Complete GH Episodes, 1985

These are good quality original episodes and most of these episodes do not have commericals. My thanks  and appreciation to Norm Fisher for all of his work in getting these dated and described! You can also check out the Scorpios Files 1985 Episode page for additional information for the September - November episodes at

Episode Breakdown

December 26, 1984 - January 2, 198512/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/31 New Year's Party at Quartermaine's, 1/1, 1/2 partial episode [Episode Descriptions]

January 1-9, 1985
:  1/2 Holly's cousin Algernon arrives (Nicholas Hammond), 1/3, 1/4 Petros Cassidine (arrives?), Robert going to Paris to return broach 1/7, 1/8, 1/9 Petros believes he was lured to Port Charles and wants to know by whom [Episode Descriptions]

January 10-16, 1985
1/10, 1/11 Robert & Holly, 1/14 cm Robert & Holly, 1/15 cm Robert & Holly, 1/16 [Episode Descriptions]

January 17-24, 1985
1/17, 1/18 Big studio party, Brock shot, Frisco sings "Lady of My Heart", (no show aired on 1/21), 1/22 Robert questions Bobbie & Tony about Brock's murder, 1/23 1/24 Robert plays the tape Brock made naming Bobbie & Rick [Episode Descriptions]

January 25-31, 1985
1/25, 1/28 DA wants Bobbie arrested, 1/29 Robert arrests Bobbie for Brock's murder, Holly works on solving the anagram 1/30, 1/31 Holly solves the anagram, Bobbie makes bail [Episode Descriptions]

February 1-7, 1985
2/1 Tania's bridal shower, 2/4 Robert & Holly in Florida tracing Brocks steps, Bobbie is indicted, 2/5 Robert & Holly, 2/6 Robert, 2/7 [Episode Descriptions]

February 8-14, 1985
2/8 Tony & Tania's wedding, Robert & Holly 2/11 Bobbie hypnotized and remmebers a shadowy figure, Robert questions the PI that Brock hired in FL, 2/12 Frisco and Felicia arrive in Texas, Bobbie remembers figure was a woman and she came in the back door, Robert 2/13 Donnelly goes after the treasure, Robert finds out Virgina Geller is Ginny 2/14 Holly remembers about Ginny's purse and coat [Episode Descriptions]

February 15-22, 1985
2/15, 2/18 Robert & Holly, 2/19 Holly searches the Webber house, Robert & Holly 2/20 Trixie remembers Ginny at Kelly's when she took coffee to Bobbie, Robert 2/21 Robert & Holly, 2/22 Very Poor, only :22 mins, then cable out, good audio but poor video, Robert episode [Episode Descriptions]

February 25 - March 1, 1985
2/25 Robert toys with Ginny's mind, Bobbie goes to see Holly for reassurance 2/26 Ginny confesses to Rick, Robert agress to let her wait until morning to turn herself in, Robert & Holly 2/27 Sean returns to PC, Ginny signs confession, Donnelly back in Port Charles, Robert tells Bobbie and Jake that Ginny killed Brock 2/28 Frisco & Felicia first kiss (?),  3/1 Robert goes to see Sean, Robert & Holly (remainder of 2/2 poor quality, Robert) [Episode Descriptions]

March 4-8, 1985
3/4 Lee asks Robert to stay on as police commissioner 3/5, 3/6 Robert & Holly, 3/7, 3/8 Ginny's trial starts [Episode Descriptions]

March 11-15, 1985
3/11 Robert & Holly, 3/12 *Robert & Holly, Holly arranges dinner for Grant and Celia to get together, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15 *Robert & Holly fight and make up, Tony is shot [Episode Descriptions]

March 18-22, 1985
3/18 Holly consoles Tania, 3/19 Robert & Frisco, Q's, Rick & Ginny, Felicia & Sean, 3/20 Monica & Edward, 3/21 Robert & Holly, 3/22 Robert places police guards at GH, Robert & Holly [Episode Descriptions]

March 25-29, 1985
3/25 Robert & Holly, 3/26, 3/27 Robert & Holly, tightens security at GH after news leak, 3/28 Celia's art show, 3/29 Epidemic at GH, Slater goes after Tony, Robert & Holly [Episode Descriptions]

April 1-5, 1985
4/1 Sean returns and chews out Slater & crew?, Frisco arrested for obstructing police, 4/2 Holly, 4/3 Robert, 4/4 Holly, 4/5 Anna first mentioned, Holly accepts commendation for Robert from the mayor, Robert is onto Slater [Episode Descriptions]

April 8-12, 1985:  4/8 *Robert & Holly sauna, 4/9, 4/10 Anna Devane appears as a fence, 4/11, 4/12 [Episode Descriptions]

April 15-19, 1985:  4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18, 4/19 [Episode Descriptions]

April 22-26, 1985:  4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25, 4/26 [Episode Descriptions]

April 29 - May 3, 1985:  4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3 [Episode Descriptions]

May 6-10, 1985:  5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/9, 5/10 [Episode Descriptions]

May 13-17, 1985:   5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/17 [Episode Descriptions]

May 20-24, 1985;  5/20, 5/21, 5/22, 5/23, 5/24 [Episode Descriptions]

May 27 - June 3, 1985:  5/27, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/3 partial [Episode Descriptions]

June 3-10, 1985
6/3 partial, 6/4, 6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/10 partial [Episode Descriptions]

June 10-17, 1985
6/10 partial, 6/11, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14, 6/17 [Episode Descriptions]

June 18-25, 1985
6/18, 6/19, 6/20, 6/21, 6/24, 6/25 partial [Episode Descriptions]

June 25 - July 3, 1985
6/25 partial, 6/26, 6/27, 6/28, 7/1, 7/2, 7/3 partial [Episode Descriptions]

July 3 - December 31, 1985

Expanded Descriptions

December 26, 1984 - January 2, 1985:  12/26, 12/27, 12/28, 12/31 New Year's Party at Quartermaine's, 1/1, 1/2 partial episode

December 26, 1984 - At the Scorpios,  Sean Robert and Holly discuss Christmas. Burt comes by with info on the Croyton murder. Vann was a communications expert who had fallen off the face of the earth for the last year. Sean offers to help solve the case. He and Scorpio head over to the Croyton. They search the lobby and "find" Vann's wallet (Slater had hidden it where it could be found.). Robert goes back to his office, where he discovers the phone number Donely put in the wallet. He takes the bait and calls the number: it's Peter's.  At the Q's, Eddy's lawyer Cain comes by with dirt on Sean. Donely is a fascinating assignment. He has an impeccable reputation. Everything he touches seems to turn to gold. He is ex-WSB. Eddy is curious: "Why is Donely buying a defunct shipping company in PC?" At the PC Hotel, Donely buys the shipping Company from JL. Eddy calls and comes by to talk to Donely. Sean invites JL. Eddy peppers Sean with questions. After Sean leaves, Eddy lays into JL. But he wants JL to move into his ELQ offices. Meanwhile, Robert goes home and calls Donely. He has solved the case! Frisco takes Felicia and Mariah to the studio and then to Sean's to see the painting. Mariah is in awe as she looks at the painting. Felicia tells Donely that she cannot except his gift.

December 27, 1984 - Brock carries Bobbie into their new home: the penthouse. Bobbie is worried about how they are going to pay for it. They celebrate with champagne. Teri promises to get a job. Two police officers show up. They need a statement from Teri. Brock is furious when he finds out that Teri was arrested. He refuses to listen to her explanations. He is even more upset when he finds out Rick was there. He calls Teri a lying tramp and she runs out.  At the spa, JL reads the paper to Lorena. The article is about Celia finishing her mural. They fight. Amanda and Sylvia eye the new men at the spa. Leo talks to Lorena. He wants to "play." When she discusses what is going on with JL, Leo suggests that JL wants the "debutante" and that Lorena should change her image. He then makes his monthly payment to Amanda and Sylvia. At the gatehouse, Celia is excited about her mural. Grant is concerned about a rape that has happened on the waterfront. They both go to work. At GH, Brian and grant talk about crime on the waterfront. At Kelly's, a man stares at Celia while she has coffee with JL, who wants to be in the mural. The man follows Celia when she leaves. He then corners her and attacks her. JL comes to her rescue. She is shaken up and JL takes her to his office and cleans her up, even buying her some new clothes. She doesn't want him to call the police because she doesn't want grant to find out. Later they go to Kelly's and Grant shows up. Grant and Celia fight, especially about JL and her going to the waterfront to paint. JL then goes back to the spa, where Lorena is dressed "matronly" and intends to go to the ballet. He wants her to stop competing with Celia. At GH, Rick is trying unsuccessfully to go to Canada to be with Ginny and Mike.

December 28, 1984 - At their apartment, Tony and Frisco are both singing; Tony thinks that they are both in love. Frisco disagrees; he and Felicia spend most of their time fighting, but he does admit that Felicia makes him happy. He couldn't bear to be without her. At the Scorpios, Burt shows up with info on Vann, the man who was murdered. Felicia mad Mariah talk about missing each other when Mariah leaves. Holly, Mariah, Felicia, Burt and Robert discuss Vann's being the one who was spying on Mariah in Texas. They now believe that Felicia is safe. Frisco comes by to take Mariah to the airport. Robert is preoccupied and Holly wants to know what is bothering him. He can't figure it out, but something is wrong. Frisco and Felicia come back to the apartment. Frisco wants to spend the day with Felicia. They almost make love but a package arrives for her. Felicia opens it and it is a small reproduction of the painting: a gift from Donely. Frisco destroys the package. Felicia is angry and the fight. Felicia goes to Kelly's and secures a job and a place to live from Ruby.  At the PC Hotel, Slater still wants to go downstairs but Sean won't allow it until Mariah has left town. JL comes over. Sean tells him that he needs to "deal straight" from now on. JL gives Sean a briefing on PC. And, yes, he inherited his shredness from his father. At the Q's, Alan swears that he will never be an entrepeneur like Eddy. Eddy is worried what will become of their estate when he is gone. Eddy is still trying to get info on Donely. They decide to see if Monica can get info from Sean. Monica has lunch at PC Hotel with Sean, where she pumps Sean for info on the deal he made with JL. Holly and Robert are there, having a romantic rendevous. After Monica leaves, Sean comes over to Robert and Holly; Robert updates him on the Vann murder.

December 31, 1984 - The Q's are throwing a New Years' Eve party. They invite Sean Donely. At the Scorpio's, Robert and Holly discuss the attack on Celia. Sean comes over to catch a ride with the Scorpios. People show up and mingle at party: Tony and Tania, Dan and Ruby, Brian and Claudia, Lee and Gail. Eddy tries to discuss business with Donely, but Sean would rather dance with Monica. Robert and Lee discuss the increase of crime in PC while Gail and Holly discuss women being attacked. Robert flashes back to the last mission that Sean sent him and O'Reilly on, the Cassadine Caper which brought him to PC. He and Sean then ring in the New Year together. At GH Bobbie wants Teri to come home. Brock comes by. He is upset at Teri leaving and Bobbie working late. Bobbie just doesn't want to fight. She wants Brock and Teri to make up. Brock: "Over my dead body." Teri comes to the hospital and Brock causes a scene. Security has to drag him out. Rick is at the hospital; Ginny is still in Canada. Rick invites Bobbie to come back to his house to celebrate the New Year. At the Webber's, Bobbie gets tipsy! At Kelly's, Frisco asks Felicia to come to the Q party. She refuses. They again fight. She wants him to leave. He is boring and has no direction, no ambition. He leaves. Later Slater/Hines shows up and hits on Felicia. Frisco drops back in with two girls on his arms. Felicia tries to use Slater to make Frisco jealous. Again they fight and when Frisco leaves, Felicia cries as she brings in the New Year alone.

January 1, 1985 - At the Q's Monica wakes Alan up. He has a hangover. They fight over each other New Years Eve behavior, but later end up in bed. Alan dresses strangely (nerdy) for a day of watching football and eating hotdogs. Eddy asks Donely to come over, much to the chagrin of Alan. Monica gets all dressed up for Sean and Alan looks on as Sean eats one of his special game day hotdogs. He then loses his bet on the game with Stella (nothing is going Alan's way!) Later Sean takes Monica to dinner at the Floating Rib, where the dance together. At the PC Hotel, Josh comes by to see Teri. She needs him, but he is exhausted and keeps falling asleep. Teri tries to force him to stay awake, but end the end just sends him home. At the Webbers, morning comes and Bobbie is asleep on the couch. Brock rushes in and demands to know what is going on, especially since she is wearing Ginny's bathrobe. Rick slugs him when he calls Bobbie a hooker. Bobbie treats Rick's hand. Ginny and Mike come home. Surprise! They are home a day early. Ginny wisely leaves the situation alone, but obviously she is upset. The Brocks leave and Ginny goes upstairs. Later, she and Rick talk and Ginny tells Rick that she knows nothing is going on between him and Bobbie. However, she thinks that Rick provokes Brock and gives him a reason to be irrational. They part, but later, have a late night glass of wine together. He apologizes and they toast the New year together. She tells him that he is "compassionate" and that this is what makes him such an "excellent husband." Meanwhile, Bobbie ends up at Teri's where the two ladies share the Hotel since Bobbie does not want to go home.  

January 2, 1985 - partial episode continued on next dvd - At the studio, Frisco's (Jack Wagner returns:) guest is a robot. Tony drops by. They wait for Tania. Frisco tells Tony his new idea: a live music/interview show. He is trying to show Felicia that his life has direction. Tony asks Frisco to be the best man at his wedding. At first Frisco says yes, but when he hears that Tony has invited their father, he refuses to even come to the wedding. Tony and Tania go to Dino's and talk. He explains: Frisco and Tony had a great deal of friction. Their mother was terminally ill and Rita had come to take care of their mother. Frisco walked in on Rita and Tony in bed. Then the same night, their mother died. Frisco blamed them for their mother's death. Later Rita married their father. At the PC Hotel, Donely talks to his man (Saura) in Mexico. Donely agrees to meet him. He sends Slater to the University to pay Felicia's tuition and take her to lunch. At the University, Felicia registers for classes. Slater arrives with the check and insists on taking her to lunch. At the Scorpios, Holly wants to buy a British car. He insults her family. Just then, Cousin Algernon shows up. A suspicious Robert pesters him with questions. Robert goes to work. Algernon and Holly talk over old "con" times. Algernon tells Holly that he received a ticket from her and that is why he came to PC. Holly did not send the ticket. He becomes quite nervous. He's desperate, a "dead man."

January 1-9, 1985:  1/2, 1/3, 1/4 1/7, 1/8 missed 8 mins pre-emption, 1/9

January 2, 1985 - Partial, continued from previous dvd - Donely meets with Saura, his man from Mexico who pretended to be a professor in order to get a letter about the finding of the crypt from federale Paco.  He gives Sean the letter and then the two of them discuss moving the treasure and how to deal with hot-headed Slater. At the studio, Frisco meets with derrick. He proposes a new show, a live music and interview show filmed at PC University. Derrick loves the idea and wants to syndicate the show. He sends Frisco to the University to get permission from the officials there. Frisco then goes to Dinos looking for Felicia. He sees her there with Slater. He kisses two girls (to make her jealous) and then leaves without speaking to her. At the Scorpios, Robert comes home and grills Algernon. He wants to know what Algernon is doing in PC. Algeron tells him the story. He was in Paris on New Years Eve and got drunk at a party. When he awoke the next day in his hotel room, someone had planted the Cassadine broach on him. He also found a plane ticket from Holly (only she did not send it) ato PC. So he cam to PC. Robert calls Sean, who comes over. They find out that Mikkos' cousin, Petros, is now the leader of the Cassadine clan.

January 3, 1985 - At the spa, Holly and Algernon are going to a coed aerobics class. Algernon is paranoid, always thinking someone is trying to kill him. He also has no sense of rhythm. There is a big Greek man also that keeps popping up everywhere he is. Meanwhile at the gatehouse, Celia doesn't like the long hours that grant is keeping and he doesn't like her painting down at the waterfront by herself. After he leaves, she calls Holly and decides to go to the new coed aerobics class. JL overhears the conversation and decides to go also. At the class, Algernon is partnered with the big Greek man, who knocks him down, while Celia is partnered with JL who flirts with her. Lorena, who is leading the class, is not happy. Later, Celia has a leg cramp and Lorena looks on jealously as JL tries to rub it out. She tells Leo to get JL to come to her office, where they have a big fight. Meanwhile, Holly talks Celia into leaving so that Celia is gone when JL returns. A scared and wimpy Algernon is just hanging around the spa annoying everyone….including me! Later JL shows up to see Celia at the gatehouse; he kisses her and then they talk about the strong attraction between the two of them. At the Scorpios, Donely comes by to discuss the Cassadines. How do they return the broach to the Cassadines? Robert knows that Cassadines have vanished and wants to know what they are up to. Sean, meanwhile, intends to use the situation to help with his treasure smuggling. He tells Robert that he is trying to open up some of the smuggling lanes between the US and Europe so that they can smuggle the broach back to Europe and to the Cassadines. Later, Holly tells Robert about Algernon's paranoia and he tells her about the smuggling plan. At GH, Amy wants to know tania's secret for attracting men (after all she has had so many!) and grant congratulates Tania on her upcoming marriage to Tony.

January 4, 1985 - At GH, Frisco talks to Tony about Felicia. Frisco then apologizes to Tony.; he agrees to be his best man, even if their father will be there. They embrace.  Frisco then talks to University officials about using the concert hall. He goes to Kelly's and talks to Felicia. He gives her a gift, which she smashes without even looking at. He runs out and then she realizes that the gift was a repaired reproduction of her painting. Eventually Frisco returns and finds Slater hitting on Felicia. He intervenes and Slater decks him. This time Felicia is much kinder as she tends to a wounded Frisco. Ginny also comes into Kelly's for coffee. She is filming a crime story on the waterfront. Brock is also there. Ginny calls him a "born liar" and they fight. Ruby orders them out. When Ginny refers to Ruby as being a madam, Ruby responds: "I might have been a madam, but at least I didn't abandon my baby for the likes of Hal Gellar." Brock overhears as Ginny leaves. Ginny goes to GH where she laments to Rick that she wishes she could change some things in her pass, like how she has treated Ruby.  Also at GH, Rick runs into Bobbie, who thinks they should avoid contact for a while. They talk. Bobbie has been staying with Teri. She doesn't understand why Brock doesn't trust her. Rick assures Bobbie that he is always there for her, but she should work on her marriage. At the penthouse, Brian comes by to see a despondent Brock, upset that his family has left him. Brian offers to help by talking to Teri. Later Brock talks to Teri and manages to convince her that he can change. She talks to Bobbie; she thinks that he is sorry and they should move back. At the Scorpios, Robert tells Holly that he is going to Paris. Holly is upset; she doesn't want Robert to be in danger. Sean drops in; the old smuggling ring will come thru soon. Sean tries to talk Robert out of going to Paris. Robert starts to leave for the airport, but when he opens his door, Petros is on the doorstep.

January 7,1985 - Bobbie and Teri go to the penthouse. Teri is worried. Meanwhile, Brock is at the penthouse looking for pares which mention the name Hal Gellar. Teri and Bobbie come in and the threesome talk. Bobbie and Teri agree to come back and then strangely Brock leaves in a hurry. Teri comments on his moods. Teri also tells Bobbie that she admires the way that Bobbie always bounces back. Brock goes to the library. He finds an article on Hal Gellar, a man who was arrested for drug charges. Brock goes home "feeling terrific." He is excited about life.  At Kelly's, Felicia tends to an unconscious Frisco. He wakes and wants to know if she is mad that he interfered. She apologizes for smashing the picture. He begins to repair the picture. They talk about Tania; Felicia agrees to begin thinking that Tania is wonderful. They go to the hospital where Felicia surprises everyone by apologizing to Tania and asking if they can be friends. Tania asks Felicia to be her bridesmaid. Felicia and Frisco then go to the studio where he kisses her passionately. Meanwhile at GH, Tony gets a phone call and, clearly upset, goes to find Frisco. When he reaches the studio, he tells frisco that "dad is dead." At the studio, Ginny is in a bad mood. She starts to work on copy. Derrick comes in. he offers her her own syndicated show. He wants her to start with a show on drug use. She needs to think about it and talk to Rick. At the Scorpios, Robert comments on the resemblance between Petros and Mikkos (plyed by the same actor, John Colicos). Petros wants his broach back, which Robert promptly gives to him. Petros does not buy Algernon's story. Robert wants to know what other business petros has in PC. Later he calls Burt and orders a tail on Petros. Petros heads to the hospital to see Steve hardy and find out how the Cassadine money is being spent. Sean goes to GH and talks to Monica. Robert also shows up. Later at Sean's office, Sam Morgan (Sean's associate) comes by. We learn that Sean arranged for the Cassadines to come to town. He was the one who arranged for the broach to be stolen. Sean is ready to move into phase 2 of the operation.
January 8, 1985 - 8 minutes are pre-empted by Special news report - At GH, Monica lets Amy have it about her gossiping. She and Alan are in a fight about Sean Donely. Alan believes Monica is throwing herself at Donely; he is jealous. She assures him that she is not interested in Donely. It's a funny day at the hospital as Monica finds creative ways to walk out on Alan when he keeps wanting to talk to her.  At JL's apartment, Cathy from Tycoon Magazine is doing a rags to riches story on JL. It will be a cover story and they need a photo. JL suggest that she use one of Celia's sketches. Cathy goes to the gatehouse to speak with Celia and ends up promising Celia that the magazine could use more of her work. Later grant believes that JL forced the magazine to use Celia. He is obviously jealous and this angers Celia. Lorena also is upset  by the whole story: What will her status be in the magazine? At his apartment, Frisco tells Felicia that his father is dead. Felicia doesn't understand why Frisco is so callous. She thinks that he should go with Tony to the funeral. She stays with him; she wants to be there fore him in the same way that he has been there for her. At Kelly's, Trixie arrives, She is a old friend of Ruby's from Miami.  She just got out of 60 days in jail (remember, she was the one who was in jail when Felicia spent the night there). She needs help. Ruby offers her a job and a place to stay. Ruby tells Trixie that she feels guilty over busting on Ginny, since Ginny is from the waterfront. Felicia comes in, anxious about Frisco. She's upset that Frisco wouldn't let her help. Later Felicia finds Frisco drinking at the "Bucket of Blood." He still won't talk to her. Tony is also worried about Frisco. Tania mentions postponing the wedding, but Tony won't hear of it. She does however, insist on going to the funeral.
January 9,1985 - At PC Hotel, Sam lures Petros into a trap to buy a ship. Petros vows to buy the ship, an ex-WSB spy ship. This is Donely's plan. Petros gets a call from his man in Paris who assures him that Algernon is too much of a bumbler to be able to steal the broach. Petros goes to visit Algernon. Meanwhile, Scorpio is at Donely's office. They are watching Petros' ship. At the Scorpios, Algernon is acting paranoid. He is letting his imagination run wild. Holly suggests that he take a walk. Petros shows up and questions Algernon, wanting to know who lured him to PC. Petros leaves and the women from the English Language Society come over; they all love Algernon. Robert meets with Petros and tells him that he believes Algernon's story, but he still wants to know who tricked him into coming to PC. Robert thinks Petros is making the whole thing up because he (Petros) has plans for PC. Petros vows not to leave until he gets answers. Later at home, Holly finds all of this exciting, but Robert just wants to get to the bottom of everything. At the penthouse, Brock is in a good mood. He asks about mail delivery times in PC. Bobbie speculates that Brock's good mood is because his housing project is going well. She suggests that he get a new suit for an up-coming meeting. At the Webbers, a package arrives. It's a fake bird in a cage. There is not a card but Mike comments "I wouldn't keep a bird behind bars." Ginny gets upset. They discover a note on the bottom of the cage which read "from a friend in Miami." Rick tries to talk to Ginny about their home life, but she is too destracted by the bird cage. After Rick leaves, Ginny destroys the cage. At GH, Rick heads out over lunch to Wyndams. So does Bobbie and they run into each other in the men's department where Bobbie is trying to pick out a suit for Brock. Brock comes in, discovers them together and goes into a rage. After security hauls him out, Bobbie makes the comment, "I could kill him for this." Rick goes home and discovers the bird cage that Ginny has destroyed.

January 10-16, 1985:  1/10, 1/11, 1/14 cm, 1/15 cm, 1/16

January 10, 1985 - At the studio, Frisco shows up hungover. Felicia is there waiting for him. He looks awful and says that he has reached some conclusions. He has decided to go back on the road. He has no intention of doing the new show. Felicia is heartbroken. Derrick refuses to accept Frisco's decision, especially when Frisco suggests that derrick fire him. Felicia leaves after getting Frisco to agree to meet her for dinner. They meet; she is concerned. He gives it to her straight: "I have my walking shoes on and I don't know where they will take me." She thinks he just needs to talk out everything, get it off his chest or he will end up very alone. At JL's apartment, JL talks again to Kathy from Tycoon Magazine. He finds out that Celia is going to meet with magazine editors in NYC. He makes plans to go to NYC and even arranges to be on Celia's flight in the seat next to hers. He then lies to Lorena about going on a business trip. Meanwhile, at the gatehouse, Celia tells grant the she is going to NYC. He accuses her of going with JL. When she confronts him on his jealousy, he apologizes and even offers to pick up her tickets and take her to the airport. When he arrives to get the tickets, he learns that JL is Celia's "traveling companion." Grant cancels her reservations and leaves to confront her. He is livid and accuses her of having an affair. They fight. She goes to JL's to confront him. He admits to trying to drive a wedge between her and Grant. He declares that she will be his wife. When celia goes home, she burns all of her sketches of JL. When grant comes in, he tries to apologize, but she just declares that she is free of both of the men. Cathy from the magazine, goes to ELQ and talks to Eddy about JL. Alan, Monica and Eddy all declare their support for JL. Eddy is the "proud patriarch of this remarkable clan."  Eddy doesn't believe that you ever air a family squabble in the press. Eddy later reminds Monica that she is supposed to be getting info from Donely. She happily agrees which makes Alan jealously livid. Alan, in turn, arranges a meeting with the medical school dean and convinces him that he is a great candidate for "doctor of the Year." 

January 11, 1985 - Brock is sleeping in his office; Bobbie finds him there. She throws water on him to wake him up. He is angry and they fight over the incident at Wyndams. The janitor overhears their argument in which Brock accuses her of having an affair with Rick and then she threatens to kill him. Bobbie goes to GH and talks to Rick. DL has become impossible. Rick changes the advice he has been giving her and tells her that she should consider getting out of her marriage. At the studio, Derrick again talks to Ginny about doing a syndicated show. She agrees. He kisses her "to seal a professional pact." She informs him that all deals are off if he does it again. Derrick then meets with Frisco, who still refuses to do a syndicated show of his own. Meanwhile, DL has found out that Ginny is going to be the host of a new News Show. He shows up at the press conference announcing the show and suggests that Ginny's first show should explore "Virginia Gellar." Ginny is obviously upset but says she doesn't know what Brock is talking about. At the Scorpios, Slater calls Robert and anonymously says "the Venture is on its way to PC." The Venture is a WSB spy ship that is being sold. Sean arrives for a "date" with Holly, but Robert pulls him aside for help. . They surmise that Petros came to town to buy the ship. Meanwhile, Petros is at Donely's office getting Slater to secure a new crew for his yacht. Slater goes to Scorpios. Robert is suspicious…the pieces are falling into place too easily. At the apartment, Tony and Tania arrive home, worried about Frisco. Felicia arrives and informs them that Frisco is trying to quit Teen Time. Tony encourages her to stick with Frisco; he is worth it. They go to the studio and talk to Frisco who is glad to see them but doesn't want to hear about the funeral. Later, Felicia finds him drinking at the Bucket of Blood. She finally gets him to break down and tell her what is wrong. His father's death brought back all of the painful memories of both his father and Tony having an affair with his mom's nurse Rita while his mom was dying from a terminal illness. Two weeks after his mom's death his father married Rita and Frisco "split." He cries in Felicia's arms.

January 14, 1985 - At the penthouse, Brock comes home. He promises Bobbie that he will never lose his temper again. They cuddle on the couch. Teri comes in; he hugs Teri and promises to be a great father and husband. He prepares more mail for Ginny, who calls him and tries to arrange a meeting. He says no; he is trying to go on a business trip. He then unpacks his gun, which makes Bobbie nervous; he puts the gun in a desk drawer in the living room. At the apartment, Frisco tells Tony that he intends to do the syndicated show. He is very thankful for Felicia who helped him get through his pain. He intends to cook them all dinner; Josh invites Teri to the dinner. At the studio, Ginny, Frisco, and Derrick go over the party invite list. After Ginny leaves, Frisco tells Derrick he would like to invite the Brock family. He then goes home and cooks dinner for the gang. Eventually, he and Felicia are left alone and things heat up, but she has to leave to go write a paper. Before she leaves, he tells her that she makes him feel like he is worth something. At Kelly's Ginny proposes peace between she and Ruby. They both apologize and Ginny then invites Ruby to the party at the studio on Friday night. At the Scorpios, Sean comes by. Robert is also expecting Ballantine. Holly, as usual, gets onto them for shutting her out. After Balantine arrives the three men go to Donely's office where they decide on a course of action. Ballantine is to get an injunction against the sale of the Venture while Sean and Robert stall Petros. Robert has lunch with Petros at PC Hotel. Petros assures Robert that he will not harm Algernon. Robert then invites Petros to dinner with he and Sean, where the three of them talk over old times. They are seemingly having a good time until Ballantine comes in and announces that he has the injunction. Petros is furious and vows that he will be back. Meanwhile, Algernon is getting on Holly's nerves. He has a party with some women, one of whom (Sybil) invites him on a cruise. Holly tells Algernon to get rid of the women. She tells him that it is safe for him to leave and gives him travel brochures (hint, hint!!)

