Tiffany, and Wolfgang meet for a drink before the party. Sean tells them that he suspects Edward is trying to gain control of HTI and it is their job to stop them. Edward’s (Note: temp re-casted with Les Tremain) hired PI, Chuck, wants to plant a bug at the mansion for the party. Frisco tells Tony that he is close to finding out who hit Tania. Steve thinks that Tom should tell Tony the truth about Corey before he operates on him. Guests arrive for the Q party. Sean busts Chuck spying on the party. Sean inquiries with Greta about her missing husband. Greta tells him her husband is more that likely dead. He was lost in the Brazilian jungle over two years ago. Tiffany sees Sean and Great share a kiss and throws water on them. Tom shows up at the Jones’ house and tries to talk with Tony about Corey but Tony is asleep. Felicia tells Frisco not to beat himself up; he will find the driver of the car. Edward spying plan is a complete bust.

April 7, 1987 - No Commercials - Frisco is at the PCPD early to look at the DMV records for Saabs. Cory’s name is on the list. Tony tells Corey’s parents he needs surgery. Tony blows off Tom’s messages. An old patient pulls a knife on Tom. Jake tells Bobbie that he thinks they should come clean about Lucy being the surrogate mother. Lucy wants Jake to attend lamaze classes with her. Corey is prepped for surgery. Frisco arrives at Corey’s house. When no one is home, he lets himself into the garage and finds the Saab with some front-end damage. Frisco gets his hands on a photo of Corey and learns he is at GH. Lucy and Jake attend a lamaze orientation class. Tom gets the upper hand with his patient and is able to get the knife away from her. Frisco shows Corey’s photo to the witnesses of the hit and run and they ids Corey. The press gets the news of the positive id on Corey. Tony operates on Corey. Frisco arrives at GH and learns Tony is operating on Corey. Frisco reams Tom for not getting to Tony in time to stop the operation. Tony learns during the surgery that Corey was the one who killed Tania. The staff at GH find out that Bobbie and Jake plan to adopt Lucy’s baby. Frisco gets to Tony after the surgery and learns he already knows about Tania.

April 8, 1987 - No Commercials - Tiffany gives Sean the cold shoulder after his kiss with Greta. Sean insists the kiss meant nothing. Duke informs Anna that she made the newspapers again. Sean has a plan to test Greta. Patrick has to cancel lunch with Terri. Anna writes a rebuttal letter to the newspaper. The Police Review Board is upset with what they have read about Anna in the papers. Duke hits the ceiling. Greta gets a letter from the Department of Defense thanks to Sean. Camilla sets up another meeting with Carlin. Terri drops in on Tiffany to help her pick out some material for her demo tape. Tiffany cries on her shoulder over her issues with Sean. Tiffany gives Terri some advice about career and relationships. Malcolm opens Greta’s letter from the Defense Department and takes photos of specs for a new guided missile system. Duke confronts Carlin and the two get into a physical fight. Malcolm is ready to sell the missile plan specs. Sean smoothes things over with Tiffany. After Carlin lies and says Duke threw the first punch, he is arrested for assault and battery.

April 9, 1987 - No Commercials - Frisco wants to question Corey but he is still critical. The police board has some questions for Anna about her investigation into the death of Angus McKay. Jake asks Bobbie if she wants him to quit the lamaze classes with Lucy. Bobbie still does not trust Lucy. Duke is booked at the PCPD. Anna tells the board investigator that McKay’s death was a suicide and that eyewitnesses backed that up. Carlin’s boss at the PC Herald is all set to put Duke’s “rampage” on the front page complete with pictures. Anna learns Duke has been arrested and he explains that it was Carlin that came after him first. Anna wants to call Jake for Duke’s representation. Corey wakes up and asks Tony’s forgiveness for the accident. Tony does not want to discuss it. Lucy offers to cook Tony dinner and he accepts. Frisco and Jake question Duke. Jake tells Duke if he is convicted that he will have broke the terms of his parole and would have to serve his full sentence. Lucy makes Tony dinner. Jake gets Duke bail. Anna is afraid of losing him. Bobbie tells Jake that she believes Lucy is going after Tony. 

April 10-16, 1987:  4/10, 4/13, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16  (4/10-4/16 problem tape glitchy jumpy tape)

April 10, 1987 - No Commercials. Note: Slight audio hum in the background for the first 6 minutes of episode. Episode is glitchy in spots - Sean thinks about his kiss with Greta. Duke makes the headlines of the PC Herald. Sean learns from his WSB associate that the information he planted for Greta ended up in enemy hands. Jake tells Anna and Duke that the only way to get Duke off the hook is for Carlin to drop the charges. Jake agrees to speak with him. (Note: Glitchy picture for the rest of the episode) Duke tells Anna that if he goes back to jail he doesn’t want him to wait for her. Jake can’t get Carlin to tell the truth about his fight with Duke. Jake wants to question the rest of the employees of the Herald. Greta tells Sean that she sent back the letter to the Defense Dept, she did not even read it let alone copy it. Camilla learns that Duke could go back to prison. Jake strikes out with all the employees of the Herald but one. An angry Camilla calls Carlin telling him he had better drop the charges against Duke or he will not get any more information from her. He tells her he will and they plan to meet. Jake gets one witness that backs up Duke. Sean does not believe Greta. Malcolm is kidnapped by two DVX agents. Duke meets with his parole officer. Jake tells Anna and Duke that Duke is in the clear as Carlin is dropping the charges. Camilla meets with Carlin and she tells him to check out L’Orlean. Camilla’s cover is blown. 

April 13, 1987 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is glitchy in spots - Stella tells Edward and Lila that “PicaLila” has been selected by the Navy for their mess. Frisco is back to question Corey and gets into it with Tom. Stella and Lila suspect Edward is up to something where HTI is concerned. Sean tells Greta that he knows that HTI has a government contact for MOX #36 and that it is her job to find an antidote for it but beyond that he knows nothing. Greta is on to much bigger things, curing worldwide diseases. Edward asks Denby if he wants to be the chairman of the HTI board. They plot a takeover. The men who kidnapped him demand Malcolm steal the MOX antidote and then kill Greta. Tony wants to take himself off Corey’s case. Sean orders a background check on Greta and Malcolm. Amy tells Tony that she is moving out of his house. Stella and Lila give Sean the good news about “PicaLila” They want Sean to invest their profits into HTI. Greta finds Malcolm going through her desk. He covers. Sean gets the background checks on Greta and Malcolm.

April 14, 1987 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is glitchy in spots - Felicia is worried about her and Frisco’s finances. She can’t work as she is watching BJ for Tony. Frisco does not think it is the time to bother Tony about his finances. Carlin’s boss checks into flights to L’Orlean for him. Anna and Duke are thrilled with the Herald’s retraction of their story on him. Anna thinks they should have fired Carlin. Sean wants to find out who deposited the $100,000 into Greta’s account and he wants Tiffany’s help. Later at the bank, Sean and Tiffany learn that it was Malcolm who deposited the money into Greta’s account. Sean wants a meeting with Greta in his office. Buzz takes over Corey’s case. Bobbie and Jake agree to let Frisco slide on the rent at the brownstone as they know he and Felicia are helping Tony out. Duke gets word that he will receive $60,000 from Angus’s estate and calls Anna to plan a celebration. Amy and Tom want to look at apartments at the brownstone. Bobbie is not too wild about gossiper Amy living at the brownstone. Tom takes the attic apartment but Amy is out of luck. Sean tells Greta about Malcolm. They end up in a kiss again. Tiffany sees lipstick on Sean’s check and decks him. Felicia feels unappreciated by Frisco and Tony. Tony agrees that Frisco and Felicia should move back to the brownstone and help him find a housekeeper. Carlin leaves for L’Orlean.

