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Africa @ the Millennium

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      Safari photos

       Tarangire national park and Lake Manyara


Typical safari vehicles 

Hey what was that under the tree?!


Wild animals doing what they do best - turning away from us and grouping together.  They do this to protect themselves but it makes for a lot of side shots and backside shots.


Getting a little better...    

  The money shot!


  A two-headed giraffe 

  See anything in the grass?  We didn’t but Abu our guide saw this lioness with her zebra kill.


The beautiful Acacia tree



Tarangire National Park


Warthogs, my favourite.


Dik diks, one of the many deer-like animals we saw

  Monkey montage



Ngorongoro crater


Abu and I at the rim of this natural wonder of the world


The road into Ngorongoro crater






  A typical pastoral scene but these are zebras, wildebeest and deer


It's a zebra herd?



  Never thought I'd see flamingos in the wild  


  A hyena

Rhinos lounging 


 Lone warthog 


Simba - the only male lion I saw


The lionesses on the prowl – would you want one of these stalking you?


  No, these hyenas aren't dead just laying in the cool mud


Some of the beautiful birds we saw 


An artsy moment  


Leaving Ngorongoro crater



The Serengeti

Here we see the jackal fending off the vultures while it feeds on a carcass of a freshly killed animal.  Notice it is a pretty sizeable carcass – that will soon change.

The jackal has left so the vultures have descended.  These vultures do not have red heads that is blood from the kill.

As the vultures eat a hyena in the distance gets wind of the food.

The hyena circles

  The hyena moves in and runs off what little is left of the carcass.  


Masai village
 Unfortunately here you see the full effects of enlarging a small image to a larger one - graininess and lack of clarity. 



See the dark cave-like openings well that's what they are, there is a labyrinth of rooms in these muddy walls.


The end – hope you enjoyed it.