Complete GH Episodes, 1986

The GH 1986 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted. Most of these episodes do not have commercials. These write ups have been done by Norm Fisher, who has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes dated and described and without his help this page would not be possible! For additional classic GH epsiode information check out the Scorpio Files Episode Guide section to find write ups for 1985-1991.

Episode Breakdown

December 31, 1985 - January 6, 1986:  12/31/85, 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6 [Episode Descriptions]

January 7-13, 1986:  1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10 Bobbie released, Terry is given sodium pentathal, Ron Hayes as Buck Taylor, 1/13 [Episode Descriptions]

January 14-20, 1986:  1/14, 1/15, 1/16, 1/17 Patrika Darbo near end, 1/20 [Episode Descriptions]

January 21-27, 1986:  1/21, 1/22, 1/23, 1/24 Anna shoots Russell, 1/27, (no show 1/28 shuttle explosion) [Episode Descriptions]

January 29 - February 4, 1986:  1/29, 1/30, 1/31, 2/3 Dimitri Cassidine arrives, 2/4 [Episode Descriptions]

February 5-11, 1986:  2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/10, 2/11 [Episode Descriptions]

February 12-18, 1986:  2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/17 Terry & Kevin's Laurelton Wedding begins, 2/18 wedding continues [Episode Descriptions]

February 19-25, 1986:  2/19 (glitch), 2/20, 2/21, 2/24, 2/25 [Episode Descriptions]

February 26 - March 4, 1986:  2/26 Celia leaves Jimmy Lee, 2/27, 2/28, 3/3, 3/4 [Episode Descriptions]

March 5-11, 1986:  3/5, 3/6, 3/7 Bobbie finds Terri's medallion, 3/10 cm (bad spot during last half of epi), 3/11 cm [Episode Descriptions]

March 12-18, 1986:  3/12, 3/13, 3/14, 3/17 Jennifer Talbot disappears, 3/18 [Episode Descriptions]

March 19-26, 1986:  3/19, 3/20, 3/21 Frisco finds Jennifer's body, 3/24 (:20 pre-emption), 3/25, 3/26 [Episode Descriptions]

March 27 - April 2, 1986:  3/27, 3/28 Kevin is arrested, 3/31, 4/1, 4/2 [Episode Descriptions]

April 3-9, 1986:  4/3, 4/4 Jake agrees to defend Kevin, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9 [Episode Descriptions]

April 10-16, 1986:  4/10 Kevin's trial begins, 4/11, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16 [Episode Descriptions]

April 17-23, 1986:  4/17, 4/18 Jake breaks Lucy's testimony, 4/21, 4/22 Kevin found not guilty, 4/23 [Episode Descriptions]

April 24-30, 1986:  4/24, 4/25, 4/28 Buzz is injured on the waterfront, 4/29, 4/30 [Episode Descriptions]

May 1-8, 1986:  5/1 Kevin goes to see Lucy, 5/2 Kevin steals his key back, he & Teri leave for Laurelton, Jake is suspicious, 5/5 Buzz's operation, Jake tells Frisco his suspicions, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8 [Episode Descriptions]

May 9-15, 1986:  5/9, 5/12 Anna & Jake arrive in Laurelton just as Kevin & Teri leave, 5/13 Frisco finds the black stockings at Lucy's, 5/14 Lucy tells Frisco about her involvement with Kevin, 5/15 [Episode Descriptions]

May 16-22, 1986:  5/16 Catalina Island adventure beings, 5/19, 5/20, 5/21, 5/22 [Episode Descriptions]

May 23-29, 1986:  5/23, 5/26, 5/27 Anna & Jake, Kevin & Teri, Rick & Ginny, 5/28 Anna searches, Jake tells Teri Kevin killed her grandmother, 5/29 Felicia visits Frisco in his hospital room [Episode Descriptions]

May 30 - June 5, 1986:  5/30 Kevin killed by fall, 6/2, 6/3, 6/4, 6/5 [Episode Descriptions]

June 6-12, 1986:  6/6 Policeman's Ball to honor Anna, Duke arrives and meets Anna, 6/9 Duke shows up at Anna's, 6/10, 6/11, 6/12 [Episode Descriptions]

June 13-19, 1986:  6/13, 6/16, 6/17, 6/18, 6/19 [Episode Descriptions]

June 20-26, 1986:  6/20 Frisco & Felicia's wedding, 6/23 Wedding continued, 6/24, 6/25, 6/26 Jake & Bobbie get engaged [Episode Descriptions]

June 27-July 3, 1986:  6/27 Mr. Big arrives in PC, 6/30, 7/1,  7/2, 7/3 [Episode Descriptions]

July 4, 1986 - January 2, 1987

Expanded Descriptions

December 31, 1985 - January 6, 1986:  12/31/85, 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6

December 31, 1985 - Ginny has had no word from Mike. Amy and Rick try to comfort her. Anna and Burt work to find Earl Moody. Rick, Ginny and Derek discuss Mike. More training for Frisco at the PCPD academy. Jennifer is pleased to hear about Terry and Kevin's engagement. Ruby calls Ginny to come to Kelly's and see Mike. It's the perfect opportunity since Claudia is there to discuss business anyway. Ginny shows up and Mike says barely a word to her before going to his room. Monica offers Rick a shoulder to cry on. Burt shows up for some observation in the cadet training lessons. Frisco throws Sam over his shoulder in some fight training maneuvers, and in the process Sam falls against Burt. Burt is admitted to GH. Buzz helps Anna and Robin during their move. New Years Eve celebrations all around PC. The Brownstone group celebrates with Frisco singing songs. Terry begins gulping down champagne unknown to everyone. Anna finds an inscription in Terry's music book that states, "You will never forget the Valentine's day dance". Anna wonders what it means. Later, Anna discovers that Earl Moody disappeared the night of the Valentine's day dance in Laurelton three years earlier. 

January 1, 1986 - Buzz and Anna discuss Terry's mental state. Alan tells Monica he won't press her sexually anymore. But Monica is not interested in attending the social function with him or the rest of the Q's. Flowers arrive for Monica from Sean. Tony, Frisco, Jake and the Brownstone gang watching the Rose Bowl. Monica sneaks out of the house for a love fest with Sean, while the other Q's are at a party. Anna worries about losing her job if she can't solve the Brownstone murder. Buzz and Anna barge into the Brownstone New Years party to question Terry. Sean and Monica getting very lovey dovey at the Penthouse. Anna asks Terry about the St Valentine day dance and if she knows Earl Moody. Terry becomes emotionally unstable. The Q's return home and Alan spots Monica just coming in and sneaking upstairs. Monica lies that she went to Sean's to do some "spying" for the family.

January 2, 1986 - Tape starts jumping - Bobbie comforts Rick who's still in a tail spin after telling Mike who is real father is. Frisco, Felicia, Buzz and Anna all at police headquarters discussing the Laurelton Case. Ken Morgan tells Anna that he's getting pressure from the higher ups for allowing a woman, Anna, to take over as co Police Chief, and for being in charge of the Brownstone murder. Ted and Jennifer try to rush Terry and Kevin's marriage, hoping that the event will keep a hold on her returning memories. Mike returns home and runs in to Ginny who tries to talk with him. Steve overhears Rick chastising Patrick for being drunk the night before when he was out with Amy. Bobbie and Jake tell Jennifer that she doesn't think that Terry is stable enough for marriage to Kevin. Frisco at the Academy. Frisco apologizes to Sam for the incident with her brother Eric that got him expelled. Anna and Patrick and Kevin discussing Earl Moody and his disappearance at the Valentine's Day dance 3 years before. The report comes back that proves the glass eye found on Neil's body was in fact from Earl Moody. At last Anna has something to go on. Felicia meets Frisco's sexy new partner Samantha. Yank asks Jade if they have a future together? Bobbie asks for some time off so she can go to Laurelton to do some snooping. Frisco, Sean and Buzz helping Anna and Robin with the wallpapering of her new digs. Jake tries to stop Bobbie from going to Laurelton but it's too late. Ted and Jennifer start plotting.
January 3, 1986 - Sean calls Monica for another dinner date. Alan spies on her. Anna and Buzz arrive at the Brownstone looking for Bobbie. Jake tries to prevent them from finding out she's in Laurelton. Bobbie arrives in a town close to Laurelton and takes a taxi the rest of the way, hoping to throw off anyone following her. Jennifer and Ted dining with Kevin and Terry. Bobbie has the driver leave her off at the Laurelton Cemetery (location shoot). Anna's getting impatient waiting for Bobbie and Jake finally confesses to her where she is. Anna is furious and tells Jake that Bobbie's in terrible danger in Laurelton. Bobbie enters the cemetery and finds the Earl Moody family plot. A short distance away, and hearing noises, she finds a trio of men digging a grave. Bobbie foolishly kicks a can, alerting the men who bind and gag her. Alan tells Edward that Monica is dining with Sean and will start feeding him false information. If Monica is rally on their side than why is he not sleeping with Alan, Edward wonders? Jennifer overhears Anna talking to Jake about Bobbie's trip to Laurelton. She tells Ted that she hopes the men she hired will hurry up and finish before Bobbie finds them.

January 6, 1986 - Bobbie lies bound and gagged in a shack. Monica tells Sean that she's chosen sides and it's NOT with the Q's. Monica and Sean dance to romantic music and share a kiss. Monica and Sean plot to feed a bunch of lies to Alan and Edward. Bobbie's still tied up and watched over by Russell and Sarah. Buzz and Anna trace Bobbie's steps to the Laurelton airport where she has completely vanished. Jennifer gets a call from Russell saying that they have Bobbie tied up. Monica feeds the Q's false information that Sean is planning a major corporation take over. Bobbie wakes up but her eyes are covered and she begins screaming for help. Edward, Jimmy Lee, Alan and Celia try to figure out Monica's clues to Sean's takeover. Buzz and Anna arrive in Laurelton looking for Bobbie. Alan tries to force himself sexually on Monica but she's not interested and goes up to bed, alone.
January 7-13, 1986:  1/7, 1/8, 1/9, 1/10. 1/13

January 7, 1986 - Anna summons Jake to join her and Buzz in Laurelton. Buzz asks one of Terry's former Doctors about his former patient, while Anna deals with the not so helpful Sheriff Broder. Jake tells Anna that Bobbie booked a flight close to Laurelton, which is why they lost her trail. Amanda is named the first Star of the new commercials for Lorena's ailing Spa. Derek enlists Mike to follow Amanda around with his movie camera as a test for the stations regular camera man. In order to depart for Laurelton, Jake confides in Patrick the reason for his leaving. Blabber mouth Patrick then leaks the information to Terry who screams and faints. Tony summons an ambulance for the sick young girl. Visiting the local library, Anna learns about Earl Moody and his housekeeper Sarah. Buzz has to go back to PC and tend to Terry. Jake arrives in his place and helps Anna out. Sheriff Broder learns that Anna's been snooping around the library newspaper morgue and is not pleased. Tony tends to Terry, who's totally unglued since finding out Bobbie went to Laurelton. Russell begs Jennifer to hide him in PC. Jennifer orders Russell to keep Bobbie tied up for now.

January 8, 1986 - Alan begs Monica to be let back into her bed. Buzz returns to PC and urges Terry to see Dr Stone, the resident Psychiatrist. Stone thinks the only solution to Terry's problem is sodium pentathol, the truth serum. Ramsey in the Hospital, receives a death threat from the Brownstone killer. Sean contacts Dimitri Cassidine, and offers to buy out his floundering ship company. Dimitri is only the 10th cousin to the wealthy family and doesn't share in the wealth that the other Cassidine's do. Frisco and Sam are assigned to guard Chief Ramsey. Patrick and Kevin argue over Terry in her own Hospital room. Sean fills Monica in on his Cassidine caper. Monica agrees to front the expense for Sean in return for the deed to his place in Mexico. Mike runs into problems on his second shoot for Derek. Bryan fumes when the young lad orders him off the shoot in his own home. Bryan later blabs to Rick of the youth's rude behavior in his own home! Kevin orders Patrick to stay away from Terry. Monica tells the Q's about Sean's merger with the Cassidine shipping fleet. Terry agrees to let Buzz administer the truth serum.
January 9, 1986 - Kevin is not too happy to hear that Terry is going under truth serum. Alan is excited about the merger with Sean and the Cassidines. But Celia is suspecting that Sean might be feeding Monica a bill of goods. She and Jimmy Lee are later satisfied when they break into Donely's office and steal the blueprints for the merger. Alan is excited by Monica but she continues to reject his sexual advances. Anna and Jake meet the cab driver who dropped Bobbie off at the cemetery. He takes them to the exact place where he last saw her. Anna and Jake find the freshly dug grave and fear the worst! Thinking that Bobbie's buried alive, they race to get shovels and start digging. Jake however, only finds nothing but traces of an old burlap bag in the freshly moved earth. Anna takes a casting of the prints. Anna tries to convince the Sheriff to organize a search party, but the unhelpful man only wants Anna out of town on the next flight. Sheriff later reports to Jennifer what's been going on. Jennifer later tries to stop Buzz from giving Terry the truth serum.
January 10, 1986 - Sheriff Broder finally agrees to help Anna and get a search party going. Bobbie is still bound and gagged. Kevin comforts Terry as she prepares for the drug. The only thing that Buzz is able to learn is that she was kicked out of Grandma Jennifer's house 3 years ago after the Valentine day dance. Buzz asks Jennifer about it and she brushes it off as some boy/girl thing. Lorena recruits Buzz and Rick to be in her Spa commercial. RIck declines, but Buzz takes her up on it on one condition. Lorena help the terminally ill patience by making them look beautiful with her cosmetics. Sheriff Broder confronts Sarah and arranges for her to drop Bobbie off where Jake can find her. At the copper classes, Frisco continues to be distracted by Sam's physical charms. Wandering around the cemetery, Jake finds Bobbie on the ground. She's all right and the two pledge their love for each other. Anna later learns what happened to Bobbie, and that she can identify one of her attackers, Russell! Anna organizes a bloodhound search for Russell. Later, Russell gets a call from Sheriff Broder, who tells him that he can safely go to PC. Bobbie never saw him. Bobbie has lied to the Sheriff that she never saw her attacker.

January 13,1986 - Jake serves Bobbie breakfast in bed. Terry relieved that Bobbie is safe, makes a recovery at GH. Anna gets a bloodhound and is after Bobbies attacker. Anna gives the pooch the piece of dug up burlap sack, and the dog heads straight to a factory on the site of Purity Water, where Anna makes the grisly discovery of a body. Bobbie and Jake realize they are in love. Edward's spy in Brazil tels him that Dimitri Cassidine is a poor relation to the main family. And his whole fleet consists of burned out hulk of a ship. The Q's feel like they have been had!  Sean tells Monica he wants Edward to find out all can about Dimitri, it's part of his plan. The coroner identifies the body to that of Earl Moody, who disappeared 3 years earlier. Anna pushes for an autopsy against the protests of Sheriff Broder.
January 14-20, 1986:  1/14, 1/15, 1/16, 1/17, 1/20

January 14, 1986 - Frisco and Sam at the academy. Anna arrives with Sheriff Broder to hear the autopsy report. Early Moody was strangled and has been dead at least 3 years. Who put him in the unmarked grave? Evidence shows that Earl Moody's glass eye was removed from the body only recently. Anna wants to know more, but the Sheriff insists she leave Laurelton immediately. Anna spies a note from a deputy outside the coroner's office. The note says "Sarah called". Eric apologizes to Frisco. Soft hearted Frisco says he will talk with Anna with hopes of getting him back on the force. Bobbie learns that Tanya's Brownstone keys were missing shortly before the murder occurred. Mayor Ken Morgan chews out Ramsey who's still in the hospital. Why is Anna "playing" around in Laurelton. Burt defends Anna to Morgan. Half the force is out on sick leave and the Co Police Chief is not around. Anna pays a call to Sarah and asks her questions about Earl Moody. Sarah tells her that she was his housekeeper and totally devoted to the wonderful man. Rick tells Mike he's not ready to go back to the Soccer team yet because his ribs have not healed. Mike is furious and demands a second Dr's opinion! Ramsey has Guy pull Frisco and Sam off the academy and out on special assignment for Anna. Anna learns all about the Brownstone corpse, Neil Johnson from Sarah. Neil was Earl's nephew. Anna shocks Sarah by telling her that Neil was murdered in PC right before Xmas. Sarah faints just as Sheriff Broder walks in! Lorena cheers Mike up at the spa. She's able to get him to join her and Derek for dinner. Jimmy Lee tells Celia he's got a construction job in Brazil. But this is really a cover for papa Eddie Q, who's sending Jimmy Lee on assignment to find out all he can on Dimitri Cassidine. Tony and Tanya interrupt Frisco in a compromising position with Sam at his apartment. (Felicia is away visiting her sick Grandmother) Anna calls the rival town of Laurelton's newspaper with a story she wants to make sure hits the front page, a description of Russell, Bobbie's kidnapper!
January 15, 1986 - Edward and Alan see Jimmy Lee off to Brazil. Celia is pouting that she could not go. Frisco and Sam at the academy. Ramsey enlists Frisco to question Tanya about her missing keys. They need to find out if the murderer used her keys to get in the Brownstone the night of Neil's murder. Monica overhears Edward discussing Jimmy Lee's Brazil spying on Dimitri, and tells Sean immediately. Later Monica feels bad that she has to betray her family to Sean, but some afternoon kisses from Lonely, convince her otherwise. Frisco's injured his leg accidentally when Sam falls on him during a training session at the Academy. Tanya tells Frisco later on that the last time she saw her keys was right before the murder. Patrick's been summoned to Laurelton for the reading of Neil Johnson's will. Tony breaks up an argument between Patrick and Terry.
January 16, 1986 - Jake shows Bobbie an artists sketch of the man that kidnapped her. Anna was able to get the rival Laurelton newspaper to print it. Bobbie however calls Anna to tell her that the picture doesn't look anything like the man, (Russell) that kidnapped her. Anna agrees to let Ginny put Bobbie on TV and have a new artist sketch made. Jake is worried that this will draw the man out of hiding and put Bobbie's life in danger. Sheriff Broder is furious with Anna when she's found paying off the rival newspaper for putting that picture on the front page. Later, Anna over hears a customer complain that there is no Purity Water in the hotel. Anna snoops around the pantry and finds plenty of bottles of the water. Anna is shocked to find Terry's face promoting the water on the labor. She pockets one of the bottles and heads off to Sarah's.  Patrick, Jennifer, Ted and Kevin are off to Laurelton for the reading of the will. The Sheriff interrupts Anna's questioning of Sarah. Anna shows him the bottle of water with Terry's picture. Ted and Jenner watch in horror as Bobbie goes on Ginny's show and gets an accurate description of Russell. 
January 17, 1986 - Mike arrives at the Webber's and lifts his report card from the mailbox. He doesn't want Rick and Ginny to see that his failing grades. Jennifer, Ted Patrick and Kevin, and Anna arrive for the reading of the will for the late Early Moody. Jake and Bobbie discussing the murder. Patrick is hurt when all of Laurelton ignores him and praises Kevin. Anna calls Burt and gets filled in on all the goings on in PC. Mike tells Ruby that he doesn't want, nor need the Webber's love. Russell calls the Brownstone just as Bobbie answers. Ginny and Rick confront Mike. They want his report card. Mike is cold and angry and when he tells him mother that she probably slept with every sailor that came to port, Rick slaps the young brat! Mike runs away crying. The reading of Earl Moody's will provides some big shocks. The biggest of which is when wealthy Neil has left everything of great wealth to, Patrick O Connor! Patrick is now the #1 suspect in Neil's murder. Anna confronts Patrick demanding to know where he was the night of the murder. His story doesn't wash. Russell calls Jennifer and tells her that he needs help hiding out. She agrees to meet him and pay him off, so he can leave town. While in the park, Bobbie sees Russell and recognizes him! Patrika Darbo near end.

January 20, 1986 - Ginny tells Rick that if she has to go to court to get Mike back she will. Jake tells Bobbie that he's changed all the locks on the Brownstone doors. Jennifer questions Bobbie about the man she saw in the park. Frisco and Anna discuss the Brownstone murder. Mike asks Derek for some money so he doesn't have to move back in with Rick and Ginny. Derek refuses. Kevin is still acting cool toward Patrick since the reading of Neil's will. Frisco keeps questioning Tanya hoping to jar her memory of the night she lost her keys. Terry feels sympathy for Patrick who is now the #1 suspect in the Brownstone murder. Ted and Jennifer are furious that Russell has been revealed in PC. All concern now for Bobbie's safety is on red alert. Jake is watching over her and so is a police body guard. Anna is at GH discussing the case with Jake and Bobbie when Amy hands Bobbie a note. The note just happens to have been left off by her attacker! Frisco shows Russell's picture to one of Tanya's patients at GH, and the old woman recognizes him as one he saw the night before the murder. Patrick blows his top at Jennifer and Ted when they make accusations that he might be a killer. Anna questions Jennifer and the Laurelton gang asking for a list of all the board members of Purity Water Corp. Anna wonders why the late Earl Moody is still on the list. Patrick taunts Jennifer with the news that he's now taken over the share of his Uncle Earl's share. Jennifer urges Anna to arrest Patrick for murder! Anna sends Frisco and Sam undercover in Laurelton to get pictures of the board members of Purity Water.

January 21-27, 1986:  1/21, 1/22, 1/23, 1/24 Anna shoots Russell, 1/27, (no show 1/28 shuttle explosion)

January 21, 1986 - Edward receives a letter from Jimmy Lee in Brazil. Monica pays close attention. Frisco and Sam arrive in Laurelton posing as two country bumpkins looking for work. Sarah is fooled. Jimmy Lee's letter only confirms what Edward already knew about Dimitri Cassidine. He's just a poor relation of the Cassidine family. Anna, Jake  and Bobbie. Bobbie tries to get a better artist to make a rendering of the man she saw in the park. Frisco and Sam are snooping around when Sarah is in the back room. Frisco spies a picture of Russell on the wall and recognizes him as the man fitting Bobbie's description. Kevin and Terry bury the hatchet with Patrick. Monica and Sean smooching.  Sarah spies Frisco taking Russel's picture off the wall. He plans to have it wired to Anna for a comparison of the artist sketch. Celia bumps into Monica, who's just coming out of Sean's office for a little afternoon delight. Sarah has alerted Sheriff Broder about Frisco stealing the picture. Broder has the entire town looking for Frisco. Anna receives the picture and has positively identified Russell as the man who abducted Bobbie. Rick is discussing his problems of Mike to Bobbie and Jake. Anna questions Terry about her connection with the Purity Water business. Terry admits that the night she was crowned Miss Purity Water, she got drunk and passed out and the night was a blur. The next thing she remembers in Grandma Jennifer evicting her. Anna gets an anonymous tip that Russell's been seen in a seedy hotel room. Anna runs over to the place and kicking down the door, she only finds that Russell has slipped out the window.

January 22, 1986 - On orders from Anna, Burt calls Frisco and Sam out of the Academy. Ted tells Jennifer he's to meet Russell and front him enough money to get out of town. Burt chews Frisco out for not completing his assignment, which was to find out what happened to Tanya's keys. Mike shows up at GH for a second opinion to his health. He finds out that Rick told him right. That hes not yet healed enough to go back on his sports team. Mike tells Rick that he just wanted to make sure that he was not keeping him out of his team because of the family squabble. Jake is driving Bobbie crazy following her around everywhere. Rick is talking to Ginny on the phone when suddenly Rick Jr starts choking. Rick calls the medical van and they are there in seconds. Rick Jr is admitted to GH, where Buzz and Yank work feverishly to relieve the boy's throat. Frisco makes contact with some old friends on the waterfront back when he was undercover during the Asian Quarter. His investigation takes him to the "Bucket of Blood" on the waterfront. Unknown to Frisco, Russell is there too waiting to meet Ted. Derek and Lorena bring Mike to GH to see his brother. Rick Jr is fine and Rick pleased to see Mike show some emotion toward them. But soon another argument ensues with Derek joining in disagreement with Rick. Frisco couldn't trace Tanya's lost keys at the Bucket of Blood, but does spot Russell. Russell knocks Frisco down and takes off just as Ted arrives. Frisco loses his prey and immediately calls Anna.
January 23, 1986 - Ted assures Russell that he needs to stay put for now. He will bring him money at the Hotel. Ted and Jennifer are constantly interuped in their room by the other Brownstone gang. Anna's getting pressure from the Mayor to wrap up the Brownstone murder. Burt's getting antsy about getting out of the Hospital, but Yank tells him he's not ready. Frisco and Sam are trapped briefly in a crowded elevator with more "comical" misunderstandings between them. Anna questions the desk clerk at the Croydon Hotel about Russell. But no one by that name is registered. When Frisco shows him the photo of Russell, the desk clerk has no choice but to show them upstairs. Unfortunately, Russell has chosen that time to walk into the lobby. He makes a bee line to the door. Anna and Frisco search Russell's room. Frisco finds Tanya's keys! Audrey and Lorena at the spa. While at the Croyden, Anna gets a call from Robin's school. Seems the heater broke, and all the kids have to go home. Anna later tells Buzz privately that it's becoming harder and harder to be a mom as well as co police Chief. Terry is downstairs in the basement changing the light bulbs when Russell wanders in. Terry screams at the top of her lungs! 

