Classic Christmas Dvd #1 1979-1983 - 4 Hrs 

  • 12/79 Christmas episode :44 mins complete re-aired on soapnet
  • 12/80 partial Christmas episode  :30 mins
  • 12/23/81 two partial xmas episodes  :52 mins total
  • 12/24/82
  • 12/27/82 
  • 12/27/83 Christmas episode - :42

Classic Christmas DVD #2 1984-1987   3:58

  • 12/24/84 :17 mins edited
  • 12/25/84
  • 12/24/85 :06 mins edited
  • 12/25/85
  • 12/25/86
  • 12/26/86
  • 12/24/87
  • Note: No Christmas episode aired in 1988

Classic Christmas Dvd #3 1989 - 1992

  • 12/22/89
  • 12/24/90
  • 12/23/91
  • 12/24/91
  • 12/24/92

GH Christmas Dvd #4 1993-1998

  • 12/24/93
  • 12/23/94
  • 12/22/95
  • 12/24/96
  • 12/24/97
  • 12/24/98

GH Christmas Dvd #5 1999- 2003

  • 12/24/99
  • 12/26/00 
  • 12/24/01
  • 12/24/02
  • 12/23/03
  • 12/24/03 Luke's Scrooge Episode

GH Christmas Dvd #6 2004-2008

  • 12/24/04
  • 12/22/05
  • 12/23/05
  • 12/22/06
  • 12/24/07 Luke sings “My Way” during operation on Christmas Eve
  • 12/23/08 Spinelli helps Santa, Robert & Anna home for Christmas

Expanded Christmas Episode Descriptions

Classic Christmas Dvd #1 1979-1983 - 4 Hrs 

12/79 Christmas episode :44 mins complete re-aired on soapnet

12/80 partial Christmas episode  :30 mins

12/23/81 two partial xmas episodes  :52 mins total

12/24/81  Rick and Lesley waking up the morning after their wedding. Robert and Luke plan a sting operation on the Liqour company that threatened them. Laura has Joe go over her commercial contract. Tiffany is not speaking to Laura. Luke and Laura discuss their problems. Luke and Laura exchange gifts under the Christmas tree. Luke gives her the red dress she wore the night they were at Wyndam's. Noah and Bobbie bury the hatchet before she leaves for NY. Robert and Tiff, Luke and Laura celebrate their friendship and wish each other a happy new Year. Later, everyone gathers at Kelly's for a party and Rick and Lesley are out Christmas caroling. Joe tells Rick and Lesley that if the court finds out that Mikey's natural mother is deceased, they are free to adopt him. Later at the waterfront clinic, everyone sings Silent Night. Laura is still creeped out by the mysterious man with xray eyes.

12/24/82 Luke, Holly, Robert and Jackie at the STAR. They worry about the DA decision today. Blackie, Lesley and Rick head to GH with presents. CHarles wrote a letter before he died absolving Holly of all blame in the oil scam. The Judge gets the letter. Jesse, Amy and Monica at GH discuss the Christmas festivities. Alan gives Monica a diamond necklace. Lee, Holly and LUke in the Judges chamber. The Judge grants that Holly is free based on the letter written by her father before he died. Rose and Mark kiss. Annual kids parade in the Hospital. Dan is dressed as Santa. Steve reads the annual Christmas story with the kids. 


12/27/83 Christmas episode - :42

Classic Christmas DVD #2 1984-1987   3:58

  • 12/24/84 :17 mins edited
  • 12/25/84
  • 12/24/85 :06 mins edited
  • 12/25/85
  • 12/25/86
  • 12/26/86
  • 12/24/87
  • Note: No Christmas episode aired in 1988

Classic Christmas Dvd #3 1989 - 1992

  • 12/22/89
  • 12/24/90
  • 12/23/91
  • 12/24/91
  • 12/24/92

GH Christmas Dvd #4 1993-1998

  • 12/24/93
  • 12/23/94
  • 12/22/95

12/24/96  Bobbie and Lucas arrive at GH looking for the pediatrics gala Christmas party only to find a few lame decorations and a half hearted attempt. Somehowthe party fell through the cracks so Bobbie and all of Port Charles pitch in to pull it together in time. Bobbie calls Felicia and asks her to bring several decorations and presents down to GH. Felicia calls Lucy, who is with Kevin and very sentimental over a card she received from Scotty, and asks her to pull together some samples of Jacks cosmetics and bring them down to the hospital for all the nurses and doctors who have contributed so much. Lucytells her she would love to but she is spending the night with Kevin..Feliciatells her it is more than ok if he comes with her to GH.
     Mike, Jason, Sonny and his partner, Joseph, show up at the tree lot to pick out a tree at Mike's insistance. Maria, the proprietor of the lot who is pregnant, suddenly realizes that her water has broken. She tells her husband she doesn't want to leave the lot for the hospital because it is crunch time and they need to pull in all the money they can from the last minute tree shoppers. Sonny convinces the lady she must get to the hospital right away and assures her that he and Joseph will run the lot for her. Jason and Mike take her to the hospital while Sonny and Joseph play Santas.
     At the Quartemaine's, the family gets a distress call from the hospital asking them to chip in for the party with a tree and decorations. All the Q's agree to comply and head for the tree lot. Sonny gives Edward a hard time and charges him $5000 for the tree. Brenda and Jacks are the next to shop for their tree and find the one they want on the lot. Brenda laughs when she sees Sonny in his Santa hat, and Jacks tells him he wants a specific tree. Sonny tells him that one's not for sale but allows him to buy another one. Brenda goes to get the car when she receives a call from Lucy asking her to come to GH and bring samples of CD's and music from L&B for the party. Meantime, Jacks tells Sonny the tree he has wrapped up for him to take is not the one he chose.
     Sonny tells him he can't always get what he wants. Jacks reminds him that that may be so, but that he still has Brenda.  Ned and Alexis drown their troubles in alcohol at the PC Grill and speak of how much they hate the holiday season. Robin calls Mac and Katherine at the hospital and wishes them a merry Christmas. She tells Katherine to be strong. Jason shows up at Carly's and she gives him a is a key chain. She tells him Tony wil be home soon but that she will not be spendingChristmas with him. He tells her that maybe the two of them can do something together tomorrow. She tells him she knows it's silly but she misses her mother. Jason takes off and visits Lila at the Quartermaine's. He brings her a box of peppermint candies and she asks him to fix a paper dove ornament for her that he once made. He tells her he doesn't know how ...but eventually it hangs from the Quartermaine tree.
     Sonny shuts down the tree lot and goes to the hospital where Mike announces that Maria has had a baby boy. Everyone in Port Charles rushes by him as they prepare for Alan's reading of the story of Christmas and Tony's stint as Santa. Sonny goes in to visit Maria and her husband, holds their newborn son, and presents them with a ton of money from his night at the lot. All is right in Port Charles with the children's party a success.

