Complete GH Episodes, 1986

Thanks to my good friend Joan has original GH episodes from 1981 through current time, and has been very generous in loaning me these classic GH epsiodes, we have been working on getting them transfered to dvd and described. Most of these episodes do not have commericals. I don't have expanded descriptions for this time frame yet (we will be working on this time frame and anyone who would like to help with episode write ups please email me).  For additional classic GH epsiode information check out the Scorpio Files Episode Guide section to find write ups for 1985-1991.

Episode Breakdown

December 31, 1985 - July 3, 1986

July 4-10, 1986:   7/4, 7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/10 [Episode Descriptions]

July 11-17, 1986:  7/11 Robin leaves for Australia, Duke & Anna grow closer, 7/14, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17 Lucy released from probation, Bobbie makes a fool of herself [Episode Descriptions]

July 18-24, 1986:  7/18 Duke wins the election, Duke & Anna make love, 7/21, 7/22, 7/23, 7/24 [Episode Descriptions]

July 25-31, 1986:  7/25 Alan fakes his death in a plane crash, 7/28, 7/29, 7/30 Tiffany returns, Edward & Tiffany plot to break up Sean & Monica, Edward hires her to seduce Sean, 7/31 [Episode Descriptions]

August 1-7, 1986:  8/1, 8/4, 8/5 Tiff reunited with Frisco, she meets Felicia, 8/6, 8/7 Glitch [Episode Descriptions]

August 8-15, 1986:  8/8 Tiffany arranges for Sean to rescue her, (8/11 no show golf), 8/12, 8/13 Duke & Anna declare their love for each other, 8/14 Frisco rehearses at Duke's club and Felicia joins him, 8/15 Anna & Duke Tango at his club [Episode Descriptions]

August 18-22, 1986:  8/18, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21 Tiffany interviews Sean on her new show, invites him for lunch, Monica pours a pitcher of water over both of them when she sees them together, bad spot on epi, 8/22 [Episode Descriptions]

August 25-29, 1986:  8/25, 8/26, 8/27, 8/28, 8/29 [Episode Descriptions]

September 1-8, 1986:  9/1, 9/2, 9/3, 9/4, 9/5 (:20 pre-emption deleted) Burt Ramsey revealed to be Mr. Big, 9/8 [Episode Descriptions]

September 9-15, 1986:  9/9, 9/10, 9/11, 9/12, 9/15 [Episode Descriptions]

September 16-22, 1986:   9/16, 9/17 Robin calls Robert and tells him someone wants to kill Anna, 9/18 Duke & Anna, 9/19 Duke & Anna, 9/22 Robert Returns, Robert & Anna [Episode Descriptions]

September 23-29, 1986:  9/23, 9/24 Robert & Anna, 9/25, 9/26 Robert & Anna, Jade returns, 9/29 [Episode Descriptions]

September 30 - October 6, 1986:  9/30, 10/1, 10/2 Robert & Anna, 10/3 Robert & Anna, 10/6 Robert & Anna [Episode Descriptions]

October 7-17, 1986:  10/7, (no show 10/8), 10/9, 10/10 glitch, 10/16, 10/17 cm, *Baseball Playoffs no show 10/13, 10/14, 10/15 [Episode Descriptions]

October 20-24, 1986:  10/20 cm, 10/21 (missed 1st 10 mins), 10/22 cm, 10/23 cm, 10/24 cm [Episode Descriptions]

October 27-30, 1986:  10/27 cm, 10/28 cm, 10/29 cm, 10/30 [Episode Descriptions]

October 31 - November 6, 1986:  10/31, 11/3, 11/4, 11/5 bad spots, glitchy, Duke accidentally shoots Burt Ramsey, 11/6 cm Stan Ivar (no end credits)  [Episode Descriptions]

November 7-12, 1986:  11/7 (6 mins bad section) Robert & Anna, 11/10 cm, 11/11 cm, 11/12 [Episode Descriptions]

November 13-19, 1986:  11/13, 11/14 (glitchy spot near end), 11/17 (glitchy spot), 11/18, 11/19 [Episode Descriptions]

November 20-26, 1986:  11/20, 11/21 (glitchy last minute), 11/24 (bad spot first 2 mins), 11/25 Bobbie & Jake's wedding, 11/26 [Episode Descriptions]

November 27 - December 3, 1986:  11/27 cm Thanksgiving, 11/28 John Ingle, 12/1, 12/2, 12/3 [Episode Descriptions]

December 4-11, 1986:  12/4 Robert & Anna make their move on the mob & Burt, Duke shot saving Robert, 12/5, 12/9, 12/10, 12/11 [Episode Descriptions]

December 12-18, 1986:  12/12, 12/15, 12/16, 12/17, 12/18 [Episode Descriptions]

December 19-25, 1986:  12/19, 12/22, 12/23, 12/24, 12/25 [Episode Descriptions]

December 26, 1986 - January 2, 1987:  12/26, 12/29, 12/30, 12/31, (no show 1/1), 1/2 [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 4-10, 1986:  7/4, 7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/10

July 4, 1986 - Felicia wakes a groggy Frisco. It's July 4th time for the annual PC picnic in the park! (whatever happened to those?) Sean reports the scuttlebutt on the waterfront concerning Duke to Anna. It seems that Duke is going to set up Tom Greene with new place to run his bait shop. Duke later arrives to pick Anna and Robin up. Jimmy Lee and Sandy escort Buzz to his new quarters at the rehab hospital. Buzz asks Jimmy Lee to take Sandy to the PC picnic. When the two leave, Buzz goes through withdrawal pains. Bobbie shows off her engagement ring at the park picnic. Bobbie and Jake notice the closeness  with Patrick and Terry. Angel reports to Duke he has a plan to get Frisco off their tail. Alan tells Lila that he's going to be taking flying lessons. It's all part of his plans to frame Sean and Monica. (But Lila doesn't know this) Anna visits Buzz at the rehab. Buzz tries to apologize for his behavior the other day. He realizes that she had to expose him as a druggie. Buzz starts getting withdrawal pains and hustles Anna out. Everyone at the park enjoying the festivities. Alan is furious to see Sean with Monica, and Edward has to hold him back from throttling Donnelly. At the Picnic, Tom Greene stands up and announces that he fully supports Duke and he thinks that everyone should vote for him as president of the Dockworkers union. Anna tells Frisco that Duke is using Tom as a cover to gain support. Filomena tries to convince Anna that she's wrong about Duke, he reminds he of Robert. Jimmy Lee and Duke get into a tug of war at the picnic, but in it's a draw when the rope breaks and both teams are evenly matched. Bobbie and Jake next pay a call on Buzz. All through the conversation, Buzz is sweating and shaking up a storm.Robin holds an after picnic party back at Anna's for some her her friends and godfathers. She announces Duke as her mommy's new best friend. 

July 7, 1986 - Burt tells Anna that so far everything is on the up and up with Duke Lavery. He tries to tell her nicely to stop investigating Duke. Duke tells Angel that he's going to win the election, his future depends on it. Frisco and Vince patrolling the docks. Burt meets up with them. Burt pulls out a tape recorder to remind himself of a meeting. Frisco comments on the tape recorder and gets and idea. Buzz is going through severe withdrawal pains when Anna drops by to visit him with some new drawings Robin made for him. He inquires about her new friend, Duke Lavery. Felicia helps Duke with a slogan for his campaign. She comes up with THE DOCK NEEDS DUKE! Duke loves it. Angel tells Duke that Stan is getting nervous because of his constant run ins with Frisco. Anna tells Sean what she thinks about the upcoming election, she's all for Jimmy Lee. Sean notices that Anna is trying to hide her feelings for Duke. On the docks, Frisco notices a guy that looks like Stan and stops him. Vince assures Frisco that he's getting too preoccupied with busting that hood Stan. Sean and Tony stop by and visit Buzz. Felicia attends another one of those cops/wives meetings. Felicia daydreams about Frisco being the Police commissioner. Frisco is getting tired of walking the beat. He wants to move up and do something more. Frisco daydreams about busting the mob in a Bogart/Casablanca type setting. Later, Frisco buys a tape recorder and starts reporting his activities. Anna is getting really tired of Robin and Duke's closeness. But when Duke calls her "love" like Robert does, Anna forbids him to ever say that again. 