January 24, 1986 - Terry is screaming at the top of her lungs. Patrick arrives and rescues her, but not before Russell knocks her over the head with a bottle. Russell escapes. Patrick takes Terry upstairs and the two become friends again. Terry forgives Patrick for all her anger toward him. Anna is alerted of Russell's latest sighting and she puts out an APB on him. Russell heads for the bus station and again calls Jennifer and Ted hoping to get some money to get out of town. Frisco and Sam posing as lovers just happen to walk into the bus depot and spot Russell immediately. Rick and Ginny argue over the baby. Rick storms out and the two carry their argument to the spa, where they involve Derek as well. Sean and Anna arrive at the bus depot. Russell pulls out a gun and fires but Anna gets the upper hand. Russell falls. Anna asks him if he killed Earl Moody? Russell moans and dies before giving an answer.

January 27, 1986 - Felicia returns home and finds Frisco mumbling out Samantha's  name in his dreams.  Felicia hits him with a pillow.  Tony and Tanya welcome back Felicia. Sean shows Anna the morning paper. The papers declare Russell as the killer. Anna is not so sure.  Ted and Jennifer are shocked to read of the incident. Jennifer really thinks Russell killed Neil Johnson. Terry and Bobbie are delighted the nightmare is over.  Anna asks Kevin in for questioning. SHe grills him about his job at Purity Water. Kevin admits he never saw  Russell (the foreman) at Purity water the whole time he worked there.  Anna tells Sean she's convinced that Russell was not the killer. Everyone at the Brownstone prepares for Terry's upcoming wedding. It will be held in Laurelton on Feb 14th---Valentine's day.  Ted and Jennifer worry about the ghosts from the past.  Celia spots Monica getting all lovey dovy with Sean. Monica tells Celia to shut up, or she will evict her from the Cottage.  Later that night at the Brownstone, a gloved hand removes the floorboards and reveals Neil Johnson's wallet. It's the killer!  Frisco and Felicia investigate the noise and find nothing but the loose floorboard.  Down in the cellar they smell burning"rubber" which is actually the killer who was burning Neil's wallet. Later when the twosome leave, the killer takes the medallion and stows it away in a secret compartment. 
January 28, 1986 - NO SHOW Aired due to Space Shuttle Explosion

January 29 - February 4, 1986:  1/29, 1/30, 1/31, 2/3 Dimitri Cassidine arrives, 2/4
January 29, 1986 - In Brazil, Jimmy Lee walks into a villa and spies on Dimitri Cassidine and his girlfriend Pilar. Anna tells Buzz that she is still has doubts about the murder. Bobbie calls Jake. She hears strange noises in the celler. The noises belong to the killer, who is wearing dark gloves and filing away at the name on the Purity Water medallion. Jake is too tired to investigate the noises. Suddenly the noises stop and Kevin and Patrick arrive wondering what's going on. Jimmy Lee calls home and reaches Celia. All the Q's converge on her hoping Holt has news on his meeting with Cassidine. Pilar is attracted to Holt, and daddy dearest Edward tells him to use his charms on her to get information. Bobbie and Jake investigate the noises but find nothing. Shortly after they leave...the gloved hand comes back out and begins filing at the locket again. Later, the gloved one tosses the locket in the trash outside the Brownstone. Derek and Brett discuss the idea of Derek getting full custody of Mike. On Buzz's advice, Anna decides to keep the murder case open and go to Laurelton looking for clues. Outside the Brownstone, a bum finds the Purity Water locket and steals it.
January 30, 1986 - Kevin and Terry at Kelly's. Jennifer calls Sheriff Broder to warn him that Anna's arriving in town for more questions. He's to keep her busy while Jen talks to Russell's widow. Anna arrives and as usual the Sheriff gives her a hard time. Frisco and Sam at the Academy. Ted, Sarah and Jennifer call Russell's widow, Janet, and demand a meeting with her. Bobbie, Tony, Patrick and Yank at GH. RIck tells Bobbie that he got a call from the principal of his school. Mike has skipped class today. Meanwhile, Mike is at Kelly's dining with Derek and Lorena.  Rick calls Kelly's and is even more upset to learn that Mike is with them. They mystery gloved figure hides a letter that he stole off of Neil Johnson's body. The letter is for Patrick and proclaims that he will find Earl's body in a shallow grave in Laurelton. The killer hides the letter in the floorboards of the Brownstone. The bum who stole the locket, tries to pawn it off at the shop. Frisco and Sam have perfect timing and step in to the same store. When Frisco gets a look at the locket he remembers it's the same one that Russell was wearing before he was killed. WHen Frisco confronts a bum, a brawl begins and the bum takes a hike. Frisco can't keep up. He later calls Anna and an APB is put out on the bum. Anna is upset when she tries to question Janet, who clams up at all her questions. Rick confronts Mike at Kelly's and gets into an argument with Derek in the process. Mike screams at Rick to leave him alone.

January 30, 1986 - Monica and Sean having lunch. Sean tells her that Dimitri is on his way to PC. Anna shows Frisco a piece of the chain that she confiscated from Russell's body. If they can find the bum with the locket and match it to Russell's they have enough evidence to keep the case open and the Mayor off their backs. Anna and Frisco decide to pay a call on Benny the fence. Grumpy Edward tangles with Buzz, who's helping to store the presents for Terry's wedding shower in the GH lounge. Edward demands all this "junk" leave the Hospital immediately! Later JimmyLee calls Edward with news that Dimitri is on his way to PC. Anna and Frisco check out the lockets that Benny has in his stockroom. They hit paydirt and find the locket that the bum stole! Now all they have to do is match this to the chain found on Russell. Problem is they notice that recently someone filed off the name of who the medallion belonged too. Anna decides to run the locket through a series of chemical tests to see if the name can be raised from the locket itself. Meanwhile, Tony and Buzz are treating the bum who's dying from dehydration. They admit him to GH. Anna finds out from a policeman, and she quickly heads to GH and gets into a furious argument with Buzz, who won't let her see his patient. Felicia helps mend the tension between Jade and Yank.
February 3, 1986 - The man of the hour is Dimitri Cassidine who arrives in PC and is treated like a King by the Q's. Sean meets with Dimitri first however and puts him on Q alert! Frisco and Anna question the bum, AKA Mr. Delancey, and have to shell out 40.00 for information pertaining to the locket he found. He says he found the medallion in the garbage can outside the BRownstone. Anna bets the murderer may have tried to shave off his own initials from the locket  in the house. There must be shavings still somewhere to be found. During Terry's joyous Bridal shower, Anna sneaks into the furnace room thanks to Frisco's help and begins snooping around. She finds the filings on the floor and sweeps them up. Tests indicate that the shavings do indeed belong to the locket. Sean shows Dimitri a series of slides on each of the Q's. He's most smitten with Celia. Pilar is instructed to use her "body" on Jimmy Lee and get as much information from him as she can. Later that night while everyone is asleep at the Brownstone, Terry hears noises coming from a deserted hallway, this is actually the killer playing around again with the floorboards and hiding more evidence. Later, everyone comes out in the hall and speculates as to what the noises were. Anna is dreaming, she thinks back to when Kevin told her that he worked for Purity Water but then had no clue as to who Russell was. Annna wakes in a cold sweat. Se thinks she caught Kevin in a lie!
February 4, 1986 - More problems for Rick. A ghoulish freak car accident with a boy named Jeff Fellows. Jeff is a teenager who was named after his brother Jeff Webber because they were friends with the boy's parents. Now both parents are dead and the boy is an orphean. Rick feels a certain responsibilty toward the youth and with Ginny's approval agrees to let him stay with him - in Mike's old room!  Anna shows Frisco the shavings from the pendant. She tells him that she caught Kevin in a lie. He said that he never knew Russell the Purity plant manager, yet worked for the company during one summer. Anna informs the mayor she has enough evidence to re open the case as proof can now be found that Russell didn't kill Earl Moody or Neil Johnson. Anna confronts Kevin that he lied. Kevin only tells her that he was a delivery boy and never met Russell. Jennifer soon learns about Anna's aquisations and orders her to leave Kevin alone. The mayor calls Anna and tells her he's having second thoughts about letting her pursue the investigation. Anna decides to take Frisco to Laurelton and investigate Kevin's story.

February 5-11, 1986:  2/5, 2/6, 2/7, 2/10, 2/11
February 5, 1986 - The Q's, Edward in particular, order Celia to seduce Dimitri (all for the good of the family that is) to get information. Kevin and Terry unload their frustrations to Felicia about Anna's re opening the case. Felicia gets bad news in a letter. Frisco has left for Laurelton on special assignment. Dimitri and Celia get close and Celia tells Dimitri about Jimmy Lee's financial woes. Monica tells Alan that she may never want to be his wife again. Sean tells Dimitri that he plans on a "special" letter to arrive for him at the Q party and he wants Edward to get a glance at them somehow. Mike arrives to visit Jeff at GH.  Rick shows him the way. Ted and Jennifer are upset that Anna's getting closer to the truth of Laurelton. At the Q party, Celia continues to get chummy with Dimitri. Edward treats Dimitri like a King. Felicia confronts Sam with where Friso went. As planned the papers arrive for Dimitri at the party. Edward orders Monica to get them. Monica spills wine on Dimitri's coat and as Edward takes the coat into the hall he gets a glance at the letter, before Dimitri returns. Edwards keen eyes tell him all he needs to know. He informs Alan that Dimitri has a file number to the assay office and Jimmy Lee can check it out! Felicia learns from Ramsey where Frisco went and decided to head to Laurelton to help out.
February 6, 1986 - Felicia arrives in Laurelton and asks directions to Jennifer Talbot's home. Unfortunately the person that she chose to ask is none other than Janet, Russell's widow. Janet calls Jennifer who in turn calls Sheriff Broder. Felicia finds Jennifer's home and breaks in. Posing as the Purity Water Plant man, Frisco tells Sarah to call it a day as they have troubles with the machinery. Snooping around the confidential files, Anna and Frisco learn that Russell was on medical leave the summer that Kevin worked for him. So he didn't lie. Kevin never knew Russell. Sean and Dimitri are delighted that everything went according to plan with the Q's. While snooping at Jennifer Talbot's home, Felicia hides in the closet, when Sheriff Broder comes by. Sheriff finds a Felicia, but not before she finds a box that contains Jennifer's Purity Water medallion. Monica and Alan continue bickering about personal affairs of the heart. Anna and Frisco learn that Felicia has been arrested. Arriving at the Laurelton Police station, Anna quickly thinking tells Sheriff Broder that she's part of their private undercover team. The Sheriff springs Felicia on that flimsy story. The trio Frisco, Anna and Felicia head back to Jennifers and Frisco finds the identical medallion in the closet. Monica and Sean burn up the sheets!
February 7, 1986 - Rick, Bobbie and Buzz at GH. Jeff's mother goes into cardiac arrest and Rick is unable to save her. Frisco and Felicia in bed. Jeff's mother is dead. Rick wants Jeff to stay with him. With Ramsey's support, Mayor Ken Morgan agrees to let Anna keep the case open based on the evidence she found in Laurelton. Amy tells Mike that Jeff's mother is gone and Rick is going to let Jeff stay in his old room. Lorena thinks that Derek should capitalize on Mike's vulnerability and urge him to move out of Kelly's and into his own bachelor pad. Anna invites Laurelton's finest to her office and says that the case is almost wrapped up. While a silversmith at her home is filing away at Jennifer's medallion, Anna learns from Ted Holmes that each of the Laurelton board members received the medallion's as a gift for the 50th anniversary. Everyone except Patrick has one. Anna unveils a "special" machine to the Laurelton gang. This machine is capable of raising the initials on the medallion and that way she can identify the killer! After the group leave, Anna reveals the machine to be an ordinary meat grinder! Frisco catches on to her plan. Using Jennifer's medallion as bait, she is hoping the killer will break into the PCPD and steal it hoping to keep their identity a secret. Jennifer's medallion has been altered to look like Earl Moody's. Mike scribbles a "just moved" letter that Ginny happens to find. Ginny freaks out and she tells Rick. Jake warns Ginny that if they don't try to get Mike back, the courts might mis construe their lack of action as abandonment. Thus opening the way for Derek to gain complete custody. Ginny and Rick corner Mike and demand he come back home.
February 10, 1986 - It's not all home sweet home for PC's nuclear family of Rick and Ginny and Mike. Mike is hostile, slamming doors and sharing a room with Jeff who he doesn't want near him. At Mayor Morgan's request, the PCPD Academy cadets are running the station for a day. Anna expects to catch the killer very soon. Frisco is playing desk Sgt, and dealing with a whole host of trouble issues. The gloved killer steals Frisco's uniform newly picked up by Patrick as a favor to Felicia.  He (the killer) sneaks into the PCPD, and steals the medallion right under Eric and Sam's nose. The gloved one pulls the fire alarm and makes off with the medallion. Anna berates Frisco for being so stupid as to let the killer slip away unnoticed. Later they find the chain and the uniform he used to sneak into PCPD outside stuffed in a manhole cover. Frisco is shocked to learn that the uniform belongs to him! Later, Felicia tells Anna and Frisco that she had Patrick pick up the uniform from the dry cleaners. Terry gets a note inviting her to an empty apartment. Entering the apartment she thinks that Kevin is playing a joke on her. But Patrick emerges from the shadows and begins advancing on her with a wild look in his eyes.
February 11, 1986 - Anna, Felicia and Frisco can't believe that Patrick is the killer. Patrick approaches Terry very mysteriously. Terry gets scared. Suddenly Patrick breaks out in a laugh. He only wanted to surprise Terry!  He bought the apartment for for her and Kevin as a wedding gift. Terry is relieved. Pilar and Jimmy Lee become fast friends. Especially when Pilar lets Holt peruse the phony assay papers which she tells him she's stolen from Dimitri. Jimmy Lee calls Edward who directs Holt to buy all the stock he can. Meanwhile, Monica is ignoring Sean's calls and flowers. She's tired of being his spy in and out of bed. Anna enlists Sean's help with finding out whose initials are on the scratched out medallion. Sean suggests contacting Ballantine of the WSB. Patrick's paranoia is growing as he is fast becoming a murder suspect again. Frisco accuses Patrick of impersonating him by stealing his police uniform. Patrick denies any knowledge of this stolen uniform. He dropped off his uniform and then went to a med class with Rick.  Anna checks out his story with Rick. Rick can't confirm Patrick was in class because they were giving a slide show presentation in the dark. Kevin, Terry, Jennifer and Ted prepare to leave for Laurelton. It's Terry's wedding day! Monica tells Sean she can't cope with her affair with him. Anna thinks back to when Terry was running around the Brownstone with a kitchen knife. She's determined to stop the wedding because she firmly believes that one of the Laurelton gang is a killer.

February 12-18, 1986:  2/12, 2/13, 2/14, 2/17 Terry & Kevin's Laurelton Wedding begins, 2/18 wedding continues

February 12, 1986 - Anna shows Ballentine the necklace. Ballantine has his top men involved to decipher the scratched off name but it's going to take two days max! Anna can't wait that long. Terry is getting married in 2 days on Valentine's day. Kevin and Terry arrive in Laurelton. Terry finds that memory lane is a mean street. The town crones whisper about her. Old acquaintances greet Kevin but treat Terry like dirt. Bobbie and Jake enlist the Brownstone gang to renovate the attic for Kevin and Terry's return home. While touring the Purity Water plant, Terry remembers the day in 1983 when she was crowned Miss Purity. Patrick's roomate at the time, Dave, spiked Terry's drink. During a party with the town Hall, Terry, crocked out of her mind, began singing a song and dancing very provactively. Earl Moody became enraged and called her a tramp. Terry also remembers the 1983 Valentine's dance when she caused further embarresment for all of Laurelton. Frisco tells Felicia he does want to marry her but only after he makes good with the police department.

February 13, 1986 - Patrick panics when he learns that Anna is in Washington on important business. Terry is upset when she learns that Jen is going to hold her wedding at the Talbot home. Terry balks, she wants it at the town hall. Frisco at the academy. Patrick confronts Frisco with Anna's investigation in Washington. After a night of dancing, Bobbie finally lets her guard down and allows Jake to make love to her. At Laurelton, Kevin and Terry meet with the Reverend and plan the ceremony. When the Reverend asks Terry if she thinks wearing white would be "appropriette" for her, Terry storms out. Kevin calls him a hypocrite and tries to convince Terry to elope with him. Terry later flashes back to another memory from the past. The 1983 Valentine's day dance when she moved provocatively on the floor with Dave and Patrick, under the suspicious eye of Sarah and Earl Moody. Felicia is disappointed, Frisco is going to be up all night with Sam working on assignments given to them by Chief Lewis. Kevin confronts Sheriff Broder who's been following he and Terry all over town. Kevin and Terry plot an elopement. 
February 14, 1986 - Anna's nursing a sick Robin who has the flu. Patrick arrives causing quite a scene when he yells at Anna demanding to know what she was doing in Washington. Buzz arrives and tosses Patrick out on his rear. The Brownstone gang plans to go to Laurelton for the wedding. Meantime, Kev and Terry still plan to elope. Anna needs to go to Washington to see the results of the locket test that Ballentine was going to do. But Buzz tells her that Robin is too sick for her to leave. (Where is Filomena?)  Yank complains to Steve that he never has enough time to spend with Jade. Steve helps out by arranging Jade to accompany him on his rounds. Later, Steve finds Jade and Yank necking in the closet! Mike argues with Ginny when he finds Jeff wearing his clothes. Kathleen O Conner sits Terry down and convinces her that to elope would be tantament to admitting that she's guilty about the past. Mrs. O'Conner also tells the wary bride that she won't let her ruin Kevin the way it ruined Patrick. Jake, Bobbie, Frisco and Felica with Tony and Tania all arrive in Laurelton just in time for the wedding rehearsal. Terry and Kev get an uninvited guest. A drunk Dave who arrives wanting to kiss the bride. Kevin decks him! Buzz and Anna call a truce. Terry tells Kev that not only is she going to get married in the town hall, but she plans to walk down town square with her head held up high. Grandma Jen overhears and is horrified at the idea. Anna falls asleep on Buzz's shoulders as he tries to fix her broken washing machine.
February 17, 1986 - It's wedding day for Kevin and Terry! Anna arrives in Washington for the results Ballentine has on the locket. The WSB lab men have only been able to raise one filed off initial in the name. This is good enough for Anna who heads next to Laurelton. Anna calls Frisco and tells her to delay the wedding as best he can till she arrives. Jen tries to convince Terry not to walk down main street. Frisco hoping to delay the proceedings, pockets the wedding ring. Jennifer finds a quick solution. She simply has Ted run to the local jeweler and buy a similar one. So much for the diversion! Anna sends a telegram to the minister of St James Church to stop the wedding, but Jennifer orders him to ignore it. Jennifer blocks all calls from Anna to Bobbie and the PC gang by taking the phone off the hook. Later Sheriff Broder makes sure to eliminate all transportation at the airport and the train depot. The sheriff makes his own contribution to the planned snafu. He tells the station manager to send Anna to the wrong church as soon as she gets off the train. Anna tries to call the Talbot's, but Jenniferhas taken the phone off the hook. The bridal procession begins  as Jake escorts Terry to the church (nice location footage). Anna gets off the train and finds no transportation waiting for her! While driving to the town hall, Terry freaks and tells Jake to stop the car. Getting out she has another flashback, remembering the time that she was running naked in the street with Patrick calling her from a seedy motel. The blast from the past convinces Terry to walk the rest of the way. Terry creates an unforgettable figure singing gospel in her white dress as she proudly walks to the church. The Laurelton townsfolk stare at her in disbelief. Anna is running to the church but unaware it's the wrong one! Arriving at the wrong church, she gets directions from an old woman and immediately starts runnning off to the right one.  Kevin and Terry's wedding begins.
February 18, 1986 - Terry faints just as she is about to go into the chapel. Regaining her composure, Terry struggles to walk down the aisle. Anna near exhaustion, continues her run to the church. But by the time she arrives, Kevin and Terry are married. Anna lays low at the reception, but a mysterious figure fishes among the wedding gifts and matches the handwriting on the letter carried by late Neil Johnson to that of the wedding gift from Sarah. Sarah is the one that tried to inform Patrick where his Uncle Earl was buried. She gave a note to Neil Johnson to deliver to Patrick and he was murdered at the Brownstone before giving it to him. Anna tells Frisco that one of the O Conner boys is the killer! The WSB raised the one initial on the medallion: The letter "O". Anna gets the cold shoulder from everyone at the wedding. Sarah is skipping the reception and tells the Sheriff that Earl would never have approved. Bobbie tells Ted and Jennifer that she's renovated the Brownstone attic for newlyweds Kev and Terry. Jennifer is upset and tells her that Terry will NOT be living at the Brownstone. The Sheriff finds a note on his dashboard proclaiming that Sarah is the weak link! After the garter tossing and bridal bosquet catching, Kev and Terry make plans to leave. Frisco tells Anna that Terry was in a trance while walking down town square. The Brownstone gang all depart Laurelton for PC, all except Anna who stays behind. Sheriff Broder calls an emergency meeting of the board members. Anna makes plans to attend.