April 15, 1987 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is glitchy in spots - Duke intends to ask Robert to be his best man. HTI board meets to nominate a chairman. Alan has Monica’s proxy as she got called into emergency surgery. Sean tries to charm Stella and Lila for their vote. Felicia interviews housekeepers for Tony. Sean nominates Wolfgang as chairman while Edward nominates Denby. With Tiffany voting against Sean and Lila abstaining from voting, the board is deadlocked. Frisco learns that Sam’s mother is looking for a job and thinks she should apply for Tony’s housekeeping position. Sean confronts Tiffany for voting against him out of spit. Sean tries to get Monica to change her vote, but she not swayed to vote against her family. Camilla offers to give some of Angus’s money he left her to Duke if he needs it, but he turns her down. Lucy tells Tony that she would love to quit her job and stay home and take care of a child. Amanda changes her vote to Denby much to Edward’s delight but then Tiffany changes hers to Wolfgang and it is a tie again. Lila breaks the deadlock and Wolfgang is nominated. Duke and Anna toast to their good fortune. Camilla sends Carlin a package to his hotel in L’Orlean.

April 16, 1987 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is glitchy in spots - Buzz moves Corey to a regular room at GH. Patrick helps Tom moves into his apartment at the brownstone. Tom asks Jake to defend Corey when he goes to trial. Jake agrees to at least talk with Corey. Malcolm gives Greta flowers telling her that he is behind her 100% but later she learns the flowers were from Sean. Felicia interviews Sam’s mother for the housekeeping position. Jake meets with Corey but he is reluctant for any help from a lawyer. Sam’s mother accepts Tony’s housekeeping job offer but turns down watching BJ. Malcolm gets a poison to kill Greta with. Malcolm needs to get rid of Connie, Greta’s assistant as they are always together. Corey tells Tom about the night of the hit and run. With Connie out of the way, Malcolm threatens Greta with the poison. Tony overhears Jake agree to take Corey’s case. Lucy learns that a babysitter has not been found for BJ yet. Tom invites Camilla to dinner. Patrick gives Terri the cold shoulder when she blows off their date for her show. Malcolm gets his hands on the files on MOX buy in the end does not have the guts to kill Greta. Tom cooks dinner for Camilla. Greta tells Connie that she gave a dummy file to Malcolm. With Sean out of town, Greta wants to hide the formula with her father in Rockport.

April 17-22, 1987:  4/17 cm, 4/20 cm, 4/21 cm, 4/22 cm

April 17, 1987 - With Commercials. Note: Episode is slightly glitchy but is very watchable - Carlin snoops around in L’Orlean for information on Angus McKay. He finds out where Angus’s sister lives. Felicia and Frisco feel bad about leaving Tony. Tony tells Frisco about Jake taking Corey’s case. Camilla learns that Duke and Anna are planning to getting married in the summer. Lucy asks Bobbie to take her vacation now. Frisco and Felicia return to their apartment at the brownstown. They enjoy their alone time they have now that they are back in their own place. Frisco tells Bobbie that he thinks Jake’s choice to represent Corey is a slap in the face to his friends. Carlin meets with Angus’s sister, Janet. He gets nowhere with her, but insists he is staying in L’Orlean until he finds out the truth. Janet calls Duke and tells him that Carlin is snooping around L’Orlean. Anna asks Camilla if she is Carlin’s source.. But after she learns Camilla offered Duke some of her inheritance, she backs off. Anna asks her for a loan but now Camilla tells her she gave it away to the convent. Lucy offers to watch BJ for the night. Camilla donates her inheritance to the convent. Anna tells Duke that Sean has offered them a loan so they can get married.  

April 20, 1987 - With Commercials. Note: Episode is slightly glitchy but is very watchable - Carlin gets Camilla’s package containing a photograph. Lucy continues helping out Tony with BJ. Frisco wants an explanation from Jake about why he is defending Corey. Carlin goes back to Janet McKay with more questions. He shows her the photograph with a date on the back. It was taken the night of the ball. Janet tells Carlin about Camilla’s nervous breakdown after the ball. She begs him to stop his investigation but he refuses. Tony accepts Lucy offers to watch BJ full time just until her own baby is born. Malcolm gives Greta’s MOX files to the DVX agents. They learn that Malcolm did not kill Greta as instructed. Greta arrives at her father’s house. He senses something is wrong. Frisco questions Corey. Corey hyperventilates while recounting the day of the accident. Tony hires Lucy at BJ’s nanny. Janet calls Camilla about Carlin and questions her about the photograph. She denies giving him the photo. Tom agrees to write a letter for Jake saying the he believes Corey’s psychological condition was there before the accident. Frisco meets the DA who will prosecute Corey. Malcolm learns Greta gave him a dummy file. Malcolm begs for one more chance. Jake tells Tony he plans to call him as a defense witness. Carlin wants to visit the sanitarium where Camilla was taken  after her nervous breakdown.

April 21, 1987 - With Commercials- Sean is back in town. He learns that Greta is out of town. Connie lies for Greta and tells him she is at a conference. Jake tells Bobbie that Lucy is staying with Tony. Felicia is upset with Frisco after seeing him go after Jake again for defending Corey. Duke tells Sean that he meet with his parole officer about shortening his parole but it does not look good. Sean learns Carlin is in L’Orlean. Malcolm scours the lab for the real MOX files.. Frisco asks Anna for some time off to take Felicia on vacation. Greta warns Connie to leave town for her safety, as Malcolm will do anything for her files. Sean arrives at the HTI lab and finds it trashed. Frisco apologies to Felicia and tells her that he wants to take her on vacation. Anna and Duke set a wedding date for June 5th. Lucy makes a special dinner for her and Tony. Malcolm breaks into the file room at HTI. He steals Greta’s personal file. Felicia and Frisco decide on their vacation. Sean learns Malcolm has taken Greta’s file from the file room.

April 22, 1987 - With Commercials- Edward thinks it is about time Monica gives the boot to Rosa. Rosa overhears their conversation. Carlin meets with Abigail Hutchins, a fortune-teller. She tells him if he continues to investigate what happened at the McKay house four years ago, he may not live to reap the rewards. Sean is worried, as he can’t locate Greta’s assistant, Connie. After hearing about the break-in at the file room of HTI, Edward goes to Sean. He learns that Sean suspects it was Malcolm. Duke learns Carlin has the photograph. Tom has a session with Corey.  Monica wants Alan to help her convince Edward to accept Rosa. Monica wants to sponsor Rose for permanent residency in the US. Alan refuses to help her, as he himself has not accepted her. Sean locates Connie and she tells him she was with “a friend”. Duke confronts Camilla about feeding information, including the photo, to Carlin. Camilla lies to him and says her apartment was broken into and the photo must have been stolen. Carlin meets with the doctor that treated Camilla. Carlin calls his boss and wants a background check on Jonathon Lawrence. Rosa steals money from AJ’s piggy bank. Connie comes clean with Sean about Greta telling her about Malcolm trying to steal the formula.. Sean learns that Greta went to Rockport.

