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NOTE: I do not have descriptions for every episode.The GH 1980 episodes are good quality original episodes unless otherwise noted.

GH 1980 DVD #1[Episode Descriptions]

GH 1980 DVD #2 [Episode Descriptions]
5/24/80 GH episode reaired on Daytime to Remember 1 hr total Tracy refuses to give Edward his heart medication
6/2/80 GH episode reaired on Daytime To Remember -30 mins Alan tries to kill Monica
7/9/80 Laura & Scotty 1st Anniversary

GH 1980 DVD #3 [Episode Descriptions]
7/11/80 Wedding of Luke & Jennifer Smith 40 mins no commercials, original Soapnet episode, complete
7/18/80 Laura gone with Luke
8/6/80 L&L Dance at Wyndham’s 40 mins no commercials, original soapnet episode, complete

GH 1980 Dvd #4
9/11/80 no commercials or credits
9/15/80 no commercials or credits, complete
9/17/80 (black & white episode) last minute cut, otherwise complete, no commercials or credits
9/24/80 no commercials or credits
9/29/80 no commercials or credits

GH 1980 Dvd #5
9/30/80 no commercials or credits
10/14/80 no commercials or credits
10/17? Episode aired between Oct 15-17, complete, no credits, no commercials
10/20 Soapnet original episode, complete with credits, no commercials

GH 1980 Dvd #6
11/27/80 Thanksgiving, no commercials or credits
12/9/80 complete, no commercials or credits
12/12/80 no commercials or credits

GH 1980 Dvd #7

Expanded Episode Descriptions

GH 1980 DVD #1
Not yet described:

GH 1980 DVD #2: 5/24, 5/25, 6/2, 6/18, 7/9, 7/10
May 24, 1980 (Half of the original episode aired on Daytime To Remember)
Jessie, Bobbie, and Dan Rooney at Jessie's house. Dan and Jessie are having a trial marriage and have some details to work out. Bobbie wishes Dan luck as he is going to need it. Jessie and Dan are discussing their household finances and how to split the bills.  Bobbie wants it to be a three way split but Dan thinks that she will be out on dates most of the time and shouldn't have to pay for everything. Bobbie assures him that she isn't dating anyone. Jessie and Dan are still discussing the details of their trial marriage. Jessie doesn't want to give up her bridge night with the girls, but thinks that Dan should find something else to do. Dan says no way, but Jessie convinces him to stick with it. He agrees.

Back at the Webbers, Amy is bringing Lesley breakfast is bed and she wants to know all of the details about the party. Amy wants to know if Scotty and Laura were there, and Lesley informs her that they were. Lesley tells Amy that all of the family support is helping her get through this tough time. Alice is trying to tell Lesley that she shouldn't wear a certain outfit because it is associated with bad memories.  Alice is concerned that Lesley will slip back after having had such a nice evening the night before. Alice tells her that she looked sexy the night she went to the party and she doesn't look that way in the outfit she is going to wear today. Lesley states that she will never wear that outfit again.

Over at the Quartermaine's, Alan is waking up with a vicious hangover. He is in Monica's bed and doesn't remember anything about the party. He also doesn't remember how he got into Monica's room, but Monica tells him that she had Lee bring him there so that he and Gail wouldn't know that they weren't sleeping together.  Alan says that it's too late and that he already told Lee.  Monica tells him that it's time they talked about divorce.  Alan doesn't really feel well enough to talk about the divorce, but knows that he has to.  He is still upset that Rick told him the baby is not his, and wants time to think about it.  He also wants to know what Monica wants to do about the baby.  Monica informs him that she wants the baby to stay with her.  She then heads off to the hospital to make rounds.

Tracy and Mitch are talking about Alan's drinking, and can't understand what Alan is so upset about that he drank that much. Tracy heads over to the mansion to find out. Alan is still unable to make it downstairs. Stella comes in with more coffee and tells him that Tracy is downstairs and wants to see him. Alan tells Stella to get rid of her but before she can do that, Tracy comes in with a sure-fire hangover remedy. After drinking it, Alan starts to feel a little better. Tracy is concerned for her brother and wants to know what he is upset about. Back in Monica's bedroom, Alan is wise to the reason behind Tracy's visit. He denies that there are any problems with his marriage to Monica and that he has too many plans to let alcohol ruin them. He escorts Tracy to the door without divulging any personal business. Mitch is visiting Susan at work. He tells her that he is going to ask Tracy for a divorce. Mitch is serious, but he has to be careful. He wants to know that Susan will be there for him, but Susan is concerned that Tracy won't let him divorce her. Susan can't promise Mitch anything and won't commit to anything. She doesn't want to play games with Frank Smith because it's wrong and dangerous.

At the hospital, Luke and Bobbie are discussing his engagement to Jennifer Smith. Luke says that he is going to go along with the engagement and Bobbie argues that the only thing that will stop his marriage to Jennifer is if he could have Laura Baldwin as his wife. Luke doesn't think that Bobbie understands the situation and Luke is very confused about what he wants. Bobbie tells him that Laura is as hung up on him as he is on her. Luke says that Bobbie has always been jealous of Laura, but Bobbie won't admit it. She is concerned that Laura is using him, but before they can discuss it further, Amy walks up and they end their conversation. Jennifer shows up at Ruby's apartment to find out information on Luke.  She says that they may be engaged, but that she doesn't know that much about Luke. She wants to know who his friends are, specifically Scotty and Laura. She also wants to know why Bobbie doesn't like her. Ruby tells her that Bobbie is still getting over Roy's death. She tells her that Roy was shot by trying to kill Mitch Williams.

Luke and Frank are meeting to discuss the business. He wants Luke to take it over one day, so Luke needs to learn the ropes. Franks associate is showing Luke all that Frank's business involves. Luke wants to take all of the paperwork to study it at home, but Frank won't let him do that.  He also wants Luke to commit to a wedding date as Jennifer has her heart set on a June wedding.  Luke tries his best to postpone it, but Frank won't have it so they agree on the end of June. Frank tells Luke that he enjoyed meeting Luke's family and that those are the kind of people that Frank wants supporting him. Frank wants to make the business legitimate and wants Luke to help him.

Over at GH, Monica and Lesley make small talk about the party. Lesley tries to leave, but Monica tells her that she's asked Alan for a divorce.  Visibly upset, Lesley leaves.  Ruby comes up to the nurses' station and tells Bobbie that Jennifer visited her today.  Bobbie tells Ruby that Luke has been backed into a corner and can't get out.  She tells her that Luke is only marrying Jennifer to protect Laura.  Bobbie is going to try to stop Laura from ruining their lives. Alan sees a worker in the hall who is fixing the attic. The worker assures him that there will be no more accidents with the construction, but Alan thinks the there will be another sort of accident.

