Complete GH Episodes, 1982

Thanks to my good friend Joan has original GH episodes from 1981 through current time, and has been very generous in loaning me these classic GH epsiodes, we have been working on getting them transfered to dvd and described. Most of these episodes do not have commericals. I don't have expanded descriptions for this time frame yet (we will be working on this time frame and anyone who would like to help with episode write ups please email me).  The bulk of these write ups have been done by Norm Fisher, who has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes dated and described and without his help this page would not be possible! Thanks Norm!" 

Episode Breakdown

January 1 - June 2, 1982

June 2-4, 1982 - 6/2, 6/3, 6/4 [Episode Descriptions]

June 7-11, 1982 -  6/7, 6/9, 6/10, 6/11 David Grey and henchemen storm the Star and take it over [Episode Descriptions]

June 14-18, 1982 - 6/14, 6/16, 6/17, 6/18 Big confrontation, sword fight between David Grey & Luke, David dies [Episode Descriptions]

June 21-28, 1982 - 6/21, 6/23, 6/25, 6/28 [Episode Descriptions]

June 30-July 9, 1982 - 6/30, 7/1 Luke meets Holly, 7/2 (missed :15 mins), 7/5, 7/8, 7/9 Luke & Holly make love [Episode Descriptions]

July 11-16, 1982 -  7/11, 7/12 Reopening of the star - 20's theme, 7/14 Alan tells Susan affair is over, 7/15, 7/16 Luke & Holly discover oil on her land [Episode Descriptions]

July 19-26, 1982 - 7/19, 7/21, 7/23 Holly's cousin, Basil arrives, 7/26/82 [Episode Descriptions]

July 28 - August 2, 1982  - 7/28, 7/29, 7/30, 8/2/82 [Episode Descriptions]

August 4-11, 1982 - 8/4, 8/6, 8/9, 8/11/82 [Episode Descriptions]

August 13-20, 1982 - 8/13, 8/16, 8/18, 8/20 [Episode Descriptions]

September 6-10, 1982  - 9/6, 9/8, 9/9 Luke & Holly hide out at GH, 9/10 Luke & Holly hide out at Mystery Mountain Amusement park [Episode Descriptions]

September 13-17, 1982 - 9/13, 9/15, 9/16, 9/17 Cops chase Luke & Holly through amusement park [Episode Descriptions]

September 20-23, 1982 - 9/20, 9/21, 9/22 Heather attempts to seduce Alan,  9/23 [Episode Descriptions]

September 24-29, 1982 - 9/24, 9/27, 9/28, 9/29 Jason's custody trial (between Alan & Susan) [Episode Descriptions]

October 1-13, 1982 - 10/1, 10/4, 10/11 Luke & Holly make up, 10/12 Holly kidnapped by her family, 10/13 [Episode Descriptions]

October 15-21, 1982 - 10/15 Sammy Davis Jr. begins guest appearence, 10/19 Alan thinks Susan put a hit out on him, 10/20, 10/21 [Episode Descriptions]

October 22-27, 1982 - 10/22, 10/25 Dan Rooney wakes up from his coma, 10/26 Rick holds a benefit for the Sportscenter aboard the Star, 10/27 Luke & Robert arrivein Victoria, Canada [Episode Descriptions]

October 28 - November 4, 1982 - 10/28, 10/29 Holly sees Luke, 11/1, 11/2, 11/4 partial [Episode Descriptions]

November 4-12, 1982 - 11/4 (continued),  11/5 Holly & Luke meet secretly in garden, 11/10, 11/11, 11/12 partial [Episode Descriptions]

November 12-23, 1982 - 11/12 partial, 11/15 (Edited: short section of Luke's failed attemp to rescue Holly by boat, poor quality) 11/18, 11/19 Luke arrives with ambulance and rescues Charles & Holly, 11/22 Location sequences on the dock as Luke, Robert, Holly, and Charles escape Basil with the stolen money, 11/23 partial [Episode Descriptions]

November 23 - December 3, 1982 - 11/23 (partial?), 11/26, 11/29, 12/1 Bobbie returns to PC, 12/3 [Episode Descriptions]

December 7-13, 1982 - 12/7, 12/9, 12/10 Susan gets into a car accident after finiding Scotty with Laura T., 12/13 [Episode Descriptions]

December 15-27, 1982 - 12/15, 12/17 Charles, Holly's father, dies, Susan & Scott get married, 12/20 Doug Sheenan's last show as Joe Kelly and last show for Janine Turner as Laura Templeton, 12/23, 12/24 Christmas show at GH, Alan gives Monica a diamond necklace, 12/27 Christmas Day show 4:07 total [Episode Descriptions]

December 29, 1982 - January 4, 1983 - 12/29, 12/30, 12/31/82 New Year's Eve party on The Star, 1/3/83 no cm, 1/4 Jimmy Lee arrives [Episode Descriptions]

Expanded Descriptions

June 2-4, 1982 - 6/2, 6/3, 6/4 - three episodes

Wednesday, June 2, 1982 - Rick tells Leslie and Ramsey that Packey is alive and living with his sister. Blackie tells Luke and Robert that the new busboy at Kelly's lied about his being in reform school. Luke speculates that Keith is a David plant. Luke and Robert try to trap Keith at Kelly's and almost are successful until Rose comes in. Ramsey questions Laura about the failed bomb attempt at the Star. Luke goes to the Webbers and feeds some false information hoping that Ava will over hear and she does. Blackie sees Edward flirting with Tiffany and asks his advice about woman. At Susan's Luke finds Byron and Ruby having a good time! Luke informs Ruby that Byron is a spy. Rick and Leslie discuss Packey with Burt. At the Star, Blackie tries to act cool with Tiffany while Edward watches in amusement. Not realizing that Walt is hiding in the bathroom with a knife, Jackie almost winds up dead as Walt is about it stab her. Robert comes in and hustles Jackie out before Walt can make his move. Luke calls one of the references for Walt but the call gets transferred to David's place where he has tapped his phone lines. Luke and Robert decide to seek help from the WSB.
Thursday, June 3, 1982 - Heather in an effort to discredit Dr Katz before he makes out his report on her, brings Cynthia Elliot to town. Cynthia a former patient of Dr Katz, is a basket case. Monica admits to Edward that she knows that Alan is in the Caribbean with Susan. At GH, lots of tears as Anne says goodbye to her friends Noah, and Dan. Scotty talks to Cynthia and comes to the conclusion that the woman is as nuts as a fruitcake and her testimony would never hold up in court. But Heather is desperate. Finally Cynthia goes through with it. She creates a big scene but it all backfires. Katz persuades everyone that Cynthia is extreamely disturbed and later, Katz tells Heather that shes done the wrong thing getting involved with Cynthia. Posing as a dear friend of Susan, Monica invades the cottage and while the housekeeper is taking care of Jason upstairs, Monica searches the desk and finds a Caribbean brochure. Monica reports to Scotty. Heather is furious that her plan with Cynthia went sour but becomes intrigued when she learns that Cynthia keeps a gun for protection. DAYTIME DILEMMA WITH LUke and Robert.
Friday, June 4, 1982 - Audrey helps Anne pack for her move to New Hampshire. Audrey in tears bids her a fond farewell. Jeremy is saying his goodbyes to Rick, Leslie, Brian, Joe and Luke. Robert reports to Luke that the WSB has agreed to meet with them. Johnny and Amy jogging in the park. David reports to the Magus. Luke tells Rick and Leslie that he is off to Washington to meet with the WSB. Rick tells Johnny that Packy is alive. Johnny is delighted at first, then upset because he blames Packy for all his health problems. Luke enlists Blackie to watch over the woman while he and Robert are in Washington. David orders Walt to send Laura to him. On the flight to WA, Luke talks to Robert about his feelings for Jackie. Steve, Audrey and Joe saying goodbye to Anne and Jeremy. Joe gives Anne a big kiss and they discuss their past and what might have been. Jackie panics when she finds Laura is missing. Tiffany is alerted. Laura is in the Park with David. Luke and Robert meet with Ballentine. Ballentine tells them there is only one man that can talk with them on the David Grey affair, it's secretary Masters. Masters at first doesn't want to meet with them but after Luke and Robert raise a fuss, he finally gives in. Luke and Robert enter Masters office but unknown to them, Masters and the Magus are one and the same! 

June 7-11, 1982 -  6/7, 6/9, 6/10, 6/11

Monday, June 7, 1982 - no commercials - Tiffany and Jackie can't find Laura anywhere. David has hypnotized Laura and asks why Luke and Robert went to the WSB. Katz confronts Heather: he knows she set him up with the Cynthia affair trying to get him fired from GH. Jackie tries to enlist Ramsey to find Laura but she shows up unharmed and with a phony story concocted by Grey. Masters demands that Luke and Robert stay away from Grey and let him handle it. Later, Masters aka Magus, calls David to step up the plan with getting the sword back. Heather lies to Cynthia that Katz is out to rape her. She gives her a gun for protecton. Daytime Dilemma: AMC/RH

Wednesday, June 9, 1982 - Katz shows up at Kelly's just as Heather hides Cynthia in the kitchen. Steve fills in Lee about Katz's past history with the very unstable and mentally ill Cynthia. Luke and Robert prepare for David's next plan of attack. Luke feeds phony information on the sword to one of David's men that is doing work for Ruby. Heather tells Gail that Cynthia is emotionally disterbed. Luke and Robert lead Grey's men on a wild goose chase from Ruby's to the Webber's. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Jackie work on Grey's man Keith at Kelly's. Heather forces Cynthia to dring booze laced with a medication. She gaslights the young girl into thinking that Katz is coming for her. Luke exposed Walt the bartender as another plant of Grey. Daytime Dilemma GH/RH

Thursday, June 10, 1982 - Edward, Alan, Monica and Stella at the Q mansion. Lee and Gail come over for a group Bridge party. Heather phones Katz and pretends to be Cynthia. She says she is going to kill herself and to come over. Later Katz arrives at Cynthia's (just as Heather slips out the window) and the frightened and drugged girl shoots Katz with her gun. During the Q Bridge party, Monica craftily brings out the photos of Alan and Susan to a surprised Lee and Gail. Katz bleeding badly, is rushed to GH. Monica and Alan stop long enough from their battle to run to the hospital and treat Katz.

Friday, June 11, 1982 - Steve, Lee and Gail worry about the scandal from the Katz/Cynthia incident. Forbes tells Luke and Robert he is closing the museum display. The Prince arrives to claim the sword and helmet just as he reaches in the grab the pieces, they vanish due to the hologram installed by David. Luke and Robert make up a wild story. Alice covers for Heather when Joe comes over to track her whereabouts during Katz's shooting. Grey's henchmen storm the STAR and kidnap Tiffany, Slick, Laura and Jackie one by one. When Luke and Robert arrive back at the STAR, they too are knocked out.