April 23-29, 1987:  4/23 (copy not original), 4/24 (copy not original), 4/27, 4/28, 4/29 Duke & Anna start wedding preparation

April 23, 1987 - No Commercials - Felicia shows Frisco her new bathing suit for their Bermuda vacation. Duke checks into Camilla so called break-in story. Camilla finds him in her apartment and she admits to being Carlin’s source. She admits she still loves him. Duke pushes her to move on, as it will never be for them. (Note: Slight 5 sec video glitch during the scene) Sean tells Frisco and Felicia about Malcolm trying to get his hands on the MOX antidote. He asks for Frisco’s help. Sean wants Frisco to go to Rockport as he is sure Malcolm followed Greta there. Sean asks Anna if Frisco can take a leave of absence to help him out. Frisco and Felicia’s vacation is off. Monica finds the broken piggy bank and a note from Rosa telling her she gone to NYC as she does not want to be a burden anymore. Malcolm pays a visit to Greta’s mother in New York trying to find out where Greta is. Lucy tells Bobbie that she is quitting her job at GH. Greta tells her father the truth about her research and how people are after her. Monica stops Rosa at the airport. Sean finds Greta at a hotel and insists he spend the night on the couch for her safety.

April 24, 1987 - No Commercials - Tony gets his subpoena to testify at Corey’s trial. Jake assures Corey’s parents that he will do all he can for Corey despite his personal relationship with the Jones’s. Tony tells Frisco that he is not sure what he will do when he testifies, part of him wants revenge. Sean tells Greta about Malcolm being after her. Tom suggests therapy for Camilla. Carlin visits the convent Camilla was a part of. Note: Video drop out during the scene for a minute) Frisco testifies at Corey’s trial. Sean convinces Greta that he can protect her if she goes back to PC. Carlin’s editor, Ray Givens, tells him he has id’d the mystery man in the photograph as Evan Jerome. Tom testifies on Corey behave. Tony is questioned by Jake on the stand and he has to admit that Corey was more than likely impaired by his brain malformation the day of the accident. Greta pretends to say goodbye to her father, but when they are alone she tells him that Sean is after her research and she needs to get away from him. Her father offers her a secret place to stay with a friend. Corey is cleared of the charges. Greta’s father tells Sean that Greta is gone.

April 27, 1987 - No Commercials - Frisco arrives to help Sean and he learns that Greta gave Sean the slip. They split up to go and search for her. Corey is released from GH. Anna admits to Duke that she suspected Camilla was Carlin’s source but didn’t say anything. Edward tells Alan that Rosa’s stealing is just proof that she is bad news. Monica refuses to give up on Rosa. Greta meets with her father’s friend, Alister Dunham, and tells him about MOX and asks him for a safe haven where she could finish her research. Malcolm shows up at Greta’s fathers house. He tells him he was not seen Greta in years but Malcolm finds proof she was there. They argue and Greta’s father collapses just as Sean and Frisco arrive. Malcolm flees. Camilla admits to Tom that she needs help. Duke hears from the parole board and they agree to grant him early parole as long as he pays back the full $100,000. Duke and Anna learn Carlin has left L’Orlean. Carlin and Givens meet in NYC and Carlin wants a meeting with the Jerome’s. Sean sends Frisco back to Greta’s fathers house to take another look around. Malcolm learns where Greta is. Duke gets word that his inheritance is on the way.

April 28, 1987 - No Commercials - Bobbie interviews applicants for Lucy’s job and is having a hard time filling the position. Felicia thinks it is ridiculous that Lucy is BJ’s new nanny. Tony helps Lucy pack up her apartment, as she is moving into the Jones house. Bobbie tells Jake that she is worried about Lucy backing out of their agreement. Jake learns that Lucy has not cashed his check yet. Monica meets with Jake about extending Rosa’s visa. Rosa helps AJ with his math homework. Tony has memories of Tania. Lucy cozies up to him. Felicia visits Tony and tells him she is worried that Frisco is bored with just being a cop. She thinks he yearns for more excitement. Jake confronts Lucy about not cashing his check. He wants to know what she is up to. Patrick shows up drunk at Dukes after a rough day at GH. He is belligerent to Terri and gets thrown out. Lucy destroys the agreement she made with Jake.

April 29, 1987 - No Commercials - Greta learns her father’s house had been broken into. She heads back to the house. Duke gets his inheritance. Duke wants to marry Anna on Friday. They decide on a quick wedding out of town. Duke meets with Jake and turns over the check for the $100,000 he owes. Carlin sneaks into a Jerome party in New York. Anna and Robin go dress shopping. Felicia, Terri, and Tiffany join them. Duke tells Anna that he has reconsidered and he wants a formal wedding at the club with their friends. Camilla gets a letter from Abigail Hutchens. Carlin cozies up to Victor Jerome and inquires about Evan’s whereabouts. Just as he is about to get tossed out a mysterious women agrees to meet with him at his hotel. Greta arrives at her father’s house. Duke gets his official release from parole. Lucy makes an appointment at an abortion clinic for next week.

April 30 - May 7, 1987:  4/30, 5/1 Anna & Duke's wedding begins, Camilla remembers, 5/4 Wedding is broken up by reporters, (no show 5/5 contra hearings), 5/6, 5/7

April 30, 1987 - No Commercials - Felicia shows off her new short haircut to the brownstone crew but it turns out to be a wig she was trying out. Sean sets it up for Greta and Malcolm to learn on the radio that her father is in critical condition after suffering a heart attack. Her father is fine but they need to lure Greta and Malcolm back. Sean presses Frisco not to ignore Felicia and not get too wrapped up in his work. Frisco calls Felicia. Duke and Anna’s friends set up a pre-wedding surprise party for them at the brownstone. Carlin meets with his informant who turns out to be Evan’s widow, Veronica. She wants revenge on Camilla who murdered Evan. Patrick apologies to Terri. Malcolm nabs Greta in the Rockport hospital parking lot. Frisco follows his car. Frisco follows Malcolm and Greta to a deserted warehouse. The DVX demands the MOX formula but Greta refuses. They threaten her family. Anna and Duke ask Terri to sing at their ceremony. Sean and Frisco burst into the warehouse and take care of the DVX agents. In the commotion, Malcolm and Greta escape. Duke asks Jake to be his best man.

May 1, 1987 - No Commercials. Note: Slight audio hum throughout this episode - Carlin is back with his story that will blow the roof off of PC….Camilla killed Evan. Amy asks Walt to be her date for the Lavery wedding reception. Duke gives Anna a locket. Anna and Duke’s friends get the club ready. After Patrick admits to Terri that he is coming apart at the seams, they agree to talks after the wedding and see where they stand with each other. Tom tries to get Camilla to go to the wedding and face the truth that Duke has chosen Anna. She insists the wedding is a sham but after a personal invite from Duke she agrees to go. Camilla gets a package containing a candlestick she killed Evan with. After some prodding, she reveals to Tom some her memories of  killing a man. The PC Herald with its murder headline hits. Duke and Anna’s wedding starts.

May 4, 1987 - No Commercials - Greta goes to her father’s friend at Sci-Chem again and he insists she can’t go and visit her father at the hospital as Sean will be all over her. Camilla reveals to Tom that she killed Evan Jerome and that is what Duke was trying to protect her from. Reporters interrupt Anna and Duke’s wedding wanting a statement on the murder headline. Camilla tells Tom the details of the murder and the cover-up. Duke tells Anna the truth about the night Camilla killed Evan and their cover-up to avoid a mob war with the Jerome’s. Angus died to protect Duke and Camilla. Anna walks out on Duke. Reporters swarm Camilla at GH. Later at home, Anna berates herself for living in a fairytale. Sean plants a bug on Greta’s fathers phone at the hospital. Duke calls Tiffany to meet him at the club. He is ready to fight back. Greta’s father spots Sean’s bug and tells Greta to not come to the hospital no matter what. Malcolm plots to get into Sci-Chem.