May 25, 1980: (Aired during Daytime To Remember, Half of original episode continued from above.)
Edward and Tracy are in Tracy's penthouse. Edward is about to sign a new will, which cuts Tracy out of the family fortune.  He tells her that he despises the very sight of her.  He wants her to prove her love for him by dropping the paternity suit regarding Alan Jr. Edward tells her that if she doesn't drop it, he will disown her completely. While he is lecturing her, he begins to have chest pains. He tells Tracy to go and get his medication from his apartment. She defies him and tells him that she is going to have to think about it. He begs her for the medication, but Tracy doesn't budge. She wants him to know that she is not dropping the paternity suit because she wants her son, Ned, to inherit the fortune.  As Edward falls to the floor, Tracy tells him that money is the most important thing. Edward is crawling towards his pills. Tracy tells him that they're on the table, but he can't reach them. He tells her that he is dying, but she doesn't even move to help him. He says," If you love me..." but Tracy won't help him. She tells him that the only man she ever loved was he.

Tracy is negotiating with an obviously distressed Edward. He urges her to stop talking about money and go and get his medication. Tracy leaves to do that. Tracy comes rushing in with Edward's medicine.  She wants him to tear up the will first.  He won't do it and begs her for the medicine. He then collapses on the floor.  She says that all he has to do is tell her that he's not going to sign the will. She walks away as he begs her one last time. Tracy stares out the window and tells him what a beautiful night it is. Tracy rushes to the phone and with her back turned, Edward rises and scares her. He calmly picks up the phone and calls his attorney. Tracy hugs him, but Edward tells her that she is no longer his daughter. Tracy tries to get him to rethink the new will, but he won't have it. Edward is furious with Tracy and tells her to go up to her room and stay there until he calls her.  He also tells her to pray that Mitch didn't marry her for her money. Edward is signing the will in the presence of a very upset Tracy.  After all is said and done, Tracy says that she will have the last laugh when the paternity suit shows that Alan Jr. is not a Quartermaine.  Edward leaves and Tracy calls Mitch. She tells him that she wants him home, and he tells her that he wants a divorce.

Monica and Rick come by and the conversation becomes strained.  Laura tells everyone that Monica and Rick deserve to be happy, and that she is not going to make her father feel guilty. Laura tells them that there are two sides to every story and that she Rick and Lesley's marriage was probably on the rocks anyway. Laura then leaves for work at the disco.  Scotty is worried about Laura. She is acting edgy and he doesn't know why. Gail tries to reassure him by telling him that they are all going through a lot of changes right now.  Scotty wonders if he should get Laura a bigger house. Lee tells him he shouldn't try to keep up with Luke and Frank Smith and that he should listen to what Laura tells him. Laura shows up to work and finds Lesley there. She is upset that Luke was dancing with Lesley.  He tells her to grow up and not spoil the evening. She goes off to get changed for work, but stops by her mother's table first.

Gail, and Scotty and Laura, at dinner.  Lesley tells Laura that Luke has been very nice. Laura tells her that his is why Luke is so successful. Lesley tells her that all the ladies were trying very hard to have fun. Laura wants to know if she's ever felt attracted to another man after she married Rick.  Lesley does her best to answer her honestly. Luke interrupts for one more dance with Lesley.

Over at the disco, Bobbie and Diana discuss Lesley and what a good job she is doing by getting back on her feet again. Mitch and Susan are talking about the same thing. Mitch is telling Susan that he is going to divorce Tracy for Susan. Susan tells him that she is trying to believe him. They end in a warm embrace. Ann Logan and Jeff Webber at Jeff's apartment. Ann is concerned about Joe and is wondering when he will get home. Jeff assures her that he won't be home anytime soon, so she has nothing to worry about.

June 2, 1980 (Half of the original episode reaired during the 1996 Daytime to Remember, half hour show)
Having learned of his wife Monica's affair, Alan plots to kill her and her lover, Dr. Rick Webber. This episode opens with Rick and Monica on the waterfront heading to a cottage. Alan is stalking them and sees them go in.  Rick and Monica are obviously in love and Monica can't believe that they are actually together. They embrace and Rick tells her that this is just the beginning for them. They talk about Alan Jr. being their son and that Alan will realize this and then they can be together as a family. Rick says that he has waited so long to be with Monica.  Monica is nervous and feels like a schoolgirl. She tells Rick that she loves him. He then begins to take her clothes off. Alan is still outside of the cottage.

We see Mitch and Susan together and they are having an argument. He is wondering why she never married Frank, and she says that Mitch is far too concerned with money.  Frank comes in and discusses Jennifer's wedding day. Frank sings Susan's praises and says that he doesn't know what he'd do without her. Scotty and Laura are arguing. Laura doesn't want to go to the wedding. Scotty says that if she doesn't go he'll never talk to her again. Laura says that is just fine.  Scotty then finds a letter to Luke written by Laura and he finds out that Luke is the one who raped Laura.

Jessie and Dan are at the nurses' station. They are discussing Jeremy's party and Dan asks if Ann got Jeremy off all right. Dan tells Jessie that he spoke with a difficult patient for her and worked out the problems. He then tells her that his poker game is going to be at their place tonight, but Jessie is upset.  Steve and Audrey come up and Steve tells Jessie how much he appreciates her letting them use her place for their game.  Audrey suggests using Diana's apartment for the girls bridge game and the guy's can use Dan and Jessie's place. Steve then asks Jessie when she is going to marry Dan.

Back at the cottage, Rick and Monica are in bed. They are both so happy and Monica wants to know if they can live together. Rick doesn't want to hurt Lesley more than he has to, and he then proposes to Monica, who accepts passionately. Lurking outside, Alan reveals that he has a gun under his jacket. He then has a fantasy conversation about how he found his wife and her lover in bed together. Monica says that she's never been this happy. Rick assures her that she's not dreaming and that they will be together someday. They talk about their future as a husband and wife medical team. They make love as Alan checks his watch and heads towards the cottage. He runs into a dockworker, and then heads up the stairs of the cottage just as there is a grand explosion.

