Complete GH Episodes, 1985

Thanks to my good friend Joan has original GH episodes from 1981 through current time, and has been very generous in loaning me these classic GH epsiodes, we have been working on getting them transfered to dvd and described. Most of these episodes do not have commericals. My thanks  and appreciation to Norm Fisher for all of his work in getting these dated and described! You can also check out the Scorpios Files 1985 Episode page for additional information for the September - November episodes at

Episode Breakdown

December 26, 1984 - July 3, 1985

July 3-10, 1985
7/3 partial, 7/4, 7/5, 7/8, 7/9, 7/10 partial [Episode Descriptions]

July 10-18, 1985
7/10 partial, 7/11, 7/12, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17, 7/18 partial [Episode Descriptions]

July 18-25, 1985
7/18 partial, 7/19, 7/22, 7/23, 7/24, 7/25 [Episode Descriptions]

July 26 - August 2, 1985
7/26, 7/29, 7/30, 7/31, 8/1, 8/2 partial [Episode Descriptions]

August 2-12, 1985
8/2 partial, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7, 8/8, 8/9, 8/12 partial [Episode Descriptions]

August 12-19, 1985
8/12 partial, 8/13, 8/14, 8/15, 8/16, 8/19 partial [Episode Descriptions]

August 19-27, 1985
8/19 partial, 8/20, 8/21, 8/22, 8/23, 8/26, 8/27 partial [Episode Descriptions]

August 27 - September 3, 1985
8/27 partial, 8/28, 8/29 Robert & Sean fight on tram (continued to the 30th), 8/30, 9/2, 9/3 [Episode Descriptions]

September 4-11, 1985
9/4, 9/5, 9/6 Robin arrives, Asian Quarter begins, 9/9, 9/10, 9/11 partial [Episode Descriptions]

September 11-19, 1985
9/11 partial, 9/12, 9/13, 9/16, 9/17, 9/18, 9/19 partial [Episode Descriptions]

September 19-26, 1985
9/19 partial, 9/20, 9/23, 9/24, 9/25, 9/26 partial [Episode Descriptions]

September 26 - October 2, 1985
9/26 partial, 9/27, 9/30 (bad portion 6 mins), 10/1, 10/2 [Episode Descriptions]

October 3-10, 1985
10/3, 10/4, 10/7, 10/8, 10/9, 10/10 partial [Episode Descriptions]

October 10-17, 1985
10/10 partial, 10/11, 10/14, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17 [Episode Descriptions]

October 18-24, 1985
10/18, 10/21 (cm), 10/22 (cm), 10/23, 10/24 [Episode Descriptions]

October 25 - November 1, 198510/25, 10/28, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/1 partial [Episode Descriptions]

November 1-8, 1985:  11/1 partial, 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8 [Episode Descriptions]

November 11-15, 1985:  11/11, 11/12, 11/13 Robin returns the black pearls to the buddha, 11/14, 11/15 [Episode Descriptions]

November 18-25, 1985
11/18, 11/19, 11/20, 11/21, 11/22, 11/25 partial [Episode Descriptions]

November 25 - December 2, 1985
11/25 partial, 11/26, 11/27 Robin rescued, 11/28, 11/29, 12/2 [Episode Descriptions]

December 3-9, 1985
12/3, 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, 12/9 [Episode Descriptions]

December 10-16, 198512/10, 12/11, 12/12, 12/13 Robert joins Holly in Australia, 12/16 [Episode Descriptions]

December 17-23, 1985:  12/17, 12/18, 12/19, 12/20, 12/23 [Episode Descriptions]

December 24-30, 1985
12/24, 12/26, 12/27, 12/30 [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

July 3-10, 1985:  7/3 partial episode, 7/4, 7/5, 7/8, 7/9, 7/10 partial

July 3 - Parial episode continued from previous dvd. Every gathers at the Brownstone, including Sean, and watches Frisco talk about the jewels on teen Time Time. Bobbie complains to Jake that she doesn't have doors and that everyone is constantly in her living room. Jake thinks that she secretly likes having people in her home all of the time. At GH, Dr. Rutherford tells Tony that he has a hormonal imbalance and that hormones might help his impotency. Tony is still upset and both he and Tania have a restless night. At the studio, Frisco believes that he is challenging Donely; Felicia continues to worry, but Frisco is glad that she is with him. Burt drops by and grills them both about the jewels. Mike drops in to see Derrick and Rick sees them together. Derrick talks to Rick privately and assures Rick that unless his lawyers tell him he has a chance to win custody of Mike, he will not tell Mike that he is his father.

July 4 - Teri and Bobbie pack a picnic basket for the 4th. Donely has invited the Brownstone residents to dinner at the Versailles room; Teri does not want to go because Kevin will be there. Bobbie wants to know what happened in the past that has Teri so upset, but Teri refuses to tell her and gets very angry. Jake encourages Bobbie to leave Teri alone and give her space. Later Bobbie pumps Kevin for info, but he won't talk either. At Kelly's, Frisco is wired; he has a jewel which he gives to Felicia, which makes her very nervous. Later, Frisco, who is being hounded by groupies, comes back into Kelly's in a horrible cowboy disguise which doesn't fool anyone. Sean has told Prescott to purchase two Pullman train cars and a working antique train engine. Sean instructs Grant to date Anna to keep her away from Sean. Grant agrees but warns him that he won't have anything to do with Frisco and Felicia getting hurt and demands that Sean stay away from them.  Anna is following Sean, and he confronts her at Kelly's and brags that he could lose her in an instant. She brags that even if he had a 30 second lead on her that she could still catch up to him. He takes her bet, leaves and pays a lemonade seller outside $50 to run into Anna spilling lemonade all over her. Sean sneaks upstairs and is hiding in Felicia's room. When she comes in he tells her he wants to talk to her. She is very nervous and tries to make excuses to go back downstairs. He begins questioning her about the jewels and tells her how concerned he is about her safety, that she is close to Frisco and there are people who would do anything to find out what Frisco knows about the jewels and he wouldn't want to see her hurt (this whole conversation is a bit on the creepy side, they are definitely making Sean the bad guy in this piece). Frisco comes in and is very unhappy to see Felicia alone there with Sean and kicks him out, and hugs Felicia relieved that she is okay.  At the gatehouse, a young boy comes by to thank Grant for helping him with his leg. Grant, of course, is not there because he doesn't live there, but Celia calls him over. After the boy leaves, Grant and Celia talk about their former marriage and what happened to them. They have a pleasant conversation which ends with Grant warning Celia not to marry JL.

July 5 - The Webbers host a dinner party for the Baldwins, Jesse and Dan. Ginny hopes that she can impress Rick's friends and that they “will find her worthy of being a doctor's wife.” At the Jones, Frisco and Felicia come by to cook dinner. Tony remarks to Tania that the “wall between Frisco and Felicia will come down at any moment.” They only have eyes for each other. Sean meets with Grant and they go over their plans for this evening. Sean is feeling a bit full of himself that he is a step ahead of both Robert and Anna at the moment. With Robert out of town though he tells Grant that Anna has been following him and with the dinner party at the Versailles Room that Sean has set up, Anna can watch Sean and Sean can watch Anna while Grant is off moving the treasure with Prescott. The dinner party he has arranged gets everyone out of the brownstone for the evening. Grant invites Anna to attend the dinner as his guest.  Robert arrives to see Holly and is relieved that she is safe. She tells him that she hasn't seen Basil and he chalks it up to Algernon trying to get them back together. Robert calls his contact at Scotland Yard and he confirms that Basil is in New Zealand and he can't leave the country without written authorization. Robert puts Holly on the phone so she can get confirmation and reassurance. He then gives Holly the message from Anna, "Cupid has shot another arrow."
     Holly is annoyed as she gives Robert the message. He tells her that means Sean is on the move and he has to take the first flight out in the morning. Holly says he must be exhausted? He says he is fine and just needs something to eat. She offers to go out with him for dinner as there is nothing substantial in the house. He appreciates that as he didn't think she wanted to have anything to do with him. He tells her he is worried about Frisco's stunt putting him and Felicia in danger and that is one of the reasons he has to get back immediately. He asks Holly to go with him but she says she can't right now but will return for the wedding. He believes she can't forgive him, she says it isn't that its that he will never be the same Robert, that he is a stranger now and she doesn't know if she would have married this Robert. Robert is curious about what advice Nanny has given Holly? She says that Nanny told her she would have to fight for Robert if she wants him. Robert observes that Holly isn't sure she wants Robert and she doesn't argue that.  At Sean's dinner party, Grant gets a call that a patient needs him and he leaves to go to the hospital. Anna pleads a headache and says she is going to the ladies room in search of some aspirin. She tells the maitre de that she isn't feeling well but doesn't want to spoil the party by having someone insist on seeing her home so she asks him to wait 10 minutes and then give Sean the message that she has gone home. Grant and Prescott don ski masks and sneak into the basement of the brownstone. Anna arrives and pulls a gun on one of the masked men (its Grant), Prescott comes up behind her and knocks her out. Prescott calls Sean and tells him that the treasure is out of the brownstone but there was a minor slip up when Anna showed up. Frisco and Felicia show up and find an unconscious Anna lying in a heap on the basement floor.  

July 8 - Anna comes to in a hospital bed with a concerned Grant treating her. Grant questions her on what she remembers of her attack and she chalks it up to his DVX training. Prescott and Sean discuss Sean's plan on renovating one of the train cars while camouflaging the other. Sean plans to do a bait and switch, to have Robert believe that the treasure is on one train car while Sean actually moves it out on the other car. Sean visits Anna in the hospital and she is very unhappy over being hit over the head. She reminds Sean that he promised to find and turn over the treasure to Robert. Sean tells her that things between him and Robert haven't been the same since she came to Port Charles. She blames him that he has ruined their friendship with his greed. He warns her that he will take her and Robert down with him. Sean throws her betrayal of him and her country back in her face. Burt confronts Frisco and Felicia in the hospital hallway. Bobbie also asks them the same question: why were they in the basement of the brownstone? Felicia comes up with an excuse: she was doing an inventory of the medical crates. At the studio, the day of the telethon arrives and Ginny is a hit hosting. Mike is excited because Derrick promised to introduce him to James Ingram. All of PC comes to help and James Ingram sings. Frisco also sings “Lady of my heart,” staring at Felicia through it all.

July 9 - Robert goes to see Frisco and Felicia and Frisco begins questioning Robert about why Anna was at the brownstone and says he doesn't buy her story at all. Robert has about had it with Frisco's game and tells him he doesn't care what he believes. He warns Frisco that when the evidence is in that he will nail whoever it is, friend or foe! Robert goes over to the brownstone to check out what is in the basement and he is not at all happy when Frisco and Felicia also arrive after he just warned them to stay out of it. He mentions obstruction of justice and says he might take him some time but he is pretty sure he can find some statue in Port Charles to charge them with and warns Felicia she is in this too!  Robert visits Anna next and tells her that he is sure that Sean did have the treasure all the time and that it was hidden in the brownstone basement and he moved it the night she was attacked. He continues that the trip to London was a set up and he is pretty sure that Sean was behind it. Anna asks him how things went with Holly? He doesn't feel know if Holly wants him back it but reports that she is returning for Celia and Jimmy Lee's wedding in 10 days. Anna encourages him to hold onto his marriage and she assures him that once the treasure is found that she will leave Port Charles and close the curtain on their past once and for all.  It bothers Sean that Robert hasn't been around to question him, he knows that Robert has to have figured out that he was sent to London on a scam and that the treasure was moved the night of the dinner party. Sean shows up at Robert's and gets the silent treatment from his old friend. Sean just can't leave well enough alone as he waits for Robert's questions which never come. Finally Sean suggests that Anna had arranged to move the treasure and her cronies double crossed her, he points out she faked being sick at the dinner party. Robert just glowers at him and finally he explodes, "I'm going to nail you Sean if it's the last thing I do! You're a greedy crook trying to pass yourself off as an adventurer. As of right now old friendships are off! I'm going to get you my friend, this is what we call a vendetta! Get that? A vendetta! I'm going to have your pelt on the wall, now get the hell out of my house!" Sean goes with no further argument.  At the spa, Celia is a little mean to JL because a kiss that Lorena planted on him at the telethon. Later she feels a little guilty and takes some chicken soup to JL, who caught a cold from Lorena. She lets herself into his apartment and gets an earful of JL and Lorena in bed together. At the Jones', Frisco is arguing with Tony about his decision to move to the Brownstone. Frisco doesn't think that it is safe, but Tony is determined. Later, At Kelly's, Felicia wants Frisco to give up on the treasure, so that they can be close to each other.

July 10 - partial episode, continued on next dvd - Holly arrives home and finds a telegram has arrived and is unopened and surmises that Robert has been out all night. Celia arrives and tells Holly that she found Jimmy Lee in bed with Lorena Sharp! Later, Robert returns home and is thrilled to find Holly has arrived. She doesn't want him to get the wrong idea but they both want to work on their marriage. He offers to run her bath and she can take a nap to rest up. He orders a beautiful bouquet of flowers and tells her there aren't enough flowers in the whole world to show her how much he loves her. At the spa, Lorena tries to make a public scene about their night together, but JL makes it clear that last night was a one-night stand. Lorena presses him for another night. JL leaves and runs into Celia in the park. She doesn't want anything else from him. She's decided to postpone the wedding. She confronts him about sleeping with Lorena and he blames Celia!!! because se forced him to be celibate too long. They fight and he ends up cancelling the wedding.  At Kelly's, Rick and Mike have breakfast together; then they go to the park. Mike tells Rick that he is a really good father. They have a really touching conversation about being father and son. Later Rick tells Ginny that he can love her baby just as much as he loves Mike, even if the baby turns out not to be his. He loves her and he will love the baby because the baby is a part of her. But she is upset; she just found out that the baby was conceived on the day that she slept with both Rick and Derrick. At the brownstone, Jake tells Bobbie that he enjoys being able to talk with her. Later he gives her a small bouquet of flowers, just for being a wonderful friend. Ruby challenges Bobbie as to whether a woman can be only really good friends with a man.

July 10-18, 1985:  7/10 partial, 7/11, 7/12, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17, 7/18 partial

July 10 - Partial Episode continued from previous dvd last 6 Minutes. No Commercials - Ginny is worried the baby could be Derek's. She upset over the pain she has caused Rick and Mike. Jimmy Lee confronts Lorena about her trying to set up Celia to find them in bed together. Lorena learns that Celia has called off the wedding. Lorena pleads her case, but Jimmy Lee wants nothing to do with her. Now that Holly is back from London, Robert vows to be the perfect husband.

July 11 - No Commercials - Bobbie gives Robert a great idea. Mike goes to GH to visit Rick as he is worried about Ginny. Audrey goes to Holly to help organize an art sale to benefit GH. Audrey invites her to dinner, but Holly gets a telegram inviting her to a romantic evening with Robert. The Qs are upset when Celia tells them the wedding is off thanks to Lorena. Jake takes Jimmy Lee to the Bucket of Blood for some male bonding. Rick and Ginny join Audrey and Dan for dinner. Robert and Holly have a romantic candlelit dinner. Monica and Celia have some girl talk. Jake brings one of ladies from the bar home. He hides her when he realizes Bobbie is waiting for him in his apartment. Rick and Ginny make love. Although they had a wonderful night, Holly puts the brakes on when Robert wants to take her to bed.