July 8, 1986 - Edward decorates Kelly's with posters for Jimmy Lee's campaign. He even goes so far as to remove Duke's posters. Sean drops in on Anna to take her to lunch on the waterfront. Duke is making friends on the docks. Duke and Jimmy Lee get into a contest on the docks. A match to see who can load the most crates. Duke wins the macho contest, unloading crates off the ledgers and onto the pallets faster than Holt, fueled in the last few minutes by Anna's arrival. Duke charms Anna enough to ask her back to his office to lunch. Angel overhears Frisco and Burt talking at Kelly's. Angel assigns Toughie to keep an eye on Frisco and distract him from Stan so the next "shipment" can come in.  Frisco's desire to be promoted his getting him into hot water. When he spots Stan, he gives chase and an old waterfront gal named Tessie, who is transporting laundered money in a picnic cooler for Duke, trips Frisco who crashes into a lever of a large crane which drops all of Donely's cargo into the harbor. Burt chews Frisco out and when they look in the cooler, find it's filled with nothing but beer. Not only did Frisco drop Donely's cargo, but he knocked over a man's peanut vendor's cart as well. Sean and the peanut vendor are about the pull Frisco's head off when Anna intervenes. Anna tells Frisco that he might be better off working for the WSB. Frisco decides to stick it out with the PCPD. Frisco meets Toughie on the docks. Toughie wants to "help" Frisco out. He invites him to a poker game on the docks which will help him break the ice with the dockworkers. Jimmy Lee happens by when a Postal worker tries to drop by a letter. Holt notices that the letter is from a Swiss PO box. When the man shoves the letter in the drop box, Holt puts on gloves and picks the lock. Frisco drops by and spots Jimmy Lee and nabs him! Frisco is interested when he learns that Sean has stolen the Q fortune and it sits in a Swiss bank. When the alarm is tripped Frisco covers for Jimmy Lee and hustles him out. Frisco bluntly comes out and asks Sean if he stole the Q fortune. Donely is upset that Frisco has broken into his warehouse and is going through his mail. He can't believe that he would take the word of the Q's over him. He threatens to report him to Anna unless he backs off. 

July 9, 1986 - Duke enlists Felicia to help with his rally at the end of the week. Anna and Guy discuss Frisco's future with the PD. On the docks, Frisco daydreams about being a cop hero. Jimmy Lee informs Edward of his discovery of the Swiss bank letter with the code name HEATHER in Sean's warehouse.An awkward situation at Kelly's when Jake and Terry bump into Lucy and Patrick on a lunch date. Alan comes out and asks Monica where Sean stashed hid the Q money. Monica thinks she's crazy. Monica slaps Alan when he tells her she's desperate to be sleeping with a man who's laughing at her behind her back. Frisco notices Duke's sharp looking computer in his office. Later, Frisco sneaks into Anna's office and has Felicia help him use the computer to check up on Jimmy Lee's charge that Donely swindled the family fortune and put it in a Swiss bank account. Anna catches him and threatens suspension without pay if he keeps it up. Alan comes through, he gets the number of Donely's Swiss bank account and Edward phones the bank. Posing as Sean Donely he gives them the account with the code name Heather. But Edward is in shock when he finds out there is no such account. Sean's once again one step ahead of them. Jake tells Monica that her reputation must be immaculate if she is to have the best chance of winning custody of her son. Frisco and Felicia entertain Vince and his wife at dinner. Jake and Bobbie discuss the upcoming wedding plans with Ruby. Terry goes off the deep end when she reads the latest developments on Lucy's book on Kevin.  Felcia daydreams about Frisco becoming Police commissioner. 

July 10, 1986 - Patrick makes a date with Lucy for a meeting and interview on Kevin's book only. Monica is staving off advances from Sean on Jake's advice. Amy wonders why Monica is so annoyed with Sean. Lucy prefers to stay out of it. Duke gives Billy the peanut vendor a loan so it will take the heat off of Frisco for destroying his peanut cart. But Anna arrives and intervenes. She offers Billy the same offer of payment. Billy offers to take half of Anna and Duke's payment. Patrick and Yank visiting Buzz at the rehab. Buzz introduces Sandy to Patrick and Yank. Sean shows the postermaster the letter that was given to him by mistake. The same letter that Jimmy Lee thought was the Swiss bank account Sean stashed the Q money. Anna is witness to Duke's heroics on the docks, when he saves the life of a worker when a heavy crate falls on top of him. Lucy meets with Brian. Her probation is nearing an end.  Sean can't understand why Monica is avoiding his phone calls. Patrick and Lucy caught up in the moment share a kiss. Patrick says she's one of the most sexiest women he's ever met. The two start to make out on the Webber couch, but stops and leave when trust starts to set in. Duke appears to be opening up to Anna. He tells her of his poor childhood, and how he saw his father die the same way. Finally moved by his apparent sincerity, Anna relaxes long enough to have dinner and accept his surprise kiss.

July 11-17, 1986:  7/11 Robin leaves for Australia, 7/14, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17

July 11, 1986 - Robin's delighted when she learns Anna had dinner with "Uncle" Duke. Angel and Duke stash the laundered cash behind Duke's private safe. Jimmy Lee offers free food at a BBQ to drum up support for his campaign. Frisco meets Tessie at Kelly's. Frisco asks Tessie's help on the waterfront. But she clams up when Burt comes by. Sean brings by the local paper. Duke's heroism makes the front page. Edward and Sandy help Jimmy Lee with his speech during the BBQ. During his speech things go bad when the food turns out to be garbage. Duke shows up with Robin playing the bagpipes, and all the men head over to Kelly's when Duke offers up a feast. Robin decides to go visit Robert and Holly in Australia. Frisco tells Anna and Burt that Toughie Richards has invited him to a poker game on the waterfront. Since they both know it's illegal for him to do this, Anna tells Frisco to inform them when the game will start so they can substitute an experienced player. Frisco says he will obey the order, but now that he knows that Donely doesn't have a Swiss bank account and that someone else on the waterfront does. Duke and Anna growing closer. They kiss on the waterfront. Later, Toughie reports to Duke about the poker game with Frisco. Duke looks at Anna's picture in the paper. Anna has flashbacks of her wedding to Robert when she finds some material that she wore during that Greek ceremony. 

July 14, 1986 - Filomena continues telling Anna that Duke is the next best thing since Roberto. Toughie prepares the poker game with Frisco. Duke Lavery challenges rival Jimmy Lee to a debate. Sean sneaks into Monica's room at the mansion. Monica can't resist Donely's clutches and the two end up in bed. Alan surprises his estranged wife with a visit and is announced by Jennnigs the butler. Stashing her lover in the closet, Monica throws on a robe and opens the door. Spotting Sean's shoes next to her bed, Jennings later tells Alan, Madam has company. Alan asks the servant to testify for his side in the divorce trial. Jennings agrees. At the Poker game, Frisco is aware that Toughie and company are letting him win big at these after hours poker games. Felicia is aware that her husband is lying when he says that he is on a special assignment. Anna is aware (via Felicia) that Frisco is diobeying orders. Later, Frisco sneaks into bed with Felicia but she finds the wad of bills that Frisco brought home from the poker game.