Not yet described:
June 18, 1980
July 9, 1980 Laura & Scotty 1st Annv
July 10, 1980

GH 1980 DVD #3: 7/11, 7/18, 8/6, 8/11, 8/12

July 11, 1980: original episode aired during Soapnet L&L Marathon, Luke's wedding to Jennifer Smith. Susan glances nervously at Mitch as Frank Smith tells Susan that he hopes to make Susan his fiancé soon. Outside at the marina, Brian, Claudia, Amy, and Richard Simmons decorate Luke's car with a "just married" sign and paraphernalia. Meanwhile, Scotty reads a letter from Laura to Luke, becoming more and more enraged as he realizes that Luke is the person that raped Laura. When Laura enters the room, Scotty turns on her, accusing her of having an affair with Luke. Laura denies it, asking for a chance to tell him the truth. As Luke's friends arrive at the yacht, Luke gives them all a tour. Frank informs Jennifer that he and Luke are going to sign a contract to be business partners prior to the wedding. Jennifer is ecstatic and asks Susan to help her get dressed. Laura tries to explain everything to Scotty, telling him that things got out of control, and she couldn't stop it. Scotty tells her it is just like her affair with David Hamilton, and calls her a tramp. He throws her down and tells her that she won't have Luke, because he is going to kill him. He runs out of the apartment, leaving Laura on the floor crying. Jeff visits Anne, and assures her how much he loves her. He explains that all he wants is for Heather to get well so that he can get a divorce and be with Anne. Laura tries to call Luke to warn him about Scotty, but no one is home.

Meanwhile, Scotty is outside Luke's apartment, and he breaks down the door. When he realizes Luke is not home, he runs out. Frank meets with Luke and assumes that Luke is pleased with the contract that he offered. Luke tells Frank that he wants away from all mob ties. He adds that he looks at Frank and sees what he could become in a few years, and he hates it. He threatens Frank that he knows about the left-handed boy, and shows him his copies of Frank's little black book. Meanwhile, guests begin to arrive for the wedding. Frank excuses himself, warning Luke that he has a threat against him that outweighs anything Luke has on Frank. Scotty arrives at the yacht and tears past the guests as he looks for Luke. When he finds him, he attacks him. Luke gets away for a moment, but jumps back down to the deck where Scotty is standing to continue the fight. The fight grows until Scotty punches Luke over the side of the yacht.

July 18, 1980 Not yet described

August 6, 1980: original Soapnet Episode, Wyndham's. Alan tells Monica that he expects her to be at the fundraiser, and she assures him that she will not be there. After Monica leaves the room with baby A.J., Alan and Rick argue. Both men insist that he is A.J.'s father. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura are at Wyndham's. Luke proposes a very fancy evening for the two of them, including fabulous clothes and a gourmet meal. When they run into a storage room to hide from the night watchman, Luke discovers mannequins donning the perfect tuxedo and evening gown. The couple does not realize that a stranger is lurking in the same storage room. Lesley has dinner with Howard at the Floating Rib, but she cannot concentrate on much of anything but Laura. Lesley worries that her marriage problems with Rick must have been a bad example for Laura. Rick and Monica dream about their future together, including working side by side at the Waterfront Clinic.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alan vows to Edward that his plans for the fundraiser dinner will get Monica back home. The Hardy's have dinner with Dr. Tony Perelli, and run into Lesley and Howard at the restaurant. Dr. Perelli takes an immediate interest in Lesley. Steve Hardy is interrupted by a call from Edward Quartermaine, who informs him that Frank Smith rescinded his offer to donate a wing to General Hospital because of the situation with his daughter. At Wyndham's, Luke is dressed in top hat and tails, and Laura is dressed in a fuchsia evening gown. The couple dance through the aisles of the department store. Luke takes Laura to where he has a table fully dressed and set with china, and the two share a champagne toast. Laura exclaims that she feels like Cinderella, and as if they are the only two people in the world. Later, Rick mentions to Monica that he sees no resemblance of him in A.J. Rick seems unconcerned, but Monica is obviously nervous about the conversation. When Jeff mentions that he needs to discuss Heather with Howard, Tony Perelli takes the opportunity to talk to Lesley. He is very direct with her, wasting no time in asking her to dinner. Luke and Laura continue dancing, and he picks her up and carries her to a bed in the furniture department. Much to Luke's dismay, Laura drifts off to sleep just as the couple is in the midst of a passionate kiss. The stranger from the storage room watches over the sleeping couple, gun in hand.

August 11, 1980 Not yet described
August 12, 1980 Not yet described

GH 1980 DVD #4: 9/11, 9/15, 9/17, 9/24, 9/29
September 11, 1980 (complete but no credits or commercials). Rose & Joe by Patty Kelly's hospital bedside, he's been shot by Frank Smith's men. Joe vows that if his father doesn't make it that Frank Smith will pay for his murder! Rose decides she doesn't want Patty to talk to the police until he is stronger and Joe argues with her though Jeff argrues with her. Joe points out that a killer has made an attempt on both his life and Patty's and he hears they will try again if they don't stop him. When Patty wakes up, he attempts to give a description to the police though Rose continues to worry. They post a police guard at his door, though Jeff (that cute Richard Dean Anderson) suggests that Joe also needs a bodyguard.

Frank Smith catches Leslie outside of her house and tries to pump Leslie for info about where Laura is. Leslie pretends to be nice and in the dark about Frank's true motives. He gets invited in for a drink and then tells her that Luke was involved with a lot of girls and he is glad that he didn't marry his daughter (Jennifer). Leslie tries her wiles to get information from Frank on where Jennifer is but he avoids her probing, turning the conversation back to her. Frank arrives at the disco to talk to Susan. She says goodbye to Mitch as he leaves for Albany. Scotty tells Leslie that he is thinking about leaving town. Bobbie (in her hooker/nurse uniform) Leslie.

Luke and Laura are in Beecher's Corner's on the run from Frank Smith. They have taken refuge in a cabin and Luke has created a trap in case anyone is following them. Hutch is caught in Luke's trap but they become friends. L&L tell Hutch all about Frank , the black book and being on the run. L&L ask Hutch to rent a van so they can travel to Fair Oaks. Later, Luke tells Laura that they will get married some day. He tells her that he was hoping this would be their night to be together and asks if she is disappointed or relieved that Hutch's presence prevents them from becoming intimate. She admits a little bit of both. Laura is impressed by Hutch's guitar playing, though Luke is jealous and tells Hutch to stop playing as he thinks he heard something. He tells Laura that he is sorry but their will be no concert in the woods that night! Luke tells Hutch that they are at war and they have no time to play games. Hutch apologizes as he thought they were safe tonight and says that he will take the first watch. Luke reminds him that there are people who want to kill him and Laura and if Hutch is with them that they will want to kill him too!