January 15, 1985 - Brock is in Miami. He meets with a PI to get a rap sheet on Virginia Gellar. Borck pays him off and the PI leaves. When the PI comes back with the rap sheet, he offers to track down this Gellar woman. Brock: "I know where she is…we all have to pay for our sins." Brock buys a postcard and sends it to Ginny. "Wish you were here." He signs it "Hal." At the Scorpios, Algernon is finally leaving. He is going on the cruise with Sybil. Also Petros is leaving. After he leaves, Ballantine and Sean arrive. They speculate as to Petros' motives for coming to PC. Sean suggests that the WSB put a man in PC. Ballantine wants Sean to be that man. He declines, but later offers to allow whoever the man is to use his shipping company as a cover. The three meet again and Donely accepts the offer. Holly wants to be his assistant and even after she tries to seduce Robert he still says no. Of course, he still allows her to seduce him! Meanwhile Donely tells Slater that he wants to assemble his team in PC. At the penthouse, Teri and Bobbie have breakfast. They discuss the secrets that Brock has been keeping. Teri has heard some nasty rumors about Brock, but Bobbie assures her that this is in the past. He has made a fresh start. Mail arrives and it's the party invitation for the studio party for Ginny and Frisco. Bobbie tells Teri not to get to excited; Brock will probably not want to go.  At the Webbers, Rick opens the mail. A mysterious package is there containing paper dolls and a message: "You think we're playing games; open this" Ginny is unnerved. Rick wonders why she is so upset. She claims that it is only anxiety over her new show. Rick encourages her. She is a success, not only at work but also at home. At GH, Bobbie talks to Rick about the party invitation. He advises her to come but she believes that Brock will not want to come. At the studio, Derrick and Ginny discuss the upcoming party. Ginny finds out that the Brocks are on the invitation list. She goes home very upset, but Rick manages to calm her down.

January 16, 1985 - At the gatehouse, Celia and grant receive the invitation to the studio party. She is not really talking to him, believing that his jealousy is unfounded and that he does not support her career. After grant leaves for the hospital, Celia books a flight to NYC. She leaves a message for Grant telling him that she is leaving but not letting him know when she plans to return. He talks to Monica at the hospital and gets advice on living with a Q. In NYC, Celia gets a commission to work for Tycoon Magazine. JL shows up; she is at first furious with him, thinking that he followed her, but he didn't and they end up having dinner together. Meanwhile, Grant is looking for her; he finally finds her (by phone) in NYC, but she doesn't tell him that she is having dinner with JL. He tells her that he "loves her and is proud of her." Afterwards, Celia walks out on JL. At the Q's, the family decides to go to the studio party. Alan is trying to pick a picture for when he wins the "Doctor of the Year" award from the medical journal. Alan and Monica decide to have a quiet dinner together. At the Penthouse, Teri and Bobbie talk about the studio party. If Brock goes will he pull one of his scenes again? Bobbie thinks Teri should go. Brock comes home and Bobbie is still trying to figure out where he went on his mystery trip. While she is getting coffee, he tries to call Ginny, but can't get her. He then finds the studio invitation. He wants to go. Bobbie agrees along as he will not make trouble. He swears that all he wants is to make amends. At the hospital, Bobbie talks with Gail, who suggests that Bobbie test Brock by purposefully disagreeing with him to see if he reacts angrily. Bobbie does this but Brock is a sweet as a kitten (he's lying!), even suggesting that she buy a new dress. This convinces Bobbie that they should go to the party. She thinks he has changed. At the studio, Ginny's guest is an expert on small arms who talks about gun safely. Ginny goes to GH, where Amy is actually nice to her and compliments her on her relationship with Rick. "Rick is back to his old self again." Ginny wants to have lunch with Rick but he is called away to surgery. Later, at home, Ginny is in bed waiting for Rick and contemplating Brock and how "one bolt of lightning" would solve all of her troubles. Rick comes home. She is the "light at the end of the tunnel." She whispers "I love you" and the two make love. Later Ginny can't sleep and takes some sleeping pills. 

January 17-24, 1985:  1/17, 1/18 Big studio party, Brock shot, Frisco sings "Lady of My Heart", (no show aired on 1/21), 1/22, 1/23, 1/24

January 17, 1985 - Frisco and Felicia go to Donely's office looking for Sean. Frisco is jealous of her relationship with Sean. Saura, Morgan and Slater are in Sean's office talking about moving the treasure when Felicia walks in without knocking. She recognizes Saura as Professor Estevez from Mexico, but she did not hear any of their conversation. Sean sends Morgan and Saura to the warehouse telling the men to "leave the girl to me."  Feleicia goes to the University, where she finds a busy Frisco. He is making arrangements for his new show and does not have time for her. She gets mad and they fight. Meanwhile, Donely's men resume their meeting. They decide to use a helicopter to move the treasure. Donely then goes to the University where Frisco spots him holding Felicia's hand. He makes some cheap shots and they again fight, but ultimately he would be miserable without her. At GH, Amy is reading an article about Ginny and Frisco when Brock comes by to see Bobbie. He takes her paper, goes into the lounge and draws bars over the picture of Ginny. To Bobbie he pretends that he is going to mend fences at the studio party. They make plans to eat in the cafeteria. At the Webbers, Ginny gets a postcard Brock sent from Miami. She freaks out and hides the card from Rick. He thinks that she is just nervous about the party and suggests that they go away for the weekend after the party. They meet at the hospital for lunch. She tells him a story about a woman that she intends to interview who is successful but has skeletons in her closet. He asks her about the new dress he wanted her to buy for the party and orders her to go to Wyndams. Brock and Bobbie come in. Brock apologizes for his behavior; he would like an end to hostilities. After lunch, Ginny goes to Wyndams and Brock follows her with Bobbie under the pretense of buying Bobbie a new party dress. Brock corners Ginny and threatens her with the picture of her behind bars. At home Ginny has a martini with a new nonjudgemental Rick. Meanwhile, Brock calls Ian and schedules a meeting with him at the studio party. He has a front page story for Ian. At the airport, Celia and JL arrive from NYC. Lorena sees them and overhears them talking about their time in NYC. Lorena goes to GH and talks to Grant, telling him that JL and Celia spent the night together in NYC (which did not happen). Celia shows up at GH and Grant asks her a lot of questions. She finally admits to having dinner with JL, but not spending the night with him. Grant calls her a liar and walks out on her. Meanwhile, JL goes to the spa and assures Lorena that she has nothing to worry about.

January 18, 1985 - ***Must have episode for all GH fans!! One of the best!! At the Scorpios, Robert and Holly get ready for the studio party. Sean comes by and Robert declares that he will have no police duties for the night. They are the three musketeers. If the party is dull, they will split. Robert wants to get away from police business. At the penthouse, Brock is ready for the party. He calls Ian to remind him about their meeting. He has a big headline for Ian. Brock wants to be the last one to arrive at the party, to make a big entrance. At the Webbers, Rick is proud of Ginny, but she is so nervous that she can't even help him tie his tie. Her hands are like ice. She hopes that she can live up to everyone's expectations. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"  She says that she loves him too. There kiss is interrupted by Mike who is ready to leave. At the studio, Frisco plays the guitar and talks to Derrick. By tomorrow Frisco Jones and Ginny Blake will be the talk of the town. Felicia shows up; she looks beautiful. She tells Frisco how proud she is of him. Everyone begins to arrive for the party. Ginny and Frisco shake hands in the receiving line. Ian introduces himself to Ginny. Grant and Celia arrive and run into JL and Lorena. Grant is sarcastic toward Celia, very cold toward her. Ginny keeps looking for the Brocks. Eddy corners Sean about a business deal. Later, Derrick presents plaques to Ginny and Frisco, but they have not been engraved yet. Brock arrives and Ginny is so shaken that she drops the plaque, especially when she sees him talking to Ian.  Brian corners DL about the waterfront project. Bobbie pulls DL away and later Brock walks up to Ginny and congratulates her saying, "you deserve what you are getting."

Frisco corners Felicia in his office and kisses her For him this night is torture; he just wants to be with her. Later he sings and dedicates "Lady of my Heart" to her. Brock corners Ginny, out of earshot of everyone at the party. He plans on taking with Ian and use the power of the press to destroy her. He claims that her fake marriage to Rick drove Rick to steal his wife. "I could kill you for that." He shows her the rap sheet. She begs him to leave her alone, she was only seventeen when all of that happened. He tells her that tomorrow, everyone will "know the truth about Ginny Blake, or should I say, Virginia Gellar." Brock leaves Ginny and discovers Bobbie dancing with Rick. He goes berserk, yelling at Rick. Security and Robert Scorpio have to escort him away. Rick tries to calm Ginny down. She excuses herself and gets a prop gun from the prop cabinet, then manages to sneak out of the studio without being seen. Bobbie leaves with Teri; they go back to the penthouse, where Brock stops them from leaving. He is out of control, pulling a gun on them. Bobbie sends Teri out to get help. She ends up taking the stairs because the elevator is tuck on the 6th floor; she gets stuck in the stairwell. Meanwhile, Bobbie tries to get the gun away from Brock. She grabs it and as they struggle, the gun goes off. Brock knocks Bobbie out. Ginny enters the building through the basement and then the penthouse through the back door. She walks into the penthouse and pulls the prop gun on Brock, begging him to give her the rap sheet. He grabs the fake gun from her, then pulls a real gun on her. One shot is fired as they struggle, hitting her dress, purse and plaque.

January 22, 1985 - In the stairwell of harbor Towers, Teri struggles to get help. At the studio party, Ginny's interview on gun control is playing. In the penthouse, Ginny shoots Brock. She takes the rap sheet out of his coat pocket and slips out of the penthouse while Teri is banging on the door. Bobbie wakes up in a delirium. She picks up the gun and then crawls over to Brock. As she is figuring out that Brock is dead, Teri comes in and finds Bobbie kneeling over Brock's body with the gun in her hand. Bobbie tells Teri that Brock is dead and Teri goes into hysterics. Meanwhile, Ginny hides from security in the basement and slips away unnoticed. She goes back to the studio, where Holly sees her and talks to her as she puts up her coat. She goes for a drink, realizes that she has blood on her dress and arranges for Ian to bump into her so that she spills wine on her dress to cover up the bloodstain. Derrick calls her up on stage and she covers well, as if she has not just shot someone.  Ian even makes a big deal over being the one to spill wine on her dress. When she finally talks to Rick, she tells him that her one regret is that she might "lose it all." At the penthouse, Bobbie wants to call the police, especially Robert who is at the party. He tells her to "sit tight, touch nothing." Robert and Alan go to the penthouse. Teri is quiet and Bobbie is grieving. Robert questions Bobbie, who tells him what happened. Meanwhile at the studio, Ginny is ready to leave; the Webbers leave. The news of Brock's shooting begins to spread. Back at the Webbers, Ginny is jumpy. Rick gets champagne for them, which she downs in one drink. Bobbie wants Rick to know, so an officer comes by the house and informs the Webbers: Brock has been shot; he's dead.

January 23, 1985 - At the studio,Ginny leads off the morning news with a story on DL's shooting. Bobbie was the only one there and rumors have it that the Brock's fought a lot. Ginny attempts to replace the prop gun, but is interrupted by Derrick. He knows why she left the party early; her modesty. She hates to be in the spotlight. He wants her to stick around and cover the Brock shooting; she refuses; she needs to go to bed.  At the hospital, Rick watches the early morning news. Something is wrong with Ginny. She looks awful and he is worried about her heart. He talks with Dan; he would like to see Bobbie. Ginny comes home and burns the rap sheet in the sink. She then throws away her dress, purse and the plaque, which has a bullet in it. Rick walks in and takes the trash out for her. He orders her to rest. Ginny asks about Bobbie….later Rick goes to see Bobbie. He feels guilty fro telling her to stay with Brock.  Later when he picks up Ginny at the station, she speculates that perhaps Bobbie shot Brock on accident. At the Scorpios, Holly watches the early morning news. Robert comes home after a night of work. He is exhausted. They talk about the case. Robert then goes to see Bobbie at the PC Hotel. She is in bad shape, but she wants to give her statement. She wants people to know that she is innocent; therefore she doesn't have a lawyer. Bobbie says that "even with all of our difficulties, he was my husband and I didn't kill him." Robert goes back home; Burt arrives: only 2 of the 3 bullets can be found. An officer arrives with an envelope they found at Brock's office that has Robert's name on it. It is cut out letters from magazines. Brock was about to compile a message for Robert. At Kelly's, Frisco and Felicia talk to Ruby. Bobbie wouldn't kill anyone, especially Brock. Ruby feels that it is her fault; she always let Bobbie return to Brock. Frisco goes to the studio. He is having a tough day and even tougher when he finds out what the station is reporting about Bobbie. At GH, Brian talks to JL about finishing the waterfront housing project. They make plans to meet at the Versailles Room. Celia is there with Derrick Barrington, having been commissioned by Tycoon Magazine to paint hi portrait. JL can't keep his eyes off Celia.

January 24, 1985 - At Kelly's, Frisco has breakfast with Felicia; he wants her to be at his first show. Sean comes in and Frisco leaves. Sean is about to go to Mexico; Felicia wants to go with him to do some research. Trixie believes that Felicia is wrong to do this to Felicia. She should choose Frisco over Mexico. Frisco comes back by and learns that Felicia is going to Mexico. He leaves angrily when he realizes that Felicia is going with Donely. At the Webbers, Rick wants to know about new developments in the Brock shooting. Ginny overreacts to his questions and he gets angry. He loses Bobbie, he loses his left arm! Not to mention a good friendship. Derrick calls; he wants Ginny to cover the shooting. Ginny goes to the studio where she tries to get out of the assignment. She knows the principal parties to well to cover the story. He refuses to let her out of it. He asks about her plaque, wanting to have it engraved, but she puts him off. Ginny then goes to see Robert. He can't give her any info, but he likes the way that she works. He will work with her, especially off the record. At the PC Hotel, Teri talks with Bobbie. Teri wishes that she had not said anything to the police. She wants to lie to them now, but Bobbie won't let her. Robert calls Teri down to the station for her to give an official statement: she saw Bobbie holding the gun over DL's body. She breaks down. Burt interrupts; DL's lawyer has arrived with an audio tape, on which DL claims that if anything happens to him, the police should look at 2 people: his wife Bobbie and her lover Rick Webber. Robert calls in Rick and Bobbie; he plays the tape for them. Ginny is still there and sees Rick; he tells her about the tape. Meanwhile, Bobbie wants to know if Robert believes what is on the tape. He advises Bobbie to get a "damn good lawyer."  At GH, JL has a conversation with Audrey about donating to the arts. He wants to donate to local artist who are wanting to show their art work.

January 25-31, 1985:  1/25, 1/28, 1/29, 1/30, 1/31

January 25, 1985 - At ELQ, a man is waiting to see JL and Eddy wants to know why! But JL want tell him. The man is an art gallery owner from Manahttan who secretly sells his gallery to JL so that JL can anonymously promote a one woman art show for Celia. Meanwhile, Eddy has bugged JL's phone so that he can listen to all of his phone conversations. After JL leaves, Eddy searches his office and puts information together incorrectly. He thinks that JL is investing in diamonds. At the gatehouse, Grant comes home from work, upset about his relationship with Celia.  They are living in an "armed camp." JL is destroying their marriage. Celia believes that grant is obsessed with JL. When will he learn to trust her? He wants to know if their marriage can work. She wants that more than anything and the two share a kiss, but obviously they are both worried. After Grant leaves, the art gallery owner shows up wanting Celia to come to Manhattan and show her art work in a one-woman show. Grant comes home and wants to know if JL is also going to Manhattan. He is out of line and making Celia's life miserable. They fight. Grant later tells Lila that he feels threatened by JL and Celia's career. When he goes home, he insults Celia by saying that she cares more for her lousy paintings than she does for him. At HQ, Press members gather together awaiting Burt Ramsey's report on the Brock shooting. They question Ginny since she knew the victim and his family. She responds that she doesn't think that the media should "crucify" Bobbie Brock. Burt comes in and gives them the details of the shooting. Commissioner Scorpio is looking into the possibility of a third party being involved. At GH, the medical dean tells Alan that he has been selected "Doctor of the Year." Alan feigns surprise, then goes around the hospital making sure that everyone knows that the vote was unanimous.  At the spa, Lorena complains to Monica about her relationship with JL. He's become arrogant and is not interested in her anymore. Later he comes by and cancels their plans for Wednesday (he's following Celia to Manhattan).

January 28, 1985 - At the apartment, Frisco is despondent; Tony comes in and finds him brooding over Felicia who went with Donely to Mexico. He is jealous of what Donely can do for Felicia. He also feels bad that he was the one who invited the Brock's to the studio party. At the PC Hotel, Jake comes by to see Bobbie. She needs him both as a friend and as a lawyer. Jake is worried about Bobbie and takes on her case. He also accompanies her to the coroner, since Brock's body is being released. Bobbie tells him that in spite of everything, she loved her husband. Ruby and Teri come in and the foursome go to the funeral home for Brock's funeral where friends such as Holly and Frisco show up. Jake then takes Bobbie and Teri back to the penthouse, where he offers to stay the night with them.  In Mexico, Felicia goes to library to so some research and looks at the Aztec artifacts there. She sees a dress similar to the one worn by the woman in the painting. Sean tells her that he has a dress similar to that one back at the villa. So when they go back to his home, they both dress up in period clothing. They are dancing when Frisco calls. When Felicia describes to him what she is doing, he becomes jealous and hangs up on her. At HQ, Holly comes by to see Robert who is mulling over the latest newspaper headlines. He doesn't believe that Bobbie killed Brock but if she didn't, who did?  Right now it doesn't look good for Bobbie. Later, after Holly leaves, Burt pushes for Bobbie's arrest, but Robert his hesitant. He wants more solid evidence, which Burt thinks he has. Why is Robert stalling? People from Wyndams come by and relate the scene that Brock created between himself and Rick Webber, after which Bobbie yelled out that she could kill Brock. Bobbie is in trouble as the DA is insistant that Robert arrest Bobbie.

January 29, 1985 - At the Webber's Rick wants an update on the murder. Mike walks in and asks to take a picture of Ginny with her plaque. Ginny panics and overreacts. Rick is worried about her, especially her disposition. Derrick calls and reminds her to bring her plaque to the studio so that he can have it engraved. At the studio, Ginny steals Frisco's plaque and gives it Derrick, telling him that it's hers. Later, in a dark studio, Ginny sits alone on the set of Teen Time. At the Scorpios, Holly believes that she might have a clue; she is making headway on the anagram: "ex-con dupes daily."  Robert worries about what Luke will say to him….Bobbie is innocent; she doesn't deserve this! They remember the times that Bobbie has helped them in the past and vow to help her. Celia comes by and tells Holly about her art show. They talk about Grant but Celia doesn't tell Holly what is going on. At HQ, the DA is pressing for Bobbie's arrest, but Robert defends Bobbie. At the penthouse, Bobbie and Teri have breakfast and wonder who killed Brock. Bobbie and Teri also talk about their relationship. Old friends Jessie and Audrey drop by. What can they do to help? Josh calls Teri and invites her on a date. Teri invites Bobbie, but Bobbie thinks that Teri should have fun for a change. Later Bobbie is alone in the penthouse, remembering, when Robert comes by to arrest her for "suspicion of murder." They put the handcuffs on her. Jake is at Kelly's when they notify him of the arrest, so word leaks out to all of Bobbie's friends. Rick finds out and rushes out of GH. Jake assures Bobbie that she want spend more than one night in jail.  Many people want to see Bobbie but she refuses to have visitors. Ginny conducts an interview with the DA and Robert in which the DA swears to get a conviction. Later Robert pulls her aside and asks for her to do a private interview with him.

January 30, 1985 - At the airport, Eddy Q is following JL to Manahttan. Eddy still believes that JL is investing in diamonds. He follows JL to the Diamond Gallery where Celia is talking to the manager about her upcoming one-woman art show. Celia spots Jl and a first believes that he is following her, but he convinces her that he heard about her show in the paper and that his presence at the gallery is only a coincidence. They decide to have lunch. Eddy also follows them to the bistro where he observes them laughing, toasting, and kissing. At the jail, Jake talks to Bobbie about her bail: $100,000. Brock has no assets so they will have to raise the money. At GH, Alan is walking around bragging about his "doctor of the year" award. Monica talks with him; she is proud of him and of being his wife. Brian drops by to see Lee about raising the $75,000 necessary to complete the housing project. The city does not have the money. Dan and Rick talk about Bobbie's arrest. Rick believes that the DA has a strong case against Bobbie or he would not have had her arrested. Jake shows up and explains that they need to raise the bail. Dan volunteers and starts collecting money from Bobbie's friends. Rick goes to see Bobbie. He tells her about the fundraising. She breaks down at the thought that she might have to spend another night in jail. She also worries that she will let her friends down. They discuss the tape and Brock's paranoia. After Rick leaves Jake arrives with a bag for her. They were unable to raise the money in time and Bobbie will have to spend the night in jail. She worries aloud that maybe the police are right and that she did kill her husband.

January 31, 1985 - At Kelly's, Felicia sets up for Tania bridal shower. Claudia is there to help as is Trixie. Felicia begins to work on translating some old papers; Frisco stops her and encourages her to enjoy her surroundings. They kiss. Tony comes in; Tania doesn't suspect a thing about her surprise shower. Also, he has found an apartment for them. When he shows it to her and Frisco and Felicia, F and F recognize it as the same one that Felicia hid in last fall and they talk about old times. When they are alone, Tania and Tony talk about the wedding. Tania is upset because Boris (her father) still refuses to come because they did not follow old world traditions and are not getting married in the church. He consoles her. Frisco and Felicia go back to Kelly's where Felicia wants to get back to her books, but Frisco is determined to romantically distract her.  At GH, the bail money is raised! Celia comes by to see Grant. She wants to have coffee but he doesn't have time. She runs into Alan and Monica and tells them about her art show. Eddy comes by; he has a cold from running around in Manhattan in the rain, but that doesn't stop him from telling Alan and Monica that Celia and JL are having an affair. At the Scorpios, Holly is working on the anagram. She won't even stop to have breakfast. Robert goes off to interview Brock's enemies, one of whom is Ginny. She is good! and manages to convince him that she "chooses to put Brock and everything that he represented out of her life." Robert also talks to the DA who is convinced he has a great case although Robert still wants to know where the third bullet is. Meanwhile Holly figures out the anagram: Ex-con from FLA dupes Port Charles daily." She calls Robert with the news. Ginny is there when she calls and we can see the worry on Ginny's face. Ginny goes to Rick and tells him that she is worried that Scorpio will dredge up everything. "When will I be able to shake the damn past." In jail, Bobbie is visited by Jake who tells her that the bail money has been raised and she can go home. The press follows her back to the penthouse where Jake rushes her inside. Dan, Ruby and Teri are there. Eventually they leave and Bobbie is alone. Robert calls and asks if Brock went to Florida recently. She tells him no but that he did have a recent business trip that he said was to New York. She falls asleep and has a nightmare that she was the one who killed Brock. When she wakes up screaming, Jake rushes in and convinces her that the nightmare is not real; it is only her fears. Meanwhile, Robert talks to Holly and decides that they should make a trip to Florida.

February 1-7, 1985:  2/1, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/7

February 1 - Frisco and Felicia go shopping, looking for wedding clothes; Tania is looking for a wedding dress. She wants to go home, but they talk her into going to Kelly's. At the studio, Derrick gets onto Ginny for not interviewing Bobbie when she got out of jail.  She refuses and they argue. Bobbie has been through a week of hell.  At the Penthouse, Bobbie is alone. She thinks that she did kill Brock. Jake comes by and encourages her. Claudia drops by to see JL. She is willing to put in $30,000 toward finishing the housing project. JL will take care of it; he will tell Brian that there is an anonymous donor. At GH, Alan and Grant talk about their successful wives. They have some drinks together at the Rib before heading over to Kelly's. At Kelly's, Tony comes by. It's Tania's bridal shower and only women are allowed. Tony wants the men to be allowed to come so that they can support Bobbie; he calls Rick. They all gather at Kelly's. Ginny comes by and Celia tells her that Robert and holly are in Florida on business. Ginny is shaken. Bobbie comes in. Everyone is glad to see her and proud of her for coming. A surprised Tania arrives. JL arrives and talks to Brian; he tells him that the housing project has been taken care of. He also wants to talk to Celia. Monica advises her to be discreet. Grant sees JL and Celia together and makes some sarcastic comments which start an argument. Bobbie runs out and Jake and Ruby worry about her.

February 4 - At Kelly's, Frisco and Felicia talk about the shower and their upcoming date. They also talk about marriage. Trixie has some advice: watch the fighting, a dumb one can change your whole life. Frisco leaves and Sean comes in. They talk about her studies. Trixie accuses Felicia of juggling Frisco and Sean. Felicia's professor drops in and explains to her the Aztec way of using rings to open locks. At the studio, Frisco sings and plays. Felicia cameos running in and tells him what the professor said. He is not thrilled. She goes to see Sean who tries to convince her that her ring is not the key to the crypt. Saura is worried; Felicia is smart. Later Frisco shows up at Felicia's room. He fights with her about her obsession with the treasure then walks out on her.  At the penthouse, Jake comes by to see Bobbie. Her case is going to the grand jury today. He goes over the evidence with her. He will do his damndest to turn the evidence around. They are also looking into whether or not Brock was dangerous. Burt comes by. He has a question about a phone call Brock made to Miami. In Florida, Robert and Holly are asking questions at the airport. The woman at the car rental place remembers Brock. he wanted a road map to show him the shortest way to Miami. Also he went to Miami and turned his car in at the Miami airport. Scorpio calls Burt; the phone cap that Brock made to Miami was to a private investigator. Robert calls the investigator and leaves a message; he and Holly worry about what Brock was looking for. They go back to PC and to police headquarters. Jake comes by. Robert explains his Miami trip to Jake and Jake tells Robert that the psychiatric profile indicates that Brock was psychotic. Holly goes to see Bobbie. She comforts her and asks her about how much Brock new about her past.  He knew all about Bobbie's past and he was in wonderful spirits after his trip to Miami. Holly leaves and goes back to talk to Robert. Meanwhile, Bobbie is indicted; Jake tells her that he wants to have Brock's Body exhumed. Also, he knows of one way to get her off: plead self-defense!

February 5 - At GH, Grant and Alan discuss a medical ship. Grant needs to make money so that he can compete with JL. They decide to go to Donely for help. At the PCU, Frisco meet with his guest, Duke the rock star, while Felicia meets with her professor. Professor suggests a field trip to Mexico. Felicia wants to ask Sean for help. Frisco's guest has his eye on Felicia and hits on her. She tells him to take a hike. Felicia goes to Sean's office and asks for his help. After she leaves, Sean makes it clear to Saura that he maintains his relationship with Felicia so that he can sabotage her. Frisco and Felicia meet back at PCU; they are a little hostile with each other, but still plan a dinner party for Tony and Tania. She tries to tell him about Mexico, but he doesn't listen. At Sean's office, WSB show up, to install communication equipment. After they leave, Donely and men discuss moving the treasure to PC. Alan and Grant show up at Sean's office and ask him to finance their medical ship. He is highly favorable and later tells Sam that the medical ship could be used as a treasure laundry. At the Penthouse, Holly talks to Bobbie. Jake comes in; he wants to figure out if a 3rd person was in the penthouse. Jake finds out that a man was arrested in the vicinity of the penthouse. He thinks maybe the thief was robbing the penthouse. At HQ, DA demands a report on Robert's trip to Miami. Robert refuses and tells him that Brock went to Miami and hired a PI. DA wants dirt on Bobbie's past. Burt and Robert try to get in touch with the PI in Miami. Robert calls Ruby and asks her if Brock possibly went to Miami to get dirt on Bobbie. The PI finally calls Robert back, but refuses to tell him what Brock wanted. Robert goes home and tells Holly that by the time he is finished with Garvey (the PI) he will nail his pelt to the wall!

February 6 - At the studio, Ginny wants to interview JL and Celia. She needs a change of pace with the Brock murder. Derrick accuses her of dragging her heels. At JL's apartment, Tycoon Magazine arrives. Lorena tears it up; she is not even mentioned in the article. He replies, Our pillow talk is nobody's business! Ginny calls for an interview. JL consents as long as Celia does it with him. Derrick comes back and orders her down to Police HQ. At HQ, Jake comes into Robert's office. He wants to talk to the thief to see if he was in the penthouse on the night of the murder. They talk to the thief, but the officer who arrested him clears him of suspicion in the murder. Robert tells Jake that the coroner's report on Brock's Body should be in soon and that Garvey, the PI from Miami, is coming to PC soon. At GH, Tycoon Magazine arrives. Amy is talking about the wonderful sketch that Celia did of JL. Grant overhears. Celia comes in and tells grant about the interview. Grant is jealous; he's had it with JL. Rick and Steve talk about Bobbie's replacement. Tony and Tania show up; they intend to be married in the hospital chapel, just like Steve and Audrey. Steve will give her away.  Back at the studio, Ginny interviews JL and Celia. Grant and Lorena jealously watch. Afterward, Derrick presses her about what happened at HQ. At the penthouse, Bobbie and Teri discuss living in the PH. Bobbie wants to go back to work. Teri wants to be close to Bobbie: Bobbie has a daughter that she cares very much about. They go to GH, where Bobbie talks to Steve. Steve can't let her come back. He'll try to find another solution for her. She talks to Rick: tells him that she worries that she really did kill Brock.

