Paul Garner

Paul’s Biography

Paul is another old codger, 35 just like Ricky Gervais. Paul is not a new face when it comes to satirical comedy. He has previously worked with Chris Morris (creator and star of the excellent but short-lived Brass Eye) on his Radio 1 show where he did a number of public involving sketches. For example, one involved asking airport staff to call for people over the public address system. Innocent sounding foreign names like "Makollig Jezvahted and Levdaroum DeBahzted" when read out sounds like "My colleague just farted and left the room the bastard”. Superb stuff.
Like Iain, Paul has been part of the show since it’s inception. Paul started off writing in Series 1 but in Series 2 had his own section. This section was called 'Fake Documentaries' and involves Paul going up to people in the streets and getting them to pretend to be people they are not. He goes up to people in shopping centres posing as a news reporter who only has a few hours to make a documentary. He makes it clear that he needs to it done soon and either does not have time or could not be bothered to do the real interviews. Some people do help him usually after he has offered them a £10 note. When they do however Paul usually takes it to extremes getting them to dress up silly and say stupid stuff. These bits were normally filmed before the series had started, and got canned part way through Series 2.
In Series 3 he joined Ricky Gervais and Alex Lowe as part of the new regular reporting team, a position he is still in now. His reporting style is very in your face, he has his opinions and he’s not afraid to bring them out. His reports stopped half way through Series 4, and were replaced by a segment called ‘Paul Garner Probes…’, where he looked into a serious issue of the day, Paul Garner/11 O’Clock Show style.
Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about Paul away from the entertainment industry.

Paul’s Awards/Achievements

1994 Chris Morris Radio Show on Radio 1.
Other somewhere.
1998 – present The 11 O’Clock Show

Paul Himself

Like Alex Lowe, Paul hasn’t been in the studio for any of my visits to the tapings, so I can’t comment.

Paul’s Future?

News will come here as and when I get it.

My Opinions

Overall Ability – Good. He is always on the money, but he just isn’t as funny as Iain, Daisy or Ricky.
Interviews – Average. Paul has done very little in the way of interviewing. What he has done has just been the odd couple of questions as part of one of his reports.
Reporting – Very good. He is the no nonsense reporter. Says what he thinks, and not afraid to do so.
Comic Value – Good. His reports raise laughs, but not with the regularity of Iain, Daisy and Ricky. He’s consistent, you know he’ll be good, but he never seems to be great either.

Sex Appeal – Difficult to decide. He’s getting on a bit, but may appeal to any ladies over 30 who may watch the show.
Height – Pass. Never seen him next to Daisy, Iain or Ricky to compare.
Obesity – No worries here. Does not look fat, and he does not look thin. Looks just about right really.
Guts – Plenty. He pulls no punches when reporting, and tends to say what he thinks.
Fan Support – Fairly low. Does not appear often enough to generate much of a following.
And Apparently… - Erm…, well… Never met Paul, and know nothing about him away from his work in the entertainment industry. Can’t really say anything here at all.
My Final Thought – He’s good as a reporter, but nothing more. His slot where he reports on items or discusses issues fits in well with the show. However, he seems to have had less air time towards the end of Series 4. Will he still be around should their be a Series 5?

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