May 6, 1987 - No Commercials - Duke meets with Tiffany. He wants her to help him clear Anna. Disguised as one of their workers, Malcolm enters Sci-Chem. Anna has to answer some of Robin’s question. Anna asks Felicia to take care of Robin for the day as the press is all over her place. Jake learns that Duke has called a press conference. Jake thinks it is a bad idea. The press learns that Camilla is staying at the brownstone. Greta’s father realizing the danger Greta is in and finally tells Sean and Frisco where she is. After insisting she must visit her father at the hospital, Dunham agrees to take Greta there. Jake tells Camilla and Duke that the law can still protect her. Duke vows to tell the reporters in his press conference that she acted in self-defense. Sean and Frisco arrive at Sci-Chem. Malcolm forces himself into Dunham’s office and demands to know where Greta and Dunham have gone. An alarm goes off and Sean and Frisco are alerted that he in the building.. Duke gives his statement at the press conference to clear Anna’s name. Dunham takes Greta to his summer home instead of the hospital. Greta meets Dave, Dunham’s house caretaker. Malcolm gives Sean and Frisco the slip and makes his escape in a Sci-Chem truck.

May 7, 1987 - No Commercials - Felicia visits with Lucy. Felicia questions Lucy’s motive in taking the nanny job. Sean and Frisco find the abandoned Sci- Chem truck. Dunham gets a phone call from Malcolm. They are in cahoots. He sends Malcolm to his summer home. His caretaker is DVX and has strict orders to keep Greta there. Bobbie learns that Lucy has set up an abortion clinic appointment. Felicia tells Tony that she fears that Frisco is getting bored with his job as a detective and he wants more. Tony agrees to help her talk with Frisco when he returns. Frisco learns that Malcolm was stolen a car and is headed toward Old Mill Road. Sean questions Dunham. Dunham lies to him telling Sean that Greta left this morning and he has no idea where. Sean learns he lied about not having Greta’s formula notes. Tony gives Lucy Tania’s maternity clothes to where. Bobbie and Jake confront Lucy about her clinic appointment. Lucy tells them the clinic made a mistake. Sean and Frisco head to Old Mill Road.

May 8-13, 1987:  5/8 On the road, car chase to Niagara Falls, 5/11 cm Niagara Falls, 5/12 cm Niagara Falls, 5/13 cm

May 8, 1987 - No Commercials - Anna is hounded by the press at work. Lewis tells Anna that the Canadian authorities have contacted her about the extradition of Duke and Camilla. Edward is ticked when he still can’t get a hold of Sean. Monica tells Lila she has signed Rosa up for high school. Alan wants to make sure Monica does not shortchange the boys for Rosa. Tiffany makes Anna an offer to come on her late morning talk show. She agrees but she wants Mark Carlin there as well. Duke does not believe Camilla when she says that she cares more about him and Anna than herself. With Malcolm not at the summer house yet, Dunham gives Dave the order to kill Greta himself. Anna gives a statement on Tiffany newscast. Anna takes questions from Carlin and things go south. Malcolm arrives at the house and Greta is able to give both Malcolm and Dave the slip. Sean and Frisco hear shots ring out. Greta heads toward Niagara Falls in a jeep. Sean and Frisco arrive at Dunham’s house and question Dave. Malcolm follows Greta to a Niagara Fall’s ferry. 

May 11, 1987 - With Commercials - Anna gets the extradition papers for Camilla and Duke. Anna is forced to arrest Camilla and Duke. Sean and Frisco rush to the ferry. Tony loses his cool when Lucy is slow to get a sick BJ to GH. Lucy insists BJ is getting better. Sean and Frisco get their hands on a chopper to get to the ferry. Anna gets a summons by the civilian review board. Camilla and Duke are brought to the PCPD. Buzz diagnosis BJ with a throat virus. Tony apologies to Lucy. Jake gives legal advice to Camilla and Duke. They need to fight the eradication so they can have more time to figure things out. But Duke wants to face whatever awaits them. With all the bad press about Duke, Edward wants him out of HTI. Duke says goodbye to Bobbie, Jake, and Felicia. Bobbie thinks Jake should go to Canada to help advise a lawyer for Duke and Camilla. Anna tells Jake about the review board and she is guilty of cutting short her investigation of Angus’s death as it was tearing her and Duke apart. Anna thinks she should resign as the chief of police.

May 12, 1987 - With Commercials - Just as Sean and Frisco are about to rescue Greta from the ferry by chopper, Malcolm finds her and stabs her. Frisco finds Greta unconscious. AJ, Jason, and Rosa give Monica gifts for mother’s day. Sean wants to fly Greta to GH. Two DVX agents nab Malcolm. Felicia, Bobbie, and Tiffany learn about Greta. Tom wants a dinner invite to Steve’s for him and Walt. Greta arrives at GH. Tiffany sees a moment between Sean and Greta before she goes into surgery. Sean learns that Duke was been extradited and Anna has resigned. Frisco continues his search for Malcolm. Tom and Walt join the Hardys for dinner. Frisco learns that Malcolm’s dead body has been found.. Audrey and Steve learn that Tom is off to NY tomorrow. Greta barely makes it through surgery. Sean backs out of his deal with Tiffany for an interview. Frisco believes Malcolm was murdered.

May 13, 1987 - With Commercials - Anna insists to Philomena that it is over between her and Duke, Camilla and Duke are granted bail in Canada. Camilla plans to tell the whole truth at the trial no matter what the consequences. It is revealed that Tom’s trips to NY are to visit a woman he is seeing. Buzz visits Anna and learns about the resignation letter she has written to the mayor. He thinks she is jumping the gun. Jake does not want Camilla to testify at the hearing. She will tie his hands before he can help her. Camilla visits Abigail and asks about her future. Abigail knows she brought the candlestick. Anna busts a purse-snatcher while waiting for Buzz in the park. Duke finds Camilla with Abigail. Duke berates Camilla for putting her faith in a foolish liar like Abigail. Tom arrives in NYC to a woman’s apartment.

May 14-20, 1987:  5/14 cm, 5/15 cm Anna resigns, 5/18, 5/19, 5/20

May 14, 1987 - With Commercials - Wolfgang introduces Connie to Dr. Barrett, who will be taking over for Greta until they know if she will recover. Frisco is back in PC with news for Sean on how Malcolm was killed by the DVX. Felicia shares with Terri about how scared she would be if Frisco wanted to join the WSB. Monica and Patrick tell Sean that they don’t know if Greta will pull through. Edward wants answers from Monica about Greta’s condition. Alan and Monica are appalled when Edward wants to dump his HTI stock if Greta is dying. Sean suspects that the DXV may have a planted agent at HTI. Sean wants to plant a dummy file for that agent to find. When he returns home, Frisco meets “Agent X” Sean puts the planted research file back in Greta’s safe. Sean meets D. Barrett. Later, Barrett makes contact with Dunham. Amy and Walt are interrupted when Walt’s beeper goes off. Edward shows Monica the outrageously large phone bill with Rosa’s calls to Honduras on it. Barrett searches the lab.

May 15, 1987 - With Commercials - Sean has not left Greta’s side. Monica tells him Greta will be fine. Jake wants Duke to convince Camilla not to take the stand at the hearing. Jake may have to get the doctor that treated her at the mental hospital to say that Camilla is not sane if Duke can’t convince her. Anna learns that Sean knew about what happened in L’Orlean and did not tell her. Sean wants her to withdraw her resignation. Lucy takes a fall down the stairs at the Jones house. Greta is awake. Greta tells Sean that Dunham tried to have Dave kill her. Tony is worried when Lucy does not show up at GH like they planned. Anna announces to her officers that she is going to resign. Lucy is examined at GH. Bobbie accuses her of faking an accident to get rid of the baby. Bobbie lets it slip to Tony that Lucy is pregnant with Jake’s baby. Camilla’s psychiatrist, Dr. Champlain, meets with her.

