Complete GH Episodes 1982

The GH 1982 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted. These write ups have been done by Norm Fisher, who has been a tremendous help in getting these episodes dated and described and without his help this page would not be possible!

January 1 - June 2, 1982  and May 3, 1982 -January 4, 1983

Episode Breakdown

January 1-6, 1982 - 1/1, 1/4 Demi Moore arrives as Jackie Templeton, 1/5, 1/6 [Episode Descriptions]

January 7-12, 1982 - 1/7 Robert & Tiffany make love, 1/8, 1/11, 1/12 Anne is suspended [Episode Descriptions]

January 13-20, 1982 - 1/13 Laura's photo session, 1/14, 1/15 Laura disappears off the foggy pier, 1/18, 1/20 [Episode Descriptions]

January 21-28, 1982 - 1/21, 1/22, 1/25, 1/28 John Stamos arrives as Blackie Parrish [Episode Descriptions]

January 29 - February 8, 1982 - 1/29, 2/3, 2/5, 2/8 [Episode Descriptions]

February 10-16, 1982 - 2/10, 2/12 Roller skating sequence on bridge (on location), 2/15, 2/16 Edward's plans to have Lila declared insane are ruined [Episode Descriptions]

February 17-24, 1982 - 2/17, 2/19, 2/22, 2/24 [Episode Descriptions]

February 25 - March 3, 1982 - 2/25 Sportscenter fundraising event, Car stunt as Luke jumps on top of the roof of David's speeding car, 3/1, 3/2 Monica returns from Europe with a new look and astonishes Alan (Philipe time frame), 3/3 [Episode Descriptions]

March 4-12, 1982 - 3/4, 3/5, 3/8, 3/11, 3/12 [Episode Descriptions]

March 15-19, 1982 - 3/15, 3/16, 3/17 St. Patrick's Day at Kelly's, 3/18, 3/19 [Episode Descriptions]

March 22-26, 1982 - 3/22, 3/23, 3/25 Luke parachutes out of plane, 3/26 [Episode Descriptions]

March 29 - April 2, 1982 - 3/29, 4/1, 4/2, 4/5 (only 5 minutes not complete, reduced quality), 4/6 [Episode Descriptions]

April 8-16, 1982 - 4/8, 4/9, 4/13, 4/16 [Episode Descriptions]

April 19-26, 1982 - 4/19, 4/20, 4/23, 4/26 [Episode Descriptions]

April 28 - May 5, 1982 - 4/28, 4/30, 5/3, 5/5 [Episode Descriptions]

May 7-14, 1982 - 5/7, 5/10, 5/12, 5/14 [Episode Descriptions]

May 17 - 21, 1982 - 5/17, 5/18, 5/19, 5/21 [Episode Descriptions]

May 24-June 2, 1982 - 5/24, 5/25, 5/28, 5/31, 6/2 [Episode Descriptions]

May 3, 1982 -January 4, 1983

Expanded Descriptions

January 1-6, 1982 - 1/1, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6

January 1, 1982 - NO COMMERCIALS - Joe and Heather find Noah and Anne enjoying a drink at Kelly's. Rick, Lesley and Amy after the party. Robert learns that the Mouse fave mouse costumes to Amy and the girls as a warning. Anne plants a big kiss on Joe's lips as Heather watches jealously. Laura tells Tiff and Robert that she is spooked out by a man that keeps watching her to and from her trips to NY. (Luke is upstairs with a massive hangover)  Morning after NY's. Everyone suffers a big hangover. Mikey keeps interupting Rick and Lesley in bed. Anne, Rose Delfina etc. Rose comes downstairs to find the "Mouse" sitting alone waiting for Luke to arrive. Mouse departs after giving a friendly word of warning.

January 4, 1982 - Susan tells Alan to pack up and get out. Luke forgot to tell Laura that he asked Robert and Tiffany to move on to the yacht with them. Rick asks Scotty as to why he's working for Durnley. Emma, Slick, Delfina, Tiffany and Robert all come over for a lunch party. Laura expecting an important guest, kindly shouts for them to leave. Laura's guest is a reporter by the name of Jackie Templeton. (DEMI MOORE'S FIRST SHOW) They are interupted when Emma comes in looking for her pickle! Later Tiff and Delfina interupt wanting to tell their life story. Laura and Jackie retreat to Kelly's for some peace and quiet. But they are interupted there by Scotty and Rick. Scotty shows the decree he signed stating he won't contest the divorce. Lee is outraged to find the document is worthless! Luke and the gang plot the big heist against the Mouse. Alan tells Edward that Susan tossed him out and Edward howls with laughter. Later Monica sees ALan's suitcase and figures out Susan dumped him. ALan later brings his bags back to Susan's and she forgives him after he calls to make arrangements for immediate divorce from Monica. Laura is off to NY again and Luke and the gang are ready for the big heist. RYAN/EDGE promo 

January 5, 1982 - Lesley and Rick ready for Dr Bradshaw's party. Audrey breaks the news to Anne that Jeff has remarried. Anne is totally shattered and starts drinking. The Sting is on against the Mouse. Emma, Luke, Robert, Slick and Tiffany. Emma and Tiffany pose as hookers and distract the guards outside the warehouse. Luke and Robert load the cases of booze in the trunk of Slick's cab. Noah arrives to comfort Anne, who's upset after hearing about Jeff's remarriage. She thinks everyone is taking advantage of her and even barks at Jeremy for no reason. Anne decides to change her image. Later, Noah takes Anne to the Bradshaw party. Anne is dressed as a punk rocker with purple hair! At the party, Bradshaw is making a speech and Anne interupts. She accuses him in front of everyone of being responsible for the death of a patient after advising unecessary surgery. 

January 6, 1982 - The Mouse and his henchmen storm the yacht and try to rough up Robert. As they are about to close in on the kill, a man appears and chases them away. The man's name is Kurt Maxwell and he claims to be an old friend of O Reilly and the WSB has him on assignment undercover. Robert agrees to keep him hidden in the cargo hold and decides not to tell Luke. Audrey and Jesse try to talk to Anne but she's convinced that Bradshaw should not have ordered surgery for the woman. Noah tells Anne she's way out of line because he would have done exactly what Bradshaw did. Bradshaw agrees to drop charges against Anne and tells Steve she must issue a public apology on the hospital bulletin board. HURRAY FOR LOVE PROMO

January 7-12, 1982 - 1/7, 1/8, 1/11, 1/12

January 7, 1982 - Heather is at GH and giving Joe's name out to victim's in surgery at GH who need legal advice. Robert continues to hide Kurt and not tell Luke. Robert begins kissing Tiffany to distract her when she nearly discovers Kurt's hiding place. Durnley discussing the stolen liquor of the Mouse's with Scotty. Scotty and Heather run into each other at the Bucket of Blood. Later, Scotty reports to the Mouse that he knows where to find his stolen liquor, its at Luke's yacht! Robert and Tiffany get amourous and make love.

January 8, 1982 - Jeremy furious at Anne's behavior decides he doesn't want to be her mother anymore and he tears up the adoption papers. Lesley tells Rick they have a meeting with the court for Mike's adoption. Hearing Tiffany scream, Robert runs into Luke's stateroom and finds the liquor they stole from the Mouse neatly stacked in a pile. Laura arrives in PC from NY followed closely by David Grey. Robert starts to dump the booze but Luke stops him. Meeting with the court, Rick and Lesley are grateful when they get permission to adopt Mike. The mouse stroms the boat and runs smack into Robert, Luke, Laura and Tiffany. Holding guns to them he demands they return his property. Grey is watching Laura. Luke and Robert using their wits quickly dispatch the Mouse and his henchmen from the boat. Luke discovers Robert has been hiding Kurt in the cargo hold. Luke blows up at Robert and tells him he thinks Kurt is connected someway with Helena.

January 11, 1982 - Excersise class at GH with Richard Simmons. Luke and Robert try to trap Kurt into revealing his true identity but he passes the test. He does appear to be as he claims, a WSB agent on a mission. Laura and Luke argue about the boat and the new nightclub. Lesley interupts the two. The Mouse once again storms the boat because he found a bottle of his booze in Slick's cab. Luke and Robert tell the Mouse they staged the raid on his warehouse to show him they will not be intimidated. He can't report them to the police because the cops can't arrest them for stealing stolen booze! The Mouse has no choice but to leave defeated. Edward tells Alan he's a fool to try to get custody of his son from Monica. Lila denies she has any business with Robert to both Alan and Edward. Robert tells Luke and Laura that Kurt passed his test about WSB knowledge. Later, Kurt is alone in the cargo hold and reveals a model of the Titan along with the missing items from Luke and Laura's wedding.

January 12, 1982 - Scotty gives Lee the liquor license for LUke and Robert. Joe gets another call from a GH emergency victim, who is giving out his name he wonders. Kurt places the items from Luke and Laura on the boat an conducts part of his curse that he will finish for Helena. Lila hires Robert to find the son of the woman he previously traced for her. All the nurses get their diploma's except for Anne who is suspended per Steve. Heather delights in rubbing Anne's nose in it. Robert bored and lonely on the boat calls Rose out on a date. Scotty alone on the boat delivers the liquor license and can't resist blowing sawdust on a section of panaling that Robert just painted. Scott later wanders into Luke's stateroom and finds Laura's nightgown. Furiously he rips it to shreds! Scott finds Kurt on deck spouting his curst to Luke and Laura. Scott agrees not to tell anyone because he is on his side! Joe finds out the true nature of the person giving out his name at the hospital, it's Heather. Noah and Anne have a romantic dinner as do Robert and Rose.