12/24/97  (missed first minute) In the middle of a typical Q quarrel (except it's Christmas, so they're fighting about holiday related issues), Alan ducks out and finds Emily on the terrace. It was an all-around interesting scene, with a very telling quote from Alan: "I am so happy I'm not a role model for you."  Then Ned arrived, with little Brooke Lynn in tow. He announced that he invited Dave Koz to come play sax at GH's Christmas party. Throughout the festivities, AJ quietly seethed, especially when Monica questioned him about his knowledge of Carly and Jason's affair.

     At Jason's, Carly noted that the place could use a little holiday cheer, as well as real food. Jason told her where to find some cash. As he was getting ready to leave, Carly felt a small twinge and wrote it off to impending motherhood.
     The Webber girls waited outside Nik's room, as Sarah had a gift for him. Stefan strolled up and was politely dismissive, ignoring her challenge "no to any visitors or just me?"
     Jax was also being dismissed; Brenda's doctor explained to him why releasing her would be a bad idea. He broke the news to Brenda, who didn't take it well. And because Brenda didn't take it well, Jax didn't take it seriously and went doctor shopping to get her released.
     Bobbie ran into Tony at the nurse's station, where he turned down her holiday invitation, and then informed her of Carly's current paternity claims. From here on, pretty much everything was happening at the hospital for the Christmas party.
     Jax approached Alan and asked him to do some leaning to help get Brenda released. When he refused, Jax threatened to complain to the psych review board about Alan's remarkable similarity to a Pez Dispenser when it comes to prescription drugs, and how that quality helped lead Brenda to her current state.
     Carly and Jason ran into each other outside the hospital and she invited herself to enter on his arm, in case anyone should ask about the baby.
     Bobbie went to Monica to express her shock, shock that Jason is going to be a daddy, but Monica noted that only AJ wasn't in a state of disbelief. Just then, Dave Koz led all the girls and boys into the party. Amy hung all over him but Audrey made a rescue by announcing that Santa was on his way. Jason and Carly nearly stopped the party dead when they got off the elevator, but festivites resumed when Santa got off the other elevator (although Santa Tony was taken a little aback himself).
Jax had a present for Brenda - walking papers. She was ecstatic, but her doc wasn't thrilled.

     Carly ran into Bobbie in the hallway. She invited Bobbie to call her a slut now and have done with it. Entirely on the defensive, Carly went ahead and made the worst of herself before Bobbie could really get any words in. What Nurse Spencer did squeeze in was that she actually had taken Carly's side in the custody argument (pre-Jason, anyway), but Carly was really in too defensive a mode for this bit of info to sink in.
     Outside Nik's room, Stef got a call from accounting and took off, with Katherine trailing after him. Turned out that it was Jason causing the stir, trying to pay Nik's bill. To say that Stefan took it as an insult might be understatement. The two ended up havinga great conversation with Jason revealing his medical knowledge and backbone ("to me, you're just loud"), and Stefan attempting to scare him off. In the end, neither blinked, and Jason shrugged off. While Nik was left unguarded, Sarah used the moment to sneak in with his Christmas gift, but was surprised when he rejected both her and her gift. She grabbed her coat and finally gave up her roomside vigil.
     Back at the penthouse, Jason came home to find that Carly had completely redecorated the place, courtesy of Windhams. Carly: I'm a terrible person. Jason: You spent all the money, didn't you? Carly: No...I mean....yeah. That's not why though. I saw Bobbie...
Jason: Did you have a fight with her?  carly: No...I mean...yeah.

     Anyway, Carly went on to describe that exchange, and asked Jason how she could have been so shallow, to do all the horrible things she did for someone (Tony) who turned out to be so disposable for her.
     Jax brought Brenda home, which elves had broken into and decorated for the holiday. At the hospital party, Alan took over the role of reading the Story of Christmas. When that was done, Santa started passing out gifts. Mr. Koz picked up the sax and played "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," which brought us into a montage of: Sarah, in tears. Nik, sullen, in bed. Stefan, outside, in black, in the snow being approached and cuddled by Katherine, in white. Carly, opening Jason's brown-bag gift, a key chain engraved "Caroline." Jason, on his balcony, looking sensitively studly. Brenda and Jax, decorating her tree and cuddling.

12/24/98  Christmas Eve in Port Chuckles!!! The curtain rises on Carly, Jason and Michael back at the PentHouse. Carly can't containherself: she's so happy to be back in the money she can't stand it. Jason tells her not to get too comfortable, but the queen of denial talks him into taking Michael to the GH Christmas Party.

     Tony doesn't know when to quit when he's ahead; begging Monica to let him play Santa. Monica clues him in as to why letting a convicted child  kidnapper play Santa wouldn't be a PR coup for the hospital when Tony demands to know who's replacing him: none other than Scrooge's right-hand man; Edward!!! Bobbie's already fuming that Tony's even allowed to breathe the same air she does and Jerry drags her away from ripping his head off, while Katherine and Amy wait for the guest of honor, Sax player Dave Koz. (He plays the GH theme.) Jax is trying to get through his first Christmas without Brenda and drops by the party and Tony is being a bigger pain  by asking when he's getting reinstated. Alan shows up looking a liitle less seedy and Monica asks him to read the Christmas story to the kids again this year.
     In another room in the hospital, Felicia is wasting no time in smothering Maxie with love. Maxie and Georgie come in and are too cute.
Lucky and Liz exchange gifts in a really touching scene. Liz gives Lucky an original oil painting of his boxcar and Lucky gives her a ring. Liz is thrilled. While that's going on, Laura and Leslie Lu are at Windemere and are exchanging gifts.
     Luke goes to Alexis on his way out of town and drops the bombshell on her about Nicholas' paternity. Laura has two reasons for visiting Stefan tonight: to exchange gifts and to tip him off that Luke knows everything about Nicholas and will spill the beans shortly. They have got to tell Nicholas before that happens, she tells Stefan. He tells her that Nicholas will be pretty ticked off over this 18 year lie....

