Other Current Reporters

There are three others who are currently doing reports/interviews on a semi-regular basis.

Peter Piper
New to Series 4, Peter Piper roves around awards ceremonies and parties talking big to first musicians and now actors. Hailing from Portsmouth, and a big Portsmouth F.C. fan to boot, he is always claiming that someone has said he is the best song writer/DJ/singer/actor they’ve ever seen/heard to whomever he talks to. I’m not a fan of his segments; I find them fairly monotonous and not very funny, although a friend of mine is a big fan. However, I did enjoy it when he told Norman Cook that he gave Fatboy Slim his hit ‘Right Here Right Now’.
His latest showing was better, where he was at the Maxim Woman of the Year (or something similar) party. And that Emmerdale actress, she believed his every word. Stupid moo!

Danny Bhoy
First appeared in Series 3, Scotsman Danny is the show’s sports reporter. Being a keen sportsman and follower myself, I enjoy his reports. Danny however tends to appear rather infrequently, seemingly just when space needs to be filled. He’s good, but not brilliant, but it is a change from the show’s regular features. Most often reporting on football (mainly England) he was recently seen doing an amusing report on the start of the forthcoming Formula 1 season and an amusing and abusive report on the boat race. He filmed a spoof Sports Personality of the Century for the Christmas Special which I found very funny but it didn’t make it to the broadcast.
Danny is also one of the show's writers.

Jason Priestly
A big name signing for the team. Starred in US teen hit Beverley Hills 90210, now he is currently in London performing in a Broadway musical. Whilst he is here, he has also done a couple of street interviews for the show down in The Elephant & Castle on American issues in Series 4. Both of his interviews so far have been highly entertaining, and here’s hoping he becomes a permanent fixture on the show. If the show gets a 5th Series, Mr Priestly would be a very useful permanent addition to the team if he chooses to stay in London. Beverley Hills, a Broadway musical and The 11 O’Clock Show. Could these three shows be more different?! The guy obviously has some talent.
Has also appeared as Dr Greg (sorry, forgot his surname), filming another street interview. I preferred it when Jason was himself.

And of course, there is also Tommy Vance. His news slam featured in Series 2, which was an early segment on each show. This moved into the title sequence in Series 3 where it still is. Recently in Series 4, a segment has started ‘On This Day’, usually on a Wednesday, where Tommy looks back on events on that day in any given year.
Tommy is a former (and may still be) DJ, and unfortunately I have no other information on him at the moment.

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