Ricky Gervais

Ricky’s Biography

Reading’s finest Ricky Gervais is now the grand old age of 35. Before turning to radio and now TV, he worked for a pizza company delivering to consumers doors. Unfortunately his career in this line was hindered having hit an elderly lady for want of making a delivery quicker. Good job he didn’t become a racing driver then. Following that wee mishap, he made a career move into music and worked for XFM radio, the London based alternative music station which was taken over by Capital and it's old DJ's culled. During this period Ricky managed a couple of bands, one a Queen tribute band and the other a little known indie band called Suede whom he dropped saying that they would never catch on. Nice work Ricky. Fucked up there didn’t you mate! After leaving XFM he was guesting on Mary Anne Hobbs' Radio 1 show before he was fired.
Joined The 11 O’Clock Show team for Series 3 where he has become known for his no holds barred reports, studio appearances and in Series 4 his street interviews too.

Ricky’s Awards/Achievements

1997 DJ for XFM radio.
1998 DJ on Radio 1.

Ricky Himself

Ricky seems the perfect gentleman away from his TV character. He seems to treat his colleagues with great respect, and gives and takes with Iain and Daisy in the studio. He was nice enough to me when I met him briefly before the last show.

Ricky’s Future?

‘Meet Ricky Gervais’ was filmed on Thursday 8th June. It’s a comedy chat show. I was offered tickets, but unfortunately couldn’t make it. No word yet on if this is a pilot, a one off or if it will even be shown on TV.

My Opinions

Overall Ability – Very good. Confident in front of the camera and on the microphone. Brings himself across well. Very funny too.
Interviews – Average. So far all of his interviews have been about a couple of topics, and are too similar for my liking. They were good in the beginning, but I think interviewing is Ricky’s weakness. His interviews need to be more varied.
Reporting – Very good. He is very in your face, and often raises laughs with some humour that leans towards extreme. The most consistently funny reporter on the show.
Studio Work – Again, like reporting, very good, very in your face and consistently funny and outrageous. Although Ricky’s reporting actually takes place in the studio!
Comic Value – High. See Reporting and Studio Work.

Sex Appeal – Fairly low. He’s getting on a bit, often appears unshaven and is not the biggest hunk in the world.
Height – Ricky’s a bit of a short arse. He must be, he’s smaller than me, and I’m only 5’8!
Obesity – He seems to like a few pies now and again, but is not in the Vanessa Feltz league of fatness.
Guts – He has balls the size of a fucking football. Says and does anything he likes regardless. A prime example is the Iain Lee sucking Ricky Gervais’ cock when it’s really his finger thanks to some technological aid in the penultimate show of Series 4.
Fan Support – High. On the up and up, has been steadily growing in popularity since he made his first appearance. Not quite in Daisy’s league, but he’s the closest to her. Has had noticeable more airtime recently too.
And Apparently… - Ricky is a true gentlemen away from the television.
My Final Thought – Ricky is an asset to the show. Every time he appears he commands your attention and you know he will make you laugh. Should Iain leave the show, I think Ricky would be a contender as a replacement.
Like Iain and Daisy, he’s willing to sign autographs and pose for photographs, as I found out whilst queuing to enter the studio complex for the last show in Series 4. Always a good thing, these celebrities, no matter how big or small, willing to do these things for their fans.

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