July 12 - No Commercials - Frisco tells Felicia that not all of the Aztec jewels are behind the fish tank at Kellys but he has a plan to get the remaining jewel that is in his pocket into the tank. Sean arranges a second pullman train car to get the treasure out of town. Robert makes Holly breakfast. Holy wants to know from Robert how long Anna plans on staying in PC. Robert assures Holly that after he finds the treasure Anna is gone. Tanya tells Grant that she just wants Tony back in every way. Celia tells Jimmy Lee he is so predictable, she knows he went to a bar last night and tried to take a woman home. Frisco gets the jewel hidden at Kellys. Sean needs a way to get Scorpio on the pullman car going south with him while Prescott actually has the treasure on the second pullman car going to Canada. Frisco visits Tony. Robert wants information about a pullman car sold at the amusement park. Sean comes up with the idea for Jimmy Lee to invite all his wedding guest on his pullman car to a town called “Love's Hope” for his wedding. Celia thinks Holly should have a talk with Anna. Robert tells Anna that he knows the jewels are at Kellys but he plans to leave them there as it is a good hiding spot. Grant knows Anna's scar is a fake and wants an explanation. Holly interrupts them when she shows up at Anna's hotel room.

July 15 - No Commercials - Burt tells Robert that the pullman car was bought by one TK Chandler. Holly confronts Anna about her lies. To smooth things over, Jimmy Lee sends “I Love You” balloons to Celia. Sean tells Grant he plans to invite Robert and Holly on his journey to Nags Head. The theme for the train party is the “Gay Nineties”. Holly tells Anna that she and Robert are made for each other as they are both liars.  Robert learns that TK Chandler is a phony name. Robert and Burt question some dock workers about the medical equipment stolen from the brownstone. Jimmy Lee tells Sean that he is sure Celia is about to change her mind about the wedding. Anna tells Grant that the scar was like her “scarlet letter”.  Holly tells Robert it's over between them.

July 16 - No Commercials - Derek offers Mike a job at the TV station as a gopher. Alan sees Sean and Grant about the change of plans for the medical ship. Sean invites the Q's on the train to meet the ship. The first GH board meeting with Edward as chairman. The out of town Steve gives Audrey the task to convince the board that he does not need an assistant. But Edward as the chairman makes the sole decision to hire Steve an assistant. Ginny is not wild about the idea of Mike taking the job at the TV station. 

July 17 - No Commercials - Mike goes to Rick when he injuries his hand at the TV station and is worried about telling Ginny. (Video: very glitchy picture during the scene) After she gets the news that Holly is leaving Robert, Celia visits her best friend. She and Celia say a tearful goodbye as Holly is leaving PC. Robert tells Anna that Holly is leaving PC and getting a divorce. Alan is not okay with being felt out of Sean and Grant's meetings. Rick is worried about Mike getting close to Derek. Robert tries one more time with Holly. Robert is disappointed when he meets with Celia and she doesn't know where Holly is going. Anna tries one last ditch effort to get Holly to see that Robert loves her. Dan tells Alan that GH is looking to hire Buzz Stryker to be Steve's new assistant. Bobbie and Jake have lunch in the park. Holly says goodbye to Ruby and Felicia. Guy tells Robert there is a line of credit leading from the pullman train car to Sean. Holly overhears Sean and Grant plotting to steal the treasure. Prescott grabs her before she can leave Sean's office.

July 18 - Partial Episode 16 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Tanya and Tony move into the brownstone. Prescott tells Sean he is holding Holly on the pullman car. Jimmy Lee and Celia have a picnic in the park. He reveals his plans for their wedding trip to “Love's Hope”. The wedding is back on. Mike meets the usual suspects at the TV station. Derek tells Amanda that Mike is his son.

July 18-25, 1985:  7/18 partial, 7/19, 7/22, 7/23, 7/24, 7/25

July 18 - Partial Episode continued from previous dvd. 26 Minutes. No Commercials - Alan finds out that Jimmy Lee knows Buzz from his hometown. Sam accuses Sean of double crossing him where the treasure is concerned.  Frisco helps Tanya arrange the furniture in her and Tony's apartment.  Jimmy Lee tells Sean that Celia is wild about the idea of the wedding train. Grant is angry with Sean for selling Jimmy Lee on the idea of a wedding train. Rick and Ginny visit Mike at work and want to take him to lunch. The brownstone crew have a dinner to welcome Tony and Tanya home. Sean assures Grant that the wedding is the perfect diversion.   

July 19 - No Commercials - Holly is tied up and gagged on the pullman train car. Felicia recognizes Prescott from the amusement park sale. Frisco and Felicia decide to investigate and find Sean aboard the train car. Sean invites them to the train party. Robert and Guy get the train's proposed route. Frisco tells Robert about Felicia's suspicions about a Prescott/Sean connection. Sean feels awful about Holly's kidnapping but he had no choice. He promises to release her once the treasure is safe. Sean catches Holly when she tries to make a break for it. Robert meets with Frisco and Felicia at Kellys. Robert takes the crown and jewels from behind the fish tank. Frisco explains to Robert how he got the jewels. Robert wants Frisco to put the jewels in a safety deposit box. Anna and Robert pay Sean's pullman car a visit. Sean invites them to the train party.

July 22 - No Commercials - Anna identifies Prescott as working with Sean at his warehouse. Felicia tells Frisco that she wants things back the way they were before Tony was shot. The Q's prepare their costumes for the train trip. Alan gets word he has to go to Washington to help Steve. Jimmy Lee lies to Buzz to get him to come to PC for the wedding. Edward finds the GH nurse's contract demands outrageous. With Holly gone, Celia asks Monica to be her matron of honor. Robert meets with his “combat” team: Anna, Frisco, and Felicia. Holly tries to get a note out to the outside. Sean's man Marty arrives at the train car carrying Holly to be the engineer. Alan's dashes Monica hopes of coming with him to Washington. Anna shows Frisco up in karate class. Frisco questions Bobbie about the night Anna was mugged. Robert wants Frisco and Felicia to ask some questions of the brownstone residents about the night Anna was mugged.

July 23 - No Commercials - Dr. Buzz Stryker arrives at GH. Frisco questions Jake about the night of the mugging. Holly tries to wrangle information from Prescott about Grant's role in all this. Buzz is reunited with Jimmy Lee and realizes he lied to him. Buzz meets with Dan, Edward, Monica, and Rick but he is not sure he is right for the ACOS job. Frisco questions Josh and Felicia questions Kevin.  Derek plans to set up a trust fund for Mike when he turns 18 and at that time he will be told he is a Barrington. Jimmy Lee and Buzz catch up. Buzz gets the ACOS job temporarily. Ginny tells Rick she is carrying a boy. Frisco and Felicia question Terri. Derek tells Ginny and Rick that he would like to continue to see Mike. Grant tells Sean that it was Felicia who broke into his safe. The train car carrying Holly and Prescott leaves.

July 24 - No Commercials - Felicia and Frisco have questioned everyone at the brownstone and everyone has an alibi but Grant. When Lorena flips out on Monica about Celia asking her to be her matron of honor, she tells Lorena she won't do it due to her feelings.  Everyone at GH is loving Buzz's new methods but Edward is not so swayed. Buzz meets with Bobbie at the brownstone …Monica tags along. Buzz thinks Bobbie should go back to school and get her degree so she can become head OR nurse. Felicia and Frisco go snooping into Grant's alibi at GH. They get the skinny from Amy. Grant covers his butt with the sign out sheets. Terri refuses to come to a brownstone barbecue because Kevin will be there. Buzz tells Tony and Tanya about his plans for a medical fan if he takes the job at GH. The time sheets clear Grant.

July 25 - No Commercials - Jimmy Lee tries to persuade Buzz to stay in PC. Robert takes a look around Grant's room at the brownstone. Tania is worried about Tony going back to work too soon. Monica tells Celia she can't stand up for her. Frisco and Felicia report back to Robert about the time sheets. Robert wants them to verify where Grant ate dinner that night. Buzz meets Celia at the Quartermaines. Frisco and Felicia check on Grants dinner break at Dinos. Robert checks out the time sheets for himself. Lorena makes a bit of a scene when Monica decides to go back on her promise to not be Celia's matron of honor. Lorena and Buzz hit it off. Grant finds out that Frisco and Felicia are still looking into his alibi. Holly tries to cozy up to Prescott to get information. Robert tells Anna he believes that Grant tampered with the GH sign out sheets.

July 26 - August 2, 1985:  7/26, 7/29, 7/30, 7/31, 8/1, 8/2 partial

July 26 - No Commercials - Jimmy Lee is ticked when he sees Grant's name on Sean's train guest list. Robert meets with his “Combat” team at Kellys to talk about Grant. Grant gives Tony leg braces to get him up and moving around. Robert asks Lee for a leave of absence for six weeks. Anna trails Grant to the train car. Felicia goes to the shooting range with Frisco. Grant senses Sean is keeping secrets from him. Jimmy Lee and Celia ask Lee to marry them at Love's Hope. Lee tells them they should consider buying the mayor's mansion from the city. Robert wants to get inside the pullman car but Sean has put a guard on security. Frisco and Felicia create a diversion. Prescott catches Holly trying to make a call on his phone. Robert and Anna search the pullman car and find a secret compartment but no treasure. Grant is as surprised as they are 

July 29 - No Commercials - Grant tells Anna and Robert that Sean sold him out. Grant tells them that he was trying to get his hands on the treasure so he could win Celia back. Robert gives Grant a chance to change sides. Grant tells Sean that someone jumped his guard at the pullman. Tony returns to GH. Celia insists to Jimmy Lee that she wants to talk to Grant about the train trip. (Note: ABC News Brief Interruption: 5 Minutes Lost) Sean interviews his guard and knows it was Frisco and Felicia that created the diversion. Buzz fishes around Amy for information on Celia and Grant's past together. Sean wants Grant to trail Frisco and Felicia. Celia and Grant discuss his part on the medical ship. Robert plots to have Grant give Sean the DVX tapes of him and Anna. 

July 30 - No Commercials - Saura pays Sean a visit. Robert sends Frisco and Felicia to NYC to look into Prescott's background. Sean wants to get the jewels back before the train leaves PC. Frisco learns that Prescott is an ex-WSB agent. Grant gives Sean the tapes to ensure his trust. Sean feeds Grant another bogus story that he put the treasure on a barge headed for Nags Head. Robert's plans to check on the barge. Celia introduces Buzz to Robert. Ginny and Rick plan to tell Mike that he is going to have a baby brother. Jimmy Lee makes it clear to Grant he does not want him anywhere near his honeymoon plans. Sean orders around the clock surveillance on Robert. The “Combat” team comes up plan to get Robert out of town to go and check the barge. Robert checks into Saura and Sam Morgan.

July 31 - No Commercials - Everyone is sweating it out at the brownstone as the air-conditioning went out. Frisco and Felicia go to Derek with the idea to go a TV special with live remote interviews from the passengers on the train. Jake is taking over as Ginny's lawyer and tries to go to bat for her and get her probation period shortened. When neither of them are willing to budge, Ginny and Bobbie have to work together on their reunion at Elm Street High School. At first Derek turns down the live remote idea, but Frisco persuades him. Jake accidentally learns about Derek's plan to tell Mike the truth when he is 18. Tanya tells Frisco she is scared that Tony resents her for trying to help him. The brownstone crew's barbecue gets rained out. 

August 1 - No Commercials - Celia packs for the wedding train. Celia has Buzz over for lunch at the gatehouse so they can get to know each other. Robert and Anna put on a show for Sean in the park so that Robert can slip out of town and go to Washington. They continue the show at the PC Hotel. Buzz has Jimmy Lee's bachelor party at the PC Hotel all planned. Jake has some questions for Derek's lawyer, Brett Madison, as to Derek's intentions toward Mike. Jimmy Lee's surprise bachelor party. Saura reports back to Sean that he saw Robert going into Anna's hotel room. With Sean's surveillance just outside, Robert makes his escape out the window.

August 2 - Episode continued on next dvd, 32 Minutes. No Commercials - Jake has a meeting with Ginny, Rick and Brett about Derek's influence on Mike. Rick believes Derek is trying to dazzle Mike. Jake lets Ginny and Rick know about the trust fund. Anna calls the hotel security on Sean's surveillance. The Q's and Buzz are all in the “Gay Nineties” getup. Edward is recovering from a mild hangover after Jimmy Lee's bachelor party last night. Buzz tells everyone he is planning on returning to Indiana after the wedding. Derek learns the Webbers know about the trust fund. There is a send-off party before wedding train departs. Rick tells Ginny they should tell Mike the truth before Derek does. Frisco is doing interviews for the live remote. Frisco keeps Sean busy as planned.

August 2-12, 1985:  8/2 partial, 8/5, 8/6, 8/7, 8/8, 8/9, 8/12 partial

August 2 - Partial Episode continued from previous dvd, 10 Minutes. No Commercials - Bobbie urges Ginny to tell Mike the truth. Frisco sets it up so that Sean will be busy giving a tour of the pullman train car for the TV cameras. Mike overhears Ginny and Derek talking. Sean manages to slip away and shows up at Anna's hotel room. Anna makes it appear Robert is in the shower.  

August 5 - No Commercials - Sean seems to be onto Robert and Anna's rouse but then Robert foils him and walks out of the bathroom. Alan is back from Washington and meets “the perfect” Buzz Stryker. Buzz tells Steve he is not here to take the job as his assistant. The hat contest is about to get underway at the pre-party at the train. Robert has a new plan. Grant tells Robert that Sean is demanding that he bring him the jewels that Frisco and Felicia have. Robert agrees to give Sean the safety deposit key to the box containing the treasure. The hat contest at the train concludes. Grant gives Sean the key. Everyone boards the train. Sean sees Felicia wearing the jewels and knows he has been dubbed.

August 6 - No Commercials - Ginny wants to put off telling Mike the truth. Charlie invites Terri to dinner. They decide to barbecue at the brownstone. Ginny tells Mike he will be having a baby brother. Kevin upsets Terri when he tells her there is something about Charlie he doesn't like. Tony helps a patient in a similar situation as his. Josh is miffed when he hears about Terri's date. Ginny is irked when she sees Mike on TV on a motocross bike. Bobbie makes dinner for Tony and Tanya's romantic evening. At their barbecue, Charlie spikes Terri's drink.

August 7 - No Commercials - Holly tries to play on Marty's sympathies to help her escape. Robert and his team plot their next move. Train trip continues. Celia confronts Robert about he and Anna being so chummy. Jake takes Bobbie to dinner. Kevin realizes Terri has been drinking thanks to Charlie and is quit hammered. Sean wants Grant to get the jewels that Felicia is wearing. Robert gets a look at Sean's onboard phone. Tony and Tanya make love for the first time since his accident. Kevin and Charlie get into a physical fight. Bobbie and Jake return to chaos at the brownstone.

August 8 - No Commercials - Derek buys a motocross bike for Mike. Grant tries to work over Sean. Robert requests information on former WSB agents that may be working with Sean. Terri gives Charlie the brush-off. The train makes it first stop and a hotel awaits. Robert plans to search the train after nightfall. Valentine is sending Robert photos of the ex-agents that may be working with Sean. Ginny is extremely upset when Mike comes home with the bike. Rick warns Bobbie that on top of Terri's hypoglycemia she may also have deep emotional problems that Bobbie may not be aware of. Sean meets with ex-agent Herb Clark at the hotel with his plan for when the treasure makes it to Nags Head. Rick confronts Derek about the bike. Sean feeds Grant a bogus story. Robert gets the photos and Grant recognizes the man he met in Sean's hotel room. Sean returns to his room to find the picture of Prescott lying on his bed. Prescott assures Holly that Robert is not going to be looking for her and he is actually with Anna at this very moment.

August 9 - No Commercials - Robert wants Frisco and Felicia as a diversion so he and Anna can get to Sean's phone. Sean wants Clark and his men to get the jewels that Anna is now wearing. (Felicia let her borrow them) Alan is not too happy about Buzz and Monica getting so cozy. Clark and his men burst into Robert's room looking for him and Anna. All they find is Frisco and Felicia.  They tie them up. Robert gets a frequency adaptor so he can listen in on Sean's phone calls. Steve wants to implement the co-ed lounge that Buzz suggested.  Grant knocks out Clark and saves Frisco and Felicia. Robert hides the adapter in a backgammon game. Anna and Robert take care of Clarke's men. Sean is surprised when Frisco, Felicia, Anna, and Robert all make it back to the train.                 