July 15, 1986 - Duke arrives to see Robin off to Australia. Next morning, Frisco can't find the money he won in the poker game but finds instead that Felicia has found out everything. A female tug of war is Lucy's favorite game, when Bobbie and Rick discuss her recent pattern of mistakes in the OR. Lucy leaks the scoop to Steve Hardy. It doesn't take long for Ms SPencer lto figure out who did this and she corners Lucy in the elevator promising to destroy her. Derek arrives back in town to pick Mike up for a return trip back to Omaha. Anna chastises Frisco for wandering off to the poker game without letting her know. Felicia confides to Tony that Frisco is lying to her. Later, Duke arrives at Anna's for a romantic dinner. Anna dances with Duke. She has a mixture of feelings. Desire, Arousal, Hesitancy. Desire and arousal win as she almost let's her enigmatic lover take her to bed, but Duke leaves quite suddenly, causing much confusion with Anna.  

July 16, 1986 - Duke Lavery challenges his rival Jimmy Lee to a debate at the Pub. When the Scotsman tells the dock workers about his humble working class background, they are impressed and see him as a harbinger of prosperity. Jimmy Lee's salt of the earth approach proves lackluster and he loses the debate. Ginny's TV crew arrives for the taping. Alan arrives at Jimmy Lee's debate wearing a pilot outfit. Jake comforts Bobbie in her war with Lucy. Anna tells Duke that she's aware of criminal activity in the dockworkers union. Duke and Anna share a kiss.

July 17, 1986 - The morning paper flashes the front page headline, "Anna Devane endorsing Duke Lavery in his election". Lavery is incensed and calls the paper to complain. Buzz sees the cozy picture of Anna and Duke on the front page and tears it to shreds. Patrick brings Lucy over to the Brownstone to meet with Jake. Lucy overhears an argument with Bobbie and Jake. Jimmy Lee is furious at Sandy when she enlists the wives of the dockworkers to support equal rights for woman. During Duke's therapy he goes ballistic when he brings up his betrayal by the woman he loves, Anna. Sandy reports to Anna who heads over to the rehab and tries to convince him there was nothing to the picture of her and Duke in the paper. Anna says she needs him, and Buzz grabs her hand and kisses it. Later, Buzz is happier and even starts joking with Sandy and Jimmy Lee. Bobbie maligns Lucy at her probation hearing. Bobbie clearly in the minority on this score as Ted Holmes, The Webbers and Steve Hardy bolster Lucy's reputation in the eyes of the law. When the judge rules that Lucy is a free woman, she is relieved but privately tells Bobbie Spencer that she has bought herself an enemy for life.

July 18-24, 1986:  7/18 Duke wins the election, Duke & Anna make love, 7/21, 7/22, 7/23, 7/24

July 18, 1986 - Burt and Anna wonder where Frisco was the other night. The renegade cop is acting on his own. Toughie tells Frisco that he expects to see him tonight at the poker game. Frisco will be there. Felicia is put off by Frisco's attitude. Damon Grenville arrives to meet Duke. (Damon is Mr. B's right hand man) Damon brings up Duke's burgeoning friendship with Ms Davane. Mr. B is worried. Duke tells him there is nothing to worry about. Burt questions Tessie about the new dockworkers that have shown up in town. Frisco meets Toughie and the gang and begins the game. Frisco excuses himself to get some beer. Alan, Edward and Jimmy Lee prepare for the Election returns. Will Jimmy Lee or Duke win the Dockworker's Union president? Alan details his plan: He will fake his death during the election and frame Monica and Sean for it. Alan decides to hangout in a little town in upstate NY till Monica and Sean go to jail. Duke tosses out the PC Herald reporter that put the gossipy article on he and Anna in the paper. Burt can't find Tessie anywhere. He later finds her outside and asks her to keep her eyes open for trouble. One of Mr. B's men overhears....The Election returns are in and Duke wins by a landslide. In Duke's speech he pledges that there will be plenty of jobs for everyone on the docks. Toughie and the gang are allowing Frisco to win, a plan that Frisco is all to aware. Frisco overhears Toughie meet a colleague on the phone. He later excuses himself from the game to "get some air". Anna meets Damon and Duke introduces him as a financial advisor. On the dock's Frisco looking for Toughie, spots the thug that he had a run in with at the park. Frisco tails the thug to Tessie's boat. There he witnesses the exchange of money between Stan and Tessie. Before he can report to Anna, he finds himself locked on board with the boat setting sail.  Stan drops the money off with Angel. Anna dances with Duke back at her place. Desire, arousal, hesitancy, Desire and arousal win, as she lets Duke take her to bed. 

July 21, 1986 - Bobbie can't sleep. She is still worried about the fight she had with Jake over Lucy Coe. Jake tells her she's wrong for trying to disrupt her hearing. Jake admits to Bobbie that he loves her. He kisses her passionately. Anna in Duke's arms tells him that she never thought she would be attracted to another man after Robert. Frisco soaking wet arrives home after jumping Tessie's ship he swam back to shore. Felicia really wants to help Frisco in his investigation. She sketches the man that he saw on Tessie's boat. The thrill of winning the union presidency wears off very fast for Duke when Damon communicates the newest plan for Mr. B. Not only does Mr Big want Duke to launder his cash through the union pension fund, he also wants him to make sure that his construction firm wins the bid to build the Fisherman's Village on the waterfront. Duke complains to Angel that he expected some control out of his association with Mr B. Frisco and Felica take the sketch to Ruby's and she posts it as Kelly's. Sandy has just come from seeing Buzz. He's making great progress. She excitedly drops by on Anna with the news, who agrees to visit Buzz. Anna visits Buzz who's delighted at the prospect of a future "date" with her on an outing on the grounds. Sandy is trying to play matchmaker. Anna drops in on a meeting with Damon and Duke. She sneaks his watch to him while Damon is not looking. Felicia offers to Duke that he update his entertainment at the club. Something to attract the younger crowd. She recommends Terry for a singing position. Burt and Frisco are on the beat. Burt tells Frisco that Tessie was at one time more than a friend to him. Duke wants Angel to arrange another game with Frisco so they can make a pass of more laundered cash.

July 22, 1986 - Lucy asks Patrick out to dinner but he postpones it because he's having dinner with a "friend".  Ruby tells Felicia her sketch of the man Frisco's been tailing looks familiar. Angel reports news to Duke about Frisco. He left the poker game early and may have seen money passed between Stan and Tessie. Felicia tells Terry she's arranged for her to sing at the benefit for the Policeman's ball at Duke's. Terry hesitatingly accepts. Lucy tells Ginny that she and Rick have the most perfect marriage. The phone rings and it's Amy calling to say that Rick's surgery was postponed so he will be home for dinner. Lucy tells Ginny it was a wrong number. Ginny leaves the house to do an in depth interview with Duke. Rick is surprised to come home and find veal roast dinner cooked by Lucy.  Lucy lies to Rick had already left when his message came in. Rick loves Lucy's cooking. Ginny interviews Duke and later Felicia at Kelly's. Felicia spots Stan outside the window disrupting the interview and stopping tape. Later, when Ginny comes home, Lucy tells the same lies she told to Rick. That's 3 lies for Lucy.  Tessie calls Stan from Atlantic City. She tells him that she knows someone was stowed away on her boat. They believe it's Frisco. Felicia interrupts an argument with Duke and Angel. Duke is upset that his world is crashing down due to Frisco Jones. He prays that Frisco was not on Tessie's boat. He's beginning to like the young couple.