June 14-18, 1982 - 6/14, 6/16, 6/17, 6/18

Monday, June 14, 1982 - David appears and tells Luke he and his cult are the new masters of the boat. ABC news interuption on the Faukland lsland shootings. Rick, Lesley and Brian and Claudia at the clinic. Luke is forced to send Rick and Lesley away when they try to see him on the boat. Grey wants the sword from Luke or all his friends die. Joe tracks Scotty down and Scott covers for Heather saying that she was with him when Katz was being shot. Joe decks Scott and walks out. Masters arrives in PC and tells Ramsey to stay of the Grey incident. While trying to escape, Luke is bopped on the head by Grey.

Wednesday, June 16, 1982 - Ramsey, Heather, Joe at GH. Cynthia has been taken away to an institution. Luke recovers in his stateroom and is quickly hustled out to see Grey. David finally tells Luke his mission: Grey is the second son of the King of Malkuth. He was banished at an early age when he was recognized by the 2000 year old cult as the true successor to Emperor Alexander the great. He needs the sword and Helmet to regain his power. Since David cant keep the vistors from coming to the STAR, he plants his men in as employees and hold up Luke and Robert in the stateroom. Katz tells Ramsey that he will not press charges against Cynthia. Katz tells Steve he is retiring from practice and leaving town. Before doing so he confronts Heather one last time. He knows she is the one mentally disturbed, and it's only a matter of time before it catches up to her. Scott tells Heather he plans to "collect" for his covering for her.  Daytime Dilemma GH/AMC

Thursday, June 17, 1982 - Luke admits to David the sword is hidden under the ship. Katz tells the Judge he is not competent to render an opinion on Heather. Katz warns Joe to beware of Heather. Rick, Lesley and gang arrive at the STAR not knowing the danger of Grey and his men. Masters(Magus) arrives on the ship greeting David. Luke and Robert are shocked that he is working for Grey. Luke goes to retrieve the sword as Tiff and Robert entertain the nightclub patrons. Luke arrives with the sword showing off all it's glowing power to Grey.

Friday, June 18, 1982 Alan tells Susan about the photos Monica has on them. Monica gloats to Edward over the photos. Luke holds the sword to David but is knocked out (for the 3rd time in 2 days!) yet again. Just as David plans to kill Luke, the third member of the triad arrives, the Ambassador Tabris. A gun battle ensues when Masters reveals his true identity a double agent sent to arrest Grey. Edward and Monica spy on Susan thorough the telescope. She and Alan are having a furious arguement. David grabs the sword and makes a run for it with Luke in hot pursuit over the barrage of gunfire. Jackie tries the warn everyone about the bomb and Robert ensues in a fight on the main deck with Grey's men. Luke tracks David to the museum and the two battle it out alone with spears and maces. The WSB overpower Grey's men and the battle is over. Luke grabs the sword and points it at David. They psychic energy causes David to fall to his death through the window. 

June 21-28, 1982 - 6/21, 6/23, 6/25, 6/28

Monday, June 21, 1982 - Luke has nightmares over his killing of Grey. Robert arrives. (ABC NEWS break in on PRince Charles and Lady Di's birth of her son.) With David dead, Laura T. is free of his psychic hold. Rick, Lesley and Amy discuss the aftermath of the Grey incident. Rick notices a strange smell as well as amonia on the sponges used by Packy on Johnny's fights. Luke and Robert get a visit from Masters who explains the WSB involvment in the Grey affair. Jackie is fired by her NY news editor. Ay and Johnny at the sportscenter. Mayor tells Luke that the Prince of Malkuth wants to give him an award as a gift of his appreciation.

Wedneday, June 23, 1982 - Luke, Tiff and Blackie cleaning up the STAR. The Prince arrives and explains David was his brother and he knows Luke was not to blame for David's actions that were wrong. Luke wants the Prince to grant Jackie an exclusive interview, hoping to entice her getting a job in PC at the local paper. Joe is cold to Heather calling her a shrew. Scotty shows up and reminds Heather about collecting his debt. The two end up in bed together.

Friday June 25, 1982 - Luke decides to go camping to the laughter of all his friends. Lee tells Alan that Monica filed for separation to the tune of $10,000 a week alimony!  Later, Alan is embarrased when photos turn up of Susan and him on the GH bulletin board. At the Q's mansion, Alan has a furious fight with Monica that ends with him ripping off his shirt and kissing her passionately. Rick throws a party at Kelly's for Amy's graduation. Ramsey turns up and tells Rick the sponge was stolen from his office. On the camping trail, Luke meets a friendly couple at a diner that sell him camping gear.

Monday June 28, 1982 - The morning after, Stella finds Alan in bed with Monica! He informs her that she no longer has grounds on which to divorce him. Luke is out camping while the background tune is "Walking in Rhythm" Ruby tells Dan about strange things happening in her apartment. Edward delighted Alan took advantage and slept with Monica. Robert and Jackie at the STAR. Jackie's first day of work with Ian at the paper. Lee informs Scott that his client Monica has no legal leg to stand on. Robert finds a chemical on the stairs at Ruby's after she slipped and fell. (Loss of picture for a few minutes) Scott blows up at Monica for sleeping with Alan.

June 30 - July 9, 1982:  6/30, 7/1, 7/2 (missed :15 mins), 7/5, 7/8, 7/9

Wednesday June 30th, 1982 Luke learns that the ropes of fishing from a nice couple and her little girl.  Someone hurls a rock in the window of Ruby's. Alan catches Monica trying to get Stella to forget about seeing her in bed with Alan. Robert to the rescue with Ruby when a man tries to spread cockroaches in her apartment. Laura gets a job at ELQ. COME ON ALONG ABC DAYTIME PROMO. Jackie interviews Durnley not knowing he was involved in Ruby's hassles. In the GH elevator, Alan kisses Monica in front of Audrey. Susan is shocked to learn ALan postponed the divorce of Monica. Luke out camping and having a great time.

Thursday, July 1, 1982 - Luke Meets Holly - description in the works

Friday, July 2, 1982 - Joined in progress (missed  first 15 mins - :27 minutes total - no commercials. Alan is trying to pacify Susan with expensive gifts. Durnley's men break into Ruby's and start a fire. Luke continues to pursue the strange English woman he met on the trail. Tiffany, Laura and Jackie decide to move into an apartment. Alice tells Susan that Lesley informed her that Alan is back with Monica. Robert learns about the managent owners at Ruby's. Susan belts Alan at GH in front of Monica. Robert aids Ruby who rushes to her apartment to put out the fire.

Monday, July 5, 1982 - no commercials - On the trail, Luke finds Holly sunbathing. Noah returns from a vacation. Robert enlists Joe's help in tracking down the owners of Ruby's apartment building. Amy admits to Lesley she took the other half of the sponge from Rick and burned it because she thought Rick was ruining Johnny's career. Rick is furious at Amy. Jackie confronts Durnely with knowledge he has ties to organized crime. Durnely orders Scott to find out anything he can on Jackie. The tenents of Ruby's building meet at Kelly's with Robert. Robert learns each one is trying to be evicted so the landlord can raise the rent. Luke continues to annoy Holly on the trail. Scott overhears Amy spill the beans to Johnny about the sponge.

Thursday, July 8, 1982 - The hooker that Jackie met at the Croydon agrees to meet her and tell all about Durnley. Joe learns that Durnley is indeed the landlord of Ruby's apartment. Hiking in the woods, Luke runs into Holly who fell and "cut" her ankle. Heather is holding the sponge for Scotty and she wants to know why. Scott flirts with Laura as Heather watches. Blackie Laura and Tiff at the new apartment. Arriving at the Bucket of Blood, Jackie runds into one of Durnley's men. Blackie and Tiff arrive just in time to throw him out. Heather clad in a sexy dress, meets Joe at Kelly's. Amy barges in saying she is taking Heather up on her offer to move in. Luke and Holly make love. AMC/EDGE promo

Friday, July 9, 1982 - After a night of lovemaking Holly has vanished. Baffled when he gets a single red rose with perfume on it, Alan reads the message stating "Tonight".  Lesley and Rick worry over Amy.  Robert organizes an all out assault on Durnley with the other tenents. Durnley's men sneak in and plant a gas bomb in the boiler room. Edward and Monica leave their dinner when a note urges them to go home.  Alan arrives home to the tune of romantic music coming from upstairs and a string of notes. Going to the bedroom he expects a wild night of lovemaking with Monica but finds Susan in the bed! Edward and Monica arrive soon after but find only Alan by himself. Disguised as an old man, Robert and the other tenents foil Durnley's men and defuse the bomb. Holly phones her father telling her all is well with Luke.

July 11-16, 1982:  7/11, 7/12, 7/14, 7/15, 7/16

July 11, 1982 - No Commercials. Note: GH already in progress, First minute lost, Faint Audio hum present that fades in and out but episode is still very watchable - Alan tells Lee he has sent Susan flowers. When the flowers arrive, Susan throws them on the floor and tells Alice she knows why Alan sent them. She knows that Alan and Monica have sleep together. Luke watches Holly go skinny-dipping. He and Holly meet for the first time. Laura and Jackie tell their landlord Mac they are moving out. Laura and Jackie see an employee of George Durnley beating up on a hooker. Edward arrives at Lee’s office to pick him up for the GH boardmeeting. Edward tells Alan that he should try and bribe Susan. Laura and Jackie tell Robert about the roughing up of the hooker. Robert doesn’t want Jackie to go after Durnley but she is bound and determined. Alan tells Edward that he got Susan a gift like he suggested. Lesley and Alice dish on Susan being upset about Alan. Two of Durnley employees set Ruby’s apartment on fire. Alan gives Susan an expensive emerald necklace and he denies that he has slept with Monica. Robert looks into Ruby’s apartment building at the city records room. Tiffany, Laura, and Jackie are deciding where they are going to live together. Alice tells Susan that Alan and Monica have been friendly the past few days. Ruby learns her apartment is on fire. Susan sees Alan flirting with Monica and decks him. Robert suspects the fire was deliberately set. Ruby takes Robert up on his offer to stay on the Haunted Star.

