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A few hours later, Cordy walked out of the mansion hugging herself. I can't take it anymore! she thought. She didn't know where she was going. She just knew she had to go somewhere quick. She had to get away from Brooding Boy. I'm doing enough brooding for the both of us. That's not good considering I haven't had centuries of practicing like someone else.

Somehow she ended up in the cemetary. She looked around and then she held her head back so she was looking up at the sky. Then she threw her arms out. She noticed the sky was very overcast. Then it started to rain.

"What's this about?!" she yelled through the rain to the sky above her. "Is this some kind of sick joke?!"

Her knees got weak and her chest started hurting more and more with each breath she took. She did the only thing she could: She broke down and started to sob in the now muddy grass.


Angel walked down stairs. "Cordy?" he said. He waited a few moments, but got no answer. "Cordy?" he called again a little louder.

When he still got no answer, he ran down the rest of the stairs. "Cordelia?!" He dashed into the kitchen. He let out a short sigh of relief. She wasn't laying on the floor unconscious. He looked for the supplies, making sure she didn't take them somewhere else and kill herself again. Good. They're in the same place. He walked further into the kitchen and began to pick up the untouched supplies since that's the only thing he could do considering it was daylight.


Cordelia could now feel her clothes soaking on her skin. "I don't care..." she muttered. She halfway up from her slumped over position. "I don't care!" she yelled.

All she heard was the rain hitting the leaves and tombstones and her voice echoing back to her. She laid her head down at the crook of her arm and started to cry again.


Xander was walking to Giles's. He had called Xander asking him to come and help him with research for the vampire problem they were having. Xander had agreed. He had nothing better to do since Anya claimed to still be mad at him.

Xander looked over at the cemetary he had to pass to get to Giles's apartment. Since Buffy had arrived in town, he had learned to keep his eye on things even if it was daylight. He saw a slumped over body in the middle of the cemetary, trembling. He went over to investigate. He thought it could be a victim from last night that didn't have enough strength to carry herself home.

Cordelia could feel a presense. She lifted her head up to see who or what it was. Her watery eyes widened. "Xander..." her voice cracked.

"What are you doing out here?" he asked.

"I... don't... really know," she finally said.

Xander bent down to help her up.

"Don't touch me!" she yelled as she cringed away from him.

Xander stood up again and looked at Cordy carefully. Then he asked quietly, "You really loved him, didn't you?"

Cordy looked up at him and her eyes met his. "I love him as a friend if that's what you mean."

"You know that's not what I mean," he crouched down beside her.

"Oh... I don't love him like that," she replied, barely above whisper.

"If you truly loved as a friend and nothing more, why are you referring to him in the present tense? He's past, Cordelia! You somehow stumbled into a cemetary a couple of days after he died. You're laying on the muddy ground during a down pour in a cemetary, no less. That's not the Cordelia I know. You definitely loved him more than a friend." Xander hoped his words weren't that harsh. He never knew how to handle a crying girl.

Some depth started to show in Cordy's eyes. "You're right," she said.

Xander held out his hand to her again.

Cordy scoffed disgustedly. "What are you doing? Testing how much your body temperature differs from the rain?"

Xander's jaw dropped and he stood up.

"What were you thinking," Cordy continued, "not taking me to shelter during a downpour?"

"What?"Xander asked shocked about her sudden mood swing.

"You heard me. You better find me dry stuff fast!"

"Cordy! You can't deny the way you feel," he said.

"I told you the I feel. I loved him as a friend. Nothing more." She forced herself to refer to him in the past so Xander would shut up. I'm so sorry, Doyle! she apologized to him in her mind.

Xander raised his eyebrows.

Cordy's eyes widened. She tried her best to look innocent, but she came off as guilty. I can't let him know how much Doyle means to me. I can't let anyone know. My mood swings are keeping me from getting too close to people. That can't happen again! I might just lose them too...

Xander forced Cordy up onto her feet. Cordy noticed the mud over the ground in front of the tombstones were beginning to shake. Then an arm popped out of the ground. She let out a yelp and pushed Xander in front of her. "Protect me!" she said as more arms were coming out.

When the corpses finally worked their way out of their coffins, Cordy said, "Ew... Are they vampires?"

Some were missing arms or legs. Others were missing eyes. Cordy backed further behind Xander.

"They're too ugly to be vampires. Vampires are supposed to be seducing creatures," Xander said. He found a tree branch on the ground and after a struggle, he managed to stake the vampire. It exploded into dust.

"How can it be vampires? It's daylight!" Cordy cried.

"I don't know!" Xander yelled back. "Help me kill them!" he said as he moved away.

"Xander!" Cordy yelled wanting Xander to come back.

A vampire knocked Cordy into the cemetary's gate. Cordy groaned as she tried to get up. Ow! Stupid vampire... She looked up at the vampire and gasped. "Doyle..." she breathed to the vampire.

Part Fourteen