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                                    VINCENT'S FANTAILS

My Central Show Team for 2005

Andalusian YH 2042

















BlueYC 2157













Black                                          Black YC 2224 ( parents sold )









Andalusian YH 2042  ( parents sold )









Powder Silver YH 2015 ( parents sold )









Silver Yearling 4529.......1st YH last year









Silver YH 2055


GRizzle Yearling

Reserve GRizzle

last year












Powder Silver Yearling hen 4565









Silver YH 2233









Check Yearling hen 4610









Cream YH 2218









Black YH 2169









Silver OH 1453 "Desert Doll"









Silver Yearling hen 4411 "Dixie Belle"









Cream YH 2156









Indigo YH 2017









White Yearling Hen 4498









White YC 2160









Red  YC









Dominant Opal YC









Indigo YC 2042









Silver YC 2245









Silver YC 2107









Blue YC 2157









Silver OH 1425









Silver Yearling Hen 4487









Andalusian YH









Two years into marked birds










Powder Blue YH

















Blue YC 2016






                        LOUISVILLE 2004














Left: Andalusian Young Hen 2041/04                                    Right: Cream Young hen

Best Andalusian @ National Young Bird Show                        Best Cream @ NYBS bred by Earl Biedermann










2 Pictures of Young red red @ Pageant

Cream young hen still growing a tail for the Central


FUTURA , ideal as depicted by John Arena

This stud of fantails are all descendants of "Alberta Clipper" CCFC Champion and Central Fantail Club Champion bred in black, white, blue, silver, powder blue, powder silver, mealy, cream, powder cream, opal, grizzle, reduced, recessive red and yellow, indigo, andalusian, checker, and dun. I am currently working her into saddles and tailmarks in limited numbers.  Birds from this stud are being bred in USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Scotland and England.  Birds sold from this stud have been champions in USA, Australia, Scotland and England, and their offspring have won in Europe. 

    email me at                             




















Roy Winkles Memorial Show








Well it's breeding season now and

these individuals will be working

overtime supported by a team of

rollers selected for feeding ability.

Each individual is 36" X 30" x20".

In the off season the partitions are

removed and they become shelves

nine feet long to help in classifying

young birds. Floors are covered in

tar paper for easy cleaning, Fronts are

 2" X 4" mesh welded in place and 1/2 hardware cloth for

vermin reduction. Chilean Mesquite

 is 2 years old and hopefully will

completely cover bird area in a couple

 more years.































































































Black Yearling hen bred by Vincent

Grand Champion Scottish Fantail Club

She is Clipper's great grandaughter








Silver YH  bred by Vincent

Champion Young bird

Scottish Fantail Club

She is Clipper's great-great

grandaughter twice and her great

great great great grandaughter





Powder Cream YC was

shown three times and was

 best of colour each time

under Smith, Christensen

and Schabert, a great

grandson of Clipper










Black YC bred by Vincent

Reserve Champion Doncaster

Show England

Clipper shows up 4 times in

the background of this







Andalusian OH

Best Andalusian

many times and

usually in the final 5

 to 7 in the finals

a daughter of Clipper












Andalusian OH 3495

Clipper's daughter










Silver YH


2003 Dixie

under Lance Christensen

as judge

Clipper's great granduaghter

Clipper shows up 4 more

times in this pedigree







Silver Young Hen

1st YH at CFC Annual

in Belleville MI.

Clipper's great



Desert Doll Silver YH 1453/02 Mid America Reserve Champion





Desert Doll is a young silver hen. 1453/02. She is bred down from my first  Central Fantail Club champion the "Alberta Clipper". She has tremendous width of body and has an exceptionally clean front for such a wide bird. This year she is mated to the brother of my third CFC champion "Desert Belle" to try and get some of that Desert Belle style top tail on Dolly's offspring.  I should have pulled a couple of feathers before snapping the picture to get that perfectly clean front.





We are making progress at a more refined wing  with more horizontal angle. It will be nice when we get the body feathers to cover all the way down to the bars. We are about an inch away now. Also the "up look" of the head  is coming which will allow the "appearance" of a deeper head setting, without pushing the tail down. Dolly still needs a bit more vertical tail. Note that even though she has good feather length which allows coverage of the wings she does not have those troublesome "pants" that hide straight up and down legs. Her legs are visible and she shows some "toe lift" which gives the legs a nice forward angle.



The Western Fantail Club had their annual meet at my home in Tucson in November of 2002. What a thrill to have so many fanciers and friends attend. No one left hungry, and most of us had to go on diets. Gene Altpeter served as judge. We thought we were going to top 400 birds but we ended with 328. See links to get complete results on the WFC page. Champion to Dennis Soares on a silver old hen that I would later get to judge at the Central. I put her just behind Bill O'Dell's old hen that had just been Mid America champion in December under Brian Pogue. Reserve to this mealy yearling cock 1148/01, the only time ever shown. Birds like this don't generally travel too far from here! Second reserve and best young to an andalusian YC exhibited by Earl Biedermann.






"DESERT BELLE" 1199/01 silver hen that was my third CFC champion last year. She is a descendant of both prior champions, Alberta Clipper, and Maid Marion.







This is a recessive red ribbontail. This colour never seemed to catch on so the last one has gone to Germany. I used them in the making of my family of reds.





this is Jim Ervin's computer enhanced picture of one of Bill Shekelton's saddles. Jim has done an excellent job showing the nature of and position of the three bones that make up the legs. The "tarsometatarsus" (where the band goes) the tibotarsus ( drumstick) and the "femur" or thigh.. This picture shows the proper point to establish the centre of gravity to enable a fantail to perform properly. You will note that what I call the "Sweet Spot"  can be produced by projecting the tail line down to the floor and it intersects the vertical through the body at the balance point.

Here is FUTURA, a computer generated adaptation of Scott Berg's good yellow cock. To my thinking this is the closest we have come to my ideal. I would like 1) a smaller more refined head, 2) a more up tilted head so the beak rests on the body not digging into it 3) the uptilted head will give the illusion of a deeper head setting without moving the head down 4) a narrower more horizontal wing, 5) more toptail 6) slightly more vertical tail so it is perpendicular to wingline 7) less leg angle so leg line projection stays INSIDE body more like Ervin's picture. This leg will  fail at the joint.





Gene Altpeter (l) teaching Scott Saltee how to chill out in the party tent at the Snowed in Classic held at Vincent's in November. 2002 . Its not true that Saltee can't be taught because see below.







Facing with arms crossed is Ray Dees TX, then clockwise Scott Saltee, AL in same position as above when sun was up, Gene Altpeter WI (hidden) Randy Wilson, OK, Joe Schabert MN, Earl Biedermann AZ, David Smith FL, Greg Duffy KY