September 15, 1980(complete but no credits or commercials). Leslie gets a letter from Rick. He tells her how much he loves and misses her. He shares the medical supplies he has been buying for the Waterfront Clinic and asks her if she would consider coming to work there with him (they are on the outs after she learned he slept with Monica). Bobbie tells Jessie that she has a terrible premonition that she is never going to see Luke again. Jesse tries to get Bobbie to talk about the reasons leading up to Roy's death as she suspects it was a lot more involved. She assures Bobbie that she just wants to help her. Bobbie calls and asks Diana Taylor to keep Joe at the hospital as it is very important that she talks to about Luke.

The trio stop by the side of the road to sleep and Hutch hears motorcycles in the distance and figures it is the police he saw behind them. He tells L&L to hide in the woods while he handles it. He tells them they need to return the van. Luke agrees and says they should split up and meet up at night. Hutch tells them about a coffee shop in town that the cops told him about. Luke gets prickly about Hutch making plans, but winds up agreeing with him. Luke says that he and Laura will go do a search with the records department on the property that Frank gave to Jennifer as he thinks there might be a clue there. Hutch asks about the black book and Luke tells him that he never carries it on him as that would be stupid. They decide to camp out with sleeping bags. As L&L snuggle, Luke asks Laura to get on a bus and go home as it is going to get very dangerous. Of course she refuses and tells him they are in this together. Luke jokes that they are a long night away from that night at Wyndham's. Luke tells her how much he wants to make love to her but it wouldn't be right, he doesn't want it to be because they are afraid but because they love each other and can't stand to be parted any longer. She promises him that once they do make love that she will have made a commitment to him and they will be starting a new life. Luke also promises that it won't ever be like this again (meaning in danger and on the run)! L&L smooch, she's wearing her black wig "Lucy" wig. Meanwhile, Hutch is searching the van but doesn't find the black book.

The next morning, Burt Ramsey arrives in at the Beecerh's Corner diner looking for L&L. Burt calls and tells Rose that he believes that the guy who stabbed Patty was Vic Gower and he has been found dead, so he doesn't believe there is a threat against Patty. L&L and Hutch arrive at restaurant in Fair Oaks. Joe and Rose show Patty the picture of Vic and he does ID him as the man who shot him.

September 17, 1980 (this episode is in black & white, tape lost all color for this episode only, last minute cuts out)
Anne and Jeff are making breakfast together. Jeremy wants them to rent an apartment together so they can be together now, not when Jeff gets rid of Heather. Jeff receives a call for the looney bin that Heather spoke and said his name. Diana Taylor tells Howard that Heather has been catatonic since she took LSD but she has now spoken and she's worried that Heather will get better and escape from the asylum and take PJ. Howard says that he knows Diana hates Heather but the idea of her escaping is a remote possibilty, and she huffs off. Joe visits Heather in the aslyum. She is still in a fog and there is no sound and the world looks fuzzy when looking out from Heather's eyes (so not a problem with the scene but Heather is like she is underwater, sound is muffled), then a buzzer rings and suddenly she can hear again and it is clear, she goes in and out of clarity.

Bobbie and Joe take the wedding presents to Frank's house so they can snoop and try to find out where his daughter Jennifer is. Frank suddenly walks in and demands to know what she is doing in his house as he told her to never set foot in there again! She claims that she knows how important etiquette is to him and the wedding presents were sitting in Luke's house. She thought that Jennifer would be home by now, Frank snaps that she isn't back! Bobbie shows Joe the letter from Jennifer that she took from Frank's.

Luke, Laura and Hutch meet up at the restaurant. Luke tells him they are broke as he spent the money on clothes for his appearance at the county clerk office. Hutch confesses he held out $10 so they can eat breakfast. Luke tells Laura that he doesn't want her to go with him to the records office as Frank is looking for them together. He tells her he is going alone and to give him one hour and if he doesn't return, to leave town without him. Laura tells him that there is no way she will leave town, that she loves him and she is going with him and there is nothing he can do to force her to stay with Hutch! Luke gets Hutch to promise that if anything happens that he is to take Laura back to Port Charles. Luke arrives at the records office and says that he received property as a wedding present and would like to look it up and see what the property involved.

September 24, 1980 Frank visits his daughter Jennifer and he is happy to hear her tell him that she is no longer in love with Luke. Frank asks Jennifer if it would be okay for Leslie to come and visit her, it would assure Leslie that Jennifer is okay. Jennifer is surprised by this request and Frank casually asks if she can find out where Luke has gone to? Laura calls Hutch from the Post Office, she tells him that after Luke picked up the package that she thinks that Luke is being followed. Hutch sings a little improtu song on his own about looking for the Left Handed Boy. Luke calls Laura, she tells him about the tail.  Hutch sings "Kansas City" for Sally. Luke calls Laura from the bus station and she tells him that she thinks he is being followed. L&L are back together at Sally's and Laura gives him a huge hug as she is so relieved that he is okay. She asks him to admit that she did good today. He says that she did. She tells him it makes her crazy when he shuts her out. He can't promise not to do that to protect her. She tells him that she would rather die beside him that die inside not knowing what is happening to him. They decorate the place in preparation for the opening. L&L continuing decorating and talk about him almost marrying Jennifer. Hutch calls Frank to report in. Hutch tells Frank that he hasn't heard from the other hitman and Frank is evasive. After Hutch hangs up, he comments that Frank might be onto him. The other hitman then reports into Frank and tells him that Luke mailed the black book to Hutch in care of general delivery at the Fair Oaks Post Office. He continues that Hutch gave Luke his ID so that Luke could pick up the package. So Hutch had the opportunity to retrieve the book and didn't take it. Luke shows back up at the records office, and the clerk was able to pull up the records and tells Luke it is an office building.

Jeff goes to visit Heather in the asylum and she pretends to be crazy (so she doesn't face charges of slipping the LSD). Heather tells him that he is her husband. Jeff later tells this to Steve and worries that if Heather really needs him how will that effect his relationship with Anne? When he runs into her, Anne asks about his visit to Heather. He doesn't tell her about Heather responding to him. Anne reassures him and tells him that both her and Jeremy love him.

September 29, 1980: no commercials, no opening/closing credits but otherwise I believe complete. Patty Kelly is in the hospital and Jeff is treating him as Joe anxiously waits by his bedside. Bobbie is his nurse and comes in to administer his IV. When he seems to be giving up, Jeff tells him he has never given up on a patient and he isn't going to do so now. Joe is disturbed and tells him that he better not be giving up on him! Rose arrives at GH to see Patty and stops to chat with Leslie. Rose asks if Leslie has heard from Laura yet, but Leslie worriedly says no.