May 18, 1987 - No Commercials - Duke and Camilla’s hearing gets underway. Frisco realizes just how much Sean cares for Greta. Barrett finds the planted files and antidote in Greta’s safe. He pegs it as a clever fake. He and Dunham know Sean has the real one. Tony tells Lucy that he knows that Jake is the baby’s father. Anna tells Felicia that she is considering leaving PC. Lucy’s doctor tells her that the baby should be fine. Camilla takes the stand and recounts the night of Evan’s murder. Robin comes home crying from school after the kids harass her. Anna suggests a vacation for her and Robin. Duke testifies about Camilla’s actions toward Evan. He has to admit that Camilla was very affectionate with him at the ball. Dr Champlain is called to the stand. He has a tape that he recorded of Camilla telling him about the events of the night of the ball. The tape is played and she reveals the reason she flirted with Evan was to make Duke jealous.

May 19, 1987 - No Commercials - Sean pulls the file he planted to get prints off it. Monica rejects Dunham request to see Greta. Sean learns that Connie went into the safe to make sure the research was still there. She insists she did not try and steal anything. Barrett is cleared after he gets word of what Sean is going and covers his tracks. The judge sets Camilla and Duke free. Greta’s father arrives at GH and finds Dunham waiting outside CICU. Duke and Camilla learn that Anna has resigned. Anna and Buzz say goodbye. He hopes that after her vacation she will decide to come back to PC. Anna and Robin decide to go to Manhattan. Camilla decides to stay for a bit longer in L’Orlean. Greta and her father have a visit. Greta’s father tells Sean that Dunham was trying to see Greta. Sean wants hospital security tightened. Dunham tells Barrett that it is now his job to kill Greta, Sean, and get the formula. Evan’s widow vows revenge. Duke calls Anna with the news that he is free. Duke tells her is coming home tomorrow, but Anna tells him she will not be there.

May 20, 1987 - No Commercials - Felicia is dismayed when Sean wants Frisco to take over the Greta case. Edward questions Monica about Greta again. Lucy is back home from the hospital. Alan and Monica plan dinner. Audrey shows Rosa around GH. Lucy tells Tony about her affair with Jake. Chief Lewis is taking over at the temporary Chief of Police. Corey and Rosa meet at GH and hit it off. Tom gets a letter from the woman he is seeing in NY, Simone. Frisco tells Felicia that he has not made a decision yet about the WSB. Lucy invites Frisco and Felicia to dinner. Corey asks Rosa out to the movies. Frisco and Felicia join Tony and Lucy for dinner. Corey picks up Rosa for their date. Tom reveals to Audrey that he is seeing someone but it is not time yet to be open about it yet. Felicia wants a promise from Frisco that he will not leave the PCPD for the WSB.

May 21-27, 1987:  5/21, 5/22, 5/25 Sean arrives at GH to see Greta and finds bad guy with MOX 36 (germ warefare), confrontation in cafeteria as staff held hostage and threathened, 5/26, 5/27 MOX hostage crisis resolved

May 21, 1987 - No Commercials - Robin now does not want to go on vacation. Anna convinces her but Robin wants to come back to PC after. Barrett plans his kill of Greta at GH. Greta gives Sean more details about her husband’s disappearance. Greta is beginning to have feelings for Sean. Tom is upset when he thinks that Steve has replaced Camilla permanently. Sean questions Anna whether she is just not running away as she is still in love with Duke. Anna and Robin leave for NYC. Jake tries to convince Duke to fight for Anna. Tom calls Camilla telling her that Steve is keeping her position open for her at GH. Camilla doesn’t think she can return to PC but he is not going to give up on her. Anna and Robin almost run into Duke and Jake at the airport. Duke tries to call Anna. Barrett tries to see Greta at GH but Sean instructs that Greta have no visitors tonight.

May 22, 1987 - No Commercials. Note: Episode is a very slightly glitchy for the first 30 minutes - Bobbie brings Jake breakfast in bed. Sean has Greta secretly transferred to another room at GH for security. Lucy sets up Tony to learn that it is her birthday. Tony plans a party. Alan is upset with Monica for canceling their dinner the other evening. Greta asks Monica if Sean is seeing anyone but Monica tells her it would be a mistake to have an affair with him. Sean and Wolfgang still looking for the planted DVX agent at HTI. Bobbie and Jake want a meeting with Lucy. Sean gets word that a Professor Dinsmore has gained access to the HTI lab. Sean is suspicious and questions him in his office. He runs his fingerprints. Barrett learns what room Greta is in at GH. Tony surprises Lucy with a birthday party just as Bobbie and Jake come to talk with her. Dinsmore turns out to be legit. Bobbie and Jake want assurances from Lucy that nothing will happen to the baby. Barrett gets into Greta’s room.

May 25, 1987 - No Commercials - Sean suspects that the person who is the HTI mole came up with a whole new identity for himself or herself. Duke questions Felicia about what Anna’s was feeling while he was away and if she will return. Sean has a new plan to find out who is the mole. Frisco blows off Felicia. Bobbie and Felicia let off some steam over their problems. Later they dish about Lucy. Greta collapses in her room. Wolfgang, Frisco, and Sean look at the HTI employee records again and discover that Barrett is the DVX agent. Bobbie and Felicia take their idea for a child care center at GH in Tania’s name to Audrey. Buzz stabilizes Greta and she is taken back to ICU. Sean learns Greta is touch and go. Sean sees Barrett at GH and follows him. Barrette takes a spill in the cafeteria running from Sean. Bobbie and Steve tend to him. Sean confronts Barrett in the GH cafeteria. He announces he has the MOX virus on him in a vile. Barrett demands the real antidote or he will releases the virus.

May 26, 1987 - No Commercials - Anna and Robin in NYC. Frisco arrives back at GH. Barrett has the upper hand in the GH cafeteria. Sean is forced to give up his gun. Alan, Walt, and Amy are taken hostage as well when they enter the cafeteria. When Sean doesn’t show to meet him, Frisco plans to head back to HTI. Steve is forced to make an announcement that the cafeteria is closed. All the doors are locked.. Frisco hears the announcement and changes his plans. Frisco arrives at the cafeteria. Frisco, Buzz, and Tom need a plan. Alan and Walt try and over take Barrett but are foiled. Sean wants to buy some time while Frisco formulates a plan. Sean tells Barrett that the vile is in his home safe. Barrett sends his contact to Sean’s penthouse. Frisco comes up with the plan to have Tom distract Barrett will he gets a key to the door of the cafeteria. Robin makes a call to PC and Anna overhears her tell her grandmother how much she misses home. Barrett’s contact calls and tells him he has the files from Sean’s safe. Now Barrett needs to eliminate Greta. Anna agrees to arrange for Robin to go back to PC. She has some business to take care of and will return in a few days. Frisco burst into the cafeteria. Things go wrong and Bobbie is grabbed by Barrett.