January 13-20, 1982 - 1/13, 1/14, 1/15, 1/18, 1/20

January 13 1982 - At her photo session, Laura gets a message that Luke is in NY and wants to meet her for lunch. Thrilled she runs off from her photo session to meet him. David Grey is watching her. As Laura leaves she runs into Mel's girlfriend who is also named Laura. Laura and Laura come face to face and stare at each other in astonishment, they both look alike. David is flustered and reports to his superior that there are TWO LAURA'S! Luke is furious when he finds Laura's nightgown ripped to shreds. Lee, Gail over at the Webbers for dinner and they discuss the new Sportscenter. Arriving for lunch, Laura is surprised to find Scotty instead. Reluctantly the two former lovers have lunch. Laura listens as Scott explains he's really a changed person and wants her to forgive him. He presents her with a worthless copy of the divorce decree. Scott and Laura fly back to PC and arrive together after taking an earlier flight. David is following Laura. Robert and Rose continue on their date. Luke comes across Kurt on the main deck spouting his curse on Luke and Laura, in the name of Helena!!!!! EDGE OF NIGHT PROMO

January 14, 1982 - Luke shouts at Kurt to stop and wants to examine the boat he is holding. Kurt and Robert get into a struggle and the boat drops to the floor smashed to a million pieces. Luke finds his stickpin in the rubble. Luke chases after Kurt and the two end up in a warehouse. Kurt locks Luke in and heads to Scott's apartment. Luke smashes the window and escapes. Heather and Joe at Kelly's. Joe confronts her with the notion that she is referring clients to him from GH. Luke trails Kurt to Scott's but Kurt has already gone. Laura arrives on the boat and alone she finds her shredded nightgown. David is watching her from the boat.

January 15, 1982 - Laura arrives and it's very foggy out. She finds nobody at home on the yacht. Laura is spooked when the lights start going off and on at the boat. Tiffany and Delfina don't see Laura but they leave when they get spooked by the lights too.  Luke goes to meet Laura unaware that she took an earlier flight. The phones go out on the yacht so Laura goes to the docks to use the payphone. SHe first runs into a sailor that tries to get her to go home because the docks can be dangerous this time of night. Laura assures him that she is all right. Luke goes to the Webber's and later Kelly's trying to find Laura. Laura tries to call the Webber's but Amy is blabbing on the phone. David finds Laura and holds up his sapphire ring. Laura in a panic runs off. (Genie's final show till 1983) Returning to the dock's, Luke is frantic trying to find Laura. In the distance he sees what he thinks is Laura but it's actually Laura Templton. Laura runs off scared and Luke screams her name into the foggy night.

January 18, 1982 - Laura Templeton leaves a message on Jackie's answer machine. She think's somebody is following her. Jackie plays back the message but the tape cuts off when Laura is about to give the number. A check of the Hospitals and the harbor fail to turn up a missing Laura Spencer. Mel returns to find Laura T freaked out by last night. Steve, Dan, Audrey Jesse all with worry over the missing Laura. Luke tells Lesley that he can't find her anywhere. Bradshaw tells Steve that his family has decided to not join him in PC at this time. Luke discovers after reading the passanger list for PC flights that SCotty was on the same plane with Laura! Telling Rick and Lesley he makes a mad dash out of the waterfront clinic. RYAN/EDGE PROMO

January 20, 1982 - Jesse and Dan at GH. Robert tells them there is no news yet on Laura. When Mel finds out that Laura called her sister for help, he convinces Laura to try to get Jackie off their trail. Laura calls the Croyden Hotel. and tries to reassure Jackie that everything is fine. Robert talks to Dan and Lesley. Lesley recalls Kurt worked for Helena in Greece. Robert enlists Dan to see if Helena had anything to do with Laura's kidnapping. David announces to Mel that nobody must know about the BIG PROJECT. Robert questions Scotty about Kurt and what he was doing on the boat when he met him. Robert, Lesley and Tiffany at Kelly's. Robert questions The Mouse about Laura's disappearance. Jackie enlists the help of a private eye to track down her sister. They arrive at Laura's apartment and find her gone. (Mel and Laura moved out) Robert's WSB buddies have caught Kurt. Robert questions him but he denies any knowledge of Laura's disappearance. A sailor reports to Robert and Tiffany that he saw Laura on the docks the nigth she disappeared.

January 21-28, 1982 - 1/21, 1/22, 1/25, 1/28

January 21, 1982 - Robert and Tiffany continue questioning the sailor. Laura tells Mell that she wants to see Jackie. Monica is showing the Q mansion around to prospective clients, she's selling the mansion!!!  Robert and Tiffany question Mickey (Tiff's agent). Laura's been gone for 2 days now. Jackie paces at her hotel waiting for Laura to call her. Laura T on the foggy dock's trying to get to her sister's runs smack into David Grey! Alan shows Edward the for sale sign outside the mansion. Robert and Tiffany get copies of the flight manafest for all flights that Laura was booked on. Doing some research the duo find out that a D GREY was on every flight with Laura to NY and back to PC!

January 22, 1982 - A hit and run victim is brought to GH. Luke and Robert fear that it's Laura as the girl fits her description. Luke is frantic and goes straight to GH and runs into Jackie. They meet and talk for the first time. They are baffled when the hit and run victim turns out to be Laura but a third Laura! WHich Laura is it? Nobody knows since the woman is bandaged from head to toe. However, Luke finds a locket in the woman's things and has the name Laura inscribed on it. Lesley, Rick, Luke, Lee and Gail all wait for word on the woman. Everyone heads down to ER when they find Ramsey is investigating. Eventually Ramsey finds out this is not their Laura. Ryan/Edge promo

January 25, 1982 - Richard Simmons and his class at GH. Lesley and Monica working out and worrying about Laura. Jackie wants to team up with Luke to help each other find their missing Laura's. Gail asks Monica why she's selling the Q mansion. Luke wants nothing to do with Jackie, so Robert volunteers to help her find her sister. The two go over details of Laura T's last whereabouts. They find that Mel the Photographer is also missing. They later find that Laura Templeton, D. Grey, Laura Spencer and Mel were all on the same flight together. Luke identifies a photo of Laura as the woman he saw on the docks. When Jackie finds out Luke saw her sister but didn't offer her help she slugs him! Scotty assures Lee that he had nothing to do with Laura's disappearance. Luke returns to the boat and finds Scotty waiting for him. 

January 28, 1982 - Joe is finding it hard to resist Heather. At the new Sportscenter, Rick and Lesley head up a group trying to clean up the mess. Lesley is still worried about Laura. A young tough street kid named Blackie Parrish (John Stamos first appearance.) heads up his own street gang and tells Rick that his Sportscenter is invading his turf. Later, the group relaxes at Kelly's and Blackie and his buddies break into the Sportscenter and trash the place. Tiffany meets Jackie. Slick takes Jackie, Tiff, Robert, Lila, Stella, and Emma over to his friends bookie joint. The gang all use the phones to contact all the David Grey's they can find in the phone book. Putting on a fake story about a lawsuit against the airlines, the gang tries to locate the real David Grey that was following both Laura's that night. Rick and his group return to the clinic and find it trashed. Joe and Heather finally make love. Rick, Brian and Zack toss Blackie out on his ears. Emma is the lucky one to finally reach David Grey. She writes his phone number down but in the excitement of telling the others she found him, she spills water over her phone list and has no clue as to who she dialed, another lead goes up in smoke. OLTL/EDGE

January 29 - February 8, 1982 - 1/29, 2/3, 2/5, 2/8

January 29, 1982 - Rick and Lesley at the clinic, still no word from Laura. Blackie enters with a bruised and bloody face. Luke returns and tells Robert that he's tracked down Mel the photographer. Luke and Robert go over to his apartment and bust their way in but nobody is there. Meanwhile, at Mel's studio loft, he has turned the place into a workshop with electronic and scientific equipment for the big project. Mel goes out to buy some groceries. Expecting him to return Laura T opens the door to David Grey. David puts Laura in a trance. The Real Estate agent tells Monica that she's found a buyer for the house!  Rick finds out that Blackie was beatin up by Durnley's men. Dan tells Gail that Ruby must have a hysterectomy. Alan overhears Monica turn down an offer on the house. Monica figures out it was Alan that put in the bid on the home! Rose tells Luke and Robert she remembers the man with the sapphire ring, he was in the diner right before Laura disappeared. Mel returns and finds that Laura has no memory of David or the special project they are working on. David has successfully erased Laura's memory! RYAN/EDGE promo.