Monday, July 12, 1982 - Monica is grumpy with Alan after spending the night in the guest room. Alan tells her he will end it with Susan and they kiss. At Kelly's Luke is welcomed back with cheers from all his friends. Susan blows up at Scott for their failed plan with Alan. Robert warns Blackie not to tell Luke of Ruby's incident but he spills the beans anyway. Later Luke warns Scott that he and Durnley leave Ruby alone. Tiffany comes up with a great idea of re opening the STAR to a 20's theme. Luke is called to the station to bail out Holly who was arrested. He decides to leave her to spend a night in the slammer. Robert and Jackie in a romantic mood.  OLTL promo

Wednesday, July 14, 1982 - Luke decides to finally bail out Holly and he brings her to the STAR. Holly asks Luke for help in finding some property she was left. Robert meets Holly for the first time. Infatuated with Tiffany, Blackie tries everything to get a date with her. He gets jealous when he learns she is going out with Noah. Jackie has a dinner date with Ian, but when Robert interupts, she get upset. Later, Robert kisses her passionately. Luke and Holly find out the property is actually the city dump!  Susan and Alan meet at the ELQ offices. With proding from his father (who spies on them in the other room) Alan tells Susan it's over. A hopping mad Susan storms out after dropping her bracelet. EDGE OF NIGHT promo

Thursday, July 15, 1982 - Holly's father arrives in PC. The two have plans for Luke. Packy has gone on the run from the police. The boxing commissioner tells Johnny no Packy, no fight. Later Rick decides to manage Johnny instead. Laura and Randal find the bracelet that Susan dropped. She presents it to Monica. Amy tells Lesley she is happy living with Heather. Joe, Rick and a parole officer are hot on Packy;s trail. Scotty meets Packy and hides him and his friend Buster at the Croydon. Scott knows he drugged Johnny's sponge so he would lose fights for Durnely. Monica assures Edward she is going to find out what Susan was doing at ELQ.  OLTL/EDGE promo

Friday, July 16, 1982 - Heather tells Scotty she wants to share in all his profits. She knows everything about the sponge he stole. Scotty tells Heather she can be his partner in one thing only, in bed and they make passionate love. Luke and Robert practice a little soft shoe routine preparing for the 20's opening night. Susan finds Alan gone on vacation. She and Monica indulge in hurling insults at each other. Scotty informs Gail that Heather is not fit for society. Luke and Holly find oil on the land. 

July 19-26, 1982:  7/19, 7/21, 7/23, 7/26

Monday, July 19, 1982 - Heather advises Susan to stick it to Alan where it hurts, the Quartermaine purse strings. She plans to help. Later Heather inquires to Joe about it and learns that Susan possibly has grounds for a Paternity suit or Fraud. Noah and Tiff getting romantic. Holly tells Luke, she won't spend the night with him. Luke tells Robert about the oil. Later he finds that Holly disappeared again. Holly is with her father and he wants her to find a place to live near the STAR. She finds a place above Kelly's.

Wednesday, July 21, 1982 - Hand warns Johnny to throw the fight or Packy dies. A geologist named Van Gelder gets a phone call of great emergency. When he is gone, another man takes his place. Johnny tells Rick the news and he storms out after Hand. Rick and Hand threatin each other. Lila returns from her trip and tells Edward it's delightful the Q's are a family again. The fake Van Gelder tells Luke and Holly there is a possibility there is oil on the land. Joe convinces Rick and Jonny to tell Ramsey everything. Rick and Monica share a friendly drinkl and toast to old times. Luke and Holly return with wonderful news about the oil to Robert and Tiffany. OLTL promo.

Friday, July 23, 1982 - Holly's cousin Basil comes to town. Holly and Luke on the site of the oil, the geologist tests the earth and discovers their is oil on the site. Steve and Audrey trying on costumes for the 20's gala. Everyone arrives for the grand opening night. At the party, Luke and Holly share a romantic dance. Charles and Basil hire a man named Harper to further support the oil story on the property to Luke. Rick sees Scotty at the Croydon go past his own room and in another. He later finds Packy and his friend Buster behind the door. Buster collapses in pain. OLTL/EDGE promo.

Monday, July 26, 1982 - Rick takes Buster to GH. Heather tries to get back on Joe's goodside, but he continues to ignore her. Packy tells Rick and Ramsey that he knew Buster was the one that drugged Johnny's sponge, he just wanted to get him to confess it. Packy calls Scott looking for help. Later, Packy finally confronts Johnny who is very upset that he lied to him. Another geologist named Harper conducts tests for Luke and Holly. Harper however is in cohoots with Charles and Basil. Charles makes arrangements to pay Harper the second half of his money when the scam is completed. Luke wants to sell the yacht to pay for the oil drilling, but Tiffany is dead set against it. She doesn't want to part with her precious diamonds. A cub reporter working for Ian overhears Luke talking about the oil and tells his boss Ian. Rick confronts Scotty about Packy and Buster. EDGE promo

July 28- August 2, 1982:  7/28, 7/29, 7/30, 8/2

Wednesday, July 28, 1982 - Jessie, Dan and Noah at the main desk. Noah and Tiffany have a romantic lunch planned at her apartment. Charles and Basil move into the Penthouse, (formally occupied by Robert) and later meet with Edward to discuss business. Posing as the Corso family, a renowned group of financeers, Charles and Basil swindle Edward into investing in the oil for ELQ. The fake Corsos and Edward all offer to pay Holly and Luke for a small piece of land. However Luke says they are not ready for investors yet. Joe advises Luke to set up a corporate account, giving Luke and Holly the right to sign checks together or separately.  OLTL/EDGE promo

Thursday, July 29, 1982 - Robert and Jackie at her apartment. Susan is drinking. Heather says Joe won't take her case. Heather tells Scotty he defend Susan in the custody case with Alan. Scotty tells Rick and Lesley that he lied about Buster and Packy. He knows that Buster and Packy were responsible for Johnny losing the fight. Scott admits to them he has the other half of the sponge. Scott draws up a confession for Buster to sign claiming responsibility for the drugged sponge. Later at Kelly's Rick, Lesley, Joe, Brian and Claudia all discuss the missing sponge and Packy's involvment. Ian arranges for an interview with the Corsos, aka Basil and Charles. Lesley tells Joe that Scotty has the sponge. Going to confront him, Joe finds Scotty and Heather in bed! Joe gets in a couple of punches on Scott and storms out. Noah, Tiff, Robert, Jackie and Laura at the apartment. Holly was able to out bid Edward for the land surrounding the oil site, thanks to Noah who came up with the cash. OLTL/EDGE promo

Friday, July 30, 1982 - Rose comforts Joe who is feeling awful the morning after finding Heather lied to him. Later Rick and Lesley comfort him some more.  Edward meets with Holly and tries to buy the oil property outright from her. Holly turns him down, but he later offers a partnership. Rick and Lesley at the clinic more drama with the sponge. Rose slaps Heather when she accuses Rose of having sexual feelings toward Joe. Luke and Holly meet with Edward. Luke refuses Edwards offer of partnership. Robert has doubts about the Corso's, and tells Luke. Later, Luke rebuffs the Corsos when they pay him a visit to talk business. A nurse sneaks into Buster's room and administers a lethal injection. Rick fails to revive him. Luke, Robert and Holly at the oil site on location. They strike salt water the sure sign of oil underneath. AMC/OLTL PROMO

Monday, August 2, 1982 - Luke refuses to let Jackie publish the story on the oil. Ramsey, Rick and Joe at GH discuss Buster's death. Amy remembers seeing the impostor nurse sneaking around. Edward asks Randall to spy on the Corsos for him. Durnley gets word of Buster's death. Noah's uncle Martin arrives to discuss why he is spending his finances on the oil deal.  Joe confronts Scotty: He wants the sponge now. The two get into another battle and this time Scott ends up the winner.  He throws Joe out of the apartment. Slick and Emma providing comic relief as they try to interest Luke in the investment of the oil. Steve tells Rick that Buster's death is related to the Sportscenter, and this does not look good for GH's image. Randall informs Edward he spied the Corso's and found the drilling foreman coming out of the Corso's suite. Luke finally allows Jackie to print the story.

August 4-11, 1982:  8/4, 8/6, 8/9, 8/11

Wednesday, August 4, 1982 - Lila, Edward and Randall at ELQ. The news of the oil find hits PC. Luke and Holly buying hard hats. Al Barker, (Jay "Dennis the Menace" North) a hospital worker and part time geologist, tells Robert and Jackie oil cannot possibly exist on the land. Noah and Tiff at another romantic lunch. Charles and Basil make Luke and Holly an offer to underwrite the cost of the drilling. Robert and Jackie kissing. Lila makes a deal with the Corso's. As a surprise to Edward, she wants to invest ELQ in the oil venture. Charles and Basil delighted with the unexpected windfall. Luke allows Barker to prove himself that there is no oil on the land. Luke and Holly agree on Rainbow Oil as the name for their corporation. AMC/EDGE promo

Friday, August 6, 1982 - Ramsey, Rick and Lesley at GH discussing the sponge and Buster's death. Ramsey shows them a mugshot of the woman that murdered Buster. Barker concludes that there is no oil on the land. He leaves a message for Jackie on her answer machine. Ruby and Rose try to invest in the venture with Luke, but he flat out tells them no until he confirms the oil is legit. Blackie showing Laura how to rollar skate in front of a laughing Luke and Robert. Edward, Alan, Monica and Lila at the mansion: Edward forgot his anniversary with Lila. Later over dinner Lila surprises Edward with the investment she made with the Corso's. Barker is murdered in his lab. Later a shadowy figure, breaks into Jackie's apartment and erases the message Barker left. Jackie hears a mysterious sound and calls Robert and Luke. They all head down to see Barker. A nervous Basil arrives back at the penthouse and Charles wonders what happened. Luke and Robert find Barker's lifeless body in the lab at GH. OLTL/EDGE PROMO

Monday, August 9, 1982 - Rick, Lesley and Jesse at GH. The news of Barker's death puts the Hospital in a frenzy. Two mysterious death's in two days. Hand calls Durnley and orders him to get back to town right away. He demands to know where Packy is. Ramsey questions Luke and Holly on Barker's death but gets no answers from anyone. Ramsey doesn't believe it's a simple robbery. Holly is visibly shaken by the murder. Holly confronts Basil accusing him of murder. Luke, Robert, and Jackie all discuss the murder. Rick helps Martha out when Hand starts coming on to her. Rick and Lesley enlist Brian and Claudia to hide Packy. Rick has it out with Scott again over the sponge. Luke reports to Holly the second well is spitting up salt water. AMC PROMO

Wednesday, August 11, 1982 - Luke and Robert interrupt Tiff's morning romance with Noah to try and get information on the message that Barker left on the answer machine. Alan and Monica arguing over Susan. Lee assures them they need to work together if Alan has any chance of winning the trial. An old flame of Tiffany's shows up as Noah watches. Luke gets the call he was waiting for, the notification that the land has oil. Luke opens the flood gates for investments from all his friends and the city of PC. Charles and Holly congratulate Holly on a job well done. Ramsey questions Luke and Robert about Barker's murder. Robert agrees with Ramsey, he thinks Barker was murdered because he found out something strange about the oil property. Luke refuses to believe it and Holly is very nervous.

