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Bath Salts & Soaps

Soaps 200

Handcrafted, hand designed pure vegetable oil handcrafted natural soaps. Our fragrances will delight and please the
favorite person in your life, and you too! Each soap is lovingly crafted with you in mind. Our soaps are made with the finest oils, butters and milk to assure a pleasurable bathing experience for all.Available scents are as follows: Tangerine Tango,Native Knowledge,Gardeners Friend,Amber Romance type,Vanilla Rose,Garden Mint,soothing Calendula Castile,Wild Blueberry Muffin and many more! Make your request today!

$3.50 per bar

Soap 201

Handcrafted, cold processed soap made in small batches with the assistance of my little prairie helpers! Herbal, fruity, floral, any or all of your favorites!(see above for fragrance list and description)

$3.50 bath sized bar $4.50 large bar

Bath Salts 203

Whether you drop a scoop or a handful, our bath salts will soften your skin and leave you feeling pampered and spoiled! Enjoy our Tangerine Tango, tropical awapuhi,cool mint garden, relaxing lavender,plumeria,or a spicy patchouli blend. Makes a wonderful gift for any occasion!(many more scents coming soon!

$7 per 8 oz pkg

Bath Bombs 204

Drop a bubbling bath bomb into your bath and feel the fizz! Like taking a bath in champagne , these bombs are breathtaking, moisturizing and just plain fun! Use as a stocking stuffer, a token of appreciation gift, a trinket or a cool fun bath for your children! Everyone enjoys a fun bath now and again!

$3 each

Cleopatra's Milk Bath 206

Enjoy the enchantment and beauty of ancient Egypt with our scented milk baths. We have a wide variety of scents to choose from and milk to pamper your delicate skin.

$8 per 8 oz

Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Holidays
or just to say I love you to someone special!

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