Lucky and Liz say that they love each other door. Emily and Liz exchange gifts and like typical guys, Nick and Lucky didn't get anything; but are saved by their women who shopped for them.
Meanwhile, back at the party. We see a bunch of mingling scenes and there's a scene where Audrey is missing Steve. Monica tells Lila that Alan's reading the Christmas Story and asks him to Christmas dinner at the mansion. He accepts.
     The teens are enjoying their Christmas gifts. Nicky is wearing an ELQ baseball hat. Emily loves the music box she got from Nicholas.

Dave Koz has arrived at the party and Amy is putting her tongue back in her mouth. Jason, Carly and Michael arrive just as Edward makes his entrance as Santa, which scares the you know what out of MichaeL!! Dave Koz's sax leads the kids to the party, and as Alan reads the Christmas Story; Luke shows up and says goodbye to Lucky and Bobbie. The episode ends with shots set to music of cast members opening gifts, etc.

GH Christmas Dvd #5 1999- 2003
12/24/99  Jax hangs up the phone and informs Alexis that his parents have decided to delay their arrival by a day. Alexis is going just a little overboard with the decorations in an attempt to make things festive for Jax's parents. She feels bad about the whole Jerry thing and wants them to have a good Christmas. She changes the subject by asking Jax what happened with Chloe. Jax tells her about Chloe's gift to him.

     At Kelly's, Ned notices that Chloe looks a little down and asks what's wrong. She confesses that she and Jax exchanged Christmas presents. She loved his gift to her, but she managed to give him the perfect reminder of Brenda.
     Emily arrives at Kelly's just as Juan is coming downstairs. She is in a rush to leave so that they won't be late for the GH Christmas party, but Juan  wants to see her outfit before they go. Emily reluctantly models her elf   costume for Juan at his insistence and is rewarded with a kiss from her boyfriend under the mistletoe.
     At GH, Bobbie is delighted to give Tony the happy news that he has been reinstated as Santa. Tony is thrilled and thanks Bobbie. He rushes  off to change. As Tony leaves, Sonny arrives. He explains that he is there to see Stefan. Bobbie lets Stefan know that Sonny is there and than leaves to give Tony his Santa beard.
     As Sonny waits for Stefan, Carly arrives with Michael. She stops to talk to Sonny briefly and is disappointed to learn that Jason is not there.
     At Luke's Luke is in his office when he hears a knock on the door. He tells the person to go away, but changes his mind when he hears Liz's voice. He invites her in and happily accepts her gift of brownies. She notices that he is sad and offers to try and make him laugh by showing him her elf costume. Luke can't help but chuckle at the costume and correctly deduces that she is working the GH Christmas party. Liz nods and asks if there is any chance he wants to be her date. Luke says that that is the best offer he has had this millenium, but politely declines. He isn't very good with Christmas parties. Liz says that she understands. She thought about staying home too. She doesn't really feel like going out and plastering a smile on her face either, especially without Lucky there. She still isn't sure that she can pull it off. Luke assures her that she can. She made his son happy when nothing else could. Lucky always said that she was the most courageous person he knew. Luke knows that this will be nothing. Liz says that she still misses Lucky so much. Sometimes it still hurts to breathe. Luke says that he knows. Liz gives Luke a hug and then leaves for the party. Once Liz is gone, Luke walks over to his desk and picks up a picture of Lucky (Jonathan Jackson) and looks at it sadly. He looks up and whispers, "Merry Christmas Cowboy".
     Mac and Felicia are preparing for Christmas. Mac says that he thinks he might have a present that will take her mind off of missing the girls. He opens the door and the girls run in, to Felicia's delight. Hugs and kisses abound as Felicia is reunited with her daughters. At the PC jail, a visitor arrives for Faison. The visitor is instructed to deliver a Christmas present to Mac and Felicia.
     Chloe tells Ned that Jax has always been very open and honest about his feelings for Brenda, but she never realized how much of a presence Brenda still was in his life until he opened the Christmas present. She could tell by the look on Jax's face that his feelings for Brenda are still so powerful. She can't compete with a memory and she doesn't want to push herself on Jax. She thinks maybe she needs to back off. Ned says that he knows just what she and Jax need. He gets up to leave an drags a protesting Chloe with him.
     Juan and Emily are assisting Tammy in the placement of the Christmas tree. Taggert arrives and asks Juan if he is all ready to move. Juan confesses that he hasn't had time because he is going to the Christmas party at GH. Taggert says that he is going as well and they decide to leave together. Dara arrives just as they are leaving and tries to convince Taggert that they need to review his testimony for the Helena Cassadine trial. The threesome convince Dara that she too must  go to the GH Christmas party.
     Jax tells Alexis about Chloe's Christmas gift. He feels very bad that he ruined Chloe's surprise. He explained everything to Chloe, but still, the damage was done. All she wanted to do was make him happy and now she thinks she ruined his day. Alexis suggests to Jax that he and Chloe need to get away alone. They are always sneaking around and pretending to be something they aren't. Jax laughs and says that she is probably right.
     The Q's arrive at GH for the Christmas party. As they wander towards the party location, Dave Koz and his band arrive. Dave Koz is greeted by Amy, who reminds him, like she does every year, that they met the year before. Taggert, Emily, Juan and Dara arrive. They also see Dave Koz. Juan boldly walks up to him and introduces himself. He invites him to lunch on the pretense of discuss his future with L&B records, but Mr. Koz politely declines. They all leave to go to the party.
     Nikolas arrives along with Lulu and Lesley. Amy takes Lulu and Lesely to the party, but Nikolas remains in the lobby. Liz arrives with apologies to Audrey for being late. Audrey tells her that she needs to go to the board room immediately. Liz starts to rush off, but is stopped by Nikolas. He asks if she has a minute. When she says that she doesn't, he tells her that it is important. Liz stops and turns to look at him with a "this had better be good" look on  her face.
     At Kelly's, Tammy is cleaning up when Mike arrives. She cheerily wishes him a Merry Christmas and he returns the sentiment. Tammy explains that everyone else is at the GH Christmas party, but that she offered to stay and close up. Mike surprises Tammy with a copy of her favorite movie …Gone With The Wind. Tammy is delighted with the gift.
     Luke is in his office talking to himself when Roy arrives. Roy explains that he is there making a coffee delivery and says that he is surprised to find Luke there. Luke says that he doesn't feel like celebrating and good naturedly tells Roy to go away. Roy says that he has to tell Luke something. He confesses that he is renting a room from Laura.
     At the Scropio residence, a mysterious figure carefully places a wrapped package under the Christmas tree.
     At GH, Liz blows Nikolas off as Felicia and the girls arrive at the hospital. As Liz once again tries to rush off to the board room, she hears Jason call her name. She is happy to see him up and about. He explains that he just wanted to be able to watch Michael enjoy the party from a distance. He teases her about her costume and playfully steals her hat. Nikolas watches in disgust as Liz tries to get her hat back from Jason. Unable to take it any longer, Nik grabs Jason and tells him to leave Liz  alone. Liz pulls Nik off Jason and tells him to stay out of it. Nik isn't anywhere near ready to let this one go and lunges at Jason again. Jason tells Nik to stay out of it, but Nik doesn't listen. Carly walks off of the elevator just as Nik screams at Jason that he doesn't own Liz just because he is sleeping with her which causes Jason to punch Nik.
     Nik and Jason continue to fight until Sonny and Stefan pull them apart. Stefan is shocked at Nik's behavior, but Nik continues to try and fight  with Jason. Liz tells Nikolas that he has not right to tell her what to do. Jason says that he is going to leave and Liz says that she is going with him. Audrey starts to protest, but Liz turns and tells her that she doesn't care what any of them think. This is her life. With that, Liz and Jason get onto to the elevator with Nik "I don't know when to quit", screaming after Liz that she won't have a life when Jason is through with her. Santa arrives as the stunned onlookers watch Jason and Liz  go.
     Luke is shocked to hear that Laura is renting out a room. Roy explains that he thinks that Laura is just trying to be independent. He offers to not take the room if it bothers Luke, but Luke says that it is fine. Roy is  relieved since he really liked the homey feel of the house. And he loved Lulu. Luke's face softens at the mention of Lulu. He tells Roy that it actually might be good for him to be there to watch over Laura and Lulu. Roy says that Lulu must be missing her big brother this year. Luke nods sadly. Roy wishes Luke a Merry Christmas and leaves him alone. Luke sits in his chair and stares at Lucky's picture.
     Mike is touched by Tammy's gift (dinner at the PC Grille), but explainsthat he never eats in a restaurant on Christmas Eve. It is his personal belief that noone should have to work on Christmas Eve so he makes it a point never to go out to eat that night. Tammy likes his reasons and is even happier when he invites her to join him for dinner.
     Ned and Chloe arrive at the Jacks'. Chloe is clearly uncomfortable and tells Jax that they probably won't stay long. Meanwhile, Alexis is pumping Ned for information about her gift. Noticing the elaborate decorations, Ned asks Alexis to help her decorate the gatehouse. Before they can protest, Jax and Chloe are alone. Jax and Chloe start to speak at the same time and then stop. Jax lets Chloe go first. She explains that she thinks Ned and Alexis leaving was a set up. Jax apologizes for his reaction to her gift. There was no way that she could have known. Chloe says that she understands his feelings for Brenda and she understands if he needs some time. Jax says that he will always have feelings for Brenda, but he will never use that as an excuse to stop living his life. He promises Chloe that his past with Brenda will not get in the way of his feelings for her.
     At GH, Alan is reading the Christmas story from the Bible with background music supplied by Dave Koz. As he finishes reading, he  turns the festivities over to Santa who begins to hand out gifts amidst cheers from the children! He calls for help from his elves. Emily jumps up and asks Juan if he wants to help. Juan readily agrees, but notices that Emily looks distracted. Emily confesses that she is more than a little surprised about Liz and Jason. She is also a little hurt that neither of them told her.
The "outing" of the Jason/Liz romance is the talk of the Christmas party. Bobbie walks over to Carly and offers her a comforting hug. Carly is understandably upset at the news that Jason and Liz are sleeping together. Alan and Monica discuss whether or not they should talk to Jason, but decide against it. Meanwhile, Stefan tries to talk to Nik, but Nik is still determined to talk to Liz.
     While "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas plays and the Q's share Christmas together. The mixed marrieds are together and happy. Jax and Chloe share a kisswhile Ned and Alexis do the same. Emily and Juan share a kiss under the mistletoe.  Bobbie is alone with a gift that Jerry had delivered to the hospital. She can't help but look a little sad as she eats her red licorice. Roy comes across Hannah on the docks and gathers her up into a comforting hug.  Alone, Sonny stares out the window of his penthouse and watches thesnow fall. Tammy and Mike leave together happily arm in arm just as  Nik, arrives at Kelly's to look for Liz. At the art studio, Liz presents Jason with a Christmas gift and a kiss on the cheek. Jason is clearly touched by the gesture.  Stefan arrives at Laura's with her Christmas gift. He is saddened when no one answers his knock.  The reunited Scorpio's are happily gathered around the tree.