February 19-25, 1986:  2/19 (glitch), 2/20, 2/21, 2/24, 2/25

February 19, 1986 - Celia's rich papa Quentin arrives in PC newly divorced from Celia's money grubbing step mother. He's got great news for Celia. He has reinstated her as sole heir to his fortune and upped her annual trust fund. He gives her his blessing as she trots off to give her hubby Jimmy Lee the great news. Anna slips into the board meeting room and hides behind a curtain. The Laurelton gang arrives and immediately start arguing with each other.  In NY, on their way to the Caribbean, Kevin can't wait to make love to his blushing bride, and forces himself on her. Terry pulls back, and later Kevin almost chokes her when he puts on her necklace. Ted and Jennifer brow beat the Sheriff for allowing Anna into Laurelton. The Sheriff informs all that Sarah has been leaking vital information to Anna. Patrick storms into the meeting, demanding answers. But the Laurelton gang remind him of the disgrace he brought to town 3 years ago. The Sheriff finds Anna snooping behind the curtains and orders her out of town. Edward is disturbed that Celia's regained her inheritance. He thinks that Jimmy Lee will leave his "post" if he finds out. Monica reports to Sean and their romance cools for the moment. Donely arranges with Dimitri to outbid a government official in San Pablo, when Dimitri tells him that Jimmy Lee is prepared to do the same now the suspects the mineral deal is a phony. When Kev starts to make love to Terry she flashes back to the night she made love to Patrick. Donely and Dimitri plot to have Pilar drive a wedge between Celia and Jimmy Lee.
February 20, 1986 - After a loveless night, Kev tells Terry they have their whole night to make love. Terry promises to work on it. Anna tries to pry the truth of Terry and Laurelton from a shaken Sarah. Frisco and Felicia in bed. Frisco's late for the academy. Trying to rush around to get ready, he strains his back. Jennifer returns to the Brownstone, to Bobbie and Jake's disappointment. While she can't bare to have Terry stay with them, she decides to inspect the attic love next they have prepared. Alone, Jennifer falls off a ladder spraining her ankle. This forces Terry to cancel her honeymoon and head straight home! Ginny catches an argument between Mike and Jeff. Bryan brings over a social worker to the nuclear family to see if it's all one big happy family. When push comes to shove, Mike tells the social worker that he doesn't mind having Jeff stay with them. The Sheriff finds Anna grilling Sarah, and forces her to leave town. Ginny and Derek argue when Derek threatens her with legal action over Mike. Anna arrives back in PC and fills in Frisco.
February 21, 1986 - Burt, Anna, and Frisco discussing the possibility of Kevin being the killer. Kev and Terry return from NY to tend to Grandma Jen. Bobbie tells Jake she thinks that Jennifer fell on purpose to get Terry back. Celia arrives in San Pablo and meets with Dimitri. She wants to see Jimmy Lee. Dimitri stalls her while Pilar is able to get cozy with Holt. She starts rubbing his neck and in no time she is kissing his lips, but Jimmy Lee pulls away saying he's in love with Celia. He orders her to go while he takes a shower. Upon Patrick's arrival to greet Kevin and Terry, Kevin decks him one for making love to Terry 3 years ago and keeping it a secret. It takes Frisco and Jake to break up the battling O' Conner clan. Sean and Robin visit Anna at PCPD headquarters. While planting mouse traps around the Brownstone, Frisco finds the letter underneath the loose floorboards. The letter that Sarah wrote and was lifted from Neil's body by the killer. When Jimmy Lee comes out of the shower he finds Pilar in his bed. Naturally this is just the time that Celia walks in and misunderstands the situation. Celia runs crying out while Jimmy Lee yells for her to come back. Frisco shows Anna the letter, and now more than ever she's convinced that either Kevin or Patrick is the murderer.
February 24, 1986 - Anna tells Burt that she made two copies of the letter that Frisco found. She's convinced that Neil had the note and that's why he was murdered. Bobbie blabs to Buzz of Terry's latest memories of Laurelton. Buzz wants Terry to undergo another hypnotic session. Ms. Spencer will see what she can do. Frisco and Anna forges two copies of the letter and plants them under the doors of Kevin and Patrick to get their reaction. Ginny is on the docks taping footage of derelicts and waterfront sleaze. Enter Derek for a pow wow. She blames Mike's erratic behavior on him. When Ginny and Derek view the footage taken on the waterfront, they are shocked to find Mike and Jeff wandering the dangerous streets (they decided to cut class). Terry gets upset at Bobbie's suggestion to undergo the therapy with Buzz. Finally Terry agrees. Burt tells Anna that tests show the handwriting on the letter doesn't match with anyone else's at the Brownstone. Meanwhile, both Kevin and Patrick find the letter and both men burn it. Anna and Frisco find the ashes and are puzzled. Are Kevin and Patrick both killers and in cahoots with each other to protect Terry? Rick, Ginny and Derek confront Mike and Jeff. Terry under hypnosis reveals to Buzz another clue. She remembers her hands on a throat, then a body, a cold body falling on her!  Buzz stops the recording and brings Terry out of it when she becomes hysterical. Burt, Frisco, and Felicia pour over all the wedding gift cards looking to see if the handwriting matches the mysterious letter. Finally they hit paydirt! The handwriting matches Sarah's to perfection. Anna arrives at Buzz's place and demands the tape he made of Terry's session. Buzz refuses due to patient and doctor confidentiality. 
February 25, 1986 - Anna continues arguing with Buzz. She wants the tape. Terry is recovering in the bedroom and overhears the argument. Buzz gets distracted by the phone, and Anna tries to rewind the tape. As Buzz tries to stop her Anna hears a bit of Terry saying she saw Earl Moody's body the night of the murder. Anna plans to take Buzz to court to get the tape. Anna confronts Kevin and Patrick. Why did they destroy copies of the letter she planted under their door? Both furious Anna tried to trap them, refuse to answer her questions without a lawyer present. Terry tells Jennifer she knows something happened to her at the Town Hall the night that Earl Moody was murdered. Rick and Ginny sternly lecturing Mike and Jeff about cutting class. Rick accuses Ginny of spending so much time with Derek. She's been neglecting her motherly duties to Mike. Ted tells Jen that they must get that tape from Buzz. Terry's thinking the same thing, and breaks into Buzz's pad while he's next door with Anna. Suddenly Buzz, Frisco and Felicia come over with Robin to help her hang up her drawing she made for Buzz. Terry hides in the bedroom. After the group leaves, Terry finds the tape in the drawer and steals it. Before Terry can play it, she accidentally breaks her tape recorder when Kevin comes home and wants to make love to her.

February 26 - March 4, 1986:  2/26 Celia leaves Jimmy Lee, 2/27, 2/28, 3/3, 3/4

February 26, 1986 - LAST SHOW FOR SHERYLN WOLTER - Kevin and Terry have finally made love. It was okay sex Kevin tells her but Terry promises to work on getting better. Frisco heads to Laurelton, with Felicia in tow. They serve a subpoena to the accountant of Purity Water. Anna believes that the ledger entry which recorded that Russell embezzled money from Purity, was a ruse by Jennifer, to make them believe he had a motive for killing Neil and Earl. Later, Frisco purloins the tampered record from the petrified Sarah, who is under orders from Jen and Ted not to part with anything, subpoena or not! Celia returns home in tears. She packs her bags and tells Jimmy Lee it's over. She's going back to Long Island. Despite Jimmy Lee's begging that nothing happened between him and Pilar, Celia still walks out on him. Holt is devastated. Jimmy Lee later drowns his sorrows in booze. Lorena and Derek find him collapsed at the Rib, and take him home. Anna has to comfort Robin when she overhears an argument with her and Buzz. Anna later vows to Frisco to get that tape one way or another.
February 27, 1986 - Kevin finds a new tape recorder that Terry just bought. He wonders what happened to the old one. Terry is trying to get her hubby out of the house so she can hear the tape. Later, when he's gone, Terry starts to play it but gets interrupted by Felicia, Bobbie and Jake. Anna gets Frisco in a little trouble with Chief Lewis for pulling him constantly out of class for help on the murder case. Anna and Buzz head to court to haggle over the tape. Before the judge can hear each side, media maven Ginny Webber nails Anna. How about a story? Buzz hits the roof! Ginny still wants the scoop, relenting only when Anna promises to give her exclusive rights when the story breaks. Webber settles for this and departs. The judge wants to hear the tape before the hearing, but Buzz says he refuses based on patient and Dr confidentiality. Enter Ted to offer his two cents worth about keeping the tape in secret due to Terry's mental state. The Judge later sides with Buzz, giving him sole responsibility of the tape. Back home, Buzz and Ted find someone has stolen his tape!  Buzz alerts Anna, and they both think Terry is the culprit. Frisco calls Felicia to get Terry out of the attic so he and Anna can search her room. Jen also guesses that Terry has the tape and sends Ted to steal it. Ted hides in the bathroom when Frisco and Anna come by. Finding the tape, Anna plays a bit of it and they both listen in horror as Terry almost admits to killing Earl Moody. Ted is furious with Jennifer since she kept this secret from him and the rest of Laurelton. Terry returns and can't find the tape.

February 28, 1986 - Audrey is showing around the student nurses when an emergency hits GH. There's been a gang shootout on the waterfront and the Dr's are overrun with casualties. Anna orders a quick arrest of every gang leader. The Mayor arrives and immediately upset with Anna for chasing shadows in the BRownstone case and neglecting her main duties. Terry arrives in a panic at GH wanting to see Buzz. Kevin argues with Patrick for making Terry a basket case in bed for what he did to her 3 years ago. Buzz is too busy to help Terry, so Bobbie orders her to go home. With the mayor on her back, Anna shows him the letter found in the Brownstone and that makes him change his mind.  Ginny and Derek get into a fight about Mike. She wishes he would leave town. Derek asks Ginny to tell Mike about the blood tests he had at one time to prove he wasn't the father of Rick Jr. Once again, Derek doesn't want Mike to hear it through the grapevine. Jeff Fellows hears it however, and tries to get Mike to trade his video camera for a "dark secret" he heard. Rick doesn't want  Mike to know either, but Derek means to tell him. Anna convinces the Mayor that Terry could be the murderous after they both listen to the tape. Ted gives Terry some sleeping pills to both Terry and Jen and goes for a long walk. Terry dreams of Earl Moody and screams herself awake. Still groggy, she turns on the kettle and doesn't see that the burner hasn't lit. The gas escapes.

March 3, 1986 - Burt and Buzz question Bobbie as to Terry's whereabouts. When Bobbie learns about Terry's incriminating tape made by Buzz under hypnosis, she calls Jake. The gas is still escaping in Terry's room. Anna tells Frisco they need to find out the name on the scratched out medallion. They plot to find out what was engraved on each medallion issued to the Purity Water executives. Jennifer  calls upstairs but Terry doesn't answer. Having taken Jeff up on his bid to trade the video camera that Derek gave him, Mike can't believe his ears when Jeff tells him that Ginny slept with Derek the night his baby brother was conceived.  Rick is still giving Ginny the cold shoulder. Bobbie and Jake plead with Anna to drop her case against Terry.  Burt plays Terry's tape for Bobbie and Jake and listen in horror. Ginny admits to Mike what Jeff told him is true and Ginny is in tears as Mike storms out after calling her a tramp. Frisco and Sam find out from the engraver that Jennifer ordered Terry;s medallion to read: TERRY O BROCK. With the O standing for Olivia her middle name. Frisco sadly reports to Anna who makes plans for Terry's arrest. Anna arrives at the Brownstone with warrant in hand. Ginny and Derek tell a horrified Rick that Mike knows everything. Frisco finds Terry passed out in her room with the gas running.
March 4, 1986 - Frisco, Jake and the Brownstoners try to revive Terry who's overcome with gas fumes. Mike and Jeff hide from their parents on the waterfront. Buzz arrives to help Terry. Tony breaks up a fight with Patrick and Kevin. Kevin blames Patrick for Terry's "suicide" attempt. Rick, Derek and Ginny arrive at the PCPD to report a missing person's on Mike. But he's not been missing for 24 hours, so the desk clerk won't help them. Terry is rushed to GH. Jennifer is upset with Ted and accuses him of pushing Terry over the edge. In light of Terry's near death, Frisco and Felicia pledge their love to each other. Bobbie and Jake stand vigil over Terry's bed. Mike and Jeff take refuge in a deserted shack. Bobbie and Jake along with Kevin and Jennifer lash out at Anna, who's at GH to visit Terry. They tell the nosy police chief to BACK OFF!
March 5-11, 1986:  3/5, 3/6, 3/7, 3/10 cm (bad spot during last half of epi), 3/11 cm

March 5, 1986 - Buzz tells Bobbie that Terry is getting better and stronger, but she might suffer 'brain' damage. (who would notice!) Anna continues listening to the tape made by Terry, especially the part about the "dead" man's hands falling all around her. Kevin bursts in screaming at Anna that if Terry dies, he will hold her responsible. Filomena reports to Anna she has to tend her sick relation and needs to leave for a while. Anna must now cope with entertaining Robin while trying to get her job done. Frisco and Ted get into an argument over Terry. Lorena in a panic tells an unconcerned Edward that Jimmy Lee has been missing for days since being dumped by Celia. Rick, Ginny and Derek are going through their own missing person's dilemma. Buzz, Patrick and Tony get some good news from Terry's reports. Dan reports to Anna that Terry's near death by the leaking gas was accidental. Anna later fends off attacks from Bobbie and Jake who demand she back off from Terry's case. Anna tells them that Jen ordered a medallion for Terry with her middle initial of O, which matches the letter seen on the scratched out medallion that was removed from the body of Neil Johnson. Considering Terry's mental state of sleepwalking with knives, she can only come to the conclusion of Terry's guilt. Bobbie and Jake vow to find Terry innocent and question the Laurelton looneys. Rick, Ginny and Derek drag Anna into their private affairs. Frisco and Sam on routine patrol in the park come across a cop taking money from a hood named Vinnie. Mike and Jeff also catch the lowdown. Anna is overwhelmed by her work and cries on Sean's shoulder. Buzz reports to the Laurelton gang that Terry will be fine.
March 6, 1986 - Sean has Felicia book him a flight to Manhattan. Anna drops in on Buzz checking in on Terry, who's still unconscious. Frisco is pestered by some former fans who think he's sold out by becoming a cop. Alan meets with Lila to plan his and Monica's anniversary. Bobbie and Jake question Jennifer and Ted about Terry's medallion. But only succeed in making Jennifer a nervous wreak. Sarah show up on Jen's doorstep and Jake overhears them arguing. She wants Jen to return to Laurelton and clear her name with the Sheriff. Later, Bobbie and Jake report to Anna what they know. Monica's not looking forward to her anniversary with Alan. Sean in Manhattan meets with an old friend reporter for a newspaper. He writes a financial column on Sean's behalf indicating the Donely/Cassidine merger is going public. Monica makes plans to go and meet Sean. Sarah finally admits to Anna that she did indeed write the note that Neil was taking to Patrick. The same note found on his body in the Brownstone. Sarah was only trying to tip off Patrick as to where his Uncle Moody's body was secretly buried.  But Neil was murdered by someone before delivering the note. Sarah admits she had nothing to do with that. A booze swilling punk named Vinnie has come across Mike and Jeff and recognizes them as the runaways on TV. He wants to cash in on their reward.
March 7, 1986 - Frisco and Sam consult with Lewis about their seeing a cop on the take.  Bobbie and Jake report to Anna they are off to Laurelton to prove Terry innocent. Patrick has informed them that Terry's medallion might be still in the fountain at the park. (It was tossed in there by Terry 3 years earlier) Jade wins an achievment award for performing emergency tracheotomy on a boy and saving his life. Later Jade is shocked to read that her grandfather the nefarious Mr Wu has jumped bail. Monica and Alan's wedding anniversary and Alan is determined to win back his lady love. Every hour he sends her a dozen red roses. Meanwhile, Edward reads the planted information by Sean about the Cassidine and Donely merger. Now Edward is determined to find Jimmy Lee!  Mike reveals to punk Vinnie that he's a clever business man and offers him more money by videotaping the cop on the take. Vinnie is game and they tape the pay off for them. Meantime Frisco and Sam are undercover as bums hoping to catch the crooked cop. Terry wakes to find Kevin by her bedside. Jake and Bobbie comb the bottom of the Laureton fountain and finally find Terry's medallion, but then they are arrested for trespassing. The lovers spend a night in jail. Frisco spots the Officer Brown taking the payoff. But later loses him. They later find the shoulder brace from Mike's video camera nearby. Alan and Edward find Jimmy Lee and set about sobering him up. The latest move has Alan postponing his anniversary to Monica, which turns out to be fine by her.
March 10, 1986 - Jake uses his one phone call to PC and muscles Jennifer into springing them from the jail. Based on the fact they found evidence that can clear Terry of murder. When Vinnie shows up at Kelly's with Mike's camera, Ruby recognizes it as Mike's. Vinnie drops it and runs. Bryan gives Rick some bad news. Now that the Webber's have advertised the missing Jeff on TV, the courts want to put him in a foster home when the boy is found. Jake and Bobbie free from jail, next visit Kathleen O Conner to get their son's medallions. But Kathleen is certain that they are not in the house. But it's obvious to Jake that she's not going to give them up so easily. Frisco and Anna view the tape Mike made of the payoff. But Anna informs him that she knows all about it. She's working with Officer Brown who himself is undercover to catch the ring of thieves!  Once Anna tells Terry that she's clear of murder, Terry wants to undergo more hypnosis to unlock her past. Much to Kevin's dismay.
March 11, 1986 - Under hypnosis, Buzz gives Terry another session which produces a memory block right at the point that Earl Moody's body fell on her. Terry screams and Kevin pacing in the halls runs in ordering Buzz to stop!  Jennifer apologizes to Jake and Bobbie and are grateful to have their help in proving Terry's innocence. Kathleen and Jim arrive in PC. The O Conner boys are less than thrilled. Buzz tells Anna that Kevin interrupted him at a crucial moment when Terry might have revealed more. She orders him to get permission to have another session with Terry.  Buzz and Anna watch Brett Madison blast her for her lousy performance as police chief. Tim wants his son Patrick to give him power of attorney for his Purity Water stock. And MRs O C wants Terry to come back to Laurelton to live. Frisco alerts Ginny and Rick t some hot tips to where Mike is hiding. Another session with Buzz reveals more mental blocking.  Anna's beyond frustrated.

March 12-18, 1986:  3/12, 3/13, 3/14, 3/17 Jennifer Talbot disappears, 3/18

March 12, 1986 - Frisco makes breakfast for Felicia. Anna has a fateful meeting with the new DA Brett Madison and Mayor Morgan. The Mayor is tired of the Brownstone murder and thinks that Anna is wasting her time. Ruby traps the young runaways at Kelly's and agrees to let Mike stay over for one night. Morning comes and Mike breaks his word. Bobbie and Tony are having breakfast and Mike seeks them out as impartial judges. On Mike's behalf, Bobbie approaches Rick and Tony approaches Ginny. Ginny is devastated  when she learns that Mike wants to live with Rick but not her!  After hearing Bobbie's version of the same story, Rick tells her that Mike is a selfish brat!  Edward and Alan have sold most of their stocks to buy half the Donely and Cassidine shipping business. Monica is alarmed and thinks that it's premature of them to think of the San Pablo mineral strike as the new gold rush. Edward and Alan want Monica to take out a mortgage on the mansion but she refuses. Rick gives in per Steve Hardy's advice and will move in with Mike at Kelly's just like the old days. Jade tells Yank she loves him. Monica is upset with Sean for talking the 'joke' too far with the phony gold mine news. She won't see the Q's broke. Robin's devastated that Anna's priorities at work kept her from the parent teacher conference.
March 13, 1986 - Ginny packs a bag for Rick. He's moving back to Kelly's with Mike. Burt and Anna read the headline in the paper, "CITY HALL FORCES ANNA DEVANE TO DROP THE BROWNSTONE MURDER PROBE". Kevin brings Terry home. Bobbie and Jake and Frisco/Felicia march over to Anna's and demand and explanation. Anna doesn't feel she owes one. The headline says it all. Edward and Alan are selling all their assets to invest in Donely's fake southwest border scam. Anna extends a surprise lunch invitation to Jennifer Talbot. The dowager is too curious not to go and listen impatiently to Anna's apology about harassing Terry. Why talk about it now that the case is closed?  Anna assures her that the case is still open. She asks Jennifers help in getting through to Terry and discuss her nightmares. Jen tells her how she used to calm Terry and she would always spill her guts when she mixed a special blend of Brandy and milk. Sean asks Monica to meet him at his Penthouse. When she refuses he kisses her. Monica changes her mind. Rick worries that if Derek finds out that Mike doesn't want to live with his mother, he might file for custody of his son.
March 14,1986 - Jennifer taking Anna's advice clears the Brownstone by tossing a big bash. At the last minute, Jennifer fakes illness but sends the Brownstoners all to the private party in her absence. Terry naturally stays with her grandmother. Frisco and Felicia still have a hard time with the fact that Anna has dropped the murder case. The BRownstoners all dressed up to the 9's arrive at the PC hotel for Jennifer's bash. Jennifer is able to get Terry in a mood to talk about the past. She makes the special blend of Brandy and Milk and soon Terry is drifting off and spilling her guts. After a while of this, Terry is up and about singing and sleepwalking up a storm. The Brownstone intercom is pushed and her singing goes on throughout the place. Kevin at the party calls and checks up on his bride. Terry tells Kevin that she's okay, just pouring over old memories with Jennifer. After a while a plastered Terry tells her everything she wants to know, including the name of the murderer! The Brownstone party is winding down. Unknown to Jennifer the intercom is still on when she makes a phone call to Ted and tells him she knows who killed Earl Moody and Neil Johnson. She can't tell him on the phone, she makes plans to meet with him in Laurelton. The Brownstone party arrives home and an unknown shadow listens to everything that Jennifer has to say..
March 17, 1986 - At GH, Rick informs Bobbie of his latest dilemma with Mike. Terry wakes from her sound sleep and cant' find Jennifer anywhere. Where is she? Laurelton's first Miss Purity has disappeared with the name of the murderer on her lips. Kevin, Terry and Bobbie and Tony discuss her disappearance. Terry calls Ted but he has not seen her either. Derek finds that Mike is living outside the Webber home and confronts Rick about it. Sean presents Monica with some shamrock and wants to take her to the St Patricks day Parade. Patrick admits to Terry that he offered to drive Jennifer to the airport. He drove her and dropped her off but that was the last time he saw her. Ted reports to the Sheriff that Jennifer knows who the killer is and her life may be in danger. The St Patrick's day Festival is held at Kelly's.  Mike blows up when he overhears Rick and Derek discussing his own future. Mike agrees to come back to work for Derek at the studio. Sean takes Monica to the pub run by Red O' Flynn. Lots of partying good times and fun at the pub. Ted and the Sheriff find Jennifer never made it Laurelton. Kevin and Terry make love.
March 18, 1986 - Ted is in a lather and arranges a meeting with the Purity Council.  They all realize that with Jennifer missing, and knowing the killers identity, her life may be in danger. Terry is in a panic and near her 19th nervous breakdown with Jennifer missing. Bobbie and Jake try to pacify her uneasy mind. Anna calls Terry to check up on her wand learns that Jen gave her some Brandy and Milk but she has no idea what she told Jennifer that night. Anna's now worried with Jennifer up and missing. Sean decides to use Felicia as leverage against the Q's. Frisco at the academy. The class is going to be going on a survival mission in the woods. Frisco is uneasy about being partnered up with Sam and he's afraid what Felicia will do when she finds out. Terry becomes even more unglued when Ted informs her that Jen never made it to Laurelton. Kevin, Patrick, Bobbie and Jake search Jennifer's room. They find a letter inviting her to an old class reunion. The group wonders if she perhaps has gone to this party after all?  Frisco and Felicia have a spat over his camping out with Sam.
March 19-26, 1986:  3/19, 3/20, 3/21 Frisco finds Jennifer's body, 3/24 (:20 pre-emption), 3/25, 3/26

March 19, 1986 - Frisco and Sam are preparing for the PCPD Academy survival trip. Frisco's embarrassed when Felicia brings him his shaving kit during class. Jake tells TErry that Jen never checked into the hotel for her class reunion. Terry's even more upset when she learns that Jen never showed up for it either. Terry calls Ted frantic. Ted realizes that something awful may have happened to Ms Talbot. The keepers of the Purity water flame, including Sheriff Broder decide on joining forces with Anna to help find Jen. A jealous Felicia unloads her problems on Sean. Edward and Alan appear at Sean's warehouse and are prepared to buy Donely shipping. Felicia just playing, offers the bait. She wants to sell her shares in Donely's old company to buy into a new merger. Sean strenuously objects which makes the Q's pant for their shares. But Sean and Felicia have set up the entire story. Alan instructs Monica to lure Sean out of his office so they can bargain with Felicia without interference. Rick and Ginny have a romantic evening together. Jennifer's been missing for too long. Anna finally puts out a search for the wayward grandmother. Ted and Sheriff Broder arrive in PC and inform Terry that they suspect foul play because Jennifer knew the identity of the killer, this news shocks Anna as well as Terry.
March 20, 1986 - Everyone stares daggers at Patrick in light of Jen's disappearance. FOr he was the last person to see her before she vanished. Jake appears on Ginny's news show, and Ginny hopes the dramatic turn of events concerning the missing Talbot woman will boost her shows sagging ratings. Anna declares she has reason to re open the murder investigation. But Mayor Morgan while unwilling to betray his suspicion that Anna is right, insists she turn up a body before he will let her re open the case. Monica lures Sean out of his office and into her bed, while Edward and Alan bargain with Felicia. Felicia proves herself a tough cookie stalling Alan Q for so long that he ends up offering her 20 times the market value of her stock. Terry tells Anna all she remembers about Jen's last night seen alive. She remembers the brandy and milk and then blacked out everything. Mayor Morgan calls Anna with a change of heart. He allows her to reopen the murder case.

March 21, 1986 - On police assignment, Frisco wakes up in a warehouse with Sam and begins calling Felicia's name. Patrick blows up at everyone at GH when the local headline reads that he was the last person to see Jennifer alive. Anna arrives at the Brownstone and Terry flips out when she suspects her Grandmother is dead. Derek's pleased with Ginny.  Her ratings went up with the Talbot story. Ginny's happy that this turn of events has let her forget her own problems with Mike. Anna with Sheriff Broder in tow, questions Tanya, Bobbie and and later Tony and Patrick. Patrick becomes so angry at Anna that he starts to storm out. Anna lashes out that if he walks out that door, she will arrest him for murder. Tony has to calm Patrick down before he loses his cool. Frisco and Sam pass the first action packed test in a deserted warehouse. Patrick declares to Anna that he dropped Jen off at the airport and that was the last time he saw her. Anna and Sheriff Broder follow Jennifer's trail to the PC airport. Frisco and Sam are out on a survival course in the woods.  They play the hunted, waiting for the hunters. After coming across an old drain pipe not far from the PC airport, Frisco decided to investigate it as a possible hiding place. After crawling inside he screams in fear, as inside stuffed in the pipe like a pickle is the missing Jennifer Talbot!!!!! 