February 3, 1982 - Dan arrives to pick up Ruby for her surgery that she is still keeping secret from Luke. Audrey sees Steve embracing Vivian Collins, the woman he met recently at a medical conference. Luke at Kelly's thinking of Laura.  Martha tries to give him some hope....(a recurring theme in the Monty produced episodes) Robert barges in and states that Laura the accident victim at General is ready to talk. Steve is puzzled as to why Audrey won't talk with him. She runs to Jesse with her bags and won't take Steve's calls. Robert and Tiff rehurse their mind reading act. Luke and Jackie question Laura at GH....but Ramsey interupts with his own questioning. They learn the girl is from a farm outside of PC and she only came to town to stare at the boats. Ramsey at Luke's insistance asks about D Grey.....For a moment the piercing eyes register with Laura, but she says she doesn't know him. Another false hope lead. Later Luke, Robert and Jackie meet at Kelly's They all vow to track down D. Grey.  AMC/OLTL promo 

February 5, 1982 - Dr. Bradshaw and Noah operate on Ruby. Theings go from bad to worse. A total hysterectomy is needed. As they proceed, Bradshaw's hand slips and he cuts an artery! Bradshaw freezes and it's up to Noah to take over. Later, Lesley gets the news that Ruby might not make it and tries in vein to get a hold of Luke. Jackie bursts in with news for Luke and Robert that she saw her sister at Wyndam's department store. Jackie tells them that her sister is a kleptomanic and can't resist ivory made animal figurines.  There happens to be a sale on them at Wyndam's . They decide to stake out the place and try to capture her. Lesley, Rick, Dan, Amy all worry over Ruby who's touch and go in surgery. Monica tells Gail that she is going to definately sell the mansion right under Alan's nose. Luke, Robert and Jackie question the security guard at Wyndam's who busted Laura for shoplifting the other day. Mel can't reveal the big project to Laura as of yet...Laura spots an ad in the paper. One catches Mel's eye too on star sapphire's. Suddenly Laura starts to remember everything again. About David and the project. Lesley finally reaches Luke and tells him about Ruby's surgery...Luke dashes out leaving a stunned Robert and Jackie behind. 
February 8, 1982 - Robert finds out from Georgia that Ruby had delicate surgery this morning. Anne is furious with Noah because Bradshaw's hand slipped during surgery. They must report this to someone but Noah discourages her. Luke rushes to ER to see Ruby. After deciding to call Steve to check up on Ruby, Audrey hangs up the phone when she finds out he is out with Vivian Collins. A few hours later, Steve arrives at Jesse's. Will Audrey please come home? She agrees when he convinces her that he didn't have an affair with Vivian. Luke stands vigil over Ruby's bed.

February 10-16, 1982 - 2/10, 2/12, 2/15, 2/16

February 10, 1982 - Maureen Morrisey a former student of Audrey's arrives in PC. Luke, Robert and Jackie on the boat. None of them has slept lately. Robert and Jackie argue about where to search for Laura next. Maureen is hired by Jesse to fill the void left by Bobbie. Jackie and Robert come to the realization that Mel couldn't have had anything to do with Laura Spencer's disappearance because he arrived in PC after she was found missing. Mel and Laura agree not to tell David that she regained her memory of him. Afraid that Dr Katz will send her back to the institution or worse jail, she wants to get some damaging evidence from his background to use as insurance. Going through Steve's files, she finds a descrepency on his medical file.  One of the references she calls tells Heather that Katz left the hospital 6 months earlier than he let on to GH.  Luke visits Ruby at GH. Maureen greets Ruby. Luke grew up with her brother Johnny on Elm Street. Johnny is now a  boxer.   

February 12, 1982 - Richard Simmons excersise class at GH. Maureen tells Lesley and Brian that her brother being a boxer could really help out at the Sportscenter. Noah looking after Ruby and he meets Tiffany who is there to see her too. Jackie, Robert, Luke station themselves outside Gorham's department store hoping to nab Laura when she comes to steal some ivory figurines. Luke gets into some comic shtick with the peanut vendor outside. Edward, Alan and Lee at GH. Anne again tries to convince Noah that Bradshaw nearly killed Ruby on the operating table. Jackie spots her sister ripping off some figures at the dept store. She chases her but runs smack dab into David Grey! WHen she breaks free, it's too late, because Laura has slipped by Luke and Robert. (Her hair is up under a hat) Heather continues her investigation of Katz. Jackie again spots her sister outside under the bridge walkway. Luke and Robert give chase. David uses his "psychic" energy to cause to roller skaters to run faster and faster eventually knocking Jackie over the railing!  FF promo

February 15, 1982 - No commercials. Rusing to where Jackie is hanging on for dear life, Luke grabs her and embraces her. He breaks away after realizing what he is doing. Dan and Anne checking up on Ruby. Anne questions her about the tests Bradshaw did on her post op. Maureen meets with Rick and Lesley. After discovering that Ruby did not have pre surgical tests before the hysterectomy was performed on Bradshaw, Anne is further convinced the surgery was a mistake. Robert, Luke and Jackie discuss Grey as David watches from a distance. Maureen introduces Rick and Lesely to her brother Johnny Morrisey. Johnny was on his way to becoming a successful boxer till something put him on the sidelines. Luke and Ruby have a delightful chat at GH. 

February 16, 1982 - Enlisting Randall's help, Edward tries to hire a NY stage actress in an effort to discredit Lila and get her tossed out of ELQ. Edward phones Alan to witness Lila's would be senile illness. Anne discovers that Noah crossed her name off the chart for schduled surgery. David informs Mel that he observed his girlfriend and the incident at Gorham's. David promises that Laura will behave from now on. The actress Edward hired turns out to be an old friend of Lila!  Edward's plans to declare Lila insane are ruined! Steve tells Bradshaw he wants him to take some days off as he's tired. David tells his superior that they are almost ready for the first test then it will be the main event and afterwards everyone is expendible!   

February 17-24, 1982 - 2/17, 2/19, 2/22, 2/24

February 17, 1982 - Heather makes further inquiries into Katz's past. He finds out his information from the Bativia Hospital he was residing at doesn't match. Jackie tells Robert she has a plan to catch Laura. Scotty tells Heather he is going up to Canada on business and can drop her off at the Batavia hospital---then pick her up on the way back. Rick and Lesley on Sportscenter business. Robert and Jackie go to Ramsey begging him to investigate David Grey. LUke and Ruby in the hospital. (some picture blackouts) Heather finds out from the Batavia clinic asministrator that Katz was accused of sexual advances toward a patient named Cynthia Elliot. The girl dropped the suit shortly after Katz left the clinic. Joe finds out from Martha that Heather has gone out of town with Scotty. Luke is reunited with his childhood friend Johnny. Robert and Jackie are able to get a police sketch made of David Grey. They show Luke, Lesley, and Rick. 

February 19, 1982 - Picture tracking problems.  Rick, Lesley and Ruby at GH. Robert and Jackie and Luke: There is an add in the paper about an antique store opening. Tiffany agrees to be watch so Laura can be lured there. They will put some carved animals in the antique store hoping to draw Laura out in the open. Luke gets Benny to borrow some of his figurines to use as bait. The proprietor of the local antique store is Hester Frumpkin. But the antique store is a front for David Grey and his operation. In the backroom, David meets with Nivin and his partner Felix who are hired for a 'slight of hand' operation. Luke arrives and convinces Hester to take the carved animals on consignment. She agrees. Rick runs some tests on Johnny discovering there is nothing wrong with him, why did he give up boxing they wonder?  Bradshaw agrees to let Ruby leave the Hospital. Mel prepares his Hologram laser for the first test of David's operation. 

February 22 1982 - Maureen tells Amy she has decided to move back to New Hampshire. Edward plots to get control of ELQ away from Lila. Robert and Jackie put their plan into motion to trap Laura. Dr Troy's tape arrives attesting to Johnny's heart damage. Monica is called in by Rick for second opinion. Her findings indicate no damage whatsoever. Johnny's heart is normal. Johnny decides to track down his old trainer Packey for answers. Robert informs Lila that he thinks he has located the son of the woman he asked him to find previously. Edward gets Lila to sign some papers turning over power of attorney to him but later when he shows the papers to his attorney, he finds Lila signed them Mrs Abraham Lincoln! Susan prepares a romantic dinner for Alan.  AMC/Edge promo

February 24, 1982 - Laura spots the ad that Luke put in the paper about the collectibles at the antique store. Jackie, Tiff and Robert go over the plan. Lila presents Robert with a photo she found of Eric when he was a boy. She wants him to track him down. (This was Jimmy Lee and this storyline fizzled due to a change in the writing staff. It was not to be taken up again till a year later). Johnny is trying to find Packy eventually tracks the man down at a rundown hotel. David learns that Laura remembers everything. Tiff, Jackie and Robert are disapointed that Laura doesn't show up. They are camped out across the street from the antique store. Hester informs Luke that someone purchased his figures he had on consignment! Rick and Lesley are touched when Scotty offers to help them out on Dollar Day. An event to raise money for the sportscenter.

February 25-March 3, 1982 - 2/25, 3/1, 3/2, 3/3

February 25, 1982 - Nivin and Felix meet with David at the antique store to go over final arrangements for the heist. Robert, Luke and Jackie stake out the Jewelry store that is having a display of a rare figure of an ivory tiger, the same piece the object of David's test of the laser machine. Mel and Laura line up the hologram in the loft across from the Jewelry store. Mel and Laura don't notice the electrical plug is overheating. David, Felix and Nivin at the Jewelry story with Jackie and LUke. David fixes his "psychic" stare causing the guards to be transfixed! Nivin, using slight of hand steals the tiger and he and Felix take off in different directions. Luke and Robert give chase. Mel and Laura take off when the machine blows and the Hologram fails to project. Mel and Laura rush past Jackie and get into their car. Luke runs after diving on top of the roof! The car turns the lane and Luke falls off. David's car is heading straight for Luke.

March 1, 1982 - Rolling himself up in a ball, Luke evades Grey's car. Luke jumps into a jeep that just happens to have the keys still in the ignition. Jackie takes off in hot pursuit on a bicycle. Mell and Laura speeding down the road with Grey right behind them. Luke gets stalled by a funeral procession. Luke next takes off on a policeman's horse but fails to keep up. Robert retrieves the tiger from Nivin.  Mel and Laura later explain to David that the wiring shorted out, so they had no choice but to abandon the project. Mel says no one was caught so no harm done. Rose and Scotty at Kelly's  Robert and Jackie at Kelly's discussing the day's events.  Robert suddenly remember's they forgot about Tiffany in the back alley! Heather and SCotty at GH.  OLTL/EDGE promo.