July 23, 1986 - Alan asks Jennings, Monica's butler to plant a bug on the back of her headboard. Felicia asks Frisco to sing at Duke's benefit. Anna lectures Frisco on his gung ho activates as rookie cop. Toughie reports to Duke that a poker chip with the initials TJ was found on Tessie's boat. Frisco's been snooping around, Duke's in a panic. Toughie calls Frisco for another round of poker. Frisco postpones it. Duke hires Terry to sing at his victory celebration at the club. Duke and Anna find time for a little romance when he pays a call on her at the office. Later Duke and Anna resume snuggling at her place. Felicia tells Frisco of her spotting Stan by Kelly's during the taping. Frisco thinks Stan's image could be on the tape that Ginny shot.  

July 24, 1986 - Ginny and Frisco pour over the tape shot at Kelly's. The air is out at the Brownstone. The repair man recognizes Terry from her picture in the paper and starts to comment on the Kevin case. Patrick and Jake almost deck the guy! Terry wants to move away from PC, but Bobbie talks her out of it. Derek talking with Anna and Sean tells Anna that Frisco has been taking a lot of time at the studio studying tapes. Anna's intrigued what Frisco might be up to? Patrick notices that Lucy is giving him the cold shoulder.  Frisco finds Stan in the window of Kelly's just as Anna walks in. Burt and Anna are furious at Jones's taking the law into his own hands. But Anna does agree to bring in a police artist to get a better description of the man. Alan plays for his estranged wife a tape of her most recent lovemaking session with Sean. If she doesn't give him custody of Alan Jr, he'll play it for their son says that revenge minded doc. Monica threatens to kill Alan and knocking him to the ground tries to strangle him. Their divorce lawyers Jake and Brett walk in on this spat, Alan's attempt to portray Monica as a maniac succeeds. Later, Jake hears Terry singing her old gospel songs and drinking like the old days. But Jake makes a horrible mistake. Terry was only drinking iced tea. Bobbie and Terry trade insults and threats at Lucy. Anna and Burt are pleased that Frisco was able to get a clear sketch of Stan, the thug he's trying to capture. One minute Lucy is coming on to Patrick and the next she's cold. Patrick can't understand her ways. Amy spies on Lucy and is on to her game. Edward and Jimmy Lee put on a show for Brett. With Edwards urging, Alan makes Edward his beneficiary if anything happens to him. With Bobbie studying 12 hours a day, Jake is having fun and developing an eye for Terry.

July 25-31, 1986:  7/25 Alan fakes his death in a plane crash, 7/28, 7/29, 7/30 Tiffany returns, Edward hires her to seduce Sean, 7/31

July 25, 1986 - last part of episode jumpy - Alan, Edward and Jimmy Lee prepare for Alan's "death". Duke's victory celebration is in full force. Brian, Rick and Dan head an organization to help Buzz out of his doldrums. Claudia tells Ruby that things are getting worse for she and Brian. Alan stages his plane crash. Jimmy Lee rescues him from the lake after he jumps out of the plane. Alan changes into drag as Mary Lou Blaine! He then leaves town as arranged. Hours later, his plane operating on automatic pilot crashes and Anna reports to the Q's about Alan's plane and they all feign shock, even Lila even though she never wanted to go along with the plan. Anna next tells Sean the grim news that no body was found. Monica who's hiding in Sean's bedroom slumps against the wall. At the PAL benefit Duke is staging to keep Frisco busy singing while Tessie and Stan deliver new money, the former rock star switches schedules with Terry, who's making a new career with her music. Frisco heads out to the waterfront to catch Toughie and Stan in with the laundered loot! Suddenly a poker chip falls to the floor as Stan's goons surround Jones preparing to attack!

July 28, 1986 - Jimmy Lee informs Stella and Ruby of Alan's "death". Sean and Anna come to Monica's aid after hearing the news of Alan. Before the thugs can serve Frisco a knuckle sandwich, Anna's back up team of Burt Ramsey, and Chief Lewis save him. The thugs scram and Frisco faces the music. He evades Ramsey's questions as to just what he was doing on the waterfront. But Anna is having none of his secrecy or disobedience. She pulls him from the beat to stand guard in front of the precinct house!  Frisco shocks Burt with news that his old friend Tessie is passing something illegal to Stan every time her ship comes into port. Damon reports to Duke that Frisco is getting too close to the operation and he must be silenced but Duke tries to call off the heat. Monica still in shock swallows her pride and comforts the Q's on Alan's passing. Burt and Anna trace the license of the car the thugs were driving. The Q's move back into the mansion on Monica's request.  Brett tells Jimmy Lee and Edward that he never got to draw up the change in his will to make Edward his beneficiary. Reluctantly, Burt questions Tessie about her business, why has she been checking into town so often? She doesn't recognize the picture of Stan. Frisco and Felicia snuggling discuss his future with the force.

July 29, 1986 - Edward and Jimmy Lee still faking the grief for Alan. They tell Jake that they blame Monica for everything. Although they can't understand why the other evidence they planted around the crash site have not been found yet. Jimmy Lee decides to light a fire under Anna hoping she will arrest Monica. News of Alan's plane missing in action hits GH hard with Steve, Patrick, Amy and Audrey. Felicia visits Frisco who's on his first day of guard duty. Audrey and Bobbie visit a "bereaved" Lila. Alan still dressed in drag and posing as Celia, returns his rental car and head for the small town in upstate NY. The search party reports to Anna and Sean that so far no trace of Alan can be found. The current would have washed his body out to shore. Frisco sneaks into Anna's office to use the computer. He's checking up on the license of the car with the thugs. It's an abandoned car found on the waterfront. Frisco and Felicia offer their support to Monica. The boys are away at camp. They offer to go to the boy's camp to inform Alan jr and Jason in place of Monica. Alan takes off his disguise and casually walks out of the bus depot. He deposits his female disguise in a trash can. Sean finds Monica drinking her troubles away at the gatehouse. She calls her self a lousy mother and blames herself for Alan's death. Frisco and Felicia discuss the possibility of having children.

July 30, 1986 - Alan arrives in Pawtuck and at the General store run by Charity Gatlin and her 8 year old boy. He goes by the name of Simon Alexander. Brett tells Anna and Burt that Alan died with Monica as his soul beneficiary. A mystery lady in black arrives in town for Edward and meets him at ELQ. The mystery lady is none other than TIFFANY HILL!  Pawning her last diamond to get to America and help Edward in his battle with Sean and Monica, Tiffany, ever so ultra theatrical, is horrified to find Edward broke and she is most uncomfortable and grungy in the Q boathouse. Edward wants Tiffany to get close to Sean. News of Alan's death is all the Brownstoner's Jake, Tony a very pregnant Tanya and Bobbie can talk about. Anna tells Brett and Jimmy Lee that a substance was found in the fuel line of Alan's plane. This resulted in the crash. Alan (Simon) takes a liking to Charity and visa versa. Charity hires Simon to work at the store. 

July 31, 1986 - Frisco disappointed is starting his first day as guard duty. Felicia has another lunch meeting with the cops wives. Frisco wants Felicia to snoop around and see if they know anything about Stan. Jimmy Lee tells Monica that Anna's starting to wonder about her, especially why she gave Alan flying lessons on his birthday. Anna meanwhile is visited by her knight in shining armor Duke at the station. Anna refuses to call off the search for Alan and Guy brings in the latest developments. Alan's wallet was found near the crash. and the police lab finds sugar in the plane's fuel line. Brett Madison tells Anna of Jimmy Lee's acquisitions toward Monica. Tiffany is miserable at the Q hideout eating food from a can. Monica consults with Jake in case she needs a lawyer. Alan is doing quite a good job since taking over the General Store. Business is up. When Alan's scarf, helmet and wallet show up, Anna calls off the search for him. She calls Monica and asks her to come in for questioning. Monica with Jake present identifies the items as Alan's. Monica is terrified that the tape of she and Sean making love will turn up and become public domain. Monica is now the prime suspect. Duke and Anna snuggling. Jimmy Lee demands answers from Anna but so far Anna has no proof to charge Monica with Alan's death. Frisco and Felicia walking the docks spot Toughie, but Frisco wants to stay hidden. Damon is watching Frisco.