Meanwhile, Hutch, Luke and Laura are working at Sally's restaurant and they are suspicious of a magician who Luke wonders if he is the Left Handed Boy. Luke recieves a note to meet the Left Handed Boy with the little black book. He discusses it with Hutch and Laura and realizes in order for them to stay alive that they have to figure this out quickly. Later, Luke tells Laura that he doesn't want her involved in retrieving the black book as it is too dangerous. He wants her to stay at the restaurant. She is indignant and reminds him that she has been in this since the beginning and she won't be left out now! Hutch retrieves his gun and ammo, with intentions of going after the gold and then heading to Argentina. Leslie and Bobbie talk about what their next step is, Bobbie seems nervous about the plan. Leslie says that she will work on getting Jennifer away from the watchful eye of her father, Frank Smith. She plans on threatening Jennifer in order to keep Luke and Laura safe. Laura tries again to convince Luke to let her come with him. He won't hear of it and holds her and kisses her and she accepts his desperation to keep her safe. Luke asks Hutch to promise to get Laura safely back to Port Charles if anything happens to him that night. Hutch agrees and says that no matter what that he will make sure Laura is safe.

Frank worries about what Joe will do if Patty dies and orders the guards doubled. Jeff vents to Anne about Patty's condition and his feeling of helplessness that he can't help his best friend's father. He warns Anne that if Patty goes into toxic shock that it is all over. Leslie joins them and Jeff asks if there is any word from the police on Laura and she sadly says not yet. Joe and Rose continue to worry over Patty's deteriorating condition. Rose is looking forward to the cruise they had planned on going on and warns him that he better not disappoint her. A broken hearted Joe goes down to the cafeteria and Anne tries to comfort him. Joe goes back up to see his father and they talk about Joe's mother. Patty tells Joe that he is going to be seeing his mother soon and they will be together again (she has died). Joe can't believe he is quitting and tells him how much he needs him, Patty quietly dies. When Rose sees a grieving Joe entering the nurse's lounge, she rushes into Patty's room. Frank calls and asks Leslie how Patty is doing? She cries as she tells him that she has died. Bobbie stops Joe from going to Frank's for revenge. Bobbie grabs onto his arm and begs him to remember the plan, that he promised to help bring Luke home. He cries that Frank killed his father and pulls away from Bobbie.

GH 1980 DVD #5: 9/30, 10/14, 10/16, 10/17, 10/20

September 30, 1980: Complete, no credits or commercials. Bobbie follows Joe and takes away his car keys to stop him from going to Frank's house to get revenge for Patty's death. Joe pours his grief out to a sympathetic Bobbie. Afterwards, he thanks her for stopping him from doing something he would have regretted. Bobbie and Joe agree that Frank Smith have to be stopped, Luke is on the run, the man she loved was killed and now Joe's father! Steve gets a call from the hospital about Patty's death. He somberly sits holding his head. Audrey comes downstairs and he tells her. Next, Jeremy joins them and they tell him about Patty's death. Anne and Jeff arrive with Rose. She has a similar meltdown that Frank Smith has to be stopped! Joe and Bobbie arrive at Kelly's and are surprised to see Mike there by himself. He tells them he begged to be able to wait for them. Sad scene as Joe tells him about Patty's death. Jeff, Anne, Steve arrive and also offer comfort. Back at the Hardy's, they all puzzle over Joe and Rose both crying out for revenge. They believe the man responsible for Patty's stabbing is dead. Joe tells Anne about Heather going back into a catatonic state.

Luke gets an advance from Sally and tells her that he has to pick up a package from home. He tells her that "Lucy" is feeling nervous and asks her to keep an eye on her while he is gone. Luke goes to say goodbye to Laura and he tells her again that he needs her to stay at the restaurant. He points out anything could happen and he may even have to have her call the police! She asks him to kiss her again before he leaves. Luke arrives at the bus station, retrieves the key to the bus locker and calls to check in with Laura. Luke hires a guy to get the black book out of the locker. Hutch searches the magic shop but finds nothing and gets frustrated.

October 14, 1980 Complete, no credits or commercials.
Luke asks Hutch were Laura is? He thinks she went shopping with Sally. Luke asks where Hutch's gun is? Hutch is evasive and wonders why Luke wants to know. Luke plays it off that he might need it when Hutch isn't around. Luke wanders around an outdoor courtyard worrying about where Laura is, berating himself for not knowing about Sally earlier and for believing in Hutch. Luke talks to himself and points out that he is responsible for Laura's life and that he will make it work. He walks right past the Left Handed Boy statue. Luke sees Hutch and takes off.  Frank believes that Luke, Laura, and Hutch will all be killed that night. Bobbie and Joe are getting ready to break into Frank's house. Jeff comes in and finds Joe and Bobbie dressed as cat burgulars. They try to say they are going to check out a new exercise class. Jeff teases whether Richard Simmons knows about this?

Leslie is getting everything ready for the party she is throwing for Jennifer's birthday, the ruse to get the Smiths out of the house. Alan and Jeff help move furniture, Brian and Claudia, Lee and Gail and Amy all pitch in. Frank admonishes Jennifer for taking off to New York with Leslie without telling him. Jennifer wants to know if Leslie reminds him of Jennifer's mother. He agrees that she does and that Leslie has provien to be a very intelligent woman. Gail asks if she has heard from Rick? If she told him that she heard from Laura? Leslie says no that she didn't tell him, that he always believed that Laura was with Luke. Gail urges her to call Rick and let him know that she has heard from Laura. Leslie admits that she is afraid that if she talks to him that she won't be able to keep her feelings under control. Gail encourages her and Leslie calls Rick and he is very relieved to learn that she has heard from Laura and that she is okay. Amy asks Alan if she goofed by inviting him? He tells her no that he and Monica aren't seeing much of each other at the moment. Frank tells Jennifer that they might take off on their trip very suddenly. They head out for her surprise party as Joe and Bobbie break in. Their big plan is to use Frank's phone bill to call all of the phone numbers on his bill and try to get info on where Luke and Laura are.