March 24, 1986 - Sean and Monica are getting frisky at the spa. Lorena overhears  Sean and Monica planning their first overnight tryst. Frisco and Anna break the news to Terry and the Brownstone group that Jenn has been found, she's dead.  Terry nearly has another seizure. Bobbie wants Patrick arrested immediately, after all, he was the last person to see her alive. Patrick proclaims his innocence. Mike gets into a new snit when he can't get any of his parents (3 total) to go with him to the ball game. Rick, Ginny, Derek all find other excuses and cancel on him at the last minute. Jen's death hit's Terry hard. Sedatives are the only thing to calm the poor girl. Rick is off to a medical convention and says goodbye to Ginny. The coroner's report on Jennifer reveals that she was killed by a blow to the head. The lethal twist came when the killer injected air into her artery inducing an embolism. Only an MD would know how to do this. Ted accuses Patrick of murder. Ginny is pestering Anna for a suspect in the murder. Anna's not that quick to name Patrick as the killer.
March 25, 1986 - Jimmy Lee returns from Brazil predicting that the family coup of Donely/Cassidine stock will make them richer than ever before. Alan tells Monica he couldn't have done it without her. Monica is not interested in Alan's opinion. Lorena tells Monica not to lose much beauty sleep, it's starting to show on her! Monica suspects that Lorena is on to her and Sean. Patrick swears up and down that he didn't kill Jennifer. He only dropped her off at the airport. Bobbie orders Patrick to pack up and get out. The coroner confirms to Anna that Jen died not of the blow to the head but from a heart attack brought on by the air injected into her artery. Anna finds that the two syringes from Patrick's bag were found near the crime scene. Patrick is stunned beyond belief and Jake is the only one to take up Patrick's defense. Anna confirms with GH that the syringes used on Jennifer in fact came from Patrick's bag.

March 26, 1986 - Ted and the Sheriff put pressure on Burt to follow up on the leads in Jen's murder. Everyone in town is telling Monica she looks awful. Alan tells Monica she needs to go to bed with him. Monica tells Alan NO DICE! And a rejected Alan works on his next move. Mike continues to act cold toward Derek and Ginny. Edward and Lila try to cheer up a sullen Jimmy Lee still reeling from Celia's estrangement. Lorena admits to Derek that she's only been using him to get to Jimmy Lee. That's OK by him as he's been using her to get to Ginny!  Alan unlocks the door to a sleeping Monica, who's finally hit the sack. Alan slips into her bed to collect his sexual favors, but the exhausted Monica will have none of it. Furious she kicks him to the road and tells him to get lost!

March 27 - April 2, 1986:  3/27, 3/28 Kevin is arrested, 3/31, 4/1, 4/2

March 27, 1986 - Jake and Patrick watch in horror as Ginny broadcasts a news report about Patrick's possible involvement in Jen's murder. All of this pressure sends Patrick way over the edge. While in the laboratory mixing patient medications, a reporter barges in to take pictures. Patrick slams him to the floor and during the scuffle, some medications get reversed. Later, Patrick nearly gives a patient the wrong medication. The woman just happens to be the wife of the President of the county medical association! Yank is able to save the day but Patrick's name is dragged through the mud. Jake cannot convince Anna to drop the case on Patrick. Jimmy Lee is working on his pecs at the Spa. Ginny thanks Brian and Claudia for taking Mike to the game the other night in her place. The DA is pressuring Anna to convict Patrick. Anna has camped out in Steve Hardy's office and is conducting a semi inquisition on Patrick's possible guilt in the murder. Derek presses Lorena to make love to him. But Lorena is still pining away for Jimmy Lee, who's still pining for's a no win situation for all of them. Lorena makes her feelings known to Jimmy Lee, but he can't think of getting involved with anyone right now. The forensic tests show Anna that the left rear tire print of Patrick's car doesn't match that of the murderer's car...things are looking better for Patrick. 
March 28, 1986 - The PC Brownstoner's are in Laurelton for Jennifer Talbot's funeral and reading of her will. At Jen's last rite's, Terry maintains her cool, but Ted loses his when he reads the reading of the will. After first leaving 90% of her estate to her grand daughter Terry, Jennifer also included a handwritten codicil to her will, naming Terry and Kevin as co owners of Purity Stock. Sean tries to boost Anna's morale and gives her advice on the case. He says that while talking to his buddy Red Flynn owner of the Pub on the waterfront, he thinks he has a lead on the murder case for her. Jimmy Lee meets Lorena for drinks at the Pub. She wants him to be more social but Jimmy Lee is too excited about the upcoming announcement from the Q's on the Donely/Cassidine merger. The hospital board meets to decide Patrick's fate. Naturally Edward wants the young intern booted out on his rear. But it's Yank who saves the day. He track's down the slimy reporter and the man confesses that he goaded Patrick in to the fight. All charges against Patrick are dropped, at least as far as GH is concerned. Meanwhile Anna and Sean are talking with Red Flynn at the Pub. Red admits he saw Jennifer and a young man arguing at the airport right before she disappeared. Anna shows Red a picture of Patrick and is ready to throw the book at him, when Red admits that Patrick is not the one he saw.  Frustrated, Anna shows him another picture and Red instantly picks the man out, finally Anna has her killer! Before leaving back to PC, Kevin prevents Terry from walking down Town Hall for another blast from the past. When Patrick shows up at the airport to meet the Brownstone group, he runs into Anna and two armed policemen. Thinking that this is it, he holds out his hands but Anna tells him that she's not there to arrest him. The PC gang arrives and Terry wants to know if Anna got the killer. Anna says she has and turns to Kevin and handcuffs him for the murder of Jennifer Talbot!

March 31, 1986 - Terry is a wreak following Kevin's arrest. Kevin is booked and fingerprinted. Bobbie berates Anna for Kevin's arrest even though an eyewitness has identified him. Frisco  receives a lousy score on his criminal law test. Frisco and Sam are put on probation. Kevin tells Anna she will never be able to show her face in town again because of the mistake she's made. Tony and Tanya tell Ruby she's going to have a baby! Burt tells Jake and Bobbie and Anna that Jennifer had a clause in her will leaving everything half of everything to Kevin if if anything happened to her. Kevin's parents hire a big shot NY attorney to defend Kevin. But Kevin wants no part of it, he wants blue collar Jake Meyer! Bobbie and Jake question Red Flynn about his supposed eyewitness testimony. Jake is not too convinced of Kevin's innocence. Bobbie is really upset with him. Anna question's Kevin's professor about Kevin's whereabouts the day of Jen's murder. The professor tracks down the class attendants that day and keeps a record of all students signatures who attended that day. Anna confirms the signature of Kevin's is not quite a match and appears to have

April 1, 1986 - Terry visits Kevin at the Police Headquarters. Kevin's professor allows Anna to question each of his fellow students to see if Kevin really attended class that day. Frisco joins Anna in the investigation. Frisco finds a student that confirms Kevin attended class that day of Jen's murder. But Kevin's friend is muddy on the dates after Anna gets done with her questions. He can't confirm the actual day of Jen's murder if Kevin was indeed in class. Sean is working up a sweat in Lorena's spa.  Lorena spies on Sean and Monica who later agree to meet at the PUb. .After questioning many of the students in Kevin's class. none of them recall seeing Kevin in class that day. Lorena and Derek at the pub, spot Felicia and Sean arriving together. She thought for sure Monica was going to join hm. Derek tells her to butt out of Monica's affairs. Jake and Kevin go over the evidence against him. Anna runs into Patrick at the student library conducting his own investigation for his brother. Sean and Monica rendezvous at the Pub after Lorena has left. The librarian on duty confirms the student librarian on duty the day of Kevin's absense was Lucy Coe. Ms. Coe is currently on vacation till next Friday. Anna gets Lucy's address. A student informs Burt and Anna that he signed for Kevin the day he didn't show up in class. He did it as a favor. One more nail in Kevi's coffin, Anna's delighted. Kevin stands up in a line for Red Flynn. Red positively identifies him as the man he saw with Jennifer the morning of her murder.

April 2, 1986 - Edward congratulates Monica on her infiltration of Sean's empire. Dimitri Cassidine shocks Sean with his plans to retire on 50% of the Q fortune already given to him. Donely is ready to go for the jugular, and he lets Cassidine go after securing his power of attorney. Donley tries to convince the Q's that they have been swindled and stand to lose their fortune, but later changes his mind.  He decides to nail the Q's for a mint. Naturally he does not tell Monica his partner in crime. Tony prepares a romantic evening for he and Tanya. Monica tries to convince Edward of Sean's story But the pigheaded Eddie Q doesn't believe her. Alan and Lila abstain from the vote. Jimmy Lee and Eddie decide to sell the other 50% stock to Cassidine, thereby assuring their financial ruin.
April 3-9, 1986:  4/3, 4/4 Jake agrees to defend Kevin, 4/7, 4/8, 4/9

April 3, 1986 - Felicia is cold toward Anna when she calls for Frisco. Frisco's cleaning of Kevin's apt uncovers fibers from a sweater. The same fibers found on Jen's body. Clueless Felicia is livid that Frisco is pursuing Kevin since Terry is their best friend. Another Terry and Kevin tearful reunion in jail. Patrick and Ted try to convince Jake he's not right to defend Kevin. But Jake is not so sure that Kevin's innocent anyway. Ginny, Mike and Derek at the spa. Mike is getting closer to Ginny and she feels he's almost ready to move back. Frisco and Jake commiserate with each other. Their woman hate them for thinking Kevin is guilty. Ted and Mrs O Conner watch Ginny's interview with Sheriff Broder who berates Anna's mishandling of the whole Kevin ordeal.  Court is in session:  Brett Madison conducts the trial for the state of NY. While Ted starts out trying to defend Kevin. The Judge announces that enough evidence in the case to conduct a trial and hold Kevin without bail. Robin is disturbed to see the Sheriff blasting her mommy on Tv. Terry pleads with Jake to take Kevin's case. Ted is not qualified. Jake continues to think Kevin guilty.

April 4, 1986 - Anna and Robin walk through the park and an elderly woman chastises Anna for convicting that "fine young boy" Kevin. Jake tells Bobbie he can't defend Kevin, he doesn't believe him. Buzz goes to Ginny hoping to defend Anna's honor. Ginny offers him a rebuttal to Sheriff Broder's attacks on Anna. Buzz pretapes an interview and Anna is moved to tears by Buzz's praise. Kevin tells his parents he still wants Jake to defend him. Anna speaks at Frisco's class about honor and duty to one's job. The pressure from Jake's friends are too much. He goes to see Kevin and asks him outright if he killed Jennifer, Earl and Neil. Kevin shouts NO! The evidence is so overwhelming, but Jake agrees to defend him. He can't promise him a miracle though. Kevin's delighted. Frisco tells Anna that she and Felicia think Kevin's innocent. They unfortunately won't be on her side in this trial. Terry's delighted to have Frisco and Felicia on her side again. Jake announces to Bobbie and the Brownstoners that he will defend Kevin. At last the Brownstone group is once again a happy family.  First order of business for Jake is to find Lucy Coe.

April 7, 1986 - Where is Lucy Coe???  Who is Lucy Coe???  That's the question of the hour and Kevin swears that Lucy will testify he was at the library studying the morning of the murder. Patrick is subpoenaed to testify against his brother. Brett Madison tells Anna he can't start the trial until Lucy Coe is questioned. After reading a book called "Corporate Bandits", Jimmy Lee decides Sean is deceiving them and the family, and tries to convince Edward, who wants no part of it. Lorena tells Holt that she believes that Monica is having an affair with Sean. Jimmy Lee is furious and doesn't believe her, at first. But later realizes that Lorena might be right. Anna aks Sean advice on the best way to nail Kevin. He suggests starting with the weakest link in Laurelton, Sarah! Buzz convinces Anna to go to dinner. His motives are to get them closer and he suggests that they become more than friends. Anna keeps her distance for the time being. Anna and Buzz run into Monica and Sean at the Pub. Both make excuses about bumping into each other.

April 8, 1986 - Patrick, Terry, and Felcia at Kelly's going over the day's detective work for Kevin. Jake asks Frisco if he thinks that Kevin is really innocent. Especially when he learns about the planted note proclaiming each other "guilty of murder", that he and Anna left in Patrick and Kevin's room. (Patrick and Kevin both burned it) Jake and Bobbie in bed. Jake calls Anna, no sign yet of Lucy Coe. Bryan tells Rick that Jeff ran away from the orphanage and wants to come back to live with him. Jimmy Lee tries to convince Alan of Monica's affair with Sean. Alan can't believe it. But does hire a Private investigator named Chuck Morrison to tail Monica. Anna and Brett watch a tearful interview with Terry and Ginny on TV. Terry firmly believes her husband innocent and says so on tv. Frisco is questioning tow co-eds who know Lucy Coe. Anna agrees to let Jake accompany her to Laurelton. Meanwhile, Lucy's landlady calls and says that Lucy's coming back to town on Friday.

April 9, 1986 - Alan has Chuck tail Monica. Monica's spooked to find a sleazy looking man in a cheap suit following her around the hospital. Patrick and Terry visiting Kevin in jail. Anna and Jake fly to Laurelton where Anna calls a meeting at the town hall, the site of Earl Moody's murder. The Purity Water group Board of Directors arrive one by one. Ted, Tim, Kathleen, Sheriff Broder and last but not least Sarah. Anna plays Terry's hypnosis tape for them and the group is speechless. Anna lays her cards on the table. You all know that Earl Moody was murdered in THIS room.  So who is it? She reminds them the killer is focusing on the board of directors, a fact that they are fully aware. They convene privately to discuss their strategy. Sarah is all for telling Anna the truth of what she knows. Chuck reports to Alan and Edward that Monica is seeing Sean today at the PC Hotel. Alan is furious and runs over. Edward and Chuck follow to prevent any homicide! Eddie and Chuck arrive at the PC hotel and find Monica having lunch all right but with her sons! Alan barges into Sean's apt and find he's taking a shower with a woman. Sean walks out of the bathroom with a woman named Wendy. Alan with foot in mouth disease apologizes profusely and leaves. Anna takes Sarah back to PC where the woman wants to spill her guts. The Purity Water group vow to not let her say a word.
April 10-16, 1986:  4/10 Kevin's trial begins, 4/11, 4/14, 4/15, 4/16

April 10, 1986 - Frisco, Jake  and Bobbie at Kelly's preparing the day's work for Kevin's defense. Patrick gets into hot water at GH when a nosy reporter asks him what it's like to have a murderer for a brother. An elderly patient overhearing this goes into cardiac arrest. Steve orders the reporter removed from the Hospital. Buzz and Steve later visit the judge who severely reprimands the newspaper man. Alan and Monica having breakfast at Kelly's, get into an argument when Sean arrives complaining about the incident in the hotel last night. Monica storms out on Alan pushing him farther out of the picture. Frisco and Felicia at Kelly's conducting their individual investigations of the co-eds at Kevin's campus. Kevin's trial begins with opening remarks from Brett Madison and Jake Meyer. First witness for the prosecution is is the coroner who rehashes the grisly details of Jen's murder. Next up, Patrick. Brett tries to establish Patrick as Kevin's alibi. 

April 11, 1986 - Brett and Anna are ready for round two of Kevin's trial. Jake tries to shake up the next witness Red Flynn owner of the Pub. Jake tells Red that there is no way he could have positively identified Kevin in a crowded airport and learns from the pub owner that he saw Kevin before the plane landed at a newsstand with a leggy curvaceous looker in high spike heels. Who could that be?? Jake wonders. When Sarah next takes the stand, her Purity cohorts sweat bullets wondering how many of her guts she is going to spill. Jake is dealt a cruel blow when Sarah reveals how Neil Johnson found Earl Moody's strangled corpse in an unmarked grave with a chain and medallion twisted around his neck. What was inscribed on the medallion?  D. A. Madison asks. The initials "K.O", the courtroom goes wild. Sarah later tries to alter her story after the Purity Water group harasses her. Neil Johnson said he only saw one initial on the medallion, an "O", she lies under oath. The Purity Pack is satisfied, the Brownstoner's are relieved, and Madison is in despair until his star witness makes a late entrance. Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, meet Miss Lucy Coe. Are you ready Kevin???  

April 14, 1986 - Kevin's alibi is useless without back up from Lucy Coe, but the shy frumpy librarian doesn't remember seeing him in the library on the morning of the murder. Brett Madison is elated; Jake is dejected. He's got to find a way to destroy her testimony. Enter Frisco, who by the way, passes his penal code exam. Buzz, Patrick and Rick work feverishly to save the life of the elderly woman who went into cardiac arrest after being shocked by the reporter at GH. The woman dies. Patrick is blaming himself for letting the reporter walk the halls of GH so freely. Amy informs Monica that a patient of hers is waiting for her in her office, Sean Donely!  Anna, Frisco, Buzz and Robin at Kelly's discussing the latest developments with Lucy Coe. Steve and Audrey lecturing the student nurses along with Jade and Yank on the ordeal of what happened to Mrs McCormick and the reporter. Monica tells Sean she wants to see him at Kelly's as soon as possible. She's come to the momentous decision to divorce Alan! Sean is less than enthusiastic about the prospect of Monica being free for him. He tells her that he's worried about his financial future and the possibility that she could lose the custody of her son. Monica doesn't care. Rick talks with the couple that want to take Jeff in as legal guardian. Frisco and Felicia reports to Jake that she got the goods on Red Flynn. A star from the PCU basketball team named Stretch tells her that Flynn lost his coaching job because he was guilty of bribery. Patrick is at the pub blabbing about seeing Kevin at the airport with a good looking chick.  Unfortunately, Red blabs to a gossip reporter going under cover. The reporter runs out to file her story and Patrick is ready to knock Red's block off. Kevin tells a horrified Terry that with Lucy Coe in the picture, he might be able to get Kevin acquitted.

April 15, 1986 - Monica announces to Alan her plans to divorce him. He thinks he can make her come back to him by moving the family into a new house for which they will pay with their killing on the Donely/Cassidine stock. The house costs three point two million. Frisco pays a call to Lucy at the Library and gets very friendly with the frumpy librarian. Services are held at GH for the woman that died as the result of the fall out of Kevin's murder trial. Kevin's trial continues: Jake refutes the testimony of witness John Hudson, the classmate who signed Kevin in for the slide presentation, but who told Anna that he never showed. Thanks to Ruby, who was serving Hudson breakfast when he was supposed to be in class, Jake is able to probe that Hudson got a call from the defendant saying he would be late, then signed Kevin and himself in, and headed to Kelly's for hash and eggs. Felicia learns from the guilty party involved with Red Flynn that Flynn offered players a free car if they lost a game. More amazing but also true, the man looks exactly like Kevin!  Could Red be prosecuting Kevin because he looks so much like the man that once cost him his job? After meeting with Jeff's foster parents, Rick convinces Jeff to go back to the Lane family. Debbie admits to Bryan that she's fallen in love with him but what about Claudia?? Anna and Madison are embarrassed at the way things are going in court. Jake can't shake Lucy's testimony. In fact, she remembers more. She remembers seeing Kevin in the library on March 12 with a flashy girl wearing a red headband, like the girl Red Flynn saw at the airport. He was reading a book or criminal forensics and turned down the corner of a page. He also signed to take out a reference on March 17 but never came to pick it up. Buzz, Anna and Robin at dinner discussing the day's events. Lorena threatens Monica with revealing everything she knows about her affair with Sean. Lorena's getting back at her for being matron of honor at Jimmy Lee's wedding.  

April 16, 1986 - Kevin's trial: Jake calls Kathleen O' Conner to the stand. Kevin's mother Kathleen paints a rosy picture of her son that would never hurt a fly. Jake calls Patrick to the stand next. Patrick simply confirms he would trust Kevin with his life. But Madison counteracts that testimony by bringing up Patrick's past differences with his brother. He admits that Kevin did fly into a rage when he found out Terry had a fling with Patrick. Jake next calls Sheriff Broder. Sheriff admits under oath that he never had any reasons to arrest Kevin. He always kept his nose clean in Laurelton. Alan, Edward, Lila and Jimmy Lee discussing Monica's divorce filings with Alan. Frisco at the library presents Lucy with a rose. He tries to get closer to her and offers to drive her home. Jake puts Hudson back on the stand, and the youth admits that he can't be absolutely certain that Kevin was not in class the day of Jen's murder. Madson is discouraged at the turn of events. Claudia blasts Debbie at GH. She orders him to keep her hands off her husband. Frisco charms his way into Lucy's apartment. Inside he finds a Laura Ashley style apartment. There he uncovers steamy love poems written on lilac paper, love poems written to Kevin!!!  Jake gets Red back on the stand after testimony from a disgruntled student announces Red once took bribes. Red continues to admit that he saw Kevin at the airport. Jake tries to tie in Red's anger toward the student (who looks like Kevin) as the reason he is railroading Kevin O' Conner. Monica tells Alan to go to hell and don't even think twice about getting custody of her son.  Rick comes by the mansion to try to get Alan and Monica to patch things up for the good of GH. Jake tells the celebrating Laurelton gang at Kelly's that tomorrow could be Kevin's downfall as Lucy Coe is going to once again take the stand.
April 17-23, 1986:  4/17, 4/18, 4/21, 4/22 Kevin found not guilty, 4/23

April 17, 1986 - Frisco arrives at Lucy's in the morning to help walk her to work. A shy Lucy invites Frisco inside. Frisco does more snooping. Monica and Sean in bed. Felicia and Jade follow Lucy and Frisco to the library. Felicia is a bit jealous. Bryan tries to apologize to Debbie for Claudia's outburst. A gossipy Amy spies Monica and Sean at GH. Buzz takes Monica aside at GH and tries to offer his two cents about the divorce proceedings with Alan.  Kevin's trial:  Jake puts Lucy on the stands and Lucy once again admits to seeing Kevin at the library with a woman and the two of them were becoming very chummy. Kevin jumps up and calls Lucy a liar!  Kevin takes the stand and admits under oath that he was not with any woman and was never reading a book on criminal law. Jake and Bobbie at the libary with Mrs. Crocket the head librarian. Bobbie finds the book with the turned down page that Kevin creased but its about the inner ear and not criminal law. Jake's next going to put Bertha on the stand to discredit Lucy's testimony. Frisco while at Lucy's pockets some of her steamy poetry. Monica and Sean enjoying each others company in bed.  Frisco presents the poetry found at Lucy's apt to Jake. Jake tells Terry and Patrick they finally have a fighting chance for Kevin's acquittal. 

April 18, 1986 - At ELQ, Edward and Lila trying to use a computer. Lila and Edward sign the papers for the new 3 million dollar mansion. Kevin's trial: Lucy Coe takes the stand again. Jake whips out a piece of lilac paper. Seeing it, Lucy begins to wig out. You stole my poetry she shouts at Jake.  Monica and Sean discretely seeing each other at GH. Amy spies the two of them. Lucy on the stand cries out in frothy desperation. Jake has memorized some of Lucy's sexy poetry.  Jake reveals that the lovelorn librarian's secret lust for Kevin has driven her to the brink of madness. Kevin is floored. Brett is nauseous. Anna is flabbergasted.  Jake is joyous. Frisco is later ashamed for having stolen the poems in the first place.  But the truth must be told.  Monica on a secret rendezvous with Sean in the park.  Monica meets Lila and Alan and Edward at ELQ.  Edward informs Monica that the stock for the Donely/Cassidine is going public today. Alan gets a call from their broker.. Dimitri Cassidine has fled to Brazil. The stock is worthless, the Q's are flat broke!!!!!  Monica is stunned. Jake shakes Lucy to her frustrated foundation.Crackling, the mousy librarian tells the courtroom how she lied about everything. She tried to get even with Kevin for not looking at her and marrying Terry. 