May 27, 1987 - No Commercials - Jake and Terri learn that Bobbie is being held hostage. Barrett bargains with Sean. It’s Greta or Bobbie gets it. Tony checks in on Greta. Sean clears a path for Barrett to get to ICU. Camilla considers going back to the convent. Edward and Lila arrive at GH after learning that Alan is being held hostage. Tom tries to stall Barrett while the WSB gets their men in place. Sean overtakes Bennett in the GH elevator but Bobbie is exposed to the virus. Greta tells Sean that Connie could make an antidote for the virus. Buzz diagnoses Bobbie as being paralyzed from the knees down. Greta suspects it will spread to her organs if she is not given the antidote. Greta orders Connie to mix the antidote. It will take 12 hours before it is ready for Bobbie.

May 28 - June 3, 1987:  5/28 Bobbie given antidote to MOX virus, Shawn Cassidy arrives as Dusty Walker, 5/29 (missed 1st three mins) Bobbie recovers, Camilla receives death threat, Anna rebukes Duke, John Ingle plays commissioner, 6/1 Robert returns to Port Charles, 6/2, 6/3

May 28, 1987 - No Commercials - Greta checks in with Connie. The should have the antidote in 3 hours. Bobbie is getting worse. Sean and Frisco question Barrett about the whereabouts of Dunham. Tiffany interviews Steve.. Sean puts Tiffany off. Robin is back in PC with Philomena. Frisco blows off the PCPD to continue to work with Sean. A dying Bennett breaks down and tells Sean where Dunham is. Lucy learns Bobbie is one of the infected. Connie arrives at GH with the antidote. Philomena secretly tells Duke where in NYC Anna is. Dunham is taken into custody. The PCPD haul in Dusty Walker, a friend of Blackie’s and he wants to see Frisco. (Note: First appearance by Shaun Cassidy) Frisco agrees to get Dusty sprung from prison. Bobbie is given the antidote and it looks like she is starting to improve. But soon Bobbie starts to become delirious.

May 29, 1987 - No Commercials - Ruby arrives at GH. Philomena stalls Anna when she says she is going home tonight, as she knows Duke is on his way. (Note: News Brief Interruption: 3 minutes lost) Tony and Buzz treat Bobbie, who has gotten worse. Frisco brings Dusty to stay at his apartment. Dusty meets Felicia and Terry. Felicia is upset Frisco has brought Dusty home but Frisco insists he is harmless. Anna wants to open a PI agency. Tom is thrilled when Camilla returns to PC. Duke is waiting for Anna when she returns to her hotel room. He kisses her but she insists that nothing has changed between them. Bobbie turns the corner and is past the crisis but her legs are still paralyzed. Duke gets on the same flight as Anna and gets the seat right next to her so they can talk without her running away. Jake insists to Bobbie that she will walk again. Camilla gets a threatening letter.

June 1, 1987 - No Commercials - Anna tells Robin that they are for sure going to stay in PC. Anna tells Robin and Philomena her plans to become a PI.. Greta asks Sean if he has ever been in love. And if he had she wonders if he would have run away from it. Jake pushes Bobbie not to quit. Tom sees Simone in NYC (Note: First appearance by Laura Carrington as Simone) Jake wants Greta to talk to Bobbie about her recovery taking time. Monica tells Sean that the hostage situation just reminded her of how much Alan means to her. Greta gives Bobbie some hard facts about her condition. Anna tells Sean that she plans to open a PI agency. Robert is back from Australia and shows up on Anna’s doorstep. Robert tells Anna and Sean that Holly has been killed in a plane crash. Simone tells Tom that her parents are not going to accept an interracial marriage. Robert tells Sean that he is on the DVX’s hit list.

June 2, 1987 - No Commercials - Robert, Anna, and Sean plot a counter attack on the DVX.  They need to find the DVX assassin and kill him. Dusty tells Felicia some stories about his days with Blackie. Robin sees Duke in the park and persuades him to come home with her. Anna thinks that Robert’s cover should be that he will be working at the PI agency with her. Robert will be staying with Anna. For Robin’s protection, she will be send to Italy in a week. Terri convinces Dusty to come to Duke’s Club to see her set. Duke walks in on the Scorpio family reunion. Frisco and Felicia welcome Robert home and they learn about Holly. Duke learns from Anna that Robert will be her partner. Duke suspects there is more to it than that. Frisco and Felicia bring Dusty to Dukes. Dusty sees Terri sing. Felicia asks Frisco if he asked Robert about the WSB. Patrick is jealous of Dusty. Anna questions Robert if he and Holly were happy before she died.

June 3, 1987 - No Commercials - Greta is anxious to go home. She wants some alone time with Sean. Bobbie wants to start her physical therapy right away. Tom learns that Steve is looking for a staff pediatrician. Tom thinks Simone would be perfect. Sean and Greta visit Bobbie. Monica releases Greta from GH. Tom learns that Susan, the woman that pulled a knife on him, has attempted suicide again. Juan, Rosa’s cousin, shows up at GH demanding to talk with her. Juan wants Rosa help. He needs money and a place to stay for a few days. Amy tells Lucy that Bobbie is obsessed with being be able to take care of the baby when it is born in November. Lucy doubts that Bobbie can do it and tells Amy that she may have to make other arraignments. Rosa puts Juan up in the Q boathouse. Camilla tells Tom about the threatening letter she received. Tom thinks she should go to the police but she destroyed the letter so she has no proof. Amy tells Bobbie about her conversation with Lucy. Camilla gets another threatening message…a black funeral wreath on her door at Kellys.

June 4-10, 1987:  6/4, 6/5, 6/8, 6/9, 6/10

June 4, 1987 - No Commercials - Alan sees Rosa sneak food out the mansion. Frisco asks Robert about how he can join the WSB. Robert thinks he does not know what he is getting into. Anna gets her PI license. She and Robert need an office. Rosa brings food to Juan and he needs some clothes. Robert and Anna meet with a real estate agent to find an office. Alan tells Monica about Rosa stealing food. Anna and Robert decide on their office. Camilla tries to show Tom the wreath but finds it was stolen from her locker at GH. Later, Camilla calls Duke wanting to see him. Alan confronts Rosa about stealing some of his clothes. Rosa claims she gave them to a patient at the clinic. Camilla tells Duke about her threatening messages, put she has no proof. Duke does not believe her. Frisco takes Felicia to dinner and she suspects he is going to tell her that he is going to join the WSB.

June 5, 1987 - No Commercials - Frisco tells Felicia the WSB is a career choice he wants to make. Dusty is ready to leave town but wants to make Frisco and Felicia breakfast before he leaves. Bobbie tells Tony that she believes that Lucy will use her condition to break the contract they signed with her. Simone interviews with Steve. Terri asks Dusty to stick around and do a signing audition for Tiffany. Tiffany scores an interview with Sean about the MOX crisis. Tony asks Lucy to go to the hospital and reassure Bobbie that she is not having second thoughts about giving the baby to them. Jake tells Bobbie that Lucy will be held to the contract no matter what. Tom learns that Simone is now on staff at GH. Frisco meets with the WSB and Felicia overhears his meeting. Tiffany interviews Sean. Sean tells Tiffany that he is putting his personal life on hold until he can figure thinks out. Tiffany informs him that she is not waiting in the wings for him and tells him to drop dead. Dusty meets with Tiffany and wows her with his audition. Tom meets with Tiffany about starting a program called “Teen Rap”. Lucy meets with Bobbie and promises to honor her contact. Bobbie makes sure she has witnesses.