Luke is anxiously waiting for the bus and is very relieved to see Laura get off the bus. He quickly gets her away from Sally and rushes her back to the restaurant. Luke has figured out Sally is spy for Smith. Hutch plays the guitar while Luke and Laura talk. She picks up that something happened during the afternoon while she was gone. He agrees to tell her later and for now to just do as he asks. He tells her to get all of their money and he wants her to get out of there as soon as she can. He warns her that he doesn't want anyone else to know that she is splitting, to only take the money. She wants to know if this is because he is meeting the Left Handed Boy that night? He tells her that killers are waiting. She is puzzled as that has always been the situation. As Hutch continues to play, he tells her that this has all been lies since the beginning. Luke creates a diversion and tells Sally the ice maker is broken and he takes Laura with him to get some ice for the evening's customers. Luke argues with Laura about her going home. She refuses as she doesn't understand why he wants to get rid of her? He tells her that it has suddenly gotten more dangerous. He tells her that he wants her to go home, and that he now knows where the Left Handed Boy is. He demands she goes home, that he doesn't want her there any longer. She refuses and says she won't leave him. Luke sees statue and figures out who the Left Handed Boy is. He slaps her, and she cries that she wants to help him and she can't leave him. He promises that he doesn't want to say goodbye to her but tells her she is getting on the bus now! He pulls her along and then puts her on a bus though of course she doesn't go home!

Hutch watches as Luke puts Laura on the bus and then follows him through the courtyard. Luke returns and tells Sally that Lucy sprained her ankle and he had to take her to the clinic. He says that there were so many people there that he left her there to wait for treatment. Luke asks where Hutch is and she says that he also disappeared. Laura has gotten off the bus and when she runs into Hutch, she tells him everything, how crazy Luke is acting and that something happened this afternoon, that Luke knows where the Left Handed Boy is. He takes her to the Magic Shop as he is sure that is where Luke's meeting will take place. Once there, he pulls a gun on her and tells her that they are going to call Luke. He warns her that she won't see him again unless Luke gives him the gold!

October 16, 1980: Not yet described

October 17th,1980 (not positive of the date but think it is the Friday cliff hanger): Complete but no credits or commercials. Joe and Bobbie arrive at Leslie's and tell her about their phone calls. They report that they called about 30 people and most were clueless when he mentioned Luke and Laura. There was one person that hung up on Joe without speaking to him. He thinks that perhaps it was the killer and they hung up when they recognized that it wasn't Frank's voice. Frank is furious about the breakin and fires his two guards. His assistant says he doesn't know what happened as his assassin never reported in. Frank calls Sally but the phone rings and rings. She says that she hasn't answered Frank's calls all night. Luke wants to know if Sally is on his side? She admits she is mostly on her own side and pulls a gun on him. Luke begs her to help him get Laura back. He offers her the black book in return to get Laura and needs her to drop Hutch. Sally questions him about what names are in the black book, he drops enough names to convince her that he does have the book. He warns her that her name is mentioned and the cops are going to be coming down on her as well. He offers her the $10 million to help him, Sally realizes she wil have to leave the country and agrees to help him.

Laura can't believe that Hutch is turning on them after all they have been through together. She tries to reach his humanity but he brushes her off and calls Luke to cut a deal Laura for the black book. Luke agrees to meet Hutch in the plaza near the fountain. Luke and Hutch meet. Luke demands he free Laura, Hutch refuses until he gets the gold. Luke tells him he doesn't want the gold he just wants Laura free, and Hutch can go ahead and kill him as he won't get the gold unless he lets Laura go. Hutch tries to call what he thinks is a bluff but Luke won't budge. He absolutely will not risk Laura's life and will not give Hutch the gold. He tells Hutch he can kill him and the cops will come and he won't get the gold but Laura will be safe and that is all Luke cares about. Hutch, knowing how much Luke loves Laura, agrees and lets Laura go. Luke tells Hutch the gold is in the statue and shows Hutch the opening. While Hutch has Luke start to take the gold out of the hidden spot in the statue, Sally shoots at them, Laura screams as she sees Sally taking aim, Sally hits Hutch, Hutch shoots Sally, Luke is also shot by Sally (classic scenes). Luke falls in a heap and lies there (I'm sure this was a Friday cliffhanger). Laura runs down to him, screaming for help. Luke gets up, he's okay as he was wearing a bulletproof vest. Luke and Laura steal motorcycle and make their getaway.

Rick is back in town and he shares a pot of tea with Leslie. He wants to know what is going on with Laura? Leslie tells him about throwing the party for Jennifer. She goes on to tell him that Frank Smith is the head of a crime syndicate. Leslie reports that Luke had a major falling out with Frank the day of his wedding to Jennifer, that Frank wants him dead and has sent assasins after Luke, and that L&L have been on the run since the wedding. Rick is horrified to hear there is a hired killer out after his daughter! Joe calls Burt Ramsey and wants to talk to him about the leak in the police department. Burt tells him that he doesn't trust what Joe will get up to after that stunt he and Bobbie pulled by breaking into Frank Smith's. As Joe watches, he sees Detective Stoddard taking the private elevator up to Frank's place and realizes who the bribed cop is. Upstairs, Stoddard is upset about being called to come over to Frank's as he thought they were supposed to keep a low profile. Frank tells him that Luke and Laura are still alive and that things have been going badly for him. Frank tells Stoddard about the gold bullion and wants him to retrieve it and tells him if he does it that he will be a very rich man. Stoddard refuses to do so after Frank tells him that it is hidden in plain sight. Frank warns him that Stoddard will need some cash as his name is in a little black book that is surely on the way to the police department!

The Walls of Jericho come down Original ABC Airdate: 10/20/80 Complete with credits, no commercials, Soapnet.
The mummy case arrives at the Q's. Rick consults with Steve Hardy and tells him that Monica is having a hard time accepting that she will not be working with him. Steve asks if she should be reassigned, and Rick confirms that it would be a good idea. Alan confronts Monica and asks if Rick is finally going to back off. Alan and Monica talk about Rick, Alan is jealous. Monica tells Alan that one day Rick will want her, Alan threatens her to behave respectably for AJ's sake. He demands that she act like Mrs. Alan Quartermaine when she is in public, regardless of what her true feelings are.

Meanwhile, Luke and Laura arrive at the Whitaker farm. They explain the truth about their identities, but the Whitakers already know. Mr. Whitaker tells Luke and Laura how disappointing it was to find out that Hutch was really a hired killer. Luke informs them that he mailed the little black book to Joe Kelly in Port Charles, and that they would wait now to see when it would be safe to return home. Later, Luke calls Joe and agrees to lay low at the Whitaker farm for the next 24 hours. Luke and Laura dance around the Whitaker kitchen as they realize how close they are to returning to a normal life. Meanwhile, the thought-to-be dead Hutch appears in a phone booth, and calls Frank Smith. He assures his boss that he will get the black book and finish off the job of killing Luke and Laura. At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward enjoys his new mummy case, courtesy of his niece Alex. He tells the housekeeper how excited he is about Alex's upcoming visit, assured that she will add spice and excitement to the Quartemaine's lives.