April 21, 1986 - At ELQ the fallout of the Q's losing their fortune. Monica is shocked the group put all their money into the Cassidine stock. Anna arrives with Brett informing her of Lucy's latest testimony. Felicia is delighted, Frisco is suspicious.  Lucy continues to testify that she memorized Red Flynn's testimony and wanted Kevin to pay for Jen's murder because he hurt her. Now Kevin will be let off the hook??? Realizing that filet mignon is no longer part of their reality, the Q's clip coupons for Lean Cuisine. Lila's looking on the bright side of things. Bus fair is free for senior citizens. Lila wants to sell her jewelry and Monica offers to buy it from her so she can later buy it back. Buzz offers his advice from Sean. He wants to get closer to Anna. While at Sean's office,  Monica notices a file labeled Donely Holding Company. She asks Sean what it is, but Sean replies nothing and and distracts his lover with passionate kisses. Meanwhile, Edward wants the bumbling gumshoe Chuck to find Dimitri Cassidine. Frisco and Felicia feeling bad for Lucy invite her to Kelly's. Terry and Kevin have a tearful reunion in Jail. Lucy faces a charge of purge, but does not change her testimony. The jury is dismissed by the judge to deliberate the case.

April 22, 1986 - Terry and Kevin in jail.  Frisco confides to Anna that he's not so sure he did the right thing with Lucy. Anna assures him that her gut instinct tells her that Kevin is guilty. Rick, Mike and Ginny at home. Mike introduces them to his "girlfriend" Jamie. Sean comes by GH looking for Monica. Rick tells her she's in OR.  Buzz tries to shake Jimmy Lee out of his coma for Celia. The jury is back in the court with the decision. They decide to aquit Kevin of first degree murder. Anna and Brett are defeated. Celebration and thanks are in order among the brownstoners and for Jake, who receives a vacation in Paris from Patrick as a token of appreciation. Bobbie's taking empty suitcases to the City of Lights to loot the stores. Kevin wants to move out of the Brownstone but Terry is reluctant. Anna confides her frustrations to Sean. Anna berates herself for letting the real killer go free while she pursued the wrong man. Buzz tries to cheer Anna up. The Brownstoner's and the Laurelton looney's enjoy a party for Kevin's freedom.

April 23, 1986 - Anna and Buzz enjoy a proper date. Does Buzz stand a chance with her?? Maybe. Although she's not interested in a serious relationship, his kiss does make her feel like a woman again. Even Robin is dropping hints that her mother has made going it alone a tedious crusade. She would like a brother or sister. Buzz is ideal daddy material she tells Anna. Lila, Alan and Edward pouring over their losses. Jimmy Lee is informed of thier newly lost finances. Alan yells at Jimmy Lee and blames him for their losing their money. Jimmy Lee punches Alan in the jaw. Rick, Ginny, Mike and his girlfriend Jamie.  Buzz is about to get lucky with Anna when Frisco and Felicia interrupt.
April 24-30, 1986:  4/24, 4/25, 4/28 Buzz is injured on the waterfront, 4/29, 4/30

April 24, 1986 - Anna apologizes to Buzz for last night and tells him she's not ready for a serious relationship at the moment. Terry and Kevin in bed. Terry misses her Grandma Jen. When she can't sleep, tries to remember the blend of special drink that Jen used to fix for her. Terry flashes back to the night she walked naked in the streets of Laurelton. Patrick returns to Laurelton to settle some business with the Purity Water Company. Earl Moody's house is now his. The Moody drudge, Sarah, is still sweeping and Patrick makes her an offer. She can live in the Moody house for the rest of her life if she can keep the business of the Purity Water meetings he can't attend by sitting in his place. Sarah wants to talk about the initials on the medallion but Patrick wants to leave the past alone. Anna, Buzz and Robin at breakfast. Sheriff Broder and Tim O Conner reminisce about the night they were in Town Hall and Earl Moody fell dead across Terry Brock.  Later, they and ted Holmes are enraged when they hear that Sarah is going to be around and important for a good long while. Anna is at Kelly's and Kevin stairs daggers at her. Terry mixes the blend of brandy and milk that Jennifer used to make for her.  However she forgets the Brandy. Terry knows she will never be happy till she remembers who killed Earl Moody. Kevin is giving a hard time to Anna when Buzz intervenes. Terry finally remembers the Brandy and sneaks into Patrick's to get some. Patrick stops her.

April 25, 1986 - Terry confesses to Felicia that she is a zombie in the sack with Kevin. Although Kevin is a free man, he feels the stigma of having stood trial. Patients recognize his mug from the newspaper and his old buddies at the hospital act cold toward him. Rick tries to make peace with Kevin and his co workers. Frisco is put to the test on a mock robbery but fails, when Chief Lewis shows him the mistake he just made in bust. Amanda and the GH board of directors call a meeting wondering if Kevin's reputation might hurt the Hospital. Felicia embarrass Frisco when she walks into one of Frisco's training exercise's and shows off the right procedure in disarming a suspect. Terry visits Lucy at the library to see what makes Ms Coe tick. Later, Frisco decides he wants to be friends with Lucy. Cute scene at Kelly's with Felicia and Frisco playing around with his handcuffs.  Patrick shows up at the library, to thank her and then asks her out on a date. Lucy knows just what to do with all the attention, chuck her wall flower outfit and let down her hair. In black stockings printed with butterflies, Lucy paints her mouth in vivid red. There is a knock on the door. Lucy opens the door to a gloved man and calls him says "Hello Lover!"

April 28, 1986 - After a night of sex, Lucy's lover departs and she delights in the events that just occurred. Lucy is no wall flower, but a sex kitten!!!  Frisco and Felicia plan a June Wedding.  Buzz gets a boo boo. It's a big one. While ministering to a needy on the waterfront, the pioneer of Port Charles Medical Van tries to break up a fight between two hoods. He's clobbered on the skull with a tire iron. Unconscious, he is rushed to GH where Tony and Rick tend him. Anna arrives. Tests reveal that Buzz has a subdural hematoma, and is found with cigarette burns all over his body, and a steel plate in his head which no one never knew about. Was Buzz a prisoner of war? Anna orders an all out man hunt for Buzz's attacker. Jimmy Lee is at Lorena's when he hears of Buzz's attack. Anna tells Frisco she cares about Buzz but doesn't love him. He's everything a woman could want in a man but he's just not a lover like Robert Scorpio Frisco tells her. Anna agrees.  Kathleen and her son Patrick get into furious argument. Kathleen can't understand why Patrick would allow Sarah to take over for him at the Purity Council. Jimmy Lee blames himself for Buzz being in the Hospital. If he only hadn't brought him to town, Felicia goes a little off the wall in light of the trageties with Buzz and the fact the killer is still on the loose. Felicia wants Frisco to give up the PCPD. Lucy gets a call from her mystery lover. She's still exhausted from their marathon sex session. She tells him she can't wait to see him again. Anna sits by Buzz's bedside with Robin. 

April 29, 1986 - Next Day, Steve, Tony, and Rick discuss Buzz. With the metal plate in his head, Buzz regains consciousness and is in great pain. Alan consults with Chuck. He's still trying to get the goods on Monica. Edward is in South Hampton trying to sell their old mansion. Rick and Tony decide Buzz needs immediate surgery. Alan goes to Derek with an offer he can't refuse. Alan wants him to purchase the old South Hampton mansion. Amanda tries to by Lila's jewelry but Monica stops her by bidding over what Amanda offers.  Monica may have saved the family jewels...but Lorena is still harping on her and threatening to expose her lover affair with Sean. Mike asks Rick and Ginny to toss a surprise Birthday bash for his girl Jamie. Lila warns Monica that if she tries to divorce Alan it might re kindle old feelings of the homicidal temper he has. 

April 30, 1986 - Something is very wrong in the O' Conner marraige. Terry can't perform in the sack for Kevin anymore. She offers a marriage counselor might help, but Kevin wants no part of it and storms out. Later the two fighting newlyweds make up. Patrick, Rick and Tony tend to Buzz who goes into a seizure. Anna is devastated.  Derek tells Lorena he's considering the purchase of the mansion that Alan offered him. Frisco tells Lucy the grand jury may prosecute her for purge. Patrick visits Lucy as well to get to know her better. Tony and Rick tell Anna that Buzz requires immediate Brain surgery. Patrick punches out a fresh student who is bothering Lucy. Robin thinks Lucy could be very beautiful if she only "let her hair down". Anna spends a tearful day at Buzz's bedside. Rick tells her to prepare for the worst.

May 1-8, 1986:  5/1, 5/2, 5/5, 5/6, 5/7, 5/8

May 1, 1986 - Bobbie and Jake return from Paris. Bobbie learns of Buzz's fate. Terry and Kevin had another sexless night. Jake meets with Lucy who suggests she plead guilty of perjury. It might help her case. Frisco, Felicia, and Patrick feeling sorry for Lucy support her plight. Edward returns and reports to Lila and Alan that he successfully sold the South Hampton estate. Lila also sold her jewelry to Monica to help the Q's stay afloat. Lucy secretly places a call to a mystery person telling her that her trial went well and she makes plans to meet later. Frisco and Sam at PCPD academy passed an important test. But Frisco is moody. He wants to work undercover. Lucy dressed in her sexy nightgown meets her lover, Kevin!!  Rick and Bobbie at Kelly's discussing their personal trials and tribulations. Kevin may have slipped up, a plumbing problem attended to by Jake reveals an important clue. Inside the toilet tank, he finds a key on a string. He pockets it. After an afternoon of sex, Kevin leaves Lucy. Lucy wants him forever. Terry is only a temporary problem. The groom plans to do in Terry when they go on a second honeymoon. Later, Kevin finds the key is missing from the tank. Kevin shows Frisco the key and the two are at a loss to understand it. The letter on the key is "B." 

May 2, 1986 - Anna at GH with Buzz. A new neurosurgeon arrives to perform the delicate brain surgery on Buzz. Jake ponders the key with the letter "B" found in Kevin's commode tank. Kevin and Terry plan a second honeymoon. Terry is thrilled. Sean picks up Robin from school to be with Anna at GH. Kevin searches Jake's office in a panic looking for the key. He finds it in a cup. But Terry nearly finds him snooping around Jake's office. Rick assures Anna the surgery on Buzz is necessary. Jake arrives at Lucy's to present her with information regarding her case, but Lucy is not at home. The cleaning lady lets Jake into her apt to leave her a note. The cleaning lady notices that Lucy forgot to take the trash out. Jake offers to help. He takes it out the back door and when dumping the trash, he notices that Lucy's back door is labeled "B."  Tony, Rick and the neurosurgeon prep Buzz for surgery. Jake can't find the key in his desk. Bobbie is puzzled by what Jake is talking about. Jake learns that Terry and Kevin just departed for their second honeymoon. Jake realizes that he just made a terrible mistake. 

May 5, 1986 - Kevin and Terry on their second Honeymoon first arrive at Jen's old place in Laurelton. Terry wants to sort through Jen's personal effects. Kevin wants to start work on the Jen Talbot Wing of the Laurelton hospital. No one in Laurelton wants them there. Tim O'Conner tells Kevin his wife is a ticking time bomb. Ted tells him to get Terry out of Laurelton now! Jake tells Frisco about the theft of the key and the fact it belongs to Lucy's apt. Jake thinks Lucy was involved with Kevin. Frisco can't believe it's true. Tanya comforting Jimmy Lee and Ginny who await the fate of Buzz. Tanya helping Felicia plan her upcoming wedding to Frisco. Jake reaches Terry at Laurelton on the phone. Everything is fine up to now. Terry is very happy. Everyone at GH is happy. Buzz came through the surgery with flying colors. Jake and Frisco are closing in on the lusty librarian Lucy Coe. At the library, Jake and Frisco pour over the books that Kevin was working on before the trial. Rick and Ginny out to dinner with Tony and Tanya.  While massaging Terry's neck, Kevin nearly choke's her to death.  Frisco reluctantly agrees to go "undercover" to find out if Lucy is lying.

May 6, 1986 - Derek Barrington arrives at the Q's with an offer of 1.7 million for the gargantuan new mansion they've bought. The offer is firm, until Lila announces a surprise call from estranged Celia, who says that she wants to move back to PC and can spend 2.5 million on Edward's white elephant. Derek ups the ante to 2.7 million, Celia to 3, Derek to 3.1. Celia decides to withdraw her offer. After Derek leaves with the house he wanted but not at the price he wanted to pay, Lila spills the beans that Celia never called. It was Alan on the phone the whole time! Sean finds Anna has spent the night at the hospital next to Buzz. Buzz is still unconscious.  Burt tells Anna they have some leads as to who attacked Buzz on the waterfront. Felicia secures a job at the University to make some fast cash for her upcoming wedding. Kevin calls Lucy secretly and tells her he can't wait to be with her. But to be careful around Frisco.  Monica tells Sean that she can't see him for a while. Alan tells Monica that he increased the life insurance policy in case anything happens to him. Monica agrees to let the Q's live in the mansion at least till the summer.  Jake wonders if Kevin could have defaced a book on criminology as well as one on the human ear. He also meets with Bea Duncan, Lucy's nosy neighbor, who tells him that Lucy's been burning the midnight oil, and dressing in sexy outfits when meeting a particular gentleman caller. Frisco and Felicia planning their future. Patrick smitten with mousy Lucy asks Lucy out to dinner. Burt spots Lucy and Patrick in a cozy position at GH and reports to Anna.

May 7, 1986 - In Laurelton going over Jen's things, Terry finds a musical valentine in one of Jen's photo albums. The shaky bride's twisted mind reels backward in time to a murky past. She remembers a valentine falling to her feet. Stop your memory right there says Kevin. Bobbie is puzzled by Jake and Frisco looking for a pair of black lace stockings. Kevin books a flight to Los Angeles and a room at Catalina Island to start the second honeymoon. Rick asks Alan if he's heard of Grant and the Hospital ship, nothing yet. What is Sean up to with that? Sean reports to Felicia that the Medical ship that Grant was on has been sunk, possibly by terrorists.  Grant won't be coming back to PC, he took a job in an Egyptian Hospital.  Felicia tells Sean she is starting her own job at the University. Jake goes to see Red Flynn at the Pub. He shows her a picture of Lucy but Red can't be sure Lucy is the one in the picture. This girl had legs that went on forever.  Out of luck, Frisco gets an idea. He pays off one of the pretty bar maids to put on the stockings. One look from Red at the pair of long legs in the black stockings prods Red's memory, they're the same leggings he saw on the girl in the airport with Kevin!  Sean reports the news of the medical ship to Alan and Jimmy Lee. Jimmy Lee smells a scam but Donely admits it's true. Holt calls Grant and confirms the truth. He also breaks the news to him that he and Celia split up.  In search of Lucy's sexy stockings, Frisco is caught by the mousy librarian's landlady Gladys. Fumbling for excuses, he says that he's just an innocent police cadet there to shut Lucy's window's before the imminent May hurricane, Lucy asked him to do that. Gladys calls the police after he leaves. Ted comes by in a raging storm in Laurelton and meets with Kevin and Terry. Terry is too distracted about the valentine card. Jake making sure everyone's room secure during the hurricane finds Kevin and Terry left their windows open. Cleaning up the mess, Jake sees a piece of loose wallpaper. Trying to press it back in place, Jake finds an envelope underneath. The paper enclosed is from a law book talking about "double jeopardy." Now Jake knows how Kevin set him up!

May 8, 1986 - Anna is with Buzz when he awakes from his coma. Jake feels like a jerk. Later he finds the missing book with the torn out page from his own law book, from his own shelf! Jake fills in Frisco. Kevin committed the perfect crime and got off. He can't warn Terry, though, because the hurricane has knocked out the power lines. Buzz wakes up. Rick tells Anna that he's called her name. Buzz in a daze tells her not to leave him. Derek soaking wet shows Lorena the deed to the mansion he bought from the Q's. Trapped at the spa, Derek and Lorena make love.  Ted tells Kevin that the Purity water board wants Terry out of Laurelton as soon as possible. No problem. Kevin can't wait to get Terry out of the house. Frisco takes Lucy home during the storm. The electricity goes out and Frisco tries to snoop around while looking for the candles. Coming out of the bathroom, Frisco is stunned to see Lucy with her hair down and those legs that Red identified in the black stockings. Burt reports to Anna that Lucy is seeing a lot of Frisco. They both consider it strange that Jones wouldn't report to them what is going on. Frisco is trying to pump Lucy for information when interrupted by the landlady. Gladys reports to Lucy that the same young man was snooping around her apt the other day. Lucy burns all of her sexy stockings and anything else connected with her and Kevin.  Later, Jake arrives back at Lucy's and she's all dressed back up in her mousy outfit. She tells the lawyer that Frisco was snooping around her apt. On his way out he finds a part of a necklace on the floor by the fire. Anna brings Robin around to cheer up Buzz. Burt tells Anna that Jake and Frisco are poking around Lucy's apt.

May 9-15, 1986:  5/9, 5/12, 5/13, 5/14, 5/15

May 9, 1986 - The storm rages on. Edward tries to talk Monica into funding a business deal for him.  Monica refuses. Jake and Frisco are still trying to get a hold of Terry but the lines are still down. Anna arrives at the Brownstone and scolds Jake and Frisco for taking the law into their own hands. They fill her in all all the happenings with Kevin and how he got off with murder. Edward is worried about Lila, she returns furious that she's been house hunting in a storm. Sean calls Monica at the mansion. He's about to tell her some great news when the phone goes out.  Later, Monica meets with Sean and he tells her that he's back in the $$$$ again. He sold a ware house in Hong Kong for a huge fee and made a fortune. Monica is happy and the two lovebirds start to rekindle their old romance. Jake, Frisco and Anna try to convince Bobbie that Kevin is the killer. Finally confronted with the truth, Bobbie is horrified. Kevin and Terry plan to leave Laurelton but are waiting for a break in the storm. Ted tells Kevin to get her out of town now even if they have to swim all the way to Los Angeles. Sarah comes over and pulls out the valentine. Terry begins having more flashbacks. Anna puts a call into Sheriff Broder. Kevin gets Anna's message over the short wave and tells her that the Sheriff is not there. Recognizing the voice as Kevin's, and they realize that Kevin now knows that they are onto him. Jake and Anna agree to fly to Laurelton in the eye of the storm  to save Terry, Bobbie stays grounded and is bummed.  Terry braves a hurricane to visit town hall. She remembers being there for a Purity Water meeting. A musical valentine fell to the floor. Then she saw Earl Moody yank the Purity Water chain off his neck and throw it to the floor. Then Earl fought with another man, who slipped his own chain around Moody's neck and strangled him. Moody's corpse fell on Terry.  She looked up and saw Kevin standing over her. Terry screams into the night. 

May 12, 1986 - The storm rages on. Bobbie is still trying to get through to Laurelton. In Town Hall, Terry is still screaming. Kevin asks Terry what's wrong. She says she saw him kill Earl Moody. Bobbie picks up Robin at GH and takes her home. Jake and Anna are trying to get the first flight out to Laurelton but the storm is delaying them. Kevin in a panic tries to convince Terry that she's been hallucinating. He didn't kill Earl. Suddenly the entire Purity Water group walks in and Terry faints. Ted thinks that Terry remembers everything. They think Terry saw the killer and don't even suspect it's Kevin. They all have been covering up Terry's nightmare for years. Terry is brought back to the O'Conner home and everyone convinces her that she was hallucinating. They tell her that the Town Hall is being torn down for the Jennifer Talbot wing. Terry is convinced she was only sleepwalking. SHe can't remember Kevin murdering Earl. With bags packed Kevin and Terry say their goodbyes too the O'Conner's. Anna and Jake arrive in Laurelton just minutes after Kevin and Terry catch the next flight to Los Angeles. 

May 13, 1986 - Frisco and Felicia in bed. The storm is over. Jake calls Tim O'Conner and learns that Kevin and Terry have already left.  Brian escorts Lucy around to her first day's work of community service at GH. Brian warns Amy to leave Lucy alone and stop gossiping about her. The O'Conner's show Jake the news that Town Hall was just torn down this morning. Not wanting to inform the O'Conners just yet about Kevin, Jake calls Anna and tells her that Kevin's trip is very secretive. They don't know where he went. Lorena and Derek plan another romantic rendezvous.  Derek wants Lorena to live with him in the new mansion and to marry him. He's not in love with her, but Mike's crazy about her. With the spa queen as his wife, he can make a decent case for fatherhood. Ginny is not happy with the latest turn of events and informs Rick. Burt tells Frisco that he will keep Lucy occupied at GH while he searches her apt. However, Lucy's landlady blows Frisco's cover and tells Lucy that she caught Frisco snooping around her apt. Lucy can't leave GH  or she breaks probation. Frisco searching frantically in Lucy's apt.  Mike is going to be best man at Derek and Lorena's wedding. Ginny is really livid. Rick and Ginny arrive to drag Mike away from Derek, but Mike puts up a fight. Jake lies to the O'Conner's that Kevin has been recommended for a fellowship to the hospital. Where is he? All of his scuba diving equipment is missing. Sheriff Broder is being his usual snotty self when he catches Anna in town and escorts her over to the O'Conner's. Anna tells them that Kevin is a suspect in Jen Talbot's murder. Shock. Outrage. Thrown out of town, Jake and Anna fly to Atlanta next after finding a note which lists a flight to the Georgia city.  

May 14, 1986 - Buzz is learning to talk once again with Tanya's help. Bobbie brings Robin around to see him. Frisco finds the sexy stockings in Lucy's laundry hamper. Confronted with the truth, Lucy spills her guts about Kevin's plot to get off on double jeopardy. But she didn't know that he killed Jennifer till after the fact. All she knows is Kevin was to take Terry away to kill her but she doesn't know where. Frisco tries to get in touch with Anna.  Anna and Jake find Atlanta a dead end. Terry and Kevin booked no connecting flights under their own names but changed a flight to LA under Terry's maiden name. Derek tells Rick and Ginny that they are taking Mike to Atlantic City where he will marry Lorena. Reluctantly the dysfunctional parents have no choice but to let Mike go. Anna calls Buzz to check in on him. Later calls Frisco and learns what he knows from Lucy. She and Jake are going to stay in Atlanta because Terry and Kevin are scheduled to depart at 1:00 tomorrow.  

May 15, 1986 - Bungling detective Chuck Morrison blunders again when he tips off the Q's that this time he can prove Sean is having an affair with Monica.  Monica tells Sean that he has left his entire life insurance policy to her if anything happens to him. Sam, Burt and Frisco arrive to pick up Lucy. Burt tells Frisco that forensic shows that it was Lucy's car that has matching tire tracks found at the Jennifer murder scene. Jimmy Lee tends Buzz.  When Robin comes to see him Buzz delirious says that his OWN little girl used to come and visit him. Holt is bewildered and wonders if Buzz has a daughter? Robin shocks Anna when she says that Buzz wants to marry her! Kevin and Terry elude Anna and Jake when they take an earlier flight out of Atlanta. Kevin's latest plot is to drug Terry and make her convinced that she killed Earl Moody. Frisco catches Lucy talking to Kevin at GH and threatens to toss her in jail unless she tells them where he is.

May 16-22, 1986:  5/16 Catalina Island adventure beings, 5/19, 5/20, 5/21, 5/22

May 16, 1986 - Frisco and Sam grill Lucy about his phone call with Kevin. Lucy keeps shut for as long as she can, until the thoughts of prison enter her mind. She tells them that Kevin is flying to LA.  Kevin is drugging Terry. Jake and Anna are pouring through piles and piles of airport vouchers. Finally they find Terry's maiden name on one of the tickets.  Jake and Anna learn that they booked a flight to Los Angeles.  Kevin calls Patrick and tells him the honeymoon is in trouble. Could he fly out?  At the airport Kevin tells his brother that Terry swears that she murdered Earl Moody. He's scared for his life or that she will hurt herself. Edward plants a bug in Sean's warehouse where the adulterers lunch. By the time the Q's pick up the right frequency to listen in, Sean spots the bug and switches the conversation from naughty to nice. Conversation to Great Architecture, Pompeii to St. Paul's Cathedral. Frisco continues to grill Lucy but she can't remember where exactly in Los Angeles that he was taking Terry. She pulls out the travel brochures that Kevin was looking over.  Frisco finds the secluded island of Catalina. He reports to Burt who tries to get Anna on the plane. Frisco heads for Catalina himself. 

