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Internet Links

Browsing through the well-sorted contents of this bookcase, you lift one hefty volume packed with loose sheets. It appears to be a summary of the contents of the rest of this collection, and claims to be an essential guide to the ways of the Internet. You find a seat and begin looking over the links to Internet resources. Perhaps somewhere out there is a truly spam-free free email provider.

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Thanks to the Web Design Group's extremely useful HTML and CSS references, the Guildhall has a pretty fair level of HTML 4.0 compliance. In fact without these references there's a very large probability that the Guildhall as you see it would not have come to pass, and it would have been left in the drudging days of ugly "under-construction"ness.

Free Email


The original, and in spite of becoming part of MSN, still up with the best. The interface is slick and accessible, and as much as it hurts to admit it, the integration with Passport and various aspects of Microsoft Windows can be useful. But don't expect to be free of spam. Some people get lucky, but others get very, very unlucky.

Yahoo! Mail

With its new interface design, Yahoo! hasn't disappointed. Crisper, clearer and more accessible than ever, this one comes out tops of the free email providers. Getting a decent Yahoo! account name still seems to be unusually difficult, but once you've got one, you've got tons of storage and good spam blocking on your email account.

Search Engine


All the search engine you need. It's Google. It powers several big names, like Yahoo! Search. It's the one the competition wants to be like. Go Google.