February 7 - At the Versailles Room, Frisco arrives to go over the details of the bachelor party. Felicia also arrives, planning dinner for Tony and Tania. They are both very busy. He suggests that they change their attitudes for the evening and put their feelings aside. F&F and T&T all have dinner that night at the Versailles room. F&F give T&T their wedding present: Honeymoon at Felicia's grandmother's hacienda in Texas. At Sean's office Saura finds out that in less than 3 weeks, University officials are sending a team to the crypt. Therefore, Sean moves up the timetable. He plans to go to Mexico. Felicia drops by to see him. He tells her that he could not persuade Mexican officials to approve her field trip. At the Webber's, Rick is worried about Bobbie. He tells Ginny that Bobbie thinks that she is responsible for killing Brock. Ginny wonders why she doesn't just plead self-defense. After Rick leaves, Ginny gets the name of a book on amnesia. The author comes over and tells Ginny about self-delusion: people choose not to remember something that is too painful. Ginny arranges to interview the author.  Ginny then calls Ian and gets him to do a newspaper piece on the same topic. At GH, Rick talks to Gail about Bobbie. Gail believes that Bobbie might be punishing herself for her past. At the penthouse, Jake encourages Bobbie to think positively. He needs her permission to do a more thorough autopsy on Brock. he wonders if there is a medical reason for Brock's strange behavior, maybe a brain tumor. DA calls Teri; he wants to ask her some questions. Teri doesn't want to do it, but Jake convinces her. Bobbie still believes that she killed Brock and wonders if she should seek professional help. At the cottage, Celia tells Grant that she won't be able to go to Tony and Tania's wedding. He is angry. Alan drops in. Meanwhile, JL finds out that Celia is going to NYC and he makes plans to follow her. He lies to Lorena, therefore she makes plans to follow him. JL finds out her plan!

February 8-14, 1985:  2/8 Tony & Tania's wedding, 2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14

February 8 - At the Webber's, Ginny tells Rick about her upcoming interview. She asks about Bobbie and suggests that she might be able to help Bobbie. Perhaps Bobbie should research the idea of selective amnesia. Rick agrees to talk to Bobbie, unknowingly falling into Ginny's manipulation. At the Penthouse, Jake comes by with Brock's autopsy report. Brock had a brain tumor. Bobbie is saddened. She feels she should have known since she is a nurse. Rick shows up and convinces Bobbie to go to the TV station. At the station, Bobbie hears Ginny's interview; the doctor even mentions murder specifically as something someone could choose to forget. Bobbie is now convinced that she killed Brock. Ginny goes home and has a drink. She tells Rick that the show was awfulpoor Bobbiethe whole episode backfired (in other words it was exactly what Ginny wanted!) At GH, the day is Tony and Tania's wedding. Grant wishes Tania all success; she was one of the few people that supported him when no one else would.  At the chapel, Frisco practices his song, Lady of my heart. Felicia walks in. She looks beautiful and they kiss. All of PC turns out for the wedding. Frisco sings as the guests arrive. Frisco and Felicia think they should be in a wedding everyday; it's good for their relationship. They make arrangements to have breakfast. Robert and Holly split; they go back to their place for honeymoon #2005. In NYC, JL shows up at the art gallery. He claims that he is surprised to see Celia. They end up alone, drinking wine. He kisses her and they end up making loveone of the best days of [JL's] life! At the spa, Lorean is furious when she finds out that JL cancelled her flight to NYC. Determined, she drives to NYC, but gets stuck in a small town and has to call Leo to come get her.

February 11 - At Kelly's Felicia discovers that the Aztecs used a secret chamber to hide treasures. Her ring is the key to open the secret chamber. She tells Frisco; he is not interested. She doesn't want to bore him, so she calls Sean. She can't reach him. Frisco accuses her of being obsessed with the treasure and her family heritage. He wants them to be together. At PH, Garvey, the PI, shows up from Florida. He reluctantly (after a day in a cold jail cell) tells Robert and Burt about his meeting with Brock. He claims to have never read the rap sheet. But he knew that Brock was going to blackmail Virginia Gellar. Robert and Burt discuss the case. Nothing makes sense. Bobbie and Jake meet. Jake doesn't like Bobbie spending so much time alone at the penthouse. He is worried about her guilt feelings and believes that she should undergo hypnosis. Rick comes by and backs Jake up. They go to the hospital. In Gail's office, Bobbie is reluctant but goes through with the hypnosis. It comes out that although she wanted to shoot Brock, she didn't. She does, however, remember seeing a shadowy figure.  Ginny comes to the hospital and talks to Rick. Derrick is pushing her to interview Bobbie. Rick tells her about the hypnosis. Ginny is obviously worried. When Rick arrives home, Ginny is drinking. Rick is worried about her because he cares for her. He tells her that Bobbie's session went well. In Mexico, Donely meets with his team, and they discuss moving the treasure. Felicia calls and talks to Saura, who lies telling her that Donely is not there. Felicia plans to go to Mexico. Frisco explains that part of him does not want her to find treasure because he doesn't want to lose her. She tells him that she could be in love with him! She is afraid. He agrees to go to Mexico with her if she will agree to stop treasure hunting if the crypt is empty and become his lover.

February 12 - In Texas, Felicia and Frisco arrive at the hacienda. They tell Mariah that they are going to find the treasure. Felicia explains to Mariah, Tony and Tania that her ring is the key to a secret 2nd chamber. Felicia is getting sick, however and Tony wants her to stay put. She is too ill to go to Mexico. At Donely's villa, Sean and men discuss tomorrow being the day to move the treasure. Sam is nervous, but Slater insists that everything is set. Saura rushes in: the University expedition is headed to the crypt. They set a plan in motion to stop the expedition. At the gatehouse, Grant and Celia argue over her not attending the wedding. He leaves and JL drops by.  He wants her so much. She refuses. She feels so guilty. He kisses her passionately. At GH, Lorena shows up and talks to Grant. She tells him that JL and Celia are having an affair. JL shows up at the hospital and fights with Lorena while Grant goes home and confronts Celia. She denies the affair. At Penthouse, Bobbie recreates the murder scene and remembers the shadowy figure. She tells Jake that the figure left out the back door. At the Webber's, Ginny and Rick wake up. She can't relax. The Brock murder assignment is getting to her. She suggests that perhaps she and Bobbie should have lunch. Rick is happy especially when she calls Bobbie and Bobbie agrees. She holds on to Rick, asking him to love her.Bobbie and Ginny meet for lunch. Ginny apologizes for the incident at the studio and the two women agree to be friends. Later Ginny overhears an exhuberant Bobbie talk about her breakthroughshe saw a women at the penthouse! At PH, Florida police call. They need about 3-4 days to find the Gellar file. Jake tells Scorpio that Bobbie remembers a woman in the penthouse. Ginny drops in and talks to Robert. Robert gives her an off the record angle.

February 13 - In Mexico, Donely and his men sabotage the University expedition to the crypt. In Texas, Felicia is sick but insists on going to Mexico. She faints; everyone insists that she eat and when she can't they won't let her go to Mexico. Tony makes her promise to rest. She falls asleep and dreams that someone is stealing the treasure. Frisco comforts her. At the Webber's, Ginny is making waffles. She is on edge and drops/breaks the bowl. Rick is worried about her nerves. He insists that she get off the Brock case, but she assures him that she is okay. They agree to have a leisurely lunch together. At the Rib, Bobbie and Jake meet. Bobbie is worried and Jake tries to calm her down. Rick and Ginny arrive and join them. Jake tells them that they need to get Brock's things out of his office. Bobbie also talks about her hypnosis session. Ginny gets upset and leaves suddenly. After lunch, Rick wants Ginny to have a medical exam. She is exhausted and asks him to get her some sleeping pills, which Rick does. At the Scorpios, Holly and Robert discuss the case. Robert doesn't want anyone to know about Virginia Gellar. At PH, the file on Virginia Gellar comes in to Robert's office. Robert is shocked when he learns that Virginia Gellar is Ginny Blake! He goes home and talks to Holly, telling her that Virginia Gellar was just 18 when she was arrested. Did Ginny Blake kill Brock?

February 14 - At the Scorpios, Burt, Robert, and Holly discuss the case. Holly speculates that the third bullet went into a lady's purse. Burt and Robert leave. Celia comes by and confesses about her affair with JL. Celia is confused; she has a chemistry with JL. Celia leaves, but as she runs out, Holly remembers Ginny the night of the studio party hanging up her coat. She surmises that Ginny had left the party. Also she was carrying an evening bag. She and Robert go to the studio and find out that although Ginny's plaque is hanging on the wall, Frisco misplaced his. At JL's apartment, Celia comes by. She believes they are in big trouble. She tells JL about her fight with grant and that he has threatened her with a divorce. He's thrilled! But Celia is so upset that JL gets angry at Lorena for going to Grant about the affair. JL packs her bags and kicks her out! He meets Celia at Kelly's, assuming that the way is clear for him and Celia to get together. She refuses; she is still married to Grant. In Texas, Tony and Tania are happy on their honeymoon! Frisco wants a sick Felicia to stay put, but she insists on going on to Mexico. Frisco prepares to take her. Felicia is convinced that they will find the treasure. In Mexico, Sean and Saura discuss the successful sabotage of the university expedition. They gather their team to discuss the next part of the operation. At the Q's Alan is hiding his investment in the medical ship from the family. Eddy tries to find out what Alan is up to. He is paranoid that Alan's deal with hurt him. Lorena shows up; she has nowhere else to turn. Lorena tells the Q's about seeing JL and Celia come back from NYC together. Monica invites Lorena to stay with the Q's.

February 15-22, 1985:  2/15, 2/18, 2/19, 2/20, 2/21, 2/22 (very poor quality this episode only)

February 15 - At Kelly's, Bobbie talks to Ruby; she is going to clean out Brock's office. Ginny comes by saying that she worried about Bobbie. Rick calls, talks to Ginny and agrees to meet her at Kelly's for belated Valentine's celebration. Trixie is taking Bobbie a thermos of hot coffee; Ginny puts a sleeping pill in it. Meanwhile, Bobbie is at Brock's office and finds a scrapbook. She is looking at it when she drinks the coffee and falls asleep. Ginny sneaks in, takes a knife and cuts up the book; then she places the knife in Bobbie's hand. At Kelly's, Rick shows up and waits for Ginny. In mexico, airport security gives Felicia a hard time about her ring. They think she stole it and intends to steal more treasure out of Mexico after they search her luggage and find maps and a lever. She denies any wrongdoing. She wants them to call Donely or Robert or Paco to verify who she is. Security guards take her and Frisco to the jail! At the crypt, Donely and his men move th treasure. A university professor shows up and the rest of the men hide in the second chamber while Donely tries to explain why he is there. The men are worried, especially when the air starts running out! Profesor makes Donely leave with him and closes the crypt (taking the lever with him.) Someone is watching all of this from behind the jungle's Peter!

February 18 - In Brock's office, Bobbie wakes up hysterical with the knife in her hand and the slashed scrapbook in front of her. She screams, thinking that she ripped up the book. Ruby rushes in and Bobbie again believes that she killed her husband. At Kelly's Ginny is very jittery. Rick gives her a Valentine's Day gift, a golden heart necklace. He tells he that this is a token of his love for her; she says that nobody has ever given her anything like it before. Bobbie comes in, hysterical. She tells Rick that she believes she could have killed Brockthis is exactly what Ginny wanted. At HQ, Robert discusses the case with Holly. They call Josh as well as the valets from the studio party in for questioning. Josh says that he tried to find Frisco's plaque but couldn't; it was in an unlocked dressing room. The valet's tell Robert that the Webber car was moved sometime during the evening of the studio party. Robert and Holly compile a list of the evidence that they have against Ginny and lament what has happened to Rick Webber. The janitor from Brock's building comes by and tells Robert about the scrapbook incident. In Mexico, the men in the second chamber are panicking. Meanwhile, Donely manages to get away from the professor and open the crypt and chamber to let the men out. Peter comes behind them and locks all of them in the crypt. Frisco and Felicia are in jail and the other inmates give them a hard time. Frisco gets in a fight and Felicia begs to be able to call her grandmother who has papers for the ring and can come and get them out.

February 19 - In Mexico, Donely and men are locked in the crypt. They try to force the door open. They fight amongst themselves, until Sean figures out how to use the ring to ope the crypt door from the inside. Meanwhile, Peter goes to a doctor, who tells him he could die if he doesn't get to a hospital. He speculates on the best way for people to suffer and die. Felicia and Frisco are sitting in jail, waiting on papers of Paco to get them out. They beg the guard to find Paco. The inmates and guards give them a hard time. Paco finally shows up, listens to their story and gets them out of jail. They check into a cheap hotel where Frisco says I adore you to Felicia and kisses her, but her mind is on the treasure. She tries to call Sean. At Kelly's, after the scrapbook incident, Bobbie again believes that she might have killed Brock. She thinks that she blacked out both times, the night of the murder and the day of the scrapbook slashing. Jake comes by and tries to reassure her. He convinces her to see Gail, who tells her that slashing the scrapbook does not mean that she killed Brock; she is just punishing herself because of guilt feelings. At the Scorpios, Robert is upset about Bobbie slashing the scrapbook. Holly gives him a newspaper clip of Ginny from the night of the studio party. They begin to speculate about her dress: could the wine stain have been a blood stain. What about her purse and plaque. Robert doesn't want to get a search warrant because it might tip his hand. Holly decides to sneak into the Webbers and search the house. She almost gets trapped by Amy and then drops her brooch before she leaves. Meanwhile, Robert, now at HQ, meets with Jake. They talk about the scrapbook and the fact that Bobbie now wants to plead guilty. Robert is emphatic that that cannot happen. Holly comes to HQ and reports that she did not find anything, but she did lose her brooch.

February 20 - In Mexico, Sean finds out that Felicia is in Mexico. He and Slater discuss the movement of the treasure. Sean is worried. He tries to contact Felicia only to find out that F & F have checked out of the hotel. He arranges for someone to intercept them. Meanwhile, F & F travel toward the crypt. They stop to eat at a cantina and then are waylaid by some bandits who kidnap them and lock them in a barn. Felicia begins to panic. At the Webber's, Ginny finds the brooch and Rick surimises that it might be Holly's because it is the initials HS. Ginny goes down to HQ to turn it in to the police. At HQ, Jake and Bobbie meet with Robert. Robert asks Bobbie all sorts of questions. They head off to Kelly's (Ginny sees them as they leave), and talk to Trixie. After Jake and Bobbie leave, Robert tells Trixie to call him, day or night, if she remembers anything about the days Bobbie slashed the scrapbook. He leaves and Ginny comes in; when Trixie sees Ginny, she remembers that Ginny offered to take coffee to Bobbie that day. Ginny tries to talk her out of it, but Trixie heads off to see Robert. Afterward, Robert orders Burt to find the dress, purse and plaque. Meanwhile, back at the Webber's, Rick is worried that Bobbie might attempt suicide. Leo drops by the Q's and talks to Lorena. He suggests that she should take Leo to court and file a palimony suit. She tells this to Monica and Eddy who in turn tell Celia. Lorena goes to the construction site and tells JL that she wants to get back together; he refuses, so she threatens him with the lawsuit. He tells her to get lost. After she leaves, Celia comes in. JL wants her to choose between him and Grant; she feels that her life is being cracked open. Back at the Q's, Eddy is concerned about Lorena's lawsuit. The whole story of where JL got his $20 million might come out if Lorena takes JL to court.

February 21 - In Mexico, Donely and Slater are worried. The weather is not cooperating and they can't move the treasure. They are also worried about F & F, who are being held hostage. Morgan surmises that the Aztec gods are against them. Frisco and Felicia are still tied up in the barn. They are in a lot of pain, but Felicia comes up with an idea. They get a goat to chews off their ropes! They are then able to escape from their captors. Meanwhile, the storm passes and Donely's men celebrate.  At the Scorpio's, Robert and Holly discuss the case over breakfast. Burt comes by. Holly surmises that Ginny through the dress away. They decide to go to the city dump and look through the garbage. They miraculously find the plague (with the bullet still in it!), dress and purse. Robert has an idea on how to get Ginny to confess.  At the Webber's Ginny suggests a social diversion for Bobbie; she and Rick should take her to lunch. Rick can't make it, but Ginny can. After Rick leaves, Ginny suspiciously eyes her sleeping pills. What is she planning? Derrick drops by and tells Ginny that the police have another suspect besides Bobbie. She goes to HQ and overhears that the dress, etc. have been found. At the hospital, under hypnosis Bobbie can't remember slashing the scrapbook. Rick convinces Bobbie to have coffee with Ginny.  They meet at the Rib, but Ginny doesn't carry through with her plan. JL tricks Celia into coming to a hotel room. Grant follows her and discovers them together. He's tells her he is filing for divorce.

February 22 (Partial Episode continued on next dvd, this epi poor quality) - In Mexico, Donely and his men move the treasure. Frisco and Felicia can't get to the crypt because the bridge is washed out. They try an alternate route and get lost in the jungle. At HQ, DA pushes Robert for a report. He tells DA that he can forget his case against Bobbie. He shares the latest evidence and that he ahs a plan to get a confession from Ginny! At the Webber's, Ginny calls in sick. Rick is worried. He wants to know what is wrong. Why is she so unhappy? He is really sweet to her, a wonderful husband. He leaves and she breaks down. Later Mike brings her lunch and stays with her for awhile to cheer her up.

February 25 - March 1, 1985:  2/22 Partial episode continued, 2/25, 2/26, 2/27, 2/28, 3/1

February 22 (Parital Episode Continued from previous dvd, this epi poor quality) - In Mexico, Donely's men move the treasure. By the time Frisco and Felicia get to the crypt the treasure is gone and they assume that the treasure never existed. They hear a helicopter (the treasure is in the copter!). Feilicia is devastated. She agrees, however, to go back to PC with Frisco and be with him. She loves him. They kiss. Back in PC, Robert goes to the studio. He pretends that he wants to pinpoint Brock's movements the night of the studio party. He puts the plaque with the bullet hole on the studio wall; he wants to play with Ginny's mind (it's hard to feel sorry for her after what she did to Bobbie!) She is shaken up when she sees the plaque. She takes and leaves; Robert is pleased!

February 25 - Frisco and Felicia return to Texas. He comforts her, but he is ready to start their new life together. Felicia finally realizes that she has found something more important than the treasure. Felicia even decides to give up being a princess. They share a very tender moment, but are interrupted by Mariah who wants to spend time with Felicia (all night!!); Tony and Tania talk about their plans for a family. At the penthouse, Bobbie and Teri talk; Robert has a new lead and will not share the info with Bobbie, so she is frustrated. She needs some hope, so she goes to visit Holly. At the Scorpios, Robert plans some new tricks to push Ginny over the edge. He has a new plaque on which he puts Frisco's name. He leaves and Bobbie arrives; she talks to Holly who reassures her but can't tell her anything. Robert goes to the studio and hangs the plaque on the wall. Ginny sees the plaque and then Robert baits her in a conversation. Robert then goes to the dry cleaner and persuades him to call the Webber house pretending that Ginny's dress (the one with the blood stain) has been cleaned! Meanwhile, Ginny can't even get through her interview and goes home. When the dry cleaner calls, she turns grey and slams down the phone. At the hospital, Jake tells Rick that Scorpio is onto the real killer. Rick tells Bobbie that he is happy for her.

February 26 - At GH, Monica, Alan and Eddy discuss Lorena's palimony suit against JL. They are worried about all of their family secrets coming out. Celia comes in, bringing laundry to Grant, who tells her to stay away.  Monica and Alan talk to Celia and to grant about staying together. At the spa, Lorena is filing the lawsuit against JL. Leo encourages her, but Monica shows up and tries to convince her to get back with JL. At HQ, Robert's gaslighting of Ginny is working but Ginny is one tough cookie. At the penthouse, Jake tells Bobbie that her trial date is off. The DA has called it off. Bobbie is worried that Robert is trying to pin the murder on Teri. She goes down to police headquarters and ends up talking to Holly, who assures her that teri is not the new suspect. They go back to the penthouse, where Jake gets Bobbie to calm down.  At the Webbers, Ginny is drinking. Rick comes home and notices a man hanging around outside the house. He calls Robert who tells him that there has been some robberies so this is a cop watching the neighborhood. (This is a lie; the cop is watching Ginny.) Ginny is agitated and Rick believes that her job is ruining her health. He wants to know what is wrong with her. He leaves the house to get her some tranquilizers. Robert comes over and gives Ginny her purse and the plaque; he is just returning her things! This pushes Ginny over the edge. When Rick returns, she breaks down, screaming, I killed him; I killed Brock!! Rick is stunned; at first he doesn't believe her. She is distraught and worried about what she is putting Rick through. She confesses that DL was blackmailing her and tells him the whole story, exclaiming that she was trying to preserve what she had, her marriage, family, Mike. Rick calls Robert and arranges for Ginny to come in the next day; then he is cold as ice toward her.

February 27 - In Texas Mariah and Felicia talk; Felicia is committed to going to PC. Mariah wants Felicia to be committed to her life. Frisco, Tony and Tania come by and pick her up. When they arrive in PC, Felicia goes to Kelly's, where she is immediately put back to work. Frisco goes to talk to Josh and convince him not to come home. Sean comes by and Felicia tells him all about Mexico. Later Frisco and Felicia have dinner at his apartment. They are headed to the bedroom when they are interrupted by Josh. After he leaves, things are heating up again when Tony and Tania interrupt. They need a place to stay! At the shipping Company, Donely walks into his new office with Saura. They are worried that Sam and Slater will walk off with the treasure. They call from Oklahoma: will be in PC in 48 hours. At the Webbers, Ginny does the laundry and Lee Baldwin comes by. After hearing about Ginny's confession he recommends young attorney Brett Madison to represent her. Rick is very cold toward Ginny. Brett Madison comes by and the three go to HQ, where Ginny very coolly confesses. Rick is especially angry when Ginny confesses what she did to Bobbie. She signs the confession then is taken away to be booked. Later, Robert tells Bobbie and Jake that Ginny was the person who shot Brock.

February 28 - At the Webbers, Rick tells Mike about Ginny's confession and arrest. He tells him that it was an accident. Mike is very upset, especially about not being told sooner. Rick then goes to see Bobbie; he apologizes but explains that he will stand by Ginny for Mike's sake. At Kelly's Felicia is working; she asks Tania how long she and Tony will need to stay at Frisco's. Frisco comes by; they are desperate for Tony and Tania to move into their own apartment. Tony comes in and announces that they have decided not to stay with Frisco (seems they got the hint!) Frisco figures out how to get rid of Josh and the two plan their evening. Felicia is nervous, but they finally make love for the first time. At the Penthouse, Steve drops in to see Bobbie; she has been officially reinstated at GH. Rick calls and wants to see Bobbie. At HQ, Tony drops in to see Ginny. Ginny is worried about Rick. Derrick also comes by. Brett Madison later tells Rick and Ginny he can arrange bail. Rick agrees to pay it. Ginny thanks him for what he is doing for Mike. At the gatehouse, JL visits Celia; he wants to get married, She throws him out. Grant comes by; he forgives her, but she is doesn't want easy solutions; she needs more time. At GH, reporters are everywhere. Bobbie comes by and everyone is glad that she is back. Alan tries to convince Celia to get back with Grant. At the spa, Lorena talks to her palimony lawyer. JL comes by and threatens all of them, so Leo suggests that Lorena get the Q's to pay her off.

March 1 - At his apartment, Frisco and Felicia enjoy their morning together. Felicia goes to work and Frisco comes by, not wanting to be apart from her. Later they are making  a candlelight dinner  when Peter calls, says Felicia's name and hangs up. She doesn't know who it is. At the Scorpios, Robert and Holly discuss Ginny's case. Ginny can plead justifiable homicide and possible get off. At the Shipping company, Slater and Morgan arrive with the treasure. They want their share in cash; Donely says no. He intends to use the medical ship to transport the treasure all around the world. The guys inspect pieces of the treasure. Robert and Holly drop in. Sean shows Robert his WSB equipment. Later, Alan and Grant come by. Donely informs him that he wants controlling interest in the medical ship. At the courthouse, Ginny is arraigned. She is depressed and anxious. She gets out on bail. Later at home, Brett drills Ginny about her confession. Mike comes in; he is angry about what Ginny did to Bobbie. She apologizes but he swears that he will never forgive her. When Rick comes home, Ginny tells him that she wants him to divorce her. He refuses. At GH, Alan and grant talk about Celia and the medical ship. There is hospital gossip about Ginny and Rick. Monica offers Rick some encouragement. At Kelly's, Ruby tells Bobbie that she feels guilty about letting Hal Gellar's name slip in front of Brock. Later, Jake tells Bobbie that she could help Ginny's case by testifying about Brock's state of mind.

March 4-8, 1985:  3/4, 3/5, 3/6, 3/7, 3/8

March 4 - At the Webbers, Ginny makes breakfast for Mike; he runs out angry. After she and Rick have breakfast, she flashes back to throwing away the bloody dress then gets an harassing phone call. Brett Madison drops in ; he wants to ask for a postponement of the trial, but Ginny refuses; she doesn't want to put Mike and Rick through it. Rick overhears her statement.  At the Penthouse, Jake drops by. Bobbie is going back to work. She is worried that everything will be awkward for Rick. Jake suggests that she move out of the penthouse and back to the cottage. At GH, Tony pledges his support of Ginny to Rick. Bobbie and Rick meet with Steve hardy who thinks that they should not work together. She runs out. Back at the penthouse, Jake doesn't want Bobbie to be bitter and she finally breaks down. Back at the Webbers, Ginny tries to reach out to Rick but he turns her away. At the Scorpios, Robert laments that his job is always affecting his friends. He has after case let down. Holly agrees to drop everything and move to Australia even if he wants, but he insists that he loves PC. Lee calls. He and Robert meet and Lee stresses to Robert that he really wants him to stay on as PC police commissioner. He eve gives him the limo back. Holly and Robert decide to stay in PC. She even brings up the idea of children.

March 5 - At GH, Eddy Q is looking for Alan and Monica. They conspire to get Grant and Celia back together. They execute a plan that ends up with Grant and Celia having dinner together. Grant tells Celia that without her, he is losing his identity. But for the first time in her life, Celia feels that she is finding her identity. He tells her about his new business venture with Alan. Later, after grant leaves, Monica shows up and Celia tells her about the medical ship. Monica tells Eddy who is then furious with Alan. At the warehouse, Donely and his men inspect the treasure. They are looking for two pieces which Donely wants to add to his personal collection. Frisco and Felicia show up. (They do not know that they are being followed by Peter!) They all go to dinner where F & F tell Donely about their recent trip to Mexico. Felicia tells Sean that she has found another treasure--Frisco. She loves him. Later Sean shows Saura the crown from the treasure that he will keep for himself and Frisco tells Felicia that he would like for them to live together. At JL's construction site, Jl has hired a Frenchman (played by Robert Clary from Days of Our Lives fame!) JL wants to learn French (quite funny!!) to impress Celia. He then goes and talks to Audrey about throwing a French ball in PC.
March 6 - At Kelly's, Josh announces to love birds Frisco and Felicia that he is moving back into the apartment. Teri comes in distressed; she needs money to pay the mortgage at the penthouse. Felicia calls Sean  and suggests that he look into buying the penthouse from Bobbie. Peter is spying on her through all of this. Later Frisco tells Josh that he needs the apartment to himself and Josh will need to move. At the Scorpios, Robert catches Holly snooping! He yells at her, then apologizes. He shows her his new briefcase which is actually spying equipment. He talks about the good ol' days in the WSB. This worries Holly, who thinks he might be getting bored. At GH, Bobbie and Rick end up working together on an emergency cardiac surgery. DA calls on Bobbie and asks her to testify against Ginny. He wants her to say that Brock's rage was only directed toward Bobbie and not toward anyone else. Brett Madison also wants Bobbie to testify, but for the defense not the prosecution. Sean tells Bobbie that he is interested in buying her penthouse. At the shipping company, Robert drops in. He brings his briefcase and uses the equipment to listen in on Donely's conversation with the WSB. Sean tries to convince Robert to go undercover with him again. At the Webbers, Madison and Ginny prepare for her trial. Ginny is cynical. Brett paints a very bad picture of Ginny's case, making Ginny sound like a cold-blooded killer. Then he tells her the defense. He thinks that they can win her case. After he leaves, Ginny receives another harassing phone call and then reporters at her door. Derrick comes by and asks her to come back to the studio. He still wants her. Ginny dresses up for Rick, but he only informs her of Bobbie's plan to testify against her.

March 7 - At the gatehouse, Celia is painting. Eddy Q drops by wanting to know if she and Grant are getting along. At the Webbers, Someone has spray painted murderess on the front door. Mike comes home angry and ends up running out. Ginny begins to get her household affairs in order. Rick is called away to surgery. Frisco comes by and brings some of Ginny's personal belongings from the studio. He feels guilty for having invited Brock to the studio party. At GH, all of the gossip is about Ginny. Bobbie tells Jake that she intends to testify for the prosecution. Brett Madison asks Tony to testify that Brock brain tumor could have made him violent. JL comes by and talks to Audrey about the Ball. He wants to make sure that Celia will be at the planning meeting. She is and he tries to impress her by speaking French (he is awful!). JL ends up taking her home and kissing her as grant watches through an outside window. Grant and Alan discuss their medical ship. Rick is falling apart. He can't even perform surgery. He goes back home as does Mike who ends up apologizing to Ginny.

