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Guildhall Links

A young man in riding gear brushes past you and quickly slips through a door - but not before a gust of icy wind whips through the room, stirring papers and causing panic among the scribes here. They hurriedly clutch at their maps, causing more disruption than the brief gust could ever have. In this room, you may find links and descriptions for Internet sites of interest.

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Fantasy and Literature Links

A narrow passage leads directly from the north wing to this alcove, where bundles of notes of interest to the Guildhall Arcana scholars are stowed. These are links dealing with matters of literature, particularly fantasy fiction.

Sci-Fi and Film Links

Scattered across several tabletops, the references of most interest to the west wing researchers are kept in barest order by the scribes. Amidst the clutter you may find links relating to science fiction and films.

Humour and Entertainment Links

A grim-faced bespectacled old scribe sits hunched over his personal work. Incongruously, this is the man tasked with cataloguing links to Internet sites dealing with humour and online entertainment.

Internet Resource Links

An orderly collection of reference works fills a bookshelf beside the door to the stables. A good deal of it is useful for surviving day-to-day life on the Internet. Here are links to Internet resources such as site hosting, webpage building, email accounts and search engines.


In a dusty corner stand stacks of tattered scrolls and books, occasionally added to by a vexed scribe who can't place an item anywhere else. If you feel like searching through the pile, you will find some miscellaneous links that didn't fit elsewhere but deserved a mention anyway.