March 2, 1982 - Noah compliments Anne on her performance in surgery. Anne is not speaking to him. Flowers arrive at the Q mansion for Monica. Edward and Alan learn they are from a Frenchman. Heather asks Joe why he doesn't want to make love to her. After her night with Alan bombed, Alan goes to see Dr Katz to unload his problems. Susan visits Dr Katz and wants to know what he has discussed with Alan. Katz suggests Susan not try so hard and let Alan work out his problems with her. Later, Susan tries pumping Steve for information to no luck. Alan and Edward keeping track of all the flowers arriving for Monica, six baskets so far. Scotty and Heather at GH. He presents her secretly withe the phone number of Cynthia Elliot. Monica returns from Europe with a new look and a new attitude. Monica is looking fabulous and leaves Alan speechless. Joe has it out with Heather, why did she take off with Scotty to Canada the other day?  Joe storms upstairs and Heather makes a call to Cynthia. AMC/EDGE promo

March 3, 1982 - Heather gets a call from Cynthia while at GH. Rick finds Lesley pouring over photos of Laura and crying. Robert and Jackie decide to take the compostite picture of David Grey and print it in the newspaper hoping somebody can identify him. When they mention it to Ramsey, he's dead set against it. Monica breezes into GH and gets a call from her gigolo Frenchman Phillipe. Blackie tries to get Rick into a floating crap game to raise money for the Sportscenter. Steve warns Dr Bradshaw he better take some time off because he is overworked. HEather meets with Cynthia and turns out she works in PC. When Heather mentions Dr Katz' name the young woman becomes upset. Cynthia reveals that Katz made sexual advances toward her and Heather lies that he's done the same to her. Heather convinces the disturbed woman they must get even with Katz once and for all. Alan blows up at Susan when she comes to GH and tries to get him to see another Dr. Robert, Jackie and Rose at Kelly's. Everyone is planning the Dollar Day at the Sportscenter.

March 4-12, 1982 - 3/4, 3/5, 3/8, 3/11, 3/12

March 4, 1982 - Luke, Jackie and Robert finally convince Burt to print the picture of Grey. The trio is summoned to Police headquarters by Ramsey who makes them account for the stolen jeep and bicycle the other day at the Jewelry store. Mel and Laura are having second thoughts concerning the project with David. The two pack their bags and as they are about to leave, they find David standing at the door! Blackie, Rick and Lesley at the SPortscenter. Alan and Susan at home arguing. David convinces Mell and Laura to stick around for their sakes. Monica gets a call from her French gigolo right in front of Edward and Alan! David not alarmed in the least that his picture is in the paper volunteers to come down and talk with Ramsey. Ramsey orders Luke to stay away. LUke and Jackie argue about their respective Laura's. Robert has to break up the fight.  RYAN/OLTL promo

March 5, 1982 - It's Dollar Day at the Sportscenter!  Everyone enjoys the fun and activities. A stranger steals Lesley's medical bag. He then cuts out old newspapers  into dollar bill shapes. Emma has a kissing booth and Tiffany gives beauty tips. EYEWITNESS NEWS BRIEF INTERUPTION ON JOHN BELUSHI'S DEATH. Although Ramsey ordered Luke to stay away when Grey comes by Headquarters, Luke can't resist and upon seeing David grabs him by the throat and starts chocking him! Ramsey wants Luke to leave but he convinces him to let him stay. David reveals he is a businessman come to PC to set up an antique business. Yes he was on the plane with Laura Spencer a few times but couldn't help staring at her because she was so beautiful. David also has an alibi for the day he was supposed to be running down Luke in his car. At the Sportscenter, choosing a moment when Rick is in conversation, the thief substitutes another bag for the Dr's. Later, Rick, Joe, and Johnny are ready to count the proceeds when they open the bag and it contains newspaper! AMC/EDGE promo

March 8, 1982 - Joe, Rick and Johnny are stunned to realize they were robbed.  Luke and Ruby discussing David Grey. Robert, Jackie and Tiff camped out at the coffee shop across from the antique store. Tom Warren at the Sportscenter is conviced Blackie has something to do with the theft. David tells Mel and Laura that the police believed his story. Luke and Jackie, Robert and Tiff try various ruses to get into the back room of the Antique store. Tiff distracts Hester long enough for Luke to sneak into the back room. Luke finds all sorts of electrical and computer equipment! David returns and Luke hides. Tom Warren calls the police and tips them off that Blackie stole the money at the Sportscenter. Luke is able to get out of the back room when Tiffany helps aid in his escape.

March 11, 1982 - Lesley and Rick discussing the Dollar Day theft.  They believe Blackie innocent and pay for the youth's bail. Blackie comes by and thanking them and vows to find the real thief. Luke and Robert plot a break in at the antique store. Laura wants to get out of the operation. David talks with her and agrees to tell her more about it, but if she betrays him he would be angry enough to kill. Luke and Johnny sparring a few rounds at the Sportscenter. Johnny knocks Luke out! Robert talks to Jackie about OReilly and becomes angry and emotional during the story. Robert gives Jackie a kiss. At the Coffee shop, Luke sees Laura T. Laura makes a mad dash back to the antique store and into the back room. Luke barges in and demands Hester take him to the back room. Rick tells Blackie that if they don't come up with the missing $$$ the Sportscenter will have to close.

March 12, 1982 - Francis Newell, a patient of Dr Bradshaw is scheduled for surgery. When Anne finds out that Mrs Newell didn't want the surgery done till her husband comes back to town, she is amazed that Dr Bradshaw insists she have it down immediately. Luke, Robert and Jackie trying to get into the back room of the antique store making a mess. Luke and Robert break into the back room and are shocked to see all the computer equipment gone, in it's place a bedroom for the little old lady!  Edward, Lila and Alan plotting to keep Monica from selling the Q mansion. Lesley's off to Washington to see if she can get a grant to help support the Sportscenter.  After surgery, Mrs Newell appears to be all right and Anne tells her that she will see her later.  However, when Anne and Noah go back to ICU later on, MRs Newell has taken a turn for the worse and dies as Dr Bradshaw fights to keep her alive.

March 15-19, 1982 - 3/15, 3/16, 3/17 St. Patrick's Day at Kelly's, 3/18, 3/19

March 15, 1982 - NO COMMERICIALS - Anne and Noah still in shock upon seeing Mrs Newell die. Laura tells Mel that she's leaving. Laura packs her bags but David again stops her. Luke, Robert and Jackie search the old lady's bedroom but find nothing. Hester pulls the alarm and the trio make a fast exit.  Mr Newell arrives and Noah and Anne break the news to him. Monica is planning a weekend getaway with her gigolo. Alan tells Monica he get that divorce from him and keep the house if it kills him. David tells Laura that Mel is working on a hologram to project images and fool people into thinking they are seeing the real thing. Luke, Jackie and Robert and Tiff prowl around the back alley looking for a way into the antique store. Dr Bradshaw covertly makes a change to Mrs Newhall's chart indicating medication administered prior to surgery. 

March 16, 1982 - NO COMMERCIALS POOR QUALITY - The judge on Heather's case sends a paralegal assistant to speak to Dr Katz. He wants to know Heather's progress so far. Luke, Jackie, Robert camped out at the coffe shop. They see Laura and Mel enter and disappear into the back. Luke and Robert try to break into the back room again but Hester calls her tough neighbor who ends up tossing Robert and Luke out. Blackie tells Rick he can't understand why a $50.00 bill turned up in his wallet. During Heather's session with Katz, she brings up a story she "read about" in which a pschiatrist was taking sexual favors from a patient. Katz is puzzled...David shows up and Jackie insists her sister is in the back of the antique store. Luke begs Ramsey to come to the antique store and see the electrical equipment in the back room.  After much prodding, Burt finally gives in. Later, Ramsy arrives to find the room once again transformed into a bedroom.  Defeated Luke and Robert leave. After they leave David tilts a picture sideways as the walls move and the furniture disappears to be replaced by computer equipment, Mel and Laura are revealed behind a wall.

March 17, 1982 - NO COMMERCIALS, POOR QUALITY - Rick is paying a call on Joe who's sick in bed with the flu on St. Patrick's day. Scotty attends an auction and bids on a 25 foot lot between Kelly's and the Sportscenter. The lot is sold to him for $2,900!  St. Patrick's day at Kelly's. Emma, Slick, Robert and Tiffany. Alan's lawyer fails to talk him out of the divorce, but he does want to postpone it for now. Rehearsing their mind reading act, Robert is blindfolded and identifies objects held up by Tiffany. One of the items that Tiff hold up is a dollar bill from Scotty. Robert guesses the name Jeremy written on the bill. Once they all figure it out, it turns out this is one of the stolen bills from the Dollar Day at the Sportscenter!  How did Scotty get it they ask? 

March 18, 1982 - The Whittiker's arrive in PC for a visit with Lila. Jackie finds a gypsy girl named Magda and asks her to stop by the Haunted Star. Anne reads the autopsy report on MRs Newell again and again. Monica calls her French gigolo Phillipe and they arrange a meeting at a NY hotel. Robert brings Magda the gypsy over to the Q mansion to meet with Lila and Mrs Whittiker. Audrey and Heather watching Anne as she keep pouring over the autopsy. Magda tells Mrs Whittiker that she feels Laura's "presence" in the room. Mrs Whittiker will see Laura-----very soon!  Bradshaw reads the Newell autopsy and is shocked at the results. Anne asks Gail and Monica if a pre op patient had a disposition to short time blood clotting, what would they do?  Monica and Gail agree she would use an anti coagulant. Anne finds such a med on the chart but she doesn't know that Bradshaw added it after the fact. The autopsy finds Mrs Newell died of a massive pulmonary embolism so that she did indeed have clotting problems. Later, Heather notices Bradshaw attempt to tear out a page in the autopsy report but he is stopped by other people around. Heather manages to take the file and tear out the page. Later Dr Bradshaw tries again to tear out the page and finds it missing.....noticing that Anne is walking around he believe she stole it. Mrs Whittiker goes out to the barn and is stunned to see Laura Spencer sitting in the hay!  (footage taken from the 1980 LHB story)

March 19, 1982 - Mrs Whit is convinced she saw Laura sitting in the hay. But she disappeared when she walked in. It's a comedy of errors as Phillipe is given Alan's room number and Alan's lawyer's assistant is given Monica's room!  Phillipe comes in as ALan is taking a shower. Meanwhile the dumb lawyer thinking he got the right Quartermaine room tells Monica all about the divorce. Agnes calls Luke to tell him she saw Laura. Luke heads over to Beecher's Corners. In the barn, Luke calls to Laura but she doesn't answer. Blackie swears to Rick that he will find the Dollar Day thief. Monica and Alan both entertain their visitors at the same French restaurant. Alan manages to get a few digs into Phillipe and visa versa. Joe and Heather snuggling. In the Whitiker Barn, Luke is shocked to find Laura's lipstick, comb and compact.