August 12 - Partial Episode 12 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Robert gets the backgammon game out but is getting nothing but static on his receiver. Holly needles Prescott. Sean tries to call Prescott.

August 12-19, 1985:  8/12 partial, 8/13, 8/14, 8/15, 8/16, 8/19 partial

August 12, 1985 - Partial :29 Minutes, continued from previous dvd; No Commercials - Tony thanks Terri for her singing the other night in the garden. Terri is embarrassed and runs off. Holly being held captive by Donnelley's man Prescott Harrell. Sean, Robert, Anna, Frisco and Felicia and the Q's are on train to Celia/Jimmy Lee Wedding. Sean makes a call to his accomplice with Robert trying to listen in. Tania tells Bobbie about her and Tony's romantic evening the other night where they heard Terri singing in the garden. Bobbie warns her that Terri only sings when she is drinking too much and Bobbie is worried. The Q's interrupt Robert trying to listen in on Sean's phone call. Anna and Frisco try to get them busy with a game of charades but Robert misses the whole conversation. Dan voices his concerns to Ruby about Buzz's idea for a new co-ed lounge at GH. Sean calls Mr. Wu. Anna tells Robert that she knows  Mr. Wu. Robert sets the plan in motion to catch Sean. Bobbie meets an upset Terri at Kelly's and tries to tell Terri she needs to let go of her past but Terri does not want to talk. Robert contacts Burt Ramsey at a pay phone. He covers when Sean catches him. 

August 13, 1985 - No Commercials - As the train approaching the Silver Creek picnic grounds, Sean suspects Grant is on to him and Grant knows it. Holly tries to bargain with her captor. Ginny worrying about Mike riding his motorcycle. Amy tells Rick and Ginny she is getting an apt with a new roomie a doctor at the hospital named Bill Garrett. Bobbie wants Jake to try and talk with Terri. Robert want to fake a fight with Anna to throw Sean off. Train stops in Silver Creek. Robert sends a fake message to Sean. Mike comes home all banged up after a fall on his motorcycle. Ginny forbids him to ride it anymore. Robert and Anna fake a fight. Robert rips her fake scar off calling Anna a liar and making a scene in front of everyone. Rick is worried about Amy having a male roommate. Mike is examined by Rick at GH. Frisco stalls the train on Robert's orders. Robert's fake telegram arrives for Sean. Terri runs out of Jake's office when one of his clients mentions a rape case. Rick tries to reason with Ginny about Mike. Sean questions Anna about her fake scar. He wants to partner up with her again. Jake tells Bobbie about Terri's fleeing his office. Holly again tries to bargain with her captor. 

August 14, 1985 - No Commercials - Ginny fakes a dizzy spell hoping that Mike will notice that the stress of his riding is affecting her and the baby. He falls for it and agrees to not ride anymore. Jake and Bobbie looking for the missing Terri. Terri is getting drunk on the docks with some shady friends. Bobbie asks to speak with Kevin about Terri. Brian finds Terri on the docks and alerts Bobbie. Terri and her new pals meanwhile hit a local dive bar. Mike tells Derek Barrington he is giving up riding. Terri getting wild at the bar, Bobbie and Kevin have to drag her out. Derek confronts Ginny about lying to Mike and he overhears. He is furious with her for lying to him. Jake, Kevin and Bobbie take Terri home where she passes out. Jake thinks Terri should see a doctor. Bobbie wants Jake to re-look at DL Brock's file and put a PI on Terri. Jake hates the idea and refuses. Terri wakes up to see Kevin standing over her and freaks out. Kevin tells Bobbie that something bad did happen but he cannot elaborate. Bobbie presses Terri to talk but once again she shuts down. Rick learns about Ginny's lying and he is worried that Mike will find out about Derek being his real father. Bobbie is determined to find out what is haunting Terri.  

August 15, 1985 - No Commercials - Anna is upset with Robert about humiliating her in public. Rick gets word that he is needed to operate in Mexico City. Frisco fakes a call to Ramsey. He feeds Sean a lie and informs him that the Aztec crown has been found. Robert and Anna plot to get the Aztec jewels. Lorena fishing for information on Jimmy Lee's wedding trip. Steve and Bobbie trying to coordinate the doctors/nurses co-ed lounge at GH. Jimmy Lee tres to write his wedding vows. Anna gives Sean some of the Aztec jewels to prove her loyalty to him. Now he wants her to get the rest that Celia plans to wear at her wedding. Rick asks Steve for time off to go to Mexico City. Charlie asks Terri out again. Tony invites Bobbie and Lorena to dinner with him and Tania. Celia tells Anna off. Robert listening in again on the phone bug and gets all but one of  the numbers to Prescott's cell phone. The Q's meet Jimmy Lee's family. Rick leaves for Mexico and Mike leaves for camp. Amy moves the last of her stuff out of the Webbers'. Lorena and Bobbie meet Tania and Tony for dinner. They run into Terri on her date. Robert can't get through to Prescott. Felicia comes up with a plan to get the Aztec jewels for Anna from Celia. Sean suspects Frisco is playing him.

August 16, 1985 - No Commercials - Day of Celia and Jimmy Lee's wedding. Felicia gets the jewels from Celia and gets them to Anna. Robert plants a tracker on Anna so he can locate her at all times with Sean. Grant wishes Celia well and they share a farewell kiss.  Pre-wedding breakfast for the guests is in full swing. Grant tells Alan he is stepping away from the hospital-ship committee. Anna plays Sean like a fiddle and drops a clue for Robert. Robert again tries to get through to Prescott. Edward gives Celia a wedding present. Robert calls Prescott and Holly tries to get to the phone first but can't. Celia and Jimmy Lee's wedding. Robert finally gets through to Prescott and hears Holly in the background. Anna and Sean duck out of the wedding to a waiting helicopter. Robert misses them. 

August 19, 1995 - Partial :37 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia arrive home. Felicia gets a message from Sean. Luke (off-camera) calls Robert and Ruby to tell them about the birth of his son. Ramsey and Robert searching for Holly. Robert gets Sean's cell phone records but all the numbers are missing. Jimmy Lee and Celia have breakfast in bed. Frisco and Felicia meet Robert and tells him that Sean has contacted Felicia and he has demanded the Aztec crown or Anna dies. Grant, Frisco, Felicia and Robert going over Sean's phone records. Robert checks into Mr. Wu's residence in Canada. Robert remembers hearing a train whistle in the background when he spoke with Prescott. Robert comes up with a plan to stall handing over the crown to Sean in hopes for having more time to find Holly. He makes plans to go to NYC. Lorena notices Monica is taking an interest in Buzz. Jimmy Lee and Celia on their honeymoon. Robert arrives in NYC looking for the train that Holly is on. He gets the details of a distress call that may have been placed by Holly.

August 19-27, 1985:  8/19 partial, 8/20, 8/21, 8/22, 8/23, 8/26, 8/27 partial

August 19, 1985 - Partial: 6 Minutes, conintued from previous dvd. No Commercials - Frisco plans on staying in Felicia's room at Kellys until they get the call from Donnelly. Robert gets information on the train car Holly may being held in.  Robert gets a message from Sean “to back off, he has Holly”.

August 20, 1985 - No Commercials - Monica shows up at the spa hoping to see Buzz. Alan joins her ruins her plan a bit. Tania asks Frisco and Felicia to dinner. They need to wait for Sean's call so they beg off. Buzz meets with Steve to tell him he will be staying on at GH and would like funding for a medical van. Lila's feelings are hurt when Edward tells her he wants to take a vacation alone. Ginny and Bobbie meet to plan the Elm Street School reunion. Frisco and Felicia waiting in her room for Sean's call. Buzz returns home to find Lorena (he is staying in Jimmy Lee's old  apt and she still has a key) there and then Monica shows up with a casserole for him. Ginny has an argument with Derek. Felicia makes Frisco sleep on the floor in her apartment. With Mike away at camp, Ginny donates his motorcycle to the Elm Street reunion auction. Felicia gets the call from Sean's accomplice to meet to turn over the Aztec crown tomorrow at midnight on the docks. And she must come alone. 

August 21, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert back in PC and checks in with Frisco and Felicia. Robert's plan involves giving the crown to Sean's accomplice and then he will lead them straight to Sean. Holly trying to get her hands on the keys to her handcuffs. Anna and Sean on their way to Canada stop in a motel. Buzz and Monica have lunch at Kelly. Edward gives Alan some advice..flirting with some young nurses should get Monica's attention. Brian tries to talk Ginny's out of selling Mike's motorcycle. Anna trying to pry some more information from Sean about where they are headed next. Alan's plan does not seem to phase Monica. Sean kisses Anna and finds the homing device Robert planted on her. Her cover is blown, but she manages to pitch the device out the window before he can get his hands on it. Robert puts his plan in motion. He gets news on Holly. She is near the Quebec border.

August 22, 1985 - No Commercials - Bobbie invites Kevin to her barbecue. Kevin gets a letter from his brother Patrick saying he is coming to PC. Bobbie's barbecue with Tony, Tania, Terri, Jake and Frisco and Felicia. Kevin tells Terri about Patrick coming to town. Terri freaks out and takes off. Grant meets with Frisco and Felicia to go over the plan on the docks for handing over the crown. Bobbie is worried when she can't find Terri. Terri ends up on the docks again and runs into Charlie. She wants to go to a motel with him. But when they arrive she can't go through with it. Frisco tells Tony about the plan. Tony tells him he already knew. Bobbie and Jake get into a fight over what to do with Terri. Felicia arrives on the docks to hand over the crown with Frisco and Grant in disguise. Sean's “messenger” gets wind of the plan and calls the drop off. Wants to re-meet tomorrow. An upset Terri arrives home. The armed “messenger” is waiting for Frisco and Felicia when they return to her apartment.

August 23, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert parachutes into a wooded forest area to look for Holly. Holly has run out of water and food. Ginny and Jake setting up for the Elm Street auction. Derek arrives and informs them he will be televising the auction. Frisco and Felicia with “the messenger” on a plane to meet with Sean. They are now hostages. Sean tells Anna he knew all about Robert's plan on the docks. Robert finds Holly. Anna is counting on the homing device for Robert to locate her. Frisco plotting against “the messenger”. Frisco and Felicia try to convince him that the crown is jinxed. Anna taunting Sean. Bobbie starts the auction. Derek learns of Ginny trying yo sell Mike's bike. Derek buys the bike back. Robert gets Holly to a local hospital. Ginny gets word that Rick wants her to join him in Mexico. Frisco and Felicia arrive with “the messenger” at Sean's hotel room. Sean gets his hands on the crown.

August 26, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert zeroing in on the homing device. Prescott and Marty (Sean's men) arrive at his hotel room. Burt tells Robert his plan backfired on the docks and Frisco and Felicia are now missing. Sean's men find the homing device and of course Robert loses the signal but he does manages to get to the hotel. He works a deal with Marty. Anna and Robert are reunited. She tells Robert that the rest of the treasure is in Mr. Wu's chalet across the Canadian border. Felicia and Frisco admit they love each other still. Anna bargains for Frisco and Felicia's release. Sean refuses. Robert wants Burt to delay Mr. Wu at airport customs. He has a new plan. Robert tells Burt that he will resign as the commissioner after this case is finished.    

August 27, 1985 - Partial 16 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Celia tells Jimmy Lee that Holly has been through an ordeal and she must leave to go and see her thus cutting their honeymoon short. Robert dresses up as Mr. Wang, an assistant to Mr. Wu. Anna leads Sean right to him. Buzz lets Monica know that he wants to keep things professional between them. Robert boards the tram going to the chalet. Sean and Anna miss the tram.

August 27 - September 3, 1985:  8/27 partial, 8/28, 8/29 Robert & Sean fight on tram, 8/30 tram cont, 9/2, 9/3 complete no end credits

August 27, 1985 - Partial: 25 Minutes, continued from previous dvd. No Commercials - Sean and Anna catch the next tram to the chalet. Burt visits Holly and tells her Celia is coming to visit her. Sean and Anna arrive at the Chalet with Robert hot on their trail. An upset Lila tells Lorena she doesn't know where Edward went on his vacation. Jimmy Lee and Celia arrive back at the Q mansion. Lorena thinks Jimmy Lee and Celia are home because there is trouble in paradise already. Robert begins searching for the treasure on the grounds of the chalet.   

August 28, 1985 - No Commercials - Celia visits Holly. Alan gets caught by Monica in a linen closet flirting with a student nurse. Holly tells Celia about her ordeal but things are back on track with her and Robert. Celia finds out that Grant was involved with Sean. He stole the treasure for her. Alan and Monica argue but agree to work on their marriage. Buzz and Jimmy Lee have dinner at the Floating Rib. Alan and Monica arrive home to see Lila on her way out to meet Edward on his vacation. Alan and Monica have a romantic evening together. Holly and Celia have a heart to heart about why she married Jimmy Lee. Jimmy Lee thinks Buzz should get back into the dating game. Holly wants to leave the hospital but Burt tells her to rest up.   

August 29, 1985 - No Commercials - Holly is discharged from the hospital. She wants to stay in a nearby hotel for news on Robert. Ann learns that Sean had Holly kidnapped and she knows that Robert is now out for blood. Anna trying to get arise out of Prescott. Robert finds the treasure but Sean spots him and they exchange gunfire. Anna escapes but Frisco and Felicia aren't so lucky. Holly is upset that Robert is in danger. Robert retreats back to the tram with Sean in hot pursuit. They both board the moving tram and fight it out. Celia and Burt take Holly to the hotel. Robert gets thrown out the door of the tram.   

August 30, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert is okay but Sean believes he is dead. Buzz setting up his idea for a volunteer medical van. Celia and Holly waiting for news on Robert. Sean and Anna return to the chalet with news that Robert is dead. Robert and Anna flashbacks. Frisco decks Sean. Robert returns to Holly's hotel room. Doctors and nurses at GH are signing up left and right for Buzz's medical fan. (Note: Slight video jump but nothing is lost) Holly is upset Robert has to end this case solo with no back-up. Sean making plans to move the treasure to Mr. Wu via the tram. Frisco trying to bargain with Sean's men. The Tram containing the treasure and Sean arrives to a waiting “Mr. Wang”. Robert takes off his mask and Sean is arrested. 

September 2, 1985 - No Commercials - Sean's team thinks he double crossed them. Frisco, Felicia and Anna put a plan in motion to escape. They succeed. Lila and Edward host a regada at the Q mansion. A boat carrying Terri, Amy and Josh sinks near the Q boat dock. Robert is reunited with Frisco and Felicia. Anna is upset to see Robert and Holly so close. Celia tells Anna that Robert and Holly are stronger than ever. Robert learns that Prescott is on the lamb and he suspects Sean is up to something. Sean is just happy that Robert is alive. He regrets what happened to Holly. Sean tells an unbelieving Robert that he had arranged to return the treasure to the Mexican government. Sean's story is confirmed. Felicia needs to visit her grandmother and tell her about the treasure. Frisco agrees to go with her. Celia returns home to the Q mansion. Celia plans a dinner for the soon returning Robert and Holly.  

September 3, 1985 - No Commercials;
complete but no end credits - Celia setting up dinner for Robert and Holly. Valentine wants to see Robert the minute he returns. Valentine questions Anna. Mr. Wu meets with “the Ancient One”. Rick and Ginny return to PC. Ginny tells Rick about Mike's motorcycle. The jade buddhas are returned to the “Ancient One” but the black pearls that were inside are missing. Mr. Wu believes Anna has them. Valentine confronts Sean. Sean works a deal to protect Anna and Robert. Bobbie and Terri argue about keeping secrets. Robert is questioned by Valentine. Rick pays Derek for Mike's bike. Mike returns from camp. Robert and Holly enjoy Celia's dinner.