August 1-7, 1986:  8/1, 8/4, 8/5 Tiff reunited with Frisco, she meets Felicia, 8/6, 8/7 Glitch

August 1, 1986 - Guy shows Anna the headlines. Even though there is a blackout on Alan's death, the press is having a field day accusing Monica of murder. Damon tells DUke that he spotted a nosy Frisco and Felicia observing Toughie sneaking in the back door of the club. Damon wants Frisco silenced immediately! Sean argues with Anna that Monica wouldn't have the technical know how to sabotage a plane, Anna says to Sean that he does! He is familiar with the way Alan's plane crashed, a cup of sugar breaking in the gas tank on take off and Anna remembers such a cup belonging to the set that Sean has on display in his penthouse!  At GH both Yank and Bobbie try to keep Monica from seeing her name splattered in the headlines, but to no avail. Edward consults with Tiffany on the first plan in her seduction of Sean. Tiffany warns Edward not to double cross her! Duke realizes that Anna's under tremendous pressure so he picks her up for some relaxation to her bed. Robin calls Anna from Australia.  Felicia visits Frisco on his day job of guarding the Police house. Frisco is approached by a thug wanting to get him in a waterfront poker game. Frisco gets Eric to cover for him (reluctantly) while he goes off to bust a crime ring. But Guy spots Frisco gone from his post and Eric confesses all. Guy and Anna head to the waterfront and find Frisco caught on a wild goose chase. (Frisco was set up) 

August 4, 1986 - Jake and Bobbie getting romantic at the Brownstone. Ted returns to the Brownstone on Laurelton business. Frisco is severely punished by Anna. He's suspended for 3 weeks without pay. Damon tells Duke that Mr B is bringing in a huge amount of cash from Monte Carlo on Tessie's boat and it will need laundering right away. Duke has a message for Mr B., PC can't handle that much cash, but Damon tells Duke that he needs to shut up and follow orders. Tiffany surprises Jake who is delighted to see her back in town. Bobbie is "thrilled" and tries to contain her enthusiasm. Anna and Tony try to tell Buzz not to rush going back to work but Buzz takes it as a warning that he's not wanted in town and storms off. Anna's worried that Robin will return to find her Godfathers all going through personal demons. Frisco's suspended, Sean's facing a murder charge and Buzz is a neurotic mess! Guy confirms Alan did not have a parachute when the plane went down. Frisco's intrigued when he hears from Tom Green on the waterfront that Tessie's due in port tomorrow. Frisco suspects Tessie's involved in organized crime. Frisco tells Felicia that Anna may have done him a favor with the suspension, now he can roam the waterfront undercover. Damon tells Duke that a new phase of the operation will begin with Tessie's dock into port: Operation Tumble Dry!  Duke and Anna getting romantic on the dock's playing their song. Anna tells Duke she's so fortunate to have him in her life. She and Robin feel so safe when he's around. Duke tries to hide his concerned smile.

August 5, 1986 - Damon tells Duke that Mr B has appointed two new men on the money laundering team. Phillip and David. The laundering will enter the computer age as Damon introduces a computer file named 'Tumble dry' to replace the tugboat method of smuggling. To find the file on the computer in Duke's office, all you have to do is type the word "laundry" on the computer screen. This rinse/spin theme is continued when laundered money begins to arrive in PC in the guise of washing machines. Frisco overhears Toughie telling Tessie the new code Tumble dry....Frisco wonders what that is. Felicia interrupts a meeting with Damon, Duke and Philip and David. She enters just as Damon says the word Tumble dry!  The mobsters are all worried that Felicia heard too much. Tiffany blows into the Brownstone with her steamer trunk. And Jake is left with the unpleasant task of carrying it upstairs. Unfortunately he throws his back out in the process. Tiffany later meets Ted and Patrick. Tiff then walks into WLPC announcing she's leasing the station from Derek. Tiffany suggest putting Ted on the air with Lucy so that Ginny gets a better interview and hopefully a better station rating.  The interview is a rebuttal on the gossipy newspaper ads proclaiming Lucy's torrid sex life with Kevin. Patrick is not happy by the ads, and even more so with Lucy following her interview. Patrick doesn't know that Lucy placed the ads herself!! 

August 6, 1986 - Monica tells Bobbie she may need Jake's services if the heat on Alan's death doesn't quiet down. But the cops want to question Monica. Guy arranges a meeting at the Q mansion for some questioning. Alan is enjoying his life in Pawtuck. Passing himself off as an amnesiac and living at the General Store with Charity and her son. She thinks she might have found a clue to "Simon"s past when he administers expert medical treatment after she accidentally splits her hand open.  Anna arrives at Sean's with a search warrant. She finds the matching cup that was found in Alan's plane. Later she finds Alan's parachute stored in Donely's warehouse. Planted there of course by Jimmy Lee who's been spying on the whole thing. Sean is flabbergasted and tells Anna he's being framed! Bobbie, Terry Yank and Patrick all visit Buzz to cheer him up. It's time for Buzz to get that old plate off his brain and Buzz fears that if he's sent to another hospital, it will cause him to get back on the drugs. Jake is upset with Monica for answering questions of the police without his being present. 

August 7, 1986 - Tiffany brings in an interior decorator to redow Kevin and Terry's old apartment. Frisco still ponders the word Tumble Dry. He asks Felicia if she's ever heard the word. It doesn't register with her.....yet. Duke and Angel go over the Tumble dry business on the computer. Angel accidentally prints a copy of the money laundering file. Toughie tears the printout in half and tosses it in the trash. Later, Felicia using Duke's office gets a call from one of her Policeman's wives friends wanting to share a new cooking recipe with her.  Not finding any scratch paper, Felicia uses a section of the printout from Duke's computer she lifts from the trash. Bobbie flunks her oral exam...No way she'll be head O R nurse now!  Lucy plants more slanderous information about the book she's writing about Kevin to get Patrick's sympathy. It works. Patrick buys her scheme hook line and sinker. Frisco continue reporting his activities in his portable cassette recorder. Later, he finds the printout from Duke's computer that has the word Tumble Dry on it. Felicia had used it to light the oven! Frisco heads to the waterfront and to the ADZ warehouse. (a tip off from his waterfront friend) Felicia foolishly uses Frisco's tape recorder to record him a message---thus erasing all his information on the operation. Frisco and Felicia argue and later make up. Duke takes the first shipment of the washing machines with the laundered money at the ADZ warehouse. 

August 8-15, 1986:   8/8, (8/11 no show golf), 8/12, 8/13, 8/14, 8/15

August 8, 1986 Jake comforts Bobbie who's still reeling from flunking her oral exam to be head nurse. Duke and Anna welcome Robin and Filomena home at the airport. Robin wonders where her godfathers are. Sean gives his buddy Frisco some WSB advice that might help him in his investigation. Tom later tells Frisco of the newest delivery at the ADZ warehouse. Snooping around the warehouse, Frisco finds a warehouse full of washing machines crates. Agitated at finding all the boxes are empty, Frisco is then convinced he is on the right trail when he sees the words "Tumble Dry" written on the boxes. Duke takes Robin and Anna to the zoo. Felicia finds Toughie on the Duke's computer. Doing what she wonders? Toughie nicely tells her to not be so nozy. Monica updates Jake on the latest with Alan's supposed murder. All evidence points to her and Sean. What's she going to do? Tiffany finally catches up with Sean at the Pub. Playing the victim of stray lust on the waterfront, Tiff hires someone to ruff her up and Sean comes to the rescue. Donely and Hill flirt. Damon, Phillip and David find Felicia on Duke's computer. She's looking for the Tumble Dry file. Later, Duke and Damon spot Frisco (from Duke's window) leaving the ADZ warehouse.   