June 8, 1987 - No Commercials - Robert tells Frisco he has been accepted into the WSB. Robert wants him to really think how the WSB will change his life. Tony assures Lucy that she does not need to worry about Bobbie’s recovery. Duke tells Jake that he believes that Camilla’s death threats are just pleas for attention. Felicia tells Anna that Frisco has requested to join the WSB. Tony thinks it is rotten idea for Frisco to join the WSB. Robert asks Anna if she regretted joining the bureau. Later, they inform Robin that she and Philomena will be spending the summer in Italy. Felicia agrees that if that is what Frisco really wants, to join the WSB, she will not be the one to take it away from him. Duke apologies to Camilla and wants her to contact him if she gets any more threats. Robin asks Anna if she and Robert are getting back together. In the GH parking garage, a car comes screeching towards Duke and Camilla.

June 9, 1987 - No Commercials - Sean tells Greta that he has made sure that the DVX will not bother her again. He shows her an article on the MOX antidote that has been published and now that the article is common knowledge they will not bother her. Duke pushes Camilla out of the way in the parking garage. Robin is worried that something will happen to Anna and Robert while she is away. Juan wants Rosa to find out where Greta Ingstrom lives. Camilla tells Duke about the candlestick being sent to her before the hearing. Juan and Rosa are almost caught at the boathouse by Edward and Alan. Robert gets a letter from the late WSB head, Valentine, that he wrote before his death. Duke offers to take Camilla somewhere safe. Rosa asks Alan for Greta’s address.

June 10, 1987 - No Commercials - Robert and Anna visit Prof. Link at the University and feed him a crazy story for his help in deciphering Valentine’s letter. Duke takes Camilla to his cabin. Frisco suspects that Anna, Robert, and Sean are involved in some WSB business and not just setting up a PI office. Tiffany tells Dusty that she has landed him and Terri a segment on her show. At the last minute, Terri gets a case of nerves but Dusty settles her down. Frisco and Felicia tell Anna, Robert, and Sean that Frisco has decided to take the WSB job. Anna lies to Felicia about the real reason that Robin is being sent to Italy. Anna and Robert check out the secret com-center Sean had installed at the PI office. Robert hands over the phrase from Valentine’s letter to the WSB computer to decipher. Patrick sees Terri and Dusty’s performance on TV. Felicia wants to throw a surprise going away party for Robin and Frisco.

June 11-17, 1987:  6/11, 6/12 Going away party for Robin & Frisco, Duke goes to see Vic to call off hit on Camilla, 6/15, 6/16, 6/17 Frisco leaves town

June 11, 1987 - No Commercials - Tom and Tiffany plan the “Teen Rap” show. Buzz dashes Bobbie’s hope by telling her that he notices no changes in her paralysis. Duke wants an appointment with Carlin. Juan pressures Rosa for Greta’s address again. Tom asks Simone to participate in the “Teen Rap” show. Corey asks Rosa to help out with Tom’s show. Rosa fishes around about how she can find an address of a former patient. Duke informs Tom that Camilla will be away from the hospital for a few days. Bobbie starts physical therapy and meets fellow patient Martha. Duke asks Carlin about what he knows about the threats toward Camilla. In NYC, Duke meets with Victor Jerome and suspects that it is Veronica, Evan’s widow, that is after Camilla. Victor tells him that he will take care of Veronica and honor their agreement. Simone joins the Hardys for dinner to celebrate her job. Tom shows up and is game to tell Steve and Audrey about their relationship but Simone want to wait.

June 12, 1987 - No Commercials - Felicia plans Frisco and Robin’s surprise going away party in the brownstone garden. Felicia stalls Frisco when he almost walks in on the party planning. Frisco say goodbye to his pals at the PCPD and they take him for a drink at Dukes. Robert and Sean meet with Prof Link again and they learn the phrase from Valentine’s letter is a lyric to a song. Jake plans something special for Bobbie as she is stuck in the hospital. Tony tells Lucy that it would not be a good idea for her to go to the party. The party gets underway. Jake surprises Bobbie with a candlelit dinner in her hospital room. Robert gets an idea about breaking the song code. Anna gives Robin a special doll. Duke finds a burglar in his cabin when he arrives. He finds that Camilla got scared and took off. When she returns she is relived to find out it was not the man who was after her that broke in.

June 15, 1987 - No Commercials - Audrey sees a kiss between Tom and Simone. Robin and Philomena are at the airport about to leave for Italy. Sean gives Robin a present for her trip. Robin wants to say goodbye to Duke but she can’t get a hold of him. Victor wants Veronica’s planned hit on Camilla called off. She says it is too late. The first episode of “Teen Rap”show. Dusty takes Terri out. Robert runs the numerical code from the song lyric in Valentine’s letter through the WSB computer. Robert and Anna get their first case. A break-in at a cabin near where Duke’s cabin is. The WSB computer comes up with nothing for Robert and Sean. Robert wants to cozy up to DVX agent Barrett in jail. Sean is just the man to do it. Dusty wants to hit the concert trail with Terri. Anna arrives at the cabin and finds Duke with Camilla together.

June 16, 1987 - No Commercials - Monica sees Rosa leave the mansion with a bag of food again and follows her. Frisco questions Robert about the PI agency being a front for his WSB work. Robert comes clean with Frisco but he can’t be involved with the case. Duke questions why Anna came to their place. Seeing him with Camilla just reconfirms everything for her.. Monica discovers Juan at the boathouse. Duke decides that he and Camilla need professional help, he wants to go to Robert. Juan explains his situation to Monica and what is going on in the Biscayne Islands. She agrees to let me stay for a few days till he can get passage to Canada. Tony joins Frisco and Felicia for dinner. Lucy lies and breaks up Tony’s dinner plans with the news that BJ has a fever. Robert tells Anna his plan for Sean to be arrested to get to Barrett. Duke asks for Anna and Robert’s help for Camilla. Anna refuses to help him. Frisco and Felicia spend the night together before he leaves for his WSB training. (Note: Scene is glitchy) Frisco gets word that he leaves tomorrow for 2 months.

June 17, 1987 - No Commercials - Sean is taken to jail. Dusty rents the garden apartment at the brownstone. Frisco plans an anniversary present for Felicia but it is not ready till Friday. Jake tells Patrick that Dusty will not be leaving town anytime soon as he just rented an apartment. A mysterious woman DVX agent calls Frisco’s apartment looking for Dusty. Frisco says goodbye to some friends. Tiffany books dates for Dusty and Terri to tour. Sean and Barrett are put into the same cell. Sean bargains with him and Barrett agrees to a deal. The mysterious woman DVX agent contacts Dusty at his new apartment and uses a brain washing technique on him. He has his orders for August 21. Frisco and Felicia say an emotional goodbye at the airport. They exchange anniversary gifts.

June 18-24, 1987:  6/18, 6/19, 6/22 Paralyzed Bobbie goes home, DVX foils Robert's plan to break Sean and Roger out of prison, 6/23, 6/24

June 18, 1987 - No Commercials - Robert poses as a guard at the prison and breaks up a fight between Sean/Barrett and another prisoner. After talking with Victor, Duke tells Camilla she is safe and can go back to PC. Alan and Edward suspect Monica is lying about what is going on with Rosa. Robert and Sean think that one of the other prisoners is DVX. Duke and Camilla return to PC. Tom pushes Simone to tell his parents about them. Rosa tells Monica about Juan being sent to see Greta. Barrett is almost attacked in prison. He fends off another prison that had handmade knife. Audrey tells Steve that there is more going on Tom and Simone than they know. Monica calls Sean for help but he is “out of town”. Monica lies to Alan when he overhears her calling Sean. Juan tells Monica that he needs to see Greta because he has proof that her husband is alive. Robert tells Sean and Barrett that their escape is planned for tomorrow. Simone agrees to tell Tom’s parent about them.