March 22-26, 1982 -  3/22, 3/23, 3/25 Luke parachutes out of plane, 3/26

March 22, 1982 - Brian tells Lee that he thinks Scotty may have stolen the money. Scotty admits to Lee the money he purchased the lot from was all from Durnley. Luke finds in the hay a bus schedule with the name "Jasper" scribbled on it. After a wild goose chase trying to beat the bus to it's various stops and talking to people who might have seen Laura, Luke comes to a dead end. Frustrated and upset, Luke is more determined than ever to find her. The dinner with Alan, his lawyer and Monica and Phillipe continues.....Scotty shows Rick his bankbook as further proof he didnt steal the Sportscenter money. Robert and Jackie head to the WHittiker barn to hold down the fort while Luke is out searching the bus terminals. OLTL/EDGE promo

March 23, 1982 - Robert and Jackie camped out at the Whittiker's holding down the fort for Luke. Luke at a diner questioning the owners if they saw Laura.  THe lead next takes him to the bus terminal where he finds out that the schedule that a "blonde" came in with was from a year ago!  Noah asks Anne to go to dinner with him.  Steve, Audrey and Jesse at GH. Audrey casually mentions to Dr Bradshaw that Anne has become close to the Newell family and invited them over for dinner. Later Bradshaw asks his insurance agent that if he was hit with a malpractice suit would he be covered? Pressing for more details, Bradshaw tells him that he believes someone stole a document from a file that could be incriminating. The agent informs Bradshaw that theft of the document is a felony. Bradshaw then joins Anne and Noah for lunch and casually mentions jokingly that he thinks someone stole some papers from him and that it could be a serious felony. Anne puzzled, leaves with Noah. Laura overhears David saying that he has taken care of Luke. Luke at the bus terminal finds a poster for Jasper airlines, the same airline name that was found scribbled on a piece of paper in Mrs Whittikers barn. OLTL Promo

March 25, 1982 - Laura tells Mel that she fears if David took care of Luke, he might have done the same with Jackie. Luke in Portland makes arrangements to get on a flight from Jasper airlines. Before doing so, he goes to a war surplus center to purchase a few things. Checking with the nurses on duty the night Mrs Newell was operated on, Anne finds that none of them administered the anti coagulant to Mrs Newell before surgery. Noah tells Anne no wrong was done and to drop it. Mel and David show Laura how they fooled Mrs Whittiker. They beamed a hologram into the barn of Laura SPencer which looked real enough to convince Mrs Whit that she saw her. Luke boards the Jasper flight and finds it;s a trap. The door locks and the plane takes off. Taking the bayonet that was taped to his leg, (apparently he didn't go through a metal detector!).  Luke rams it in the cockpit door preventing the co pilot from getting out. Wearing a parachute, Luke jumps from the plane!

March 26, 1982 - Rick and Claudia pacing at the clinic waiting for word from Luke. Robert and Jackie at the Whitiker's get word that Luke is on a flight to his doom. Meanwhile, Luke has succesfully landed in a field. Dazed and dizzy he is triumphant in his victory against Grey. Finding a phone booth Luke calls the Whit's and calls Robert and Jackie who have already departed. David is angry when he finds out Luke got away. He orders his cohorts to take care of him. Overhearing the last part, Laura takes off out of the back room and out into the alley. Rick tells Gail and Lee that Scotty has taken it in his hands to find the Sportscenter money. He's teamed up with Blackie and his gang. Laura rushes to the Croyden and finds Jackie is not there. But she does find Luke's phone number. Going to the docks, Laura calls Luke who tells her to stay put and he rushes out of the Star. Finding Laura he clings her tight and the two walk off into the fog.

March 29 - April 2, 1982 - 3/29, 4/1, 4/2, 4/5 (only 5 minutes not complete, reduced quality), 4/6

March 29, 1982 - Robert and Jackie discover that Laura was in her room. Luke and Laura on the docks. Someone grabs Luke by the leg and drags him under the pier. Luke bangs his head on the piling and is bleeding badly from a concussion. David hypnotizes an hysterical Laura and takes her back to the antique store. Robert and Jackie find a bleeding Luke on the docks and take him to Rick's clinic. Spike, a former friend of Blackie, is discovered to be the Dollar Day thief. Blackie and Scot chase Spike all the way to the SPortscenter where Packy and Johnny subdue him long enough to hear his confession. The missing money if found!  Blackie and Scotty are both resolved from blame. Rick bandages Luke's head. David reveals to Laura the object of the project: The Royal Treasures of Malkuth are coming to PC and there are several pieces that in the exhibit that he plans to steal using Mel's hologram device. Later, David puts Laura in a trance, and remembers to himself the day he saw Laura T and Laura S and got them mixed up. He blames himself for making a dreadful mistake that cost one girl (Laura Spencer) her life! With the Dollar Day money recovered, Rick plans on re opening with a blast. Johnny gets the idea to hold a boxing fight to bring in more youth's to the center. Ruby comforts Luke at the Star who is recovering from his concussion.

April 1, 1982 - Apologies are in order for Scotty as Lee realizes his son was not a thief. WHen the forensic committe meets, Anne interupts them, and is about to turn over the letter accusing Bradshaw of malpractice. But the look in Noah's face causes her to back down and change her mind. At Heather's session with Dr Katz, she is gloating about the fact she knows all about his sexual advances toward Cynthia. But Katz informs a stunned Heather that Cynthia is a disturbed young woman and has accused 5 other psychiatrists of making sexual advances toward her. He only left the clinic in Batavia to prevent further breakdown of his patient! Heather is not defeated yet. She manages to get a copy of the letter accusing Bradshaw of malpractice that Anne wrote. Making a copy of it, she slips it to Dr Bradshaw as a favor and tells him that he owes her one! Robert and Jackie discussing Luke and Laura and the fact that he considers them his family in PC now. AMC PROMO

Friday, April 2, 1982 - At Kelly's, Scotty reads all about Luke's grand opening. Ruby tells Rose that she's going to be serving drinks. Scotty is disgusted when he finds out Heather is going with Joe. Luke and Robert prepare for the grand opening. Laura in the control room with Mel reads about the opening. David asks Laura if she has any urge to see her sister. Robert and Tiff rehearse their mind reading act. Alan wants to go to the opening, but Monica doesn't. Alan takes Lila. Rick, Lesley and Amy preparing for the opening. Rick tries to comfort Lesley who thinks Laura would still be alive if it were not for the STAR. Steve and Audrey, Joe, Heather, Ramsey and Katz arrive for the opening. Heather is upset to see Katz. David notices that Laura wants to see her sister. David hypnotizes her and erases her memory of him, and the project. Luke welcomes everyone. Tiff and Robert's act is a huge success. Scotty tries to get Heather to sit with him, but she turns him down. Magda the Gypsy and Slick's magician friend don't show up, so Luke has to wing it with in impromptu psychic act. Turns out Luke is quite skilled at reading objects blindfolded. Luke successfully identifies a ring from Edward and blurts out that the ring is to be handed down to "Eric". Edward panics and grabs the ring from Luke. Next, Luke identifies the inscription of a watch. "With Love Laura". Luke removes the blindfold and finds out that Scotty handed him the watch. Enraged, Luke heads over to deck Scotty when suddenly the lights go out and when they come back on everyone is stunned to see Laura Templeton standing in the doorway! 
Monday, April 5, 1982 - Only five minutes not complete, Poor Quality. RIck and Lesley meet Laura T. Jackie and Luke question Laura and she insists everything is just a blank to her. She can't remember anything about Laura Spencer except what she read in the newspapers. Tiffany has run into a sailor at Benny's who tries to hock Laura Spencers pendant. Tiffany in a panic runs to the Star to tell Luke, who after hearing about the news, runs out. 
Tuesday, April 6, 1982 - Luke and Robert question Benny, but learn nothing about the sailor. Joe breaks his date with Heather to have dinner with Anne. Anne and Joe go over the Newell investigation. Rose hears Robert talking about the sailor to Joe. Rose recognizes the sailor as the one she gave a meal to the night before. Meanwhile, the sailor checks into the Croyden and shaves off his beard. Laura takes Luke and and Jackie to the loft she was staying at with Mel. They find the place deserted. Laura, Luke and Jackie arrive at the Antique store where Hester informs them that Laura had an "argument" with Mel and that's why she left. Another dead end for Luke. Heather runs into Bradshaw and asks him if the letter he slipped to him was useful? He tells her it allowed him to take the inituative in the situation. Heather tells Bradshaw that Anne is a vengeful person and she has a way of persecuting people that get in her way. Noah urges Bradshaw to drop the Newell affair. Heather removes the Newell file just as Anne appears at the desk. When Anne asks Heather for it she inissts she's going to lunch. Anne goes to get the file and finds it missing. Heather has locked the file up in her desk. Joe has found Laura's pendant at a pawnshop. He gives it to Luke. Now all they need is to find the sailor that tried to hock it.