12/26/00  Christmas show (aired a day late due to pre-emptions around Thanksgiving) Roy tells Bobbie that Larkin must have planted Melissa's letter in his apartment.  Laura gently explains to a hopeful Lulu why her daddy won't be home for Christmas.  Though Zander is dismayed to learn that his bail has been set for two million dollars in cash, Alexis remains confident that she can still get her client out of jail in time for the holiday. Carly happily welcomes Sonny home in a big way.  Audrey enlists Chloe to playan elf for the hospital's annual Christmas party.  Though Bobbie urges him to report the break-in to the police, Roy refuses to let Larkin's terror tactics ruin his holiday.  Alexis and Ned have an awkward encounter at the precinct house. Sorel is pleased to hear that his nemesis has returned to Port Charles just in time for the fireworks to begin. Sonny readily agrees to bail Zander out and tells Alexis he'll put the boy up in a safe house until he's ready to testify.  Alan commends Ned for putting on such a brave face despite his personal pain.

     Sonny promises Carly and Michael he'll meet them at the hospital party following the conclusion of his business.  After Alan reads the traditional story of the nativity, "Santa" Tony distributes toys to all the boys and girls in the children's ward. Zander embraces a tearful Emily as he's finally released from custody. Later, Zander, Emily, Alexis and Sonny walk out of the police station and straight into a hail of bullets. This is set to a music montage of scenes of the shooting and the GH Christmas scenes.

12/24/01  Jax disappears after asking Carly to wait around for him at the club-to-be. She's muttering to herself when in walk a trio of waiters with a cart laden with champagne and other goodies. Jax walks in and invites her to start celebrating early. Carly again apologizes for her theatrics with the building commissioners but Jax tells her not to worry and that he was impressed with her dedication to their project. He makes a toast to the most unconventional, club-owning mom. She happily sips her bubbly. Things get a little weird when he whips out a gift box and insists she open it. She tries to decline gracefully but ends up opening the gift, which  contains the necessary building permit for the new club. Hugs all around!! Jax reminds Carly that she has plans with her little boy and that she should be going, and she tries to tactfully include him in the plans for the hospital pediatric party. After wishing him Merry Christmas, a rather somber Jax raises a toast to the empty room and repeats "Oh yeah, Merry Christmas."