May 19, 1986 - Felicia wakes up alone and finds Frisco has written her a note. He's off to Catalina to find Kevin and Terry. Felicia is ticked off! Burt reports to Anna that Frisco is off to find the duo in Catalina. Jake is trying to get a flight to Catalina but there isn't one out for 2 hours. Anna pulls her authority to take a helicopter out. LOCATION FOOTAGE: Frisco wanders around sunny Catalina Island and keeps missing Kevin, Patrick and Terry who are out sightseeing and having a grand time. Some spectacular underwater footage is shown with Kevin and Terry and Patrick scuba diving. Frisco rents a jeep and spots Kevin and Terry on the beach. Unfortunately, his jeep gives out and Frisco is forced to run on foot. Making it to the beach, Frisco grabs a spare scuba mask and heads for the water just as Kevin and Patrick are diving in. Kevin spots Frisco and sending Terry away, he then grabs Frisco from behind ripping off his mask. Frisco suffocating, makes his way to the top and collapses on the beach. 

May 20, 1986 - Anna and Jake arrive at the hotel and find Frisco is not there but he left a note where he's going. Lousy timing for Anna and Jake who get caught in a wild goose chase over Catalina trying to find Kevin. Kevin stages a number of suspenseful life threatening scenes with the help of his sharp scuba knife and his handy vial of drugs to make dim witted Patrick think that Terry is trying to kill him. He slashes the buckle off his weight belt and Patrick thinks that Terry did it. He slashes the air hose on his scuba mask and Patrick thinks that Terry did it. Anna and Jake are now trying to find a missing Frisco!  They learn that he was headed for the beach. Frisco's unconscious and laying on the beach.  

May 21, 1986 - Bobbie and Robin at Kelly's. She is joined by Tony. Frisco's been admitted to a local hospital as a John Doe. Derek drops Mike back off at the Webber's. He's returned with Lorena from Atlantic City. Patrick thinks that Terry is trying to kill him. Kevin is "sticking" up for Terry saying that she's fine. Edward overhears Steve say that Bobbie is taking a leave of absence. With Kevin and Patrick gone too, what is going on here? Edward makes his feelings known at the latest GH board meeting. Kevin continues planting condemning evidence that Terry's a killer while he and Patrick are out scuba diving. Ginny helps Rick out by taking care of Robin so Bobbie can assist him in surgery.  Ginny learns that Mike has his own room at Derek's mansion. Kevin shows Patrick a note "written" by Terry admitting that she killed Earl Moody. Patrick wants to go back to PC, but Kevin convinces him to wait. Patrick learns of a sanitarium on the island and thinks Terry should be admitted for a few days rest. Later, Kevin in bed with Terry drugs her some more planting more murderous thoughts in her head.

May 22, 1986 - The clerk at the local scuba shop finally admits that he led Anna and Jake on a wild goose chase because Kevin paid him off to do so. Terry has become a basket case. She's now convinced more than ever that she's a killer. Forced by Monica, the Q's have to move out of the mansion and not only that she's filing for divorce this morning. The Q's make the only home they can under their budget. Kelly's diner!  With no word from Frisco, Jake and Anna call the police. Lorena hears about Monica tossing the Q's out of the house. She tells him about Celia (really Alan) overbidding on the mansion when Derek was making his offer. She's shocked to learn that Celia had no intention of coming back to town and they were not getting back together. Too late, Lorena's already married Derek. Alan gives Monica a hard time when they have packed all their bags ready to move. The mansion is all Monica's. Monica is really worried about Lila, but Alan laughs at her concern.  Bobbie and Felicia learn that Frisco is missing when they call the local desk clerk. Felicia is distraught. Tony and Rick discuss Buzz's latest dilemma. They think he's being hooked on drugs. The local police tell Jake and Anna that Frisco's in the Catalina Hospital. Arriving at the hospital, Frisco comes to and lets Jake and Anna know the latest. Drugging Terry's tea once more, Kevin plants the cursed knife in her hand while she's sleeping. Then tells her that she's sick and might as well kill herself. He might have something here. Anyway, next day at the poolside, Terry sleepwalks over and jumps into the chlorine with the knife. Patrick saves her. The hotel manager rules this attempted suicide and calls the local doctor. The Dr. after seeing Terry says she needs to be admitted to the local sanitarium. Kevin faking concern agrees to take her there. Anna and Jake finally get a beat on where Terry and Kevin are staying but of course they are too late as usual. The duo have already left. Before leaving, Terry scrawls on the mirror that "she's a murderer, please help."

May 23-29, 1986:  5/23, 5/26, 5/27, 5/28, 5/29

May 23, 1986 - Seans drops in on Burt for a status report on Anna. Burt fills him in on Kevin's murderous activities. Kevin and Patrick admitting Terry to a sanitarium. Kevin "plays up" to Patrick, feigning grief over Terry's condition. The desk clerk tells Jake and Anna that Terry, Patrick and Kevin checked out this morning. The clerk won't allow Anna into the room until the Catalina police chief gets back. Jake and Anna try to head off the trio at the Ferry. Edward takes Alan and Lila to Kelly's, their new residence! Alan is appalled, but the Q's are so broke they can't even afford a decent hotel.  Alan wants to win Monica back, but Monica is entertaining Sean at the mansion. Sean gifts Monica with some expensive gifts of clothes and jewelry from a Hong Kong sale. Monica feels guilty and cant's accept them. Monica wants Sean to level with her, is he trying to buy her affections?  Later, Monica apologizes to Sean, and feels bad about her family being broke while she's living the life. The duo are just ready to make out, when Alan shows up furious when he sees them kissing. Finally seeing with his own eye's of Monica's betrayal. Sean and Alan are about to tear each other apart when Monica breaks them up. Jake and Anna just missed the Ferry that took Patrick, Kevin and Terry. Making their way back to the hotel, they meet the chief and search the cabin.  While driving to the sanitarium, the jeep carrying Kevin, Patrick and Terry breaks down. Terry sneaks away from the duo who are in hot pursuit of the runaway girl. Jake and Anna finds Terry's scrawled message on the mirror declaring she's a murderer.  The O'Conners finally catch up to Terry. Catching a lead on the trio, Jake and Anna only know they were on the Ferry but where is their destination?

May 26, 1986 - Alan informs Lila and Edward of Monica's infidelity with Sean. Felicia makes it to Catalina to be with Frisco in the hospital. The O'Conner's and Terry arrive at the Seaview sanitarium. Rick shows Mike two tickets to the ballgame but Mike has other plans. He's going to be visiting Derek. Anna, Jake, Frisco and Felicia try to figure out where Kevin has taken Terry. At Seaview, Terry becomes even more emotional, especially when Kevin makes plans to leave her there. Lorena tells Monica that she better be nice to her if she wants her support in her upcoming divorce. The Q's get an invitation from Monica for a cocktail party at the Floating Rib in honor of Lorena's marriage to Derek. Burt tells Guy that he's been promoted to Captain. Guy is in charge of the investigation on Buzz's attackers. A gloating Monica pays a call to Alan and Edward's table. Alan grabs Monica and tells her she's in for a nasty divorce battle with her lover boy. Kevin cuts the main phone wires for the Sanitarium. The Doctor attending Frisco takes a call while checking in on Frisco. The call is from the Dr at the Seaview sanitarium. Hearing O' Conner's name being mentioned Frisco is informed where Terry is. When he tries to call back he can't get through because Kevin has cut the lines. Kevin then starts giving Terry some drugs. But when he leaves the room, she drops the pill. Frisco informs Jake and Anna of Terry's whereabouts. 

May 27, 1986 - Rick not wanting to take anymore emotional blackmail from Mike, informs Ginny that he has allowed Mike to move out and move in with Derek. He tries to impress upon Ginny that Mike should really get to know is real father. The Q's have a restless night at Kelly's. Terry, groggy, awakes and Kevin informs her to not tell anyone that he gave her a tranquilizer. Alan gets a start on his divorce and begins looking for witness's that may have seen Monica in Sean's arms. Ruby tries to assure Bobbie that Terry will be all right. Tony reports the latest with Terry in Seaview. Jake and Anna charter a plane to Seaview. Monica tells Rick of Alan's plans for divorce. Kevin talks Patrick into leaving the island. The Dr thinks Patrick should see Terry before he leaves. Kevin panics when the Dr will only allow Patrick to see Terry alone. Terry's about to say something about Kevin, when Kevin suddenly bursts in saying that the Dr is ready for her therapy session. Dressing, Terry finds the pill that Kevin gave her has fallen in her shoe. She clutches the pill in her hands all through her session with the Dr. Terry is confused. Kevin later lies to Terry that Patrick intends to have her arrested when they get back to PC. Kevin feeds her more drugs. He puts the pill in her mouth and has her swallow it. But Terry fakes it, and spits the pill out when he's gone. Jake and Anna arrive at Seaview and get in to see Dr Montgomery. Edward gets a telegram addressed to Alan. Snoopy Edward opens it, and shows Alan. It's from his marriage counselor. He should show the counselor that  Monica is really a tramp and he's got a great chance of winning his case. The Dr at Seaview wants to see Anna's police badge, but she's left it at the hotel. The Dr, protecting Terry won't allow Jake and Anna to see Terry. Anna then goes off to look for Kevin. Bursting into his room at gunpoint, Anna finds no trace of him. 

May 28, 1986 - Ginny calls Rick at GH. She's depressed that Mike is moving in with Derek. Mike hugs Ginny and bids her farewell. Rick tells Monica that she should go to the marriage counselor that Alan has arranged. It's in her best interest. During the session, ALan and Monica begin almost immediately arguing in front of the counselor. Monica is shocked when Alan is asking for alimony! Monica and Alan begin a furious argument. The counselor gives them soft baseball bat. They each go at it pounding the daylights out of each other. (Very funny scene) Dr Montgomery won't let Jake and Anna see Terry until the phone lines are back and he confirms who they are. Anna searches Kevin's room. The Dr informs Terry that Jake is here to see her. Jake informs Terry that Kevin killed Jennifer and is trying to gas light her. Terry can't believe it at first until Jake assures her he wouldn't lie to her. Terry becomes emotional and the nurse orders him out. Kevin is stunned to find Anna has arrived looking for him. Anna tells the Dr that his phone lines have been cut by Kevin who's a killer. The dimwit Dr can't believe she's telling the truth. Searching Kevin's room again Anna finds a vile. Showing it to the Dr, he can't identify what drug it could be except an hallucinatory one. The phone lines restored, the Dr finally gets a hold of Burt who confirms what Anna's been saying. The group heads off to find Kevin. Terry dismisses her nurse. Getting dressed she sneaks out of the sanitarium and runs straight to Kevin. Kevin takes Terry away.

May 29, 1986 - Frisco and Felicia still at the hospital. (Jack Wagner had hurt his arm at one of his concerts, so his injury was written into the story) The nurse reports to Anna that Terry and Kevin are gone. Terry and Kevin are running through the hills of Catalina. Kevin still trying to convince Terry that she's a killer. He gives her a gun and tries to make her commit suicide. But Terry turns the gun on Kevin confronting him with all his crimes. Terry fires the gun, causing Anna and Jake to hear the noise. Terry orders Kevin to start walking. Terry fires the gun again and Jake and Anna head out into the hills. They find a torn piece of Terry's shirt on a barbed wire fence. Terry chases Kevin through the hills at gunpoint. Terry chases Kevin and tortures him into confessing his crimes. He murdered Jennifer, Earl Moody and Neil Johnson. Terry wants Kevin to start crawling. Terry fires another shot at Kevin. Anna and Jake are nearby, but Anna twists her ankle slowing them down. Patrick arrives back at the Brownstone where Bobbie fills him in on Kevin's murderous activities. Patrick is disbelieving. Kevin taunts Terry and she fires another shot missing him. Kevin now knows that Terry is out of bullets. He picks up the gun and loads it. Terry is running for her life. 

May 30 - June 5, 1986:  5/30 Kevin killed by fall, 6/2, 6/3, 6/4, 6/5

May 30, 1986 - Patrick still can't believe Kevin's a killer. Frisco and Felicia arrive back home. With Frisco's evidence, Patrick finally believes it's true. Jake and Anna following Kevin's trail. Terry makes her way to a deserted barn. Kevin is right behind her. Terry makes her way up to a loft. Patrick goes to Lucy and he yells at her for planting lies in everyone's head. Lucy tells him the truth. Thinking Kevin has gone, Terry makes her way down from the loft and while taking a drink, Kevin comes up from behind her. He drags her back into the barn when a helicopter approaches. Jake and Anna arrive at the barn. Anna's ankle is too sore to move, so he leaves her there and runs ahead. Kevin grabs Terry to silence her. Anna hears a muffled cry from the barn and investigates. Kevin knocks Anna out with a bail of hay. Terry tries to convince Kevin to give himself up. But Kevin is convinced he can make everyone believe that Terry committed the murders, once she kills Anna! Kevin knocks Terry out and carries her through the hills.  Anna comes to as Jake arrives. He orders him to go after Terry. Kevin takes Terry to a secluded hilltop. Pushing Terry over the edge, the helpless woman grabs onto a drainpipe. Jake arrives and gets into a battle with Kevin. Terry makes her way up, and hits Kevin over the head with a rock. Kevin falls over the hill to his death. Jake tells Terry that everyone must know that he killed Kevin in self defense. 

June 2 1986 - The next day the news of Kevin murderous ways, makes the PC papers. Patrick is still dazed at knowing the truth.  Jake and Terry arrive home. Bobbie clings to Terry in a loving embrace. Anna pays a call on Frisco congratulating him on a fine job he did on the case.  Buzz is up and around with Jimmy Lee's help. Tony and Tania tend to the moody patient. Jake continues to pledge to Terry that they keep the secret and allow everyone to think he killed Kevin. Robin and Anna pay a visit to Buzz. Patrick confronts Terry and asks her if there was anyway she could have helped save Kevin. Jimmy Lee gets a letter from Pilar saying that Dimitri Cassidine has dumped her and she wants to confess the truth. She arranged the bedroom farce that ended his marriage to Celia. Edward is delighted as this is proof of Donely's plot to steal their money. Edward has a plan to get the goods on Sean. He knows of a woman that can get the truth from him. Anna meets with Jake and Terry to get their statement on Kevin's final moments. Frisco and Felicia in bed. 

June 3, 1986 - Terry and Patrick fly to Laurelton for Kevin's funeral. The O' Conner's are naturally not happy to see Terry. Terry tells them that it's they who turned Kevin into a killer. Patrick defends Terry to his parents. Guy tells Anna that investigation into Buzz's attackers show an increased gangland activity on the waterfront. Anna puts Burt and Guy in charge of the case. Amanda argues with Derek about his marraige to Lorena. Lorena is going off about Ginny too. Ginny accuses Derek of bribing Mike with expensive gifts. Jake brings Lucy into the station for her statement. Sarah stuns Patrick and Terry when she says that she knew all along Kevin was the killer but she didn't come forward because she was afraid. Patrick confronts the Sheriff and Ted about the fact they knew Earl was murdered and tried to cover it up. Ginny asks Lucy for an exclusive interview. After the interview, feeling sorry for Lucy, she takes her home and has her tend to Rick Jr. After Lucy's tearful testimony and her interview with Ginny, the DA decides not to prosecute her. The Mayor tells Anna that she's going to be honored for her work on the Brownstone murder with a gala party Friday night. 

June 4, 1986 - Lila and Ruby are pouring over her vintage recipe's. Ruby has an idea! How about cooking up some of these old time confectionaries for the customers? Patrick and Terry return home to the Brownstone. Frisco and Sam patrolling the waterfront. They come across a man that was just mugged. The only thing Frisco can find out from the man is his mumbling of the name "Angel Moran". Jimmy Lee looking for work on the waterfront. He rounds up a job as a loader on the docks for one of Sean's companies, and Sean happens by overhearing. Sean later reports the incident to Monica. Felicia enlists Terry to help her with her upcoming wedding. Buzz is talking with Lucy when he's stricken with a tremendous amount of pain. Tony orders a round of tests. Frisco thinks Buzz's attack is linked to Angel Moran. Terry and Bobbie visit Buzz. Jimmy Lee tells Anna about Donely's involvement in his marriage break up. Alan and Monica have their second session with the counselor. Alan and Monica argue over the custody of their respective children. The discussion turns into another argument and Alan calls Monica a tramp. Patrick and Terry tell Bobbie that Ted wants to retain his Brownstone apartment when he comes to town on business. Jake and Bobbie in a romantic mood. Felicia asks Sam to be one of her bridesmaids. Frisco and Felicia agree to an old fashioned marriage, which means separation and no sex till the wedding night. Frisco is finding it difficult to hold out.

June 5, 1986 - Guy reports to Anna he may have a lead on Angel Moran. Monica overhears Sean telling his bankers to move some money out of his Swiss bank account. Frisco sneaks into Felicia's bedroom and crawls into bed. But she wants no sex till the wedding night. (Felicia is staying with Tony and Tanya) Jimmy Lee takes a call from Hong Kong for Sean but loses connection before the message is delivered. Ginny meets Lucy at GH. Her babysitter flaked out and Lucy agrees to sit with Rick Jr for the night. Frisco and Sam undercover on the waterfront looking for Angel Moran. They ask Jimmy Lee for help, but Holt clams up because the first rule of order on the waterfront is to keep your mouth shut or you lose your job. Frisco questions the man that was beatin up, but he finds that he won't talk for fear of his life. Frisco has Alan release the man so he can follow him to Angel Moran. The man does just that, and Frisco is able to nab Moran. Buzz goes into another attack when he learns he can't get anymore medication for at least an hour. Jimmy Lee asks Lucy for a date. Later at GH, Patrick snubs Lucy, but Ginny tells her that time will heel all wounds. Frisco again tries for some smooching with Felicia but she turns him away. Anna has Angel in custody, Guy tells Anna to go to her reception and not worry about a thing.

June 6, 1986 - Tonight's the night of the Policeman's Ball, which also is a tribute to Anna. Robin is practicing being a flower girl for Felicia's wedding. Buzz's temperature is rising. Yank, Rick and Tony tend to him. Sean and Monica arrive to pick up Anna and Robin.  Rick and Ginny are going to. Lucy arrives to babysit for Rick Jr. Alan can't wait to catch Sean walk in with Monica in his arms. But to his surprise, Sean arrives with Monica, Robin and Anna. While at the bar, a mysterious man with a Scottish accent picks up Anna's rap. When she turns her head, he's vanished. Later, Anna receives a group of heather from the strange man. When Anna tries to show Tanya, he's vanished again. Alan stares daggers at Monica with Sean. The mystery man asks Anna to dance. The two take the floor as if they are dancing on air. The mayor presents Anna with plaque for her work on solving the murder case. Frisco tells Anna that Guy called and needs her at the station right away. Lucy alone at the Webbers, lets her hair down. Jimmy Lee shows up looking for Rick. He notices sexy Lucy with her hair down. Holt intrigued asks Lucy to dance. Guy tells Anna that Angel's high priced lawyer has gotten him off. Anna can't understand how Angel can afford such a high priced attorney. Just then, the Scottish man arrives and says that he's the one that sprung Angel. He introduces himself as Duke Lavery. Duke's club is one of the places that Anna has on her list to investigate. Frisco again tries to get amorous with Felicia. Buzz is not responding to the antibiotics, more surgery for Buzz. Anna warns Duke that she will be keeping an eye on Mr Moran, and his club. Duke charmingly tells her that he hopes she will.

June 6-12, 1986:  6/6 Duke arrives and meets Anna at Policeman's Ball, 6/9, 6/10, 6/11, 6/12

June 9, 1986 - Frisco and Felicia. Frisco wants to make love but gets interrupted by Sam and her brother. Tony, Rick, and Yank bring Buzz in for immediate surgery to stop the infection. Duke shows up at Anna's with a bottle of wine. Anna is annoyed by Duke's persistent pursuit. Duke turns on some romantic music and want to finish the dance from the ball. Anna keeps resisting him but finds it hard. Ginny arrives back home surprised to find Jimmy Lee and Lucy dancing in the living room. Duke and Anna have been talking practically all night. Robin wakes up and meets Duke. Derek and Lorena inform Rick and Ginny that they have decided to leave town and move to Omaha. Rick and Ginny are adamant about Mike staying with them. But Derek will not have any of it. Mike goes with him to Omaha, and that's final. Anna consults the computer for more information on Duke. Angel is Duke's right hand man. Duke asks Angel for all the information he can get on Anna Devane. Anna, Frisco, Felicia and Jimmy Lee stand over Buzz's bedside. Buzz keeps repeating the name Sandy over and over. The Mayor tells Anna that he wants the waterfront cleaned out of all criminal element for new development of business. Duke keeps sending Anna flowers but she keeps rejecting them.

June 10, 1986 - Sean gifts Monica with an expensive bracelet. Alan arrives at the Q mansion and is greeted by Jennings the Butler. (First appearance for this long running character) Felicia agrees to allow Monica to use their mansion for her upcoming wedding. Bobbie is unable to swallow her disappointment at not having the humble dwelling as the place to party. Jimmy Lee is trying to get through to Buzz who admits his daughter is Sandy. He hasn't seem her or her mother for a long time and doesn't want to. Alan and Monica back for another round of marriage counseling. Frisco and the cadets graduate the academy and receive their weapons. Frisco has been assigned a beat with Burt Ramsey, who promised Robert Scorpio he would be a guardian angel to the rookie. Alan and Jimmy Lee plot to discredit Monica. Alan notices the 15k bracelet that Sean gave her. Holt is enlisted to sneak into Sean's office to find out where he got that much money to pay for that bracelet. Alan hopes that Monica will come back to their side once she finds out that Sean is spending the Q fortune. Monica asks Sean out right but Sean lies and says that the Q money was not used. Felicia annoyed that Frisco is paying too much attention to the academy, calls off her wedding. Lila and Ruby step up plans for a new relish based on her grandmother's recipe. Brian is the first to try the new concoction and he loves it. Jimmy Lee sneaks into Sean's office, but Sean catches him before he finds anything incriminating. He puts all information on the Q's in a secure place. Later, Sean reports to his boss on the docks (who Jimmy Lee works for) that Holt was sneaking around, but tells him to let him off the hook this time. After a talk with Tanya, Felicia comes to her senses and decides to hold the wedding in the Brownstone after all. Lorena tells Claudia that she is leaving town. Jimmy Lee tells Alan that all he saw was a name of a French bank account. 

June 11, 1986 - Anna shares with Burt that she's intrigued and concerned about Duke Lavery, all the flowers that he's sent her have wound up in her trash can. Sean on the waterfront is examining some of his crates. He removes the import tax sticker on top and posts it on the inside of the box. Jimmy Lee thinks he's pulling a fast one on Sean, when he summons Anna to the warehouse to arrest his nemesis for allegedly smuggling artifacts into the country. His allegations prove false when Donely shows Anna the import sticker on the inside of the crate. Boy does Jimmy Lee's face turn red. It turns even redder when Sean's right hand man Pete has his men rough up Jimmy Lee for stirring up trouble. Bobbie visits Buzz who's doing much better. Lucy drops by with her concern, but Bobbie is not fooled by her act, and tells off Ms Coe in the lobby. Lorena tells Ginny that she is leaving for Omaha to help Derek on some business. Can the Webber's take Mike temporarily till she and Derek conclude their business?  This may be the golden opportunity for Rick and Ginny to win Mike's affections back. Patrick wants to get to know Lucy more. He's interested into wha his brother saw in her. Bobbie warns him to beware. Anna and Burt call in the man that took a beating on the docks. He refuses to press charges against Angel Moran. Duke tries everything he can to ask Anna out to dinner but Ms Devane keeps refusing. Rick, Dan and Brian inform Ruby that Kelly's passes inspection and she's allowed to produce Lila's relish recipe. Lila gets the great idea to call it Pickle Lila! Lorena bids Jimmy Lee a fond farewell.

June 12, 1986 - Tony and Jake prepare for Frisco's bachelor party. Jimmy Lee has been beaten up by his employees for giving Sean a hard time. He displays his bruises to Monica, who asks Sean why he's beating up on her family. Sean tells his lover whom he has just given a diamond bracelet that dockworkers don't like stool pigeons, unaware that Pete Barnes arranged the assault. Monica completely fooled allows Sean to take her to bed. Felica helping Anna, Tanya and Sam to pick out their dresses for the wedding. Lots of activity at the Spa. Jake surprises Bobbie, Patrick and Yank with news of a surprise stag party for Frisco. Tanya Bobbie and Sam are arranging the same thing for Felicia. Jimmy Lee asks Anna to find Sandy Stryker. Anna turns up that she's 19 and now living in NY. Jimmy Lee tells Tony that he's going to contact her. Buzz is not pleased to learn that Jimmy Lee is looking for Sandy. Terry is not pleased to learn that Patrick is getting close to Lucy Coe. Terry tells off Ms Coe and warns her to leave Patrick alone. Lucy tells Terry that if she wasn't so afraid of sex, Kevin never would have turned to her! (ouch!) Buzz is depressed when Anna won't admit that he loves him. She only wants to be his friend. Later, he pops pain pills from a bottle he's stashed under his bed. Lucy gets all dolled up for her date with Patrick. Patrick is impressed by her sexy good looks.