March 8 - At Kelly's, Frisco and Felicia are at it again in the kitchen. The studio calls and Frisco has to leave. Sean comes by and tells Felicia that he has bought the penthouse. At HQ, DA tells Robert that he has an easy case; this should give him a boost as he runs for the state senate. Sean comes by and gives Robert a hard time about the funny hat that he is wearing (Robert got a haircut!) He is still trying to get Robert to get back in with the WSB. Sean and Felicia then go and look at the penthouse. Sean is obviously attracted to Felicia. She goes back to Kelly's, excited that she will be helping to decorate the penthouse. Frisco suggests that she decorate his apartment. At the penthouse, Ruby comes by as Bobbie is getting ready for the trial. Ruby and Jake are both worried that Bobbie will not testify truthfully. At the Webber's, Mike wants to go to the trial. Rick won't let him. Ginny comes down, dressed to kill, but Madison makes her go change into something that makes her look more like a victim. At the courthouse, Derrick offers a job to Teri if she will testify for Ginny. The DA and Brett Madison give their opening remarks. Robert testifies.trial is not going well for Ginny.

March 11-15, 1985:  3/11, 3/12, 3/13, 3/14, 3/15

March 11 - At the Scorpios, Holly wants to go to court; she is worried that Bobbie will not testify truthfully. At the penthouse, Bobbie does not want to discuss her testimony. At the Webber's, Rick gives Ginny her mail; she is convinced that she is going to prison. Rick tries to give her a pep talk. At the courthouse, Bobbie takes the stand, testifies that my husband was in a homicidal rage the night he died. He was primed to kill and anyone could have set him off. She also declares that DL hated Ginny Blake. The court room is shocked, especially the DA. The judge convinces the DA to drop the murder 2 charges against Ginny. Everyone is proud of Bobbie. Ginny can't believe that Bobbie testified for her. She tries to thank Bobbie, but Bobbie declares that she will never forgive Ginny. Back at the penthouse, Bobbie, Ruby, Jake and Teri celebrate. Jake kisses Bobbie. At the Webber's, Rick makes it clear that his feeling s for Ginny have changed. Ginny wants to pack up and leave, but Rick says no. He wants the image of a happy home for Mike's sake.

March 12 - At the Scorpios, Lee wants to add more paperwork to Robert's life. Grant drops in and talks to Robert about Celia; if he loses Celia, he loses his identity. They go jogging. Robert and Holly plan a dinner to try and get Grant and Celia back together. Robert goes to see Sean; he is jealous of Sean's involvement in the WSB. Later, Robert and Holly, Grant and Celia have dinner; After G & C leave, Holly helps Robert get over his ill feelings. At Tony and Tania's, the newlyweds have breakfast but Tania tells him that she can't have lunch; she has an appointment. Later they both have good news to share with each other. Tony has been offered a permanent position on staff at GH and Tania is pregnant! At the Webbers, Rick agrees to meet with Lee for dinner. Celia drops in on Ginny. She wants to paint her portrait. She tries to encourage Ginny; time will pass and things will get back to normal. At the Greenhouse, Brian and Claudia talk; Claudia wants Brian to give up his job as commissioner. Ginny comes in to have lunch with Tony and almost leaves when Mrs. Barrington and Mrs. Jessup gossip about her loud enough that she can hear. Tony shows up and convinces her to stay. Lee and Rick have dinner; Lee wants Rick to remain on as health commissioner.

March 13 - At Frisco and Felicia's, they have breakfast. Derrick calls; he wants to send Frisco to NYC. He wants Felicia to come with him and puts together a collage or reasons she should come. She finally agrees. Later they go to Tony and Tania's for dinner, where they hear the good news! At the cottage, Jake helps Bobbie move in. She doesn't want to live there. Jake hurts his back, so Bobbie gives him a back rub. Bobbie reminds Teri to call her Grandmother (her mother's mother), but Teri doesn't want to so Bobbie calls Jennifer Talbot and tells her that Brock has died. Bobbie suggests to Jennifer that Teri come and visit, but Mrs. Talbot says absolutely not. She is a very cold woman. Jake brings dinner by and Teri tells Bobbie and Jake about her broken relationship with her penny-pinching grandmother. At the Q's, the plan to reunite grant and Celia has failed, therefore, Eddy, Monica and Alan will now try to reunite JL and Lorena. Monica encourages Lorena to drop the palimony suit and pursue JL. At the gatehouse, Grant drops in. He tells her that he saw her and JL on the couch kissing. He has to accept the inevitable-divorce-but Celia has still not made up her mind. He tells her that he was wrong not to encourage her talent. JL drops in, but Celia wants him to leave. Monica drops in and they talk. When JL gets home, he finds Lorena who tears up her lawsuit papers.  They end up in bed together. At GH, Rick and Bobbie talk and he tells her that her testimony showed great character. She also is glad that they are working together again.

March 14 - At the spa, Leo is furious that Lorena has gone back to JL. He calls her lawyer and she kicks them both out. Leo threatens to tell JL all about her past. Lorena goes to Eddy Q for help. She tells him about Leo's blackmailing scams. Eddy calls the spa and pretends to be Amanda Barrington's brother. He tells Leo that he is coming over to kill him. Then Alan calls Leo and pretends to be Sylvia Whitby's husband. Leo packs his bags! At the Webbers, Ginny is mad because Rick decided Mike could go away for the weekend and did not consult her. Also Rick will not touch her and she needs comforting. Derrick comes by; he wants her at the station to help with programming. She goes to the station and everyone is nice except a guest, who derrick throws out. He takes Ginny home and stays for lunch. He reminds Ginny that he still wants her and he kisses her, but she pulls away. At Kelly's, Felicia is back to work talking about Frisco and a potential wedding. Peter spies on her and Frisco and then follows them. Peter then goes to Sean's warehouse, where Slater catches him trying to break into Bay C (where the treasure is hidden) and throws a knife in his back. A wounded Peter calls Felicia and tells her that he needs her help. At first she hangs up on him and tries to call Frisco, but when Peter calls back she tells him to meet her at the old Pullman car. She runs out of Kelly's, not knowing that she is being followed by Slater.

March 15 - At the Scorpios, Robert is trying to locate Sean. Holly gets angry with him for not paying enough attention to her. All he thinks about is the WSB and Sean. He assures her that she comes first, but she expects him to leave her eventually and go after the danger. She leaves and he searches for her. Meanwhile the DA comes by to discuss the Ginny Blake case, which is not on Robert's priority list. He thinks that the DA should just leave Ginny alone and let the case be over. At Kelly's, Frisco can't locate Felicia. He goes to Tony and Tania's, where Tony talks about fatherhood and Frisco talks about Felicia. Jake is also very happy about becoming a storefront lawyer. Holly shows up and she and Frisco talk. He comments on how he admires her and Robert's marriage. She goes home where she and Robert make-up. At the Pullman, Felicia searches for Peter, who has passed out. She finds him then leaves to get help. She calls Tony, who comes and upon seeing Peter's wounds, sends Felicia away for the paramedics. Peter mumbles to Tony, Donely.treasureFelicia's treasurePort Charles. When Tony stands up and looks out the Pullman, he sees Slater, who shoots him! Peter manages to get out, before Felicia gets back with paramedics. She is distraught upon seeing Tony. At GH, Jake arrives to see Bobbie and tells her about the large building he wants to buy on Elm Street and his intention to become a storefront lawyer. He wants her to invest with him; she will have a new home and space to rent out to others. Tania and Rick talk about her pregnancy. Tony is rushed into the emergency and rushed into surgery by Rick, while Jessie tells Tania about Tony.

March 18-22, 1985: 3/18, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22

March 18: At the Scorpios, Robert and Holly receive news of the shooting. Holly rushes off to the hospital and Robert to the Pullman car. Robert examines the crime scene. TV crews arrive and interview him. At GH, Rick Bobbie and Monica perform surgery on Tony while Frisco tries to calm down a hysterical Tania. Felicia looks on helplessly. They keep asking her what happened but she can't seem to get it out. Tania faints. Holly arrives and sympathizes with Tania because she also was pregnant and lost the father of the baby (Luke). She cautions Tania to take care of herself. After Robert arrives, Felicia finally tells Frisco what happened. Frisco can't believe it; his brother was shot because of the treasure! He tells her, I never want to see you again, ever!! Robert convinces Felicia to give a statement and a sketch of Peter. Tony comes through the heart surgery, but it doesn't look good for him. Dr. Palmer, a brain surgeon talks with Frisco and Tania and warns them of possible brain damage. Tania goes to visit Tony and tells him that she love him. When a devastated Felicia shows up, neither Frisco nor Tania want anything to do with her. Meanwhile, Slater watches the news from a local bar.

March 19: At the Q's, they celebrate that the palimony suit is gone. They have gotten Lorena and JL back together. Now they must get Grant and Celia back together. Monica visits Celia as Celia prepares for her art show. She tells her that JL and Lorena are back together. Back at the mansion, Monica suggests that they get Grant to throw Celia a reception to celebrate her art show. The Q's will foot the bill. At shipping company, Sean wants to know what happened; Sam can't locate Slater. Sean thought Peter was dead. When Slater shows up he tells Donely the whole story. At HQ, Felicia comes by to see Robert. He questions her again. Felicia calls her grandmother; she needs her. Frisco burst into Robert's office. He wants to find peter and he blames Felicia and her greed for the treasure. Sean shows up. He finds out that peter went to Canada. At GH, Frisco and Tania talk; she is distraught. Everyone tries to calm Tania down. Felicia arrives and Tania is very cold toward her. Frisco drags Felicia into Tony's room to show her what her greed has caused. At the Webber's, Ginny listens to the news about Tony. Ginny tries to explain to Mike what happened but he just walks out on her. Rick and Ginny talk about Tony, the one person who stood by me during the trial without passing judgement. Later, Rick talks to her about the comment and tells her that he doesn't hate her; he thinks he understands why she did it. He needs for her to be patient and give him some time.

March 20: At the Q's, Monica had a nightmare: Celia and JL were getting married! She and Alan and Eddy ask Lila to convince Grant to allow them to pay for a party for Celia. At the cottage, Bobbie sells the cottage so that she can buy real estate on Elm Street. She and Jake go over the floor plans of the building. At the Webbers, an exhausted Rick tells Ginny that the heart surgery was successful, but he is unsure about the brain surgery. Ginny has a soft spot for Tony-he has always been her friend-and decides to take Tania some soup. Brett Madison shows up and tells Ginny that the DA is pressuring the judge for Ginny to answer to the obstruction of justice charges. Celia calls her, she wants Ginny to sit once more for her portrait. Ginny then goes to GH, where Tony has survived surgery but is in a coma. Tania refuses to go home and accepts the offer of soup that Ginny brings over. Derrick shows up, still trying to convince Ginny to return to work and then there is a terribly awkward moment went Bobbie also comes to GH. Felicia goes to the apartment and cleans out her things. She is about to leave when Frisco and Tania show up (he finally convinced her to leave GH). They don't want anything to do with Felicia and leave. Felicia breaks down.

March 21: At Kelly's, Mariah arrives. Felicia tells her what happened (but not the whole story). Mariah then goes to GH and talks to Frisco. Frisco tells Mariah that Felicia went to Peter because of the treasure. Mariah goes back to Kelly's and confronts Felicia; she is ashamed and disappointed. Ruby intervenes; she believes that Felicia has suffered enough. Mariah then softens and tries to comfort her. At GH, Tony is doing better. At the Scorpios, Burt calls from Canada. Peter is somewhere in the vicinity. Robert's theory is that Peter was followed from Mexico by an enemy and that Tony stopped the bullet that was meant for Peter. Holly doesn't buy the theory. Sean comes by; Robert then tries to connect Tony's shooting to Van's death. Sean leaves. At the shipping company, Donely tells Saura that he has a plan for if Peter is caught. Slater offers to go in and take care of Tony, however, the men receive news that peter has caught a plane to Brazil. Sean then goes back to Robert. Should they go to Brazil? At the cottage, Teri's grandmother sends money. Teri doesn't want it which cause Bobbie to wonder what happened between Teri and her grandmother. At the Q's, Grant comes by for lunch and Lila convinces him to allow the Q's to pay for a reception following Celia's art show.

March 22: At the Webber's, Brett Madison is there. Mike comes home and wants to know why Brett is there. Is Ginny going to be arrested again. He runs out and Ginny is so distracted that she can't even think about the case. She doesn't see the point of working on her defense. At the Scorpios, Holly and Robert have lunch. Robert now believes that the bullets were meant for Tony. Holly believes that this must have something to do with the treasure. Sean comes by; his contact has spotted peter in Rio. Sean agrees to go to Brazil for Tony. Sean then talks with his team. He tells them to let nature take its course as far as Tony is concerned. He believes Tony will eventually die. After Sean leaves however, Slater proposes getting Tony Jones out of the way. At GH, Robert comes by to see Tony. When he hears that Tony is rallying (he moved his eyes), Robert orders extra security and a ban on information about Tony being released. At Kellys, Felicia tries to call Frisco but he hangs up one her. Even though Mariah and Ruby try to encourage her, she is still struggling with her guilt. She decides to quit school. She goes to the hospital and sees all of the security. Both Tania and Frisco are still very cold toward her. Mike comes by to see Rick; he wants to go to military school and threatens to run away. Later, at home, Rick, Mike and Ginny discuss it. Mike runs out when Ginny suggests that he hates her. Ginny then is convinced that she has lost everything.

March 25-29, 1985:  3/25, 3/26, 3/27, 3/28, 3/29 Epidemic at GH

March 25 - At Kelly's, Mariah announces that she must go back to the hacienda. She wants Felicia to go with her, but Holly comes by and convinces Felicia that she needs to stay and make amends with Frisco, even if it seems hopeless. Felicia decides to stay and goes to the hospital, where Frisco still refuses to see her. Meanwhile, at GH, Tony has opened his eyes, which signals that he might be coming out of the coma. Tania and Frisco are excited about this latest breakthrough, but Robert is concerned; he wants to move Tony to a new hospital. Robert goes home and tells Holly the good news about Tony, but when Sean calls from Brazil, he lies about Tony's condition and tells him that it doesn't look good for Tony. He also tells Sean that he wants him to find Peter and bring him back alive. Slater goes to Kelly's and gets Felicia to admit that Tony is improving. Slater, Morgan and Saura then plot to go after Tony. At GH, Alan is so busy on his medical ship paperwork that he doesn't have time for Monica. Monica therefore ends up eating with Rick and complaining that she is bored with the routine of her life.

March 26 - At the gatehouse, Celia is trying to pack one of her paintings. Grant comes by and helps her. He is now fully supportive of her career. Mr. Diamond also comes by and encourages Celia, but she is frightened by her upcoming art show. At JL's apartment, Mr. Diamond comes by. JL tells him to set the prices of Celia's paintings high ($3,000+). JL has arranged for Celia's show to have favorable reviews. Lorena arrives and deduces what JL is up to. At the shipping company, Slater, Morgan and Saura go over the hospital floor plans and figure out how Slater can sneak into GH. At Kelly's, Felicia packs a basket of food for Frisco and Tania. Ruby takes it to them, but when Frisco finds out that Felicia was the one who prepared it he, he refuses to eat it. Felicia also tells her professor that she intends to drop out of school. She goes to the apartment and cleans the place up. Frisco arrives and demands that she leave (and give his key back to him!). She tells him that she won't give up. At GH, Derrick drops by and threatens to replace Frisco if he doesn't begin taping again. He agrees to return to work.

March 27 - At the Rib, Amy is on a date with Ian Shelton. Bobbie and Jake spot them as they are looking over the plans for their building on Elm Street. Ian leaves and Bobbie tries to warn Amy not to talk to Ian about Tony. Too Late!! Ian is at the pay phone calling in the headline: Doctor Jones Rallies. At the studio, Ginny is looking at the spring program for Derrick. She tries to leave, but he won't allow it, telling her besides, there is nothing for you at home. she gives in and criticizes his line-up. He invites her back to his place and she accuses him of taking advantage of her situation. He makes it clear that he wants her and invites her back to his place; he almost kisses her but they are interrupted by Josh. At the shipping company, Sam, Saura and Slater go over their plan to kill Tony. They will use magician's crystals, which cause smoke, as a diversion. At GH, Robert and Burt inspect security. Robert is concerned when he learns that Tony is doing well. Bobbie expresses her concern to Rick about the lunch Amy had with Ian. The article comes out in the paper and Bobbie corners Amy, and yells at her, Amy runs out. Ginny calls and asks Rick to meet her at the Rib; they have a drink together. Felicia and Teri go down to PCU where Felicia meets with her professor. She is distracted by Frisco who is also at PCU; she tells him that she intends to give up her studies at the end of the semester. He still believes that she is using people to get what she wants. At HQ, Robert believes something is going to happen to Tony. After seeing Ian's headline, he rushes to the hospital to check out everything and discovers a loose window grate to the basement. This was to be Slater's route into the hospital. Plan foiled!!

March 28 - In NYC, Celia is about to have a nervous breakdown; it's the night of her art show! Grant, the Q's, and Holly show up. The critics are crazy about Celia's art. She is an enormous success. JL shows up and the Q's keep trying to keep him away from Celia. Grant and Celia toast her success. When JL gets onto Mr. Diamond about allowing Grant to throw Celia the reception, Mr. Diamond tells him that Celia would have been a success without his help. At PCU, Frisco is filming an alumni rally while Felicia is studying. Neither of them can get anything done. Robert shows up but he doesn't have the manpower to cover the rally. He talks to Frisco then Felicia about Peter. At the shipping company, Slater plans to use a viral outbreak to get sick and be admitted to GH.  The plan is Slater and Frisco will both get sick, as well as a whole bunch of other people down at PCU. Sam and Saura make coffee, laced with poison, and take it to PCU. Frisco and crew, as well as Felicia, will drink the coffee. They all start to get stomach cramps and  Slater pretends to also be sick. At HQ, Robert surmises that there is a connection between Van, Peter and Tony's shooter.

March 29 - At GH, Tania is by Tony's bedside. Down in ER, people, including Frisco, Felicia and Slater, are pouring in, all with stomach cramps. Tania comes down to see Frisco and Tony moves, but no one is there to see him. Slater sneaks away and lets Sam and Saura into the basement. At HQ, Robert calls GH and finds out about the epidemic and rushes out. In NYC, Celia is on cloud nine. Grant tells her that he is proud of her. JL also congratulates her as does Holly. Grant, Monica and Alan are called away by the epidemic at GH. Mr. Diamond slips up in front of Celia who finds out that JL is behind the art show and she is furious. Back at GH, Sam and Saura put smoke into the vents and accidentally turn off the power. Robert, who is in Tony's room, is concerned. The power comes back on but the smoke throws GH into chaos. Robert looks for the source of the smoke and figures out that someone is after Tony. Tony, as well as all of the other patients, is being moved out of ICU. Slater spots him and draws his knife.

April 1-5, 1985:  4/1, 4/2, 4/3, 4/4, 4/5

April 1 - At GH, Felicia tries to stop Frisco from finding Tony.  Tania is panicked. Slater throws a knife into Tony, but really it is a dummy that Robert replaced Tony with (what a brilliant police commish!) Robert sees Slater's red boots (the same ones that Luke boat for Laura in Mexico and the ones that he wore in Texas). The fire chief tells Steve hardy that the smoke was just a hoax. All of the hospital exits are sealed off. Frisco attacks a police officer who is won't let him go after Slater; this allows Slater to get away. Frisco gets belligerent and Robert orders him to be arrested. Meanwhile, Tony has taken a turn for the worse and will probably die. Monica fills Rick and Bobbie (who are friends again) in on all of the drama. Amy is really upset and blames herself. Rick and Monica talk over old times. At the Shipping company, Donely comes back  Sam and Saura explain everything to him and he is furious! Slater comes in and gloats about killing Tony. Sean is especially concerned about Slater being in the eyesight of Robert, wearing his red boots and using old WSB tricks.

April 2 - At Kelly's, Felicia asks jake to help get Frisco out of jail. He heads to HQ. Holly comes by because Felicia called her also to help get Frisco out of jail. Felicia tells her that she has taken a long, hard look at herself; she is a user. She never really learned to trust men. Frisco was the first man to crack her shell. At HQ, Frisco tells Josh that he will not tape any more shows until he catches the person who tried to kill Tony. Jake comes by; Frisco won't listen to him; he is a hothead who blamed Robert for not catching the killer. Felicia tries to visit Frisco but he won't see her. She also visits Donely; but when he offers to help she realizes that she is using him too. Later, back at Kelly's, Jake and Holly explain to Felicia that Robert doesn't want to charge Frisco, he just wants him to calm down. At the Shipping Company, Sean tells Slater that Tony is alive and to stay away from him. He also orders him to dump the red boots. At GH, Tania sees Tony's eyes move, but Dr. Palmer believes that Tony is not improving. Alan meets with a medical ship representative. Amy calls Ian Shelton and blasts him for printing the story about Tony. At the park, Monica is playing with AJ. Rick shows up and she wants to know if he will ever forgive him for lying about AJ being his son. They meet again at the hospital and have lunch.

April 3 - At HQ, Felicia gets into see Frisco. She lays into him: he's selfish; he could be out of jail if he wanted to be! She gets through to him. He talks to Robert who makes him promise to not go after Tony's shooter. Frisco tells Robert that he reminds him of Tony. Robert lets him out of jail and he goes to see Tony where he promises to take care of Tania and the baby. Felicia comes by but both Frisco and Tania are still cold toward her. At the Shipping company, Donely demands that Slater, Saura and Morgan tell him what happened; he's afraid that Robert is too smart and figure the whole thing out. At HQ, Robert learns that magician powder was used at the hospital to create the smoke diversion. Sean comes by and tries to find out what Robert knows. Ted Ballantine also drops in. He tells Robert that (back in January) Petros Cassidine was on the up and up; he really was interested in the ship for business reasons. Robert gets mad at Sean who knew and did not tell him. He goes to see Sean. Why didn't Sean tell him? Also, the attempt on Tony's life stinks of a WSB scam. They play darts and Robert notices a knife hole in the dart board (put their earlier by Slater). At GH, Alan tells Monica that he has another late business meeting. He asks Rick to take Monica home, where they have a drink together at the Q mansion. Eddy Q and Lila interrupt their moment together. Rick leaves and Eddy laments spending too much money in NYC. Alan comes home but all he can think about is business. At GH, Ginny drops by and has a very emotional talk with Tania. Back at home, Ginny goes to Rick in the guest bedroom. At first he turns her away, but eventually gives into her and they make love.

April 4 - At GH, Celia drops by to see grant and overhears Alan and Eddy Q discussing the price of her reception in NYC. She is furious with Grant that the Q's paid for her reception. She also learns from Audrey that JL has donated lots of money to the arts in PC. She confronts Alan and tells him that she will not get back with Grant. At JL's apartment, Lorena believes JL bought off Celia's art critics she is irritated. Celia comes by with a bottle of chmapgne; she is impressed with JL because of the money that he gave to the waterfront housing project. They kiss. At GH, Frisco make Tania rest; he goes in to see Tony, where Dr. Palmer tells him that he is not optimistic about Tony recovering. Frisco is devastated. Holly comes by and advises Frisco not to tell Tania until she is a little better. Felicia comes into Tony's room and begs him to forgive her; she runs into Frisco on her way out.  At the shipping Company, Slater throws his knife into the dartboard. Sean yells at him, telling him that Scorpio noticed the cuts in the dartboard. He orders Slater to leave town, but Slater does not want to go. Sean tells Morgan to find a fence for the jewels. Felicia drops in and tells Sean that she is not taking any more money from him; she is also changing her major and no longer wants to be called princess. At HQ, Ramsey is trying to trace the knife. At the studio, Derrick comes onto Ginny while they work. She turns him down. Josh comes in and informs them that Frisco is out of jail and ready to tape.

April 5 - At JL's apartment, JL and Celia drink champagne. Lee calls JL; he and Celia have won public service awards. Celia goes to the Q's and talks to Lila, who advises her to give her marriage another chance. Celia refuses. At HQ, Robert snaps at Holly. He doesn'e want to accept the mayor's accommodation for public service. Holly goes to the mayor's office for him along with JL, Celia and Brian to accept the wards. JL and Celia go back to his apartment and JL again brings up marriage. he thinks they should stop fighting their attraction to one another. Holly goes back to HQ, where Robert is playing with a new dartboard, but he won't tell her why. Burt advises her to be patient with Roberthe's going through a tough time (we know that he suspects that Donely has something to do with Tony's attempted murder!). At the Shipping Company, Morgan tells Donely that Slater bought his knives in PC. Slater overhears Donely give Morgan the combination to the safe and tell him to stay away from the NYC fence Anna Devane. After they leave, Slater steals money and jewels from Donely's safe. Morgan talks to the knife shop owner who remembers Slater's red boots, while a cocky Slater throws his red boots away in the office trash can. Robert drops by to see Sean and discovers Slater's boots and that Matt Hines (aka Slater) left town. Robert goes into Sean's communication room and begins to track Slater. When Donely returns, he confronts him!

April 8-12, 1985:  4/8, 4/9, 4/10, 4/11, 4/12

April 8 - At Kelly's, Frisco tries to sneak in without Felicia seeing him, but it doesn't work. He has lunch with Teri and Josh and eventually asks Felicia to join them. He is still rude to her but can't keep his eyes off her. They talk about Frisco's concert and Felicia comments that her favorite song was Lady of my heart. Frisco says he only sang it because it was requested. At the Shipping Company, Robert confronts Sean with the boots that he found in the trash can. Sean lies; he fired Hines this morning for stealing money. Burt calls; Slater is in NYC. Sean and Robert make-up and Robert leaves. Sean talks to Sam and Saura and warns them that Scorpio must not lay his hand on Slater. At HQ, Holly tries to convince Burt to give her info about Tony's case. He tries to convince her to leave, but she makes herself at home.  Robert comes in; Burt, Holly and Robert talk about that night at the emergency room and Robert shows Holly the boots. Holly remembers that Mariah talked about similar boots while they were in Texas.
     Robert and Holly go to Kelly's and talk to Frisco and Felicia about Matt Hines.  Felicia explains how Slater got into the emergency room and Robert asks them to start writing a log detailing all of the interactions that they had with Slater. F & F begin by going to Dino's (Felicia had pizza with Slater there once while Frisco jealously looked on). They dance, under the pretense of trying to help Felicia remember. Meanwhile, Robert goes back to the shipping company and checks out the work log for the afternoon of Tony's stabbing. He discovers that Slater was not working. Robert then goes home and enjoys a sauna with Holly who credits him with being sentimental trying to get Frisco and Felicia back together by getting them to work together. At the gatehouse, Grant drops by. he is about to go out of town. She is angry with him about taking money from the Q's for the reception. he tries to explain, but she throws him out. Later he comes back and demands a divorce.

April 9 - Frisco and Felicia go to the emergency room trying to remember what happened there. She remembers: Slater was there, he tried to leave to Dr. Palmer wouldn't let him. When Palmer's back was turned, he disappeared. Frisco compliments Felicia on her good detective work and they go to lunch. At the Q's Celia talks to Lila about her pupil JL. She also tells Lila that her marriage is over. She goes to JL's apartment,, where she plays Bach records for him. He plays like he is asleep which at first makes her mad, but then he grabs her and kisses her. She runs out on him but he continues to listen to Bach.  Lorena comes by and finds JL listening to the music; she seduces him. At the Webber's, Rick makes it clear to Ginny that their night together was only physical, no an act of love. He makes it clear: no babies!  At the studio, Derrick tricks Ginny by placing a picture of himself at 2 years old on his desk. She thinks that it is Mike! He confronts her about Mike being his son and tells her that if she does not come to his hotel room, he will tell Rick and take Mike away from them. Ginny goes to GH and learns from Amy the story of Rick and Monica's affair and AJ's birth. She sees Rick and Monica together. Ginny sees her gynecologist but tears up the prescription of birth controls that the doctor gave her. At the cottage, Teri and Bobbie discuss moving; Teri even agrees to leive about Kelly's for awhile. Jake comes by and Bobbie is actually glad for the delay in Ginny's obstruction of justice trial; she is worried about Rick and Mike. Bobbie and Jake go to lunch where they toast to their partnership and to her being single again. Back at the cottage, Bobbie removes her wedding ring.