September 4-11, 1985:  9/4, 9/5, 9/6 Robin arrives, Asian Quarter begins, 9/9, 9/10, 9/11 partial

September 4, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia in Texas to see her grandmother. Holly and Robert in bed unaware that half of PC is coming over for a surprise party organized by Celia. Kevin leaves a message for his brother Patrick who is arriving in PC to do his residence at GH. Felicia is ashamed she is sad that the Aztec treasure is gone. Anna makes plans to go to NYC. Patrick O'Conner and Dr. Yank Chung arrive at GH as new residents. Felicia contemplating staying in Texas permanently. Robert and Holly tell their party guests they are going to start a new life in Australia together. Kevin is worried that Terri will see Patrick first before he does. Robert will resign after Sean's trial and recommends Burt take his place as commissioner. Celia apologies to Grant. Terri sees Patrick at the brownstone and gets hysterical. Burt tells Robert it is probably not a good idea to say goodbye to Anna.  

September 5, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert and Holly in bed. He attempts to make breakfast. Buzz has a chat with Patrick about Terri and later he suggests she seek professional help. Holly and Anna inadvertently meet while waiting to give their statements to the police. Anna learns Holly is going to Australia and  Robert will join her later. Anna and Robert say goodbye. Holly say goodbye to Burt, Bobbie and Jake. Ginny and Rick discuss Mike's motorcycle. Holly leaves for Australia via London and her and Robert say goodbye at the airport.   

September 6, 1985 - No Commercials. Note: Slight Audio hum in the first two scenes - Frisco and Felicia arrive back in PC. Grant says goodbye to Anna. Robert visits Sean in jail. Tony and Tania assume Frisco and Felicia will move in together but they are taking things slow. Sean tells Robert to tell Anna he is sorry. Buzz asks Anna out. Derek wants Frisco to do interview with Sean from prison..he refuses. Robert shows up at Anna's hotel suite. Derek visits Sean in prison sniffing around for a story. Buzz gives Yank and Patrick a tour of PC. They end up at Kellys. Frisco and Felicia take Anna to the airport. Yank treats a kid hit by a car with acu-pressure. Robert arrives home to find a little girl named Robin in his living room. 

September 9, 1985 - No Commercials - A frantic Terri is looking for Bobbie at GH. Frisco and Felicia say their final goodbyes to Anna at the airport. Terri makes a scene in the GH cafeteria with Patrick and storms out. Robert calls Frisco, Felicia, and Burt to come to his penthouse. Kevin and Josh search for Terri. She is boozing it up. Robert tries to find out how Robin got there and where she came from. She was picked up from camp by an Asian chauffeur and dropped off at his doorstep. Anna arrives back in NYC to find Philamina tied up and the apt ransacked. Tony and Tania find Terri drinking at the brownstone. Bobbie and Jake return home and find Terri passed out and they rush her to GH. Robin will spend the night at Robert's... social services will come tomorrow.   

September 10, 1985 - No Commercials - Terri wakes up at GH and she wants to leave pronto. Bobbie convinces her she needs to stay. Anna goes to Robin's camp to get information. Buzz wants to run some tests on Terri and does some investigating into her hometown. Robin has taken a real liking to Robert, Frisco and Felicia. She is fingerprinted and photographed. Social services arrives and they agree that Robin can stay with Robert for 2 weeks while they try and locate her grandmother. Terri freaks out again when Patrick comes into her hospital room. Josh decks him. Anna returns to Philamena's apt. She thinks that may be a connection to Mr. Wu and Robin's disappearance but she refuses to call the police. Philamena wants her to go to Robert for help. Buzz gets nowhere in digging into Terri's past. Robert getting very close to Robin.  

September 11, 1985 - Partial 28 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Robert is leaving for NYC to search for Robin's grandmother. Frisco wants time off from Teen Time. Anna agrees to go to Robert for help. Robin makes Robert pancakes. Monica, Gail, and Grant deal with a demanding patient at GH. Mike sells Ginny and Rick that he will sell his motorcycle. Robert, Frisco and Felicia give Robin a tour of PC. Robert leaves for NYC. Anna gets a note from Robin's kidnapper. She can't go to Robert now. An asian man tries to steal Robin's doll on the docks. Frisco is able to get it back and the man takes off. Ginny does not want Mike to sell his motorcycle now.

September 11- 19, 1985:  9/11 partial, 9/12, 9/13 (about :31 mins), 9/16, 9/17, 9/18, 9/19 partial

September 11, 1985 - Partial 20 Minutes, continued from previous dvd. No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia baby-sitting Robin. Philamina goes to the police but without giving any personal information they refuse to help her. Robert arrives at the NYPD. Kim (Mr Wu's grandson and right hand man) breaks into Robert's apartment and tries to steal Robin's doll. Frisco runs him off. Anna decides she must go to Robert. Frisco calls Robert about the break-in.

September 12, 1985 - No Commercials - Terri is tired of the tests the GH doctors are running on her. Anna arrives back in PC see Robert. She is informed he is out of town. Frisco fills Robert in on the break-in. Patrick suspects Terri has a chemical imbalance and suggests a special diet. Edward and Lila plan to go to Rio. Terri is released from GH. Frisco and Felicia take Robin for pizza at Dino's.  Edward and Lila have to get shots before their trip. Anna goes to see Grant about Robin. Celia takes Anna to task for being back in PC. Josh after being mistaken for Frisco as he is wearing Frisco's Teen Time jacket is drugged by Kim. Bobbie and Jake talk Terri. (Note: Slight video jump but nothing is lost.) Patrick and Josh get into a physical fight on the docks. Josh collapses and dies. Monica and Grant have dinner at Dino's.  

September 13, 1985 - No Commercials - Patrick  recounts his fight with Josh to Buzz. Frisco learns of Josh's death. Robert tells Robin a bedtime story. Burt arrives at the brownstone and needs Patrick to come to the PCPD. Anna arrives at Robert's and is reunited with Robin. Autopsy results sort of clear Patrick of Josh's death. Terri is livid when Patrick is released. Robert knows that Robin's is his. Anna explains why she kept it a secret. Burt finds out Josh was poisoned. Robert wants to bring Philamina to PC. Before she leaves, she gets second threatening note in NYC from the man who took Robin from camp.   

September 16, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco taking Josh's death hard.Terri believes Patrick could get the poison used to kill Josh as he is a doctor. Philamina arrives at Robert's and gives Anna the note. Robert meets with the mayor of the Asian Quarter, Mr. Dem (Played by Star Treks' George Takai) Yank gets a note from his bother at GH. Bobbie decides to go to Terri's hometown of Laureltown. Robert learns of the second threatening note regarding Robin. Frisco connects his jacket to Josh's death. Buzz has a talk with Yank. Yank is “The Ancient One's” grandson. Robin thinks she recognizes Yank (actually it was his brother Tey that spoke with her at camp) Frisco is determined to find out who killed Josh. Yet another threat to Robin is delivered this time signed by the “The Green Shirts” Frisco quits his job at the TV station 

September 17, 1985 - No Commercials - Patrick's fate is in the hands of GH doctors as to whether he will be suspended. Buzz goes to bat for him. Frisco wants the PCPD to hire him. Jake tells Burt he has no evidence against Patrick. Felicia takes an apartment at the Brownstone. Frisco tells Tony about quitting his job. Felicia meets Jade. Robin's doll is yet again almost stolen. A man knocks her down on the docks. Rick and Buzz have lunch to discuss Patrick. Jake and Bobbie leave for Laurelton. Felicia wants Frisco to move in with her. Yank gets a bomb threat from  “The Green Shirts” A warehouse in the Asian Quarter is targeted.

September 18, 1985 - No Commercials - Terri and Patrick square off. She still thinks he killed Josh. Bobbie and Jake get nowhere in Laurelton. Robert and Anna working the case. The bomb is scheduled to go off at 8:30pm...they must find the warehouse. The bomb is planted inside a stone wall at a warehouse in the Asian Quarter. Yank spots his brother in the Asian Quarter but loses him when he flees. Robert wants Robin to try and see if she can identify the man that pushed her down on the docks. Robert presses Anna to tell Robin she is her mother. The bomb is found.

September 19, 1985 - Partial 5 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Bomb diffusion team headed by Anna arrives at the warehouse in the Asian Quarter. All of PC hears about the bomb. Frisco heads down to the warehouse. Robert evacuates the area.

September 19-26, 1985:  9/19 partial, 9/20, 9/23, 9/24, 9/25, 9/26 partial

September 19, 1985 - Partial :35 minutes continued from previous dvd. No Commercials Note: ABC News Brief. GH joined in progress, about 2 minutes lost - Frisco and Felicia arrive at the warehouse. Robert learns the warehouse is owned by Jade Enterprises, Inc, but Robert wants a name. Lorena bust in on Jimmy Lee and Celia's evening out. Frisco gets the name of the owner of the warehouse,  Mr Wu. Anna working on the bomb. Lorena agrees to let Claudia and Celia open a boutique to sell some of Celia's art in her spa building. Anna diffuses the bomb. Robert questions some of the members of “The Green Shirts”. Celia arrives at Robert's wanting answers as to why Anna is staying there. She learns Robin is their daughter and Holly already knows. Frisco and Felicia make love.  

September 20, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco and Felicia in bed. Yank flirting with Jade at the Tea House. He wants to her to hand out fliers to search for his brother. Frisco gives Robert the news that Mr. Wu owns the warehouse. Robert lets Patrick off the hook for Josh's murder. Terri gets a call from her grandmother telling her that Bobbie was snooping around Laurelton. Robert meets with Mr. Wu. Someone tries to kill Frisco on the docks. Burt informs Robert that Sean has escaped. Bobbie finds Terri drinking and she confronts Bobbie about going to Laurelton. Robert wants Yank to help in his latest plan. 

September 23, 1985 - No Commercials - Sean is brought to Mr. Wu's office. Wu broke him out of prison and now he wants something in return. He wants Sean to get the two black pearls from the buddas back for him. Felicia meets with Jade. Bobbie tells Buzz that she is making progress with Terri. Wu meets with the “Council of Six”. Frisco takes a karate lesson. Mr. Wu's grandson, Kim and Sean are brought into the meeting. Patrick wants a fresh start with Terri. Yank's brother, Tey is admitted to GH after being beat up in the Asian Quarter. He darts out before Yank can speak with him.   

September 24, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert in a sling after falling down the stairs of his apartment. Anna taking pictures of the “Council of Six” members. Yank meets with Robert and Robert shows him the pictures. Robert wants to round up the three chiefs member of “The Green Shirts” for questioning. Frisco and Felicia stake out Gino's, Anna is at the karate school and Yank takes the Tea House restaurant. All three manage to snag the chiefs members and take them back to Robert's. Robert does not want Robin to visit the Asian Quarter anymore.   

September 25, 1985 - No Commercials - Tey is in trouble and calls Yank. Claudia and Celia decorating the boutique at the spa. Alan visits his friend old college Arthur Fairchild at GH. Arthur knowing that he is dying, encourages Alan to not let life pass him by. Frisco checks on Chen's story at GH. Alan takes it hard when Arthur dies. Frisco and Yank trying to find Tey.  Felicia meets Jade's brother Kim. Lorena joins Alan and Monica for dinner but Alan shows up at home drunk. Frisco comes face to face with Kim.  

September 26, 1985 - Partial 29 Minutes, continued on next dvd.  No Commercials - Robert suspects Sean is still in PC. Frisco recognizes Kim as the one that broke into Robert's apartment but does not let on. Mr. Wu sets up a hideout for Sean. Frisco calls Robert to meet him on the waterfront docks. Ginny taking Frisco's place for now on Teen Time. Felicia hits it off with Jade. Robin's doll is stolen by a women making a delivery to Robert's apartment. She leaves a threatening note as well. Frisco tells Robert about Kim. Sean shows up at Anna's karate class. He warns her to return the pearls. Tey is on the run.

September 26 - October 2, 1985:  9/26 partial, 9/27, 9/30 (bad portion 6 mins), 10/1, 10/2

September 26, 1985 - 9/26/85 Partial :13 Minutes, continued from previous dvd. No Commercials - Jade starts to take a liking to Yank. Frisco comes up with a plan to trap Kim. He will have to go deep underground and lie to everyone he is close to.  Robin tells Anna her doll is gone and Anna finds the note. Anna wants to take Robin and run.   

September 27, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco using the TV station to his advantage as part of his plan. Robert realizes Anna and Robin are gone. Anna and Robin arrive for help from Philamena's friend at Dino's pizzeria. Robert finds out about the deliverery and the threatening note. Frisco hams it up at the Bucket of Blood as part of his plan. Felicia invites Jade and Yank to dinner with her and Frisco. Tey gets through to Yank to meet him. Frisco wants to fake a hit and run so he can go underground and get close to Wu. But the plan goes south when Tey is the victim and later dies at GH. Felicia learns about Frisco making a spectacle of himself at the bar.  

September 30, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco brought in to the PCPD. Robert tells him he can back out of his plan as Tey has died. Frisco refuses and they plan his story. (Note: Slight glitchy video during the scene and one second audio drop out) “The Green Shirts” come to the aid of Anna and Robin. Sean overtakes Grant who is staying at Robert's apartment. He searches the apartment to look for the black pearls. Jake goes to talk with Frisco in his cell and Frisco sticks to his story. Robert finds Robin and Anna. Frisco makes bail and he tells Tony and Jake that he is going back to the Asian Quarter to “clear his name”. Anna tells Robert that Sean is involved with Wu and the discover an the unconscious Grant. Felicia is frantic at Frisco is awol. Robert tells Anna and Grant he is washing his hands of Frisco. Robert is going after Wu. Felicia asks Jade for help to look for Frisco. Jade suggests they go to her brother Kim.  

October 1, 1985 - No Commercials - The DA comes to Tony with questions about Frisco. Frisco on the streets of the Asian Quarter. Ginny wants to interview Tony. Tony wants more hours on the GH medical van in the Asian Quarter so he can look for Frisco. Edward and Lila return from their trip to Rio. Yank informs his family of Teys' passing. Sean informs Wu that nothing was found at Robert's. Sean's new mission is to find Frisco. Frisco sees a young girl with Robin's doll. Yank investigates the jade buddas. Both Felicia and Tony go on “Teen Time” with Ginny regarding Frisco. Ginny meets her replacement on Teen Time. An accident with the medical van puts the whole project in jeopardy. Frisco sees the “Teen Time” broadcast.    

October 2, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert in disguise meets with Frisco. He tells him Yank is out for blood for his brother's death. Yank tells Anna he is going after Frisco. Frisco tells Robert about the doll. Edward wants Buzz's head on a stick for the medical van accident. Robert wants the “Teen Time” stories about Frisco to stop. Robert is interview by Ginny. Frisco looking for Sean on the streets. The medical van accident will go before the GH board. The van is given a trial period. Robin see Robert on TV and is upset about what he said about Frisco. Later Tony and Tania take Robert to task. Yank finds Frisco. And Sean sees them get into a  physical fight.

October 3-10, 1985:  10/3, 10/4, 10/7, 10/8, 10/9, 10/10 partial

October 3, 1985 - No Commercials - Felicia hears in a TV news brief about the fight between Yank and Frisco. Sean takes the beaten up Frisco to a hideout (Olin's apartment) Sean thinks he is pulling a scam. Rick is concerned about Amy's appearance at the hospital. He is informed she is down in the dumps due to her “man trouble”. Rick invites Amy to dinner at the house. The accident with the medial van will not result in the GH being sued. After the police come looking for Frisco, Olin covers for them. Sean is curious why Frisco did not turn him in, Sean is beginning to trust Frisco. Yank finds out that Jade is the granddaughter of Mr. Wu. Amy joins the Webbers for dinner. Amy admits to Ginny that she slept with her room-mate Bill and it was awful. Tony goes on “Teen Time” again. Felicia searching the street of the Asian Quarter for Frisco. 