August 13-20, 1982:  8/13, 8/16, 8/18, 8/20

Friday, August 13, 1982 - Rick and Lesley are worried sick about Mikey who went on the run with Packy. Mikey and Packy are hiding out in the park. Luke receives a telegram saying the shale sample he tested proved positive for oil on the property but the type of soil only comes from Texas. Ramsey and Rick confront Durnely and take him under arrest. Lesley sees a man watching the house when Claudia stops by. Robert and Jackie show Luke and Holly a newspaper article on Van Gelder, the real Van Gelder will be in town. Holly panics. Mikey and Packy make their way to an abandoned junkyard and are followed by a stranger. At the Star, Luke gets a phone call and finds that more salt water has come up from the 3rd hole. OLTL/EDGE PROMO

Monday, August 16, 1982 - Packy and Mikey elude their attacker. Holly's nervous when Luke makes plans to visit Van Gelder. Rick and Lesley with worry and concern over Mikey. Mikey and Packy head for a sewer pipe to hide out in. Robert and Tiffany discuss her unlucky love life. Basil and Charles arrange for the fake Van Gelder to meet with Luke. Mark Dante arrives at GH greeted by Rick and Steve. Packy makes attempts to call Rick. Luke and Robert meet the fake Van Gelder (arranged by Basil) and he assures them the shale sample is legit, despite what the telegram said. OLTL/EDGE promo

Wednesday, August 18, 1982 - At Dino's Restaurant, Steve introduces Mark to Edward and Charles. Mark comments that he feels he has met Charles before. Charles tells Basil that Mark once treated him in England. Noah and Tiffany breakfast kisses. Although Van Gelder was supposed to leave town, Jackie tells Luke and Robert he was interviewed by the paper this morning. Puzzled by this news, Luke and Robert head out to meet Van Gelder before he leaves. Blackie's mother has been admitted to GH with cirrohosis of the liver. Luke and Robert arrive at the hotel hoping to catch Van Gelder. (The real one) He walks right by them. (They don't know what he looks like) Holly wants to end the operation immediately but Basil threatins Charles life if she doesn't stick it out. Laura and later Luke comfort Blackie at GH. Luke finds a note Holly left behind telling him that she's going to the mountains for a few days. OLTL/EDGE promo

Friday, August 20, 1982 - Holly returns home to a furious Basil. After their argument Charles has an attack. Luke tells Sean Valley not to touch the money in the escrow account just yet. Blackie's mother has died. Rick, Lesley and Johnny worry over Packy and Mike still on the run from Durnley's men. Packy calls Rick and makes arrangements to meet him and turn over Mikey. Blackie stops a mugging on the waterfront and ends up stealing the money from the victim to pay for his mothers funeral. Robert tells Luke the WSB wants him for two weeks. Lesley tells Burt about the meeting with Packy. Ramsey instructs his two best men to join him on the stake out at the warehouse but one of the men makes a phone call to Durnely. Steve introduces Mark to Luke and Holly. Charles enters and collapses from a seizure. Mark attends to him and finally remembers where they met, that it was in England. Rick and Packy are ambushed by Durnley's men. In an act of courage, Packy throws himself over Mike and takes the barrage of bullets. Ramsey arrives a few seconds later. Charles notes Holly is falling in love with Luke. RYAN/EDGE PROMO

September 6-10, 1982:  9/6, 9/8, 9/9, 9/10

Monday, September 6, 1982 - Labor Day No cm. Robert returns from his mission with the WSB and is stunned to learn that Dan has been stabbed and Luke and Holly are on the run. Reginald (Former James Bond star George Lazenby) and Oliver arrive in town to help cousin's Basil and Charles. Rick, Lesley, Blackie, and Amy at breakfast and arguing. Blackie now staying with the Webber's and is not getting along with Amy. Jackie fills in Robert about Dan's stabbing. Robert and Joe arrive at GH and he convinces Steve to put Dan under guard for his protection. Labor Day in PC. Tommy Hardy arrives home. He considers staying in PC. The Webbers together with the Hardy's for Labor Day dinner. Robert, Jackie, Joe, Laura and Tiff at their own outdoor BBQ worry over Luke and Holly.

Wednesday, September 8, 1982 - Family squabbling with The Webbers and Blackie. Robert and Joe question a detective friend of Dan's to see what Dan found out before he was stabbed. The man tells him that Dan had him run a fingerprint test, later he used a fax machine at Ian's office. Charles meets the Mayor who tells him the city of PC is entering into the oil business, and he wants to start accepting bids from the people of PC. Later Charles tells his man Frank Harper to go along with whatever the Mayor wants. Johnny has left town to a broken hearted Amy and Lesley offers her comfort. Robert enlists the WSB to help with the fax that Dan sent. Robert and Jackie snuggling. Blackie and Tommy showing Mikey how to play poker. Robert tells Joe and Jackie the WSB failed to find anything. Robert calls Dan's friend and wants him to reconstruct everything about the fingerprints that Dan brought to him. OLTL/EDGE PROMO

Thursday, September 9, 1982 - In an unused hospital room, Luke and Holly are hiding out. Luke catches Holly making a phone call Charles but she lies saying she was only calling to see how Dan was.  Checking Luke finds she was not telling the truth. Robert learns nothing from his questioning of Charles and Basil. Luke and Holly don disguises to try and sneak out of GH, but a nurse catches them and takes them back to their room. Heather brings Jason to GH and tells Alan that Susan is drinking heavily. Lee tries to warn Alan to stay out of Jason and Susan's life until after the trial. Brian and Claudia, Scott and Laura at Kelly's. Robert and Tiffany question the foreman of the oil drilling team about his involvement with the Corso's. Scotty warns Heather her involvement with Susan's business could be trouble. Charles bumps into Holly at the Hospital. Basil starts chasing after Luke and Charles has another attack. Luke and Holly elude Basil by ducking into the Linen closet. OLTL/EDGE PROMO

Friday, September 10, 1982 - Rick, and Lesley trying to encourage Blackie to go to college. The hospital is still in a frenzy looking for Luke. Ramsey shows up with his men. Robert arrives shortly afterward questioning Charles and Basil but learns nothing. Luke and Holly hide in the linen baskets and are able to make their escape when the baskets are picked up and removed from GH.  The linen truck arrives at Mystery Mountain. Port Chuck's local amusement center. Scotty has a job offer working for him at Durnley's old Enterprises. He tells Claudia. Steve, Audrey, and Georgia at the desk with worry over Luke. Rick gets an emergency call from Jeff's wife in Nevada. Jeff was in a bad car accident. Rick tells Lesley he has to go see him. Claudia tells Brian about the job offer but naturally he turns Scotty down. Tiffany and Robert arrive at the conclusion that Luke was only in the Hospital to check up on Dan. Luke and Holly hiding out at Mystery Mountain disguised as the FURRY FRIENDS.  OLTL promo

September 13-17, 1982:  9/13, 9/15, 9/16, 9/17

Monday, September 13, 1982 - Robert and Tiff exhausted from the search for Luke. Robert tells Joe their phones are all bugged by Ramsey. Turning in the FURRY FRIENDS outfits, Luke and Holly walk about the park in other disguises dodging the guards and taking in the rides. Luke finally calls Robert but their conversation is short when he learns the phones are bugged. Robert and Tiffany run into Laura at Kelly's dining with Scotty. Scott offers Laura a job with him at Durnley's.  Lesley and Ruby with worry over Luke. Lesley dealing with an overly hyper Mikey who wants to see his pal Blackie. Luke tries to force the truth  from Holly. 

Tuesday, September 14, 1982 - first :34 minutes - episode not complete - description in the works

Wednesday, September 15, 1982 - Edward tells Basil he is ready to pull out of the oil deal. Reggie and Oliver plot to get Holly back. Holly and Luke continue hiding out at Mystery Mountain. They get jobs as park employees. Monica tries to warn Laura to stay away from Scott. Heather, Alan Steve and Audrey at GH. Scheming to make Holly return Basil tells her when she phones that Charles is dying. Luke spies on her when making the call. Monica interupts Heather and Alan. Heather fawning over Jason and buying him toys in front of Alan. Later, Rose, Mark and Alan and Monica have lunch. Rose ends up storming out when the conversation slips into blaming Luke for stabbing Dan. Rose defends Luke in front of Mark who later apologizes. Luke catches Holly starting to sneak out of the park and takes her back to their hiding place...he demands the truth. OLTL promo

Thursday, September 16, 1982 - Laura becomes Scotty's secretary....she gives Edward her notice. Robert and Joe working hard to clear Luke. Heather jealous at Scotty hiring Laura. She tells him about her plan with Alan. Basil schemes with Edward and gets Monica to show him around GH. Basil sneaks into Dan's room and pulls out his lifeline---but it's the wrong line and his attempt at murder is thwarted. Joe finds the Oaks Cleaners and gets a lead on Luke. Heather tells Alan that Susan is drinking again. Ramsey, Robert and Joe all getting close to finding Luke.

Friday, September 17, 1982 - Blackie overhears Ramsey telling his men that he found Luke is hiding at Mystery Mountain. Luke continues pressuring Holly to tell him the truth. Robert (on a tip from Blackie) heads to the park and both he and Ramsey search the park grounds for Luke. Tiffany recaps what is happening with Luke for Lesley. (does Lesley care?)  Blackie's probation officer tells Lesley that Blackie missed his meeting. A wild chase ensues with Ramsey and Luke at the park. With Robert's help Luke and Holly make their escape.

September 20-23, 1982:  9/20, 9/21, 9/22,  9/23

Monday, September 20, 1982 - ABC news interruption. President Reagan talks about the middle east.  15 minutes missing joined in progress. Hand and Scotty form a partnership. At the Bus station, Holly tries to elude Luke and call her father, she learns that Basil lied and Charles is not ill. Joe bails out Robert after Ramsey held him for obstruction of justice. LUke and Holly head to the train station. Heather, Scott and Susan at the cottage discussing the trial. Heather tells Susan she is a lush and tries to sober her up. After an undercover cop tries to come on to Holly, Luke punches him out and they are arrested.

Tuesday, September 21, 1982 - Scotty tells Lesley he has an offer to buy the sportscenter, if they don't match the 200,000 offer in 30 days they will lose it. Lesley learns Hand is the buyer. Tiffany questions the Bus depot hoping to find out where Luke and Holly headed. Basil and Oliver question Holly's loyalty to the family. Lesley, Joe and Jesse at GH regarding Dan. Mark, Rose and Monica worry over Dan as well. Basil sneaks into ICU again for another shot at killing Dan. Heather and Scott plotting against the Q's. Basil is about to go into Dan's room but is stopped by Monica. Basil makes a lame excuse and Monica shuffles him out of GH. OLTL/EDGE PROMO

Wednesday, September 22, 1982 - Tiffany back at the bus depot for more poking around. She learns that Luke and Holly got off at Coaltown. Joe is with Ramsey when his lead on Luke and Holly turns out to be a false alarm. Heather trying to sober up Susan whose trial is only days away. Lesley, Blackie and Mikey more family issues...Alan, Lila, Monica and Edward discuss Susan's custody case. Edward refuses to help Alan who is on his own. Joe and Ramsey question Mark on the knife used to stab Dan. Joe tells Robert that they need to find out all they can on Holly's father and how she came to acquire the land. Blackie meeting with his probation officer with Mikey tagging along. Alan walks into Heather's trap....Heather attempts to seduce him. As she plants a kiss on his lips, Scott bursts in and takes a photo---but Monica is right behind Scott taking his picture!