June 13-19, 1986:  6/13, 6/16, 6/17, 6/18, 6/19

June 13, 1986 - Buzz is going through an ordeal. He keeps popping pain pills hidden under his bed. Anna shows Burt the dossier she compiled on Duke Lavery. Why such an interest in this man Burt wants to know? Duke tells Angel all about Ms Devane's history with Robert Scorpio. He looks forward to getting to know Anna more. Anna arrives at Duke's but he's not there. She starts snooping through his papers when Duke comes by. Burt and Frisco are out on their first beat together on the waterfront. Jimmy Lee tells Rick and Tony that he's located Buzz's daughter. Duke hires Felicia to watch over his books at the waterfront club. He's counting on this latest development to further confuse Anna. Alan oversees an amnesia victim at GH. He's intrigued when a nurse tells him about her workings with a recent victim of the disease. Amy tells Rick and Tony that pain killers are missing from the med cabinet. Buzz has a key to the cabinet and Tony and Rick wonder. Duke is all for recapturing his talk with Anna, asks her to dinner but Ms Devane has no appetite especially for the mysterious Mr Lavery. Rick and Tony search Buzz's room while he's going in for X ray's. The only thing they find is the key to the medicine cabinet. Duke shows up and brings dinner over to Anna's.  He gets to know Robin pretty well and learns from Robin that Buzz wants to marry Anna! Enter Sandy Stryker. Sandy walks into Buzz's room and tells her to get out. Anna and Jimmy Lee are shocked at the latest developments. Buzz screams at them to get out.  Anna's surprised to find Duke invited himself in to make dinner. Having no choice she must dine on Mr. Lavery's meal.  

June 14, 1986 - Duke tells Angel that he's completely smitten with Ms Devane. Anna and Jimmy Lee discuss Buzz and his estranged daughter. Sandy tells them he thought her father was dead all these years. Tony and Brian inform Steve of the drug theft and Buzz is the first suspect.  Frisco and Felicia planning the wedding. Anna is special guest for Captain Lewis's training session. Anna shows them how to carry a second key discreetly in their pockets so if they are ever handcuffed by a criminal. Sandy tries once again to reconcile with Buzz. He welcomes her with open arms this time. Anna attends a meeting with the Mayor for the upcoming waterfront development. Anna's shocked when a new benefactor shows up for the meeting, Duke Lavery. Duke has spent a considerable amount in funding the upcoming development. Anna's annoyed but can't take her eyes off the mysterious Lavery.

June 17, 1986 - Felicia joins a group of Policeman's she becomes fast friends with Nina Viscotti. The wife of Frisco's cop friend Vince Ruby and Lila hiring some local kids to distribute Pickle Lila. Edwards returns from his trip in which he was searching for his mystery lady. Mike is not having a great time staying with Rick and Ginny. He misses his real father. Derek arrives back in town and Mike is pleased as punch to see him. Rick is hurt, but tells Ginny they did make the agreement to let Mike live with his real father. Steve, Rick, Ginny and Brian arrange for Lucy (with the judges permission) to let Lucy take charge of Rick Jr, while she and Ginny take a vacation. Lucy asks Patrick out on a date. But Patrick has Frisco's surprise bachelor party. Patrick does agree to stop by before the party. Edward shows Alan an article about Sean investing in the waterfront revitalization. Alan wants a final showdown with his rival. Preparing for their vacation, Rick and Ginny are held at gunpoint by a group of thugs. One of the men is suffering from a gunshot wound. Rick can't operate without his instruments but he has to improvise when Ginny and Rick Jr's life is at stake. Alan drops by to have it out with Sean but listen's in on a sexy love session with Sean and Monica. Frisco and his partner stopping by the Webbers are tied up and taken hostage as well. Frisco breaks his walkie talkie so the robber's can't hear the latest on their escape. For his heroic efforts he is beat up.

June 18, 1986 - Maria arrives in PC and surprises Felicia. Anna and Burt are out and about looking for the escaped crooks. Frisco, Ginny, Lucy and Rick are still held hostage. Meanwhile Frisco's buddies are waiting for him to arrive for his bachelor party. The doorbell rings and Patrick shows up for his date with Lucy. The crooks take him hostage as well to assist Rick with the surgery on their partner. Frisco discretely finds the key to his handcuffs in his shoe. Derek goes on TV and annouces the escape of the robbers as the group listens in. Frisco's friends wonder where Patrick and Frisco have gone. They are not showing up for the party. Felicia and her friends hold their own party for the bride. Brian calls the Webbers on Jake's advice, and Lucy at gunpoint says that she's not seen Patrick or Frisco. Burt and Anna learn that the getaway van has been seen in the Webber's neighborhood. Anna can't keep a secret from Felicia, Frisco may be in danger. Anna and Burt arrive at the Webber's for a showdown with the criminals. Rick and Patrick are used as cover by one of the thugs and ordered to evacuate the area. Frisco's able to untie his handcuffs.  Rick, Patrick and Frisco engage in a battle and subdue the crooks. But Frisco is wounded in the ordeal by a gunshot. It's only a flesh wound, but Felicia seeing the danger of her future husband, runs away from him. 

June 19, 1986 - Frisco's a hero with the brownstone group. But Felicia won't talk to him. He's got to calm her down because she wants to call off the wedding yet again. Frisco informs Jake, Bobbie, and Maria that the wedding is off. Mike runs to Ginny's arms when he finds his mother is safe from the hostage ordeal. In a tearful scene, Mike and Ginny bury the hatchet. Maria and even Terry have a heart to heart talk with Felicia hoping to change her mind. Even Sean stops by to console his Princess. Sean mediates peace talks with the two young newlywed hopefuls. Felicia is touched when Frisco's cop buddy Vince and his wife Nina have their baby at GH. The baby is named after Frisco. But this still doesn't change Felicia's mind. Later, upon graduating fro the Academy, Felica shows up and has a change of heart. The Wedding is back on!

June 20-26, 1986:  6/20 Frisco & Felicia's wedding, 6/23 Wedding continued, 6/24 honeymoon, 6/25 honeymoon, 6/26

June 20, 1986 - Burt stops by Anna's with news about Duke. Anna tells Burt that Frisco and Felicia called off the wedding. It's Frisco's Birthday, and Felicia says the wedding is on again! Everyone at the Brownstone is over joyed and sings Happy Birthday to Frisco over the intercom. At Kelly's, Alan and Edward plot to catch Monica in a tryst with Sean. Patrick tells Rick, Sean and Monica that the wedding is back on. When Felicia realizes that that she canceled the caterers -- Ruby, Brian, Claudia, Dan and Lila prepare all the goodies at Kelly's themselves. Frisco tells a delighted Robin and Anna the wedding is back on. Jake and Terry comfort each other over the recent incident with Kevin. Bobbie wonders what secret the two might be hiding. Felicia panics once again when she remembers that she also canceled the minister too! Convinced that Monica is preparing Sean's Penthouse for a romantic tryst, (It's really for F and F) Alan hides in waiting with snoopy Chuck Morrison and his camera. Frisco talking to Felicia over the intercom tries to assure her that Jake will find a minister. Not long after, Burt arrives and saves the day when he finds a Reverend on the Tennis courts. The wedding begins with Robin as the flower girl. Samantha, Anna and Tanya as Bridesmaids. Sean escorts Felicia down the aisle.

June 23, 1986 - As the wedding begins, sirens are heard all around. Everyone holds their breath until Guy enters with the Police Honor Guard! Frisco and Felicia finally say their vows in front of all their friends. The ceremony ends and all their friends great the bride and groom. Burt tells Anna that she was right, Duke came to the wedding. Frisco and Felicia take the dance floor and Frisco sings "LADY OF MY HEART". Alan and Chuck uncover a Harum tent and all surroundings in the penthouse. Alan can't believe Monica has fallen for such a corny environment. Anna grills Duke as to why he showed up at the wedding. Sean later catches Anna spying on Duke. Frisco and Felicia cut the wedding cake and Tony makes the toasts. Alan and Chuck break into Sean's safe and find a Swiss Bank account with a large deposit that matches the deposit that he and Edward lost. Alan jots down the bank account. Frisco and Felicia prepare to depart but not till they toss the bouquet and garter. Felicia tosses the garter and Anna ends up catching it. To make matters worse when Frisco tosses the garter it lands in Duke's hands! Monica tells Sean that she fears that Alan and Edward are plotting something. Felicia & Frisco arrive at the Penthouse amid with all the Arabian decorations. Chuck and Alan are still outside the Penthouse. While the two lovers get dressed up in their harum outfits and are about to make love, Alan and Chuck burst in taking pictures. A shocked and flustered Alan make quick excuses and a hasty exit!
June 24, 1986 - Frisco and Felicia awake from their Honeymoon Arabian fantasy with lots of smooching. Robin wants to know what Anna is going to do with the Bridal bouquet. She thinks that mommy's going to marry Duke! Duke tells Angel that nobody, least of all Anna will figure out what they are up to. Rick and Ginny tell an embarrassed Lucy that they will go to bat and write a letter of gratitude to her probation officer in light of Lucy's heroism in the recent hostage situation. Lucy Coe gets a beauty make over by Ginny's make up man. Lucy likes it very much. Bill asks Amy to move in with him. Lucy becomes interested in Patrick when she overhears from Amy that Patrick's late Uncle left him a fortune. Frisco gets dressed up in his uniform. It's his first day on the beat. Maria bids the two lovers goodbye, she's going off to Texas. Duke calls Felicia and tells her that he has to postpone her first day at work until after his meeting with the Mayor. Duke has Angel get a job on the docks as one of the workers. It's all part of Thier operation and it has to be ready by the end of the week as that's when the infamous Mr. Big will be arriving. At the renovation committee meeting, Duke plays with the garter in front of Anna. They take opposing sides on the waterfront renovation. Anna thinks it will bring in organized crime, but Duke points out it will open new jobs and benifit PC in many ways. When the committee takes a vote, Anna loses by a landslide. This time she's a sore loser and when Duke gives her a hard passionate kiss, she's a furious, aroused woman!
     Angel bribes the dockworkers to spread the word that unemployment is on the rise. Frisco and his partner spot Angel getting a job on the docks. Frisco remembers when he busted Angel on a beating and Duke got him out of jail. Rick is called in when a nurse tells him that Buzz has been demanding more pain killers. Patrick tells Frisco he can't understand what Kevin saw in Lucy. When Ginny brings the newly made over Lucy to GH, Patrick and Rick are blown away by Ms. Coe's beauty. Patrick especially and asks Lucy to dinner with him! Buzz asks Sandy to take some nurse training at GH. Later Buzz is shaking on his drug withdrawal and tosses a tray against the wall. Jimmy Lee tries to assure Sandy that her father will be fine.Robin shows off her latest toy. A set of bagpipes, a gift from her "Uncle Duke!"  When Anna calls Buzz at GH, a jealous Buzz hangs up on her when he hears Robin talking about mommy's new "boyfriend" Duke. Part two of Frisco and Felicia's honeymoon. This time the two relive a romantic French Paris fantasy out of the 40's. 
June 25, 1986 - Felicia tells Sean about Alan and Chuck interfering with their Honeymoon. Sean is angry to hear that Alan had broken into his Penthouse. Sandy tells Jimmy Lee she has reservations about being a nurse at GH.  When a dockworker named Stan, who is in cahoots with Duke runs around the waterfront with a brown paper bag of laundered money for an associate of Lavery's named Mr Big, Frisco chases him, but loses him on the trail. Stan drops the package and a drunk realizes he's been sleeping on a fortune. Too late says Stan. The drunk tells Jimmy Lee that the package came from Sean Donely's warehouse. Alan has revised his plan of revenge on his wife. He is going to fake amnesia and disappear so that everyone will think he's dead and then frame Sean for the murder! Meanwhile Monica hires Jake as her divorce lawyer. Sandy visits Audrey and she gets an interview for a nursing position. Ruby is shocked to hear that two of her regular diners lost their jobs as dockworkers. Edward and Lila at Kelly's. Edward tells Lila that he can't wait to move out of Kelly's. Stan reports to Angel that he got chased by the cops and dropped the package with a bum. Alan sneaks into Sean's Penthouse while Sean is upstairs. Alan pockets one of Sean's teacups from his tea set. Monica arrives shortly after and Sean tells her about Alan's hiding on the balcony the night of Frisco and Felcia's honeymoon. Monica and Sean kissing. Alan, Edward, and Jimmy Lee at Kelly's. Alan tells them of his findings of the Swiss Bank account and the Amnesia plan to frame Monica and Sean for murder. He's got a double indemnity clause in his will. Part 3 of Frisco and Felicia's honeymoon. This time it's a Greek fantasy. 

June 26, 1986 - Steve, Rick and Tony discussing Buzz's addiction to drugs. Amy talking with Georgia about ALan and Monica's split. Alan has engaged Brett Madison the ex DA as his lawyer to win him custody of both his sons. Jake proposes to Bobbie and she accepts! Lucy Coe gets a set of flowers from Patrick with an invitation to dinner. Lucy likes the fact that Patrick is liking her new look. When she hungrily kisses Patrick on the mouth, Terry suspects they are having an affair. Cold Turkey has gotten Buzz on the run. His hands are shaking so badly he can't hold a fork. When Sandy runs in tears after Buzz has an argument with her, Rick, Steve and Tony have no choice but to admit that Buzz is an addict. Burt brings by some flyers to leave with Ruby asking for support to stop the waterfront project so that organized crime doesn't move into town. Angel overhears. Bobbie tells an excited Ruby that she and Jake will marry. Rick and Steve also congraduate a delighted Ms. Spencer. Georgia catches Buzz stealing drugs from the medicine room. Alan and Monica argue and they both threaten each other in front of their lawyers. Terry cries on Jake and Bobbie's shoulder that Patrick has rejected her for Lucy she cries. Patrick and Lucy at dinner discussing Kevin. Lucy wonders if the problem that Kevin had runs in the family. When Lucy turns on the sex appeal to Patrick, he starts to become aroused and when Lucy kisses him he gets caught up in the moment. Lucy pulls away and tells him to get out if that's what he only expects to get from her! Later, Patrick apologizes to Terry telling her only that he went to see her to find out why Kevin was attracted to her and she influenced him to murder.

June 27 - July 3, 1986:  6/27 Mr. Big arrives in PC, 6/30, 7/1,  7/2, 7/3

June 27,1986 - Frisco and Vince fresh from their beat, drop in on Felicia at Kelly's. Anna tells Burt that she has a whole file of facts showing that organized crime has moved in on the waterfront. Duke is in for fight and she's just the one that's going to do it! Duke tells Angel that she's going to use Felicia as a front to show the mayor he's on the up and up. Frisco runs into Jimmy Lee and Sandy on the docks. Holt tells Frisco that no offense, he's learned to keep his mouth shut on the docks. Rick, Steve and Tony discuss Buzz's theft of the pain killers. They consider admitting him to an institution. When confronted, Buzz admits that it was a mix up, he's not addicted to drugs, but later he breaks down and admits he was an addict in Vietnam, but not now. Anna arrives at the Mayor's for a meeting on the waterfront development. Duke is in favor of waterfront development, Anna's opposed because of the rise in crime. She's got the facts, but Duke has the emotion to sway Anna's friends, including Bryan, Ruby and Dan. Even Sean's for the development! When the committee votes, Anna loses by a landslide. This time a sore loser, and when Duke gives her a hard, passionate kiss, she's a furious aroused woman. Angel catches Felicia and Frisco in Duke's office. Angel gives Felicia the day off. After she leaves Angel takes a call from a "chief" who makes plans to meet with Duke later. Frisco and Felicia spend the day in the park. But their lovemaking is interrupted when Frisco spots the guy that ran away from him on the docks yesterday. Frisco lets the hood go after memorizing his face. Felicia is ticked that Frisco is playing cop on his day off. Buzz passing a medical tray swipes some pain killers. Anna tells a surprised Burt that Duke won the victory by a landslide. Anna tells Burt she's so upset with Duke that she's going to bust him. But Burt thinks Anna's more attracted to Duke than anything else. Later, Duke gets a visit from the "chief" who informs him that they are all set for phase two of the waterfront plan. Anna however might be an obstacle.

June 30, 1986 - Jesse and Dan inform Rick that more drugs, pain killers, are missing and the first person fingers are pointed at is Buzz. Rick is furious. Buzz is clouding his salad with vinegar to cloud his urine so the painkillers he stole from the medication chart won't show on any tests. Rick confronts Buzz, but he denies guilt. Anna is disgusted that Robin is fawning all over Duke. Angel gives Duke and update on Anna including her entire personal history. Robin calls Duke and wants to see him. Duke knows how to pull Ms. Devane's strings and it's through Robin. A man who runs a bait and tackle shop on the waterfront tells Derek and Ginny that unknown parties are trying to take over his business as well as the entire area. Ginny and Derek agree to let the man air his grievances on the news. Rick, Jesse, Brian and Dan meets on Buzz's fate. Anna learns about the drug theft in the hospital and she is aghast that Buzz is the chief suspect. On behalf of the doctors, she tries to convince her friend to take a blood test, but he bristles at the idea. When Tony tries to force the test, Buzz knocks the tray out of the nurses hand. Amy is curious about Lucy and Patrick's relationship. On Ted's advice, Patrick does some investigating on Lucy. The "Chief" tells Duke to put phase two in order. Duke's to run for president for the dockworkers union in the upcoming election. Lucy is approached by a top notch publisher. He wants Lucy to write the juicy details of Kevin's murderous affairs. She could make a lot of money, Lucy thinks about it. Mike's in town for a bit to visit Ginny and Rick. Both parents couldn't be happier. Anna's not happy to find Duke having lunch with Robin at her home, but against Anna's judgment, allows Duke to take her and Robin to the zoo. While talking, Anna is surprised that Duke knows so much about her past.  

July 1, 1984 - Angel reports to Duke that another "shipment" is coming in today. Anna can't believe when Buzz refuses to take a drug test. Lucy's offered an advance of 5,000 for the start of the book on Kevin. Patrick is checking up on Lucy's high school background and or living family members. But the history of Lucy is a mystery. There are no family members mentioned. Duke arranges for Felicia to pick up a book of poems for Anna. Felicia promises to drop by the book store. While walking the beat with Frisco, Burt recognizes an old and dear friend of his, Tessie. Tessie saved Burt's life when he was rookie cop. Gossipy Amy informs Lucy that Patrick is checking up on her past. Frisco and Burt spot Angel on the docks. A pass is made and Angel receives a package laundered money. When he spots Frisco, he drops the bag in wastebasket. Burt tells Frisco that Angel is doing nothing wrong and as they walk away, Angel picks up the package. Anna is trying to speak to Buzz on the phone but Robin is practicing her bagpipes and she can't hear a word he says. Filomena arrives home temporarily distracting Robin from the bagpipes. Patrick brings flowers for Lucy for an apology. She believes she's on the up and up. Privately, Lucy tells Patrick that Kevin killed Earl Moody because he called Terry a tramp after she went off to that motel room with Patrick 3 years ago. Lucy also reveals that Kevin always thought Terry was sluggish in bed because she was really in love with him (Patrick). A worker of Duke's named Stan tells Angel and Duke that he can't launder any more money till things cool down on the waterfront. Duke asks Felicia to take 100,000 to the bank and open up 6 bank accounts. Felicia's worried, but Angel will be her bodyguard. Felicia's is actually helping to launder money! Buzz delay's his blood tests, and aggravates Tony, who knows Buzz stalled so there wouldn't be a trace of drugs in his blood. Tony reports to Anna who's finally believing that Buzz is an addict. Duke presents a blushing Anna with a book of poetry by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Anna's favorite. Filomena notices the closeness of Duke and Anna, she sees the same look in Anna's face that she once had with Robert.

July 2, 1986 - Terry helping Jake with Alan and Monica's divorce preceding. Lucy meets with the publisher who agrees to up the price if she will just change her mind. Patrick has lunch date with Terry. Jimmy Lee considers running for dockworkers president against Duke, on advice from a buddy on the waterfront. Amy blabs to Lucy that Patrick is on a date with Terry at Kelly's. Bobbie is furious that Amy is giving out information like that on the phone. Bobbie's not a fan of Lucy anyway. However armed with this information, Lucy makes plans to meet with Ted Holmes to discuss the book on Kevin at Kelly's too, just to get one dig under Terry's skin. Alan has revised his plan of revenge on Monica. He will fake amnesia and disappear so that everyone will think he's dead, then frame Sean and Monica for murder. Meanwhile, Monica hires Jake as her divorce lawyer, Alan engages ex DA Brett Madison to win him custody of both sons. During a meeting with Bret and Jake, Alan goats Monica into an arguement causing Monica to grab Alan and threaten to kill him. Jake and Brett are shocked.  Patrick and Terry are surprised to find Ted at Kelly's and even more so to learn that he's there to meet Lucy for some legal advice. Jimmy Lee tries to get Sandy some work on the docks, he also tries to teach the young brash lady some manners. Patrick and Terry are brought into Lucy's meeting with Ted. They are shocked to learn of the book on Kevin. Terry is so appalled she walks out. Patrick and Ted try to by Lucy off to not write the book on Kevin, but she says that all proceeds of the money made off the book will be donated to the Jennifer Talbot memorial wing. Lucy tries to show them she's not doing this book for the money. Ted and Patrick are surprised, but as long as they have control of the contents of the book, they agree to let her write it.

July 3, 1986 - Duke is watching Derek's interview with Tom Green on the local news. Tom's shop is being forced out of business due to the new waterfront developing. Duke wants Angel to pick up the man for a talk. Frisco is having lunch with Robin (in her Scottish Quilt) at Kelly's. Frisco is watched by the hood working for Angel. Angel has the man keep an eye on Frisco. Duke meets with Tom Green who's not happy that Duke is stealing his business, but Duke wants to help the man. He offers him a new location for his business. Tom is made an offer he can't refuse. Edward agrees to back Jimmy Lee and help him with his campaign. Angel has overheard the whole thing and reports to Duke. Frisco on patrol meets Jimmy Lee. Holt and Frisco find the bum that found the bag of money. They want to know if he can identify the guy that dropped the money. The bum runs away and the hood working for Duke picks him up by force. He takes him to Kelly's where Angel pays him off to not say anything to the cops. Duke, Anna and Robin at the zoo. Anna is called in by Tony at GH to trap Buzz into proving he's an addict. Against Tony's permission, Buzz gives his authority to release himself. Bobbie plants the keys to the medicine room on his bed. Buzz takes the bait and swipes them. Heading straight for the medicine room, he grabs the pain killers but drops them on the floor. As he's picking them up, Anna walks in and says she very sorry she had to do this. Sandy and Buzz agree that he should go into rehab. Anna walks in and Buzz screams for him to get out of his life. Anna is hurt and tries to regain her composure. Duke is there waiting for her at the Hospital. She cries in his arms.

July 4-10, 1986:  7/4, 7/7, 7/8, 7/9, 7/10

July 4, 1986 - Felicia wakes a groggy Frisco. It's July 4th time for the annual PC picnic in the park! (whatever happened to those?) Sean reports the scuttlebutt on the waterfront concerning Duke to Anna. It seems that Duke is going to set up Tom Greene with new place to run his bait shop. Duke later arrives to pick Anna and Robin up. Jimmy Lee and Sandy escort Buzz to his new quarters at the rehab hospital. Buzz asks Jimmy Lee to take Sandy to the PC picnic. When the two leave, Buzz goes through withdrawal pains. Bobbie shows off her engagement ring at the park picnic. Bobbie and Jake notice the closeness  with Patrick and Terry. Angel reports to Duke he has a plan to get Frisco off their tail. Alan tells Lila that he's going to be taking flying lessons. It's all part of his plans to frame Sean and Monica. (But Lila doesn't know this) Anna visits Buzz at the rehab. Buzz tries to apologize for his behavior the other day. He realizes that she had to expose him as a druggie. Buzz starts getting withdrawal pains and hustles Anna out. Everyone at the park enjoying the festivities. Alan is furious to see Sean with Monica, and Edward has to hold him back from throttling Donnelly. At the Picnic, Tom Greene stands up and announces that he fully supports Duke and he thinks that everyone should vote for him as president of the Dockworkers union. Anna tells Frisco that Duke is using Tom as a cover to gain support. Filomena tries to convince Anna that she's wrong about Duke, he reminds he of Robert. Jimmy Lee and Duke get into a tug of war at the picnic, but in it's a draw when the rope breaks and both teams are evenly matched. Bobbie and Jake next pay a call on Buzz. All through the conversation, Buzz is sweating and shaking up a storm.Robin holds an after picnic party back at Anna's for some her her friends and godfathers. She announces Duke as her mommy's new best friend. 