No Show for August 11, 1986

August 12, 1986 - Ginny and Rick watch Derek announce his departure on the WLPC news and Tiffany's take over in his place. Derek is moving to Omaha with Lorena. Edward gets an earful from Tiffany on her meeting with Sean. Monica is informed that she won't be collecting anything on her late husband's insurance policy. The insurance company has backed off from the policy because of the bad press that Monica is getting. Sean comforts Monica who is convinced that Alan committed suicide to frame both of them. "Simon" (Alan) tends to Charity's cut hand. And she and Alan grow closer and fonder of each other. Ginny and Derek argue over Derek's departure. She's upset that Mike will be so far away from her. Derek and Ginny go to meet Rick at GH. Derek admits he wants Mike to live with him in Omaha. But Rick threatens him with a court battle if he does so. Burt gives Edward and Jimmy Lee the news that Alan might have committed suicide. Edward playing it to the hilt denies that his son would have taken his life...and makes sure to point the blame on Sean. Unfortunately the police think that Monica is more guilty. Lila overhearing is furious that Edward is taking this scheme so far. Mike tells Ginny and Rick that he loves both of them, but he wants to decide who he wants to live with. Rick agrees to give him 2 weeks to think about it. Mike later takes Derek's offer of using the Barrington fishing cabin in the country to get his head together. With his dainty Aunt Amanda looking after his son, Derek is convinced the boy will be just fine and decide to live with him for good. Edward bribes Jennings to deliver the tape of Sean and Monica's romantic affair straight to Ramsey. Upon hearing the tape, Ramsey calls Anna with news that he's got the evidence they need.

August 13, 1986 - Damon shows Duke the new code for the Tumble Dry file. Even if Felicia was to get a copy of it, she wouldn't understand it. Tired of seeing Frisco on their trail, Damon decides it's high time for the rookie cop to be killed! Duke is violently opposed to rubbing out anybody. Murder will focus unwelcome attention to the waterfront. Damon disregards DUke and hires a hit man named Bud Price to pose as a waiter and kill Frisco on the night he sings at Duke's. Burt and Anna discuss the tape that Jennings presented them about Sean and Monica's affair. Bobbie is still down in the dumps and gets a pep talk from her old pal Rick. Felicia is still trying to access Tumble Dry on Duke's computer. She finds the file is protected by a secret password. Derek doesn't tell Rick and Ginny that Mike is staying at his cabin and the two run themselves ragged trying to find the boy. WHen the truth does come out, Derek and Ginny get into a furious argument.  Anna and Duke walk the waterfront. (location footage) Duke tells Anna he loves her for the first time. Anna melts in his arms.

August 14, 1986 - The hitman tells Damon he's been unable to make the hit on Frisco. Frisco gets more advice from Sean. Damon gets Duke to hire Frisco at DUke's. The perfect time to make the hit! Felicia asks Frisco and he accepts! Derek continues to hold back on Rick and Ginny on Mike's wherabouts. Rick is all for calling the cops. Robin blabs to Sean and Frisco that her mommy is going to marry Duke! But Anna and Duke argue because he's been ignoring her calls. Ginny and Rick inform Anna that Mike's missing. Anna's really overworked now! Guy has pictures of missing Mike plastered all over Kelly's. Derek continues to play with Rick and Ginny's emotions and not tell them where Mike is. Sean continues to plead his innocence in ALan's death. Anna and Sean call a truce when she unloads her problems with Duke on him. Frisco is practicing his songs at Duke's. While the hitman/waiter watches. Duke and Anna make up with a little romance on the waterfront. Frisco and Felicia sing a rock song at Duke's.

August 15, 1986 - Bobbie tells Jake she can't marry him. She can't be his wife until she passes that oral exam. Stupefied, Jake goes out to Duke's with Terry. Bobbie sulks at home, feeling so low she actually is taken in by an apology from Lucy. Lucy's sorry for the way she's treated her and Terry. She just had low self asteem. The former hooker from elm street knows what that is all about. Patrick is so smitten with Lucy he drags her in the linen closet for some hanky panky. Bobbie gets some advice on self esteem from Yank. Patrick however is caught with his hand in the "cookie jar" so to speak, when Jake and Terry find them coming out of the closet! Terry is depressed. Patrick and Lucy prepare to join everyone else at DUke's but find a better time at Lucy's by making love for the first time. It's the big night at Duke's. Frisco is singing and everyone is in a great mood. Duke and Anna do their famous Tango dance at the club. The hitman prepares his gun aimed at Frisco. Damon interrupts a kiss with Anna and Duke in his office. Duke and Angel come up with a plan to make it look like Felicia stole and ermine fur coat and a lot of money. It is hoped this will get F and F off their backs without resorting to murder. However, Damon still orders the hit. Frisco sings his song as the hit man readies his gun.

August 18-22, 1986:  8/18, 8/19, 8/20, 8/21 Tiffany interviews Sean on her new show, invites him for lunch, Monica pours a pitcher of water over both of them when she sees them together, bad spot on epi, 8/22

August 18, 1986 - Duke and Angel spot the gunman and take him out. They hassle him upstairs without anyone noticing. Duke is furious at Damon for a foolish stunt like that. Duke tells him they can forget the entire plan, he's through!  Patrick and Lucy are still making out in bed. Lucy suddenly stops and puts on the shy innocent act. She thinks that she and Patrick should try to cheer Bobbie up. Later, Jake yells at Bobbie for making his life miserable just because she failed the exam. Her depression and lack of pride is dragging him down too. Bobbie doesn't want to hear it. Later, she comes to her senses and they make up. She decides to study and take the test again. Duke and Angel step up their plan to frame Felicia. Anna tells Duke she's hopelessly devoted to him. Frisco and Felicia in bed.

August 19, 1986 - Guy meets with Monica and Sean and plays the lovemaking tape of their liaison turned over to them by Jennnings. Jake councils his client. The tape's useless, it will never hold up in court. Missing Mike Webber calls Derek from the Adirondack's. Not to worry, he tells his natural daddy. He's really getting his hed together. Derek tells him to call Rick and Ginny because they are frantic to his whereabouts. Later that day Rick tells Derek he is prepared to take legal action if Mike decides to move to Omaha with him. Monica is convinced she and her lover Sean were set up. But before she can prove it, Tiffany Hill does a number on her honey. At Edward's insistence, Tiffany has Ginny read a news report of a convicted felon who bilked millions of dollars from a wealthy Philadelphia family and died alone in jail before new evidence came out to free him. As planned, the news bulletin upsets Sean.  

August 20 1986 - A letter arrives for Monica. A letter from Alan to be given to her at the time of his death. The letter states that if he dies, he blames Sean, who has the Q fortune hidden in a Swiss bank account. Monica consults her old beau Rick for advice and help. Tiffany bails Sean out who's drinking his troubles away at the Bucket of Blood. Alan and Charity growing closer. Monica is in a panic! Duke and Angel begin to frame Felicia. They send a delivery boy to drop off a package for Tiffany Hill. Felicia takes charge of the package. Later, Duke asks Felicia to sign a deposit slip for 50,000 and only deposits five thousand. Anna tells Frisco that she is ending his sentence early. He's back on the force! She knows he's still the same hot headed cop, but warns him to watch his back and be careful. She doesn't mind his enthusiasm and investigating, but he needs to report to her if he finds out anything. Duke, after hearing Terry's warbling of an old ballad, hires her as a permanent attraction at Duke's. Delighted to be back on the force, Frisco buys Felicia a sexy new nightie, which naturally she has to try out! Duke and Anna getting closer as the two of them promise to not have secrets with each other.