Thursday, September 23, 1982 - Luke and Holly in jail are released and told to get out of town. Robert and Tiff hope to throw Ramsey off their tail. They enlist Blackie to take an envelope to the Webber's mailbox. Afterwhich Tiffany calls Robert and pretends to be Holly on the phone. Ramsey of course listening in on the wire tap learns of the drop off.  He surrounds the Webber house. Lesley returns home and demands to know what is going on. Amy tells Lesley she is going to NY to see Johnny. Luke and Holly staying at a seedy motel. Luke forces Holly to call Van Gelder. Hesitatingly, she makes an appointment with his wife to meet with him to tomorrow. Later Holly sneaks out while Luke is showering to call her father at the downstairs phone. Ramsey realizes he was suckered by Robert. Robert and Tiff arrive at Coaltown, and learn about Luke and Holly's arrest. Luke tries to call Ruby but Amy can't keep her mouth shut and begins yelling Luke's name to all at GH. Luke hangs up. Robert thinks Luke will try to get to Van Gelder, he and Tiff head back to PC.

September 24-29, 1982:  9/24, 9/27, 9/28,9/29

Friday, September 24, 1982 - Checking out of the motel, Luke learns Holly made a call from the desk clerk's phone. Luke dials the number, the penthouse phone rings but nobody answers. Robert and Tiff discuss their time on the Cassidine Island. Steve and Ruby showing concern over Dan at ICU. Brian and Claudia try to cheer Ruby up. Luke and Holly on a flight to Rochester to see Van Gelder. Holly continues to clam up. Arriving at Mrs Van Gelder's home, they are stunned to learn Mr. Van Gelder died suddenly of a heart attack the night before. Talking with the widow, Luke learns the Van Gelder they originally met in PC was an imposter. Holly stunned to see Oliver at the memorial. Charles has an attack, but Basil denies Charles his pills for a few precious seconds. Charles is getting worse. Holly spills coffee on Oliver and rushes a puzzled Luke out of the house. RYAN/EDGE promo

Monday, September 27, 1982 - Oliver reports his failure to Basil. Meanwhile Luke and Holly hide out in the garage. Holly lies to Luke that Oliver was an old boyfriend. Luke doesn't buy it. Reginald gets a tip off and learns the FBI has sent Robert mugshots, and one of them is a picture of Charles. Luke and Holly return to Mrs Van Gelder and she informs them her husband received a crank call the day he was to meet them. Luke knows now that a fake Van Gelder met with them and the prank that the real Van Gelder received was just a ploy to get him out of the house. Reginald, Oliver and Basil plot their next move. Mark and Rose cheer up Ruby and take her to the STAR. Basil and Reggie arrive at the nightclub noticing Robert going through the mugshots. Thinking fast, Basil trips the waiter and he spills chocolate sauce on the pictures. Basil is able to pocked the picture of Charles. OLTL/EDGE PROMO

Tuesday, September 28, 1982 - Lee tells Alan and Monica that Susan has a good chance of winning her case. Steve and Mark watch over Dan. Robert and Joe go over the stained photos and find one of them missing. Steve tells Joe that Dan has improved and starting to speak.  Heather getting Susan ready for the trial. Blackie and Mikey run into fighter Jerry Cooney (in a cameo) Later, they pick up Rick at the airport who arrives is back in PC. Alan is surprised to learn that Alice is testifying for Susan against him. Joe tells Rick the people of the waterfront can save the Sportscenter. Robert questions the waiter at the Star. He mistakenly thinks Scotty spilled the chocolate on the photos. Mark tells Robert that Dan needs additional surgery. Basil plots to kill him again. Lila is summoned in the trial AGAINST Alan. Basil creates a disturbance in the Hospital. Robert arrives in the nick of time to rescue Dan...Basil beats a hasty exit. OLTL promo.

Wednesday, September 29, 1982 - Robert tells Joe another attempt was made on Dan's life. Blackie, Mikey and Tommy playing poker. A sullen Amy arrives back from NY. Johnny never wants to see her again. The Q Custody Trial:  Alan and Monica watch a sober Susan walk in with Scotty. Scotty makes it look like Susan was the helpless victim of Alan's abandenment. Lee defends Alan and points out Susan's expensive gifts that she got from her time with Alan. His hard questioning leaves Susan in tears. Heather takes the stand and makes it appear that Alan had the hots for her. Joe later takes the stand and testifies that he found Heather in Scotty's bed. Finally Monica takes the stand defending Alan, stating it was she that drove him into Susan's bed. The judge makes his decision: Alan will pay Jason one million going into a trust fund. Susan however will get $150,000.  Susan is livid and Scotty hustles her out of the courtroom before she makes a scene. Mark and Rose kiss. Mark, Steve, Rick and Jesse discussing Dan.  Alan and Monica celebrate victory with a passionate kiss. Later he takes her to bed.

October 1-13, 1982:  10/1, 10/4, 10/11 Luke & Holly make up, 10/12, 10/13

Friday, October 1, 1982 - Heather tries to collect her "fee" from Scotty. In Harper's apartment, Oliver holds a gun on Luke and Holly. After a violent struggle, Luke gets the gun away but Oliver escapes. Ramsey informs Robert that Van Gelder is dead of a heart attack. Later, Mrs Van Gelder tells Ramsey that Luke and his friend may have gone to Harper's apartment to snoop around. Scorpio also comes to this conclusion and heads off there. He bumps into Ramsey just as he is about to go in. They find the place ransacked and no sign of Luke and Holly. Heather and Joe get into a battle of insults with each other which end with Joe slapping Heather when she makes offhanded sexual remarks about Rose. Luke and Holly in a grocery store. Oliver is trailing them. He overhears they are headed back to Mystery Mountain. RYAN/EDGE promo

Monday, October 4, 1982 - Dan's regained consciousness and tells Mark to get Luke. Steve has Mark call Ramsey but Rose convinces him to get Robert first. (Good for you Rose!) Back at the Mystery Mountain storeroom, Luke and Holly continue at odds. Luke calls Benny and has him tell Robert to meet him at the Ampatheater tomorrow. Luke continues pestering Holly for the truth...Robert beats Ramsey to ICU and speaks to Dan. Dan mutters the word "Springbok" Luke's grilling on Holly cause her to run away. He offers chase and the two run smack into Basil and Oliver. The wild chase is on and Luke and Holly take off on the Screamer Roller Coaster. Later they are chased all throughout the beams under the attraction. They get away from Basil and Oliver on go carts. Robert remembers something about a Gold Rush scam in Springbok South Africa. He books the next flight out. Luke and Holly make it back to the store room. 

Monday, October 11, 1982 -
No Commercials - Blackie convinces Tommy to go partying. Alan and Monica have dinner to celebrate his victory in court over Susan. Their evening is interrupted when Alan gets a call from a very drunk Susan telling him Jason is sick. Alan tells Monica he has no choice he has to go over to the cottage and check on Jason. Luke calls Benny to find Scorpio for him and have him meet with him at Mystery Mountain. Monica calls Heather out on the fact that she only cares at all about Jason so that she can cash in on Scott’s scheme. Holy tells Luke that their meeting was no accident. Everything on the mountain was arranged and was part of an elaborate scheme to make a lot of money from the people of PC. Alan arrives at the cottage. Susan, the cottage, and the baby are a mess. Monica arrives to help Alan clean things up. Rick calls Steve worried that Blackie and Tommy are not home yet. Holly tells Luke why he was the prime mark for her scheme.  Holly tries to convince Luke that she has a newfound loyalty to him. She wants to go back with him. Heather arrives home to the cottage and wants to know what Alan and Monica are doing there together. Rick and Steve arrive at the Bucket of Blood to take Blackie and Tommy home but end up staying and having a beer with the guys. Luke tells Holly she has his love but he does not trust her. He kisses her.

Tuesday, October 12, 1982 - Tiffany and Jackie pick up Robert at the airport. Robert is tailed by the cops and the girls set up a diversion letting Robert get away. However the girls are busted and thrown in jail. Robert learned Springbok is now a ghost town, deserted by the gold rush scam that bilked the entire town of all their money. Lee tells Alan and Monica that the judge ordered the payoff to Susan and Jason immediately. Benny tells Robert to meet Luke.  Lila asks Charles and Reggie to withdraw their cash the Q's invsted in the Oil venture. Charles fakes an attack causing Lila to leave suddenly. Basil catches up with Luke and Holly at the Ampatheater. A struggle ensues with Robert joining in. Robert is knocked out and Luke falls from the scaffold above. Holly is dragged away.

Wednesday, October 13, 1982 - Robert and Luke admitted to GH. Robert is ok, but Luke has internal injuries from the fall.  Oliver holds a gun to Charles and threatens his life if Holly won't go to the bank and withdraw the cash. Basil, Oliver and Reginald arrive at the bank with Holly. After several stalled attempts she signs the check and they take off with 2 million dollars!  Ramsey unable to talk with Robert or Luke. Ruby worried has flashbacks with Luke. Joe calls Valley and learns Holly just came in and took the money. Joe and Ramsey find the Corso penthouse deserted. Meanwhile, Basil has arranged for lookalike's for all of them to go to the airport and throw Ramsey off the track.

October 15-21, 1982:  10/15, 10/19, 10/20, 10/21

Friday, October 15, 1982 - Mark examines a patient Eddie Phillips. (Played by Sammy Davis Jr.)  Mark has dire news for Eddie, he has cancer of the spine. Eddie admits he is Brian's father and please don't tell him he is in town.  Mark agrees. Robert is awake and wants out of GH. Jackie tries to calm him. Ramsey and Joe tell Robert the Corsos left town with the money. Lesley stops Blackie from going to GH, and later gets a visit from his school principal. Eddie spies on Brian and Claudia. Mark tells Robert he finally recognizes Charles Corso as Charles Sutton as Holly's father. He treated him in Aspin years ago. Robert catches a flight to London thinking that is where the Durbins will go. Eddie drops in on Brian at the Sportscenter. Brian in no uncertain terms tells Eddie to get lost. Members of PC march into GH and demand to see Luke about the money. Steve, Lesley and Jesse order them out of the hospital. OLTL/EDGE promo

Tuesday, October 19, 1982 - Eddie comes over to help Claudia with Brian's surprise Birthday party. Later he meets Claudia's folks.  Eddie entertains them with old Show bizz stories. Brian shows up and is appalled to see Eddie. He orders him to leave. Susan asks Heather to either pay her monthly rent or GET OUT! Luke finally wakes up. Groggy he tries to get out of bed and collapses in Mark's arms. Hand flirting with Heather, later he shows up with Susan at the Rib. Jackie stalls Mark while Robert sneaks into Luke's room. Robert tells him that Holly is long gone with the cash. They speculate that Holly was forced to sign the check. He tells them London was a wild goose chase. Hand shows up with Susan and Jason at GH. Alan not knowing who Hand is, makes insulting remarks. Amy breaks the news to Alan that Hand is a local mobster. Alan is devestated, he thinks Susan put out a contract on him. Monica delights in poking fun at the situation (funny scene). Ramsey questions Luke who keeps mum about everything. Holly, Charles and Basil leave their hideout. They take the steamer trunk with them to Canada. Basil stops Holly from leaving a note to Luke. 

