Romulan Ships

General Romulan Ship Overview: The two most famous Romulan vessels are the Romulan Bird-of-Prey of the 23rd Century and it's successor the Romulan Warbird of the 24th Century. Now when we look at these ships there appears to be nothing in common with either. Other than they are both armed with a cloaking device and plasma torpedoes. The Bird-of-Prey is small, agile and primitive by even 23rd Century standards. The Warbird (or D'Deridex Class) is large (twice the size of a Federation Galaxy Class), high powered, unmanuevarable, and highly advanced. In 2268 the Romulans and the Klingons made an alliance. For exchange of the Romulan cloaking device the Romulans would be granted access to the powerful (by 23rd Century Standards) Klingon D7, a well armed manoeuvrable battlecruiser. As a result the history of Romulan ship design shifted shockingly. Even 85 years after the Romulan-Klingon alliance collapsed the Romulan Warbird still echoes of Klingon design. Both are armed with disruptors. Both have a 'head' at the front of the vessel followed by a 'wing' arrangement. Both use deflector grids, built into the vessels hull, rather than a deflector dish which is a separate part of the vessel. However while Klingon ships have become smaller and more agile, Romulan vessels have become larger and more powerful. Despite this Romulan disruptor fire is much weaker than similar weapons. This is because Romulan disruptors come in beam format while Klingon disruptor fire, for example, comes in pulse format. Due to this Romulans tend to rely on torpedoes in battle and have become fore-runners in torpedo technology. Indeed it is the Romulans who invented the fearsome plasma torpedo, a weapon which tears through vessel hulls like a hot knife through butter. Most of the Romulan fleet is made up of Warbirds, a fact which means the Romulan fleet has no ship which could be called the fleet's Defiant or Akira. That is a small or medium sized vessel to complement the capital ships. On the other hand this means that the Romulans use tried and tested vessels. Although Romulan vessels evolved from Klingon vessels they apparently evolved enough not to be made immediately invulnerable to the Breen energy weapon employed by the Dominion near the end of the Dominion War. Word is starting to spread from Romulus that they have begun work on new vessel designs which should start appearing soon. (Note: I.e. Star Trek X)  Below is a list of Romulan vessels which we have gained data on. Below that is a list which we have not been able to gain data on.

Ships with little or no Data:

Romulan Science Ship

Romulan Scout