April 8-16, 1982 -  4/8, 4/9, 4/12, 4/13, 4/16

Thursday, April 8 1982 - Anne and the aftermath of the hearing. She tells Jeremy that Bradshaw lied that he issued an order for Anne to administer the heparin to Mrs. Newell. Anne was negligent and did not follow orders. Luke shows Rick and Leslie the pendant. Johnny, Rick and Leslie at the clinic. Johnny wants to pursue his boxing. Luke gets a list of all the sailors that docked recently from the Harbor Master. Audrey comforts Anne after the miserable hearing. LUke, Robert, Laura and Jackie go to Ramsey and they strap a lie detector to Laura. They ask her questions about David, but David's hypnotizing hold is so powerful they can't break it. SLick at the Star serving drinks unknowingly serves the sailor that everyone is looking for. Luke realizes that Laura was hypnotized by David. Tiffany is stunned to see the sailor at the Star. She recognizes him even without his beard. Quickly she phones the Webbers looking for LUke.
Friday, April 9, 1982 - Slick holds the sailor in one of the cabins. Luke barges in and demands to know where he got the necklace. The sailor tells him that he got it from his Captain on the Neptune. Alan tells Susan that he can't live with her anymore if he expects to gain custody of his son. Monica tells Lila and Edward that she's taking an apartment and has sold the mansion to another couple! Luke and Leslie get help from the Harbormaster in tracking down the Captain of the Neptune. Turns out the Captain is in town and currently at a hearing. Luke questions Hawthorne and he admits he did indeed give the necklace to the sailor. Lesley Amy and Luke are present when there is a hearing on the Neptune's accidental ramming of a boat that sank. The necklace was found attached to the wreckage. Hawthorne explains that the Neptune struck a small cabin cruiser on the high seas. He heard a person scream and thought he might have seen a girl with long blonde hair in the water. But because of the poor visibility, he can't be sure, it could have been Laura?? They did find a boot and a raincoat that Amy and Leslie identify as belonging to Laura! Luke defiantly announces, " NO!! My Wife is not dead!" After Lee Baldwin reviews the documents comprising Alan's gift of the Q mansion to Monica, he tells them that the lawyer that drew up the papers prudently framed the gift as a living trust, meaning that Monica can only get the house if Alan were dead! Both Alan and Edward are overjoyed. Jackie tells Luke that David may have hypnotized her sister, like he did his wife. Luke doesn't care, he only knows that he is going to kill David Grey.
Monday, April 12 1982 - Soapnet Episode Jackie tries to stop Luke from killing David...but Luke as angry as he has ever been, yells at her and walks away on his mission. Rick and Leslie tell Rose, Joe and Heather the horrid news about Laura. Jackie in a panic tells Robert that Luke has gone after Grey. Robert tries to phone David, but Hester tells him he is out. Lee, Edward and Alan arrive at the mansion and tell the new owner's, the snooty Oswalds to get out! The mansion belongs to Alan. Monica has no right to sell it because of the living trust. Monica tells Alan she wishes he were dead! Luke goes after David and corners him at the Antique store. Meanwhile, Jackie and Robert phone Ramsey and his men barge in just as Luke is strangling David to death!  Luke is a madman and it takes 3 police men to haul him off. Ramsey books Luke on assault charges. Luke is tossed in jail with a derelict. Scotty agrees to represent Monica in her suit with Alan. Luke alone is his cell, cries out that his wife is not dead. Crumpled to the floor, he cries and aches to see Laura once again.
Tuesday, April 13, 1982 - Reduced quality - Robert and Jackie arrive at the jail to see Luke. Steve, Anne and Audrey and Jeremy at the Hardy's. Lee tells a stunned Scotty that Laura is dead. Scotty is devestated but at least gets satisfaction that Luke lost her too. Ramsey tells Robert that Luke's bail hearing is this afternoon. Anne tells Joe that she is going to get to the truth of the Newell case if it's the last thing she does. Heather informs Bradshaw that Noah knows about the missing page in the Newall file. Bradshaw's grateful. So when Noah confronts him with the news, Bradshaw tells Noah that he thinks Anne stole the page. Robert and Jackie tell Dr. Katz that they think Laura was hypnotized. They ask for his help. Noah informs a shocked Anne that a page is missing from the Newell file. Noah helps Anne get a look at the Newell file that is locked up. But since Anne is on suspension, Heather orders her to leave. Robert tells Jackie that the WSB found out that David Grey is exactly what he claims to be. Bradshaw asks Heather why she's helping him with the Newell case. Heather replies that she hates Anne Logan. It's really important that he get his hands on the torn out page missing from the Newell file. If she can help him he would be very grateful. When Heather leaves, she overhears Bradshaw on the phone with his insurance agent telling him that he found out Anne isnot the person that took the missing page, but whoever has it holds the power over his career as a surgeon. Heather gloats!
Friday, April 16, 1982 - Everyone shows up for a boxing match with Johnny at the Sportcenter. Luke (out of jail because David didn't press charges) is lost in thought on the boat. Laura T watches him closely. Lila at the museum board hearing meets with the curator and talks about the expected arrival of the Royal Treasures of Malkuth. Meanwhile, David and Mel cut through the wall of the Antique store which is directly across from the museum. At the boxing arena, a banner is unveiled (which is a surprise to Rick Leslie and Luke) dedicating the fight to Laura's memory. Luke furious storms out. Johnny apologizes but Luke is okay. He tells Johnny to go in and have a good fight and come out winning. The fight proceeds and Johnny ends up the champion. Luke is wandering around the boat lost in thought again when he sees Laura T., thinking it's his wife he embraces her as Jackie watches. When he realizes his mistake, he breaks away.After the fight, Anthony Hand tries to make a deal with Rick to manage Johnny's future. At the Haunted Star, David shows up during Luke's magic act. Luke's assistant is Laura. David hands Laura a medallion. SHe is mesmerized and hands it to Luke, who though blindfolded, begins to describe it in great detail. He gets a mental image of a great battle being fought and of a precious gold sword and helmet. There is a word, ISKANDAR! David is speechless. When Luke rips off the blindfold, David has vanished.
April 19-26, 1982 - 4/19, 4/20, 4/23, 4/26

Monday, April 19, 1982 - Leslie on the phone is interupted by a very annoying Mikey who keeps teasing Amy about her new boyfriend Johnny. David still in shock that Luke seems to have a psychic sense is teased by Mel when he learns that Luke has his medallion. The medallion David tells him is crucial to his plans. David has Mel go to the Star to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Luke and Robert are deep in study of books to find out what the word Iskandar means. Jackie suggests they call her editor, since he is just assigned her to cover the museum opening of the Treasures of Malkuth. Rick, Johnny Amy and Packy at the Sportscenter. When the director of the museum, Mr Forbes sees the medallion that Luke has, he explains it's not his field of expertese and and recommends a coin specialist. Alice comforts Leslie who's depressed over Laura. Mikey becomes friends with Packy. Mel appears on the ship surprising Laura as she is about to perform her act. Mel asks Laura to come back and live with him but she refuses. When Laura leaves, Mel begins searching the cabin for the medallion. When Luke notices Laura is jumpy...she tells him Mel is on board. 
Tuesday, April 20, 1982 - Luke catches Mel in his stateroom after a futile search for the medallion. Mel insists he only came on board to see Laura. Luke calls him a liar and rips open his shirt to reveal he is wearing the precious medallion! At the Q's, Lila mentions to Edward that Luke in his psychic trance came up with the name "Eric" and wonders to Edward what this means to him. Edward is flustered and tells her it was nothing. Alan and Monica are not so sure. Rick and Leslie having a romantic dinner and even more romance on the couch after dinner. Monica informs Lila that she refused Alan's offer to pay the $200,000 that she owes. Why? It's on the condition that he be allowed to move back in and that will happen over Monica's dead body. Robert and Tiffany visit the gypsy woman Magda. They convince her to come back to the Star. Monica tells Alan that he can move back into the mansion if he wants, but she and Alan Jr will move out. WHen Luke shows Magda the medallion, she hurls it away as if in great pain. Luke presses for an answer what she saw but the frightened woman runs from the boat in horror. Luke satisfied now knows what he must do.

Friday, April 23, 1982 - Gail and Monica at GH discussing Alan. Anne and Noah trying to solve the mystery of the Newhall file. Luke and Jackie on a flight back from NY with no leads on the medallion. Luke is torn with memories when he reads an inflight magazine showing an ad for the Miss Star Eyes. Magda chanting over a deck of playing cards decided to help Luke. Richard Simmons classes at the Sportscenter. Tiffany hires Blackie to work at the Star as a valet. Anne and Noah start calling the pharmacies in PC when they find otu from Mr Nehall that Bradshaw prescribed Birth Control Pills for his late wife. This must have been on the missing paper that was in the Newhall file.Heather overhears everything. David meets with Luke on the foggy docks. David promises the truth about Laura in exchange for the medallion. He  tells Luke what he believe happened: The fog.....the night.....his wifes fear.....David speculates that Laura seeing him on the docks became frightened and wanted to hide. She spotted a boat on the water's edge. As David speaks, he lifts his ring putting LUke into a hypnotic trance. David tells Luke the boat was hit by the Neptune killing Laura instantly, it was all an accident. Luke repeats over and over it was an accident. But suddenly Luke is jarred from his trance and shouts NO! Luke and David run for the medallion.The chain breaks leaving Luke the winner. Luke tells Robert and Jackie who arrive moments later that Laura is dead. He feels it now. He wants them to leave him alone. Luke tenderly speaks out to Laura that he loves her always and will get everyone involved in her death.