At the farm, Luke teases Laura about being torn between Lucy Johnson and Laura. Luke asks Laura if she is ready to take off her wedding band, telling her that he cannot beg her. He explains that he cannot wait any longer, and she assures him that she loves him more than any man she has ever loved. Finally, Luke leaves Laura in the bedroom and tells her to take her time there alone to decide what she wants, and to let him know. Later, Luke talks with the Whitakers in their kitchen while Mrs. Whitaker prepares dinner. As Luke tells Mrs. Whitaker about how much he loves Laura, Laura enters the kitchen. Laura takes some silverware from Mrs. Whitaker's hand and holds it out for Luke, showing him that there is no longer a wedding band on her finger. Luke is so ecstatic that he grabs Mrs. Whitaker and dances with her around the kitchen. Back in Port Charles, Brian and Gail talk about their concern for how Scotty is handling things. Gail notes that she is especially concerned about what will happen when Laura returns to Port Charles. Later, when Luke comes out of the bathroom in his robe, the wall of Jerico is back up. Laura flirtatiously tells him that someone must have put it up so that someone else could take it down. After taking down the blanket and joining Laura on the bed, Luke kisses her slowly. He savors each kiss, telling her that they have all night and they are going to need it. Later, as they lay in each other's arms, Hutch enters the Whitaker barn and hides. Hutch overhears Mr. Whitaker when he comes in to check the barn and tells the animals that Lloyd Johnson is back, and will visit them first thing in the morning.

October 21, 1980 8 minutes edited to L&L. The next morning, Luke and Laura wake up in each other's arms. Luke tells her that she is beautiful and he loves her. She tells him that waking up in his arms is so right, and they both agree it is magical to finally be together. He asks her if she has any regrets? She assures him she has none. He tells her he regrets not doing this sooner and more often! He asks what her mother will think about having an ex-disco king as a son-in-law? Laura reminds him it would be one too many until she gets her divorce. Laura has no desire to return to Port Charles. The Whitakers are having the same thought as they invite Luke and Laura to stay in Beecher's Corners. (Note for the complete L&L Left Handed Boy storyline please refer to the L&L Edits).

GH 1980 DVD #6: 11/27, 12/9, 12/12, 12/16, 12/17
November 27, 1980 Complete but no credits or commercials. Alexandria is bored and she calls Luke and invites him to come over. He tells her it is Thanksgiving and he doesn't have any news for her. She tells him she has something very important to tell him and insists he come over. Luke has a drink with Alex but he insists he won't stay any longer. The Quartermaine's drink champagne, and Lila asks Luke about his summer adventure. Gail and Lee arrive later at the Quartermaine's. Alex is excitedly about seeing her first football game. Alex tells Edward that she thinks someone is following her. The Webbers are busy preparing for their Thanksgiving, happy that Laura is home to join them. Laura flashesback to Wydnhams, obviously missing Luke. Leslie interrupts her thoughts. Rick asks her how things are going with Luke and she admits not well, that Rick was right about how a man reacts when he feels he has been betrayed. Joe and Rose have joined the Webbers and they are all looking forward to the big game.

Anne and Jeff are together at the Hardy's. Alice calls and asks Jeff to go with her to visit Heather (his wife, her daughter). Jeff apologizes to Anne for having to leave her to go visit his crazy wife. Heather is in an asylum tells  another inmate about sneaking out, stealing a car, checking up on her hubby Jeff. Alice calls Heather and tells her that her and Jeff are coming up to see her. Alice and Jeff arrive to see Heather and while they are waiting for her, Alice asks Jeff to give Heather hope that they will have a future together. He can't lie to Heather about his feelings. Alice insists that Heather is more likely to get better if Jeff gives her a reason to improve. He doesn't agree with her as he thinks it will be more cruel to have Heather come home and find there isn't anything between them and he wants to tell Heather the truth in bits and pieces. Heather arrives and asks them to tell her about Thanksgiving, and Thanksgivings in the past as she claims she can't remember them. Heather asks Jeff why he never hugs or kisses her, pretending innocence about how marriage works. Jeff assures her that he wants nothing more than for her to get better. Meanwhile, Anne tells Leslie that she can't wait to marry Jeff and hopes Heather's progress is a good sign.

Scenes at the park as everyone begins to gather before the game. Luke throws the football around with the boys. Laura, Richard Simmons, Claudia and Brian arrive at the park and L&L see each other. Ruby tells Dan how happy she is to have her family home and together. Over at the Quartermaine's, when Gail asks Monica how everything is going? Monica replies that when Alex arrived she brought chaos with her. Alex arrives home from the game and tells Edward that she thinks she saw the guy who has been following her. Susan Moore arrives for dinner with the Quarermaine's at Monica's invitation. Lee privately asks Gail if Monica is a playing some kind of a game with Alan and Susan? (Obviously not understanding why she would have been invited). Gail kisses him and doesn't answer the question.

Luke and Bobbie arrive at Ruby's and begin setting the table. Bobbie knows that Luke is thinking about seeing Laura at the park earlier that day. The Webbers arrive home with their company. Rick encourages a pensive Laura that if she really wants to talk to Luke that she should call him. She does and gets a busy signal as he is calling her at that moment. The Spencers try to enjoy their dinner but Bobbie knows his mind is elsewhere and encourages him to try calling Laura again so they can eat their dinner in peace.

The Hardy's gather for their Thanksgiving dinner, Anne worries as Jeff hasn't returned or called.  Jeff returns just in time for dinner and apologizes for missing the game. Steve says a prayer. The Q's, and the Webbers go into dinner.  Luke finally reaches Laura and makes her day when she hears her voice. He wishes her a "Happy Thanksgiving" and she says the same. That is the extent of the conversation, but Laura grins widely at this effort on his part.

December 9, 1980 Complete, no credits or commercials. Laura has moved into her new apartment. Leslie arrives to visit her for the first time, bearing a poinsetta, though Laura has a hard time opening the sticky door to her apartment. Laura asks what she thinks? Leslie obviously less than thrilled says its swell. Then Rick shows up with a poinsetta and Laura laughs over her matching plants. Laura serves them cold coffee made from tap water (cute scene). A relieved Rick and Leslie laugh together when they run into each other at the hospital cafeteria both in search of a hot cup of coffee. They talk about the dump their daughter is now living in.

