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Cordy walked slowly to the mansion. She hoped Angel would be hibernating by the time she got there. All she needed right now was Angel finding out she was going to kill herself after he had told her not to.

Cordy stuck her head in the doorway of the mansion. She didn't see Angel so she walked to the kitchen. She opened the book to the page she needed.

"Ok," she muttered. I need something of Doyle's. I guess the visions will work." She read the next sentence. "Put it in a bowl and mix my blood with it. Ew!" She made a face. She took a knife and poked her finger. She grimaced in pain and disgust as she squeezed the blood out of her finger into a small plastic bowl. Then she got the remaining ingredients: eye of newt, bile, frogs' eyes, and a paper that said Doyle's full name: Allen Francis Doyle.

Cordy was surprised Angel had all the ingredients in his house. She didn't take time to worry over the not-so-important-at-the-time details. Cordelia put it in the bowl and stirred it up. Then she drunk it and immediately fell into the floor. Angel had just come in the kitchen when she fell in the floor.

"Cordelia!" he yelled. Then he ran to her side.

Cordy saw nothing but white. Then she saw a translucent Doyle.

"Doyle?" "You can't do this, Princess. You have to go back," the translucent Doyle said.

"I'll only go back if you're with me," Cordeia sobbed.

"I'll always be with you. I guard you from danger. I'll always look out for you."

"I miss you."

"Me, too, Princess, me too."

"Then come back with me."

"I can't. You have to go back and finish living your life. You have so much going for you right now. Angel Investigations is going to take off and a dark, handsome, but dangerous man is coming your way."

"Angel Investigations isn't the same without you. We need a drunkard there. Angel just doesn't cut it."

Doyle smiled. "Cordelia," he said warningly. "Tell Angel I said 'hey, man'."

"Fine. I'll go, but I won't be happy about it." Cordelia turned and walked in the opposite direction.

The next thing she knew, Angel was holding Cordelia's head in his lap. "Cordy?" he asked as she forced her eyes open andsat up. As she did, her head had the smae feeling it had right after her visions. She felt excruciating pain. When he noticed the pain had passed, he said, "What did you see?"

"What?" she asked, confused.

"You just had a vision, right?"

"Oh, yeah," Cordy lied. "Just another message about the overpopulation of vampires in Sunnydale."

"I'll get right on that tonight. It's daylight. That had to be one of your longest visions."

"It was."

"You took something?" Angel asked noticing the small bowl she had the ingredients in.

Cordy said nothing.

Angel looked up at the counter and reached for the book. He read the page. "You tried to kill yourself?!" he yelled.

"I-I..." Cordy's eyes filled with tears again.

"It didn't work, did it?"

Cordy nodded.

"It did?"

Cordy nodded again.

"You're going to have to talk to me because I'm really confused here. If it worked, why are you still here?"

Cordy said nothing at first. A couple of minutes later, she said, "You know the expression 'Walk into the light'?"

"Yeah..." he replied slowly and cautiously.

"Well, I saw the light. The only thing that stopped me from walking into it was Doyle."


"Yeah. APPARENTLY he's my guardian."

"Doyle?" Angel said again.

"That's what he said. He also said Angel Investigations is going to take off and a 'dark, handsome, but dangerous man' is coming my way. Oh, and by the way, he said 'hey, man'."

"Now, I believe that you met him. Sounds just like him. But shouldn't you be with him instead of here with me?"

"He said to turn around and not to walk in the light. And that's what I did."

"I'm glad you came back, Cordy," Angel walked out of the kitchen.

"Yeah, me too," Cordy lied again. I should be Doyle! she thought.

Part Thirteen