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What can be said about the Staines main man Ali G? Plenty. 28 year old Sacha Baron Cohen created Ali G and was The 11 O’Clock Show’s resident ‘The Voice of Youth’. Each week he would have a roughly five minute interview on the show, with some weeks having two interviews. In Series 2 he biggupped names like Professor Sue Lees, Tony Benn, Judge Pickles, Jacob Rees-Mogg and many more. In Series 3 he appeared less often and went Stateside, interviewing people like General Alexander Haig (Ronald Reagan’s former Secretary of State), leading economist J.K. Galbraith and OJ Simpson’s lawyer Alan Derschowitz. He left before the start of Series 4 to concentrate on his upcoming debut solo series, Da Ali G Show. Originally, Sacha sent a tape of Bruno, an Austrian fashion reporter to The 11 O’Clock Show team. He was asked to come up with a new character, and Ali G was born.
There have been a number of debates where people claim Ali G is racist. I say bollocks, he’s not racist, he does not target anyone for abuse and is just very funny.

Sacha Baron Cohen’s Biography
Cambridge educated Sacha was born into an affluent and respectable north London Jewish family, and is half-Israeli half-Welsh. At the public school he attended, Haberdashers-Askes, he was known for being chatty, ebullient, quite funny and an obsession with basketball, despite the school having no team.
He regularly visits Israel, and before reading history at Cambridge spent a year on the Rosh Hamikra kibbutz in northern Israel.
Sacha created Ali G, he writes Ali’s material and he IS Ali G.

Sacha’s Awards/Achievements
Bruno – an Austrian fashion reporter on the Paramount Comedy Channel.
1999 Ali G – The 11 O’Clock Show’s ‘The Voice of Youth’ Best Male Newcomer at the 1999 UK Comedy Awards.
2000 – Da Ali G Show, his first solo series.

Sacha Himself
I’ve never met him, but a colleague of mine at Garbled Communications stumbled across a scene being filmed for his forthcoming series. Apparently he tries to keep his life as private as he can, which will seemingly become more and more difficult. My colleague tried to get some momentos from Ali, but was supposedly shunned.

Sacha’s Future
His solo series debuts on Friday March 31st, and runs for six weeks. It has been confirmed that Sacha is killing off Ali G, and it’s likely to be in this series.
Once the series is over, Sacha will soon start work on a series for BBC2 with completely new characters. No date for broadcast as yet.


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