August 21, 1986 - Bobbie tells Jake she took the test again and passed! She's now head OR nurse!  Tiffany putting more screws to Sean, brings over a caged bird and Sean flips out. He can't stand to see any creature in a cage. Next Tiff invites Donely on her new talk show called "The Men in Her Life". Sean tells all those television viewers out there (which include the livid and nauseated Monica) that luck helped him recover his lost fortune and that he's never married because he doesn't believe in forever. Monica, furious leaves a message for her lover at the station. Tiff puts the message in the garbage. She takes Sean to the Floating Rib for lunch. Funny this is the same place that Monica and Amy were going. Upon seeing Tiff and Sean together, Monica tosses their drinks in their face!!  Derek tells Rick and Ginny that he has made a decision to leave town till Mike makes up his mind. Little do they know that he's actually staying with Mike at the cabin. Derek calls Amanda from the cabin on a cell phone. (a very HUGE PHONE! lol!) to report he thinks Mike is going to stay with him.

August 22, 1986 - Jake and Bobbie have resolved their differences. Bobbie accepts Jake's offer of marriage now that she's a happy woman again. Damon tells Duke he's under orders to take Frisco out, Mr B's orders! A big shipment of Monte Carlo money is coming in tonight and they are worried the super cop will get in the way. Duke steps up his plan to get Frisco out of town with Felicia. When the bank discovers that almost 40,000 is missing from Duke's account, Felicia becomes the prime suspect. Duke tells Anna who smells grand larceny. Sam overhears Duke and Anna talking about Felicia's possible crime and alerts the recently reinstated Jones. Frisco rushes home to tell his wife about the plot. Felicia is excited because she has gotten her hands on a TUMBLE DRY printout when Toughie forgot to turn off the computer. Before they can decipher the secret code, Frisoc opens Tiff's "birthday present" and fins one of the stolen furs and 50,000 in cash. Then Tessie calls to warn them about the set up. When they leave to meet her on the waterfront, they get a note from her to meet her on the pier in NYC. Anna puts out a police call for F&F, but the two of them take off on a motorcycle with the cash flying everywhere, and on the run and trying to decipher the Tumble Dry code. (Shades of Luke and Laura on the run from the Left Handed boy!) 

August 25-29, 1986:  8/25, 8/26, 8/27, 8/28, 8/29

August 25, 1986 - Damon, Duke and Angel await the huge amount of cash from Tessie's boat. It finally arrives in the washing machine boxes. Anna and Guy find Frisco and Felicia's apt deserted. Tanya is alerted but Anna doesn't tell them why they are looking for them. But later Jake figures out what is going on when Burt and crew show up. But mounting evidence point to their guilt. The man who's bike they stole identifies them from a picture. F and F are on the run via motorcycle, stop on the outskirts of PC. They decide to lay low for awhile. Using what little stolen money they have left. They check into a hotel. Anna won't make an arrest due to circumstantial evidence. Frisco and Feclia try to decipher the Tumble Dry code. When Anna is questioning Duke, Angel shows up with news the Fur coat is missing. (Part of their frame up) F&F check into a motel. Duke tells Angel in order to keep &FF safe, he will instruct Tessie to lead them on a wild goose chase. It's the only way to keep Damon away from the duo. Meanwhile, Felicia gets a good nights sleep while Frisco tries to decode Tumble Dry. 

August 26, 1986 - The local paper of course slanders Frisco and Feclia into commiting the theft. Jake is furious but today is the day Bobbie takes over as head of OR nursing. While Monica wonders what is going on inside Sean's mind, she asks Rick for help with the true meaning of the letter written by Alan before he died.  Alan states if she is reading this letter, she knows that Alan killed him. Sean meanwhile transfers all his money, (plus the Q fortune) into another Swiss account with the code name Monica. Alan is enjoying his life as Simon in Pawtuck. He and Charity become even closer when he performs an emergency tracheotomy on her son Jonah saving his life. Back at revenge headquarters, Edward and Jimmy Lee are satisfied with the framing of Sean. But wonder what became of Alan? They haven't heard from him since his "crash". Chuck Morrison acting on orders from Edward plants the bug in Monica's mind about Sean's secret Swiss bank account. Monica demands to see Sean's secret safe which contains the Swiss bank account that proofs once and for all he stole the Q fortune. Happy to oblige, Sean gives her the combination and Monica finds the safe empty. (Sean burned the copy before she arrived) Monica apologizes for even thinking that Sean might have killed Alan. Although she's still not convinced he didn't fleece the family some way. In Pawtuck, a grateful Charity kisses Alan.

August 27, 1986 - Anna and Guy trying to come up with some reason for Frisco and Feclia running from the law. They don't believe they are guilty. More troubles for Duke. Angel and Toughie discover that a copy of the Tumble Dry program was printed and the only one that could have stolen it was Felicia.  Duke is upset. He's trying to protect them, but nosy Felicia ruined everything. Toughie reports to Damon who naturally is not happy. Damon hires another hit man to eliminate F&F. Duke tries to cover for Felicia. Ginny interviews Anna on the F&F case. Is her friendship with F and F clouding her judgment? Anna denies it. Buzz returns to GH after his successful surgery. Anna is there to great him. Frisco and Feclia meet Martha (a bum) with a message from Tessie. Before she can give it however, she runs away. At a local diner, Felicia who's still dragging around the fur coat, are spotted by a pair of thieves who resemble F&F. The crooked duo steal the coat when Frisco's back is turned. Frisco is knocked out by a bottle, but Felicia is able to get the coat back. However the money is gone. F&F run out without paying the tab. Damon charges Duke with all their problems so far. Mr. B is not happy.

August 28 1986 - Guy reports to Anna and Jake that a couple resembling Frisco and Feclia were arrested in NYC carrying a bundle of cash. Bobbie now head nurse, puts Lucy in her place. She better be on the straight and narrow from now on! Alan and Charity discuss the kiss they had. Charity doesn't want Alan to get the wrong idea. She's fond of him but that's all. But Alan wants more. Damon orders Toughie to find out from Angel where Frisco and Feclia are hiding. With Anna busy on the Frisco case, Duke takes Robin to the zoo. Robin lets it slip to Uncle Duke that her mommy is in NYC. Terry figures out that Patrick is sleeping with Lucy. In NYC, Anna and Jake confront the pair who stole the stolen goods from Frisco and Felicia. They identify F&F from a picture. Jimmy Lee tries to get under Sean's skin when he paints life behind bars. Ginny and Rick tell Lucy they are very grateful that she turned out so well and they are a part of her reformat. At Kelly's, Monica just happens to be there when the arranged phone call from Alan comes in on the payphone. Monica answers when Jimmy Lee steps away. Monica keeps saying hello, hello, but Alan hears Monica's voice and keeps quiet. The operator comes on and says the call is from ML Blaine. The jig was almost up! Meanwhile more phone eavesdropping goes on at Duke's when Tessie reports to Duke that she's going to help Frisco and Felicia get out of town. But Damon is listening in on the line. Damon reports they are next going to Cincinnati. Damon orders another hit man. 

August 29 1986 - Alan has now been declared legally dead. Monica admits she loves Sean and he breaks down and proposes to her, calling her bluff. Monica however panics. She doesn't think they should jump into marriage so soon. Charity tells Alan all about her late husband. Buzz shows off his new hairpiece with help from Claudia and Sandy. Robin thinks it is cute. With only 1,700 dollars left from the stolen cash. Frisco and Felicia continue on the lam. Martha arrives with another message from Tessie. Martha sends the duo to Cincinnati. There they lose the rest of their money and the fur as Martha's errand boy robs them and leaves them tied up in the Hotel. The Brownstoners Patrick, Jake, Tony and Tanya all get dressed to the nines when they turn up at Duke's to hear Terry's singing torch song debut. Anna and Buzz discuss her love for Duke. Anna is saddened by Duke's unwilling to open up to her. He promises just give him three more weeks. Everything will be all right. Damon is wondering if he can trust Duke's loyalty, as he watches the duo from the shadows.