     When last we saw Courtney, she was dumbstruck that her "presumed dead" father was standing before her. She seemed at first  elated that her father was alive, and in fact, turned on her mother for allowing her to believe him dead for so long. She asked her mother why she would do such a thing and Janine replied that Mike had gambled away every cent she had and she felt it would be best if Courtney believed he was dead, rather than have him hurt her. Court tells Janine that she had no right to do that and why should she believe anything she says - can't anyone tell the truth? Yes, says Sonny, and why should you be in this conversation anyway? she asks. "Because he's your brother," replies Mike. Janine tells Courtney that she didn't know about Mike's other family, just a little detail he forgot to mention. In the midst of all this family turmoil, Johnny announces the arrival of Carly and Michael. Sonny asks him to have them wait outside and Courtney asks how he can leave at a time like this. He rather pointedly  looks at Mike and says that he made a promise to his son and he intends to keep it.
     Over at the Q's, Edward again attacks Skye. He makes a rude remark about how she's surrounded by all her friends and family on Christmas Eve, when she's obviously alone. He starts to attack her again as Lila enters the room. Lila scolds Edward but he just rattles on about how he has nothing left in his life now that Skye is controlling the family business. He storms out and Skye kneels next to Lila and apologizes for the way she has hurt her through Edward. Lila tells her she wishes Edward could see all the good things in his life and that Skye might be able to help her. Skye vows to do anything Lila asks.
     Over at GH, Tony greets Felicia and Bobbie  and lets them know that Santa is ready to make an appearance. Mac shows up with the girls and Felicia double-checks to make sure that he'll be there to celebrate early the next morning. Alan catches Rae before she has a chance to leave. She mentions how sorry she is for all that Skye is doing to his family. Alan tells Rae that he's a better person because of her, which Monica overhears. He tries to talk her into staying and  scolds Monica for treating Rae so shabbily. Monica leaves with Rae on her tail as Alan begins to tell the story of Baby Jesus to the hospital kids. Monica arrives home and Rae tells her again that she's not after Alan, in the midst of this drama, strains of "Silent Night" are heard from the living room. The gals enter to see Lila and Skye surrounded by Dickensian Carolers and holding holiday candles. As A.J. enters and receives a lit candle from his sister, Edward makes his way to Lila's side and tells her how much he loves her. Even Monica is moved to smile while in the presence of Rae as Alan walks in and views his loving family.
     Alexis runs into Jax at the park standing in front of a memorial to the September 11th victims. He tells her that he knows how hard it's been for her to lose her best friend this year. She tells him that in light of all the changes and destruction that have abounded this year, she still feels lucky. She goes on to say that we never seem to take the time to tell those around us, just how much they mean. Jax listens intently as Alexis tells him that she loves him and that her life is better because of him. He says he loves her too  and they embrace. She tells him she has an idea, and asks for his help. Later we see the two of them along with Melissa, Roy, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Nik, Gia, Ned and Kristina lighting candles in memoriam of those whose lives were taken. Courtney  appears on the steps of the park, sees her brother and his family and somberly accepts a candle from Jax.

12/24/02  Edward grouses about having to attend the annual Christmas party in the children's ward at GH. Anxious to have his daddy back home, Michael pens another letter to Santa with a last minute Christmas wish. Meanwhile, at the precinct house, Marcus gleefully informs Sonny and Jason that they'll remain guests of the city for the holiday. Jax flies Brenda to a Caribbean island, where he reminds her they have some decisions to make about their future. Monica coerces her irascible father-in-law into playing Santa Claus for the kids. A drunken Skye passes out on a park bench as a light snow begins to fall. Through tears of joy, Alexis thanks Cameron for persuading the NICU staff to let her hold her infant daughter for the very first time. Courtney talks a reluctant Mike into visiting his son at the police station on Christmas Eve. Georgie grimaces when Felicia forces her to play elf for the kids' party but her mood lightens considerably after Lucas pays her a compliment. Brenda is miffed to realize that Jax has doubts about her innocence. Coleman finds Skye half frozen in the park and rushes her to the ER. In keeping with long hospital tradition, Alan reads the story of the first Christmas to the assembled guests. Ric calls in a favor to get Sonny and Jason released but receives little gratitude in return. Brenda and Jax theorize that Skye paid Ida off to lie.

     Marcus gleefully informs Sonny and Jason that they'll remain guests of the city for the holiday. Mike visits Sonny at the PCPD. He tells Sonny he is only visiting as Courtney asked him too. Mike is obviously still angry at Sonny for his faked death. Sonny apologizes for Mike's grief but refuses to ask forgiveness for what he did, he says he did what he had to do. Sonny reminds Mike how angry Sonny was at him the last Christmas season for Mike's lies about Courtney (not telling Sonny he has a sister). Sonny suggests that they call it even and Mike agrees. Mike wants to know if Sonny would be bothered if Brenda goes off with Jax. Sonny insists no that he wants Brenda to be happy. Taggert is ready to process Sonny and haul him off to lock up. A call comes in from Judge Weston who releases Sonny. Sonny tells Jason he didn't call in the favor as he couldn't get a hold of anyone. He promises Jason he will get him uot. Carly arrives and is thrilled her husband is coming home for Christmas. Rick shows up and Sonny realizes Rick is responsible for his release. Tagger is beyond annoyed that Sonny is being released! Sonny isn't happy about Ric's invovlement and tells Ric he isn't his attorney and does not want him working on his behalf. Carly pulls Sonny aside and asks Sonny to have Ric get Jason out of jail that it is about Jason being home for Christmas. Sonny agrees and asks Ric who goes off to make a couple of phone calls. Sonny and Carly return home to a happy reunion with Michael. Christmas music montage to "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" - Ric plays guitar for Liz, scenes from the GH Christmas party, Coleman at Skye's bedside, Courtney standing sadly before the tree in her empty apartment as Jason returns home and they embrace, Sonny kisses a sleeping Michael and Carly as they are curled up on the couch, and ends with Jax and Brenda on their island terrace.