October 4, 1985 - No Commercials - Sean brings Kim to Frisco. Patrick thinks that Terri may be trying to put the moves on Jake. Mr. W contacts Derek Barrington for a meeting. Felicia gives Robert the cold shoulder. Anna takes a call from Holly (off-camera). She would like Robin to come and live with her and Robert in Australia. Sean takes Frisco to meet Mr. Wu. Terri wants to make peace with Kevin. Mr. Wu plans a test for Frisco. Rick suggests Patrick take Amy to the upcoming Residents Dance at GH. Mr. Wu offers Derek a deal for the canary in the Asian Quarter. Derek declines; telling him he has another offer in place. Patrick asks Amy to the dance. Robin visits the children's ward at GH. Kim takes Felicia to Frisco as part of Wu test. Frisco passes the test by telling Felicia he can't go back to his old life.  

October 7, 1985 - No Commercials - Felicia tells Robert about her meeting with Frisco. Buzz informs Robert he knows where Robin's doll is. A little girl with a heart condition (Gee Sung) was admitted to GH from the Asian Quarter with it. The “Residents Dance” takes place at GH. Wu requests a second meeting with Derek. This time trying to bribe him. Anna and Robin are worried about Felicia. Robert threatens Wu and strikes out on getting the doll back. Wu has another test for Frisco. He must kidnap Robin. Felicia tells Tony that Frisco doesn't want anything more to do with them. Patrick and Kevin come to blows over Terri at the dance. Amy wants out of her new apartment with Bill. Mike turns up missing and he was involved in a motorcycle accident and has been taken to GH.     

October 8, 1985 - No Commercials - Jimmy Lee calls a meeting with Alan and Grant about the hospital-ship which is in disarray now that Sean had been arrested. Mike has a broken rib and has to have surgery. Amanda takes Ginny's place on “Teen Time” with disasterous results. Mike is taken into surgery (Note: glitchy picture and scene jumps to next scene abruptly) Jimmy Lee, Alan, Grant, and Edward learn that Sean's power of attorney has been given to Felicia. She is the boss now when it comes to the hospital-ship. Mike's surgery gets underway. Ginny blames Derek for Mike's accident. They argue in the elevator and get stuck. Ginny goes into premature labor. Jimmy Lee and Edward plot to cozy up to Felicia. Rick learns about Ginny going into labor. Ginny gives birth right in the elevator. 

October 9, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco meets Olin's grandson, Suki. Robert explains to Yank that they know it was not Frisco that killed Tey and explains that Frisco is on a mission. Mike needs a transfusion and Derek is the only one that can help. Yank tells Robert about the black pearls. Frisco meets with a disguised Robert and a bar in the Asian Qurter called the “Bamboo Bar”. Terri is drinking again and puts the moves on Jake. Robert has a new plan but assures Anna of Robin's safety.   

October 10, 1985 - Partial 13 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Ginny at GH. She is suffering from serious postpartum depression and believes both Mike and the baby are dead. Felicia lets Ruby know that she is not going to work at Kellys for the time being. The GH staff try and convince Ginny that both of her children are fine.  

October 10-17, 1985:  10/10 partial, 10/11, 10/14, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17

October 10, 1985 - Partial 29 Minutes, continued from previous dvd. No Commercials - Derek visits Mike at GH. Rick tells Derek that Ginny believes he was the father of the baby. They agree to get a blood test to prove her wrong. Jimmy Lee and Edward argue about Edward butting into the hospital-ship. Jimmy Lee tries to convince Felicia that he should be her equal partner. Terri freaks out when she gets a package in the mail..a book of hymns with an inscription “what makes you think you could forget the dance” Felicia decides that Grant will be the one to help her if and when she needs it with the hospital-ship. Mike wakes up after surgery.  

October 11, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert dismissed the security around Robin as part of his plan to have Frisco “kidnap” her. Felicia and Tony visits Ginny. Robert and Anna try to make it a game for Robin to get “kidnapped”. Anna meets with “The Green Shirts” to brief them on their part in Robert's plan. Ginny still believing that both her children are dead. Frisco grabs Robin right in front of Felicia (not part of the plan) and she goes after him. Anna and “The Green Shirts” get in on the plan and get Robin back. Frisco gets beat up pretty bad. Anna and Robert have dinner. Felicia arrives at Roberts' frantic that Robin has been kidnapped and Robert assures her Robin is fine. Anna and Robert have to play along with the plan.  

October 14, 1985 - No Commercials - Rick sets up a blood test for him and Derek. Kim wants answers from Frisco as to why the kidnapping went south. Ginny sees Mike. Felicia searches for Frisco at the Bamboo Bar. She meets Suki and persuades him to take her to Frisco. Monica and Bobbie visit Ginny. Suki bring Felicia to the injured Frisco at Olin's apt. Bill Garrett will not let Amy out of the lease on their apartment. Frisco keeps up the rouse with Felicia. Terri tells Bobbie about coming on to Jake but nothing happened. Frisco convinces Felicia to leave and never come back to the Asian Quarter. Jake tells Bobbie about Terri receiving the hymn book in the mail. Kim's men grab Felicia as she is leaving Olin's.   

October 15, 1985 - No Commercials - Tony worries about a missing Felicia and calls Robert. Felicia and Sean meet in Mr. Wu's office. Rick and Derek give blood for the paternity test. Sean tells Felicia she is his passport out the country. She has 48 hours to get the black pearls from Robert or Frisco is dead. (Note: video jump to the next scene) An upset Felicia shows up at Roberts. They agree to put a plan in motion about the pearls and Anna takes Felicia home. Tony rails on Robert for not doing more regarding Frisco. Buzz and Rick decide to teach Bill Garrett a lesson.   

October 16, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco is up and about after his injuries. Tony is determined to go looking for Frisco. Suki offers to be Frisco's messenger. Tony convince Felicia to tells him where she last meet Frisco. Tony and Jake head to the Bamboo Bar. Buzz plans his poker game with Bill to teach him a lesson. Terri find out Bobbie went snooping in her room and found the hymn book she received. Tony and Jake find Suki at the bar and he agrees to take just Tony to Frisco. Poker game at the GH lounge gets underway with Buzz, Rick, Grant, Steve and Dan. Bill joins in and the docs teach him a lesson in manors. Tania is upset with Felicia for letting Tony go to Asian Quarter. Tony arrives at Olin's and tries to get Frisco to come home with him. Frisco ends up picking a fight with Tony to get him to leave. Terri accuses Patrick of sending the hymn book after discovering a PC postmark on the package. A defeated Tony arrives home. Frisco decides he needs a new hiding place and fast.   

October 17, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert shows Anna a replica set of the black pearls he plans on passing off as the real thing. Felicia gets a threatening note. Felicia and Yank tell  Jade that her grandfather runs a slave market. Rick is the father of Ginny's baby. Edward still trying to sweet talk Felicia. Robert in disguise goes back to the Asian Quarter. Rick tells Ginny the news. Edward convinced Jimmy Lee that they should work together to convince Felicia that she needs them. Jimmy Lee learns that one of his building in the Asian Quarter has collapsed due to faulty bricks. Jade learns the truth. Suki brings Robert to see Frisco. He wants Frisco out of the Asian Quarter. “The Green Shirts” will provide his way out.

October 18-24, 1985:  10/18, 10/21 (cm), 10/22 (cm), 10/23, 10/24

October 18, 1985 - No Commercials - Jade offers her help to Felicia and Robert. Frisco and Yank are found at Olin's by Kim and Sean just as they are about to leave. Robert puts his plan in motion to turn over the fake pearls to Wu to save Frisco. Yank cautions Buzz that there may be trouble in the Asian Quarter. Frisco is brought to Mr Wu. Rick takes Ginny to see their baby for the first time. Robert has Jade deliver a message to Wu. Kim still plans on killing Frisco even if the pearls are returned. Ginny and Monica have a talk. Robert has a new will made just in case things go bad in the Asian Quarter. Just as they are about to leave for the Asian Quarter, Anna knocks Robert out and handcuffs him.  

October 21, 1985 - With Commercials - Anna hides Robert's body behind the bar in his apartment. Buzz arrives at Roberts and Anna covers. He suspects she is in trouble. Frisco tells Sean he is just one of Wu's puppets. Anna will now be taking the black pearls to Wu and Yank will be getting Frisco out of the Asian Quarter. Derek makes a deal with Wu that if the Asian Cooperative cannot come up with the final payment for the canary on Nov 22 he will sell it to him. Robert regains consciousness and Robin finds him. She thinks they are playing a game and will not untie him. Anna arrives in the Asian Quarter. She lets Buzz in on the plan and tells him to stall Robert if he see him. Anna hands over the pearls to Wu. Olin worms her way back into her apartment to help Frisco. Robin finally unties Robert. Wu learns the pearls are a fake and orders the execution of Frisco. Olin rescues Frisco. Robert arrives in the Asian Quarter but gets tied up by Buzz. “The Green Shirts” face off with Wu's men and Kim hires a gun at Frisco. Sean takes the bullet for Frisco.   

October 22, 1985 - With Commercials - Felicia arrives at Roberts. Olin and Suki take caring of Sean and Frisco in a warehouse. Robert arrives at Wu's office and finds his hidden room. Jimmy Lee has more legal problems as now a second building has collapsed in the Asian Quarter. This time a low income housing project. Celia's art is not selling at her boutique until she sets up an impromptu art auction. Robert finds Anna tied up in Wu's secret room. Celia warns Lorena to stay away from Jimmy Lee. Anna and Robert fear Frisco is dead and tell Tony. 

October 23, 1985 - No Commercials - Felicia learns about Frisco and faints. Frisco regains consciousness but Sean is in bad shape. Jimmy Lee calls Jake for legal advice. News of the building collapse hits PC. Brian takes it particularly hard as it was him who pushed Holt construction to take over for DL Brock 's company (who built the foundation of the building) Jake tells Jimmy Lee that helping him would be a conflict of interest. Bobbie may be liable since she was married to DL and his money went to her buying the brownstone. She agrees to let some of now homeless stay at the brownstone for the night. Dan concludes that errors were made in the building's foundation. Jimmy Lee wants to do a TV interview with Amanda and ropes Edward into going with him. Edward tries to distance himself from Jimmy Lee and puts the blame on DL/Bobbie. Ginny and Mike arrive home from GH  

October 24, 1985 - No Commercials - Bobbie and the brownstone crew are taking care of the victims of the building collapse. Bobbie is afraid of being sued. Sean doesn't want to go to a hospital for fear of going back to jail. Frisco sends Suki to get Yank. Felicia shows up at Olin's and Olin tells her that Frisco is okay. Sean is hallucinating. Terri tells Bobbie that she is leaving town but Bobbie convinces her to stay. Yank arrives to tend to Sean. Felicia tells Tony and Tania that Frisco is alive. Yank removes the bullet in Sean but he will need a blood transfusion.

October 25 - November 1, 1985:  10/25, 10/28, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31, 11/1 partial

October 25, 1985 - No Commercials - Felicia presses Frisco to turn Sean over to Robert. Yank tries to get blood from GH for Sean. Robert blaming himself for Frisco's death. Ruby giving Edward a hard time for throwing Bobbie under the bus during his TV interview. Jake finds a precedent that may save Bobbie from being liable. Buzz gives Yank a unit of blood. Frisco arrives at Roberts and tells him about Sean saving his life. Robert is not buying Sean's selflessness. Frisco refuses to turn Sean in. Jimmy Lee goes on TV again and takes sole responsibility for the building collapses. Felicia is upset at Frisco for not turning Sean in.Yank arrives with the blood for Sean. Anna tries to convince Robert that Sean may be able to help them. 

October 28, 1985 - No Commercials - Felicia tells Tony and Tania about Frisco going to bat for Sean. Frisco tries to stop Yank from going to the police about Sean. Alan and Monica argue about his flirting. Robert wants Felicia to tell him where Sean and Frisco are. Lee tells Bobbie that she may not be completely clear in the liable suits. Felicia refuses to give any information to Robert. Yank goes to Robert but refuses to give him details but does give him the bullet he pulled from Sean's body. Robert tells him he has 24 hours to change his mind about giving Sean up or he goes to Buzz.  Frisco and Tony are reunited but Jake sees them together and wants to call the police. Tony helps Frisco escape. Jake calls Robert.  

October 29, 1985 - No Commercials - Celia is going to sell her favorite painting to help Jimmy Lee financially. Monica and Celia argue. Felicia still thinks Frisco should turn Sean in. Celia tells Claudia she is terrified of being poor. Jimmy Lee looking to unload the mansion he and Celia bought. Edward tells Jimmy Lee they should try and get their hands on Sean Donnelly's holdings. Jimmy Lee sells his house. Kim and his men are after Frisco and Tony covers for Frisco again. Frisco tells Felicia he must return to Asian Quarter. He has to make sure Sean is with him against Wu.

October 30, 1985 - No Commercials - Lee has a meeting about the liable cases against Jimmy Lee and Bobbie. Jimmy Lee meets with his insurance agent, he is not covered. His lawyer thinks he should declare bankruptcy but Jimmy Lee refuses. Lee and Dan tell the Q's about the lawsuit. Patrick warns Kevin to stay away from Terri. Terri tells Bobbie and Jake that she has decided to change her majot to pre-law. Rick gives Bobbie the bad news from the meeting with Lee. Jimmy Lee and Celia tell the Q's about him taking full responsibility for the buildings. Patrick tells Terri she has no chance of becoming a lawyer

October 31, 1985 - No Commercials - Suki tells Frisco that Kim's men are all over the streets looking for him. Sean's fever breaks. Robert gets a search warrant for Wu's office. Sean tells Frisco about Wu's breaking him out of jail. Frisco offers Sean a deal if he helps him bring down Wu and Kim. Ginny returns to work and interviews Yank on the air. Robert arrives with the warrant for Wu's office and finds a gun in Wu's locked desk drawer and takes it into evidence. Frisco meets with Felicia at Robert's apartment and lets her know he is now working with Sean.  

November 1, 1985 - Partial 18 Minutes, continued on next dvd. No Commercials - Robert returning home senses Frisco may have been in his apartment despite Felicia's denials and goes after him. Anna goes after him. Sean leaves the warehouse. Burt bring Kim in for questioning. The bullet from his gun matches the bullet pulled from Sean. Frisco gets away as Anna trips Robert up. Sean shows up at Robert's apartment when Felicia and Robin are there alone. Frisco is mad Olin and Suki let Sean leave and learns Kim has been arrested. Anna pleading Sean's case to Robert.  

November 1-8, 1985:  11/1 partial, 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8

November 1, 1985 - Partial 25 Minutes, continued from previous dvd. No Commercials - Anna arrives home to find Sean with Robin. Robert questions Kim. Felicia shows up at Frisco's hideout. Burt suspects Robin is Robert's child. Frisco and Felicia meet in the park. They agree no more secrets between them. Robert learns Sean was at his apartment. Robin overhears Anna and Robert say that they are her parents and she flees the apartment.   

November 4, 1985 - No Commercials Note: GH location shots to look like the Asian Quarter begin in this episode - Frisco and Felicia say goodbye. Robin slips past the guards at Robert's apartment. Tony invites Grant to dinner. Anna and Robert discover Robin is gone. Celia takes Claudia's head off. Anna goes searching for Robin. The medical van picks up the little girl, Gee Sung with the heart defect and take her back to GH...she will need surgery. Robin wondering around the park. Celia apologies to Claudia but still blames Brian for getting Jimmy Lee getting involved with the housing building. Jimmy Lee wonders if Celia will be able to live without money. Robert and Anna in the Asian Quarter looking for Robin. Gee Sung's surgery at GH. The “Green Shirts” help Robert look for Robin.   