September 1-8, 1986:  9/1, 9/2 (glitch in episode), 9/3, 9/4, 9/5 (:20 pre-emption), 9/8

September 1, 1986 (Slight jump to picture) - It is Labor Day and in Pawtuk, Alan continues pretending that he has amnesia . He tells Charity that he loves being there with her, but she wants him to find out his identity. Edward is putting pressure on Tiffany to drive a wedge between Sean and Monica. At General Hospital, Monica tells Steve and Audrey that she is upset that the police suspect her and Sean in Alan's "death." Rick and Ginny are upset that Mike has spent time away from home with Derrick. Mike tells Ginny and Rick that he has decided to move to Omaha with Derrick (his father).  Monica plans on going to Switzerland to inform her sons that Alan is dead, but Edward is adamently opposed to it. He wants Jimmy Lee to go to Pawtuk to check up on Alan. Monica becomes suspicious of Sean when she spots Tiffany coming out of his penthouse and gets angry when Donely lies about it.

September 2, 1986 (picture jumps and some tracking problems) - Anna tells Captain Lewis to intensify the search for Frisco and Felicia. Duke tells Angel he is worried about what has happened to Frisco and Felicia in Cincinnati. Frisco and Felica manage to untie themselves and escape from the hotel room and go to the bus depot. They are frustrated that they don't have money. Frisco tells Felicia that they should go to Atlantic City . Under orders from Damon, a hitman is trailing after Frisco and Felicia. Knowing that they don't have money, the hitman offers to take them to his home and feed them. Frisco is suspicious of him, but Felicia thinks that he is a good guy . Just before they leave with the hitman, Frisco pretends to have a leg injury and falls onthe man. Frisco tells Felicia that he felt a gun on the guy and they both give the hitman the slip. A woman gives Anna a lead on Frisco and Felicia's whereabouts. The woman found Frisco's police uniform on her property. Anna tells Sam that she thinks that Felicia has been set up.

September 3, 1986 - Alan is not pleased to see Jimmy Lee in Pawtuk. Jimmy Lee and Edward are concerned that Alan likes being in Pawtuk with Charity too much and is forgetting his part in the plan to get Sean Donely and , ultimately,  to reclaim the money that he stole from them . Alan tells Jimmy Lee that getting the Quartermaine fortune back doesn't mean that much to him, anymore. Because of his past drug problems, Buzz wants Steve to make sure that he has no access to drugs at General Hospital and the van. Sean tells Captain Lewis that he is being set up for Alan's "death" and he tells Jake that he didn't steal the Quartermaine money. Mike comes to the hospital with Derrick to say good-bye to Rick and then goes to the TV studio and has a tearfull farewell with Ginny. Bobbie is upset with Lucy Coe for messing up her OR schedule. Lucy, innocently, claims that it was an accident and Bobbie doesn't believe her, but Patrick is on Lucy's side.

September 4, 1986 - Duke is concerned that Frisco and Felicia haven't made it to Chicago, yet, and suspects that Damon has something to do with it. Having slept the night on a park bench, Felicia and Frisco awake in the morning to find a wallet on the ground with $ 200 inside it. Damon has sent a hitwoman , named Edna, to kill Frisco and Felicia.  Anna is getting criticism from all sides ; The Lawyers Association is upset with her for coddling a criminal (Frisco) and The Police Benevolent Association is filing charges against Anna for persecuting Frisco. Bobbie asks Jake to elope with her and he agrees. Lucy asks Patrick if Kevin suffered from multiple personalities. Ted tells Terry that Purity Water Company is making her a rich woman. Captain Lewis informs Anna that Frisco was investigating shipments of washing machines to the ADZ Warehouse. Duke warns Damon not to harm Frisco and Felicia.  Frisco,  accidentally, drops the Tumble Dry printout into  a bucket of water and it dissolves.

September 5, 1986 (:20 ABC news pre-emption) - Because they don't have money, Frisco and Felicia plan on disguising themselves as senior citizens to sneak onto an excursion bus to Atlantic City. As they board the bus,  Edna,  the hitwoman, befriends them. Damon tells Phillip that Frisco and Felicia won't make it to Atlantic City, alive. Anna is feeling pressured by reporters to find Frisco and Felicia. Anna tells Sean that the ADZ Warehouse is the key to Frisco's sudden disappearence from Port Charles. Duke tells Angel to do what he can to locate Frisco and Felicia. Damon's plans for the shoddy construction of Fisherman's Village are rejected by the Building Commissioner , Dan Rooney. Duke is upset that Damon would try to pull a fast one on Dan. Alan tells Charity that he is ready to make a committment to her. Edward goes to Pawtuk and tells Alan he will blow his cover unless he returns to Port Charles. Edward thinks  that Alan is getting too attached to Charity and has forgotten his role in the plan to get Donely. Damon introduces David and Phillip to Mr. B, it is  Bert Ramsey!

September 8, 1986 - Frisco and Felicia arrive in Atlantic City with Edna, unaware that she is a hitwoman assigned to kill them. Bert tells Damon to hold off on the hit on Frisco and Felicia, until the printout is retrieved from them. Ramsey orders David and Phillip to make sure that Purity Water Company is used by them to launder money. Upset that Dan Rooney rejected his company's construction plans for the shoddy development of Fisherman's Village, Bert arranges for Dan to have an " accident " to remove him from his position as the Commissioner of Waterfront Development. Tom Green informs Sean that he saw a shipment go from the ADZ Warehouse directly to Duke's Club. Duke is upset when Tom Green admits that he told Sean about the shipment going to his place, but Duke covers his agitation infront of Tom. Sean tells Anna what Tom told him and is starting to think that Duke is involved in something shady , but Anna doesn't want to believe that Later, Anna is compelled by her job to question Duke about his involvement with the ADZ Warehouse.

September 9-15, 1986:   9/9, 9/10, 9/11, 9/12, 9/15

September 9, 1986 - Edward goes to Captain Lewis with incriminating evidence against Donely and demands that the police arrest Sean for Alan's  " death."  Lucy meets with her  publisher with an idea to boost sales for  her book,  by printing a letter from Kevin O'Connor. Lucy arranges to have the royalties from the  book go to her instead of the Jennifer Talbot Memorial Wing.  Bobbie and Jake plan their wedding and asks Patrick and Terry to be witnesses. Captain Lewis questions Sean about Edward's accusation that he stole the Quartermaine fortune. Tony and Tania question Angel about Frisco and Felicia's whereabouts.  Damon gives Edna, the hitwoman an order to retrieve the printout from Frisco and Felicia and then go ahead and kill them.

September 10, 1986 - Anna tells Tony that she is going to have to throw the book at Frisco for stealing a motorcycle and helping Felicia escape.  Buzz tells Anna that Dan Rooney was the victim of a hit-and-run accident ; his right hand was almost severed. Anna tels Duke that it seems like the accident was done on purpose. Felicia wins money at the gambling tables playing blackjack . She and Frisco take her winnings and go shopping , while Edna searches their room for the printout. Bert tells Damon that David can take over Dan Rooney's position as Building Commissioner , now that Dan is out of the way. Toughie tells Duke and Angel that Damon is in Atlantic City , meeting with Mr. B . Buzz , Rick, Yank and Bobbie tell Anna and Ruby that Dan made it through the surgery . Frisco spots Tessie on the boardwalk and chases after her, but she manages to elude him. Tessie tells Duke that