April 10 - At the Shipping Company, Robert wants a set of Hines fingerprints off the safe. Sean hesitantly opens up the safe and is shocked to find it empty. Slater really did rob Sean. After Scorpio leaves, Sean accuses Morgan of stealing the jewels, but eventually they figure out how Slater got the combo to the safe as well as the name of the NYC fence, Anna Devane. At the Scorpios, Mariah has a picture of Slater/Hines so this part of the story is coming together. Scorpio also learns that the fingerprints on the safe were Slater's. Slater had a record. Robert is preoccupied and Holly surmises that he is wondering why Sean would hire someone with a criminal record. Robert leaves and Donely drops by. Holly tells him about the fingerprints and Slater's record. Mariah tells Sean that Hines is Slater. (Info that Donely already knew, of course!) At Kelly's, Frisco talks to Felicia and Robert. They go over their log and Frisco gives credit to Felicia for the good work on writing it. Mariah also drops by and comments on the change that she sees in Felicia. At JL's apartment, Celia comes by, apologizes for getting mad, and discovers that Lorena spent the afternoon with JL in bed. Lorena tries to make Celia jealous. Later JL explains that Celia turned him on and then walked out, so he used Lorena. Celia is the only woman that he has ever wanted. He wants to marry her. Celia calls Jake and asks him to file for divorce for her. The she and JL kiss and he holds her. In NYC, Slater shows up at Anna Devane (For all of you that are Anna fans, this is Finola Hughes' first appearance!) She is a tough woman, who plays it very cool when Slater shows her the jewels.

April 11 - At GH, Felicia tells Frisco that she has a job interview with Alan Q. Alan hires her to organize his medical ship office and paperwork and shows her a very cramped office space at GH. Frisco shows up and is going to help her with the computer, but he is clearly uncomfortable as she gets very close to him and he leaves. Felicia goes to Tony's room and when he is not there, gets very upset, thinking that he has died. Frisco calms her down, telling her that Tony is okay, he has just been moved to a room in the maternity ward. They have coffee together. Later Frisco and Tania see Tony's eyes move. Then Frisco spies on Felicia in her office. Jake invites Bobbie to lunch and notices that she is not wearing her wedding ring. He is obviously interested in her, but she does not want any emotional attachments right now. At the studio, Ginny confronts Derrick about his blackmail. She doesn't want to be lovers. She is content with her life and has everything that she has ever wanted. At GH, Rick and Monica compliment each other on their surgical skills. He has a stiff back and she massages it for him. Jessie and Audrey look on and are concerned that another affair is starting up. Bobbie, as a friend, interrupts the scene and confronts Rick about his actions toward Monica. Rick admits that he has been attracted to Monica. and thanks Bobbie for being a friend. Later, Rick talks to Monica about their mutual vulnerability; they need to be careful. Ginny spies them and misinterprets the scene. When Derrick calls her she agrees to meet him at his hotel room, where they drink, dance and make love. She tells Derrick that she will leave Rick, however when she goes home, Rick has candles and wine waiting for her and asks her to forgive him for his actions lately. Back at GH, Alan asks Monica for a date.

April 12 - At the Scorpios, Holly is miffed that Robert and Burt won't talk business around her. Robert tells Burt that he suspects Donely, but he was out of town on both attempts on Tony's life. Later Robert and Holly attempt to have dinner but he is called away by the news that Slater's foot locker has been found.  At the Shipping company, Sam tells Sean that he has met with Anna Devane, who seems to be one step ahead of him. Anna claimed to have not seen the jewels, but Sean doesn't really believe it. Saura remembers that Slater had a foot locker at the PC Hotel. Sean and Sam go to investigate and just beat Robert. Sean gets into the locker and removes the gun so that Robert doesn't find anything incriminating in the locker. Robert goes to Sean's office, where the two of them play darts. Very intense moment as Robert talks about Slater and his belief that the treasure exists. Sean receives news that a shipment has arrived from Mexico.In NYC, Slater arrives at Anna Devane's. She wines and dines him, saying that she is impressed that he has some of the famous Hapsburg jewels which have been missing for over a century. She wants to know where the rest of the jewels are and will form a partnership with Slater. He wants $500,000 for the jewels, but she seductively manipulates him into telling him Sean Donely has the rest of the treasure in PC. She then gives him $100,000 for the jewels and throws him out. At the Webbers, Rick apologizes to an emotional Ginny for his recent behavior and they agree to give their marriage another try. he has planned a special dinner for them. They dance and Rick tells Ginny how much he needs her. She flashes back to her afternoon with Derrick, but ultimately falls into Rick's arm and they make love. At the jewelry store, JL buys a ring. A woman overhears him making the purchase and tells Lorena, who assumes that the ring is for her. Meanwhile, JL goes to the gatehouse and gives the ring to Celia who gets onto him for not involving her in selecting the ring. She doesn't accept it. He goes to the spa and tells Lorena that  the ring is for Celia. He give Lorena a check for $10,000, which she doesn't want to accept (this is treating her like a prostitute).

April 15-19, 1985:  4/15, 4/16, 4/17, 4/18, 4/19

April 15 - At the spa, Lorena accuses JL of trying to buy her off with $10,000; in the end she takes the money. Lorena goes to the Q's and tells Monica about JL. Monica sets off to give the gold-digger Celia a piece of her mind. JL is at the gatehouse when Monica arrives, but Celia throws him out. The two women fight, but later Monica apologizes; she wants Celia to be happy. JL goes to the Q mansion and tells the Q's that he intends to marry Celia. Lila expresses her support of Celia. At GH, Tania massages Tony's legs. Frisco wants her to go home because it is late. He leaves to get food for them and Felicia comes by. Frisco is actually nice to her. When Tania refuses to eat the food, Frisco brings it to Felicia. Meanwhile, Tania reads Tony's chart and finds out that the doctor's don't have much hope for Tony to recover. However, when she and Frisco are talking, they see Tony move his hand. At the shipping company, Robert suspects that Sean is working with Slater and Robert goes to see Sean and insists on searching his shipment from Mexico. Sean acts the indignant friend, the shipment turns up clean, and Sean tells him next time to return with a search warrant.  Robert finally goes home to Holly and fills her in. She isn't too happy that Robert is so suspicious of his best friend and doesn't like his cold WSB side. Robert tells her that side stays with an agent and because of that WSB agents don't usually marry. She wants to know why he married her? He teases her about being deported, and they are enjoying some romantic quiet time. Robert is called and told about being honored at a dinner in NY, Sean is also contacted and asked to be master of ceremonies. Holly awakes later in the night to find a somber Robert staring out the window (perhaps feeling guilty of suspecting his best friend? Or perhaps suspicions still niggling at the back of his mind?).

April 16 - At the gatehouse, Jake tries to talk Celia out of her divorce to Grant; while they are talking flowers begin to arrive from JL. He buys up all of the flowers in PC. She is intent on getting her divorce, a quick one. After Jake leaves JL shows up, with jewelry. She wants him to stop giving her so much. Holly arrives and she and Celia discuss the divorce. Holly tries to remind Celia of Grant's accomplishment and that former agents need a special kind of love. At the cottage, Teri is upset but she will not trust Bobbie with the reason why. Bobbie wants to talk about Teri's past, but Teri just wants to talk about getting a man. She decides to settle for Josh, but later when he is there, her refuses to go to bed with her, saying that she is not ready. She tries to convince him that all she wants is sex, but he will not relent. At GH, Ginny comes by with Rick's car keys and it is obvious that their relationship is a lot better. She then goes to the studio, where she is angry with Derrick because he blackmailed her to get her into bed. He sincerely apologizes, but he also wants to acknowledge Mike as his son. he declares his love for her and that he will not manipulate a relationship with her anymore. He wants to earn her love. Meanwhile, back at GH, Bobbie apologizes to Rick for butting in; Ginny arrives and it is a tense moment. As Bobbie leaves, Rick tries to encourage Ginny, who wants Bobbie's forgiveness, to give a relationship with Bobbie time. Frisco goes to Tony's room, upset that Tony is still in a coma. As he leaves, Tony opens his eyes. Later, Felicia comes by and convinces Tania to let her massage Tony's legs. Holly also comes to GH and talks to Audrey, who suggests that some of Robert's friends show up at his tribute in NYC and give him a roast. Also, Jake talks to Grant about the divorce and encourages him to fight for Celia. Grant insists that this is out of the question.

April 17 - At the Q's, Lorena is drinking heavily.  Monica encourages her to get herself together. But Lorena moans that JL has humiliated her. Monica believes that Lorena can get JL away from Celia. Lorena goes to see JL. She asks if they can be friends and even offers to help with the wedding. Meanwhile, at the gatehouse, Grant drops in to pick up some of his things; he tells Celia that he wants to be friends and congratulates her on her upcoming marriage. He goes to the hospital, where JL tries to make peace. Grant refuses, saying that one day he will have the money that Celia obviously finds so attractive in JL. At GH, Frisco thinks Tania is exhausted and should rest. He discusses this with Felicia in the elevator. Later as Tania massages Tony's legs, she has a shooting pain but ignores it. Frisco and Tania are thrilled as they finally see Tony open his eyes! Robert and Holly arrive in NY, and he meets with local law enforcement to search for Slater in NY. Sean attempts to contact Anna, who refuses to take his calls, the maid tells him Anna is out. Sean is sure that Anna will get back to him. He knows she will have recognized the jewels that Slater showed her, and she would have gotten the information out of him about where they came from. He suspects that Anna is up to something and knows better than to underestimate Anna Devane! Anna sees an article in the paper about the dinner in Robert's honor. Sean meets Robert and Holly for dinner, and Anna sits off in the corner and watches.

April 18 - In NY, Holly meets with Gail and they are going on a shopping spree. Frisco calls the hotel and tells Holly that Tony has regained consciousness but asks her not to tell anyone except Robert. The local authorities track Slater, and when they show Robert a picture, Robert confirms this is indeed Slater and heads over to the dive he was spotted at. As Robert enters, gun drawn, Sean yells not to shoot! Robert questions what Sean is doing there, he claims he was tipped off by the WSB. They agree to start working together. After Robert returns to the hotel, Holly returns with lots of shopping bags from her shopping spree. Robert makes fun of her: How many hats did you buy Holly? He calls Frisco and orders more security at the hospital for Tony. He begins to practice his speech as Holly changes; he receives a phone call from the bar telling him that ha friend wants to meet with him. The friend is Anna! At GH, although Tony has come out of his coma, he still cannot speak. Tania tries to jog his memory, but he has a confused look on his face and doesn't know who anyone is.

April 19 - At GH, Tania talks to Tony, but he has traumatic amnesia and can't remember anyone or anything. Felicia offers to take Tania home and fix her dinner. While she is buying groceries, Tania attempts to do laundry and Felicia later finds her passed out on the floor of the laundry room. Robert goes down the bar for a drink and finds himself sitting next to Anna Devane! At first, his voice is filled with tenderness at seeing her, then becomes hard and angry. He wants to know what she wants? She says just a drink with a friend, for old times sake. He doesn't believe her and says he should have left her to die when he found out what she was. She says yes he should have, but he didn't, did he? She says she shouldn't have come here but she says she saw his picture in the paper and she couldn't resist. She tells him that he is being deceived once again by someone he loves. He growls that he won't believe a word she has to say. She accuses him of being noble and self-righteous and says she was a fool to risk coming here to see him. Anna tells him this is a very special evening for him and she didn't mean to spoil it. He snaps that she couldn't spoil it. He asks if it was another man (referring to her past betrayal)? She says she lied and sold out for money as she always does, that she loved him more than she thought she could love any man. She tells him he should leave before they both say things they will regret in the morning.
     Most of PC has traveled to NY to surprise Robert: Audrey and Steve Hardy, Gail and Baldwin, Ruby Anderson and Dan Rooney, and Claudia and Brian. Robert is given his award from the Police Commissioners, Sean pays tribute to his friendship with Robert and tells him that he is like a brother to him, then he is surprised with a roast from his friends. Anna enters and watches from behind a plant in the back of the room. Audrey presents him with a made up metal for all of the nefarious bad guys he was caught. Lee and Steve both pay tribute to Robert with some good-natured ribbing thrown in. The ladies come out with a huge banner that reads, "Holly Scorpio, Honorary President W.I.B." Audrey honors Holly for her encouragement of women joining the police force and fighting for them to get equal treatment. Claudia salutes Holly for her charity work with children, and her support of her husband. Anna listens in as Holly acknowledges how happy she is that Robert has been honored tonight, they are blessed with wonderful friends, and Robert is the best thing that ever happened to her. Anna stands with tears in her eyes watching as Robert kisses Holly. Back in their hotel room, Holly tells him how much she loves him, she respects his honor and integrity, and she trusts him with her life. Robert looks more than a bit guilty as he hasn't ever told her about Anna's existence let alone that he meet with her earlier this evening. He and Holly kiss and fall into bed together. Later, down at the bar Sean and Robert talk. When Sean leaves, Anna sits down next to Robert. He warns Anna that he will kill to protect Holly and tells her to stay out of his life. Anna makes arrangements to have Holly investigated.

April 22-26, 1985:  4/22, 4/23, 4/24, 4/25, 4/26

April  22 - At Kelly's, Bobbie and Teri move into the rooms above Kelly's. They talk with Jake about the Brownstone that they just purchased. He has bought stained glass windows, and Bobbie is angry. She hates stained glass windows! This is their first big argument and she declares, Men are impossible! At the gatehouse, Jake meets with Celia. He will arrange for her to go to Haiti to get her divorce. At GH, Tania has miscarried her baby. She asks to see Felicia, who is still convinced that she has caused nothing but trouble for everyone she loves. Tania is very kind to Felicia and thanks her for acting so quickly to save her life. Tania wants to be friends again. Frisco also thanks Felicia for what she did. In NYC, Sam tells Sean that Slater is hanging out in bars; also the jewels have not surfaced. Sean believes that Anna bought the jewels.  Robert is disturbed to learn that Tanya miscarried. He tells Frisco that Holly is on her way back to PC, and Robert sees her off to the airport. Anna is following close behind and books the next flight to Port Charles. At GH, Frisco tells Tanya that the baby was a boy. Holly arrives to visit Tanya and lend her support (remember that Holly suffered a miscarriage of Luke's baby about a year before). The local police give Robert a tip on seeing Slater hanging out at a local bar and offers reinforcements. Robert says that he and Sean can take care of it on their own, Robert admits it is personal and Robert has a score to settle for a young woman lying in a Port Charles hospital.

April 23 - At GH, Rick and Monica come by to see Tania and to calm her nerves about Tony. They decide not to tell Tony about the miscarriage. but later, Frisco is in Tony's room discussing Tania's miscarriage with a nurse; Tony overhears Rick believes that this might be good for Tony; it might shock him out of his amnesia. At Kelly's Grant asks Ruby where he and Celia went wrong. He believes that dullness of a normal life without money got to Celia. He then meets with Celia and they fight over her decision to get a quick divorce and over Eddy Q's insistence that Grant sign a paper that he will not speak of the illegitimacy of the Q heirs. Celia then goes to see JL. He wants to go to Haiti with her, but she wants to go alone. They end up kissing and Grant comes in, refusing to sign the divorce papers. Celia sympathizes with Grant, not wanting him to suffer more pain because of her. She heads off to confront Eddy Q. At the studio, Derrick, Frisco, Ginny, and Brian discuss using Teen Time and a mini telethon to raise money for the homeless. When Mike comes by to see Ginny, Derrick takes the opportunity to remind her that he can take Mike away from Rick. At the Scorpios, Holly receives a telegram from Nanny telling her about Anna's arrival in Port Charles. Anna watches from outside the door until Holly receives the telegram. In the next moment, Anna arrives at the door and feigns worry that she has arrived too early or might be inconveniencing Holly. Holly assures her that she is very welcome. Holly just returned from NY and is all at "six and sevens". They have tea together, and Anna lies about knowing Nanny. Anna asks questions about Robert's secret room, and Holly tells her that is off limits. Holly invites Anna to stay with them. While Holly goes up to make up the guest room, Anna sneaks into the secret room and uses Robert's computer to initiate a background search on Holly. Holly's history is given to her as follows: "Holly Scorpio was born Holly Sutton in England. Both parents are deceased. She is now married to Robert Scorpio, former WSB agent. She comes from a family of jewel thieves and con artists." (Seems like Holly should just be a bit more suspicious of this strange woman she has never heard of showing up and blindly accepting a telegraph that obviously anyone could have sent).

April 24 - At the Q's, JL proposes a toast to Celia, the woman he intends to marry. Grant arrives drunk and with a loose woman on his arm. He proposes a double marriage ceremony, then proceeds to make a full of himself. Celia and JL head back to the gatehouse, where they kiss. Grant comes in and Celia is nice to him (she needs him to sign the divorce papers). She then convinces JL to drive him home. At the studio, Ginny wants to resign, but Derrick refuses to allow her. If she resigns, he will take Mike away from Rick. This is blackmail. She tears up the resignation letter. At the Rib, Mike complains that Ginny works to much. He still wants to go to military school. Bobbie comes by and Mike is rude to her. Mike explains to Rick that every time he sees Bobbie he is reminded that Ginny killed her husband. Ginny arrives and together, she and Rick convince Mike to not go to military school. Ginny takes responsibility for her mistakes and talks to Mike about not running away from his problems. Mike then apologizes to Bobbie, who even says hello to Ginny. At the Scorpios, Anna questions Holly about her life, her relationship and uses of her knowledge of Robert to seem unusually empathetic. When Holly questions Anna, she states she lost her parents at a young age further creating another thing they would have it common.  In NYC, Robert and Sean are asking questions at the bar Slater was spotted at. While Robert is on the phone, Sean pays the waitress a $1,000 to tell her where Slater went and asks her not to give the same information to Robert. On Robert's way out, he finds the $100 bills she has dropped and immediately figures that Sean paid her off. He follows Sean and Slater shoots Sean in the shoulder and escapes. Robert accuses Sean of trying to play the hero. Sean plays it up that Robert has a wife at home who loves him and Sean doesn't.

April 25 - At the Q's, Monica and Eddy discuss Grant's recent behavior. At the spa, Grant has a hangover. Lorena and Alan give him a hard time. He swears he will never drink again. JL comes by as does Monica and Grant leaves. Everyone discusses Grant. JL calls Celia. They talk about his going to Haiti with her (she sill does not want him to go!). Lorena and JL exercise together and she flirts with him, but he refuses her advances. Grant goes to the Q mansion and apologizes to Lila, but she thinks that it was fun seeing him all crazy and liquored up! He also goes to the gatehouse and apologizes to Celia; they end up laughing as they decide on their property settlement. He signs the papers and she gets real emotional. They almost kiss but are interrupted by JL. At Kelly's, Frisco is impressed by Donely's act of heroism (taking the bullet for Robert!) Frisco goes to see Donely, asking for info on how he can track down Slater. he wonders aloud if the treasure does exists and can lead him to Slater. Felicia comes by and the three of them joke that Sean must be the one who has the treasure! Frisco goes to the studio and we hear him practicing Lady of my heart. Brian then comes by to discuss the telethon. James Ingram has agreed to sing! At the shipping company, Felicia tells Sean that she intends to repay him for the money that he loaned her for school. After she leaves, Sam, Saura and Sean discuss Slater and security. When Alan and Grant come by, they also discuss putting more men on the medical ship project so that the ship can leave on time!

April 26 - At GH, Tony cries as he remembers Tania and as she tells him that they lost their baby. She talks to him about the memories and the joys they will have when he recovers. At the Scorpios, Celia drops by. They go to lunch at the Rib, where Celia confesses that she in confused. Holly reminds her, Friendly divorces are the confusing ones. Celia feels that she is a failure at marriage, family and life. But, she intends to marry JL. She asks Holly to be her matron of honor and Holly agrees, finally indicating that she supports Celia's marriage to JL. Sean heads over to see Holly, he fills her in on the action in NY. He notices a different perfume and asks Holly if she has changed her perfume? She says no and tells him about her houseguest but swears him to secrecy as Robert doesn't yet know. Holly is really annoyed that she was sent home to safely while Sean and Robert played 007. Robert goes to the hospital and Frisco tells him that Tony is starting to remember his past. Robert asks Tanya if he can ask Tony questions about the shooting. Tony isn't able to speak yet but we can hear his thoughts that he can remember he is married to Tanya but can't remember anything else. Robert assures him that it will all come back to him. Felicia fills Sean in that Tony is awake and Robert is interviewing him and that Tony is starting to remember. Robert is annoyed and snaps when he finds Sean lurking around in the hallway outside. Sean makes an excuse that he is there to get his arm checked and Robert points out that he is on the wrong floor, he softens his stance and chalks it up to having Slater on the loose and Tony awake (though Robert is obviously suspicious of Sean at this time).
     After Sean leaves, Robert reams the guard for allowing an unauthorized person in this area. Frisco questions whether Robert wasn't a bit hard on the guard, and Robert is adamant about his security protocol being followed. A huge bouquet of red roses arrives for Holly with a love note. Anna asks if maybe she wouldn't be in the way as her husband is obviously planning a romantic evening. While Holly is upstairs, Robert comes in the door and is stunned to find Anna standing in his living room. He demands to know what the hell she is doing in his house? He tells her he wants her out of his house right away and wants to know what lies he has told his wife and why she is here? She tells him not to worry that she hasn't told Holly about their life together or their past. She says that Holly received a telegram from Nanny who suggested they get together and Holly believes they shared the same Nanny. Anna warns him not to disillusion Holly. He realizes he can't throw Anna out as it will raise Holly's suspicions. She says she only came here to see if Holly is worth him, and he says she is worth a damn sight more than Anna. He wants to know what kind of game Anna is playing and what sort of betrayal is she up to now? He tells her he will not tolerate any sort of threat to the only woman in the world that he has ever loved! She says she had forgotten how cruel he can be. She pleads that she was down on her luck and needed a place to stay and had heard about Holly from her Nanny. She says she won't stay somewhere that she isn't wanted and turns to go upstairs. As Holly enters the room, Anna fakes a faint and falls to the floor.

April 29 - May 3, 1985:  4/29, 4/30, 5/1, 5/2, 5/3

April 29 - At the gatehouse, Celia is nervous; Jake doesn't want her to go to Haiti alone. JL shows up and intends to go with her. They argue as she insists that she can do this on her own. Celia doesn't even want JL to take her to the airport. At the Q's, Grant meets with Lorena and finds out that JL is going to Haiti with Celia. He decides to throw a wrinkle in JL's plans. He goes to the gatehouse and offers to take Celia to the airport. He helps her check in, but little does she know he has bought a ticket (and sent a mysterious telegram!). She is furious when he sits down on the plane in the seat next to hers. Meanwhile, JL goes home and finds Lorena there. She offers to comes back to him and of course he refuses. She informs him that Grant is back with Celia, as she saw them go to Haiti together. He refuses to believe it until he receives a phone call from the airline telling him that grant reimbursed them for JL cancelled reservation.
     At the Scorpios, As Anna lays on the floor, her hair has fallen away from her face revealing her scar and when Robert sees the scar he turns away. Anna comes to, and when Robert is out of the room, Anna tells her that she is very sorry but seeing Robert was just too much, she wasn't prepared to see him. She apologizes that she didn't tell Holly that she knows Robert, that she was a secretary from the WSB days. She says her scar upsets Robert as it reminds him of something in the past that he doesn't want to be reminded of. She is acting very mournful, very suspicious but says she can't tell Holly that she should ask Robert. When Robert returns, Holly suggests he help Anna up to her room.  Robert growls at Anna for telling Holly that Holly that she knew him and that her scar reminded him of something from his past. He says she deliberately put him in a position of having to lie to Holly. He wants to know what she wants, and says if she wanted money say for plastic surgery that she should have told him in NY and he would have given it to her just to get rid of her. Holly questions Anna about the past and Anna says she has to ask Robert. Later when Robert and Holly are alone, they drink champagne to celebrate his homecoming. Holly updates him on Celia's love life. But when they get to Holly's questions about Robert's past, he doesn't want to talk about the past and indicates it has to do with WSB secrets. Holly is hurt that Anna knows something about his past that she doesn't know. He warns Holly that as soon as Anna has recovered that he wants her out of there and he doesn't want to argue about it. Holly is very generous, she puts on some soft music, opens a bottle of champagne to properly welcome him home, they slow dance and Holly heads up to ready the sauna.

April 30 - At GH, Ginny has chauffered Rick to work and the two make lunch plans. Ginny then visits Tania. Afterward, Rick gives her a single rose and Ginny agrees to wait for him at GH until he gets off work so that they can spend the rest of the day together. She even convinces Amy to take Mike out for the afternoon. Brett Madison shows up at GH, and when he tells Ginny6 that her hearing for the obstruction charges has been set for Friday, she runs out. Rick runs after her. At the Q's, JL shows up wanting answers about Grant and Celia. Q's joke about Grant's con and that it looks like JL's lovelife is going down the sewer. Grant's telegram arrives, telling the family that Grant and Celia are divinely happy. (This is a lie, of course) JL decides to charter a jet to get to Haiti. Lorena convinces him to take her with him.   In Haiti, Grant and Celia get two rooms, but Grant makes sure that they are adjoining. Celia is furious! He jokes around with her and insists on going with her to get the divorce papers. They have drinks together afterwards as they will have to wait for 2 days for the divorce to be final. At the Scorpios, Anna and Holly share breakfast. Anna tells Holly that she was the secretary for the former WSB director. Holly questions, "Sean Donnelly?" Anna is surprised that she knows of him. Holly tells her that Sean is living in Port Charles and takes her to see Sean. He is very pleasantly surprised to see her. While Holly is out of the room, he questions the secretary story and she says it that everyone doesn't need to know there WSB secrets and it is a cover story. Sean makes a big deal about hiring Anna as his new secretary. Sean is suspicious of Anna's motives that either she is after the jewels or she is working for Robert. When she returns, she suggests that they form a partnership 50-50. He says that is more than a bit steep.

May 1 - At GH, There is a new intern, Kevin, who talks to Felicia about the new medical device that stimulates muscles. Everyone gathers around and watches as the machine helps Tony. Alan helped arrange to get the device to GH and Monica is very proud of him. Money must not be as important to Alan as medicine is. In the hallway, Frisco watches as Kevin demonstrates the Heimlich maneuver on Felicia. Later, At Kelly's, Kevin asks Amy all kinds of questions about Felicia. He is obviously interested. At the Webber's, Rick finds Ginny at home. She explains about Madison's visit at GH and that she is afraid that she will go to jail for a year. She doesn't know if she can get through this. Also, she doesn't want him in the courtroom, as she is afraid that it will just remind him of the horrible things that she did and he will hate her all over again. He holds her and lets her cry in his arms. Later she explains to him that she could never cry in front of a man until she met him. All of the men in her life always wanted something from her. He asks about her father and she explains that he was never around except when he tried to get money from her mother. He is the first man to not want anything from her. They end up spending the afternoon in bed and Rick tenderly tells her that he is glad that she tells him these things about her because it just make him love her more. She responds that she feels very safe with him.
     At the Scorpios, Robert gets a call from GH that Tony is making improvement with a new machine they are using to stimulate his muscles. When Robert arrives home, he initiates a search investigating Anna. Anna returns home and he tells her to leave town and she says she will when she is good and ready. He warns her to stay away from Sean. Frisco visits Robert, and Anna listens in at the top of the stairs. Anna overhears Frisco saying that Tony is beginning to recover from his traumatic amnesia. Robert and Frisco realize how important keeping Tony's condition secret is to his safety. Anna immediately goes and calls Sean with this update and asks him if this is worth it now to be her partner? Robert is restless and troubled and when Holly returns home, he suggests to her that perhaps it is time to move out of Port Charles. She is surprised as he was really enjoying living in Port Charles just a few weeks ago and says he has changed since the NY trip. Anna meets Sean and he agrees to her offer of partnership. She wants to see the treasure; he offers her 40% as he has the treasure. He says take it or leave it as he won't agree to 50-50%.

May 2 - At the Webber's, Ginny is so nervous that she can't even pour her tea. After Rick leaves, Ginny packs her bags and is clearly ready to leave town, when Derrick shows up. He has heard the news of her upcoming hearing and wants to know where she is going. He sees the panic in her eyes. When he figures out that she is running away, he offers to go with her. She is genuinely touched but decides that she can't leave because she doesn't want to run anymore. She must face this alone. At Kelly's, Bobbie, Teri and jake discuss Bobbie's testimony at Ginny's hearing. Bobbie believes that Ginny should be punished for what she did (makes you wonder if Bobbie remembers her own shady past at all!) Rick arrives to take Bobbie to GH and the moment is just a little awkward. Josh and Frisco discuss getting jobs at the docks so that they can try to track down Slater. Frisco decides to ask Felicia out just so that he can pump her for info. Since she doesn't know his motives she accepts his invitation, thrilled that he asked her. Josh and Frisco then go get jobs on the docks. Anna eventually sees them and Frisco lies to her telling her he needs the extra money for Tony. while on the docks, the two guys asks questions about Matt Hines. In haiti, Grant and Celia arrive drunk at the hotel. They are greeted by JL and Lorena. Grant makes it appear that he and Celia are on their second honeymoon. Later, when Celia wakes up, she asks grant if she really saw JL and Lorena in the lobby. JL burst into her hotel room, and a very hungover Celia, disgusted at the games that are being played, orders both JL and Grant out!  Later the two men fight again for her attention at the bar downstairs, but she dumps them both and opts for a Frenchman, Pierre, instead. At the Shipping Company, Sean and Morgan hire more men to work on the ship.