November 5, 1985 - No Commercials - Sean not doing well, his wound is infected. Suki and Olin need to find Yank again. Gee Sung is out of surgery. Buzz visits a frantic Anna and she tells him about the jade buddas. He suggests that she re-certify in paramedic training and go with him in the medical van to help speed the search for Robin safely. Kevin asks Terri out on a date. The Q's try and persuade Jimmy Lee to declare bankruptcy. Olin goes to Jade to get her to find Yank for Sean. Anna and Buzz search for Robin. Jake decides to not give up his interest in the brownstone. Bobbie suggests the tenants of the brownstone get a share of a co-op. Jade goes to Yank. Terri switches her classes to pre-law. Jimmy Lee and Celia argue. Sean is getting worse. 

November 6, 1985 - No Commercials - Robert wants a search warrant for Kim's apartment. Robin sneaks into a linen closet at GH. Jade tells Felicia that Robin is missing. Robert calls in the “The Green Shirts” for help. Jake tells Bobbie that the city council has decided not to go after her in the building collapse lawsuits. Robert searches Kim's apartment. “The Green Shirts” find a stolen ring in Kim's apartment. Yank treats Sean. Steve and Audrey have dinner with Rick and Ginny. Jade overhears Wu talking about a “Red Ledger”. She steals it from Kim's apartment and brings it to Yank. Anna tells Robert the only way to get Robin back is find the black pearls. Robin stealing food from GH.  

November 7, 1985 - No Commercials - Jade and Yank trying to break the code of the “red ledger”. Olin comes to their aid. They think it is a list of all the protection payments Wu has received from the businesses in the Asian Quarter. Robert questions Kim about the ring but he makes bail and Robert has to release him. Ginny grills Kim on camera. Wu's men are after Yank. Jade and Yank are close to cracking the code. Jimmy Lee declares his frustrations with Celia to Lorena. The Webbers bring their baby home and Mike seems distant all of sudden. Anna and Yank brings the ledge to Robert.     

November 8, 1985 - No Commercials - Frisco and Sean drill a hole from the catacombs where they are hiding out up to the Bamboo Bar where Wu is having a meeting with the “Council of Six”. Robert plans to confront Kim with the merchants he was been taking payments from. He sets up a line-up. Wu has Mr Dem in his pocket. Dem tips his hand by showing up to Robert's line-up. The merchants are too scared to id Kim but Robert now knows Dem is in to with Wu. Mike tells Derek he has been thinking about his real dad. Rick spends the day with Mike. Robin visits Gee Sung at GH. The “Council of Six” meet at the bar. The want to eliminate Kim if he ever comes to trial. Sean and Frisco listening in hear about a shipment of stolen good that will be arriving soon. Robert puts a tail on Dem and sure enough he goes straight to Wu. The “Green Shirts' believe that maybe Robin is in the catacombs and want to take Robert there. Wu wants Dem taking care of and orders Kim to find the black pearls, Donnelly and Robin. Robert and “The Green Shirts” head down to the catacombs. Gee Sung gives a lonely Robin her to doll for company and of course Robin recognizes it as hers. Suki warns Sean and Frisco that Robert is on his way.

November 11-15, 1985:  11/11, 11/12, 11/13 Robin returns the black pearls to the buddha, 11/14, 11/15

November 11, 1985 - To prove the doll is hers, Robin shows Gee Sung the two special "black marbles" that she put in Cindy's sockets. Frisco and Sean are still hiding up in the catacombs. Kim has dumped Dien's body in the catacombs and Robert and Burt soon make the discovery. Mai Loong's mother shows up at GH and scolds her daughter for not getting the doll away from Robin. She fears Wu will take vengeance at her failure. Gee Sung informs Mrs Loong that she gave the doll to Robin and she's still in the Hospital. When Robin is recognized by one of the nurses, Anna and Buzz are alerted. By that time Robin is long gone. Lee tells Robert he's getting political heat forcing him to ask why he's putting all his manpower in the Wu case. Wu tells Kim that they need the Black Pearls before they Ancient One gets a hold of them. Robin is wandering around the Asian Quarter and bumps right into the Ancient One breaking her doll. The A O takes Robin to his place. Buzz and Anna are hot on her trail driving the Medical Van around town. Sean, Suki and Frisco plot their next move against Wu. Robert walks around the AQ looking for Robin.
November 12, 1985 - Anna and Robert and Buzz are having no luck in finding Robin.  Mrs. Loong tells Wu that the Black Pearls are in Robin's doll. A street spy spots Robin and the Ancient One and soon Kim is alerted.  With the thought of poverty approaching, Jimmy lee takes Edward up on his advice of a loan. Edward wants his help in forcing Felicia to surrender her power of attorney to the Donely shipping firm. Lila over heard and tells Edward she will take action if he proceeds to hurt Felicia. Robert enlists the Green shirts in finding Robin. The Ancient One tells Robin all about his "dream"  of freedom and financial security for his people. When he tells her that his dream will never come until he finds the Black Pearls, Robin remembers back when she removed the black pearls from the Buddah's and put them in her doll. Robin removes the pearls from her doll and puts them back on the Buddha. When pointing out Felicia's lack of managerial skills for the umpteenth time, Edward tries the next best thing, exploiting her vulnerability. Her taste for the common criminals like Sean and Frisco!  The nurse confirms for Buzz and Anna that the girl she saw was Robin. Wu gives Kim one last order, to find the pearls but don't harm the little girl.

November 13, 1985 - Felicia confides her problems to Bobbie. Robin and the A O are becoming fast friends. Wu orders Jade to stay away from Yank. Jade with no choice agrees but tries to defy her father. Kevin gets romantic with Terry, but the mood is broken when Patrick walks in freaking Terry out and she accuses him of following her. Kim's street spy spots Robin and the A O. Kim scales a wall to get into the A O's hideout. He steals the doll and the Buddha's. He gets as far as the curio shop when the Green shirts descend on him and a battle is fought. While the slug fest is going on, Robin and The Ancient One escape. Frisco and Sean drill a hole through the floor in Wu's office. Wun and his men await a shipment from Hong Kong---a very special shipment.  Frisco and Sean over hear... When the Laurelton gang clam up and refuse to tell Bobbie what is bothering them, Bobbie calls Jennifer Talbot and tells her she will rip Laurelton apart to find the truth. Frisco sends Suki to Felicia to tell her that Wu has convinced Jade to break off with Yank. Felicia tries to stop  Jade from going thorough with it. But later she goes to Yank and tells the bewildered doc that Jade loves him no matter what she says. Kim breaks the news to Wu that he lost the pearls. Frisco and Sean and SUki are overhearing under the catacombs. Jade is also listening from the doorway.
November 14, 1985 - Amy is trying to teach Bill Garrett a lesson. She gets all the nurses to break off their dates with him.  This turn of events has been turning the doc into a basket case. Steve and Monica try to find out why the Dr has been neglecting his duties.  Monica later learns that Amy is behind the deed and tells the young woman that if she keeps this up she will find her self on the unemployment line! Bobbie fills Jake in the latest with the Laurelton trio. Jade tells Yonk and Felicia that she heard Kim and her father talking about the Pearls and the A O has them. Ginny tells a delighted Mike that Rick Jr is coming home from the Hospital. Celia is shocked when Edward tells her that her husband is going to take Donely shipping from Felicia. Bobbie and Jake plan a Thanksgiving feast for the Brownstone gang. Yank knocks out two thugs that were after Jade. Celia is giving Jimmy Lee a pain. SHe would rather be poor than have him grovel at Edwards feet. Holt tells her that she has to choose between ethics and money. Terry and Patrick patch up their latest quarrel. Until the mail comes and a letter for Terry containing a message saying "You're the daughter of a madman." Celia runs into a cozy scene of Jimmy Lee and Lorena at the spa. Yank tries to introduce Jade to his grandfather the Ancient One, but the two find his hideout ransacked and assume he is dead. 

November 15, 1985 - Sean and Frisco overhear Wu making plans for a meeting with the Councel of Six. Buzz and Anna are driving around in the Med van trying to find Robin. The A O and Robin are hiding out near the cannery. Robert is encouraged to hear from one of the Ancient One's bodyguards that Robin is fine and hiding out. Anna see saws from relief to grief in a matter of minutes when she finds Filomena collapsed from a heart attack in the kitchen. Robert tries to get Derek to postpone the cannery sale for a few more days in order to buy time for him to find Robin and the pearls. Derek agrees. Yank unfurls the A O's freedom flag in the Asian Quarter for all their people to see. The people cheer on with hopes that their day of deliverance is near. No amount of browbeating by Kim can get the merchants of the Quarter to pay protection money any more! The Counsel of Six is ticked off at Wu  for he and Kim's constant bungling. WHy are the Asian's dancing in the street and WHERE are the black pearls? Down in the catacombs, Frisco overhears Kim bragging about killing Josh and Diem. Frisco, with hatred in his soul, races out and has to be dragged back in by Sean, because if he goes after Kim he blows their cover.  Rick and Monica tell Anna they are doing everything they can to pull Filomena through.
November 18-25, 1985:  11/18, 11/19, 11/20, 11/21 Frisco & Suki are rescued, 11/22 Robert gets Sean released to him, Kim is arrested, Anna & Robin reunited, 11/25 first :22 mins partial episode continued on next dvd

November 18, 1985 - In the Catacombs, Frisco, Sean and Suki. Sean sends Suki out to get a tape recorder so they can gather evidence for Scorpio. Robert talks with an unseen Holly over the phone.  Filomena is coming to as Buzz and Anna watch over her. Robert tells Yank that he's convinced Derek to delay the sale of the cannery for 10 days.  Nobody must know that the A O has the black pearls. Monica gives Alan notice to stop fooling around behind her back. Anna and Buzz driving around the Quarter in the medical van.  Robert is grilling the Asian pharmacists and the FDA on how Kim got a hold of deadly cyanide that was used on Josh and Diem. (picture problems here) The treasure the Council of Six is after is a shipment of hard pure cocaine that Wu is bringing in from Hong Kong. Donely steps out of the Catacombs and follows Kim. He tape records his conversation with a diver who brings up a stash of cocaine. Unfortunately, Sean gets locked in the warehouse building by the departing smugglers.
November 19, 1985 - Frisco and Suki await Donely's return. They eavesdrop on Kim showing the cocaine to Wu. What they don't know is the plan by Kim to hide the cocaine in the catacombs. Buzz and Anna are worrying about Filomena.  Anna puts on an act with Filomena and tells her Robin was found safe and alive. Filomena's vital signs start to improve. Frisco and Suki scramble into hiding under the Bamboo Bar. Later when Kim has hidden the mysterious package behind a wall, Frisco and Suki are shocked to find it's a bag of cocaine. Suki is so excited that his cry of joy is overheard by Wu. WU discovers the hole in the floor and overhears Suki and Frisco. Kevin trys to assure a nervous Terry about the taunting mail she's getting. Monica and Rick discuss her blue mood as of late. Monica tells Rick that she thinks Alan is having an affair and she doesn't really care. Tony and Tania dine with Kevin and Terry at Dino's. Ruby and Dan are there too. Anna and Buzz question Olin down in the Quarter. Olin clams up when she is shown a photo of Robin. Anna thinks she's very close to finding her daughter. Bobbie and Jake rush to Terry who's screaming in fear of another nightmare. Bobbie makes plans for her and Jake to go to Laurelton. Frisco and Suki are trapped when Kim plants a bomb in the catacombs burying Frisco and Suki behind a wall of dirt and rocks.
November 20, 1985 - Anna tells Robert that Olin and the rest of the merchants in the Quarter have agreed to testify against Wu. Problems for Felicia. Jimmy  Lee and Edward inform her that she's failed to pay the Hospital ship's crew and it's port into Morocco.  The Q's  offer their help but Felicia sends an SOS to Jake. He advises her to keep the Q's stringing along, teasing them with a partnership, all the while getting all the free business advice she can from them. Patrick tries to get down to the bottom of Terry's nightmares. Celia asks  Claudia if she should get pregnant to save her marriage.  A security guard finally releases Donely from the locked room. At the Spa Celia and Lorena get into a fight over Jimmy Lee. Donely arrives at the catacombs stunned to find Frisco and Suki buried behind the wall. Quickly, he grabs the tape recorder found in the dirt and heads to Robert's. Robert shocks Anna, Robert and Felicia with news that Frisco is buried behind the wall and that Wu is smuggling cocaine. Robert handcuffs Sean to the chair and sets out with Burt to rescue Frisco and Suki.
November 21, 1985 - Felicia panics when she learns of Frisco's imprisonment in the catacombs. Anna can't stop her as she runs to Tony.  Robert has a team of men trying to dig Frisco and Suki out of the dirt but their air is running out. Yank has Ruby and Trixie pass a note to Jade telling him to meet him in the park. Wu and Kim plan a meeting with the Councel of Six. Kevin tries to get Terry to tell him her dreams. In them she sees her self wandering around town with faces staring at her but she doesn't know what she is doing. Jade and Yank have a romantic reunion. Sean till tied up at Robert's tries to get Anna to trust him. Finally able to move the wall, Frisco and Suki are rescued. Robert is more determined than ever to get Wu. Tay's death is proven to be an accident. Burt Tells Frisco he's off the hook. Robert finally hears the tape that Sean made and believes him. The two men shake, their old friendship is back. Frisco produces the bag of cocaine that Wu is bringing in the country. Bobbie learns that there are no rooms at the Laurelton hotel, thanks to Jennifer Talbot! Ginny interviews Frisco upon his return from going undercover. Frisco and Felicia in bed. Olin tells Robert thta her people are ready to testify against Wu.
November 22, 1985 - Anna tells Robert that they must find Robin today. Wu is furious at Kim because they can't find the Ancient One or the pearls. Wu orders Kim to stay out of sight. Anna and Buzz at the Teahouse of Many Leaves.  They plan their next trip in the van to find Robin. The A O leaves Robin to get some food. Suki bumps into him on the docks and takes him to see Olin. Robert tries to get the state department to drop all charges against Sean. The judge grants 50,000 bail for Donely but after the Wu case, Sean faces a jail sentence. The Ancient One gives Olin the pearls and she promises to keep them safe.  The pearls are passed from person to person until the sale of the cannery. Ramsey bursts into Wu's office and arrests Kim.  Kim is picked out in a police lineup by Olin as the man who's been blackmailing and beating up her merchants.  Robert is delighted but Wu posts Kim's bail. Buzz and Anna on the docks, run smack into Robin and the Ancient One.  Robin runs to Anna and the two share a tearful reunion (CLASSIC SCENES). However Wu's thugs come out of the background and knock Buzz and Anna out and abduct Robin and the Ancient One.
November 25, 1985 - First :22 mins, continued on next dvd.  Replay of previous episodes scenes of Anna and Robin's tearful reunion on the docks as the Ancient One and Buzz watch. However, as the thugs approach, Anna tells Robin that it is okay that it is just a game so as not to frighthen her daughter. Anna is knocked out and Robin taking again. Robert is unable to locate the medical Van. But Anna and Buzz come to and she quickly phones him and fills Robert in. Soon Robert and Burt are canvasing the waterfront looking for Robin. Wu's thugs take Robin and the Ancient One and stash them in a secret room behind the Bamboo Bar. Robin thinks they are playing a game.  Wu and Kim arrive at the TV studio to purchase the cannery from Derek.  Derek regretfully tells them that he's postponed the sale for a few more days. Olin finds her place ransacked. Robert and the gang set up shop at the Bamboo Bar not knowing that Robin is only a few feet away behind the wall. Kevin and Terry are growing closer.