12/23/03  Nikolas presents Emily with a gorgeous engagement ring for Christmas. He's sold Wyndemere early in order to afford to buy it for her, but unbeknownst to Nikolas, Emily (with a little help from Alexis) was the buyer. She returns the deed for Wyndemere to Nikolas for his Christmas present.

     Michael arrives at Kelly's to beg Courtney to join the Corinthos family for Christmas eve. She hesitates, but he wins her over and is able to bring her home as a surprise for Sonny. While the family prepares for dinner, a gift for Michael from Jason arrives, ensuring that Jason will not show up at the last minute. Michael opens it and calls him to thank him for the present, and Jason speaks to everyone but Courtney, devastating her. She later returns to Kelly's to sit in the dark, alone, and think about her husband.
At General Hospital, minutes before the pediatrics children arrive for the Christmas celebration, and in front of Dillon and Tracy, Sage and Georgie get into a fight. The girls attack each other, shrieking insults, until Brian and Dillon are able to pry them apart and they are told to behave. Things eventually settle, and the children arrive to see Santa (played by Cameron), and hear Alan give the traditional Christmas reading.

     Luke is overwhelmed with anguish over Laura, and can't get into the holiday spirit. He yells at Skye, and insults her until she flees the casino. Things only get worse for him from there as Lucky shows up with Leslie and Lulu. Unable to do anything more than briefly put on a happy face, Luke crushes his daughter when he tells her he can't join the family for Christmas eve dinner. Lucky blows up at him for being a lousy father, and tells him that he can no longer hide behind Laura as an excuse for his behavior. Later, Luke goes to his old house to peer in the window at his children's celebration. Nikolas comes up behind him and challenges Luke to stop wallowing in his misery long enough to give his daughter a happy Christmas. When Luke refuses, Nikolas walks away in disgust. As he wanders alone to Kelly's and the casino, Luke is overcome by strange noises. In the casino, he sits at his bar to drink, and the lights begin to flicker. He gets up to look around, and suddenly before him stands the ghost of Stavros Cassadine. Luke stares as Stavros presents him with his last chance to escape his fate.

12/24/03  Luke's Scrooge Episode As a morose Luke sits alone aboard the Haunted Star on Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of Stavros, who is shackled in chains. Stavros shows Luke the chains he is forced to carry and informs Luke that the chains were forged by the hatred Stavros practiced during his life. Stavros further warns Luke that LUKE is destined for the same fate unless Luke changes his life. Stavros predicts that Luke will be visited by three more spirits. The next spirit to appear is Helena, who informs Luke that she is the spirit of Christmas Past. Helena takes Luke to a street corner in Port Charles, where Luke sees himself as a youngster, along with Bobbie, conning a rich woman out of some money. While Luke and Bobbie tell their benefactress that they need the money for groceries, they really plan to buy a bus ticket to go live with their Aunt Ruby in Florida. Luke is amazed to learn that the benefactress was Lila Quartermaine, who had planned to adopt Luke and Bobbie. Luke argues that he and Bobbie were better off with Aunt Ruby in a brothel in Florida than with the dysfunctional Quartermaines. However, Helena next whisks Luke to a scene from his past, when Luke successfully convinced Bobbie to turn tricks for a couple of more years until they had enough money ahead to quit "the life."
     The next spirit to arrive is Nikolas, who declares that he is the Spirit of Christmas Present. Nikolas whisks Luke off to the Docks, where they find Scott making off with cash that has just been donated to a children's charity. Although Luke insists that Scott's moral failures have nothing to do with Luke, Nikolas explains that that Luke once was a man of honor with good intentions, but Scott began to head down the wrong road when Luke's affair with Scott's wife, Laura, broke Scott's heart. Then Nikolas and Luke visit the Quartermaine Mansion and listen to Edward telling Skye about the children that Edward and Lila almost adopted once. Luke feels compassion for Skye and becomes alarmed when a melancholy Skye prepares to take a drink. Next, Nikolas takes Luke to Luke's own home and they listen in as Lucky explains to a devastated Lulu that her father was NOT really the one who bought her bicycle for her. Lucky explains that her father really DOES love Lulu, but he just does NOT know how to show it! Luke insists to Nikolas that none of this is Luke's fault, but Nikolas points out that Luke was never able to accept any kind of responsibility for the way he changed the lives of those around him. As Luke argues that his love for Laura was genuine and her illness has devastated him, Nikolas whisks Luke away to the Hospital where Laura is staying. Although Laura does not speak, Luke confides to his wife how much the happy times they once enjoyed meant to him. Luke begs Laura to reach out to him but is disappointed when Laura makes no response.
     Back aboard the haunted Star, Luke moans that he failed Laura. Then the third spirit arrives. Silently, the black-shrouded figure points a bony finger toward the future. Luke sees a teen-aged Lulu, along with Emily, Nikolas, Lesley and Bobbie, gathering around a grave. Luke learns that Lucky has just been killed in the line of duty as a police officer. Lulu mourns that Lucky wasted his life trying to make up for his father's mistakes. Later, the Spirit and Luke look on as Cameron and a police officer discuss the homeless bum who has just been found dead on the street. As Luke grouses that he has no interest in the death of another homeless derelict, the Spirit whisks Luke off to the morgue. There, Luke realizes that the old homeless derelict is Luke!
     When Luke awakens, alone, he finds he is once again aboard the Haunted Star. Luke is elated when he discovers that he is alive after all and that it is still Christmas Day. Luke rushes out to buy Christmas gifts and runs into Michael and a bodyguard, as they are walking Rosie. Michael is mystified as Luke cheerfully wishes him a Merry Christmas. Luke rushes to find Lucky and surprises his son by announcing that Luke is coming to Bobbie's later for dinner. Luke next visits the Quartermaine Mansion and, knocking a cup of coffee out of her hand, Luke implores Skye to resist the desire to drink and, instead, accompany Luke to Bobby's to celebrate Christmas. Next, Luke visits Wyndemere. Finding Cameron, Alexis, Kristina, Emily and Nikolas assembled there, Luke invites them all to dinner ~ then suggests that Cameron should use the opportunity to give Alexis a kiss! Later, Luke arrives at Bobbie's house and presents Lulu with a special necklace which Luke tells his daughter is to remind her of her mother. As Luke dispenses gifts, the others begin to sing Silent Night. Later, Luke goes outside and tells Laura that he did it all for her.

