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Africa @ the Millennium

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            In the summer of 1999 I was planning what I  might do to celebrate the Millennium.  I decided I wanted to do something momentous or do nothing at all.  I went with the former option. I surfed the internet for an adventure and found it at Alpine Ascents International. It was a trip to East Africa which included climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and going on safari.  I knew this would be an ideal trip for me as it would combine my love of photography and the outdoors.  

             The purpose of this website is to share the photos from this amazing trip.  If you want any travel tips, want to share your own reflections, or just chat you can email me (access from my email page, see top banner).

            I have a bias that I take photos of scenery and wildlife rather than people so you won’t be meeting too many of my fellow travelers.  

            Huge disclaimer!!  There are a lot of images in the photo pages so they will take a loooooong time to download.


   I hope you enjoy my website

Last updated: August 14, 2001

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