The Angel of Delight

The Angel of Delight was Daisy Donovan’s character for interviewing politicians, usually in front of The House of Commons. Throughout Series 2 and 3, The Angel brought us some of the show’s most memorable moments by getting our elected representatives to admit to all sorts. The list of people she has interviewed reads a little like a who’s who of politics. Sir Robin Day, Denis Healy, Ann Widdecombe, Glenda Jackson, Glenys Kinnock and Lord Hurd to name just six.

The Angel of Delight was Daisy at her finest yet. Every question she asked sounded deadly serious to the interviewee, but to everyone watching, they all had a double meaning to them, and more often than not sex related. They all fell for it hook, line and sinker. From Lord Hurd wanting to spill the beans over Margaret Thatcher to Glenys Kinnock cradling Neil’s head when he goes down to Denis Healy willing to give a ‘nice pearl necklace’ to his wife and to Daisy but not to Margaret Thatcher. This is classic TV. You knew every The Angel of Delight interview was going to make you laugh. You loved it when The Angel got them to admit things they shouldn’t be admitting. And if you’re a male with hormones, you loved The Angel full stop.

But then suddenly in Series 4, The Angel had vanished and was replaced by The News Avenger. As to why, the public don’t know. I can only speculate that word of mouth had got round the Commons that ‘our little Angel’ was up to no good in their eyes. They may well have cottoned on to the real reason they were being interviewed by a dishy Daisy Donovan posing as The Angel of Delight. It’s a shame, because it was my favourite part of the show (just edging out Ali G), but if the politicians are now in the know, then The Angel just wouldn’t be The Angel any more.
The Angel hasn’t been killed off, which is a good thing. She could always be resurrected at a later date to be unleashed on people again. But for now, The Angel is sleeping, happy in the knowledge that she sent it up many of our politicians. Serves them right the corrupted lying bastards (allegedly)!

After Daisy Donovan mentioned a best of box set being released introducing The Best of The Angel of Delight segment on the Christmas Special, this prompted rumours to fly around that a best of The Angel of Delight video was going to be released. Three months on, nothing has happened, so it seems highly unlikely that one will be released. However, I think it’s a great idea, and I’m sure that a high proportion of the show’s viewers would buy a copy should one ever be released. Here’s hoping, if not expecting…

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