November 25 - December 2, 1985:  11/25 partial, 11/26, 11/27, 11/28, 11/29, 12/2

November 25, 1985 - Partial Episode Continued from previous dvd - Robert and Anna confront Wu but he's got the perfect alibi. He was at the TV studio when Robin was being abducted and Kim was at the Police station in a lineup! Meanwhile the pearls are continuing to be passed from person to person to avoid being stolen by Wu. 

November 26, 1985 - Rick and Steve reading the article in the paper accusing Buzz of using the Hospital medical van for unauthorized use: Helping Anna look for Robin. Frisco and Felicia show up to console Anna who's distraught with worry over Robin. Robert has locked himself in the computer room going over all the clues in the Mr Wu case. Bobbie has enlisted Kevin and Patrick to help support Buzz. An emergency board meeting has been called and Anna stands up for Buzz. Buzz tries to assure Anna that Wu won't harm Robin because he fears massive retaliation from Robert. Rick is able to get Ginny to run her favorable news story on the medical van which helps add fuel in Buzz's favor. Although Edward and Alan try in vein to stop the medical van program, Anna's heartfelt testimony to the Hospital board is able to sway the vote. The van stays and Anna can continue to use it help find Robin. A furious Edward storms off.
November 27, 1985 - Robert finally emerges from the computer room and tells Sean and Anna that he's uncovered all the devious activity of Wu and the Council of 6. But nothing on the whereabouts of Robin. Wu demands the Ancient One give him the pearls, but the A.O (Ancient One) doesn't know where they are. Wu's time is up and the Council of Six inform him they are removing him from power. Frisco tries to talk with Olin and get her to tell him where the A. O. is. But she doesn't have the pearls nor does she know where the A.O. is. She does tell Frisco that the pearls are being circulated about the Asian Quarter. Robert, Sean, Anna Jade and Yank go over the case. Suddenly Anna remembers when she came to, Robin was gone but she faintly remembers figures in glittery costumes. Suddenly Robert, remembers that he saw sequins on the floor of the Bamboo Bar. That must be where they are holding Robin! Robert and the gang race over to the bar. Olin shows Frisco the merchant location and he spots the pearls being passed around from person to person. Unfortunately Kim in disguise as an old man overhears everything. Robert, Anna and Yank storm the Bamboo Bar and find the secret passageway where the A. O. and Robin are being held. A relieved Robert and Anna retrieve their daughter and the Ancient One and return to Robert's house where he pledges to help Robert bring down the evil empire of Mr Wu. 

November 28, 1985 - Thanksgiving preparations throughout Port Charles. Steve, Ruby, Lee, Dan, Brian and Claudia at Kelly's. At the Brownstone, Bobbie, Jake and company do some celebrating of their own. Jimmy Lee and Celia pay a call to Kelly's for some good cheer. One of the families who lost their home in the building collapse from Jimmy Lee's construction company tell him they don't hold him responsible. Jimmy Lee is touched by the kind words. Rick and Ginny bring the pies over to the Brownstone. When Frisco and Felicia ask Sean to help get Edward and Jimmy Lee off Felicia's back, Donely calls Edward and tells him and Jimmy Lee to stay away from Felicia. Sean later interrupts the Q's Thanksgiving dinner and tells Jimmy Lee and Edward in no uncertain terms to stay away from his business and his property. Edward is very much insulted.  Robin and Robert bring the Ancient One  a holiday dinner. Robert places a call to Holly wishing her a Happy Thanksgiving. The Hardy's annual Thanksgiving celebration. A bedridden Filomenia wants to see Robin. Robert and Anna decide not to tell Robin about the past. Robin visits the Ancient One and Filomenia at GH. 

November 29, 1985 - Kim gets hold of the pearls. Robert & Anna talk to Robin about being her parents. Frisco and Felicia get some snuggle time. Kim and Jade get in to a furious argument. Jade grabs the pearls and hands them off, leading Kim to knock Jade unconscious. A bleeding Jade later calls Yank for help, and Wu's upset over Kim hurting his sister. Buzz, and Patrick tend to Jade while an upset Yank is ready to go after Wu. Bobbie and Jake plan a trip to Laurelton to get to the bottom of Terry's nightmares. However, (Terry's Aunt) Jennifer Talbot arrives at their front door shocking the both of them.  Kevin breaks the news to Patrick that Jennifer is in town. Bobbie asks Jennifer why there seems to be a mysterious cover up in Terry's past. Jennifer sidesteps the issue, but later admits that her granddaughter did "something scandalous" that nearly tore Laurelton apart.  Robert and Frisco try to calm Yank down from going after Wu until after the cocaine comes into port. The group steps up their plan to trap Wu.
December 2, 1985 - Today's the day of the celebration in the Asian Quarter. The Ancient One sells the pearls and receives a check that will allow him to buy the cannery and free his people from Wu's power. Robert and gang learn the Council of 6 is in town. Robin asks Buzz to escort Anna to the celebration. Meanwhile, Sean & Robert crash Wu's meeting & plant a bug, then listen in to the meeting. Jade is still unconscious. Felicia sits with her and tries to assure Yank. Bobbie and Jake are confused over Terry's sudden change of heart over her Grandmother. Where did all the love come from? Terry tells them to just accept it. Anna and Buzz talk about the future. The Ancient One buys the cannery from Derek. Robert and gang preparing to catch Wu in the act of taking possession of the cocaine. Meanwhile, the celebration is going on, not realizing that Kim is hiding bombs on the pier.

December 3-9, 1985:  12/3 Wu apprehended & cannery is saved, 12/4, 12/5, 12/6, 12/9

December 3, 1985 - Robert, Olin, Anna and the AO prepare for the waterfront celebration. Robin will lead the parade. On the docks, Frisco spies on Kim planting bombs under the pier. Sean follows Mr Wu to his cannery as the Asian parade begins. Kim spots Frisco and the chase is on! The A O gives his speech. He reports the sale of the cannery. Mr Wu meets his scuba divers who bring him several bags of cocaine shipment. Sean waits for the divers to leave and gets the upper hand on Wu. Holding a gun to him he forces him out on the docks where Scorpio has just arrested the divers. Felicia and Tony watch over Jade who's still recovering from her attack from her brother. She has no memory of the incident. Frisco and Kim battle to the death. Just as Kim is about to knife Frisco, Yank appears and hits Kim over the head killing him instantly. Frisco and Kim search for the bombs and disarm all but one. Tying Wu to the docks, Sean and Frisco walk away when suddenly Wu reveals the location of the final explosive. Wu is arrested and the Asian community raise their flag in freedom.
December 4, 1985 - Jake and Bobbie discuss Mrs Talbot and a game plan to get information about Laurelton. Sean's a hero in Robert's eyes and does what he can to keep his new friend from prosecution. At the Q's, Celia is looking for Jimmy Lee. Celia is concerned that Sean might go to Jail, and Jimmy Lee won't clear his name in the waterfront building collapse. Felicia tries to keep Kim's death from Jade, while Yank can't face telling her the truth that he killed her brother. Jimmy Lee, Edward and Alan plot to take over Sean's shipping business. Bobbie grills Jennifer hoping to get answers from her regarding Terry's past. Bobbie shows her Terry's old music book and the inscription from someone stating that "You will never forget the dance". Jennifer only tells her that there was some sort of "trouble" the night of the school dance. Patrick only tells Bobbie that he came to PC to get away from his past and won't tell her anything about that mysterious night either. Monica helps Yank tend to Sean who's at GH with an open infection to his shoulder. Filonmena is out of the Hospital and staying with Robert, Robin and Anna. Robin tells Robert that she wants to stay in PC. Robert tells Anna that he can't leave for Australia till he's certain she and Robin are secure. 
December 5, 1985 - Bobbie gets a summons: She's ordered to appear in municipal court. The city of PC is suing Bobbie for the unsafe structure of the collapsed building. Derek wants Ginny to interview Bobbie, hoping that the public press will help support her and get the charges dropped. At the Q's, Monica answers the door to a sexy young woman named Gabby, who's looking for "Al" Quartermaine. She's there to pick up the earrings that she lost at the boat house last night! Monica tells Gabby that she will give Al the message and if she ever comes by again she will find herself UNDER the boats with an anchor tied to her feet! Jimmy Lee, Celia and Edward contemplate what to do if Sean stays out of prison.  Sean arrives at GH and Monica gives him a check up. Alan overhears Sean flirting with Monica outside the door. When Monica steps out, Sean is able to steal some drugs from the cabinet. Ginny and the camera crew arrive at the Brownstone for the interview with Bobbie. Monica taunts Alan about the "boathouse" incident. Sean witnesses the argument. Monica later agrees to go to dinner with Sean. Jennifer places a call to a mystery person. She says she thinks she found a way to keep Bobbie away from Laurelton. SHe asks the person to come to PC immediately. 
December 6, 1985 - Frisco arrives back in town having been sent away on assignment from Robert. Burt and Frisco rounded up the last bunch of Wu's men. Frisco gets good news. He got his first royalty check from his last record. Sean tells Robert about his dinner with Monica last night. Sean faces the judge today. Robert wants to appoint Burt as the new PCPD Commissioner. Yank decides to tell Jade the truth.  (BAD TAPE DROP OUTS---SEVERAL MINUTES MISSING.) Monica tells Sean that she would love to have dinner with him again. Frisco takes Felicia out to buy an engagement ring. But with money tight he can't afford anything fancy, what is he going to do for work?  Lee and Gail apologize to Bobbie for her legal troubles. Lee assures her that he had nothing to do with the lawsuit. Robert tells Jade that her grandfather was arrested but not about Kim's death. She wants to see Kim. The A. O. meets Robert and Anna at GH. He's saying goodbye. The A. O. is leaving PC. With Tony's permission, Yank bites the bullet and goes in to tell Jade the truth. Yank tells Jade he killed her brother and the shock is too much. Jade goes blind! Amid tears, Felicia agrees to marry Frisco after he surprises her with a very expensive ring.  Lee tells Robert that he's turning down his offer to appoint Burt Ramsey as Police commissioner.  Burt arrives with news that the judge went against their advice and want's Sean to go to jail. After hearing the news, Sean collapses in pain and is rushed to GH. 
December 9, 1985 - Robert can't leave town yet till he knows Sean is free and clear. Monica is treating Sean (who's secretly taking drugs to induce a heart attack). Tony and Yank tend to Jade who's lost her vision after hearing the news about her brother. Robert tells Burt that he will go to bat to see that he makes the new PC commissioner. Burt says he's not ready for the job. After running some tests on Sean, Monica concludes that he didn't have a heart attack, but most likely the collapse was brought on by stress. After Monica and Bobbie leave, Sean retrieves more Digitalis pills from his coat. Edward and ALan speculate about Sean's fate. If he should be rendered physically handicapped, bankers may see his credit in a tarnished light. Edward wants Monica to try to pump Sean for information. Alan is not pleased about his idea. Derek discusses his son Mike with Ginny. Ginny reiterates their agreement to wait until MIke is 18 before telling him the truth that he's his real father. Derek reminds Ginny of the hospital gossip that made the rounds when Mike had his accident. Does she want Mike to find out that way? Robert interups their conversation with a favor. He wants Ginny to interview Sean hoping a favorable story will help his case. Another Dr confirms to Yank that Jade is suffering from trauma induced "Hysterical blindness" and it could go away as easily as it came. Robert asks Monica to keep Sean in the hospital as long as possible. Anna wonders what will become of her life and what she will do for money. She can't go back to fencing stolen goods, nor back to the WSB. Robert gets the idea to appoint her and Burt as co Police Chiefs. Alan tries to explain to Monica that Gabby is just a social friend and nothing more, but she's in no mood to talk about it. To tired to fight, Alan walks away. Anna changes her mind about becoming co police chief with Burt when Robin tearfully tells her that she wants to stay in PC. Robert is delighted. Monica walks in on a sleeping Sean. With nothing better to do, she decides to sit in his room and watch over him.

December 10-16, 1985:  12/10, 12/11, 12/12, 12/13, 12/16

December 10, 1985 - Brian Patrick Clarke's final show as Grant Andrews - Frisco, Felicia, Tony and Tanya at the brownstone. Frisco and Felicia announce their engagement. Robert and Anna present their offer to Ramsey to be co police chief with Anna. Frisco and Tony discuss his future now that he is engaged to be married. Robert gets his monthly report on the Cassidines. Anna finds a report on one Cassidine member that might be in PC right now. At GH, Grant overhears Jimmy Lee tell Edward and ALan that the Hospital ship is quarantined in Alexandria Egypt, for non payment of port duties. This is just more ammunation for the Buzzards Quartermaine, but later Sean takes Grant up on his offer to go to Eygpt and rescue the dry docked ship. Felicia and Yank try to get through to Jade and her trauma. Tony tries to set up with Robert a visit from her Grandfather Wu. THis means having to spring him from jail. Frisco tells Derek that he has decided to leave Teen Time. Robert convinces the mayor to take Robert up on his offer to appoint Burt and Anna as co police chiefs. When Frisco finally believes his brother Tony that love won't pay the bills, Frisco decides on his future. He wants to be a cop!  Wu at first tells Robert that he doesn't want to face his granddaughter. Only after hearing about Jade's blindness does Wu decide to visit her. Frisco tells Robert that he wants to be a cop. He arranges an interview at the Police Academy for him. Wu tells Kim not to mourn for Kim or for himself. His lust for power was just too much and Kim was dragged into it on his own. This does the trick and Jade's blindness goes away. Sean tells Monica that he knew that she spent the night in his room. Grant bids Celia a tearful farewell. He's got Steve's permission for a permanent leave of absence. The two wish each other well.

December 11, 1985 - Ted Holmes (David Doyle) meets Jennifer at a diner. Ted is Jennifer's business manager. She briefs him on Jake and Bobbie's snooping in to Terry's past. Robert gives Frisco the good news. He can apply to day at the Police Academy. After his Academy interview however, he is not pleased that when going on the interview, Guy Lewis, (Don Dolen) doesn't give a hoot about his glory days with the Asian Quarter assignment. There's no heat at the Brownstone, but there's a scheme cooking in the warped mind of Jennifer Talbot. She knows that Terry fell for her forgiveness act, but she knows that Bobbie doesn't trust her. She and Ted plot to keep Jake and Bobbie in town and not go to Laurelton. Their plot: searching for evidence of building code violations in the Brownstone. Frisco and Felicia share the news of his applying to the Police Academy to Brian, Claudia and Ruby.Frisco tries to enlist Anna to see if she can get Robert to pull a few strings so he can skip the basic training. After reviewing Anna's past with the WSB to mayor Ken Morgan, Ken agrees to appoint her as Police Chief as soon as Robert leaves PC. One more obstickle for Robert before he leaves town is to have all charges against Sean dropped.  
December 12, 1985 - final episode for Lee and Gail, Peter Hanson and Susan Brown - The heat is still out at the Brownstone. A mystery figure (Ted Holmes) breaks into the basement of the Brownstone and breaks into the furnace, and almost gets caught by Jake and Frisco. Disaster after disaster keeps Bobbie and Jake from leaving for Laurelton. It's a time of great sadness in PC as Robert Scorpio announces his departure to leave the US and join Holly in Australia. He arranges for a final interview for Ginny. Burt and Anna are sworn in as Co Police Chief's. Robin is sad that her daddy is leaving and Robert has to try to cheer her up. Lee and Gail are also leaving town. They say goodbye to Steve. Robert appoints Buzz, Frisco and Sean as Godfathers to Robin in his absence. The Quartermaine Character Assassination Association meets to beef up it's attack on Sean Donely. Jimmy Lee, Celia and Edward meet with the bankers to discredit him as an irresponsible criminal in failing health who let his company slide while in the hands of an even more negligent manager, Felicia! The bankers realize the company could show a profit again with responsible management and they also know that Jimmy Lee needs operating capitial in a hurry to cover his losses from the building collapse. Despite the bankers' misgiving, the buzzards Quartermaines feel confident that they will side with them. Their hopes are dashed when the bankers decide to remain in a holding pattern. They know Donely was cited for bravery in the waterfront drug bust and may end up a hero. Ginny gives Sean the hero interview that Robert arranged and his story appears on the local news. Anna tries to hold back the tears for Robert's farewell speech tomorrow.