Monday, April 26, 1982 - When David returns to the Antique store is is quite shaken after his run in with Luke. Mel delights in teasing him about it. Luke tells Dan and Ruby that Laura is dead and he just wants to be alone. Storming back to the Star, Robert, Jackie and Tiffany let him be as he grieves in his own way. Drinking up a storm, Luke gets lost in a bottle. He turns and sees Laura T. staring at him and he shouts for her to get out. Joe, Anne and Heather at Kelly's. Heather had yet another incident at GH with Anne, and Katz is accusing her of "flagging" a file. Luke in a drunken tirade, begins tearing up his stateroom. He packs all of Laura's clothes in a suitcase along with her dress that they danced in at Wyndham's, plus his wedding band. He then proceeds to dump the suitcase in the harbor all while professing his undying love for Laura. Later, Luke Robert Tiffany and Jackie make a pact to go after David Grey. David phones the Magus and tells him they must deal with Spencer now. The Magus snaps his fingers, and four medallions, identical to the ones that David wears are placed in the hands of four followers of the cult.  

April 28 - May 5, 1982 - 4/28, 4/30, 5/3, 5/5

Wednesday, April 28, 1982 - Rick, Packy and Johnny at the Sportscenter. A gypsy boy sent by Magda delivers a deck of cards addressed to Luke. Lila and Dan at the museum plannig for the Malkuth exhibition. David and Mel check the exhibition room as well and Mel takes photos from every angle. What a perfect place to beam the hologram through the window they muse. Johnny turns down an offer from Durnley for a job. Dr Katz gives Laura T. a drug to see if she can break David's hypnotic hold. When Luke questions her, she begins to scream at the mention of David's name. Robert accepts a postion as head of security for Lila at the museum. David hides when Robert and Jackie show up at the museum. WHen David finds out of Robert's involvement he is displeased. Ambassador Tabris from Malkuth gives a speech for the museum group of reporters and photographers. The speech is about the history of Malkuth. He tells them a part of a legend of 2000 years ago when helmet and sword were worn by the greatest of all conquerers Alexander the Great. Or as he is known in his country, ISHKANDAR! This is the same name that Luke blurted out when holding David's medallion. Jackie and Robert rush back to report to Luke but Luke already knows. For in the cards that Magda gave him he finds the image of Alexander the Great!
Friday, April 30, 1982 - Robert, Luke and Jackie decide to question the Ambassador to see what he knows. Rick has been assulted by thugs who were after Packy. Rick lies unconscious on the floor of the clinic and Packy is presumed dead. Leslie gets a call at GH telling her that she needs to back off from the Sportcenter projects or else! Leslie calls the clinic but Rick is still out cold. Amy, Johnny and Brian head to the clinic after an hysterical Claudia tells them what happened. David and Mel work out the plan for the heist. David plans on stealing the sword and helmet of Malkuth. Leslie arrives at the clinic. Rick is ok, but admitted to GH anyway with a bad concussion. David and Mel at the museum. David has all the guards under his hypnotic control. Luke at the club, invites the Ambassador over for dinner.There Tiffany is to wine and dine him to get answer on Malkuth. Tabris notices Luke's medallion and tells Luke the emblem belongs to a ruthless cult that opposed the Royal Family. The cult no longer exists, as far as he knows.  Arriving at the museum Robert Jackie and Luke begin pouring through the exhibits. David and Mell hastily make a quick exit. Among the boxes Luke and Robert find an original medallion that matches the one that David wears. Robert glancing out the window, spies Mel and David entering the back room of the Antique store. David in a panic realizes that Luke and company are figuring out the heist! Ryan/Edge promo

Monday, May 3, 1982 - Jesse and Leslie tend to a recovering Rick who has been admitted to GH with a concussion. Luke is convinced that Laura is under a post hypnotic suggestion from David. She's a walking robot. Jackie refuses to believe it. Luke says he will prove it. He will leak some information to Laura and if Grey finds out, then she's the informer. Steve tells Leslie that Rick is well enough to go home, but not if he intends to go after the men that did this to him. David and Mel meet with Laura at the park. David has instructions for her. Steve, Jesse Rick, Noah and Leslie at GH. Robert and Jackie outside the wall of the antique store trying to set up a bugging device. Relaxing for the moment the twosome kiss. Luke, Robert, Jackie and Tiffany try to figure out what plans Grey have for the exhibit. Ryan/EDge promo

Wednesday, May 5th, 1982 - Alan is intrigued when Monica tells him she has a very special houseguest invited over to dinner. Robert and Jackie are camped outside the antique store with a bugging device. Mr Forbes informs LUke that his medallion is infact a genuine 3000 year old coin---not a copy. Luke has Tiff keep Laura busy so she won't be visiting David. Tiffany takes Laura to Delfina's for an afternoon of shopping. Monica runs into Laura and the two become friendly. Luke and Robert convince Forbes to move the exhibit to another room and away from the window facing the antique store. They don't tell anyone the news, but later let the info leak out to Laura hoping she will tell David. If David finds out Luke proves successfully that Laura is the spy. At the Q's, Edward and Alan are confused when Stella prepares a feast fit for a king.  Alan breaks Susan's heart when he decides not to have dinner with her so he can see who Monica is having over. Turns out the visitor Monica invited over is a Frenchman name Phillipe, who she met in Paris. Alan thinks he's nothing but a gigalo. Luke and Tiffany watch Laura as she scrambles off to tell Grey the news about the exhibit. 

May 7-14, 1982 - 5/7, 5/10, 5/12, 5/14

Friday, May 7, 1982 - Rick asks Blackie if he thinks the attack on the Sportscenter might be mob related. Luke and Robert at the Star. Robert agrees to sit at the Croyden Lobby to watch for Laura. At the Croyden, Laura gets a phone call from David with instructions to meet him at the park. Blackie tells Rick that he will snoop around to find any info as to why Warren Hand is so interested in managing Johnny. Blackie tells Rick that Attila Kouros, the other boxer is managed by Mr Bevins, and he thinks he's connected with Mr Hand. Bevins later comes to the SPortscenter and offers to manage Johnny. Laura meets David at the park and informs him that the exhibition room has changed. Mel has to make all new calculations. Jackie refuses to believe that Laura is a walking zombie for Grey. Durnley hints to Rick that he should convince Johnny to box for him if he wants to remain healthy. At the museum, Robert, Luke and Jackie watch as Mel and David enter and take measurements of the new exhibit room. Jackie is stunned and realizes that Laura reported this info to David. Rick tries to convince a worred Leslie that they should not fear Durnely and his threats. Jackie tells Luke and Robert that she is taking Laura to NY and away from David.
Monday, May 10, 1982 - Gail and Lee, Heather and Anne at GH. Anne informs Noah that Bradshaw has re opened the suit against her. Luke and Robert worry that Jackie will take Laura to NY. Laura refuses to go to NY and runs to Luke for help. Steve asks Lee's advice on the Bradshaw suit and Lee agrees to talk with him. Lee gives Bradshaw some advice on the Anne Logan situation and Bradshaw agrees to think about it. He phones his attorney in NY. Katz tells Robert that Laura could have a complete mental breakdown if forced to leave town. Anne with hope from Lee thinks that Bradshaw will drop the case. Bradshaw meets with his attorney telling him the entire truth. When Bradshaw explains his problem with Heather the lawyer advises him to find out all he can about her. If they do go to trial, Heather's testimony could make the difference. Demand to see the documents Heather makes claim she has advises the attorney. Jackie takes Laura to the airport, but Laura goes into hysterics and are aided by Luke and Robert. AMC promo
Wednesday, May 12, 1982 - Mikey insists to Joe and Rose that he saw Packy in his room last night and he was wandering around Kelly's. David reports to the Magus. Luke tries to assure Jackie that Laura will be fine once they take care of David.  Robert tells Jackie that only David can remove the post hypnotic suggestion. Rick and Leslie call in Ramsey after Mickey Packey at Kelly's. Durnely suggests to Scotty that Rick and his gang are dangerous. It's written in the lease that he can sell to a prospective buyer. He tells Scotty to get Rick out of the Sportcenter. Forbes calls Robert to the museum. Ambassader Tabris has added a special piece to the exhibit, the Malkuthian crown jewel, a 300 karat sapphire. Scotty informs Rick and Joe that a buyer for the Sportscenter property will be evicting them. Joe sends Scotty away demanding proof. Luke, Robert, and Jackie think that David is after the Star Sapphire, they step up their plans for him.