Wednesday, October 20, 1982 - Eddie has lunch at Kelly's with Claudia. Mark does final surgery on Dan, he will recover just fine. Luke reads about the Durban's escape in the papers. "Baby come to me" plays on the radio..Luke throws the radio against the wall. (The smartest thing he has done lately) Ramsey interups Ruby's visit with Luke for more questions. Luke finally tells Ramsey the whole story.  Eddie in for followup with Mark, he runs into Brian. Brian gives him another hard time.  Hand gives Scotty a hard time as well regarding their business activities. Luke Tells Ramsey that Holly was forced to sign over the money. Eddie cheers up an ill boy going in for surgery. Brian watches his dad and is touched by his sympathy. Heather, Scott and Susan at the Cottage. Scott thinks he can get an appeal to Susan. Ramsey, Joe, Robert and Luke discussing the next step in tracking the missing Durban's.

Thursday, October 21, 1982 - Brian sees Eddie tenderly helping his pal Benji, who is going in for surgery. Brian sees Eddie in a new light. Holly and the Durban's arrive at the train station in Canada. Robert and Luke: Luke's getting restless and wants out of GH, later an angry citizen has it out with Luke. Holly pays a Porter to mail a letter for her to Luke. Steve calls Rick to tell him Jeff is doing better. Mark urges Eddie to tell Brian the truth. Rick and Lesley with Luke. She finally comes to terms he is in love with Holly. Brian apologizes to Eddie. Steve, Audrey, Jesse at the front desk. Tiff, Jackie, Laura sneak into Luke's room with big baskets of flowers. Luke is not thrilled. Claudia excited that Brian reconsiled with his dad. Rick with a plan to save the Sportscenter. He wants to use the STAR for a benefit. Robert agrees. Holly, Charles and Basil depart for Vancouver BC. Charles pockets the letter that Holly was sending to Luke.  AMC/EDGE promo

October 22-27, 1982:  10/22, 10/25, 10/26, 10/27

Friday, October 22, 1982 - Rose, Brian, Joe and Jackie helping out with the Star Benefit. Jackie and Robert discussing their relationship. Laura defending Luke when Scotty starts dissing him him. Laura runs out and he later makes up with her on the docks, they kiss. Robert and Jackie search Hollys room but find nothing. Hand tells Scotty to make sure the Sportscenter is demolished. Robert and Jackie smooching on the docks. Alan dining at the Rib seeing Susan and Hand together. Tiff asks Leslie if she heard from Noah. A tipsey Susan embarrasing Alan at the Rib. Eddie agrees to perform at the STAR. Robert takes Jackie to bed for the first time. RYAN promo

Monday, October 25, 1982 - Eddie practicing for the benefit becomes ill. Luke wondering around the hospital pining for Holly. Brian worried about Eddie wants to know why he is seeing Mark Dante. Robert, Jackie loving and kissing at the STAR. Alan panics when he hears a "gunshot" in his bedroom but it's only the lawnmower the gardener is using. Monica having fun at Alan's expense. Lesley urges Amy to support the Sportscenter despite her breakup with Johnny. Robert and Luke outside Dan's room. Dan wakes up finally and tells Ruby to get Luke. Practicing the benefit talent show, Joe and Rose perform a delightful Irish song. Tiff performs a torch number too just as Noah walks in back from his trip. Noah and Tiff run into each others arms. Ramsey with Mark, Luke and Dan. Dan absolves Luke of all blame in his stabbing.

Tuesday, October 26, 1982 - Scott asks Laura to be his date at the benefit. Ramsey and Luke at Dan's bedside. Dan reveals how he found out the Corso's were fake. Everyone shows up at the STAR benefit. Blackie opens his number on drums with Eddie at the piano. Luke and Robert at wits end to find Holly. Eddie finishes his number and nearly collapes backstage. Brian tells him to relax in Luke's cabin. Alan flirting with Heather until he finally learns what he wants to: Susan did not put a contract out on him. Alan dumps Heather, and Laura dumps Scotty when she finds out from Blackie that Scott is the one closing the SPortcenter. Laura and Blackie dancing and kissing. Luke finds Eddie resting in his cabin. Eddie gives Luke some friendly wise old advice and departs. (nice scene) Eddie performs a final number dedicated to Brian. (It Had To Be You) Eddie finishes to standing ovation and quietly walks out. He runs into Luke, has a few final words and sadly leaves. Brian is furious Eddie walks out until Mark gives him the shocking news that his father is dying of cancer. Leslie thanks everyone for helping with the benefit...although they are far from their goal in saving the Sportscenter. (Rick is absent from the benefit.) Luke, Tiff, Robert and Jackie toast to a successful night. Later, Luke searches Holly's room and finds a container of tea. Flashing back he remembers when Holly spilled her guts and told him about the time that she was in British Columbia with her Nanny McTavish. Luke storms in and tells Robert and the two head off for BC!  RYAN/EDGE promo

Wednesday, October 27, 1982 - Laura Tiff and Jackie can't find Luke and Robert anywhere. Meanwhile, Luke and Robert get off a horsebound carriage at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia. Steve tells Monica, and Jesse that the hospital board is concerned that Luke and Robert have suddenly left town without notice. They look as guilty as the Durban's. Robert calls the girls but won't tell them where they are for their own good. Monica gloating over Alan whoe's trying in vein to raise cash to keep the Q's afloat. Monica sarcastically tells Alan to ask Anthony Hand for a loan and he may even loan him his girlfriend, SUSAN!  (funny scene)  Luke and Robert poking around town in BC. (great scenery) They go to the DIM and casual ask the director for the Durban's address. Percy Durban is the head of the family and they find out he is a wealthy respected citizen.  Meanwhile Percy (Basil's father) chastises his son for using violence in the PC oil swindle. Susan walks in to GH with Jason drunk as ever and totally embarreses Alan. Looking around Durban square, Robert goes one direction and Luke takes he double decker bus around town. Soon after he spots Holly walking with Charles and Basil. Luke gets off the bus, but it's too late as the trio have already disappeared.

October 28 - November 3, 1982:  10/28, 10/29 Holly sees Luke, 11/1, 11/2, 11/3

Thursday, October 28, 1982 - Leslie and Claudia try desperately to drum up a loan to keep the Sportscenter afloat. Brian trying to locate Eddie without luck. Luke and Robert barge into the Durban house and cause a disturbance with Percy along with his hired help. Percy lies saying he has not seen Holly in months. But Luke finds her purse on the table. They leave, vowing to come back. Mark tells Brian to let Eddie die his own way in peace. Percy yells at Basil for making a mess of the PC incident. Robert trying to calm Luke down assuring him that if Holly is found she will be arrested with the rest of the family. Lesley gets a call from the Bucket of Blood about Blackie making a disturbance. AMC/EDGE promo

Friday, October 29, 1982 - Holly still pining away for Luke. Charles tries to comfort her. Robert is all for calling the DIM and letting them handle the Durban mess, but Luke needs time to see Holly. Robert gives him 3 days, no more and he will contact the authorities. Laura T argues with Scotty threating to quit. Robert helps Luke sneak into the men's club where he harrasses Percy, and later punches Basil in the face! Jackie and Ian. Jackie getting information from Ramsey on the search for the Durban's from Ian. Percy wants Basil to get rid of Luke anyway he can even if he has to kill him! Basil enlists the aid of his girlfriend Angela to help get rid of Luke. Blackie is dating Laura T. Luke and Robert trail Percy as he walks aroudn Durban square. Holly spots Luke outside.

Monday, November, 1982 - With Commercials. Note: Glitchy episode in spots - Rose tells Joe she is going away on vacation with Mark Dante. Edward tells Lila he is off to an emergency GH board-meeting to lodge a formal complaint against Luke. Lesley tells Blackie and Amy that she is unsure how she will vote at the board-meeting. Blackie tries to swindle some money out of Amy. Rose wants Joe’s opinion. Note: Several video drop outs during that scene and the next) Noah brings Tiffany, Jackie, and Laura breakfast at her apartment. Blackie shows up and wants Noah to pull some strings at the board-meeting on Luke’s behalf. A very stressed Lesley gets a message about another canceled donation to the sports center. Lesley and Gail have a chat about her feeling that she is not a priority for Rick. Jackie and Joe meet with assistant DA about postponing the grand jury indictment being brought against Luke and Robert. Jackie winds up incriminating herself by saying that she has been in touch with Robert. Alan tries to get Lesley to tell him about what is bothering her. Mark and a very nervous Rose arrive at their hotel. The GH board vote to issue a formal complaint against Luke and Robert for swindling GH.

Tuesday, November 2, 1982 - Luke and Robert speculate on how the Durbans got the money into Canada. Gail tries to get Lesley to take a break and relax sine Rick is away. Alan furiosly trying to raise a million to pay for his legal woes. Luke snooping around the customs offices. Basil drives up and makes a quick u turn when he sees Luke. Alan, Edward, Lesley at GH. Monica gets a letter from her former gigalo Phillipe. She tells the family that she inherited 3 million dollars from her wine investment with Phillipe. The money is hers and she has no intention of sharing it with the family. Luke spots Angela picking up a trunk. Later Angela meets LUke at the pub and tells him Holly is her friend. Holly wants to meet him outside under the alcove. Meanwhile Basil waits with a knife outside.

Wednesday, November 3, 1982 - Basil waits for Luke but he doesn't show up. Pearing out from the alcove Basil finds Luke waiting for him with a big smile on his face. Basil reports to Percy his failure. Percey packs up and makes a run for the family home. Blackie and Laura T smooching. Scotty and Heather at the Rib. The Durban's sneak away right under Luke and RObert's nose. Hand walks out on his date Susan at the Rib. Heather helps Susan who gets dead drunk. The Durban's arrive at their other home. Luke gets an idea from what Holly once told him about her British Nanny and the special tea that she brews.