December 13, 1985 - Robert calls Holly. Today is his last day in PC. It's Anna's first day as Co Police Chief. Frisco and Felicia in bed. Robert calls Frisco. He's been able to get Frisco to skip the preliminaries so he can get in the Police Academy. The heat is still out in the Brownstone. Jennifer presents Bobbie and Jake with a cashier's check for the heating repair. Jennifer later calls Ted and tells him that everything is going as planned. She will meet him later that night. Robert calls Sean from the airport. He tries to assure Sean to hang in there for the Governer's pardon. Robert bids Anna and Robin farewell and he's off for Australia. At the Academy, Sgt Lewis singles Frisco out for not reporting in the proper dress. And his long hair has to go. He's ordered to comply and follow all procedures in the future. Edward gets into an argument with Sean at GH and Monica orders them out when his vitals start to increase. Some of the male officers are not too keen about Anna's new procedures for defense. She easily wipes the floor of 3 of the men when she shows them her WSB techniques! Edward muscles the DA, and Mayor elect Ken Morgan to have Donely thrown back in jail. Sean slips another pill in his mouth when Morgan comes by. Sean starts coughing, and Monica hustles him out. Ted arrives at the Brownstone and Jennifer sneaks him in. Terry walks out and spots him and promptly screams and faints!  Sean and Monica are growing closer. Robert arrives at Holly's hotel room in Sydney. He brings a bouquet to Holly, who has no time to stop and smell the roses. The loyal long suffering wife knows what she wants and pulls her man, fully clothed into the torrid bathtub. 
December 16, 1985 - Terry is still in a trance after seeing Ted Holmes in the hallway. Bobbie screams for Jake. Bobbie's in a panic when Jennifer comes down. She is able to comfort Terry and convince her it was a dream, but Bobbie is not believing any of it. Bobbie suggests that Terry go into therapy. Anna's worried about making a good impression with the men at the PCPD and worries over her style of clothing. Burt tries to assure her that she's going to be fine. Mayor elect Ken Morgan chastises Anna for the star treatment that she's giving Sean Donely. There's trouble in Eden at the Webber home. Mike is out of shape and doesn't make the basketball team at school. Something he blames on his father's advice to skip gym classes because of his recent surgery. Frisco meets Samantha Wells. Another aspiring cadet at the Academy. Sean takes another pill when Anna stops by for a visit. Her visit is not social. She's been bullied by the powers that be into taking him into custody. Upon her arrival Sean has another heart attack. Monica and Rick spring into action. With strong witnesses like Buzz, Rick and Monica, the three docs and the female police chief petition Judge Martin to have mercy.  Frisco unwinds with Felicia after a tough day in class. Jennifer tells Ted that Terry is starting to remember that night in Laurelton.....Buzz, Anna and Robin at Sean's penthouse. 
December 17-23, 1985:  12/17, 12/18, 12/19, 12/20, 12/23

December 17, 1985 - Rick and Monica are called on by Anna to testify to the Judge of Sean's fragile condition. Frisco is making more enemies than friends at the Academy. Seeking to undermine the star pupil is a cadet named Eric, who steals Frisco's homework and copies it. When Lewis can't prove who was the culprit, he docks both of them two days pay. Frisco tells Anna his troubles. Anna consoles him in a professional way. She says the truth will surface. Rick and Monica plead with the Judge for Sean's freedom. He is not kindly disposed to Donely's plight, but Monica's passionate defense of Donely, citing his acts of heroism and boldly asking the member of the Bench "What have you done for PC lately?" intimidate him enough to grant Donely permission to stay put. Ginny, Alan and Claudia at the Spa.  Ginny tells Rick that Derek is worried about the Hospital gossip from the nurses that they know Derek is Mike's real father. Nurse Minnie and Jan chatter away about it. Amanda Barrington overhears them and so does Amy. Amy tells Rick and Rick rocks Amy when he tells her that the news is true. Amanda is concerned that Ginny's notorious past may stir a scandal if the rumors continue to spread. Derek wants Mike to carry the Barrington name. He is tired of waiting and tells Rick so. Touched by Monica's appeal to his case, he gives her a kiss. Lewis has arranged a boxing match for Frisco and Eric so they can work out their differences. Edward next persuades Alan that romancing Monica will result in Monica spending less time with Sean in the Hospital. Buzz spending more time with Anna at the Penthouse. The two share a kiss. But Ms Devane tells him that she's not ready for another man in her life right now. Alan takes immediate action. One night Monica comes home after work and Alan forces her to have intercourse with him.
December 18, 1985 - After a night with Alan, Monica is so disgusted with the forced sex with Alan that she's wobbly in the OR the next day with Rick, and he's forced to take over for her. When she sees Alan next, she tells him she wants him to move his belongings into the guest house. He refuses, so she plans to move hers. Jennifer introduces Ted Holmes to Bobbie and Jake. The deteriorating marriage of Monica and Alan are another worry for Edward. As the gatehouse and the mansion are in her name.  Edward and Sean get into an argument in the Hospital lobby and Amy and Rick have to hustle Sean back to his room. Bobbie and Jake listen as Ted and Jennifer speak of Laurelton as a haven for progress, and peaceful andinnocent place. No room for any types of scandal.  Kevin and Patrick arrive and greet Ted. Terry however upon seeing Ted goes into another attack, and claims that Ted is the man that she saw at the Brownstone the other night.  Later that night, Terry sleepwalks right into Kevin's bed! Kevin is ready to make love, but Terry is sound asleep. When Patrick comes into the studio apartment, Terry snaps out of it in a hurry.  Rick and Ginny in bed. Sean tries to sneak some more medication from the drug tray. (PICTURE GOES OUT BRIEFLY) 

December 19, 1985 - Jade is down in the dumps because she thinks that she disgraced herself and her family. Olin shows up to talk some sense to the former blind woman. After Yank sends her some flowers, Jade is ready to dish the dirt with Amy and look at nursing school catalogs. Jennifer finds Terry forcefully chopping up vegetables in the kitchen. Terry hugs her Grandmother and tries to understand why she was sleepwalking into Kevin's room. She thinks they had something to do with that night in Laurelton that she can't remember. Edward, and Jimmy Lee arrive at the spa to unwind and work off their tensions. But everyone is too pooped to excercise.  Bobbie again tries to get Terry to see a therapist. Bobbie finally confronts the dowager Jennifer, and demands that she tell her what happened between Patrick and Terry in Laurelton. Jennifer unloads all her problems on Ted and tells him to come up with a way to keep Bobbie from finding out the truth. Edward tries to convince Steve Hardy that for the good of the Hospital, he must let Sean be released to police custody. But Steve sticks by his team of Doctors. Jimmy Lee unloads his problems on Buzz. Buzz encourages him to go back and find work on the docks. Celia is happy with her husbands decision and the two go to bed.  Later that night, Bobbie comes across Terry who's sleepwalking with a very sharp knife.

December 20, 1985 - Monica walks in on Sean and spies him taking the digitalis. Monica puts two and two together when Rick tells her that someones been stealing drugs from the medicine room. Bobbie and Jake meet Dr Stone at GH. They discuss the fact of Terry sleepwalking with the knife. Kevin and Terry at the Brownstone. She is still embarrassed about sleepwalking in his room. Jennifer walks in on Terry kissing Kevin. Steve, Dan, Monica and Rick meet in the board room about the missing drugs. A nurse remembers that she saw Amy and Sean in the hallway at the time of the medication being stolen. Felicia shows Sean her engagement ring. At the Academy, Lewis is showing Frisco some self defense moves and wipes the floor with him. Sean begins convulsions when Felicia is visiting him and Monica is called in. Lewis divides the class into teams. Frisco and Eric go at it. Eric is jealous of Frisco because of his star status with the police chief. Eric pulls a real knife and the two go at it. Lewis breaks it up and dismisses the two rookie cops for the rest of the day. Monica confronts Sean. She knows that he's taking pills to keep out of jail. Bobbie and Jake try to get Terry to seek therapy, but Terry insists there are no problems. Frisco with a cut on his cheek from the fight with Eric, confronts Lewis. Lewis suspends Eric for his actions. Lewis believes Frisco when he finds out that Eric stole his test papers. Lewis brings a barber in and Frisco's beard and long locks are all gone. Monica decides not to report Sean....yet.  Felicia likes Frisco's new buzz cut. Late that night, Terry, alone, walks into the living room and finds a dead man, who falls to the floor. Terry screams.
December 23, 1985 - Monica tells Sean that she won't tell on him about the drugs, but Rick will surely find out before long.  Frisco and Felicia are making love when they hear Terry screaming bloody murder. Everyone comes running out and finds Terry standing over the dead man with a knife sticking out of his back. Rick confronts Sean with his medical history. Why has he never had a heart condition before? Rick wants to give Sean a blood test, of course hoping to find the trace of drugs he suspects that Sean is taking. Jennifer and Ted arrive and the entire Brownstone party try to figure out who the dead man is. Anna and Burt soon arrive on the scene. Anna has everyone in the Brownstone look at the body to see if it helps produce some information. Anna learns about Terry's sleepwalking with the knife. Kevin and Patrick question each other their whereabouts that night. Rick tells Monica that he suspects Sean's taking drugs. Anna continues questioning everyone. There is no ID on the body. Burt produces the murder weapon, and Jake and Bobbie recognize it as the one that Terry was carrying when sleepwalking. Burt shows Anna a glass eye that he found in the lining of dead man's jacket. Why does the dead man have a glass eye in his jacket when he obviously didn't need one? There was no sign of forced entry. Anna tells everyone that someone in the Brownstone murdered the man. Later, Bobbie is forced to admit to Anna that she did find Terry sleepwalking with the knife. Bobbie and Jake come to realize that they have a murderer living with them at the Brownstone.

December 24-30, 1985:  12/24 12/25, 12/26, 12/27, 12/30

December 24, 1985 - With the bills piling up at the spa, Claudia comes across Lorena trying to hold off creditors on the phone. Frisco and Felicia are with Burt and Anna discussing the mysterious body at the Brownstone. Burt and Anna appreciate Frisco's enthusiasm on the case, but send the young rookie off to the Academy class. Jake and Bobbie discussing the murder and if Jennifer could be involved. Edward and Lila try to cheer up Jimmy Lee and take him out shopping. But Holt has no time. He's going to work to make some money. Derek, Amanda, and Lorena at the spa. They decide on a senior citizen news segment for promoting good excercise fitness, which hopefully that will help drum up some business. Buzz and Filomena visit Anna at the station. Pinpointing the time of death, Burt and Anna find a 2 hour window of time from when Terry found the body. Celia informs Lorena that Jimmy Lee has found work on the docks. Unofficially, Frisco and Felicia snoop around Jennifer's room at the Brownstone looking for clues. Felicia finds a picture of Jennifer from many years ago and a very young Terry. Jennifer encourages Terry to leave the Brownstone and check into the PC Hotel with her. Anna and Burt arrive and force everyone at the Brownstone to stay put while the investigation is in progress. Celia and Jimmy Lee have a romantic evening together. To break the bad mood looming around the Brownstone, Jake installs the Christmas tree and everyone sings Xmas Carols. Robert (unheard) calls Robin and Anna at the Penthouse. Buzz helps Anna and Robin with their tree.

December 25, 1985 - with commercials - Christmas Day in PC. Monica brings Sean a Christmas present. Frisco gives Felicia a new sexy nightgown. Robin, Anna and Filomena around the tree. The Q's also celebrating, but Alan is concerned because Monica is nowhere to be seen. SHe's in Sean's hospital room. The Webber house is also brimming with Christmas cheer. Buzz stops by for gifts for Jimmy Lee and Celia. Brian and Claudia bring the twins by at the Hospital. Everyone attends the annual Xmas party and Steve reads the story of baby Jesus with Robin sitting on his lap.  Later, Sean drags Monica into the linen closet and kisses her passionately under the mistletoe. The Q's arrive with good cheer at the cottage with Jimmy Lee and Celia. Robert's present arrives from Australia for Robin, it is a stuffed Koala bear.

December 26, 1985 - Sean and Monica dreading the results of Rick's blood test on Sean. Burt and Anna going over the murder at the Brownstone with help from Frisco and Felicia. Sean keeps bugging Anna about the word of the pardon....but Anna is too preoccupied with the murder. At the Brownstone, Terry won't come out of her room despite Jake's urging. Kevin starts to help, when suddenly Terry emerges in a trance like state, saying she's fine. Derek, Lorena and Claudia planning the Senior Fund raiser at the Spa. More Academy training for Frisco and the rookie cadets. Burt tells Anna that he's unable to track the glass eye. Rick shows Sean the results of the blood test, he's definately on heart medication. Rick demands answers, and Monica lies to Rick that she gave him the medication on the side. Rick is furious. Brian and Claudia arguing at the Spa. Anna and Buzz consulting with Dr. Stone on Terry's mental history. Later, Buzz helps Anna when she's found a new place for her and Robin to stay in. Bobbie continues to run into a brick wall when she tries to question Jennifer on Terry's past. Monica tells Sean that the judge will decide his fate tomorrow.
December 27, 1985 - Frisco and Felicia continue searching for clues at the brownstone with zero results. Amy shows Rick and Ginny an ad that Mike placed in the papers trying to locate his real father. The lying trio of Rick, Derek and Ginny get together to decide if they should tell Mike the truth. Frisco and Felicias spy on Ted Holmes and Jennifer in their room. Frisco heads for work and Felicia puts her face up to the door, when it's promptly opened by Ted! Felicia makes a ridiculous excuse and Jeniffer tells her that she doesn't appreciate snooping. Frisco at the Academy. Anna arrives at GH with great news for Sean. The Judge has granted him a full pardon! Burt has news for Anna too. The dead man is found out. He's Neil Johnson a resident of a town near Laurelton. A grateful Sean is so happy to be free that he and Monica start smooching. Rick, Ginny, and Derek agree they need to tell Mike the truth. Anna calls a meeting with the Brownstone group. Anna announces that the identity of the body was that of Neil Johnson. Patrick says that Neil was their cousin, but they didn't recognize him because he left when they were boys. When Anna reveals the glass eye found on Neil's body, Jeniffer faints!

December 30, 1985 - Anna grills the Laurelton group after Jennifer comes too from her fainting spell. Patrick says that their Uncle Earl Moody had a glass eye but they don't know where he is. Anna has Burt run checkups on Neil and Earl. Rick, Ginny and Derek break the news to Mike that Derek is his real father. The shocking news hits but boy hard. At first he thinks they are joking but then he finds out it's true he goes ballistic. Running to his room he doesn't want to talk to any of them. Jennifer can't tell Anna for sure if the glass eye belongs to Earl. Keven wants to be more than Terry's friend, he wants her to be his wife! Keven proposes and Terry accepts! Later, when Keven tells Patrick the good news, Patrick is upset. Patrick goes to Terry and tells her that she doesn't know what she is doing and kisses her on the lips. Terry at first succombs to the passion, but slaps Patrick when she breaks off. Mike's decided to move to Kelly's for a while to think things out. Ginny begs him not to go, but Rick feels it's best he be alone. The WSB computer comes through for Burt and Anna. Neil Johnson was born in Laurelton and his mothers maiden name is O'Conner! Terry tells Jake and Bobbie that she will marry Kevin.

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