     Meanwhile, Edward writes a note for Annabelle to take to Foster. Jason shows Emily the cooked turkey he plans to use for sandwiches.  She says that's proof he's not a Quartermaine, "no Quartermaine has ever come that close to a fully cooked turkey on Thanksgiving."  She leaves.  The phone rings.  Jason remembers Robin saying how sorry she feels for the Quartermaines and how he's supposed to take care of Jason Quartermaine's family. Ned hands over a mantel clock.  Alan looks at a kaleidoscope, but Monica reminds him that Emily's fond of it, so the robbers can't have it.  Emily comes in.  She's really surprised that they're getting robbed by Pilgrims.  They'll be in big trouble when her brother Jason hears about this.  She mentions Sonny's name.  The Quartermaines are interested to hear that Jason lives in the penthouse now, but the robbers are more concerned about the dreaded name "Jason Morgan." Jason comes in with Pete and the turkey.  The robbers rush out, leaving everything and knocking the turkey to the ground.  They leave a note from Tracy, who has planned this robbery. Raoul comes in with pizza all over his face.  They order Chinese takeout and sing their song.

GH Christmas Dvd #6 2004-2008

12/24/04 Ric and Alexis are stranded in the forest with no visible signs of rescue. But Sonny and Jax team up to save them, then helicopter to Kristina's christening. Everyone gathers in the church for the event, which somehow brings out the best in people.
Emily wants to give Nikolas something special for Christmas. She enlists Lucky, Liz and Alice to help with her plan. They all lend a hand in preparing and delivering a Christmas dinner to him at the police station before he is sent off to prison.
     Kristina's christening comes to a peaceful end. All gather for the annual General Hospital Christmas party. Durant dons a white beard and red suit to play Santa for the sick kids.

12/22/05  Georgie freaks out a little when she finds Dillon hanging by a noose in the front atrium at the Quartermaine mansion. She tells him what he is doing is very dangerous. He assures her he is just doing this to drive his mother crazy so she will let him move back into his dorm at college. He shows her that he is attached to a harness and that he is not in any danger of strangling himself. She points out to him that he is hanging near the mistletoe. She gets up on a chair to kiss him while Lulu comes down the stairs. She ignores them to leave. Georgie notices her and tells her she brought something for her to wear for the General Hospital Christmas party, an elf costume. Lulu runs up to her room to escape Georgie. Later, Tracy comes downstairs and tells Dillon that he can go to Georgie's house on Christmas Eve but he will be spending Christmas at the house with his family on Christmas day. She totally ignores the fact that Dillon is hanging from a noose. Alan and Monica come home to overhear Georgie and Tracy arguing with Lulu when she refuses to put on the elf costume to help with the children at the hospital Christmas party. Luke comes home and Tracy tells him that he is going to make Lulu wear the costume and help at the party since the family always helps out at the Christmas party for the child patients. Luke tells Lulu it is her choice. Lulu says no to wearing the costume. Skye is also there as well. Alan and Monica try to shame Lulu into wearing the costume but Lulu still refuses to put it on. Georgie gets upset with her also and tells her that she will have to return the costume to her Aunt Bobbie herself and explain to her why she won't help with the children at the party. Later, Skye talks to Luke about drinking too much again to try and numb the pain of Laura's Birthday and Christmas. Luke tells her he isn't so sure he wants to forget the memories he has. He tells Skye about when he first met Laura. He tells her that Laura was dressed as an elf at the General Hospital Christmas party and he was there to visit his sister Bobbie and saw her and thought she was so beautiful and that Laura has always loved Christmas and would decorate anything she saw, even a rock. Lulu overhears Luke talking about memories of her mother while standing in the doorway. Later, Luke is surprised when Lulu comes in the room dressed as an elf for the Christmas party. He tells her she reminds him so much of her mother.
     Courtney brings a Christmas present over to Kelly's for Mike. She tells him she is delivering presents early and plans to spend Christmas with Nikolas once he gets back from Europe. Meanwhile, Jax makes a mysterious call about wiring money to someone. Skye finds him drinking early in the day in the front lobby of the hotel. She tells him it is a little early for him to be drinking. Jax tells her that he wishes that Courtney would realize that Nikolas isn't right for her and that he will eventually go back to Emily and that she should be with him so they can raise their baby together. Skye points out to him that he has been acting like a jerk lately concerning Courtney and the baby and suggests that he needs to be less controlling toward Courtney and remind her of what a nice man he really is and why she fell in love with him to begin with. Meanwhile, Courtney gets a call from Nikolas that he won't be able to be home in time for Christmas because there is something wrong with his private jet and he can't get a commercial flight back home because it is booked up because of the holiday. Mike suggests she spend the holiday at Sonny's house then. Courtney tells Mike that she and Sonny have been arguing about Nikolas lately and she doesn't feel comfortable going to Sonny's for Christmas when Emily will be there. Mike invites her to spend the holiday with him and she accepts. Emily and Michael show up to pick up a care package for Jason. Emily twinges a little when Courtney's cell-phone goes off and it is Nikolas calling her. Later, Jax shows up at Courtney's appearing drunk. He tells her he didn't drive and has been wondering around the streets. She invites him inside her apartment. Jax tells her that he still loves her and he was stupid to let his pride get in the way of things and let her leave him for Nikolas. Jax tells her he will be leaving since Nikolas will probably be showing up soon to spend Christmas with her. Courtney tells him that Nikolas won't be able to make it back in time for Christmas. Courtney allows him to lie on the couch while she gets him a blanket from the other room. While she goes in the other room, he gets his cell-phone out and seems disturbed by some message on it. Courtney comes into the room and suspects he isn't as drunk as he has let on and confronts him about it.
     Alexis and Ric argue about her promise to go out a cut a tree down for them for Christmas in the forest. She is busy on her laptop and asks him to go out with Christina while she works on Manny's defense. Ric grumbles about it since it was her idea. He tells Christina that they are doing this because last year her Mommy and him did the same thing and it turned out they had a happy ending when they realized they were in love. He gets out of the car and takes Christina out to find a tree. Alexis talks to someone on her cell-phone about researching cases that are similar to this case concerning Manny. Ric and Christina return with a little pine tree. Alexis comments on how small it is and reminds Christina that she asked for a big tree for their home. Alexis suggests donating the little tree to the children at the hospital and makes Ric go out with Christina to find a big tree for them while she changes and feeds Baby Molly. Ric and Christina return with a big tree. Ric tells Alexis he is going to back the car up a little and they will put the tree up on top of the car and tie it up. Ric goes to turn the key to the ignition and the car won't start. Ric asks Alexis if she used the laptop the whole time they were looking for a tree and also if she hooked her cell-phone up to the car battery as well. Alexis told him she did. He tells her that she just killed the car battery. Alexis and Ric tie the tree to the car while they wait for a tow truck. A park ranger shows up and they ask him to give their car a jump start. He asks them if they got the tree from the forest. They tell him they did. The park ranger tells them he is fining them $500 for chopping down the trees and tells them they are in a state forest and that it is illegal to chop down trees. Christina tells the park ranger that the tree is for the sick children at the hospital. The park ranger is charmed by the innocent look on Christina's face and agrees not to fine them for the trees and agrees to jump start their car as well.
     Meanwhile, Sam finds Jason getting restless in his hospital room. She tells him she will have to just distract him by any means possible to keep him in bed. She kisses him just as Robin walks in the room. She apologizes for disturbing them but she needed to ask Jason for his help. She explains to Sam and Jason about Manny's surgery and how he seems like a totally different person after it and that when they were operating on him they found that the problems he was having were on the part of the brain that deals with aggression. She tells Sam and Jason that a case can be made that Manny was not responsible for the crimes he committed before the surgery. Sam doesn't believe that Manny could be a different person than he was before the surgery. Robin points out that Jason Quartermaine was a totally different person before his accident. Sam points out that Jason was never a psychotic and demented person out to hurt other people including all of them either. Robin asks him to consider seeing Manny in person for her to get a read on whether he is different or faking it. Later, Emily shows up with Michael to deliver a box of cookies for him from Mike. Michael thinks Jason will be released from the hospital in time for Christmas. Jason and Sam tell him that Jason won't be able to come home for Christmas this year because his doctors think it is too soon and he needs to stay there so nothing bad happens. Michael mentions how disappointed he is because Carly can't come home for Christmas either. Emily explains to them that Carly's doctors think it is too soon for her to return home yet. Jason tells Michael that he needs to show Morgan he is having a good time since he looks up to him as his big brother and asks him to help Morgan with his toys. Michael agrees to help Morgan, who doesn't understand why Carly can't come home. Later, Emily shows up at Rose Lawn to speak to Carly's doctor. She tells him that he needs to release Carly so she can spend Christmas with her boys and that she thinks Carly is ready to do that.
     Dara Jensen shows up later to see Sam and Jason to go over their testimony at Manny's trial. She tells them that Durant wants to make sure their testimony is solid because Manny is now being represented by Alexis who will be a tough person to beat. Sam and Jason can't believe Alexis would defend Manny since she almost lost her baby after the train wreck. Dara tells them that Alexis sees this as a high profile case that she wants to win. Sam confronts Alexis about defending Manny. Alexis explains to her that she didn't ask to defend Manny, she was appointed by the judge to do it. Sam points out that she will still be defending him and will want to get him off as proof that she can help get any guilty person off. Alexis doesn't know what to tell her. Alexis meets with Manny and tells him that there have been cases similar to his and that she could get him a not guilty verdict and then he would be free to start his life over again. Robin walks with Jason to Manny's room. Robin tells Jason that she doesn't know whether to believe Manny is changed or not and needs him to see him for himself since he is good at telling if someone is lying or not. Robin goes into Manny's room and tells him he has a visitor. Jason comes into his room a little. Manny looks at Jason and seems scared of him. He tells Jason that he is sorry for what he did to him. Jason looks at him and wonders if he is for real or not.