Friday, May 14, 1982 - Phillipe informs Monica that he must leave suddenly. Monica asks him to stay and tell him why he has to rush off. Robert tells Luke that the truck carrying the main pieces of the exhibit has been delayed. They head for the museum. David's cult has been responsible for the delay but Grey's man tells him that he can no longer postpone it. David has Mel hurry to complete the Hologram. Tiffany, Brian, Noah, Anne, Ruby, Dan, Lee, Monica and Phillipe all having dinner at the Star. Monica convinces Phillipe to stay. Noah is attracted to Tiffany. Edward tells Alan that he informed Phillipe of Alan's temper when jealous and that his life might be in danger. After hearing this, Phillipe couldn't wait to leave! Arriving home, Phillipe makes plans to take Monica to bed but Monica can't go through with it. Alan drops Susan like a sack of potatoes so he can catch Monica in the act with Phillipe. To his surprise, Monica is alone in bed. Mel and David working furiously after hynotizing the guards at the museum. Entering the exhibit room, they begin installing the portable hologram in the light fixture. David and Mel are forced to keep dodging Robert and Luke who arrive at the museum to supervise the arrival of the Malkuth exhibits. When Forbes uncrates the precious Sword and Helmet of Malkuth, Luke feels "strange" and tells Robert that he knows that David is after these items. Mel demonstrates the Hologram by pressing a button on the remote control. Beaming in the glass case are the perfect images of the Sword and Helmit of Malkuth! OLTL promo

May 17-21, 1982 - 5/17, 5/18, 5/19, 5/21

Monday, May 17, 1982 - Steve hands Anne a letter. Bradshaw is going ahead with the hearing. David informs Hester that he's going out of business in the next few days. Luke and Robert have a new plan to get David to make his move. They want to feed Laura more fake information, but Jackie is dead set against it. Steve and Noah are unable to convince Bradshaw to stop the hearing against Anne. Bradshaw demands that Heather give him the original page of the Newhall file, but Heather refuses. Susan tells Alice she's thinking of taking Jason and leaving PC. Mel overhears David tell Hester that he's leaving everything in the store to her. Mel hides the remote control in a compute console. Laura overhears Luke and Robert mention that the museum is closing the event. (Not true of course) Laura runs off to inform David. Robert and Jackie follow. OLTL/Edge promo

Tuesday, May 18, 1982 - Robert and Jackie hide in the park bushes hoping to catch Laura with David but they never show up. Laura has instead gone to the Antique store and tells David they are going to close the exhibit at the end of the week. Casey Kasum making a cameo appearance as the local Sports Reporter for WLPC. He greets Rick and Leslie at GH and wants to do a story on Johnny. At the clinic, an intruder ransacks the place. When Leslie surprises him, the man grabs her and ties her up. Joe happens to stop by and frees Leslie. Alice tells Alan that Susan's at her wits end and is thinking of packing it in. Edward tells Alan that he needs to send Susan on a cruise like he did with his mistress many years ago. Susan is delighted with the news of a cruise, but disappointe that ALan won't be joining her. To pacify her, Alan agrees to meet her at St Thomas in a week. Robert, Jackie, Tiffany are camped out at the Antique store. OLTL/ EDGE promo

Wednesday, May 19, 1982 - Rose, Rick, Leslie and Johnny at Kelly's. They discuss the interview that Casey Kasum is going to do. Luke and Robert hope that the info that Laura passed to David will get him to step up the timetable. Robert and Luke are followed to the museum by David. Luke and Robert meet with Tabris and behind closed doors (observed by David) they put on a bunch of double talk in the hopes that David will see and get the idea that the event is closing. Durnely tells Lesley that he won't be selling the Sportscenter out from under them after all. Joe, Rick Brian and Johnny appear on the Jack Collins (Casey Kasum) show and reveal some provocutive information about Johnny's heart condition and the fact it was bought on drugs administered to him. Meanwhile, Packey is watching the interview on the TV with his sister. David is pleased with Laura's new information that she got from Luke that he gives her a gift. She is to take it back to the Star with her. It's a carved wooden dog that is ticking as if a bomb were implanted in it! 
Friday, May 21, 1982 - Bradshaw is frantic to find Heather. Luke and Robert relieve Tiffany who's been bored watching over the museum. As Jackie and Laura are sleeping on the STAR, the dog is ticking away. Scotty tries to get Heather to have dinner with him. Mel wants to know from David what happens to Laura when the time arrives and the project is complete. Mel refuses to turn over the remote control to David for his own security. David demands it and Mel finally gives it to him. David puts Mel into a trance and moves in on him telling him his time has come. Later, David emerges from the back room and tells Hester he's leaving. When Hester inquires if Mel went out the back way, David tells her that he went out the only way he could! Lila shows Edward a cozy dinner for two that she's arranged for Alan and Monica. ALan is with SUsan seeing her off for her trip. Heather sneaks in and heads upstairs with her bags. Luke and Robert put on a show with Mr Forbes outside the museum showing him the broken lock at the gate. Afterwards, David appears and signals his cult. Seven men in black hoods shimmey down the wall and wait outside for their orders. Scotty finds Heather at Alice's. Heather breaks down in Scotty's arms. The dinner with Monica and ALan goes badly as the two start arguing again. Heather confesses to Scotty that she has the missing page of the Newhall file and it proves Bradshaw commited malpractice. David drives up in his van outside the museum. Robert and Luke are already there hiding in a back room with security cameras. Ryan/OLTL promo

May 24 - June 2, 1982 - 5/24, 5/25, 5/28, 5/31, 6/2

Monday, May 24, 1982 - Robert and Luke are watching the Malkuth treasures through closed circuit tv. Outside the museum David oversees 7 coffin like boxes. Upon opening them steps out each of the 7 men dressed in black with Malkuthian masks. They follow David to the door where he puts the guards into his power. Luke and Robert rush out into the hallway and Robert holds a gun on David. One of the men gets the gun away from Robert. David signals to the men who encircle Robert and Luke and then remove the helmet and sword from their respective cases. At the Haunted Star, Jackie sees the carved dog in Laura's bag and notices it's ticking. She races to throw the explosive overboard just in the nick of time. Now that David has the sword and helmet, he uses Mel's hologram to project the same pieces into the case. Luke and Robert are astounded. Laura, Tiffany, and Jackie head to the museum and toss a shoe into the window causing the alarm to go off. David escapes with Luke in hot pursuit. After a vicious fight, Luke gets the sword and David gets away. Robert and the guards, (out of their trance) begin fighting the Malkuthian misfits in a wild brawl. The men finally escape as do LUke and company before the police arrive. 

Tuesday, May 25, 1982 - Bradshaw finally tracks down Heather and demands the missing page. Luke tells Jackie that he's decided to keep the sword and lure David out of hiding. He hides the sword under the boat. Ramsey arrives and demands answers from Robert. Forbes thinks everything is okay, but Robert is the only one that knows they are looking at a hologram of the objects and not the real thing! Scotty arrives in the nick of time saving Heather from Bradshaw. Noah and Anne suspect that Heather is the one blackmailing Bradshaw. Laura informs Luke that David gets his orders from someone called the Magus. The Magus arrives in PC demanding a report from David. Since David did not complete the first phase of the project, David takes the Magus to the museum to show him the Holograms are still in place.  Luke Robert and Jackie show up later and the Ambassader tells them that the fanatical cult of Malkuth may be involved in the museum heist. The Rulers of the country must possess the sword and Helmet to be recognized as true sovereigns. Luke and Robert are now certain that David will risk anything to get the sword back. 

MISSING EPISODE MAY 27 1982 THAT WRAPS UP THE BRADSHAW MALPRACTICE STORY. At the hearing, Anne speaking in her own defense states that she believes Bradshaw was negligent not because of the heparin being prescribed or not, but because Bradshaw failed to take Mrs Newhall off the birth Control pills. Outside Heather paces up and down the hallway she can't make up her mind to go in or not and she's already missed Joe. Finally Scotty loses his patience with her and literally shoves Heather into the hearing room, just as Steve asks if anyone wants to step up on Anne's defense. Heather hands over the missing paper----proof that Bradshaw was neglegent and clearing Anne. Everyone is stunned. Steve asks Heather where she got the missing paper and Heather lies stating that it was on a stack of rejected papers from a copying machine. But no one except Katz is fooled. Bradshaw breaks down and confesses to all that he administered the Heprin after the surgery was performed. He doesn't make excuses, saying his own personal problems were to blame. Although everyone lauds Heather as a heroine, Katz sees right through her. He tells Heather she's an excellent actress. Anne naturally is overjoyed. 
Friday, May 28, 1982 - Alan packs his bags ready to go to a medical convention. Monica overhears and opening Alan's bags finds a pair of swimming trunks. She suspects he's going to see Susan in the Caribbean. David sees the Magus off at the airport. At the hospital cafeteria, Leslie spots the guy that might have tied her up at the clinic. Rick questions him but he seems to check out as legit. David has his five assistants and the are ordered to infiltrate the Luke's friends and associates to find the missing sword. Ava takes a position at the Webbers. Keith gets a job at Kelly's. Luke hires Walt as a bartender and Byron is at Ruby's posing as a plumber. Monica checks the Hotel that Alan is supposed to be staying in for his "medical convention" but finds he never checked in. Meanwhile Alan is with Susan! David arrives on the Boat and has a chat with Luke. David flat out admits he wants the sword. But Luke wants the helmet, -so they are at a stale mate. They both realize they can't make an agreement. Luke tells David to report back to his mommy that he wants to see her and wants answers to a lot of questions before he will consider turning it over. 
Monday, May 31, 1982 - Infiltrating as they have been instructed to do by David, Ava searches the Webber's for the sword. Meanwhile Byron is charming Ruby and pretending to fix a leak. The judge is demanding a report sent over from Dr Katz on Heather's emotional stability. Katz tells Heather that he's made his report and Heather panics!  Luke and Robert check up on the new bartender, Walt. The Star's phone lines have been intercepted by David. Lesley finds Ava snooping around her bedroom. Ava makes excuses. Luke and Jackie have a furious arguement over her sisters well being. As they talk about their lives, Jackie and Robert are drawn together and kiss just as Luke walks in. Mr Newhall decides not to press charges against the hospital for his wife's death however he doesn't promise not to go after Bradshaw. Meanwhile Bradshaw has packed his bags and leaves GH in disgrace. He does give Heather a dirty look on his way out. Bradshaw does refuse to tell Katz about Heather's blackmail. Luke finds Byron snooping around Ruby's and becomes suspicious. Anne and Jeremy decide to take a long summer vacation to Anne's Aunt Lucille's farm in New Hampshire. Anne will take a leave of absence. (Cameo appearance by Lucille Wall a major character from GH's early days) Luke panics as he feels he is totally surrounded by Grey's men.

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