November 4-12, 1982:  11/4 (continued),  11/5, 11/10, 11/11, 11/12 partial

Thursday, November 4, 1982 - Basil takes charge of the loading of the money. Secretly he plans on taking it all for himself. He loads it in an identical Bentley designed to fool Percey.  Luke and Robert go to every tea room in town to find Nanny's special blend. Finally as they are about to give up, they find the store that Nanny frequents. Heather, Alice and Susan who is recovering from her hangover. Alan, Monica,  and Lee at the bank with Mr Carlson. Susan arrives to collect the money she won from Alan during the paternity suit. Monica and Susan nearly get into knock down drag out fight! Holly and Charles. Holly pining away for Luke. Noah saves the day when he pays the back fees owed to the bank to keep the STAR going. LUke and Robert finally track down Nanny McTavish. Basil makes a pass at Holly.

Friday, November 5, 1982 - Basil stops Holly from going to her mother's grave.  The grand jury plans to arrest Luke and Robert upon their return. Dan defends Luke as being innocent. Luke rents a bike and makes it to the Durban home. He sneaks around the grounds whisling Baby Come to Me.  Holly hearing the tune begins playing it on the piano. Ruby tells Joe, Tiffany and Jackie about the arrest warrent out for Luke and Robert. Nanny tells Holly secretly that Luke has come to take her away. Nanny stalls Basil long enough with the Vikor's help and Luke and Holly have a rendezvous at the graveyard. Dan collapses when defending Luke at the GH board meeting.  

Wednesday, November 10, 1982 - Mark and Rose in bed. Lila and Edward. Edward wants to economize the finances of the family. Susan tells Heather that she and Scotty ruined her relationship with Hand, and she is going to pay. Susan starts drinking again. Heather, Scotty and Laura.  Monica and Alan run into Susan at Delfina's purchasing expensive dresses, with Jason's money. Alan and Susan get into a furious argument over Jason. Alan wants Monica to be a mother to Jason. Monica throws Alan out of the bedroom. Scotty comforts a depressed Susan. Meanwhile, Heather finds that Scotty stood her up at his apartment.  

Thursday, November 11, 1982 - The assistant DA tells Joe that he has issued an arrest warrent for Luke and Robert. Nanny and Holly plot for her to see Luke. Basil tries to throw Nanny out and Charles has a seizure. Rose tells Joe she thinks she is taking things too fast with Mark. She thinks Mark is comparing her to Katie. Brian and Claudia at Kelly's. Steve, Audrey and Jesse at GH. Steve comes down on Jesse for sticking up for Luke and Dan. Holly and Luke have a romantic rendezvous in the garden. More Baby Come to Me playing. Percy and Basil with conflict over his violent actions.

Friday, November 12, 1982 - Joe and Jackie discussing the slander of Luke and Robert in the paper. Holly tosses a tray of food at Basil when he refuses to let her leave the house. Luke and Robert spot Angela and take off in hot pursuit. Percy has plans for laundering the money. Luke and Robert spot Angela driving a green Bently identical to the Silver Bentley that Percey owns. Joe and Jackie pay a visit to Harper one of the original fake geologists. He confesses the truth about the scam. Nanny arranges another romantic liason with Luke and Holly, who upon seeing each other make passionate love. Nanny and Robert wait downstairs and have a cordial chat. Later, Basil sees Holly sneaking back in and notices the rosy red cheeks as if she was just out and about.

November 12-23, 1982:  11/12 partial, 11/15 (Edited: short section of Luke's failed attemp to rescue Holly by boat, poor quality) 11/18, 11/19, 11/22, 11/23 partial

November 15, 1982 - Partial 8 Minutes, Poor quality. No Commercials. Edited to Luke and Holly - Luke meets with Nanny McTavish.  Luke arrives on the island via row boat to rescue Holly and her father but is run off, he has to call off the rescue attempt.

Thursday, November 18, 1982 - Basil orders Charles and Holly to be locked in their rooms. Heather and Scott argue as he stood her up the other night and spent the evening with Susan. Edward, Alan and Monica at GH what to do with Susan? Basil and Angela plot to steal the money for themselves. Susan calls Scotty and tells him that she wants to see him again. Luke and Robert wonder why Angela is painting the Bentley. Edward, Alan and Monica dining at the Rib providing comic relief for Alan's troubles. Nanny tries to call Luke and Robert but they have already left. 

Friday, November 19, 1982 - Holly and Charles still locked up in the room. Spying on Angela, Luke and Robert Basil drive up with the silver Bentley which is now the same color as Angela's car. Basil switches license plates on the two cars. After they leave, Luke and Robert find the entire oil scam money in the trunk of one of the Bentley's  Jackie, Tiffany and Blackie at the apartment. Amy, Noah and Tiffany at the Hospital discussing Noah's past fling with Bobbie much to Tiffany's disgust. Blackie and Laura T smooching. Steve and Lesley discussing Tommy. Later Lesley and Blackie back at the Webber's. Lesley loans him some money to take Laura out to a nice restaurant. Tiffany and argue about Bobbie who is coming back to town. Luke arrives at the Durban home with an ambulance and takes Charles out of the house right under Percy and Basil's nose.

Monday, November 22, 1982 - Audrey is livid, the morning paper slanders the hospital for investing the money in the oil scam. Angela takes possession of the Bentley with the stolen money. Robert appears from the back seat and promptly steals the car away from her! Noah and Tiffany still discussing their relationship if Bobbie comes back to PC. Basil as planned breaks down with Percy and makes plans to switch the Bentley's. But he is shocked to find that Robert has already hijacked the Bentley from Angela. Quickly he and a dumbfounded Percy race to the docks. Ruby, Dan, Noah and Tiffany at the Floating Rib. Rick calls Leslie, (off camera) and tells Steve that Jeff needs more surgery for his injuries. Luke and Robert arrive at the docks. Robert drives the Bentley up to the ferry with the money in the trunk. Luke arrives via ambulance with Charles and Holly. Try as he might, Basil is helpless to stop them. Percy is now livid. He asks Basil to open the trunk and is shocked to find the money is gone.

November 23 - December 3, 1982 - 11/23 (partial?), 11/24, 11/26, 11/29, 12/1 Bobbie returns to PC, 12/3

Tuesday, November 23, 1982 - description in the works

Wednesday, November 24, 1982 - A drunk Susan is causing quite a scene with Scotty. Lee and Gail are disgusted to see Scotty dining with her. Luke, Robert, Holly and Charles arrive safely at a hotel. Percy takes out his rage on Basil for treachery and decit in trying to double cross the family. He cuts Basil off from the family fortune. Later, Angela dumps Basil when she learns his failures.  Gail reports to Alan that Susan is acting up another drunken storm with Scotty on her side. Monica couldn't care less and tells Alan off. Luke calls Ramsey to bargain with him. He will come home on the provision that Holly and Charles are absolved of all charges in the Oil Scam. Alan and Monica confront a smug Scotty and a tipsy Susan at the restaurant. The assistant DA tells Burt that he will not prosocute Holly but not let Charles off the hook. Ramsey tells Luke, but he needs time to think about it. AMC/EDGE promo

No show for Thursday, Nov 25th Thanksgiving - may not have aired

Friday, November 26, 1982 - A police informer tells Scotty of the deal Luke made with Ramsey.  Robert meets Burt just arrived in Canada.  Luke and Holly in bed. Ramsey arrives at the Hotel. The money is apparently missing until Robert shows that he hid it in the cushions of the sofa. Alice, Heather and Susan at the Rib. Heather overhears Susan tell Alice that she wants her to overseer of Jason's estate. Shrewd Scotty tells the DA to not let Holly off the hook if he intends to be re elected. The DA agrees. Charles agrees to go back with Capt Ramsey. Scotty sees Heather flirting with Hand. Charles doesn't think he will make it, he asks Luke to take care of her when he is gone. Right before they leave, Charles collapses. Ramsey agrees that Charles can stay but the rest of them have to go back to PC. Heather argues with SCott and tells him Susan won't fall for his lies, he will never get his hands on Jason's money.  Luke, Robert, Holly and Ramsey leave the airport for PC, silently watched by a sneaky Basil.

Monday, November 29, 1982 - Tiffany, Noah, Blackie and Jackie cleaning up the STAR. Jackie in a bad mood. Joe and Rose at Kelly's. SLick, Emma and Dan arrive to prepare the welcome home party for Luke and Robert.  Holly, Luke, Ramsey and Robert on the airplane enroute to PC. Holly worries about her future. The trio are greeted to a mob of reporters at the airport. Arriving at Kelly's everyone welcome's Luke and Robert with open arms. Holly is practically ignored though. Jackie is distant and cold to Robert. Feeling Holly is neglected by his friends, Luke takes off with her in the middle of the Party. Robert defends Holly to Luke's friends. Luke and Holly enlist Joe to help with the charges against her father. Robert and Jackie make up.   AMC/EDGE

Wednesday, December 1, 1982 - Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) returns to PC to a delighted Ruby.  Joe and Rose greet Bobbie as well. Robert and Jackie discuss their relationship. Luke welcome's Bobbie home to PC. The DA tells Ramsey that his assistant had no authority to grant immunity to Holly. He is still going after Charles and maybe Holly too. Laura and Blackie argue over her affection with Scott. SOME PICTURE BLACKOUTS HERE. Susan interupts a business meeting with SCotty and Hand.  Robert is offered a job with the DIM in Canada.  Susan drinking again. Robert and Jackie in bed. Holly tells off a disgrutled Edward when he starts coming down on her regarding the oil scam. Joe blocks the DA from bringing Charles back to PC because of his health. Luke and Holly dancing to "Baby Come to Me".  A brick is hurled at the door of the STAR. Robert worries.

Friday, December 3 1982 - The DA serves Ramsey with arrest orders for Holly. Luke and Holly in bed and she had a bad dream. Bobbie and Noah at GH. They both work miracles to save a patient. Both agree they make a good team. Tiffany is concerned about Bobbie and Noah's closeness. Jesse, Lesley and Amy at GH. Congradulations for Noah and Bobbie all around GH, as they save a patient. Robert finds the STAR having financial problems because it's been closed for so long. Holly overhears Tiffany making snide comments about Holly. Luke calls a truce and wants his friends to make peace with Holly. Ramsey arrives and places Holly under arrest. A reluctant Holly and furious Luke have no choice to comply. Lesley tells Jesse, Bobbie and Noah that Rick is coming home. Luke and Holly jail kisses.

December 7-13, 1983:  12/7, 12/9, 12/10, 12/13

Tuesday, December 7, 1983 - Brian at the Sportscenter, interupted by a threats from mobster Hand.  Joe and the DA go head to head over Holly at the hearing. Heather tries to get information on Scott's activities from one of his informers. Claudia urges Brian to leave Hand alone. HEather confronts Scotty----she knows that he is going after Susan for her money. She wants her to leave Susan alone because she wants a crack at the million dollar baby. Joe, Robert and Luke plot stragedy for the next hearing with Holly. Charles calls Luke.  Luke lies that Holly is fine. Tiffany tells Robert and Jackie that she is sure she can get Noah to put up bail for Holly if the judge changes his mind. Bobbie supports Luke and offers comfort for Holly. The judge returns from recess and sets Holly's bail at $350,000. Luke visits Holly in Jail...more kisses with BABY COME TO ME. AMC/EDGE promo.