12/23/05  At Rose Lawn, Carly takes a stroll and happens upon none other than Emily conversing with Dr. Kim. Naturally assuming Emily is plotting against her, she is surprised to find that Emily is pleading her (Carly's) case to the doc. Em explains how good a mother Carly is and how badly her kids need her, but will Dr. Kim listen?
     At GH, Sam is livid to learn Alexis is representing Manny, the man who shot Jason in the leg and was responsible for the crash that nearly took Molly's life before it began. Alexis' attempt to justify her acts by comparing Manny's situation to Jason's does nothing to cool Samantha down.
     At a restaurant, Justus spies on Lainey enjoying a meal with an older gentleman. When she steps away, Justus confronts Lainey's "date," who reveals himself to be her father! When she returns, she's not happy Justus has followed her, and insists he leaves. As he goes, he overhears Mr. Winters asking Lainey "Who are you?" She eventually blasts Justus for following her and admits her father suffers from Alzheimer's-she's about to blast him all over again when she drops off her dad at his care home and finds Justus waiting for her. But Justus just wanted to apologize this time, and Lainey opens up about the brilliant lawyer her father once was.
     Liz and Lucky enjoy a peaceful night at home, despite Cameron's flu; Lucky eventually puts his wife to sleep with a Christmas poem. At Courtney's loft, Jax continues to pledge his love to his wife-until Nik calls with love of his own for her, and a request she open his gift early. But when Jax tries to "call a cab", Court insists he stay put until he sobers up. Just then, her baby moves inside her, and she allows Jax to feel for himself.
     The Q, Scorpio, Lansing and Corinthos clans gather at General Hospital for holiday festivities, where we enjoy Audrey, Edward and Ned sightings-in fact the whole cast except Lorenzo, Luke and John appeared in today's show at some point. Patrick wonders what Robin would look like in an elf costume. In full Santa gear, Noah appears at the hospital to distribute gifts-but not before getting sloshed in the elevator; Patrick informs Robin that's how he's celebrated every Christmas since his (Pat's) mother died. Michael asks "Santa" to bring his mom home for Christmas-soon Carly appears! Alan continues his annual Christmas reading, and receives not-so-annual praise from Jason.
     Patrick eventually asks his drunken father to leave; in private, the elder Drake lets his son know how proud of him he is, then listens ashamedly as Patrick recalls a not-so-jolly Christmas of yesteryear. Carly takes the boys-without Sonny-to her new house, where Max delivers their Christmas tree. After the GH reading, Sonny returns home and receives a hand-delivered present from Emily, fresh from visiting her "dysfunctional, yet cheerful" family.
     As the episode closes, we see a montage of Bobbie hugging Lucas, Brooke Lynn hugging Ned, Skye hugging Alan, Liz and Lucky lost in each other's arms, Ric and Alexis smooching, among many others. There's also a very poignant scene in which Edward and Audrey hang photos of their late loves, Lila and Steve.

SCENE OF THE DAY: During the closing montage, Tracy taps Monica on the shoulder. Monica is stunned to see Tracy handing her a gift! Saying nothing, and temporarily forgetting their history, the two smile uneasily and begin to embrace. Suddenly, they both snap out of it before any physical contact is made, and head off in opposite directions.

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