May 3 - At Kellly's, Bobbie doesn't think Teri should come to court, but Teri insists. They are just glad that this will soon be over. At the Webbers, Ginny and Rick are both up early. She confesses to him that she almost ran away. She is very scared about having to go to prison. Mike comes down, chipper that today will be the end of the whole drama. Rick is worried that Mike does not understand the seriousness of the situation, but later Mike tells him that he is only being cheerful for Ginny's sake. Rick comes up with an idea to help Ginny and later at her hearing Brett Madison attempts to call Mike to testify. Ginny stands up and explodes, not wanting Mike to take the stand. The judge agrees with her, but says that her actions demonstrate the type of person she is. He gives her one year probation and community service and the three Webbers rejoice that this is finally over. At GH, Tania talks to Tony about Frisco and Frisco gets upset at her when he overhears her pushing Tony to remember him. Felicia follows Frisco to the docks and talks to him about it. He opens up to her that he worries that he doesn't fit in Tony's life anymore. He also confesses that he only asked her out so that he could get info from her. She is very understanding and agrees to keep their date anyway. Later, in Tony's room, Frisco is massaging Tony's legs when Tony reaches out for him and pulls him into a big embrace, finally remembering who Frisco is!
     At the Shipping Company, Sean and Sam discuss Anna's partnership. They agree that she gets 40% if she can prove that she is not working with Scorpio. At the Scorpios, Robert's WSB computer search reports that Anna owns a brownstone in NY and is not hurting for cash. He calls her on her lie and she bitterly observes there isn't enough money in the world to fix her scar and very dramatically throws back her hair revealing her scar. He says he was a fool to believe anything she said even for a minute. He now knows why she is in Port Charles, it's to get back at Robert. She comments that he flatters himself, what an ego, that she would go to all of this trouble just to hurt him. She takes him to task for his lack security, that she was able to get into it in 10 seconds since he used his birthday as the combination to open the door to his communication room. She suggests that its time he considered retiring. She wants to know why he became so angry when he heard she was working for Sean? Holly also notices that Robert is annoyed that Anna is working for Sean and asks him why? He changes the subject and says he wants her to think about just him and he wants to talk about tonight. Holly points out that after they made love for half the night, she wakes up and finds him staring out the window and says that isn't exactly romantic nor good for her ego. He admits he is worried about Tony's safety when he is released from the hospital, and when word gets out that he is recovering and his memory is returning.  Sean doesn't trust Anna and informs her she will not see the treasure and she will not be his partner until she can prove to him that she is not on Scorpio's payroll. She asks what if she gives him information that he doesn't have? For instance, she suspects that he has a spy in his midst as Frisco Jones is a friend of Robert's and he was working as a stevedore unloading the Mexico shipment. Sean tells her that he adamantly does not want Frisco working another day on the docks for him. He takes Anna and shows her the Aztec treasure, jewels, and artifacts. She is so impressed that she is speechless. She asks him if he is doing this for the treasure or for the excitement? He admits that pulling off a job like this is the biggest kick in the world! She comments that they are the perfect team!

May 6-10, 1985:  5/6, 5/7, 5/8, 5/9, 5/10

May 6 - At the gatehouse, Celia is buying a new trousseau; she and JL are excited about their upcoming marriage. But Celia is also having fun being in limbo. Pierre (the Frenchman from Haiti) shows up. Celia had promised him that if was ever in PC, she would show him around. JL is furious and wants to throw the guy out; but it is JL who eventually leaves in a huff. Later he comes back and apologizes and Celia explains to Pierre that now is just not the time! Then, Celia informs JL that she and Holly are going to NYC and NO! he is not invited!  At the docks, Frisco and Josh are not able to get hired on (Sean got wise to their scheme!). They go to Kelly's where Felicia comes up with an idea to get Frisco into the warehouse. Felicia convinces Sean to let her use Slater's old office as her office. She tells Frisco and he is thrilled. At the Webbers, Ginny, Rick and Mike talk about the upcoming summer vacation. She goes to work where Derrick tells her that he wants her to get back to reporting. She refuses; she values her time with her home and family. Derrick takes out the 2 year old picture of himself and sets it on his desk; then he calls Rick under the pretense of getting Rick to convince Ginny to go back into reporting. While Derrick is out of his office, Rick looks at the photo and is puzzled, especially when Derrick tells him that it is a baby picture of himself. When Rick gets home, he stares at Mike and is obviously distracted. Before he can talk to Ginny, he is called to the hospital on an emergency. At GH, Amy calls Robert and tells him that a newspaper reporter, Sheldon, has been asking a lot of questions about Tony Jones' condition and he is meeting Kevin O'Connor in the cafeteria. Robert arrives and overhears him pumping Kevin for information. Robert puts a stop to it and is furious that the Sheldon would so callously put Tony's life in danger to sell a few newspapers.

May 7 - At Kelly's, Frisco is convinced after reading the paper that everyone doesn't care if his brother gets killed. He is mad at Kevin for talking to Ian and for Ian printing the conversation. He and Felicia make plans to search Slater's old office at the shipping company. Later, in the office, they discover the plans to the warehouses in a file cabinet. Sean knocks on the door and to throw him off, Felicia grabs Frisco and kisses him passionately; she then tells Sean that they are back together. At first Frisco is mad, but later agrees to acting like their a couple. At GH, Rick is upset over losing a 14 year old patient. he and Bobbie have coffee, where at first he is extremely rude to her but later apologizes. He explains the situation with the photograph in Derrick's office. He believes that Derrick is Mike's father. he calls Ginny and tells her that he wants to talk with her. Steve Hardy has a physical and it seems he has an heart arrhythmia. Rick orders Steve to slow down but he refuses. Audrey also tells Steve to slow down, but Steve just becomes convinced that everyone wants to retire him. Sheldon objects to Robert's interference and the next morning he does a smear of Robert's capabilities as a police commissioner and his failure to catch Tony's shooter. Sean is furious about the article and accuses Anna of planting the article; he doesn't want to see Robert's reputation trashed. Anna insists that she wasn't responsible and wouldn't do that to a friend. Sean isn't really buying it. Anna does tell Sean that she has a plan to distract Robert from his investigation and she needs Sean to take Robert out for a night on the town. Holly leaves for NY and Anna books a later flight that same night. Before she leaves, Anna takes out a jade oriental statue and hides it in the house.

May 8 - At the Webbers, Rick wants answers. He tells Ginny about the photo in Derrick's office and demands to know if Derrick is Mike's natural father. She confirms it and tries to explain her motives for keeping the info from him. He is furious and accuses her of lying to him. Are they having an affair? at first she denies but then admits that she slept with Derrick one time after he had been after her for months and when she had thought that she had lost her family. Rick leaves to go find Jake and we assume that he means to divorce her. Later, however, when Rick talks to Jake and Bobbie, Jake tells him that if he divorces Ginny, he stands a good chance of losing Mike to Derrick. At Kelly's, Frisco shows up and makes plans with Felicia to go to the warehouse. At the warehouse they run into the night watchman, but Felicia, who is quick on her feet, actually convinces the man to help them. They find the Bay C area and Frisco tries to pick the lock which triggers the alarm. Morgan comes running and again they talk themselves out of a bad situation. Later, Frisco comments that Felicia saves him from many disasters. At GH, JL tells Eddy Q and Alan that Celia is driving him crazy.  Eddy thinks Celia is testing his limits and that JL should go after her.  In NYC, Celia and Holly return to their hotel from a day of shopping. Celia is insanely happy to be free and Holly questions whether or not she should be getting married. JL shows up and gives Celia an ultimatum: either set a wedding date or he will call the whole thing off! She agrees to go with him and plan the wedding, leaving Holly alone to shop in NYC. Anna is also in NYC. She greats Slater who has been her houseguest. She talks Slater into cooperating with her plan to distract Holly.

May 9 - At the spa, Ginny arrives for a workout, as does Bobbie. Ginny approaches Bobbie and asks her to help convince Rick to talk to her. They have a tense conversation which ends with Bobbie telling Ginny that she has messed up so many lives, she should just leave town and leave everyone alone. At Kelly's, JL and Celia drink coffee. They are discussing the date for their wedding. She regrets leaving Holly alone in NYC. Grant shows up and its an awkward moment. Mike and Rick also have dinner at Kelly's; Mike hopes that one day Ginny and Bobbie can be friends. In NYC, Slater calls Holly and pretends he is an acquaintance of Slater's and wants to broker a deal so Slater can turn himself in and get immunity in return for his testimony. She hesitantly agrees, almost calls Robert then realizes he would never let her be involved and hangs up the phone before calling him. Sean and Robert are out for a night on the town and are getting quite sloshed.  Holly meets Slater at a bar and Slater slips the stolen statue (same statue Anna was holding earlier) into Holly's purse. The police arrive to search Holly and arrested her based on a tip. Holly is brought in for questioning and unfortunately Robert is nowhere to be found as Sean is taking him about to different bars for their night on the town. The NY cop tells Holly that she was caught carrying $500,000 in stolen art and she isn't going to be released. Slater is back at Anna's and he is very agitated after having set up the police commissioner's wife. She tells him his part in this is over and he will do as he is told.

May 10 - At GH, Felicia tells Frisco that she thinks she has another plan for getting him into the warehouse. Her plan: They need to convince everyone that they are back together again, then Sean wouldn't be suspicious when Frisco came to the warehouse to see her. At first her rejects the idea, but later reconsiders. They have lunch together, where he agrees to the plan. Jake and Bobbie discuss their Brownstone plans and decide that they have too much space and should rent out the extra space. Grant is their first tenant. Tania helps Tony with his speech and the doctor informs them that Tony might be able to go home in a few days. At the shipping company, Anna shows up to see a very hung over Sean. She offers to fix him a hang over cure, which he finds completely disgusting. Sean says that Robert didn't give anything away about any suspicions about Sean, Sean thinks something is rattling around Robert's brain but he isn't sure what it was. He wants to know what was the purpose of him taking Robert out last night? She tells him that it was the first part of her plan and that he will read about it in the afternoon's newspaper. He wants to know what is going on as he suspects he isn't going to like whatever she has done.
     A very hung over Robert is also called and told that his wife has been arrested for possession of stolen property. He talks to Holly and she tells Robert she was tricked by Slater, that he called pretending to be someone else to meet him at a bar. Holly cries that she was so stupid and she is so sorry to have done this to him. He assures her that he loves her and he will be on the next plane to NY. Holly is released into Robert's custody. Robert assures her that they will prove her innocence and at least they know that Slater is still in NY and they will get him! Holly is very relieved to be home. Robert tells her there is nothing she could ever do that would ever make him stop loving her and he offers to make her a cup of tea. Robert is hoping that the NY police will keep the matter within the department that is until Holly picks up the afternoon paper. Sean is livid when he reads the report in the paper about Holly being arrested. He can't believe that Anna has brought Holly into all of this, that she has put the woman Robert loves in jeopardy. He realizes this is why she wanted him to take Robert out last night so that he couldn't help Holly. She states that yes she did arrange this and that she wanted to give Slater time to get away so that Robert couldn't track him. Sean realizes that she didn't come to town to get the treasure, that she came to town to break up Robert and Holly as she wants Robert back! Back at the Scorpios, Burt and another police officer arrive with a search warrant for the Scorpio's home. Robert is irate but Holly says that this could help show she is innocent. Unfortunately, the matching Jade statue is found in her kitchen cabinet. Burt tells Robert that they got an anonymous tip and had to follow it up.

May 13-17, 1985:  5/13, 5/14, 5/15, 5/16, 5/17

May 13 - Sean arrives and wants to her how the set up occurred. Celia arrives and lends her support. Robert takes Sean into his secret room and tells him about Slater contacting Holly and meeting her in a bar. He begins questioning Sean about what he knows about this? Sean pretends he doesn't know anything about this plot. Sean then heads to Anna and interrogates her about her contact with Slater? She lies and says he contacted her and insisted on meeting her or he would tell the police everything about her and Sean. Sean says he has seen Robert crack hard cases before, he is very annoyed with her for framing Holly and putting them at even more risk. Robert arrives at Anna's NY apartment and meets her in the restaurant downstairs. He believes she set up Holly, though she denies it all. She has ordered champagne and so begins a series of flashbacks, brief of some of their action sequence past. This is just a brief glimpse as it is revealed that they were married. A mournful Robert strolls down by the docks and Sean comes and sits beside him. Sean tells him those were good days they had together in the past and asks him not to forget that. As Sean walks away, Robert remembers the night he first met Anna. Sean tells Robert (he is wearing a 70's wig), and O'Reilly that he is breaking up the team and that Robert will have a new partner. Sean introduces Robert to his new partner, Anna Devane. Robert is uncharacteristically quiet as he stares at the beautiful woman. Robert asks her, Friends or enemies? She responds that is up to him. He warns her that he is the boss.
     Back to 1985, Sean continues to freaks as Robert is like a bloodhound when he catches a scent and he has caught the scent. Sean knows how Robert thinks and how he operates. Anna tells Sean to stop worrying. Sean continues to fume that if Robert makes the connection between her and Slater that this whole operation will blow sky high. Holly points out that she has arranged for Slater to have a little vacation in Rio and he will be out of the country. Sean flips out as the cops have the airports blanketed and they will catch him trying to get on the flight. She continues to be flip and tells him that she arranged for a fake ID for a female and he will be dressed as a woman. Sean is dead serious, he grabs her and tells her she is not playing secret agent by herself any longer, she will tell him everything now! Sean doesn't believe her Brazil story and accuses her of lying again. He then questions why she set up Holly, why did she have to drag Holly into this? He tells her all her little trick has done is made Scorpio more determined than ever to break this case. Robert arrives home to a very sad Holly, he they sit together on the couch and he puts his arm around her. They talk about Celia and Jimmy Lee's upcoming wedding and honeymoon. Robert says that he never gave Holly a proper honeymoon and when this is all over he will give her one. Robert then flashes back to that first undercover assignment when they pretended they are on their honeymoon. When they don't have a room available, Anna fakes a swoon and Robert talks the hotel manager into giving up his own room. Anna sends Slater off on his Brazil trip and tells him to leave out the back. A moment later, Robert arrives to search her apartment. She asks if he has a search warrant and he tells her that he doesn't need one with her. She comments that he still thinks of her as his. He disregards that statement, he opens a packed suitcase and has more flashbacks to their first mission together as he teased her about over packing.

May 14 - At the Webbers, Bobbie drops in to apologize to Ginny for her remarks at the spa. Ginny is quite rude and orders Bobbie to leave. Derrick calls and Ginny reads him the riot act for the games that he is playing. he comes by and makes it clear that he wants her and Mike to which she replies: NEVER! He swears to fight for custody, even it means dragging her back through the mud and getting her declared an unfit mother. At Kelly's, Frisco comes in; he is excited about Tony possible going home and he wants Felicia to be there; he hopes that she might be able to help jog Tony's memory about  the day he was shot. The thought makes her sick as she still blames herself, but she agrees to come. Tony does remember Felicia but does not remember the day he was shot. he has a bad reaction when Frisco brings up Peter's name.  Celia has stayed with Holly and hides the morning paper when there is an article about stolen property being found in the Scorpio home. Jimmy Lee shows up to show his support as well. They both assure her that they want her to be their maid of honor, she says they should get someone else who isn't tarnished. Just as Holly seems near emotional collapse, her friends being arriving assuring her of their support: Ruby Anderson, Jack Meyer, Claudia and Brian. Edward is fuming that the mayor won't fire Robert and he blathers on about this and Lee's insistence of standing behind Robert. Lila responds by calling Holly to assure her of her support and Lila promises that Lila will spit in the eye of anyone who takes that newspaper article seriously (this said as a warning to Edward). She assures Holly that she expects her at the Q house for Celia's wedding.

May 15 - The NY cop got a tip about a fake passport that Slater has taken a plane to Brazil dressed as a woman. He continues that he has put pressure on the bartenders that they will be forced to bring in someone as an accessory if they don't cooperate and they got a nibble. He promises to call Robert with any information. Over at the Q's for the wedding rehearsal (several weeks in advance), Alan, and Jimmy Lee argue about some of the details. Celia puts a stop to it and reminds them this should be a joyous occasion, her good feelings are contagious even for Holly. Celia continues to assure her that Robert will find out the truth about the setup. The NY captain calls with great news, the bartender admits that he saw Slater slip the statue into Holly's purse and the charges have been dropped! Sean comes over and Robert tells him this whole thing stinks of a WSB frame up and this doesn't explain how the other statue got in his house? Robert tells Sean the news about Slater's trip to Brazil. Sean looks at him, steeling his face not to give away anything but we can see that he is amazed at how Robert is tracking all of this information down. Robert wants to know if Sean thinks Anna is up to something? Sean reports he wouldn't have hired Anna if he thought so but he goes onto remind Robert that she has fooled him before. Robert flashes back to their first mission as she tells him about her plan, he isn't used to following someone else's plan. He complains she is a slob and he misses O'Reilly. In current time, Robert goes to see Anna and she makes a comment about a grappling hook that sends him back to his flashbacks of the action of their first mission together. The bad guys pound on the door while Anna and a shirtless Robert jump into bed and pretend they are making love like any normal honeymoon couple would. The bad guys burst in and make the excuse that they thought they saw someone on the balcony and apologize for interrupting. After they leave, CK8 Robert jumps out of bed with his gun at the ready and stands at the door.
     Back in 1985, Robert warns Anna to stay away from his wife. He tells her if he ever finds out that Anna was responsible for framing Holly there will be nothing holding him back! For now, he will tell everyone that Slater planted the evidence though he doesn't believe it for a minute. Robert has been trying to call Holly to tell her the good news and she finally gets through and they plan a celebration for that evening. Anna invites herself and Sean to join them. Robert says, Why not?(surprising that he agreed but he must be hoping that one of them would make a mistake and drop some clue or information that he could use). As they arrive to enjoy their evening out, Sean asks Holly to dance. Anna suggests to Robert that they join them, he refuses saying he will sit this one out. She asks why he is going to raise his wife's suspicions. As he holds her in his arms and looks into her eyes, she asks if it brings back memories? Cue the flashback to them dancing, he his holding her tight, as they are being watched by DVX agents. When they start conferring, she tells him they are onto something and suspects they must have found the grabbling hook under their bed.
     Back to 1985, as the foursome arrive back at the Scorpio residence, Sean teases him about leaving a piece of paper in the door so that Robert can see if anyone has entered while he was gone. Robert comments you never know who your enemies are or when they are going to strike! Cue another flashback, to Robert and Anna returning to their hotel room and another similar slip of paper flutters to the floor as they enter the room. They search the rooms for a bug and when they can't locate it, she tells him they will have to pretend they are on their honeymoon. He says, All's fair in love and war and begins kissing her. They dance some more and pop open a bottle of champagne. The foursome toast with champagne, Anna wishes Holly all the best and toasts to the future and to the past. Cue another flashback, Anna is toasting To the most wonderful honeymoon any woman could have with the most wonderful man. Robert points out that not only is the room bugged but they are on candid camera. She says she wondered why he was getting so cozy. She says she will have to get a lot more convincing and they begin making out. She goes to change into something more comfortable.
     Back to 1985 again, Sean and Anna leave and Holly puts her arms around Robert and begins kissing him telling him she couldn't wait for them to leave so she could have Robert all to herself! Holly asks Robert if he thinks it is too much to hope that Sheldon will put an apology and the update clearing Holly's name on the front page of the paper? He laughs and suggests she not expect that. She thanks Robert for helping to clear her name. She is so exhausted, she is going to take a hot bath and go to bed leaving Robert alone with his memories. Robert heads outside for a walk to clear his head. Anna is also down on the docks with Sean. He asks her why she has never married? She says she was married to the WSB. She comments on how much Port Charles seems to agree with Robert. He points out it isn't the city but Holly that agrees with Robert, seemingly cautioning Anna. As Sean walks away, Anna flashes back to the night her and Robert spend together in the hotel (the flashbacks are all in a sequence of their own chronological story of Robert and Anna's romance). He is kissing her and getting more and more involved, they make love and he tells her he loves her. Back to 1985, Robert interrupts Anna's memories and asks her what she is doing? He tells her to stop doing this to herself as the past is dead. She asks, Then why do we both feel so badly?

May 16 - At Tony and Tania's, Felicia and Frisco are introduced to the new security system that has been installed. Frisco is nervous and doesn't like the idea of his brother living in a prison. At the shipping company, Sean is worried about his partner Anna Devane and also about Tony's release from the hospital. He tells Sam that they need to find out what Tony remembers. He then goes over to the Hotel to figure out what Anna is up to. A very toasted Celia and a sober Jimmy Lee show up, and Celia complains to Holly about her family. They are driving her crazy with all of their meddling with the wedding plans. Celia insists she wants to elope and Robert and Holly can be their witnesses. Robert is walking down on the docks and he flashes back once again to his first caper with Anna as WSB spies. On their first mission, they are assigned to free a hostage who is being held in a rather lovely country inn. While Robert is asleep, Anna sneaks down the dumb waiter (a little elevator that was used to send food up and down between floors). She enters the room where the hostage is being held, sends him up in the dumb waiter up to their room, and then goes up herself. When he enters the room, Robert pulls a gun on him until Anna arrives and explains her plan. He just stands there a bit puzzled as she is way ahead of him (and I suspect just a bit impressed with the intelligence and simplicity of her plan).  Back in 1985, a sad and mournful Anna is also walking down by the docks and winds up at a local pizza parlor, sitting lost in her memories. Robert comes in and he is also reminded of their past and this sets off another flashback of them taking cover in chef's hats and covered in dough while hiding the escaped hostage from the DVX.
     Back to 1985, Anna comments that was a great caper and Robert agrees, "The best." (Did he actually just say something nice about his past with Anna? He is definitely softening). The pizza guy brings the commissioner a pizza on the house. Anna says he can't exactly leave now and he sits down with her to have a slice. Over at Holly's, she is not looking too happy as Robert hasn't called and she doesn't know where he is. Back at the pizza place, someone calls out for O'Reilly (yep that's all it takes to continue our journey in R&A's past): they are back on the caper, wearing their chef's outfits using that as a cover to escape from the inn. Robert sneaks up behind one of the guards and knocks him out; O'Reilly arrives just in time to take the hostage off with her in a delivery truck. Robert and Anna change out of their chef clothes and blithely walk away, kissing, and snuggling. They come upon the last two guards and each take one out. They continue on without a care in the world in Robert's James Bond car singing "Waltzing Matilda".
     Back in 1985, Robert takes credit for pulling them out of that mess. Anna disagrees with that take on it and tells him that old age is making him senile. She is soft and jovial, he looks at her and his face has gone hard once again and he is compelled to threaten her if she tells Holly of their past together. She is disappointed that he had to spoil it as she was having a nice time with him and why does he have to spoil it. A car back fires and Anna jumps saying it sounded like gunfire. This sets off another flashback of Robert and Anna being chased as the DVX pursue them and shooting at them. Robert is very surprised when the DVX car suddenly blows up, Anna lifts her skirt and shows up a remote control device and lets on she set the device and blew up the car! Robert insists they dump his car and they take off on foot.
     Back in 1985, Robert and Anna say goodbye and Robert takes the pizza to Frisco and Felicia to check out the apartment before Tony arrives. Robert checks the alarm, which is loud and in good working order, and the guard comes running. Robert tells them they will have to put up with the security till they catch Slater. Robert realizes how late it is and that he hasn't called Holly. Sean goes to see Anna and asks her what the relationship is between her and Robert? Anna has another flashback of her and Robert in the woods camping out (as they are still on foot), feasting on apples and cheese. He tells her she has a lot of good ideas from time to time. Back in 1985, she tells Sean that Robert means nothing to her. She insists that she worked with Robert once and that is all. She says she is in for 40% of the treasure and she isn't going to tell Robert about it. She assures Sean that Robert means nothing to her.  Robert arrives home, and Holly is relieved to see him. He tells her he will be up to bed in a minute. He has another flashback to the night around the campfire as Anna wearing a slip dances very seductively in front of the fire. Robert is called back to his present when Holly calls him to come up to bed.

May 17 - At GH, everyone is excited because Tony is finally going home. Felicia ends up going to the studio to run an errand for Frisco. She asks Grant to check on the medical ship inventories for her. Tony and Tania arrive home and get Tony settled in. Tony sees Frisco holding Tony and we hear him wonder if he will ever be able to dance with her again. Holly is thrilled to see an article on the front page of the Herald declaring she was cleared of all charges. Sean tells Anna about the risk that Tony Jones presents if he recovers his memory from the day he was shot. Anna says she never asked for attempted murder charges! Sean tells her she is in too deep now and if he goes down then she goes down as well and they are both accessories after the fact. She doesn't believe Robert would turn her in. He remembers she always got something on anyone she worked with and he wants to know what she has on Robert. She says nothing and she never had anything on Sean till now. Robert sits down on the docks and remembers him and Anna running on the beach, gunshots are heard in the distance. He demands that they swim for it and tells her to take off some of her clothes. 

     Back in 1985, Anna comes upon Robert and asks him what he is doing there? She tells him she is going to Celia's shower. He wants to know why she is going so early? She says Holly asked her to come help decorate. He wants her to stay away from Holly, he doesn't want Holly hurt. He accuses her of thinking she has him backed into a corner that he can't cut her out of Holly's life without telling her the whole story. He says he can't tell Holly what happened between him and Anna. He warns her again that if she tries to resurrect it that he will give her more trouble than she ever dreamed possible. Anna continues with another location flashback in chronological order, of them making it to a beach, collapsing on the sand as the waves crash over them. They lay on the beach, making out as "All is Fair in Love and War" plays. They are in Italy as becomes evident as an older woman starts ordering them around in Italian, she sends them into shower and gives them soap. She gives Anna a wrap around that Anna uses as a skirt. She ushers them up to the town, gets them some clothing and takes them to the mayor. He tells them that this is wedding day and everyone who wants to get married can do so that day. They watch a procession of brides and grooms, and the town folk stroll down for the weddings.
     Back in 1985, Anna arrives at Holly's. Robert arrives to see Sean and tells him that Tony has been discharged and Robert points out it is his job to protect him. He asks what the WSB has for information on Slater's whereabouts in Brazil? Sean says nothing that Slater has disappeared. A red light goes off; when Robert asks about it Sean tells him it is a silent alarm. While Sean investigates it, Robert uses his WSB computer to search for Slater's location. When Sean goes to his locked door, he finds that it was Grant who set off the alarm (me thinks Robert set him up to do this, Grant and Robert would work well together). Robert finds that Sean never searched the WSB computer for Slater's location in Brazil. At the shower the talk of the upcoming wedding triggers Anna's next flashback, this time of her Italian wedding to Robert. As they approach the wedding gathering, the Italian woman gives Robert a mantilla (a lace shawl for the bride's head). He takes it and gently places it over Anna's hair as a bridal veil. She gets tears in her eyes as she realizes he intends to marry her. They say their vows to each other in English and then with the rest of the gathering in Italian.

May 20-24, 1985:  5/20, 5/21, 5/22, 5/23, 5/24

May 20 - At JL's Construction site, JL, Grant and Jake talk about the Brownstone. After Jake leaves, Grant warns JL that he will get Celia back. At the shipping company, Sam and Sean go to Bay C to check on the treasure. Sean worries about Grant nearly getting into Bay C and blowing the alarm system. He is also worried about Scorpio, who is definitely onto them. At the shower the talk of the upcoming wedding triggers Anna's next flashback, this time of her Italian wedding to Robert. As they approach the wedding gathering, the Italian woman gives Robert a mantilla (a lace shawl for the bride's head). He takes it and gently places it over Anna's hair as a bridal veil. She gets tears in her eyes as she realizes he intends to marry her. They say their vows to each other in English and then with the rest of the gathering in Italian. Robert arrives at the shower; he and Anna stand across a table filled with wedding stuff and share a private look remembering their own wedding. Robert remembers his wedding night when Anna tells him about a Scottish tradition of blowing out a candle and wishing on a long and happy life together. He tells her she is the most beautiful bride, and calls her "My Anna". She tells him she loves him so much. He responds, "My god do I love you!" and they begin making love. Back in 1985, Robert abruptly says he has to leave to go see Sean. Anna asks him to walk with her to her hotel. He tries to refuse but Holly is curious at his resistance. They stop for an Italian Ice and flashback to their honeymoon, eating one while lying in bed. Robert has sent Sean a telegram telling him where they are. Sean calls and orders them back to Paris the next morning. After the call, he tells her he doesn't want her in any danger and that married couples can't be agents. She begs for one more assignment and then promises they will retire and settle down together and make babies. In the meantime, she suggests they don't tell Sean.  Back in 1985, Sean asks Anna point blank if she is in love with Sean. He reminds of the many days her and Robert sent in Italy together. She brushes it off as they were evading the DVX. He isn't buying it and she admits they did have a brief fling but it is long over.

May 21 - At the Shipping company, Sean wants to know what happened The night that Robert was discovered in Bay C. Sean believes that Robert knows that the treasure is hidden in Bay C. He begins to move the treasure into crates. He then calls Brian and tells him that he would like to donate equipment to the clinic. Brian Hails him as a hero. At Tania and Tony's, Tania is anxious to get back to a normal routine. She sets off the alarm trying to open a window. This of course, upsets Tony. Robert has asked to see Anna, as he wants information from her on Sean's business. He tells her that he wants to nail a killer; he killed one man, put another in a coma and messed up the lives of a dozen others. He asks for her help? She is curious why he wants her help as he is friends with Sean? He says that all roads lead to Sean's shipping business and he questions her about the legitimacy of his business. She says he is primarily involved with the hospital ship, and is in business with Grant and Alan and she believes that is legit. Robert goes to see Tony to interview him again; he has make great progress and identifies Slater and Peter's pictures. Robert creates the scene when Tony was treating Peter after he was shot. He asks Tony if Peter said anything while Tony was treating him? Tony is able to stutter out, "Donnelly". A very somber Robert sits down on the docks; Anna approaches him and comments that he looks like he has lost his best friend. He asks her about what she meant in NY about someone close to him betraying him. He believes she knows what Sean is up to. She changes the subject and brings it back to them arriving in Paris together, cue the flashback: A happy reunion occurs as returning heroes Robert and Anna are reunited with O'Reilly and Sean. Sean gets Robert alone and tells her that there is a double agent in their midst and it could be a friend and the double agent has stolen a secret code. Back in 1985, Robert demands Anna tell him who is betraying him. She points out that he doesn't trust her and wouldn't believe her if she did tell him. She tells him he will have to find out for himself. Robert meets with Sean and Sean notices how down Robert seems and asks him what is going on? Robert tells him that an old friend might be dead and it will be awhile before he knows what happened? Sean is curious who the friend is? Robert says he has been thinking that maybe he never really knew his friend at all (this is a very obvious clue to Sean that Robert suspects him, has info on him and know doubts whether Sean is who he thought he was). At the Q's, Lila is planning Celia's engagement party for the end of the week. Eddy of course is only concerned about the money. JL and Celia come by to discuss the engagement party.