July 7, 1986 - Burt tells Anna that so far everything is on the up and up with Duke Lavery. He tries to tell her nicely to stop investigating Duke. Duke tells Angel that he's going to win the election, his future depends on it. Frisco and Vince patrolling the docks. Burt meets up with them. Burt pulls out a tape recorder to remind himself of a meeting. Frisco comments on the tape recorder and gets and idea. Buzz is going through severe withdrawal pains when Anna drops by to visit him with some new drawings Robin made for him. He inquires about her new friend, Duke Lavery. Felicia helps Duke with a slogan for his campaign. She comes up with THE DOCK NEEDS DUKE! Duke loves it. Angel tells Duke that Stan is getting nervous because of his constant run ins with Frisco. Anna tells Sean what she thinks about the upcoming election, she's all for Jimmy Lee. Sean notices that Anna is trying to hide her feelings for Duke. On the docks, Frisco notices a guy that looks like Stan and stops him. Vince assures Frisco that he's getting too preoccupied with busting that hood Stan. Sean and Tony stop by and visit Buzz. Felicia attends another one of those cops/wives meetings. Felicia daydreams about Frisco being the Police commissioner. Frisco is getting tired of walking the beat. He wants to move up and do something more. Frisco daydreams about busting the mob in a Bogart/Casablanca type setting. Later, Frisco buys a tape recorder and starts reporting his activities. Anna is getting really tired of Robin and Duke's closeness. But when Duke calls her "love" like Robert does, Anna forbids him to ever say that again. 

July 8, 1986 - Edward decorates Kelly's with posters for Jimmy Lee's campaign. He even goes so far as to remove Duke's posters. Sean drops in on Anna to take her to lunch on the waterfront. Duke is making friends on the docks. Duke and Jimmy Lee get into a contest on the docks. A match to see who can load the most crates. Duke wins the macho contest, unloading crates off the ledgers and onto the pallets faster than Holt, fueled in the last few minutes by Anna's arrival. Duke charms Anna enough to ask her back to his office to lunch. Angel overhears Frisco and Burt talking at Kelly's. Angel assigns Toughie to keep an eye on Frisco and distract him from Stan so the next "shipment" can come in.  Frisco's desire to be promoted his getting him into hot water. When he spots Stan, he gives chase and an old waterfront gal named Tessie, who is transporting laundered money in a picnic cooler for Duke, trips Frisco who crashes into a lever of a large crane which drops all of Donely's cargo into the harbor. Burt chews Frisco out and when they look in the cooler, find it's filled with nothing but beer. Not only did Frisco drop Donely's cargo, but he knocked over a man's peanut vendor's cart as well. Sean and the peanut vendor are about the pull Frisco's head off when Anna intervenes. Anna tells Frisco that he might be better off working for the WSB. Frisco decides to stick it out with the PCPD. Frisco meets Toughie on the docks. Toughie wants to "help" Frisco out. He invites him to a poker game on the docks which will help him break the ice with the dockworkers. Jimmy Lee happens by when a Postal worker tries to drop by a letter. Holt notices that the letter is from a Swiss PO box. When the man shoves the letter in the drop box, Holt puts on gloves and picks the lock. Frisco drops by and spots Jimmy Lee and nabs him! Frisco is interested when he learns that Sean has stolen the Q fortune and it sits in a Swiss bank. When the alarm is tripped Frisco covers for Jimmy Lee and hustles him out. Frisco bluntly comes out and asks Sean if he stole the Q fortune. Donely is upset that Frisco has broken into his warehouse and is going through his mail. He can't believe that he would take the word of the Q's over him. He threatens to report him to Anna unless he backs off. 

July 9, 1986 - Duke enlists Felicia to help with his rally at the end of the week. Anna and Guy discuss Frisco's future with the PD. On the docks, Frisco daydreams about being a cop hero. Jimmy Lee informs Edward of his discovery of the Swiss bank letter with the code name HEATHER in Sean's warehouse.An awkward situation at Kelly's when Jake and Terry bump into Lucy and Patrick on a lunch date. Alan comes out and asks Monica where Sean stashed hid the Q money. Monica thinks she's crazy. Monica slaps Alan when he tells her she's desperate to be sleeping with a man who's laughing at her behind her back. Frisco notices Duke's sharp looking computer in his office. Later, Frisco sneaks into Anna's office and has Felicia help him use the computer to check up on Jimmy Lee's charge that Donely swindled the family fortune and put it in a Swiss bank account. Anna catches him and threatens suspension without pay if he keeps it up. Alan comes through, he gets the number of Donely's Swiss bank account and Edward phones the bank. Posing as Sean Donely he gives them the account with the code name Heather. But Edward is in shock when he finds out there is no such account. Sean's once again one step ahead of them. Jake tells Monica that her reputation must be immaculate if she is to have the best chance of winning custody of her son. Frisco and Felicia entertain Vince and his wife at dinner. Jake and Bobbie discuss the upcoming wedding plans with Ruby. Terry goes off the deep end when she reads the latest developments on Lucy's book on Kevin.  Felcia daydreams about Frisco becoming Police commissioner. 

July 10, 1986 - Patrick makes a date with Lucy for a meeting and interview on Kevin's book only. Monica is staving off advances from Sean on Jake's advice. Amy wonders why Monica is so annoyed with Sean. Lucy prefers to stay out of it. Duke gives Billy the peanut vendor a loan so it will take the heat off of Frisco for destroying his peanut cart. But Anna arrives and intervenes. She offers Billy the same offer of payment. Billy offers to take half of Anna and Duke's payment. Patrick and Yank visiting Buzz at the rehab. Buzz introduces Sandy to Patrick and Yank. Sean shows the postermaster the letter that was given to him by mistake. The same letter that Jimmy Lee thought was the Swiss bank account Sean stashed the Q money. Anna is witness to Duke's heroics on the docks, when he saves the life of a worker when a heavy crate falls on top of him. Lucy meets with Brian. Her probation is nearing an end.  Sean can't understand why Monica is avoiding his phone calls. Patrick and Lucy caught up in the moment share a kiss. Patrick says she's one of the most sexiest women he's ever met. The two start to make out on the Webber couch, but stops and leave when trust starts to set in. Duke appears to be opening up to Anna. He tells her of his poor childhood, and how he saw his father die the same way. Finally moved by his apparent sincerity, Anna relaxes long enough to have dinner and accept his surprise kiss.

July 11-17, 1986:  7/11 Robin leaves for Australia, 7/14, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17

July 11, 1986 - Robin's delighted when she learns Anna had dinner with "Uncle" Duke. Angel and Duke stash the laundered cash behind Duke's private safe. Jimmy Lee offers free food at a BBQ to drum up support for his campaign. Frisco meets Tessie at Kelly's. Frisco asks Tessie's help on the waterfront. But she clams up when Burt comes by. Sean brings by the local paper. Duke's heroism makes the front page. Edward and Sandy help Jimmy Lee with his speech during the BBQ. During his speech things go bad when the food turns out to be garbage. Duke shows up with Robin playing the bagpipes, and all the men head over to Kelly's when Duke offers up a feast. Robin decides to go visit Robert and Holly in Australia. Frisco tells Anna and Burt that Toughie Richards has invited him to a poker game on the waterfront. Since they both know it's illegal for him to do this, Anna tells Frisco to inform them when the game will start so they can substitute an experienced player. Frisco says he will obey the order, but now that he knows that Donely doesn't have a Swiss bank account and that someone else on the waterfront does. Duke and Anna growing closer. They kiss on the waterfront. Later, Toughie reports to Duke about the poker game with Frisco. Duke looks at Anna's picture in the paper. Anna has flashbacks of her wedding to Robert when she finds some material that she wore during that Greek ceremony. 

July 14, 1986 - Filomena continues telling Anna that Duke is the next best thing since Roberto. Toughie prepares the poker game with Frisco. Duke Lavery challenges rival Jimmy Lee to a debate. Sean sneaks into Monica's room at the mansion. Monica can't resist Donely's clutches and the two end up in bed. Alan surprises his estranged wife with a visit and is announced by Jennnigs the butler. Stashing her lover in the closet, Monica throws on a robe and opens the door. Spotting Sean's shoes next to her bed, Jennings later tells Alan, Madam has company. Alan asks the servant to testify for his side in the divorce trial. Jennings agrees. At the Poker game, Frisco is aware that Toughie and company are letting him win big at these after hours poker games. Felicia is aware that her husband is lying when he says that he is on a special assignment. Anna is aware (via Felicia) that Frisco is diobeying orders. Later, Frisco sneaks into bed with Felicia but she finds the wad of bills that Frisco brought home from the poker game.

July 15, 1986 - Duke arrives to see Robin off to Australia. Next morning, Frisco can't find the money he won in the poker game but finds instead that Felicia has found out everything. A female tug of war is Lucy's favorite game, when Bobbie and Rick discuss her recent pattern of mistakes in the OR. Lucy leaks the scoop to Steve Hardy. It doesn't take long for Ms SPencer lto figure out who did this and she corners Lucy in the elevator promising to destroy her. Derek arrives back in town to pick Mike up for a return trip back to Omaha. Anna chastises Frisco for wandering off to the poker game without letting her know. Felicia confides to Tony that Frisco is lying to her. Later, Duke arrives at Anna's for a romantic dinner. Anna dances with Duke. She has a mixture of feelings. Desire, Arousal, Hesitancy. Desire and arousal win as she almost let's her enigmatic lover take her to bed, but Duke leaves quite suddenly, causing much confusion with Anna.  

July 16, 1986 - Duke Lavery challenges his rival Jimmy Lee to a debate at the Pub. When the Scotsman tells the dock workers about his humble working class background, they are impressed and see him as a harbinger of prosperity. Jimmy Lee's salt of the earth approach proves lackluster and he loses the debate. Ginny's TV crew arrives for the taping. Alan arrives at Jimmy Lee's debate wearing a pilot outfit. Jake comforts Bobbie in her war with Lucy. Anna tells Duke that she's aware of criminal activity in the dockworkers union. Duke and Anna share a kiss.

July 17, 1986 - The morning paper flashes the front page headline, "Anna Devane endorsing Duke Lavery in his election". Lavery is incensed and calls the paper to complain. Buzz sees the cozy picture of Anna and Duke on the front page and tears it to shreds. Patrick brings Lucy over to the Brownstone to meet with Jake. Lucy overhears an argument with Bobbie and Jake. Jimmy Lee is furious at Sandy when she enlists the wives of the dockworkers to support equal rights for woman. During Duke's therapy he goes ballistic when he brings up his betrayal by the woman he loves, Anna. Sandy reports to Anna who heads over to the rehab and tries to convince him there was nothing to the picture of her and Duke in the paper. Anna says she needs him, and Buzz grabs her hand and kisses it. Later, Buzz is happier and even starts joking with Sandy and Jimmy Lee. Bobbie maligns Lucy at her probation hearing. Bobbie clearly in the minority on this score as Ted Holmes, The Webbers and Steve Hardy bolster Lucy's reputation in the eyes of the law. When the judge rules that Lucy is a free woman, she is relieved but privately tells Bobbie Spencer that she has bought herself an enemy for life.

July 18-24, 1986:  7/18 Duke wins the election, Duke & Anna make love, 7/21, 7/22, 7/23, 7/24

July 18, 1986 - Burt and Anna wonder where Frisco was the other night. The renegade cop is acting on his own. Toughie tells Frisco that he expects to see him tonight at the poker game. Frisco will be there. Felicia is put off by Frisco's attitude. Damon Grenville arrives to meet Duke. (Damon is Mr. B's right hand man) Damon brings up Duke's burgeoning friendship with Ms Davane. Mr. B is worried. Duke tells him there is nothing to worry about. Burt questions Tessie about the new dockworkers that have shown up in town. Frisco meets Toughie and the gang and begins the game. Frisco excuses himself to get some beer. Alan, Edward and Jimmy Lee prepare for the Election returns. Will Jimmy Lee or Duke win the Dockworker's Union president? Alan details his plan: He will fake his death during the election and frame Monica and Sean for it. Alan decides to hangout in a little town in upstate NY till Monica and Sean go to jail. Duke tosses out the PC Herald reporter that put the gossipy article on he and Anna in the paper. Burt can't find Tessie anywhere. He later finds her outside and asks her to keep her eyes open for trouble. One of Mr. B's men overhears....The Election returns are in and Duke wins by a landslide. In Duke's speech he pledges that there will be plenty of jobs for everyone on the docks. Toughie and the gang are allowing Frisco to win, a plan that Frisco is all to aware. Frisco overhears Toughie meet a colleague on the phone. He later excuses himself from the game to "get some air". Anna meets Damon and Duke introduces him as a financial advisor. On the dock's Frisco looking for Toughie, spots the thug that he had a run in with at the park. Frisco tails the thug to Tessie's boat. There he witnesses the exchange of money between Stan and Tessie. Before he can report to Anna, he finds himself locked on board with the boat setting sail.  Stan drops the money off with Angel. Anna dances with Duke back at her place. Desire, arousal, hesitancy, Desire and arousal win, as she lets Duke take her to bed. 

July 21, 1986 - Bobbie can't sleep. She is still worried about the fight she had with Jake over Lucy Coe. Jake tells her she's wrong for trying to disrupt her hearing. Jake admits to Bobbie that he loves her. He kisses her passionately. Anna in Duke's arms tells him that she never thought she would be attracted to another man after Robert. Frisco soaking wet arrives home after jumping Tessie's ship he swam back to shore. Felicia really wants to help Frisco in his investigation. She sketches the man that he saw on Tessie's boat. The thrill of winning the union presidency wears off very fast for Duke when Damon communicates the newest plan for Mr. B. Not only does Mr Big want Duke to launder his cash through the union pension fund, he also wants him to make sure that his construction firm wins the bid to build the Fisherman's Village on the waterfront. Duke complains to Angel that he expected some control out of his association with Mr B. Frisco and Felica take the sketch to Ruby's and she posts it as Kelly's. Sandy has just come from seeing Buzz. He's making great progress. She excitedly drops by on Anna with the news, who agrees to visit Buzz. Anna visits Buzz who's delighted at the prospect of a future "date" with her on an outing on the grounds. Sandy is trying to play matchmaker. Anna drops in on a meeting with Damon and Duke. She sneaks his watch to him while Damon is not looking. Felicia offers to Duke that he update his entertainment at the club. Something to attract the younger crowd. She recommends Terry for a singing position. Burt and Frisco are on the beat. Burt tells Frisco that Tessie was at one time more than a friend to him. Duke wants Angel to arrange another game with Frisco so they can make a pass of more laundered cash.

July 22, 1986 - Lucy asks Patrick out to dinner but he postpones it because he's having dinner with a "friend".  Ruby tells Felicia her sketch of the man Frisco's been tailing looks familiar. Angel reports news to Duke about Frisco. He left the poker game early and may have seen money passed between Stan and Tessie. Felicia tells Terry she's arranged for her to sing at the benefit for the Policeman's ball at Duke's. Terry hesitatingly accepts. Lucy tells Ginny that she and Rick have the most perfect marriage. The phone rings and it's Amy calling to say that Rick's surgery was postponed so he will be home for dinner. Lucy tells Ginny it was a wrong number. Ginny leaves the house to do an in depth interview with Duke. Rick is surprised to come home and find veal roast dinner cooked by Lucy.  Lucy lies to Rick had already left when his message came in. Rick loves Lucy's cooking. Ginny interviews Duke and later Felicia at Kelly's. Felicia spots Stan outside the window disrupting the interview and stopping tape. Later, when Ginny comes home, Lucy tells the same lies she told to Rick. That's 3 lies for Lucy.  Tessie calls Stan from Atlantic City. She tells him that she knows someone was stowed away on her boat. They believe it's Frisco. Felicia interrupts an argument with Duke and Angel. Duke is upset that his world is crashing down due to Frisco Jones. He prays that Frisco was not on Tessie's boat. He's beginning to like the young couple.

July 23, 1986 - Alan asks Jennings, Monica's butler to plant a bug on the back of her headboard. Felicia asks Frisco to sing at Duke's benefit. Anna lectures Frisco on his gung ho activates as rookie cop. Toughie reports to Duke that a poker chip with the initials TJ was found on Tessie's boat. Frisco's been snooping around, Duke's in a panic. Toughie calls Frisco for another round of poker. Frisco postpones it. Duke hires Terry to sing at his victory celebration at the club. Duke and Anna find time for a little romance when he pays a call on her at the office. Later Duke and Anna resume snuggling at her place. Felicia tells Frisco of her spotting Stan by Kelly's during the taping. Frisco thinks Stan's image could be on the tape that Ginny shot.  

July 24, 1986 - Ginny and Frisco pour over the tape shot at Kelly's. The air is out at the Brownstone. The repair man recognizes Terry from her picture in the paper and starts to comment on the Kevin case. Patrick and Jake almost deck the guy! Terry wants to move away from PC, but Bobbie talks her out of it. Derek talking with Anna and Sean tells Anna that Frisco has been taking a lot of time at the studio studying tapes. Anna's intrigued what Frisco might be up to? Patrick notices that Lucy is giving him the cold shoulder.  Frisco finds Stan in the window of Kelly's just as Anna walks in. Burt and Anna are furious at Jones's taking the law into his own hands. But Anna does agree to bring in a police artist to get a better description of the man. Alan plays for his estranged wife a tape of her most recent lovemaking session with Sean. If she doesn't give him custody of Alan Jr, he'll play it for their son says that revenge minded doc. Monica threatens to kill Alan and knocking him to the ground tries to strangle him. Their divorce lawyers Jake and Brett walk in on this spat, Alan's attempt to portray Monica as a maniac succeeds. Later, Jake hears Terry singing her old gospel songs and drinking like the old days. But Jake makes a horrible mistake. Terry was only drinking iced tea. Bobbie and Terry trade insults and threats at Lucy. Anna and Burt are pleased that Frisco was able to get a clear sketch of Stan, the thug he's trying to capture. One minute Lucy is coming on to Patrick and the next she's cold. Patrick can't understand her ways. Amy spies on Lucy and is on to her game. Edward and Jimmy Lee put on a show for Brett. With Edwards urging, Alan makes Edward his beneficiary if anything happens to him. With Bobbie studying 12 hours a day, Jake is having fun and developing an eye for Terry.

July 25-31, 1986:  7/25 Alan fakes his death in a plane crash, 7/28, 7/29, 7/30 Tiffany returns, Edward hires her to seduce Sean, 7/31

July 25, 1986 - last part of episode jumpy - Alan, Edward and Jimmy Lee prepare for Alan's "death". Duke's victory celebration is in full force. Brian, Rick and Dan head an organization to help Buzz out of his doldrums. Claudia tells Ruby that things are getting worse for she and Brian. Alan stages his plane crash. Jimmy Lee rescues him from the lake after he jumps out of the plane. Alan changes into drag as Mary Lou Blaine! He then leaves town as arranged. Hours later, his plane operating on automatic pilot crashes and Anna reports to the Q's about Alan's plane and they all feign shock, even Lila even though she never wanted to go along with the plan. Anna next tells Sean the grim news that no body was found. Monica who's hiding in Sean's bedroom slumps against the wall. At the PAL benefit Duke is staging to keep Frisco busy singing while Tessie and Stan deliver new money, the former rock star switches schedules with Terry, who's making a new career with her music. Frisco heads out to the waterfront to catch Toughie and Stan in with the laundered loot! Suddenly a poker chip falls to the floor as Stan's goons surround Jones preparing to attack!

July 28, 1986 - Jimmy Lee informs Stella and Ruby of Alan's "death". Sean and Anna come to Monica's aid after hearing the news of Alan. Before the thugs can serve Frisco a knuckle sandwich, Anna's back up team of Burt Ramsey, and Chief Lewis save him. The thugs scram and Frisco faces the music. He evades Ramsey's questions as to just what he was doing on the waterfront. But Anna is having none of his secrecy or disobedience. She pulls him from the beat to stand guard in front of the precinct house!  Frisco shocks Burt with news that his old friend Tessie is passing something illegal to Stan every time her ship comes into port. Damon reports to Duke that Frisco is getting too close to the operation and he must be silenced but Duke tries to call off the heat. Monica still in shock swallows her pride and comforts the Q's on Alan's passing. Burt and Anna trace the license of the car the thugs were driving. The Q's move back into the mansion on Monica's request.  Brett tells Jimmy Lee and Edward that he never got to draw up the change in his will to make Edward his beneficiary. Reluctantly, Burt questions Tessie about her business, why has she been checking into town so often? She doesn't recognize the picture of Stan. Frisco and Felicia snuggling discuss his future with the force.

July 29, 1986 - Edward and Jimmy Lee still faking the grief for Alan. They tell Jake that they blame Monica for everything. Although they can't understand why the other evidence they planted around the crash site have not been found yet. Jimmy Lee decides to light a fire under Anna hoping she will arrest Monica. News of Alan's plane missing in action hits GH hard with Steve, Patrick, Amy and Audrey. Felicia visits Frisco who's on his first day of guard duty. Audrey and Bobbie visit a "bereaved" Lila. Alan still dressed in drag and posing as Celia, returns his rental car and head for the small town in upstate NY. The search party reports to Anna and Sean that so far no trace of Alan can be found. The current would have washed his body out to shore. Frisco sneaks into Anna's office to use the computer. He's checking up on the license of the car with the thugs. It's an abandoned car found on the waterfront. Frisco and Felicia offer their support to Monica. The boys are away at camp. They offer to go to the boy's camp to inform Alan jr and Jason in place of Monica. Alan takes off his disguise and casually walks out of the bus depot. He deposits his female disguise in a trash can. Sean finds Monica drinking her troubles away at the gatehouse. She calls her self a lousy mother and blames herself for Alan's death. Frisco and Felicia discuss the possibility of having children.

July 30, 1986 - Alan arrives in Pawtuck and at the General store run by Charity Gatlin and her 8 year old boy. He goes by the name of Simon Alexander. Brett tells Anna and Burt that Alan died with Monica as his soul beneficiary. A mystery lady in black arrives in town for Edward and meets him at ELQ. The mystery lady is none other than TIFFANY HILL!  Pawning her last diamond to get to America and help Edward in his battle with Sean and Monica, Tiffany, ever so ultra theatrical, is horrified to find Edward broke and she is most uncomfortable and grungy in the Q boathouse. Edward wants Tiffany to get close to Sean. News of Alan's death is all the Brownstoner's Jake, Tony a very pregnant Tanya and Bobbie can talk about. Anna tells Brett and Jimmy Lee that a substance was found in the fuel line of Alan's plane. This resulted in the crash. Alan (Simon) takes a liking to Charity and visa versa. Charity hires Simon to work at the store. 

July 31, 1986 - Frisco disappointed is starting his first day as guard duty. Felicia has another lunch meeting with the cops wives. Frisco wants Felicia to snoop around and see if they know anything about Stan. Jimmy Lee tells Monica that Anna's starting to wonder about her, especially why she gave Alan flying lessons on his birthday. Anna meanwhile is visited by her knight in shining armor Duke at the station. Anna refuses to call off the search for Alan and Guy brings in the latest developments. Alan's wallet was found near the crash. and the police lab finds sugar in the plane's fuel line. Brett Madison tells Anna of Jimmy Lee's acquisitions toward Monica. Tiffany is miserable at the Q hideout eating food from a can. Monica consults with Jake in case she needs a lawyer. Alan is doing quite a good job since taking over the General Store. Business is up. When Alan's scarf, helmet and wallet show up, Anna calls off the search for him. She calls Monica and asks her to come in for questioning. Monica with Jake present identifies the items as Alan's. Monica is terrified that the tape of she and Sean making love will turn up and become public domain. Monica is now the prime suspect. Duke and Anna snuggling. Jimmy Lee demands answers from Anna but so far Anna has no proof to charge Monica with Alan's death. Frisco and Felicia walking the docks spot Toughie, but Frisco wants to stay hidden. Damon is watching Frisco.

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