Thursday, December 9, 1982 - Tiffany and Noah in bed. Alan and Monica in bed. Heather being very nice to a hungover Susan. She tries to make Susan see that Scott is just using her. Noah contributes to Holly's bail, and Bobbie is very touched at his jesture. Alan and Monica all lovey dovey at GH. Steve arranges a photo shoot with the two of them for a newspaper article on married Dr's. Heather and Scotty arguing over Susan. Edward flirting with Tiffany. Monica and Gail discussing Susan. Scotty giving Blackie a hard time over his school boy crush on Laura T.  Tiffany and Noah argue over Bobbie. A drunk Susan tells Alice that Heather has been wonderfully supportive of her lately. Susan gets Alice to sign over a document giving Heather permission to let her take care of Jason, if anything happens to her. RYAN'S HOPE/EDGE promo. 

Friday, December 10, 1982 - Blackie, Rick and Lesley in the kitchen.  They hear a news report about Holly in jail.  Meanwhile Holly is tossing and turning in her cell. Luke, Robert and Joe trying to scrape up Holly's bail.  An officer of the court calls Luke and tells him an anonymous donor has put up Holly's entire bail money. Heather is waiting on Susan hand and feet. Susan is still drinking. Susan reads and sees the photo of Alan and Monica in the paper regarding the happily married couples at GH. Steve, Jesse and Audrey at the main desk. Luke is touched when Rick comes by the help out with Holly's bail. Dan also stops by to contribute. Noah and Monica preparing for surgery. Luke is stunned when Scotty shows up and annouces he is the mystery donor for Holly! Reluctantly, Luke agrees to let Scotty bail Holly out. A drunken Susan brings Jason to GH and makes a scene in front of Alan. Holly is released. Scott admits to Bobbie he only bailed Holly out so he could have control over Luke. Laura and Scotty kissing at the office. Susan walks in on them. Leaving furiously, Susan gets into a car accident. Luke and Holly celebrating her freedom. More Baby Come to Me.

Monday, December 13, 1982 - Robert and Jackie in bed. Alan and Monica having breakfast. Alan gets a call from GH about Susan. She is in the Hospital in critical condition. Susan undergoes surgery with Rick and Mark. Both have disagreements about the surgery. Ramsey questioning Alice and Scotty.  Robert and Jackie are investingating Holly's innocence in the Oil Scam. They question the amusement park employees who tell them Holly seemed to be running from the two men Oliver and Basil) at her own free will.  At no time was Luke forcing her to go. Later they visit Mrs Van Gelder who also singles out Oliver as the guilty party.  Scotty, Heather and Gail all at GH concerned about Susan. Rick and Mark airing out their differences to Steve. Alan blames Scotty for Susan's accident.  Laura T feeling guilty about Susan's accident. She runs out on Scotty at the Hospital. Susan goes into cardiac arrest. Alan begs her to live.

December 15-27, 1982:  12/15, 12/17, 12/20, 12/23, 12/24 Christmas show, 12/27 Christmas Day show - 4:07 total

Wednesday, December 15, 1983 - Blackie and Tommy at PCU. Alice and Heather worrying over Susan.  Luke tries to cheer up Holly who still faces the verdict of her judicial ordeal. The DIM calls Robert again looking for him to join their organization. Jackie thinks Robert should take the job and she is all ready for packing. But Robert not sure if he wants Jackie to join them. Jackie takes it the wrong way.  Luke tries to call Charles but he is in for some sort of tests. Holly worries.  Rick and Lesley try to comfort Alice at GH. Lesley "talks" Rick into picking out the family Christmas tree.  Holly pleads not guilty at her hearing. DA Richardson presents his views painting Holly as a common criminal responsible for the murder of Barker, Van Gelder and stabbing of Dan Rooney. Holly receives a call from her father during the hearing.  Charles has had a very bad siezure. Luke disrupts the court trying to get the judge to let Holly out of the country to see her sick father. Rick and Lesley with a very big tree at the Webbers. The judge sets a trial at a future date for Holly but she is not to leave the country. Holly remembers childhood Christmas mas past with Luke when she sees a music box playing her favorite tune. OLTL/EDGE promo

Friday, December 17, 1982 - picture is glitchy - Alice and Heather: Heather is redecorating Susan's cottage thinking she won't live! Alan with Baby Jason. Luke gives a music box to Holly, a similar one she had as a child. Robert and Luke talk about closing the STAR. Leslie and Blackie decorate their tree. Scott visits Susan. He tells Susan that Heather has a document leaving everything to her if anything happens to Susan. Susan begs Scott to marry her so Heather won't get a penny. Scott and Susan are married. Mark (the best man) has to practically drag Heather out of GH when she tries to interupt. Charles dies and Holly grieves. 

Monday, December 20, 1982 - Alan learns that Scotty and Susan are married. Holly's father has died. Joe offered a job out of town in Albany -- he decides to take it. The judge continues to deny Holly from leaving town for her father. Robert, Jackie and Laura T. Laura T is shocked to learn that Scotty got married. She feels hurt and decided to leave town. SHe bids Jackie a fond farewell. Luke takes out his anger on DA Richardson, later Laura takes her frustration out on Scotty. Alan belts Scotty in the mouth for marrying Susan. Joe bids his friends goodbye.  (Last show for Doug Sheehan and Janine Turner) 

Thursday, December 23, 1982 - Robert and Jackie wrap presents. Noah and Tiffany plan a getaway for the holiday but Bobbie plots to foil it. Edward, Alan and Monica discuss Jason and Susan. Scott asks Susan for power of attorney. Alan learns about it later on and goes to Lee. Tiffany missed Noah by a few minutes thanks to Bobbie. Bobbie goes to Noah before he leaves and they share a kiss.

Friday, December 24, 1982 - no commercials - Luke, Holly, Robert and Jackie at the STAR. They worry about the DA decision today. Blackie, Lesley and Rick head to GH with presents. CHarles wrote a letter before he died absolving Holly of all blame in the oil scam. The Judge gets the letter. Jesse, Amy and Monica at GH discuss the Christmas mas festivities. Alan gives Monica a diamond necklace. Lee, Holly and LUke in the Judges chamber. The Judge grants that Holly is free based on the letter written by her father before he died. Rose and Mark kiss. Annual kids parade in the Hospital. Dan is dressed as Santa. Steve reads the annual Xmas story with the kids.  

Monday, December 27, 1982 - no commercials - Alan and AJ beside the Quartermaine tree. Robert and Jackie snuggling in bed. Mayor offers Robert job as police commish. Percy tells the Governor that Charles and Basil were totally behind the scam without his knowledge. Luke has offer to by the STAR. Nanny visits Holly: She says that Percy wants to see her. Alan visits Susan she is getting better. Susan in love with Scotty though Scotty not really in love with her. Holly left for BC and leaves note for Luke. Luke tries to follow but bad weather grounds all flights.

December 29, 1982 - January 4, 1983 - 12/29,  12/30, 12/31, 1/3/83 no cm, 1/4 Jimmy Lee arrives

Wednesday, December 29, 1982 - no commercials - Luke and Robert still can't get a flight out to BC.  Holly is back at the Durban Estate and meets with Percy. Percy blackmails Holly:  She will absolve him of all blame in the oil scam in return he will bury Charles in the family plot or give him a pauper's grave. Holly reluctantly signs the paper. Noah Bobbie and Rick all at GH. Scott wants to throw Heather out of Susan's cottage. Holly worries what Luke will think when he finds out...she decides not to tell him. Percy tells Holly she is no longer a member of the family. Luke finally talks to Holly but the storm knocks out the lines.

Thursday, December 30, 1982 - no commercials - Robert, Jackie and Tiffany. Tiff is depressed over breaking up with Noah. Rick and Leslie in a romantic mood. Alan fumes when he sees Scotty romancing Susan. Monica Alan and Jesse at GH. Alan concerned over Scotty fawning over Susan. Rick wants to get romantic with Lesley and stay home for New Years. Gail and Monica worry about Alan who may revert to violent tendencies with the stress from the Susan affair. Ruby warns Bobbie not to play games with Noah. Bobbie invites Dr David Arlin to visit her in PC. Robert tries to patch up Noah and Tiffany without much success. Scotty tells Lee and Alan that Heather is his new secretary. Brian is mugged at the Sportscenter. Blackie rushes him to the Clinic. Gail and Susan discuss Scotty. Rick thinks that Brian's mugging is related to mobster Anthony Hand. 

TONY GEARY featured in a clip from Soap World.  Clip shown of him singing from his nightclub act.

Friday, December 31 ,1982 - no commercials - Blackie and Tommy at Sportscenter. They prepare a teenage Frat get together. Someone outside replaces the soda pop with real liquor. Holly finally returns to Luke. Anthony Hand and Heather get close and he takes her to the New Years Party. Holly and Luke have a blow up at each other. Robert, Jackie and Tiff host a New Year's party for friends at the STAR. Bobbie shows up at the party with Dr David Arlin, (KALE BROWNE) and he meets Noah and Tiffany. Everyone switches partners on the dance floor. Noah is cold to TIffany. Luke makes passionate love to Holly. Later, they have another argument over trust.  Blackie and Tommy unknowingly get the Sportscenter group drunk with booze planted by mobster Hand. THe cops show up and take everyone away. Holly and Luke call a truce as the clock strikes midnight, it's 1983!

Monday, January 3, 1983 - no commercials - The Canadian DIM calls Luke and informs him of the statement Holly made absolving Percy of blame. Luke is totally stunned that has Holly lied to him again. David is flirting with Bobbie but she insists they are only friends. The Mayor wants Robert's first job as Police commish to clean up the waterfront mob scene. Brian tells mobster Hand that he knows he was behind the Sportscenter bust. Hand threatens him. Luke and Holly in another furious fight. He runs away to the mountains to think. Blackie is let off the hook with the cops. Luke meets Ben a friendly mountain man. Robert comforts a depressed Holly. 

Tuesday, January 4, 1983 - commercials start again - Heather warns Anthony Hand that Robert is the new Police Commish. Bobbie still romanced by the visiting DR. She is using him to get to Noah. Jimmy Lee Holt arrives, (Steve Bond's first show) and he shows up at the Q mansion. Stella won't let him in and he goes away. Hand wants Heather to get him the info on Scotty's business. Alan asks Rick for some advice on Scotty and Susan. (talk of the past with his affair with Monica) Lesley and Rick plan a romantic evening. Rick and Alan in a friendly scene. Noah and Tiffany at the art gallery. Tiffany goes off and Noah bumps into Bobbie. They both admire a particular painting. Later, Dr Arlin shows up. Jimmy Lee shows up again and finally greets Edward to tell him he is his son! DAYTIME DILEMMA WITH OLTL AND GH

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