June 19, 1987 - No Commercials - Alan learns from Anna that Monica is trying to get a hold of Sean and it is very important. Duke tells Robert that Victor promised that Camilla was safe. Robert shares with Duke that he believes Anna is still in love with him but he shouldn’t push her. Someone is following Camilla. Monica sneaks Juan out of the boathouse before the Qs see him. (Note: Video drop out during the scene) Monica agrees to go to Greta and see if she will see him. Robin calls Anna from Italy. Camilla fends off an attacker outside her room at Kellys. Monica goes to Greta and tells her that Juan has information about her husband, Eric. She agrees to see Juan. Camilla reports her attack to the PCPD. Tom and Simone tells his parents about them being a couple. Juan shows Greta the videotape he has of Eric’s captures demanding one million for his release. She has 72 hours to come up with the money. Duke takes Camilla to his penthouse.

June 22, 1987 - No Commercials - Bobbie is released from the hospital. She is having a hard time adjusting to the wheelchair. Duke calls Robert about Victor lying to him and the hitman almost getting to Camilla. Anna poses as Barrett’s attorney to get access to the prison. Patrick asks Dusty what his intensions are toward Terri. Duke confronts Victor about breaking his word about Camilla’s safety. Terri is concerned when Dusty now has second thoughts about their tour. He claims it is because he likes her too much. Duke requests a police bodyguard for Camilla but Sam tells him the PCPD does not have that kind of man power right now. Duke tells Camilla that Victor promised him that he will take care of the hitman. Duke wants to leave PC with Camilla. One of the guards, a DVX agent, that suspects that Barrett is planning an escape, pulls a gun on Anna and Barrett.

June 23, 1987 - No Commercials - Greta tells Monica that she can’t get the money for the ransom. Robert takes out the DVX agent and the escape is back on track. Monica tells Greta that they can trust Sean. Lucy has a little father’s day party for Tony. Alan and Edward refuse Monica’s request for the million dollars. (Note: David Lewis returns at Edward) Monica tells them that she will go around them and get a loan using the house as collateral if she has to. Buzz wants a leave of absence from Steve for one month. Robert and Anna bust Sean and Barrett out of prison. Sean, Anna, and Robert grill Barrett about the DVX but he claims to know very little about the inner workings. Robert suspects he is lying. Sean arrives at Greta’s and learns that Eric is alive and about the ransom. Barrett tells Robert and Anna all about his first dealings with the DVX.

June 24, 1987 - No Commercials - Robert continues his round the clock interrogation of Barrett. Bobbie thinks Terri has a crush on Dusty. Dusty has a gun in his closet. Sean tells Robert about Greta’s husband. Sean wants to go to the Biscayne Islands with Monica and Greta. Tiffany tells Terri that she has a gig for Dusty and her tonight in Toledo. Bobbie meets Martha’s daughter Melissa (Note: first appearance by Ami Dolenz) Steve refuses Monica’s request for time off to open a clinic in the Biscayne Islands. Barrett gets a signal to the DVX in the building across the street from the PI office. Steve tells Tom he has no choice but to suspend Camilla as she has run off again. After cleaning up the guest room, Felicia finds bullets left in the room by Dusty. Dusty passes them off as Frisco’s. Barrett tells Sean he is next on the DXV hit list. DXV plan to kill him when he goes to rescue Eric Ingstrom in the Biscayne Islands. Terri and Dusty leave for their gig.

June 25 - July 2, 1987:  6/25, 6/26, 6/29, (6/30 no show aired Emmy's), 7/1 cm Duke & Camilla in LA, Sean and Robert follow Monica and Greta to Biscayne Islands, 7/2 Robert & Anna arrive Biscayne Islands, Duke and Camilla head there

June 25, 1987 - No Commercials - Monica goes another round with Alan and Edward on the whole Biscayne Islands issue. Dusky gets another phone call from the mystery woman. Dusty is out of it before his gig in Ohio. Despite Dan and Steve objections, Monica tells them she has to go to the Biscayne’s. Greta wants to see Edward herself to try and get the million dollars. Dusty and Terri’s gig in Ohio goes off after a slow start and the audience loves them. Tiffany books them for another night. Audrey and Steve discuss Tom and Simone. Greta talks with Edward to discuss a proposition for HTI. She wants a loan against her royalties for her discovery of MOX antidote. Edward tells her it would be too complicated a process to get a loan like that quickly. Later, Alan agrees to give Monica the one million dollars. The mystery woman calls Dusty with the orders that he can proceed with “plan 480z” at 6pm tomorrow night.

June 26, 1987 - No Commercials - Dusty has his order to kill Agent Rush. Bobbie is learning to manage in her wheelchair and makes the brownstone crew breakfast. Sean tells Robert that Greta is bound and determined to help her husband. Anna gets more information on Valentine’s song lyric. Sean agrees to go along with Greta and Monica to the Biscayne’s. Robert works on Barrett some more, demanding all the names of all the WSB agents on the DVX hit lists. Robert agrees that Sean needs backup in the Biscaynes. Jake invites Martha and her kids back to the brownstone. Dusty blows off dinner plans with Terri. Barrett breaks down and tells Robert that there is a DVX hit happening tonight in Toledo.

June 29, 1987 - No Commercials - Robert comes up with the name of the WSB agent in Toledo, Agent Rush. Anna puts an APB on Rush. Sean wants to postpone the trip to the Biscayne Islands until he, Anna, and Robert solve the WSB agent issue. Terri brings food to Dusty almost throwing his time-table off. Erma Foster and Tom discuss the issues that he and Simone will face as mixed-race couple. Sean tells Greta and Monica that they are not going to the Biscayne Island yet but he gives them no details. They want him to demand an extension from Juan. Robert is on his way to Toledo to look for Rush. Tom wants to elope with Simone but she wants to take it one step at a time. Greta and Monica beg for an extension from Juan. (Note: Video jump during the scene- 2-3 minutes lost)  Juan refuses to change the timetable and Greta and Monica are forced to leave without Sean. Robert is too late and finds Agent Rush dead.

July 1, 1987 - With Commercials - Duke and Camilla are hiding out in Los Angeles until it is safe for them to go back to PC. (Note: Glitchy picture for 1 minute of scene) Robert is back in PC. Sean learns that Monica and Greta have left for the Biscayne’s alone. In the Biscaynes, Juan takes Greta and Monica to see Colonel Ramos, the leader of the freedom party. Duke and Camilla see the sights in LA and Camilla gets a part in a movie shooting on the street. Robert wants Barrett as Sean’s back up in the Biscaynes. Sean and Barrett arrive on the islands. Ramos wants the one million in cash. When Monica does not have the money in cash, Ramos demands Juan take them back to get the cash and demands it be brought to him by Sean and Sean alone. Greta and Monica suspect Juan has been duped by Ramos. Robert calls with word that he and Anna will be joining Sean in the Biscayne Island. Sean and Barrett find Greta and Monica in the hotel library. 

July 2, 1987 - No Commercials - Camilla’s stint on the movie set makes the TV news and the hitman that is after her sees it. Sean learns that he has to deliver the money to Ramos. Sean wants Monica and Greta to stall for time. Robert and Anna arrive on the islands under the cover of being newlyweds. A DVX agent informs Ramos that three WSB agents are on the island and she wants them all dead. Robert, Sean, and Barrett scout the island. The hitman finds Camilla but Duke runs him off. Duke calls Robert and Sean but learns they are both out of town.. Wolfgang tells Duke that Sean is in the Biscayne Islands and Robert may be with him. Sean, Robert, and Anna go over their assault plan. Duke and Camilla book a flight to the Biscayne Islands. 

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