May 22 - At the shipping company, Sam and Sean discuss the secret compartments aboard the ship that they will use to move the treasure out of PC. When Anna arrives at the office, Sean tells her that Robert is onto him. She doesn't believe that, but Sean says that while Robert was very cryptic he was also very obvious. Sean says that his conversation with Robert was one of the lowest points of his life. She points out that when he went after the treasure that he choose sides. Sean defends that when he decided to go after the treasure that it was a lark, it had nothing to do with good guys or bad guys, it was a sealed up and was a forgotten treasure. Sean didn't think he was hurting anyone, as the people of Mexico never would have seen a peso. Sean vents that they are past the point of no return; caused by the day that Slater killed Peter, followed by Slater's attack on Tony. He tells her they have to move that treasure and they have to move it fast before Robert can prove anything. Robert then goes to meet with Felicia, as he wants to quiz her about her experience in Mexico. Felicia tells him about solving a cryptogram, and her and Frisco being kidnapped, no ransom ever being demanded, and then they were able to escape. Robert talks to Anna again and asks her one more time if the person she told him was betraying him, if that person is Sean? She asks if she tells him it is Sean if he will forgive her for betraying him, cueing another flashback: They are in bed, and she says there is something different about how he just made love to her as though it were for the last time. He tells her he has a boring, quick last assignment to do and he wants her to go rent a villa for them to continue their honeymoon. Back in 1985, he says never again will he give her the opportunity to hurt him again. Robert now is on the trail and places a call to the archeology department of a Mexico university checking up on Sean. The professor says yes that Mr. Donnelly did make a request to take a Port Charles University group of students to study an Aztec crypt. The professor comments that he took his own group but they were delayed by numerous problems along the way and when he arrived he found Sean already there in the crypt. At Tony and Tania's, someone at the window triggers the alarm. Frisco runs after him and it turns out to be a reporter. Tania wants to quit her job, but Tiny says NO! At GH, Alan invites Grant to the JL and Celia's engagement party. He thinks this would signal that grant has buried the hatchet. Gut Grant disagrees; he loves Celia and wants her back. At the Construction site, JL spends time with Celia but she wants to talk to Lila. They end up going to the dock and talking about their future, especially about having children. At Kelly's, Felicia receives a call from Lila, inviting her to the engagement party. She asks Kevin to take her to the party; he accepts. Frisco comes by and she tells him about her date with Kevin, informing him that she has to get on with her life.

May 23 - Holly is worried as Robert hasn't been home all night, when he returns he is glum and quiet. He asks her if she cannot ask any questions that he can't talk to her about it yet. She admits that is a hard thing to do. She asks if it has anything to do with Anna, as he has been different since Anna arrived in town, like a bad feeling in the air. Anna shows up to retrieve her compact and as Holly is out of the room, another series of flashbacks of Anna's betrayal that last night are seen. Cue flashback: CK8 Scorpio watches the drop of the stolen code and as the exchange is made gunfire breaks out, an explosion occurs and when Robert turns over the double agent, he finds it is Anna. She has been hurt in the explosion, her face injured. He gently picks her up and carries her to safety. Back to 1985, Robert arrives to see Sean. Anna tells him he is welcome to wait if it's not too unbearable for him to be in the same room with her. He responds that his whole life is unbearable. She argues that they had some lovely memories. He denies this saying they were all lies. Cue another flashback: Robert visits the injured Anna in the hospital as she is all wrapped up in bandages. He is broken hearted and wants to know why? She tells him it was her last assignment for the DVX, she tells him it was about greed. He can't believe it was about money? She betrayed her country, him, for money? She cries that she loved him and she knows he loved her and she has never known any love like this. She can't deny it, can he? Sean arrives and wants a full report on what happened. Robert lies and covers for her, and says that he brought her in, as he needed the help on the caper. After Sean leaves he says that for the first time in his life he is something he has never been before, a man without honor, without integrity. He tells her that all he wants from her is a quick divorce and her promise that she will never attempt to see him again. She agrees and he walks out the door. Back to 1985, Robert tells Anna that Sean had the Swede executed for being the double agent when it was really Anna! He tells her this is what he has been carrying around with him all of these years. At the spa, Grant gets into JL's locker and makes an impression of his key. He then encourages Lorena to be nice to JL. Lorena goes to the locker room and talks to JL; she wants to be friends and tries to seduce him, but he refuses. At the dock, Grant is helping to move medical equipment. He borrows JL's forklift without asking. At the Q's, Stella hems Celia's dress. Eddy complains about all of the money that he is spending. Celia encourages Eddy to show some pride in JL; later he does tell JL how proud he is of him.

May 24 - Sean and Anna arrive at the Quartermaine party, Sean reminds Anna that they have to stick with Robert all night. Robert talks to a security guard and shows him the search warrant. He suggests if he wants to search undetected that he should wait till after 10:00. Robert enlists Holly's help. He tells her he has to be able to sneak out from the party undetected and he doesn't want Sean or Anna to know that he has left. He tells her he will need her to cover for him for about 40 minutes. At the party, Sean worries about where Robert and Holly are. Anna assures him that Celia is Holly's best friend and she wouldn't miss the party for the world. Holly asks Anna who she thinks is the best dancer between Robert and Sean. Anna lies and says that she has never danced with Robert. Sean pushes them together to dance and grabs Holly. As Robert dances with Anna, she asks if it reminds him of old times? He says he doesn't have the stomach for any more memories (guess that means we are done with the flashbacks). Robert suggests switching partners and takes Holly into his arms and they dance. He tells her he wants to do a dry run on his escape. As he and Holly head towards the door, Sean and Anna stop them and Sean suggests they switch partners again. They beg off and Holly offers to introduce Anna around. Sean declines intent on sticking to Robert. Anna and Holly stop in to talk to Frisco and Tanya, Frisco says that Tony doesn't remember anything in order to protect Tony. Anna asks Sean if he might be imagining things about Robert's suspicions? He says not tonight that Robert is definitely up to something. They are watching Robert and Holly from across the room. Robert asks Holly to kiss him passionately and then pull him outside. They sneak away behind the gatehouse. Sean drags Anna outside calling after him. Holly comes out with her dress half off and asks if they could give them a few minutes that they are a bit occupied. Anna is mortified at having interrupted them and drags Sean back inside. Holly comes in and grabs two glasses of champagne. Sean tries to tag along but she says that they are still enjoying a private moment and Robert is very thirsty. Alan stops Sean before he can pursue her and says that Lila would like a word with him and when she is done that he would like to talk to him about the hospital ship. Robert has made it into Sean's warehouse and searches through the crates and finds the jewels of the Aztec treasure.

May 27 - June 3, 1985:  5/27, 5/28, 5/29, 5/30, 5/31, 6/3 partial

May 27 - At Celia's engagement party, Derrick antagonizes Rick and Ginny, who collapses and is dizzy and tired. He later apologizes to Monica for creating a scene. Later Amanda gets onto Derrick: she won't have a scandal sullying the family name. Frisco gets drunk and makes a scene, obviously in still in love with Felicia and jealous that she came to the party with Kevin. JL asks Frisco to sing lady of my Heart, but he refuses. Kevin sees Teri and they both know each other from the past. He promises not to reveal her past to anyone. Sean tells Anna that Robert is a very smart man and he knows that they have been watching him. Sean doesn't believe that Robert is with Holly and that it is a ruse to give Robert time to get to the warehouse and back. Anna tells him he can't go and check, as Robert will definitely be suspicious of Sean checking up on him.  Robert calls the Quartermaine house and asks Stella to get a message to Holly to have her come to an out of the way phone and he will call her back. Sean overhears this and is sure Robert is not at the boathouse and he insists he is going to the warehouse to check it out. Anna thinks Robert is just ordering more champagne from the boathouse and doesn't seem at all concerned. Sean tries dragging her out of there, Anna insists on saying goodbye and then she pulls away from him, falls towards a table and her hair catches on fire! The flame is put out but in the process her scar is revealed. She is humiliated and tells them she just wants to go home, and begs Sean to take her home. Sean arrives at the warehouse to look around, talk to his security guard. Meanwhile, Robert is planting a bug in his office. Sean enters his office and Robert hides under the desk and is not detected (didn't Sean used to be the director of the WSB?). Robert returns home, Holly is worried about him. She comments that he isn't eating and he isn't sleeping that whatever is going on is tearing him up inside. He tells her he will be locked up inside the communications room for the next couple of days, incommunicado from everyone. She wants him to tell Burt that he is sick with the flu. He asks her if she would mind if he wasn't police commissioner? He asks her to remember their pact about not discussing things from the past. Burt stops by and she tells him that Robert has a terrible case of the flu. 

May 28 - Rick and Ginny arrive home from the party. Ginny is still not feeling well and Rick is upset about the scene Derrick created. Rick: Are you pregnant? She replies that she would like nothing better than to give him a child. They argue and Rick ends up sleeping in the guest room. The next day, they discuss her possible pregnancy. He is quite cruel to her and is even more livid when he finds out that she has not been on the pill. He leaves, goes to GH, where he talks to Bobbie and Jake about Derrick pursuing custody of Mike.  Frisco, Felicia, Tania and Kevin all arrive back at Tania and Tony's after the party. A very drunk Frisco is determined to continue with the party. He and Felicia dance and flirt, but later, still drunk, he chides her for being a princess. Felicia throws her ring at him and runs out of the apartment. Next morning Tania wakes up a very hungover Frisco, who remembers his cruel treatment of Felicia and that he made a total fool of himself. Tony says Tania's name!! and tells Frisco and Tania that he loves them. He asks to see Felicia. Sean arrives the next morning to see Robert. Holly tells him that Robert is quite ill and is very contagious with a high fever and she doesn't want him disturbed. He comments that it came on rather suddenly but she says he has seemed rather run down lately. She asks Sean if he has noticed it? He turns it back to her and asks what she thinks it is? She doesn't say too much and changes the subject; Sean realizing he isn't going to get any information finally leaves. In Brazil, Slater is looking for Peter.

May 29 - At the apartment, Tania, Tony and Frisco have lunch. Felicia comes by and Tony tries to remember the day he was shot, but he can't speak the words. Frisco and Felicia leave to get Scorpio. Robert's bug of Sean's office comes in handy as he is able to overhear Sean and Sam discuss their entire plan, where the jewels will be stored, and all the details of their operation. Sam is still worried about the threat that Tony poses as he continues to recover, Sean acknowledges he knows how great that threat is. Anna comes in and she discusses the plans with Sam as well so Robert has proof that they are both in on the stolen jewels together. Slater calls Sam but will only talk to Sean. After Sam hangs up he says to Anna that he is sure that Slater is headed back to Port Charles. Robert puts out an alert to Brazilian authorities to put a special watch out for Slater trying to exit the country. Robert heads to the office, still refusing to tell the worried and puzzled Holly anything about what is going on. Robert tries to give Burt a heads up that trouble is brewing and Robert may be forced to resign after midnight Friday if Robert is still alive! Burt demands to know what is going on! He is interrupted as Frisco and Felicia arrive to fill Robert in on Tony's recovering his memories. Frisco is sure that Tony is remembering something about his shooting and he wants to talk about it. Robert rushes out with them, as he wants to talk to Tony right away. Robert talks to Tony privately and he stumbles out the words that Peter told him that Sean has the treasure. Robert wants to know if Sean was with Slater when he shot Tony? He says no, just one man, Slater. Robert seems relieved to know at least that Sean wasn't involved in shooting Tony. Robert promises he will get Slater, he says he can't arrest Sean until he knows if he told Slater to shoot Tony. He asks Tony not to discuss this with anyone as it is police business and he promises Tony he will be safe that Robert won't allow anyone to get to him. On his way out, Robert tells Frisco, Felicia, and Tanya not to question Tony about any of this. Felicia says she would like to know who she can trust? But Robert won't divulge any information.
     After the girls leave, Frisco questions Robert about what he found out from Tony as he wants to help Robert go after them. Frisco says with all of the secrecy it must be big! Robert does not want Frisco involved as he doesn't want to have look after Frisco and yells at him to stay the hell out of this. Sean stops by to see Robert and there is a lot of double talk between them as Holly picks up on the undercurrents between them. Sean goes back to his office just in time for Slater's call. When Slater mentions Tony, Sean orders him to stay away from Tony Jones! Slater tries to blackmail Sean by saying that if he doesn't get what he wants that he will lie and tell Scorpio that Sean ordered the hit on Tony. Sean responds that is one lie that Robert will never believe. Sean threatens that if Slater comes within 10 miles of Port Charles he is a dead man. Robert exits the communications room and tells Holly that his seclusion is over that he has found out what he needed to know and now its time for him to make his plan. Back at the apartment, Frisco apologizes to Felicia and then tells her he plans to go after the treasure. He doesn't like the way Scorpio is handling the situation. She is worried for him and it is quite obvious that the two are still in love with each other. At GH, Rick and Ginny await the results of her pregnancy test. She finds out that she is pregnant, but tells Rick very loudly (in the lobby of the hospital) that she can take care of herself and this baby. Monica drags Rick away and lets him have it. She knows that he was devastated when he discovered Alan Jr was Alan's son and not his. Rick admits that he is angry because Ginny's baby should be his and this doubt about who the father is should not exist. Monica encourages him to put the child's needs first. Later Monica visits Ginny and encourages her to fight for Rick. 

May 30 - At the shipping company, Anna and Sean are pushing to get the ship ready to leave; Sean tells Anna that he is glad to have her on this project. Anna and Sean go to GH. Anna compliments Sean on his ability to put together an operation. At the Scorpio's, The professor from Mexico arrives and Robert shows him Sean's picture and he identifies him as the man he found in the Aztec crypt. The professor notices that Robert doesn't seem too happy with this positive ID. The professor is surprised that Robert suspects Sean of being involved in possibly stealing a treasure as Sean is well respected in Mexico as a protector of artifacts. Robert brokers a deal that if there is such a treasure if the Mexican government would accept the return of it with no questions asked? The professor agrees that the government would be very happy to receive a treasure. Robert questions Frisco and Felicia about their memories of Mexico and they remember seeing a helicopter. Robert does some research and finds out that Slater was a helicopter pilot and the puzzle all fits together of why Sean hired Slater. Robert calls and arranges a meeting with Sean and Anna for tonight at 7:00. Sean tries to get out of it, as they are busy with loading the medical ship, Robert says it has to be tonight!  Before he leaves, he gives Burt a stack of letters. He tells Burt if he hasn't heard from him by midnight that he is to give the letter of his resignation to Lee Baldwin, and to get the letter to Valentine at the WSB immediately, and then one final letter for Holly. Burt realizes that Robert is involved in something very dangerous and he insists on going with him but Robert ignores his request.  At Kelly's, Frisco tries to return Felicia's ring that she left at Tony's, but she doesn't want it. He reminds her that there were some good times associated with the ring. Felicia unsuccessfully tries to dissuade Frisco from taking a job at the docks, but he believes that what is happening at the docks is directly related to the treasure.  In Brazil, Slater tries to arrange to meet with Peter. He wants both of them to return to NYC. He dons an curly blonde wig, buys a plane ticket and arranges to meet Peter at the plane. At GH, Grant and Alan are excited because the medical ship is scheduled to leave the following day. JL admits that he is jealous of Alan's new business venture. Alan tells JL that Grant used his forklift; he is furious and he and grant have it out.

May 31 - Holly stops by the PD to give Robert a ride home and he refuses saying he has a very boring budget meeting. He kisses her goodbye. Robert and Anna both take a moment to walk down the docks, not seeing each other, both stand mournfully thinking of their past (no flashbacks) as their song plays. Anna returns to Sean's office and says she has let go of what she was hoping for when she returned to Port Charles; she seems to have let go of her hopes for having a relationship with Robert. Anna wants Sean's assurances that he won't hurt Robert. Sean tells her that he will not hurt Robert and is indignant that she even has to ask. Anna threatens that if Robert is harmed that she promises him that ship will not leave Port Charles! Robert meets with Sean and Anna and takes them to the warehouse storage bay. He tells Sean he just wants to know why Sean did it? Realizing that Robert knows everything, he tells him that he was sitting alone in his Paris office, he was bored, Robert was gone, Anna was gone and he was alone. Robert doesn't accept that as a valid excuse for stealing the treasure. Sean said it was for the challenge, the adventure. Robert says that they are all traitors and he tells Sean that he and Anna have betrayed Sean as well. Sean doesn't understand how? Robert surmises that Anna never told him the truth. Anna admits that her and Robert were married and that they both betrayed Sean. Robert tells Sean that Anna was the double agent and that he betrayed Sean when he covered it up. Sean growls that he had the Swede killed because he thought she was the double agent. Robert says he didn't turn Anna in as he was protecting the woman he loved. Robert says all three of them are traitors to each other and to themselves. Sean wants to know where they go from here? Robert says from tonight they will go their separate ways and will never be together. Sean wants to know what happens to the treasure? Robert says it will go back to Mexico but Sean won't have to go to prison for the theft. Robert does tell them that if Slater goes anywhere near Tony that Robert will get him and if the three of them have to go down in order for Robert to get Slater and protect Tony then that is what will happen so he suggests that Sean keep Slater away from Tony. Robert goes to the crate to retrieve the treasure but it is gone! Also at the warehouse, Frisco is determined to find the treasure, but he can't find anything. Later, he asks Felicia to come with him to Tony's.  (Tony has bought flowers for Tania; after telling him that he loves her, he and Tania talk about Frisco and Felicia's love for each other.) When Felicia comes by to see Tony, He tells her that he now remembers what happens, but that he forgives her. She breaks down.  In Brazil, Slater finds out that Peter is dead, but his brother Prescott flies to PC with Slater.

June 3 - partial episode continued on next dvd - Robert, Anna and Sean are genuinely shocked and turn on each other, each accusing the other of moving the treasure. Robert tells them about the letters he left with Burt. Robert searches the warehouse and finds a bug that neither Anna nor Sean put there. Robert says he is going to search the entire warehouse, Sean argues not without a search warrant he won't! Robert declares they are way past a search warrant. They continue to suspect each other of having moved the treasure. Holly is extremely worried; Celia comes by and tries to encourage her. At the Webbers, Rick comes home to change clothes and tells Ginny that he is off to New Orleans. Also, he still intends to stay overnight at GH. Ginny begs him to talk to her. He doesn't know what he wants; he feels like he has lost everything!

June 3-10, 1985:  6/3 partial, 6/4, 6/5, 6/6, 6/7, 6/10 partial

June 3 - partial episode continued from next dvd - Burt stops by to try to reassure Holly but she can tell he has that same worried look in his eyes. She is concerned that he doesn't know what Robert is doing either. Robert calls Rick Webber and asks him to quarantine the ship. He tells him that some of the medical supply containers have been opened and asks if that would be enough reason to place the quarantine. Rick agrees to do so saying that equipment is supposed to be sterile. Sean returns to his office and tells Sam that he doesn't want to have anything further to do with Anna the traitor. Sam makes a snarky comment about Sean's judgment between Slater, Peter, and now Anna. Sam accuses Sean of taking it, and Sean says for all he knows that Sam has it, or Anna or Robert. Robert tells Sean that the warehouse and the ship have been quarantined until he finds the treasure. Holly is thrilled when Robert returns home safely, but she is tired of him playing secret agent games and wants some answers tonight! He tells her that he has already told her as much as he can divulge at this time. He tells her that this will be over soon one way or the other; Holly doesn't like the sound of that. He also warns her that he thinks it will be a get a lot uglier before it is over.  A breathless Anna comes into Sean's office and tells him that there are police all over the waterfront. Sean is still accusing her of stealing the jewels. She tells him to quit playing this game and give the jewels to Robert and give it up, as this whole thing is still salvageable. Sean tells her he will find the treasure whether she has it, or Robert has it or anyone else. Holly and Celia go to the spa to check up on JL. He comes out in very short shorts (even though the spa is closed!) Lorena gives Celia a hard time, telling her that JL will have to get used to having just one woman. JL tries to explain that forced celibacy made him come in for a workout. At the Webbers, Rick tries to explain to Ginny that he has never had a child of his own and that he needs his own child; Ginny doesn't believe that he wants her with the baby.

June 4 - Once they see how many police officers Robert has assigned to the dock area, the ship, Sean's warehouse, Sean and Anna both agree that Robert doesn't have the treasure. Sean continues to accuse her and says that anyone capable of betraying their country is capable of shafting their business partner. Anna tells Sean that if they can't trust each other they can't continue their partnership. They both agree to dissolve the partnership though Anna says she is staying in town to pursue the game, she still think he has the treasure or knows who does and she isn't giving up on retrieving it. At Tania and Tony's, Frisco's upcoming birthday is discussed. They plan a surprise party for him. They invite Felicia to lunch to help plan the party. Alan and grant are furious about Robert placing the ship in Quarantine. They try to see Rick (but he is in New Orleans) and Lee (who is away at a convention.) At Kelly's, Frisco tells Felicia that his suspicions about Donely are correct; the medical ship is quarantined! Felicia doesn't share his suspicions. She wants him to leave it up to Robert. They go to see Donely and ask him why the ship is quarantined.  Sean asks Frisco and Felicia to oversee the moving of the Aztec princess portrait to the penthouse. They talk over old times, his inability to forgive her. Later he tells her that he doesn't hold Tony's shooting against her, but that is as far as he can go. Bobbie, Teri and Jake talk about the brownstone. Kevin comes by and asks about renting. Teri is not thrilled by the idea.  Felicia is also interested. Later, Jake takes Bobbie down into the basement of the Brownstone an shows her the stained glass window (which much to her delight is broken) as well as the large crates of medical equipment that grant has stored down there. They end up dancing together. Prescott and Slater arrive in PC. Slater tells him that the treasure is in bay C or aboard the ship. Prescott orders Slater to not make a move without asking and takes his gun from him.

June 5 - At the Webbers, Rick comes home; Mike is not happy that Rick is gone so much; he wants to know why. Ginny tells Rick that she has a doctor's appointment and they discuss when to tell Mike about the baby. She doesn't want Mike to resent them later for not telling him the truth. Ginny goes to GH. Monica wishes her and Rick the best. She is routing for both of them. Later at home, Ginny tells Mike about the baby; he is thrilled and wants them to go out as a family and celebrate. Robert finds Anna searching one of the storage bays, and he tells her she is wasting her time that there is nothing in there. Anna demands that he listen to her that she wants to tell him something he doesn't know. He scoffs at anything she could say to him, that he would even believe anything she would say. She cries that he looks at her so cold and hard and she will have to leave the rest of her life with how he is looking at her now, with the memory of the look in his eyes. She tells him that her marriage vows to love him and be faithful to him were real and she hasn't broken those vows. She begs him to listen to her about their past. She tells him about her past, about what led her to making the choices that she did. She tells him that being a double agent was about the ultimate adventure until she met him. She thought she was alive and living until that moment and when she met him she realized it was all just a pretense, that he changed all that for her. He didn't realize he had done all of that for her, and he is actually listening. She tells him that the DVX wouldn't let her go, that they demanded she do that final assignment and if she didn't they would have killed Robert. He doesn't believe this and chalks it up to another of her lies. She walks away from him crying as there song plays; he starts to follow her, then stops and turns around. Robert goes to Sean and tries to get him to turn over the treasure or he is going to set into motion a chain reaction of events. Robert threatens that he is about ready to resign from his job and turn over the investigation to Valentine and the WSB. He asks Sean to give up the game. Sean insists there is no game.
     Anna stands silently, sadly, on a foggy pier lost in her thoughts. Anna tells him she can't stand the look in his eyes any longer and she wants to leave town and does she have his permission? He tells her that she can't leave town until he finds the treasure. She is looking for, hoping for just a little bit of kindness from Robert. He says, "If only I could manage it." He turns to go but can't quite leave her there and says he doesn't like the idea of leaving her down on the docks alone. Knowing how well she can take care of herself, she sarcastically says, "Please!" (as if). He then says maybe there are things for them to talk about and invites her to dinner. She is beyond surprised and says after everything he has said she can't imagine why he would want to have dinner with her? He tells her to chalk it up to protective custody. They both head home to get cleaned up and he says he will pick her up later. Robert is on his way out the door; Holly comes in with groceries for dinner. He tells her that he has to go out on police business, more of the case he has been working on. Holly tells him how hard this has been for her, not knowing anything he is involved with, not knowing what is going to happen, constantly worried about him. He tells her how sorry he is, then Celia arrives and he scoots out the door. Anna tries to get him to understand about her past actions and he asks her if she really believes he is going to feel compassion for her? She tells him every time he comes into her life he turns it upside down whether it was seven years ago or seven weeks ago. He asks her if she thinks he has enjoyed reliving the past again? She comments that she didn't think he had even been touched by it. He just doesn't understand why she choose to become a double agent, and nothing she has said has made him believe that her last assignment was done to save his life. She points out that she has the scars to prove it. He gets annoyed and says that this dinner was a big mistake

June 6 - At the studio, Derrick finds out that Ginny is 3 months pregnant and confronts her; he reminds her of the plans they made. He wants her and the baby or he is going for custody of Mike. Ginny goes to GH and begs Rick for help. Meanwhile, Bobbie talks to Jake and tells him that she is going to do some detective work for Rick. She intends to pump Amanda Barrington for information. She goes to the spa and succeeds, getting Amanda to show her a two year old photo of Derrick which doesn't look anything like Mike. Later, at the Rib, Rick tells Jake and Bobbie about Derrick's threats toward Ginny and Bobbie tells them about the picture. Jake and Bobbie suggests that Rick straighten out his relationship with Ginny. Later Rick talks to Ginny, telling her about the picture and also that legally the baby she is carrying is his as long as they are married when the baby is born. He needs to know that she is loyal to him. At the studio, Felicia and Frisco argue about Sean's involvement in Tony's shooting. Felicia decides to test Sean, wanting to prove that he is innocent. She goes to see Sean and invites him to dinner at the Rib. He drinks a lot and ends up asking her to move to Mexico with him. This convinces her that Frisco is at least right about Sean's intentions toward her being less than honorable.

June 7 - Holly wakes up to find a note that Robert has gone out of town on business. Celia arrives and Holly shares her concerns about Robert's secrets. Celia understands about living with someone who has been a spy and all of the secrets. She warns Holly that secrets can destroy her marriage. Holly uses Robert's computer to do a background search on Anna. Robert tracks down and meets with the DVX agent that Robert worked for. He confirms Anna's story that Anna tried to get out of doing the last assignment but they threatened her with Robert's death if she failed to complete it. Robert arranges to meet with Anna and tells her that he now knows the truth and why didn't she tell him that when she was in the hospital, or before that night of what was going on. She says he wouldn't have believed her if she had told him and there still would have been the problem of her being the double agent. She tells him that marrying him was the surest thing she ever did in her whole life, that she never doubted how much she loved him. She reminds him though that it's too late now as he has another wife and he should go home to her before they both say things they shouldn't. She encourages him to tell Holly the truth; he says he doesn't know if he can. Anna admits that it did hurt her to learn he had remarried, as she never thought he would remarry. He agrees that he never thought he would have married again but his marriage started out as a marriage of convenience though he has grown to love Holly very much. She says that her marriage to him was sacred that she has never loved another man or wanted another marriage. She asks him if he loved her the same way and he tells her, "You know that I did." They flashback again to their wedding. She apologizes that she lied to him about Sean and the treasure. She says that after they find the treasure that she will leave Port Charles and leave him to his life. She offers to help him find the treasure and find the man who shot Tony, they agree to work together just like old times. He says they can work together but it won't be like old times. She says no just as friends, and they agree to be partners. He tells her that he is sorry about the scar. He tells her that it is important that he gets the treasure back, that he has kept so much from Holly lately and he can't continue lying to her. At Kelly's, Frisco surmises that something is going on with Scorpio and Sean. He believes that Robert is protecting Sean. Frisco pledges his friendship to Felicia and she agrees to help him discover if Donely is up to something and discover who shot Tony. At GH, Bobbie and Rick talk after surgery. Rick tells Bobbie that he has a lot of sympathy for Derrick and feels guilty that Derrick is not with his biological son. Bobbie encourages him to fight for Mike. Later, Jake assures Rick that as long as he and Ginny remain together, Derrick doesn't have a legal leg to stand on. Rick goes to see Derrick; when derrick brings up the baby, Rick decks him! Afterwards, he runs into Ginny who is clearing out her desk. She has quit her job in order to show Rick that she is loyal to him.