Bobbie arrives in Hutch's room and announces that she has been reassigned to his floor.  Bobbie tells Ruby that she is afraid something is wrong with Luke as his phone is off the hook. Luke hired to find Cassidines, he wakes up from being hit on the head and his apartment is ransacked. (These first scenes with Robert hitting him over the head are the L&L & Robert series).  Joe arrives at Luke's and asks what the hell he is involved with now? Brian arrives in Hutch's room to find out what his resources are for his legal defense. Rick and Bobbie arrive next to check on his condition. Hutch asks Rick how Laura is doing? Hutch assures Rick that he never could have killed Laura. He asks if he could possibly see Luke and Laura though he knows he doesn't have the right to ask.

Dan arrives at GH in a very jolly mood, saying "Ho Ho Ho" and wants to know if he has lost his mind? He is in a cheerful mood and invites Jesse to lunch but she turns him down. Ruby comes along and she and Dan tease each other, he then invites her to coffee which Jesse doesn't seem to happy about. Over coffee, Dan wants to get to know Ruby better and invites her out on a date. She says she can't as he is going with Jesse. He says not anymore that he and Jesse are just good friends. She still says she can't go out with him as dating is for young people.

Gail tells Lee they need to talk as she feels he has been avoiding her. He tries to get out of it as he needs to see Steve. He tells her he doesn't want to get into another argument with her, it always seems to be about Monica as he believes that Gail loses all objectivity about Monica. Gail tries to tell him that if he only knew what had gone on the night before with Alan and Monica. Lee warns her that if Monica's marriage is on the rocks that he doesn't want Gail involved in it, and he is very insistent that she stay out of it for her own protection. Gail runs into an upset Brian and they also go to the cafeteria to talk. He is upset at Claudia going out and dancing with other men. He knows it is emotional blackmail as he is insistent that they leave on his income and not her trust fund.

Laura is working as receptionist for ELQ, and Luke arrives for work as well. Laura demands to know what he is doing there? He asks what she is doing there and she tells him she works there! He is also working for the Q's to find the Ice Princess. He wants to see Alex and Edward and she says her job is to not let in people who don't have an appointment. They begin arguing with voices raised and Luke bursts into Edward's office. Alex tells Laura that Luke can come in anytime he wants and then pointedly asks Laura to close the door behind her as she leaves. Luke is  They tell him its a deed to a diamond mine and its about a territory dispute with the Cassidines who own the neighboring mine and assure him that it doesn't involve anything nothing dangerous. Luke is ticked over the attack and the Q's not telling him about the danger involved. He describes the events of the previous night, Alex being followed, Luke being confronted in his apartment by a guy with steely blue eyes and an Aussie accent (yep its Robert! These scenes between Luke & Robert are not on this episode, but are on the Early Robert edit and the L&L series). Luke quits, and on his way out, Laura apologizes for not believing that he worked for them. She asks if it is because she is working there? He says no, it has nothing to do with her but he does say that there isn't a company big enough that they could both work for. Joe calls Laura and tells her Hutch would like to see her and Luke. Laura listens in as Alex tells Edward that they have placed Luke in terrible danger but he is the only person who can retrieve the Ice Princess for them.

December 12, 1980 Complete but no commericals or credits.
Laura goes to Luke's apartment to warn him that the Quartermaines have put his life in danger by hiring him. Edward tells Alex that they need Luke and she promises to find him. He tells her that the Cassidine valet called and told him that Alex is being followed and if they don't turn over the Ice Princess that they both will be killed! She wants to know what is going on but of course he can't tell her. She doesn't want to see him on the run for the rest of his life. When Laura is about to leave, Luke stops her as someone is watching the apartment. She offers to borrow money so that he can leave town to get away from the danger. Alexandria arrives and they are both jealous of the other. Laura leaves and Luke watches through the window, relieved when she isn't followed. Alex asks him to name his price to come back to work for ELQ? He refuses and says he doesn't like being lied to! She tries to play the victim card but he doesn't fall for it and tells her that she is stronger than anything in the dark. She tries to entice him to go dancing but he throws her out.

Bobbie is worried about Luke and goes to the old apartment looking for him. She finds Joe and he reassures her and then she asks him out! They go dancing at the disco. Claudia is there dancing the night away again without her husband, she is thrilled to see Laura walk in. Luke arrives soon after, and Alex just behind him and pulls him out to dance, to Laura it looks like they have arrived together. Joe is surprised to see Luke dancing with Alex and Laura dancing with another guy. Susan observes that it looks like Alex has a thing for Luke. Bobbie is catty about Luke being more interested in Alex and enjoying Laura's jealousy. Joe says, "Meow!" He tells her that he is tired of talking about everybody else and just wants to spend the evening talking and thinking about her! Claudia introduces Laura to her date "Ronnie" and invites them to double for a late supper. Luke gets into the dancing with Alex and she tells him that he is a hard man to read, surprised that he asked her to dance. She asks him to reconsider working for her? He won't and just wants his last check and that is it, he won't see her anymore. She assures him that he might not know it yet but they aren't finished!

Edward asks why Alan is in such a good mood? He says he can't wait for Monica to come home as they were having a lovely time before she was called away. He called the hospital to check and she was called into emergency surgery with Rick. After the surgery, Rick and Monica are relieved the surgery went well and they celebrate over coffee in the cafeteria. She suggests they toast to their friendship and bemoans that they don't serve champagne! (Its obvious that she wants him back and is jealous of the time he spends with Leslie).  She asks him to reconsider and let her help him out at the waterfront clinic, in Patty's memory if nothing else. He says she can't as Leslie will be spending a lot of time there. He refuses to hurt Leslie anymore than he already has. He is happy the surgery was successful and suggests that they just leave it at that. Laura arrives, and Monica raves about his performance in surgery before she heads home.

Monica returns home to find Alan waiting for her with a warm fire lit and hot chocolate waiting. She tells him the surgery was successful. She admits to being jealous of Rick's relationship with Leslie even though it is only about being Laura's parents but she admits it hurts to see him with Leslie and that is why she is hostile towards Leslie. Alan gives her a footrub understanding how exhausted she is. She asks why he is doing all of this? He tells her he gets tired of living in an armed camp. She tells him that she is tired and he offers to walk her upstairs and draw her a bath. She observes that he can be awfully nice when he wants to. He reponds that their marriage has become a sham because of what they have done to each other. She tells him that at times she is almost sorry they have gone so far in opposite directions. She says good night and heads up to bed alone.

December 16, 1980 Not yet described
December 17, 1980 Not yet described

GH 1980 DVD #9: 12/18, 12/19, 12/23, 12/24
December 18, 1980 Not yet described
December 19, 1980 Not yet described
December 23, 1980 Not yet described
December 24, 1980 Not yet described

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