June 10 - partial episode continued on the next dvd - Robert finally arrives home and tells Holly that he wants to tell her the truth about the past and answer all of her questions. He asks her to remember that he loves her. She knows that the secret has something to do with Sean. He agrees and tells her that he will never be friends with Sean again. She is saddened that he is ending his friendship with Sean. The phone rings and it is Tanya and she says that Tony is agitated and he needs to see him right away, that it is urgent. Holly is beyond frustrated when he leaves without the answers she is so desperate for. She calls Anna and leaves her a message that she needs to talk to her today! Robert updates Tony and tells him the hospital ship hasn't sailed, that he found the treasure but it has disappeared again. He tells him he needs more time but he promises to get Sean and Slater. Anna and Holly meet at the docks, in very foggy weather. Anna comments on Holly's strange mood as she starts asking Anna questions. Holly says it wasn't easy for her to ask Anna to meet with her. Anna is surprised by this and asks why as she they are friends. Holly says sometimes she thinks they are but not always, just a feeling she has, perhaps because Anna has known Robert longer. Anna asks if that is why they are there, to talk about the past? Holly asks if there is anything she should know? Anna nervously asks if Robert knows they are talking like this? Holly regrets dragging Anna into this and says Robert wouldn't like her questioning Anna, that this is personal business. Anna misunderstands and tells Holly that she doesn't mean anything to Robert. The look on Holly's face as she says, "I never thought you did." but now obviously is starting to rethink that with this statement of denial. Holly tells her that she doesn't really trust her as when Anna showed up on her doorstep, Holly welcomed her and Anna lied to her and Holly demands to know why! At Kelly's, Grant and Celia talk and he asks her to help him decorate his new studio apartment at the Brownstone. Bobbie, Rick and Jake are also talking. Derrick wants to dig up some dirt on Derrick so that they have ammunition if they ever go to court. At the docks, Slater and Precsott manage to slip aboard the ship.

June 10-17, 1985:  6/10 partial, 6/11, 6/12, 6/13, 6/14, 6/17

June 10 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Anna wants to know why Holly wants to know about the past. Holly says that what is bothering Robert is important to her but she will ask him about it. Anna is curious if Robert seems bothered by the past? Anna advises her not to delve into past, and to just be happy with what she has now as Robert loves her and she advises her to let that be enough. Anna and Robert meet at Kelly's and she tells him about Holly's questions. She assures him that she didn't tell Holly anything that is his place to do. He tells her he started to tell her about Sean that morning but they were interrupted. She asks him if he is going to tell her about Anna? He says he has to find the treasure first and will deal with that question after he finds the treasure. He tells her now that he knows that she acted to save his life seven years ago and that he needs sometime to make up his bad behavior towards her. He then begins detailing his plan to break into Sean's penthouse. Holly meets with Celia, she is so sad, so scared about what she is going to find out about the past. Celia assures her that her and Robert's love can survive anything. Holly isn't so sure and fears that whatever is in the past is so terrible that it will overwhelm them. At the Brownstone, Celia is helping Grant decorate. JL is jealous. Jake and Bobbie look at Brownstone plans and argue about his making all of the decision about the Brownstone. At the ship, Saura and Morgan discuss plans to move the treasure and agree to keep a tight watch on the ship. Slater and Prescott inspect the ship and discuss their plans to take the treasure from Donely.

June 11 - At the Webbers, Ginny and Rick talk; she wants the two of them to stop allowing Derrick to manipulate them. She needs his forgiveness. Rick wants them stay together without any promise of the future. Ginny goes to see Derrick and informs him that legally her baby belongs to Rick and if Derrick comes after Rick, she will leave and the baby and Mike with Rick and leave town. Derrick hires a private investigators to dig up info on Rick. Frisco agrees to look for an apartment to share with Tony and Tania. At Kelly's, Felicia has a plan; she believes that Sean is in love with her and she can get into the penthouse by getting a dinner invitation from Sean. She can then rig the door so that later she and Frisco can sneak into the penthouse. Frisco is worried about the plan and worried about Felicia. In her room, he cautions her about how she can kiss Sean and demonstrates the difference between a friendly kiss and a passionate kiss. They end up kissing passionately. Sean calls Morgan and Saura; they are still looking for the treasure. Morgan and Saura speculate that Sean and Anna have stolen the treasure.

June 12 - Frisco goes to the Penthouse with Felicia (she has her date with Sean.) He hides and waits for her. Felicia flirts with Donely. After dinner, Sean tells her about an Aztec crown that was rumored to be a part of the treasure. He has a fantasy about owning that crown. As she leaves, places a piece of tape over the door lock so that she and Frisco and she can sneak back in. She then runs into Frisco's arms, scared over the whole scenario. They then sneak back into the penthouse. Robert returns home ready to talk to Holly. She is not cooperative and puts him off that this isn't a convenient time for her! Later, Robert and Anna being their new adventures, they stake out Sean's apartment and rappel up the terraces to Sean's penthouse. As Robert and Anna enter, Felicia and Frisco hide (they had snuck in through the front door). Sean catches Robert and Anna in their cat burglar outfits and he throws them out and tells them they are lucky he didn't shoot them. After they leave, Sean goes to the safe that they were trying to break into and opens it revealing a very larger piece of the Aztec treasure (looks like an ancient jeweled headdress). He closes the safe, satisfied that his treasure is safe. Frisco has watched as he opened the safe and memorized the combination. After Sean goes back up to bed, Frisco opens the safe and takes the headdress.
     Frisco tells Felicia that he can't trust Robert as why didn't Robert arrest Sean? What is Robert involved in? Frisco suspects that Robert is somehow involved in all of this and that Felicia is the only person he can trust. They agree that they have to find some place else to hide the treasure. Felicia starts to put together all of Sean's lies to her that enabled him to steal the treasure, including having her and Frisco kidnapped! Frisco advises her to assume the worst about Robert, that he is Sean's friend and he might be willing to cover this all up. Frisco is determined to do whatever he has to in order to protect Tony. Robert and Anna go back to Kelly's, he tells her that when this is all over both he and Sean might wind up in prison, Robert for withholding information from the authorities. Anna says she is part of this as well, and he suddenly gallant says she has suffered enough obviously intent on protecting her from the fallout of this situation. Holly and Celia walk in as Anna is leaving and Holly is NOT happy to find her husband once again in Anna's company. Robert and Holly arrive home and Robert tells her that with what he has recently found out that he can't go into the background of it all now. He does tell her that Anna was an agent for the WSB. Holly doesn't really care about the details, as what is the truth today might be a lie tomorrow. He assures her she doesn't have anything to worry about Anna; she insists that she isn't jealous of Anna Devane. She is scared of what is happening between them, that he is just going through the motions, that she is afraid of losing him, maybe she has already lost him. She cries, "Why?" He tells her he can't tell her till after this job is over. She doesn't understand why he won't tell her, why he is letting this happen to them?    

June 13 - At the Webbers, Ginny asks for reassurance about what will happen to their marriage once the baby is born. When Rick can't give that to her, she tells him that she will arrange to leave once the baby is born and she will leave the baby and Mike with Rick. Rick tells her he needs time, but she can't run; he knows that she is loyal to him . She promises not to see Derrick, after Rick leaves, Frisco and Briam come by and remind Ginny of her commitment to host a telethon for underpriviledged children. They convince her to do a radio advertisement. She doesn't know it, but Derrick has arranged to so the radio spot with her. When Rick hears the radio spot, he is furious and angrily confronts Ginny, believing her to be a liar.  Tony and Tania discuss the upcoming party for Frisco's birthday. Frisco comes by Felicia's room at Kelly's. They put together all of the lies that Donely has told. Felicia feels like a fool. He used her like a puppet on a string. They both realize that they have to find enough evidence to get Donely.

June 14 - On the ship, Slater and Prescott search for the treasure. They discover that the treasure is gone and decide to head back to PC. At Kelly's, Frisco and Felicia research to determine if the crown is part of the treasure. They find a match. Frisco believes that Scorpio is involved in the treasure stealing. They decide to hide the jewels. Holly arrives to see Sean and asks him for information about Anna. She wants to know about Anna's relationship with Robert and tells him she knows that Anna was an agent. Sean admits that they were partners once and worked together on a case. When Anna comes into Robert's office, he notices her wedding ring on a necklace around her neck. She wants to know what his next plan is for getting into Sean's penthouse. Robert tells her he is getting a search warrant. She wants to go with him but he doesn't like the idea as it is too dangerous and doesn't want her at risk. She insists that he knows she can take care of herself and if things get sticky she wants to be there to help out. He finally grudging agrees to accept her help. He also tells her that he is searching the rest of the waterfront. He believes Sean would only have been able to store a few pieces in his home safe and the rest can't be too far from the ship. Robert arrives with his search warrant and Sean tells Robert that he is done with his magnificent obsession with the Aztec treasure. He tells Robert that he kept three pieces of the treasure and wait till Robert sees the Aztec crown. Sean opens his safe and is astonished to find it empty! Robert is tired of Sean jerking him around and sees this as just another lie, he tells Sean that he has done nothing but lie to him for weeks. Robert warns him he is about done with Sean and ready to turn the whole mess over the Valentine.
     Anna is desperate to get Sean to cooperate to save her own future. Robert goes to search the rest of the penthouse while Anna demands that he turn over the treasure or he will ruin all of their lives! He insists that he doesn't have it and can't turn it over. Robert overhears Anna beseeching Sean to stop this madness if for nothing else than to protect Robert and Holly. Meanwhile, Frisco and Felicia hide the treasure in the basement in some crates but while they think it is safe someone is watching them. After they leave, a mysterious figure examines the treasure.  Robert tells Anna that she might want to rethink leaving Port Charles. He continues that he is going to tell Holly the whole story before he does anything else, Anna agrees as she knows how hard it has been for him to keep the secret. Anna encourages him to hold onto Holly as he has something really good with her and Holly loves him very much. She suggests that he not be too blunt and be careful about how he tells her. Sam calls Sean from Panama and tells him he spotted Slater as a crewmember on the ship. Sean instructs him to keep an eye on Slater, as he might know where the treasure is. After he gets off the phone, Sean wants to know if she is going to run? She says no that they are in this together. She asks him again to give up the treasure and asks him it if is more important to him than Robert and Holly's marriage? Robert arrives home; Holly has a martini waiting for him. Holly intends on pampering him with dinner, drinks, and romance. He tells her its time for truth and that is more important right now than romance. Holly admits to him that she went behind his back and asked Sean about his history with Anna and Sean told her that Anna was his partner. He stops her from apologizing and tells her that Anna wasn't only his partner, she was his wife!

June 17 - At Kelly's, Frisco and Felicia discuss the jewels. They will use the jewels as bait to find the rest of the treasure. They also talk to Bobbie about an apartment at the Brownstone. Later Felicia is worried that Frisco could get hurt; she tries to change his mind. Frisco and josh get the jewels from the Brownstone and go to the studio. Josh agrees to help Frisco by going on Teen time and lying about where the jewels came from. At GH, Grant tells Monica that he will get Celia back with a financial windfall. Grant and Alan find out that the medical ship sales were more than expected; they are thrilled. A party is organized in the hospital cafeteria to celebrate. At the studio, Ginny helps Brian organize the telethon. She finds out that Derrick manipulated his way into doing the radio spot with her. Ginny goes to the party at the GH cafeteria. She first asks Bobbie to agree to a truce, at least when they are in public. Bobbie agrees and the two shake hands. Ginny then explains to Rick about Derrick's manipulation. He apologizes for yelling at her. At the Scorpios, after Robert finally admits to Holly that Anna was his wife. Holly pulls away from him and tells him not to touch her not after having said that! Holly is hurt, betrayed, she doesn't understand why he didn't tell her the truth when his ex-wife showed up on their doorstep. He points out she has things in her past but she argues that they never affected their marriage. She reminds him that he knew all about Luke. She asks him if he loved Anna and when she realizes he did, she pulls away from him and won't let him touch her. He continues with his story of Anna's betrayal, her life as a double agent, and the Swede's murder. Holly tells him he has thrown away their marriage, that their marriage certificate is worthless. She cries that she respected and admired him so much and the man she married could never have done this! He tells her that Sean stole the Aztec treasure and that Anna is involved. Holly asks if Robert loved Anna as much as he loved her? He responds in a different way. Holly leaves to get some air and asks Robert not to be there when she gets back or she will check into a hotel. Robert finds Holly down on the docks, he continues to try to explain. She cries that you don't keep secrets from someone you love. He reminds her that he did finally tell her but she says it's too late. He tries to discount the importance of him having been in love before that what is important is their marriage.

June 18-25, 1985:  6/18, 6/19, 6/20, 6/21, 6/24, 6/25 partial episode

June 18 - Slater and Prescott arrive back in PC. Prescott orders Slater to stay put while he gets a job at the warehouse and tails Anna.  Sean asks Anna to resume their partnership as he suggests that if neither her nor Robert have the treasure then there must be a fourth person involved an they should team up and work together. Anna is very suspicious and doesn't believe him at all. Prescott tricks Anna and Sean into leaving the office so that he can program Sean's computer to read that Slater is dead. Sean and Anna both get a message to meet someone about the treasure, they both arrive to find they have been set up to get out of the office. They rush back but don't find anything out of place or missing. Sean suspects Robert but Anna says that Robert is busy with personal matters and tells him about Robert telling Holly about their past relationship. Sam calls and says that Slater was seen in a bar in Panama (interesting considering he is now back in Port Charles). Sean does a computer search on Slater and it is reported that he was killed last night in a bar fight in Panama (Presott's trick). At the studio, Josh and Frisco discuss their plan. Josh is worried that somebody might come after him; he ultimately agrees and he and Frisco go on the air.  Derrick asks Brett Madison to be his attorney; Brett indicates that he can't unless Ginny agrees. Otherwise, it would be a conflict of interest. At GH, Jake reports to Rick that he has come up with some dirt on Derrick, but Rick decides that he doesn't want to fight dirty.

June 19 - Anna runs into Robert down on the docks and she notices how upset he is. He tells her that he told Holly everything and didn't spare her any information. When Anna gets back to the office, she tells Sean about Holly and Robert separating. Sean isn't overly concerned and even suggests that perhaps the separation is faked and that Robert really does have the jewels and he will leave town and he and Holly will enjoy living the rest of their lives in luxury. A disbelieving Anna remarks that Holly would never be involved in such a scheme. Sean reminds her of Holly's past as a con artist. Robert arrives and Sean tells him of the report of Slater's death in Panama. Robert insists of getting the report directly and then comments how odd it is since there was no update on Slater on his computer that morning. Anna follows Robert back to the docks and Anna tells him to stop trying to protect her and Sean. She advises him to get the treasure and then to get Holly back, that they have something very special. He is afraid things have gone too far for that.  Robert arrives home to find Holly's suitcase packed and a cab waiting to take her to the airport. She tells Robert that she is going to see Nanny in London. He asks her not to leave and she says that she has to, that it isn't just the big deception, its all of the little lies, that he didn't know Anna, that he was going to a business meeting but was actually having dinner with Anna, and he allowed Anna to lie to her about her scar being from a childhood accident. When he asks if she is coming back, she says she will for Celia's wedding. He clarifies is she coming back to him? She doesn't know but she is so sad, so hurt, so betrayed it doesn't look good for the future of the Scorpio's marriage (that combined with Emma Samms being off to do a miniseries or something at the time).  At Kelly's, the talk is about Frisco's birthday party. How do they keep Frisco occupied so that he doesn't find out? Ginny and Josh agree to keep him busy with telethon work. Brett Madison talks to Ginny about his representing Derrick in the custody fight and promises her that if she agrees to it, he will fight a clean fight.  At the Q's, Alan and Grant are celebrating their success. JL and Celia arrive and inform everyone that July 19th is their wedding date. Slater plans to kill Tony at Frisco's party.

June 20 - At Kelly's, everyone, including Felicia, pretends to not know that it is Frisco's birthday. After he leaves, the gang starts decorating for his surprise party. It's morning and a very sad Robert sits alone at his breakfast table. His solitude is interrupted by Frisco who wants him to check out security at the brownstone before Tony and Tanya are move in there. Meanwhile, Slater has heard about the surprise party at Kelly's that Tony is throwing for Frisco's birthday. He heads down there and Prescott tries to stop him but Slater knocks him out. Tony and Tania have a big day planned. They plan to go to GH, the party and the docks. They are free of worry as they believe that Slater is dead. Tony has a wonderful day. They even find out that they can move into the Brownstone. Meanwhile, Slater is following them. Frisco shows Felicia the tape that josh made on Teen Time about the scuba diver story and the jewels. He intends to use the jewels as bait to catch the thief; Felicia believes they should just go to the police.

June 21 - At GH, Ginny arrives; she wants to talk to Rick. Derrick will be at the party and she wants to make sure that Rick will be okay. They also talk about Brett Madison becoming Derrick's lawyer and Ginny gets upset about it. She laments always having to live down her past. Josh tries to keep Frisco occupied. They talk about the jewels and then run into Tony and Tania strolling around the docks. At Kelly's, Kevin talks to Teri. He tries to help her with the punch, but she doesn't want his help. She wants him to leave her alone. Everyone begins to arrive at the party. Derrick's presence makes Ginny nervous. Jake recommends that she let Brett represent Derrick.  Robert and Anna check out where the communiqu about Slater originated from and Robert is able to determine the message is a fake and begins to think it is possible that Sean sent the message so that security around Tony would relax, giving the perfect opportunity to take out a hit on him at the party. Anna doesn't think Sean is involved in attempting to murder Tony. She asks Robert to let her help him with this and when he hesitates she asks him to believe that she would never have anything to do with killing anyone. Robert says he believes her and agrees to her help. Robert and Anna head over to the party, Sean arrives at the same time. Frisco arrives and is very surprised as it is quite a party. Grant approaches Anna as he has recognized her as a former DVX agent. She is not thrilled to be recognized by him, he tells her he understands what it is like to not want to be reminded of that time in her life. They talk briefly about knowing each other then and what it was like working for the DVX. Frisco opens his presents, the cake is brought out and everyone sings to him. Tony has a surprise for Frisco as he slowly stands on his feet (this is the first time Frisco has seen him stand since he was shot).

June 24 - At Frisco's surprise party, Tony has a surprise for Frisco as he slowly stands on his feet (this is the first time Frisco has seen him stand since he was shot). An arm with a gun pointed comes through the door, the observant Robert orders everyone down and tackles Tony to the ground. Slater runs and Sean runs after him, with Robert and Anna close behind. Sean orders Slater to freeze, Slater turns and shoots and Sean returns fire killing Slater. Frisco is furious as Robert had told him Slater was in Brazil, he starts yelling at the incompetence of Robert and his police force. When Sean defends Robert, Frisco jumps all over him as well. Robert and Burt return to Kelly's to question the witnesses.  Meanwhile, Ginny has passed out at Kelly's and they have rushed her to the hospital. Rick, as well as Bobbie, is very good to Ginny; they help her remain calm so that she doesn't lose the baby. Derrick uses the opportunity to go talk to Mike and explain to him about his mom. At the Jones' apartment, Tony walks for Frisco!  Holly arrives at Nanny's and cries on her shoulder, she tells her about Robert's past with Anna. She confides that she is worried that Robert loved Anna more than he loves Holly. Robert calls to make sure that Holly is okay and they have a very stilted conversation about her flight. He does tell her that he misses her and he loves her. Robert goes to see Tony and make sure he is okay. Robert fills Tony in on everything going on with Sean and asks Tony how long is he willing to wait before going to the police with what he knows about Sean? Tony pretty much says as long as Robert needs. Frisco comes in and jumps all over Robert again. Tony defends Robert and points out that Robert saved his life tonight and he trusts Robert.

June 25 - Partial episode, continued on next dvd. At GH, Mike drops by wanting to see Ginny, but she isn't allowed any visitors. He is worried and tells Derrick that he believes that Ginny will lose the baby. Derrick calms him down and takes him home. Mike is still in the dumps. He runs away, blaming himself for Ginny losing the baby. Amy comes home and finds the note Mike left. Since she can't get in touch with Rick, she calls Derrick. At Kelly's, Frisco and Felicia talk as Prescott watches them. She worries that Frisco will be the next victim.  Prescott follows Frisco and Felicia around. They go to a bankruptcy sale at the old Pullman car and buy a shipwreck diorama for Ruby. Tony is having a difficult time. He felt helpless at kelly's; Tania is proud of him however. He is still upset about not being able to be a husband to her. At the Q, the talk is about the wedding of JL and Celia. Eddy is again complaining about Scorpio. Meanwhile, JL has trouble finding friends to be ushers at the wedding.

June 25 - July 3, 1985:  6/25 partial, 6/26, 6/27, 6/28, 7/1, 7/2, 7/3 partial

June 25 - partial episode continued from previous dvd - Alan and Monica come by to visit Tony and Tania, as do JL and Celia. They all celebrate Tony's life. Then JL and Celia go house hunting. At Kelly's, Frisco and Felicia bring the shipwreck diorama to Ruby, she loves and places it along the wall. Saying that it will be quite a conversation piece. At GH, Amy tells Rick that Mike has run away and that she called Derrick to try and find him. Rick is furious. Rick goes to Kelly's and has everyone looking for Mike, who finally shows up. Mike talks to Frisco, who manages to find out that Mike is upset about stealing money so that he could run away. He eventually convinces Mike to go home.

June 26 - At GH, Felicia worries about Frisco and asks him to back away from his plan. Prescott is following them. Frisco is out to prove that Scorpio is the same type of man that Sean is. He tries to calm her nerves. They end up having a nice moment together and he kisses her. Robert calls Holly to check up on her. Burt comes by; He and Anna find out that Slater was shot by 2 different bullets. Sean also finds out this info. Josh is excited about the show. Robert gets an anonymous call that he should watch Frisco's show that day. Prescott shows up at Sean's and tells him that Felicia is very worried about Frisco's show that day. Sean is ticked that Prescott is risking showing up at Sean's as if anyone links them together their whole operation is blown. Frisco shows a pendant from the Aztec treasure and says a scuba diving brought it in that he found it in the harbor and asks for information about the rightful owner and alludes to more items in the treasure (his plan is to smoke out the treasure hunter). Robert and Anna immediately head over the TV station to question Frisco and Robert demands he hands over the items he has from the treasure. Frisco denies having any other pieces. Robert tells Frisco that he is in over his head. After they leave. Felicia urges Frisco to turn over the treasure to Robert. Frisco doesn't trust either Sean or Robert and thinks that Slater's shooting was a setup. Sean is furious as he recognizes the pendant and realizes that Frisco had something to do with stealing the treasure from his safe.  Robert tells Anna that he is going to get divers in the river to search for the river as he has to find that treasure. Frisco's show has heightened the search for the treasure and put him at great risk as who knows how Sean will react. Robert is not suspicious about the circumstances of Slater's death. Mike and Rick go to Kelly's and Mike tells him that he stole money so that he could run away. Rick tells him that he will have to work to earn the money to pay Derrick back.

June 27 - Tony is upset; he wants to see his doctor and he refuses to talk to anyone about what is bothering him. His doctor comes by and tells Tony that everything is normal, but he is upset that he can't be a real husband to Tania. He finally talks to Frisco and the two brothers share a very tender brotherly moment. At Kelly's Felicia is nervously toting around her bag of jewels, afraid of storing them anywhere.  Sean has Prescott searching the waterfront for the missing treasure. He surmises that it is hidden somewhere along the waterfront, possibly in Bobbie's new brownstone. At the Brownstone, Kevin and Teri argue about the past. Sean comes by under the guise of helping the Bobbie move. They all head over to Kelly's where Sean hears Felicia talking about having 17 boxes of medical equipment in the basement of the Brownstone instead of the 11 boxes that she thought were down there. He immediately calls Prescott who starts searching the Brownstone basement. Sean arrives to see Tony, Frisco comes in and attacks Sean, the security guard comes in and pulls him off of Sean.

June 28 - At the Jones',Frisco tells Sean off, Tanya reams Frisco, Tony defends Robert, and Felicia gently suggests that Frisco realizes he has made a mistake in over reacting. Frisco immediately calms down and apologizes to Sean. Robert warns Frisco to stay away from Sean that he isn't one to take a punch and if he goes after Sean again that Sean will rip him apart.  Burt calls Robert and tells him that they found the bullet from Slater's shooing. Sean only shot him once, and this other bullet was from a second gun. Robert believes that Sean and this other mystery shooter (Prescott) set Slater up. Robert and Anna decide to go searching for the gun. Prescott calls Sean and updates him on the search. Prescott retrieves his gun, Robert and Anna spot him, Robert orders him to stop and gives chase. Prescott fires at Robert and Anna and he grabs her and they both dive for cover. Afterwards, Robert and Anna share a moment of intimacy and he leans in to kiss her. She stops him before he kisses her, and she pulls off the fake scar on her face. He is disgusted at yet another lie. She tells him that she wore the fake scar as a mark of her betrayal, so no other man would ever want her, that it was her scarlet letter. He is angry with her again and tells her that her guilt is on the inside and she has to live with herself forever and all the disguises on earth won't disguise her from herself! She dissolves in tears as he walks away in disgust. He goes home and does an information search in his computer and discovers that she is telling the truth about wearing the scar all of this time, that it isn't sympathy scam. At the Brownstone, someone is in the basement, counting the medical crates when Jake and Bobbie come down. They don't discover the hidden person, but Jake does tell Bobbie that he thinks that she needs a man around the house. They go and have pizza together at Dino's. He wants to talk about each other and she wants to talk about Teri. Frisco and Felicia also go to Dino's for pizza. Frisco is upset about the fight he had with Tania. Tania now wants to pull out of the move with Frisco.

July 1 - Robert returns to see Anna and tells her he knows she wasn't lying about wearing the scar. He has softened and tells her he wants to understand. She is hurt and tired of being called a liar and doesn't want to share her feelings with him. She has put the scar back on and he suggests that she is hiding behind the scar. She says she wore the scar as penance so that no man would want her. He is amazed to learn that she hasn't been with another man since him.  Grant is in the basement of the brownstone, holding the necklace of the Aztec treasure, and Sean comes up behind him. Grant tells him that the day he accidentally set off the elaborate security system in Sean's storage area that he realized that Sean had something very valuable stored there. Grant reminds him that people he cares about were hurt by this treasure scam like Tony Jones. Grant wants to know what Sean was planning on buying with the treasure? Sean admits a little excitement, purpose in life, and some happiness. Grant observes that is all at the expense of friends like Robert. Sean says that he and Robert go way back and when the chips are down that they will put their lives on the line for each other. Grant advises him not to count on that this time. Sean counters by asking why Grant has reverted to his DVX ways? A cynical Grant says the attainment of money is the American way. Sean comments that Celia must have really hurt Grant to make him so cynical so young. Grant admits that the money from the treasure can allow him to give Celia the kind of life she wants (Celia left him after finding out he was a spy and is engaged to marry Jimmy Lee Holt).Prescott arrives at Sean's and Sean fills him in that Grant is the one who stole the treasure.
     Prescott threatens Grant who pulls out an audiotape and plays it for them both. It contains the conversation between Robert and Sean when Sean confessed to Robert that he had stolen the treasure. After Grant leaves, Prescott wants to kill him. Sean refuses saying that Grant was DVX and Prescott would never be able to get anywhere near him. Prescott wants to know if he plans on actually sharing the treasure with Grant? Sean says no he will not be partners with someone who stole from him, that he will have bide his time as Grant is as deadly and as dangerous as Robert was.Anna gives Robert the jewels that she bought from Slater while she was in NY. He asks her if she will keep wearing the scar? She says yes, till the treasure search is over and she leaves Port Charles. She seems somewhat healed inside and says for the first time she thinks there is hope for her. He kisses her softly on her cheek before he leaves. Frisco goes to see Felicia at her office and laments being an idiot. She suggests that he apologize, which he does. Felicia asks Tony and Tania to reconsider their move. Tania does change her mind. Frisco tries to convince Tony not to trust Robert or Sean.

July 2 - Sean calls a British friend, Algernon, and commiserates about Robert and Holly's separation. Sean suggests that if Robert thought that Holly was in danger from someone like Basil that he would immediately head to London to protect Holly, that would give them a chance to talk and they could then reconcile. Sean cautions that Holly should be unavailable when Algernon contacts Robert as he will immediately contact Holly. Algernon calls Robert and tells him that Holly saw Basil and she is very worried about it. Robert does call Holly who is out for the day. When a worried Robert can't reach Holly, he does head for London (falling into Sean's lure to get him out of town so that he can move the treasure while Robert is gone). Robert tells Anna about his fears for Holly and the danger that Basil presents. Anna wishes Robert good luck and seems to genuinely hope he can work things out with Holly. Robert is smart enough to realize this could be a set up from Sean but he can't reach Holly and can't take the chance. He called Scotland Yard and Basil is out on bail. Robert gives Anna a code to let him know if Sean makes a move.

July 3 - Partial episode, continued on next dvd - Anna discovers Sean checking up on Robert's whereabouts and threatens him. He plays the audio tape that Grant blackmailed him with and tells her that the person who would most be hurt by that tape are Robert and Holly and he advises her not to do anything hasty. Frisco removes one of the jewels from the Aztec Crown and tells Felicia that he plans on showing that on his show as he knows it will drive Sean crazy. She is very worried that he is playing a very dangerous game, he is trying to push Sean into action. Sean watches as Frisco shows another jewel supposedly found by a diver in the Port Charles harbor. Frisco appeals to the audience to find the owner of the jewels and says he is trying to do them a favor by returning the jewels to their rightful owner. Sean is very annoyed when he recognizes the jewel.

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